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Playing With Ranma
Chapter 17 – The Ranma Effect
Cory D Rose

© 2007

The sun was slowly starting to set as the afternoon came to an end and Kasumi was finishing up the laundry. She usually had it done early in the morning, but lately it was impossible to anything clean. Therefore, she was washing everyone's underwear twice as much. She smiled as she hung them on a special rack in the laundry room.

For the first time in a couple of weeks she was feeling better than normal. As if some weight had lifted from her shoulders. She smiled and hung up another pair of panties. Once that was done she leaned back and stretched. She was wearing a thin sundress that clung to her quite nicely. She liked the way the air felt as it swirled around her legs as she moved.

Her breasts pressed against the material and left no doubt that her nipples were hard. Normally she would have covered this with a couple more layers of clothing, but she was sweating as it was, and she couldn't seem to calm down anymore. She wasn't even wearing underwear under the skirt. Since she was at home it didn't matter and it kept her from soaking another pair of panties.

On the other hand, she was Horny. She blushed just thinking about it, but ignoring it wouldn't help matters. Relieving the frustration would work, but she knew that Nabiki and Akane would be home soon and didn't want to be caught while they were here. It almost made her frown.

She was so attuned to the house that she could tell instantly when Nabiki came in. Kasumi wandered out of the laundry room to greet her sister. Grabbing a towel, she took a few seconds to wipe her inner thighs dry. It wouldn't last, but a towel was better than her underwear.

"Good afternoon, Nabiki." She said.

"Hi sis." Nabiki said. As she wandered over to the table and slumped down.

Kasumi could see that Nabiki's hair was slightly wild and she had a glint in her eye as she sat there. Somewhere along the way home she had pulled her shirt out and unbuttoned several buttons. Sweat glistened on her neck as well. Kasumi could tell that she was panting a little.

"Are you alright?"

"Just worn out. It's been a long day."

"What happened?"

"Ranma again. He doesn't like to take no for answer." She stated and took the tea Kasumi just finished making. She sighed, as it seemed to cool her down a little. She waved a hand in front of her chest. How in the hell could simple air make her feel like humping the table?

She glanced at her sister and noted the sundress. The super sexy; could turn a man into a pile of drooling goo, sundress that hugged Kasumi's upper body like a second skin. "How are you doing?"

"It's been quiet." Kasumi said as her eyes clouded over for a second.

"I…" She started?


"I think Ranma is doing something to us." There she finally said.

"What makes you say that? He was so nice and polite." Kasumi said and sipped at her tea. Then she noticed that they were just about out. She frowned.

Nabiki waved some air on her breasts again and wiggled her legs. She couldn't hold out much longer if Ranma kept pressing her. She nearly gave in already, but she managed to walk away from him. Her body on the hand seemed to know exactly what it wanted. It was bad enough she was dreaming of Ranma's rock hard body at night. She shook her head to clear it.

"Ranma has been rather persistent. You do know that he wants to bed every girl he can get his hands on, right?" She didn't have time to be subtle.

"He's a nice boy." Just thinking of him made Kasumi's breasts heave. She could feel a stirring between her legs even as she pictured him in her mind.

"Sis, he almost seduced me this morning, I barely resisted him."

Kasumi just looked at Nabiki for a second and then started grin. "Oh, now that sounds rather interesting."


The elder sister just giggled. "Well, he is a boy."

"He's more than that." Nabiki muttered and blushed.

"Oh my, he must have made quite an impression."

Nabiki shuddered. "You're supposed to help me think of a way to stop him, not encourage him."

Kasumi shrugged. "Right now, I think it would only help things."

The middle sister could only nod. "Maybe, but it'll be on my terms if it does happen." Which she would make sure of.

They looked up as Akane stumbled into the house, muttered a greeting, and floated up the stairs on a cloud of satisfaction. Nabiki could only gape at her younger sister. She could remember seeing that look on another girl's face recently.

"Oh my, see seems to have lost all the buttons on her shirt and her skirt is ripped." Kasumi commented and sipped some tea.

"She didn't?"

Kasumi just nodded dreamily. "She managed to find some relief. I wonder if she used protection."

The hairs on the back of Nabiki's neck stood up as she thought about the meaning of that statement. "Um."

"I suppose it's a bit late to tell her about the consequences of her actions now though."

