This is a work of my own creation and, as such, is a poor parody of the Ranma anime series.  It is not my intent to plagiarize anyone, and all characters within are, to the best of my knowledge, the creation of the highly talented individuals who produced the original Ranma manga.  As such, however, it is my intent to write the most extreme statement of pornography as my cowardly psyche permits.  Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 if that is what your local government demands, or any other non-Adult (Human or otherwise) read this.  Regardless of my titillating descriptions of physique or characterizations, none of the characters within (including the Panda) are, or were intended to really be, under eighteen years of age.




Chapt. 4


The Quest Gets Sticky



Ranma-chan woke with a smile on her face, memories of the awesome pleasure of being under Cleistra last night still vivid in her just waking mind.  So remarkable last night was!  For the first time she admitted to herself that being passive, under a skilled lover…especially not a teenaged boy from the Community College who would brag about it in school for the next month…had been so different and pleasant and memorable and…lesbian!

As she took a blissful moment to stretch her magnificently built (both athletically and voluptuously) body, suddenly her most positive attitude was distracted by the sudden appearance of the squeals of girls and the guffaws' of male voices.

MALE voices!

Then, as she continued to stretch her body she quite unexpectedly heard and then felt the clanking of chains as her limbs moved!  Looking down in surprise she saw that, unlike last night, she was now wearing…something.

First she saw the wide leather belt like manacles on her wrists…and then her ankles!  Manacles bound to iron chains!

With a mighty yank on the chains tying her wrists together all she managed to do was hurt her shoulder.  It was only after, while she was trying to think of some insanely clever physical movement that would get her out of the chains holding her wrists and ankles together, that she noticed the rest of her ‘clothing’.

Like something out of a S&M nightmare, it was just some wide strips of black leather tied together around the outside edges of her lush, otherwise naked body.  From a two inch strip around her lower neck four strips, two in front, two in back. descended straight down in back and descended in a curve around the outside of her swollen cones, to all be tied to a belt around her waist.  Another strip went down right between her tits to tie to a much wider belt that ran just under her breasts, effectively forming a corset covering her chest in front excepting providing ample openings for her tits and with no sleeves or shoulders.

Below the waist was even worse…dropping from the belt at her waist was what appeared to be the top of a garter belt ending when it encircled the uppermost parts of her thighs.  And then, nothing else!  It appeared like a pair of crotchless pants with no leggings.

All of her charms, loins as well as completely naked buttocks, where displayed to all.

“But was that the intent of the ‘uniform’?” she thought as she heard more squeals…of delight, not pain…coming from outside.

Then Cleistra entered the otherwise empty tent.  “Well, you are awake!  Good!  You’re next!”

“Next?” Ranma gasped, going tense.  “For what?”

Then a near scream…and one that sounded just like Akane…pierced the tent.  “That’s Akane!” Ranma cried trying to rise to her feet but, because of the chains, ignominiously failing.  “What are you doing to her?!”

“There!  There!” Cleistra replied, bending over to grab the iron chain holding Ranma’s hands.  With a pull, she brought Ranma to her feet.  “Let’s find out!  I think you’re going to love this!”

“That’s what you said last night!”

“And tell me you didn’t enjoy…love what we did last night!” she replied smoothly, holding Ranma’s hands by their chains up and out, away from her body, while the Amazon openly pawed Ranma’s round, firm and smooth asscheeks.

Ranma was suddenly speechless.  She was right.  Last night had been the most…wonderful and arousing time, fully conscious, she had ever had with another female.  Almost made her wish she was a lesbian!

Outside the tent the view staggered her!  It had been Akane alright!  And Ranma didn’t blame her for screaming one bit for she was now UNDER Commander Athena’s horse…er…Centaur!


She was slung under the horse-resembling part of the Centaur by chains that, too, held her wrists and ankles.  The chains were slung upon a leather strip that ran right over the centaur’s body, her hand’s chain just behind his forelimbs, her ankles’ just ahead of his flanks and hind-limbs.  Each chain, at its apex, was chained, in turn, to the front or back of the saddle.

Hanging under the centaur like a captured explorer hung under a pole by cannibals, Akane could do nothing but shake her head and screech her indignation…

Except she wasn’t!

And Ranma, from her experience the night before, quickly recognized why.  This centaur was nearly as ‘hung’ as the one she had milked.  However he had only about a foot of, admittedly, leg thick organ poking into Akane’s completely exposed loins.

Of course, her initial estimate was grossly wrong.  She quickly modified her estimate, realizing that a foot of cock was all that wasn’t already buried in Akane!

Then Commander Athena’s Centaur reached down between his forelimbs and, planting his hand atop Akane’s head, dramatically, and effortlessly, pushed Akane down towards his still ever swollen balls.

Akane’s body offered no resistance, instantly gobbling up another good half foot of leg thick equine glory.  All Akane could do was purse her lips into a wet ‘o’, screw her eyes shut, and cry out loudly, “OOOOOOO!”

Not a few Amazons, as well as their Centaurs, laughed back.

All Ranma could do was watch Akane slide (She was very wet by now, her pussy juice trickling down from between her buns.) down that pole and watch her exposed lower belly swell dramatically.

“She looks like she loves it!” Ranma thought, watching her fiancee’ accept, by all appearances willingly, the organ of another man…er…horse…er…Centaur.

“Come on,” Cleistra said, tugging on Ranma’s chains.  “My Centaur is looking forward to…thanking you properly for your great milking last night!”

“I’ll bet…” Ranma replied, clumsily staggering along.  “They’re all acting like the perverted boys back home!”  Suddenly she realized she was sounding like the impaled, and already howling, Akane!

“Well, I guess they should.  Many Centaurs are boys, or men, captured here and dipped in the “Pool of the Centaurs”.  That turns any male into a Centaur.  Now most Centaurs are born…to Amazons who get careless and are raped by Centaurs…but there are quite a few who are made.  My Centaur is named ‘Glory of the Centaur Pool’.  But we mostly call him ‘Glory’.  And I believe you already know why he got that name?”

Ranma, eyes wide at the remembrance of last night, could only nod.

“Good!  Just remember that and you’ll have a wonderful time today!  Almost…sometimes…I wish I could take your place!”

Then they passed Athena and her Akane stuffing mount.  Shampoo was with the next Amazon and her own mount.  Shampoo was equally trussed up.  And she was staring at ‘her’ Centaur in shock…horror even.  Only it wasn’t his cock she was staring at, but the Centaur’s face.

“You are ‘Conditioner’?” Ranma overheard Shampoo gasp.  “My…my…my…twin brother?”

Ranma staggered even more.

The Centaur named Conditioner grinned…no, leered…down at the deliciously almost naked Shampoo.  “Must be babe!”  His deep voice came back.  It was a terribly sexy voice, too.  “Been here since I was two.  Dipped into that Centaur making pool, too, so I must have started out as a human.  And you, my dear long lost Sister, hitching a ride under me…Sound’s so good to me!”

Shampoo was dressed as Ranma, also with chains at her wrists and ankles.  The leather strips, while not hiding any of Shampoo’s impressive charms, still marred a body that, in most females’ opinion, belonged naked…completely naked.  Nonetheless, she looked delicious to Ranma as well as the leering Conditioner.

Then Shampoo’s brother impatiently barked, “Let’s not waste anymore time!  Put her on!”  His cock was a veritable fountain of gushing precum.

The Amazon looked at the smirking Centaur in anger for just a count, then picked up Shampoo as if she weighed nothing.  Like Akane, Shampoo could only howl her resistance, chained and all.

Cleistra chuckled, “Cassiopeia, she’s the owner of Conditioner, seems to have gotten too…close to her mount.  Understandable.  Out on patrol…alone…middle of the night…temptations can be strong, especially with a young colt just entering his prime.  He’ll want his Harem soon enough.  Why not start with an Amazon?”

Ranma gawked at Cleistra.  “How can you say things like that about your fellow Amazons?”

She shrugged.  “Happens to all of us, sooner or later.  Get careless around your mount…don’t bind them properly before you go to sleep…or just can’t resist their damned pheromones anymore…

“Wake up with two feet of cock in your belly or down your throat!

“Happens to all of us, I guess, sooner or later.”

Ranma recognized the guilt on Cleistra’s face.  “Did you…enjoy it?” she asked softly.

Cleistra looked into her eyes a moment, then nodded.  “Damn right!” she hissed back.  Then, after another count, “Maybe too much!”

They stopped to watch the struggling Shampoo.  Cleistra leaned over to Ranma’s ear, “Don’t trust any Centaur!  Hornier than a High School Athlete, always trying to hit on any female!  They can really fuck you up!  Knock you up, even…if we let them get to us, that is!”

“I am an Amazon!  You cannot do this to me!”  Shampoo was shrieking, her physical resistance meaningless.  “Don’t make me a cum sack!  And my own twin brother, too!  Don’t do this to me!”

“Now, Sister, don’t take it that way!”  Conditioner replied, lifting the two chains over his head and placing them over his shoulders and flanks.  “There is no way I’d rather get to know my long lost, and very pretty, sister…You know, keep it in the family, so to speak!”

“Noooo!” Shampoo wailed as she slipped down Conditioner’s warm, smooth, bulging belly.

“Now, be an Amazon!” Cassiopeia barked at her smirking Centaur.  “Don’t humiliate yourself!  These are Urd’s orders!  For every captive, without regard to their status.  Anyway, you’ll soon grow to love this!  You are Chin, after all!  Never met one yet that didn’t fall in love with a truly big dick.  And Conditioner’s one of the biggest!  Probably wants you for his…imaginary…Harem!”

Cassiopeia then glanced at the leering Conditioner, guilt and jealousy written large across her face.

As she stepped forward, towards his leering face, he whispered back, “You’re big, beautiful ass always be the first in my Harem!”  Then he reached between his front legs, planted his powerful right hand atop Shampoo’s head, and roared, “Now, Sister, this is the way you take it!”  Then he pushed down on her head.

Her protesting cries jumped a notch in loudness, but to no avail.  Slowly, relentlessly, she slid back towards his balls…and against his cockhead.

An impotent moment of vaginal resistance, and noisy complaint, later and, with a sloppy pop followed by a glass shattering shriek, Shampoo took the fist sized cockhead in.

Then he felt Shampoo’s powerful claws grip his tough but smooth horsehide.  He winced openly before the grinning Amazons and their wide eyed prisoners as, for a brief moment, Shampoo clawed him in otherwise futile resistance.

But, as he fully, and arrogantly, expected, a count later came the dragged out passionate “Unnnng!” from the Amazon suspended under, and now around him, and his grimace morphed smoothly into a big, wide, all too masculine grin.  Shampoo’s elongated grunt clearly had not been a cry of pain.

“More?” he asked, pushing on her head again before finishing the word.

“AAAAHHHH!” howled Shampoo as she obediently swallowed up a good foot of her brother’s cock.

And Ranma saw her belly swell, too.

But then she finished with an enthusiastic and quite unforced “OOOOOOOO!”, and her eyes also slammed shut while her mouth formed a nice, round, juicy, “o”.

“I told you,” Cassiopeia smirked, watching Shampoo start to writhe in utter bliss under her brother.  “All these Chin girls are easy!”

“Almost as easy as you were last night!” Cleistra added into Ranma’s ear.

Blushing in spite of her desire to deny the Amazon what had clearly occurred the night before, in response all Ranma could do was grind her teeth in utter frustration and not a little humiliation.

The Amazon was right!  All her friends, so far, had been ‘easy’ for these monstrous (and monstrously hung) ‘horse-men’ to mount!

But not her!

Athena then barked out, “Time to go, Ladies!  Get your charges mounted and happy under your mounts and lets haul ass!”

Cleistra tried to push Ranma forward, towards her steed but Ranma-chan immediately dug her heels in.  But her resistance, in the long run, didn’t do much to stop her approaching Cleistra’s…now more ‘familiar’…mount.

Cleistra’s mount leered at Ranma’s incredible, and now completely exposed, body the entire time it took Cleistra to half push, half stagger Ranma up to him.  As soon as she was close enough he gripped her two wrists in his hands.

Those hands were strong, overwhelmingly strong, like a horse’s strength would be compared to a human’s…a little teenaged girl’s.  In-spite of her own ample feminine strength, he held her arms up and out with ease.

From apparent long experience, Cleistra lifted Ranma’s feet chains over the centaur’s body until it rested on the shoulders of the equine portion of him.  She then followed with the chains between Ranma’s wrists.

Stepping his forelimbs through the two loops of chain, he released Ranma’s hands and, quickly tossing the feet chains over Cleistra’s saddle, he forced Ranma’s legs up into the air.

Ranma yelped in shock at suddenly being bowled over backwards, but Cleistra was there, easily catching her before her bulging bubblebutt could besmirch itself with contact upon the dusty ground.  With Cleistra holding Ranma’s upper body up and the now taut chain holding her ankles keeping her hips off the ground, the Centaur rapidly tied the pair of chains to two hooks, one at the back of the saddle, the other in the front.

When Cleistra released her, Ranma, staring in wide eyed horror down between her deep cleavage and over her heaving, flat belly, swung right between the Centaur’s forelimbs until her well chain spread thighs slid her completely exposed (and still quite moist from last night) pussy down the underside of his monstrously big and unforgivingly hard prick.

Ranma most unwillingly gasped from the fiery pleasure her clit gave out rubbing against the velvety-leather skinned underside of that cock.  Her teeth ground together again, but for a different reason this time!

Once she came to a halt, Ranma looked back and forth, right and left in flustered fury.  Anything…everything she had tried to stop them had failed, totally!  That centaur had been so strong!  He was like wrestling with a horse!  And the chains they used…she wouldn’t have been able to break them if she had been her old male Ranma!  As far as she could tell everything she had tried had had very little negative effect upon their efforts to ‘mount’ her under this Centaur.  Now all she could feel was that hot, throbbing, iron hard sex-pole running halfway up her belly…all the while drooling endless strands of smelly, slimy horse-wadd all over her!

Impatiently the Centaur barked obviously at Cleistra, “Now put her on.  We must be going!”  The Centaur sounded like he was ordering the Amazon around!

He grabbed Ranma by her arms and pulled her up and forward while Cleistra moved his prick into position.  She then took a long moment to stroke and milk that organ, making it drool copious worms of wadd,and then smearing that wadd…reverently smearing his babystuff all over the Centaur’s jumping, massive pole.

Ranma stared at the Amazon in approaching shock and doom.  The look on her face, one big happy…downright worshipful…smile as she handled the hot piece of meat told her volumes about how things went when she was alone with her ‘mount’.

Then the Centaur relaxed his hold on Ranma and, with a soft “let’s go…” from the Centaur, she slid back towards his now jumping prick.

Cleistra finally stopped playing with him and held the prick up to her descending pussy.

Ranma raggedly gasped when her already wet and floppy labia wrapped around his big glans and the tip of his drooling slit entered her drooling belly opening.  When she stopped, for no reason she could recall, she looked over to her left.

She saw Kasumi…hung under her own hung Centaur.  She had the sweetest, most grateful smile on her adorable face as she kissed his sternum while swinging in a foot long arc to and fro, back and forth.

As was usual in her case she was submitting willingly, enjoying his enjoyment in using her.

Quite unlike what Ranma wanted to do!  However, as her pussy spread, willingly so, for that outrageous cockhead Ranma wasn’t too sure of how she would act once she, too, had been impaled!

Then she found out:  With a sloppy pop from her own violated pussy, immediately followed by her own short, but loud, cry, Ranma-chan had a sudden sensation resembling a bowling ball that had been shoved up her belly!

Before she could shriek “No More!” they stopped pushing on her.  There she hung, desperately trying not to move, to slide further down that wicked horsecock.

She expected pain.  She wanted pain.  She waited for the hideous pain.  She wanted it so she wouldn’t enjoy this!  Only none came…

His cock jumped and Ranma gasped, “Ah!”

Then the most…feminine of pleasures surged through her.  From her…delightfully…bloated belly the waves pulsed, endless, relentless, delicious.  And all the waves of pleasure coursing through her were centered on, caused by, that huge spongy lump just inside her belly.

Unconsciously she clutched the Centaur’s tough flesh with her talons, furiously gripping him just behind his front shoulder.  She tried to scratch his flanks with her toes.

“Easy baby!” he replied, squirming from the pain.  “You’ll get more…all you want…all you can take…just lighten up with the claws, okay?”

With a jerk she realized what she was doing to him.  Almost at once she relaxed…

Relaxed at  his command!  What was happening to her?

Then his hand came down upon the top of the head!

“No!” she started, trying to look at him over her forehead as both the Centaur and Cleistra lined up girl twat with horse cock..

“I guess I should introduce myself…at least before we finish mating!  Name’s Ajax…at least that’s what these Amazon’s scream when they’re serving under me!”

“In your dreams!” Cleistra replied.  “You and your Harem urges!”  She got Ranma’s attention, “Never you mind his babbling.  All these Centaurs want and need Harems of females…part of their ranking structure…the more females, the higher your rank.  Since we have to milk our mounts daily, its easier if we let our Centaurs believe we are members of their Harem.  Now don’t you worry, the worst is done…he’s in!”

She looked up at Ajax.  “She’s ready, Ajax, impale her!”

Ranma felt the hand push down on the top of her head.  “Noooo!” she started even before she moved.

Then that massive lump started up the middle of her belly as she was pushed down towards the stud animal’s low hanging, melon sized balls.  As it went she felt her girl guts spread dramatically for the cockhead lump.

And the most delicious, bloating, spreading-flesh pleasure flooded her as she dutifully gobbled up that horsecock.  Gobbling him up, willingly even if not being given a choice, until that swollen bulb pressed murderously against her cervix!

Eyes closing in prick perforated rapture, as she slid down her “Noooo!” quickly degenerated into a long, loud, and almost desperate, “OOOOOOOO!”

Just like Akane and Shampoo had cried out when it had been their turn to accept Centaur cock.

She had never before felt, or even imagined, such stuffed belly bliss!  It felt so…good…being filled with a hot, firm pole jerking and throbbing so far up her!

Up until that moment her male side just wouldn’t have…couldn’t have understood such pleasure could exist…

When she could open her eyes again she looked up, apparently with a grateful face (just like Kasumi) to see Ajax looking down at her…a knowing grin on his face.

Only then did she really realize her ‘position’.

She hung there, between the Centaur’s legs and under his rounded but muscularly firm belly, feeling a pleasure sweep her that stole her will.  Her face was just under the Centaur’s sternum, her feet against his smooth flesh part way up his hips and in front of his thighs.  Her hands still gripped him, but she was no longer tugging furiously on him.

Looking still up at him, with growing, and unwilled, affection, she remembered someone telling her…maybe it had been Cleistra last night, which was one big blur of memories…that Centaur’s possessed great magick, especially against females who physically got too close to their genitals.  Something to do with their pheromones…

Then Cleistra climbed, literally, over Ranma and seated herself in the saddle.  She looked down at a suddenly worried Ranma, “Don’t you worry!  Once we get going, after a few minutes of swinging under Ajax, you’ll be a new woman!  Maybe we’ll let him keep you!”

Then Athena barked orders, “Everyone ready?  Helen, since you don’t have a female for your Centaur, Odysseus, bring their cart.  Why should we waste our own food when they brought tons, apparently.  We’ll let them cook for themselves tonight.  Alright, march!”

As soon as each Centaur took their first step all four girls screeched, squealed, and came.

Ranma, with Ajax’s first step, felt his cock butt into her cervix again, almost violating it.  She was in the midst of her first shocked cry of pleasure when she swung forward after her womb’s rebound off his cockhead.  After about a half foot of travel, she swung back and contacted, much more vigorously, that glans again.

Her cervix momentarily opened for his battering ram.

And stars exploded behind Ranma’s eyes.

Shampoo squealed like an eager schoolgirl serving, for the first time, under the football team’s Captain.  After bouncing off Conditioner’s cock a couple of times, shrilly squealing in perfect timing with his powerful strides, she gripped him fiercely with her hands and feet and added her own power to their swinging fuck.

And Shampoo was tight, and obviously hungry, and all too eager, brother or not, for a Centaur, not to mention a twin brother, to resist.  They hadn’t gone one hundred feet before Conditioner growled and Shampoo squealed, then cooed oh so sweetly.

And tons of wormy white goo spewed out from between her vaginal labia and his jumping shaft.

With the cry Ranma, as well as the others, looked just in time to see Shampoo’s normally slate flat belly swell as Conditioner unloaded into her.

For the first time…

But Ranma couldn’t watch Shampoo for long, not with her own snug pussy’s rhythmic, forceful, and slickly wet sucking and bouncing off of Ajax’s indefatigable prick continuing without respite.  Relentlessly, irresistibly, her swinging fuck drove her higher and higher and higher…

With her first screaming orgasm, making her pussy gush lubricating fluid all over Ajax’s remaining cockshaft and melon dimensioned balls, Ranma succumbed…

And not for the last time, either.

