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The Dreamstone


Part One

Ranma looked at the stone that his mother had given him. It seemed like it was a normal stone, a deep glossy black colour. It was perfectly smooth in texture. It also fit in the palm of his hand. She had told him that it was one of the great treasure of her family. The legendary Dreamstone, an item that would solve his problems as he had some nice, self-discovering dreams. All it would take would be for him to place it under his pillow and then sleeping on it. For then the stone’s powers would be awoken.

‘I can believe that I’m doing this.’ Ranma thought, as he placed the stone of his matress. ‘Most of the time magic has caused me nothing, but trouble. And here I am, using a magic stone just because my mother asked me to.’ Then the image of his mother crossed Ranma mind. The image of her eyes, so full of hope and well meaning helpfulness. That bright smile on her lips.

‘Damn! I don’t want to disappoint mom.’ Ranma looked at the stone on the mat. ‘Well, it can get any worse.’ Ranma said as he placed the pillow on top of the stone as he laid down for the night. But he couldn’t seem to sleep as he worried about the magic of the stone. Like a kid on Christmas, Ranma was having trouble letting himself get relaxed. Except that with kids it’s from excitement, for Ranma it was nerves.

But slowly it started to bring Ranma down as he fell more and more into a sleepful state. Finally, he drifted off. As he did, the black stone started to pulse with a glow. At first, it was a slow dim pulse like that of moonlight. But as Ranma began to fall into his dreams, the stones started to grow more brighter and more rapid.

The minor spirit that had lived in the stone felt it’s powers grow as the user dreamt. From that power of imagination, it gained the power to read the users minds looking at the troubles that followed the young man. Including all of the women and rivals that had made him live the ancient chinese curse.

From it’s connection in Ranma’s mind, it reached out to the others that had been involved in Ranma’s life. Reached out to their dreams, to their minds. It read those minds, looking for a foundation that it could build on to make Ranma’s life better. Even if it was in a more bizzare way.

Ranma had ready slipped into minor dreams as the spirit formuled a plan. Then it brought out it’s hidden power. The realistic dreams that could alter the minds of the dream. Dreams that could be linked between multiple people. Magical dreams.

And so the first dream of the dreamstone was let out.

In Ranma’s Dream...

Ranma was in the Tendo home, once again. He felt hungry for something that he couldn’t place his finger on it. So he walked into the kitchen, only to notice that Kasumi was making a delicious banana split. Dressed in an frilly, lacey apron. An apron and nothing else. It was only then that Ranma noticed that he was naked as well.

She turned to look at him. "Hello, Ranma-kun. I was just making a banana split for myself. But I think that it’s too... large for me." She looked down his body as she spoke, staring at his cock as she spoke the word ‘large’. "I also think that it’s missing something. Something major. As you can see it is missing a large, firm banana. Perhaps you can lend me a large, firm, tasty banana." Kasumi licked her lips.

Ranma stood just for a minute as he was in a confussed haze, before it became clear and he knew what it was that he should be doing. "I think that I have a banana for you." He said, as he grabbed the whipped creamed from the counter. He squirted a line of the foamy, cool cream on his cock. "Would you like a taste?" Ranma jumped on the counter till he was sitting on it.

Kasumi smiled wide, like a cat about to get the cream. "I think that I would." She said as she got on her knees, then started to lick the cream off of the prick. Her tongue was a fine tool. Licking the cream fast at first, then with a slow motion. Her tongue was all over that cock, yet she had not taken him into her mouth for all of that time. Soon all of the whipped cream was off his prick.

Kasumi looked at things for a moment and then frowned. "I still want some more cream." Then she smiled. "I think that I can find some more tasty cream." Then she took the cock into her mouth. Then she started to suck off his cock.

It was a forceful, yet firm suction. With a tongue twirling around his member, she managed his organ with a strange skill. Ranma placed his hands on her head, rubbing and massaging it. Pressure started to build from the depths of his balls, moving slowly up his penis to the tip. He was getting ready to blow his load.

While this was going on, Ranma was moaning out his encouragements to his. "Kasumi! Oh God! Oh Fucking Yeah! Keep it up!" The erotic feelings were welling up from inside him as he started to cum from the skillful blow job that he was getting from the surprizingly skilled elder Tendo sister.

Kasumi on the other hand was trying to get that tasty cream that she knew was inside Ranma’s cock. She had the taste of the whipped cream in her mouth, mixed with the taste of Ranma’s flesh. Somehow she knew that Ranma cock, while not monster huge, was of a larger than normal size. Which complimented the name of ‘chaos horse’ that he had been given. But the cock did have a delightful taste on it’s own and was firm in her mouth... and hopefully in her pussy when the time came.

