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The Dreamstone


Part Three

Ranma woke up refreshed and full of energy. He felt better than he had felt in a long time. ‘I might not know about solving my problems, but this stone seems to be able to give me a goodnight sleep. That makes it worth it. I’m going to keep using it if it can keep giving me such a good night’s sleep. I could use it.’

Ranma smiled as he he thought back to the dreams that he had last night. Images of Kasumi and Shampoo in various forms of dress and undress flashed through his mind. He could feel his crouch tightening in reaction to those images. ‘Guess that they have affected me more than I know. I hope that we could come to some agreement that could make everybody feel better.’

He thought of the other woman that had been after him and his heart. ‘Akane. I use to think that I love her and wanted to be engaged to her. I should have known that we would never had worked out. Not with that anger problem. Anyone that would want to date her would have to be able take a lot of damage or be able to calm her down.’

‘Ukyo is a different issue. I don’t have feelings for her like a lover, but I do have feelings towards her like a brother with a sister. But she seems so focused on me.’ Ranma sighed over this. ‘My best bet is to find her a new boyfriend that could take care of her needs better than I can. Cause I can’t see myself living just to cook anyways.’

‘Don’t get me started with Kodachi. Just having to deal with the madness of that family is enough to cool off my lusts. The fact that she can get extremely scary with that freakish laugh and that obsession with black roses... Ugh!’

‘And if ignore Nabiki as she doesn’t seem my type or even interested in me, that leaves just my two fiancees. Shampoo and Kasumi.’ Ranma frowned at the next thought. ‘Which brings up the question of what I am going to do with the choice. I hate to pull a Kuno, especially with his mind being mush, but I really can’t choose between the two of them. Both are sexy in their own way.’

Images of Kasumi and Shampoo, living with him together, flashed through his mind. ‘If it was only that simple.’ Ranma then looked down at his crouch. ‘Still, it looks like I need some extra time in the dojo to work this off. Either that or a cold bath.’ Ranma finished getting dressed and headed off to the dojo.

Meanwhile in the same house...

Kasumi was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, humming a happy little tune. She had one of the best night’s sleep that she had ever had. Filled with exciting dreams. ‘So naughty in nature. But for once it was nice to be a little naughty. Especially with my sexy fiance. Though why Shampoo was in my dreams is still a puzzle for me.’

Kasumi stopped for a minute and thought about Shampoo. She was an extremely beautiful and perky woman. She did have her faults, like using magic to seduce Ranma and having trouble learning Japanese, but she was a nice girl. ‘It wouldn’t be too bad to share Ranma with her. Too bad we can both be legally married to Ranma.’

Kasumi thought for a minute, ‘Why can we both have Ranma? Maybe there is a way that we can both have Ranma? Who knows what kind of secrets that might be hidden in Amazon laws? Or the kind of loopholes that could be hidden in the laws of my homeland?’ For once, Kasumi’s mind turned from the issue of legal learning than the medical research that she did in her moments of peace.

‘But where am I going to find books on the law? I could try the library or take some of my cookies to a law office and see if I could trade them for access to the books that I need.’ Kasumi returned to the cooking as she thought about the snacks that she would need to seek the knowledge that she wanted.

A distance away, in the Nekohaten...

Shampoo had a great night, full of the dreams that she had every night involving her airen. Her beloved husband. ‘But why too too nice girl in dreams. Not Shampoo’s normal dream. Not make dream bad. Dream was too too good. Still odd.’ The thought flickered through her mind for a minute. She could feel her pussy tingle at the idea.

‘Still Shampoo has to convince husband that Shampoo loves him. Shampoo scared that Ranma no love Shampoo. That why Shampoo use magic to make Ranma love Shampoo.’ Then a hit of guilt crossed her. ‘But if Shampoo forces Ranma to love her with magic, he not really love Shampoo.’

Shampoo frowned at the sadness of her foolish actions. Then she perked up again. “Shampoo no use magic on Ranma anymore. Shampoo be honest to Ranma and hope that he loves Shampoo as much as Shampoo loves him.”

Shampoo’s smile then turned sly. “Still, Shampoo can use other ways of convincing Ranma. Ways that not magic, yet hold own magic.” She turned to the mirror that was hanging in her room. She was dressed in a silken slip that she used to sleep. She moved her hands up and down her body. Lingering on her most private areas. The sensitivity of her body amazed even her.

She knew that she had a hot body, a lovely face and the hint of the exotic in this strange land. Just as her husband was exotic to her. It was part of his sex appeal. “So how can Shampoo seduce her Airen? What can Shampoo offer him?”