Cleistra leaned over and studied the girl thrashing through her first Centaur induced orgasm with a big smile on her face.  When, minutes later, Ranma managed to open her eyes, the Amazon remarked, “And you thought you could resist him?  You went faster than I…er…the last female I tied to him!   You’re just lucky Ajax is an old experienced stud. He likes to savor the experience, not like that young stud, Conditioner.   That so called Amazon is going to have a good five gallons of spew in her by the time we get to camp.  You likely only have one or two.  Old Ajax here thinks he’s smart. Thinks if he holds off he can keep enough strength to make a break for it later on.  But I think your nice tight quim will do him in in the end.”  Cleistra smacked her lips in anticipation.  “Going to be a nice feast, nothing like spew simmered in hot young girl snatch.”

But Ranma wasn’t listening anymore.  She couldn’t.  She was swinging again…had never stopped actually…sucking hungrily on that Centaur’s magnificent cock while her convulsing womb continued to ruthlessly bounce off Ajax’s cockhead.

She would be screaming again in less than fifty feet…


Ukyou awoke to the sounds of shrill screams.  Screams of her friends!

Sitting up in the cart, she was just in time to see the four girls of their party being carried away by four of the Amazons and their Centaurs.

And her friends were not riding UPON the Centaurs but tied UNDER, swinging back and forth as the beasts stepped, and…by the gods!  And what (as if she didn’t know!) was shoved into them!?

Then she saw the last (she guessed) Amazon walk towards her, in the cart, with her own Centaur in tow!

“You have to DO something!” screamed in her mind.  That bitch was armed!

Then she remembered the ring…

“What would it do to me if I put it on?  Would I be a sex-mad monster forever?  Do I trust what the Goddess said about the spell?  And if I didn’t use it?  Did she want to end up swinging under a Centaur like her friends?

“Hell, no!

“Do you really have a choice?!” she finalized, reaching for the ring in her Gi’s pocket.

Without hesitation she put it on.

And everything…changed…

She first noted the panting, then the flush.  Staring with red glowing eyes, she watched as her muscles exploded around her body, making her look like three quarters of the Hulk.  Her flesh, while not green, produced a definite red blush.

And the front of her tights abruptly had a Mt. Everest of a lump!

She barely managed to pull the elastic waist band of the Gi’s tights down before the tights rent.  And a great slab sided cock, a good half meter of arm thick masculinity, flipped up to spray her face with strands of her own babystuff.

For a long moment she started at the incredible, ridiculous length of male organ jutting up from where her clit had been.  Then she felt two heavy round and hot orbs slap against her bulging buttocks as she sat in the cart…

In the cart!

She hastily looked past her cock to see the Amazon almost at the poles used to pull the cart.

“What should she do?” she thought in a growl.

Her new body answered for her.  In an instant she leaped, her overwhelmingly powerful legs shooting her out of the cart like a bullet.  A bullet aimed right at the Amazon!

Helen had but a moment to realize she was under attack before that…huge…body crashed into her, driving her violently to the hard ground, squashing her tits flat against the rough surface.  That moment had been used to ruefully wish she hadn’t left her breastplate tied to her saddle.

Ukyou came down right on top of the startled Amazon, then instantly she was up on her feet, her cock already drooling worms of precum down on the stunned woman.  With a lightning like move she pulled the Amazon’s sword and threw it away.  An instant later and the sleeveless t-shirt that passed for an undershirt was shredded.

Ukyou took a moment to…appreciate the nicely sized tits firmly rolling across the beginning to struggle Amazon’s impressive chest.  Their encounter with the ground had done nothing to mar the lovely fun bags.

Then Helen tried a sweeping leg kick at Ukyou’s ribcage, but Ukyou, in a blurry motion, caught Helen’s ankle inches short of ribs.  Then, with an arrogant, hideous grin, Ukyou twisted the Amazon’s ankle.

With a soft cry, Helen rolled over upon her stomach.  Stopping her twisting, Ukyou reached out with her free hand and, gripping the Amazon’s armored kilt, tore the back open.  The kilt fell uselessly to the ground.

Naked, big white butt raised up to the dark skinned, hulk-like…thing nearly atop her, Helen was in no position to do anything offensive.

Then big, bone crushingly powerful hands gripped her hipbones and then her ass was up in the air, a good two feet up in the air.  She didn’t stay there long, for she was lowered again almost immediately.  Only her descent was stopped by a vividly hot, incredibly muscled thigh!  Then an awesomely strong arm draped across her shoulders, forcing her head down

She was draped across the thing’s thigh, like a naughty little girl about to be…spanked!

“No!” she shrilly screamed just before the flat of Ukyou’s right hand came smashing down on her plump, jutting buttocks.



Again, “Whap!”  Right across both asscheeks.  The next one concentrated on her big right bun, “Whap!”




Then her equally bulging left buttcheek received attention…





She couldn’t move, couldn’t defend herself.  As the monster began alternating from one reddened cheek to the other and then back, tears of humiliation and frustration formed in her eyes.  To her great dishonor she realized that Odysseus was standing, not six feet away, no doubt enjoying her humiliation!





Ukyou stopped and roared, “You ready to talk now Bitch?  You going to tell me where your bitches carried my friends off to?”

Helen desperately fought down the sniffles.  “No!  I won’t tell you anything, Monster!”

Then a baseball bat slapped across both her glowing buns.  “Swap!”

Helen yelped.  “What was that!” exploded in her mind.

“I guess I must use a…bigger paddle than my hand…” came from the Monster.

Then, “Swap!  Swap!  SWAP!” echoed over the empty campsite.

That last one hurt…really hurt!  Like she was using a club.  A long, arm thick club…

Ukyou ran the swollen tip of her eighteen inches of avenging cock, all four inches wide by a highly tapered five inches of length, up and down the flaming red cheeks of the Amazon.  As she stroked over the delightfully hot, bulging crimson flesh she milked her cock, sending long, toothpaste thick strands of precum to drench and lubricate Helen’s meaty asscheeks.

Finishing with coating Helen’s impressive buttocks with cum flavored skin cream, she smacked those jiggling cheeks a few more times, the impact of cock against drenched bun sounding more like the crack of a rifle than a slap by a hand.  Finally, she seized the Amazon once again by her wide hips and roll-twisted Helen off her knee and to the ground on her back.

Ukyou saw bald beaver and smoke seemed to snort out her nostrils.  Her prick was veritably pissing precum now, and Ukyou spent a quick moment arching it over the wet eyed, intimidated and flustered Amazon, trying to drool precum onto Helen’s tossing face.

But ‘she’ was really interested in something much more carnal…namely finding out where her friends had been taken…by getting that information out of a thoroughly fucked Amazon!

And, dropping again to one knee just behind Helen’s still reddened, now compressed ass, Ukyou reached her right hand out to plunge right between the Amazon’s parted, firm thighs to grip her by the twat!

Instantly Amazon pussy gave way to her ‘Hulked up” fingers, spreading open juicily like overripe fruit.

Helen helplessly wailed in near hysteria as two steely and fat fingers disappeared into her wet but otherwise unprepared pussy…to the last knuckle.  Then she winced vividly as those fingers started moving…

Way up inside her.

Ukyou then looked up at the Centaur, who was, in turn, intently ‘studying’ his Amazon mistress…and not without some envy.  “You want any of this?” Ukyou bellowed like a lion.  “I’m claiming this meat–this prey!  You want to contest my claim?”

She finalized her pronouncement by crushing Helen’s exposed clit with a huge, hard thumb, making the Amazon howl in riotous pleasure.

Odysseus threw his hands up before him and grinned, stepping back one stride, “By all means, enjoy her!  No matter of mine, Friend!  Just try and leave her in one piece…so I can have the opportunity to enjoy her…sometime in the future…the distant future…if you don’t want to keep her, that is!”

Ukyou snorted a laugh like a bull, then looked down at the writhing, only partially resisting, Amazon.  “You will be my meat, now, Amazon!  Assume the position!” She finished by gripping Helen behind the knees and pressing them firmly to the ground alongside the pebble hard nipples on her pair of heaving, sweaty ‘D’ sized tits.

“Now hold yourself open for me, Bitch!” Ukyou growled.

A few seconds later and Helen spontaneously reached out and hooked her forearms behind her knees, pressing them back down to the ground, holding…presenting herself as open as a female could.

Ukyou slapped those upturned, shiny-wet buns…first the right, then the left.  Then taking cock in hand, Ukyou began running her bloated and oversized glans all over those buns, re-soaking them.  Grinning hideously she then ran the bloated tip of her impossible organ between Helen’s labia, spreading her twat as much as her knees while coating her glans with the copious lubrication Helen’s pussy was now freely producing.  Soon, all too soon, Helen’s pussy started up its sloppy, sucking, popping song of one soaked and ready to serve pussy to the leering Ukyou.

She spent another moment again spanking those upturned asscheeks with her cock, listening smugly as the cracks swept the campsite and Helen was driven to unwanted tears and nearly uncontrollable sniffles.  Ukyou smirked as she watched Odysseus wince with each echoing ‘crack!’ of iron hard cock smashing into jiggling, offered up butt dome.

When Helen’s tear streaming face began tossing, eyes screwed shut from the sharp, relentlessly arousing pain, Ukyou plunged her cockhead back into the welcoming wet warmth of wide open and soaked Amazon slit.  Up and down Helen’s more than wet enough snatch Ukyou went, pushing the Amazon’s floppy labia wide apart, leaving no part of that pussy hidden to the eye…or cock.

Ukyou’s glans was literally dripping with female juices when she stopped her teasing and immediately planted the tip, in a no nonsense manner, right into the Amazon’s wide open, and openly displayed, fuck hole.  With one mighty shove, accompanied by an ear splitting shriek from the overwhelmed Amazon on her back beneath her, Ukyou’s fist sized bulb disappeared into wide eyed Amazon belly.

Helen gritted her teeth and closed her eyes again as unholy pleasure filled her.  “Damn, but did that feel good!” she screamed at herself.  How could she maintain her chastity when monstrously demonic cock felt so good?!

Ukyou began rotating her glans just inside of the woman’s pussy opening and Helen immediately moaned.   She couldn’t help it, it felt so good…so feminine!

Ukyou sneered, then snorted, “Feel good, bitch?  Want to know what the rest will feel like?”

“No!” the Amazon barked while turning her head aside.  She ended her head turn and cry with her front teeth sunk deeply into her lower lip and her eyes screwed shut.  Her tits heaved and her hands, arched over her from holding her knees back with her forearms, were steely fists.

“Let’s see!” Ukyou growled, then thrust.  Slowly, irresistibly, cruelly, her glans bulled aside the Amazon’s tight tube and, driven by over a foot of iron bar hard, forearm thick cock, sank mercilessly into Helen’s belly.

That brought her head up!  Eyes wide in shock…horror, white teeth clenched, the Amazon silently pleaded up to the over-towering Ukyou to go no farther.

Ukyou didn’t hesitate, but continued to sink home, knowing what the woman would do…what the female would REALLY want.

And she did.  About halfway up towards her navel a lump formed, relentlessly moving ever upward.  With the lump passing the halfway point, the Amazon’s jaw dropped, her eyes rolled up into her skull, and the sexiest warbling wail of feminine defeat swept the campsite.  “AAAAAAAHHHHH!”

“Yea!” roared Ukyou, and ‘she’ leaned forward, planting the two hands at the ends of her stiff arms on each side of Helen’s head.  Immediately, and contemptuously, the horse (or centaur) hung Ukyou started a powerful, relentless, deep fuck, without regard to her ‘partner’ or her cries, far, far up the Amazon’s heaving, swollen belly.

And cry Helen did.  “Oh!  OH!  OOOHHH!  Stop!  Please!  I can’t…you can’t…Oh by the Goddess your too deep…so deep…so good!  Don’t stop, PLEASE!  Are you married?  Oh I going to…to…to…(hysterical screaming)”

Ukyou closed her eyes when the quite ear ringing screaming started and it then went on and on as she brutally plowed the wide open and defenseless Amazon.  And Ukyou was merciless.  When the Amazon’s twat clamped down on her driving prick, indicating a repeating, womb opening, machine gun orgasm starting, Ukyou’s first response was to shoot about a pint of virile wadd directly into that wide open uterus.

And she didn’t break her stride in the least, maintaining a strong, deep, repetitive stroke that drove the Amazon ever higher.  And filled her womanhood with tons more spunk.

When, some half hour of continuous fucking later, Ukyou finally halted, resting on her knees, keeping her unbreakable prick half buried in the whining, squirming, wildly panting Amazon’s guts, she had not even broken a sweat.  Ukyou had come massively no fewer than six times and she was hardly breathing hard.  And Helen’s belly confirmed the performance, looking a good six months pregnant.

When Ukyou finally pulled herself out of the sexually crushed Amazon she had to jump aside when the backwash spewed back out.

It took a long time for Helen’s belly to flatten out…

Throughout the emptying her belly heaved and convulsed, her hands clutching over her womb, as her uterus continued to jump in residual orgasmic jolts.

Ukyou acted like she hadn’t cum in a month.  No sooner than did Helen’s belly empty and calm than her ankle was in Ukyou’s hands and the beast was rolling the stunned Amazon over onto her belly.  Lifting her hips, she effortlessly turned the panting, glazed eyed Amazon over onto her hands and knees.

Helen was just becoming coherent when Ukyou lined up her raging prick, looking like it hadn’t been in a female in ages, with Helen’s raised up ass, and brutally plunged into wide and wet Amazon twat again, only stopping when she plowed into the Amazon’s jumping cervix.

“AAAAHHHH!” Helen howled again as her belly bulged from womb dislocation with Ukyou’s first plunge.

And Ukyou wasn’t waiting for the Amazon to finish screaming, for Helen to adjust her guts to the massive iron rigid pole so far up her womanhood.  Still holding Helen’s hips, Ukyou pulled her hips back until the crown of her cockhead caught on the inside of the Amazon’s pussy opening.  Then she immediately plowed back in, even faster than the first.

Helen wasn’t finished howling from that thrust when her hips were being pushed forward while the all impaling cock retreated.  As soon as the cock was sufficiently withdrawn Ukyou pulled on Helen’s hips while she again thrust forward.

The howl this time, when cockhead met and nearly breached Amazon cervix, was the loudest of the three.

And Ukyou didn’t stop, pushing stuffed hips forward and pulling her own back, she immediately brought the two, womb and prick, back together again.

And she continued rocking the Amazon forward and backward while thrusting and withdrawing her own hips in counter-time until Helen’s big butt was flying fore and back, each time smashing her internal feminine organs against the unbendable prick always there to received the delightful, will crushing, divine orgasm generating collision.

“Oh by the fucking Goddess!” wailed the Amazon, her head now down, impotent fists pounding the ground, her ass now a blur as it flew back and forth over Ukyou’s now nearly motionless womanbreaker.  “Your sooooo goooood!  I can’ stop…I won’t stop!  Oh, don’t stop!  Please!  You’re so good!  I love you!  You’re better than my Centaur!  Oh, don’t stop!  PLEASE!  Don’t stop!  Fuck me!”

Ukyou looked over at a suddenly crestfallen Odysseus, then glared back down at the honking, back-slamming Amazon cow kneeling, ass up and flying, before her.  She bent over the wildly humping Amazon, “You will tell me…show me…guide me to where my friends were taken, right?  You cooperate and I’ll give you whatever you want…provided it includes my dick in your guts!”

Helen didn’t hesitate, her head tossing side to side, throwing drops of sweat all around her, “Yes, anything!  I’ll guide you…I’ll take you…anywhere…anything you want…I’ll show you…everything!  Just fuck me!  I’m your Bitch, Mistress!  Fuck your Bitch!”

With an absolutely evil chuckle, the transformed Ukyou filled her hands with the Amazon’s swinging boobs, then began grinding her glans inside Helen, way, way up inside her, where that ‘G’ spot and cervix lay.

Meanwhile, as if recognizing what Ukyou was doing, the Amazon cried out a little anticipatory bark and added her own hip toss to her hard, sweaty rutting under the beast arched over her.

The intense, delicious, heretical pleasure built as they worked together, smashing together like some well oiled and perfectly designed machine…a fucking machine.

Less than a minute of grinding her womanly guts down and around Ukyou’s invincible prick, Helen broke:  “OH!  OH!  Yes!  OH!  OH!  OH!  Do it!  Do me!  Now!  PLEASE!  Use me!  Fill me!  AAAAAHHHH!” abruptly screamed the thoroughly broken Amazon as she was forced, pounded over the edge once again into mind bending, mind enslaving orgasm.

Gritting her teeth, eyes screwed shut, Ukyou started up a violent, powerful thrust again, concentrating now on her own pleasure.  She felt more than confident that the Amazon had found her own…fulfillment from her driving cock without any further physical participation on her part.

She had other things to do…namely unload!

“YEA!” Ukyou roared as her mind exploded in bliss.

“Screech!” went Helen as the first cup sized spew of babystuff rocketed off the roof of her womb and flooded her ducts.

Seconds later the Amazon barked again like a Chihuahua as Ukyou delivered another duct flooding gush of eggwhite.

No less than five more “screech’s” shot out of the ass up Helen as Ukyou took her time fertilizing the overwhelmed and helpless, multi-orgasmic Amazon pussy.


Ukyou, now once again the real Ukyou, finished cinching up the Amazon’s hands to Odysseus’ saddle.  Helen was finally ‘saddled’, upside down, riding her mount’s curved, bulging belly in the same manner as she had briefly seen her friends so positioned.  The Centaur had been most helpful in, selflessly of course, pointing out the harness attachment points and instructing Ukyou just how to secure the Amazon.

Stepping back, she stopped and stared at how swollen the Amazon’s belly was already, with just over half of Odysseus’ horse-like cock swallowed up in her.

Shaking her head she looked at Helen’s sweating face.  There was only a look of absolute bliss on it.  “Damn!  These Amazon’s like big meat!” she thought.  “Maybe everyone here does?” she silently added.

Odysseus smiled at Ukyou.  “I wish to thank you for giving my Harem…er…Mistress back to me, Ukyou!”  Then he pushed on Helen’s head and she dutifully, and noisily, took up another good half foot of horsecock.

“No problem,” she replied, watching Helen’s wincing face collapse into wide eyed, open mouthed shock as her belly obediently slid around the brutally wide shaft.  She had briefly explained her ‘curse’ to them and had let them watch what happens when she finally got enough satisfaction from the Amazon’s all too eager body to allow her to remove the ring.

“You find and help me free my friends and you can keep her as the first of your new Harem…deal?”

“Of course!” he replied enthusiastically.  “By all means!”  Then he eagerly flexed his nearly Amazon swallowed prick.

With a gasping, desperate moan, Helen interrupted.  “Let’s get going!” she groaned breathlessly, her lungs compressed by the arm thick pole thrust up to her navel.  “I’ve told you already which way to go!  I want to get riding my mount’s cock!  With this thing in me I can’t wait any longer!”

Ukyou nodded again.  True, she had said to take the other road, the one Nabiki had taken yesterday (and never returned from).  Said it was a shortcut to their village and that they would be there half a day or more before her friends got there.

Helen’s friends, you see, had…’plans’ for Ukyou’s friends.  Plans that necessitated their stopping for the evening at a campsite that was already stocked with a tent and other paraphernalia.  They will take their time getting there…

So Ukyou’s friends can fill up with their evening’s refreshment!

And Ukyou needed that time to start a rebellion amongst the other Centaur…Odysseus had said that a number of Centaurs there were fed up with the treatment they were getting from the Amazons (Not enough sex, for one!) and wanted to escape to start their own Harems, maybe starting them with their upside down Amazon riders.  If she could find a way of freeing those Centaurs…

Well first, gotta get there.

And get Odysseus moving in order to shut up that Amazon!

And maybe even find Nabiki!


It was a little more than an hour after they had started off, and Helen was still squealing and convulsing under Odysseus, when the Centaur pointed out the strange object on the edge of the road.

“Its a video camera!” Ukyou cried.  “It might be Nabiki’s!”

As she jumped down from the ‘real’ saddle on the Centaur’s back and quickly made for the camera, Odysseus grabbed Helen by the hair and pushed her back between his legs, forcing her to accommodate his entire arm thick length of Centaur-pole.  If Ukyou had been watching she would have seen Helen’s normally severely flat belly swell to melon size around that prodigious ‘weapon’.

When the Centaur reversed his grip and pulled on the babbling Amazon’s hair, her greasy cunt slid back up his prick, exposing a good foot of shiny, female juice drooling cock shaft before Odysseus reversed his grip yet again and pushed her back down.

He was grinning contentedly the entire time.

Not the Amazon!  “OOOOHHHH!  By the Gods NO!  Not again!  Noooooooohhhhhhhh!  Oh, by the Gods that’s good!  Soooo Fukkkkkking Gooooooood!” came a cock swallowing Helen from behind the rushing Ukyou.

“It’s her camera, alright!” Ukyou cried, turning back to the Centaur.

Odysseus’ attention was instantly back on Ukyou.  “Then she must be near here.”

She looked into the camera’s monitor and pressed ‘replay’.  She fast-forwarded until she reached the vines clasping Nabiki’’s arms and legs.

