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Playing With Ranma
Chapter 18 – The Sensitive
Cory D Rose

© 2008

He walked down sidewalk with confidence that everyone could see. He wore a loose shirt, black jeans, and boots that barely made a sound. Across his back was a large backpack that creaked under its own weight as he moved. His short black hair stood out with his tanned skin.

Glancing at a nearby sign told him that he was just entering Nerima. Now all he had to do was track down the boy that Madam wanted and drag the punk back to Hong Kong.

Snorting, he just shook his head. According to Master Ying, this Ranma Saotome was something special and he would have to be careful bringing him back. They'd already lost Suki to the man's techniques. Now he was supposed to try his abilities against Ranma. At first he'd been confused because Madam usually tried to send the opposite sex after the runaways, but not this time.

Imagine his surprise when he learned that Ranma could switch his gender back and forth. It wasn't common knowledge, but he planned to use it to his advantage. Ranma would be easier prey as a girl anyway. Overwhelming a girl was a lot easier than breaking a man. Now all he had to do was find his prey, rip 'her' clothes off, and fuck her brains out.

Glancing to the side he spotted a girl dressed in a tan and gray student uniform walking along talking into a cell phone. She had shoulder length brown hair pulled back into a pair of small ponytails in the back. He watched her from behind for half a block. The sun was just going down so school ended several hours before. Something about the girl made his instincts take notice of her though. Then a slight breeze came along and ruffled her skirt enough to show off her bare back side.

She wasn't wearing any panties and from her lack of reaction, didn't mind if people noticed. He wasn't sure about her age, but with a body like hers, she had to be trolling. Girls didn't go without panties unless they had sex on their minds. His practiced eye could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra either. There was no way he would pass this girl up. He’d find Ranma later.

The girl was ready and obviously willing. Smirking, he sped up until he was coming up behind her and let his Lust reach out and touch the girl's aura. In a busy crowd no one would notice anything out of the ordinary as the girl slowed down a little as she walked, pure horniness filled her face. It was a look that only a girl could pull off in the middle of a crowd.

"Now Nabiki, I can't believe you're asking me to do that kind of thing." The girl said into the cell phone and she licked her lips. "Well I might be interested now that I think about it."

She nodded.

"Alright, I'll swing your house tomorrow after school. Bye." She said and put away her phone.

He reached around under her arm and pulled her close and before she could say anything let his Lust pulse in time with her heartbeat. She gasped and leaned back against him with a quiet moan. Several people passed by, but he ignored them as he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "You belong to me for the next couple of hours."

His aura did its job as her eyes glazed over and he let his hand trail down her stomach to press a few pressure points. Almost instantly her nipples hardened under her shirt and stood out against the fabric. "Where shall I take you?"

She just started to pant as she leaned against him, her back arching slightly to show off her athletic body and perfect waist. This was how he was going to take down a female Ranma when he found the girl, overwhelming levels of pure pleasure. Reaching into his coat he pulled out a small red pill and placed it in her mouth. "Swallow." He ordered.

The girl barely hesitated as she downed the pill. "What does it do?" She gasped.

"It will make things so much more fun." He smirked.

Dragging her along by the elbow, he started looking for a place to hide the girl and quickly spotted it down a nearby alleyway. It would only take a few minutes for the pill do its job and he had to work fast. About halfway down the alley a bush covered a large portion of a wall. Checking it with his senses confirmed that it was perfect.

The girl gasped as her pussy seemed to fill and overflow, spilling down her legs, making her fidget with a need she couldn't really comprehend. "You will call me Kohl."

"Kohl." She breathed.

He pulled some of the bush back to reveal a small open space next to the wall. "Get in and lay down."

There was just though room for him to set his pack to the side as he followed the girl in. Light streamed through the leaves of the bush as he let the small opening close behind them. Someone obviously used this place occasionally for something, but for now, he had a girl to play with. His clothing only took a second to remove.

He knelt down and touched her thighs and watched as she spread her legs open. Her pussy glistened in the low lighting of the bush and he could smell her arousal. She gasped at his touch and shuddered in pleasure. The pill was a Viagra derivative mixed with a couple of other substances. Her hand reached down to grasp his cock.

"I want this inside me." She gasped.

"Not yet." He said and just admired the girl for a second.

Reaching out, he yanked her shirt open to reveal the girl's breasts. They jiggled around for a second and he just grinned. Then it happened. The girl's eyes went wide and her head fell back and she let out a loud moan. A small bit of red smoke wafted from her mouth as she arched back in ecstasy. Shifting his feet, he didn't waste any time shoving his dick into her.

She didn't make a noise as he slammed home with a grunt. Her body shifted and he felt her muscles clench around his cock. Wet, warm, and tight describes what he was feeling right at that instant. Then he gave a little shove and started to thrust. Her whole body seemed to shiver and clench, then she gasped and started to have orgasm after orgasm.


Kohl let his body take over while he refocused his mind and started to absorb the energy the girl was releasing. She writhed under him, cumming again and again, with every thrust. Then she the last of her resistance shattered and she ceased to be a cute girl getting laid and became an animal. She grunted and growled as she grabbed his legs and tried to force him in deeper. Her butt and started to slam against the ground, making her howl in pleasure.

He started to glow in the shadows of the bush even as she writhed below him. It was child's play to keep up fast pace for almost an hour. That little pill always worked. Then the girl's breasts started to leak milk from nipples straining twice the size they normally did and she let loose a scream, arched back, and collapsed.

