This is a work of my own creation and, as such, is a poor parody of the Ranma anime series.  It is not my intent to plagiarize anyone, and all characters within are, to the best of my knowledge, the creation of the highly talented individuals who produced the original Ranma manga.  As such, however, it is my intent to write the most extreme statement of pornography as my cowardly psyche permits.  Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 if that is what your local government demands, or any other non-Adult (Human or otherwise) read this.  Regardless of my titillating descriptions of physique or characterizations, none of the characters within (including the Panda) are, or were intended to really be, under eighteen years of age.




Chapt. 2


Things Get Stretched



Eechi stood outside the Restaurant, looking at it disdainfully. “What a dump,” he declared loudly…too loudly even for his usual endless conceit.  He fairly radiated contempt…routinely, endlessly. Of course, his mood was not helped in the least by the fact that he was a teen-age boy, and it was six…fucking…thirty in the morning.  He should be home in bed, not standing here in front of some cheap Chinese restaurant with the sun still not even up above the rooftops.

His buddy, Keichi rolled his eyes.  Eechi had taken to acting like he was too cool for school for the last few months, trying to become one of the popular ‘in’ boys.  To Keichi, Eechi had become a real pain in the ass of late, not to mention a major waste of his girl hunting time.  To most of his schoolmates “Eechi” and “Cool” in the same sentence were a major contradiction.  “Eechi” and “Cool” just ain’t going to happen.

He hadn’t gotten his nickname for nothing.  Perverts, at least those who acted so openly about it, like Eechi, didn’t get to hang with the popular kids.  But in this instance he didn’t give his friend one of the verbal shots he’d taken to applying in order to deflate Eechi’s overblown ego.  What was inside would wipe that bored, trying too hard to be cool, look off his face!  The Cat CafĂ© might not have looked like much on the outside, a simple generic Chinese restaurant.  But what made it special was only on the other side of the door.

He took hold of Eechi’s arm and dragged him through the door.  Then, stopping and releasing Eechi’s arm, he stepped back to enjoy the look on his friend’s face when he spotted what made this Restaurant hormone central.

It took Eechi five seconds to spot “it”, and at least ninety nine percent of that five seconds was spent waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dim interior light.  Then his eyes widened whitely as his mouth dropped open, his lower chin seemingly striking the floor accompanied by a single drop of blood trickling out one nostril to his upper lip.  Finally a “really cool” bulge, one rather big one, abruptly appeared in the front of his pants.

“Nihao,”  The waitress caroled brightly from where she was taking orders from a nearby table full of boys. “You find table, Shampoo serve you soon.” Both boys nodded their heads dumbly, their eyes glowing in Shampoo’s Anime delicious beauty and drool already running down dropped chins as if they were famished…but not for food!  All too meekly for great, impassioned studs, they moved to find an empty table while their mesmerized eyes refused to move, thusly causing them to bump embarrassingly into other tables, chairs, and patrons, as they did so.  Yet the other patrons didn’t complain in kind for, like the two boys, their mental and visual attentions were only concerned for the purple haired waitress.

Without a doubt she was a sight to send teen-age (and not so teenaged) pulses racing and cocks rising.  Bordering on five foot four to five, her lithe muscular body had no difficulty negotiating the narrow paths between the tables, that ball-busting body moving sensuously and confidently like a cat on mouse patrol.  As she wove her male (and not a few females) hypnotizing path between the crowded tables, her long purple hair continuously and regularly bounced and then fell in heavy appearing masses first around her face and shoulders, then down her back until the very end of the swaying purple waterfall would slap off her spectacularly bulging ass.  The sweeping hair was kept away from her eyes by two ornaments on either side of her forehead that effectively broke the purple fall of hair into three long columns.

However, it wasn’t her hair, unusual as the color was, that drew the eyes of most “straight” men.  Of course, it was her body, especially, first and foremost, her heart stopping breasts that caused males to keel over the tables and chairs.  They were the closest pair to hentai perfect in just about the entire city.  Clearly teenage in their imperviousness to gravity, they were high set and firm in addition to being substantially, Hollywood star envy inducing, hardly-quivering-when-she-walked and, (and this was completely obvious to every male eye in the restaurant) that she didn’t…ever…wear a bra tits that these men would ever see this side of a hentai cartoon.  Those mammalian beauties had to contribute to an at least 95 cm (thirty-eight inches to gaijin) chest, while simultaneously possessing a fat, perfectly conical shape with bases so broad as to leave barely an inch of space across her sternum between them.

They moved…mainly trembled like overly firm jello… under her thin silk dress like endlessly wrestling puppies under a thin blanket. And the thin silk left no mammalian mystery unrevealed. Since she was, again obviously, not wearing anything that could act like or resemble a bra, her virginal fat, always pebbly hard nipples and swollen, cone shaped, vividly passion pink aureolas were blatantly outlined and vividly visible to anyone who choose to look, and everyone in that room was so choosing.  The dress clung to every inch of her chest hung charms. The only way it could have been tighter and more hugging was if it had been body paint.

Mere mortal males cried when she went by…

Her Chinese style dress had a high collar, but left her arms and shoulders bare. It fell all the way to the floor, but was slit up each side to halfway up her hip. When she moved hastily, which was all the time now due to the busy restaurant, her skirts would flow and fly off to the side, offer tantalizing glimpses of her upper thighs and pelvic area, her modesty preserved only by a tiny little thong.  A thong that demonstrated to all that managed a heart-stopping gawk that her hardly covered feminine temple had to be not only bald but also naturally so.  Thus there was no visible evidence that purple was, or was not, her natural hair color.

And so tiny was that ‘butt floss’ thong that most of the time she appeared to be as bottomless as she was topless under that dress,

“Order up,” a raspy voice called out, and the boy’s eyes were forced away from the waitress’s awe inspiring rack by the sight of two, quart sized, Ramen bowls flying through the air straight at their individual faces!  Filled to the brim with hot water and noodles. In their panic to escape parboiling they didn’t bother to notice how the spin and angle of the flying bowls kept their contents perfectly centered and intact.  Instead they half fell out of their chairs in an effort to get away.

