This is a work of my own creation and, as such, is a poor parody of the Ranma anime series.  It is not my intent to plagiarize anyone, and all characters within are, to the best of my knowledge, the creation of the highly talented individuals who produced the original Ranma manga.  As such, however, it is my intent to write the most extreme statement of pornography as my cowardly psyche permits.  Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 if that is what your local government demands, or any other non-Adult (Human or otherwise) read this.  Regardless of my titillating descriptions of physique or characterizations, none of the characters within (including the Panda) are, or were intended to really be, under eighteen years of age.




Chapt. 3


The Quest Begins



Ukyou jerked awake and quickly sat up.  She was still in the street outside of the Dojo…

Naked and alone.  Looking down at her nakedness she sighed.

“I’m again quite female…thank goodness!” she silently exclaimed in relief.

She quickly donned the clothing scattered about her.  However both her panties and her breast restricting cloth were missing.  Thus her rather oversized tits would be jiggling openly whenever she moved.  No getting away disguised as a man today!

She glanced at the ring on her finger, looking as rich and golden as any in the Tower of London, and shuddered.  Images appeared in her consciousness.  Images of last night.  Images of a transformed Ukyou and a divine, yet sexually dominated Jusenkya, fucking like rutting animals in this very alley!

Without being willed images seemingly coming from her memories, what her own eyes recorded, what she had done with…no, to the Goddess, flashed before her eyes:

…Of Jusenkya, in this very alleyway, on her knees before a roaring, insane and transformed Ukyou!  The red faced Goddess’ mouth was wide open, jaw descended until her chin nearly touched her huge tits, lips stretched to their very limits trying to mouth, better yet enclose completely, Ukyou’s suddenly appearing, instantly huge, supernaturally erect and swollen, new cock.

The Goddess had said, before Ukyou had abruptly silenced her by plugging her mouth with arm thick and long meatpole, that the phallus had come from no other then Ranma after Jusenka bespelled and then cursed him.

…The Goddess’ reaction to Ukyou’s first orgasm as a ‘male’: Her cheeks, and eyes, bulging to the point of bursting as thick, slimy, and brilliantly white cum gushed and ran in streams from the corners of her wide open mouth to flow down and then hang like tacky strands of snot while twin jets of slightly off white wadd spewed violently and rapidly like geysers from the Goddess’ flared nostrils to reflect off Ukyou’s heaving, muscular and nominally flat belly, spraying and splattering across the Divine Jusenkya’s flushed, cock filled face!

…The look on the Goddess’ face as Ukyou first lowered her upon, then around, her rigidly upright, monstrously wide, and inhumanly lengthened cock:  The wide open and white eyes, the momentary frightened gritting of teeth as Divine cunt lips snapped around fist sized cockhead…an eight foot tall man’s fist, the short but distinct whine of little girl terror as the Goddess’ feminine tubes spread as never before while Jusenkya relentlessly sank around immovable Ranma prick.

…The way her eyes rolled up and her lower jaw dropped with the first belly swelling gush of babystuff deeply into her when Ukyou experienced for the first time (and most hopefully NOT the last!) orgasm as a man, Pride buried to the balls in a Goddess’ receptive and convulsing guts, Goddess guts sucking for and demanding a divine baby.

Suddenly, in an almost panic…fear that the ‘effects’ of the ring would return, she hastily pulled it off her finger and tucked it into a pocket.

“Better get going,” she mumbled, turning towards the Dojo.  She felt very self-conscious as her big boobs jiggled and bounced on the way.

Inside there was a titanic mess, though no serious damage.  Some broken furniture, but mostly scattered poker chips, a couple broken chairs, and quarts of thick, coagulated cum drooling down and pooling…everywhere.

Ranma-chan was carelessly draped over the card table, her magnificent buttocks, full and round and ever so firmly plump, seemingly jumping up into Ukyou’s face.  She was naked, still, looking to Ukyou like some glazed sugar coated sweet meat pastry.

Seeing that Ranma was breathing somewhat normally, her eyes automatically drifted to Ranma’s bottom.  Then Ukyou stared for a long, long time at the girl’s still semen drenched, glossy buttloaves, Ukyou’s flat, firm, and now heaving belly starting to intensely thrill most erotically from the innocently torrid sight of those asscheeks in full display.

Akane, too, was draped over, somewhat more carefully, the arm of the couch.  Likewise her ass, if anything even more ‘bubble-butt’-like in its nearly vertical offering, was betrayed and displayed, naked and offered up, to any wanton male organ in the room.

Or lesbian eyes…

Akane’s exposed sex, just as had Ranma’s, showed ample evidence of being well and thoroughly used.  An unbidden twinge of jealous anger surged through Ukyou as her eyes switched back to Ranma.  Ranma was her fiancee’!  Hers to first take…violate…love and…fuck!  And it should have been her, Ukyou, who had left Ranma-chan draped over the table. drenched in her, Ukyou’s, semen!

Then, as was her habit when distinctly and blatant lesbian urges gripped her, she suppressed the thought, quickly from long practice, but not before her womanhood visibly twitched and had relentlessly and uncontrollably moistened at the idea.

“I’d better…clean them up first…” Ukyou finally said, eyes still fixed on the deep, dark crevice between Ranma-chan’s bums.

With a jerk of her head, she started looking around for towels…

“Strange,” she thought, going for the bathing room, “there are no males now in the room.  There must have been some…many probably to leave this much…of a mess on and around the girls.  There were only the two girls…So where are the guys.  Were did they go?”

As she walked back with a bowl of water, sponges and towels, she found herself again staring at Ranma’s upturned ass.  She just couldn’t take her eyes off of the beautiful round hillocks and breath taking valley of the ‘girl’!

Ukyou’s normally vigorously suppressed lesbian ‘tendencies’ were now loose…thanks probably to the Goddess.  Thanks to that gorgeous, delicious Goddess Ukyou had finally sampled…and used…female flesh.  Even though at the time Ukyou was quite masculine in appearance and, somewhat, in emotion, she had enjoyed immensely ‘taking’ the Goddess in typical Male, or dyke, glory!  An, male or female, she wanted more!  She could hardly stand it!  Without regard for her gender of the moment she oh so much wanted to bury her face in Ranma’s deep, dark asscrack!

Ranma was breathing quietly as Ukyou stepped up to the card table at the, naturally, Ranma-chan’s ass end.  Carefully putting down the bowl, she dipped the sponge in the warm water, wrung it out, then gently and slowly applied it to Ranma’s back.

Ranma didn’t so much as change her soft, regular breathing, Ukyou’s touch was so soft and careful.

Over Ranma’s entire back Ukyou sent the sponge, insuring the removal of all the ‘evidence’ that some male had splattered all over her fiancee, ‘marking’ her as his own, rinsing the sponge twice before finally…inevitably…resting it at the very topmost peak of Ranma’s awesome asscrack!  Ukyou waited a moment, staring and panting right into Ranma’s deep, dark crack.  A crack that ended between the girl’s full, smooth thighs, thighs that were, and remained, some inches apart.

In order to give anyone…Ukyou for example…an uninterrupted view of Ranma’s pink, still virginal (Ukyou prayed!) anus and then, ever farther into the musky darkness between the girl’s thighs, the beginnings of her vividly pink cameltoe.  Ranma’s still vividly red sex was slightly distended, and a streamer of thick man-chowder was hanging halfway down her thighs to her knees, where immediately below the strand a thick congealing pool of cottage cheese-like wadd rested on the ground.  Unlike her anus, it was pretty clear that this opening was in no way any longer virgin.

Ukyou lifted the sponge off of the girl’s sweet, smooth, perfect skin and sent it to Ranma’s thighs.

Ukyou shuddered when she stroked for the first time down the back of Ranma’s left thigh.  She felt that she nearly came, just feeling that strong leg under her sponge!

Openly shuddering from the passionate tension, Ukyou knew she couldn’t resist any longer.  She put the sponge down and sent in her hand, her fingertips running up and down Ranma’s thighs.

Ukyou was soaked!  That thigh was schoolgirl full and smooth…iron hard muscles covered with a thin layer of fat to smooth out Ranma’s skin.  “There was power there,” Ukyou though as she pressed her palm against the thigh, “immense power!  Maybe this is Ranma!  But there is also beauty of form and motion, but from superior strength and dynamic reflexes, not just brute force.”

Ukyou shuddered again, a wet patch forming in the crotch of her pants.  Never had she been this worked up before!  And just from touching this delicious Ranma-chan!

Then, dipping and wringing out the sponge again, her eyes drifted again to that ass…

Ukyou hissed when she pressed the sponge to Ranma-chan’s bulging left asscheek.  “So firm!” her fevered brain enthused.  “It looks so soft, so round, yet so firm!”

Ranma-chan’s gluteal muscles, round and bulging as the word ‘gluteal’ implied, were, indeed, of magnificent tonal firmness, hard as a proverbial rock.  Yet, with a thin covering of fat smoothing out her flesh, they certainly looked like what the word “bun” meant to so many men.

And many women…

Like Ukyou right now!

Ukyou ran the sponge up and down, then across the left buttock, smoothing the crystal clear water over the slick, very untanned skin.  After thoroughly coating Ranma’s left buttock, Ukyou dutifully, while definitely taking more time than actually was necessary, wetted down the right.  When finally finished her eyes gleamed as those two loaves shone back at her.

She tried to calm the sudden pant that had developed as she ‘worked on’ those asscheeks.  But she couldn’t do a thing about her furiously hard nipples protruding out from behind her shirt.

Only after drenching those metaphysically porn perfect buttocks did Ukyou finally go for the ultimate prize…plunging that sponge between those jutting, reflective cheeks directly into her deep, dark asscrack.

The sponge nearly disappeared into that Stygian chasm, the coolness of the water making Ranma’s assmeat quiver momentarily yet vividly.  However, the furnace-like heat of those working bums quickly warmed the wet sponge as Ukyou slowly, taking her time while concentrating on every inch of intimate, most private, and literally ‘where the sun had never shone’ flesh the sponge revealed, stroked away the residual cum from last night.

She remained for about a week, sliding that now warm sponge up and down that crack.  But, when she finally removed the sponge, she could see that the asscrack now shone equally with her wet buns.  Ukyou could see Ranma’s pink anus, looking virginal and tight.  Then, lower down, Ukyou made out the flaming pink labia of Ranma-chan’s pussy…

Having repressed her lesbian tendencies all these years, having seen this up close but two pussies in her life…Ranma’s was about the most arousing, and beautiful, female body part Ukyou had ever seen…

Putting the sponge down, Ukyou slipped her hand around Ranma’s left hip and, with utmost gentleness, tried to raise that hip…

She wanted Ranma on her back.

As if the girl was awake, almost as if she had been laying there, eyes closed, waiting for the least excuse to roll over, Ranma, with but a soft sigh, actually helped Ukyou roll her over upon her back.

Ukyou could only gawk for a long moment at the naked perfection suddenly displayed before her!  If anything, Ranma-chan’s athletic and oh so feminine body copied the perfection of her buttocks.

Ukyou gazed, enraptured, upon the girl’s flat, smooth belly, gently rising and falling.  Her navel disappeared into that belly like Lake Vostok, deep and dark and mysterious.  As Ukyou’s eyes slowly travelled upwards, crossing over Ranma’s diaphragm and then her ribs, Ukyou’s own breathing came in step with Ranma’s…only at exactly twice the rate.

Finally, as if inevitably, her vision settled on Ranma’s lush babyfeeders.  As if sculpted from alabaster, those pale tits, nearly as large as Ukyou’s long suppressed and ignored bosom, jutted straight up in a geometrically faultless conical ideal of femininity.  Jiggling gently in time with her breaths, Ranma’s knockers, from a broad base that nearly met the other tit across her sternum, smoothly rose towards a puffy nipple the color of aroused pussy.  Like Hershey kisses, they rose with a gentle tapper, the surface of her breasts looking soft, almost sponge-like, stopped only by her nipples.

But, Ukyou knew that those breasts were not the least spongy, but firm and unyielding to anything but the strongest groping fingers.  Unlike her own newly freed boobs, being slightly larger yet still firm in their own right, she knew that Ranma-chan’s would show absolutely no sag if she were standing facing Ukyou!  Packed with fat, covered with taut, youthful flesh, those tits were Playboy fold-out quality if Ukyou had ever seen such.

No wonder Ranma-chan was notorious for never wearing a bra!

She was notorious because she never needed to!

Then she looked back down, across the gently heaving belly, over the hairless, bulging mound, to Ranma-chan’s cameltoe…

“Beautiful!” filled her head as she studied the pussy.  Despite what Ukyou knew had happened to her, Ranma’s pussy now showed very little evidence of having been thoroughly and massively ravaged and distended.  Ukyou’s breathing picked up again, her eyes wide, as she stepped around the table to between Ranma’s already parted thighs.  She planted her hands on the insides of both firm thighs, admiring again their rock-like muscles covered with smooth skin and thin layers of fat.  Then she gently pushed on them…

And immediately they spread!  With no other reaction from Ranma-chan, her thighs parted and spread until they were obscenely wide apart!