Kohl shuddered as he fired his seed into her, over a dozen times, before he relaxed and pulled out. He climbed to his feet, dressed, and looked down at the girl. He noticed the milk still dribbling out of her breasts and slowly pooling on her chest and stomach. For the next several days the girl would be completely sex crazed and would do anyone that caught her eye. It would be several months before it wore off completely. He briefly wondered if she had any brothers or sisters that were about to get the surprise of their lives.

Shrugging, he grabbed his bag and made his way out of the bush and back out to the street. Putting her out of his mind, he continued on his way towards Nerima. He hoped female Ranma would be a better lay than that. He wanted a challenge for once.

His cell phone started ringing as he left the alley. "Kohl."

"Where are you?"

"Just entering Nerima now, Madam."

"I would like you to visit a friend of mine while you are there and pickup a package for me."

"Of course, Madam."


The Patrol car pulled out of traffic, turned a corner, and came to a stop in front of the small Nerima Police Station several blocks down. Nerima's unique situation meant that it wasn't given as much funding as other stations, but that it didn't need that funding either. Natsumi could tell that they didn't have much of a motor pool. She spotted a small garage that might hold three patrol cars, if that. What did stand out among the clutter were bicycles, lots and lots of bicycles.

Miyuki just shook her head at the sight. No wonder they couldn't do much around here. It must take them at least half an hour to respond to anything. By the time they arrived there was nothing to do except clean up the mess. She adjusted her gloves, glanced at Natsumi, and they headed for the front entrance. That must have been the point.

A couple of tired looking male officers nodded to them as they approached. Miyuki could see the light gleaming off over polished badges and buttons. One of them spoke to her as they were about to enter the building. "The Captain told us we might have some company today. She wants to talk to the two of you before you do anything around here."

"Of course." Miyuki said with a grin. The man edged away from her and tried not to look her in the eye. What the heck?

Natsumi just shook her head. She just didn't feel like making a comment yet. A few seconds later they were being directed to the Captain's office.

"How long you think they'll last?" The Officer on the right asked.

"Average is about three days before they start understanding."

"Bet they don't last more than a day." He mused.

"I'll say a week. Those two have a reputation for bending the rules and getting the job done." The other said. "They don't let weird stuff slow them down."

"The usual amount?"


"Heh, this should be fun and at least they're easy on the eyes."

"You got that right."

The Captain turned out to be an older woman. Miyuki was already noticing that more than half the officers were actually women. That alone was weird, but she kept it to herself. This was Nerima so the usual rules didn't apply. "Captain Yoko."

"I was a bit surprised to hear that a couple of newbie's would be in Nerima today. It isn't a good idea to just show up in this town. The locals are rather jumpy and paranoid."

"They don't respect the law?" Natsumi asked in shock. She thought they would at least do that.

The Captain shrugged. "When they take the time to notice. We aren't allowed to police the area like normal police. The locals want us to be seen, but we aren't to interfere in local problems."

Miyuki nodded. "I noticed that everyone in the building looks exhausted. Did something happen last night?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's hard for us to get much rest these days. Something has stirred up the district a bit."


"Sex, lots of noisy, scream at the top of your lungs, sex." The Captain explained, her face completely passive. "Even my officers are having trouble sleeping when they are doing it themselves."

The girls just gaped.

"We aren't sure what caused it, but a lot of the girls have become more wanton in the last few weeks. The men are at home sleeping off the night's activities while the girls are jumping around full of energy."

"That might tie into why we're here actually." Miyuki said as she gave Natsumi gesture.

"Huh? Oh, that thing, right." Natsumi forgot she had the cube in her pocket and pulled out the Lotus cube.

Yoko leaned forward to examine the stuff. "What's this?"

"Lotus powder." Natsumi said. "We found this and lots more this morning. It's one of the strongest aphrodisiacs around. From the sounds of your current situation someone might be spreading this across the district."

"We haven't been able to find anything that would suggest a drug. Even the officers' drug tests don't show anything harmful. Just elevated levels of endorphins in the blood and that only lasts a few hours."

"Any idea, no matter how strange, where's it's coming from? Lotus Powder is dangerous and has to be kept away from the public. I've never seen anyone use it for anything normal." Miyuki said.

"Not a clue, but if you want you can ask around. Maybe you'll spot something we missed." The Captain shrugged. "You want to borrow a couple of bicycles?"

"We have our car." Natsumi said.

"Not while in Nerima." Yoko said. "Sorry, but cars just make you stand out around here. Use a bike or walk around on foot. The locals just don't like cars and treat them like targets. At least bicycles can be replaced easily."

The hair started to stand up on the back of Miyuki's neck. "They would harm a patrol car?"

"Not on purpose, but Nerima is dangerous for anything that can't jump or swerve in an instant. Our last patrol car was destroyed several months ago, cut into three different sections by a gymnastics ribbon."

"That's impossible." Natsumi gasped.

The Captain just laughed a little. "One would think so, but I saw it with my own eyes. I was in the car when it happened."

"I guess we'll walk then. I don't like riding bicycles in this skirt." Miyuki said.

Captain Yoko nodded. "Just remember the situation out there. You know what you might run into so you can avoid it now."

"Anything else we might need to avoid?" Natsumi asked.

"Nerima is full of Martial Artists with weird styles and even stranger personalities. You can set them off just by saying hello to some of them. With the current sex problem things are even more stressful."