They needn’t have bothered embarrassing themselves.  Moving so smoothly that her lighting fast motion seemed perfectly and naturally slow, Shampoo turned and held up her hands.  She didn’t catch the steaming hot bowls in them, however.  Instead a perfectly shaped and tipped fingernail contacted the bottom of each bowl, and for a moment she stood there as they spun like a basketball on the finger of a hoop player.  Only these ‘balls’ were boiling hot…like Eechi’s were at that moment. Bending over in a low bow, Shampoo deposited the bowls in front of the boys at the opposite table.  Then she stayed bent over a moment, dangling her breasts down in front of them, swaying those firm boobs for a heart breaking second.

At the same time she also gave Eechi a perfect, and up close, male blinding look at a perfect bubble butt as her dress conformed, like it was painted on, to every luscious curve, including making a determined effort to outline fully the deep cleft between her bulging cheeks. His cock, which had softened from fear of being boiled like a lobster in water and noodles a moment before, returned to rock hardness like it was spring loaded.

Only to wither again as he saw Keichi reaching out with a hand, his intent clearly to cup one of those wonderful cheeks!

But just before he could make contact, the waitress stood up, and smoothly swayed her ass away from Keichi’s reaching hand with a nonchalant movement that broadcast that she hadn’t even noticed his impending grope.

“Damn, I was sure I had her that time,” the chagrined boy said.

“Are you nuts!” Eechi exclaimed. “You want to get us kicked out of here.  I know these places, she likely has a dozen brothers in the back, just waiting to chop your dick off with a cleaver.”  Truth be told, at the moment he didn’t give a shit if his friend got his balls cut off.  He was simply terrified of being kicked out, and no longer being able to drink in the beauty of the new love of his life.

Keichi dismissed his worries. “Nah, only guy working here is some blind wanna-be boyfriend that’s totally pussy-whipped.  Besides you don’t know the best part.  The chick is from some weird tribe in China, some sort of Amazons.  You know, like that stacked Wonder Woman.  And they got some real strange customs.  Like if some guy beats them, they got to fuck him…do whatever he wants…like give head all night or take it up the….”

“Bullshit!” Eechi interrupted Keichi’s verbal wet dream.

Keichi came back to reality, reluctantly, “Well, actually, she has to marry him…but it’s the same thing ain’t it.  You beat her, you get to slip it to her whenever, and where-ever you want.”

“I still say its Bullshit!”

“True. I swear it.  You know that freak Saotome?  Ranma Saotome?  He beat her.  It’s why she’s in Japan.  Trying to get him to marry her.”

Eechi’s eyes turned speculative with that. Like all the boys at the school he knew all about Ranma, his ‘curse’, and the incredible babe he turned into.  He had his own little stash of pictures of her, like all the other perverts at school, bought from Nabiki Tendo.  He knew Saotome attracted freaks, like that monster, Ryouga Hibiki who tended to walk through walls when he got lost.  And who lugged around an umbrella that looked like it was made out of bamboo, but which had to weigh a hundred pounds if not more.  He also knew that Saotome had dozens of girls chasing him.  So it wasn’t out of line to think that Keichi’s bullshit might even be true.

He certainly ‘wanted’ it to be true!

“Yea, but if she’s Saotome’s girl, he ain’t going to like guys grabbing her ass.  And I’ve seen him fight.  No way I want him pissed off at me.  All I’d need is her telling him I grabbed a handful.”

“Nah, she won’t tell.” Keichi leaned in closer and said.  “I was here last week, and there was this street fighter type dude here.  Guy didn’t just get a feel.  He had his hand right up under her dress man!  His hand was on her bare ass!  And you know what happened?”

“They called the cops.”

“Shit no, they gave him all the free Ramen he could eat.”

Keichi might have thought he was being discreet, but he hadn’t counted on the very sensitive ears of the girl in question.

Shampoo had been enjoying herself.  There was nothing she liked more than being the center of attention in a room full of horny males.  She was pretty much continuously aroused at the knowledge that they wanted her body, and the fact that the wimps would never get it.  The men in this land were complete chicken shit.  Here she was, surrounded by twenty guys.  If they’d all jumped her at one time there was a good chance that they could overpower her without more than a couple of bruises, and then do whatever they wanted to her.  Great Grandmother certainly wouldn’t stop them.

Instead, they just sat their drooling.


People in Japan who knew her tended to think her stupid due to her fractured language, and free and easy sexuality, as if enjoying your body and what it did for and to men made you dumb.

She was also regarded as a total slut by her few female rivals.

Actually, technically, neither insulting accusation was true.

Shampoo was clever in a sly way, well educated by the standards of her village back home…hell, by the standard’s of the Japanese village she was in now!  And she was also a virgin…technically…  That is, if you didn’t count the few…well, not so few…girls and women that she had tumbled wit over the past couple of years…’tumbled’ in their beds…baths…the girls’ showers at school…just about everywhere two (or more) sweet females could get alone…

Shampoo was picky about who she would let fuck her.  Of course, to her being ‘picky’ meant that she wasn’t going to give in to just anyone’s advances.  No, he would have to, through vigorous demonstration, that he had the ability to take what he wanted from her no matter what she had to say…or could do…about it.

The elders of Shampoo’s tribe had been pragmatics.  They lived in a world filled with male dominated societies.  Cultures that hated the idea of women getting ‘uppity’.  There was nothing they liked better than breaking a captured Amazon and turning her into a complete and eagerly compliant fuck slut.

There was nothing the Amazons could do about men’s attitudes, but they could accept themselves as they were and not try to change.  They didn’t hide their male bewitching beauty, nor despise it.  Instead they embraced it.  Rather than trying to avoid arousing males, they went out of their way to do so.  Men who were ‘turned on’ and expecting a reward at the end (her end?) were allot more cooperative than a frustrated man.  A man with a stiff pecker had a lot harder time fighting than one with a limp noodle.  Amazon fighting costumes were designed as much to showcase their bodies as they were to identify their village or clan.  They favored wrist braces for defensive armor, counting on their speed to stop a sword blow or other attack.  This meant they could usually leave their chests more exposed, which in a way was a sort of armor in itself.  This insured that the men she was fighting would do everything they could to take her alive.

And not hit her in her chest!

A gang bang was a lot easier to survive than a sword through the guts.  There were more than a few tales of Amazon’s warriors outlasting entire war-parties of men…then slaughtering the exhausted males in their sleep.

So, Shampoo had been brought up to take great pleasure in making men stupid with lust.

