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This Help Section is conceived to help you browsing the Archive, and to help me improving it.
It also contains lots of pointless ranting from the Webmaster.

The Ranma ½ Lemon Stories Archive is an online library of many lemon fanfictions dedicated to the manga and anime series Ranma Nibunnoichi.  For those who still don’t know, “lemon” means stories with sexual content.  If a story is erotic, and features characters from Ranma ½, or inspired by Ranma ½, then its place is here.  This site is solely dedicated to Ranma ½ and no other anime or manga; the only fanfictions involving characters form other series are crossovers with Ranma ½.

All the standard lemon fanfics are separated in four main categories: One-Shots, Two-Parters, Series and Episodes & Side-Stories.  There’s also two sub-categories for non-standard stories: Addventures Episodes and Role-Playing Games.

One-Shots are simply what their name imply: stand-alone stories that have no prequel or sequel, and only demands knowledge of the main Ranma ½ series (or sometimes a particular manga/anime/movie/OAV episode) to be read.  Note that some of them are labeled as “part 1” or “chapter 1” of an hypothetic multipart story, but are still classified as one-shots.  There is a very simple explanation for this: many fanfictions are abandoned after the first part by their authors, even if they originally planned to write several chapters.  If more chapters ever shows up, the whole story will be immediately transferred to the Two-Parters or Series sections.

Two-Parters are all fanfictions in two separate files.  Many of them won’t be continued further, and thus can’t be considered full lemon series.  An ongoing work which gain a third chapter will certainly be switched to the Series section.  A few stories may stay in this section even with three parts if they are short, complete or abandoned, and low in lemon content.

Series are multipart stories separated in clear chapters by the writers.  A fanfic series is not just considered lemon when all chapters have lemon content.  What I judge is rather if the whole series has a lemon overtone; it may contain only one or two real lemon scenes in five to ten chapters, but will be classified lemon if the whole story is erotically oriented.  In the case of an otherwise mainstream series with a few lemon episodes, those chapters are put in the Episodes & Side-Stories section.

Episodes & Side-Stories are all lemon fanfics belonging to bigger stories that are not wholly lemon (or to lemon series that are not solely centered on Ranma ½ characters, in case of crossover fanfictions).  You need to have read the previous chapters in case of episodes (except when they are a prologue or chapter 1) or the whole referenced story in case of side-stories.  A quick link is provided toward the rest of the series for the majority of entries in the Episodes & Side-Stories section.  A few of these links are files stored inside the Archive; others bring to external Websites.

Role-Playing Games are compilations of posts from various online, hentai RPG (mostly Yahoo!-based) in a story format.  All these compilations are made by yours truly, and believe me it’s hard work.  Some RPG may be confusing to read, since often several story threads are simultaneous and sometimes colliding.  I’ve tried to put them in the most easily readable form, and also to proofread most of them to the best of my ability.

Addventures Episodes are extracts from interactive multi-authored “Add”ventures that have both lemon and Ranma contents.  Each of these episodes branch out into several new options, and came from episodes similarily branching into options.  Note that any forward or backward link in an addventure piece hosted here lead away from the Archive.

You can also find the stories sorted by Authors, by Characters (and pairings) and finally by Sexual Practices (what’s going on during the sex scenes).  A recent feature is the Search engine, allowing to research lemons with a specific mix of pairings and/or practices.
Pages listing all the stories in a language other than English also exists, for Spanish, German, French and Italian fanfictions.

Some additional features can be found on the Archive, like MSTings for some of the lemons hosted.  Other goodies will be added in time.  The Archive is forever growing and in construction.


The white links are internal navigation or send to Webpages exterior to the Archive.
The lemon-colored links send to fanfictions with an adult content stored in the Archive.
The lime-colored links send to fanfictions with a lime or non-lemon content stored in the Archive.