After leaving the building both girls stepped outside just in time to hear a scream in the distance. One of pure ecstasy that lasted for some time. One of the men commented on how that was a pretty good one. They smirked at the girls and shrugged as they glared back. “It happens a few times a day now, you get used to it.”


"Let's get this over with."

"Sure, but I don't like this place. I don't mind danger, but this…"

"We were warned." Miyuki said as they started walking into Nerima.

"I thought they were exaggerating or something."

"Me too, but we have a job to do. Lotus is dangerous in anyone's hands."

Natsumi nodded. They tried to ignore the sounds of another girl crying out in pleasure a few blocks away. It just made Natsumi shake her head and wonder just once again what they were walking into. Miyuki on the other hand stiffened up and started walking a little faster.

A few minutes later they started passing by several shops. Natsumi thought it the same as other areas. There seemed to be something in the air that she couldn't quite place though. A unique smell she just couldn't place. "What the hell is that smell?"

Miyuki turned her, her face bright red. "Y-You don't know it?"

Natsumi blinked a few times then paled. "Oh, that."

"Been a while?"

"Hmph! Toukairin hasn't been by for months."

Miyuki just giggled.

"Don't make me bring up Ken-Chan." Natsumi sang.



"That alley!" Miyuki says as she sprints across the street.

Natsumi hangs her head for a second and sighs. A few seconds later she takes a look in the alley and her eyes triple in size. Laying in the middle of the alley was a man, naked from the waist down. The ground around him is wet from recent activities. He also looks like someone sucked him dry and left a withered husk behind.

"P-pretty lady…" He moaned and his dick twitched.

The girls back out of the alley and back up against the wall. "Okay." They say at the same time. A horrible high-pitched laugh fills the air as a dark haired girl wearing only a cloak roof hops away. The cloak isn't doing anything to hide the girl's modesty.

"Can we go home?"

"No." Miyuki snaps.

"Then should we call an ambulance to take this guy?"

A man wearing a city vest walks by and tips his hat to them. "No need, we get a few of these every day now."

He heads into the alley, picks the guy up, and puts him in a truck neither girl noticed pulling up. Seconds later it's gone and they're alone again. Miyuki's eye starts to twitch. "What just happened?"

“What the fuck?” Natsumi says.


Suki is sitting in the branches of a tall tree watching the city. For once she's dressed in a loose fitting outfit that blends into the leaves. Ranma's little experiment was still affecting her and she felt incredible. Her muscles seemed to be stronger, her movements easier, and she could even feel her breasts every time they jiggled. It all felt wonderful.

She was also beginning to notice that the city was changing. In the last week or so the amount of Lust energy in the city just skyrocketed. She spent a few hours trying to find out why, but nothing stood out. At first she thought it was Ranma's tea, but that was only a small part of the change and centered mostly on Ranma.

This was affecting the whole city. Even her time with the Madam didn't help bring her any answers. For all her extensive training, it never covered anything like this. Off in the distance she could hear and sense several girls getting laid. Each of them giving off so much lust energy that it filled the air around them.

Then she spotted something different. Two female officers walking into downtown Nerima and unlike everyone else, they didn't seem to be affected by Nerima's influence. She leaned forward for a better look. Both of them were cute, great bodies, toned arms and legs. The one with short hair seemed to be almost wild. The other one was more reserved but she could sense something boiling within her as well.

"Oohh." She moaned sexily. Her eyes started to sparkle as she reached under her skirt and pulled out a cell phone. One of those girls was carrying something they weren't supposed have. With the right kind of focus spotting Lotus blossom was very easy. It was almost a solid form of erotic energy.


Ranma sat his cell phone down and stared at the wall for a few seconds, deep in thought. He’d noticed that Suki's personality was changing. Usually she was quiet and somewhat shy, preferring to stay in the background unless she was needed. Now she was coming out of her shell. Enslaving her the way he did had always bothered him, but it kept her from killing him, so he shrugged it off.

Now she was acting more assertive and normal. He pulled out his technique book and started writing down some notes on his latest finding. Perhaps it was time to let Suki go so she could live how she wanted. He never really wanted a slave in the first place and he was finally back in fighting strength again, so he didn't have to worry there either.

He would just have to ask her once she calmed down a bit. That left the other problem. A pair of police officers were in town looking into something.

The Police could be tricky if they weren’t handled just right. Past experience told him to be very careful confronting them. He stood up just as Yuka and Sayuri sauntered in carrying a couple of large gray tins.

Both girls were wearing their altered school uniforms. The white shirt tied under their breasts so that their stomachs were bare and a short skirt that was barely within school standards. He also had a feeling that the teachers at school weren't doing anything because of how good both girls looked. Just by looking at them he could tell they were ready and willing. Either that, or one of the teachers got lucky with one of the girls.

"Found them!" Yuka said as both were sat on the desk.

Ranma smiled as she checked the seals. His first batch of tea had only used about five cups of the stuff inside the tins, but demand was going up so he had to expand things a little. Several stores were offering to buy regular batches from him now. So he had a bit more money rolling in.

It wasn't the version he was giving the Tendo girls though, that version had a little something different added. This tea worked as a light stimulant to get the blood flowing. It had a unique taste too.

"Thank you, Yuka. Were you able to pick up the other package as well?"

She frowned and looked down. "The police were there."

"They were?" And now two of them were wandering around the district as well, he thought. "Interesting."

Sayuri finished setting her smaller tins on the desk as well. "I was able to talk to a boy in the next district that had those leaves you wanted. He had to collect them by hand though, so he charged extra." She explained. "I gave him a blow job." She smirked.

