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Playing With Ranma
Chapter 16 – Akane Snaps!
Cory D Rose

© 2007

Rain came down in one of the usual daily down pours. Akane ignored it as she did her usual early morning jog. Today she was running a little faster than normal, her long hair streaming along behind her, as she tried to regain her control. Over the last few weeks feelings, and weird urges, that she didn't understand rose up from nowhere to bother her. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get rid of the strange feelings driving her to distraction lately.

Feelings that set her temper on fire. Urges that were nearly impossible to ignore no matter how hard she tired. So far, the only thing that worked was pushing herself to exhaustion. Only to wake up with strange images in her mind and another pair of sopping wet panties. Even worse, whatever it was, both of her sisters were experiencing it too.

So she was running, trying to work past the feelings and regain control of her body. Every step sent her breasts bouncing and a wave of pleasure filled her body. That effect was new as well. She could feel the air on her flushed skin, the cloth of her pants rubbing against her butt. Just moving made her feel good. It was all she could do just not to moan with every step she took. There was no way she was going to admit that she was about to have the biggest orgasm of her life. She was too stubborn to do that.

Spreading her legs, keeping them straight as she bent forward and slightly arched her back, she unconsciously did the sexiest stretch of her life. A male observer collapsed with a nosebleed the instant he saw her upraised ass and very revealing sweat marks. Akane didn't notice anything though. Everything she felt was a distraction. It took everything she had to resist the urge to free herself from her clothes with every passing second. She felt trapped, restricted, and resisting her urge was getting nearly impossible.

With almost superhuman determination, she lurched forward and started running again. The feelings were easier to deal with when she was moving. Of course, it also made her hornier than ever. She couldn't stop the sexy moan that came from her mouth half a block later. Her morning run wasn't working anymore. Instead, it seemed to be compounding the growing need with every step.

Heading inside, she headed for her room grab her bath supplies. Once there she removed everything and stood there for several minutes just enjoying the feel of the air on her bare skin. Her hand went between her legs as she absently touched her swollen clit. A burst of pure pleasure nearly dropped her to her knees. She needed to find relief worse than ever, but that meant she would have to do something perverted. There was no way she would do anything like that.


She needed a cold shower. Grabbing a robe and her baths supplies and met Nabiki as they both stepped out into the hall at the same time. They looked at each other for several seconds, bed hair, flushed skin, and sweat dripping down their chests. With a nod, Akane moved past her sister to head for the bathroom. She could feel her diamond hard nipples pressing against the robe and hoped they weren't as noticeable as Nabiki's were.

"Akane." Nabiki said before she could get away.


"Are you going to be able to go to school like that?"

"Why?" She played dumb. It was easier that way.

"All of us are struggling with this new development." Nabiki explained. "I can see how much you're struggling."

"I'm fine." She snapped. Her pussy was throbbing in time with her heartbeat and it was driving her insane. She. Was. Fine!

"You need to relieve the pressure Akane or you're going to explode at the worst possible time." Nabiki said with a blush on her cheeks. "I can let you borrow one of my toys."

"I won't do that!" Akane snarled, but her body gave a little twitch as she pictured it in her mind. "Only a pervert would something like that!"

"Akane, you need…"

"Leave me alone." Akane snarled as she stalked down the stairs. She didn't want to think about what Nabiki was suggesting and yet she couldn't help it. It was bad enough that she had to listen to her own sister using a vibrator for hours every night now. Then being forced to listen to Nabiki, her little cries as she had orgasm after orgasm just drove her crazy as well. She was very vocal and didn't bother to try to hide her pleasure, or what she was doing.

Suppressing a moan, she finally reached the bathroom, shut the door and ripped her clothes off as fast as she could. This only gave her a full body shiver that left her panting for breath. Stepping into the bathroom, she shut the door and quickly poured several buckets of ice-cold water over her head. Focusing on the job at hand, she managed to clean herself up without falling prey to the Itch she was developing.

Now that she was calmed down a little she was able to think better. She would get through this without turning into a raging pervert. Her eyes gleamed as she visualized the one she blamed for this whole mess. He had to be the one that was doing this. Ranma Saotome. According to her sister, it was his fault, and she was going to beat the pervert into the ground for, well, whatever he did.