A few precisions about the tags that can be found accompanying the fanfiction links:

{Spanish} / {German} / {French} / {Portuguese} / {Italian}
The majority of the lemons in the Archive are in English.  When one is written in another language, it is specified by one of these tags, so that readers are warned beforehand.
{unfinished} / {teaser} / {1st draft} / {2nd version}
Those are mentions of the status of some stories.
The {unfinished} ones are still incomplete, and have yet some material to be added to it according to the author.  So they may be updated one day, although “eternally incomplete” works are nothing new in the fanfiction world.
A {teaser} is just that.
{1st draft} generally indicates that a different, more recent version of the fanfiction exist — but a previous draft is hosted instead, usually because of a more lemony content than the final story.
{2nd version} means that an earlier draft of the story is also hosted, but the rewrite is so different in content (lemon or otherwise) that it can be considered a different fanfiction and not just an update.  So, both are available for reading.
(no lemon) / (lemon scent) / (lemon bits) / (lemon rinds) / (citrus) / (lime)
There’s always one of these tags along green-colored links, which point to chapters whose erotic contents are too low to be considered full lemons.  Those are hosted in the Archive only as parts of some bigger lemon series.  The (no lemon) tag is self-explanatory.  The next three are indicators of increasingly sexual situations: (lemon scent) is limited to innuendos, kisses and the like; (lemon bits) may involve nudity and mention of arousal; (lemon rinds) is just one step away from lemon, with outright sexual invitation or accidental groping.  In (citrus), sex is consequently talked about and discussed, but nothing else happen.  In (lime) stories, any ecchi ongoing is behind the scene, or anyway not described enough to be explicit.
This tag specifies a lemon in MSTing format (i.e. emulating the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style) outside of the MSTings section.  This means either that the actual Ranma ½ lemon is in the MSTing part (and not in the mocked story) or that this lemon only exists as a MSTing (the original, non-MSTied story couldn’t be found).
This tag is for lemon chapters not involving any of the Ranma ½ cast (or any new characters inspired from Ranma ½).  They’re generally parts of a larger crossover series.  Note that Ranma ½ characters may still appear in these stories; they’re just not actively taking part in the lemon scenes.


Concerning the Characters pages:

On top of each list is the concerned character’s name, as it will be used in every other list.  Most of the time it’s the first name, or the only name the character is known under.  The defaults are the Japanese names, rather than the Chinese or English names.  Sometimes, the name used in English version is mentioned next, but only in the main listing for the character.
Example: Pansuto-Tarō (Pantyhose Taro)

Some characters may have several, separate listings on their page.  Most of the times, it’s because of a Jusenkyō curse; the list below the name identifying the cursed form (“P-chan”, “Mūmū-chan”, “Panda-san”...) points to lemon scenes in said form.  This could also mean different nuances (for example, “Hinako-san” indicates lemon scenes with Hinako-sensei in adult form, while “Hinako-chan” specifies lemon scenes in her child form).

The “-otoko” suffix (Japanese for “boy”) after a female character’s name or the “-onna” suffix (Japanese for “girl”) after a male character’s name indicates a cursed form of the opposite sex for said individual (because of instant or permanent Jusenkyō Water, or other magical means).
Note that Ranma is an exception to this rule; the standard “Ranma-kun” and “Ranma-chan” are used, and they are given separate character pages because of the length of their respective lists.

The “-futanari” suffix (Japanese for “hermaphrodite”) precisely indicates a shemale variation of a usual (mostly female) character.  This common fetish of Hentai had crept in more than one Ranma ½ lemon.

The “Chibi-” or “Chibi-” prefix before a name singles out Lolikon or Shotakon lemons.  It means the character involved is portrayed significantly younger than usual for the series (mainly around twelve years old or below).  Note that characters already this young in canon get no such prefix.


Immediately below the name is the list of lemons in which the character has a solo lemon scene (mostly self-eroticism, though weirder things like bondage are possible).

Next, each lemon pairing with another member of the Ranma ½ cast is signaled by a “+” followed by the name.  The list is alphabetically ordered, except when a cursed form is concerned; then it is placed immediately below the name for the normal form.

Pairings with female characters are color-coded in pink.
Pairings with male characters are color-coded in blue.
Hermaphrodites use a middle-ground violet.
Asexual beings are identified by white.