The thoughts of common interest that they shared, of what they could offer each other came into her mind. Her cunning mind that had been focusing on magic schemes before was now moving to the idea of other methods of seduction.

Back at the Tendo home...

Ranma came in from his workout in the dojo. Practising his art over and over again. Perfecting it was Kata at a time. Then the thought came into his mind, ‘Maybe I have been a little lazy. I have been reacting to my opponents, rather than confronting them with moves that I have developed. I have been on the defencive, not on the offencive.’

He ponder how he could start this new form of trying. ‘I would need a training partner that could keep up with my power level, but whom I could trust with secrets.’ He thought. ‘That would leave out Pops, the old Freak and Ryoga. The old Ghoul is a possibility, but I still might have trouble trusting her.’

Ranma wandered into the dinning room to see that the table was almost set with the breakfast meal. Then Kasumi came into the room with the final bowel. Ranma came up the the older woman and sniffed at her. He could smell the whiff of a subtle perfume. Something that smelled of different types of fruits. Melon, lemons, a hint of apple. It was link there was a fruit salad following her.

“Kasumi, what is that perfume that you’re wearing?” Ranma asked, placing a hand on her arm. Guiding her to face him.

“Ranma-kun, I don’t wear perfume.” Kasumi said confused at the notion that Ranma had put forth. Her nose crinkled in a cute way before she came up with the answer.

“I do have cleaning supplies that have the scent of fruits in them. It’s possible that I have picked up a little bit of the scent. Do you like it Ranma-kun?” A blush came over her face as she looked into Ranma’s eyes.

“I have to say that it suits you. It’s delicious and has the hint of the good things that come from the kitchen. Like a desert. It’s one of the two best smells that I have ever smelled.” Ranma said. He did not mention the second was the mixture of lilacs and lilies that hung off of Shampoo. Fortunately, Kasumi did not ask Ranma what the second smell was.

Kasumi herself was sniffing at Ranma, breathing in the muskiness that was in his sweat. It held a spice blend of smells. “I also like the way that you smell, but I think that it might be best if you take a bath before breakfast. The others might not enjoy your scent as I do.” Kasumi’s blush turned a deeper red.

It was at that moment that they discovered that their faces were closer together, were in a good distance for a kiss. Acting on instinct, Ranma leaned in and kissed Kasumi. The eyes of the two, which were open, widen at the surprise of the action of the young man. It had been an innocent kiss and had been short.

But both of them were now blushing of the flush of excitement that was coming from the tingling of their lips. “I have to go wash up.” Said Ranma as he rushed across the floor with his normal rapidness and headed upstairs.

Kasumi stood stunned, yet happy. A soft smile crossed her reddened face. ‘That was like the dream that I had last night. I didn’t know that Ranma cared about me like that.’

Then the reality sat into her that she was Ranma’s fiancee. His future wife in conflict with the women that were chasing the man that she had feelings for. Images of Shampoo crossed her mind. Images of sharing. ‘That might be interesting, but is it possible. I have to look up those laws. But I want to have Ranma to desire me as I desire him.’

‘I know how to be a good housewife and I do have some experience handling money when I can get it away from Nabiki... I just don’t know what else I have to do to satisfy a husband. Especially one like Ranma.’ Kasumi thought to those that can help her. One name came up. ‘Auntie Nodoka. She’s had experience having a martial artist as a husband. Plus if she could handle a bad husband like Uncle Genma, she might be able to help me keep a good one like Ranma.’

‘Plus she might be able to help me find the holes in the law that might help me understand the law enough to see if it would be possible for Shampoo and I to share Ranma with each other.’ Kasumi thought as she gathered her things. Hoping that she might find the help that she needed from her future mother-in-law.


Mousse was a little puzzled at his feelings this morning. After the strange dream that he had last night, his devotion to Shampoo seemed to be a little silly. ‘She really doesn’t love me. All of this time chasing her and she can’t stand me. Maybe that was what the dream had been telling me.’

Mousse had devoted himself to Shampoo, not thinking about his needs save his love of Shampoo. Now he realized that he might not be in love with Shampoo. The fact was that Shampoo didn’t want him or even need him. It made him realize that he might need to look outside the narrow little view he had developed.

‘But where could I look for love? Most of the women in this part of Nerima are after Ranma. They’re about as obsessive as I was. But perhaps I could convince them to change their mind.’ The image of a dark haired girl with long hair came into his mind. But he wasn’t sure who it was. It could have been either Ukyo or Kodachi, as the young woman in his mind was cloaked in shadows. Strangely, he was a little hopeful that such a woman might have an interest in him.