She'd taken a shower to save time after she finished with the buckets. It was bad enough that her hands kept straying down her thighs as she sat there. The longer she spent with her clothes off the more she thought about perverted things. She wasn't a pervert, she wasn't! Kasumi glided into the room as peaceful as ever as she started setting things out. Eyeing the food like a shark, Akane was tempted to start without anyone else there.

Kasumi's eyes were as glassier than usual, but Akane didn't really think about it much. Only wondering why her older sister's hips were moving with that little rocking motion. "Kasumi, can you show me how to do some washing when I get home, I'm running low on some things."

"Of course Akane, I'd love to." Came the expected answer.

"Thanks." She said just as she felt a wave of pleasant heat flow through her body. Akane shuddered in pleasure and sat there with a little smile on her face. Across from her, Nabiki watched her little sister's actions and wondered if there was any way she could prevent something bad from happening. Akane hadn't listened to her in several years now.

Kasumi came in from the kitchen and gave each of them a cup of tea. "This is the last of the tea I got from Tofu."

"You should see if you can get some more." Nabiki said as she drank a little. "I'd pay to have this stuff around. It always calms my nerves."

Akane just used both hands to hold her cup and gulped it down in a few seconds. "Thanks Kasumi!"

"You're welcome Akane." Kasumi said with a smile. No one noticed as she shivered a tiny bit and bent her head back, closing her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened them again and looked completely normal. "Oh, Akane, Yuka called earlier and wanted me to let you know that she would meet you at the school instead of on the way."

"Alright." Akane said and shrugged.

"Any reason for the change Akane?" Nabiki asked. Something wasn't right here and she wondered what it was.

"Not really. Yuka has been acting odd lately."

Nabiki nodded. She had noticed the change in the girl. Then there was Sayuri, both girls were different these days. "I'll see if I can find out if something is wrong."

"That would be great." Akane said. "But I'm still not paying you anything."



Ranma sat on top of a nearby house as Akane ran by heading to school. He smirked a bit and noticed that her aura was shifting all around. He could see the effects of his tea really working its way through her body. He might have to pay her a visit one of these nights if he could find the time. Of course, he had other girls that were higher on the list though.

He smirked as he noticed Nabiki slowly walking down the street. Outwardly she looked as normal as ever, but Ranma could tell that she was ready. Her hormones were so active that he wondered why she wasn't humping a wall. He'd seen that a couple of times already. Some girls couldn't resist his tea no matter how hard they tried.

Others never gave in. Ranma figured it was a good way to get girls in the mood. Seduction was an art after all and one he knew rather well. Rising to his feet, he raced along the roof and jumped into the air. He bounded off a lamppost and landed behind the middle Tendo daughter. She stopped in mid step and turned around with wide eyes.

"Nabiki." He crooned, leaning close enough to touch her hair.

She shuddered. "I…I'm…."

"Are you ready?" He asked as he used a finger to lift her face up at his.

Nabiki felt her body screaming at her to jump him right there in the street and use him up completely. For the last several days his advances had become harder and harder to resist. She knew that she would give in eventually. She just didn't want to act like a slut. Her body on the other hand had other ideas and it was in full slut mode.

Stepping forward, she grabbed his head and pulled him down into a kiss. He let her guide them as he returned the kiss. Ranma just kissed her back and reached around to grab her ass. It took her several seconds to finally regain control and break the kiss. As she took several steps back, Nabiki's breasts heaved as she gasped for air.

He tasted so good! By sheer force of will she calmed down enough to think straight. Her body felt like one large nerve ending pulsing with desire, but she was strong enough not to give in. Looking away from him, she adjusted her clothes before turning back. "No more of that."

Ranma gave her a smirk. "Still want to resist me?"

"I have no intention of jumping into bed with you."

"Your nipples say other wise."

She just smirked. "I'm in control here Ranma. You may have gotten my sister with that sneak attack the other day, but you won't get me."

He stepped a little closer. "I'm not even influencing you like I was before and my presence still makes your body fill with desire."

"Such arrogance." She hissed. However, she couldn't really deny it. Nabiki wanted him more than anything she ever wanted.

"Yeah, I'm arrogant, but I can back up it up." Reaching out, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her a little closer. He pressed his dick into her thigh.

Nabiki flushed. "Stop that."

Chuckling, Ranma let her go. "I have a spot all set up for us to play around Nabiki."

