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This Search engine allow you to know exactly which fanfics feature specific pairings between the Ranma 1/2 characters (and even between specific forms for these characters) in a given lemon scene. It is still in the beta stage; any suggestion to improve it will be welcome.

To launch a search for a particular lemon pairing (or pairings), you must select at least one entry in both the first character and the second character lists. The  Start search  button then begin the search for the pairings; the result will appear in a new browser window. This window will stay open behind it.

You can select  [alone]  in the second character list, which mean you will get all the solo scenes for the character(s) selected in the first list.

You can also select one of the entries including a larger group —  [any males] ,  [any females] ,  [any hermaphrodites] ,  [any crossovers] ,  [any monsters] .  In this case, the character(s) selected in the first list will be matched with every character fitting the criteria in the second list.  It is redundant to select several overlapping entries (for example, if you highlighted  [any male] , there is no need to select any of the male characters in the list below).  Note that when a large number of characters are involved in a search, it will naturally slow it down and lengthen the time needed to display all the pairings.

You can select one or several entries in the Practices list, or leave it at  [any] , the default value.  Selecting a practice will reduce the number of hits for the search, since only those scenes between the selected characters featuring this sexual activity will be shown.  Selecting many practices will increase the risk of finding no match, because all actions have to happen in the same lemon scene, not just the same story.

You can select several entries in the same list.  To select some that are contiguous, click on the first line, then keep the mouse button down while you drag the cursor over all the wanted entries.

You can also click on the beginning of the desired batch, then keep the Shift key pressed and click on the last line (this work whether you're going up or down).

To select a few entries that are not contiguous, keep the Ctrl key pressed, and then click on the desired line.  You can deselect a line by clicking on it again while the Ctrl key is pressed.  This allows precise selections by mixing the two methods above.

If you click on a line with neither the Shift or Ctrl key pressed, all the other highlighted lines of the list will be deselected, whether they can be seen or not.  You can also clear all previous selections in the three lists by using the  Clear lists  button.

The result screen will show all the lemon pairings that can be found between the characters selected in the first list and the characters selected in the second list.  It won't show pairings between characters selected in the same list. (For example, if you select Soūn Tendō in the first list, and Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi in the second, the result will show every pairing between the Tendō father and his daughters, but no lesbian pairing between the sisters.)