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The Dreamstone


Part Six

Kasumi had been enjoying herself as she went shopping with the amazon that she shared with her fiance, using the purple haired girl’s skills in finding sexy outfits to update her look for her man. They had already been to the more conservative stores for outfits that she could wear around the house and while outside doing the shopping. They hinted at an innocent sexiness that fit with a women discovering her sexuality, yet it was also clear that she was a woman and not a girl.

‘It is amazing how just having a sweater a little bit smaller than my size could increase my bust, or how a skirt that was just a tiny bit short of her knees could accent my legs. Choosing the right kind of shoe with the right heel was also interesting, it adds just a little bit of a wiggle that makes my body shake a bit in time with my walk.’ Kasumi thought to herself as she went over the outfits that the two of them had choosen for her.

She realized that men would be seeing her a sexual being now, rather than the plain old housewife that she had been for the last few years. She had to admit that she would secretly welcome the attention, but she was loyal to her fiancee and would only be with him. Let the other men be jealous of her love, she knew that he was the man for her.

‘But now comes the hardest part, trying to get the sexiest part of my shopping done. To get the underwear, costumes and accessories that will be used to keep Ranma’s little friend happy when I get time with him.’ Kasumi was not use to the part of town that they were going into, as she had not been as wild as some of the other girls in the area. Shampoo, however, seemed to have learned about a place that could be of use to the both of them.

The place was called ‘The Kitsune’s Lair’, making use of the image of the trickster spirit that was connected with both good, evil and erotic elements. It also held the image of the ‘Kitsune’ wife that common in legends that even was suppose to give the creature it’s name.

The place was huge given the need for space in Japan, taking up three different floors of a mall located in a downtown Tokyo location. Right away one could see the different in tone as their was soft, lacy underwear mixed in with pleather outfits that looked like something a hentai anime character would be seen in.

A collection of other items like boots and shoes, purses and hats, sex toys and more all took up the space. There were even a few erotic comic books and animation standing on shelves in one of the corners of the room. It overwhelmed Kasumi’s senses at first even while it caused her to get excited and blush with arousal.

Shampoo let out a squeal of delight as she took to looking over the outfits, mainly the one that had the pleather that had a shine in the glow of lights. Kasumi had not thought about buying anything made of that material, but having an outfit or two made of that substance might be fun.

‘But maybe something that is more of a costume than leather underwear? ‘ She looked over the tags on one of those kinds of outfits, seeing that the material was something called PVC. She added, “Perhaps some kind of nurses outfit made out of PVC or a PVC kami? ‘

Still even with the new attraction to the new material, she was still attracted to the silk and lace of the more traditional undergarments. The soft and gentle feel of the items that she was looking at fit her better than anything else.

Shampoo moved up closer to Kasumi to whisper to her, “Shampoo like fake leather, is like old Amazon armour. Made of leather, tough and sexy like Amazon girl. In battle Amazon would marry in armour,” Shampoo told the elder Tendo as they turned to look at each other.

“Still silk is too too good. Is good to cuddle with Airen Ranma and Airen Kasumi.” The younger woman smiled and giggle a little bit as Kasumi turned a light red in colour. Shampoo then told Kasumi, “Shampoo go shop for clothes as Kasumi do too. Then we show other clothes before we show Airen Ranma.”

Kasumi nodded and said, “Let’s meet up here in about twenty minutes with what we got and then show off. Then we should have enough time to get back to the Nekohaten for the meeting with grandmother Cologne and mother Nodoka,” Kasumi said as she watched Shampoo walk away to look at the other items in the shop for things that might look best on her.

Kasumi also continued with her mission to look for items that could be use in the sex play with her husband to be. Something that he could want more than her just being a virgin, proof that she was a woman of sensuality. Keeping an eye on the items on this floor, Kasumi made her way to the stairs to see what else this store offered.


Cologne was getting ready for the meeting between herself, her great-granddaughter, Kasumi Tendo and Nodoka Saotome. She was surprise to have this meeting between her family, the mother of her son-in-law and the latest rival for the hand of said son-in-law. Add to that the new memories that she had seemed to develop overnight and she was a bit intriguing.