Ranma laughed. "Have fun?"

She nodded.

"Then you did a good job, thank you." Ranma said. "I might have another job for you now."

Both girls nodded. Ranma decided that he would have to know if the Police were in Nerima to find him and it was over that rare ingredient he purchased through the Doc. "Either of you interested in tracking down a couple of Police officers for me?"

"Police officers?" They chorused.

"Suki spotted them a little while ago and gave me a call. It seem one of them is carrying the final ingredient for the tea in her pocket. We need to get it from them before they are accidentally exposed."

"It's dangerous?" Yuka asked.

"If you're human, yes. Lotus powder can turn the most frigid woman on the planet into a raving sex crazed animal. I'd rather not have two police officers banging men in the middle of the street because they can't help themselves."

"Male or female?"

He blinked. "Ah, female actually."

Yuka and Sayuri suddenly gave a pair of naughty grins. "I see."

Ranma looked away. "Think you can find them?"

Sayuri shrugged. "I have a friend I can ask. Is there a time limit and what's my reward?"

"A new technique."

The brown haired girl grinned and dashed from the room. Yuka shrugged. "What do you want me to do?"

"We get to start mixing more tea for the stores." He said and started to take his clothes off. "Its best to do this naked." He explained as a naughty smirk touched her lips once more.

Pouting in disappointment, Yuka took off her clothes and they started to prepare the tea. Ranma just shook his head and watched her out of the corner of his eye. She was coming along nicely. Suki's training had turned Yuka from a weak normal girl into an athletic toned beauty. Since she was a girl there were a few moves he couldn't teach her though, but Suki covered what she could nicely.

"Flare your aura and push it into the tea as you mix. Use either Lust or Pleasure, it will give the tea a unique 'flavor' effect." He explained.

Pure lust flared around both of them as they worked. Yuka's nipples hardened as her aura stabilized. Ranma could see that she was dripping as well. She was so going to get some as soon as they were done. He reached out and cupped her ass, feeling her heat already.

She just jumped a little and gave him a look. "Tea first."

"Yep, then some fun, it's been several days after all."

Yuka squealed happily.


Finding the two female Police officers wasn't that hard. They stood out completely. Sayuri watched them as they moved down the street. Occasionally they would step into a store or café and talk to the girls there. She stayed about half a block back trying figure out the best way to approach them.

Her Ki sight allowed her to get a better look at them. The shorthaired one was full of energy and very active. The other one though was more repressed and her inner energies more focused. They seemed to compliment each other so much that she wondered if they were lovers.

They were heading towards the school, she noticed. That might be the best place, since school was out for the day. She picked up her pace as they turned a corner, but kept note of their energy. It didn't slow down or stop while out of her sight. So they hadn’t spotted her.

A few minutes later she gave a nod to herself as they went by the school, slowing down to look. Sayuri could sense an increase in energy as she got closer. The two officers peaked into the school just as Sayuri caught up with them. A pair of girls were laying near the tree kissing each other wildly, their clothes out of place, and only aware of each other. One of them let out a loud moan and Sayuri giggled.

Both officers jumped and spun around to look at her. She smirked at them and could tell that they were very good looking. She also saw that they weren't lovers, the energy moving about them didn't fit. They might take that step sometime in the future though, they were very close. "Hi!"

"Hello, I'm Officer Kobayakawa and this is Officer Tsujimoto the long haired one said. She stared right at Sayuri, who posed for them.

"You like?" She smirked as they both blushed.

"What is it with everyone in this town today?" Tsujimoto snapped. "I've been propositioned by just about everyone under thirty!"

"Natsumi, calm down, she might be able to help us." Kobayakawa sighed.

"You lost?" Sayuri asked as she openly admired their bodies. It had to be illegal for two cops to look this good. In the back ground the lesbians were going at it quite loudly. Their moans were impossible to miss and Sayuri could just make out one’s breasts.

Natsumi blushed. "Um, we need to find a Ranma Saotome."


That caught their attention. "You know him?"

Sayuri nodded. Ranma did want her to bring them two of them to him. "He's nearby actually, but why, are you injured?"

"Injured?" The longhaired one asked.

"Ranma is Doctor Tofu's assistant at the local family medical clinic." Sayuri explained.

"Tofu again." Miyuki said to herself.

"The Doc has a quite a reputation around the district. He's quite skilled." Sayuri explained.

"Please take us there. We have some questions for this doctor." Kobayakawa said and wrote some notes down. Sayuri almost thought the woman was angry at him for some unknown reason.

"Sure, it's just a couple of blocks from here. Would you like to have something to drink when we get there?" She asked innocently, though she was sure her eyes might be sparkling in amusement. In the background one of the girls was having a rather loud orgasm. Miyuki was ignoring it valiantly.

Natsumi's hand was in her pocket messing with something and she kept glancing at the girls. It was clear to Sayuri that these two could be a lot of fun. As they walked away from the school and two very satisfied lesbians, Sayuri let her aura out a little so that it would affect both officers. It was a very light touch so they wouldn't notice. Just to get them in the right mood to meet her Master.

Boy did she have to fight to keep the blush off her cheeks at thinking that. Calling Ranma Master just didn’t feel right. Even though she was just a beginner, she could tell that Natsumi was getting aroused. The girl couldn’t seem to keep still and her clothing was uncomfortable. Miyuki wasn’t affected in the least, which was odd.