Oh, yeah, she was flexible all right.  And those thighs were not unwilling to spread wide, either!

The spread thighs now presented the girl’s entire loins to a helplessly gawking Ukyou!

With the greatest effort, it seemed, Ukyou raised her eyes to Ranma’s face.  “You awake, Ranma-chan?” she almost whispered.

Nothing returned.  No movement.  No sound other than a soft snoring.

“She’s asleep, alright!” Ukyou told herself as her eyes, as if being directed by some force outside her, dropped to that pink slash between Ranma’s wide spread thighs.

It glistened with moisture now.  Also, if anything, the petals and floor of Ranma’s pussy looked even more sunburn-pink than before!  She could see the labia, elongated to nearly three quarters of an inch, spread apart on their own and were already close to dripping with the girl’s sweet fluid.  Ukyou could make out Ranma’s clit, half an inch long already and partially unhooded, it seemed to throb before Ukyou…throb at Ukyou…offering, presenting, demanding of Ukyou for…what?

Then Ukyou’s knees were folding, and she was squatting before the card table, before Ranma’s twat!  She tried to stop, to resist, but to no avail.  Some irresistible force, from outside her or inside her, demanded she squat before that divinely delicious bald pink pussy!

To worship before the holy altar of Ranma’s immaculate twat!

It was as if an invisible hand of tremendous power was wrapped around the back of her head and forcing her down!

Only her body didn’t seem to mind being ‘forced’!

Now she couldn’t even turn her head away!  And the closer to Ranma’s womanhood she became, the more aroused, hot, she became!

Suddenly a thought surged through her increasingly turned on mind, “Could this be the Goddess’ doing?  Was she making me seduce Ranma?  And if so…Why?”

Then there was no more time to think rationally as her knees hit the floor and she was staring at…into Ranma’s wide open pussy from just inches away.

Then the invisible, unfelt hand pushed her forward.

And the thrill coursing through her jumped madly with her first whiff of Ranma’s girl odor…

“Sorry, I just have to…” she managed to gasp out to Ranma just before her face plunged into that pussy.

Then those labia wrapped around her face and Ukyou moaned in utmost pleasure…

Sticking her tongue out without being prompted, she tasted Ranma.

And instantly lost herself…

Now growling from between those wet, floppy labia, Ukyou let vent all of her long repressed lesbian desires, dreams, needs into that pussy.  Sticking her tongue out as far as she could, as far as she could get into Ranma’s vagina, she stroked and licked Ranma’s pussy walls, lapping up the copious and delicious juice there, swallowing it without hesitation before going back for more.

It was the most delicious stuff she had ever tasted!

Then Ranma stirred!

Ukyou froze, opening her eyes to look over Ranma’s towering sex mound at Ranma’s frowning face.  Her eyes were still closed, but she definitely had not been frowning a moment before.

It was clear that she was still asleep, but waking.  Immediately Ukyou pulled her tongue out of Ranma’s vagina and moved her face up…to the clit.

Furiously stiff and impressively long for a girl, Ukyou, using oral skills she didn’t know she had, peeled the foreskin down over the clit, unhooding most of it.  Then her own oral lips captured the defenseless button of pleasure…

With another look at Ranma’s face, Ukyou began sucking…sucking…sucking…

And Ranma’s head jerked, then she grimaced fiercely.

Then Ranma opened her eyes!

She stared up a moment at the ceiling, looking greatly surprised.  Then she grimaced, hissed, and finally moaned sincerely.

Ukyou kept sucking…

Ranma’s hands flashed down to her loins, gripping Ukyou by her hair.  Then Ranma’s eyes followed.

“Ukyou!” she husked, panting forcefully now.  Ukyou could see sudden sweat form on Ranma’s flushed forehead, and sudden fear in her eyes and on her pleasure twisted face.

Ukyou just kept sucking.

“Why?” Ranma gasped in a very young and very feminine voice.  Then, with yet another grimace and hiss, Ukyou’s clit assault began to tell…

“What are you doing…OH!  You do that so well!” Ranma whined, lowering her head back to the table.  “Don’t stop!  I don’t care why…just don’t stop!”  Tossing her head, pulling on Ukyou’s hair to force more of her face into her throbbing pussy, Ranma ended with a most sincere, “PLEASE!”

Ukyou just kept sucking…

…And Ukyou’s heart raced. How long had she wanted to hear Ranma say that, in that tone!  So what if she was a girl now, Ukyou didn’t care.  The thought thrilled the former closet lesbian: Ranma wanted the pleasure that Ukyou was, and could forever, give to her!  She would want Ukyou for her wife, if for nothing else, for the immense pleasure the lesbian could deliver!

And Ukyou would continue to deliver in spades.

Looking at Ranma’s grimacing face, tossing back and forth mindlessly upon the card table, Ukyou, somehow, knew that the girl wouldn’t, couldn’t resist her clit suck much longer.  Reaching under Ranma, Ukyou filled her hands with the girl’s firm, delicious and big asscheeks and, with power she didn’t know she had, hauled Ranma’s hips right up off the table.

Then Ukyou hung Ranma’s hips by the clit caught in her mouth!

Digging her fingernails into Ranma’s buttmeat, holding her in position, holding her hips up so her lips could reach that clit…that wildly throbbing little piece of girlmeat…to suck…suck…suck…

Ranma’s breathing increased dramatically, both in rhythm and depth, as Ukyou nursed ever harder upon her button. Ukyou could see it, hear it, as the girl rose in passion, driving ever higher in uncontrollable pleasure, as her clit betrayed her.

Ukyou, glaring over Ranma-chan’s sex mound at her grimacing, teeth grinding countenance, abruptly realized how satisfying…truly gratifying it was to watch as she took Ranma, forcing the girl to rise in her irresistible pleasure…driving her higher towards a promised orgasm…higher…higher…


Ranma screeched as the first orgasm seized her, her claw armed hands trying to grip the card table beneath her.  Scratching the table, her fingers tried to punch right through to get a frantic, desperate grip…on something…anything.  Ranma started vigorously humping Ukyou’s cunt covered face, trying to maintain the contact, the beautiful vacuum upon her jumping clit.

And Ukyou kept it up, eyes open wide, looking at the grimacing, gasping, squealing face of the delicious girl she was mastering, dominating, sucking off.

And the orgasms didn’t fade, didn’t escape Ranma as Ukyou determinedly and most effectively sucked on Ranma-chan clit.  For the next ten minutes Ukyou sucked and Ranma helplessly came…and wildly screamed…and came some more.  Ukyou was surprised Akane wasn’t awakened by the shrill wails.  Truthfully, she had mixed feelings about that.  She certainly didn’t want the moment interrupted, but she’d certainly like to have Akane see how much Ranma was loving Ukyou’s skill.  How much better she was at pleasing Ranma than the ever argumentative Akane was!

It thrilled her to her core to have such a beautiful, ‘major Babe’ and physical perfectionist as Ranma-chan thrash in wild, uncontrollable, and loud convulsions under her masterfully lesbian lips.

She wanted to do more of this!  To everyone, too, not just Ranma!  Especially to all those hard driving, hard exercising, and, ‘because of their schedules’, sexually frustrated and repressed young female corporate officials who caught their quick lunches, just like the hyperactive corporate men, at her grill/restaurant.  What visions swept through her mind as she recalled the many women, barely out of college (if not just out of High School on apprenticeship), that she would love, especially now with Ranma in her mouth, having ‘for lunch’!

Now lifting her own bulbous buns clear off the table, Ranma offered up her hips…pussy…to her now expert lesbian conqueror, humping Ukyou’s relentlessly sucking face, threatening to knock her teeth out with her driving pubic bone, while her out of control pussy exploded over and over into Ukyou’s face…the face relentlessly nursing on her clit.  Ukyou’s face was drenched in Ranma’s squirting orgasms.

It was a good twenty minutes before Ranma could regain some semblance of reality.

Finally Ranma relaxed her clenched thighs and Ukyou could finally pull her drenched face out of Ranma’s pussy.  “Ukyou!” Ranma gasped, still panting like it was the first day of Spring Training.  “Why?  Why did you…It felt so good!  I didn’t know you could do that…so well!  I didn’t know you would do…that, at all!”

Ukyou smiled and moved around the table to kiss…and not in a sisterly manner…Ranma…passionately.

And Ranma returned the kiss, just as passionately.  And her lush body responded so openly, so eagerly, so honestly when Ukyou took further liberties by cupping her jutting tit and diddling her rosy pink, and pebble hard, nipple before running that hand down the girl’s sweaty belly to grip Ranma by her soaked and bald twat.

When the kiss broke Ranma blurted out in her passion, “I didn’t know you were a…a…you know, Ukyou!”

Ukyou’s smile dropped in sudden fear.  “I hope you don’t tell!  I could lose many of my regular customers!  Anyway, I didn’t know you would enjoy making it with a…’you know’!”

Ranma looked down, showing sincere embarrassment.  “Sorry!  Didn’t mean it quite that way!”  Then she looked up into Ukyou’s eyes.  “It was…great!  I never knew getting sucked on…there, felt so good!  Almost as good as getting my…er…my dick…sucked…I…guess…”

“Have you ever had your dick sucked on?” Ukyou asked, not without some shock at Ranma’s seeming familiarity with oral sex.

“Well, actually…no!  I can imagine it, however!” Ranma replied, again embarrassed.  “But it was…wonderful!  You’re really good at it!” Ranma enthusiastically added.  “But I’m not sure I could…return the favor…however.  I’ll have to think about it.  But you’re right.  You can do that to me anytime you want!”

Ukyou saw the sadness cross Ranma-chan’s beautiful face.  “The Goddess…I was with…I…er…never mind that!  The Goddess last night told me that she had…ah…taken away…you’re…uh…curse?!”

“My dick more likely!” Ranma replied, anger, and life, showing again on her face.  “She took away from me what made me a man…”

“I know.  She told me you would have to go to her secret land, next to the magical ponds, and get your ‘curse’ back from her before you could ever become a…male…man again!”

Suddenly Ranma yawned.  “Gee, I’m sleepy!  Must have been your suck-off!  It was intense!  Look, if that’s the case with the Goddess, then certainly I’m going!  But, I suppose I could use some help.  For all I know she took Genma and Ryouga and who knows who else with her.  It will take a small army to get through them! (Yawn!)”

“Well, you can count on me, Ranma-honey!” Ukyou said with a big smile.  Then she looked towards the couch and her smile dropped.  “And I’m sure Akane will want to go, too…”

“Yawn!  Good.  I’ll ask Nabiki and the others…but I’m so tired!”  She then rolled upon her side.  “Would you take care of Akane…make sure she gets cleaned up and all…while I take a little nap?”

Before Ukyou could protest, Ranma was softly snoring…


Ukyou spent a good minute staring at Ranma’s openly, shamelessly displayed pussy, thinking about how powerful, dominating it had made her feel to suck Ranma-chan off.  It had been ‘Good’ both in the taste of Ranma as well as the thrilling reaction she got to Ranma’s cries of pleasure and submission.

Suddenly carrying out her long suppressed and hidden lesbian desires had become so…exciting!

“It sure would be nice to have her again!” she spontaneously told herself, staring hungrily at that bald pink slit.  Then she suddenly heard Akane, still draped head down over the arm of the couch, groan.

“She’s waking up!” Ukyou said, without enthusiasm.  She would certainly spoil any further sex with Ranma!

Looking at the girl slowly awake, Ukyou readily admitted to herself that she had no reason to dislike Akane…excepting that she was ahead of her in the Ranma as husband sweepstakes.  And Akane, as far as Ukyou could tell, had no animosity towards her.

But she wanted Ranma, the male version, as a husband!  Mainly because she felt he would become a good bread earner.  Not because he could make a heterosexual woman out of her.  No, she still liked the idea of being a lesbian…

As long as Ranma was a girl, that is!

But there were other possible lesbian partners around her.  Akane for instance…

Did she have any lesbian tendencies?

And would it matter if she did or did not?  Ranma was no lesbian…until she met Ukyou this morning!

It could be that Akane, who most of the time was angry at Ranma, didn’t really like males.  She could be a candidate for lesbian seduction!  Of course!  Make her a lesbian…especially before Ranma could get his/her dick back!  Seduce her into lesbianism before Ranma could make her ‘straight’!

But she still was ahead of her in the Ranma sweepstakes!

But if she could get ‘something’ on Akane!  Like ‘awaken’ her to any lesbian tendencies she had?  Maybe, if she did the seduction ‘right’, Akane wouldn’t be so darn determined to marry Ranma.  Then she, Ukyou, could perhaps advance ahead of her for Ranma!

But how to get alone with Akane without Ranma around peeking in on them…

And, with Akane’s next moan, accompanied with a slow shaking of the girl’s head, Ukyou suddenly knew how!

