This is a work of my own creation and, as such, is a poor parody of the Ranma anime series.  It is not my intent to plagiarize anyone, and all characters within are, to the best of my knowledge, the creation of the highly talented individuals who produced the original Ranma manga.  As such, however, it is my intent to write the most extreme statement of pornography as my cowardly psyche permits.  Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 if that is what your local government demands, or any other non-Adult (Human or otherwise) read this.  Regardless of my titillating descriptions of physique or characterizations, none of the characters within (including the Panda) are, or were intended to really be, under eighteen years of age.




Chapt. 1


Ranma Gets Robbed



The translucent wall before the two female figures literally vibrated with the voice, the feminine voice, exploding from it,  “Oh!  How did you do that?!  Let me up this instant!  Don’t you dare!  You mustn’t…you can’t…you’re too…AH!…big!  Let me up!  I mustn’t let you…You’re too damn big…heavy…I can’t take it…that big…in me!  No!  Don’t force me!  Get off me!  Oh, please don’t do this to me, PLEASE!  I can’t…you mustn’t…the Goddess won’t permit it…OH! BY THE GODDESS, YOU’RE GOING IN!  PLEASE!  NOOOOO…OOOOOOHHHHH!”

“I’m bored with this,” softly barked the white haired Goddess, Urd, while jumping up from the soft, expansive cushions facing the very nearly transparent wall.  Clearly irritated, she was also naked, gloriously so.  Tall, well over six foot, there was softly wavy, absolute white hair cascading halfway down her back clashing vividly with flesh that looked so tropically tanned as to be Polynesian, her lush body showing no tanning lines, betraying that it was probably the normal hue of her silky skin.  That skin looked polished and tight, her waist as narrow as a woman's tennis star’s, especially one from Russia.  Her breasts were definitely not from a blond tennis star from Russia.  Jutting, quite above average full yet taut as a junior high girl’s, each formed on her chest an inhumanly perfect Hersey’s kiss, size ‘D’.  Generous but not overtly wide hips held long, velvety smooth and tennis-pro powerful legs.  On the back of those hips was fully displayed a perfect, of course!, ass worthy of divinity and quite deserving of worship.  A tail definitely not as taut as a junior high tennis pro what with its deep, dark crack and taut, tanned skin wrapped around each perfectly bulging meat-loaf buttock.  While not technically a ‘bubblebutt’, it looked about as ideally formed as an athletic schoolgirl could hope for…if she wanted to attract open leering from males, and females, as she walked to class.

There was an inverted blue triangle just above and between her eyes, vertically even with the bridge of her nose.  She had a smaller than the blue triangle patch of bright, absolute white pubic hair above a…soaking wet and shiny, flaming passion-pink slit with tiny, though completely extended, labia parted at the foremost apex of the pussy only by a deeper red clit the size of the last segment of a girl’s pinky finger.

“I’m really not bored,” she told herself, quite despondent with herself of late,  “I’m just disgusted with my performance…and depressed at my inability of late to pick a winner…”

She glanced again, sadly, at the wall, which was illuminated with an image of the top of a low hill on a vividly green, grassy field.  Atop the low hill were two figures.  One, clearly a woman from her large, downward pointing and blatantly swaying breasts, was on her face…literally, with about twenty long, flat rectangular metal shingles, reflecting the ample sunlight, scattered about her.  She was a big woman, tall, well muscled, with what had to be nicely sized tits now compressed to the ground as her impressive chest was abruptly forced down into the grass by a dramatically muscled, clearly overpowering brown colored arm, the hand of which pressed down on her from between her shoulder blades.

Straddling her, kneeling alongside both her shoulders and hips, were two pairs of legs…long and slim dark brown calves running parallel to the pinned woman along the grassy ground…full, powerful, dark brown furred thighs rose vertically alongside the woman’s shoulders and hips…the muscular thighs and slim legs of a horse…

Just in view, along the top of the image and smoothly curving over the woman to almost touch her upturned ass, a plump, full, dark brown furred belly, not unlike that of a horse’s, could be made out.  Extending dramatically out from the upper back of the image could starkly be made out a leg long tube of an even darker hue of brown and laced with pulsing, interconnected linear bulges of what appeared to be surface veins, pulsing with blood.  The tubular shaft had to be feet long and its end disappeared between the upturned buttocks of the defeated Amazon.

Suddenly, as Urd watched and the feebly struggling woman’s chest was seemingly easily pressed down into the soft green turf, the apparent other arm of the beast came into view, carrying a inverted ‘U’ shaped bar sharply pointed at each end.  With dizzying speed the arm drove the ‘U’ shaped bar around the back of the woman’s neck and into the ground.

Instantly upon the detection of the neck bindings the Amazon-like female’s head abruptly popped up, her face grimacing fiercely as if in great pain when her neck was stopped in its rise by the top of the ‘U’ shaped bar around it.

Both of the beast’s hands now gripped the bar and, in-spite of the woman’s own furious, and prodigious, strength opposing them, it drove the inverted ‘U’ shaped bar into the ground and forced the woman’s neck relentlessly down.  As she futilely struggled with the beast until her chin nearly touched the ground, her own powerful hands, armed with long claw-like fingernails, could only grip and tear at the grass and ground underneath her in utter frustration.

With the neck brace driven into the ground, the incredibly long shaft jutting into her backside abruptly started to move…forwards and backwards.

Now grunts and loud, forced gasps could be heard accompanying the grimacing woman’s face, “No! Ung!  Stop!  Damn you!  OH!  Grunt!  Stop or…grunt!…I’ll…ung!…I’ll…oooh!…”

“Diana put up a good struggle…” came from Urd’s right, where a purple haired woman sat.  She was shorter compared to Urd, by a half foot, and, while not nearly as stacked, nonetheless possessed admirably sized breasts which were vividly firm and pointed.  But more, much more, muscle could be seen bulging on her arms and legs than on the Goddess’.  She wore a red garment that sent three inch wide strips over her shoulders, down over her firmly jutting breasts, to connect to a short red kilt.  Most of her trunk was bare, as were her legs.

All the better to fit body armor…

“OOOH!” came shrilly from the wall and Urd turned her head just in time to see the dark brown and leg thick rigid shaft, which had to be, easily, two feet long, increasing its irresistible sliding even further between Diana’s further upturned and bulging asscheeks.  The farther the shaft slid into her, the louder became her moans…moans now of unmistakable pleasure…and passion.

“Uh, Urd,” the purple haired Amazon said, rising to her feet.  “It appears that I have…won!  That was Diana’s cry of submission…”

“I know!  I know!” an exasperated, but, unusually for her, actually not angry, Urd interrupted.

Before she could go on the Amazon on the wall suddenly wailed to rattle the transparent wall, “Oh!  Oh!  You beast!  Not so far!  Damn you!  I can’t resist…Not so DEEP!…Okay…You win!…I cannot defend myself!…Do not take advantage of me…Oh!  Oh!  EEE!  By Urd’s Glory…you’re so deep…so demanding…so…so…powerful…have mercy…Centaur…have SQUEAL!…you’re so deep!…so good!…have mercy!…”

Then another voice, a male voice, came from the wall, roaring like a lion mounting his pride, “Yes!  I know, Amazon!  Go ahead, beg for mercy!  Who’s riding who today, eh, Amazon?  Nothing like a couple feet of REAL dick to show an Amazon her place, Right?  Feeling now like a female?!  Now show everyone who you really want riding your back!  Feel good?  Enjoying it?  Forgetting about your ‘girl love’ waiting for you back at camp?  You will be…in about five minutes!  And you’ll not remember them again until I tire of riding you!  Now feed me, Amazon, feed your Master as you are bound to do!  Cum hard, long and loud and make sure you feed your Master properly!”

The near prostrate Amazon, her ass eagerly raised high for what looked now as desperately needed impalement, spontaneously reached out with her right hand and, gently and most lovingly, began stroking the softly furred, muscle bulging right thigh of the ‘horse’ towering over her.  She pressed the right side of her beautiful and noble face against the motionless leg, stroking her sleek cheek against his fur while running her hand, compassionately…lovingly up and down that bulging, powerful leg.  She had a mask of pure bliss on her face and she quickly and eagerly nodded to each of his triumphant, demeaning statements.

Laughter came from above her and the great pole shoved into her womanly opening began to jerk forwards and backwards, nearly a foot at a time, ever faster, ever more demandingly…all so more powerfully.

Diana grimaced again, mightily, and her hands formed fists to furiously pound the ground before her as she was driven on, relentlessly, unstoppably, omnipotently to her inevitable fate…wrapped around, while exploding in mind numbing multiple orgasms, a monstrously sized and potent animal cock demanding her submission, obedience and orgasmic energy.  And the fiend riding her would make sure she would provide all it wanted!  Meanwhile her grunts and squeals relentlessly rose in pitch and rhythm, “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh! Oh! Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! Yes, M’Lord!  SQEEEEEAAALLL!”

With a most unladylike snort, the Goddess Urd turned her back on the glowing wall.

Immediately thereafter the Amazon’s hysterical screams of utmost pleasure filled the room for a further moment before, abruptly and dramatically, the cries ceased with but a final series of loud choking gasps.

While Urd ignored the vomit-like choking, Marian took a quick look and then winced.  The overpowered Amazon had been completely violated by the Centaur mounting her, and Marian could clearly see the huge, four inches high bulge running up the Amazon’s normally flat belly, flexing and swelling as it disappeared under her rib cage.  Farther up Diana’s dominated, already orgasming body the purple haired woman could readily see that Diana’s throat was obscenely swollen, outlining what appeared to be a grotesque and oversized cockhead in her neck to just under her chin!  Diana’s eyes were rolled up into her skull as her cheeks swelled and her face turned flaming crimson in her forced, and irresistible, energy releasing orgasms.  At once, in deference to the defeated Diana’s privacy, the purple haired Amazon inactivated the wall.

“What is it, Marian?” Urd turned to the suddenly startled Amazon alongside her.  “Four in a row?  I have bet wrong on the last four ‘contests’ we bet on?”

“I am sorry, My Goddess,”  Marian replied, looking at the marble floor beneath her.  “I have been truly fortunate…”

“No!” Urd sighed.  “You were better than me!  I just haven’t been paying attention to these contests of late.  You have picked better than me because you have been trying harder than me!  For that, I am sorry for not giving you honorable, and adequate, competition.”  She paced a few feet away from the Amazon commander, then paced back.  She repeated three more cycles.  Then, “I have it!”  She smiled at Marian.  “What I need is a break…a vacation, if you will!  I need to get fucked mindless and stupid by some cute, powerful, young superstud!  And drink!  I need to drink enough to float the Yamato!  Maybe that Suntory whisky I heard about!  I haven’t been to Japan in awhile…not since they started making that whiskey, anyway!  And I just remembered that remarkable boy fighter who fell into my ponds at Jusenkyo.  He was something!  Physically, at least,  I don’t know, nor care, about his brains.  All I can think of, and remember about, him was that huge, for a human, prick he had swinging around and, anyway, a big, tasty, bullish cock is what I need, right now!  Certainly I don’t need more brains!  I need someone who can ride me all night until I can’t get out of bed, better yet walk.  And who cam shoot pints of goo, over and over, all night!  I need some young horse who will be impressed with my ‘charms’ but who hasn’t gotten any of that egotistical airs about him.  You know…someone who’ll tell all his friends how ‘great’ he was when he ‘porked’ me!  I hate it when they tell their friends about how easy I am!”

“You should be careful, Urd.  Your ‘sister’, Skuld, has left China, you may recall?  She has been in Japan for at least the past two years.  You remember that you two don’t…can’t get along.”

“Don’t worry.  I’m going to a very small place in Japan!  I know just where my ‘lover-boy’ is going this evening!  After I drink a quart or two of Suntory, I’ll go there and stay, I promise.  I’ll call myself by my old name from Jusenkyo, Jusenkya.  Skuld will never recognize that name as me until I’ll drained that stud-boy and every other male in the neighborhood, and then be gone.  Maybe, after I have drained him, he’ll invite some of his friends…or his entire school!  As long as he doesn’t brag about how good I am at inhaling his hose, I’m in just that kind of mood!  Now, tell the maid not to wait supper for me tonight, for I won’t need it!  You know the old saying, ‘Young cum is the freshest tasting cum!’  I plan on not needing supper for a week!”


Ranma, otherwise known as “the Great”, just couldn’t be distracted by any challenges this evening!  Not martial nor sexual challenges.  He was on his way to meet with his buddies from school to play some serious card games…for serious money!  He was confident (which meant to any other male his age he was actually, and typically, overconfident) that he was going to take those guys…and make a fortune to show to that pest, Akane, who could play cards.

Akane, his ‘fiancee’ in a marriage arranged by their parents years ago and who was presently just about screaming into his right ear as she had to nearly run to keep up with Ranma’s long, quick and confidently accurate strides as he strolled along the top of the tall wooden fence running parallel and along the edge of the narrow lane, was yelling, rather shrilly, at him while waving her arms around her head, “Are you nuts?  You think just because they let you win some toothpicks at school the past couple of lunch breaks that it’ll be the same when there is REAL money on the line?”

Ignoring Akane, apparently with his commonly rude self absorption, Ranma didn’t even look down at the inches shorter girl running feet below him.

Which said a lot about him, seeing as now he was in a perfect position to cop a view of her…unusually well developed, for her age…cleavage…those nice handfuls of girl boob jutting out through the white material of her partially unbuttoned blouse, jiggling most delightfully as she determinedly stayed alongside him, albeit in a near sprint.

She still had on her school uniform:  Semi-transparent starched white blouse and short, pleated dark blue skirt.  Standing still that skirt hardly reached half way to her knees.  Now, with her stepping quickly and occasionally hopping to keep up with her supposed fiance, that skirt was flying up all over the place, exposing, eventually to any staring perv boys (“Are their any other?” she had often said after kicking the ass of some still smiling-in-unconsciousness perv classmate for taking liberties with the raising of the back of her skirt or getting an “accidental” quick “feelie” of one of her jutting titties.), all of her luscious, muscular, and most well formed legs.  Even, to the dedicated voyeur, her tiny, virginal white, skin tight, asscheek hugging panties were stretched to the very limit of boyish voyeur-lust challenging sanity and cotton fabric tenacity just in the attempt at enclosing her world class ass.

But, the best female martial artist in school, in her own mind, and, quite objectively, in nearly all of Japan, “should have well formed legs”, she would say to her latest perv, who, no doubt, would be slowly, and painfully, climbing back to his feet after receiving her wrath for trying to catch a peek, or worse, a feel of what feminine delights were most appropriately, and permanently!, hidden under that skirt!

She would never refer, directly, to her rapidly, and embarrassingly, developing ass, however!

And Ranma would likewise never admit that he found her abruptly and noticeably developing feminine physique to be, in any way, attractive to him or, for that matter, to any other member of the male part of humanity!  If he ever let Akane know that he was the least bit interested in her in that male/female, as opposed to martial competitor, way, she'd never let him hear the end of it. It was bad enough already with her endless suspicion of his motives. You'd think by now that she'd have realized that if he wanted to screw her (“rape her” in Akane’s ‘perv’ obsessed mind), he could have done it anytime. Heck, their fathers would likely have cheered him on, given how they reacted when she accused him at breakfast of trying to sneak into her room all the time!  Of course they'd have both of them well married before the tons of semen started dribbling out of Akane's well fucked (Of course!  Ranma never does anything halfway!) pussy.

But he was in no way ready for that, be it marriage or serious, “making babies” sex with Akane…or any of his fiancee’s!

Of course, Akane had a certain justification for her attitude towards the ‘pervs’ at school. What with that idiot, Kuno, had put her through before Ranma arrived on the scene to straighten things out. The perv had taken advantage of a public speaking forum to announce that no boy could date Akane unless he defeated her in combat!

This had led certain boys, a very large portion of the more senior males in the school in fact, to the conclusion that if they beat her, she'd have to date them, and everyone suspected (and her sister Nabiki had probably started the rumor!) that she was a closet bimbo and would very likely ‘put out her ass’ at first opportunity to the guy who first kicked her ass!

Even then, Kuno’s challenge to the masculine school body wouldn't have been that much of a problem to her, if they had consented on the challenge to be one on one matches.  As the pervs have subsequently found out, she could kick butt with any single male perv in the school!

But they probably all knew that she could kick ass, so they decided to gang up on her, all these pervs attacking her en masse literally every morning before school.

She admitted that it had been a challenge, but a worthy and honorable one.  Actually, most mornings, Akane had plowed through the perverts with little trouble.  Genma, Ranma’s (also perverted) father, had told her that she was a natural multiple opponent fighter.  From the beginning of her training, as a child, she seemed to have an innate understanding, an instinct on how to work an attacking crowd of overconfident and, therefore, careless and hornily eager boys against themselves in a melee.  Either they got in each other’s way when more than one charged, or they hesitated in their attacks so as not to get in the way of each other.

She was quite brilliant, and successful, in crowd fighting.

The moves seemed automatic, unconscious.  Which was good, for if she started thinking about her moves, she'd sure as hell over think about them, and then she’d be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.  And being overwhelmed, and defeated, she would soon thereafter be screwed.

In more ways than one!

Not that Ranma would ever compliment her!

Even so she might not have become so anti-male (perv-boy), but it seemed that the guys fighting her nearly each and every morning just hadn't settled on just trying to defeat her in honorable combat.  Ranma had never said anything to her directly, but on the only morning in which he witnessed her gang-fight, the first and only time she fought alone in front of him, he noticed (and he would!) the numerous hands that had slipped in during the melee to try to flip up her skirt, or brush a hard nippled, projecting and firmly bouncing tit, or, the pervs ‘holy grail’ of the morning fight, cup a full handful of smooth, round, perfect ass cheek.

None of the boys ever got more than a touch before being kicked senseless, but just that all too intimate contact had been more than enough to work Akane into a near ‘berserker’ state.  One reason was her response to their quick grope:  She didn’t entirely hate, nor always totally dislike, their hands on her cotton clad tailmeat during the fight.  Certainly she made each and every perv pay for even coming close to her hips with their hands.

But sometimes she got a very uncharacteristic little thrill that was certainly not unpleasant when a combatant, with an admittedly skillful move, was rewarded by a quick palming of an Akane butt loaf.

The hint of pleasure, typical female pleasure, when her ass was gained by a grinning in triumph, adolescent boy, frightened her.  And anything that frightened her, pissed her off!

Ranma was sure that his friends would have loved, given up seriously damaged body parts even, to 'accidentally' peel her panties down over those alabaster hillocks, if only they could have hooked a finger on the top of her deep, dark asscrack that peeked out above her panties’ waistband.  He knew because that was the only thing many of them talked about at lunch afterwards.

Those, that is, who were still ambulatory!

But they never had gotten to her ass, she was proud to admit to herself.  At least, they hadn’t without losing consciousness immediately thereafter!

Thus it was technically correct that no male had ever seen her buns "in the flesh".  Well, Ranma had, but that was different.  It wasn't like he had snuck around, trying to get a look at her buns.  But they did live in the same house.  His father, taking advantage of his friendship with Akane's father, with the fact that she and Ranma had been engaged by them at early age, meant they would see each other often in a less than fully dressed state.  He'd simply accidentally walked in on her in the bath…several times. He had told her that he was sure that Nabiki was removing the little ‘occupied’ tag that could be hung on the door handle. “Either that or you were leaving it off on purpose.” he would finish with his big, arrogant grin.

But he had hardly ever seen her entire butt entirely bare!

In fact, she had seen his…er…her butt more often than he…er…she had seen Akane’s!  You see, Ranma had this curse…in which cold water turns him into a her!  Then hot water reverses it!

Not being a real girl, Ranma saw no problem with walking around spectacularly topless at home.  He had learned, the hard way, that it wasn't smart to do the same in public.  And because his girl body lacked what Ranma felt was the only thing he had to cover up, that which hung, swinging, between his powerful thighs in his male form, he also had no real problem with making a quick dash down the hallway bare ass, definitely feminine and very naked, much to the consternation of Akane's father.  He, or rather she, had also no idea that Ranma caused her own father a lot of distress, Ranma typically not giving such things much thought for he still thought of himself as a male even when he was obviously the opposite.

Ranma and Genma slept in the same room, side by side on futons on the floor, and Ranma quite often slept as a girl, clad in only a thin t-shirt stretched to its limit across her bountiful chest and with boxers around her hips that were way too loose. Her nightly motions often left her near nude, and Genma was very aware of it.

As Ranma finally started thinking about his curse, Akane was also thinking about it. Lately it was something that she thought about quite a lot.

“It figures,” thought Akane, Ranma the girl was just as much a looker as a schoolgirl as Ranma was as a male martial arts champion!  What Akane didn’t like about it was, while Ranma without his shirt made most of the guys look bad, like runts, Ranma, as a girl, put all the girls at school, including, she thought ruefully, herself, to shame with her physique!  She was "The Most Likely Girl to be Gawked at by Pervs" when she went to school as Ranko Tendo on those occasions when Ranma's mother was visiting, who didn't know about the curse.

Which wasn’t very often, Akane thankfully added.

Not that Akane wasn’t bad looking or anything!  After all, she had caught Ranma a few times staring at her…butt…as he left the hot shower, his dick the only thing covered by his towel, while she was going in.  She knew what her ‘above average’ chest development and wider than average (for a schoolgirl) hips and…fatter…than she liked buns did to boys, and men-pervs all!  And Ranma’s “friends”, those pervs he hung around with at school, were just about impossible!  Hardly a week went by that she didn’t have to put some serious, and justified, hurt on one or ten of those pervs trying to see her panties on the stairs, groping a tit when ‘accidentally’ bumping into her in the hallway, or some other juvenile perv trick!  It was never as bad as those early morning battles, when she had the distinct feeling she was just one wrong move from being gang raped on the schools front lawn!

But, those near every morning ‘gang-bangs’ in front of school had wised her up to what perverts ALL boys were.  She would, could never let her guard down around any of them, not even Ranma.

That included the fact that she would never let him know how she felt about him.  At least not till he gave her some indication that Ranma, the boy, felt the same way as she did.  After all, she was, at least, prepared to put up with his curse…to share her life with a boy who was better looking than herself half the time.

And that was true!  Ranma, as a schoolgirl, effortlessly made Akane physically look like a junior highschooler!  While not nearly as tall as Ranma, Ranma-chan still had a remarkable physique for her height, and that included jaw-dropping breasts that Akane would die to have for her own chest!  They stuck out so far!  And were so broad at their base!  And, damn it, no one deserved such big boobs that were so firm!  When Ranma went to school as a girl, she didn’t even have to wear a bra!  Those boobs hardly jiggled when she ran, better yet walked.

Her skin was so smooth, and blemish-free, and…and…perfect!

And, it figured, she was naturally bald…down there!  No need for Ranma-chan to shave, ever!  In back, her butt was big for her size, but fully round, not flat in the least, and firm, of so firm looking, and…and…perfect!  At school she saw his perv friends get blatant, pant tenting hard-ons when she walked past them in her needlessly butt-hugging sweatpants!

If she was prepared to live with that, where every male she teased with her too tight sweats and ready-to-split T’s, the least he could do was take the first step.


Really, it was disgusting the way his so called friends stared at Ranma when he was a girl!  Ranma didn't even seem to notice what was as obvious as the nose on her face to Akane.  Akane would have neutered those pervs!

But Ranma, of either gender, lacked was what Akane felt she had in abundance: Brains!  And common sense! Not to mention some form of feminine modesty.  Ranma was about the most thoughtless boy she knew. And Ranma WAS the most thoughtless girl Akane had ever met!  Any other girl who had acted like girl type Ranma did around boys would have been dragged into the bushes or into a dark alley, a long time ago. And the general population would likely have said that she had it coming.

But no matter how good she looked, Ranma was not like any other girl, even when he was walking around with AV Star quality tits and a pink pussy that half the student body dreamed about. Despite the loss of muscle mass she suffered when turned into a girl, there were very few males that could go toe to toe with her in the strength department, and when it came to skill she far outshone those few, except maybe for Genma, Ranma's father, who had similar skill and power.

As a guy, Ranma had surpassed his father, but Akane, who was a pretty good judge of skill when she could get around her bias, was pretty darn sure that Genma could beat his sometimes daughter if he really put an effort into it. After all, while Ranma's curse weakened her, Genma's curse turned him into a five hundred pound panda!  He might suffer in dexterity, but man, did he ever gain in power and the ability to soak up punishment!

No, any guy who tried to 'teach' girl type Ranma the errors of her ways would likely lose his balls, if he was lucky.  But if Ranma was the best martial artist of his, and her, generation, that didn't mean he was supreme in all endeavors.