Then she rushed up to Odysseus and showed him the playback.  When they got to the plant, then to the throwing away of the camera, Odysseus looked up.  “If you found the camera there,” he pointed to the side of the road where Ukyou found it.  “Then I estimate your friend should be behind that wall of bushes.”

But when Ukyou began dashing towards the bushes, he called out, “Help me with this cart.  If what we saw is what I think it is, you’re going to need me.  And Helen will come in handy on her feet instead of hanging under me.”

Ukyou looked with all stern seriousness at the sweaty, straining face of the massively and deeply impaled Amazon.  “Helen, do you promise not to escape if we set you free?”

The wide and wet eyed Amazon closed her eyes when Odysseus flexed his mighty prong way, way up inside her.  Then she moaned and quickly nodded.  “I’ll help…” she gasped, then opened her wet eyes and fixed them on Ukyou’s, “…just promise that I can get back on!”

It took some minutes to get her ‘out of the saddle’, but then, wearing just her armored kilt, Helen retrieved her sword and walked alongside Odysseus towards the wall of bushes just on the far side of the road.

Her big, firm breasts jiggled stiffly with each of her firm, powerful strides.

The Centaur leered openly at the Amazon’s chest.

Then Odysseus blatantly, downright arrogantly, reached under the back of the Amazon’s kilt with his left hand and groped those big, firm, smooth, and now very wet buns the entire way to the bushes.

And Helen didn’t say a thing.  She just blushed shiny crimson.  And her already stiff, flaming pink nipples got even harder…even longer.

When Ukyou, standing in front of the bushes, turned back to them, she saw the Amazon shuddering, her flushed face dripping with sweat, her belly and tits heaving rhythmically with her pants.

And she could clearly see Odysseus’ left hand slide fluidly up and down Helen’s deep ass crease, toying with her back pore.

“Stop that, Odysseus!” Ukyou hissed.  “There’ll be time for that later!  We need Helen in fighting form, not on her knees, begging for your cock!”

Reluctantly, and with a small frown, the Centaur pulled his hand out.  The metal strips of Helen’s kilt slapped noisily with a metallic report against her still flexed, still soaked buns.

The Amazon closed her eyes and forced herself to calm.  It took her a good half minute to stop her quivering thighs and clear her flushed face.  Then she opened her eyes, looked at Ukyou with a more…professional face, and nodded.

“Good!” Ukyou nodded back.  “Now, what are we facing in there?”

“I think its a predatory plant…that’s its feeding pod we saw in the monitor.  They capture females and torture them into orgasm and then feed on their…female juices.”

“You mean…pussy juice?” Ukyou came back not without some shock in her voice.

Odysseus nodded.  “The more they make the female cum, the better they feed.  They’ll fuck her till she’s all shriveled up…if we let it.”

“Damn men!” Helen grumbled.

“It is not a male plant necessarily!” Ukyou replied.  “It just lives off of…uh…females!”

“Just like a man!” Helen added, again under her breath.

“Look,” the Centaur interrupted.  “Are we going to save Nabiki or not?”

Ukyou blushed.  “Of course.  My bad!  How?”

Odysseus looked at Helen.  “You’ve got the sword.  Do you think you can cut off its pod?”

Helen nodded.  “If I can get close enough without being caught in its tentacles.”

“Ok.”  Odysseus nodded.  “Helen, can you get behind it?  It must be just on the other side of these bushes.  We can keep it distracted while you slip around.”

Helen took a moment to look over the forest with a clinical eye.  “Give me thirty seconds!” she hissed as she leaped the bushes behind Ukyou.

Ukyou began counting.  At thirty they both jumped the bush wall.

The Centaur was a good deal more effective at clearing the height.  At once Odysseus went charging forward, looking from right to left rapidly.

Ukyou, who more had to climb over the green wall than leap it, took off after him in hot pursuit.

She couldn’t help but notice those ever stuffed, melon sized balls bouncing vigorously between his hind muscular, virile, thrusting legs…

Then the Centaur rounded a bushy tree and slid to a halt.  He stood there, breathing hard, staring at something behind the big, bushy tree, out of site to Ukyou.  When she got to him she, too, slid to a halt with a gasp.

It was a big, huge plant pod, sticking straight up into the air.  Had to be five foot high.

And Nabiki was in it!

All Ukyou could see was her head, with her feet and hands on each side of it.  The rest of her was swallowed up in the pod.  Her sweaty head was swaying, eyes glazed, little moans escaping her gaping, gasping mouth.

She did not look good!

“Nabiki!” she cried and, not thinking at all, she jumped towards the pod.

She barely registered Odysseus’ sharp, short cry of warning before she saw a long, thin, vine-like appendage seem to jump out of the grass before her and wrap around her left ankle!  With a yank it pulled her leg out from under her.

“OOF!” Ukyou went when her well padded butt landed on the cool, soft grass of the glen.

No sooner had she come to a halt than the bestial vine contracted and, with a powerful tug, pulled her ass out from under her!  Suddenly she was being dragged…towards the pod!

Odysseus took one stride and planted his left hoof onto the vine just below Ukyou’s foot.

Another vine appeared from out of the grass to wrap, in turn, around the Centaur’s left ankle!  With its own powerful yank it tried to pull Odysseus’ left forelimb out from under him.

Only the Centaur stood firm.  The vine snapped tight as a bowstring, but he did not move.

“I guess I’m too heavy!” he said down at Ukyou.

Tugging furiously at the vine around her ankle Ukyou nodded her head, “Nice!”

But there was no time for gloating for, simultaneous with Ukyou’s nod, two more vines flipped up and caught the Centaur’s arms.  As he struggled with the vines, pulling powerfully on the seemingly equally powerful, leather-like strands, he couldn’t stop a third vine from rising and abruptly wrapping around Ukyou’s neck!

Ukyou’s eyes flew open in shock when the vine tightened around her neck.  Now her hands went to this newest threat, tugging will all her might.  But to no avail.  The vine seemed to have a surface like smoothed leather and, like leather, was much too tough for her fingers to affect.

As if from a great distance, she heard Odysseus roar anger and defiance as everything became fuzzy…out of focus…dark…

It felt like years later when, through a mushy, almost senseless haze she first heard, then saw the Amazon, Helen, talking and looking down on her, real concern on her face.

A face splattered with green goop.

“Are you alright!?” she was crying, over and over.

Ukyou was in Helen’s strong arms, just starting to breathe again as if for the first time.  After what seemed an interminable length of time, Ukyou finally nodded.  “Y…yes!” she managed to croak.

The Amazon hugged her to ample breasts.  “Oh, by the Goddess!” she cried sincerely.  “I thought we had lost you!”

Slowly Ukyou sat up.  “Thank you for saving me!”  Then she hesitated and her eyes flew open, “Nabiki!  What became of the pod!”

Helen pointed towards where the pod had been.  It was now laying on its side, its former top pointing towards the two females.  Odysseus, like he was dealing with a giant banana, was peeling the pod’s leaves down from around Nabiki.

Ukyou jumped up…actually too early…and staggered a moment before dashing to Nabiki.  As she started off she heard Helen ask, “You still have the ring, don’t you?”

Nabiki was shuddering vividly as Ukyou ran up to her.  She was still doubled over, her feet and hands on each side of her soaked head.  In fact her entire body was soaked, coated with some liquid.  The liquid was green and slimy and it looked like the stuff that Helen was just then wiping off her own face.

“It’s the sap of the creature,” Odysseus explained, pulling off another peel.

With another nod at the Centaur, Ukyou tried to pull down Nabiki’s legs.  She stopped when the girl cried out.

Then she saw the…thing rammed up Nabiki’s pussy.

Helen stepped up.  She said in explanation, “The plant takes its nourishment from its victims by forcing them into orgasm.  All the girl juices that females emit when they cum are sucked up until the victim is sucked dry.”

“Literally fucked to death,” Odysseus added.  “Nice way to go, I guess!”

Ukyou glared at him.  “For you, maybe!  But not for my friends…not for my Nabiki!”

“Sorry!” he replied, tearing off another peel.

Looking carefully in Nabiki’s nether regions she saw the wickedly thick stamen nearly buried in the girl’s womanhood.  She also saw the tiny velvety vine wrapped around Nabiki’s fiercely enflamed clit.  Then she saw the slightly narrower shaft driven up the girl’s anus.

She shuddered.

“The plant takes everything it can from its victim, including fertilizer!” Odysseus went on, ripping the last peel away.  “I think we can pull her out now!”

Ukyou wrapped her arms around Nabiki’s slimy trunk as Odysseus did the same for her doubled over hips and thighs.  With a nod from him, both of them slowly and as gently as they could, pulled Nabiki out of the pod.

Helen knelt on the other side of the girl, her arms outstretched.  “If it hadn’t been for you distracting the thing and preoccupying its tentacles, I would never have been able to get close enough to it to cut the pod loose.  Had to destroy a good half dozen tentacles myself.  There, now put her in my arms!”

Ukyou winced at the twin sucking sounds that came from the girl as she was pulled off the twin pricks impaling her.  And the two syrupy popping sounds when she was finally freed of their impalement had to echo in the nearby woods.

As Helen gently unfolded the girl’s legs, Odysseus said, “The plant is actually mostly underground.  The pod is just its way of feeding.  It will grow another…”

“I want to kill it!” Ukyou growled as she lowered Nabiki into Helen’s arms.  “It is oh so destroyed if I am ever back here again!”

“The Goddess will not like that!”  Helen said, rising to her feet with Nabiki in her arms.  “She doesn’t like her ‘toys’ being destroyed!  Not after going to all the trouble of creating it in the first place!”

“Some Goddess!” Ukyou growled.

Helen was already making for the bush wall.  “She certainly is!  Especially if you get the honor of ‘entertaining’ her in her bed sometime!  Now, Odysseus, make the camp ready!  Nabiki will need water first, then a good bowl of rice.  Get that started!  Then find some honey and bread, or cake!  The poor thing is exhausted!”  Still walking away, she looked over her shoulder at a shocked still and silent Ukyou, “Well, you going to stand there?  We’ll have to make camp here tonight!  Maybe, once we have put Nabiki to bed, you’ll put on that ring of yours again tonight?  Just for me?”

Ukyou stood still for another good minute, watching the Amazon’s big asscheeks flip as she hurried Nabiki to camp.

She was starting to get a good idea of what a…crazy…place this was!

“Crazy” yet exciting…if you were someone who liked the idea of bedding women, and wanted to bed them, and, more importantly…could fuck women unconscious!

A wry smile crossed Ukyou’s face as she started after Helen.  Not a bad place after-all!


Ranma was squealing, nearly howling, as Ajax carried her into the Amazon Camp.  She hung upside down under his big belly, rocking to and fro with his strides, her swollen belly outlining his massive girl gut buried organ.  With each of his strides she would helplessly accept his iron bar rigid prick until her cervix would bounce off his unyielding cockhead.  Each slide back towards his low hanging balls would cause her guts to spread, willingly by now, around his driving horsecock (literally!), giving her the most delightful and submissive forced feminine pleasures when she would give off with a shrill squeal of penetration pleasure.  Then, when she slid forward between his front legs she would moan most sincerely as her maximally stretched pussy opening sucked oh so eagerly, and lovingly, on his retreating, arm thick shaft.

She had long lost track of how many noisy and sloppy orgasms she had, unwillingly at first, sustained in the morning and afternoon from riding under that impossibly hung centaur.  In fact, her orgasm fried mind’s blanked out memory hardly functioned at all by this time.  She had never realized that this could be the consequence of exploding, at least a dozen times each in the morning and then in the afternoon, in overwhelming and mind shattering bliss from most uniquely feminine stuffed belly pleasure.  Since they had stopped for a brief lunch some four hours before, no less than a dozen searing episodes of mind numbing, lung emptying, eyes rolled up womanly ecstacy had overwhelmed her and quickly obliterating any resistance she had started the day with.

Ranma, perfect tit cones quivering, thrashed helplessly under the Centaur as Ajax’s monumental horse cock, dramatically spreading and displacing her feminine guts with awesome ease, drove her into yet another outrageous out-of-control orgasm…just to show off his mastery of the female…of HIS female to all the others in the camp.  The female’s womb, bouncing madly off his glans, had its cervix once yet again forced open by the centaur’s rock firm cock head. With the violation Ranma, with absolutely no desire to do so, helplessly went over the cliff into another episode of  squealing orgasmic madness.

However, Ajax did not escape Ranma’s orgasmic retribution. As her belly heaved and convulsed it sucked demandingly on the centaur’s mighty prong, squeezing and drawing on it, as only young, multiply orgasmic nubile pussy could, until Ajax could no longer deny the female under him her semantic reward.  With a loud growling cry the grimacing, fists quivering alongside his head centaur gave up the masculine ghost and hosed down Ranma’s womb and tubes with yet another magnificent inundation of ever copious spew.

Ranma’s wild and shrill cries of penile gratitude as she was yet again forcefully flooded with babystuff, however, were hardly noticed by the others in camp for her friends, equally “saddled” under their mounts, were also squealing their very pretty and sweaty heads off.

Ajax, for his part, could not grin enough as he watched a glassy eyed fuck-bunny Ranma dutifully, and for all appearences, willingly take his load. He especially enjoyed watching the girl’s formerly smooth and very flat belly swell like an inflating balloon under his creamy injection.

Yet the centaur still winced from the spastic clutching of his hide by the orgasmically-out-of-it girl’s frantically gripping claws. Already she had placed multiple bleeding wounds on him and she was now proceeding to aggravate those wounds with great orgasmic emotion.  If he had been asked by an Amazon about those wounds and if they were actually distracting from the pleasure of using the teenager, he would have lied, of course, and replied that they could not bother him what with Ranma’s guts sucking so vigorously and delightfully on his all conquering meat.

Of course they stung like living Hell, but no Centaur would ever admit to a potential Harem girl that anything a multi-orgasmic fuckpuppy could do to him could distract him from his primary purpose in life…injecting his Harem females with his babies!

Ranma could remember very little of anything else that had transpired that afternoon other than obediently and, she had to admit, eventually quite willingly accepting her service to the centaur’s dominating prick.  The morning’s “ride”, with its associated womb pounding multiple orgasms, had demonstrated to her in no uncertain terms just how irresistible, and absolutely wonderful in a female sort of way, serving under a Centaur could be.  Now she had no reservations, especially if she was drunk on curris, of being wrapped around one of those titanic, women breaking, intensely male organs.

Being a female was becoming extra fun once you got over having your legs spread wide and something about the size of a adult male’s arm rammed repeatedly into your girl hole!

Ranma-chan was apparently just as clueless and mentally lazy as Ranma!

Now, finally coming down from what had to be her 12th orgasm since lunch (a lunch which she and her female companions drank) while wrapped around that near meter long, calf thick horsecock, she looked up at Ajax with tired but admiring, even grateful, eyes. Eyes that had the undeniable glow of fondness and even love… certainly ‘fuck puppy’ appreciation for her “mount’s” talented endowment.

She certainly had no idea of what had happened that afternoon other than the wondrous impalement of her girl guts by Ajax’s organ.

As she entered that evening’s camp site, Ranma could only squeal further as she continued to helplessly bounce her womb off of Ajax’s cockhead. Her belly, looking as if she had swallowed a watermelon, heaved and flowed up and down, back and forth, as she swung under the centaur and around his massive meat.

Yet, she actually did not look much different than her equally stuffed and flooded friends.

When they all came to a halt Cleistra looked down on the weakly smiling and very sweaty face of Ranma and grinned knowingly. “Fucked stupid!” she thought while taking in the still hard panting girl’s demeanor.   She looked down at the girl as if she had seen it many times before.

Actually she had, indeed, seen the very same thing on many other adventuresses over the past approximately 300 years, and had enjoyed seeing their arrogant faces and lush bodies sexually broken into slack jawed, swollen belly bimbos under her and her magnificent mount.  Not to mention, and in which she would never let out to her fellow Amazons, that there have been times when she had found herself in the same compromising position that Ranma now found herself!

And that she herself had responded and enjoyed, just as much, if not more, as Ranma had, the ruthless and masterful feminine defeat that the girl had just experienced under Ajax.

The commander, Athena, dismounting her own centaur, barked out her first orders of the camp, “let’s go, ladies! Get to milking our ‘guests’! By the looks of their bellies our mounts have overdone themselves in filling our cum tanks!”

Cleistra, dismounting with a big grin for a suddenly nervous Ranma, padded the girl’s tautly swollen abdomen. Nodding, she said loud enough for all of the Amazons to hear, “Lots of curris tonight!”

Murmurs of eager, hungry agreement came from the other teams around the grinning Cleistra.

Suddenly Ranma was seized by the armpits by Ajax’s powerful hands and he started pulling her off his still iron bar hard prick.  As Ranma greasily slid back off his organ, her still stuffed and drenched pussy sucking hungrily on him, Cleistra caught the girl’s legs just as she popped off him. With the centaur still holding her armpits, the Amazon swung Ranma around to where another Amazon slipped a widemouth jar under the girl’s still horizontal twat.

Only once Ranma’s loins were positioned over the wide opening of the meter tall jar did Ajax lift the girls shoulders until she was vertical, her pussy directly over and in the middle of the container’s opening. Holding her up Ajax nodded to Cleistra who proceeded to spread a non-resisting Ranma’s thighs wide. Then another of the Amazons stepped up holding something that resembled a rolling pin. With Cleistra holding Ranma’s lower back rigid, the other Amazon pressed the rolling pin across the bottom of Ranma’s rib cage and proceeded to roll the smooth wooden cylinder down the girl’s distended belly.

Gawking wide-eyed down at the rolling pin compressing her swollen belly, Ranma cried out when a veritable torrent of stringy, lumpy, greasy semi-coagulated liquid protein poured, and sometimes jetted, out of her wide spread snatch and into the jar.

“OOOOOOOH!” Ranma moaned.  The sensation of her belly emptying so forcefully was incredible.  As she  gave up her cargo of gooey babystuff the growing pleasure of her voiding became almost orgasmic.

“She must have a liter of the stuff this time!” Cleistra exclaimed with wide eyes as she watched with great enthusiasm the emptying of the teenager’s belly.

And the filling of the container!

The rolling pin was repeatedly rolled down Ranma’s belly until her lower trunk was once again flat as a  board and marred only by her deep, dark belly button buried in the center of her smoothly taut abdomen.

No sooner emptied but Cleistra released Ranma, leaving Ajax to hold her, and made for the nearly full vase.  Lifting it she brought the lip to her lips.  Noisily she took three great swallows.

An appearance of pure culinary bliss crossed her face as she smacked her lips and passed the jar to the other Amazon.  Soon a short line was formed of Amazon’s eagerly awaiting their first draft!

When Cleistra turned back, Ajax passed a still quivering, and now moaning, Ranma to Cleistra who held the girl up for a moment until her legs became steady. Only then did the Amazon eagerly guide a still shaky Ranma to the big tent already set up.

Once inside the Amazon gently lowered Ranma onto a big pair of pillows, but she made a point of leaving the girl bare assed naked.  Laying there, still panting wildly, Ranma could do nothing as Cleistra took a long chain from a large wooden box and proceeded to wrap and lock it around the foot thick center pole of the tent.  Ranma could only look helplessly at the Amazon as she took the other end of the chain, attached a collar to it, and then wrapped the collar around Ranma’s neck.

“Now you be good and get some rest, you are certainly going to need it, and I’ll be back for you after sundown and then we can have some…fun!  Okay?”

Ranma weakly nodded.

“Good!  Now I’m off to dinner!  Your dinner!”

And Cleistra was gone.

With exhaustion seizing her, Ranma could only lean back into the soft, luscious pillows and close her weary eyes.


Ukyou sat in the cart watching Nabiki finish off her second bowl of rice, a little smile, finally, on both of their faces.  Nabiki’s face still showed the streaks of exhaustion from her ordeal.  Ukyou’s face, also showed similar creases, only those were from stress and the tears at what had happened and could have happened to Nabiki if she had not found her in time.

It was just like that irresponsible Nabiki to run off like that, not telling anyone where she was going and expecting everyone to go save her in this new land!

“Its…all…right,” Nabiki said between mouthfuls of rice.  “You would have found me sooner or later.  I knew that you couldn’t live without me!  You need me too much!  You would have found me, I knew!”

Tears nearly filled Ukyou’s eyes again.  But this time they were tears of rage at Nabiki’s nonchalant, downright arrogant attitude.  “Oh!  How can you say that?  You were nearly dead when we found you!  If I had taken any longer to find you… You should never walk off alone!  Not in this insane place!  I’ll leave you next time, so help me!  Now promise me!  Promise me you will not run off again like that again!”

“But you need me!  You cannot afford to hold me back!  I am your spy… I am your scout…”

“Not if it threatens your life needlessly like this did!  Now, promise me not to run off again without telling someone where you are going!  Promise me!”

Wearily, finally, Nabiki nodded.  She then handed the empty rice bowl back to Ukyou and laid back in the cushions that Helen had put in the cart.  “Okay…I promise!”

She did not sound that sincere.

“And I want more rice when I wake up!” she added with a smug smile.

Ukyou tried to keep her smile as sincere as her anger at Nabiki allowed.  “Now you get some rest!  I am!”