They were about a block away from the clinic when another girl ran over to them. "Nabiki?"

"Sayuri, are you going to see Ranma today?" She asked, panting.

"I was just on my way to see him."

Nabiki noticed the uniforms. "Police?"

"They want to talk to Ranma."

"Interesting." Nabiki decided that it would be best to write her message down. She handed the note to Sayuri. "I'll try and get over to see him later on this afternoon, maybe after sundown."

"Sure. He's been looking forward to seeing you."

Nabiki blushed to the roots of her hair. "It's not like that!"

Sayuri just smiled. "Okay."

Both Natsumi and Miyuki blinked as the shorthaired girl seemed to run off in embarrassment. Sayuri just giggled a little and started walking again. She was aware of what Ranma was doing to the girl and approved, Nabiki needed to get laid. A few minutes after that, they were in front of the clinic and heading inside. Once there all three girls looked up to see Ranma as he came down the stairs from his room.

He was dressed in loose fitting pants and a sleeveless black shirt. As usual his long hair was tied back. Sayuri could feel his aura expanding as he neared them and saw the effect it had on the two officers. They were staring at him, and only him, their eyes didn't blink or move.

Natsumi managed to throw off Ranma's aura first. She elbowed her partner in the ribs and wiped a bit of drool from her chin. Shaking herself, she nodded at him. "Ranma Saotome?"

"I am." Sayuri loved his command voice, it made her knees weak.

"W-we need to talk to you bout some Lotus Powder." Miyuki said as she pulled herself back together. She glared at the totally hot piece of man meat walking right at her.

"I don't have any I'm afraid. There is some on order though if you want to try back in a couple of days." He waved them over to the waiting room and asked Sayuri to go get them something to drink. She handed him Nabiki's note before she left.

"No, we want to know what you use the stuff for and why you need so much." Natsumi growled.

Ranma just looked at them for a few seconds and made all the same observations that Sayuri did just minutes before. "I only ordered a few ounces of the drug. It's helpful for getting impotent men going again."

Both girls blushed at his matter of fact tone. This told Ranma that they weren't comfortable dealing with the subject of sex, interesting. Why did he come across so many beautiful women that had no clue what real sex was? He almost gave them his 'fresh meat' smile, but stopped himself. "Is there a problem?"

"Twenty pounds of the drug showed up this morning."

"I only need a few ounces, so I don't see the problem."

"Lotus powder is used in making a sex drug that nearly destroyed a high school several months ago. The teachers started using it on the children, addicting nearly every girl in the school to the drug and using them as sex toys. Lotus powder is not just given to anyone that wants it." Natsumi growled.

"Lotus can be used in that way. It's the nature of the drug after all, but it's used in controlled ways here at the clinic. Ninety percent of our patients are over seventy years old. The drug comes in handy for those that want it."

"How do you explain the local school then? We just came across two girls doing things there that reminded us of that other school. It took a couple of months to purge that school of the drug's influence."

Ranma wasn't sure what to say as he watched the two girls. They were older than the girls he usually went after, but still very beautiful. "I haven't heard of anything happening at the school, but Lotus is used quite regularly over in China Officers. I've seen the effects myself and while it's potent, it's not addictive."

Miyuki nodded just as Sayuri returned with some cups of tea. Ranma gave her a look and she shook her head to indicate she didn’t use the special tea. He poured each of them a cup of hot tea, letting his senses ‘read’ both girls. Natsumi shifted around trying to find a comfortable spot on the chair. Ranma could see his aura finally starting to overwhelm her resistance, so he toned it down a little. He didn’t want her to lose it completely.

From the way both girls were sitting, he could just see up their skirts as well, a trick he picked up a few months before. They were wearing thigh high stockings. He admired the view as he took a sip of his tea. Sayuri sat off to the side looking right at their butts, though the girls were ignoring her or unaware of it. With any luck they were here to deliver the Lotus to him. "May have the lotus?"

Miyuki frowned, she didn't want to give it to him but couldn't find any reason not to. Natsumi sighed, reached into her pocket, and handed him a cube of Lotus powder. "This is yours I suppose."

He took it from her hand and examined the seal around it and saw that she had been messing with it. "The wrapping has been tampered with." He held it up for her to see.

"What?" Both girls gasped and leaned in for a closer look. Ranma really had to control himself as they got closer than expected. He wanted to rip their clothes off and do them right there. He held his ground though.

Reaching out he picks up Natsumi's hand and turns it over so he can look the palm of her hand. He points to a slightly red spot on her hand, just below her ring finger. "You've been exposed to raw lotus."

Natsumi freezes as she looks down at her hand. "I'm exposed?"

Nodding, Ranma lets his aura surround the girl, making her start to squirm once more, she just might jump him after all. "The sweat from your hands has absorbed a tiny dose of Lotus. I'm surprised you aren't making sexual advances at this point." He tried to sound professional.

He found out months ago that it was possible to use a psychological attack on girls. It worked more often than it failed and depended on how much of the truth was stated. Natsumi stared to sweat suddenly and blushed. Looking around the room in a panic, she gave her tie a tug. “Um, is it warm?”

Miyuki was suddenly on the other side of the room behind a chair. "Can you help her?"

"Lotus is a sex drug Officer Kobayakawa. I can reduce the effects, but cannot be removed easily. It has to run its course, as you well know from that high school you mentioned."

"Ah, run its course?"

Ranma nodded and glanced at Natsumi. "You should try and have some fun with it."

The officer just blanched. “I’m not into that!”