"If she did…"

"Oh she did, I can smell it now." Kasumi said.

And Nabiki suddenly realized what the odd smell was and blushed a deep red. "Oh my."

Kasumi nodded emphatically. "We seem to be out of tea too."

"Can you get more?"

"I'm not sure. It makes me feel relaxed and calms me during all this strangeness."

Nabiki nodded and drained her cup. "I'm going to head to my room. I need to change my clothes again."

"Alright, I'll see about starting supper."

Neither girl noticed that they were moving a little differently. Their hips rocking back and forth as they moved out of the room like a pair of horny schoolgirls. They would have been embarrassed if they had noticed, even though it was so true.


The mini patrol car came to a stop. Miyuki and Natsumi stepped out of the car and looked out over the docks. Dozens of ships were unloading tons of cargo containers. A slight breeze ruffled their hair and police uniforms as they stood there. Still, as good as it felt they needed to get on with their jobs.

Both girls headed into a nearby building. Natsumi sighed as they walked and glanced at her partner. "So they found something here?"

Miyuki nodded. "Someone brought a restricted substance though customs and got caught."

"So why are we here?"

"The Chief said that there is a large amount of the stuff. More than anyone could possibly need."

"Feh." Natsumi muttered.

As they reached the building a small man stepped out to greet them. "Thank you for coming."

"Mr. Tatsumo?" Miyuki asked.

He nodded.

"What exactly was found, no one would tell us so it must be something." Miyuki asked and brushed some of her black hair away from her face.

"Um, that's just it. In the fifty years we've been screening cargo here, this is the first this has ever been found. Nearly twenty pounds of Lotus Blossom Powder."

Both girls gasped. Lotus Blossom flowers were a controlled substance because of what the powder did to people. Natsumi and Miyuki had dealt with a pervert that used to use the powder to make schoolgirls his slaves. Even after two years, people were still talking about the harem the guy managed to create.

"We have to get rid of that poison." Natsumi growled.

Miyuki nodded. "Where are you keeping it?"

Mr. Tatsumo paled a little and pointed to his office. "I have a couple of the security guards keeping an eye on it."

"Lets go."

The office was a couple of floors below ground. Natsumi wasn't too impressed with the set up as they neared the area. Guards were standing around joking with each other instead of doing their jobs. Mr. Tatsumo dabbed at his forehead with a kerchief.

"Ladies." He gestured.

The office was clean and well kept; one wall was dominated by filing cabinets. A medium sized box was sitting on the desk. They headed over to the desk to check out the box. "This is it?" Miyuki asked.

The pervert used little pills that drove the girls insane with lust. Instead of pills, the powder was wrapped up like large bullion cubes. There were even brand names and instructions on the box. Natsumi picked one up to give it a closer look.

"How did you identify this as Lotus Blossom Powder?" Miyuki asked as she picked one up as well.

Mr. Tatsumo let out a loud sigh. "The problem here is that one of the cargo ships had some female crew. They were exposed by one of the male crewmembers a few days ago. We found out about it when they requested medical help to help."

"Something happened to the girls?"

He shook his head. "The girls, ah, overwhelmed the crew and put several of them into the infirmary for exhaustion."

The girls sweat dropped. "I…see."

"After looking the girls over we were able to determine the cause of the problem and had them transferred to a local hospital and called the police. The girls had to be sedated just so we could get them under control."

"We've encountered this stuff before." Natsumi said. "Any idea where it was going?"

He handed them a copy of the paper work that was on the box. "According to this the purchase of the drug was done legally, but they are only allowed a few ounces of it. Not enough to send the whole city over the edge."

"A doctor's request?"

"Yes, Dr. Tofu in Nerima uses odd chemicals in his work at times. While unusual, this request it is well within in his rights. It's just the amount that has us concerned."

"Very interesting, how much is he supposed to have?" Miyuki asked. She didn't know it was legal to even have this stuff anywhere.

"About one of those cubes, maybe a little less." There were over five hundred cubes in the box.

"He's a little over his limit." She said sarcastically.

"Let's go talk to this doctor and see what he has to say for himself."


"Ah, Ranma, I'm glad you're still here." Tofu said.

Ranma was sitting on his bed going over one of the scrolls that Tofu had given him. He sat it to the side as the man came into the room and adjusted his glasses. "What's going on?"