Then the few drips of precum that came from the tip entered her mouth. From it came the taste of a sweet taste like a sweet candy. Something that she wanted... no, needed to have more of. So she stepped up her suction of the cock, swirling her tongue down the length of the rod. She wanted to drain the cock of that sweet liquor.

Kasumi felt that Ranma was about to relase his full load of cum. That he was on the edge of the orgasm. With a final moan, Ranma released and sweet, sweet cum flowed into Kasumi’s mouth. She drank it all in, trying to get as much of the fluid into her mouth.

Seemingly without a gag reflex, she swallowed the flow of the jizz. When it finally stopped, Kasmui pulled her mouth off of the cock. With a slight amazement that could only come from a dream, they were both perfectly clean.

"I have never tasted something as sweet as you before, Ranma. I could just survive on blowing you. But I think that another part of my body is hungry for your little friend." She said, tossing the apron off her body. As she did the scene switched from the kitchen to Kasumi’s bedroom. The elder Tendo daughter, then laid down on her bed. Waiting for her lover to follow.

Ranma appoached the bed, a sly smile on his face as he felt the desire for this woman throb inside him. Strangely, like a heartbeat. He knew that he had to have Kasumi. So he slowly crawled over her body. His hips hovered over her hips. His face was at her head. He leaned in for a kiss. As their lips met, his tongue slipped out and entered the young lady’s mouth. He soon felt the edge of her tongue with his. Then the tongues tango with each other.

As Ranma pulled out of the kiss. Kasumi giggled a little. "I had never that that we would be doing this when we first met. Or that it would feel so good!" Ranma’s grin widened. His head then dropped to the two mound that were centre on the chest of his lover.

He took a minor lick on the right nipple, only to switch to the left one for another lick. Then he looked from one breast to the other as if he was trying to judge which one that he would take based on taste. He moved to the right breast and then began to play with it with his mouth. He made sucking motions with the nipple, with playful touches with his teeth on the edges. As he did this, one of his hands moved to the other breast. It began to play with it, fingers pinching and caressing.

It was Kasumi’s time to moan out encouragement to her lover. "Oh, Ranma-kun! Oh, My! Oh, Ranma! Oh, Ranma!" Kasumi said, as she moved from the more formal Ranma-kun, to the more casual, intimate Ranma. She let out a few moans, before she yelled out the word, "RANMA!!!" Then she went back to moaning.

Then he lowered himself down on to the top of his lover. His hardened prick into her warm, waiting pussy. It slide in the tight firm honey pot. Kasumi cried out his name in approval for the sexual act that he had just performed. Ranma himself also cried out, "Kas-chan! Oh Kas-chan!" He could feel her pussy contract around his cock, making a tight seal with the organ that had invaded the young woman’s passion pit.

Then Ranma started with the rhythm of love, pushing into Kasumi and then pulling himself out. Repeating that over and over again. While he was doing that, he was also making sure that he kept up with the foreplay. Having a female body and a natural male’s curiousity, he had experiment with his female form and found that orgasms in that form took a little more work than in the male form. Foreplay did help with reaching the state of orgasm.

So he continued with the playful actions he was taking with Kasumi’s bossum. His lips had had moved to the left breast. His teeth, tongue and lips tickling and teasing her nipple. The occational suckling of the nipple was thrown in for a change of pace. His hand was also playing with her moist right nipple as Ranma tried to bring her to the brink of orgasm.

With this triple header assualt, Kasumi’s moans became higher and higher as the pleasure became more powerful in her body. In between the moans were cries of, "Ranma! Oh, Kami! Oh, RANMA!!! Keep going...don’t stop..don’t stop-op-op! Give it to me Ranma-kun!!! Yeah, OH YES!!!" With those word of encouragement, Ranma started to hum on her nipple. Bring strong vibrations on his nipple in an extreme pleasing way. Kasumi could feel her limits of pleasure coming close to the point where she would orgasm.

Ranma, on the other hand, was trying to hold his seed in while he was trying to bring Kasumi to her point of sexual satifaction. He had decided that he would hold his own satifaction until Kasumi had her chance to reach her peak. That way he knew that she would have had her enjoyment and he could move to his. Fortunately, he had learned a few techniques that could be used to control his body in circumstances like this. He didn’t usually used them as his techniques didn’t fit with this type of concentration. But this called for that type of skills being used, so he focused on using them now.