Ranma shrugged.

Natsumi suddenly giggled, startling her partner, who pulled out a taser. “Don’t come any closer.”

“Miiyukiiiii.” Natsumi whined. “Don’t be that way.”

Off to the side Sayuri just shook her head as Ranma worked. He wasn't very charming or suave, but when that aura of his was lit up, he could talk any girl in the room out of her skirt. She blushed and thought of her own first time fondly.

Miyuki snapped. "Natsumi, control yourself."

The shorthaired one held up her hand. "But…"

"It's just a small exposure and it's not the same drug that was used on those girls."

Natsumi nodded slowly, but she also remembered the first time she encountered that case, during the raid. The girls were normal during the day, mostly, but after school they never went home. Instead they stayed after to fuck the teachers and down pills. A vision went through her mind as a door was knocked down and they came upon an orgy of sex. With dozens of children writhing around in a giant huddle of bodies. Moaning, grinding, and climaxing without a care in the world.

Ranma stood up and startled Natsumi out of her daydream and she realized that she was starting to act weird. She shook her head and stood up so she could move around. She didn't see the look in Ranma's eye though. Ranma helped to steady her as she almost fell. She smiled at him for a second, wanting to reach out and touch his arms. Twitching, she wondered it she would last if a tiny amount of lotus did this to her.

"Well Officers, is there anything else I can do for you?" He asked nicely.

"N-No thank you." Natsumi said, though there was an odd catch in her voice.

"We're here for the rest of the day Saotome, we might be back." Miyuki stated, but she was more worried about her friend.

Ranma's aura suddenly filled the room and both girls seemed to freeze for a second. He watched as their Ki fought his aura and decided they could wait for now. He relaxed and both girls shook themselves. Natsumi’s knees almost gave out though and she kept from falling.

"What was that?" Miyuki asked, her eyes wide. She just barely stopped her hand from touching her crotch as she felt a pleasant flash of heat. That hot flash just made her feel really good for a few seconds before it stopped. Was this Nerima starting to affect her like everyone else?

Natsumi was panting for air. Ranma moved across the room and guided both girls to the front door. "Ladies, come back whenever you want. I may not be here later this afternoon though. I have a meeting to attend."

Miyuki nodded as she guides her friend outside for some fresh air. Once they were out of sight, Ranma shrugged. "Ah well."

Sayuri just giggled. "Maybe next time?"

Ranma smirked. "Probably, but for now lets go finish the Tendo's tea."


Ranma knocked on the large gate and waited for Kasumi to answer. Under his arm was a large container of tea laced with Lotus powder. The girls wouldn’t know what hit them once they started drinking it. He grinned as she poked her head out to see who it was.

The girl was looking rather flustered too. Messy clothes, no apron, and rather wild eyed. "Kasumi."

"Ranma." She said with a grin.

He held up a large tin. "Your tea."

She snatched it out of his hands and hugged it to her chest. "Thank you, would you like to come in and have dinner?"

Ranma thought about it. He hadn’t planned on staying, but he had a good feeling about accepting this time. "Sure, I need to talk to Nabiki anyway."

She led him inside and pointed at the table. "Have a seat, dinner should be ready in a few minutes."


“I’ll make up some tea as well. I could really use some after the last couple of days.” She drifted towards the kitchen.

She was more than ready for him, he thought. All he had to do was make a little time for her seduction. It would have to wait until after he got the other sister though. It was about time he settled that as well.

Nabiki came down stairs wearing some jeans and a loose t-shirt. She gave him a wary look, but didn’t run off like she usually did. Ranma could also tell that she wasn’t in the best of shape at that moment. The girl was flushed, sweating, and so horny that she was being unconsciously sexy as she sat down at the table. "Nabiki, how are you doing?"

The girl shuddered and hissed. "I hate you."

He smirked at her and reached out to touch her leg. "We can have a quickie if you want."

"No." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

He leaned towards her and smiled, letting his aura out a bit, this time using desire instead of lust. She leaned away just as Kasumi came out of the kitchen with dinner. Ranma sat back with a grin. Nabiki couldn’t seem to sit still as she stared at him. A girl lost in her own lust was one of most beautiful sights he ever saw.

"Dinner is ready!" Kasumi called and started setting out the food, including a kettle of the tea. No one else came to the table, he noticed. His senses told him no one else was in the house. It was just them?

"Akane is staying with a friend tonight and father went to a bar." Nabiki supplied and took the cup of tea from Kasumi. Maybe it would help to calm her down. The strong smell helped to clear her head as she took a sip. Kasumi did the same, a little blush on her cheeks.

“So good.”

Ranma grinned as the girls began to eat, passing out rice and grabbing several toppings. He let aura flare for several more seconds, caressing both girls with desire and pleasure. Nabiki felt a surge of heat through her body and gave Ranma a startled look. It was all she could do not to moan in pleasure. As it was, sh arched her back and stretched. She suddenly realized that a Man was just a few feet away and he wanted to fuck her, badly.

Kasumi though, she froze in place as the Ki hit her and her eyes went wide, a little sigh escaping her lips. She clutched her cup of tea trying to control herself. Shivering, her head lolled back a little as she struggled for air.

He grinned at them and continued to eat innocently. Both girls were responding nicely. They were both ready for him to take any time he chose. "So Nabiki, you wanted to talk to me?"

She jumped and turned lust filled eyes to him, panting slightly. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to him. He read the name of a girl that wanted to meet him the next day and nodded. She was actually going to send girls at him. It was far to late for that to work. "Heh, thanks, I'll look into this."