"I'll get right to the point. I've been getting a lot of good feedback about that tea you made."

"It was a strong batch." Ranma commented. "Why?"

"I'd like you to make more of it if you could. I want to sell it to help bring in a bit more money. I've had dozens of requests from the people that took the free samples."

"Doc, that stuff was rather strong. I'm not surprised you're getting requests, but I don't have the supplies to make anymore."

"I ordered some for you."

Ranma blinked. "Um, what exactly did you order?"

"Red and Yellow Lotus extract." Tofu explained. "It should be here any day now."

"That stuff isn't exactly easy to come by, Doc."

"I know, I ordered a small amount for the clinic. With lotus you can use tiny amounts to obtain large results."

"Well, I guess I could make up another batch. Still, the stuff is so powerful that it shouldn't be sold to just anyone. There are also people who keep track of who buys things like this."

"I'm a doctor, so having a little on hand shouldn't be a problem." Tofu said. "Still, It will help stop the twenty call a day I'm getting for more."

This made Ranma cough a little. "Um, it's not addicting or anything, they shouldn't need it that much."

"They seem to enjoy the effects. Even the Tendo's have requested more. They all drink it."

Nodding, Ranma stood up and grabbed a pen and paper. "How much tea do you have in mind?"

"A full batch, your original tins of tea only lasted a few weeks and people want more. I was thinking about ten times as much as you made the first time. That should last some time."

Ranma wrote down some numbers to see how much he would need of everything. After a few minutes he stopped. "Well, for that much, I'll need more than a pinch of Lotus. I'd say around an ounce or more mixed in with the other ingredients."

Tofu nodded. "I think I ordered two ounces or so. So we should have enough."

"Alright then, I'll have the girls start picking up the other ingredients for me and we should be able to start in a couple of days."

Smiling, Tofu left the room to make some calls. Ranma would have to call in a couple of favors to make sure that certain people didn't descend on him like rabid wolves. To make the tea he would have make a special extract that Tofu wasn't aware of, so that the tea would be more potent and last longer that the fist batch.

"Now where was I?" He said as he picked up the scroll again. Tofu had explained that these scrolls came from his family. Why the Tofu's would have something like this was a mystery, but Ranma was impressed with the techniques. They could to turn any girl into a willing slut for hours on end.

He could tell that the moves could easily be misused in the wrong hands, but that was normal for practically every sex move he came across over the last year. He took a second to check his aura and nodded in satisfaction as he noticed that he was a little stronger.

At first he hadn't really noticed anything other than quick infusion of energy from the girls he slept with. Now though it was obvious that something odd was going on. According to some old scrolls he had in ancient Japanese, some individuals had a special kind of energy that did some strange things.

Ranma thought about the two girls with the short skirts and amazing bodies he was with recently. The green-skirted one was lots of fun and he had a little day dream of their time together. Then there was Pluto; he didn't think he would forget her any time soon. She could come around when he was least expecting it. He still wasn't sure how she managed to get into his room without him noticing.

Those two were full of weird energy. He encountered a similar energy when he was prowling around as a girl as well. His female half thought about to the two men she picked up several days before. The energy absorbed during that night of fun was still coursing through him as well, integrated into his energy reserves. A type of energy he didn't get from normal girls. Whatever that energy was it was very potent.

He would have to find a way to put that energy to some use. Picking up another scroll, he unrolled it and wondered just where Tofu's mother ever got these things. There were moves here that Madam never even hinted about when he was with her. According to the scroll, this move would overwhelm a novice like Yuka or Sayuri and bind them to him. There was no way he would do that to them. He would have to use it on Suki or the next female ninja to come after him to see just how effective it was. Just reading through the scroll made him wonder what it would feel like on his female form.

Now that he thought about it, they were being quiet lately, were they up to some kind of plan? Without the Ninjas attacking him he was able to find the time to get back into his old fighting shape. Well not completely, but well enough that he wouldn't have to worry about slacking anymore. That meant Suki would be getting a little surprise today. He grinned and set about memorizing the scroll.

The move was one of the more complicated ones he'd come across in a long time. He wished scrolls would come with a history of the technique though, this one had dangerous over tones, and he would like to know if it would put Suki into any kind of danger. He was sure that a dark mind developed this technique.

