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Memorable Quotes


Have you ever read a sentence in a lemon that stands out?  One that make you still laugh for days?  Or disgusted you thouroughly?  Or one you just can’t get out of your mind, simply because it was so damn funny / stupid / deep / weird / surprising / unique / etc.?

Well, this part of the site is devoted to store those memorables quotes, with a quick link to the original fanfiction.  I had put a few of mine to start things up, but now it’s up to you.  me to submit the quotes you noticed and I’ll place the most interesting ones here.  They must belong to one of the lemon fanfics in the archive.  Keep it short: you may quote one character, or a short dialogue between two individuals, but not a whole paragraph.  Don’t forget to point out which file it came from (and eventualy which line for the longest fanfics).

Ryōga: “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were wearing a thong.”
Ranma-chan: “Are you kidding?  When have you ever seen a thong?”
Ryōga: “Looks like I’m seeing one now.”
Ranma-chan: “It... it’s a bikini cut.”

From: Akane Who? (side-story of Inverse Property )

Ranma-chan: “GAH!  Tentacles!  Why does it always have to be Tentacles?!”

From: Realities Squared – 13 (episode of Realities Squared )

Ranko: “Hey, incest can be fun, if you do it right.”

From: Not Ranma ½ – 2: Lemon Tea  (episode of Not Ranma ½ )

Ukyō: “I must have THE rarest sexual perversion in THE world.  I’m irresistibly attracted to aquatranssexuals.”

From: The Shikima Interface – 4.2: School Daze – 2  (episode of The Shikima Interface )

Kimiko: “Um... Kasumi-chan?”
Kasumi: “Yes, Mother dear?”
Kimiko: “I don’t mean to pry into your personal life, but... who is that strange girl sitting in your lap French-kissing you, and why is she all tied up?”

From: Porn World! – 2: The Second Helping  (episode of Porn World! )

Ranma-kun: “So you want to marry me, right?”
Nabiki: “Are you kidding?  I wouldn’t come within a mile of you and a wedding ring.”

From: Choose your own Adventure! – 3 (lime)  (episode of Choose your own Adventure! )

Yuka: “Y-you really do it with Akane... THAT way too?”
Ranma-kun: “And Nabiki and Kasumi and mom and... and... and that’s it so far.”
Sayuri: “‘Mom’...?  That’s gross!”
Ranma-kun: “You wouldn’t say that if you saw my mom.”

From: The Curse Only Goes Up (It Likes to Be on Top) – 10: Stretching the Truth  (episode of The Curse Only Goes Up (It Likes to Be on Top) )

Kasumi: “Oh dear, Ranma-kun!  You seem to have turned into a tentacle monster.  Are you going to rape me now?  Will you bind my arms and legs, so that I cannot run away, only struggle and squirm?  Will you push those naughty tentacles of yours into all my holes and fuck them until they’re all stretched out of shape and filled with monster sperm and I’m overcome with orgasm after orgasm?”

From: Unending BE – 241863: Tentacle Ranma: First Victim(?), Kasumi