Especially the ones that required brains!

Not being the brightest guy in Japan, in Akane's view, had definite drawbacks!  Like now for instance.  For the last few weeks Ranma had been cleaning up at the lunchtime card game.  But all he'd won was toothpicks, and Akane knew enough about Ranma's card playing, and that of his ‘friends’, to figure the fix was in.

Like, for instance, the fact that Ranma had earned a big reward recently for driving off a monster from a nearby resort.  And, in a miracle, he'd managed to keep it out of his father's hands, which had pissed the panda off something fierce.  So, Akane was accompanying Ranma to his card game intent on trying to save at least a little of his money.  Not that she had much hope of his increasing his money in this matter.

Akane wasn’t the only one interested in preserving Ranma’s bankroll. Trailing along about twenty or thirty feet behind the two teens, Ranma’s father, Genma, was the poster boy for disgruntled.  “The stupid boy was going to lose all of his money!” Genma was convinced.  Furthermore, money he should have handed over to Genma as soon as he got it for ‘proper’ use of it.  It was only right for the boy would have never have earned it in the first place without Genma’s selfless efforts in training him to be the best martial artist of his generation.

Genma would have liked nothing better than to liberate that money from Ranma. But, his son, and sometime daughter, had been pretty blatant about what he'd do if Genma tried to grab the stake money off the table and make a dash for it.  ‘Zoo’, and ‘breeding program’ had figured largely in his remarks.

So, Genma had come along, in the hope of being able to talk some sense into the boy before all that money was gone. In the meantime, as he waited for the ‘proper’ moment, the older man was indulging in one of the few…pleasures currently open to him.

That is ogling, leering at and drooling over Akane’s magnificent, delicious, and quite blatantly, and carelessly, presented ass!

Ranma might have been too clueless to appreciate the gift Genma had presented him with, along with Akane’s father Soun, but Genma was a man of the world, and could certainly appreciate what was ‘staring’ him straight in the face this night as he followed Akane…er…Ranma to the card game.  Without a doubt, Akane was a ball busting, potential teenaged fuck slut of the first order.  As Genma would testify that moment, she brought tears to the eyes of older men just by swishing her skirt up as she ran down the street!

As, no doubt, every mature male in Genma’s shoes had repeated endlessly before this, all she needed was a little ‘help’ along the path.  Too bad he didn’t dare lay a finger, or anything else, on her.  Not if he wanted to keep his free room and board, that is!  But, it was hard, nonetheless, not to reach out when she ran out of the bathroom, hardly adequate towel flying, and touch a bit of heaven!

And Genma knew who could get her going down the pink road of womanhood!  Genma felt he was in the prime of his life, and while his body was bulky, it was all muscle…and not a little testes!  Furthermore he was well experienced in teaching physical ‘activities’ to young women, and not just martial arts!  There were dozens of former virgins, especially all over China, who owed their initiation to womanhood as well as their subsequent deep appreciation of cock to him. And if some of them had been a little unwilling at first to start, that had changed pretty quickly once he got past their reflexive reticence towards becoming full fledged women.  Unfortunately, for him, since coming to Nerima, and his friend’s home, he’d had to keep his ‘equipment’ in his pants of late. And boy was it hard, mostly figuratively, but all too often literally!

See, he still shared Soun’s home with his benefactor’s three increasingly luscious, as well as virginal (at least Soun thought so!), daughters, as well as Genma’s periodical daughter.  And, without a doubt, all four of those females constituting prime fuck meat.

And that didn’t even take into consideration all the prime pussy that Ranma seemed to attract like flies around horses.  It was a hard life being restricted to just looking…

Ranma was dressed for a serious workout…of gambling:  Low cut tank-top and thin, snug (of course!) sweatpants, and, as usual, nothing else but shoes.  Ranma just had to wear snug clothes as a guy but, even with her generous curves, Ranma as a girl was way smaller than her male form.  It was second nature by now for her to snug up her clothes with pull strings the instant she changed, but there were limits to that and she didn't like swimming in too large clothing for it interfered with her style of fighting which relied on blinding speed.

Or so he said.  Akane was pretty sure it was just another example of Ranma showing off.  No matter what Ranma said, or how he acted, there were times when Akane was positive he, and she, knew exactly how other's reacted to his/her body.  He couldn't be that clueless as to the reasons why nearly as many girls as guys lusted after him/her.  He/She must enjoy teasing…

He didn’t care if anyone, especially Akane, could see his ‘equipment’ bouncing around between his powerful thighs as he strode.  Almost taking it for granted, as usual, he kinda thought that Akane enjoyed, or at the least was impressed, by his thick, nine inch (when erect) cock bouncing around the crotch of his sweats.  He was certain that there were other coeds at school, and some of his other “fiancee’s” who’s eyes had opened into plate-like anime character eyes when he walked by them with tight fighting pants and nothing else!

And he never seemed to notice those reactions, but sometimes she wondered.  Look at all the times Ranma, as a girl, teased poor Ryouga.  Ranma had to know the sort of effect she had on him.  Akane was too polite to mention it, but Ryouga's erection during those times was pretty hard to miss, and the way Ranma rubbed up against Ryouga, how could she not notice.  She had to be doing it on purpose to torment Ryouga.

Which was another example of her stupidity.  Ryouga was one of the very few people who could in fact drag girl type Ranma into an alley, and she wouldn't have a chance.  Ranma was lucky as hell that poor Ryouga was so much of a stumble bum around girls.  Akane pretended not to notice, but she knew he had a crush on her, and on every other girl who showed him the least little kindness.  She was thankful he didn't have the nerve to ever ask her for a date, however.  She didn't feel that way about him, and would hate to shoot him down.

Then, just as Ranma smoothly dropped to the ground and turned down the narrow street leading to Daisuki’s home, the location of the card game, he, and a hastily trailing Akane, ran into a…woman, standing in the middle of the street.

And that was the last Akane saw of Genma before the card game…

Actually, after a second look immediately after coming to an abrupt halt, she looked more like a school aged girl to Akane.  About Akane’s height, she had almost purple colored, straight hair than ran softly, gracefully down her back to the very tops of her asscheeks.  Her face looked calm, as well as winsome, and she wore a type of sari, mostly of light blue and red, almost pink, cloth wound intimately, and complexly, around her hips and trunk, leaving her long, smooth legs bare.  And showing off one hell of a nice rack of big, jutting, deeply cleaved tits, especially for such a young looking girl!

With Ranma fixed in place, suddenly looking at the beautiful girl with a little smile on his face, Akane caught up with him rapidly and abruptly.  She almost overshot him…

“W…Who is this?”  Akane gasped out to Ranma.  Then she turned to the girl, “Who are you?”

The girl smiled broadly, then hiccuped!  In a sweet, high pitched but slurred voice she answered, “I am Jusenkya, Goddess of Jusenkyo (hic!).”

Both Ranma and Akane jumped at that.  Any other couple would have likely dismissed it as the ravings of a drunk. But Akane and Ranma had seen a lot in the last year. A goddess was not so out there…even a drunk one.  Akane went on, “You mean the place of the cursed ponds in China?”

Jusenkya turned her attention completely to a still stunned Ranma, her bright eyes smoldering, “You are Ranma, correct?  (hic!)”

Ranma could only nod as he stared at her almost completely exposed, deep cleavage, rising and falling on that almost bare chest.

“(hic!)  Good!  I remember when you fell in to one of my pools in a match with an old bald man.  I have always…(hic!)…wondered about what became of you (hic!)!”

“Why?” Akane broke in, stepping up as Jusenkya stepped smoothly closer to a mesmerized Ranma.

Jusenkya ignored Akane.  “(hic!)  You must pardon me, Ranma!  I am here on a little vacation and I have been drinking…Suntory whiskey…(hic!)…whole liter bottle…(hic!)…Drunk Goddesses are not nearly as proper and subtile…(hic!)…as they should be!”

Akane’s jaw dropped.  “A whole bottle!  That’s impossible!  You shouldn’t tell exaggerations like that!”

Jusenkya looked momentarily at an angry looking Akane.  “(hic!)  And who are you to question what and how…(hic!)…much a Goddess drinks? (belch!)”

Getting more pissed by the hiccup, Akane angrily replied, “And who goes around claiming to be a ‘Goddess’ when she’s had too much to drink!”

Again ignoring Akane, Jusenkya looked to a now grinning Ranma, and stepped right up to him.  Without hesitation nor warning, she reached out and grabbed Ranma by his bulging crotch!

Ranma jerked, for a moment losing his grin.  However, after a moment of Jusenkya’s squeezing and manipulating what she found growing under his sweats, his smile returned, but his eyes were not comfortable nor as confident as when she first groped him.  All over his distinctly nervous smiling face was written:  “What is this sexy woman up to?  And when is she going to let go of my balls?”

Akane watched open mouthed as Ranma’s bulge swelled impressively under Jusenkya’s ‘manhandling’.  “Just what are you doing?!” she squeaked.

Jusenkya hadn’t yet released Ranma’s bag when her head turned to Akane again, “(hic!)  Drinking makes me horny!  All Goddesses like big dick!  I came here to get some…(belch!)…big dick!”  She looked back at a grinning Ranma.  “When you fell into that pond, I saw what you were packing!  I came here specifically to get drunk on Suntory…(hic!)…whiskey.  Like I…(hic!)…said, I get horny when I get…(hic!)…loaded, and I remembered how big you looked…(hic!)…decided, while I was here, to get some of it!  (hic!)”

For another long minute Ranma smirked, Akane gawked, and Jusenkya groped until Ranma’s dick was fully erect, tenting up his pants something awful.

“Just as I…(hic!)…thought!  You’re really hung there…(hic!)  Really thick!  (hic!)  Can’t get my hand more than half way around it!  (hic!)  Gotta be nine inches long, too!  I’m glad I made the trip!  (hic!)  You have a real mouthful there, Ranma! (Belch!)”

“OOOO!” Akane squealed, hopping mad.  She turned to Ranma, “Look!  Did you come all this way to get some drunk bimbo to grab your dick, or to play cards and win some money?”

Ranma suddenly frowned.  He recalled his promise…to play cards tonight…for real money.  He also recalled the discipline his father had drilled into him since he was young:  “A promise is a promise!  You can’t break it without a very good reason!”

And Ranma knew that strange pussy, even drunk Goddess pussy, just wasn’t a good enough reason to break a cards date with his friends!  Especially with one of his fiancee's standing next to him!  Besides, he could always get pussy, he was convinced.  Card games for money with guys he had been beating at cards at school for weeks were hard to come by!

Jusenkya was smoothly, at least as smoothly as having a quart of hooch in her permitted, going on, “(Hic!)  You just be quiet there, little girl!”  Jusenkya said, staring in total delight at the jumping, barely covered cock in her greedy hand.  “Like I said, (hic!) really nice piece of meat, for a Human!  But I’ve been spoiled by…(hic!)…demon…(belch!)…cock!  And demon cock…(hic!)…is really, really, REALLY big!  So I just gotta make some modif…(hic!)…cations!”

Then she clapped her hands together three times while closing her eyes and mumbling some ‘prayers’.  After she clapped her hands three more times, she looked back down at Ranma’s tented sweats with a big, anticipatory smile.

Ranma’s eyes widened in abrupt alarm!  Something was happening…in his pants!  His prick felt like a balloon, filling with air!  Then, with surprise widened eyes, he watched as the pup tent of a bulge in his sweats suddenly enlarged into a circus tent!

With a coo, Jusenkya stepped up and, using both her hands, lovingly cupped and then gripped the renewed, and enlarged, stiff prick jumping in Ranma’s horribly distended sweatpants!  “That’s more…(hic!)…like it!  Twice the length and nearly that in circum…(belch!)…ference!  That’s the way I like them, (hic!)-tai big!”

Akane stood there in utter shock, for once totally silent.  She couldn’t believe how…big Ranma’s tent had become!  Was that all him?

As if Jusenkya read her mind, she looked over at the schoolgirl with a smirk.  “(Hic!)  Every gut splitting inch of eighteen inches, little Schoolgirl!  And as big around as your arm!  (Hic!)  The way I like them!  But you better go now, little Schoolgirl!  Unless you have another boyfriend (hic!), who happens to be a demon, I’d give up on trying to…(hic!)…take this into you!  (Belch!)”  She looked up at Ranma, “How about it, baby?  Let’s find a nice quiet soft place that we can make noisy and messy!”

Ranma still wasn’t smiling, even though his dramatically enlarged, powerfully jumping prick was moving Jusenkya’s cock clutching hands around.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t!”

Now it was Jusenkya’s turn to drop her jaw.  “What!? (hic!)”

Ranma shook his head while Akane veritably jumped for joy, “I made a promise to my friends to play cards tonight.  I’ve learned to keep my promises whenever possible!  Maybe after the card game…”

Suddenly there was steam rising, hissing from around Jusenkya’s neck, her eyes glowing like coals!  Then multiple arms and legs were flailing all about her as the ‘Goddess’ began railing, most incoherently!  “What!?  (hic!)  No?!  You ungrateful…(belch!)…after I made you the biggest dick in Japan…(hic!)…now you want to…(hic!)…play cards?! (hic!)  (belch!)…”

As dignified as his half meter long prick permitted, Ranma said, “Sorry!” and stepped around the flailing, sputtering, howling girl and, with a grinning Akane in tow, made for the dojo.

A few steps away, Akane turned and stuck out her tongue at the still flailing, still steaming ‘Goddess’.

Strangely, as soon as they were out of hearing, Jusenkya immediately calmed down!  Standing still, hands tight fists alongside her hips, her reddened, glowing eyes fixed on Ranma’s retreating back.  “You’ll pay!” she growled.  “You’ll pay alright!”

Then Jusenkya turned, unsteadily, to get more Suntory…


It was two hours later, and, while Ranma had managed to get his prick down before he got to the door, he had not managed to learn how to play cards.  His pile of chips was substantially reduced from what he had started with.

Akane and Genma were sitting sullenly behind him.  They had expected this…

Ryouga was sitting directly across the table from him.  Daisuki was on his left, Hiroshi on his right.  They all had been winning this night…from Ranma.

Akane was standing slightly behind Ranma, leaning over his shoulder so she could get a good look at his cards.  Earlier she'd tried to whisper advice to Ranma, but he'd just waved her off, and then gone out of his way to do the exact opposite of what she'd suggested.  So, having seen this self-defeating stubbornness before, she stopped.  But she'd been too annoyed to simply return to her seat on the sofa behind them and had stayed in her present position.  Much to Ranma's annoyance.

Genma wasn't the least bit annoyed at Akane's present position.  While it was small recompense for the sight of all 'his' money vanishing into the other boy's piles, he was enjoying the alternative view of the ‘action’.  Akane's skirt had ridden up slightly, and by slouching down on the couch, Genma could make out Akane's tightly stretched white panties, and with her legs parted as they were, also make out her camel toe.  Her…wet camel toe.  He licked his lips, imagining how sweet teen twat would taste right then.

Akane wasn’t sure whether Genma’s attention was directed at Ranma’s playing and the size of the pot, or getting repeated long, loving gawks at Akane’s barely covered ass bulging over the edge of the stool!  She had to start wearing longer skirts around that old perv!

Then, abruptly, there came from outside:  “Ranma!  You Bastard!”

Akane jumped.  It was a woman’s voice!

Then the doors slid aside noisily and all could hear someone stomping into the house.  Making straight for their card playing room!

“Jusenkya!” Ranma said as soon as she entered the room, stopping in a drunken stagger behind Ryouga.  Then Ranma was smiling again.  He was actually glad to see her!  Cards had become much less…entertaining of late.  A nice naked wrestling match with a drunk ‘Goddess’ might just be the thing to salvage the evening!

Hearing Akane growl from just behind him just improved his disposition.

Jusenkya stomped in, then halted and turned towards the smiling Ranma.  She teetered momentarily, then steadied and pointed her finger at him.   Her other hand held a nearly empty bottle of Suntory whiskey.  “You bastard, Ranma!  (hic!)” she slurred like a drunk Cartman.

His buddies, relieved that the invasion was not the police or worse, their parents, broke out in laughter!

“What’s the matter, Ranma?” Ryouga laughed, looking over his shoulder at the stiffly swaying, stacked female just behind his head, pointing an accusing finger at Ranma.  “Something…wrong?”

“She grabbed Ranma by his pants and offered to go to bed with him, just before we got here!”  Akane added while jumping up, her eyes throwing daggers at the Goddess.

His buddies laughed nervously.  Every one of them were now gawking lecherously, but carefully, at Jusenkya’s nearly completely exposed hooters as she stayed still, swaying and pointing at Ranma.

Ranma’s smirk was broad when he spoke up, “Do you want a date with me, now?  I’m about finished with cards.”  He pointed out his little stack of chips before him.

Jusenkya’s face flushed further.  “No!…(hic!)…I am way beyond that!  (Belch!)  I have been…(Hic!)…insulted!  I demand nothing from you!  (Belch!)  I just want…revenge!”

“What do you mean, ‘revenge’?”  Ranma replied.  “You’re just a girl!  You want to challenge me to a fight?  I don’t want to hurt you, but if that’s what you want, I’m game!”

“Don’t misunderstand me,…(hic!)…Ranma!  It’s not a fight I plan!  Remember, I come…I rule the lands of the Amazon women and the magic pools!  I know your curse! (Belch!)”  She looked down at the three young men still chuckling, and leering, at her.  “Do your friends know about…(hic!)…your curse?”

“Oh yea!” barked Daisuki, glancing at a no longer smiling Ranma.  “Sometimes he goes as her to school!  Nice tits!  Almost as good as yours!”

Jusenkya smiled sweetly at the boy, then returned to Ranma.  Then she flicked her wrist in Daisuki’s direction and the boy and his chair flew backwards in a flash to smash against the wall.  Daisuki collapsed to the floor.

Her smile at Ranma broadened, “(hic!)  Good!  Then, why don’t you give your friends a show!”

With a wave of her arm abruptly two wooden buckets appeared in mid air before her!  One immediately flew over Ranma’s and Akane’s heads while the other simply moved towards Ranma’s face.  A second later both buckets tipped on their sides and stopped, instantly.

And their contents continued flying through the air to splash straight into Ranma’s, and Genma’s, faces!

Instantly Ranma was soaked in water!  Wait a minute!  Cold water!

The curse took over before Ranma could finish getting out of his chair.  And ‘he’ never did reach ‘his’ feet.  It was Ranma-chan who arrived, soaking wet, at her feet.

“What are you doing!” Akane shouted behind Ranma.

Jusenkya’s grin was triumphant.  Suddenly she was sober.  “Oh, just getting my revenge little girl!”  Then she fixed her eyes on the standing still, dripping wet Ranma-chan.  “Oh, my!  You are a looker!  I have some Amazons who would love having you over…for dinner!  I can see it now!  You hanging, naked, by your wrists from the center of the domed ceiling of the Amazon Temple…My Temple, of course!…oiled up and dripping, and gleaming in the firelight!  The Priestess slowly, carefully, relentlessly impaling you from between your tied apart thighs, relentlessly filling you, with a stuffed and preserved Centaur prick…all four feet of it!  Stuffing you with the Amazon’s special ‘forcemeat’…letting it cook inside your hot, oily and sweaty body as you continued to cum, over and over!  Watching your body swell with our meal, watching your eyes bulge, your hips quiver and then relentlessly jerk in unwanted but unstoppable orgasm…for me!  Then feast on your salpicon and, for desert, lick your body clean as you scream in mind enslaving pleasure…Almost makes me wish I was a lesbian…er…full time!”

Ranma-chan dropped her eyes from Jusenkya to the three…boys…abruptly leering at her!  Suddenly very MALE guys were looking at her entirely differently from five minutes ago!

Seeing their unblinking gawks on her wet-t-shirt plastered charms put Ranma-chan at a slight discomfort.  Normally she enjoyed the stares of men, especially when she was at school.  But never before had she had the…reaction…that she was feeling, way down in her belly this time, when these guys stared at her with faces very different from the fearful ones at school and now with growing grins at her wet, jutting charms.

And Ranma the girl had some!  In many ways Ranma possessed the female physique that was the equivalent of Ranma’s rigorously developed and trained ninja-hard body.

For a long moment Ranma-chan stood in the silent room, only her pounding heart breaking the vault-like silence.  And she was a magnificent sight…especially to the three boys sitting before her!

Firstly, and most immediately important to those men, the low cut ‘muscle-man’ tank top, now soaking wet, was now plastered to a trunk that would catch the attention of any red-blooded school age…of any age…male.  Virtually transparent in its wetness, the tank top, with nothing artificial beneath it, displayed a pair of tits that were as femininely impressive and well developed as Ranma the man’s muscular chest.  As she stood there, her breathing rising to a genuine pant and her face displaying a noted and peculiar bewilderment as she looked from one leering young male to the next, her half-dollar in diameter, normally bright red and conically puffy nipples dramatically and very obviously stiffened into half inch long, pebble hard points.

From the cold water soaking her tank top, of course!

Those nipples were atop one of the nicest racks o’ breast-meat in Japan.  Like Ranma’s rock hard and toned muscles, the girl version’s tits were jutting, firm, conical delights, looking like copies in flesh of Barbie doll tits.  Easily C cup bordering on D, they looked even bigger and more perfect on her due to her petite height of just less of five foot.

Beneath those boobs that soaked, skin hugging shirt revealed every curve, depression, valley down her ribcage and waist.  A waist that constricted smoothly and dramatically to nearly wasp waist thin.  Her belly was flat, her navel showing through her plastered down shirt as a dusky depression.

Abruptly she felt, whether is was the water or that bitch goddess, her now bulky work-out pants constrict around her, plastering to her lower body just as much as her soaked Tank top now did to her trunk.  It constricted…squeezed her loins and asscrack dramatically enough to make her gasp.

Now the boys grinned, their heads leaning over the poker table to see what she had…for them they thought…below the table.

Her hips, relative to her new height, flared exceptionally below that waist.  Also flat in front, her equally wet, and now shrunk, practice pants revealed her jutting mound as well as tucking wonderfully into her panty-less camel toe, even showing the little bump of her clit peeking out from its sheath.  In back, which Ranma no longer wanted the boys to leer at so she didn’t turn around, her buns jutted out like two pressed together loaves of very smooth and round bread.

Those wet pants clung to everything she owned, for all to see!

Normally she would use this as a good excuse to distract the boys from poker by teasing them, rubbing up against them, just so she could win…

Then she saw Jusenkya praying.  When the Goddess finished, she looked at Ranma right in her eyes.

“I told you I didn’t like being turned down when I wanted loving!  Especially after going to the trouble of making your cock just right for me!  Therefore, I am punishing you for denying a Goddess what is mine to demand!  I am cursing you on top of the curse you have been carrying!  I am removing not only the enlargement spell on your cock, but removing your masculine side…including your cock!  I am taking your cock as a…souvenir!  You will stay Ranma-chan until you apologize to me!”

As Ranma stood there in shock, dripping wet and growing angry, Jusenkya added, “And, just so you won’t forget me and the insult you gave me this night…I am giving the same spell as I gave you…gave to your cock, to each of these men for the evening…”  She hesitated while looking around the grinning, leering young men sitting around the table.  “I can tell that they are very horny towards you!  But they fear you, too!  I will take care of that, for tonight, too!  You must have been a real teasing bitch at school to have them desire so much to not only fuck you…but willing to rape you to satisfy their horniness!

“Thus, I will leave you now, Ranma-’chan’, at the mercy of these magically hung, huge muscled, sexually berserk men!  After they are done with you, if you can walk tomorrow and want your cock back so you can become a man again, you ask Skuld, or Cologne, to send you to my land of Valhalla.  But come only if you have courage, as well as courageous friends to help you!  But be warned!  I am well protected by many of my own creatures, as well as Amazons…real amazons!…expert sex fighters…as well as lovers…of women!  And there will still be others, so you better come to me prepared for combat…sexual combat…of a like that you have never experienced before!”

She glanced at a furious Akane, “And that goes for the bimbos you bring with you!  I love watching arrogant, stupid females submit and squeal their submission out from…under…my defenders!  And your ‘girlfriend’ here will be especially welcome by my centaurs!  They love little girls!  Especially those with big mouths!”

Then she looked back at an also pissed Ranma,  “And I am not about to let you kick my head in, Ranma, so you’ll stay a delicious, weak, girl!  You’re going to have to fuck your way into my lands…as a dickless girl…as well as fuck your way out with my spell, if you’re ever to be a man again!”