"Oh yeah, I have to take care of that too." He muttered to himself as he suddenly remembered something else. He glanced over at the wall where his last tin of Tea was sitting innocently. Tofu really had gone through his whole batch. It was a wonder that the whole district didn't ring with the cries of passion every night by now.

"Oh Suki, I need a favor." He called out.


Kasumi crossed across the kitchen, her sundress swirling around her as she moved. The phone was ringing. She was rather happy for the distraction though. She was finding it hard to focus on cooking dinner for everyone. "Hello?"



"I was just giving you a quick call to let you know that I'll have some more tea to deliver to you later on today or tomorrow."

"That's great!" Kasumi said. She was worried they wouldn't be able to get anymore.

"Some friends of mine are collecting the ingredients right now. I should have it ready in a few hours."

"You make it yourself?" She asked in shock.

"I never told you?" Ranma asked in surprise.

"No, you didn't." She said. For some reason she suddenly felt rather naughty.

"Well, since I'm mixing this up, do you want a stronger or weaker version of the tea?"

Kasumi thought about how the tea calmed her down and how sexually frustrated she was feeling. A nearby cucumber was looking rather phallic to her as she gazed at it. "Oh, stronger please. It's been kind of stressful lately."

"No problem." Ranma agreed and smirked. A strong tea would have the girls dripping constantly. Even more than they were now. Of course Nabiki didn't know what the tea did either, he thought to himself. "I'll give you a call if I get it ready later on tonight."

"Thank you Ranma." Kasumi said with a happy tone to her voice. Then as she was hanging up the phone she felt a rush of heat radiate through her body and she leaned against the wall to let it pass. She shivered in pleasure. Why did she feel like this now? Wasn't a girl's prime supposed to be in their late thirties? It was like she was some animal going into heat or something. Her eyes glazed over a little and a little blush touched her cheeks.

Her hand reached down and pressed against her pelvic mound. Gasping in pleasure, she leaned her back and gave it a rub. She wasn't even touching herself and she was close to an orgasm. Her body just seemed to get hotter and otter lately. Glancing at the towel on the table she used it to wipe down her thighs again. It was almost soaked through and it wasn't even ten in the morning yet.

Then she gave in to the feelings and let her fingers wander across her engorged clit. It was already sticking out of the little hood and almost three times bigger than she had ever seen it. She gasped in shock as shivers went down her spine. Moaning, she let her fingers wander for several minutes, quickly plunging deep inside.

She lost track of time as she writhed against the wall, flexing her hips with ever twist and dip of her fingers. Little gasps of pleasure escaping her mouth every time she touched the hard little nub. Opening her mouth, she almost screamed as she finally gave her oversized clit a little pinch and came. Slumping to the floor, she lay against the wall twitching as she felt her desire lesson to a small degree.

Flexing some internal muscles allowed her to enjoy the after effects of her orgasm for several minutes. She would have gladly stayed there even longer, but dinner was almost done and she couldn't let it burn. Climbing to her feet, she took a second to open the back door and went back to cooking. She eyed the little puddle on the floor by the wall and blushed.

Now where did she set that towel?


Suki threw her head back and moaned as Ranma held her to the bed and fucked her brains out. That was the only way to really describe what he was doing to her. She could clutch at the sheets as he plunged into her hard enough to make the bed groan under the heavy pounding. Every hard plunge sent her mind reeling in ecstasy. She felt a desire to let her eyes roll back into her head and surrender to the feelings completely.

Every few thrusts Ranma would suddenly change the angle of his thrust. She could only moan in pleasure as he worked. At the same time she could sense the strength of his power. He reached around her stomach and lifted her up so that she was leaning against his chest.

"Ahghaaaaa." She gasped and felt him grabbing her breasts. Little lightning bolts started to flash in front of her eyes as his cock reached deeper into her body. She managed to control herself enough to remember her own training and used her trained muscles to squeeze his cock.

"Mmmm." Ranma said and pinched her nipples.

Suki felt a flash of ecstasy and came, hard. She yelled out and moaned deep in her throat as her whole body shivered. Then Ranma stopped and let her rest for a few seconds. It took a while for her to stop shivering. She could feel his heart beat pulsing between her legs and it made her whole body thrum with pleasure. "More." She gasped.