Nabiki nodded and was asleep before Ukyou could get her head down on the other pillow at the opposite end of the cart.


Ukyou jerked awake with the sharp, firm, and not at all quiet “No!” that shot through the cool night air from the direction of the camp fire.  Sitting up with a jerk, eyes wide and alert, she quickly realized where it had come…and not from Nabiki.  She rolled upon her left side so she could look over the side of the cart.

It was Helen, flat on her back on a traveling blanket, halfway between the cart and the fire.  But she wasn’t alone!  She was up on her elbows glaring up at…

Odysseus, who was straddling her chest with his front legs and arched almost entirely over her, leered down on her angry face, his own face an almost comically arrogant grinning mask.  “Oh yes, my woman!” He replied pompously as loudly as Helen had barked.

Helen rapidly shook her head up at him.  In a much quieter, though no less urgent, voice she hissed, “No!  You cannot!  Not now!  Not here!  THEY are just over there in the cart!  I cannot let them see…know…about you and me!  I cannot let you do this!  I cannot let you!  My Honor is at stake!  It is one thing to be forced…something all together different when I submit without a fight!”

Odysseus shook his head, his arrogant smirk fading not in the least.  “They are fast asleep.  No one will know!  Anyway, you have told me ‘no’!  That’s as much resistance you ever give me when we’re alone!  And it’s not like you haven’t served under me before!  Eagerly if my memory serves!  That’s why I made you the First of my harem.”

Helen looked down between her towering tits and her eyes widened dramatically.

Ukyou followed Helen’s vision and gasped herself when she saw Odysseus’ magnificent organ rigidly erect and running from his grapefruit sized balls a good 70 cm up over the Amazon.

Helen put her left hand up against the centaur’s sternum when he stirred as if to move forward.  The Amazon’s eyes stayed locked on the now drooling slit at the tip of the equine penis already jutting up between her impressive boobs.  “No!  No, not that!  Not tonight!  You… we… we cannot tonight!  I told you!  I told you, I am not some part of your harem!  I do not… service you…whenever you want!  Now, back off!”

He finished his stride, easily pushing her sternum blocking hand up over her head.  His massive spur slid forward between her jutting bosom, now slick and glistening with pre-cum, until the drooling tip was hovering right over her pointed little nose.

Cross-eyed, for a long, agonizing moment she watched as a long rope of tacky, coiled pre-cum slipped out of that slit.  Once it reached nearly a foot in length it started swaying, side to side like in the “Pit and the Pendulum”, its end less than an inch from the Amazon’s nose.  For a long, pregnant moment Helen’s eyes slavishly followed the coiled, brilliant white worm as it passed repeatedly over her face.  Then, without warning, the tacky rope of cum slipped out of the slit at the tip of the Centaur’s cock to drop across the bridge of her nose.

She immediately turned her cum-streaked face aside, towards the cart, giving Ukyou a clear view of the Amazon’s wrinkled up, not at all happy expression.

“Damn you!” the Amazon belatedly gasped.

The Centaur chuckled, low and meanly.  “That’s not what you’ll be saying to me in just about a minute, my woman!”

Ukyou noticed out how stiff and long Helen’s nipples had suddenly become.

Odysseus took both her hands into his own and, without any real resistance from Helen, forced them up over her head.  His grin widened when he saw fear, just a little, form on her face as she stared up at him, trying to look angry at him.  Then he simply took another stride forward…

And Helen’s angry and now quite frustrated face disappeared from his view under the calf thick shaft of his iron bar hard prick.

Ukyou saw the underside of the swollen, hot and unbendable cock rub right over a wincing Helen’s cum besmirched nose.  All she could do was grimace as he ran his woman enslaver up the Amazon’s face.

Helen tugged at the centaur’s arms, but to no avail.  Then, as he continued to run his meat up over Helen’s face, the Amazon’s body started to writhe.  Her legs flexed and jerked about on the blanket, while her arms still tugged furiously, and futilely, against his grip.  In utter frustration she gave out with the occasional near cut off scream of, “Damn you!” “You bastard you!”  “You will pay for this!”  “Your balls are going to be hanging from my tent pole, damn you!”

But Odysseus just chuckled and strode forward yet again, his prick now drooling onto the part of the blanket that was over Helen’s head.  Then Ukyou saw the Centaur’s low hanging scrotum, hanging low from holding two clearly stuffed testicles each the size of heavy cantaloupe, flip over her jutting jugs to slap against the underside of her chin.

And the Amazon went nuts.  “No!  Don’t you dare!  I don’t want this!  You can’t… I forbid it!”

“Don’t worry, you will soon change your tune my harem -- mate!” Odysseus, now certainly in consummate arrogance, chortled back at the impotently struggling Amazon.

Then Ukyou saw Helen’s face disappear under Odysseus’ hairless ball sack.  The elongated sack of skin immediately enwrapped her face completely.

The Amazon’s resulting scream was almost entirely smothered by the centaur’s scrotum.  His balls, each the size of a large ostrich egg and, stuffed as they were with pressurized reproductive eggwhite, weighing at least as much, draped down around each side of Helen’s head.  Her face quickly became muffled with pungent male scrotum.

In spite of Odysseus’ callous, degrading treatment of her, Helen continued to struggle for a good minute or more, her legs thrashing about, her arms still futilely trying to escape Odysseus’ overwhelming strength. But, after a good minute of struggle, the Amazon abruptly stopped.  Then a long, scrotum smothered moan crossed the campsite.

It was from Helen.

“There!” Odysseus, eyes closing as Helen moaned, growled down at the suddenly acquiescent Amazon.  “I told you you would enjoy it!  Just take a couple more big wafts and you’ll be more than ready to serve under me in my harem!”  After another moment with his nuts draped across the woman’s face, the Centaur raised his hips enough to uncover Helen’s flushed face.  His huge balls hovered and gently swung inches above her nose.

Releasing her hands, Odysseus husked down at the quiet Amazon, “There!  Change your mind, my woman?”

Helen took a long moment to stare at the man orbs hovering inches above her face, then she looked up over her forehead.  “Damn you!” she quietly gasped in reply.  “They will see us!”

“So what?  You afraid of them finding out you’re part of my Harem?  You are just the first to be mine in this camp!  Before too long all you…women will be begging for my potent attentions!  Now, go ahead, you want to!  Go ahead and lick my balls down, like you like to do when we’re alone!”

Helen’s face turned furious.  “I am not your sex slave!  I will not throw away my honor!”  The Amazon rose up on her elbows, almost pressing her face into those low hanging balls.

Odysseus simply stepped forward and his big balls swung forward to bounce heavily off Helen’s forehead.

The Amazon, with a shocked gasp from the blow, fell back to the blanket.  Then she watched, with horror wide and white eyes, as the Centaur lowered his nuts back to her face.

“Now lap, My Woman!” the Centaur almost chuckled.

He rolled those hot, smelly nuts up and down, over and around, Helen’s wincing face for two solid minutes, letting her…making her inhale more of his potent musk.

Helen’s hard facial expression quickly softened, her eyes going glassy, her head tossing stopped.  She was panting now, her chest heaving, her towering tits rising and falling rapidly.  Her nipples had to be at least an inch long now.

Then the Centaur began rocking forwards and backwards, over and over, sending his hot, smelly, face enwrapping ballsack, up and down over Helen’s flushed and frustrated face.  Those huge egg shaped nuts spread heavily up and down that face, spreading the centaur’s pheromone laced male odor all over and around Helen’s nose.

Abruptly Helen could only moan.

One inhalation would probably have been enough to thoroughly arouse the Amazon, but the young and now female dominating Centaur was not taking any chances and he mercilessly dosed Helen with hard-edged thoroughness.  He rolled his nuts over and over her face, pressing his odiferous ballskin, relentlessly and callously, over her scowl, covering her initially unhappy features completely and continuously for long, pungent minutes.

When he finally relented and pulled his balls back off Helen’s reddened face, she was moaning continuously, her crimson head immediately beginning to toss while her legs, bent at the knee, had her knees spread far enough apart that the outside parts of them were pressing into the ground hugging blanket.

As open as a female could make herself for the male…any male…HER male.

Ukyou could see that the Amazon’s naturally bald pussy now shown with copious feminine lubrication. Her shiny, wrinkled labia were well qualified for the phrase ‘dripping wet passion pink’.

Helen’s head continued to toss, her eyes glazed, her hands now gripping the ground covering blanket.  Her breathing was more a forced, ragged pant, her moans obvious, echoing over the campsite.

Suddenly Ukyou more noticed than saw something move out of the corner of her right eye.  Turning her head with a jerk she immediately recognized Nabiki!

The girl was leaning over Ukyou, both a shit eating grin on her face and a camera to her eye.  Nabiki was snapping pictures of the two “lovers” a mile a minute!

Ukyou stared up at at the girl.  With an urgent hiss she asked,  “What are you doing? Why are you not asleep?”

Nabiki did not even look down at her, but kept on taking pictures.  “Look at them!  This is hot!  I’ll make a fortune with these pictures!  You know, it’s a real shame that the video camera is not here.  I could make three times as much with a video of this instead of with stills.  But, maybe I could get that Amazon to give me some of that Amazon Gold I’m sure they are hoarding!  You know, a little geld to keep me quiet and my pictures in my knapsack.  That would make up for not having a video!”

Ukyou’s eyes rolled up.  “We can’t do that!  What will the Amazon say if you show them these pictures?”

Nabiki still refused to look down.  “From the looks of that Amazon I would bet the farm that every one of those big bitches are on the take… taking big Centaur cock that is, and I am going to cash in!”

Just as voyeuristic, Ukyou turn back to the couple in time to see Odysseus raise his prodigious loins up from Helen’s reddened face.

As he withdrew his scrotum, raising his genitals upwards as he did so, Helen’s eyes suddenly fixed on the retreating male orbs and opened wide.

He stopped, leaving his nuts hanging and swaying inches above Helen’s face.  For a long count the Amazon stared at those babymakers.

Helen looked up over her forehead again, seeing Odysseus grinning evilly down on her.  Then she softly sighed in resignation, “Damn you, Odysseus!”  Abruptly she reached up and gripped his two hanging eggs in now greedy hands.

  Odysseus winced.  “Easy there, babe!  Those are attached, you know!” Gasped the centaur, even though he was back to arrogantly grinning again by the end of the sentence.

Helen, eyes now distinctly softer in set and fixed on the oversized  babymakers clutched in her hands, nodded with a more distinctly contented smile and, uncommanded, raised her head up to the level of the Centaur’s balls, still dangerously gripped in her talons.  With the most loving expression the testicle and pheromone intoxicated Amazon tenderly kissed each  man-egg, then rubbed them, one at a time, against her smooth, warm, sweet cheek.

Ukyou could not avoid noticing the expression of vivid contentment on Helen’s visage as she ran Odysseus’ hot, fat balls over her sweet face.

“Mmmmm!” Went the centaur. “You always did like my smell, didn’t you baby?”

Helen just nodded her smiling face, kissing his balls once again. For a long moment she played with his nuts, tenderly pressing her lips to the skin holding them.  Then she was licking them, running her broad pink tongue along the sides of each ball, eagerly, thoroughly, utterly soaking the skin around each testicle with her sweet saliva. For a good two minutes she labored on his low hanging scrotum.

“Ah!  That’s it!  You know what to do!” The Centaur sighed, eyes closed and a dreamy smile on his face.

Helen just kept washing down those testicles with her broad, pink tongue.

Finally satisfied with the Amazon’s lingual service, Odysseus pushed on her forehead and not at all gently, forcing her to her back.  The Amazon stared up at him in silence, but with clearly drugged, anime wide eyes.

“Now,” Odysseus smirked down at the prostrate Helen.  “You look ready enough, especially after you so lovingly wetted down my balls so eagerly and, may I say, expertly with that deliciously talented tongue. So no more playing around.  You know the position I like!  Assume it!… go ahead, I know you want it as much as I!  The sooner you present that big ass up for my use, the sooner you can blow your little brains out as I fuck you stupid!”

Helen just shook her head.

Odysseus put his hands on his “hips” and frowned slightly.  “Now now, you don’t want to be difficult do you?  You know what happened the last time you tried to deny me that big ass of yours!  Let us not go through that again!  Remember, you couldn’t sit in the saddle for a week afterwards!  Now roll over and give me that bubblebutt and I’ll have you singing praises to my prick in half a minute!”  In time with the ending of his sentence he flexed his mighty weapon and a ton of pre-cum poured out of his glans to drench Helen’s towering tits with Odysseus’ whipped frosting.  Snowcapped mountains never looked as majestic as the cum coated udders of the prostrate Amazon.

“Come on now, having you as a guest under me today was really great!  But you know my balls never stop working, so I need some service tonight!  If you want me all rested and ready to go tomorrow, you need to kinda rub me down, so to speak!  And you know what kind of rubdown I am talking about!”

Helen took her eyes from staring at Odysseus’ face to his intimidating cock stretching out forever over her.

Looking rather impatient, Odysseus reach down and, seizing Helen by the right arm, pulled her over onto her left side.  Helen on her side only could sigh as his pre-cum poured greasily around and over her left boob.

And as she rolled she looked up at him again and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this!  I’ll never let you… have me again if you do!”

“That’s what you told me last time we came into camp with me riding YOUR saddle!” The supremely egotistic Centaur replied.

Helen hesitated in her rollover, looking angrily up at the grinning Odysseus.  She still had her Amazon pride, after all.

“Okay!  Okay!  I shouldn’t have told your team how great you are at sucking me off!  Okay?”  The Centaur quickly responded to Helen’s angry look.  “I won’t tell anyone!  Promise!”

After a hesitation, and another tug on her arm, Helen resumed her roll.  On her elbows and knees she remained still in apparent resignation.  She stared ahead, without emotion, ignoring the horse hung beast arched over her.

Odysseus, his face breaking out again in a wide grin, did not want the Amazon to have time to think about her ‘position’ and ultimate fate.  Thus, following his admittedly juvenile instincts and quite unable or unwilling to deprive himself any longer the openly offered up pussy of the, no doubt temporarily, acquiescent female kneeling receptively beneath him, he wasted no more time in ‘small talk’ with her.  Bending his rear legs slightly to bring the fist sized head of his rigid, quivering male ramrod into line with Helen’s soaking wet woman opening, he reached down and firmly slapped his right hand upon the top of Helen’s head.

Helen immediately flexed her body impressively, resisting his downward pressing hand with all her strength.  Ukyou could see the Amazon’s back muscles as well as her arm muscles bulge and flex dramatically, looking like a professional bodybuilder posing in a competition.

But then Odysseus’ own right arm flexed mightily and Helen winced.  For a brief moment there was equilibrium, both competing in an immense test of strength, neither willing to relent.  It became a magnificent battle of raw power.  For a good minute the Amazon struggled against the clearly superior strength, as well as weight, of the towering Centaur.

But, to Ukyou, the Amazon’s fate appeared already sealed.  As Helen’s wince morphed into a vivid, teeth clenched grimace and her stiff arms began to quiver, Odysseus’ face broke out with an even more arrogant grin.

And Helen’s grimacing face started down to the ground beneath her.  She suddenly grunted while with full, utmost exertion she valiantly tried to raise herself back up in the face of the young, powerful Odysseus.

But it was quickly realized that she was impotent in resisting him.

Odysseus chuckled meanly as his victory materialized.

As her face inalterably descended her big ass began to most cooperatively rise.  Shaking her head tightly side to side, straining every sinew of her arms and back, trying desperately to stop his demeaning success over her, Helen’s face, nonetheless, smoothly and continuously descended until her right cheek was pressed firmly against the dirt of the campsite.

Ukyou saw the look of terrible humiliation with not a little despair on Helen’s face as Odysseus, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, moved a little forward and further downward until his drooling cockhead, the width of his fist, was lined up with the Amazon’s now fully offered up and thoroughly spread, not to mention pheromone aroused and moistened, pussy.

For another long moment Odysseus held Helen’s face to the ground.  After that moment she sighed and her back suddenly relaxed to resume its natural smooth curvature.

Only then did the Centaur release the Amazon’s head.  Helen stayed down, keeping the right side of her face pressed shamefully to the bare ground, making no attempt to rise.

And certainly making no attempt at lowering her big, wet ass!

Then Ukyou saw Helen’s eyes close tightly as the tip of the massive glans slipped into and begin to stretch the opening into her belly.  The Amazon shuddered visibly, and knowingly, when Odysseus gripped her by her wide and firm hips.

Ukyou thought to herself, “This Amazon has been there, in that position, before!  And with that Centaur!”

Then she glanced up to see Nabiki looking down at her.  She was grinning from ear to ear.

Making eye contact, Nabiki nodded her head…knowingly.

She knew:  This wasn’t the first time that Amazon had offered her broad and plump butt up at that Centaur!

Both grinning like beautiful young lechers, they looked forward as one.

Helen, keeping the right side of her face against the ground, shook her head in denial as if she was already familiar with what was going to occur immediately.

Then the centaur pulled mightily on those hips while thrusting gently into the deep crack running between Helen’s offered up tail.  With a syrupy pop, simultaneous with a brief but loud yelp from the Amazon, his brutally wide cockhead popped inside her. Without waiting for her to respond the centaur pulled again on her hips and, without thrusting this time, wrapped Helen’s feminine guts around his  prodigious prick.

Face snapping forward, eyes flying open into big, round, and white saucers, she started to raise her head in shocked response to the initial violation, but Odysseus’ hand returned to the top of her skull, his godlike strength permitting no further upwards movement.

As more and more arm thick shaft disappeared into her, as her belly relentlessly filled with equine glory, her face morphed from wide-eyed shock into a fierce, eyes screwed shut, jaw clenching scowl.  The more manmeat her hips, apparently willingly, gobbled up, the more her teeth ground together.

The beast Odysseus chuckled meanly as he ground his unbendable prick against Helen’s virtually violated cervix.  Ukyou could see the Amazon’s upside down breasts heave and shutter as her breathing picked up.  Not only the rate of breaths increasing dramatically but also the depth of each of her noisy inhalations as she swallowed up more Centaur glory with each powerful, grinding thrust.

Soon, simply unable to withstand the piercing pleasure of the Centaur mounting her, and accompanied with a high pitch whimper her head dropped limply until her nose and forehead were pressing into the ground.

Soon thereafter she was keening, almost squealing, through her nose to the dominating Centaur arching over her.  Relentlessly grinding far, far up into her, chuckling as formerly powerful Amazon hands clawed and pounded at the ground of the campsite in desperate and hopeless resistance, the Centaur continued to try to bury his entire monstrous pole into the prostrate Helen.

The centaur was youthfully relentless, maintaining a fully masculine pitilessness in his  generation of overwhelming penetration pleasure far within the female.  Even though he had lost count of how many evenings he had enjoyed this Amazon, or even tried to keep track, he did remember that her pussy had never  contracted and sucked oh so eagerly and competently upon his organ as she was doing now.  His arrogant smirk returned when she started to keen.

Helen began to pound the ground with her potentially dangerous but now futile fists.  The ‘thumping’ increased in rhythm as the centaur pulled back his massive organ, enjoying immensely the sucking of her stuffed belly on him as he withdrew, and did not stop until the widely fired crown of his cockhead caught on the inside of her vaginal opening.

“Don’t you dare!” Helen tried to howl up at him right before he could drive omnipotently back into her guts, but it came out as a forced, hoarse, gasping husk.

He just ignored her.  Seconds after her cry, he simply forced his way back into her.

“Oh you beast!” The Amazon cried, her fists opening to again claw at the ground beneath her.  “Don’t do this to me!”

The Centaur just chuckled and proceeded to bury himself into her belly.

“OOOOOOOOO!” Helen moaned pitifully, and in great feminine pleasure, as her belly swelled.   “You bastard!  I cannot resist…cannot stop you!  For honors sake, have mercy… not in front of… them!”  When his plunge into her did not stop, she panicked,  “NO!  Please!  PLEASE!”

She knew, from long experience under this beast, that Odysseus, once he had her in such a compromising ‘position’, could…no, would be ruthless in extracting the maximum of his pleasure from her.  And his pleasure depended on her taking his entire inhuman prick into her.

“UNG!” Helen grunted when he plowed once again into her feminine organs.  But now he was not going to hesitate any longer.  She felt him begin to withdraw immediately after she grunted.  And she knew what would come next…

As soon as he had pulled back enough he immediately plowed back in.

And Helen grunted again when he hit bottom, grunted quite loudly.

Taking the grunts as acquiescence to his sexual desires and her sexual needs, the Centaur started it up a powerful, rapid, dominating fuck into the Amazon, driving his meat vigorously, downright violently, fully into Helen’s now widely stretched feminine tube.

And, head down and shaking back and forth, Helen began crying out, howling, as he smashed into her cervix and, eventually… inevitably, violated her womb:  “OH!  NO!  Have mercy!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!” she cried at last, sounding like a wolf howling at the moon.

Ukyou gawked at the tableau displayed before her.  The Amazon’s oh so easy looking submission thrilled her as well as disgusted her.  Seeing the powerful woman reduced to ass up capitulation to the horse hung Centaur was oh so exciting!