“We better get going,” Ukyou said, striding towards a just rising upon her arms, bleary eyed Akane.  “I was intending to clean you two.  But Ranma fell asleep.” She helped a dazed Akane to her feet, then held her about the shoulders as the naked, delightfully so, girl tried to get her composure.  Ukyou, not waiting for Akane to clear her head enough to speak, added, “…Wait a minute!  I’m pretty messy myself!  Why don’t we take a shower together while Ranma sleeps?  It will save time and water!  I hope you don’t mind…”

Still shaking her head in a partial haze, Akane suddenly looked down on her cum covered, lushly naked body.  Touching the sticky stuff nearly completely coating her, she spread her forefinger and thumb apart and watched the coiled strand inversely arch between her digits.  “EEEWWWWWW!”  Akane scrunched up her pretty little nose while making an almost comical face of disgust.  “Gross!”

Then she looked at Ukyou.  “Good Idea!  I gotta get this stuff off me!”

Trying to suppress the predatory, all too lecherous grin threatening to sweep across her own face, Ukyou guided Akane towards the bath with her arm around the slightly shorter girl’s straight, powerful shoulders.

As Akane prepared the shower water temperature, Ukyou stripped.  Her face flushed when she took off her blouse and her even bigger looking boobs bounced and jiggled like jello.

Akane picked that very moment to turn around.  “You have such big boobs, Ukyou!” she blurted out in a gasp when she saw Ukyou’s unfettered jugs bounding free.

Ukyou’s flush became deeper.

“How did you keep those hidden?” Akane added with a crooked smile.  Then, with a crooked and quizzical facial expression she asked, “And why?”

“A girl out in the real world has to take precautions.  With breasts this big and firm, I’d have all kinds of horny businessmen (and business-women!) groping me on trains and even in my restaurant!  Dressing like a man avoids that.  You should try it yourself, next time you take a train!”

Akane grinned straight and broad.  “No thanks!  Ryouga wouldn’t speak to me if I did that!  Anyway, if any pervert tries to grab me…” and she flicked her leg forward in a blurred kick, right at the level of a guy’s scrotum.  “I’ll kick their…ass!  Best defense!”

They stepped under the shower, Akane first.  Ukyou got an admirable view of the girl’s rather perfect butt as the girl stepped into the cloud of steam within the barely large enough shower stall.  Slightly less ‘bubblebutt’-ed than Ranma’s own deep cleft wonders, the shorter girl also had a narrower waist, though not by much.  She was a good head or more shorter than Ukyou, nearly an inch taller than Ranma-chan, so the taller girl could look down and see all of Akane’s ‘charms’.

Once inside first Akane, then Ukyou stepped under the hand held spray nozzle, presently inserted into its overhead holder, to soak themselves down.  But, as they did so, when Ukyou, all too platonically, touched Akane’s back, the back of her ribs on each side of her spine, with both her hands, she felt the girl instantly go rigid.  At almost the same time Akane’s right arm muscles flexed and her elbow jerked back nearly an inch towards Ukyou’s stomach.

“Sorry,” Ukyou gasped as she hastily pulled her hands back.

Akane sighed at first, then shook her head.  “No, my bad!  I’m so…alert all the time to perverts groping me that I can’t relax.”

Ukyou picked up the shampoo bottle.  “Well, you must be able to relax around…friends!  You can’t go around on alert all the time!  Are you…afraid…”

“I’m afraid of no one!” Akane interrupted in a fierce, intimidating whisper.

Hastily Ukyou restarted her argument, “Let me rephrase…Will you permit no one to touch you, ever?  How do you get your back washed?”

Akane dropped her head in embarrassment until the shower water was running in great sheets down the top and both sides of her down turned head.  “I…I…don’t bathe with others…other girls very often.”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with others, especially between friends of the same gender, don’t you think?  Uh, Akane, do you consider me a friend?”

She looked over her shoulder at Ukyou.  “I do, now that you look like a woman.”

“Well then, why don’t I wash your hair?  If you feel alright about that, maybe you’ll then let me wash off all this man-goo dried on your back.”  There was virtually no semen on Akane’s back.

But the girl nodded, hesitantly.  “I…think that that would be okay, Ukyou.  Thank you!”  she then wiped her palm down her flat belly, scooping up a bunch of reconstituted wadd left over from last night’s cum shower.  “EEEEWWW!  I just got to get this stuff off me!”

Ukyou poured the shampoo into her palm and applied it with both her hands.  “Well, we’ll just clean you up, then!”  Soon Akane’s deep, dark blue hair was nearly white with copious bubbles.  Ukyou took her time, using the shampooing to get Akane used to being touched, to enable her to finally relax.

“Ranma can be so infuriating at times!” Akane, visibly more relaxed under Ukyou’s hands, suddenly spoke up.


“Oh, sometimes he…pisses me off so much that I wish I wasn’t engaged to him!  It seems that all he does is aggravate me most of the time!  Like now…no way I would let Ranma-chan take a bath with me!  He’s always trying to get a peak at my bare ass when I bathe.  Like some horny teenager!”

“But he is…” Ukyou interrupted.

“Beside the point!  Always trying to see if I have pubic hair or not!  And there’s no way I’m going to let his female form see me!  I’m not as dumb as he thinks.  Besides, as a girl he’s virtually worthless in a fight!”

“Do you really believe that Ranma-chan would be completely worthless in a fight?”

Akane’s head was forward, her eyes closed…and not just to keep soap out of her eyes.  She was beginning to really relax.  “Well, last night she was worthless!  You should have seen how…easy she was with Ryouga!  A virtual slut!”

“Well, there was the Goddess and her spell, right?  And Ryouga is one big man!  He certainly frightens me!  That could have contributed, right?”

“Oh, I suppose!” Akane replied, then abruptly smiled crookedly for a moment, “And he was big somewhere else!”  Then she stuck her soapy head under the water.

Ukyou was smoothing her short, pageboy cut hair when Akane pulled her rinsed head out, saying, “It’s just she acted last night like she…she…”

“Enjoyed it?” Ukyou volunteered.

“OOOO!  Yes!” replied Akane fiercely.  “Spell or no spell, once Ryouga and the others got their disgusting pricks into her…all of those boys were hung like horses last night!… it was like she had been waiting all her life to take huge dick.  She was a shameless slut last night, fur shur!”

“And you?” Ukyou tried, hoping not to set off Akane’s famous temper.

Akane suddenly froze again.  “Me?” she said in an almost frightened whisper.

Ukyou couldn’t tell if that reply had anger or not in it, but there certainly was fear.  Fear of the answer.  Bravely, continuing to run her fingers through Akane’s wet, now soap-less hair, she continued, “You were draped over the arm of the couch, literally covered with someone’s…cum, when I got here.  You were at least as messy as Ranma.  It was just I cleaned up Ranma first because she was closest to me.  But I couldn’t tell the difference between you two from the cum all over you!  If Ryouga ‘did’ Ranma…then who…”

“Genma!” Akane quickly, but softly replied.  But her body didn’t stiffen.  A good sign for Ukyou.  “And it wasn’t only Ryouga that Ranma ‘serviced’, either!  There were at least two other pervs who were upon her, too!  She really enjoyed herself last night!”

“And tell me you didn’t enjoy Genma, at least a little?”

“No!” she replied again quickly and softly.  Then, after a hesitation, “Well, maybe a little.  I just couldn’t fight him off forever!  And he was so big!  And after he wore me out and got into me, it started feeling pretty good!……A little bit!”  Then she whispered barely loud enough to pass through the sound of the shower, “…really good!”  Then, another count later, in a louder voice, came, “…that Panda really could do a girl!”

Finally, another count later, “But I didn’t like it and I’m still going to kick Genma’s fat ass!”

“He was big…down there?  Really big…too big for you?” Ukyou repeated, suddenly seeing Akane’s weakness.  “You haven’t…been with anyone before, have you?  Especially someone who is five hundred pounds and forcing you!  Are you alright?  Did he hurt you?”

“Well, a little sore…you know…down there.  That Panda was awfully big!”  Akane finished with the most crooked smile.

Ukyou nodded even though Akane couldn’t see her.  “I’ll bet!  Yes.  Men…of all stripes…are beasts once you let them loose upon you!  Well, let me wash this jism off you, then we’ll tend to your sore parts.”

“Uh, you really don’t have to, Ukyou.”

“Nonsense!  That’s what friends…girlfriends…are for.  Believe me, I’ve been sore down there in the past and I have really missed not having someone to do for me what I am going to do for you.  It will make it all better…promise!”

“Well, if it makes it better…  Just don’t tell Ranma!  He’ll be pestering me to take baths with him/her from now on!”

Pouring some body wash down Akane’s back, Ukyou said, “Promise!  Now you just relax and enjoy this and I will take care of everything!”  Then she began to run her hands up and down Akane’s svelte back, spreading out the body wash and making foam.  “But first I need to clean you off!”

Akane, with Ukyou’s first hand strokes down her back, literally jumped up upon her toes and gasped raggedly.

Not stopping, Ukyou asked, “Okay?  Anything wrong?”

Akane, muscles locked, up rigidly upon her toes, could only shake her head.

“Not used to having someone touch you there?” Ukyou added.  “Touch you anywhere?”

Still on her toes, Akane nodded briskly.

“Relax!  I can’t massage your muscles with them clenched like this.”

Nodding again, Akane made the conscious mental effort to relax.

Ukyou smiled as she gently kneaded the girl’s shoulders.  The more she gently worked those powerful muscles, the more relaxed the girl became until she was standing flat footed and quiet before her, acquiescent to Ukyou’s handling of her.

Then Ukyou’s hands left Akane’s shoulders and started washing her upper back.  Softly, but above all slowly, Ukyou advanced downwards until her hands were roaming all over Akane’s back, making sure to stop when she got down to the narrow waist.

At first Akane would hiss when Ukyou’s hands reached her waist.  Ukyou would always retreat, but, just as often, descend again until the girl hissed once more.  Slowly, gently, patiently Ukyou worked Akane’s back until the girl no longer hissed.  Then, as she continuously worked the foam over the girl’s powerful back, Ukyou carefully, slowly, worked her hands ever farther downward.

Down into and then past Akane’s slim, firm waist.

By then the girl was just standing there, silent with her eyes closed dreamily.  There was no more protest or alarm as Ukyou sent her soapy hands all over Akane’s waist, even around the sides.

Then Ukyou’s hands touched the topmost parts of Akane’s butt bulges and Akane gasped.

“No!” she barked, as if she were at school and some perv had made a grab for her barely covered ass.

Ukyou was suddenly grateful that Akane had not just blindly struck out with her cry.  “She could have killed me!” Ukyou thought ruefully.  Keeping her hands on the upper reaches of Akane’s buttocks, Ukyou asked in as innocent a voice as she could manage, “What’s wrong?”

“No one ever touches me there…at least without losing their head!” Akane, embarrassed and red faced from her reaction, replied with her memorized response to unwanted male familiarity in an unusually soft, quiet voice.

“You mean boys at school?”

Akane nodded once, hard and fast.

“Well, there are no boys here, are there?”


“And I am washing you, not groping you.  Do you not agree?”

“Yes.  Of course.”

“You okay now?”

After another hesitation, Akane nodded, softly and slowly.

“Good, now just relax.”  And Ukyou took her hands away, dribbled some body wash right into the top of Akane’s deep and dark asscrack, then reapplied her hands in spreading the foaming wash all over those fantastic buns.

Hard as rocks, smooth as silk, warm as an oven, Akane’s ass was magical to Ukyou.  She couldn’t believe how this girl’s body turned her on!  Except for Ranma she had never touched, or seen, a female’s body so firm, especially in the ass area.  Akane sure was a perfect example of a smooth, warm and ‘hard-bodied’ schoolgirl fighter!

And Ranma really didn’t count for ‘she’ had first been developed as a male, before he was turned female.

Her slick hands slid all over those ‘smooth as velvet, hard as Rock of Gibraltar’ buns.

Ukyou hazarded a look over the girl’s shoulder and saw a calm looking Akane standing there with her eyes closed.  She looked as if she were concentrating on the sensations Ukyou’s hands were creating on her ass.  She gave no appearance that she was going to stop her, or even if she disliked what those hands on her asscheeks were doing.

So Ukyou decided to advance again.  Without warning she slid her soapy right hand, turned vertical, right down the top and deeply into Akane’s virginal asscrack!

“WOOO!” the girl instantly cried.  “Don’t DO that!”

Then Ukyou winced.  Her hand was nearly buried in Akane’s asscrack, just her little finger still outside of the girl’s buns, when ‘something’ gripped her thumb and forefinger!

Looking down, Ukyou saw Akane’s buttocks in furious clench and they were holding, trapping Ukyou’s innermost fingers like in a vise buried in girl asscrack!

Unable to pull her hand out, Ukyou leaned over Akane’s shoulders, “Relax, Akane!  Its me!  Ukyou!  I’m just trying to clean you before I try to relieve your discomfort from last night.”

At once Akane blushed again, and her buns relaxed.

Ukyou flexed her freed fingers a few times.  She swore the girl could have broken them with those butt muscles!

Once normal sensation returned to her hand, Ukyou went back to her butt stroking, trying to relax the girl further.  Once it looked as if Akane had relaxed enough for her to proceed, Ukyou, most carefully this time, slid her hand back into Akane’s now soapy slick asscrack.