"You're insatiable."

"Oh yes, I'm your slut. Make me beg and beg." She moaned and gasped for air. Even her hair felt good.

Ranma just laughed in her ear and let her fall forward, grabbed her hips, and changed his angle again. "I think you'll like this one."

She could only manage another moan. Her whole body was on fire, begging for never ending sex. "M-Master!"

Leaning forward, Ranma pushed her flat against the bed and used his body weight to hold her down. Using his legs, he started to thrust into her at high speed. He could see her juices dribbling out around his cock with every thrust. After a couple of minutes when she started to babble incoherent words, he used a new technique.

Touching the base of her spine, he infused a burst of Lust into her body. According to Dr. Tofu's scroll, it would drive a woman to the edge of ecstasy, but prevent her from going over. Making the finish so much better than normal. He could sense the flow of energy in her body altering already.

"Whaaa…" Suki gasped and arched her back.

He grinned as her breathing altered completely. Within a few thrusts she was squeaking and writhing to his every thrust. Caressing her shoulders made her cry out.

"What is th-this?" She cried out, thrusting her hips at him with need.

"Just a little something I wanted to try."

"Oh, M-Master…"

Ranma noticed that the lust energy building up in her body was crawling up her spin and pooling around her nipples. It wasn't noticeable unless one had Ki sight, but he wondered if even a novice would be able to see the effect. He took a second to release his pressure point and watched the show. Then the energy seemed to envelop her whole body. He felt the heat just before Suki started screaming. The energy in her body boiled over.


Suki continued to shudder as she collapsed to the bed. Her body wasn't responding as she lay there. Ecstasy filled her with every breath. She couldn't wipe the drool dripping from her mouth, only lay there and love every second of pleasure as the boiling energy slowly drained from her body.

It took close to ten minutes for her to regain control and she could only describe it as an orgasmic quake. Even her vagina was writhing with pleasure, the muscles contracting every few second, and little lights going off inside her head.

She moaned and passed out with a giant grin on her face. Ranma pulled himself out of her as she finally settled down and watched as a burst of liquid came out and splashed her legs. He tapped a few more pressure points and watched as she sighed in her sleep and finally relaxed. The Ki was burning off at an accelerated rate, but not in a normal way. It seemed to be lingering around all of her erogenous zones. She gave a contented sigh as she slept.

"Interesting." He muttered. Her aura was altering slightly as he watched. He would have to check in with the old man to see what heck was happening to her. He couldn't recall ever reading about anything like this. "She will be asleep for several hours." He muttered to himself as he pulled his pants.

Pulling out a small notebook, he noted the time and Suki's name. From there he described the technique. Then what he noticed as it went into effect. Her body was glistening with sweat as she cooled down and her nipples were twice as big as normal. Even her clit was still engorged and sticking out quite a bit. He wondered how long it would take for her to return to normal.

Once that was done he took a second to cover her with a sheet and headed for the door. She would wake up in the morning. Ranma had to admit that testing his new techniques out on the girl helped him immensely. She was able to take anything and enjoy it even more than either Yuka or Sayuri. Experience did make things a lot more fun.


"Here you go Chief." Nastumi said with a grin as she handed her report in. Her partner had handed hers in earlier and gone to track down some information on Doctor Tofu. Hopefully they wouldn't have to wait to long to access his file.

"Ah Tsujimoto, I was wanting to talk to you and your partner about this case." He said.


"Nerima is designated as a Class 3a district." The Chief said nervously.

Natsumi tried to remember what that meant and managed to dredge up the answer after some time. "3a? Isn't that a hands off district?"

"Indeed it is." He nodded. "There are only two districts in Japan that have that designation and both are here in Tokyo. Nerima has almost no crime. No gangs, no yakuza, nothing. Officially at least. The whole district is one giant danger zone to anyone that doesn't live there permanently."

"I don't see…"

"If you are going into Nerima to investigate this Lotus dust case, you have to be on your toes, and ten times as careful. There are things in Nerima that have driven regular officers insane. I don't want that to happen to either of you."

"Hey Chief." Miyuki said as she entered the room and walked over to his desk. "Talking about Nerima?"

"You knew about this?" Natsumi asked.

"I've encountered 3a before. We won't have any back up if we go there."

"That's ridiculous!"