The conversation between Eechi and Keichi had soured her mood, however, reminding her of two big frustrations in her life. Shampoo was not just horny because she was surrounded by men. she was horny because she was still in school, still a virgin, still far from home and still with few female friends she considered worthy of licking her sweet pussy, and, with her distracting more and more boyfriends, her chances of her getting any more pussy lickers were starting to look thinner and thinner.

Her husband Ranma repeatedly refused to take advantage of her presence, even though she knew he could defeat and rape her with hardly any effort at all.  And then there had been the rat bastard the week before.

Keichi hadn’t known the whole truth. The fighter hadn’t just got his hand on her bare ass cheek…

The rat bastard had calmly and coolly moved the ‘butt floss’ back of her underwear aside, then thrust a pair of steely fingers up her, admittedly always, juicy pussy.  She had hardly any time to even softly gasp before he lubed his thumb with her now trickling pussy juice and drove it, quite forcibly, right up her clenched ass.  She popped up on her tip-toes in shock, and not a little pleasure.  Then he held her up on her toes, unable to move or resist, while he’d toyed with her pierced and held female parts like she was just some party favor.  By the time he had pulled his hand out from between her legs, he had left her with rubbery knees, leaning on the table to keep from collapsing.

And if he had followed up on his clear success?  What if he had dragged her into the back alley to use her…forcing her up against a wall to drive his, no doubt, huge prick into her till she couldn’t stand up any more?  What if he had simply bent her over a table and fucked her ass until she squealed in unwanted bliss…in front of all the customers?  Or what if he simply forced her to her knees and rammed his arm long prick down her throat until she had (eagerly?) sucked him off…and swallowed all his ‘cream of man’?

No, No, No, and No!  None of those disgusting…delicious…fantasies.  He’d just pigged out on a dozen bowls of Ramen and left!  In the meanwhile leaving Shampoo high and not at all dry and about ready to scream, and jerk off, in frustration.

Keichi and Eechi jerked back in their seats as Shampoo suddenly turned toward them, her face twisted up in rage.  “What you want!” she snapped out at them.  “You order quick.  Shampoo not got all day.  You eat and get asses out of seats!  You all eat and get asses out of seat!”  She yelled out to the room in general.  She drove a knife half way through the table to empathize her point.

There was a hurried exodus to the door.  In a minute Shampoo was standing alone in the middle of a room, her order pad squeezed into a ball in her hand.  Not a bad trick as the back of it was made of metal.

Then came, “Shampoo, have those bastards insulted you?  I’ll kill them!”  The figure of Mousse, Shampoo’s most ardent suitor, and royal pain in the ass and not at all in a good way, rushed into the room.   His arms were still soapy from the dishes he’d been washing in the back.

Mousse was a tall boy, five eleven, with electric blue eyes in a pale face surrounded by midnight black hair that fell past his shoulders.  He was dressed in a long white robe,  much looser than Shampoo’s with extremely wide cuffs on the sleeves and slit sides to reveal the tight black pants he wore underneath.

He was heart stopping  handsome…at least according to many of the local teen age girls. He was also currently holding a coat rack in a fond embrace.  He pushed the wooden stand away from himself and said, “Shampoo, you need to eat, you’re wasting away to nothing.” as usual his half-inch thick glasses were pushed up on the back of head, leaving him nearly blind.

Shampoo had been pushed past her limits.  She picked up a cooled bowl of left over Ramen and smashed it over Mousse’s head.  She’d wanted to use a hot one, but she wanted to really punish Mousse, and cold was better for that as it activated his Jusenkyo curse.

“Quack, quack,” a distressed white duck cried out from where it struggled in the folds of Mousse’s white robe and black pants.

Shampoo grabbed Mousse the duck by the neck and stomped to the back of the room, through the kitchen and to the back door. Flinging it open, she tossed the duck into the back alley.  “Stupid Mousse sleep with Trash,” she said before slamming the door.

Mousse, upside down in a pile of garbage bags struggled to get turned over. He stilled when a strange female voice said.

“Well, I like that. She never even asked if I wanted to sleep with you. And I’ll have you know, I’m not at all into ducks.”




“Well, that’s one way to clear a room,” Shampoo’s great Grandmother said as the pissed off teen stormed back into the restaurant.  Cologne was currently holding firmly to the top of her gnarled staff with both arms wrapped around it.  And as it was five feet tall, and she was only two feet, that meant she was perched three feet off the ground.  It didn’t seem to bother her, however.  She easily kept her balance as she hopped after Shampoo.  The angry girl started to bus tables.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll get Mr Part-time to do that.  After you’ve finished your bath.”

“Thank you,” Shampoo said. The last thing she needed was Mousse accidentally barging in on her in the bath.  Of all the wimps in this country, he was the wimpiest.  And he was from her own village.  He had the skills to defeat her, but he let a simple matter like her refusing to fight him stop him from doing so.  As if he needed her permission to defeat and rape her.  That defeated the whole purpose of the custom.  The male had to prove he deserved the right to plant his seed in her belly.  Not that she wanted ‘him’ to do so.  He might be pretty, but he’d been brought up in the amazon village as a subservient male.  There was no way he’d ever grow a pair of balls big enough to give her what she deserved…and craved.

She started up the stairs.  Her thoughts not on the hot bath at the top of the stairs, but the big double dildo she kept under her pillow.  She had a few hours till the noon rush, and she didn’t intend to waste any of it.  She idly fondled a breast as she walked up the stairs, her mind already slipping into an erotic revere.  She was disgusted with males at the moment, so it wasn’t surprising her dream involved getting Akane into a challenge pit, and showing the little slut what it meant to stand in the way of something an Amazon wanted…her ass!  She would have stuffed her fist so far up Akane’s tight twat that she’d turn her inside out!




Back in the alley Mousse had gotten himself upright and was trying to make out the shadowy figure that loomed over him. His feather’s twitched, and he removed a pair of duck sized glasses from the little pocket of holding concealed in his wing tips and slid them over his head.

That was Mousse’s talent, the thing that made him so dangerous, a master of hidden weapons.  He could create pockets of holding.  Small bubbles of inner space.  Far larger on the inside than the outside.  At any given time he had literally thousands of weapons at his fingertips.  And not just weapons, chains, ropes, anything that could be of use at some point.  He’d never been a boy scout, but he would have agreed strongly with their motto. “Always be Prepared.”  As a human, those pockets existed between his robe and skin, which was why he needed such loose clothing. That allowed him the room to extract his weapons, some of which were very large indeed.  As a duck they were concealed between his feathers and all he could extract were the thinnest of weapons, like throwing knives.  But he could pull out a lot of those.