Akane did nothing except give out one gasping hiss as Ukyou’s slippery hand nearly disappeared into that dangerous butt crease.  But Ukyou stopped instantly when she reached, felt, and stroked over the Akane’s asshole and the girl gasped again, but much more loudly…

Then Ukyou started a hasty retreat before she could lose any fingers.  But, with the first movement back out of her Akane cried with surprising passion to Ukyou , “Don’t…don’t stop!  It’s okay.  It’s just…that time…it felt…”

“Good?” Ukyou husked into Akane’s ear.

The girl nodded…this time eagerly.

Ukyou’s left arm slipped around Akane’s left ribcage to hug the girl, gently, to her while her right hand fingers slipped deeper between Akane’s cheeks.

Akane sighed and leaned back as Ukyou started stroking her hand up and down between those delicious and dangerous buns.  Ukyou gently hugged the girl with her left arm, feeling the heat, hearing her sigh, feeling the love she had for Akane.

After some delightful, all too romantic minutes standing under a steamy shower with Akane, hand buried in the girl’s ass, she simply pulled her hand out.

Ukyou swore she heard Akane sigh with the loss.

Ukyou began pouring some more body wash into her hands.  Once they were covered with foam again, she leaned to Akane’s ear, “Now, the front,” she simply said.

She slid her two arms around Akane’s ribcage and her right hand began applying soap to the girl’s firm, definitely smooth, and somewhat heaving belly while her left hand, almost nonchalantly, went back to Akane’s chest…and this time with her firm cones in mind.

While Ukyou’s left hand soaped down Akane’s chest, she spent some time, too much she feared, stroking over, back and forth, the girl’s babyfeeders.  “But they were such a delight!” she thus silently justified her ‘groping’.

Quite a bit smaller than Ranma-chan’s veritable melon patch of a chest, they definitely were a handful of suckling pleasure, but not much more than that.  But they were firm like a teenager’s tits should be, quite dense with fat, and even though Ukyou dare not, she could tell that they would be a delight upon squeezing.

And her nipples were already rock hard.

And as Ukyou strummed her fingers up and down over those pebbly nipples, Akane gasped and squeaked delightfully.

And, most important, refused to stop her!

Meanwhile Ukyou’s right hand explored the vast, flat, slick expanse of the Akane’s teenage belly.  From her diaphragm to perilously close to Akane’s near virginal cameltoe, Ukyou’s right hand travelled, taking disproportionately longer time stroking her own long, hard fingernails, kinda accidentally, over Akane’s bulging and babybutt smooth mons veneris.  Only she was very prone to accidents, especially around Akane’s mons veneris, so she soon had the girl whining softly while Akane’s hips moved back and forth gently and distinctly in response to her teasing torment.

By the time she mercifully ended Akane’s sex mound and tit torment, the girl was leaning back against Ukyou’s pillow-like boobs, with those slick hard buns rubbing back and forth across the front of Ukyou’s loins.  Akane had the most peaceful and closed eyed face, her jaw and facial muscles almost slack.

Reaching up for the hand held shower head, Ukyou husked in Akane’s ear, “Time to rinse.”

“Huh?” the half asleep girl grunted.  “Wha?”  Then she opened her eyes and, looking up, saw Ukyou’s hand pull the shower head out of its overhead holder.

Ukyou directed the warm, but sharp collection of tight streams of water upon Akane’s soapy chest, diligently rinsing all the foam from first her chest, then her belly.

Akane’s belly jumped as the nearly painful jets of warm water poked and stabbed her flesh like a bunch of warm, blunt needles.  But Ukyou continued the assault, relentlessly stimulating her jumping flesh until there was no more soap, no more excuse, to justify the torment.

With the girl glistening and soap-less in firm bodied glory, Ukyou advanced her stinging shower down her belly to her mound.  Laying to the stream upon her exposed and defenseless sex mound, Ukyou eventually smiled after a minute or so when Akane sighed in telltale pleasure and relaxation in the warm, intimate bath under the influence of a stinging spray on her bald mound.

“Spread you legs, Akane,” Ukyou then whispered into Akane’s ear.

Clearly without thinking about the request…nee’…order, the girl instantly obeyed, stepping each foot one step in the lateral direction.

Not waiting for an obviously relaxed and trusting Akane to reconsider her actions, Ukyou immediately plunged the roaring shower head right between her thighs, mere inches from the girl’s tender, intimate, and already vividly pink woman flesh.

The stiff and pin thick streams of warm water drilled into Akane’s partially exposed clit on their way into her vestibule, which was wide open thanks the spreading of her loosened labia, and towards her spread apart vaginal opening.  All the girl did was gasp raggedly and jerk her hips back, once, with the wicked shocking pleasures that those ‘water pins’ delivered in their brief clit pounding.  Her bulging buttocks, however, impacted Ukyou’s wide hips, preventing any further physical reaction…any further retreat.

Looking over the girl’s right shoulder Ukyou guided the shower head between Akane’s spread thighs.  Turning the shower head upside down, the aimed the still stinging and warm stream farther in, past the now visibly reddened clit, until the stream was shooting directly up into Akane’s puss hole.

“Moan!” went the girl, her head falling back on Ukyou’s shoulder, as the powerful stream defeated the efforts of the vagina to keep the water out and the pressure forced jets of warm water far, far up into her.

All the way up to her hardly touched (before last night!) cervix.

Then Ukyou pressed the brush shaped head right between Akane’s parted labia, pressing the shower head up against her vaginal opening.  Akane’s moan was caused by the deliciously warm water flooding her.

“Feel good?” Ukyou whispered into Akane’s ear.  “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Oh, no!” the girl husked back.  “So nice!”

“Let me make it better!” Ukyou replied, then pulled the shower head back down, opening the girl’s vagina to the outside.

And a gush of warm water nearly shot out the filled and pressurized pussy of the girl.

Akane shuddered as her sex tube emptied.

“Let’s do that again!” Ukyou replied, pressing the shower head again against her vestibule and over her vagina.  She held it there longer this time.  She wanted to force even more fluid into the totally compliant girl leaning against her.

Ukyou showed no respite when, again, Akane moaned as she filled.  She moaned again when the hydrostatic pressure inside her spread her fuck tube wide, as wide as Genma’s Panda prick had done the night before.  Ukyou held the shower head against the girl until her belly bulged as her womb flooded with the wondrous warm water.

When Ukyou pulled the head away this time a violent, pressurized stream literally shot out, bouncing off the floor and only stopped by the shower door.  For some seconds the fluid jetted out.  Then it slowed to a mere gush as Akane drained completely.

When Ukyou looked at Akane’s head, the girl was giving her such a tender, thankful smile!  “Fell good?  Glad you took a shower with me?”

“Oh yes!  The soreness is going away!  It’s sooo goood!  Don’t stop!  Please!  Give me more!”

“Don’t you worry, Baby.  That’s what I am here for!”  Ukyou replied, suddenly pressing the shower head home again.

She didn’t relent until Akane was openly groaning and an even bigger bulge had formed in her lower belly.  The entire Dojin could hear her fluid bounce off the floor and smack into the shower door this time!

After emptying herself that time, Akane collapsed like a rag doll into Ukyou’s arms.

“I think we’ve cleaned you out enough, my Dear!”  Ukyou said into Akane’s ear.

“Oh, don’t stop!”

“Why?” Ukyou teased.  “I thought that was why we took a shower, to clean you outside and in!?”

“Don’t stop!” she whined.  “I’m so…I’m not finished…I…oh, please don’t stop yet!”

“You want something from me, Akane?  Something…special?” Ukyou husked again in Akane’s ear.

Akane looked at her over her shoulder for a long moment, more sweat than shower water running down her face.  Finally, though, she could deny it no longer.  She nodded.

“You want me to…take care of you, Akane?”

Biting her lower lip, the girl nodded without the delay.

“Okay, but remember that you’ll have to return the favor sometime.  Okay?”

There was a long delay this time.  But the answer was the same.  Not only did she nod, but added aloud, “Okay!”

Ukyou brought the wicked shower head to bear once more over Akane’s vagina.  But then, once the shower head was a mere inch above Akane’s opening, Ukyou brought it up, over Akane’s now stiff and unhooded little clit.

Akane barked as the stream passed right over her button.  But the stream stopped just past where her outer labia come together, then came back.

“Ah!” Akane cried when the shower head passed over her clit again.

Then Ukyou began ‘painting’ Akane’s clit, now fully unhooded, like the shower head was a paint brush, stroking the stream over her clit upwards, then downwards.

And Akane’s throat closed off, and her thighs began to quiver and her button was ‘painted’ by furiously squirting, warm water.

And Ukyou was merciless, painting Akane’s clit until the entire ‘hard-body’ girl was quivering in her arms, on the very edge of a mind numbing orgasm that she had never experienced before.

A lesbian orgasm…

And when Ukyou decided that Akane was so worked up, her lush body so out of control with orgasm need, that she could do nothing to stop, or even try to stop, Ukyou from finalizing this delicious conquest, she dropped the shower head.

Before Akane could even whine a protest Ukyou was on her knees before the shuddering girl, her arms between those firm, and wide spread, jerking thighs, holding them apart while her hands gripped each one of Akane’s rock hard buns.  Holding the whining girl still by her butt grip, Ukyou finally felt safe to swoop in and press her own face between Akane’s wide spread thighs, press her oral lips against and then around the nearly half inch long little feminine prick that she had so masterfully stimulated to heart-stopping arousal.

Then the lesbian began sucking…sucking…nursing on Akane’s prick.

And Akane shrieked within a minute of oral attack, telling Ukyou…hell…telling the world of the beginning of the most soul stirring and energy releasing cum of her young sexual life.  The windows overhead rattled as she emptied her lungs just like she was emptying her soul into Ukyou’s wondrous cunt sucking mouth.

Jerking, thrashing, howling, squealing, Akane paid off to her conqueror, Ukyou’s mouth, cuming like she had never before, and, unfortunately, very rarely after.  For long minutes her quivering body was held in place by Ukyou’s butt grip, while Akane gripped Ukyou by the hair, pulling painfully, and finally screamed out her bliss as Ukyou held her up and close to the bitter end.

All Ukyou could think about during that wondrous orgasm was how good Akane tasted just then.


The little group of ‘heroines’ exited the bus just outside the entrance to the village of the Ponds at Jusenkyo.  The trip had been surprising easy.  Cologne apparently had connections out the ass when she choose to use them.  Of course, she couldn’t do anything about some aspects of the trip.  Akane bristled at the unusually loud and boisterous (for the usually restrained Chinese) male catcalls that came from the departing buss.  She knew they were not directed at her, even though she was wearing one of her typically too short dark blue and pleated school uniform skirts.

No, as usual they were directed at a typically clueless Ranma-chan.  Ranma-chan can be so thoughtless and forgetful!  Or a very skillful prick teaser!  This trip, she simply forgot to wear the bottoms of her Gi outfit!  Also it went without saying that Ranma had also not bothered to wear underwear!

Her Gi jacket, tied closed by her, well earned and most justified, black belt, could barely contain her unfettered tits, better yet keep her almost equally bulging asscheeks covered as she walked!  Already displaying cleavage in front that rivaled most that one would see at the Academy Awards runway, when Ranma stepped, those boobs would jiggle enough to easily pop right out the front of her Gi!

Not to mention that, with every step, the opposite buttock on the ‘girl’ would be uncovered in back by her retreating Gi so that every perv (and there had been a busload back there!) could confirm that Ranma’s reputation for having a most qualified ‘bubblebutt’ was not an exaggeration!

And that was not to mention what she displayed when she had sat down on the back bench of the bus and spread her legs casually and most thoughtlessly!  Why, everyone knew where the driver’s rearview mirror’s ‘rear view’ was aimed!

Now Ranma-chan was standing before two identical and typical Chinese entrance arches, hands on her hips, legs (again!) spread wide.  The arch on her left led to the Ponds of Jusenkyo.  The right hand arch led…

Behind her were Akane and Ukyou, dressed more ‘rationally’ for a trip.  Ukyou wore more masculine slacks and, by necessity, a while blouse baggy enough to house her impressive rack.  While Ukyou was used to binding her huge tits, she was not used to ‘harnessing’ them, so she, too, went bra-less.  When she walked, therefore, she bounced and quivered like firm jello, and her bright pink, and seemingly permanently erect, nipples could be followed as they flipped up and down from under the white material.

“At least they remembered to wear both parts of their outfits!” Akane thought, looking behind her at the other’s in their party.

Trailing slightly behind her were Nabiki and Kasumi.

Akane, though she loved her sisters dearly, at first didn’t see the benefit have having them tag along.  But they proved very persuasive to the others in justifying their participation.  Akane quickly found herself outvoted.

Kasumi was already setting up her two wheeled cart, loaded to the brim with woks and utensils, great bags of uncooked rice, jars of spices and dried vegetables, even fancy Japanese chocolate covered malts and nuggets, all to be hauled around with them, in turns, by these strong young women.  Especially an enthusiastic Ranma who was well aware of the culinary goodies inside.