"Nerima is part of the Emperors Special Powers act Natsumi. The people that live there are under a different set of rules as far as I can tell."

"Don't they have police?"

"Sure, but all they do is sit in their little shacks and laze about getting to know the neighbors. After a while they become as weird as everyone else there."

"Martial artists rove Nerima day and night learning their skills and practicing on anything that gets in their way. Gangs move in and two dozen martial artists will descend them like a pack of jackals." The Chief said mildly. "Two years ago some Yakuza tried to take advantage of Nerima. They were found about a week later fleeing for their lives and missing various articles of clothing which were never found."

"Then how are we going to get this case solved. This Doctor seems kind of fishy to me." Natsumi grumbled and changed the subject.

Instead of answering, the Chief handed them both a folder and decided not to elaborate on the gangs around the area. "Those are the rules you will follow while in Nerima. You do have the right to investigate this case and you have the outside skills to make it legal, but be very careful."

*First rule of Nerima: Don't pick a fight with anyone or thing. A dog was once spotted swiping the top off of a fire hydrant with its paw.*

*Don't get caught up in the resident's delusions. Your death will be listed as suicide.

*Don't pick fights, see Suicide clause again.*

Natsumi started to develop a cheek twitch and she glanced over at Miyuki, who looked calm as ever as she read over the warnings. They went on for three pages. At the very bottom of the third sheet, written in by hand, was 'don't bring your teenage daughter to Nerima. She won't leave a virgin.'

She glanced at the Chief, who gave a little wince. "Officer Soto took his 16 year old daughter to the movies a couple weeks back at the edge of Nerima. She went to the bathroom by herself. He found her singing in the stall about forty minutes later, her clothing on the floor around her, giving praise to the God among Men that just took her holy of holies." The Chief was blushing and took a sip of coffee to cover it up. "She hasn't been the same since."

Miyuki and Natsumi could only blink at that.

"I seriously advise you to not go there, but I won't stop you either. I know if I try you'll just go anyway."

"We have to, this is about Lotus powder."

"I know, and I understand why you want to investigate this on your own. Still, Nerima isn't like the rest of Tokyo, it's got its own rules."

"We're going."

"Alright, try and come back alive." He sounded like he was declaring them dead already. Yuriko came over, sat a tray on the desk, and sat out several candles.

"We'll pray for your safe return." She said as she adjusted her glasses and long black hair. "You're going to need it to get through this case alive, and with your virtue intact."

Miyuki started coughing.

"I don't like where this is going." Natsumi muttered as Yuriko lit some incense and clapped twice, and started praying. Several members of the Motorcycle pool snuck out of the room looking a little freaked out at the mention of Nerima. Miyuki frowned a little at that as Nakajima made a hasty exit without even saying goodbye.

"Maybe we should rethink this?" Natsumi muttered.

Aoi was crawling out of the room like a ninja. It was a little hard to do since he was, as usual wearing a female officers' uniform. He was almost to the door when the Chief called out. "Aoi, perhaps you can give them an idea of what they'll encounter in Nerima. You were stationed there once."

Standing up slowly, Aoi glanced around trying to find another exit from the room. Perhaps the window over there? That heat vent in the floor? What was a couple of broken bones when it came to avoiding Nermia?

"Officer Aoi?"

He giggled nervously and ran a hand through his long black hair, smoothed his dress, turned on his heel and made dash for the open window. Freedom was just a few steps away! Natsumi dives across the desks and tackled Aoi. "Oh no you don't!"

"Let me go!"

"Oh come on." Nastumi snaps.

"Let me die quickly! Honor demands it!" He wasn't even trying to sound like a girl as he normally did.

"Now Aoi, it can't be that bad." Miyuki said mildly. However, the glint in her eye dispelled the illusion that she was anything but calm.

"No, let me die!" He held his hand out towards the open window just as the Chief came over and closed it. Aoi slumped down in defeat.

"Now, just tell them what happened during the month you were there."

"It was Hell on Earth! People jumping from building to building, martial arts pets, and aliens in the sky! No sane person goes to the Nerima! Walls that explode for no reason, dogs that know martial arts, cats that can fell trees with their claws!"

Natsumi sweat dropped as Aoi suddenly lifted her off the ground, dove through the thin plastic window in the door, and ran down the hall as if he was on fire. No one stopped Yuriko from chasing after her friend and patrol partner. The Chief just shook his head.