She looked down at the grinning, suddenly artificially courageous young men drooling over the most obviously female Ranma, their pants sporting outrageous tents that were quickly, and eagerly, bouncing up and down with hardly restrained, superhuman pricks!  “Now, my powerful, virile young men!  You have my permission…my license…my COMMAND to fuck this bitch into her place!  Fuck her brainless with your magnificent man-organs until she passes out from the orgasms!  You have this night to dominate her!”  Throwing her finger at the roof supporting pole alongside the poker table, instantly, with a flash, a wooden board appeared across it about half way up.  It had numerous manacles and chains hanging from it!

“There, that might make enjoying her more…entertaining!  Good bye!”  And, with another brief flash, Jusenkya was gone.

Ranma-chan shook her head as the three ‘boys’, each with a outrageously jutting boner in their pants, rose, callously kicking their chairs aside.  “Now!  Don’t you think it!  I’m a guy, after all!  Don’t you dare try anything or I will kick your ass!  I’m warning you!”

Hiroshi replied, “Sure don’t look like a guy, Ranma-chan!”

Then Daisuki added, “You’re mind might be a guy’s, but that body sure ain’t!  And didn’t that Goddess say we are supposed to give it to you big and deep?  I don’t know about you, but my prick feels like its twice as big as it was when I got here!  Don’t you think we should ‘try it out’?”

Most uncharacteristically, Ryouga just growled.  His muscles seemed to swell even bigger on his arms and chest as he leered and growled at Ranma.

All of the boys seemed ‘Hulked’ out like an anime character!

“You prefer we used them on Akane instead of you?” Hiroshi finished, stepping around the table, fingering his porn-quality, jutting meat.

Then they all heard Akane yell…

Turning her head with a jerk, looking over her shoulder, what she saw made her forget about Ryouga.  There had been two buckets of cold water thrown!  One must have dumped upon Genma, for he was now in his Panda form, all seven foot tall and five hundred pounds.

Akane had seen him coming while Ranma was warning the boys and, Genma or not, she was in no mood for any trouble, sexual or not, from any male tonight!

She charged…

Whether Genma was able to recognize her move or not, the abruptness of it clearly broke through his guard.  The girl leaped high, clearing his slashing claws and smashing her right foot right into his muzzle!

Genma’s head jerked back about six inches, and he yelled out in serious pain…a howl most satisfying to Akane.

But that Panda weighed at least four times what Akane did.  And elemental physics will tell anyone who inquires that when a sizably smaller mass smashes into a larger mass, no matter how talented or strong the little mass was, it was going to fly off farther than the big mass.  It was actually surprising such a big beast as Genma moved back at all!  Akane should have been proud for just stopping Genma in his tracks.

But she wasn’t.  She wasn’t especially when she flew back, herself, nearly three feet in an out of control tumble to land on the couch on her back, with her legs up in the air, white panties now exposed to everyone in the room.

At once Genma saw the girl’s exposed position and, with a deep, almost hideous chuckle, he went at her.

Akane saw him coming and realized there wasn’t time to jump back to her feet, so she waited a count before kicking him in the gut with both legs just as hard as she could.

Genma grunted and kept right on coming.

Akane locked her knees, trying desperately to keep him off her.  Genma bent over her belly buried legs, grinning hideously.  Then he came close enough that Akane’s strong arms could reach his muzzle…

Too close Genma would realize afterward…

With a high pitched roar, Akane boxed Genma’s muzzle, right fist on one side, left immediately after on the other.

And Genma rose up, clutching his throbbing muzzle in his claw armed hands, crying out again as tears filled his eyes.

Akane’s grin was triumphant.

Then Genma released his visibly reddened nose, looking down at the stiff legged girl holding him off.  His eyes glowed red in unnatural light.

Suddenly he bent over again, only with his huge hands up, claws extended and, with his muzzle open displaying rows of long, hunting knife blade long teeth and fangs, he roared down at Akane, blowing her hair around.

For the briefest of moments the girl looked intimidated…

And in that moment her knees collapsed under 500 pounds of horny Panda.

Genma came crashing down on the girl, seizing her upper arms and shoulders and pinning Akane on the couch.  She was still on her back, head against the back cushion, Genma’s huge body forcing her strong, smooth legs up and back over her body, compelling her white stockings up over her outraged, and a little…concerned…face.  For all facts and purposes the Panda, in holding her legs up over her, had placed her into a perfect doubled over position, her white panty-clad ass offered up to the ‘dirty-ol man’ Panda.

Ranma gawked at her father’s antics!  He never acted that violent and intimidating to any of Ranma’s friends, better yet his own friend’s daughter and Ranma’s fiancee!  At that moment, his father’s Panda form sure looked like he was grinning and leering down at Akane’s upthrust panties!

Then, as everyone else gawked, two razor sharp nails extended from the Panda’s thumbs and neatly, and most accurately, sliced clean through her panty’s waistband!  As Akane shrieked, her underwear, now resembling a diaper, was flung away by the over-towering Panda.  Then, for a long count, the Panda stayed raised up, now holding the girl’s legs up over her head, as if displaying her newly revealed buns and twat!

Everyone now could get an uninhibited view of Akane’s ‘saddle’!  And, naturally, all of the pervs…er, men…took that offer!  Frozen, Ranma and the three ‘Hulked’ boys/men behind her gawked.

And charming those buns were…if you were a girl viewing them.  The men leering at her would definitely call them something else!  Something not nearly as subtile!

Her upthrust buns were worth a beating to get a look at!  Like very light yellow (as in never been touched by sunlight) statue buns carved from slightly off color alabaster and polished to flawless, gleaming perfection, the still howling Akane’s butt shone in the artificial light like a DaVinci’s “David”.  In contrast, her asscrack disappeared into never-before-explored mysterious, shadowy, virginal murkiness between those buns.

As her legs kicked and thrashed impotently upon the masterful Panda’s immovable shoulders, her very near virginal pussy flashed before the male eyes of the room.  Actually, ‘pussy’ was technically a misnomer, for it was quite bald and smooth, though the girl was required to routinely, in fact daily, shave her mound, and just her mound, to keep her little tuft of brown pubic hair from reappearing.  But, if by using the term ‘pussy’ one meant a furred vagina, then technically Akane’s was not one.

But Akane’s twat was hardly distorted by the required shaving!  The first characteristic an approaching male would notice, besides the shiny, reflective smoothness of her sex mound, was the vivid, passion pink nature of the labia rising, oh so gently and diminutively, up from around the slash of womanhood right between her upraised and spread thighs.  Hardly a half-inch above the level of the hairless flesh between her thighs, Akane’s labia were soft, slightly wrinkled, already glistening with her dew, and near blindingly flaming pink.

In short…a perfect example of ‘girl-candy’ that would cause the mouth of any red-blooded male to drool instantly!

After giving the other, now jealous, ‘men’ in the room an ample view of Akane’s delights, the leering, and broadly grinning to Ranma-chan, Panda began to drop his head between the girl’s up-and-out-of-the-way legs, his muzzle aimed right at that wet, pink slit!

Akane, wide eyed, waited…waited until Genma was in range.  Then she sent a flurry of fists against that already sore muzzle, mercilessly using it like a punching bag, until the Panda again beat a hasty, painful retreat.

As he looked back down at her from a safe distance, she gave him the most defiant look back, making a most brave face of it.  After a moment of dealing with his throbbing muzzle, the Panda leaned forward again, pressing her legs against his chest again, freeing his own hands.  Then he seized Akane’s hands and held her wrists together, her hands now held up over her head in one omnipotent Panda claw.  Now leaning down with her bent back legs hooked over his furry shoulders, the girl could only defend herself by uselessly pounding her heels upon the Panda’s rock hard back while feebly resisting with her shrieking voice, “Don’t you dare!  You dirty old Man!  Shame on you!  Oh, I’m just gonna die if you keep showing those disgusting boys over there my girl parts!  I’m going to kick your ass, you perv!”

Genma grinned at her, looking like he was haughtily laughing at the helpless appearing girl.

Akane, however, was not entirely helpless…

Fury surged through the schoolgirl as the Panda imperiously held her dangerous hands together.  And when he removed, against her wishes, her white cotton panties, Akane again went berserk.  Fury always multiplied her Chi…

The Panda leaned back just a bit, only a couple of inches, but it was enough…

Enough for Akane to slip her legs down off his shoulders and, bending her knees quickly, bringing her feet under Genma’s chin…

“AAAAAH!” cried Akane in a glass cracking high pitch screech.  In the middle of the cry, she extended her knees in a blurry kick.  Both her heels smashed into the Panda’s head, just under the chin.

Suddenly the Panda was upright, standing straight up.  Then, seconds later, Genma was staggering backwards a good three strides, the red glow gone from his eyes.

With another shrill cry, with the Panda retreating, Akane could leap legs first up upon her feet, ready to do lethal battle…

“No!’ Ranma suddenly cried, seeing the red glow return to Genma’s eyes.

But Akane didn’t respond in time…

With incredible speed for a creature of that size, Genma brutally backhanded Akane.  He folded his claws in, so only his knuckles impacted Akane’s jaw.  Nonetheless, the girl, with an audible “awk!” spun two complete revolutions before coming to a halt, facing Genma.

She had the most stunned look on her face!

The Panda stepped up and, with a needlessly powerful shove on Akane’s chest, sent the girl back down, bouncing her three times before coming to rest on the couch.

Genma put Akane’s legs back atop his shoulders, again gripped her wrists in one mighty hand, then descended towards her once again upturned pussy.

As he got within a foot of Akane’s womanhood, the Panda just huffed, tossing her loins covering dark blue schoolgirl skirt up and then blowing hot air upon Akane’s bare, bald, and already moistening pussy

An instant later the puff elicited a sharp, loud but brief gasp from the once again pinned schoolgirl.

Akane was regaining consciousness!

Without hesitation, then, an…incredibly long, wrist wide and deep red, sloppy tongue suddenly, smoothly extended from the front of the Panda’s snout, right before Akane’s stunned eyes!  With a long, agonizingly protracted swipe, the flat tongue forcefully licked upwards through Akane’s girlhood, from just below her pink anus, the broad tip disappearing into the girl’s deep asscrack, all the way up to her bald mound bulling aside her vainly resisting yet clearly aroused ruby-red labia.

Just like it was licking an Akane-flavored ice cream cone!

And when that raspy lingus scrapped wickedly over Akane’s already erect and partially unhooded clit, the girl raggedly gasped, nice and oh so glaringly loud!  Immediately Akane, abruptly fully awake again, punched him atop his rock hard skull while screaming shrilly in her impotency, “Damn you perv!  I’m going to kick your ass, so help me!”

Pulling his head up out of the red-faced girl’s splayed loins, the Panda looked up at Akane’s beginning to sweat face.  A count later, then, he opened his great and intimidating muzzle and…

Evilly laughed down at her!

Akane went nuts, kicking on his back and tugging furiously on her arms, desperately try to free an arm…a leg…anything…something she could hit him with!  Finally stopping her struggles after having only managed to hit his immune-from-her-fury-back with completely inadequate heels, she frowned mightily at the degrading chuckle from her hopeful future father-in-law and now all too physically dominating Panda.

But then the head dropped again…

Ranma suddenly broke from her stupor.  She can’t let her father, even under some monstrous spell, ravage Akane!  Stepping forward, she prepared to tear into the Panda, father or no, when…

Hugely strong hands gripped her upper arms, holding her back!

She suddenly looked over her shoulder to see Hiroshi holding her left arm and Daisuki gripping her right!

“Let me go!” she roared, pulling mightily on her held arms.  They didn’t budge!  Hiroshi and Daisuki weren’t that strong!  They couldn’t be that strong!  But her arms told her clearly:  These two suddenly were as strong as horses!

Then she saw the impressive bulging, massive muscles on their shoulders, arms, legs.  Those two, Ranma was certain, were not anywhere near as ‘bulked up’ a half hour before!

To take her mind off of the two suddenly muscled nerds holding her, a pair of hands reached around her ribs to cup and squeeze her melons!  “What a nice pair you have, Ranma-chan!” came from behind her.  Coming from Ryouga!

She tried to ignore the abrupt, and unwanted, searing pleasure his suddenly powerful hands effortlessly created in her boobs.   That talented hold of her breasts, combined with Ryouga’s abruptly acquired aggressiveness and confidence with her (and maybe with other females?) gave her certainty that these muscular and mental changes in these three had to be the work of Jusenkya.  But Ryouga wasn’t stopping!  His pawing of her tits was not only superhumanly powerful and dominant, but downright distracting!  Her nipples had to be a good inch long, and Ryouga hadn’t gotten to them yet!  But the pleasure continued…

Shuddering under the sexy assault, she managed to ignore the pleasure only by subsuming it with violent rage.

“Damn you, Ryouga!” she yelled at the boy behind her.  Then, lightning quick, she twisted slightly on her left leg and planted her right heel, forcefully, into Daisuki’s crotch, right on his…suddenly and magically enlarged…nuts!  Not waiting for a reply from her first grimacing victim, she planted her right foot, pivoted to the right, and put her left heel right into Hiroshi’s balls!

Instantly her arms were released as the two magically beefed up boys, nearly as one, cried out sharply and staggered back a good four feet, each clutching his crushed testicles.

She swung her freed arms around behind her head and slapped Ryouga’s ears with her open palms.  Ryouga, with a similar cry, released her tits.

As soon as his hands were gone, Ramna-’chan’ spun and leaped into a sweeping leg kick that contacted perfectly with Ryouga’s chin.

Ryouga spun completely three full revolutions and joined Hiroshi and Daisuki on the floor.

As Ranma turned to face her Panda father, her eyes widened alarmingly.

Akane, brave Akane, could only whine a single, irritating “Nooooo!” as the Panda, still chuckling, dropped his head inexorably down, muzzle pointing directly at, schoolgirl pussy.  Hands held together in one irresistible Panda hand, legs up and defenseless upon Genma’s straight and mighty shoulders, her face and heaving belly dripping with exertion and not a little passion, unasked for and very unwanted passion, derived perspiration, she could only squeeze her eyes tightly closed and thrash, quite futilely, as much as she could under a five hundred pound bear, when…

Before Ranma’s horrified eyes the Panda’s tongue extended again to begin to remorselessly and rapidly lick, deeply lap, and noisily slurp on Akane’s helpless, offered up pussy, licking expertly from the bottom of her crimson slit, where her now extended pussy-pink labia came together, all the way to the twat top with her stiff, fully unhooded little clit bravely sticking up.

Lapping over and over…

And Akane squealed in horrible, humiliating and deliciously searing pleasure with the very first lap.

Akane, with the second will weakening lick, gasped out a last, brief, cut-off “NO!”…

Then, as the lingual assault continued, she moaned…pitifully, as outrageous, unavoidable, irresistible raspy clit licking pleasure relentlessly possessed her.

Ranma-chan felt her hands clench into fists alongside her hips as that tongue mercilessly reduced Akane into a squealing, thrashing, panting female animal, unable to resist the wicked, delicious, mind numbing pleasure of Panda tongue.  Unconsciously she started to literally thrust her soaked shiny, crimson loins up into the Panda’s (her fiancee's father’s) muzzle!  A miserably weak “NO!” was all she could resist with now.

Soon the girl was humping strongly, whining on the verge of orgasm, her lush teen hips literally begging Genma for more tongue-work!

Then the Panda stopped!

Akane instantly looked down over her swollen handfuls of teen tit, then further, her pebble hard nipples jutting through her blouse into the air as she stared in girlish horror past her sweaty, heaving belly to between her now wide spread thighs.  She saw the Panda rising as he brought his hips closer to the couch and the dripping wet, wide open loins of the girl, while her equally wet and shiny, plump and bulging buns hung blatantly over the edge.

“Nooooo!” now whined Akane in her best little spoiled sexpot voice.  She was still struggling, pulling on her arms, feebly pounding her heels off Genma’s back, but the delicious, evil pleasure of the Panda’s devilishly talented and knowledgeable tongue had stolen her strength, corrupting her will…

Then Ranma stepped forward again, fists clenched, murderous rage on her beautiful face.

And she only got one step before she heard…sounds coming from behind her!  Turning again, she saw the three ‘boys’ rising from the floor, grinning like Cheshire Cats, and apparently none the worse for wear from her testicle assassination!  Their pants stuck out even farther than before!

But, no sooner did Ranma finish turning around to face this new threat but then another sound, from Akane, forced her to look back.  It had started as a whine, then morphed into a gasp…

The whine just finished, abruptly, Akane’s staring eyes opened wide!  There was…something…between the Panda’s legs!  ‘Something’ pink, and wet, and tubular growing…extending out from between the Panda’s legs!  ‘Something’ extending…and extending…and extending…

Ranma-chan suddenly heard the degrading chuckles of the men, now suddenly on their feet almost alongside her, as they all watched Akane’s growing panic as a good two feet of Panda cock (Which actually looked very much like a human’s except for being as thick as a grown man’s forearm!) ‘grew’ out from the bear’s loins!

And aimed right at Akane’s upturned, lingually oh-so-well prepared, and blatantly offered up blazing pink girl pussy!

“No!” gasped the suddenly ‘little’ girl, trying to make herself forceful again, as the Panda laid his huge, hot, and boiling wet meat right on her twat.  Her labia, appearing all too eager, spread readily for the heavy tubular mass.  With first hot, weighty, firm contact her suddenly much more firm “No’s!” immediately began transforming into a single, and singularly heartbreaking, moan, “OOOHHHH!”

Chills went up Ranma’s spine with that long, hungry moan!  She had never heard Akane moan like that!

It was usually the boys accosting her who moaned!

But not with that kind of moan!

With the moan from Akane, the Panda released her wrists and seized her legs behind her knees.  With brutal, no nonsense power the overarching beast forced her knees into the couch cushions on either side of her trunk, right under her armpits.

Akane squeaked in not a little intimidation, but then immediately frowned.  Immediately thereafter, and naturally for a young woman fighter not used to letting males…of any size or kind…get away with trying to sexually or physically intimidate her, her sweet face registered not a little bit of reactive, and most dangerous to males, outrage.  Instinctively she shot her arms out, fists reaching out for the offending Panda’s head, and muzzle specifically, her newly freed hands once again furious fists…

Again she used Genma’s snout for a punching bag, alternating three right jabs followed by three left punches…

After howling from the pain, but not retreating, the beast glared down upon the thoroughly aggravated girl.

Akane just glared back, “You want more of me, Genma?  Then keep going!  I don’t want this!  I’ll never want you, you evil, silly and dirty old man!  And you can’t make me want you or that disgusting…prick!”

Genma replied with but a gentle thrust of his hips while keeping his head, and snout, high up, out of Akane’s range.  The Panda’s broad, heavy, and above all…long cock slid up over the girl’s heaving belly…crushing her valiantly projecting clit under the entire eighteen inch length of the Beast’s penile thrust.

Abruptly the fury left Akane’s face, replaced by a squinting grimace of either intense pain…or feminine lust igniting, overwhelming pleasure.  Gnawing on her lower lip, Akane fought with the unique sensations surging up from her throbbing, jumping, stiff, nearly virginal girl button, now being crushed by the gruesomely effective cock running back down between her still wide, but now even more willingly, spread thighs.

When the smirking Panda stroked back up the second time over her shuddering, heaving schoolgirl’s smooth and flat belly, crushing with even more weight and power her now rubbed red raw clitoris, Akane turned her head away with a snap, eyes screwed shut, teeth sunk into, almost penetrating, her bright red lower lip.

When the Beast pulled back, laughing cruelly in a deep, animalistic growl of masterful masculine confidence and knowledge of what his overpowering organ was doing to the virginal schoolgirl, Ranma-chan saw one tear from each screwed shut eye trickle down each of Akane’s cheeks.

Akane was in crisis…sexual crisis.  And she knew it…knew that she was losing…

“She’s losing!  Just what the Goddess said!  Akane can’t stop…resist Genma’s huge dick!  Soon she won’t want to!”  Ranma-chan recognized that the boy’s crowing wasn’t entirely vain when she looked at that beautiful face now cringed and distorted from frustration and Ranma realized that Akane, too, had recognized that she just couldn’t win…that she couldn’t hold off that massive, and massively hung, Panda forever.  And that grimace on Akane’s face when Genma rubbed his prick over her clit told Ranma that, deep inside, Akane…liked the pleasure Genma’s cock was giving her.  Ranma also recognized that, unless she did something, Akane soon would not want to win.

Then hands again gripped Ranma’s arms!  She had forgotten about the others while she watched her fiance’ sexually destroyed by her father!  Daisuki and Hiroshi were back, again holding her arms, now with both hands.  Ryouga then followed up by wrapping his arms around her again, only this time around her ankles!

Suddenly Ranma was helpless!  Arms and legs held motionless.  Try as she might, she didn’t have the raw strength to break out of their holds!  Especially with how much muscle the damned Goddess had given the men now holding her!

Seemingly effortlessly the three hunky boys picked up Ranma as if she weighed nothing, and carried her ominously towards the poker table.

All Ranma could do was yell, just as impotently as Akane had, and squirm, most attractively, in their arms.

Unseen by Ranma, a few more potent prick strokes and all resistance by Akane ceased, save for her weakened cries of denial.  Once her belly was jumping from the electric-like shocks coming from her ground down clit, Akane could only lay there, jerking and shuddering, as Genma masterfully forced orgasmic ruin upon her.

And with a 500 pound bear draped upon her, holding her down as a monstrous, inhuman cock crushed her clit under it, she knew she wouldn’t escape this ‘male’ assault upon her honor!

The pleasure was devastating!  It blinded her mind, making her forget that she wanted to resist.  It also relentlessly stole her strength, even though it couldn’t remove her still furious anger and will to win.  But if her body refused to obey her mind, to resist with all her strength, what did it matter if she still had a will to win?

Without any further resistance other than a futile little shake of Akane’s flushed, sweaty face, the evilly chuckling Panda lined up its tapered, purple tip of its monstrously sized prick with the paralyzed by pleasure girl’s offered up and supremely well prepared, though, for all facts and purposes, still virginal vaginal opening.

“She’s fucked!” gloated some male to Ranma-chan’s right after they stood her up next to the table.  They wouldn’t let her turn to see.  Nonetheless she frowned…seriously and suddenly pissed over the callousness of some…men…towards Akane’s fate.

But these boys were brutally strong and it seemed there was no way she could get her arms of legs free to fight back!

With an altogether gentle, slow, and steady thrust, the Panda forced Akane’s girl opening and sank, inexorably, into schoolgirl belly.

Upturned toes clenching, hands shooting out to grip the fur on the Panda’s shoulders, Akane could do nothing to save herself except wail in feeble resistance, “Nooooo!  OOOOOH!  Stop!  Please!  OOOOOHHHHHH!”

Akane’s normally flat belly began to swell dramatically as that cock unstoppably disappeared between her still willingly spread thighs and far, far into her belly.  The bulge that formed as the cock sank in resembled a thick tube running right up the mid-line of her belly.

The unnatural, inhuman swollen tube got longer up her flat belly the more cock disappeared inside her.

Tossing her sweaty head rapidly side to side as if trying to deny the sensations generated by the outrageous, downright metaphysical penetration, Akane was nearly incoherent as the monstrous violation of her girl guts progressed, “Damn!  Oh, damn you Genma!  Not so…deep!  You’re so deep!  Ohhhh!  Fuck!  Stop!  I’m going to kick…your…Oh don’t…I can’t…you can’t…it won’t fit!…OOOOHHHHH! Belch!”

“That’s it!  Give it to her!  Stuff the bitch, she deserves it!  She probably wanted it anyway!” came again from the held in place Ranma-chan’s right.  It was Daisuki!

Instantly losing it, Ranma-chan’s lightning fast reflexes managed to rip her right arm from the Akane distracted Daisuki’s grip and she instantly sent a blurry back hand, knuckles first, to her right behind her, rock hard fist level with what she knew had to be nose-level on Daisuki.

Halfway through the arc her blow was stopped, instantly, by a steely firm grip of a fist wrapped around her wrist.

In a flash Ranma-chan’s angry face pivoted over her right shoulder…

Ryouga was standing there, grinning from ear to ear…

As she stared at Ryouga’s grinning face, abruptly, she felt Ryouga’s fist squeeze her own fist.  Squeeze with incredible, clearly superhuman strength!  Quickly she was gritting her teeth, fighting the urge to wince, to cry out as the fist threatened to crush her hand!

Ryouga was so strong now!

But knowing the fact that Ryouga was so strong because of the spell put on him by the Goddess didn’t matter much when your hand was being crushed!  Rapidly her knuckles began popping as joints where moved around.  The pain jumped seriously in intensity!

