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The Dreamstone


Part Four

Kasumi was getting ready to leave the Tendo home, hoping to arrive at her future mother-in-law’s home. She had left her new fiance in his room studying. She had encouraged him to concentrate on his work so that he could get an education. She had said, "Ranma, it would make me very proud if you tried your best to pass all of your school work." She gave him a warm smile.

She was just getting ready to put on her coat, when the doorbell rang annoucing the arrive of someone at the door. Going to the door, she was surprise to see Shampoo dressed in a manner that would make many men loose blood. "Hello, Shampoo. How can I help you?"

“Too too nice girl help Shampoo see Airen. Shampoo want to take to Airen.” Shampoo said, as she stood at the door. Shampoo took on a far away look on her eyes as she looked at the elder Tendo sister. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she looked at Kasumi.

Kasumi’s own cheeks flushed, as her mind started to play back a few of the daydreams that she had been having about the young hero woman tribe member. Erotic images that she seemed to develop a hunger. An question popped into her mind as she welcomed Shampoo in. Closing the door, she asked, “Shampoo, would you be against the idea of sharing Ranma?”

Shampoo was shocked for a minute, yet in her mind she was looking at the idea. ‘Shampoo love airen. Would do anything to make happy. Too too nice girl so good to Shampoo. Like sister, yet Shampoo have not so sisterly thoughts of nice girl. Thoughts Shampoo like.’

Taking a moment to gather herself, Shampoo said, “Shampoo like nice girl Kasumi. Shampoo might like to share Airen with nice girl Kasumi,” Shampoo looked down. “Amazon law says that man can have more than one wive. Is due to fact that most babies are girls in tribe. Said to be ancient curse or bless, depends on tale teller.”

Kasumi stood there for a moment taking in the new choice that was present in their lives. Everything would be different after this moment. Moving her hand she lifted the head of the Amazon. Then Kasumi gave Shampoo a kiss on the lips. It was a short, but passionate kiss. Their lips touched, tongues only going in far enough to caress the lips of the other woman. Kasumi broke the kiss and spoke, “You I love.”

Shampoo held back her tears of joy, not wanting to ruin her make up. “You I love, Kasumi. Shampoo is too too happy. Shampoo can’t wait to tell Airen.” Shampoo was jumping with joy.

“I was going to go out, but I think that we should both suggest this idea to him first. I am sure that he will agree to it, but I know that he doesn’t like to be forced into anything that he doesn’t want to do.” Kasumi told Shampoo with a helpful nod.

“Aiyah! Shampoo agree. Shampoo was going to promise not to use magic on Ranma any more. Shampoo win with Shampoo’s skills. Sister Kasumi too too smart.” Shampoo said, brighting up.

“I just hope that we don’t distract Ranma from his school work too much.” Kasumi said.


Nabiki was thinking about the dream that she had last night, wondering what it meant. It was an erotic and sexual dream that shocked her at it’s intensity. She occationally had sexy dreams, but none this vivid and wild. The largest surprise was not the nature of the dream, but the person the dream was about.

‘I knew thought that I would be attracted to such a muscle brain. I always thought that I would be attracted to a man that had a little more intellect. Plus the fact that he’s in love with my sister means that if I was to go after him, there would be trouble,’ Nabiki began to eat the ice cream that she had bought to help her ponder.

‘Then there is the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any money to speak of. Sure, I know that if I wanted to I could be the bread winner in the family. However, it would be nice to marry into money. But if it was just money I wanted, I would just marry Kuno without a pre-nup and dump as soon as possible.’ Nabiki thought, her mood turn dark as she thought of Kuno.

‘Still he is cute in a clueless kind of way. The confused look that occurs on his face, just gives him such a pull on your heartstrings. Something that I haven’t felt alot about for a long time.’ Nabiki gust sighed out loud at that option.

‘Once you get over his faults, you have to admit that he is a good catch in his own way. He’s loyal and loving. He’s willing to fight for the love of a good woman. To defend that woman’s honour against those who would slander their good name. So he isn’t all bad. You just have to neutralize his bad qualities while bathing in his good qualities.’ Nabiki was close to making a decision on the matter.

‘Still I would have to gain his attention, taking it away from my sister. That might cause trouble for us over time. Is he worthy it?’ Nabiki asked herself, as her mind turned to the dreams that she had last night. The erotic imagery filled her mind. She knew that she had to get his attention.