But, likewise, seeing how easy, how slutty this supposedly honorable Woman Warrior was in submitting willingly to huge manmeat also disgusted her.

“How could she let that beast, that animal, that… that… that beast of burden dominate her, use her, fuck her like that without her resisting him?” Ukyou silently said to her self.

Then she thought,  “What if Odysseus came on to her?  Would she submit as readily as Helen?”

Abruptly Nabiki gave her a partial answer, again not taking her eye from the viewfinder of her camera,  “Damn!  Those pheromones really work, don’t they?  Makes me want to take on that Centaur myself!”

“What do you mean?”  Ukyou came back in any heated whisper.

“What?” Nabiki replied while snapping away.  “Oh, well, I haven’t taken on a really, really big dick and, like, he’s got one!  Why not?  He would certainly not say no!  I’ll get some really good shots, from the woman’s point of view, so to speak, of him unloading into my face!  I’ve got some female friends from the gym who would pay big bucks for pictures of that!”

“No!” Ukyou came back.  “What pheromones?”

Nabiki momentarily stopped shooting pictures.  “Well, didn’t you know?  Those Centaurs, all of them, give off some kind of chemical.  They call them pheromones.  Some kind of aphrodisiac that sends any female into heat by just smelling them.  I hear that no female can resist a Centaur lowering his scrotum… you know, his ballsack, onto your face!”

“Are you lying again, Nabiki?”  Ukyou replied with one eye closed.  “That sounds pretty outrageous!”

Nabiki pointed at the couple rutting before the fire as proof.  Both of them could easily make out Helen’s nearly hysterically loud wails as her ’mount’  remorselessly increased the rhythm and especially the force of his very masculine drives into her.  “There’s your proof, right there!  My logic is inescapable.  Or, perhaps you would like to walk out there and stick your face into his ballsack and see, for yourself, just how horny you get?”

Reluctantly convinced, Ukyou shut up and turned to watch the show.  Nabiki renewed her picture taking.

In a remarkably short time, to Ukyou’s thinking, the participants’ roles had been reversed.  Helen now was actively ramming her hips back against Odysseus’ divine dong, smashing back against his immovable rod, repeating in a blur, over and over.  She was looking ahead, her teeth grinding together and her eyes wide and white again.  Her strained, forced, increasingly loud squeals and moans, between equally hard and dramatic inhalations, were coming rhythmically out her nose and between those teeth.  Her formerly ground pounding fists were now holding on to that Centaur’s front legs, her arms reaching around them, her hands running up and down the spectacular musculature of those legs.

All the while Odysseus, firmly holding his steely bar forward for Helen’s madly humping use, smirked down at the out of control Amazon about to explode in the first of many orgasms that he planned to force on her this night.  His low hanging, massive balls and scrotum swung in a great arc between his rear legs.  As the Amazon smashed her guts against the belly buried cockhead of the Centaur mounting her, his balls swung between her own widely spaced thighs and, approximately every third swing, those heavy orbs would loudly slap against her sweaty, cock bloated belly.

Helen was quite out of it.  All that her mind was capable of now was the simple hunt for a brain dissolving orgasm.  And that wondrous, beautiful, enslaving cock head was just about to get her there.

“AAAAAAH!”  Helen screamed with all the hysteria of a classical madwoman, as a lightning like flash obliterated her thoughts and almost blinded her from the inside of her mind.  The bliss, as usual massively powerful, seized her mind, imprinting the sensation of that inhuman organ pounding her irresistibly, relentlessly, ruthlessly into mind altering bliss.

“SQUEAL!  OH!  Oh!  Oh!  By the gods!  That is sooooo gooooooood!”  She howled mindlessly, just as she had done so many times before in otherwise empty campsites, smashing her hips back with even greater fervor.

Always against the same brutally wide and long cock.  Always under the same arrogant young Centaur.

“There!  There!  You are making too much noise, baby.”  Odysseus finally had to admit.  “Here, let me get off and I’ll take you into the darkness where there will be more privacy, so you can enjoy my meat!  At least those other two will not see you serve happily under me, my harem bitch!”

He reached down with both arms and picked her up from under her armpits.  His steely prick held up her nether regions.

Completely compliant and helpless, lost in her first mind blanking orgasm of the evening, Helen couldn’t stop convulsing and humping, better yet resist him.  Her hips rotated madly around his jerking meat, working for his own orgasm.  She continued her hip thrusts, though with less force, smashing her womanly guts furiously back onto his unbending cock.  In her sexual delirium she didn’t even notice that she was off the ground, nor that her Centaur lover was now swinging her forwards and back, letting her fuck him into a most well-deserved first orgasm of the night.  She wasn’t noticing anything except his power over her and that wondrous prick so far up her guts.

She just wanted him to use her as his cum dump.  Soon she was looking up over her forehead at the hard-working Odysseus, a content smile on her sweaty face.  With the voice of a newlywed, she pleaded up at him, “Oh please!  Don’t stop!  Please!  I want your seed!  Fertilize me!  It’s so good when you fill me with your delicious semen!  Don’t deny me!  I’ll do whatever you want!  I will lick… lick you clean!  You can come between my boobs and cum whenever you want all over my face!  Just cum in me!”

In response, Odysseus stopped his steps towards the darkness surrounding their camp.  Still holding her under him, he let the Amazon continue to grind her stuffed hips around his nearly buried half meter of manmeat.

Ukyou watched in awe, not even noticing the porn producer, Nabiki, clicking away just overhead.  She watched as the motionless Odysseus began to grind his organ himself only in the opposite direction of Helen’s almost frantic rotational fucking.  When the centaur started driving with potent force into a now screaming Amazon, something instinctive within Ukyou said that the male was approaching his most justified and well earned bliss.

And Odysseus was. A minute or of grinding and thrusting and he was suddenly there…

It was Helen who first acknowledged his ultimate pleasure by screaming her head off when the first, easily cup sized spew of hot testicular protein rocketed through her breached cervix and ricocheted off the roof of her womb.  Only then did Odysseus roar his lion-like cry of masculine triumph.

Then he proceeded to flood Helen’s girl guts with a good liter of centaur-chowder.

And Helen continued to wail in out of control orgasm through the entire injection by Odysseus.  It seemed that the more her belly bloated, the louder she screamed.

Ukyou stared in growing awe has the Amazon’s normally flat and ribbed belly swelled relentlessly under the Centaur’s wadd injection until she looked eight months pregnant.  Helen was still wailing her love for Odysseus’ magnificent cum injector as he, temporarily satisfied, carried her into the darkness.

Her wild screams and long, low moans of ultimate feminine pleasure would wake Ukyou no less than three more times that evening.  As for Nabiki, she would eventually, once Ukyou fell asleep again, sneak out to get some more valuable, money making pictures, except, without a flash attachment to her camera, the pictures would not be of the quality that justified her typical high-end price that she could obtain back home with Ranma-chan’s shower pictures.


Ranma-chan woke to the sound of cloth ripping.  She opened her eyes and jerked her head up to see that, indeed, part of the large tent they were in had been rent.  It had been torn by the throwing of an Amazon through it!

Then Ranma saw the Amazon, flat on her back, arms and legs spread wide, out cold!  Then she recognized who it was!

Athena!  The Commander!

A new sound, off to her left, distracted her.  Looking that way she saw no one else but Akane, lusciously naked and looking seriously pissed, turn to face Cleistra who was rushing up to grab her.

Akane saw her coming, the Amazon’s arms outstretched, and, at the precisely correct moment, she did a forward kick to the Amazon’s chin.  Cleistra’s head flew back as her feet slid forward and the Amazon landed, rather heavily, on her back.

And she did not get up.

Wide eyed, Ranma caught movement out of the right corner of her eyes and she immediately jerked her head there.  Just in time, she saw Shampoo, standing between the other two Amazons, send a left and a right overhead kick into the foreheads of the two towering women warriors.

With the two women crumpled to the floor of the tent, one on each side of her, Shampoo looked contentedly, obviously quite satisfied with herself, at Ranma.  Knowing Ranma’s reputation, a little smile crossed her beautiful Asian face.

Ranma then looked down to take in an equally beautiful, downright delicious (to male or female) very Asian body of the short but voluptuous Amazon.  In spite of her determination not to become a lesbian, Ranma felt a definite lusty thrill go for her, looking at that curvy, smooth, stacked and bubble-butted Chin standing unselfconsciously nude, thighs spread wide, before her.

“OOOO!  I hate perverts!  Even if they are women!”

When Ranma turned back to her left, the direction of the latest exclamation, she saw Akane, equally naked, angry, and luscious, standing where she had put down the first two Amazon’s.  Her body, delicious in a slightly different way, stood rigid, stiff arms at her side, her own well-developed musculature maximally flexed and quivering in her continued fury.

“What happened?” Ranma could only ask.

“Damn perverts!  Even the women in this… place are perverts! What they did to me… to us and then made us like it… I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I kicked the ass of the first pervert that tried to make a pass at me!”

Ranma turned to Shampoo, “And you? Why did you kick the asses of your fellow Amazons?”

Shampoo just shrugged, making her full, conical, youthfully fat tits jiggle.  “They are not my Amazon sisters!  Amazons do not do what they did to a fellow Amazon!”  After a short hesitation, she added, “And they will now think twice before they try that again with any travelers!”

Ranma smiled.  “Well, good!  Then get me out of this collar and chain and let’s get the hell out of here!”

Suddenly Akane was much less angry, much more relaxed, as she stepped towards her ‘husband’.  “Good! I’ll get you out of the chains, Ranma-chan!  Shampoo, you will get Kasumi and will take the Centaurs and this time WE will ride THEM, for once!”

Shampoo did not take Akane’s orders mildly.  A big frown formed on her face and she didn’t move at all.

When Akane saw the look on Shampoo’s face, she too stopped and glared back at the Chin.

“Now wait a minute you too!” Ranma recognized an upcoming Bitch Fight, probably over her, between those two.  While the idea of those two, fighting each other over Ranma excited her newly discovered lesbian tendencies, this was exactly the wrong time to have those two angry at each other!  “We cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves!  At least not now and definitely not here!  Both of you, chill out and give it a rest!  There will be always opportunities to settle your disagreements later!  Now get me free so we can get Kasumi and get the hell out of here!”

After a good minute of glaring at each other, Akane and Shampoo finally nodded together and instantly that tension, at least, was gone.

“No doubt temporarily,”  Ranma thought…and then hoped!

As Shampoo stepped by Akane on her way out of the tent to find Kasumi, she was overheard by Ranma: “I’ll see you later, Slut!  Then I’ll kick your ass and maybe even steal your ‘husband’ from you!”

Akane just growled as she reached for the chain wrapped around the center pole of the tent.  When she got to Ranma’s collar, she made a point of standing right in front of her, legs spread, giving the ex-male a perfect and ‘up-skirt’ (if she were wearing one!) view of her brilliantly pink and glistening wet pussy… right in her/ his face!

Kinda uncomfortably, Ranma caught herself staring at that bald twat for the entire time it took for Akane to remove the collar.  She had almost a teenaged boy’s response to being so close to Akane’s snatch.

She drooled!  Literally!

And this is not to mention the thrill she got whenever Akane’s not small tits brushed or bounced off of Ranma’s forehead as her fiance’ worked away!


It was sunrise, but no one would have seen it…not where she was standing…

Queen Serenity, the ruler of the Kingdom of Vaseline, stood near the middle of the underground chamber, or dungeon, of her castle.  The twenty meter diameter, three meter high chamber was intended as the only compromise to the most distasteful part of being the queen of the only truly independent and free nation in Urd’s Land: keeping her land inviolate and secure.

The Queen was tall and naturally majestic.  Nearly 1.8 meters tall, she had long straight hair that draped like a black waterfall down her svelte back nearly to the bulging tops of her full, round ass, just past the small of her back.  Her face, distinctly oval in an Asian sort of way, betrayed almond shaped eyes that seemed to curl up at their outside edges.  Her lips were not full but were vividly maroon, standing out against her smooth, pale, unblemished skin.

Her figure, in a word, was perfect.  Urd would have a hard time matching it without resorting to serious Magic.  Hourglass to the extreme, her waist was teenage, virgin teenage, tight and narrow while her hips flared in a most mature and dramatic manner.  The contrast was striking, especially from the back.

Or the front:  Her breasts, easily ‘D’ cup (if she wore a bra, which, of course, she never did) hung on her chest like big and full pears, a perfect plump and broad curve on the underside while her small nipples, seeming endlessly hard, jutted out through whatever she wore.

Which today was exactly the same style of clothing that she wore virtually every day.  It was a dress, today a light pink, that ran from a tight collar around her neck down to very nearly the floor.  The cloth also clung to every smooth and sleek curve and bulge of her like it was painted on.  Her pebble stiff nipples,  as well as her small aureolas, shown through the thin, semi-transparent material as well as poked it out.  In back the deep, dark crack between her big, round ass ‘pillows’ was not hard to make out.  It could be easily identified by the dark long vertical shadow showing through the almost gossamer thin dress.

Likewise from one glance it became obvious, to any casual observer, that her mound, rising smoothly under her dress immediately above her loins, was naturally hairless.  Any pubic hair on that mound would have stood out like Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore!  Her legs, long and gracefully full, were outlined with equal accuracy by her long skirt.

The center of the stone floor in the rock hewn chamber was occupied by a wide stone ‘altar’, some three meters in diameter and set a meter off the floor.  Though ‘altar’ was technically an improper use of the term, it did resemble an ancient stone table used for some, often unnerving or downright despicable, torture and/or sacrifice.

And the Queen knew that one of those purposes was the reason she stood there at that moment.  She had to oversee the protection of her land and kingdom, with no regard to her better senses and emotions.

The table was actually a sort of round rack.  It presently had a victim tied down upon it, legs and arms spread wide.  A woman… a stranger… had been captured that morning trying to gain access to the castle without using the prescribed, legal customs gate.   “No doubt,” the Queen thought as she watched the naked barbarian writhe upon the cool, smooth, unyielding stone.  “Looking to steal something instead of working for it!”

The women, obviously a Barbarian, clearly did not fit the musculature of an Amazon.  Yet she was tall, nearly the Queen’s height.  Her hair was short, hardly more than a layer of stubble around her head.  She would have had to shave her head to get it any shorter.  In contrast, on the top of her head, from just atop her forehead to her occipital bone ran a 3 inch high mohawk.  The effect gave her a ferocious, yet quite exotic appearance.

“Just what those barbarians want!” The Queen thought, recalling what she had been told by others about the… mating habits of these all-female gangs.  “There is no confusing an Amazon with one of these half- wild barbarians!  Completely lawless!  Without honor or pride!”

Then Queen Serenity looked between the jerking, kicking thighs of the woman to see a flaming pink, shiny- wet slit running between those legs.  She saw how wrinkled and elongated the labia were and was alarmed… and briefly thrilled… by the unhooded clit that poked up a good inch from between where those labia came together at the top of the woman’s pussy.  An inch or so father up, upon the apex of the jutting and smooth sex mound of the barbarian, the Queen made out a little patch of wiry stubble.  It was shaped like a upside down triangle with its base was little more than an inch wide.  The patch consisted of closely cropped pubic hair, but of a thickness and rigidness to permit no sagging or curling of the individual strands. They looked almost like a wire brush with very short bristles used to sandpaper wood.

Instantly recognizing the use of the wiry pad, the Queen hastily averted her eyes, her pale face momentarily flushing, her body feeling very hot for a moment.   Such a use for that pad she definitely disagreed with.

And she also knew that everyone in Vaseline knew the purpose of that pad.  It was how the Barbarians kept their captives in their evil and obscene clutches.  She had been told, and without any pleasure for a Queen needed to be told such things, not necessarily enjoy them, that having that hard mound with its pad of wiry pubic hair on top it grinding down on some poor, innocent female’s…loins could drive a woman, or girl, insane!

And there were many innocent women, and even more naive and virginal schoolgirls, in Vaseline!

And it was her self appointed responsibility to keep those innocents chaste and as safe from…carnal violation as was possible in this era and area of lust and rapine.

For Vaseline was a much different kingdom than those in the rest of Urd’s domain.  In the over 300 years since Queen, formerly Princess, Serenity’s founding of Her Kingdom she had dedicated her rule to eliminating the distorting effects… the downright evil obsessions…of these sex mad creatures that Urd had unleashed upon the surrounding lands.

“Impossible?” Said some… many horny visitors over the centuries.  “It cannot be done!  You must be living in a Fairy tale!”

“How true!” She said to herself… told herself many times.  Not only did her castle and surrounding town look like it had come from a Fairy tale, it was a Fairy tale!

It was Urd’s doing, of course.  The Goddess clearly was looking for something… different… in the technically nonexistent lands that she was constructing.  Since the rest of her lands were, to say the least, obsessed with… well, sex…she found the idea of a virtually lust and copulation- less Kingdom at least something new, if not something really unique… for her Lands at least!

Then again, to Urd’s rather warped ways of thinking, as well as her idea of entertainment, placing such a Land… and insane Land if you compare it to the rest of the territories around it, it kind of made sense… to a lunatic Goddess.

So Princess Serenity was ‘borrowed’ from the Negiverse to become a Queen and rule a truly fairy tale land where there was no outward sign of lust, overt eroticism, or good old rutting sex.  The Queen became a combination of real and make-believe characters.  Certainly, to be built like she was and yet never engage in physical sexuality had to be out of a fairy tale.  The Princess seemed to fit the requirements so the goddess took Serenity and, after some, mostly mental, ‘adjustments’, made her Queen.

In the 300 or so years after she had been made Queen she certainly lived up to Urd’s expectations.  Unlike outside of the kingdom, Vaseline resembled a kingdom taken out of a fairy tale for 12-year-old girls.  Romance, and only romance, was permitted and tolerated.  Overt references or actions regarding or resembling physical sex were not to be seen and were quite forbidden…at least in public anywhere observable by the public.  Since there were no males in the kingdom, it was assumed that that made the task of eliminating sexual activity easier to accomplish.

That was…convenient…for, since everyone in Urd’s Lands were essentially immortal and, therefore, there would not be the need to procreate, the need for coitus was also superfluous…and definitely vulgar.

At least that was the conclusions she had made.  And the conclusions she fully expected her subjects to make, too!

Most of the citizens of Vaseline had the same attitude towards sexual intercourse as did typical 12-year-olds.  Clearly there were hints of lesbian relationships in the kingdom.  One simply could not avoid nor prevent such interrelationships forever!  Romance did have its consequences!  But Queen Serenity was proud of her record at ensuring that such carnal activities were, at least, not overheard nor overseen.

But, nonetheless, all was not well in Vaseline.  Before Serenity accepted the Queenship of Vaseline, she quickly recognized that many of the other denizens of Urd’s lands could not be trusted not to invade her sweet little land of innocent, perpetually youthful, and oh so sexually and physically mature young women.  Her kingdom would need defenses.

She did have her Guards, of course, all who were quite competent with dealing with the occasional border crosser or smuggler.  But she would need a full-fledged, well-trained, battle experienced army if she was to avoid the various Amazon tribes, not to mention the barely sane, mostly uncontrollable, and usually very male sex monsters that the Goddess Urd, during one of her drunken reveries, spotted the lands all about Vaseline with.

So the Goddess, realizing that the enjoyment she expected from watching Queen Serenity and the Kingdom of Vaseline maintain their collective and personal chastity and virginity depended on the maintaining of said kingdom’s inviolability, she recognized Serenity’s need for some kind of security.  Urd thusly awarded a boon to the kingdom: the Silver Crystal of the Chaste Goddess of Perpetual Virginity (Urd certainly did not claim to be said Goddess.  It just sounded cool!).  With the crystal, and the Guards, Vaseline was safe from invasion or looting and rapine.

From the ‘normal’ threats of Urd’s realm!

She put it in the holiest of temples, the Temple atop the Phallic Mountain, and Serenity herself activated it with a personal spell.  It was her crystal now, not Urd’s, which only added to the security of her kingdom.

And the excitement in Urd thinking about Serenity loosing that security…and her chastity…to one of her denizens!

It was a sizable piece of Magic impregnated  lodestone-diamond from the Moon, a semi-transparent stone, highly modified by forces from the Sun and who knows what magic, that shown with a crisp silvery tint.  It’s power source was unknown other than it was magical, it generated a protective shield around her kingdom where the wide and flat plains of Urd’s lands butted up against the foothills of the towering mountain range that Vaseline was composed of.  The shield was, like the exotic stone it came from, essentially transparent save for a hardly visible silver tint, like light reflecting off of the smooth surface of water.  The shield was always there, always working.

It cannot be removed, even by Urd, the stone that creates the shield could not be destroyed, even by Urd.

That was the deal that Urd had to agree to before Serenity would accept the Queenship.

As for the barrier, it was not actually a physical barrier.  Anyone, on either side of it, could pass through without even noticing its presence save for the tint.  So, how does it work?  How does it protect Vaseline?

The Queen’s very presence in that room, watching a female, a barbarian, writhe in erotic agony upon a huge altar made out of a solid block of bedrock, at least partially answered those questions.