Ranma finally gasped.  It wasn’t loud.  Her face didn’t grimace, actually.  But Ryouga recognized the submission to his overwhelming strength in that little gasp, nonetheless.  He released her hand.

Ranma screamed at herself to not shake her aching hand in-front of the arrogant boys, but she flexed it a few times anyway, before Daisuki reacquired it and cruelly twisted her arm behind her back.

Stepping around before her, Ryouga flexed his new physique, looking like some ridiculous cross between a big ape and a body builder posing.

“He was trying to impress…intimidate me!” she told herself as she stared at the ‘hulked up’ boy.  “He’s got a lotta nerve, and he looks ridiculous!”

But Ranma got Ryouga’s message.  These guys were seriously overpowering!  Whatever the Goddess did to them, she had definitely given them supernatural muscular strength.  She knew now that she couldn’t beat these guys if this fight degenerated into a contest of raw strength with them!

And they were too close now for her to use her legs, maybe the only part of her that could even hurt these brutes!

She was in big trouble!

Then Ryouga smiled…more smirked…and reached out to cup her left boob!

No helping it, Ranma gasped at his grip, which was terribly, horribly gentle and…effective at giving her salacious pleasure.  His smile broadened as her nipple wasted no time becoming rock hard before his very eyes!

She felt someone grab her right asscheek, groping her thoroughly in the manner of an experienced ass grabber in the school hallways between classes!

She managed to stay still, almost, as the boy ran his squeezing, probing, goosing hand all over her way to round, full and firm ass.

Ranma frowned at the goose, her anger rising.  But there also was a little…pleasure in being pawed.

A little.

A very little.

But it worried her that she had gotten any pleasure at all from their groping.  And the pleasure that she got certainly couldn’t have come from any attraction for those two!  She had never had much respect for Hiroshi and Daisuki back in school, and Ryouga gave her no thrills at all when she thought of having a date with him after school.  He was just someone she could manipulate by rubbing her girl body all over his after school or at the ice cream shop.

He was just someone who she could get to do favors for her after school by using her big tits and firm butt!

Now having Ryouga, the impressively muscled up Ryouga, cup and gently squeeze her over a handful of tit, and make it feel good while doing it, startled her.  She was not interested in the least in…enjoying this!  All she was interested in, that moment, was kicking (and certainly not licking!) some ‘boy’ ass!

Then Hiroshi helped himself to her other tit!  And that nipple betrayed her by stiffening up even faster than the one in Ryouga’s grip!

Was this the Goddess’ spell giving her this unwanted pleasure?

Very quickly, while staring at Hiroshi’s hand closing in on her now furiously stiff nipple, Ranma decided that she had been thinking enough about this groping, and she knew it was time for action.  She looked at Ryouga’s face…but she was not smiling.  Growling as best she could, she tried kneeing him in his…nuts, just as hard as she could.

With a loud grunt from Ryouga, she knew she had!  Triumph formed on her face.

Ryouga staggered back a couple of steps, bent over, his face red.  It took him a couple of minutes before he could stand up straight.

Ranma gawked at him.  That kick should have knocked him down!  It would have ruined most of the boys at school!  Yet he’s up in a couple of minutes!

There was something wrong here!

Boy, was she in trouble!

Ryouga was not smiling as he returned to standing in-front of her…appearing to tower over her!  He wasted no time in seizing the front of her shirt and ripping it in two!  Instantly, with a single shrill cry from Ranma, her chest was naked.

All three monsters now could she her world class, foldout quality hooters bouncing and quivering in all their naked glory!

“Damn you, Ryouga!” she growled.  But she could do nothing else, not in the overwhelming grip of these three ‘hulks’.

Then she felt hands on her waist.  Daisuki’s hands.  Hands grabbing the waist band of his/her practice pants!

With the wild swirl of cold air abruptly appearing between his/her…wet thighs, she realized that her pants had been yanked down to her ankles.

“No!” Ranma-chan squeaked.  To the young men now leering at her, she sounded just like Akane of a few minutes before.  She started to turn, to kick the shit out of whoever did that dirty trick, when her shoulders were gripped by steely hands and he/she was effortlessly forced back to face Ryouga.

“Let me go!” Ranma-chan squealed, punching that ribbed, unbending stomach of the boy…man standing before her with as furious a set of punches as he/she could manage with her arms held.

“Look at those buns!” came from behind him/her as an undisturbed Ryouga continued to smirk down at him/her when he/she finally accepted the futility of hitting Ryouga’s invincible, unmovable frame.  Then…

She suddenly felt ‘something’ press into her belly, about halfway between her navel and tits!  Quickly she realized that it was a hand.  Ryouga’s!

“Don’t you dare!” she cried, her voice jumping a notch in volume.  She felt tears of utter frustration and fury flood her eyes at what he/she knew what had to be the ultimate destination for that hand.  When she opened her wet eyes again she refused to look down, instead staring right up into Ryouga’s eyes.  In her lowest, most dangerous voice she near growled, “Don’t do this to me!  Don’t touch me there!  I’ll kick your ass, so help me!”

Chuckling openly and confidently down at the quivering in anger, impressively stacked girl, Ryouga released Ranma-chan’s shoulders.  “Why should I not fuck you, Ranma?  Don’t you want it?  Weren’t you asking for it when you came here, like you go around your school, with no bra, no underwear, with your tits bouncing around under your tank top and your sweatpants tucked into your asscrack!  Now tell me that you haven’t been asking for me…for all of us!…to fuck you silly!”

“Damn you, Ryouga!  Let me go, so help me!”

Ryouga looked down at those firm, quivering-jello-like, near D cup, teenaged perfect cones freshly exposed to him, his eyes opening wide in lecherous, young male visual appreciation, “Now every girl at school should have a pair of boobs like these!  And show them off like you do, Ranma!”  He immediately, and without any concern for Ranma-chan’s feelings or physical reaction, helped himself…his powerful left hand cupping her full, jutting right breast with pure teenage male haste and strength.  His right hand began sliding down her heaving belly…

But Ryouga, now under the Goddess’ spell, suddenly became the most experienced handler of teen tit in the world so, as soon as his ‘girlfriend’ winced, he changed the grip of his admittedly overenthusiastic seizure of Ranma-chan’s boob…

“Ah!  No-o-o-ooh!” Ranma-chan then gasped in a near squeal of unwanted pleasure, just like Akane had done, as Ryouga’s boob filled, firmly clutching hand overflowed with Ranma’s firm but plump tit-meat bulging between his fingers while he brutally, possessively held her delightfully full and firm babyfeeder.

And Ranma-chan began to despair as all too delicious sensations of boob pawing pleasure, growing in intensity, joined with the confusing, convoluted emotions already swamping her almost frantic mind.

But then he found her nipple, already jutting rock hard, and trapped it between his thumb and forefinger.

“OOOHHHH!” Ranma-chan cried, just like Akane had earlier, as lightning-like jolts of near painful pleasure seized her befuddled consciousness just when he had seized her nipples.  Now she openly writhed before him, quite unable to stop while he toyed with her.

Once she was helplessly squirming in Ryouga’s tit grip, hands…other hands began roaming all over her writhing, tight, stripped bare bubblebutt, taking consummate liberty to squeeze her firm buns and probe giddily into her deep, dark crack…

While squirming in Ryouga’s tit-grip, Ranma-chan sent a right hand back behind her to slap away the offending…and, she had to admit, not altogether physically unpleasant…hands manhandling her fine, bulbous backside.  Like a schoolgirl groped on a train, her determined but ineffective (one girl hand against two boy hands) defense was essentially ignored by her assailants:  Her impotent resistance was just slapped away.

“You don’t look like this is hurting you, is it?” Ryouga chuckled, mauling her now throbbing…pleasurably so…boob.  He looked down at her sweating face almost arrogantly, “You don’t act like you want us to stop, either!”  Then he looked at the men behind her, a triumphal, ‘I told you so!’ written all over his face.  “What about you guys.  What are you getting back there?”

Ranma closed her eyes in terrible humiliation, wincing upon their reply, “Best bubblebutt I’ve had since that nympho sophomore we had last year behind the bleachers!  For certain, no “no’s” from her coming from back here!”

Ranma-chan gasped softly when the hand upon her belly suddenly dropped…right past her navel!  “No!” she gasped, wide eyed, now, in all too feminine fear, but not without a sizable, and growing, frown of aggravation.

Unaffected by her gasp, Ryouga continued his powerful, not-to-be-denied right hand’s descent, relentlessly, down her heaving, smooth, belly towards his ultimate target…

The shock from the realization of where that hand was going goaded her, finally, into action again.  With desperation magnified strength, she suddenly ripped her arms free of the two ass handling-obsessed boys’ grips.  Then, instantly pushing on Ryouga’s chest, she flung herself back, gaining space between he and her…

Space to use her legs…

As she fell back Ranma smoothly morphed into a reverse somersault, her head going towards the floor, her legs rising…

Then, at the exactly correct moment, her right foot flew up, her foot kicking into the underside of Ryouga’s chin.

Completely caught by surprise, with an “Urk!” Ryouga flew back into his own reverse somersault!  In an instant he flipped backwards 270 degrees before slamming onto the floor, face first.

As she continued head over heals, she kicked off her pants before landing, spiking the floor with her feet like a gymnast.  Now completely naked, she faced the other two ‘men’.

They stared back at her, mouths open, eyes wide.

Before they could do more than gawk Ranma jumped again, kicking with both legs, first the right, then immediately the left.  Both struck straight on into first Daisuki’s and then Hiroshi’s noses.  Without a sound the two boys joined a motionless Ryouga on the floor, except on their backs.

Leaping up onto her feet, Ranma slapped her hands together as if dusting them off and, with a most satisfied grin, turned towards Akane.  Now for Genma!


Ukyou Kuonji turned the corner into the dark narrow street leading to Ranma’s poker game.  She was dressed, as usual, in men’s slacks, somewhat too big so to hide her full feminine ass from any businessmen she served meals to in her restaurant/snack-bar.  She also wore a baggy, long sleeve shirt, buttoned up nearly to her neck, to hide the fact that she had breasts, big ones, even if they were ‘tied down’ flat by a wrap.  It was a severe, and painful, process to make herself look like a man, her boobs were hardly small…slightly bigger than Akane’s actually.

But it was worth it to Ukyou.

It was a long story…

She was Ranma’s ‘second’ fiancee.  Technically one behind Akane.  So she was somewhat proud to be taller, and with a distinctly fuller bosom, than her opponent for Ranma’s love/marriage.

But she would only admit to being a woman in-front of him!  To everyone else, in public, she was a slightly effeminate man!

It was a long story!

She continued her convincingly manly strides into the narrow, dark street.  That is, she did until she nearly plowed into a very drunk, and very pissed, Jusenkya halfway down the street from the poker game!

“(hic!)  Who-the-fuck-are-you? (hic!)”  the almost equal height, but much more stacked, Goddess addressed Ukyou.

“Oh!  Are you alright?” Ukyou replied, stepping back again as Jusenkya, as if no longer in control of her movements, staggered drunkenly towards her.

“(hic!)  Just slightly drunk, is all.  And…frustrated (belch!).  I have just been turned down by a stud so he can play stud poker, is all!  Damn poker game…(hic!)…better’n me!(belch!)”

Suddenly Ukyou put two and two together, “You mean Ranma?!  You wanted Ranma to…ah…”

“Pork me…that’s right! (hic!)  Fuck me sober!  And after I gave him the biggest, sweetest girl-sticker you could ever want! (belch!)  Selfish bastard!  And I literally promised him to get on my Divine Knees and choke on him…all night!(belch! hic! belch!)  Swallow it, too!”

Shocked at the openness of the woman, and the ever present telltale excitement whenever she met a beautiful, and in-spite of her drunkenness, obviously powerful woman for the first time, Ukyou tried to act more butch, to keep up her disguise, for…’feelings’ were, once again, starting to move through her.  Uncomfortable, downright embarrassing, desires towards the drunken new beauty so blatantly describing her innermost needs and desires to her, a veritable stranger, thrilled Ukyou.  “Well, you are certainly…uh…attractive!  But I am also going to that card game and, since I am late…”

“You too, huh?” Jusenkya howled, glaring fiercely at her as Ukyou tried to pass her.  “What is with you men and that…(hic!  belch!  hic!)…card game?!”  She suddenly and dramatically pulled her kimono open, revealing her rather perfect, and impressive, underwear-less physique.  “Does this change your mind, buddy?  Want some of this? (hic!)  Tell you what…you let me ride your Johnson, and I promise to give you the best head you’ve ever had!  Swallow, too!  All you want, I’ll swallow as many loads of man-protein as you can shoot, just give me a good, hard fuck!”  After an embarrassed moment of silence from a shocked Ukyou, Jusenkya added, almost pitifully, “Please?(hic!)”

Fighting down the urge to reach out and cup the Goddess’ impressive melons, being, after all, in a public street far from her own home, Ukyou stood still but, no helping it, did leer at Jusenkya’s metaphysical melons.  With another embarrassing rush of lusty, very lesbian, arousal and attraction to the drunk, disrobed woman, Ukyou had to admit that those udders were something to behold, alright: perfect cones, just about twice as big as even her own, not at all small, boobs!  And so firm looking!

“Oh, why don’t you grab those delicious boobs, Ukyou?” she screamed at herself in utter frustration.  “You’ve wanted to for so long!  Don’t talk yourself out of it again!  There’s no one around, Ranma and Genma won’t see you!  She’s begging for it!  You’ll find no more perfect time as now to make it with such a beautiful woman!”

But, accompanying the lust Ukyou felt at Jusenkya’s, admittedly lush and impressive, most mammalian and feminine display, Ukyou’s practical mind became more fearful by the minute.  What if Ranma found out?  It would ruin her chances to marry him!  And what would happen to her business if her customers and neighbors knew she was a dyke!

Well, she hadn’t really made it with any women, except for that schoolgirl last summer, and then she moved safely away.  Haven’t you been thinking about it for months, years?  Now, you want to so much, as much as the other woman.  Just because you don’t have a dick doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy each other!  She did say that she had had experience with girl-love…hadn’t she?

Ukyou finally had to admit to herself that there were quite intense, and distinctly sexual thrills coursing through her as she stared at the near nude (And looking like she did,with  kimono wide open, looking that damned good, she had to be a Goddess!), feeling not at all disinterested in sampling the woman’s charms.  The thrills moving through her were quite sufficient to force her sensitive nipples to spontaneously erect into pebble hardness behind her binding wrap.  That stiffening of her nipples was accompanied by the familiar quivering excitement in her belly that she had been experiencing ever since she had realized her lesbian attraction to, and started to notice, other females as potential sexual partners.  Ranma’s rejection of her, through his father’s cruel desertion of her, she felt, had forced her bury her feminine self…to bury the severe embarrassment created in her…and ever since then she had so much wanted to be a man, or, at least, something not female!  She did love Ranma, but she could never leave her feminine self at the mercy of the emotional whims of any men.

Of late, she had been finding the bodies of her female friends and acquaintances so distracting and…attractive!  And she was so lonely!  So physically lonely!  Ranma was always too busy fighting and working out to take physical notice of her, or any of his ‘harem’.  Desperate, she had been thinking more and more on what it would be like to…sleep with a woman!  What would they do together?  How would she ‘make love’ to another girl…to a woman…to a Goddess!?

Abruptly Ukyou hissed, in spite of her protective mask of male disinterest, when Jusenkya suddenly, dramatically spread her thighs to expose her bald, pink, and wet twat to the now sincerely staring, cross-dressing woman.  A jolt of unmistakable lust surged through her as she focused on the smooth, and wet, loins that the Goddess thrust out at her.  She had, over the past couple of years, caught herself looking with undisguised pleasure at a woman’s, or girl’s, physical assets, but just as much in envy as in blatant lust.  She had always in the past suppressed the physical part of the arousal as part of her act…acting like a guy.  But now her fear came back.  The fear that she would betray herself as a lesbian!

But didn’t the Goddess say that she was a lesbian, at least part of the time!

Now, helplessly staring openly at a female body that she was now convinced, was a delicious woman openly offering her charms uninhibitedly to her, er, him, Ukyou was increasingly having a difficult time talking herself out of acting out her lesbian desires instead of merely thinking about them!

She had to get away from this woman…Goddess, before she betrayed her innermost desires and feelings!  And just outside of Ranma’s house!

But she found herself rooted in place, eyes fixed on a pussy of a Goddess not even of this Earth, nearly drooling with desire to bury her face in it!

Ukyou tried to smile gently while still leering, quite willingly, at those most well formed and attractive Goddess tits and shiny pink pussy.  Through a surprisingly dry throat, she tried to sound calm, “Well…Miss…those are very…attractive…”

The Goddess’ jaw dropped.  “You some kinda queer?! (belch!)  Look,” Jusenkya pointed at Ukyou’s flat pants’ crotch. “You haven’t even a hard on! (hic!)  Not even a little…(hic!)…one!  What gives?  I’m a…(hic!)…fuckin’…(hic!)…Goddess dammit!  Friggin’ Sex Goddess!…(belch!)…no real man can keep from getting a steely hard hard-on when I show him…(belch!)…these!”  Then, with a lightning like move, Jusenkya’s right arm flashed out and her open right hand smoothly cupped Ukyou’s hot, moist groin!

Ukyou had barely time to gasp and jump before the Goddess was running her fingers over her way too thinly covered pussy!  Instantly Ukyou was trapped by the delicious pleasure those fingers effortlessly created in her loins.  She couldn’t move.

And she didn’t want those fingers to stop moving!

Then Jusenkya’s head popped up, her eyes wide.  “What the…(belch!)…fuck!  Where’s your cock! (hic!)”

Ukyou could only smile sheepishly, her face blushing furiously as if all her lesbian secrets had been given to the Goddess just by grabbing her pussy.  “I am sorry, but I really am a woman…”

“Oh, (hic!)  I can tell…(hic!)…that!  Why? (belch!)”

She shrugged, “Long story…”

Jusenkya pulled her hand back.  “Well, I’m no lesbian…at least…(belch!)…most of the…(hic!)…time!  And especially not now…(hic!) when I am so damn horny for a porking! (belch!)  I need something as big as an arm way, way up me!”  The Goddess went quiet, looking into Ukyou’s eyes.

It seemed to Ukyou as if the Goddess was looking into her mind, reading her most intimate and private thoughts…

Then the Goddess smiled…broadly.  “Well, there’s one of us at least who thinks she’s got a secret to hide, at least in her sexual orientation!  You just won’t admit it to yourself, that’s your problem…let yourself go!  So you just harp on it, and do nothing!  I can’t help you there, but maybe I can give you ‘something’ that will make fulfilling your ‘hidden agenda’ much more pleasurable!  For both of us!”

Ukyou stared at the Goddess uncomfortably.  “What are you going to do?  You know now that I can’t fuck you…even if I wanted to…which I don’t!”

Jusenkya’s grin abruptly broadened, “It’s not nice to lie to a Goddess!  You wouldn’t wanna bet that you don’t want to spread my delicious thighs wide apart and fuck my superior brains out?  If only you had the right…equipment! (hic!)”  Then she clapped her hands three times and started praying.

The more Jusenkya prayed, the more Ukyou became concerned, shaking her head while stepping back a couple of strides.  “What…Who are you?!  What are you going to…Ahhh!” she suddenly screamed, clutching her loins and nearly doubling over as Jusenkya clapped three more times.

When Ukyou could straighten up, nearly a minute later, her formerly baggy pants were nearly bursting at the seams with a massive, towering tent in front!

“What have you done!” Ukyou cried, clutching the tent.  When she seized the…obviously a long, thick cock…she winced and moaned in wild pleasure.  “Ohhh!  That feels…”

“Sooooo goood?” Jusenkya answered, gloating in triumph and, abruptly, no longer drunk.  “It should!  It’s the cock I took from Ranma…after I ’slightly modified’ it!  I took it from him when he refused to use it in me, and I have just decided that I need to give it to some mortal for ‘safe keeping’!  I’ve already got enough dildoes at home!”

Shuddering from the wicked bolts of pleasure surging through her from just touching the huge prick in her pants, Ukyou gasped back, “W…w…ho are you?  H…h…how can you d…d…do this to me?”

With false concern, Jusenkya replied, “Oh, I am sorry!  I am the Goddess Jusenkya, from the Amazon village and the pools that cursed Ranma!  And, I am afraid, that in addition to giving you his cock, I have also cursed you…just for grins!”

“What?!”  Ukyou gasped, in sudden horror.  She released her new cock, the front of her stretched pants sporting a wet spot the size of a softball.

“Here, take this!”  The Goddess said, tossing a shiny piece of metal at Ukyou, who caught it.  “It will house the curse now in you, once you figure out how to negate the curse and get it out of you, that is!”

It was a shiny piece of metal, a ring, and it looked like it was made out of gold.

“While I’m at it, let me demonstrate the curse!” Jusenkya smirked, pulling wide open her kimono again.

Ukyou helplessly looked down at that inhumanly beautiful body again, especially those fantastic tits and that vividly displayed, wide open and dripping wet, flaming pink pussy and the most wicked, and demandingly hot sensation rushed up her spine straight from her suddenly boiling loins.  Shaking from the rising tension and energy coming from her soaking wet pussy, Ukyou thought, as long as her mind still worked, that this must be what men feel when they are looking at a naked woman offering herself to them.  The thrill, the aggressive need to mount…the undeniable urge to climb upon a  wide open woman’s lush body and…

…USE her to remove the terrible ache that suddenly appeared between her legs and that was only now beginning to torment Ukyou!

It must be my…testicles!  Balls!  Nuts!

They are so big…heavy…hot…full!

Then, with a mind blinding flash within her skull, Ukyou felt herself…her body and mind…change.

Suddenly she was panting like a race horse at the finish line, her eyes spreading wide and actually glowing in a flat, glowing coals-like red!  Her bound breasts disappeared, though they did not diminish as much as her pectorals expanded, like balloons, as far out from her chest as her breasts normally were.  She felt her body grow some inches in height, as her arms and legs swelled with rock hard muscle.  Her back expanded, bulging with male power in much the same manner as her chest had, flexing into rock hardness as if she were the Hulk.  Even her still narrow waist became ribbed and racked with miraculously appearing 6-pack muscle.

As if she had become a sexual Mr. Hyde, she now leered at Jusenkya’s charms, a hideous grin of a maniac rapist on her face, her breathing becoming harder and harder as great, supernatural concentrations of alien male hormones coursed through her, creating energetic, frantic, aggression generating and very sexual cravings throughout her inhumanly powerful, now very male body…

Her mind was very much on the edge of sanity…

Then, as if suddenly awakening from a long, dark sleep, Ukyou looked around her as if she were seeing the world for the first time,  Then her reddened, feral eyes fixed, like laser rifle scopes, upon Jusenkya’s still openly displayed femininity.

The ‘new’ Ukyou growled, most deeply and animalisticly, like a wolf closing in on the kill…

Jusenkya looked up, and definitely, physically up now, at the…sexual ‘thing’ before her, and her eyes widened and she grinned in triumph.  Dropping her kimono to the ground, she stood naked and spread legged before the panting like a bull Ukyou.  “Now do you know what you want?  It is not playing cards, is it?  Come on, show me what you want now…” the Goddess husked with a sultry, big, anticipatory smile on her lovely lips while handling her own magnificent tits, pointing her bright red conical nipples at the growling, hoarsely panting Ukyou, offering herself to the ‘transformed’ young woman.

Then a ‘new’ Ukyou flashed a right arm out, faster than even the Goddess could follow.  Gripping a suddenly shocked Jusenkya by the fabulously intricate ‘do’ atop her head, Ukyou savagely pulled the Goddess forward and then down to her knees before the panting monster that had been Ranma’s second fiancee.  “Pull it out yourself, my ‘goddess’!” she roared like a lion, making nearby clothes laid out to dry sway in her breeze.

With a sudden, and very real, shudder of fear, Jusenkya immediately complied, opening Ukyou’s belt, then pulling the pants apart so the zipper slipped down.  Immediately the wrist thick, half meter long ‘Ranma’ prick flipped up, ripping to shreds the totally inadequate bikini panties Ukyou had worn that night.  The penile beast came to flexing, shuddering rest arched over the wide-eyed Goddess’ abruptly fearful face.

With a bull-like grunt from its new owner, the cock jumped once and, when it came back down to rigid rest, unloaded in a wild gush a good cupful of boiling hot, greasy and lumpy precum…

All over Goddess’ upturned face!

Immediately a loud, long, very feminine moan filled the narrow, dark street…

It wasn’t from the ‘new’ Ukyou!

Then, with another low pitched, moaning cry of a woman filled with mortal desperation, the Goddess, face drooling with wormy precum, gasped gutturally: ”Fuck me!”

