Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Takahashi Rumiko. All characters (except those that I create or have borrowed from other sources belong to her. I have no money, so please don’t sue me. Thank you very much.

The Dreamstone


Part Five

Kasumi was busy with her plans for that day so that she could be with the man that she loved. Plus the young woman that she was getting close with, feeling growing between the amazon and the elder Tendo. She had to arrange the events of her day so that she would get the most out of her time, getting the chores that she wanted to do finished. She wanted things to move smoothly and that took great thought and effort.

First was organizing the meeting between Nodoka Saotome and Cologne of the Hero Woman tribe. Both would be her future in-laws if she could find a way to avoid the law without getting everyone in trouble over their choices. They would be living an odd life, and that could cause trouble in conservative Japan. She wanted to start off on the right foot with the two woman that were linked to her Shampoo and Ranma.

‘I suppose that the four of us could meet over at the Nekohaten for a late lunch so that we can discuss the options for the plans that Ranma, Shampoo and I have decided on.’ Kasumi thought to herself as she got on the phone and made the calls. First to the Nekohaten to ask for a meeting with the wise elder and have a lunch prepared. Then to the Saotome home to ask for Nodoka to meet her at the chinese restaurant.

Cologne sounded interested when she mentioned that she and Shampoo would be meeting her with Ranma’s mother. Nodoka was also very excited about the meeting as she seemed to like the fact that two girls would be interested in her son. In her mind Kasumi thought, ‘If only she knew what those two women were planning for her son.’ That caused Kasumi to break a smile that seemed to hide a secret close to her heart.

Then came the shopping trip that she had mentioned to Shampoo and her fiance. Kasumi had realized, by looking at the young amazon, that she was stuck in a rut. One which she had taken the place of her mother by sacrificing her sexuality. She needed to become the sexual creature that she imagined that she could be, one the complimented her new sister in their sensual trio.

Shampoo was seemed to have a exotic outsider, naughty girl image that she used to seduce her man to her bed. ‘To add a contrast to that image,’ Kasumi’s mind revealed, ‘I think that I should try for a girl next door, sexy good girl image to try and make Ranma horny without thoughts.’ This brought up the question about where she should shop for the outfits that would bring out her most erotic qualities.

‘I’ll need some casual clothes for around the house. Something that I can do my chores but at the same time looking more cock-jerking than the more tame outfits that I normally wear. A little bit more flash so that Ranma will notice me more, especially since Shampoo tends to draw the eyes of every man when she enters a room. Perhaps with more touches of make-up than I normally wear in my day to day life.’

Kasumi continue her thoughts, ‘I’ll need to get a few outfits that I can wear out of the house when we go some where. Ranging from simple to formal, it will need another image that still hints at sweet to go with Shampoo’s spicy. Of course that leaves the clothes that will want to wear to bed with Ranma.’

Kasumi blushed as she got to that image. Images of sexy little undergarments that came in the colours of soft blue, yellow, pink and white to hint at the sweet nature of his Tendo bride to be. Her mind added to that, “Perhaps a couple of costumes might add spicy to the honeymoon night. A sexy little french maid outfit or one that resemble a nurse so that I can ‘nurse’ him to health. Perhaps I can have team costumes with Shampoo to get him really excited.’

‘Of course that would mean going to another story entirely. I hope that I don’t blush myself to death in there.’ Kasumi went to were she had hide the money that she managed to save from the household expanse that she and Nabiki worked out. Kasumi had found a million ways to stretch a yen. Medicine might have been her first love, she could have started her own accounting firm with her knowledge with money. Even teach Nabiki much, but not all, she knew.

“I’ll make a list while Shampoo entertains our love, at least until I get my chance with him perhaps later today.” Kasumi said.

Meanwhile, at the same time...

Shampoo was enjoying playing with the nipples of her airen, but in her mind she was figuring out what she could do in the time that she was given that would still allow her to go out in the world relatively as clean as when she entered the Tendo home. The only thing that she could come up with was a short blow job.

‘But just because it is short, doesn’t mean that it has to be simple or boring.’ Shampoo smiled as she sucked on the little piece of flesh that she had in her mouth. Her mind turned to another piece of flesh she would soon be using to satify her oral fixations.

Continuing to cause Ranma to moan with pleasure, Shampoo’s nimble fingers went to work with the drawstring of his pants as she slipped the string out of a knot. With a skill that she had developed for marital arts pressure points, the string came undone which loosened the pants. She had an open path to the organ that would bring Ranma greater pleasure.

‘Airen will not know what hit him when Shampoo use the tribe’s ancient pleasuring techniques that has been passed down from mother to daughter, father to son. Perhaps have great-grandmother teach him how to please woman from wise texts.’ Shampoo’s mind turned to her people’s secrets for a split second before she continued with her husband pleasing.

She slipped her hands into Ranma’s pants in a cheeky manner, going under the band of his underwear so that she could feel his cock in her smooth hands. Long fingers were slipping around it’s width as she felt up it’s length. Getting a feel for the manhood in a way, she was surprise to find that it was firm and an excellent size for a woman’s cunt.

‘Shampoo might not know about Kasumi, but airen’s cock fit in Shampoo too too good.’ Moving from the cock, she continued down till she was getting a feel for the balls of her husband-to-be. They were also of good size and feel good in her hand, perfect for playing with as she enjoyed being with Ranma.

Shampoo pulled away from the nipple that she had been playing with so that she could look her beloved in the eye, to see his reaction to her playing with his private parts. His eyes were closed so that she couldn’t tell what he was thinking that way, but his mouth was open in pleasure as he began to breath heavy from the foreplay that Shampoo had been giving.

Using her hidden skills, she slipped the pants and underwear of her man lower so that she could get the prick free of it’s imprisoning fabrics that held it in check. Soon the erect little Ranma was saluting the woman that he loved, as she massaged the balls of her man with pressure points so that he would stay aroused but would not come prematurely.

Continuing her kissing action she kissed down the torso, lingering over the six-pack abs that she had admired before. She kissed and sucked on each ab as she headed futher south on the young martial artist’s body. It was a short period of time before she arrived at the pole that she had been coveting for since she had decided to hunt Ranma as her airen.

Her sweet kisses continued down the length of the manhood, with ever so soft lips touching like a ghost across his skin as he moaned again with the pleasure of amazon knowledge. She moved down it till she reached the tip of the cock, her breath caressing it as she took it all in. Soon she would be the first woman to touch Ranma, as he great grandmother assured her that he was a virgin.

Her lips nibblily pulled back the foreskin so that she could feel the real tip in her mouth as she began to suck on that organ like she did with the nipple. HEr tongue did tricks over the cock, selectively playing with the senstive skin that was the male reproductive tool. Her warm saliva was coating the cock in a slick coating that strangely pleasent for the man.

With a slow motion she pulled her breath in before she released the sucking, breathing on the cock in a way that caused it to twitch in her oral entrance. While she did that excellently manicured nails teased the balls as it hit points to strengthen and control the cum in the cock. Manipulating the plumbing of mankind in a way that only those who have been taught the skills could.

Shampoo could tell that her skills were causing Ranma to go insane as he was loosing control over his cock for this limited amount of time. She was playing him like a musician plays a masterwork instrument with a master’s skill. Shampoo knew that Ranma would be surprise that this was her first time with a real man. Cologne’s strange training on different fruits and vegetables were paying off.

Shampoo was enjoying blowing the cock as Ranma felt being blown, at least from the words that left his lips.