From those that had been invited, she could tell that this had to do with son-in-law which of course would mean something to do with the engagements that he was under. The fact that Shampoo had seemed so friendly with Kasumi either told her that the Tendo girl had dropped the engagment or they had reached some kind of deal with the matter.

‘Either one would require a different plan of action for me to use.’ Cologne thought as her mind turned to the boy that was the centre of all of this. In her thoughts, ‘The boy is a mess of both good qualities and bad qualities. I had hoped that I could smooth over the negative points of the boy while enhancing the positive ones. The Hero Women tribe would definatly be better with him in it, no matter if he came back to China or not.’

‘Trying to move Son-in-law might not be the best move for the tribe. The site that the village was built on was due to it being remote and well protected by the natural hazards and the hostile, yet powerful tribes nearby. Even if we had forgotten most of those tribes existed in this current age. But it might be a good idea to have a location out of the traditional lands that could be used to increase access to martial artists and modern technology,’ Cologne thought, moving on to the advantages her current location.

‘This district is home to some of the most powerful martial artists that I have ever seen, the star of which is son-in-law. But even the fool Kuno would make a less choosy tribeswoman a good husband. Then there are strong woman like the youngest Tendo sister or even the Kuno daughter. Plus the ability of the people of this district to turn anything into a martial arts. Even something as simple as a tea ceremony.’ That gave Cologne a laugh at the weirdness of the martial art, even with it’s powerful skills.

‘This will need to be looked into as an option because of the advantages that it could bring to the tribe, making it stronger from the powers and abilities of those that live in this part of the world. It would need the rewriting of some of the oldest laws in our tribe which will cause some discord with some of the clans, but most of the elders would know that to grow we sometimes have the leave the past behind to move towards the future. The marriage law alone would need a major updating so that they didn’t cause as much trouble with the neighbourhood law enforcement agents.’ Cologne though as she continued to plan out the events that could happen if they did create a sister tribe in the Japanese nation.

‘I had best get ready for the meeting between our families as I want this to move as smoothly as possible no matter if the Tendo girl has quit son-in-law or decided to join our families together. The best way to do that is to have a well cooked meal of delicious ramen that can fill our bellies as we discuss the future of a certain male martial artists who has a few engangements up in the air.’ The amazon elder walked to the kitchen to make sure that the lunch was made for the group that was to visit the Nekohaten.

Noon at the Nekohaten...

Nodoka arrived at the Nekohaten to see that there was a note on the front door saying that the restaurant was closed for a ‘family matter’. Guessing that the matter they were going to discuss that day would be the family issue, she knocked on the door of the chinese establishment. With in a couple of minutes, the door was answered by the elderly woman that Saotome matriarch knew was the amazon matriarch.

“Come in, mother of son-in-law. Shampoo and miss Tendo have not returned to shop yet, but I have made sure that there is a meal waiting for the four of us while we talk over the announcement that young women were going to make when they got here. Please be seated while I get the meal for us to eat.” Said the old woman as she headed to the kitchen to bring in the meal.

It was then that the girls that they had been talking about had arrived in the restaurant, carrying bags and boxes that were marked with stories that Nodoka though she reconized from previous experiences trying to keep her husband happy. This made her feel a sense of joy as she was guessing that her son was about to be given lessons in manliness from the ladies that were willing to share their lives with him. The girls saw Nodoka and blushed a little before Shampoo took the bags and whispered something to Kasumi. Kasumi nodded and then pulled up a seat next to Nodoka.

“Sorry for the delay, Mother Saotome. But Shampoo and I were trying to help me up date my look, trying to bring my style into something that would look more modern than the clothing that I normally were as well as trying to find clothing that Ranma-kun would like best,” the young woman said as her checks took on a rose hue that was likely not caused by make up. The elder Tendo sister then continued, “Shampoo and I have a big announcement that we would like to tell you and Grandmother Cologne, once Shampoo returns from placing our purchases away for later and the elder shows up.”