Leering down with a hideous, downright evil grin, her eyes glowing like coals, Ukyou reached out and grabbed the Goddess on both sides of her head.  In a voice straight from hell, that easily shook the windows around them, she growled “Suck first!  Fuck later!”

With a brutal yank on her ‘do’, Ukyou pulled Jusenkya’s head up and forward and the Goddess barely had time to immediately and eagerly open her mouth wide before the hideous sex-monster forced, with supreme strength, Jusenkya’s head around that slime dripping cockhead.  She didn’t stop pulling the Goddess around her prick until the glans caught in her throat and Jusenkya gagged…real loud.

For a long, agonizing moment Ukyou ground her cockhead into Jusenkya’s compliant throat, filling the narrow, dark street with the sloppy, loud retch-like gags of a throat fucked Goddess.  Finally, inevitably, Jusenkya’s throat had to give way and then an evilly chuckling Ukyou subsequently wrapped Jusenkya around her entire prick, all eighteen inches of it!

Feeling that monstrous length of meat plunge down her throat, stretching her oral tubes to twice their normal diameter, felt so good to the Goddess!  It was what she wanted…oh so needed this night: To be forced to take a metaphysically enlarged male’s glory, any male’s, to quite outrageous, inhuman depths within her!

It certainly was…convenient…at that moment that Jusenkya was a Goddess!  When her nose was pressed into Ukyou’s firm, flat, smooth stomach, the Goddess’ throat was easily twice its normal diameter and she was quite unable to breathe at all.  But, after a moment of further grinding…of grinding Jusenkya’s pointed little nose into Ukyou’s rock hard belly…of grinding Ukyou’s newly acquired cockhead halfway down the Goddess’ esophagus…Ukyou yanked cruelly and painfully on Jusenkya’s beautiful hair and, thusly, pulled her head back off a good sixteen inches (out of eighteen) of saliva sloppy, vividly throbbing, Ukyou glory.

Only to immediately pull the Goddess back in, dramatically and noisily fucking down that divine throat with quite unnatural ease.

And without the least protest from the flushed face, jaw nearly unhinged like an anaconda, still eagerly kneeling Jusenkya.

Ukyou took up a vigorous, noisy, and very sloppy fuck of Goddess head.  Pulling Jusenkya’s head down until her nose smashed into her belly, then pulling back until her glans crown caught on the back of Goddess teeth, she would immediately then pull Jusenkya noisily back in.

As the head surged around that inhuman prick, swallowing it up, the Goddess would give out with the noisiest, most sloppy gags and vigorous chokes, while as the head was allowed to retreat, the hungriest slurps and desperate sucking filled the narrow, dark street.

As Ukyou relentlessly increased the speed and awesome, demonic power of her Goddess face fucking, Jusenkya’s violent gags and desperate sucks echoed off the nearby buildings.  For long, noisy, life threatening minutes Ukyou mindlessly fucked the Goddess’ esophagus until her monstrous cock was throbbing and jumping, quite on the verge of a demonic spewgasm.

Only then did the Goddess send her talon-armed claws out to grip the easily baseball sized nuts hanging between Ukyou’s thighs, halfway to her knees…

And, with a window cracking shriek, Ukyou found out why mere normal males enjoyed ‘head’ so much.


Akane’s wild and shrill squeals filled the Dojo.  And she couldn’t help it!  Genma was loose between her upturned, bent back thighs, driving his incredible Panda prick, nearly two feet of it, furiously in and out of the girl’s wide open and sopping wet pussy.  With no restraint, and certainly no remorse from all the pain she had caused him getting her under him, Genma’s cursed alter self plowed her with every inch of 500 pound Panda-Dimensioned cock that he could stuff into the almost doubled over little schoolgirl.  Worse to Akane, his balls had extended out of him, behind his rampaging cock root, obviously in preparation for the virile fertilizing of the now helpless schoolgirl.  A schoolgirl, however, clearly growing ever more enthusiastic by the minute, or stroke, to her apparently inevitable fate:  Fucked to orgasm and pregnancy by her future father-in-law in his giant Panda mode!  All while the boys who most wanted to see, and fuck, her bare ass looked on!

Oh, the shame!  The humiliation!

It didn’t matter if Genma was 500 pounds in weight and three times as strong as Akane, she didn’t…couldn’t!, stop him from raping her!

She should have kicked his ass, instead!

Then Akane shrieked once again as that arm long cock smashed into her girl guts most accurately and forced her into yet another mind blanking orgasm!

How many is that? she asked herself as her belly convulsed, her toes curled, and her lungs emptied in full throated screams of unbearable, unstoppable, wondrous forced cum.

No matter, she answered herself as her consciousness faded away under forced orgasm, that monstrous prick would give her a dozen more!

She hoped!

No longer noticeable by a temporarily fucked brainless Akane, the Panda-in-law’s balls, easily the size of girls’ sport softballs, presently were loudly and rhythmically slapping off Akane’s upturned buns, spanking them vivid red, making them quiver with each sharp, stinging impact, while the clap-like ‘slaps’ from their rhythmic collisions echoed through the dojo.

A glazed eyed Akane’s head tossed back and forth mindlessly and blissfully between and just below her upheld ankles. Her belly would rhythmically bulge dramatically, clear up to her navel, with each of the Panda’s inhumanly murderous penile impalements of her wide open and dripping wet pussy only to collapse into smooth, deep naveled concavity with each of the Panda’s subsequent withdrawals.  Only little whines and moans escaped her lips now.

But they were no longer those of protest, nor resistance.

Resistance had been pounded…no, fucked out of her by irresistible male animal organ.

And, of course, she had the sweetest ‘fucked stupid’ grin on that angelic face as it wantonly tossed back and forth, back and forth.


After smugly turning to confront Genma, Ranma jerked to an abrupt stop when she saw, and heard, the now shrilly squealing Akane, still on her back upon the couch, feet over her head, ankles alongside her ears, pinned under the bulk of the Panda, Ranma’s own cursed father, arched over Akane, nearly covering her from view.  Genma, oblivious to all else around him, continued and repeatedly pile-drove his nearly two feet of arm thick cock into the sexually defeated schoolgirl.  He was dramatically, fiercely, powerfully dicking Ranma’s fiancee in a smooth, rhythmic fuck, making the girl’s belly heave and retreat, over and over, while seemingly ignoring any possibility of injuring her with that outrageous man organ.

Ranma gawked at the scene before her.  “Why wasn’t that huge bear with the outrageously huge cock NOT hurting…killing Akane?”  she inwardly gasped.  “Could it be that Goddess again?”

In addition to the shocking position she was in, Akane also wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort, that’s for sure!  Wild eyed and openly smiling sweetly, Akane had the Panda by the fur on his shoulders, pulling hard on that fur as if she were urging the beast on!

It was immediately obvious to Ranma-chan:  Akane was certainly adoring getting stuffed by that huge cock!

Ranma-chan shuddered as she watched Akane’s porking.  Soon her curiosity about why such near ridiculously dimensioned organs didn’t rip apart the females taking them was forgotten.  Forgotten because of even more pressing considerations awaiting her.

Even though her rational mind realized that what she had seen Akane become could very well be what that damned Goddess had intended to be in store for her, emotionally she just wouldn’t accept it.  She would never accept…enjoy being raped, no matter how hung these boys (and her father) became!

But, watching Akane’s humiliating sexual defeat and the schoolgirl’s obvious enjoyment of being defeated and fucked by her future Father-in-law, Ranma felt a rush of sudden fear…fear of also enjoying, just as much as Akane apparently was, what could be coming for her next!

But emotionally she would have none of it!

Genma must be stopped!

Jaw set, hands fists at the side of her wide hips, Ranma stepped towards the rutting Panda.

Genma was far too occupied with screwing a wet, squealing Akane through the couch and into the floor to notice Ranma.

The Panda was still plowing away, panting and grinning as Akane squealed, tossing her sweaty head side to side, a big stupid grin across her face, when Ranma stepped up to them.  With a lightning quick punch into the Panda’s right shoulder, Ranma roared, “Get off of her, dammit, Old Man!”

The blow nearly unseated the Panda, making him stagger once to his left.  But it was enough to get his attention.

“Get off her!” Ranma repeated, assuming her most threatening fighting stance.

“You are becoming quite the pest!” he roared back at her.  Then he pulled back from the whining Akane…

And, with a syrupy pop, his cockhead popped back out from the still legs up schoolgirl.  His cock swept across before him, swept before Ranma, tossing long strands of tacky precum…

One foot long strand splattered across both her eyes!  She felt other, even longer strands slap across her ample chest, smooth, deep naveled belly, and flexed thighs, but none that instantly blinded her!

“AAAH!” she cried, trying to wipe the gooey, smelly stuff off her face.

She heard Genma chuckle in that deep bear voice of his, but she couldn’t see him…

Then she was gripped by the upper arms by huge clawed hands.  Holding her arms to her body, she was hauled up into the air…

All Ranma could do was kick air, just as hard as she could.

“Damn you, Old Man!  No!” Ranma howled as the Panda about-faced so they were facing, apparently, the card table and the three unconscious boys.  Then, kicking and screaming, she was lowered…

“How could Genma get behind me so quickly?” she had just asked herself when ‘something’ monstrously sized, steel-like rigid, and sloppy with a coating of a vaseline-like substance that had lumps in it effortlessly bulled aside her clenched buttocks and goosed her, perfectly, upon her anus!

“Woo!-Woo!” Ranma squealed before she could urgently wiggle her ass enough to dislodge the threatening bulb.

Blindly Ranma kicked back, and immediately her foot made contact with fur.  She hoped it was Genma’s knee, which would have debilitated him.  Instead the shrieking pain of trying to kick a tree-trunk crushed her hopes as her foot bounced off, certainly, Genma’s thick femur.

As she shook her stinging foot, and stopped all other attempts at resistance, Ranma realized she had just hurt herself way more than she could have hurt Genma…at least in his Panda form.

Then that fist wide cockhead of the Panda reappeared…between her asscheeks again!  Without protest Ranma just clenched her fists and helplessly let the beast slide up and down her dusky deep crevice, spreading its hot, slick, gooey precum thoroughly from her tailbone to her perineum, then repeating itself until her spread ass was dripping with the stuff!

Then her eyes became partially uncovered…enough to see where she was going.  Instantly she made out the three unconscious, and still stupidly smiling, boys.  Then she saw the card table…

She was…they were… going right towards it!

Merely putting up an act at resisting, whining and complaining as the Panda carried her towards the table, Ranma saw Genma kick Hiroshi’s left foot as they passed.

“Get up slackers!” Genma roared.  “Time for you to finally do the Goddess’ bidding!  As if you weren’t looking forward to it!”

At once all three boys moaned and stirred.  Then began to slowly climb up off the hard wood floor.

Then Ranma was up in the air, over Genma’s head.  Before she could even scream, the Panda slammed Ranma down on her back on the card table, making her eyes shudder in shock.

Why the table didn’t instantly collapse, she had no idea.

But the brutal and sudden slamming stunned Ranma, leaving her helpless for a minute or so.

Nonetheless, she looked back up over her head with a jerk when her arms were suddenly seized by Genma’s bear claws and, with quite irresistible force for that moment, easily pulled over her head.  She watched wide eyed in shock…but also with another, a quite new emotion…as she watched Genma put her wrists into round iron manacles that were attached securely to a wooden board half way up the pole above her head and alongside the card table.

As the manacles snapped around her wrists with loud, very metallic clicks, she suddenly took a deep, shuddering breath as emotion…a new emotion…rose up her spine from deep within her.

All that went through her mind now was, “Suddenly she was tied down!  Tied to a pole, unable to move, to resist, to escape!  Trapped!”

Unwilling or unable to stop it, she felt this wicked new sensation flood her.  It was an emotion that was a mixture of fear and…thrilling feminine lust.  She had no memories of such an emotion, no experience with it.  Understandable, for she had never, ever, been so helpless, so tied down!

And, being new, the emotion was very potent.

As she started panting, trying to control, to understand this lusty emotion sweeping through her, the three, now broadly grinning, musclebound boys stepped up to the helpless, wickedly built, ball achingly nude, and now chained to a post Ranma…

Seeing them staring down at her, she flashed them her most unhappy, and threatening, frown as that new emotion threatened to overwhelm her.

“Do you three think that you can…control Ranma-chan here, now that I’ve tied her down?”  Genma said, patting Ranma’s heaving, smooth belly.

She jerked her still free legs out in frustration as her…father wantonly ran his clawed bear hand familiarly over the virginal flesh of her abdomen, barely missing her bright pink pussy.  As she gawked at his fondling paw, he flipped up his still huge and hard prick, and dropped the precum oozing glans right on Ranma’s face, just over her mouth and beneath her flared nostrils.

Ranma closed her eyes in disgust as his precum drooled all over her face.

“You know what the Goddess wants, don’t you?” Genma continued and the three boys, managing to tear their eyes off of Ranma’s lush feminine curves and bulges, nodded eagerly, their smiles broadening.

“Good!  Now I have that Akane to finish with.  I don’t want Ranma,”  Genma glanced down with his Panda muzzle and eyes at Ranma’s cum covered face, “-chan bothering me anymore tonight!  Understood?  The Goddess wants these two to be thoroughly dealt with tonight!  She is very pissed at Ranma and, if she didn’t tell you three, she definitely told me that both of these schoolgirl bimbos are to walk bowlegged tomorrow!  And the Goddess doesn’t want any…complications from this, so she has promised that no one will become pregnant tonight, so unload all you want into any opening you fancy!  Don’t worry, whatever you pick, Ranma-chan will enjoy it!”

Then he pulled his cum dripping cockhead off Ranma’s face and stomped away.


Akane had just managed to gain her feet, legs unsteady, when Genma returned, muzzle open in a Panda laugh.  Seeing him coming, she hastily assumed a fighting stance.

Genma continued to laugh at her.  Her thighs, already shiny wet on the inside, were openly quivering now, barely able to hold her up, better yet throw a kick.  As he approached her, he extended his prick to its maximum, most rigid length.

Akane’s eyes dropped to the oncoming Panda’s loins as the prick reappeared.  As it became ever longer and thicker, her eyes widened in proportion.

“S-Stay back!” Akane croaked.

Genma neither slowed his approach or ceased his chuckling.

As he continued Akane cursed, “Damn you Genma!”  Then she through a leg kick, just as hard as she could.

He caught that leg, halfway in its trajectory to him, in his left hand.

With a cry of pain Akane’s shaking left leg collapsed, and she helplessly fell into Genma’s massive arms.

The Panda, not stopping his degrading laughing, gathered up the schoolgirl against his hard, furry chest.  Then he dropped his hands down Akane’s back to fill them with her firm, full asscheeks.

Akane screeched and sent a flurry of fists up at his smirking muzzle.  While Akane had not slowed much, she no longer stood on the ground, thus her blows were little more than precisely and rapidly delivered slaps.

Hardly moving his snout in response to her unimpressive blows, Genma lifted Akane up over his head, spun her around, and lowered her until she was straddling his still immense organ.  Balancing her upon it, he slid his hands down to her tits and ripped her blouse and skirt off her.

All Akane could do was swing her firsts impotently behind her head as Genma turned the two of them to face the couch.  Then he bent her over the front of the couch.

Unwillingly the girl dropped her hands upon the top of the back, but tried to keep her head up proudly as the five hundred pound beast bent over her back.  Then, planting his mitt upon the back of Akane’s head, with undeniable strength he forced the wincing schoolgirl’s forehead down to the top of the backrest.

All Akane could do was squeal in ultimate frustration.  “Damn you!  I’ll kick your ass!”

Still smirking, the towering Panda simply lined up his arm thick prick with the naked Akane’s already spread and soaked pussy and…

“Damn you, Genma!” Akane screamed at the top of her voice when that firm cockhead widely parted her labia and then, with a brief ‘pop’, disappear into her.  Her final cry was a long, “OOOOOHHHH! Genma!”

The Panda just kept going, relentlessly sinking every arm thick inch of cock into Ranma’s fiancee’.  Her belly bulged as he finished his first thrust.

Akane laid her forehead on the back of the couch and moaned.

Humped over her, muzzle snorting on the back of her neck, Genma started pumping, pulling his prick almost all the way out of the girl, then ramming it back in, over and over.

Soon Akane’s head was tossing, her forehead pressed into the couch’s back.  Her moans again rose in volume…

“OOOH!  Genma!  You beast!”


Ranma looked at Ryouga as he and the other two boys approached the table.  All three were sporting towering tents in the front of their pants.  “Let me go, Ryouga!” she barked at him.

He just smiled and began to paw her jutting chest fruit with his powerful hands.  He had a grin like a kid opening Xmas presents.  Imagine!  For the first time he was handling Ranma-chan’s tits!

First squeezing her meat till her smooth flesh oozed out between his spread fingers, then softly stroking her vividly pink nipples, she watched his manhandling of her with nearly terror-widened eyes.  What terrorized her was not being tied down, but how good his handling of her had become!

Then the other two boys joined in on the chest grope and she instantly lost it.  Her right leg sprung up and kicked Hiroshi nearly across the room!  With a loud crash he hit the wall and slumped to the floor.

Yet, less than a minute later he was up and smiling and sporting that huge tent again!

Meanwhile Ryouga continued to run his powerful hands over her still far jutting tits, still with those aching, stiff nipples.  Ranma sighed with frustration, then pulled mightily on her bonds attaching her arms to the pole overhead, but only managed to make some noise with her chains, the manacles were not going anywhere!

The relentless pawing rapidly became even more pleasant, downright passionate as she laid there, helpless!  The boys had moved up towards her head, and now her legs could not get at them.

Worse, she started to get that ‘old feeling’ of earlier, that hot, sweaty skin, the tingly feeling way deep down in her belly.  Only with that new emotion, of fearful helplessness, seemingly magnifying the pure rutting heat Ryouga’s expert pawing was masterfully building in her…in her beginning to squirm teenaged body.

Ryouga, seemingly satisfied with Ranma’s tits, abruptly moved down, to her soft, firm tummy.  His hand began to run his hand down her suddenly heaving belly, going right down to her mound and almost over it to threaten to disappear between her legs  He repeated the stroking, going from her navel down to her jutting mound and back, just to watch her belly helplessly jump, her flexed thighs quiver in rising tension, and hear her open, panting mouth raggedly gasp.

Tied helplessly to that pole had done something to her.  The feelings of naked exposure in their eyes, of vulnerability to their groping attacks…of an impending, overwhelmingly sexual doom of which she was completely impotent to prevent, and, furthermore, at the hands, and cocks, of these merciless boys…were turning her on something awful!

And it was oh so obvious that these beasts had quickly recognized just how hot she got when tied helplessly to a post while naked and spread wide!  She felt her labia swell and flush with coursing blood, her pussy streaming its overflowing sweet fluid down the deep asscrack formed by her compressed buns.  She swore she could feel her furiously swollen, by now, little clit throb!

Those exciting, intimidating, frightening cocks who wanted to get at her, now that she was tied down, unable to defend herself…her vast skills in martial arts worthless now at resisting any of their masculine insults upon her body!

The fear those cocks generated in her just intensified the…heat in her belly…in her femininity!  Her entire life as Ranma-chan had been dedicated, like Akane’s, to defending her honor from the crass, disrespectful, groping kind of males that now surrounded her!  Nothing worked better at stopping a kid from gabbing her ass if she immediately snapped the wrist that touched it!  Now surrounded, and tied naked to a pole, without the ability to defend her honor, herself…that helplessness made her so HOT!

Akane’s shrill and wild cries coming from behind and over Ranma’s head didn’t help any!  Ranma couldn’t see her fiancee’, but from those howls she could guess that Genma was dishing out something similar to Akane!

Ranma suddenly looked down, at her feet, as, from a nod from Ryouga, they all pulled down their training pants and their obviously magically enhanced, most ominously jutting pricks leaped upward.  “No!  Ryouga, don’t you dare!” she immediately cried out in near panic when she saw the rock hard and…incredibly long and thick cocks flip up.  “Don’t do this to me!”

Ryouga, from the triumphant, downright arrogant face he presented her, was telling her, in no uncertain terms, that he knew what she needed…for certain!  And it wasn’t what she was yelling at him to do!  And, with his drooling prick thrust into her sweaty face while his hand slipped over her mons veneris to claim her soaked pussy, he was going to give it to her!

And she was oh so afraid that he was right!

And THAT was oh so humiliating!

And realizing that just made the sensations of arousal all the better…er…worse!

But first he needed to deal with her legs.

She nearly kicked Daisuki next, just missing his nose when, distracted by one of her breasts in his nearly frantic hands, his head drifted into range of her left leg!

Her persistent attempts at defending her honor with her legs finally goaded Ryouga into action.  Pointing to her right leg, Ryouga grabbed Ranma’s left thigh.

Grinning broadly, Hiroshi took her right leg and Daisuki stepped up to take her left from Ryouga.  Together, as she howled and screeched futile “No’s!”  and “Daisuki/Hiroshi, you bastard!” while she tried to free her legs against their magnified strength, they lifted her overwhelmed legs until her feet were even and just above her forehead.  Then Ryouga calmly took the manacles that were attached by chains to the board just outside of her hands and bound her ankles.

By the time Ranma-chan realized what they were trying, it was over!  She was on her back, both her arms and legs chained up over her head, and her wide open ass and pussy were presented up, openly, if unwillingly, offered up to…Ryouga and the others!

“There, doesn’t that feel better, Ranma-chan?”  Ryouga said, pulling his shirt off.

Ranma-chan stared down over her heaving belly at that inhumanly long and thick prick of Ryouga’s bobbing and drooling just below her openly presented ass!  “No!” she whined.

He lowered the end leaf of the table, spilling all the chips upon it carelessly onto the floor.  When he stepped up to her, his eyes were focused on her shiny, pink pussy which was now at the very edge of the table.

The wide open, soaking wet twat…and the pink,virginal anus just below it.

And she was soaking wet down there!

He stood there, glaring down at where her plump buns were now hanging over the new edge of the table.  He was spreading his copious precum up and down his prick, lubricating it for the…pleasure to come!

He was such a gentleman!

“I’m going to enjoy this!” he said as he brought his fist sized cockhead to bear on her defenseless vaginal opening.

“Damn you Ryouga!” Ranma-chan repeated.  Then she dropped her head back to the table in utter resignation, realizing, since it was clear that nothing she could say could save her and that being tied down and defenseless before the newly horsehung boys surrounding her had suddenly given her a new, wicked ‘tingle’ deep in her new girl guts, she decided that there was nothing else to say.  As Ryouga’s big glans grazed her aroused and well parted labia, Ranma closed her eyes and turned her head away, emitting a humiliating little gasp as the magically transformed Ryouga, clearly no longer shy or reticent around girls, including and especially girls as dangerous and lush as Ranma-chan, directed his penile monster against her dripping wet opening!

She sounded just like a schoolgirl facing her first sexual mounting with the school’s football team captain doing the honors on the wrestling mats in the back of the gym storeroom.

But this ‘new’ Ryouga wasn’t totally inept with ‘making’ girls.  After planting the tip of his giant prick between her floppy labia, he started running that massive, heavy glans up and down Ranma-chan’s defenseless pussy, spreading those soaked girl lips, rhythmically crushing her ever upstanding clit into jumping sex pleasure slavery.

Ranma-chan’s eyes popped open, and she let out with a completely involuntary, and loud, gasp, when Ryouga’s firm cockhead brushed over, and then down again, on that girl button.  When he did it again, the girl gasped raggedly, loud enough for all to hear.

Ryouga smirked at her fully involuntary reaction, then looked at his naked and hung friends who were also and oh so eager to get at Ranma-chan…and winked.

He sped up his clitoral assault.

Within three more flicks of clit, Ranma-chan moaned like a cheap whore and blushed furiously for it.  Worse, her hips…her wide, lush hips…almost instinctively started writhing on the table’s edge…writhing for Ryouga’s benefit.

Subconsciously telling him her magnificent body was ready…

Even if her consciousness wasn’t…yet.

“You want it, Ranma-chan?  Don’t you?  You want me inside you…way inside you, don’t you?  Come on, tell me, say it!”

Ranma could only answer by closing her eyes and turning her head away in humiliation.  She knew she did.  Her body couldn’t hide the craving, the NEED to be…fucked.  With his clit torment her pussy juice had begun to run down her deep and dark asscrack and was, by now, dripping over the edge of the table!