The impassioned barbarian was demonstrating to all how the shield worked.  No matter who crossed it, provided they were female, upon entering into her kingdom they were reduced to hyper-aroused little fuckpuppies.  And for the male monsters:  No matter who the person was, provided they were equipped with a penis and testicles, they came out of the shield into the Queen’s land oh so very female and, too, oh so very horny.  Whatever they had in mind when they entered the shield was replaced by an almost unbearable craving for massive penetration.

And that included the relatively few males in Urd’s lands, they were turned into very horny females also.

Suddenly the Queen saw her Captain of the Guards stepping up to the altar to stand at the foot of the well spread barbarian.  The barbarian looked down at the Captain from over towering tits and between spread legs with eyes wide with alarm.

The Guard’s name was Alaineal, but most called her ‘Jupiter’.  She had been serving the Queen as her Captain since the very beginning of the Kingdom.

“Put the ‘collar’ on her!” Alaineal barked to the Guards standing over the bound woman’s head, then turned towards the Queen.

Jupiter was nearly a head shorter then the Queen.  She was not Asian but from European stock.  Her skin was slightly darker than the Queen’s.  It shown with a light coppery tone that seemed to glisten like the metal when wet.  She had quite broad shoulders which, as if to make up for her shortness, were substantially wider than the Queen’s.  The muscles of those shoulders and her upper arms displayed great strength…for use especially, but not exclusively, in fighting…for her Queen.  Her hair was cut short, as was the habit in most…mature…women, but not girls, in the Kingdom.  Her back was as stiff as a rail, her waist as tight as the Queen’s but much harder, and she had smallish handfuls for breasts that were plump, wide of base, and firmly pointed like Hershey’s kisses.

Her legs were long for her height, sleek, powerful.  If need be she could run down anyone in the Kingdom or climb the tallest peaks without difficulty.  Between those full, smooth thighs, and as yet unseen by the Queen, was a crimson gash with tight short labia, a clit the size of the end of an Amazon’s thumb, and absolutely no pubic hair.  In back of that was a bubblebutt of divine proportions, her buttocks, if anything could be said about them, could have been slightly too large, too bulbous, too much of a bubble, for the woman’s height.  Her asscrack literally disappeared into a Stygian void whose floor could not be made out.

…unless it was wrapped around your face!

And she was the only overt lesbian that the Queen permitted in her Court or for herself to have social intercourse with.

SOCIAL intercourse that is!

But Queen Serenity had had moments when she wondered what it would be like to finally admit her Captain into her bed…

There had been times when the overly passionate captain had almost… ALMOST… attempted quite improper… and thrilling… overtures of wanting to do that very thing!

“But Queens were not permitted such cheap, trivial pleasures!” She would always castigate herself, driving the wicked…and torrid…thoughts from her mind.  Thoughts of…

Alaineal squatting upon her smiling, wide eyed face!


At that moment Jupiter was wearing green tights that looked painted on and a short, soft leather vest that was midriff baring and open down the front.  Only a single leather strap at the bottom held it together across the front.

One glance at her barely contained ass confirmed that underwear had not been discovered yet in Vaseline.  In front her cameltoe was completely and vividly outlined in those flesh clinging leotards.  But not a pubic hair to be seen nor outlined.  Even her oversized clit could be seen pushing out the ‘painted on’ cloth.

Pubic hair was nearly non-existent in Vaseline.

Her look back at her Queen, a small but annoying smile on her beautiful tanned face betraying her thoughts…no, her plans, her desires, her intentions towards the helpless, rather attractive barbarian, stirred the Queen.  Serenity was reminded yet again of the advantageous of having a woman like Alaineal for her Captain and major torturer!

And the dangers!

Without further thought,  a beginning to sweat Serenity nodded.

Her smile broadening, Jupiter reached down to the large leather pouch on the floor alongside her and pulled out a wide belt with many leather strips hanging from it.  Strapping it quickly around her wide hips, making sure the straps were properly fitted around her powerful thighs and between her jutting buttocks, she then reached back down and pulled out a long cylindrical object that had to be half a meter long.

With the most hideous smirk Jupiter presented the thick tube to the barbarian, nearly shoving it into the wide eyed woman’s face.  The Captain’s hand was barely able to reach three quarters of the way around the wide, flat topped shaft!  And that smirk screamed volumes to the still writhing, but now, with the collar on, a massively re-heated up and quite intimidated woman tied down to the stony rack.

The Queen could see that the collar had been activated, for the stones running around it, in the middle of the collar, were glowing.

The collar had been a gift from Urd.  It was quite magickal, powered by the energy from the Silver Crystal.  Urd had called it a ‘Pleasure Collar’.  The Captain called it her ‘Breaking Collar’.

It made any physical contact between one person and a woman’s erotic zones, defined very broadly, exquisitely, maddeningly, overwhelmingly pleasurable to the woman.

And it made that pleasure quite addictive.  So addictive that a woman would do anything…ANYTHING…to get the pleasure back.  Even tell the Captain everything she knew…

It only worked on females, but anyone could use one.

Once the woman was collared, she was doomed.

Serenity had literally never witnessed a female that could resist the collar’s evil enchantment.

As soon as the barbarian woman saw what Alaineal displayed, that it was clearly intended for her, her struggles instantly ceased.  An instant after the collar was snapped around her strong neck a scowl of pure power, of desperate determination, crossed the woman’s face.  Shaking her head wildly, nothing but courage and resistance showing on her face, the barbarian began howling her defiance, “NO!  YOU CANNOT FORCE ME TO BETRAY MY SISTERS!  EVEN IF YOU USE THE DAMNED COLLAR ON ME!   I WILL NOT TELL YOU ANYTHING!  I WILL NOT BREAK!  NOT EVEN WITH THAT!  I WON’T TELL YOU ANYTHING!  YOU MIGHT AS WELL PUT THAT…THING AROUND MY NECK AWAY FOR IT CANNOT WORK ON ME!”

Alaineal just smirked arrogantly.  “Then tell me where your raiding party is camped, bitch, and I will not break you with this!  What did you come here for?”  Then the Captain noticed the fixed gawk of the Barbarian’s eyes on the monstrous dildo she held before her.  Jupiter’s smirk broadened and she added with a husky, all to suggestive voice, “Hot for this, aren’t you, bitch!  You can’t lie to me!  You cannot lie to the collar!  You want this!  Want it way, way up inside you, don't you bitch!  Well, you will want it, more desperately than you can imagine, once your bespelled body gets a taste of this!  Just one deep, spreading taste and you’ll go mad for more of it!   Talk or so help me, I will leave you hanging like this… not give you any relief… until you have gone mad!  So you better start talking, bitch!”

Still showing admirable but misplaced courage, the barbarian turned to the stoic Queen.  “Please, your Majesty, I know nothing!  NOTHING!  Don’t let Your Captain dishonor me…especially when I know nothing of value to you!  I… I… I got lost!  I did not know I had crossed into your lands!  I’ll go right back!  I will tell no one anything!  Just don’t let her torture me!”

The Queen looked much disturbed with the scene.  She looked at Jupiter with uncertain eyes that screamed: “But torture?  Is that necessary?”

Jupiter strode to her Queen, holding the arm long and leg thick, smooth and slick marble dildo lovingly in her hands.  Softly, intimately she spoke while stroking the dildo, “She is lying already, My Queen.  It is obvious!  These people are born liars!  They have been trained since childhood to lie to us and anyone with us!  We need to know why she tried to cross our border!  What was she after?  It is absolutely essential we get that information!  Such information justifies a… little… torture!  National security is at stake!  I can get you that information, if you let me use my tried and true methods!  We… YOU need to know what she knows!

“Give me one hour with her, My Queen!  I’ll have her telling you everything you want to know!  Five minutes after I impale her she will be telling us everything… whatever you or me or anyone else would like to know about her and her gang.  Just five minutes, My Queen!”

Chewing on her lower lip, after a long moment’s hesitation, the Queen’s eyes locked on the brave Barbarian.  Then she nodded.

Alaineal’s face lit up.  “Thank you, my Queen!”  Then she turned to face the now worried barbarian.  Ominously, the Captain began strapping on the monstrous faux phallus to her hips.  It jutted out from the captain’s broad hips like the bowsprit of a ship, incongruously far, far out from her hips.  With a swollen cockhead that looked quite authentic, the bestial thing seemed more appropriate swinging under a Centaur’s belly!  It was wide with a flat top, the underside possessing a swollen tube running its entire length.

It had to be as wide as the Captain’s hand…

All the barbarian could do was shake her determined looking head, her eyes jumping from the sex weapon and the arrogant face of the Captain.

Stepping right up to between the Barbarian’s feet, Jupiter stood a moment, stroking the phallus, jutting a good 38 cm from her flat and ribbed belly, like it was part of her.  Then the Captain looked at the collar glowing around the Barbarian’s neck.

She nodded.

Immediately two of her Guards stepped around the circular stone ‘table’ and freed the legs of the woman.  Pulling on her legs, they drew her towards the Captain.

All the Barbarian could do was howl her defiance.

They stopped when her full ass was at the edge of the altar-like stone.  The Barbarian’s plump asscheeks fell right into two smooth and curved depressions set in the stone’s edge.  The depressions fit her buns so well because they had been made by untold thousands of captives over the last 300 years who had faced the same Jupiter and her woman breaker.  It had been the squirming, thrashing, humping of those women’s buttocks on the stone that had made…ground those asscheek perfect depressions that the Barbarian’s equally full and smooth asscheeks now occupied.

The two Guards simply lifted the furiously resisting Barbarian’s legs up over her to bind her ankles to her equally bound wrists.

Her big ass now pointed almost directly up…right at the chuckling Alaineal’s face!

She stepped forward towards the Barbarian’s wide and bulging ass almost hanging over the edge of the stone.  When she planted the near fist sized cockhead into the defiantly howling Barbarian’s flaming pink and dripping wet pussy, instantly finding and plugging the woman’s opening to her womb, two things immediately happened:

With a wince the Barbarian shut up.

  And the Queen abruptly spoke:  “She must remain a virgin, Captain!”

Jupiter nodded again and looked back at the Queen from over her shoulder, “Of course, My Queen!  Just wanted to lubricate my appendage before I take her…for her comfort, of course!”

In a much lower, more intimate voice she sad to the wide eyed Barbarian, “Virgin my ass!  You’ve probably stuck your big ass and sloppy pussy up at every Centaur in your Party!”

The Captain then slid the shiny wet cockhead down between the woman’s labia until the broad tip plugged the Barbarian’s anal opening.

The Barbarian suddenly was looking up at the over-towering Captain with wide and white eyes.

Jupiter just chuckled.  Gently she pressed her ‘cock’ home, spreading the woman’s sphincter oh so slightly.

The Barbarian immediately winced with the initial stretching, then bit down on her lower lip.  Her eyes never left the Captain’s.

“Feel good?” Alaineal husked to the woman.  “And that is only with the tip in!  You know, you could tell me what I want and you don’t have to be fucked insane!  This is your last chance!  Otherwise, when I get through with you, all you will be able to think about, want, live for will be kneeling on the ground with your big ass up and spread wide while a Centaur…anyone’s Centaur!…buries his meat into you!  Now, what will it be, woman?”

Immediately the Barbarian shook her head.

“Still defiant, eh?” the Captain replied.  “Good!  I like the brave ones!  They break so much better…so much more deeply!  Okay…enjoy!”  The Captain thrust her hips forward.

The Queen jumped with the shrill, hysterical scream that echoed in the cavern as, right before her eyes, Jupiter buried her almighty weapon into the Barbarian.

When the cockhead burst through her defeated sphincter the Barbarian’s eyes flew open again, and her jaws came together with a ‘click’.  But it wasn’t from pain.  As soon as the cockhead popped inside her the most…wonderful pleasure burst in her mind.  Never had she felt…imagined such pleasure!

The Queen watched…suddenly she couldn’t turn her eyes away…as her Captain smoothly, steadily, relentlessly slid every centimeter of that marble ‘cock’ into the Barbarian’s bowels.

For her part the Barbarian’s howling abruptly stopped when the dildo refused to stop and continued into her.  The collar did its evil work and the brutal spreading of her guts generated the most powerful and delicious penetration and bloating pleasure.  And as the monstrous phallus sank home impossibly deep into her, the bliss multiplied.

Suddenly, with the wickedly swollen phallus little more than halfway into her already bloated belly, the Barbarian’s shocked face melted into undeniable bliss and then turned aside.

The Queen flushed as the Barbarian’s loud, forced, and sincere moan now echoed in the room, “OOOOOOHHHHHH!”

Jupiter just chuckled…loudly and meanly.

The Barbarian continued to moan as more and more marble disappeared into her.  Awesomely, relentlessly, overwhelmingly the Captain drove every single centimeter into the woman, until her hips were pressed and grinding down on the Barbarian’s.

Meanwhile the very passionate and most sincere moaning went on and on…

Jupiter pulled her hips back, backing her weapon out until the crown of the cockhead caught on the back of the woman’s violated anus.

The Barbarian gasped then her anus caught the glans.

The faux cock stopped.  It stopped for a long moment.  Finally, the Barbarian whined…whined almost desperately.

Jupiter chuckled down at the sweaty, frowning woman.  “How do you feel now?  Felt good, didn’t it?  Want some more?  Just tell me where your camp is and what your sisters are up to!”

Wide eyed, the woman hesitated a moment, then tightly shook her head.

Alaineal was unfazed.  “Brave, eh?  Well, that bravery is certainly misplaced here!  I haven’t failed to break the bravest bitch!  Now, just stuffing that fat ass of yours is not the only thing my little toy can do to you!  Here!”

The Captain immediately began plowing the Barbarian’s ass, driving ‘balls’ deep and then nearly out, three swift, powerful and brutal strokes.

The woman hardly had time to cry out before the Captain stopped.

Jupiter could see the sudden move upwards by the woman’s head as if to ask for more, and she chuckled again, low and slow.

Breathing fast and hard through her nose, the Barbarian, now streaming with sweat, stared up at the smirking Captain with a mixture of defiance…and fear.

“Convinced?  You could feel it, couldn’t you?  That rising…that driving force of pleasure!  Oh, once it gets you…you’ll do anything…anything to get that feeling again!  And when you cum!  When you cum from a huge prick driven hard, fast, and, especially, deep by someone who knows how, that gets you!  See?”

Then the Captain was driving again.  Pounding, smashing their wet hips together in echoing ‘slaps’ that echoed in the cavern, the hard fucking Captain laughed aloud when the teeth clenched, desperately resisting Barbarian’s face abruptly collapsed into a slack frown and her eyes just started to roll up…

And the Captain suddenly pulled out!

“NO!” the Barbarian immediately shrieked, looking up at the grinning Jupiter frantically, hysterically, insanely.

“Feel good?” the Captain laughed.  “Getting closer, aren’t you?  Well, let me show you how close you can get.  Just one more time and I will leave you here…”  Then she brutally slammed her entire ‘organ’ into the ass tilted up woman…

To the hilt.

And the Barbarian shrieked again, then moaned like the dying as the Captain expertly plowed her completely broken in butt, slamming into her, irresistibly driving her remorselessly higher and higher.  She looked up at the Captain with a happy, worshipful face as she went higher and higher and higher…

Then, when just a couple of pounding strokes away from orgasm, Jupiter pulled out with a sloppy pop!

The ‘pop’ had hardly quieted before the Barbarian was screaming in pitiful need, “NO!  PLEASE!  DON’T STOP!  I”LL DO ANYTHING!”

“‘Anything?’” Jupiter replied in an intimate, soft voice.

The Barbarian, shuddering in unfulfilled sexual energy, stared up at the smiling woman atop her.

“You want more?  Then tell me where your camp is and what were you intending to do?”

Another moment of panting hesitation, then the suddenly contrite women looked down.  “Our camp is behind the prominence just to the East of your main entrance.  We’re behind it so you can’t see us.”  Then she looked aside, biting her lower lip…hard.

“And?” Jupiter added.  “Don’t make me ask a second time or I’ll leave you hanging!”

Nodding, she looked back up at the Captain.  “We…were going to take some young women to sell as slaves at the bazaar.  So virginal…they bring a high price!”

The Captain nodded.  She was no longer smiling.  Looking up, she nodded to the two Guards.

They immediately freed the woman’s hands and feet.

Before the Barbarian could bring her legs down from over her head, Jupiter seized them behind the knees and slammed them, not the least bit gently, onto the rock alongside the Barbarian’s ribs.  “Hold them, bitch!” she barked.

Then she added in a quiet, conspiratorial voice so the Queen could not hear, “I’ll keep you awhile.  Show you what the collar is really good for!  Do you suck pussy?”

Wide eyed, the Barbarian immediately nodded, fast and eagerly.

“You’d better cause I am not going to let you loose with this dildo!  I don’t want to be fucked as stupid as you!  No, you go down on me…get me off like I deserve…and I’ll share my bed…and cock…with and inside you for awhile.  I am sure, now, that you will be most happy and grateful serving under me!  Now, enjoy!”

Alaineal slammed her ‘cock’ into the Barbarian’s now stretched and still offered up asshole.

After yet another shrill squeal of bowel stuffing penetration, the enthusiastic Barbarian, nodding quickly with a blissful mask upon her face, began babbling, “OH!  Yes!  Oh, Mistress, you are goooooood!  Don’t stop!  I’ll do anything just don’t stop!  I love you!  Use me!  I love it!  I love you, Mistress!  Fuck me like my Centaur…Centaurs do!  I love you!”

The Captain just laughed down at the now vigorously counter-humping Barbarian.  She could see how the woman…her woman…was climbing the mountain of orgasm.  An orgasm she was forcing the bitch into!

Relentlessly, expertly she rode the woman, driving her ever higher.  From literally centuries of experience she made the Barbarian’s first anal orgasm overwhelming.  It would obliterate her will, her memories, her ties with her group.  Soon the Barbarian will associate all the pleasure she was going through to Jupiter…just Jupiter.  The bitch would lock all her pleasant emotions to her.

So she could use the bitch properly for as long as she wanted!

And then sell the bitch into the lesbian underground market for a tidy sum!

Smoothly she fucked the babbling Barbarian, almost effortlessly forcing her into bliss.  After driving deep within the woman, smashing the irresistible cockhead into the back of the Barbarian’s rectum repeatedly, she saw the sweetly smiling woman nod up to her…giving her love away to the huge marble cock plowing her formerly virginal butt.

That was her Que.:  Suddenly, after a particularly savage and deep thrust, she held, her sweaty hips pressed into the Barbarian’s wet buttocks.  Almost immediately, then, she started to grind her hips against the woman’s, her firm belly sliding over and crushing down on the Barbarian’s helplessly exposed clit.  As she ground away her fully buried ‘cock’ rotated in the woman’s stuffed and distorted bowels, grinding away until the Barbarian’s entire colon was convulsing wildly.

On and on she went, grinding and driving away, forcing the woman helplessly higher.  Finally, on the very edge of collar magnified and modified orgasm, as if it were planned that way, she sent her thumb atop the Barbarian’s clit, trapping it against the woman’s pubic bone.

Her thumb needed only a couple of firm, rotating strokes upon that swollen nubbin and the Barbarian submitted with a ear ringing howl of maddening orgasm.

The endlessly smirking Captain watched the Barbarian’s happy, smiling face drop into awed shock.  Then she watched the woman’s eyes roll up and the convulsions begin…

“Damn you are easy, bitch!” she nearly yelled into the slack jawed Barbarian’s face.  “I suppose you’d be useful around the House!” she added in her head.  “I wonder how good you’d be with me sitting on her face?”

Hastily the Queen turned and made for the door with the Barbarian’s first shriek of collar induced buttfuck orgasm.  She hurried as the woman’s howls turned hysterical and Alaineal’s laughter began to echo, too, off the rock walls.

Her wet thighs slid together as she quickly strode.  With each cry of the fully fucked Barbarian behind her, the Queen’s bald pussy would throb and another dribble of woman juice would run down the insides of her full, firm thighs.

She couldn’t get out of this evil place fast enough!


Ukyou woke that fine morning to see the campfire renewed and a steaming pot of…something over it.  She looked behind her to see Nabiki asleep, hugging her camera.

She had the sweetest smile on her face.

“No doubt anticipating the gold she’d get for those pictures!” she thought.  Then she remembered what had happen the night before!

She looked outside of the cart to see the Centaur, Odysseus, standing in the field on the other side of the campsite, eating, surprisingly with something that resembled a spoon, from a metal plate.  It looked like some kind of stew…

Suddenly she realized how hungry she was…

Then she saw Helen, in only her long, t-shirt like undergarment, enter the campsite with an armload of wood.

“Time to get up and have breakfast!” she mumbled to herself as she started to climb out.

No sooner did she get onto her feet outside of the cart then Helen saw her.  Immediately the Amazon dropped the wood and started walking quickly, and somewhat eagerly, up to her.

“How is she?” Helen asked, honestly looking concerned.

Ukyou smiled at Helen’s compassion.  “She’ll be tired, but much better, I think.”  She didn’t want to bring up what the two of them saw the night before.