At the end of each list is the additional “+ others...”, which gathers all pairings with characters not from the Ranma ½ cast.  This can include crossovers from other series, self-insertions, original creation characters, anonymous ones and... ahem... tentacles.


If you wonder, this mammoth Archive is the sole work of one man, me, St Fan: archivist and Webmaster of the site.  It started simply as a quick reference in HTML of my Ranma ½ lemons collection, at first just for my personal use.  Then, as said collection grew, the need to put it online became evident.  No Web-based archive provided as many lemons as I had at disposal on my hard drive, and some of those were pretty rare (a few may be even impossible to find elsewhere).  So, I started to gather more and more lemons from various origins, not realizing the sheer number of them.  It took years to finally assemble the collection you’ll find here, and I certainly won’t stop.  (I have to confess that the “chase” for new, rare lemons is often even more exciting than reading them.)

This Archive contains much more Ranma lemons that you can hope to find in the RAAC repository, the Sakura Lemon Archive and the Ranma Hentai Gallery put together.  And I’m not mentioning FanFiction.net since they kicked out the NC-17 stories. (Fortunately, most of those involving Ranma ½ were saved here before it was too late).  At the moment of its creation, the Ranma ½ Lemon Stories Archive contained over 60 MB of lemon material, and it kept growing.  By 2006, it went well over 100 MB.  The final aim of this archive is not to gather a lot of Ranma lemons, but every Ranma lemons you can find on the Web.  This is an ambitious project, and I’ll welcome all the help I can find.

Again, here’s my e-mail:

If you want to submit any Ranma lemon not yet hosted here, feel free to do it; I’ll gladly put it in its right place within the Archive.  If you’re aware of some Website or writer possessing new Ranma lemons, please give me the address so that I investigate.  Even if you know of some unusual hentai stuff involving the Ranma ½ characters (like an online role-playing game), please inform me, I’m on the lookout for any kind of lemon stories.

If you’re a lemon writer and you happen to find one of your stories here without having given permission to, please forgive me.  I’ve tried to contact every author I could find the e-mail for the authorization to host all the fanfictions.  If anybody had been forgotten, it’s only because e-mails were unavailable or outdated, not from any unwillingness on my part, or desire to ignore the rightful creator of the lemon.  I’m open to any corrections the lemon writers may wish.

So far, 266 fanfic writers gave express authorization to have their works hosted in the Archive:

  • A.V. Morgan
  • Aaron Kuzik
  • Agent H
  • AJ Angelique
  • A-kun McCrillis
  • Akurei no Kishi
  • Akuru Meiou
  • Alex Pienkoss
  • Allie B. Reihan
  • Allison / Lonnlarcan
  • Alpha Centaurian
  • Amberion
  • Anchan
  • Andiee
  • Andrew Greaves
  • Antaeus Feldspar
  • Ash the Cyclone Rider
  • Ashura Ayanami
  • Austin_S_Dakota
  • avis de rapina
  • Baka Mazoku
  • Bate
  • Be’Jammin
  • Bill K.
  • Black & White
  • BlackDragon
  • Blackheart745
  • Boon the Butcher
  • Bryan Neef
  • Butterfly
  • Byooki Desu
  • C. Rose
  • Caleb
  • Capskye
  • Caroline “Kunoichi” Seawright
  • Chris Jones
  • Clear Shadow
  • Comp-User
  • Coutuva
  • Crydancer
  • Darc
  • Daremo Kamen
  • Dark Eyed Mermaid
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Darren Demaine
  • Dave Menard
  • David A. Tatum
  • David Eddy
  • D.B. Sommer
  • D-Chan
  • Deric
  • DigiSim
  • Doc Icenogle Toonatopia
  • Doronron
  • Dragonhealer
  • DragonRose
  • Dreamweaver
  • Dr Facer
  • Durandall
  • Ecchi Half
  • Edhunne
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  • Gie
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  • Gregg “Kestral” Sharp
  • Greyman
  • Guruhoro
  • H. Torrance Griffin
  • Hentaigirl_1
  • Hentaipirate
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  • Kai Yagami
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