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A few fanart pictures inspired by the lemon stories hosted on this Archive:

JPEG, 640×846, 174 KB

Illustration by Brian O’Malley,
for the series Lemon Sherbet...

... and fanartist Alexandra’s birthday gift
to the author, John Walter Biles.

JPEG, 595×565, 280 KB

Composite picture for the multi-crossover epic
½ Saga by Suekeiichi Kaiton & Eric Freedman.

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Warning: huge file,
open at your own risk.

GIFF, 320×920, 94 KB

Saiteiki Taiyoko, by Abdiel, original character
from the newRanma series by Chris Jones.

Illustrated excerpt from Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! by Lord Archive.

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JPEG, 746×1085, 111 KB

Fanart by Shampoo Kuonji, inspired by a scene from the chapter
Never Buy the Unknown - 5: Nabiki and Ukyō Get It by Ranma’s Girl.

Yaoi art by Omega, author of Shall We Dance?

JPEG, 503×300, 34 KB

JPEG, 600×360, 59 KB

Composite image by St Fan to illustrate
the Anime/Manga Hentai Family RPG.