"Kasumi are you alright?" Nabiki glanced at her sister.

The girl was panting heavily now, a part of her dress fell off one shoulder as she tried to get comfortable. She was sweating heavily, her eyes glazed with denied lust.

Ranma could tell that she was so aroused that she wasn't even in the same room anymore. He could even see her nipples trying to poke through the dress. Neither of the girls was wearing underwear it seemed. "Maybe she should go lay down?"

Nabiki jumped, once again forgetting he was there as her body tingled from head to toe. Cursing under her breath, she nodded. "Can you pick her up and take her to her room?"

"The tea isn't working." Kasumi mumbled as he picked her up easily and got a glimpse of the top of one breast. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed. Ranma used the opportunity to press a couple of pressure points. She was asleep in seconds, snoring softly.

"You try anything with my sister and you will pay." Nabiki threatened.

This just made Ranma grin. “Sure.”

"I mean it." She insisted.

Kasumi moaned, waking up slightly. "Its so hot."

"Give the tea time to work. I made it a bit stronger than normal." Ranma said as Nabiki led him upstairs. He lay Kasumi on the bed and backed away as she drifted off into a deep sleep. At this point she had to be so horny she should have been humping a wall. He was amazed at how much she was resisting as much as she was.

"You get some sleep sis." Nabiki said as she dragged Ranma from the room and shut the door. She couldn’t figure out what was going on around here and it was driving her mad. Her body was doing the rest.

Once out in the hall Ranma grabbed Nabiki around her waist and pulled her close to his hard body. "I want you."

"What?!" She gasped, he had her in a corner now.

He grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze through the jeans. Nabiki whimpered and couldn't believe how good that felt. She groaned as he leaned down to kiss her, almost unwilling stop him at this point. For the next several minutes she lost herself in a kiss that made her knees go weak.

It felt so good she almost came as his hands felt her up. No! Her mind screamed, but she couldn't find the will to pull away. Pressing her against the wall, he began to kiss her jaw and neck. His aura surrounded both of them now, making the air shimmer. Nabiki moaned, pressing against him in her lust.

Licking her throat and upper chest, he undid the button on her pants and came across a light dusting of hair. She gasps as the air hits her damp skin. He trails his fingers through the soft hairs with a little laugh.

"No panties, eh?"

"I can't wear them when I'm like this." She gasped out, as his fingers traced around the edge of her pants, loosening them around her hips.

"Your skin tastes great."

Then his fingers went down the back of her pants and she felt them trace the crack of her ass and knew she was lost. They fell down to her ankles with a little thump. His lips found hers once again and took away any doubts about what he was going to do next.

Grabbing her thighs, he lifted her off the ground and held her against the wall. This forced her to wrap her legs around his waist, just what he wanted. He never broke the kiss until she was in position.

"R-Ranma…" Dazed, she opened her eyes.

She felt something extremely warm touch her ass cheeks. Nabiki could only groan as he took her against the wall. Ranma could only grin as he positioned himself and pushed into her pussy. Her own weight made her slip down the wall a little and enter her pussy.

Nabiki threw her head back with a loud gasp. Weeks of build up, daydreams, fantasies, frustrations, and total lust finally caught up with Nabiki right there against the wall next to Kasumi's room. She cried out as he entered deep into her with a shuddering sigh.

It was too late to run now.

She was so wet that he didn't even need to use most of the usual pressure points. Instead he tapped a small series along her stomach to make sure she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant, and another that amplified her pleasure.

Suddenly she slipped down another inch, impaled on him completely, and came with a small scream. It happened so fast that she wasn’t even expecting it. Gasping, she clutched him as hard as she could with that large bar of flesh inside her. Her whole body shuddered for several seconds. The tide of pleasure continued until Ranma moved.

Before she could calm down, Ranma thrust upward so hard that she lifted into the air, only to come back down hard. Nabiki cried out in surprise and was soon bouncing up and down, crying out every few seconds. Even her breasts, still in the tiny little t-shirt, were bounding up and down with every thurst.

It drove the poor girl out of her mind in seconds. Whimpering, Nabiki could only ride him for the next several minutes. Her cries filling the hallway with her pleasure, begging for more. She was so horny, so wet, that a puddle was forming on the floor beneath her. She no longer cared if her sister heard her or if anyone came home to see what she was doing.

It felt to good to care. She lost count of the number of orgasms he gave her in that short amount of time, her body completely out of her control. It was a relief to finally get what she wanted so badly, she realized. Her cries rose higher with every orgasm, clutching at his neck just to keep from falling to the floor.

Then she felt him change his stance a tiny bit and pick up speed. "Oh my God!"

Her scream was loud and it just encouraged Ranma to do more. He'd been working on getting her for weeks and she was going to see what she was missing out on now. Nabiki couldn't do anything except cum, sending her whole body into convulsions, her eyes blank with ecstasy.

He just stopped moving and held her as she twitched over and over through a series of orgasms. She whimpered as she leaned against the wall. His thrusting started again, this time the tempo was little more raw, but Nabiki was only along for the ride now.

Ranma slammed into her, almost breaking the wall, and came with a deep grunt. It fired deep inside her like a hose, filling every inch of her in seconds. Nabiki just sighed as the liquid heat spread through her. Eyes blank, she didn’t even moan anymore, just twitching with orgasm. It was pure ecstasy.