Finally, a long count later, she briefly shook her head, quickly.  She no longer could speak, her throat was so dry and constricted…

With the shaking of her head, Ryouga frowned.  “Oh, I see!  Being stubborn, eh?  Well, I tried being a friend tonight, but you don’t feel like being a ‘friend’ tonight!  So…fuck you Ranma-chan!”  Then he jabbed the wide tip of his glans into her vaginal hole.

Ranma-chan let out a brief but window rattling shriek as her tissues spread alarmingly.  Then she just stared at him, her eyes wide and white…

To Ryouga’s credit, he recognized the…terror amongst the arousal, and resistance, in those eyes.  Instantly he knew that just taking her, in her present state, wouldn’t be, for his future pleasures with Ranma-chan, a long term benefit.  Better to get her so worked up that she can’t resist him, then show her how good it was being a pussy under him!  Nodding in resignation, he said, with surprising gentleness considering his anger at her for her resistance, “You’re a virgin, alright!  Ok, just need to…persuade you a little bit more.”  He looked at Hiroshi, on Ranma-chan’s right.  “Hiroshi, didn’t you keep talking about wanting to go down on Ranma-chan, when she would come to school as a girl, with no bra and her big, phat ass showing off that asscrack through her white practice pants?”

Hiroshi, his massive dong drooling on Ranma-chan’s arm chained over her head, nodded with a big smile.

“You’re notorious at school, from what I hear from the cheerleaders, that you give the best head to girls in the school!  You think you can get Miss ‘Virgin’ here into the mood to ‘entertain’ our pricks properly?”

“No problem,” Hiroshi replied, stepping towards the end of the table.  As he past her he reached out and playfully took a big grab of her right tit.  He cast a proud smile at the partially fearful, partially furious face of Ranma as he openly groped her.  “Well, to be honest, that’s all the cheerleaders give me…access to their pussies for my tongue!  But, its a beginning and I know more about the cheerleaders nude than any stud on campus!  And someday I’m gonna pork them all…before school is out I will!  Now give me five minutes between her legs, and she’ll be making reservations for humping all night under us!”

For some reason, maybe desperation at the situation she was in, Hiroshi’s last, typically female degrading boast was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.  Anger abruptly replaced the building lust as Ranma’s persona made a comeback, “Don’t you dare!  No!  I don’t want this, dammit!  I…I…I don’t want this and I’ll kick your ass tomorrow!”

“I don’t think so!  Ah, but you will…love this, Ranma-chan!” Hiroshi replied with a knowing smirk as he knelt alongside the table and behind Ranma-chan’s upturned and offered up ass.  From below her plump buns, his breath sweeping up between her cheeks, he added, “The cheerleaders love this!”

“No!  I’ll kick your ass, Hiroshi!  I swear I will!  If only I had my hands free!  Damn you, Hiroshi!” she roared, though it came out more a high pitched squeal of utter frustration.  Then she yanked mightily on her metal bonds with her arms, but absolutely nothing became of it.  The only thing she effected was her shoulders.

She looked over her head, a dumbfounded expression on her beautiful face as she saw the manacles and chains as if for the first time.

With her situation registering, as if finally, on her furious and beginning to become sexually overheated, mind, she looked down over her belly and between her upturned thighs to see a smirking Hiroshi slowly descending between her wide spread thighs.  Her incensed face threw daggers at him through her raging eyes.

He just winked at her…right before burying his smirking face into her…bald pussy!

Suddenly, with an audible ‘click’, Ranma-chan’s teeth clamped shut in an exquisitely excruciating grimace of unwanted yet inexorably outrageous pleasure.

Then her eyes widened.  “Omigod!” she screamed in her head.  “He’s sucking on me…there!  I can’t stand that!  Not sucking me…THERE~”

For a long, heroic moment she kept still, managing the pleasure that threatened to stop her heart and explode her brain.  But, inevitably, her teeth clenched grimace morphed smoothly into a dropped jaw, wide and white eyed image of shock…

As intense, overwhelming, mind crushing sucked off clit bliss roared up her spine!

As she fought the initial waves of mind crushing bliss roaring up from her orally assaulted twat, all Ranma-chan’s mind could register was, “He’s sucking…on my…clit!  You bastard!”

“You bastard!” she unconsciously gasped in a strained whisper as the intense pleasure of Hiroshi’s masterful clit torment surged through her unimpeded and unrestrained.

Ryouga just broadened his grin.

Hiroshi was persistent, that was certain!  He relentlessly sucked on her love pebble, drawing more and more outrageous pleasure to surge through the pleasure paralyzed Ranma, remorselessly working her until her nervous system could no longer control, better yet suppress, the delicious waves of evil, degrading, intensely sexual, and sexual submission demanding, ecstasy.

Eyes gawking at the beams supporting the roof of the dojo, Ranma-chan realized that, tied as she was, naked and helpless, her fate was clear and obvious…

She would not get out of this one!  She was doomed!

Doomed to being gang-banged…

For the Goddess’ revenge!

Oh why didn’t she fuck that bitch when she had the chance!

Finally, inevitably, as her eyes rolled up, and she let out with that long, drawn out moan declaring the victory of ‘The Hell of the enslaving bliss of the sucked off clit’, loud slurps and suckles, and quick swallows rose from between Ranma-chan’s spread thighs.  The sloppy sounds originated right where Hiroshi’s face was enwrapped by pussy…Ranma-chan’s gushing pussy!

“Oh, it feels sooooo gooood!” unconsciously came out in a long moan.  And to the accompaniment of Ryouga’s crass chuckling, by the way.

Ranma-chan feared her clit-suck electrified mind was losing the will to resist, seized as it was by the relentless pleasure shooting up from her suckled nether regions.  Never had she ever imagined such hot, thrilling raspy-velvet wet pleasure!  Even when Ranma had gotten a rare blowjob, it seemed that knob-sucking hadn’t feet THIS good!  The pleasure was overwhelmingly intense…addictively intense…mind altering…hell, GENDER bending intense.  She couldn’t resist it.  She couldn’t even ignore it.  Soon it demanded her complete attention!  She wasn’t allowed to even think!

And the wicked pleasure got Ranma-chan’s attention…and abruptly enthusiastic submission!  Suddenly she never wanted it to end!  Abruptly she would do ANYTHING to get more!  Now she could see herself spending every waking moment looking for Hiroshi…desperate to get him between her thighs, betwixt her labia again!

The pleasure was so intense, so…wonderful, she immediately acknowledged, and agreed to herself in confirmation, that it would be worth sucking off, and swallowing, any cock to get more of THIS!

Less than a minute after Hiroshi began his intoxicating clit sucking, Ranma-chan’s belly was heaving and quivering, her toes over her head clenched in furious bliss.  He was driving her nuts!  That mouth on her made her feel so damn good…happy…oh so receptive…down there…receptive for…!

She just wanted to throw her legs wide apart and let Ryouga, Hiroshi, anyone just crawl in between them and…

Then Hiroshi stopped!  Just when the sensations, that beautiful pleasure, had driven her giddy, to the very peak of feminine joy, to an oh-so-very high bliss, when she felt she was about to blow her head off…he stopped!

Immediately, it seemed to Ranma, massive, never experienced before irritation replaced the delicious pleasure.  “Oh, I was almost there!” roared through her skull as she lamented, deeply, of her heartrending loss.

“Was this ‘sexual frustration’?”  she asked herself as the agony increased as the formerly ubiquitous pleasure relentlessly faded.  Sighing and whining with the downright painful denial of her near bliss, she opened her eyes again, immediately looking up at an openly gloating Ryouga standing next to Hiroshi.  Hiroshi, who also smirked at her from over her still panting belly, had Ryouga’s left hand on his right shoulder.

Ryouga had stopped Hiroshi!  At just the worst moment, when she was most enthralled by his sucking, Ryouga stopped him!

You Bastard!

Her fury quickly died when she saw him look down, and then take his hand from Hiroshi’s shoulder and slip it into her boiling hot loins.  At once he cruelly rammed two long, powerful fingers into her dripping hole…to his last knuckle.  Then he started pumping…

Instantly Ranma-chan was gasping and squealing again, her hips jerking side to side as she drew her held overhead knees apart.

For a wickedly long minute he finger-fucked Ranma, his fingers making the nastiest sloppy slurps and pops as he plowed Ranma’s belly.

His smirk widened as she shuddered and whined when he pulled his hand back out!  When the girl opened her eyes again she looked straight into his.  There was no more resistance in those wet, bedroom eyes.

“Sensitive?” he gloated.

Breathing fast and deeply, Ranma-chan managed to glare back.  Then, looking at Hiroshi, she had to ask, “Why did you stop?  I was…uh…getting…mm…”

“Close?” Ryouga interrupted.

In a pant, she growled, “No!  Let me go!”

Ryouga haughtily asked, “Sure, pussy, just as soon as you…’take care of’…me and my buddies here!  Just take care of us and we’ll fuck you bowlegged and let you go.  How does that sound?”

“Fuck you, Ryouga!” came her husky voice back.

With a huge grin sweeping his face accompanied by a totally degrading chuckle, Ryouga moved towards the end of the table, and Ranma-chan’s soaked, wide open twat.

Ranma-chan gave him her angriest, most threatening frown as he did so.

But she did nothing to stop him.  And perhaps she wouldn’t have, even if she could.

When she felt his fist sized cockhead press this time into her soaked feminine opening, spreading her tight hole, her frown collapsed instantly and, quite unconsciously, she moaned in reluctant gratitude as…pleasure returned.  She continued to give him the most slack jawed, overwhelmed by penetration expression as he pressed relentlessly home.

Ryouga continued to work his fist sized glans into her virgin-tight girl opening.  When the tip of his tapered, but wickedly broad glans finally snugly seated in her offered up pussy, he looked up at her.  “Now, take it!” he roared and, with a “YEA!”, he thrust mightily…

And Ranma-chan howled as her body’s feminine defenses collapsed and her vagina swallowed up about a foot of Ryouga’s meat in one, sloppy, noisy ‘gulp’.


Jusenkya, gagging wildly as Ukyou fucked Goddess head up and down her arm long and thick, former Ranma cock, gripped a hot baseball sized nut in each of her hands, immediately digging her long fingernails deeply into the swollen firm seminal flesh.

Significantly, Ukyou’s growling abruptly dropped an octave.  On the next pull in of the Goddess’ cock filled head, Ukyou held Jusenkya’s face against her loins, nearly smashing her nose into her firm and flexed abdominals.  Then newly cocked ‘female’ let out with her first ‘spewing orgasm’ roar.

Multiple jets of tacky, colloidal semen spewed in a furious series of slime filled pulses out of Jusenkya’s compressed nostrils, the jets just seconds apart,  Simultaneous the Goddess’ enormously, inhumanly dilated throat also began to pulse with jetting semen, only this erupting cum went down that throat instead of out from Jusenkya’s forced swallowing.  The narrow, dark street echoed with a new, extremely guttural and downright nasty sound…

The sound of a beer chugging contest with the beer the consistency of porridge with lumps of eggwhite mixed throughout: “Glugg!  Glugg!  Glugg!  Glugg!  Glugg!  Glugg!”

Jusenkya gripped and milked those baseball sized baby makers almost desperately as a moaning and grunting Ukyou ground her swallowed, pumping cock down divine and immortal Goddess throat, maximizing her primitive, fertilizing pleasure…at the Goddess’s expense.

But Jusenkya (or Urd outside of normal Japan), being an official sex-goddess, was made of stern stuff when it came to enjoying superhuman male organs.  When one is a sex-goddess one had to be to…enjoy…a wide variety of organs, even what Denizens of the Lower Levels, demons in other words, had to offer for her…sexual entertainment.

The Goddess really didn’t mind the rough play from the cursed, transformed Ukyou in the least.  She had been face fucked before, and accepted such willingly and even pleasantly, by demons from the deepest levels of hell even…and they were a whole lot rougher…and very possibly bigger still in the meat department, than this now cursed Ukyou.

And most demons were…common…and thus, expendable…

But, then again, she planned on letting Ukyou survive this face-fuck!  After all, she now had…plans for Ukyou, plans outside of giving Jusenkya some sloppy mouth-fuck pleasure!

Besides, Jusenkya found herself admitting as she, almost desperately, swallowed as fast as she could to keep up with the clearly metaphysical eruptions of that cock down her throat, that Ukyou’s wadd was delicious… uniquely so.  Much tastier and…musky than demon scum, in fact.  Then, after a particularly sloppy and hacking gag, she silently added:  And so copious!  No doubt about it, the Goddess loved ingesting big, gooey loads of manchowder!

But, the Goddess had to watch it…she could cum just from the forcefulness, the velocity of the spews impacting the back of her throat and down the rhythmic peristaltic convulsions (swallows if you will) of her esophagus, as well as from the sheer volume of slimy, lumpy wadd Ukyou was force-feeding her!

But she knew, what with the curse she had also given the cross-dressing woman when she gave Ukyou that cock now down Goddess throat, that Jusenkya would definitely cum once Ukyou ‘paid her back’ for this delightful, and savage, oral service!  That cock erupting down her throat had the most delightful and satisfying ‘forced orgasm’ for Jusenkya written all over it…once it got into any other opening the Goddess had for it!

The violent swallows of supernatural force feeding would echo in the narrow, dark street for the next two minutes…


Ryouga stopped his initial plunge into Ranma-chan with her first howling proclamation of the end of her girlhood(technically).  Panting from the strain of keeping himself still, a good foot into the outrageous tightness, the cum sucking power of Ranma-chan’s teen tight twat, was nearly impossible to withstand.  Just her natural convulsions of her pink penis gripping tube was nearly driving him into disastrous further fucking action and quick, spewing release.  Straining in keeping his jumping prick from going off, he watched the now grimacing girl’s face carefully.

She was a piece!  Even with only half of his cursed cock in her, that pussy was driving him nuts!  He swore she was sucking on him, squeezing him as he tried to remain still inside her.

Give me a cursed babe anytime! he thought, straining not to unload, then and there.  They know how to ‘handle’ a guy!

And he was convinced that if he started moving in her now he’d explode in just a few strokes, spewing a dozen babies into her before she could get adjusted to having a prick in her for the first time!

He had to calm down!

He knew, if he wanted her coming back for more of his ‘loving’, that he had to make her…force her against her will, even…to blow her head off in the best orgasm of her young life.  Premature ejaculation was NOT the way to impress a recently deflowered virgin!

Her face finally softened after about half a minute.  Her outrageous pussy squeezing and sucking did not.  “Hey, babe, you okay?” he asked Ranma as carefully and softly as a young man with nearly ten inches of his cock buried for the first time in a teenager’s belly could.

That pussy was driving him nuts!

Ranma-chan finally opened her wet eyes, fixing them on the face of the…monster violating her!  The pain really wasn’t that bad, in afterthought.  At the time she thought it was the worse thing in the world, but now…not so bad.

The…feeling of that…cock inside her kinda dampened her pain, now.  Not only was the feeling…strange, but, she had to admit, somewhat a…pleasant strange.

Provided it didn’t move!

Then it moved!

Ryouga couldn’t help it!  His damn prick flexed from the wild squeezing that snapping pussy of Ranma-chan kept doing.  He glanced at her belly where, just below her navel, momentarily swelled a knot, about half a baseball in diameter, that formed when his prick jumped.

Then Ranma-chan gasped as the knot formed again.

“Don’t do that!” she yelled immediately after the forced gasp.  In a near panic, she thought, “That movement felt scary!  Scary but…good!”

“I can’t help it!” he replied.  He saw the look of disbelief on her face.  “Really!  Your pussy is so tight…and it squeezes me!”

“Don’t give me that!” Ranma replied in a breathless gasp.  “You are so far into me!  I can’t hardly breathe!”  In-spite of the…pleasure, Ranma-chan decided she didn’t like having it inside her.  And she didn’t like having Ryouga the guy in her!  “You had better pull out!  You are so big!”

Frowning, Ryouga shook his head.  “We have come this far, we need to finish this!”

Now Ranma-chan frowned mightily.  “No!  I’m telling you!  Pull out or…”  Then she raggedly gasped again.

He had flexed his prick inside her again!

A straining Ryouga smiled at her reaction.  Immediately he did it again, watching that bulge form as the sweet girl gasped again.

Even louder this time.

“Just let me…” Ryouga started, then he slowly and carefully tried rotating his meat inside the girl without pushing any further in.

Abruptly Ranma-chan started gnawing on her lower lip…

She stared at Ryouga, watching him frown as he moved inside of her.  From his facial expression she started believing him about the effect her…pussy was having on the…huge cock she saw sticking most of a foot out from her brutally spread twat.  She must be tight!

I hope he doesn’t cum in me! she suddenly added in added panic.

Then her guts were being moved!

It was all she could do not to moan sluttily again!  That moving cock felt so good!  The sensation stole her anger, her resistance, her hesitance from her.

Then he thrust again!

“Nooo!” she whined as she felt her girl organs spread, pushed out of the way as the horrible, thick, long pole slid ever deeper into her.  Her pant built quickly as her guts were invaded relentlessly…

“Easy, baby!” Ryouga gasped, sweating profusely from his efforts to not unload into Ranma-chan’s deliciously tight belly.  “I’ll go slow!  Damn, you’re tight!”

She felt that pole, way deeper than before, suddenly start jumping wildly way, way up in her belly!  She tried desperately to control her squeezing, sucking pussy.

“Don’t cum…” she whined.  “Don’t cum in me!  Ryouga!  Don’t cum!”

Gritting his teeth, eyes closed in concentration, all the mighty Ryouga could do was nod twice, two short, quick nods, in response.

Relaxing with his nods, she then noticed how his prick was starting to feel so good…way up inside her!

Then his grimace dropped and he opened his eyes.  Looking at her sweaty, concerned, not really trusting face, he smiled reassuringly.  “I won’t cum inside you, baby!” he softly said.  “But you are one tight pussy!  I don’t know how long I can control myself…once we start fucking…but I will pull out when I can’t hold it anymore.  Okay?”

“I don’t know…I don’t  want…pull out of me, Ryouga.  I don’t want you to…!”

With a new frown he started rotating his meat, now well over twelve inches inside her, silencing her immediately and eliciting another brief, but vivid, gasp from the impaled pussy under him.  A little smile returned to his face.  “Don’t you worry about that,” he grunted, moving faster, “Once I break you in you’ll love it!  Trust me!”

He could see the knob under her navel rise and fall as he rotated up inside her.  Now the knob didn’t disappear at all, he was so far inside her with such a…huge prick.  “So, let’s see how you do…” he finalized while he collected himself.

Then there was no time for talk as he firmly, but quite slowly, drove the rest of his cock into that tight, but sloppy, girl cunt.

And Ranma-chan, whether she wanted to or not, moaned, oh so sweetly and long, as her remaining guts were bulled aside, her girl tube spreading dramatically for the first time, and his firm, broad cockhead smashed, again for the first time, against her cervix!  Her belly swelled, an inches high and wide tube forming from above her bulging pubic mound to under her navel, as Ryouga’s no-nonsense penetration continued.

Ranma-chan’s moan choked off when his glans pressed firmly into her cervix, eventually pushing her womb up towards her diaphragm.

Ranma-chan’s mind disappeared into a blazing flash when her womb was moved!  Eyes wide open, she couldn’t see, think, feel for a long moment except for the delicious slow grinding collision of cock and womb…

Again, Ryouga waited until the girl came back to reality before doing anything else.  When he saw her eyes again focus on his face, he smiled kindly, “You okay, baby?”

Ranma-chan wasn’t smiling.  Her face started to twist into a semi-panicked grimace.  It had finally happened, she screamed at herself, no longer a virgin…

Psychological shock, and even more panic, flashed up her spine, temporarily smothering her endless anger at Ryouga’s taking advantage of her binding down to a table for his use.

But Ryouga’s own control was at its brink, that pussy sucking vigorously on his buried prick.  Without looking at Ranma again, he pulled back.  The suction as he withdrew nearly sucked his cock inside out!

Ranma-chan’s belly bulge obediently disappeared as Ryouga retreated.  After he had pulled back a good foot, he immediately, and not too slowly but smoothly drove back in…

“No!” Ranma-chan barked as soon as she felt him start back up her.  But all of her anger, panic, regret was smothered by a rising surge of pleasure she had never knew existed before this moment…  This time, as her girl tube was effortlessly and widely spread by invading male organ, and her belly again bulged ominously, the most wondrous sensation of stuffed belly pleasure rose from deep in her swelling belly!

And when he impacted her cervix!  The flashing, fiery bliss was twice as wondrous as that first time!

As he ground his cockhead against her womb, his grin returned as Ranma-chan’s eyes rolled up and the most sexy whine escaped her slack mouth.

She might be angry at him, wanting to kick his ass as soon as possible, but that sensation of housing that huge cock way up inside her just murdered her!

“Okay, baby!” he husked in relief at her slack faced surrender to the pleasure his prick could create far, far up her guts.  “Let’s show you what’s so much better than virginity!”

He pulled back again, only to immediately push back in.  After her next cry when he hit bottom, he unleashed his prick, fucking in and out of the tied down schoolgirl with all the power his magnificently toned body could deliver.  In foot long strokes the fucked Ranma uninhibitedly…literally trying to fuck her into the table.  Soon he was listening smugly to her wild, forced, mindless cries of absolutely female distracting penetration pleasure.

Within a very few strokes Ranma-chan was howling, every-time his wondrous cock smashed into her cervix.  Rhythmically she cried out, loud enough to rival Akane’s fucked screams, shrill enough to vibrate the beams overhead, “Yi!  Yi!  Yi!  Yi!  Yi!”

Ryouga could hear, as well as feel, his stuffed, hard, and seriously enlarged nuts bounce and slap off of the girl’s upturned and firmly rotund buttocks.  The “slap!” sounds of their impacts were perfectly timed with her “Yi!”s.

“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!…“Yi!” slap!

Ranma could definitely feel those heavy balls spanking her ass.  Their sting of contact merely added to the incredible mix of sensations crushing her will to resist, to save her virginity, to hate Ryouga and desire revenge.  That deliciously huge, awesomely long, irresistibly powerful cock…couldn’t be stopped!  And all too soon, Ranma-chan didn’t want it to stop!


Ranma-chan was rapidly getting fucked!

Ryouga, it seemed to him, had barely gotten started plowing the schoolgirl into womanhood when Ranma-chan’s eyes flew open.  Tilting her head back, arching her magnificent chest up at her honking conqueror's grinning face, she loudly and uninhibitedly roared her first fucked orgasm at the rafters.  To Ryouga her hysterical wails of orgasmic defeat were glorious!  Watching this beauty, whom he had been lusting over all year after school, forced…by him!…to explode under him in her first fucked orgasm…Just damned fucking great!  And he did it with her, and their, first fuck!

What a stud you are, Ryouga!

But, as she howled her defeat to Ryouga’s cock to the entire neighborhood, Ryouga suddenly gasped himself.  With her first orgasm under him that pussy had just clamped down on his prick!

“Ungh!  Damn!  Baby, let go!  I’ll cum unless…”  Then his grimacing warnings were abruptly cut off.  The friction!  The delicious, wet velvet friction of that tight, just broken in, literally, pussy collapsing with male awe inspiring pussy muscle power, all along his near eighteen inches of pussy swallowed meat…It was just too much!

Way too fucking much for a mere young male!

Her lush body, lost in orgasm mode, was unconsciously fulfilling its orgasmic duty.  What it was designed to do when fucked into convulsions of cumming:  Sucking for her “mate’s” load!  She was demanding a baby from him!

And he, no man, could resist that all-mighty sucking pussy!

“Oh…fuck…baby…gonna…cum!” he gasped.  With the last word he gave up the ghost, spewing violently a massive, cup sized load of hot manchowder directly into the schoolgirl’s avidly sucking twat.

With a howl of unmistakable pleasure, Ranma accepted the violent spews into her womb, her own orgasm intensifying with each eruption so far up into her.

And Ryouga, thanks to Jusenkya’s curse, was loaded.  After less than a half dozen massive spurts his cum was backfiring back out of Ranma’s pussy, jetting out past the table to splatter across the wooden floor.  He kept pumping, and spewing, and jetting back out for a good two minutes before he collapsed upon the double over-ed Ranma.

Long minutes went by as he panted upon Ranma while she also breathed deeply, jumping occasionally when his still huge cock flexed far inside her.  Finally, though, a smiling Ryouga opened his eyes and then stood up.

Ranma opened her eyes, but she was not smiling!

Ryouga cupped her left tit, tweaking her still pebbly nipple till she winced.  “You were great, Ranma-chan!” he said with all the sincerity of a guy who had just scored with a bimbo.

“Okay!” she replied, not at all happy.  “You have your fun!  Now maybe that bitch Goddess will leave things well enough alone…she no doubt watched us as you raped me!  She should be satisfied!  Now, let me up!”