“Thank the Goddess that I found her in time!” Helen replied, like she had done a great favor to Ukyou in saving Nabiki.

Ukyou nodded, a bit warily.  Then she saw the Amazon, who had been looking at Nabiki sleeping, glance at her out the corner of her eye.

Then Helen brought her hand up towards Ukyou’s face, palm open.

Ukyou saw that Helen was holding something in that palm… something small but very shiny in the early morning sunlight.

It was the ring!

Ukyou stiffened.  Had she stolen it?  Had she taken it from her bag where, she had thought, it was safe?

She must have!

Seeing what Ukyou was looking at, Helen smiled embarrassingly. She held up the ring almost to Ukyou’s face.  “I…I took it from your bag!  But I am not taking it!  I am…giving it to you!  I… I… I thought… maybe, now that everything is… “ she looked hastily, and guiltily, at the Centaur quietly eating, “…quiet and calmed down… we could… you know… you could… would you?… You know… please?”

Shocked, Ukyou hesitated.  After what that male beast did to her last night, she want’s more!?  Damn these Amazon’s are sexually repressed!

Helen, looking almost desperately into Ukyou’s eyes, added in a tense, torrid whisper, “HE won’t mind!  I…I…I took care of him last night!  He won’t be bothering any of us females at least until noon!  Please?  You were so good!  I’ll do anything…  I’ll swallow…”

Abruptly, almost unconsciously, Ukyou smiled lecherously.  Suddenly she had the greatest thrill at just thinking of doing to Helen again what she had enjoyed and performed so vigorously not a full day before.  It HAD been…some time since…she had…had Helen!  And it was quiet… Odysseus, actually, was occupied with his meal.  Like all men, once he emptied his balls, he’s going to fill his belly!  And Nabiki was sound asleep… and in her condition she wasn’t about to disturb… them… not this early in the morning!

She looked at the Centaur and he looked back.  As if he was overhearing Helen’s begging, he smiled knowingly and shrugged his shoulders.  Then he went back to his meal.

“Certainly he doesn’t care!  Not after last night!”  But she thought, “Why am I so…excited about using Helen again… using her like a man would instead of how a woman would… a lesbian would?  And I don’t even have the ring on yet! Was she starting to become a man?  Or was the ring influencing her desires…her sexual preferences?”

Inwardly she nodded to herself, “Without a doubt, I am getting damn hot just thinking about porking that muscle bound, towering bimbo again!  Isn’t that kind of… weird for a woman… even a lesbian… to want to take another woman the way a man does?”

Then, after almost a full minute of careful deliberation, Ukyou came to an abrupt conclusion.  “Fuck it!” She told herself silently.  “That Amazon obviously is a real fuck bunny, though a pretty big one, and I made her one…or I helped with the assistance of the Centaur…and I am not going to get another opportunity probably to enjoy her…not without Nabiki making porn behind our backs…so I am damn well going to take advantage of it!”

Ukyou suddenly leered at a suddenly smiling Helen… a Helen smiling in great happiness and not a little embarrassment.

After all, Helen was supposed to be an honorable Wonder Woman Warrior, not some hyper-horny slut!

After a long, silent, pregnant moment Ukyou suddenly stuck her left hand out flat at Helen, fingers spread and extended.

Ukyou smiled her broadest smile at the momentarily hesitant Amazon.

Then Helen’s grin also broadened and she immediately, all the while acting like an excited young  schoolgirl, slipped the ring onto Ukyou’s finger.

Immediately Ukyou felt the world around her change…momentarily blanking out.  In the visionless darkness, she felt her muscles throb and powerfully contract and then finally expand explosively.  Even more  rapidly than the first time with Helen, her body grew.  But, more importantly than her musculature, she felt the massive expansion throughout her nervous system of what she assumed was a very masculine and certainly fiery lust.  The aggressive passion ignited throughout her body, sweeping it like wildfire.

But most directly and noticeably in her loins.  She felt her Gi pants tightened up around her bulging buttocks, indicating that a massive tent was forming in the front of her pants which was pulling the cloth foreword and stretching it ever more tightly around her bulging, still feminine asscheeks.

Looking down, Helen’s eyes widened dramatically, her grinning face suddenly dropping into an open mouthed gape.

When Ukyou growled like some incubus, she brought an aroused and intimidated Helen’s gaze back up.

By now unbridled, dominating lust was surging uncontrolled through her transforming body and her reddened eyes were now fixed on the most impressive jutting jugs of the Amazon, essentially fully displayed through her thin undershirt.  The Amazon’s nipples were jutting, rock hard, a good inch out under her shirt with her deep red, nearly maroon aureolas forming a red shade around those hard points.  A vividly bright crimson haze descended over Ukyou’s vision as her eyes fixed on those rigidly sag-less and tautly swollen ‘D-cup’ babyfeeders.

Then Ukyou was reaching out with her enlarged, claw armed hands to grip Helen’s shirt between her “Wonder Woman” tits.  With an instant, violent, overly dramatic yank on Helen’s only piece of clothing, the now “Hulked” up Ukyou ripped and shredded the cloth into two large pieces in her hands with many smaller shards flying and hovering in the still morning air.

Helen could only shrilly bark once and then she was lusciously, voluptuously, completely and submissively naked.

Ukyou’s eyes took in Helen’s magnificent mammaries for a moment before slowly and deliberately traveling down from her chest, with its heavy jug overhang, down a panting, heaving, flat and smooth belly, past a babybutt clean mons veneris to the flaming red, wrinkled and glistening womanly slit.  Ukyou leered down at the Amazon’s loins, confirming that, indeed, Amazons refused to wear anything that could be mistaken for panties.

“All the better!”  Growled the nearly out of control sex monster.

Likewise a gasping, panting Helen, her eyes like dinner plates, looked the now hugely muscled Ukyou up and down her new body and shuddered when the Amazon saw the jutting, fat bulge in the other woman’s loose pants.

Ukyou smirked arrogantly at Helen’s shutter.  She leered openly, obviously, hungrily at the quite intimidated Amazon…like a predator sizing up a meal.  Even though Helen still was nearly 1/2 head taller than the transformed Ukyou and no slouch in the muscle department, the buff Amazon was now completely cowed by the sheer width and over the top bulging musculature of the ‘new woman’ before her.

But, gawking at Ukyou’s incredibly jutting, submissive lust provoking loins, she was also intensely aroused and, in her own fashion, quite pleased with being placed in such a position whereby she could be so intimidated by such a partner.   Especially being intimidated by what was trying to rip out of Ukyou’s tights!  An Amazon’s most closely guarded and worse kept secret…”That all Amazons are major size queens”…had seized her in its unbreakable grip.

Abruptly, and without prior clearance from the glaring Ukyou, the Amazon reached down to yank on the Gi’s waistband.  With a wild toothy grin, Helen almost instinctively bent over and down to get a closer view of what was about to erupt out of that parted waistband.

Then, like a ballista, Ukyou’s half meter of arm thick, steel-rigid meat pole flew up out of her opened pants to immediately uppercut the anime eyed Amazon’s chin.  Like a testiclepudding coated club the fist sized prickhead of the near baseball bat dimensioned prick smashed sloppily into the underside of Helen’s chin, flinging her head up and back and making the Amazon stagger three full strides back before she could regain her composure.

After managing to stop her staggering retreat, the visibly stunned, quite motionless and again wide eyed Amazon could only stand there, mouth wide open and chin dripping with long, coiled strands of pearly white pre-cum, and gawk at what, for all facts and purposes, certainly appeared to be a sex pole worthy of an equine god, or an arrogant, harem hunting Centaur, jutting, seemingly forever, at a rakish 45 degree angle up out of the formerly very female Ukyou’s opened Gi!

Jutting into Helen’s seriously awed and disgustingly cum besmirched face!

Breathing deeply through flared nostrils, like she had just finished a Marathon, the now testosterone overdosed Ukyou glared at Helen through wide, reddened eyes.

She saw  the Amazon spontaneously brake out in a shit eating grin, her vision locked on Ukyou’s throbbing, bobbing organ.

Suddenly, in a blur, the Amazon reached out and greedily wrapped her not miniscule hands around the calf thick, broad and pulsing shaft jumping before her.

The transformed women hissed loudly, an exclamation immediately followed by an equally loud and much more desperate moan from Helen as a good 100 ml of fresh, lumpy, slimy wadd alternately gushed, when Helen milked up the jumping shaft, and dribbled, when Helen stroked down the bone hard organ, out the tip of the monstrous organ to drench and coat the cock clutching Amazon’s hands and wrists.

But the pleasure from freshly discharging her eggwhite goaded Ukyou into action.  Taking one big stride directly towards the cock enthralled Amazon, the transsexual “female” smoothly reached between Helen’s parted thighs and cupped her naturally bald pussy. Immediately Ukyou’s long and powerful fingers pulled the Amazon’s labia apart, creating instantly a veritable waterfall of clear, slick woman juice.

Without hesitation Ukyou plunged her well lubricated middle fingers violently, to the knuckles, into Helen’s wide open loins.

With Helen’s first ragged gasp of finger penetration pleasure the Amazon took up a rapid and strong jacking of the towering prick in her grasp. She was immediately rewarded by a good half liter of semi-coagulated testicle protein that ejected vigorously out of the prick to splatter and coat the Amazon’s most magnificent chest and smooth, heaving belly.

Soon tons of goo was drooling down the front of Helen’s trunk.  Cum soon hung in coiled worms from her pebbly stiff, inch-long, fiery pink nipples, filling then covering over the dark depression of her navel marring the Amazon’s rigidly flat and ribbed abdomen, and finally coating her bulging mound of Venus and Ukyou’s cunt groping hand in a semantic, baby inducing outpouring that was both greasy, slick and tacky all at the same time.

With each strong, passionate, downright reckless pump on her cum drooling organ, Ukyou’s own, already nearly out of control, passions built recklessly. Her emotional state,  as well as her very sexual preference, already compromised by the effects of the ring, Ukyou entered into a highly unstable, and dangerous to females at least, condition. Now, under Helen’s masterful and most effective jack off, the transformed woman lost, essentially, all of her human restraint. Abruptly hopping up onto her toes she gripped the back of Helen’s head, taking a full Hulk sized handful of the Amazon’s long, curly hair, and downright brutally pulled Helen’s face alongside hers.

“FEEL me, Amazon?  Feel me inside you, woman?!  Do you like me inside you, Helen? Do you want me… want me inside you? Do you want what is in your hands inside you?  Do you want to put me inside you?  Then just ask, woman… just beg me, My woman!”

Helen whimpered, her hands maintained their nearly blurry jack off. All she could do in response was nod her head… eagerly.

“Ah, yes! I know what you want… what you need!” Ukyou growled into the whining, cock pumping, oh-so-cock-desperate Helen’s ear. “But not so fast! You have a service to perform before I will give you want you need! Are you ready to service me?”

Helen stared at Ukyou’s triumphant, glaring face. The Amazon’s eyes were so round and white and huge! As Ukyou leered at her, Helen nodded eagerly and frantically.

“Not good enough! Tell me…beg me!  I want to hear you ask me…beg  me for my favors!”

With a heartbreaking whine, Helen immediately submitted, “Please!  I want you!  I need you!  I haven’t been able to think of anything else all morning… since we… yesterday… PLEASE!  I am BEGGING you!  I will do whatever you want!  You can do what ever you want!  Whenever you want… whatever part of me you want… just FUCK me!”

Ukyou chuckled meanly. “Amazons, after all, seemed to be not so tough after all, eh?  Give them something big… like your horse’s meat… and you are on your knees begging for it!”

Stung by Ukyou’s words, words indicating that she well knew that Helen’s needs, especially under her Centaur!, were oh so much greater than her Amazon oaths of Virginity, Obedience, and Honor, Helen pulled her vision away from Ukyou’s arrogant grin.

Instead, she found herself staring once again at that sloppy, drooling cock head she desperately held just under her chin.

Suddenly, without any warning, Helen bent over and sweetly and passionately kissed the slimy tip of the throbbing organ before and below her face. When she pulled her head back a long coiled strand of pre-cum, stuck to her lower lip, slowly was pulled out of the nearly inch-long slit at the tip of the cock.  After a good 6 inches of almost solid baby stuff had been withdrawn it suddenly broke loose from the prick and, coiling rapidly, slapped across Helen’s angelic, cock kissing face.

When Helen moaned from the taste and smell of the strand of tacky goop wrapped halfway around her face, Ukyou evilly chuckled at the blushing Amazon as Helen unconsciously caught the end of the strand with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. The laughter grew louder as the sound of her noisy swallowing seemed to echo over the quiet campsite.

Then Ukyou’s hand came down again upon the top of Helen’s head.  With no outward show of exertion, Ukyou proceeded to force the Amazon down, with great humiliation on the woman’s face, to her knees.

Before her and her…cock!

Helen found herself staring at the fisted sized swollen end of Ukyou’s bobbing organ, her wide eyed face  level, her nose inches from the firmly tumescent, purple cock head.

Ukyou, now towering over the nearly prostrate Amazon, said with all the arrogance in the world, “Now service me, Amazon bitch!  Use your mouth for what your Goddess intended it for!  And swallow all of my essence otherwise I will not satisfy of your need for my cock in your belly!”

For a long count the Amazon hesitated, staring at the drooling glans off the end of her nose.  But after that count, with no indications that a decision had been made, the cock fixed Helen gave out with a heartbreaking whine then immediately leaned forward.  As her face approached the nearly horizontal, just about 20 inch long organ pointing directly into her face, her lower jaw meekly dropped-down.  With her broad pink tongue sliding down over her lower teeth, she managed to open her maw as wide as was physically possible for a female that was not an anaconda.

The cockhead plugged her wide open mouth…

She immediately strained to lower her jaw further, to get more cockhead into her maw.

In spite of such efforts, the Amazon’s teeth did scrape the broad crown of Ukyou’s glans as Helen strained to take the glans into her.  But Ukyou only winced once as the Amazon cocksucker dutifully wrapped her head around the fist sized cockhead.

Soon another sound echoed over the still campsite.  It was a sound resembling someone retching.

It was the sound of Helen gagging.  Gagging from a cockhead plugged throat.

But, less than a minute later, the regular, rapid and loud gagging morphed into a sound, a loud slurping  sound not unlike a baby sucking on a large sucker or popsicle.

Of course, it was Helen eagerly, enthusiastically, hungrily chowing down on as much of Ukyou’s meatsicle as she could get into her mouth and down her throat.  And the Amazon was, indeed, stuffing long lengths of demonic dick right down her throat.

When Ukyou looked down she smiled evilly at Helen’s determined, downright frantic, sucking.  The Amazon was demandingly driving her mouth and throat down around the inhumanly lengthened organ, already half of it down her throat, stretching and swelling her neck is ever more meat was encompassed.  Ukyou, or anyone watching actually, could easily make out exactly how far the cockhead reached in Helen’s throat. It was where the woman’s neck had spread to nearly twice its original diameter…

And still the Amazon drove her head down and her throat around that arm thick meat pole.

Thanks to the Amazon’s dedicated cock sucking, soon Ukyou’s moans of pleasure and consummate satisfaction were joining the sloppy, slurp filled, swallowing sounds of Helen’s eager cock service.

And the enthusiastic cocksucker was good!  The hot wet sucks of her mouth and throat sent the most delicious pleasures up Ukyou’s prick.  Helen’s ministrations subsequently led to the dispersal of maximal masculine gratification throughout Ukyou’s nervous system…a nervous system unused to such hot, wet, velvety pleasure created by a submissive yet eager female servicing, sucking off, maximally aroused and swollen man-organ.  Quickly Ukyou’s entire nervous system was enthralled with the very expert blow job of this Amazon cocksucker.

After almost three minutes of noisy, sloppy mouth fuck, Ukyou impulsively seized the head bobbing Amazon by her ears and the hair on the sides of her skull and proceeded to fuck Helen’s head up and down her immobile, very steely prick.

Her intent was to relentlessly and ruthlessly get more hard meat into Helen’s vigorously working, tight throat.  The transsexual used the awesome strength in her bulging arms to pull the Amazon’s flushed face and head around as much cock as she could manage without killing or doing real damage to her “partner”. Callously, just like with a man, the Amazon’s head was plunged ever farther down that impossible pole.  Louder and quicker Helen’s gags came.

Helen’s hands still where clutching the over one foot long length of arm thick shaft that Ukyou had not, as yet, forced the Amazon’s head down around.  Her hands, slick with the pre-cum that had been pouring out of the prick from the first time she had laid eyes upon it, providing copious lubrication, took up a most competent and serious meat beating.  The cock, jumping in Helen’s hands and mouth wildly enough to threaten her teeth, was throbbing so sexily in its oral doom that the Amazon probably would not have noticed if some of her teeth had been loosened.

But her head was succeeding in gobbling ever more impossible lengths and widths of the powered up penis and soon her head was bobbing on its own rhythmically, and quite forcefully, down quite closely to half of the length of that organ before retreating back to the mouthful of glans at the tip. Subsequently, as her head captured ever longer lengths of prick, her hands were quickly running out of shaft to jerk.  In that case, she thought, her hands did have a better location on Ukyou’s anatomy to grip.

Suddenly, Helen’s hands disappeared from around Ukyou’s cock shaft to slide into the dark regions between the widespread thighs of the dominating transsexual’s loins.  Almost immediately Ukyou growled once again as Helen’s strong, nail armed fingers sank deeply into the firmly spongy balls hanging and swinging in their loose sack half way to the transsexual’s knees.

And the nearly half swallowed organ jumped mightily in Helen’s mouth and throat, actually loosening a couple of Helen’s teeth. Then the cock proceeded to gush some 20 mL of pure reproductive protein right down the woman's convulsing throat.

But the damage had been done. The snug, hot, velvety buffeting off Helen’s throat sucking and milking around Ukyou’s partially swallowed cock abruptly reached the point of too much stimulation to resist.  With that last spurt of pre-cum the transsexual’s meat started a quick and rhythmic jumping, a throbbing that couldn’t be ignored by either so-called female.  As if it was a instinctual reaction Helen seemed to recognize that Ukyou’s organ was doomed to orgasmic ruin.

And by HER mouth!

At once those claws, already deeply buried in Ukyou’s grapefruit sized babymakers, clamped down, digging those sharp, flinty fingernails into those balls, driving as close as possible to crushing Ukyou’s testicles.

Her nuts very nearly crushed into “cream of Ukyou”, the transsexual now howled in a mixture of hideous, and very masculine, agony while adding an also very masculine lion -- like roar of dominating insemination, as her tortured testicles erupted out through her still monstrously long, wickedly wide, and now violently erupting prick.

Helen’s eyes suddenly flew open an instant before 2 inch thick jets of worm like ballchowder spewed repeatedly out her flared nostrils. Jet after jet, over and over, spewed out at five second intervals for at least half a dozen eruptions from the startled Amazon’s nostrils.

Helen’s gagging jumped a notch as her throat flooded from the seemingly endless unloading of hot lumpy spew down her throat. No sooner had her nostrils finally ceased their pressurized releasing of sperm flavored manjello than her lips, vacuum locked around that jumping shaft, finally gave way to the equally incredible pressure from within her calm looking cock filled mouth.  Great waves of pearly white protein poured down the kneeling woman’s dropped chin to again cascade in great sheets of tacky off-color white manpudding over her heaving jugs to coat her belly and soak her loins in “love” stuff.

When Helen finally managed to reseal her mouth around that still jumping, still huge, still deliciously meaty cock shaft, the swallowing… the forced, rapidly repeating and almost desperate swallowing of Ukyou’s veritably endless spewgasm… began.

Ukyou just stood there, legs spread wide, hands still gripping Helen’s ears and hair, grinding her jumping prick right down into the Amazon’s throat while rhythmically, powerfully, endlessly spewing almost directly into Helen’s stomach. As she unloaded the towering transsexual had her eyes closed, a dreamy smile on her face, while through it all her balls were being crushed into pudding by the woman slavishly kneeling at her feet feeding on her.

For long continuous minutes, Ukyou selflessly fed Helen, generously gushing great mouthfuls of liquid protein down the woman’s ever eagerly sucking and swallowing mouth and throat.  Over and over, the Amazon greedily gulped down the, admittedly, delicious sperm.

Helen refused to relent in her blow job until Ukyou’s balls were quite empty.  Only then did she pull the still swollen and hard cock and it’s vividly purple head out of her cum coated and substantially filled gullet.

Looking up at the smiling face of a temporarily satisfied, transformed Ukyou with gag moistened eyes, she croaked through a stretched and cum coated throat, “There!  Satisfied?  NOW will you fuck me like your Bitch?”

Ukyou, her lusty emotions satisfied not one bit, opened her eyes and looked across the campsite at the Centaur.

He had stopped eating and was just standing there, staring at her, a most startled and impressed countenance expressed on his face.

Proudly she looked down at the cum dripping Amazon still on her knees before her.  “Very well, Helen!” she growled.  “Assume the proper position!  On your face with your big ass up and offered to me!”