Ranma pulled out of her and let the build up of fluids burst out of her, making her whimper into his ear. It rained all over the floor.

Nabiki couldn't move after all that and let him carry her back to her bedroom. Ranma just smiled ass he lay her on the bed and she went to sleep instantly. That giant grin would be there for days.

As he left the room, he winced as he saw the state of their pants on the floor. Soiled, completely soiled with the aftermath of their deed. He sighed and nudged his pants with a toe. “Lovely.” He muttered.


She appeared in an instant, slightly flushed. “Ranma.”

“I need some pants.”

Nodding, she pulled a pair out and handed them to him.

“Thanks. Enjoy the show?”

Blushing, she nodded and gave him a look of adoration. “It was fantastic. She makes such lovely sounds.”

“I thought so too.” Ranma admitted as he got dressed.

“I do too.” A voice said from behind him.

He spun around to find Kasumi was standing at her door with a look of pure lust on her face, staring at him. She grinned at him and looked down at his dick with wide eyed wonder. She started breathing heavily. “Oh my, oh my.”

"I didn't mean to wake you." He said.

Her grin turned feral. "I never got to sleep."

"Heh." He put a hand behind his head. "Ah…"

"Nabiki always was a screamer. Tendo girls are very sensitive to things like that. Mother said so herself." She leaned against him as her finger played with a button on his shirt, giving it a little tug. "My sister had her fun, but what about me? Are you going to leave me sticky and unconscious as well?" Her lips were barely an inch from his own at this point.”

"Ah…" Why was this one making him nervous?

Her eyes caught the light and he suddenly understood what was happening here. It was a look that he recognized from his time all those months ago. Kasumi was a Sensitive. Cursing under his breath, he reached out and pulled Kasumi closer, holding her gently. "Kasumi, I'm sorry."

“What do you…”

She collapsed like a rag doll in his arms. A Sensitive of all things, no wonder she liked the tea so much and was so good at what she did around here. Unbelievable and no one had even scouted her yet? He carried her into her room and stripped her clothing off.



“Please make sure I’m not disturbed for this.”

The female ninja nodded and vanished before his eyes. She would keep any unwanted visitors away if they showed up. Kasumi was in a vulnerable state right now and needed protection. She wasn't a fighter, but still her body was in perfect condition for a teenager her age.

That would make doing this a lot easier. Once he had her ready, his aura flared into the visible range lashed out with spikes of energy slamming her head and chest. His fingers danced across her body for almost two minutes altering the Ki pathways and her breasts and abdomen, forcing them to work to his will.

Kasumi moaned in her sleep. He could tell that she was becoming super aroused and worked faster. As a sensitive she could undo all his work with very little effort on her part. Ki filled the room, caressing every inch of her body, making her writhe around on the bed.

It was a very erotic and arousing sight. Any other time he would've been overjoyed to bang her brains out, but she needed this first. His fingers danced around her thighs, along her chest, and across her throat. Each tap making her move around and moan. Her nipples stood at full attention as he neared the end and she let out a sexy moan and arched her back.

He finished just as she started panting, sweat dripping off her body as he reached down to touch her sex. She gasped the instant he touched her and he used his other hand to send probe of Ki into her brain. This was a secret technique of the Karashi Ninja clan and had to be used very carefully. Its designers didn’t really care if the victim of his lived or died. Ranma was adapting it for a more helpful use.

As his Ki fused with her Ki, he actually saw her breasts swell just slightly and her muscle definition change as her body adapted to the infusion of energy. He shook his head in wonder again at finding an uncorrupted Sensitive. He had to make sure no one else came along and took her against her will. He owed the Tendo family that much breaking the engagement like he did.

With a sigh, Ranma's Ki finished its job and he relaxed. Kasumi sighed as well. She drifted into a deeper sleep. He stood there admiring her changes, glad he was able to finish without being attacked. Instead of the pretty housewife type, she now had a lithe body, trim muscles, and a tight stomach that he caressed for a few seconds.

"You will understand soon Kasumi." He said as he touched her hair. “I just hope you can forgive me for this.”


To Be Continued

Notes: I’m not happy with the first scene of this, but it’s been way to long since I updated and the scene does work. I may come back at some point and rework it, but for now I’ll let it stand.

I was going to end the YUA part with this chapter, but it's proving harder to write than I expected, I decided to do one more chapter. I've adapted my original idea a bit, but nothing to bad. Kasumi's status will make more sense in a chapter or two.

Nabiki, it was time for her to fall. Holding out was fine, but it was getting old and needed to be resolved no matter how many people wanted me to keep it going.


Sensitive - This is a general term used to describe men and women that can feel energy around them. They make some of the best fighters in the world, learning instinctively how to channel Ki and throw it around. Kasumi wasn't a trained fighter, so as a sensitive she is able to project calm and peacefulness just by being around people. The Madam uses Sensitive’s as high-class girls who can send entire groups of people into deranged orgies. Ranma was preventing this form happening by bonding Kasumi to him until he can train her.

Karashi Ninja Clan - This was the name of the clan I used in chapter one that Ranma got the scrolls from. This was a good time to bring them up again. Most of his high level techniques come from them and are what allows him to keep ahead of the assassins Madam has sent at him.

Lotus Powder - Mixed in the right way, the powder can send anyone into a sexual frenzy of lust. Men used to use this to addict a young girl to the stuff and turn them into willing sex slaves. Ranma knows of the pills, but has never needed to use them. Being exposed to just the powder can work in a similar way, but it isn't addictive.