Akane had to admit that Kasumi had had the most persuasive argument:  “I’ll keep you all well fed, provided you can gather some herbs and trap some rabbits along the way.  No one doubts my cooking skills.  In addition I’ll nurse your wounds and keep the campsite tidy and comfy for you.  Just don’t leave me behind.”

Kasumi had confided in no one that she had dreaded the thought of being left behind with no one but their father for company.  She’d grown used to the excitement that surrounded Ranma and his, or her, friends.  Even if she had always been an observer rather than a participant, she’d still grown used to a much more exciting life.  She saw this as her last chance to have a real adventure before settling down to become a housewife.

Nabiki’s defense was somewhat more mercenary, but no less effective: “I’ve heard that there is a pond at Jusenkyo named ‘The Pond of the Divine Thief’.  Once I can bathe in that, I’ll become the greatest thief in the world!  I’ll do the scouting for you and get you all the money we need for this expedition, as well as all the food, directions, information or weapons available for purchase with that gold…at the lowest available cost!”

Nabiki had already arranged for payment for the plane, train, and bus through one of her, criminal Akane thought, ‘deals’ she was so good at pulling off.  Since then Akane, by necessity, accepted Nabiki’s presence.  And even her camera which always seemed to be up to Nabiki’s face, recording.

In the meanwhile Kasumi’s presence was readily welcome by anyone who had ever had the pleasure of one of her meals!

Finally there was Shampoo.  Akane really hated the idea of her coming along on the trip.  She’d already pulled a few stunts, such as trying to talk Ranma into sharing one of the small tents they had brought with them.  The Amazon bimbo was a complete slut, in Akane’s opinion.  But they could hardly keep her out of the trip.  Not when the only reason they had managed to come this far this quick was due to Shampoo’s Great Grandmother.

Shampoo was supposed to be their guide. But Akane didn’t trust her at all. She’s likely try to drop everyone but Ranma into a hole in the ground if they let her. “So, which way?

Akane asked Shampoo in a frigid tone. “Or do you need to flip a coin?”

“Shampoo is my great granddaughter, and you will treat her with respect!” suddenly came from the direction of the arches.

Everyone not looking in that direction instantly turned.

Ranma, already facing the arches, jumped when she noticed the woman…a gorgeous young woman, abruptly appear feet before her!  Ranma gasped in her head,  “How did this woman manage such an entrance?”

She was slightly taller than Ranma-chan and wore bright red and pure white long sleeved robes that extended loosely to her shoes.  A blue, teardrop shaped tattoo rested in the middle of her forehead just above her eyebrow line.

The red ‘skirt’ was slitted up the middle of the front, revealing that her legs were bare.  The legs were long and smooth and, while not overtly muscled, they just looked perfect.  The slit went up nearly to her navel, revealing when she stepped in a certain fashion that she also shared Ranma’s habits regarding underwear.

Her tits, too, bulged out the deep plunging neckline of her robes.  If anything they looked quite ample.  Akane knew from just the meat bulging out towards her neckline that she could not compete in the bosom department with this woman.  Hell, Ranma-chan herself would be given a run for her money in the cleavage department by this gorgeous creature!

Then, “If Shampoo is your great-granddaughter, then you must be Cologne!” came from the ever bright and alert Ukyou, who stepped up.  Everyone else looked at ‘Cologne’ incredulously. They’d left Cologne back in Japan. And even if they hadn’t, there was no way in hell that this hot babe could be that wrinkled old monkey.

The gorgeous young woman (she now looked as young as a high schooler) looked and beamed at Ukyou.  Her smiled was directed right to Ukyou’s soul.  Her face seemed to form a halo of light around it as she seemed to look right through Ukyou’s eyes and into her mind.  “Well, my Dear, I am.”

Staring into that divine, passion generating smiling face sent torrid jolts of love, and intense lust, coursing through Ukyou.  Almost at once Ukyou was in mad, passionate love with this beautiful Cologne.  And the need for that body…to service that body…to serve under that gorgeous woman!  Never had she understood what ‘love at first sight’ meant or was like…until she looked into this young woman’s eyes!  She wanted more than anything to be her bottom!

Abruptly everyone could have seen, if they had been looking, how hard and long Ukyou’s nipples projected through her white blouse.

The much different looking Cologne waited for the expected collective gasp from the girls to die out before she went on, “Actually, that was my disguise while I was in Japan.  I have been known for even longer, some five or more thousand years (I haven’t really been counting.) as Skuld, a Norseman None, and sister to Jusenkya, the Goddess of this place!  Or, to use her original name, Urd!”

With the mention of Jusenkya, both Ranma and Akane tensed.  Then Akane stepped forward, slowly, to impose herself between this Cologne and Nabiki and Kasumi.

Cologne noticed the slight movements of the two, and laughed.  Her laughter sounded like the peeling of church bells and when she finished Ukyou was no longer the only female there with rock hard nipples and soggy twats.

“Do not worry Ranma!”  She said as soon as her laughter ended.  “I am not here to interfere, especially against my sister!  I am Skuld, and my sister, Urd, and I have had a…argument some thousands of years ago  about Urd’s…interests.”

“Then why are you here?” Ranma replied, not relaxing one bit.

“I must take responsibility for my sister’s actions.  It’s a long story…going back to the Yggdrasil Tree of Existence, from the cold, hard beginning of the World.  But I helped introduce her to drink and sex and she either can’t handle those temptations or choses not to and, thus, what has happened was, partially, my fault.  Besides, she has ‘locked me out’ of her little world behind me.  So, I’m here to help you, as little as I can do.”

“Then tell us,” Ranma bluntly returned, “what are we facing if we go through that other Arch?”  Not turning her head, Ranma caught Nabiki sneaking (as usual) through the other Arch, the one leading to the Ponds.

“As if you hadn’t already experienced Urd’s power:” Skuld replied with a frown.  She turned to a sweaty, swaying, eyes locked on hers, Ukyou.  “Let me demonstrate what you have to fear.”

Then she smiled and looked right into Ukyou’s wide, blank eyes.  “Cum!” she commanded.

“UNG!” instantly went Ukyou, jerking and then clutching her loins right through her pants.  “Oh, by the gods, no!  Not in-front of them!  Please!” she wailed, falling heavily to her knees.  Then “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Grunt! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Whine!” Ukyou grunted and whined in an awesome display of repetitive orgasmic convulsions.

It took her a good two minutes to stop cuming.  The entire crotch of her pants was soaked by the time she finished the violent paroxysms.

Skuld turned back to an impressed and…moved Ranma and Akane.  “I could do that to anyone of you, if I wished.  And Urd is much more powerful than I due to the centuries of practice she’s had!  Believe me now?”

Ranma swallowed.  “How can we resist that?  Can I kick her face in?  Break her voice box?”

Skuld shook her head.  “Urd is into…watching women…beautiful young and strong women in desperate sex battle.  She’s much less interested in actually doing the fighting.  Oh, she will intervene if it looks like you are going to reach your goal, get your maleness back.

“By the way, how did you manage to lose your manhood?  But, anyway, she prefers being the voyeur.

“Through that gate behind me is a land very much different than the Ponds or any other land you may have ever seen or read about.  She made it.  She made it to improve her…entertainment options.  Kind of like Disneyland, but for sexual combat and similar perversions.  In fact, when she started building this, I volunteered to try to help…she is family after all, but once the basic structure was done and she started on the actual ‘rides’, I couldn’t tolerate working anymore.  So, on the very first…thing she designed, I refused to go further.  We got into a big argument, again, and she kicked me out and finished it herself.  I tried to reconcile with her a few centuries ago, but she . . . well, lets just say wasn’t very sisterly about it.  I haven’t been back since.  Who knows what she has put in there to stop you?  Who knows what she has put in there to stop you?

“All I can say, all I remember about it is that all the creatures entering and all combat taking place will revolve around sexual fighting with seduction, or rape, for foreplay and extreme orgasm definitely determining the loser!”

“What is so important about sex?  How can cuming hurt us?” Ranma replied, deliberately flexing her muscles as if to show that she had nothing to fear from sex.  That she could kick the ass of any sex monster…

“Look at Ukyou,” Skuld simply said.

Ukyou was still on her knees, hands still pressed tight to her soaked loins, head down, swaying to and fro.  At least she didn’t look like she was still cuming.

“Ukyou?  Can you hear me, darling?” Skuld asked quietly.

Ukyou nodded, head still down.

“Stand up, my dear.  Tell, show everyone that you are alright.”

With another nod Ukyou started to climb to her feet as if nothing had happened.

Then, less than halfway up, she gasped and staggered.  Bravely continuing to rise, she staggered on the other leg, her left, little more than halfway up.

Ranma rushed over and caught her, pulling her up the rest of the way.  Ukyou couldn’t stand by herself.  She was forced to lean against Ranma.

Ranma, once she was certain that Ukyou wouldn’t fall, turned her head with a jerk towards Skuld.  For once, there was fear…real fear, on her face.

“I hope that I did not take too much from her.  I tried to warn you, Ranma!  You see, the Nones, like myself and Urd, came about before the snows and frozen lakes of the last ice-age had retreated North of Southern Norway.  There was no food for months at a time.  To get the energy we needed to survive we would…rape…the young men and women who journeyed to Yggdrasil in ancient pilgrimages to have their fortunes told…to learn what the Gods had in store for them.  That was one of our talents…telling the futures of humans.  When we took their energy we…didn’t ask many of them for energy…we took what we wanted, what we needed.

“We have the ability to take for our own the energy released by males and females when they orgasm.  The more they cum, the more they feed us.  Now, they will get tired, but if we are careful to not take too much from any one individual, they won’t die.  But they could if we took too much…

“How do you feel now, Ukyou?”

“Tired.  I need to lay down, I’m about to pass out.”

“She’ll be alright, though let her lay down in the cart a little while.  Give her some sugar in water or nice authentic mead, it has honey in it, then a nice big bowl of rice in about an hour or so.  She’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

“So,” Akane interrupted.  “Whatever lives in that land feeds on ‘orgasm energy’?”

“Yes.  None can resist the draining if they cum, willingly or not.  Any person or creature, including Urd and myself, that cums in there while under the ‘control’ of someone…or thing else will suffer through, more or less, what Ukyou just did.”

Akane frowned.  This was bad!  If they couldn’t survive past that arch without being orgasmed to death, there would be no way to get Ranma straight again!  “Does that mean we can’t avoid being forced into orgasm?”

“No,” Skuld replied.  “Only Nones, my sister and myself here, can make someone orgasm from out of the blue.  It’s called ‘forced orgasm’.  It goes back to the days, long, long ago, when we were kin of Demons.  As far as I know, nothing inside there can cause an orgasm in any other way but the traditional way.  And by the way, I know that Urd loves penetration!  Loves being penetrated by huge organs and loves watching other women suffering through massive penetration leading to wild orgasms.  I would suggest that you take that information to heart when you think about what you may be facing in there!”

Then, abruptly Nabiki was back.  Making everyone, except Skuld, jump with her cry, “Ta Ta!” she swept across before them on a leafy strand of vine, swooping right between Ranma and Skuld.  She finished by flipping up, end over end, and making an Olympic two point peg on her toes on a giant log.  Releasing the vine, she planted her fists on her hips, spread her legs and crowed, “It worked!  From now on address me kindly as Nabiki, ‘the Divine Thief!’”

Akane took a double take.  She was naked!  Then she noticed that that last observation wasn’t exactly true.  She was wearing ‘something’!  Only it didn’t cover much!

On top she had a forest green ‘cunt cap’ atop her head, set at a racy angle, with a single red feather sticking out the back.  Then the belt:  It looked three inches wide, made of shiny leather, and wound around her from over her left shoulder, across her trunk and back to her right hip where a soft brown leather pouch, bigger than anything she wore save the belt, hung.  There was a great buckle of brass for the belt, set just a few inches down from Nabiki’s shoulder.

The pouch was fortunate, for the rest of her ‘uniform’ couldn’t hold a fraction that the pouch could.  On her chest was only a diminutive ‘bra’ composed of almost string thin strips of leather.  All they held were two triangles of leather edged cloth, hardly more than two inches on a side, that ‘acted’ to cover her nipples.  Since the cloth was light colored, almost light beige, the red hue of her nipples could still be easily made out through them.

Below was even worse!  She had on matching…’panties’, if you will.  Again string thick leather straps held the tiny amount of cloth on.  Tied at the apex of both her hips, the string slipped down the inside of her thighs to attach to a slip of triangular cloth that…barely… covered her cameltoe and the lower part of her bald mons veneris.  In the back was nothing but butt floss.

Akane was thankful that Ranma was NOT a male at that moment!  Nabiki was a walking, cheering, ‘erection pill’ for any…ANY male who might see her!

Even she felt a little flushed looking at her, and she was her sister!

Ranma said behind her, “Well, it looks like we have our scout!”

“Spy!” Nabiki corrected as she jumped down from the log.

“Well, I’ll give her one thing!” Kasumi said, stepping up, drying her hands from giving Ukyou a glass of sugared water.  “She’ll ‘spy out’ every male for miles around looking like that!”