"Officer Aoi didn't start cross dressing until after he escaped Nerima."

"I'm still going." Miyuki said stubbornly.

"Maybe we shouldn't?" Natsumi suggested again. She tried to ignore the wake forming down in front of the Station house. They already had her and Miyuki's pictures on signs and everything. Where the hell did they find 'that' picture of her?

"I'm going." Miyuki growled and headed out of the room. Natsumi sighed and followed her. Her zeal to solve the case was gone and now she just wanted to go home hide under her bed. People in the halls were giving her a wide berth and wearing black armbands already.

Not good, not good.


Suki sighed as she slowly opened her eyes and crooned. Satisfaction didn't begin to describe what she was feeling right then. She felt incredible, even her hair felt good. Arching like a cat, she stretched all the muscles in her body and smirked in satisfaction. Ranma didn't have sex with her as often as the other girls, but when he did, he made up for it in amazing ways.

Rolling her head around on her shoulders she finished stretching and crawled out of bed. She instantly noticed that something was different. Her body was still the same, large full breasts, tight muscles, everything else she put so much time into gaining. She looked at her hands and while they looked normal, they didn't feel normal.

She gasped. Her energy reserves were overflowing with power. Not just any power, but pure lust energy, flowed through her body. It filled her completely and it made her feel naughty. Smirking, she turned and sauntered over to the closet, opened the door, and looked into the full-length mirror on the other side. Now that she could see everything, there were some small changes here and there. Her breasts were a tiny bit higher on her chest, no sag, and her nipples were enlarged.

Touching them made her moan and she felt the pleasure right down to her toes. They were sensitive to send her into an orgasm within minutes. Her waist was smaller as well. Enough to really show off her hips rather well. She licked her lips and looked down below the waist and saw that she was aroused and dripping. Her thighs were wet and glistening just from standing there.

She sauntered away from the mirror just to keep from touching herself. Horny, that was the only word that worked. The need for sex was always there after her training under the Madam, but now it felt as if was truly a part of her body. For several minutes all she could do was stare out the window, still naked, and let her mind wander.

Grabbing a new set of clothing, she started to get dressed and quickly found that the clothing felt confining and a little uncomfortable. Her skin was more sensitive than normal if mere clothing was uncomfortable. Once she was dressed in her normal ninja outfit she had to resist the urge to reach down her pants and touch herself.

She hadn't had this little control over her body since she was in training and they were teaching them how to use aphrodisiacs. Every step she took made her slightly breathless and it was hard to concentrate. It only took a few minutes for her to realize that she would have to have Ranma fuck her again. She couldn't work if this was going to last any length of time.

As she stepped out the back door to the small abandoned house that Ranma had adopted for those times when the clinic wouldn't work, she jumped to the roof. Her jump was smooth and sexy as she landed on the edge and glanced around. Sending her senses out to find Ranma so he could fix this, she sensed something off towards a nearby house.

There was sexual tension in the air and it hummed through her blood like electricity. She just stood there and let the feeling wash over her. If she concentrated enough she could feel what the other girl was feeling. Every move, twitch, and moan she experienced washed over Suki. She knelt down and arched back in pleasure as her sexual core thrummed with need.

She shuddered.


Just down the street Nabiki sighed as she hung up the phone and looked at the list of girls she was compiling. Most of them had seen Ranma wandering around or heard some rumors and were more than willing to pay off some debts with their bodies. Of course these were Nerima girls so none of them were really normal girls. So long as it was only with Ranma himself. Though one had hinted that she might like to get to know her as well.

Nabiki just smirked at that one and sat her name to the side for something later on. It might be interesting, she hadn't tried it with a girl yet. Reaching out she sipped at the tea Kasumi had managed to scrounge up from somewhere. Supposedly Ranma was going to by later on this evening to drop off a new batch. According to Kasumi, Ranma made the stuff at the clinic for the patients.

Whatever was in the tea really helped to relax her at the end of the day. Things seemed to be happening around Nerima lately. Things that were hard to get a handle on and it was frustrating. Calling in some favors allowed her to learn a little more about Ranma Saotome. The man was making quite a reputation form himself. Around Japan and Hong Kong mostly.