With an immediate and sincere whimper the Amazon spun around, dropped to her elbows and raised her wide bubble-butt towards Ukyou as high up as it would go.

“Just like last night!” Ukyou chuckled.

Nodding, Helen’s head dropped down between her arms when she felt the still firm, hot and swollen cockhead press expertly right between her labia and into her womanhole.


Mousse’s earlier meeting with his new deity had given him a healthy respect for her.  “Respect”, that at least is what he would claim…to himself.  He wasn’t about to admit, even to himself, that she scared the crap out of him.

It was clear from the way that Ryouga and Genma had acted when he’d hooked up with them at the agreed meeting point that they, too, had similar feelings. Neither one of them had protested Mousse’s elevation to leader, indeed, he had caught what looked like an expression of sympathy on Ryouga’s face that also seemed to say, “better you than me!”  He didn’t know what she’d promised/threatened them with, but clearly it had been effective.

That new regard for her was making his current situation difficult.  When the Goddess had shown up to take him and the other’s to her realm she had been wearing a different body.  And, as Mousse was starting to realize, Urd was not in the habit of wearing shabby outfits, nor imperfect bodies.

The girl that had walked up to them had been a prick stiffening teenager in a outrageously stereotyped school uniform.  A 155 cm tall sex puppy in a uniform whose navy blue pleated skirt certainly came seriously…no, illegally…short of both her knees and school regulations.  Hell!  It only came 1.5 cm below her bulging, virginal, skin tight white panty clad asscheeks!  And her blouse!  KeeRiiiste!  A starched white, short sleeve blouse that you could see right through to catalog all she owned!  A blouse that was, anyway, unbuttoned down to the girl’s deep, dark navel!

Braless, of course!

This was a girl walking up to them, bubblebutt flipping right to left and back again, buns rotating up and down as she stepped like they were on ball bearings.  A girl that oozed sex like it was perfume.

And when the apparent school girl had approached them, all three, stupid males of course, had greeted her with blatant, obscene leers and, in the case of Genma, a hand on her bulging, barely covered ass.

A second later, when Genma turned into a teddy bear not even as tall as the ‘schoolgirl’, furthermore of the fabric and stuffing variety, they realized their mistake.

A few minutes of desperate apologies, followed by some…much…groveling on Genma’s part when he was finally turned back, restored them to the Goddess’s good graces. Not that she had really seemed to mind having her ass grabbed.  Mousse had a sneaking feeling she had expected it, what with the way it looked to him that she had very nearly planted it into Genma’s hand.

And, at that moment, he was damned sure she was currently waving that virtually unchanged tail directly into his face on purpose!

They were currently hiking up a steep mountain pass high on Mt. Terror, the Goddess leading the way.  As she had explained, “Mt. Terror wasn’t its real name.  It just sounded good to visitors!”

Their present position put her a few feet above Mousse, who was in second place.  Her current body, and dress was still that of the ball busting school girl:  Sneakers, high loose socks. Pretty standard stuff. But she still wore that skirt, that very short uniform skirt that just about every other step flipped up to reveal her skin tight white panties and the prominent camel toe up further between her smooth, full thighs.  A yellow sweater vest now over the veritably transparent white blouse.  A sweater and blouse that clung to every centimeter of her pyramidal “C” going on “D” torso, molding around her jutting and firm babyfeeders as if her clothes had been spray painted on. Almost thankfully he was spared the distraction of watching those mammaries bounce and tightly quiver like over-firm gelatin, but he was still presented with plenty of jail bait eye-candy as he got frequent up skirt glances at her perfect bubblebutt.

If Mousse’s cock had been restricted by cloth, like those of Ryouga and Genma, he’d have been in a very painful situation.  As it was he could feel it stiffly waving around inside it’s personal not-so-little pocket of holding, fully erect and throbbing. He’d tried to keep his mind off that glorious ass as it swayed and flexed ahead of him, but no amount of multiplication tables or remembering 19th century political speeches could long distract him from that!  More and more frequently he found himself imagining how wonderful it would feel to reach out and squeeze that ass with both hands, pulling apart those meaty and smooth cheeks and revealing to the world the virginal, puckered opening far down in the deep crevice between them. He imagined yanking those school girl panties up into a wedgy that would drive the fabric deep between those plump lips, drawing a shocked gasp from the ‘innocent’ schoolgirl.

At that point his day dream would usually dissolve into a day-mare, where the outraged goddess turned him into something small and slimy and then stepped on him.

However, in-spite of the cold sweat and minor panic attack that resulted, it only took a few minutes of walking with those hardly covered buns in his face before his mind once again wandered back toward the torrid, very male thoughts of all the things he’d like to do to the body in front of him…goddess or no!

Fortunately, the goddess seemed to be otherwise occupied. She was clearly not bothering to read his mind and discovering all the perverted situations or positions his typically male mind could conjure up.

Probably she had already thought of them before she turned herself into the tormenting schoolgirl!

Actually, that was probably the reason she became the schoolgirl!

So, with no outward response from the teen goddess shaking her tail before him, an ever more bored and distracted Mousse gradually grew more and more bold and elaborative in his daydreams.  Subsequently the things he dreamed of doing to the girl flashing in front of him grew more and more ‘imaginative’.

He was just imagining her strung up, naked of course, by her ankles, legs spread wide, as he poured hot wax into her flaming pink, well fucked pussy, when the Goddess came to a stop and turned to him.

With a big, toothy smile she said down to him, “My, you do have a wonderful imagination. You’re going to make a great Dark Lord.” She paused, and smirked at the suddenly pale Mousse.  She waited a few beats, then added. “And you didn’t even piss your pants.  Yep, you have great potential.”

Urd turned to look forward while adding. “Well, come and take a look. We’re here.”

“What?” Genma exclaimed. “There’s nothing here.  I’ve been all over these mountains, and there isn’t anything up there but rocks and trees . . .” his voice trailed off as he moved up the trail a couple more strides and could look out over the expansive view of a mountain valley that the Goddess was presenting.

“That might be the case if we were still in Japan,” Urd said. “But, as you can see, we’re not. Welcome to my realm. Or, at least a little part of it.”

By this time the other two males had joined a startled Genma on the top of the pass and were gazing down at the vista spread out before them.  A steep, but fairly straight, well graded trail led down into a large mountain valley. At least ten miles wide, it faded into the distance, hiding it’s length.

By the standards of modern day countries it might have been a postage stamp, but to eyes used to the crowded suburbs of Japan it represented a vast expanse of, mostly, empty land.

A large part of the area in sight was under cultivation, fields forming a patchwork of varied greens with the occasional bright splashes of yellow or red where flowering plants were in bloom. In the field closest to them they could see small figures working away at various tasks.

In many ways it looked like an idealized drawing of Shangri-La.

Mousse, for one, felt a great sense of satisfaction, as well as gratitude, at being able to distinguish the figures down in the field.  Just the day before he would have seen only a blur at that distance, even with his best glasses.  But, even as he felt pleasure at his new eyesight, he became aware of something off kilter about the figures.  He squinted, and after a moment of blurriness, the images in front of him seemed to jump forward until it was as if they were only a few dozen yards away.

“They’re school girls!” he exclaimed. “They’re wearing school uniforms!  I’m certain with my new eyesight!”

Genma, hand on his forehead, nodded agreement.  “Why sure enough!  It looks like each of the figures working those fields are not only female, but young ones!”  He literally was drooling.  “And they’re dressed in some sort of school uniform!”  Then, glancing over at the goddess alongside them, he added silently, “Modest uniforms at that.  Nothing like the fetish’s delight on the goddess!”

Urd looked over her shoulder at a suddenly frozen Genma.  She smiled and, slowly blinking, she nodded once in a silent “Thank You!”

Genma’s heart started up again.

“What?  Schoolgirls?” Ryouga exclaimed. “Are you sure?”  He was squinting himself, but it was clear he lacked Mousse’s new visual abilities and could not distinguish fine details.

“Here, let me,” the goddess, stepping forward, volunteered.  She drew a large circle in front of her with the index finger of her right hand, and the air within the invisible boundary began rippling.  A second later, within that circle, the whole valley seemed to jump towards them.

Urd pointed at the valley.  “There is a barrier here.  Around the entire kingdom, actually.  Keeps men from doing what I want you to do!  I just made a lens in it.  I can also get you through it without alerting their soldiers, but there are side effects…”

Abruptly both Genma and Ryouga could now clearly see what Mousse had already made out, so they effectively ignored what the goddess had just explained.

“Well I’ll be damned!  They are schoolgirls.  Are they on some sort of training camp?” Genma asked, looking at the goddess.

Ryouga, having a rather more vivid imagination, added, “Are they kidnap victims?”

The goddess snorted in derision. “I wish,” she said in a bitter tone as she gazed out over the pastoral beauty in front of her with a sour expression on her face. “I have no idea what the silly bitch was thinking. After going to all that trouble to hack into my pirated cable, you think she could have found something more worthwhile to watch like ‘Tentacle Porn Idol Night’, the speciality of the BDSM channel.  But nooooo!  She has to get hooked on girl orientated Anime.  Magical girls, school girl yuri romances.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they were having hot sweaty sex, with two foot long double dildos.  But no!  All they do is exchange long smoldering looks, play kissy face without any ass grabbing, and, of course, sigh a lot!  Oh, that and that damned virginal blushing!  It’s enough to make you puke, or die of tooth decay and hyperglycemia!”

“So, those girls . . .?” Mousse carefully verbally nudged the goddess.

Urd’s frown deepened.  “Are her former subjects, transformed into the stupid feather-head’s idea of ‘perfectly proper’ girls.  I should have known her mother’s ‘no males’ policy would end up with something like this!  If her daughter thinks of males at all, it’s likely some idealized shadowy figure carrying a single rose.  And needless to say, he’d never be so crass and uncouth as to ever dream of asking to stick his dick in her!  I bet the bimbo has never even seen a cock, soft even, and wouldn’t know what to do with one if she had!”

She turned to them, a crooked little smile on one side of her ruby red lips.  “Well, now that you’re here, I expect you to teach her, real good.”

“You want me to romance her?” Mousse asked tentatively.  He’d never tried to romance anyone other than Shampoo, and that had never gone well.  And he was pretty sure that the goddess did not react to screwing-up very well!

“Romance!” the goddess rolled her eyes up and then growled in disgust.  “Do you men take stupid pills?  You’re a Dark-lord for fuck’s sake!  What good are you if you aren’t going to use that schlong I gave you?   I expect your to rape her into sexual slavery and madness!  I want her boinked, but good, until she’s cross-eyed from watching your cock slide down her throat and she’s bowlegged from taking it up the her twat and she remembers your bone every time she sits down!  I want her unable to do anything, think anything, say anything but ‘more dick’!  Got it?”

“He can do that,” Genma said in a distracted voice.  He’d been staring through the magical lens right through all of the goddess’ tirade.  All those nubile young school girls had reminded him, vividly, how much fun it had been to rape…er…fuck Akane.  That certainly was an experience he was keen on repeating.

Suddenly his bald pate spouted course brown hair that ran down the back of his neck and presumably down his spine.  His body seemed to swell, straining the seams of his Karate Gi, and his pants threatened to burst from the bulge jutting from his crotch.

“How does this help us get our hands on Ranma?” Ryouga interrupted, ignoring what was in front of him as well as Genma’s incipient transformation.

Urd smiled again, her eyes flashing.  “She’s a heroine…right?  You turn yourself into bad-asses, evil guys intent on raping and sexually enslaving all those innocent young girls, and she’s bound, some sacred heroine code or pledge or something, to come calling on you to kick some bad guy ass.  It’ll only be a matter of time.”  The goddess’ smile broadened into a conspiratorial smirk.  “She’s being forged into a heroine right now.  If I know my goody two shoes, it’s only going to be a matter of time till she’s ready to start kicking ass!”

“Soonest started, soonest stuck in,” Genma said, taking a step towards the seeing lens.  As he passed the magical construct, his figure wavered and seemed to collapse in on itself.  One step and the bulky Genma was gone, and in his place was a cute high school girl, complete with uniform.

As everyone gawked at the sinfully cute girl standing, shocked, before them, Urd grinned again.  “Oh, did I forget to mention that there is a magical barrier around the place.  Anyone entering gets turned into a sweet little school girl.”

Genma hastily jumped back, an expression of panic on her sweet face.  Her body shifted back to male in a blink of an eye once she was through the invisible barrier.  Genma jammed a hand down the front of his pants and gave a sigh of relief when he found he was back to being all male.

“But you can break the spell, let us get through without being changed?”  Mousse asked what he thought was a rectorial question.

“Sure,” she lied, “…if I wanted you to get sliced into cold cuts within the first ten minutes.  The queen’s guards might be school girls now, but they are kick-ass school girls.  Very well trained in all the martial arts as well as in the sword and spear.  You might be a match one on one, or even five to one with the run of the mill soldier.  But they’d eventually come by the dozens and swarm you under in minutes.

“And they don’t tolerate males, anyway.  You see, normally the only males that try to enter Vaseline are quite ill tempered monsters quite disrespectful towards females and virginity.  So obvious males are done away with rather quickly.”

“You mean cut to pieces with swords and such?” Mousse squeaked in sudden terror.  He didn’t like losing parts of himself to little schoolgirls armed to the teeth.

“No,” Urd came back.  “Usually they torture you first!  You see, they have this big, nasty, and wide…did I mention wide?…marble dildo that they torture females with.  Nothing like half a meter of marble cock up your ass or pussy to get a girl talking, right?  Well, they use it to get information from females.  For males, they just fuck you to death.  Got the picture?”

All three, now worrisome males nodded silently.

“Good!  And just to show you that I am holding nothing back, there are the Queen’s four generals, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars.  And they certainly should not to be taken lightly…at least if you are male!  They were all elementary mages in their previous incarnations and they still have command of their individual elements.”

“You are joking, I trust?” Jerking his head around, Genma gasped in a tone of disbelief.

Ryouga and Mousse looked at him in puzzlement.  Seeing the startled expressions on his companions, Genma blushed slightly, then said, “Kasumi used to watch Sailor Moon.  I couldn’t avoid it.  Those names are the same as the four companions of the star of the show.  In their magical girl incarnation.  I suppose the Queen is Sailor moon, or just Moon?” he looked at the Goddess.

Urd chuckled, “No, you can thank me for small mercies.” She waited a minute, then added, “She goes by ‘Serenity’, Queen Serenity, that is.  I recruited her for Queen of this little land of Vaseline three hundred years ago.  I had to make some…compromises with her before she would join, which is why I have singularly failed to eliminate this little field of kissy-face lesbians from my otherwise delightfully carnal land.  But I recall that she did, once, be fond of the pet name I gave her…Bunny.”

She looked at Mousse. “I do hope, and fully expect, you’ll educate her as to the…expected characterizations that the phrase: ‘She fucks like a . . .’ implies.”

“And how are we going to do that if you won’t break the queen’s spell.  We’re not going to be much good as girls.”

“Oh, you of little faith!  I’ll get you in undercover.  Or maybe that’ll be underskirt.  She gestured at Genma and a spark of electricity flew from her fingers and struck him in the crotch, which no doubt would have made his hair stand on end, if his head had possessed any.  He did end up looking a little charred around the edges.

“Hate to be so melodramatic, but could you take a step back through the barrier please?” she asked in a pleasant voice.

Genma would have liked to argue, but he didn’t dare.  Tentatively he stepped back over the border and once again he changed into a school girl.  Only this time his girl form was substantially, at least by a head, taller and certainly more…buff.

Genma looked like she’d love to step back over the border, but stood her ground as the goddess smirked at her.  Instead, he nervously ran her hands over ‘her’ new body before bitting the bullet and plunging her hands under her skirt.  Her expression turned to one of surprise, shock even.

“It’s still there!” Genma cried.  Then she flipped up the skirt to show a pair of panties with a most unfeminine bulge distorting the front.

Urd’s smirk broadened.  “I might not be able to get you in as full males, but I can mask the most obvious part at least.  If you’re careful, you should be able to ambush the queen and her generals, fuck them stupid, and take over the country…with those!  They’ll be exact copies of the delightfully oversized prick I took from that prick Ranma!  Certainly they’ll be the biggest cocks ever in this burg!  What do you think?”

Genma suddenly pulled down her ready to rip panties and a prick of demonic proportions flipped up, almost instantly swelling into a half meter long, a good dozen centimeter wide slab of very masculine horsecock!  Genma broke out into the biggest shit-eating grin. “Wooo!  Weee!  I can ‘impress’ some girls with this baby!”  She looked up at the other two ‘temporary’ men.  “Let’s do it!  I want some of that down there!”

Urd openly admired the slab of man-steak Genma was displaying.  “Not only will your cocks be intimidating, but check out your ballsack.  I’ve gone to the trouble of adding some glands to your scrotums that I put into the Centaurs long ago.  They’ll put out the nastiest pheromones a girl ever smelled.  Drives them nuts!  You ought to see the effect on those Amazons!  Never seen a woman want to take a horsecock like those ‘Wonder Women’ once they’ve had a big Centaur bag in their faces!”

“You mean…” the female Genma grinned lecherously.

“Just press their face into your smelly crotch and they’ll be ‘me so horny’ for your tube steak!  And tell you what.  I’ll even throw in a little something extra to help create distractions and maybe take out some of your opposition so you won’t have to fuck every little fuckbunny down there.”  She extracted a flat case from between her breasts and flipped open the top.  Inside, in neat rows held in place by elastic straps, were several dozen small pods.

“What are they?” Mousse asked, getting more enthusiastic about the goddess’ scheme by the minute.

“Daimon seeds. I figured if the rabbit girl can draw inspiration from a cutesy anime, I could too.  Stick one of these inside one of her normal subjects, you know where!, and it will turn her into a Youma.  That should be very distracting, especially as these will most certainly not be PG rated.” The goddess smiled lecherously.  “Of course, once you release them into the general female population you will no longer be the biggest pricks in Vaseline, you realize?  But that still will not prevent you from having a grand old time down there!  There are, after all, plenty of pussy for all!”

Mousse grinned.  “Why not?  Seems like we can’t lose!”

Urd smiled grimly.  “Oh, I’m sure you can find a way!  But with the weapons I gave you, and the Youma, who will obey your every order, I feel confident you can fuck your way to the top!  Now, shall we step through?”

Both the other males nodded eagerly.  As one, Urd and the two men stepped through.

Mousse and Ryouga immediately joined Genma in overt femininity.  Both resembled Genma in that they became schoolgirls, though somewhat buffed up schoolgirls…like Genma.

Mousse became a tall, stacked girl in a plaid, Catholic High School girl’s uniform, her white blouse jutting way out with quite oversized boobs.  Her skirt was ridiculously short, of course, and the tiny panties underneath had a lump the size of a softball in the front.  ‘She’ had bright red hair running down her back nearly to her ass.

Ryouga likewise buffed up, but into a slimmer, though still tall, girl.  ‘She’ wore a blue pleated skirt that hardly went down past her hips.  It gently wrapped partially around the tops of her long legs and left very little to cover her bubble ass.  Likewise she had a lump in her panties of ominous proportions.  Her tits weren’t as big, but they were very obvious in their jutting splendor.  They had to stick out a good 15 cm!

And those legs looked like they could run anyone down…

Both ‘men’ abruptly yanked the fronts of their stuffed panties and equally long and massive pricks, fully erect and already drooling, flipped up.

Suddenly Urd’s eyes sparkled as the three horse-hung schoolgirls thrust them, as one, right at her.

“Beautiful!” she hissed, immediately entranced.  After a moment of gawking, she looked up at the girls’ grinning faces.  “Well, I can’t send you off before making sure your…’weapons’ work, can I?”

The goddess took one step forward, right at them, then dropped to her knees.  They stood in a semicircle around her, their cockheads pointing at her enthralled face.

The Goddess smelt the pheromones wafting around her head as she cupped Ryouga's nuts, wh was standing right in front of her.  She hefted the softball sized balls, feeling their heat and weight.  Nodding appreciatively, she gasped, abruptly somewhat dry mouthed, “Heavy!”  Then she looked up at his face.  “Full!”  After a count, she added, “For me?”

He just nodded eagerly, a truly stupid, and still very male, grin on his young feminine face.

She looked up at the grinning face, “Would you mind, terribly, if I tried it out?  Make sure it’s working, you know.  I should get a good taste of you…all of you just to make sure Bunny…er…Queen Serenity will like the flavor as well as your dimensions!”  She looked at the other two, one on each side of her head.  “That she’ll like what she swallows from all of you!”

Then the goddess leaned forward, opened her mouth like a anaconda, and swallowed in one magnificent gulp Ryouga’s entire slab of manmeat.

She only gagged once as she did so.

Then Ryouga’s girl form moaned in a high pitched, most sincere manner as the goddess gave eager, hungry suck…


In less than a minute Urd was crying, “Urk!  Urk!  Urk!” and great spurts of thick wadd were spewing, rhythmically from her flared nostrils and gushing down her partially cock filled esophagus.

The other two grinned like chimps as their sex retarded minds finally realized that what they were watching was to be their fate, too.

Just as soon as Mousse finished fucking Urd’s throat…