Too bad he was blind as a bat without his glasses.  Too bad his ego made him ditch his glasses on a regular basis.  Now with a pair of glasses over his ducky eyes, he stared up at the suddenly clear figure.  A tall, tanned, platinum blond. With a rack you could eat dinner off of.

Mousse blinked at the strangely dressed girl.  “Some stupid slut playing dress up!” he thought in a dismissive way.  Mousse fancied himself a sophisticated and civilized man, far better than the barbarians who lived in this country.

“Now is that nice, when I have this nice present for you,” the figure chided him, holding up a brass kettle from which a wisp of steam arose.

Mousse quacked eagerly, bouncing up and down, and not even stopping to wonder how she’d known what he was thinking.

A stream of hot water flowed from the kettle, and Mousse morphed back into his human form too quickly to be seen.  He was nude of course.  Also nearly blind as the small glasses fell from his face.  But, he knew he was showing all he had in front of a woman, who, while he had dismissed her, was undeniably hot.  Thus his cock started to swell.  Knowing the sort of reaction that would cause he started to lift his hand toward his head. Under his hair at the back of his neck he kept a small pocket of holding that contained several clean outfits.

“My, you do take after your father,” the woman said in a soft, husky, impressed voice. That comment was enough to freeze Mousse in his tracks.

“You know my father,” Mousse said in a careful tone, trying not to reveal his sudden excitement.  His excitement was for two reasons:  He had no idea who his father was, and asking had never gotten him anywhere.  His mother refused outright to tell him and no one else her age in the village had been willing to inform him either.

That is those that would talk to him at all for the majority of the women in the Amazon village treated him with total contempt and, thanks to his good hearing, he knew that many of them would have been very happy to get rid of him permanently.  A very frightening thing for a young boy, and one reason for his cowed behavior.  Also the reason for the ball of anger and hate that churned in his gut.  So to have anyone admit to knowing the man who sired him was a major event.

Secondly, the woman, while physically very mature, didn’t seem that old.  If she knew his father, that meant that maybe he was still alive.

“Know him?  Oh, yessss, I know him very well.  He’s always been a favorite of mine,” she said in a lascivious tone.

“Who is he?  Where is he?” Mousse demanded, staring at where he thought the girl was.  In fact he was staring at a large pail of garbage.

“So that’s how they kept you in check is it. Lets see what I can do about that.”

Mousse suddenly felt a hand brushing over his face and his eyes stung and started to water like crazy.  He lashed out and caught her wrist, twisting hard.  “What have you done to me,” he cried out in anger, rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

“Just removing a little filter some one placed there,” the girl answered in a husky tone.  “You’re very forceful when you want to be, aren’t you?”

Mousse might have been cowed around Amazons, but that only made his temper all the shorter around outsiders, and all the more likely to express that temper in violence.  “I’ll show you forceful, bitch,” he snarled.  With one of the girl’s wrists in his hand it was easy to find her head with his free hand and he wrapped his fingers in her hair, wrenching her head backward.  His cock swelled in excitement.  Mousse had a lot of latent resentment against women in general and, for good or bad, sophisticate or not, brutalizing one definitely aroused him.  His cock swelled from it’s limp eight inch length, to it’s full belly bursting eighteen…and them some.

Mousse’s freakish cock had caused him no end of grief as a child, and one of the first things he’d learned to hide in a hidden pocket had been his huge dick and balls.  Without fabric to supply a surface to anchor this side of the hidden dimension’s he could not manifest any except in the strands of his long hair.  So when naked he was fully exposed.  And he had a lot to expose.  The tip of his dick was already leaking pre-cum in huge amounts.  It dribbled down onto the ground between the girls’ feet.  The only thing that kept him from forcing her to her knees and  mashing that bulbous head against her parted lips was the knowledge that she seemed to know about his father.  He wanted her to talk, and she’d not do that if her face was filled with his meat.

It was a very beautiful face, and despite her situation showed no fear, only a flush of excitement.

Then wild excitement from a suddenly realized revelation drove the anger from Mousse’s mind. “I can see you,” Mousse said in shocked tones.  He looked around.  He could see everything.  Which was extraordinary because at this time of the morning, in this dark alley he should have been only able to make out shadows away from the light over the back door.  But it was as clear as day to him.

“So that lovely looking horse-cock wasn’t the only thing you inherited from your father,” the girl said in a musing voice.

That snapped Mousse’s eyes back to her.  “Who is my father?” he repeated, unconsciously digging his fingers into her scalp and twisting her head further upward.  In spite of the gift of vision, or maybe because of it, he was not about to cut this girl any slack.  Mousse had learned the hard way that gifts usually had catches,.

“Oooh, so much potential.  I’m starting to feel really, really good about coming to this place.  And to think all I was after was a simple shag.  Who would have thought a burg like this would have so many entertaining possibilities.” was his only answer.  Her tone turned suddenly stern, and she said, “But you need to learn to treat your Goddess with more respect.  For instance, this might happen.”

Mousse suddenly felt the familiar sinking feeling that accompanied his transformation and he fell away from the woman as his body dwindled into that of a ten pound duck.  His vision remained clear however.  He looked up as the girl loomed over him, cringing slightly as he waited for the beating he was sure was coming.  He’d screwed up.  Clearly she was a person of some power.  And in his experience those did not react well to uppity males.  Instead she poured hot water over his head again.  And nothing happened.  He remained as he was despite the steady stream of hot water pouring over him.  He let out a cry of fear and despair, which sounded like a deflating rubber duck as the stream of hot water stopped and he remained a duck.

A second later he changed, growing back to full human status.  He gave a cry of relief that turned into a sputter as cold water suddenly poured over him.  Nothing happened.  He remained human.

“How?” he asked, staring at his still human body.

“I’m your Goddess, if you choose. I give, and I can take.”

“You cured me.” Mousse said, his voice strained with hope.

She waggled a finger at him. “Nope. You still have your curse.  I’ve just frozen it for the time being.  Serve me well, and you’ll never be a duck again.  Betray me, and I’ll be having duck for dinner.”

“What do you want?” Mousse asked.  It was a rhetorical question really.  He didn’t care what it was, he’d do anything she asked if it meant he would never have to turn into a duck again.