Ryouga didn’t lose his smile as he slowly pulled his still rock hard prick from Ranma’s widely spread pussy.  When he finally pulled his cockhead out of her, Ranma’s loud gasp covered over the usual sloppy ‘pop’ of his glans exiting her.

At once a torrent of partially coagulated wadd poured out of Ranma’s widened vagina, coursing down over and between her bulging buttocks and pooling on the floor under her.

He dropped his sloppy prick down on her belly, making a big ‘splat’, tossing her sweat all over the table.  He then looked into her scowling face.  “I don’t know, Ranma-chan.  You were good, and all, but I’m still rock hard.  I’ve been looking forward to fucking you for so long, Ranma-chan…maybe I should go another round before I let the others…”

Ranma interrupted, yelling it back from between her bent back legs, “’looking forward to fucking’ me?  What ever gave you the idea that I would ever let you touch me, better yet…fuck me unless I was tied down!?  Now look!  I’ll not tell the police that you raped me if you let me go right now!  I’ll even not kick your two henchmen, Hiroshi and Daisuki, asses’ again, but not unless you release me!  Now!”

“Nope!” Ryouga replied simply, once again taking his prick in his hand.  “I’ve been waiting too long to get you, and I know Hiroshi and Daisuki have had wet dreams about you ever since you were cursed.  Nope!  You’re going to have to service us, all of us, tonight!  Maybe after you have drained us, we’ll think about letting you go.  But not right now!”  While talking Ryouga had lined up his prick again with her pussy.  With his last “now!”, he thrust.

In spite of her anger, Ranma winced vividly while moaning when his glans smoothly popped inside her, followed by a good foot of his arm thick cock.  When he drove again, all the way to her cervix, forcing her to take all the rest of him, a squinting Ranma turned her head away, gnawing on her lower lip.

All she could think of during that penetration was, “It felt so damn good!”  Especially when he struck her womb that time!  “Now it REALLY was starting to feel good!”

Ryouga wasn’t thinking, naturally.  Nor would any red blooded young male buried in a deliciously hot, wet, and clinging belly like Ranma-chan’s.  Brain effectively turned off by the greatest pleasure and sexual triumph a young man could experience, he blotted out all other thoughts and observations and began plowing the gasping, whining, tied down and bent back, completely wetted up and spread open, cursed ‘girl’ under him.

Daisuki and Hiroshi, standing alongside the table, eyes wide and jaws dropped while slowly stroking their equally bloated and elongated ‘cursed’ pricks, were long forgotten by both of the rutting animals upon the card table.

Teeth clenched, arms tugging furiously on the chains binding them, Ranma turned her head to face the hard driving, eyes closed in ultimate male self-gratification Ryouga, “S…stop!  Damn…ung!…you…Ah!…No!…Ryouga!”

Right in the middle of her cursing him, her first orgasm seized her.  Again closing her eyes, her teeth separated to permit her to proclaim Ryouga’s, or more precisely the Goddess’ cock expansion spell, triumph over her will.  She hated herself at that moment, but her body was no longer listening to her.

It was ‘listening’, willingly and eagerly, to Ryouga’s magnificent cock!

“Ung!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh! Ung!  Yes!  Ung!” moronically went the female writhing under the hard driving Ryouga.  Everyone but Ryouga could clearly see Ranma-chan’s smooth belly convulse powerfully and rhythmically in time with his maximal, powerful drives, convulsing deeply around his prick as it slickly retreated, sucking hungrily on him, then wisely relaxing when he drove back in, submitting to the awesome power of his internally derived rhythm; the frantic, obsessive male rutting instinct that was in total and iron hard control of Ryouga at that moment.

The realization that Ranma was putting Ryouga into that state shocked, and in a little way pleased, her as she thrashed in wild orgasm under him, willingly now accepting every inch of his seeming brutal thrusts into her belly.

Ranma, head tossing as she had been grunting like a pig while she rhythmically came under her virile mate, could only think, when the delicious orgasms finally died down, of how she had never realized, imagined before how…good!…being fucked, being deeply, powerfully, relentlessly penetrated by a hot, throbbing male organ could feel!

The clapping sound of hot, huge, hard nuts bouncing off of smooth, spheric, slick Ranma ass echoed for further moments in the room…

Then she heard something new.  Loud, hoarse, forced panting…from just above her!  Opening her eyes she saw a red faced Ryouga, dripping sweat on her, arched over her bent back thighs.  The look he gave her when she opened her eyes spoke volumes…

He was going to cum again!

He moved up a bit, resting upon his elbows.  His freed hands slipped under her thighs and atop her chest as her jiggling, cock stuffed belly told her another episode of mind blinding machine-gun orgasms were rushing up to overwhelm her with bliss.

And he knew it!  She could feel his cock jumping inside her and she knew he, too, was nearing orgasm.  But he was waiting on her…

Just for argument’s sake she tried to hold it off, to not cum when he wanted her…not to cum FOR him!

But then he clamped his thumbs and forefingers around her pebble-hard nipples…

“AH!  No!” she managed to get out before the intense, as-pleasureable-as-pain-ever-could-get, shock of her gripped and twisted nipples set her helplessly off beneath him.

Beneath the smirking Ryouga…

She looked up at him one last time as bliss claimed her.  Even Ryouga’s degrading smirk of male conquest and triumph couldn’t stop her onrushing orgasm.  “AAHHH!  You bastard…squeal!  Ung!  Ung!  Ung!  Don’t…Ung!  Ung!  Ung!  Squeal!” went the mindless Ranma, over and over.

But at nearly the exact same time as Ranma’s cries of defeat, Ryouga’s smirk disappeared into a hideous grimace of equally overwhelming, male sexual submission to perfectly talented, demandingly cum sucking, divinely inspired pussy…

But Ryouga kept his mind functioning, on one item this time, as his own, deserved, bliss claimed him.  As Ranma wailed her victory over jumping prick, feeling his first great spurt rocket off her convulsing cervix, Ryouga actually pulled out of her!

The syrupy pop of his exit seemed to echo in the room, competing with Ranma’s howls of honest delight, as he dropped his jumping, dripping wet prick upon Ranma-chan’s upturned pussy.  Quite out of it by now, he instinctively, most mindlessly, started humping, fucking air, trying to satisfy his urge to continue on with his own spewing.  His heavy, firm, feet long prick stroked over the noisily orgasming girl’s clit, grinding down on it with wet, velvet-like friction, managing to actually intensify her orgasm as well as prolonging it.

Selfsame, just one, over foot long stroke fully between her warm, smooth thighs and over that floppy lipped pussy was enough to finish off Ryouga’s mental activities and continue his spewgasm.

Just as his glans, swollen purple as if ready to burst, stopped and momentarily hovered over the orgasming Ranma-chan’s jutting, hard nippled, foldout full tits, Ryouga gasped a near roar in masculine sexual delight, defeat and vindication and proceeded to spew a foot long, thumb thick strand of lumpy, coiled, baby-making man-slime…

Right into the howling, head tossing Ranma-chan’s face!

A great deal of it also went up her nose, but a goodly amount, the last 40% of the strand, Ryouga estimated on the spot, disappeared into the dark, bottomless chasm of the girl’s wide open, bellowing mouth.  And that was the part that Ranma’s taste buds noticed first.

Instinctively he slid back, spewing an even longer worm of wadd as his prick retreated.  It hit her chin and landed down between her tits almost to her navel.  Thrusting forward, again on male fucking automatic, he deposited yet another spurt of reproductive protein into Ranma-chan’s tossing face.

His aim was worthy of NASA…

Back and forth Ryouga stroked, spewing on each thrust and each withdrawal, for a good half dozen cycles before his massive spewgasm finally calmed.

Ranma-chan continued to cry-out her bliss through the entire spewgasm…as her face, and a goodly part of her chest, was iced with Ryouga’s liquid testicular protein ‘icing’

Well, actually her cries dropped appreciably in volume once, after his fourth eruption into her face, her wide open mouth became substantially filled with Ryouga’s testicle-chowder!  But she still screamed, the orgasms forced upon her by his heavy, clit grinding cock literally forcing her, even with a mouthful of man-goo.

Ryouga eventually came to rest, his hands planted on each side of Ranma-chan’s ribs, panting like a long distance runner, his still furiously stiff prong hovering motionless over the girl’s heaving, sweaty belly, drooling a seemingly endless stream of left over cum all over her lower chest.

He watched, with much satisfaction, as his babystuff slid greasily down her diaphragm to pool in the depression around her navel.

Then he heard the girl swallow…

Ranma-chan regained reality with the strangest taste in her mouth!  Then she noticed that the taste was associated with a, sizable, pool of ‘something’ nearly filling her mouth!

Running her tongue through it, she noticed how hot it was, with the consistency of tapioca pudding…kinda lumpy and greasy at the same time.

And it smelled like she had been around a herd of bulls all day!

Instinctively she started swallowing the stuff…It was so thick, like eggwhite almost but more chunky, it took three gulps to empty her mouth.  By the last gulp the stuff was starting to taste pretty good.

What was it? her still virginal mind questioned.

Then she tried to open her eyes, only she could open only her right eye!  Her left eye socket seemed to be flooded with…’something’!  ‘Something’ that felt, and smelt, like the stuff she had just swallowed!

Ryouga, with a grin, wiped the girl’s left eye clear of the pool of jism he had planted there.  When she opened her eyes, he smiled down at her, “You okay, baby?” he panted, somewhat winded, down at her.  “You were great!” he added, sincerely.

Eyes now open, albeit in a coagulated sea of Ryouga’s ‘eggwhite’, she suddenly smiled beautifully (As beautifully as could a schoolgirl with a fresh, and first, facial of manchowder all over her face!) up at him.  Then, realizing the situation, her smile faded.

She had to clear her throat of Ryouga before she could speak, “H…had enough of using me?”

Ryouga’s grin broadened, though his shoulders slumped.  What should he do?  He knew Ranma couldn’t do anything while tied down.  And he sure could go again at her!  Just look at those tits!  And his new equipment hadn’t went down a bit, even after the two biggest loads of his life!  All those exercise routines had had some benefit, after all.  In fact…he’d love porking her again…but there was Daisuki and Hiroshi to consider…

“Uh, baby, I’d love to fuck you again, but there is one problem…”  Ryouga tilted his head to his left, indicating the two other ‘studs’, their cocks just as big, and just as hard, as his own.  Only presently much more loaded with cum than his!  “The Goddess promised that you would take care of all of us, including them!  Remember?”

Both boys were nodding eagerly, eyes fixed on Ranma-chan’s cum coated charms.

Ranma-chan’s frown morphed into a furious scowl.  “What do you mean?  Let me go!  I have no intentions of servicing those creeps!  I’ll kick your ass, Ryouga!  Let me go!”

“Once you take care of me, we’ll think about letting you go, Ranma-CHAN!” Hiroshi grinned, stepping forward.  His prick was drooling precum in coiled, disgusting strands nearly to the floor.  “But, if you’d rather blow me instead of fucking, I’m into that!”

Ranma-chan, even as she shook her head, did remember how good he had made her feel.  She remembered how everything associated with these pricks this night had felt—wonderful!  Was this what it was like, the first time?  Or was this still some part of that damned Goddess’ revenge?  But he forced himself upon her when she was tied down…she didn’t ‘owe’ him anything!

That is, nothing but a good ass kicking tomorrow at school, first thing!

She looked back at Ryouga.  “Are you going to let these guys use me like a cheap whore?  Are you guys just going to gangbang me like I didn’t mean anything to you but a pussy?  Oh you are so dead!”

Hiroshi stepped up to Ryouga.  “Look, I’ve already ate her.  What if she gave me a blow job?  Let her eat my cum…she did yours, right?  I don’t need to fuck her!  Just let her get rid of my blue balls into her mouth!  Look, it will do her good!  She needs practice at eating these new, big dicks we got, right?  What do you say?”

To Ranma-chan’s complete non-surprise, she saw Ryouga’s smile return as he nodded!

“That would be a solution to my concerns, yes Hiroshi!” he said to Hiroshi, ignoring the tied down Ranma-chan.

“Now wait a minute!” Ranma-chan squealed.  “You haven’t asked me!”

Ryouga directed his attention down to her as his hand smoothly dropped between her thighs, “Now, baby, you can get out of fucking him, after all.   Admit it, a blow job would be…better than getting fucked by him, wouldn’t it?”

His fingers were now strumming through her still soaked, still elongated, still very aroused labia, sending renewed signals of fierce pleasure surging through her.  Soon, too soon, her hips were jerking and writhing under his evil assault.

“No!…I…don’t…want…” she strained to reply, starting to gasp as the wicked pleasure built. Her voice broke off into a teeth clenching grimace of fierce pleasure.  Then his middle finger started on her clit and her hips began jerking for real.

“Ung!” she grunted as almost painful shots of fiery pleasure shot up from her tortured pussy.  “Please!” she gasped.  “Not so hard!”

“Will you suck off Hiroshi?” Ryouga wheedled, not stopping.  “All you have to do is suck him off…”

“And swallow,” Hiroshi added.

“Hiroshi!” she replied, throwing daggers at him with her eyes as her hips increased their clit frigging hand humping.  “You are so ass kicked tomorrow!”

Ranma-chan couldn’t stop her hips from thrusting up into Ryouga’s hand as he ruthlessly and effortlessly got the manacled down schoolgirl fired up.

When Hiroshi stepped up and whispered something in Ryouga’s ear, Ranma was gasping and honking most loudly upon the table.  Then Ryouga stopped torturing the girl and nodded to Hiroshi.

Ryouga stepped aside and Hiroshi took his place.

Suddenly Ranma’s eyes were wide and white as the panting girl looked down over her heaving, cum and sweat covered belly and between her pulled back thighs at the smirking Hiroshi.  When he began kneeling alongside the table she could only whine, “No!”

Then she felt his hot breath on her soaked twat and erotic doom came crashing in on her!

When his evil, expert mouth pressed in, spreading her labia, she whimpered a pitiful “no!”

Then his lips wrapped around her still furiously stiff and completely, helplessly unhooded clit, and her head dropped back down to the table with a ‘thump’.

He cupped her buttocks, filling his strong hands with her firm, generous buttmeat, sinking his fingers into her until her assflesh bulged between them.  Then he lifted her hips until he could look down over her already heaving belly at her own wide eyes.  Finally, horribly, irresistibly, the sucking started…

It took him less than two minutes to break her.  She just was too worked up after servicing Ryouga and then being aroused again by his fingers.  All Hiroshi had to do was suck on her sex pebble and…

Relentlessly and remorselessly he broke her.  The jolts of delicious, will crushing, lust instilling pleasure from her trapped and suckled clit just couldn’t be resisted.  He drove her higher, and higher, and higher until she was thrusting herself, her pussy, into his face, desperate for another delicious orgasm.  And this time oral…

Then the bastard stopped…again!

Wiping his face of her pussy juice, he smirked down at the whining, air humping schoolgirl, “I think you’re ready to go down on me now, aren’t you?  After all, I got Miss Akashi, you know, the Calculus teacher, down on her knees, and swallowing my wadd for lunch for an entire week, on less head than I’ve just given you!  What do you say, Ranma-chan?  I’ll get you off…once you get me off!”

Ranma knew better than to believe anything the notorious braggart Hiroshi said about his sexual ‘conquests’ at school, but he was awfully good with his mouth down there!  With the irritating whine of a Daddy’s girl begging for something, Ranma-chan finally nodded.  She wasn’t smiling, but she was nodding.  She looked at Hiroshi’s cock, long, thick, and disgusting with the strands of almost solid precum hanging from the cockhead’s tip.  But it suddenly no longer looked disgusting.

She was actually getting a little thrill looking at it!

“I think we can safely release her now, don’t you think, gentlemen?” Ryouga announced as he stepped around the table.

Both newly endowed young studs eagerly nodded.

It took but a couple of minutes to release her.  As she slid off the table, her thighs quivering and her big, hard pointed tits jiggling, she knew she was still way too worked up to effectively deny these men…anything they might want from her!

Worse, the men knew she was too worked up to deny them!

But she had to try!

Then she looked over at the couch where Akane and Genma had struggled.  She had to remind herself to keep her lower jaw up when she saw Akane, naked, her clothes tossed in shreds all over the couch, draped over the arm of the couch.  She had a stunned, blank eyed look on her face.  She also had long strands of Genma’s yellowish cum hanging from her nose, coming from inside her nostrils!  Strands were also swaying from her chin, ears, and still hard nipples.  Her butt, raised high as she knelt on the couch, shone with layers of still not dried manstuff!

She was quite out of it.  While technically still awake, her eyes told of being seriously ‘brain-fucked’ by the orgasms that appeared not to have entirely dissipated in her as yet.

Genma, still in his Panda form, occupied most of the rest of the couch.  He was snoring quietly, a contented smile on his muzzle.

“On your knees, Ranma-chan!” Hiroshi ordered, interrupting her gawk at Akane, hands on his hips, his prick jumping before her.

“Yea!  Where you belong!” added Daisuki.

She didn’t even look at that asshole, Daisuki, her eyes locked on Hiroshi’s mammoth pole, as she spread her thighs, planted her fists on her hips, and said, “Make me, asshole!”

But Ranma told herself that she really didn’t feel like forcing the issue.

But she had to do something or she would be on her knees, gnawing on every bespelled, oversized cock in the room!

Ryouga chuckled as he looked at the other two boys.  “Well, men, she’s asking for it!  Go and give it to her!”

Daisuki and Hiroshi stepped towards her…


Jusenkya, still on her knees, was licking the final bits of Ukyou’s massive, spell accentuated load from the cursed girl-disguised-as-a-man’s still iron bar hard cock.  The violent, forced throat fuck, and the quart, at least, of cum shot down the Goddess’ throat, appeared to have had no ill effect whatsoever upon Ukyou’s stamina.  Her former Ranma’s ‘equipment’ was just as out-thrust and virile as when she gave it to the human.


Suddenly her hair was grabbed and her head viciously yanked back from the cock she was willingly, and enjoyably, licking.  Ukyou’s eyes still had that red glow to them.

The curse was still in effect!


“What have you done to me?” Ukyou growled not unlike the possessed girl in “The Exorcist”.

Looking up, head held back by the…pleasurably painful…grip on her hair, Jusenkya smiled, “Well, I gave you this nice and big and…tasty…cock…”

“Besides that!  Why am I…acting…this way!  I recall that, until I met you, I would never have forced myself upon any woman, big cock or not!  I am cursed with what?”

As she slowly and carefully, as well as futilely, worked the hair clutching fingers yanking her head back, Jusenkya explained, “Well, its a little complicated.  But the short explanation is that cock used to be Ranma’s.  But you already know that!  Well, he’s cursed to stay Ranma-chan, without a cock but with a very hungry set of cock openings, until he…sorry, she…can defeat and get through, using only orgasmic skills and weapons, my Amazon protectors and other…’defenses’ I have placed in the land of Jusenkyo to protect the path to my Temple.  I so enjoy watching sexual, erotic combat!  It’s my favorite past-time!  Oh, the look on the face of some overconfident heroine…some female adventurer’s face when she experiences for the first time the attack of the Penis Pussy-trap plant…its priceless!”

Then Ukyou yanked painfully on Jusenkya’s hair, rudely bringing the Goddess back to reality,  “Ow!  Okay!  No taste for beauty or sport, eh?  Well, only when Ranma-chan gets to My Temple, removes the ‘talisman’ I have there containing all the spells for the curses he and his other companions, friends or not, have, and manages to get out of Jusenkyo with it without being fucked brainless and enslaved to one of my denizens, will the curses I put on him and his friends be removed and he can get his cock back!  It is the only way he can ever go back to being a man again!

“And, by the way, while the effects of the hormones that my spell send through you will calm, so you won’t be quite so ‘monster-ish’ in the future, that will be the only way you can get rid of that cock so you can become a woman again, though I think that may not be very high on your list of priorities from the way you dress!”

Once again Ukyou shook Jusenkya’s head violently via the grip on her hair.  And again, as painfully as possible, “But what is this curse on me, dammit!”

“Ok! Ok!  You don’t have to ruin my ‘do’!  I’ve put you under a…simple…demon curse, that’s all!  Of course, its sexual, that’s what I work with.  A girl uses the ‘tools’ she’s got!  Let’s see…what is your curse?  They are all so hard to keep straight!  Oh yes!  My, I haven’t used that one in ages!  Not since that vampire, Vampirella or something like that and that adventurer…the one that liked carrying those dangerous looking sidearms and had that cute pony tail…and other ‘tail’, too!  My, that vampire was just as rough as you!  That woman…Archeologist I think she was…was walking bowlegged for days after I cast that spell, I’ll tell you!  Well, this spell goes into effect whenever you…” and the Goddess started looking around.

Ukyou seemed to lose her temper naturally and instantly now.  With another wild tug she bellowed, “How do I get rid of this cock!  Tell me!”

“Hey!  Lighten up, dude!”  Looking up at the over-towering demon-like Ukyou, Jusenkya temporarily took on the persona of Elvira, a hobby of her’s.  “I know you want to get rid of it…you gotta get rid of the cock, and you know how that is gonna happen, right?  Just like all the other dudes!  You can only change back to your former, ‘normal’ self by emptying your nuts, and I mean EMPTY all of those big balls, into one of those cute, sexy girls you’ll have around you!  And remember where I put it…”  Then the clearly no longer drunk Goddess looked around Ukyou and her clothes.  Then her eyes widened and she pointed at Ukyou’s left hand, “There!  That ring I gave you!”

Ukyou gawked at the golden ring that the Goddess had given to her.

Ukyou gasped.  The ring had changed!  Much more yellow, much less shiny, more deep metallic glow…

“It looks like…is it gold?  It didn’t look like gold before…” Ukyou gasped.

“Of course!  I don’t deal with junk!”  Jusenkya clapped her hands together three times and mumbled some prayers, then said, “Whenever you, or any other human female from Earth, put that ring on you will turn into a raping male monster with the muscles of the hulk, an attitude towards women of a dozen drunk Mongols of the Golden Hoard in a nunnery of novitiates after a year on the Steppe herding Yaks, and armed with the biggest cock on Earth!  Simple!  Now, you’d better take it off, if you want to go back to your normal self.”

As the musclebound ex-girl started pulling the ring off her enlarged finger, Ukyou’s released Jusenkya’s hair and the Goddess slowly, painfully rose to her feet.  Then the Goddess snapped her fingers,  “Oh, I almost forgot!  Even if you pork a sweet fuck bunny till she has your cum running out her ears, you are still going to get blue balls, very painful ones too, if you continue to wear the ring!  That goes for anyone who wears it, except for Ranma.  If she puts it on, nothing happens.  Sorry, Ranma is cursed, and I’m seriously pissed at her…er…him, after all!  But once anyone wearing the ring finishes emptying their balls, only then will they go back to ‘normal’ once they take off the ring.  It they don’t take off the ring, though, they’ll go through the worst ‘blue balls,’ within about a half hour, that any high school football player on Friday night ever experienced.”

By now, though, Ukyou was staring, enrapt, at the Goddess’ inhumanly beautiful and perfect jugs, ring removing forgotten.  Her pant was deep and rapid as Jusenkya could feel tons of precum suddenly drooling down her belly.

The Goddess smiled knowingly while staring at that inhuman prick jutting and drooling into her navel.  “Ah, do you really want to take that ring off right now?  You haven’t changed back.  Must mean you haven’t cum enough, right?”  The Goddess looked up at Ukyou, a small, anticipatory smile on her face.

Ukyou’s eyes glowed like red spotlights as she grinned like a succubus entering a high school girl’s shower during class!

Jusenkya added in a soft, intimate voice, “You tasted really good, mind you, but I gotta get fucked and hard!  And you still do!  So, are you going to force me to beg?  I will, you know!  I’m that bad off!”

Ukyou looked at the Goddess’ face, eyes blazing and face now split by a horny, hideous, leering grin.  She replied in something very similar to a demon’s voice, “Oh, I am so ready to fuck you stupid, Bitch!  How do you want it?”  That cock was pissing a continuous, tacky stream of precum all over Jusenkya’s legs and the street beneath them.

The Goddess glared right back.  “Anyway you like it, as long as its in my pussy!”

Immediately, with lightning speed, Ukyou drove her hands down between the Goddess’ naturally parted thighs to grab her big, round asscheeks.  Then, with the Goddess’ eyes widening and her thighs supported on monstrously strong arms, Ukyou effortlessly lifted the Goddess, Jusenkya’s buns filling to overflowing Ukyou’s large, powerful hands.