According to her contact the guy's father engaged Ranma to almost a dozen girls over the last ten years. In the last year a third of those engagements were withdrawn when Ranma came a long and offered a deal to get out of the marriage. Three girls were currently pregnant and listed on the Saotome clan register as Mistresses. Some girl in Kansai sang prayers to him every morning. Several others accepted money to call off the engagement, but not before Ranma took each of the girls to bed, sometimes for several days without stop.

She shuddered just thinking about being in bed with that hunk for three days straight. Since all she was wearing was a long night shirt, she leaned back, pulled her legs up and rested her feet on the edge of the desk to expose her pussy to the air. The air swirling around her damp skin felt lovely and she gave herself a caress. God it felt good to touch herself.

Her pubic hair was long gone. She'd shaved it off when the hair started to get tangled because it was constantly wet. Even now she was dribbling out enough that it was sticking to her fingers. She absently licked them clean as she continued to look through the info on the desk. The Saotome family was rather well off and had more than enough money to let Ranma pay off some of the girls.

If she was reading this right, he had yet to leave any girl he visited wanting. Nabiki could easily understand that. He did something that just made her whole body radiate lust. Even now she was horny morning, noon, and night, always thinking of Ranma. How she felt as he held her in his arms. The glint in his eye as he undid the buttons on her shirt. It was driving her mad!

If only he would let her be in control! Her fingers started to rub between her legs making her arch back with a quiet sigh. She didn't mind doing this before and after school to relieve the need, but it was getting so bad that she was taking bathroom breaks just to touch herself. Half the girls in class did the same thing these days, though they would never admit it even when they heard each other in the next stall crying out in orgasm.

Nabiki knew that Ranma was doing this, but just couldn't figure out how he was doing it from Dr. Tofu's clinic. Most of the girls didn't even bother Tofu when they were sick so that wasn't the answer. She shook her head. Deep inside she had a feeling the answer was obvious, but she wasn't able to think clearly when she was this horny.

She moaned the fire lit between her legs and she surrendered herself to the pleasure. Her hand continued to move as she pushed her fingers into her pussy. She barely noticed the rather obscene noises her fingers were making. It felt too good to stop. Her juices were filling her from the inside and dribbling out as she used the heel of her hand to press down on her engorged clit. She nearly fell out of her chair as the orgasm ripped through her body far sooner than she expected.

A spray of liquid surged out of her body as she rode her orgasm and covered everything on the desk. Seconds later as the muscles in her body relaxed her feet fell to the floor and she slumped forward gasping for air. Making her breasts heave and jiggle with every move she made. She dozed off a few seconds later as even more liquid came out of her and soaked the chair she was sitting in.

Out in the hall Kasumi sighed as she quietly closed Nabiki's door. Watching her own sister masturbate had made her hornier than ever and she had to find some relief. This would the third time since she got up several hours before. She headed to her room, closed the door, locked it, and pulled a dildo out of her closet. Turning on her stereo, she set the dildo to vibrate, and went to work.

She shuddered as it touched her folds with a needy sigh and for a moment, she thought back to years before when her mother was alive. Kasumi felt a heat fill her body as her thoughts filled her mind with images of her mother having sex. It didn't take her long to experience her most powerful orgasm ever. Leaving her panting and completely drained.

Once she was done she absently licked her fingers clean and thought about a certain man she had her eye on. Maybe she should take the first step after all.


To Be Continued…

Notes: The Lotus Blossom in Ancient China was considered to be an aphrodesiac. This and the Chrysthanamum blossms are just some of the ideas I'm going to be using. I figured they would be a good substance to use with the YUA girls in this and the next chapter. To make things more realistic.

About the Tea the Tendo girls have been drinking. They aren't figuring out the true purpose of the Tea because they are so distracted by what it's doing to them. Nabiki thinks Ranma is sneaking around, ninja like, affecting them. Akane has no clue. And Kasumi is just enjoying herself and watching everyone around her.


Cauldron of Passion - By using a pressure point it is possible to build up various types of energy in the body. Lust energy does have a limit and if the girl is willing, it can have unexpected results. When a certain level of power is reached, it explodes outward in an attempt to release the energy build up. Making all the energy excite all the nerve endings in the body. This technique is also called the Ultimate Orgasm and can be addictive for a novice feeling it for the first time.