“Which I have, “ said Cologne as she returned with her one arm balancing four bowls of ramen that she then tossed to the table which landed with an unusual gentleness. The elder then said, “We just have to wait for Shampoo to come downstairs for this meeting and lunch to continue.” As she pulled up a chair, it wasn’t long before Shampoo arrived and sat next to Cologne and Kasumi.

The girls took a moment to gather their thoughts before Shampoo spoke up, “Today Shampoo and Kasumi both have too-too good idea to share with airen. Shampoo and Kasumi asked Airen if he like have two wives, with Shampoo and Kasumi be sister-wives.” She looked over at the Tendo sister to continue for her.

“It didn’t take him much convincing for him to accept the two of us as wives. The only problem is the fact that we are not sure what to do about the laws of both the Hero Women tribe and the land of Japan. That was why were decided to turn to the two of you, so that we could get some help trying to arrange things so that everything works out smoothly for the three of us.” Kasumi said, a shy smile on her face contrasting the confident one on Shampoo’s face.

“Well, there is no problems with the Hero Women tribes laws as there has been a tendancy of more female births in our group than male births that tended to lean to more wives for a husband. We even tried to investigate it but could find nothing to explain it. But I am not so sure about the laws involving this nations rules of marriage, but I am guessing that it is only Kasumi that is wanting to be married under their laws of matrimony.” Cologne told the girls as she turned to look at Nodoka, the Saotome wife knew that she was expected to be the expert with the marriage laws of Japan.

“I know that it is not allowed for a man to have more then one wife and it might be the most smiled upon act in society, but it might not be as frown down at in their particular neighbourhood given the nature of the people living here. But if Kasumi wants to be married by our laws, there is nothing against it as long as Shampoo doesn’t try and get married by those laws. It will not be easy, but if that is the path that the three of you would like to take it might be worth it.” Nodoka told then as she tried to explain the laws in Japan as well as it’s society.

“Long as Shampoo with Airen and nice girl Kasumi, Shampoo strong enough to have people stare at Shampoo. Shampoo proud of Shampoo’s life, no give up to anyone. Shampoo have love of family, that makes Shampoo strong.” Said the purple haired young woman as she thrust her fist in the air with her positive outburst.

“I may not be as strong as Shampoo, but I will fight to my last breath to keep my family together no matter the situation between all of us. I will fight to be one of Ranma wives and fight to protect my sister-wife as well when finally get married to each other.” Kasumi said a determined look on her face.

“I would like to welcome you officially and unofficially to the Saotome family, and hope that you lives with my son is as wonderful as possible and allows everyone to have a happy life. So let us enjoy this first meal as a family together as we try to work out what over bumps that we can smooth over.” Nodoka said as she moved her chopsticks to the ramen.


Ranma was making himself lunch out of the leftovers from last nights supper as he tried to recover from his very first sexual experience from earlier that morning. He had not expected that Shampoo would perform something from out of the dreams that he had last night, or that it would feel so good that it even made him stop thinking about martial arts for at least an hour.

At the moment, Ranma was wondering what it was that Shampoo and Kasumi were doing with his mother and the old ghoul. He thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t be calling her old ghoul if she is going ta be one of my in-laws when I marry Shampoo. But it’s going ta be hard to change that given the grief that she’s given me. Maybe I could switch to Granny or something.”

Then his thoughts turned to his girls and their actions in his dreams. They had done things in those dreams that he just had to experience outside of the land of Nod, since they had seemed so pleasant in his mind. He also wonder which of the two girls would make the next move if he didn’t act instead, and how far it would go given their new relationships.

‘Especially since me and Kasumi will be sharing a bed tonight, at least that what pops and Mr. Tendo said. I even had ta move my stuff inta her room, to get ready for married life.’ Ranma thought to himself as thought back to the moving of the Dreamstone to under the pillows that he would be sharing with Kasumi. He had noticed a warm feelin with the smooth rock that didn’t seem to be there before last night.

‘It’s likely just the head of my head. Well, here’s hoping that it brings me and Kasumi good dreams.’

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