“Ryoga Hibiki, watch out! Nabiki Tendo is about to get her man!” Nabiki called out to the heavens as she set out to gain the love of the lost boy. “Now just how do I get him to trust me and then fall in love with me?”


Ranma was getting to work on his homework. It was not something that he liked to do as he just couldn’t get into it like he could his martial arts training. It just seemed to Ranma that nothing in the homework that really mattered to his goal of becoming the best martial artist. So the knowledge that was locked in the books slipped out of his mind. Leading to low grades and sleeping in class.

‘But this time is different. Kasumi asked me ta try hard ta do my homework. Ta learn everything that I’m suppose ta learn in this class. If learning this junk means that Kasumi is going ta smile at me, I’ll be the best there is at doing homework.’ Ranma had decided as he attacked the books.

He focused his full attention on material that was in front of him. Working hard to retain the knowledge that he read off of the books before him. Filling out the questions in his books to the best of his abilities. Ranma was discovering that if he devoted his mind to learning, he could learn this stuff. The lack of any reason to learn math, science and english had made him ignore it. But the mission to make Kasumi smile, had given him the ambition to finish the work to the best of his ability.

He was just finishing the last question of the final subject of his homework, when he heard a knock on the door. Turning to the door, Ranma called out, “Just a minute. I just have to finish this one little thing.” Ranma said as he wrote the last letter in the word. Then he jumped up and walked over to the door of his room, opening it with great care.

When he opened it he saw Kasumi... with Shampoo. A feeling of nerves crossed his mind as he saw the two woman that he had been thinking about sexual appear before him, together. An image of the two of them making love with each other passed through his mind. He tried to push it a side for now, and tried to speak, “Hello Kaschan, Shamchan!” Ranma spoke without thinking about what it is that he was saying.

Kasumi and Shampoo’s faces lighted up as they heard what Ranma had called them. Ranma tried to figure out what that was. But he knew that he had to be careful with the two women before him. Kasumi was his new fiancee and Shampoo was married to him by her own laws. A wrong move and there could be a major conflict.

“So what are you girls doing here? Is there anything that I can help you with?” Ranma asked the two beautiful ladies.

“I had been wondering about making certain arrangements that might make the lives of everyone around here much more easier. The problem was how to go about it as it might have caused trouble with most officals.” Kasumi started as she stood before Ranma. There was a sight reddness to her cheeks, giving them a rosy glow.

“Then Shampoo showed up, asking about the same idea as I had. Using laws within the Amazon culture that might make the situation possible. Allowing our families and the Amazons to live in peace and happiness with each other.” Kasumi said, as she added, “Basically what I am trying to say is...”

“Shampoo and Kasumi sister, wonder if Ranma like to have us as sister-wives.” Shampoo came out and said what the two woman had been thinking. She was starting to blush as much as Kasumi had been doing before her. The look blended in with her sexy red dress.

Ranma stood shocked at that moment, not knowing about what he should be doing next. This was like his dream, having both of the sexy woman being his lover. A small part of him wanted to pull back from all of this, wanting to step back from this situation. The other larger part of him was asking him what he was waiting for. Wanting him to accept the idea that the women had just presented before him. Ranma took a breath and then made his choice.

“I think that is a great idea. It would prevent alot of the troubles that could occur. I can’t really see any problem with it, if we can find a way around the law.” Ranma said as his mind was filled with a strange sensation of contentment.

“Shampoo only want marry Ranma with laws of Shampoo’s home. Not care what Japanese law says about Shampoo. Breaking point toughen Shampoo’s skin.” Shampoo said with a smile as she made a little joke.

“Being your wife under Japanese law and being a lesser wife under Amazon law is alright with me. As long as I am with you Ranma, nothing else matters. Plus I have grown rather fond of Shampoo as well.” Kasumi said with a cute little blush.

“Shampoo also too too fond of Kasumi. Shampoo sure that marriage with Kasumi and Ranma be too too happy,” Shampoo said, adding her own blush. “So what we do next?”

“I think that Ranma should talk to his mother and Cologne about this. They seem to be the most level headed adults in the area, as well as being the adults that know the most about marriage under both laws. Amazon and Japanese. We should know more about that before we make any more permanent choices.” Kasumi said, knowing that they had to make the right choices.

“Plus I think that I want to go shopping to pick up some new clothes. I feel that I could use a new look,” Kasumi started to look over the young woman that was with her in their fiance’s room. “I think that Shampoo could really help me find the look that I want.”