“I happen to be in need of a Dark Lord right now.”  She looked down at his again limp dick swinging between his powerful thighs.  Even soft it was longer, and wider, than most men would be hard.  She smiled at him, “I think you’ll fit the bill nicely.”

“What? You need a what.”

“A Dark Lord. An evil, vicious Dark Lord who does unspeakably nasty and very sexual things to innocent, preferably virginal, young girls.”

“But you’re a goddess.  Why would you want a Dark Lord?  Are you sure you don’t want me to defeat one for you.”

“You as a hero?  Now that would be a waste.  You have such a lovely dark nature…and an absolutely huge dick!  Just what virgins want in a dominating Dark Lord!  All that pent up rage and lust.  You’ll make such a wonderful Dark Lord!  Just perfect!  It should be very entertaining training you and I’ve been so bored the last three hundred years since my favorite toy ran off on me.  So, will you do it, or will it be duck soup time?”

A rather bemused Mousse answered in the only way he really could in the circumstances.  “Yes, what do you want me to do.”  Feeling the need for some familiarity he pulled out his clothes and got dressed.

“Oh, that will never do,” the goddess protested, taking in his glowing white robe, “who ever heard of a Dark Lord all dressed in white?”  She took hold of the hem of Mousse’s robe and a black stain spread from her fingertips till his entire robe was as black as pitch. “Much better,” she said in satisfaction.

The goddess’s brow furrowed slightly, and she put a finger to her lip.  “Now how may you best help me I wonder?”

Mousse blinked. “You don’t know?” he asked.  The tone of his voice indicating he was starting to have doubts about her intelligence.

“Duck soup,” the goddess said, causing him to flinch.  “But, seriously I hardly came here looking for you, delightful as that discovery is.  I came here to appeal to my dear darling sister.  I’ve been so lonely and bored since she abandoned me.  I wished to find out if she has come to her senses and would come back to my realm.”

“Your sister?”

“She goes by Cologne these days.”

Mousse blinked in surprise at this, and couldn’t help running his eyes up and down the tall and very voluptuous body of this woman, and comparing it to the tiny, shrunken, and very wrinkled body of Cologne before replying.  “I doubt it. She’s too busy trying to marry my darling Shampoo off to that half a man freak, Ranma Saotome.”

“Shampoo, Ranma Saotome?”

“Shampoo is her great Granddaughter. Saotome is an egomaniac braggart who got himself a girl curse, the unmanly bastard!”

“Wait a second, boy a little shorter than you, turns into a busty little fuck bunny about this high.”  She held a hand about level with her chin.

Mousse was taken aback to hear Ranma described that way.  He had never regarded the cursed boy as a potential cock warmer, but for some reason he now could clearly see it.  It was exactly the vengeance he’d always wanted to visit on the arrogant prick.  No, stuck up cunt.  She wouldn’t be so high and mighty with his cock stuffed up her twat or ass.

“That’s him,” he said in a distracted voice as his mind filled with all the various ways he could show Ranma who the real man was.

“That girl certainly has a talent for rousing strong emotions,”  The goddess mused thinking back to her own encounter with the now full time girl.  A speculative look glistened in her eyes.  So darling Cologne had a Great-granddaughter did she?  And she was trying to marry her off to this Ranma?  The former boy must have defeated her.  Hmmm, the girl would be pretty desperate to restore his manhood in that case.  Cologne’s girl would have to be a potent fighter, and be a real fuck bunny as well.  Normally she’d think there was something wrong with the girl, her not having landed the boy yet.  But having met Ranma she could believe the girl was having to work hard to get into his pants.  Really, if he could turn down a real Goddess, what chance would a mere part goddess have?

The Goddess looked at Mousse and took in the lust glazed look in his eyes.  Her eyes glanced downward, but his robes on his pocket of holding kept any bulge from showing.  Yet the goddess’ eyes seemed to see deeper and a look of satisfaction crossed her face.

“Maybe there is something you can do for me right away,” she said.  A second later she gave Mousse a whack upside the head when it was clear he wasn’t listening to her.

“Ouch, what was that for,” Mousse protested, holding the top of his head. “Darn it, why do all you women do that?”

“Silence duck soup. I’m not just any woman.  I’m your Goddess!”

Mousse cringed. “Yes, Kami,” he said.

The goddess smoothed his ruffled feathers, figuratively.  “That’s better. Now, are there any other boys with your potential that this Ranma might have annoyed?”

Mousse was about to deny that any other male had his potential, but one look at the glare the goddess was now sending at him quailed that thought.  His mind started rummaging over possibilities.

Before he could speak, the Goddess laughed out loud.  “What a small world this is indeed.  And to think, I though he was just some simple school boy.  This Ryouga boy sounds like he has potential.  A real barbarian, and so strong and angry.  I’m sure I can mold him.”  She frowned. “But these curses of his.  The Jusenkyo one is no problem, but this lack of a direction sense.  He’s no good to me if I can’t find him.  I need someone quickly.” her eyes seemed to bore into Mousse’s. “If I can’t find him in time, what other males are there out there?”

The goddess’s face wrinkled in distaste.  “This Kuno is a buffoon.  I can cure many things, but stupid is bone deep.”  Then her eyes lit up.  “Ah, yes, the Panda, Ranma’s father.  Greedy, slothful, resentful of his offspring’s talent for all his words to the contrary, old enough that he is feeling the shadow of the reaper.  And his curse.  Oh yes, he would indeed be a perfect candidate.  And how sweet will it be to see fatherly love!”  Something in her tone of voice made Mousse shiver.

The goddess gave a nod of satisfaction. “Very well then. The barbarian, if I can find him, and the father. The two, or three of you will be more than adequate for the purpose”

“But what do you wish me, and them, to do?” Mousse asked tentatively.

“I wish you to help Ranma of course.”

“What?  Never.  I’ll never help Saotome.”

“Pardon me.  I should have said, ‘Help Ranma meet her fate’.  She was most disrespectful toward me.  I think she should learn a lesson.  Don’t you?” The goddess glanced down at Mousse’s crotch.

Mousse licked his lips.  His sudden revelation that he had the perfect weapon between his legs to use against Ranma-chan, to put her in her appropriate place, had upset his whole way of looking at the world.  He didn’t protest for a second, not even in his own mind, that he could never do that to her.  Instead, schemes on how to accomplish that goal, really fuck up that fuck bunny good and proper, started flashing through his mind.