‘Still there would need a lot of work with those woman. Both are devoted to Ranma. Kodachi has mental problems that make her hard to handle. Ukyo’s dream is to make the perfect Okonomiyaki and the restaurant to sell them in. Those issues might make romance a little difficult.’ Mousse thought to himself. ‘But then what love was ever easy? Love is being able to work on it day by day to perfect it as you live it.’

‘I guess that I’ll have to look up information on Okonomiyaki and Rhythmic Gymnastics. That way when I can decide which woman I should pursue, I’ll be able to help them with their dreams. Then they might be able to make my dreams come true as well. Including a loving relationship.’ Mousse stopped sweeping and headed to the library.

Watching him run off, was Cologne. She knew that some kind of magic was affecting them all. Herself included. She had a mild headache as two sets of memories battled in her mind. She had developed skills with this kind of conflict. Being so close to two powerful tribes that were based around magic and living next to a cursed site made her use to the chaos spells could bring.

“Something major is happening. The question is... which is it, good or bad?” The elder looked at the information that the new memories had been telling her. The fact that Akane was not the Tendo’s choice for fiancee any longer. That fate had befallen the elder Tendo sister. A woman that seemed to be more in control of herself than the youngest Tendo.

“This seems to have a more positive angle with the marriage of my great granddaughter. Akane would not have been the most receptive to the idea of a marriage involving more than one woman. Since this idea had been popping up in my mind since last night, the magic behind these changes seems to be moving in this manner.”

Cologne had thought kindly of the Tendo daughter. She had some of the same rough edges that one of her daughters had. It had caused trouble till Cologne was able to buff them out. She had been trying to help out the younger girl with her problems and her martial arts. ‘As long as she didn’t keep my future son-in-law from my great granddaughter. I had even tried to let her see that there could be other men that she might be interested in.’

‘Gods know that I have tried to get her and Ryoga together. But the flames of romance didn’t seem to spark well enough with those two. At least with my efforts. Who knows with this spell in effect.’ Cologne turned in her thoughts to the likely source of this mystical force. There had been many sources of magic in the region over the time that she had came to this neighbourhood. But they all eventually came to the same place. “Son- in-Law. He must be connected to this. I am going to have to keep an eye on him.”


Shampoo was going over the attributes that she had that might attract or repel her husband. ‘Major thing that make Shampoo ugly to husband other than Shampoo forcing Shampoo on him is fact Shampoo become cat.’ Her curse did place a large wall between her and her beloved. But she wasn’t sure what she could do about that. ‘Must ask great grandmother for help with curse.’

‘But Shampoo also have much in common with beloved. Both love martial arts. We could be spar partners. Shampoo has too too good body. Make love much much fun. Shampoo is too too good cook. Ranma loves to eat Shampoo food.’ Shampoo thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘Shampoo must also find out much much more about Airen. Then Shampoo and Airen have much much fun.’

Shampoo thoughts then turned to her dream involving Kasumi. ‘Maybe Shampoo befriend too too nice girl. She and Shampoo could be good friends. Nice girl and Shampoo love to cook. We learn much from each other.’ Shampoo thought to herself, adding, ‘Plus Nice girl has too too sexy body.’ Shampoo’s mind turned to the gutter as she picture the oldest Tendo sister in the buff. In tight clothing. Covered with whip cream.

‘Perhaps Shampoo visit Airen today.’ Shampoo moved to her closet and tried to pick out the outfit that would best flatter herself in front of her beloved. She had the time as the shop was closed today due to her great grandmother’s urging.

She looked at the collection of wool and silk clothing that she had brought over from home and had bought in this nature. Shampoo mainly had silk outfits as she loved the soft feeling the fabric had on her sensitive skin.

Looking over at the outfits she saw a red silken Chinese style dress. One that kinda looked like the one that was in her dream last night. ‘Dress look like one in dream with Airen. Is too too sexy. Also matches Shampoo’s ruby eyes and contrast Shampoo’s hair.’

A smile crossed the young female hero woman’s face. Images of the reaction of her Airen’s face when he saw her in this little dress. She knew that she had to put it on. Moving quickly, she was soon in the dress and had her red slippers on. Added a little jewelry in the form of an armband, bracelets and earrings. Putting on a little make up. Styling her hair to the perfect form. She was soon ready for a day with her love.

“Airen not know what hit him when he sees Shampoo. Maybe even take Shampoo on date.” Shampoo said, her perkiness peeking through. She then ran to the Tendo home. Hoping to see the lucky young man.