“More like the males will spy her out!”  Akane added, looking at her nearly naked sister with a frown and one eye closed.


They made camp when the time was close to when the sun would pass behind the mountains to the West.  They had not had a difficult trip to that point, but they all tended, even Ranma, to jump a bit at the least little shadow.

Ranma looked around, pleased with the directions that Skuld had provided.  “Just follow the Yellow Brick Road!” she had said.

And sure enough, they had been traveling over a well build, though without bricks, dirt road that just happened to be the only yellow thing around them.  “Urd was into TV and movies and ‘Wizard of Oz’ was just one of her favorites.  Something about that virginal Dorothy surrounded by three inhuman monsters.” Skuld had told her before they had left.

They also hadn’t seen a soul, or any other animate object, all day.

And when they came to this flat, clear area about the size of a baseball diamond, it looked just too convenient to pass up making camp there.

Of course, Akane made a fuss.  “Looked too convenient!  Already cleared!  For who?  Or what?  Yadda, yadda, yadda.”

“The weather is so nice, the temperature just a little cool, we can sleep out with no problem,” Kasumi added.

Of course, they didn’t have a tent, thanks to a tempter tantrum Akane had pulled on the journey over, so sleeping out would have to do, regardless of the weather.

Now they just have to wait for Nabiki to get back from scouting and everything would be fine.

Then Ranma heard the sound of hooves striking hard dirt.

Coming closer…


Nabiki, the ‘Divine Thief’, slipped off the edge of the ‘yellow brick road’ into the brush.  Video camera to her eye, making the next ‘King Kong’ but with real, hung, apes, she spent a moment scanning in a 360 degree pattern before stopping the camera.  Then she looked to the West, to where the Sun was getting low above the mountain tops.

“Time to go home, Nabiki!” she whispered to herself.  “All good scouts should get back and report before dark.  Remember that Ranma-chan had been explicit about that!”

She wasn’t that happy about it.  She’d been really enjoying her new talents, including her movie directing talents.  She’d been looking forward to having these abilities, and body, for a very long time. Much longer than just the last few weeks and she hated having to go back to camp after only trying them out for such a little while.

When Ranma and his father had first come to the Tendo home, they’d had a tattered old guide book to all the training sites in remote China. Not that Genma had actually read it. The front section was all in Chinese, and he didn’t read Chinese, and he’d never bothered to look in the back, and discover the Japanese translation. Nabiki had done that five seconds after picking up the book.

But, something had bothered her, even then. The Japanese section was a lot smaller than the Chinese. That had intrigued her. It smelled of secrets to her, and secrets could mean money. So, she’d pulled in a few favors, or more correctly, she’d blackmailed an honor student into translating the Chinese section of the book. 

What she’d discovered had been a much more complete description of Jusenkyo. One that included list of the more interesting springs and their locations. Solid gold information. Information that could make her rich beyond her wildest dreams. But, as she’d contemplated the market for some of those exotic springs, her mind kept coming back to one. The spring of the divine thief.

Nabiki had never been interested in being a hero, some righteous doer of good deeds. She’d leave that to the suckers like her sister and Ranma. But, she lived in a world of powerful people and sometimes it was annoying to have to work through surrogates. If she could take a dip in the DT spring, she’d be able to do it all herself. Sneak through the tightest security, ambush from concealment. Escape from the darkest cell, not that she ever intended to get caught, but that seemed to be part of the package. For months she’d dreamed off all the things she could do if she only had those abilities. And then this little side trip to China had come up, and she’d jumped at the chance to make her dreams a reality.

Rising to start back, a sudden sound froze the scout.  Looking over her right shoulder, she stood still a moment, frowning.

Then she heard it again!

But it couldn’t be that!  Why would that sound be here?

But then she heard it again!  It sure sounded like one.

A baby!

From just off her right, now quite distinct, was the cry of a baby!

Getting louder!

She hesitated.  The members of her party would have been surprised by the conflict going through Nabiki at that moment.  At the very best they would have expected her to farm off the task of checking out the noise to someone else, at the worst, ignoring it completely.  But, while Nabiki disdained heros, the truth was she was not so ice-cold as she liked people to think, and the idea of some helpless baby out here in these woods was more than she could ignore.  Maybe before she might have had no choice but to seek out help, but now she had the power herself.  She’d just go and check it out.  After all, maybe the baby’s parents would be loaded, and grateful for the rescue of their drooling, shitting spawn.

Besides, this could be a great addition to her video!  The Great Rescue Scene:  Saving the baby of some powerful, and RICH, World Leader, all while being chased by rape-obsessed, horny giant apes!

Nabiki, without further thought, put the camera to her eye, pressed the record button, and slipped into the brush in the direction of the baby’s cry.


‘They’ road into camp as if they owned it.

Which was probably true, Ranma told herself.  Everyone was up, except Ukyou who had fallen asleep after their evening meal.  Nabiki not being back bothered Ranma (and the others) but she saw no reason to hold off Kasumi’s excellent meal.

Now Ranma, Akane, Kasumi, and Shampoo stood shoulder to shoulder to ‘welcome’ whomever was riding up to them in the gathering twilight.

There were five of them, riding in ‘V’ formation on horses…

“Amazons!” Shampoo, one herself, told the others.

Ranma did a double take.  This was just about the first time she she had first met her that Shampoo had spoken Japanese clearly and correctly!  “You suddenly have taken Japanese lessons?” she said to Shampoo.

Without taking her eyes off the strangers, Shampoo replied, “Cologne told me there is a language spell over this place.  All speech by others are translated, real time, into whatever language is originally spoken here, then translated back, real time, so you hear it in your own language.  I hear everyone in Chin.  I speak Chin, you hear Japanese!  Simple, no?”

“Well, just talk to them, then!” Ranma replied, then came up short.  Those were not horses they were riding!

“Centaurs…” Shampoo added, “Amazons ride Centaurs here.  No horses here.  Only Centaurs here.  Only male Centaurs!”

Akane, eyes wide, now would agree with everything Shampoo had said.  They looked like horses, fine thoroughbred stallions…until you got above the horses’ shoulders…

From there on up was a human male.  At least they looked male, some wore beards, all had short hair and were finely muscled, almost as muscled as Ryouga or as Ranma when a male.

And when she looked in the most obvious place to determine gender, between the animal’s hind legs, Akane hissed acknowledgment that her guess about gender was right!  Partially hanging and partially stiff was the…longest and thickest cock Akane had ever seen, even considering the animals she had seen at the zoo!  Their pricks, semi-soft, were easily over a foot long and as thick as her calf!

Then she saw the ropes running between their legs.

Ranma winced when she saw the ropes tied and wrapped around the purple and hugely swollen testicles which were supposed to be hanging behind the root of each animal’s cock.  Only the bindings prevented the testicles from even moving on their own.

The Amazons stopped simultaneously, raising a small cloud of dust, and the five armored women dismounted, without commands, as if it was choreographed.

They wore corsets that resembled Roman breast plate, only, like their namesake, their corsets had big, conical tits worked into the armor.  Underneath they word a simple short sleeved ‘T-shirt’-like shirt.  Around their hips was a short ‘skirt’ composed of some twenty flat strips of metal, all hung at one end upon a belt around their waists.  The metal clanked as they walked.

Their legs were bare except for boots made up of sandals with leather strips wrapped around them and the Amazon’s ankles on up to mid-calf.

Their armored helmets hung on a hook on the back of their saddles.

The lead Amazon stepped up to Ranma.  She had a sword with approximately an eighteen inch blade hanging from her hip.  Her hand rested, somewhat nonchalantly, on the grip.

Akane and Ranma both, at different times, glanced at the troops standing just in-front of their ‘mounts’.  They all had a hand resting on their equally long, and sheathed swords.

“And we without a weapon!” Akane mentally kicked herself!

Yet Ranma’s feelings were different.  She gave the swords a disdainful look.  She’d been taught in her expert and comprehensive training that weapons were a crutch, that the only true weapon was your own body commanded by a clear, rested, and fixed mind.  Weapons could be taken away and used against you.  Best of all, in her eyes, weapons made people overconfident.  These women would expect them to be cowered by those lumps of steel.  Well, if they tried anything, they’d get a big surprise.

“I am Commander Athena, of Queen Urd’s Guards.  I would like to welcome you brave warriors to your doom!”  Her smile was irritating in its self-assured confidence.

Ranma’s nostrils flared and she did not smile back.  She was about to find out if this Commander had balls or not when Shampoo stepped up.

“I am Shampoo, an Amazon from the village just west of here.  Do you recognize me?”

Everyone in their party, except Shampoo of course, turned to look at the Purple-haired Amazon in surprise.  She wasn’t using her normal bimbo speak but rather, was using complete, and grammatically correct, sentences.  Before anyone could remark on this, the other Amazons responded.

To Ranma’s surprise, the Commander, followed by her troops, snapped to attention.  “Yes Amazon!  Welcome!”  Then Athena looked down at Shampoo (who was a head shorter than the tall Amazon Commander.), “Er, Amazon, are you being held by this group?  Do you need assistance in obtaining your freedom from them?”

“No!  I am part of this expedition…a Guide.  Tell me, you said that we are doomed.  Why did you say that?  Where you expecting us?”

Athena went back to attention.  “No.  Just part of our standing orders when on patrol.  We are to keep checking for…visitors to these camping sites.  I am to evaluate the potential of the…visitors as possible entertainment for Our Queen and what are their chances of succeeding and reaching the Temple and obtaining whatever treasure the Queen has offered to them!”

“So, this has happened before?  Having…adventurers entering Her land is routine?”

“Yes, Amazon!”

“And what is your opinion of the chances we have for success in this quest?”

Athena glanced at Shampoo, then looked rigidly forward again.  “Better since I have recognized your Amazon heritage.”

“But what is your overall estimation of our success?”

She looked again at Shampoo.  “That you all have a very good chance of some of you actually seeing the Temple before you’re fucked stupid!…er…Amazon!”

“Well, I hope to spoil your prediction, Commander.  Now, carry on!”

With a nod, Athena spun on her heel and barked, “Prepare camp!”  Then she spun back around.  “Amazon, have you supped?”

“Yes.  Just drink tonight, thank you!”

“My pleasure, Amazon!  But we have only field rations…curris.  We will prepare extra for this evening.  It will take but a few minutes.”  Then she spun around again and marched back to her now busy troop.

As soon as they were out of ear range, Akane turned on Shampoo and hissed. “You fake. All this time you’ve been pretending to be an idiot.”

Shampoo looked at her in surprise.

“Actually, Akane. I think you may be making a mistake,” Kasumi said politely.  “If you listen carefully, you will notice that Shampoo is not speaking Japanese, and neither are those other girls. It would seem that there is something about this place that makes it possible for people who do not share a language to talk together.  Isn’t that wonderful?” she exclaimed.  Not surprising, Kasumi would happily sit down to chat with the weirdest creature back home.  The only reason she hadn’t been locked up for talking to dogs and cats was because she never gave any indication that she thought they could talk back.

The Amazon was true to her word, it would take less than a half hour for the troop to construct a major tent on the flattened earth.  To Akane it looked like something from Arabia, with tall peaks held up by sturdy poles, and at least four separate  rooms attached to a central room of a good thirty foot diameter.

As the Amazons worked Ranma studied the Centaurs.  They all had distinctly different faces, all male, all unhappy.  She could imagine their unhappiness what with their balls all tied up.  Even as a female her legs clenched together in sympathy.

But there was something else about the unhappiness in their faces.  There was frustration, too.  Intense frustration.

Especially when they looked at her!  It took awhile, but she finally figured out that the frustration wasn’t when they looked at her FACE, but down between her crossed legs where her own immaculately bald and always wet cameltoe peeked out beneath her Gi!

The poor things were horny!

Very horny from the looks of those purple, massively swollen balls.

She watched one of the Amazons guide her mount around the construction, helping in pulling the tent poles up.  Quickly the use of the ropes became clear.

They were not for empty torture.  It made no sense, anyway, to torment beasts of burden.  She figured that, in spite of their human-like appearance, that the Centaurs were dumber than shit and had to be brutally guided, like some bull.  The reins the Amazons used led, though some convoluted slip knots, to the Centaur’s nuts.  The way the ropes were arranged around the animal’s testicles were designed to pull on the nuts in the direction the Amazon wanted the animal to go.  In order to relieve the pain of the ropes pulling in a direction, the animal went in that direction.

Simple.  Dumb animals.

But, damn!, they were hung!


Nabiki, drawing her knife with her free hand, slipped through the first line of foliage alongside the road.  She could hear the baby crying clearly now.  She truly hoped the camera was picking it up!

On thing was certain: She must be close.  Very close.

Then, with a whip-like crack, something wrapped around her knife hand, stinging and then numbing her hand with his inhuman strength!

She had just time to point the camera at her hand to see it drop the knife when she felt another stinging strike, this time her left ankle!  Before she could look down her leg was pulled out from under her.

“OOOF!” she went as her butt struck the ground.

The camera popped out of her hand.  She spent a few precious seconds groping for it before she found it.  She immediately pointed the camera at her ankle and pressed the button.