“You have no need to create the situation.  I will present Ranma and Shampoo to you in a venue that will allow you to do all you wish to them.”

“Thank you . . . Wait. Shampoo?”

“Yes indeed. I’m sure she will wish to fight alongside her would be husband.  After all Ranma will never be restored unless he can win back the prize I took from her.”  The goddess smiled as she rubbed the ring on her finger.  “You have no objection to proving to this Shampoo that you are a man, I take it.”

Protests were on Mousse’s lips, but they faded away as his inhibitions against raising his hands, and other things, against an Amazon faded away under the goddess’s gaze.  Excitement thrilled through his body.  Shampoo could be his, really his.  To do with as he liked, as often as he liked.  He stiffly bowed toward the goddess.  “I would be most happy to help you, Kami.”

“I thought you might be,” the goddess said with a self satisfied look. “Now return to your duties inside. I do not wish my darling Cologne to become suspicious.”




Shampoo lay on top of her covers, her lush, nubile and very nude body glistening with sweat, a normally flat belly bulging nearly up to her navel.  Some five inches of a very long, wrist thick dildo stuck out of her wildly distended pussy. Her chest, with bright flaming pink nipples an inch long and rock hard, was rapidly and deeply heaving, causing her large, yet conically firm breasts to tightly sway and firmly bounce.

Her eyes remained glazed and gazing far away as she slowly came down off an orgasmic high of Mount Everest dimensions.

‘Damn One, that was good!’ echoed through her skull.

Then, “My, you are a passionate thing, and such good capacity as well.”

Despite her pleasure numbed brain, Shampoo came off her bed like a shot, her hands gripping the hilt of a four foot sword she pulled from under her mattress. “Who you!  Shampoo Kill!” she snarled at the strange woman who had sneaked into her room.  She lashed out with the sword, only to have her whole body violently shudder with rebounded energy when the woman stopped it with a single finger.

“Now, now, that’s no way to treat your Patron Goddess,” the woman chided her.  A golden glow seemed to suffuse her body as she simply stood there, her finger holding Shampoo’s blade at bay.

Shampoo blinked in surprise.  “You Goddess?”  Her expression suddenly turned from surprise to embarrassment, flushed red as the large object between her legs started to slip out of her well juiced snatch.  The bulging ridge running nearly up to her navel began to flatten as the dildo slid down.  She clenched her muscles, trying to keep it in place.  She didn’t know who this woman was for real, but she wasn’t about to let her toy slip out from between her legs like an egg from a chicken.

“Oh, very nice muscle control, for a beginner.” the woman said in an approving tone, “With a little practice I’m sure you’ll be something really special. You’re already nearly as beautiful as my darling Cologne.”

“Darling Cologne?” Shampoo asked incredulously. “Old lady, wrinkled like monkey?”


“Oh, sorry Great Grandmother,” Shampoo said, rubbing the back of her head, which had just been on the receiving end of a chastising blow from her relative’s staff.

Cologne, who had entered the room silently and completely unobserved, ignored her great granddaughter and instead glared at her visitor. “What are you doing here, creature.”

The woman winced. “Ah, darling, is that anyway to speak to your best beloved older sister.”

“You sold me to a centaur for a bottle of booze.” Cologne replied.

“Well, yes, But it was very good booze. And didn’t you have a good time.”

“It took me a year to escape. I could hear a whistle between my legs every time the wind blew.”

“See, you did have a good time.”  The woman lifted a finger, the same one she’d used to stop Shampoo’s sword, and this time stopped Cologne’s staff in mid swing.

The tiny wrinkled woman gave a grunt of annoyance and pulled back her staff. “Leave, now.”

“Tsk, tsk, Sister dear. You really must control your temper.  Why, you don’t even know why I’m here!  And you of all people should know that my reasons for being here makes this visit very important.”

“I suppose it would be useless to tell you to leave again, or to not call me ‘Sister’.”

“Quite useless, Sister-Darling.”

But Cologne just maintained her angry, uncompromising stare at her.

“Oh, very well.  But, I must say, you’ve become quite boring, Darling.  We’ll really have to work on that.  The truth of the matter is that I’m afraid I was a bit hasty, and I’m afraid I’ve jeopardized your lovely daughter’s future.”

Shampoo’s brow wrinkled. “But Grandmother no got future. She dead.”

“Actually, dear, I was talking about you.  I was trying to be polite.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Oh, my dear.  You are so very lucky to have that body.”

“Shampoo know,” the girl said in self satisfaction.

“Get on with it!” Cologne sighed impatiently.

“Ah, well, as I was saying. I’m afraid I let my temper get the better of me and I did something to a boy named Ranma.  Do you know him?”

Shampoo, with the mention of Ranma, stiffened, both her magnificent rack as well as her expertly held sword quivered in her hands.  “Ranma. He Shampoo’s husband!  You hurt Ranma…I kill!”

The woman sighed, and looked at the blade resting against her finger. “We’ve already been through this once before, haven’t we My Dear?  Maybe you should sit this one out.”  There were three thumps as a small cream colored cat, a large sword, and an eighteen inch dildo, all hit the floor at about the same time.

“Now, where was I,” the woman mused. She looked at Cologne, who only looked back at her stonily. “Such a bore,” she sighed. “This young man was very rude to me. So, seeing the nature of his curse, I took away his most precious thing, that being his manhood, and put it in a ring.”

The small cat gave a mew of dismay, but Cologne gave no reaction.

“You’re not going to give me anything, are you darling?” the woman said looking at Cologne. “Very well. I’ll cut to the chase then.  I’ve given this Ranma the option of fighting a challenge.”

Cologne sucked in her breath in a hiss. “Damn you.” She said.

“Tsk, tsk. I’m a Goddess.  I cannot be damned.  As a matter of fact, I do the damning, Darling!  In any case, the…girl has accepted.  I’m rounding up some likely challengers.  I’ve told the boy/girl he could bring companions.  And of course I thought of your lovely Daughter.”

Cologne opened her mouth, likely to say, “Hell NO!!”  but before she could speak, Shampoo, abruptly restored to human form, shouted out.  “Shampoo do it.  Shampoo fight along Ranma.  Defeat all foes.”

Cologne slapped her forehead with a hand. “Stupid bimbo,” she muttered.  She looked at the woman.  “I don’t suppose I could get you to re-consider, she is your great grand niece after all.”