But Ranma could feel the twitching of Kasumi’s body, especially her pussy, was telling him that Kasumi was comming close to the point of no return. He needed a special push that would make her cross that line and cum for him. So he moved from the tip of the breast to the crook of the neck kissing her there for a few minutes, then with a sudden surprise he gave her a little love bite. The sudden shock of action was the necessary push needed to bring her over the line of orgasm.

"RANMA!!!!!" Kasumi screamed as she came, contracting her body. Warm fluid flowed from her pussy, surrounded the cock that was inside it. With that feel, Ranma made his own release of his own special juice. Flowing into her body, mixing with her juices as they merged into one. Ranma moaned, his voice bring more vibrations on Kasumi’s skin. The rush of erotic afterglow soon took them.

Ranma pulled out and rolled over to lay next to the young woman for a fraction of a second. Then he reached out to hold the woman that he had just had his sexual relationship with. He held her body against his chest, her head was on his shoulder. He held in a comfortable tightness that was warm and loving. Ranma moved his head down and kissed Kasumi on the forehead tenderly.

Kasumi turned her face up to look at him, a loving look that also held a hint of lust simmering below it. A hint of a sexy smile crossed her lips. "Perhaps we should get ready for round two, Ranma." Ranma could only smile in agreement.


The Dreamstone pulsed as it created the dream that was linked between the minds of the woman named Kasumi and the master of the stone. While this dream was going on, it was diving into the minds of those two as well as the others that were involved in this complex story. Tried to clean up the mess the master’s life had taken. It took a time to weave a strong structure of change with the powers it had.

Of course, with time and more use it would gain more power that it could use to alter realtity to match the world of dreams that it could easily create.But it had power that it could use to help the master. Like the minds of master and his new lover. He unleased the hidden sexual desires of these two who had repressed them for a long time. Then he had redirected them to each other. It was easy to transform the bonds of friendship they felt for each other into more erotic love. This new feelings in the dream world would bleed into the waking world, altering the structure of relationship.

Now this would cause trouble with the rest of the members of the chaos. Fortunately, the stone had been altering the dreams of those that would cause trouble. Making them more acceptable to the new pattern of life. I was also working on creating pairings that might distract from the chaos of the matches that it was creating for the master of the stone.

For it had others that it was planning on linking with the master so as to make his life reflect desires that he had repressed deep inside, that even he did not know that they existed. A desire for ones that would love him, to fill a desire to be loved. One of the masters greatest dreams. A dream that it had the power to fulfill.

But to begin the process, it would require to make a few more dreams. A few more linkings of mind that would allow the dreams to seep into reality. It would take time. But in dreams time was realitive and endless. So while it continued to give the woman named Kasumi more dreams with Ranma, it removed the link from her for now. It then moved the link that was connected to Ranma’s mind to another, bring a second dream for the young martial artist.

It also used a huge pulse of power to place an alteration in the minds of the majority of sleepers. A minor alteration about the previous day’s events.

Inside the minds of the Tendo’s, the Saotome’s and those linked to them, an image emerged of the days events. They now remember Akane once again rejecting the engagement that she was holding. Like the last time, it switched to another Tendo sister. But instead of Nabiki picking it up, Kasumi decided that it might be best if she was the one to carry the hopes of the elder generation. This rippled throught out the minds affected by the stone.

In the dreams of others...

In the mind of Genma, were the dreams that had been the focus of his life so far. His retirement as a martial artist as his son took over the Tendo Dojo as his own. Spreading the Saotome school as a repectable art that was atractive to people. Especially, those with money.Soe he was currently dreaming of himself doing what he normally did. Playing Go with Soun as Ranma trained a large class of students.

In the Tendo home, his daughter-in-laws were making dinner for teh special occation of his birthday. (Genma’s mind twitched a little at the idea that he had multiple daughter-in-laws while he had only one son. But the stone’s power smoothed that out with it’s power.) "This is the life, isn’t it Tendo-san?" Genma said as he enjoyed his life.

Genma looked at himself in a third person way, ina seperation that could only occur in a dream. Rippling muscles and a tight body without fat. Long, luscious flowing hair fell down his back in a ponytail. His glassesless brilliant eyes looking at the board as he was winning against Soun. "How could this life could get anymore perfect. As he said that, his wife and Ranma’s wives headed in with the bowls of food that had been preared in celebration of his birth. They came out in a row. Nodoka, Kasumi and...