Finally focusing on her ankle she saw, through the camera lens, a…vine wrapped around it!  About half inch thick and dark green, she pulled on her leg with all her strength and the vine snapped tight but held, as if it were made of steel!  She panned at her wrist and confirmed that another vine held it, too!

She started to pan down at her feet, then over to her right, when when she thought she saw the direction the vines were coming from.  Looking, in that one glance, like a big, green vase, as soon as she focused the camera on it, said camera caught another vine whipping out from the thing to grip her camera holding wrist!

Instantly, before this new vine could contract to tenseness, she desperately threw the camera, still running, back over her head.  “Don’t break!  Please!” she pleaded as the camera flew over the line of bushes separating her from the road.

But her time was up for, with inexorable strength, the two vines brought both of her wrists together, jerking then over her head.  Then the left hand vine wrapped itself around both her wrists!

Now her hands were held above her head, and the Divine Thief started to get worried.

Then she was moving, being pulled by the vine around her left ankle.  As soon as she tried to kick the vine off with her right foot, yet another merciless vine seized her right ankle and she was moving across the slick grass even faster!

‘But to where?’ she thought.  But she already knew the answer.

Looking down between her wide spread legs, Nabiki’s eyes suddenly opened wide and white in utter terror when she saw where those vines came from.  A large fat pod stood in the middle of a perfectly groomed clearing.

A plant!  Like in some silly musical about man eating plants, a towering single green ‘flower’ projected up a good six foot high over the ground.  It rested on a short stalk, but the closed flower, which happened to be all green, had to be over five foot long. In appearance they looked almost like a large pod, but thick ridges defined separate petals from each other, as did the slight curl at the top of each one.

Then it fell over!  Fell over parallel with the vines it held Nabiki with!

And Nabiki was being drawn straight towards it!  And just like that all the over-confidence that had flowed through Nabiki since gaining her new abilities fled.

“No!” she screamed hysterically.  “Please!  Somebody help me!  Some plant is going to eat me!  PLEASE!”

As if in response to her quite hysterical pleading, she stopped moving!  But when she looked down she saw that the flower had bloomed!  It had opened up!

She was only some three feet from the opening now.  She could…smell it now!  Its perfume smelt like…a man!  No, more like a bull!  A bull in a herd of cows!

Nabiki, not wanting to, suddenly began to get…hot.  Aroused.  Horny!

She was only some three feet from the opening now.  The entire interior of the plant was now visible.  She first noticed the velvety interior of the leaves, little tiny hairs lining the entire interior surface.  Continuing to look around she then noticed the stamen, in the exact center of the flower.

It was growing!  Relentlessly growing longer, it seemed to be stretching out towards her all while growing thicker, soon to be as thick as her arm…no, thicker!

And it grew shiny as liquid bubbled out a slit at the tip.  As more and more liquid…gooey, thick, clear liquid oozed out, not only did the entire three foot, or so, length of the stamen glisten, but the stringy stuff started to drip and drool down to the ground between her spread knees.

And when the stamen’s last six inches or so took on the exact appearance of a massively swollen, thick and throbbing prick, the Divine Thief wanted to start screaming again.

She didn’t only because she noticed yet another vine approaching between her legs.  This was was much thinner, and covered with millions of tiny hairs.  It first slipped up over her right thigh, seized the end of the leather string holding her tiny ‘bottom’ to her hips, and pulled.

Her traitorous knot opened readily and the remainder of her ‘panties’ conveniently wrapped itself around her left thigh.

Her entire loins were not exposed to whatever the plant had in-store for her!

The new vine was moving!  Moving towards her wet slit between her legs!

And it just wouldn’t stop until the tip slipped between her bulging buttocks and then up between her labia.

She jumped, then gasped as the bestial thing parted and spread wide her labia on its way up her vestibule.  She couldn’t see it, but it was bulling its way through the most sensitive part of a female’s body.  She knew exactly where it was AT!

She shrieked when the tip reached, and then flicked, her little clit.

Shaking her head wildly, helplessly, she felt the tiny monster wrap the first couple inches of itself around her maybe inch long button.

“No! No! No!” she repeated as she felt it tighten around her girl prick.  In spite of her near terror, the tightening felt…wonderful!

She saw the long length of vine extending out of her towards the plant abruptly stiffened,as tight as a piano wire.

Then the stiff strand began moving away from her and then towards her.  Only about an inch or an inch and a half at a time, but always away from her, then towards her.

And Nabiki lost it big time.

The gods be-damned velvet covered vine was twisting, sliding, buffing around her clit with each out then in stroke!  Never had she ever experienced such demanding, overwhelming, downright painful stimulation!  Instantly she knew she couldn’t resist it.  She’d blow her head off within seconds if it didn’t stop!

Then it stopped!

Nabiki almost screamed.  But from vexation.

Laying there, tied up as good as a heifer, panting like a long distance runner, it was all she could do NOT to beg for more!

But, after about a minute of letting her come down from on-the-edge orgasm, it started up again.

She didn’t protest this time.  It felt too good to protest, this time.

And she nearly made it…she nearly blew her head off before…

It stopped.

This time Nabiki screamed.  But not in terror…in frustration!  She had almost made it!

When it started up yet again, she cried tears of joy, only to howl the frustration of the insane when it stopped again before she could cum.

On and on it went, for how long Nabiki had long lost count.  She was babbling when the vine finally released her red raw clit.  Her soaked clit, matching her absolutely drenched and dribbling pussy, was at least an inch and a half long and throbbed, maximally swollen, between permanently parted labia.

When her legs were tugged again, drawing her the final few feet…inches towards the blessed penetration she craved, tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

She watched the divine stamen, all three feet of mighty female penetrating masculine plant meat, part her perfectly prepared pussy and, when the bulbous head popped into her, she could only shriek one, tree echoing, cry of perfect female bliss.

As she lay there, squirming her only partially penetrated hips around the massive head of the stamen, she hardly noticed when her vine held ankles were forced up over her until her feet where above her head.  Likewise she really didn’t feel her forearms enwrapped with her ankles so she looked like a heifer at a rodeo.

She was too busy crying in blessed relief.

Then the ‘flower’ rose, slowly, back up to vertical while its leaves rose to enclose most of Nabiki’s sweaty, heaving, perfectly aroused body in a velvet lined prison that conformed perfectly to every curve and depression her encased body.  Once upright, the all powerful plant simply let her go to let gravity force her down and around most of the yard of plant-prick already partially in her.

All Nabiki could do was scream…scream…scream…

Scream her undying love for the belly bloating plant while most willingly and obediently beginning her endless orgasmic explosions.  To cum literally like she had never done before.

And the ‘flower’ glowed as the wildly happy and orgasmic Nabiki, only her head, feet and hands now outside the ‘flower’, ground her cervix down upon the Stamen stuffing her while her stuffed and spiked hips eagerly and willingly rotated around and around and around…


They were all sitting in the tent (excepting Ukyou who was sleeping in the cart).  The interior floor was covered in sumptuous cushions, the beautiful colors of the wispy light cloths of the walls illustrated by a half dozen glowing globe lamps ringing the central room.  Clearly the large Centaurs were very good beasts of burdens if this was a typical camp.

Ranma was just getting comfortable, no one had made a move to attack or harm them in the hour since the Amazons had arrived.  Then, from outside the Amazons entered.  The first four each carried a salad bowl sized wooden bowl in their two hands.  As they entered each made directly for one of them.  The extra Amazon followed Athena towards their Amazon, Shampoo.

Ranma caught view of the Amazon approaching her.

“I am Cleistra.  I bring you curris, our special drink for when we meet new friends.  It would honor me greatly if you would drink from my hands!”

Ranma looked into the bowl, then back at the Amazon.  She was indeed an attractive woman.  Not that old, maybe twenty, she had curly long flaming red hair that dropped to halfway down her back.  She had taken her armor off, so all she had on was her undershirt.

Looking down Ranma quickly noticed that Amazons, too, wore no underwear under their armored skirts!  Upon quick examination her twat was hairless, also flaming red, and her clit stuck out, thick as Ranma’s male thumb, and nearly as long!

Her face was round, bright, with a small, sharp nose and almost no eyebrows.  Her eyes were green.  A deep, enchanting green.

Then the wooden bowl’s lip was pressing against Ranma’s lips.

Looking into it, she saw that the fluid looked like milk.  Only milk that was slightly separated.  The smell was originally gamy, but quickly the odors of vanilla and then strawberry filled her nose.  Her stomach, always eager for food, rumbled.

She looked back at Cleistra.  “Alcohol?  I cannot drink it.”

Cleistra smiled and pulled the bowl back.  “A very little alcohol is in it.  It is completely natural.  Look!”  And she brought it to her own lips.  She took a big swig of the stuff, then, licking her lips, offered the bowl back to Ranma.

“I admit the first swallow has some odd flavors, but after that it is quite delicious!  Trust me!”

Ranma glanced once more at that beautiful, smiling face, then dropped her head, bringing her mouth to the lip of the bowl.

Cleistra tipped the bowl slightly and let Ranma take a small sip.

The gaminess was obvious.  But, other than that, not bad at all.  Kinda like a milk shake with slightly off milk.

She looked around and saw both Kasumi and Akane taking a drink.  That relaxed her somewhat.  Akane was especially suspect of these Amazons.  If she took a drink, it must be okay.

“More?” Cleistra asked.  Then she took another swallow of her own.  When she offered the bowl back to Ranma, Ranma was just feeling something in the pit of her stomach.  Attributing it to the, hopefully, tiny bit of alcohol in the drink, she bent to take another swig…

When her senses were lambasted by the most mouthwatering combination of vanilla and strawberry!  It was like smelling the most perfect custom ice cream!  And it was so compelling.

Ranma took three big swallows of the delicious stuff before Cleistra could pull the bowl away.

“That’s too much!” she gasped, looking, for a moment, in horror at her.

Then Ranma’s belly exploded.

She gasped aloud, in front of the Amazon, as liquid fire flooded her body.  For a moment it was quite out of control, surging through her, making her breasts swell and her nipples jump into painful, hard erection.

Suddenly she felt she were peeing only, when she looked down, it was that other fluid that females make…

When they’re hot!

“Hey, you okay?” Cleistra asked into her ear.  “The stuff can really hit you, get a grip on you, the first time!  Don’t worry though.  No drugs.  No hangover.  Just the strongest hots you can get around here!  Just remember, you’ll want a tree trunk in you in a few minutes, so don’t hurt yourself!  Don’t worry, though, I’ll stay with you to make sure nothing bad happens to you.”

Then Cleistra simply reached down and pulled open Ranma’s black belt.

Ranma just stared at her hands while she panted wildly and pissed pussy juice on the pillows beneath her.  Her mind felt just fine.  She could see and understand everything going on around her.  Her reflexes were normal.  In fact, she suspected they were better!

It was that right at this moment she didn’t give a crap!

At least about anything not involving sex!

Cleistra pulled open Ranma’s Gi and sighed.  “Oh, yes!  I’m not leaving THIS tonight, by the Goddess, no way!”

She looked up at Ranma’s face.  Then she leaned forward.

Ranma gasped a “no!” but then Cleistra’s lips were there.

Ranma moaned into Cleistra’s mouth, just from their lips touching.  While Ranma as a guy hadn’t done much kissing, and Ranma-chan had done virtually none, that kiss stole her breath and mind in a second.  Ranma didn’t know how long they kissed, but it was wonderful…

When Cleistra broke the kiss, Ranma opened her eyes to see Akane kissing her Amazon while Kasumi, across the room, was lost in the arms of hers, writhing in total abandonment, her Amazon running her hands over Kasumi’s lush, soft body, pawing and groping her freely and totally without any resistance from Akane’s sister.

“I haven’t serviced my mount yet!” Cleistra said conspiratorially.  “Want to watch me?  Want to do it yourself?  I’ll give you a hint:  It involves that huge, wonderful, evil cock of his!  What do you say?”

Without thinking, mind enflamed with visions of compulsive, heart pounding, submissive sex with Cleistra, Ranma nodded eagerly.

Ranma had been right about the stuff she had drank.  She had no problem at all getting to her feet.  Then, right behind Cleistra with her Gi wide open, she followed the Amazon in stepping over pillows, and hot, rutting women, on the way to the entrance.

Almost there, Ranma stopped.  There was Shampoo, robes wide open, revealing her youthful, near Ranma-well built body.  Athena and the other Amazon where holding her down, Athena having seized her in a half Nelson wrestling hold, and the other Amazon was pouring curris down a struggling, but losing, Shampoo’s mouth.

“She won’t be any more trouble, now!” Cleistra whispered in Ranma’s ear.  “We were afraid another Amazon, even though she wasn’t of our Clan, would cause us trouble.  Now everything will be fine.  Fine, tonight!”

“I don’t think she should be forced to drink that stuff…”

Cleistra shut up Ranma by slipping her hand under Ranma’s Gi and gripping her left asscheek powerfully, digging her long fingernails deep into Ranma’s buttmeat.

With a ragged gasp of never before experienced submissive pleasure, Ranma shut up.