Shampoo looks and waited for a moment. She knew that she wanted to convince Ranma to have sex with her. She gave a look that hinted at what it was she wanted. Kasumi seemed to pick up on what it was that Shampoo wanted to do. “I just have a few things that I have to take care of here first before I move on to shopping. Shampoo, could you keep Ranma company while I finish things here?”

Shampoo winked at Kasumi as the elder Tendo started to move. “Shampoo thinks she can keep Ranma very well.” Kasumi then left the room, making sure that she took care to close the door and place a sign on the knob to prevent interuptions. Shampoo smiled as she walked over to Ranma, making sure her moves were enhanced. She then sat across from Ranma, sitting in a way so that he dress showed her off to him.

As her arms wrapped around Ranma’s neck, she smile with her teeth flashing him. “Shampoo so so glad to have Ranma alone with Shampoo. Shampoo want to show Ranma how Shampoo loves Ranma.” Shampoo pucker her lips and close her eyes as she leaned closer to Ranma. She was preparing to kiss Ranma, hoping that he was ready to accept her lips on his. When she felt the soft resistance of the lips she knew that he was greeting her with kind.

Lips locked together with each other as they felt the room move. Tongue slipped out of the mouths that they had been resting in and moves out into the opposite reflection. Flesh moved across flesh as they tasted each other. Teeth gently tugged at each other’s lips as they played with their lover. As they kissed each other deeply, they moved closer to each other. Their bodies seeking out the touch of the other as they breathed as one.

Ranma’s hnads roamed over the silk covered woman, feeling the lady through the fabric. With each touch that Shampoo felt, it triggered a feeling on her sesntive body. Causing a boiling sensation to flow through her blood as she increased in desire. Desire for the man that she loved. She roamed her hands across him as well, feeling the soft cotton of the threads of his own shirt.

Each of the two lovers didn’t want to be the one that would end the kissing. But they each knew that they wanted to go farther than just some heavy kissing. Slowly Shampoo pulled herself back from Ranma’s lips as she decided to be the one to end fun, for now. Ranma tried to keep his lips on hers as they kiss, but finally Shampoo freed them from their bonds after some minor lingering touches. Each one of the two young people tried to catch their breath as their pulses raced.

Shampoo nimblely started to unfasten the shirt of her love as she soon saw the muscle shirt that he wore underneath. With surprising speed, she had soon stripped Ranma of his shirts. She enjoyed the look of his tone chest and the six pack that lay over his stomach. A perfect build of looking muscular yet not looking freakishly over muscled. It screamed manly to Shampoo. Shampoo even spotted the fact that the nipples of her man were erect in sexual excitment.

Taking the lead, Shampoo started to kiss Ranma, starting with his mouth. Rather than deep kiss that came before, it was more quick then that one. Then she kissed his cheek, then moving to his ear. She sucked on the ear lobe that she caught in her mouth, taking a playful soft bite at it. She kiss the nook behind the lobe as she moved down the neck of Ranma. At one point she was sucking hard on the middle of his neck, knowing that she would likely leave a little mark of her own.

Soon, she had hit the shoulders. Kissing another little nook that was formed from the meeting of a shoulder and the neck, she moved her tongue over the flesh. Savouring the taste that she was taking from the skin that she was licking. Enjoying the slight shiver that Ranma’s body did in reaction to her touch. A slight sigh of pleasure crossed his lips, as she worked his body over with her own lips.

Shampoo continued her trip down Ranma’s body with her sensitive organ. Moving down the firm, hard chest that was a side effect of Ranma’s personal training. Sliding down it with her tongue, she stopped when she was around the level of his nipples. Moving slightly to his right, she soon hovered around the erect point of his areolas. Shampoo kissed them with her mouth, before playfully using her teeth on them to tease them into a more erect state.

As she began to suck on the male version of her own breasts, she thought about the fun that would be occuring soon, ‘Perhaps Ranma would like to suck on Shampoo’s boobies. Maybe Ranma would play with Shampoo’s nipples.’ Shampoo smiled as she began to think of more ways to please her mate before they when out to solve their marriage problems.

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Sorry to interupt the lemon goodness, but it will have to wait till the next chapter. This is one of the fics that I have worked on as a break from my Yu-gi-oh threads. I figure that it might make some of my readers happy to see some other kinds of lemons. But I should be getting back to the Yu-gi-oh stuff very shortly. Still I have many partly done fics to fill out.

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