“Oh, but it’s so much fun to keep it in the family!  It will be just like old times.  I’m so glad you are thawing, Darling!  I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll let you come back to act as a guide and teacher to them.”

“You won’t win, you know. Not in the long term,” Cologne said.

“But that’s the problem.  Everything with me is long term.  So boring.  But I’m hoping the next three hundred years won’t be as boring as the last three hundred years. Ta, ta, Darling.” and with that the woman was gone.

“Shampoo can hardly wait.  She fight along side Ranma.  Win match, marry Ranma.”

Cologne only rolled her eyes and muttered something about being dragged back in when she thought she was finally out of it.




Ryouga Hibiki was one of the strongest men on the planet.  A single blow from his fist could shatter a two ton boulder or fell a full grown oak.  Special training had left him with skin so hard it could turn a blade and he had the endurance to march none-stop for days.

He also had such a lousy directional sense that it could take him an hour to find his way out of a two bedroom apartment and a curse that turned him into a small black piglet.  Those last two were the cause of his present dilemma.  A rain storm had come up to quick for him to unfurl his battle umbrella.  That two hundred pound weapon was now sitting in a nearby alley, along with his backpack and clothing.  He in the meantime, in an effort to get into a nearby public bath, and instead walked straight in the back door of a butcher shop.

That lead to his present situation: held down on a chopping block while a fat butcher raised a cleaver over his vulnerable body.  Ryouga couldn’t help himself.  He let you a long loud Bweeeeeeeeee, of despair, and closed his eyes, waiting for death to finally come to him.  What he thought was his next to last thought was, “Damn you, Ranma!  This is all your fault!” He’d been wandering in a daze, his mind fogged with the pleasure of finally getting revenge on Ranma.  That’s why he’d been so slow to react to the coming rain.

His final thought was a silent plea to the gods. Get me out of this, and I will be your loyal and obedient servant.

“Now, how can I turn down an offer like that?”

Ryouga cracked open an eye, surprised to be still alive.  He looked up at the human towering over him, his face twisted up in a grimace of effort, his cleaver on the downstroke.  Ryouga couldn’t help himself.  He flinched and closed his eyes again.  After a few seconds, when nothing happened, he opened his eyes.  The man was still posed above him, in the exact same posture.  Ryouga bweeeeed at him, saying in piggy, “What are you, some kind of sick sadist.”

“Sometimes, but not always, not at the moment.”  A female voice said.  A face peeked around the corpulent body of Ryouga’s would be murderer.  “Hi there, stud. Want to blow this pop stand?”

Ryouga eyes flicked from the butcher to the lovely tanned face with the strange markings and back, and then his head gave a tentative nod.  He was too panic stricken to wonder at the fact that this was the second magical girl he’d encountered in less than twenty-four hours.

“Oh, I’m so happy, and the woman reached for him, but then stopped.  “Oh, but before I save you.  Just have to check.  So many people make promises, and then when they are all safe and warm, forget them.  You’re not like them, are you?”

‘Don’t piss off the crazy lady,’ Ryouga thought, shaking his head no.

“Crazy. I like that.  Here I come out of the goodness of my heart, to rescue you, and you call me crazy.  I don’t think you deserve to be rescued.”  She turned her back and started to leave.  Above Ryouga the butcher’s arm quivered and the cleaver started to come down.

“BWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Ryouga screamed out, and almost voided himself when the cleaver stopped inches from his neck.

“Does that mean you’ll keep your promise?  Be my obedient servant?” Ryouga couldn’t nod his head hard enough.

“Ok, then,” the strange woman said, plucking him out from under the cleaver and carrying him out of the store.  Behind them there was a thunk as blade met wood, followed by a masculine bellow of outrage.  Ryouga shuddered right down to his bones.

A few seconds later they were back in the alley next to Ryouga’s belongings.  And a second after that, with no hot water applied,  Ryouga was male again.  In shock he could only pat himself to be sure it was real, only after a few seconds realizing he was standing nude in front of an attractive female.  He flushed and started fumbling with his clothes.

Urd admired Ryouga’s muscular build.  She hadn’t really paid much attention to it the night before.  And he’d had clothes on as well.  Now that she was thinking more long term, she took a better look.  Not all that tall, but powerful.  She frowned as she took in his hardening cock.  Her spell of the night before had worn off, and it was back to it’s normal, boring size.  Only ten inches long if she was any judge…of which she was a self-proclaimed expert.  Not anywhere near her standards, but that was easy to fix.  Pretty standard for her, she had the spell on macro.  Without any obvious motion on her part, Ryouga’s cock swelled to nearly twice it’s former size, causing Ryouga great difficulty in pulling up his pants.

Ryouga gaped in amazement at his expanded equipment.  He glanced at the woman, who smiled in appreciation.  This was too weird.  Was she related to that other girl from the night before.  He was distracted from that thought as the woman across from him began fondling one of her own breasts, while admiring his newly engorged cock.  He flushed and tried even harder to pull his pants back up, to no avail.  They hadn’t been designed to fit around his new third leg jutting out from between his legs.

“Here, let me help you with that,” the woman said, and Ryouga froze, unable to believe this was happening.  It was like something out of porno!  He wouldn’t have been surprised if the woman had dropped to her knees and started to blow him.

But that didn’t happen.  Instead, his mind was suddenly filled with images of Ranma in girl form.  Hundreds of images of the night before flooded his brain, overwhelming his consciousness.  Unthought of, unwilled, his cock swelled, his new balls filling with seeming pints of babystuff.  Then immediately after, with a force that was painful and, at the same time, with the most pleasurable sensation he had ever felt, he spewed his new load, shooting copious jets of coiled ballpudding clean across the alley to splat, quite audibly, against the wall a good eight feet away.  Jet after jerking, shuddering jet followed, shooting forth with a machine-gun resembling rhythm till nearly a quart decorated the wall and alley floor.

Only after thoroughly ‘white washing’ the alley wall did Ryouga’s cock finally shrivel, shrinking down till it was no bigger than before.

“Don’t worry, it will grow back big and strong when you’ve rested.”

A few minutes later a still stunned Ryouga was fully dressed and staring warily at the woman in front of him.

“Hmmm, where to start?  Did you like that pretty picture show I gave you?”

Ryouga nodded his head warily. He had already learned that there was no point in lying to this woman, clearly she could read his mind.

“Good, would you like to have more nights like last night?”