Like she weighed nothing, Ukyou lifted Jusenkya up and up until the crack between her wide spread thighs hovered right over the tip of Ukyou’s towering prick.  Before the Goddess could say anything Ukyou sank her fingers into Goddess buttmeat and pulled her down, right over her unbending half meter of massive meat.

Suddenly Jusenkya lost her grin.  “Wait!  What, no foreplay?  You’re awfully…big!…for me to take without a little fore…”

With a syrupy pop, and a brief, but window shattering high pitched shriek, the Goddess found herself impaled around demonic dick, her pussy spread a good three times its normal width.  She could only gawk down at the grinning Ukyou, eyes wide and white.

“Fuck foreplay!”  Ukyou growled.  “You’re a Goddess…make adjustments…live with it!”  Then the towering horsehung beast dragged the howling Assure down around another half foot of demonic organ.

And Jusenkya found that she had another opening that could ‘swallow’ eighteen inches of mortal-life threatening cock.  She shrieked again and again as, in four to five inch drives, Ukyou forced her down and around ‘her’ cock until the tip of the cock impacted, sharply, on her womb, and then kept right on going into her uterus.  When that shaft finally came to rest, the glans pressed murderously up against the roof of her womb, Ukyou stopped a moment, smirking, just like a denizen of the underworld, down at the completely intimidated and overwhelmed Jusenkya.  After a moment Ukyou instinctively started rotating the impaled Goddess upon her spike, grinding that cockhead up against her womb’s roof.

And Jusenkya moaned most forcefully, long,…and pleasantly!

A couple of moments of moan filled rotating upon vertical, belly stuffing and swelling, demonic male organ and the Goddess was drooling down her dropped jaw, her head tilting back, her eyes wide and glazed.  With an arrogant smirk Ukyou began lifting Jusenkya, again as if she weighed nothing, until just the glans was still inside Goddess belly, Ukyou immediately drove the Goddess down to even more violently impact her womb upon cock.

And Jusenkya broke windows with her resulting howl of blissful impalement.

Ukyou didn’t stop.  Two more cycles and Ukyou was raising and driving down the abruptly, uncontrollably, machine-gun orgasming Goddess in a veritable blur.

And Jusenkya howled to shake the walls, her magnificent tits bouncing up and down in Ukyou’s face, divine belly swelling dramatically, insanely, as she dropped, then hollowing as she was lifted, until finally her belly resembled jello in an earthquake.

As the now incoherent Goddess thrashed in Ukyou’s overwhelming arms, Ukyou’s cock began its pre-orgasmic throbbing, preparing to fertilize the holy bitch.  Briefly Ukyou wondered if Jusenkya could get pregnant?

But only briefly.  There were more important, and pleasant, things to think about at that moment.  Within seconds of raising and lowing the multi-orgasmic Jusenkya upon her metaphysically endowed prick, Ukyou decided she didn’t give a shit if a Goddess could get pregnant and began hosing down divine womb with veritably demonic spews of essentially demonic spunk…


Ranma-chan held her ground as Daisuki and Hiroshi, bobbing feet long pricks preceding them, advanced on her.  “If they wanted a fight, I’ll give it to them!” She told herself…even though she didn’t really feel like a fight at the moment.  Actually, she was feeling kinda weak, and quivering at that moment.  She kept looking down at those…huge…cocks the two boys were pointing at her and her belly, deep inside, quivered and thrilled.

Ryouga’s prick, and his fuck of her, had been way too pleasant!  It had felt…oh so good to service…submit to Ryouga’s penile advances.  She ruefully admitted to herself that she actually wouldn’t mind letting Ryouga climb upon her again!  But in private!

But not those two assholes approaching her with wide grins and big dicks!  They were good only for kicking!  Which was exactly what she was going to do once they got within range!

When they did, Ranma acted.  With all her speed she shot out her right leg, right at the grinning Daisuki…

Her leg shot forward so slowly that he was able to grab her ankle before her foot got halfway to him!

She was so slow!

And weak!  She realized that Ryouga’s fucking of her had stolen her strength, reducing her to little more than a schoolgirl’s strength!

Daisuki twisted her leg so she faced the card table.  Then he released her and stepped behind.  Closely behind.

Ranma squealed when his sloppy, hot and hard cock slid between her bulbous buns and goosed her!

“You just take it easy, Ranma-chan!” Daisuki whispered into her ear while slipping his hands around her ribs to fill them with her perfect tit cones.  “You just relax, baby, and I’ll fuck you till you blow your head off!”

Ranma elbowed him in his ribs…hard!

“Unh!” softly grunted the tit groping boy, hardly moving!  Then he pinched her nipples and electric fire shot up from them into her brain…

“OOOHHH!” she moaned, but she managed to not cry out, as the nearly painful pleasure flooded her.  She felt his powerful chest press on her back, forcing her forward…

Towards the card table.

“No!” she tried to scream, but it came out as an almost moan.

Suddenly she was so hot!  Being manhandled by these two just fired her up something awful!  She wanted to kick their asses, but her body just couldn’t.  She was all shaky, and hot, and quivering deep in her belly and she was getting where she didn’t want to do anything to stop these brutes!  She could feel fluid running down the insides of her thighs!  Her fluid!

“Over the table…” Daisuki said while Ranma shook her head.

But Hiroshi reached over the table and seized her wrists and pulled her until she fell on her chest upon the table top!  She looked up to see Hiroshi’s cock…his huge cock staring her in the face!

Her legs hung down the side of the table, too short to reach the floor.

And Daisuki’s cock was now running up and down her asscrack, preparing her!

“No!” Ranma said, more loudly.  But she didn’t DO anything to stop them.  In fact she felt her rotund buttocks jump and quiver around Daisuki’s cockhead!

Suddenly, staring at the cock only inches from her nose, she realized how hot these two…men were making her!  Ryouga had really started something in her with his fuck!  She remembered how, as soon as he was finished spewing all over her, that the first thing she thought was could he do her again?  And now her body was calling out for more of that!

From anyone with a big dick!

What this the Goddess again?  Making her into a slut for her entertainment?

Who knows?  And, right now, who cares with these two huge cocks pressing in on her two ends?

Then her semi-sane thoughts stopped when a hot, hard, demanding pole found her pussy and bulled its way past her yielding, soaked labia.

It was Daisuki!  Or, Daisuki’s huge cock!

“You are one hot babe, Ranma-chan!” He husked into her ear.  His hands were still gripping her boobs, and he was pinching her nipples still, only much more softly…MUCH more pleasantly!  “I just have to give it to you, baby!”

Then he must have turned his head to Ryouga.  “Can I good buddy?” he asked.  “Can I get me some of Ranma-chan?”

She glared at him when he laughed.  “She ain’t my fiancee!  As far as I’m concerned anything you get from her, tonight, is fine with me!  I can always fuck her tomorrow before school!”

What is going on?! Ranma screamed at herself!  Ryouga would never have let…

Again her thoughts were distracted, this time when Daisuki’s fist sized prickhead suddenly, and noisily, punched through her vaginal opening and lodged itself inches into her belly!

Everyone heard the sharp bark-like gasp from the girl.  Everyone laughed.

“Damn you, Daisuki!” she tried to scream.

“I know!  I know!” Daisuki replied, gripping her big buns to steady her.  “You’re going to kick my ass!  Maybe so!  But not before I fuck your ass!”

Then Ranma’s eyes popped open as Daisuki’s cock sank into her, inch after inch, foot after foot, not stopping until it smashed into Ranma’s cervix.

“OOOOOHHHHH!” went Ranma, dropping her head as she involuntarily moaned, quite loudly.  Oh that felt good! she screamed at herself.  And when he hit her guts!  Stars exploded in her head!

Just like Ryouga!

She lay a long moment, prostrate under Daisuki, thighs quivering as the hung over the edge of the table, buttocks jumping wildly as her girl tubes sucked on fresh hardon.

“Look at that ass!” Ryouga gasped.  “Never seen a chick’s tail jump like that!”

Daisuki chuckled.  “This bitch ain’t never had my dick in her before!  When I get done with her, she’ll be beggin’ me for more every day before school starts!  And I know just the place where I’ll pork her!  Just outside the main gate, so all the seniors can watch and hear her squeal!”

Ryouga replied, not happily, “Okay, big mouth!  Get going!  I want her again tonight and you’re taking too long!  And Hiroshi, why don’t you shove your cock down her throat?  Bet she’ll learn to love sucking cocks after tonight!”

“Beautiful!”  Daisuki honestly exclaimed from behind her.  Then he playfully spanked each of her buns, indicating to her he was admiring her tail.  He ran his hand over her, taking in every bulbous, white, smooth inch of Ranma-chan’s bubblebutt.  Patting her on her tail, listening to the slaps echo through the room, he looked at a grinning Ryouga.  “I’m a real ass man, buddy!”

Then he bent over and kissed her right between her shoulder-blades.  “You are one delicious and hot piece of ass!” he romantically said to the back of her head.

Ranma just frowned just like she had heard that all before!

Then she felt him pulling back out, feeling her stuffed tube suck and pull on his prick as it slid back out.

Even though she knew better, she still wondered if he was going to pull all the way out?

Of course not!  After some fifteen inches he stopped, waiting.  Was he going to shove it back in?  Would he warn her?

But Ranma-chan knew exactly when he did thrust forward, for though his entire eighteen inches of cock, minus the three inches of cockhead still inside her, couldn’t be seen by her, as it disappeared rapidly into her belly she sure could feel it!

And Ranma-chan howled wildly during the entire plunge, letting everyone there know she was feeling it.

When Daisuki’s firm glans plowed into her cervix this time, lights really flashed in her mind.  From this angle directly from between her thighs not only could the Daisuki huge cock easily impact her cervix, but it also hit…some other spot!  A spot that, when properly stimulated, firmly, powerfully plowed into by monstrous male organ, sent the most delicious orgasmic signals to her rapidly fuck-fried brain.

Vaguely, Ranma-chan recalled once hearing, or reading, about a “G-spot” up there.

She had just found where it was at in her!

“Oh, fuck yeah!”  Daisuki cried as he demandingly ground his meat fully up her guts, grinding his cockhead right against, crushing mercilessly, that ‘spot’!

And, with a warbling moan, a slack jawed Ranma-chan lowered her forehead to the tabletop and rolled her head across it, eyes tightly screwed shut.

She was just about to start pounding her fist on the table when someone grabbed her wrist and directed her fist above her head, where it ran into a long, thick, meaty and hot pole…

Immediately her fist opened and gripped the wide, rock hard oval pole.  Her hand could only get about half way around the pole…

Then, as orgasm was about to overwhelm her once again, her sex befuddled mind screamed, “Another cock!  Hiroshi’s cock!  It feels so…big!”  She squeezed it with all her strength, but all she felt was hot, slimy fluid running down the hair on the top of her head.

“Wadd!” she howled inside her.  “Hiroshi’s cum, squeezed out of him…by me!”

Daisuki finally, just before Ranma-chan could explode, pulled his overpowering prick back about a foot, relieving the orgasmic pressure on the girl…most frustratingly for Ranma-chan.  But immediately, with no hesitation, Daisuki drove it back in just as hard and fast as he could.

This time the cock clutching Ranma-chan’s head flew up, letting loose with a loud sharp “AAAHH!” as her dangling legs swung backwards in response to the Daisuki’s hips smashing into her well padded backside.  The flashing of lights in her head were even more intense that time!  And they were accompanied by a sensation…a feeling different from any other she had experienced that night!  That ‘spot’ sent the most delicious, powerful orgasmic sensations when it was smashed into by the Bastard’s cock!

It felt soooo goood!

When her mind recovered, the first thing she noticed was her hand was now stroking…beating…jacking Hiroshi’s jumping prick!

But that was the only thing her mind could register…clearly there was no more time for rational thought, for Daisuki had already reared back and was sending his next womb battering ram thrust right…up…her…pussy!

“Ah!  Fuck!” she cried that time!  Her jacking hand squeezed Hiroshi’s jumping prick again and, again, he spewed another bolt of precum…this time into her wincing face!

Her tongue shot out, uncommanded, and snagged part of the wormy strand across her lips and dragged it into her mouth.  Suddenly she was drooling down her chin!

Then he was thrusting yet again!

And she was screaming through a saliva flooded, cum covered mouth at her next nerve shattering response.

Then Daisuki was pounding, stroking, fucking Ranma-chan’s pussy, over and over smashing into her ‘spot’, gutting her with his half meter long prick, flying in and out of her just as fast as Ryouga had so effectively earlier.

And Ranma-chan responded as she had earlier under him.  Within two minutes of the Bastard’s unleashing of his prick in her, she was falling into orgasm, whether she wanted to our not.  Gritting her precum stained teeth with cracking force, pounding on the table with her left, not cock jacking and impotent fist, making the remaining chips bounce crazily, she could only shake her head in despair and whine through her nose as the overpowering flashes of very feminine pleasure shot through her to explode in her mind’s eye.

The last rational thought she had before Daisuki, the Cocksman, drove her, forced her, fucked her into orgasmic rout was, “I’m fucked by this Bastard!  And its sooooo gooood!”

Then the Bastard mind-fucked her by planting his right hand upon her back between her shoulder blades, right where he had kissed her, and slammed Ranma-chan’s chest and face into the bouncing table, turning her tits into bulging balloons upon the table.

And Ranma-chan discovered that her ‘spot’ could be struck from many different angles.  But her angle to Daisuki’s driving cock, now, while flat on the table, was the most direct of all!

Enslaving, male triumphal orgasm was mere strokes away, now.

She couldn’t stop him!

She didn’t want to stop him!

Daisuki, pounding away furiously at that bubblebutt babe, was approaching spewgasm himself.  That pussy, while pliable, sure put the suck on you once you got in and going!  He was going to spew a baby into this Babe yet!

Orgasm was rushing upon Ranma-chan.  Like a runaway locomotive it roared up from her pummeled, stroked, fucked belly.  Fist pounding chips off the table, her jacking right hand a mindless blur, legs jerking and swinging under the table’s edge, and grimacing head feebly shaking, near unconsciously, betrayed her condition of impending feminine defeat, she could do nothing…nothing!…to save her from Daisuki’s magnificent, monstrous taking of her.

But, even when feeling the wild pulsing and jerking of that belly buried cock as it pounded her, it’s triumphant assault triggered a solo warning of impending orgasmic doom in her near sex fried mind.  It forced her to gave out with a last, desperate plea of feminine defiance, “Oh, you Bastard!”

Daisuki, sweating and honking into the fuck broken schoolgirl, roared his triumph while loudly slapping her bouncing sweaty and plump bums, “Yea!  Getting to like it, Bitch?  Can’t resist me, can you?  Gonna cum for me?  Gonna cum…”  He suddenly shut up.  Bending over dramatically, his face grimaced like he was having a heart attack.

Immediately Ranma screamed to shake the walls as blissful, omnipotent orgasm once again claimed her.

With her mouth open and howling, abruptly ‘something’ was bravely pushed into it!  It was spongy, hot, and coated with strange, but delicious, goo.  Out of it entirely, her mind swamped with wonderful orgasmic sensations, she immediately, instinctively, wrapped her mouth around the fist sized spongy tissue.

The brave, trusting owner was forever grateful that she didn’t use her teeth!

Then Ranma gave suck…

And, as with the wonderful orgasms Ryouga had given her, her magnificent buttcheeks furiously clenched and her entire puss tube, from the vestibule of her vulva to her cervix, clamped down on the Bastard’s formerly triumphant prick!

Both boys who had at least part of their pricks inside Ranma’s tubes moaned in ultimate male pleasure.

Hiroshi stiffened at once when Ranma started nursing on his glans.  The pleasure this adorable girl gave him!  It was so great to get head!

Spastically he thrust forward…

And a convulsing, orgasm possessed angel under him dutifully, willingly swallowed him up!  Inch by arm thick inch, when he gently thrust, she, downright eagerly, swallowed!  In no time at all she had his glans in her throat, sucking and swallowing on him like a pro while her jacking hand turned into a blur on the foot of shaft still outside!

Suddenly Hiroshi was approaching uncontrollable orgasm himself!

Ranma registered none of this.  Except for her monstrous waves of mind crushing pleasure from Daisuki’s girl destroying prick pounding in and out of her convulsing puss tube, and the, definitely pleasant, taste of raw meat jumping in her mouth and throat, she was on automatic, doing what her body told her to do as it jumping and thrilled in orgasmic seizure.

She might have lost in this orgasmic battle to Daisuki’s mighty cock, but she was taking the ‘victor’, and his accomplice, with her!

“Suck him, Ranma-chan!” Daisuki, bending over the thrashing sex-pot sucking both cocks inside her off with her incredible tubes, whispered into her burning ear.  “Don’t let Hiroshi suffer.  Didn’t he do good by you?  Don’t you think you should pay him back?  I can’t hold my load back much longer, don’t let Hiroshi either!.”

Daisuki’s right hand slid slowly down her heaving belly from the tit he had been clutching.  Hurriedly, for his own fuck was not long for this world, but relentlessly he made for her still stiff and throbbing clit.

Meanwhile Hiroshi had gripped Ranma’s head between his hands, holding her still so he could fuck into her mouth and throat, luxuriously sinking his rigid cockhead in and out of the gagging throat, bringing himself into spewgasm just as readily as her pussy was doing to Daisuki.

Ranma just went along with them, her body quivering, jumping and convulsing madly in repeating, endless orgasms.

Hiroshi, fucking her mouth, mumbled over and over as she nursed hungrily on him,  “Please, Ranma-chan!  Please! Suck Ranma-chan, suck!”

Then Ranma began to whine, her cock stuffed body stiffening in its writhing.  Daisuki had found her clit…

With an absolutely evil and utterly degrading chuckle, the gasping, sweating Daisuki began working her easily found, furiously stiff clit with a most effective circular motion.

With a loud, whining moan, followed by a gag as Hiroshi plugged the back of her throat, Ranma-chan again began beating Hiroshi’s half swallowed prick furiously.  She jacked him in a blur, her hand moving a good foot forwards and backwards on the length of shaft not enwrapped by her head.

Then she gave the throat fucking Hiroshi hard, demanding suck…

Cum suck…

“Oh!  Yessss…” Hiroshi moaned, taking her twisting, sucking head in his hands and fucking her face once again.

Ranma-chan cupped his low hanging testicles in her left hand, feeling his hot nuts start to rise, his sac growing wrinkled as they rose up towards his body.  That prick trapped in her maw and upper throat was jumping madly, almost as soon as she started sucking, threatening to knock her teeth out.

And Daisuki, that devilish bastard, was working her clit so damn well!  He was keeping her cumming, exploding rhythmically so she continued to eagerly service their trapped and almost worked to orgasm cocks.

With Hiroshi’s hand’s guidance, she bobbed her head over the huge, delicious slab of Hiroshi cock.  Her mouth as wide open as she could make it, instinctively wanting to avoid her teeth striking Hiroshi’s tender, throbbing cockhead, Ranma-chan gave head bobbing, hard sucking, ball fondling and cock shaft jack-off head.

The more she worked on Hiroshi, the better she got…at least she felt that way when she momentarily heard, from between her rhythmic waves of cumming herself, the moans and gasps from the owners of the cocks in her at both ends.

Hiroshi’s handling of her head was quicker, and certainly more physical, by the minute.  His prick was as firm and tumescent as she had ever seen a prick become and it was jumping rhythmically and ever more…frantically as she nursed on him.

Hiroshi started to ram her head down upon his unbendable prick, making her gag as the tapered cockhead plunged deeply into her virgin throat.  Then he took a moment to grind her head down, grinding her smooth, hot and wet, velvet-like throat around and around his plugging cockhead, before pulling on her hair to quickly, and sloppily, pull her head off so she could get a hurried breath through her flared nostrils before slamming her down again around that horsecock.

Red faced, gagging rhythmically and nosily, Ranma-chan mindlessly tolerated the abuse, the misuse of her mouth and throat, as she tasted and slurped on Hiroshi’s manmeat.

And came her brains out from Daisuki’s wondrous fucking of her!

Not to mention the fact that Daisuki, aka “The Bastard”, was relentlessly working her jumping sex button with a circling middle fingertip, keeping her quivering and shuddering in endlessly repeating, mind numbing orgasm…

“Do it, Babe!” he growled in her bobbing ear, actually speeding up his pumping into her belly.  “Get Hiroshi off…off big with your wonderful mouth, and you’ll cum, too!  I promise!  Go on, suck him off!”

“Oh, fuck!” Hiroshi, grinding her head down on his jumping prick, abruptly called out, “Oh, Ranma-chan!  You are sooooo fucking goooooood at this!”  Gripping her head fiercely, he furiously fucked Ranma-chan’s mouth up and down his half swallowed cock three complete, violent cycles, making the girl gag and shoot snot out her nose at the end of each heartless, purely selfish drives down.  Then, on the third drive, he held, grinding and grinding into the gagging, nearly retching throat around his swollen cockhead…

Finally, seemingly hours later, Hiroshi roared mindlessly like all male animals do when they reach the blissful peak of insemination and Ranma-chan retched very loudly while two strands of ropy cum spewed from her nostrils to stick to Hiroshi’s thighs, connecting her to him.

She swallowed desperately the next apparent spurt, only to gag and retch and have another jet of manchowder spew from her nostrils.  Then another, and another…

Hiroshi, grinding Ranma-chan’s head down on his spewing prick, roared, “Yea!” as he saw her eyes roll up into her skull.  The Bastard replied with his own “Yea!” as her hips jerked and shuddered violently.

The cum spewing down her throat, or maybe it was the streams of wormy coagulated testicle gunk shooting rhythmically out her nostrils…something related to Hiroshi’s unloading into her head, had forced the quivering teenager way, way over the edge into massive, rhythmically repeating delicious convulsions of intense primal pleasure.

Instinctively the orgasmic Ranma-chan gripped his tight balls, forcing ever more…delicious…semen out the wildly jumping and erupting prick half swallowed in her mouth.  Her gagging rose in volume dramatically till it sounded as if she were choking.

Her seriously flushed face certainly looked like it!

But it wasn’t just her hands that clutched when the latest series of orgasms gripped her!  Her convulsing fuck tube, gripping Daisuki’s ready to pop prick, completely clamped down on his ‘johnson’!

“Hey, Hiroshi!  Don’t kill her!”  Ryouga intervened, becoming more and more concerned the more flushed and the louder Ranma-chan gagged and retched.

Hiroshi, somewhat reluctantly since he was still deliciously spewing down Ranma-chan’s awesome throat, finally nodded briskly and released her head.

When she immediately didn’t pull off the unloading cock, Ryouga grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off.

Ranma-chan, still actively cuming as Daisuki continued to fuck himself and her into heart stopping cum, coughed a couple of times, swallowed, and then opened her eyes…

To face a fire-hosing of scum all over her face by Hiroshi’s still erupting prick!

Just because her head had been pulled off the thoroughly sucked off cock, Hiroshi wasn’t going to…couldn’t stop jetting cum.  His cursed cock, more demonic in design and capability than human, was designed to spew hard and long once set off, and by then he had quite clearly lost control of it.   So, as she tried to clear her throat and get her bearings, Hiroshi continued to unload, violently.  And since Ranma-chan’s face was in the way…

The ‘splat’ of half-cup sized spurts of tapioca-like testicular eggwhite impacting delicious, smooth, and grimacing in orgasm, teenage schoolgirl face,continuously for a good thirty seconds, dominated the room.

Only when Hiroshi’s heroic unloading had diminished into feeble gushes of still tacky and copious cum, barely able to reach Ranma-chan’s jutting face, did Daisuki, by his choice or Ranma’s convulsing pussy tube’s, screamed his submission to Ranma’s feminine talent.

As Ranma-chan howled and thrashed under the suddenly direly orgasm distressed Daisuki’s masterful fuck, her faced ‘iced’ with inches thick layers of drooling, coagulated Hiroshi reproductive protein, Ryouga recognized what, in turn, the fully orgasmic schoolgirl was doing to Daisuki!  After all, she had done similar to him.

Suck the very nuts out of Daisuki’s sac!

And Daisuki was no longer of this world, descending mindlessly into orgasmic Nirvana.

With a renewed wild scream through her cum coated throat, Ranma responded to Daisuki’s massive cup sized blast of cum, flooding her womb and overflowing into her abdomen with the first spurt.  As she screamed her belly swelled as each subsequent gush of Daisuki added to the mess behind her navel.  He didn’t, couldn’t, stop until she looked 9 months pregnant with his load.

When Daisuki pulled out of her and staggered away, Ranma shot a veritable fountain of coagulated wadd out of her wide spread pussy opening a good four feet from the card table.