“Let’s go outside and do some milking, shall we?” Cleistra husked into Ranma’s ear, leading her out of the tent by her dominating grip on her ass.

Ranma wanted to do something, anything, because obviously Shampoo knew there was something nefarious with this drunken orgy the Amazons were putting up, but that grip stole her breath.  Ranma could do nothing with those fingernails digging into her bubblebutt, it was just too exciting, too wondrously pleasurable to hazard loosing them by causing trouble.  Ranma just had to go along…


Nabiki desperately tried to calm down from the latest mind ripping orgasm that the plant had forced on her.  Panting rapidly, shuddering and quivering in exhaustion and post-orgasm jolts of residual pleasure, she could only look ahead from between her ankles.  Her legs and arms were tied together around her head, thus holding her head still.

Tears streamed down her face.  Long ago she had lost count of the orgasms that had roared through her.  With each one she grew more and more tired.  Yet her threatening exhaustion didn’t seem to affect her ability to get off…

Get off whenever this damned plant wanted her to!

“Oh, gods!” she husked when that stamen, almost entirely buried in her stuffed, swollen belly, began that devilish vibrating way, way up in her.  Vibrating against her cervix.

Pounding her ‘G’ spot…

It knew how to handle a girl!

“NNOOOOOooooooo!” she whined when the irresistible pleasure began again.  Pounding on her ‘G’ spot, rubbing and pulling on her inch long clit, then swelling inside her pussy, spreading her fuck tube like a man’s organ would when preparing to fertilize her, Nabiki cried out in despair as it all started up again.

For the next few minutes the plant skillfully, masterfully, omnipotently worked her up until she was again, for the millionth time, on the very verge of another heart stopping, belly convulsing, lung emptying orgasm.

Then, at the exactly correct time, that Stamen jerked up an inch and breached Nabiki’s cervix and red hot semen-like sap flooded her womb and easily pushed her over the edge into orgasmic madness.

The screams would echo in the forest for many hours this night…


Ranma went with Cleistra’s ass grip obediently to where the Centaur’s were posted.  Each had a long iron pole driven many feet into the ground with their leashes tied to it.  As she approached Cleistra’s mount she saw that the Centaur had its hands tied behind its back.

Then Cleistra took her head and forced her to face what was between his hind legs!

Ranma’s eyes locked on a two foot long, four inch wide, iron bar hard prick jutting out and drooling precum underneath Cleistra’s mounts softly curving belly.

She had never imagined such a huge organ!

And, as a woman, she was instantly fascinated by it!

“Magnificent, isn’t he?” Cleistra husked into her ear.

Ranma managed to tear her eyes away from that superhuman manly display only to catch the face of the Centaur.  The look he was giving her shocked her almost as much as seeing his cock ‘up and angry’!

He was both angry and…hungry!  The look, the leer he gave her reminded her so much of the looks the boys at school gave her when she walked down the halls with her sweats tucked in her asscrack and her tits jiggling.

Cleistra had opened her Gi completely, all the way to her armpits, and all of her delicious feminine features were displayed to him!

In fact, she now saw that all of the mounts were leering at her jiggling boobs and flipping, phat buns.

But these looks they were giving her were not those of dumb animals!  Only real human males, real teenaged athletes overdosed on hormones gave her those looks.  True, their reactions were not exactly betraying the ability to do Einstein level calculus!  But dogs don’t leer like that!

OHMYGOD!  These are intelligent beings enslaved to service the Amazons!

Somehow that realization shocked her more than anything else she’d seen that night.

“Look at that cock!” Cleistra brought her back to ‘reality’ with one statement.  “See how hard and swollen it is?  Look at the precum pour out to tip!  This poor creature hasn’t been milked in over a day!  His balls will burst for certain…”

She turned to the cock staring Ranma.  “…unless we relieve the pressure!  What do you say?  Ever milked a Centaur before!  Its real messy!”

Following Cleistra’s lead, she squatted underneath the huge beast.  Ranma took a glance over her shoulder and the Centaur was now looking back and down on them with a positively thankful countenance.  His eyes sparkled as Ranma filled her hands, without any further urging from Cleistra, with Centaur mega-cock.

Cleistra put a bucket ahead and under the Centaur’s cockhead.

Ranma stared at the Amazon.

A bucket!

How much do they shoot?

“Now, grip him like you would a giant teat on a cow.  Pull backwards, hold him tight, but don’t close off the cum tube…”

Ranma, recognizing the obvious expertise Cleistra possessed when it came to milking, followed her instructions to the letter.  Soon she was milking him in foot long strokes, feeling the mighty sex pole begin to jump in her hands.

“Let me work his balls!” she said, moving farther back.  Opening some knots, two orbs the shape and size of small watermelons dropped halfway down his thighs to swing freely.

“Yes!” she thought she heard…from behind her head!  Did the…Centaur say that?!

Cleistra cupped his babymakers, hefting them, gently squeezing them.  “They’re damn hot!  He is stuffed tonight!  Pull on him faster!  We’ll get a bucketful tonight!”

Ranma increased her pulling speed, then watched Cleistra as she leaned forward suddenly and planted a sweet kiss on each testicle!

“You didn’t see that!” she said to Ranma, who shook her head.  “Not supposed to get this close to their stuffed balls.  It pheromones.  Addictive…or habit forming…same thing.”  Ranma thought she could see Cleistra’s eyes form a red tint across them.

Suddenly that cock nearly jumped out of Ranma-chan’s hands!

“He’s getting close.  Remember to aim at the bucket!”  Then the Amazon took up milking the massive balls in her hands.  Her powerful fingers could hardly create a dent in each nut as she squeezed.

Precum was jetting out of his slit now.  Ranma had to use all of her strength to maintain control.

Then she heard, from behind her, “Oh yes, woman, good!  Don’t stop!”

By the time he finished with “stop!” his first massive spew was exiting his cock and bouncing off the ground just beyond the bucket.

“In the bucket!  The bucket!’  the ball milking Amazon urgently whispered.

Nodding, with a supreme effort of strength, Ranma managed to push the jumping cock down a couple of inches.  The next shot, a good half pint of pure reproductive protein, smashed into the bottom of the wooden bucked and stayed.

“Damn you’re good!” Ranma heard from behind her as spew after spew, gush after lumpy gush, splashed into the rapidly filling bucket.

Cleistra milked those balls until the powerful spurts died away.  When she released his nuts, Ranma swore they were half the size of when they started.

Ranma milked the last smelly drops from the deflating meat, while Cleistra tenderly kissed his deflated nuts.  Then both looked at the bucket.

Had to be three quarters full!

Cleistra crabbed up to Ranma staring into the bucket.  “You did a great job!  So much out of him!”

Then she reached in and scooped up and handful of the warm, stringy, gooey stuff.  “We’re not supposed to eat it raw, only when its been prepared as curris, but no one’s around…”  Dripping from her hands it looked like uncooked eggwhite, but she stuffed a near mouthful into her maw anyway.

After swallowing she scooped some more up and offered it to Ranma.

As before, she carefully smelled the stuff.  Gamey, yet with an even stronger smell of vanilla and strawberries…

With a renewed fire in her belly, she let Cleistra pour a goodly amount into her open mouth.  As she tilted her head back to receive the eggwhite, she saw the Centaur looked back down at her.  He had a big knowing grin on his face.

Ranma thought the stuff went down her throat like snails, or even uncooked eggwhite.  But it was stronger and even more delicious than even the curris.

When they rose to their feet, the fire was back in her belly.  “Back inside,” the Amazon ordered, not asked, as she pulled Ranma’s Gi off her completely and began pawing her bubblebutt openly with one hand and Ranma’s swollen tits with her other…

Right in front of the leering, knowingly smirking Centaur!

Cleistra’s eyes were as lecherous and hungry as any high school athlete’s.

Ranma was squirming in delight, and panting like a cheap whore…

As Ranma, pawed and groped, walked back to the tent after putting the bucket, the most full one, by the way, with the others from an evening of milking, she turned to the ass groping Amazon.  “Are these Centaurs intelligent?”

“Well, I guess they're smarter than a tree!  Actually you have to watch out about them!  They’ll fool you if you get sloppy, or lazy.  Gotta keep them in line!  But, are they as smart as humans?  No way!”

They entered the tent to a scene resembling the most notorious of ancient Rome.  Everyone of Ranma’s companions was under an Amazon, and most were becoming quite noisy under them.

And the noises they were emitting, while not always those of voluntary activity, were those of absolute pleasure.

Cleistra was goosing Ranma’s pink asshole by the time they got back to her space.  Next to them Ranma could see that Akane was overwhelmed by the Amazon mounting her and in absolute pleasure about it.  The Amazon was atop her, raised up on her arms, only her hips were pressing down on Akane’s hips.  Rubbing, grinding their hips together had seemingly put Akane into another world.  Her eyes were wide open but blank, unseeing.  A little stupid grin crossed her face as her head tossed back and forth on the pillow.  Her legs where spread apart and her knees where bent and thrown out, giving all the room the broad hipped Amazon needed to tuck her loins against Akane’s.

The forced whines and deep, guttural moans coming from Ranma’s fiance’ made Ranma’s belly melt.

Shampoo too, had an Amazon between her legs, only with her face, lapping relentlessly away on new Amazon pussy.  The other one was sitting on the Chin girl’s big breasts, gripping her by the back of the head, using two fistfuls of hair to force Shampoo’s face up between the Amazon’s spread thighs.

Shampoo no longer even looked like she was protesting.  Her tongue was lapping Amazon pussy as quickly and dedicatedly as the Amazon between her legs was eating Shampoo’s snatch.

All Ranma could see of Kasumi was her legs, up in a great V with a dark haired Amazon head trapped between her thighs.  The rest of her was gone under the Amazon’s big body.

Ranma didn’t know if Kasumi was gay (either before or after drinking curris), but it sure looked like Kasumi was into a hot and eager, most body parts tangled sixty-nine with her Amazon.

Cleistra wasted no time in putting Ranma on her back on rich, soft cushions.  Then she pulled her undershirt off.

Ranma couldn’t help but admire the Amazon standing over her.  Tits that were big, with a definite belly but still youthfully firm and jutting.  A rock hard stomach with significant abs, a deep navel with a narrow, athletic waist flew before her wide, horny eyes.  Wide hips, projecting, firm sex mound, full, strong thighs…this woman was made to lay female ‘explorers’!

And a clit that was at least an inch wide and projecting over two inches out through her well parted and hairless labia.

Ranma gasped when she saw it, instinctively knowing what it had been designed for…

Cleistra glared down on a suddenly intimidated Ranma-chan, eyes wide and red tinted.  “Now, invader!  Now you will tell me why you invade my Mistress and Queen’s lands!”

Ranma almost instinctively tried to rise, but the Amazon, straddling her hips, easily pushed the frightened girl to her back by wrapping one strong hand around the front of her neck and forcing her head back down into the pillows.  Then, with a smoothness betraying long practice at mounting invading females, Cleistra slipped her wide hips atop Ranma-chan’s…

Right into Ranma’s saddle.

The pleasure of the hot flesh against flesh contact make Ranma wince and her legs, just like Akane’s apparently, willingly and spontaneously spread wide.  She bent her knees and threw them out, and Cleistra easily slipped her powerful legs between them.

She raised up on her arms, arching over Ranma-chan’s chest and head.

Like some melodramatic porn classic, Ranma tried to push the Amazon’s shoulders off, but her strength seemed to have left her, obliterated by curris and wild, new and illicit pleasure.

“You cannot escape, you cannot deny me your delicious flesh as well as what you know, female!  You will tell me everything you planned for this land and its Queen!  But first, you need to be…broken…”  Cleistra began humping her hips into Ranma’s mound and pussy.

Ranma immediately gasped when the Amazon’s wickedly wide clit started to crush and flick, grind and buffet, her own inferior button.  Within a very few humps all resistance in the girl collapsed as delicious, unstoppable, addictive pleasure flooded her.

Suddenly there was nothing Ranma could do, or think of, except let this dominating, all powerful Amazon fuck her into slavery!

Soon the Amazon added a lateral move to her humping and it destroyed Ranma-chan.  Sudden tears of joy filled her eyes as the most powerful and wondrous orgasm of her life roared up her spine from her jumping, crushed, and rubbed off clit to seize her mind with relentless, merciless, overwhelming orgasmic pleasure.

As Ranma started her hysterical screaming, as her belly heaved and convulsed from the jolting waves of multiple orgasm shooting up from her tortured and fulfilled girl prick, as her hands, formerly trying to push the Amazon away and now desperately clutching Cleistra’s big, firm asscheeks to help press and hump the Amazon’s hips and overwhelming clit to her own inferior and defeated human love button, Cleistra began:  “Why are you here?  Are you an assassin of Queen Urd?  Talk!  You will talk!  We have all night, I don’t mind!  I can do this all night and the next day, just like you can cum all night and the next day!  Now talk girl!”

And Ranma screamed until she was hoarse and she clawed indestructible Amazon ass till it was red.

Cleistra was good to her word.  She fucked Ranma till the sun rose the next morning…

And Ranma gained much ‘respect’ for Amazons that night!