Ryouga froze at that question.  A day ago he would have denied any interest in that happening.  But if he couldn’t lie to this woman, there was no point in lying to himself.  Hell yes he would.  To fuck Ranma again . . . Oh, god, how he’d love to pay her back over and over for all the times she’d cocked teased him in disguise and left him hanging with aching balls and no relief but his own hand.  He didn’t even care that Ranma was really a guy.  At the moment the only thing he could think of was how good it had felt the night before, sinking his dick between her legs.  Guy or no guy, she was such a sweet, tight piece!

“I see the answer is yes.  Of course, that pig curse of yours could be a problem.”

Ryouga felt dismay.  Strong as he was, his curse left him vulnerable to a simple splash of cold water, and there was lots of cold water out there, he should know.


“What did you do that for!”  Ryouga yelled at the woman who was holding the bucket she had just emptied over his head.  His anger faded in the next instant as he realized he was still a man.  “What the hell,” he exclaimed, running his hands over his body.  “I’m cured?” he questioned, looking at her.

“At my discretion yes.  You’ll stay cured as long as you stay obedient.  Not to mention the other perks you’re going to get.”

Then, again, Ryouga’s mind was filled with images of Ranma: Looking up at him in a mixture of shock and feminine bliss with his first cum injection; Ranma-chan’s facial expression when she finally tasted wadd for the first time while choking on Ryouga’s spewing choad;  Ranma slumped over that table, bubble-butt jutting into his fascinated face, sperm, HIS sperm, dribbling down her legs from a well fucked twat…well fucked by him!

“Fine, you’re going to be my newest Dark Lord, Mousse the Malevolent’, henchman,”

“What, no fucking waeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Ryouga’s voice trailed off into a piggy squeal.

“You were saying,” the goddess said with a lifted eyebrow, and Ryouga, who was back to being a man, nodded his head and said, “Henchman, right, sounds great, can hardly wait.”

“I’m so happy,” she said, clapping her hands together like a school girl.  But she suddenly seemed much taller and darker and she looked down at him with an expression that chilled him to the bone.  “Just remember, there are lots of butcher shops in the world.”  Ryouga swallowed nervously, and nodded.

“Here you go,” the goddess, once again happy and cheerful, said, handing him a white card with an address on it.  “Be there at the time specified.  Mousse is expecting you.”

“Ah,” Ryouga said, not sure about how to explain that it wasn’t going to happen.

“Oh, don’t worry about directions. I won’t let you get lost.”

“Really?” Ryouga face radiated joy. “Oh, thank you Kami.”

“Don’t mention it,” She said, and vanished.

Ryouga gave a happy laugh and gathered up his backpack.  He left the alley, and turned right, when he should have turned left.  A sudden painful shock struck his left ass cheek, causing him to jerk around in the right direction at which point the shock stopped.  “Right, this way,” Ryouga murmured, rubbing his ass as he set out.

For the next few minutes you could heard loud snapping sounds and male cursing, which faded into the distance.




“Hmmm, that’s two,” the goddess said as she walked down the street.  “This really is a fertile place for studs.  I wonder if it’s something in the water?”  At that moment she rounded the corner and walked into a wall of black and white fur.  She looked way up, nearly seven feet, to where the placid bear face was staring down at her.  The Panda held up a sign that said. *Pardon Me, lady*  He moved around her and walked on down the street.

The goddess stared after him with an expression that turned wicked. The goddess hurried after the departing Panda. “Mr Panda, let me buy you tea.”

Genma Saotome turned around and looked at the woman chasing after him.  He held up a sign saying, *Who, me?”

“Yes, I’d like to buy you some food and make you an offer.”

Genma eagerly waved her in front of him.  He was never one to turn down free food.  And after last night, food might be hard to come by.  He’d been wandering the streets, wondering if he dared go back to Soun’s.  After all, he’d raped the hell out of Akane last night.  Soun might just be a little pissed about that.  Hopefully the girl would be smart enough to keep her mouth shut.  After all, her reputation would be in tatters if it got out that she’d been having sex with a Panda, and screaming her head off in bliss at that.  He didn’t know what had come over him.  Not that he regretted it, she’d been one fine fuck.  He was just going to have to keep his distance and wait to see if Soun went nuts.

Some time later Genma, back to being human was looking at a bag laying on the table in front of him.  From it spilled what looked like an endless stream of gold coins.  Genma’s eyes seemed to glow yellow in the reflected gleam.

“I don’t know.  Ranma is my son.”

“Daughter now.  And you didn’t seem to mind last night when you tied her down for those boys.  And she’ll never be a boy again if she does not learn a lesson from this.  That’s all I’m asking, that she learn a lesson she will never forget.  I’ll even alter your cursed form, making it bigger, more fierce.  Maybe a grizzly bear instead of a panda.  She’ll never know that its you.  Didn’t you like being able to talk last night, or having the chance to sample teen pussy.”

Genma’s fingers itched.  There was enough money on that table to keep him in booze and comfort for the rest of his life.  And the boy had been getting more arrogant.  He really did need to be taken down a peg and there would be lots of teenage cunt around him, or her, there always was.  The thought of getting a chance to sample more of his stupid son’s ‘harem’ was tempting as hell.

“If you come to my realm you’ll have lots of chances to meet and fuck prime pussy.  And in my realm, there is no old age.  You would be young again, and would never age.  And that,” she gestured toward the money on the table. “that is small change.  There are treasures that would make that look like penny candy.”

Genma drew himself up.  “I owe it to the boy.  He needs to learn this lesson, or he will never reach his full potential.”

“Just so, so you’ll do it.”


“Fine, take this,” she said, handing him a white address card.  “And, I’ll just take this with me for now, for safe keeping,” she added picking up the bag of gold.

“Rowff,” Genma protested, but he was back to being a bear.  Only not a Panda, but a full grown American grizzly, nearly ten feet tall on his hind legs and two thousand pounds of muscle.  The patrons who had earlier ignored the familiar Neighborhood panda fled in panic.  Their reaction fed Genma’ ego, and he let out a roar that sped their departure.

He then proceeded to scavenge all the left behind food as quickly as he could, only stopping when he heard approaching police sirens.  Only then did he use a tea kettle to turn back into a full dressed human.

For some reason, maybe because his alternate form was so large, Genma’s clothes seemed to be incorporated into the curse, vanishing when he turned into a bear, reappearing when he was restored to human.

Retrieving the address card, Genma left the shambles that had been a restaurant.