She shuddered, it was impossible to look away from his eyes. Like pools of pure blue light that drew her in. "Stop that I said."

Shrugging, Ranma looked away. "I'm not doing anything. Those are you natural desires filling your body."

"Lies." She growled. "I never felt like this until you started this."

"I might have tried to seduce you as I do other girls, but few can resist me, after that is only a matter of time before you give in."

Nabiki couldn't deny that. She was going mad with desire as it was, with her panties already sopping wet, there was no way she would resist if he forced things. Instead he seemed to back off and just grin at her without trying to force things. "I won't give in."

He folded his arms and just grinned. "With most girls I can read them pretty well. It's all in your eyes and how you move the hips. You on the other hand are harder to read. I can't tell if you are serious or not, you send a lot of different signals."

"Good." She nodded.

Suddenly he was right in front of her, standing only inches away. "Ki-chan, you deserve to experience everything I can give you."

She bit back a squeak as her eyes got large again. "Stay back! I want you to leave me alone!"

Ranma smirked. "Do you? Or were you not just about ready to jump me here in the middle of the street?"

She blushed at the reminder of her raging desire for his perfect body. How could a boy like him do this to her? She still hadn't figured that one out yet. "Um…"

"I have a place nearby that's private."

"You said that already." She snapped and stepped away from him. This only made him smirk at her and she noticed that a slight breeze was ruffling his long loose hair. Now she could smell him too and she couldn't get enough of it.

"Now your eyes are telling me you want me to throw you against the wall and do you right here." Her mind was so full of desire that his voice barely registered. "How about I use my aura to caress every inch of your body? I think you might like it."

"I can resist anything you throw at me."

Ranma circled around her like a shark. "I think I'm seeing a pattern here. You say you don't want my 'gift' and yet your body says other wise."

"Yeah right."

"So much denial." He said as he grabbed her shoulders. "Maybe I should undress you right here and see what happens. Yuka seemed to enjoy it quite a bit when I did it to her."

"I'm not Yuka."

"True, she didn't run away from me."

Before she could respond, Ranma had her in the alley, pressing her against the brick wall. She couldn't see as he kissed the back of her neck and his hands went up her skirt. Groaning at how good it felt, she didn't resist as his hand went up her thigh. "You're soaking wet my beautiful Tendo." He whispered into her ear.

She about came right then and there. "Stop."

His hands stopped moving. "Hmm?" He started nibbling on her earlobe.

"Ah!" She gasped. "I will not become another notch on your belt."

His hands found her nipples and squeezed them through her uniform and little stars started to flash before her eyes. How in the world could this guy do this to her. All her defenses were falling faster than she could build them up. "Just my looking at you is driving you mad with Lust."

She jerked back with a wild look on her face and moved so that a couple of trashcans were in between them. Smirking, she gave him a look he hadn't seen before. "I'll talk to you after school Ranma. Until then, use your hand."

Turning around, she walked away and didn't bother to look back. Ranma glanced down at his raging hard on, back at Nabiki, and shrugged. "She sure likes to play games."


Sweat dripped off the tip Akane's nose as she stumbled through the front gate of the school. Her breathing was ragged and her body was driving her insane. Every step she took sent shivers through her that were impossible to ignore. Something in her snapped as she stood there and a weird grin formed on her face.

Giggling, she glanced around and didn't notice that the world had taken on a strange lens like quality. Her eyes roved around the yard and locked on the bodies of several nearby men. She didn't register the looks of fear that appeared on their faces. Instead she just giggled at the images flowing through her mind.

Nabiki said she needed to relieve the pressure. What better way than to throw a boy on the ground and impale herself on his manhood? They all wanted her anyway. Why else would they spend so long trying to date her? Her hand absently opened the top three buttons of her shirt.

"Yeeesss." She hissed as a breezed cooled her breasts. Her head lolled to the side and as she noticed the one that wanted her the most. "Kuno-baka."

"SHE'S LOST IT!" A boy screamed and ran for the school.

Dozens of students fled towards the school before Akane could say anything, but her eyes were riveted on Kuno. Her panties were soaked and she could feel her juices dripping down her inner thighs. Giggling, she reached up and adjusted her breasts.

"Kuuuunnnooo-chan." She breathed as she practically floated across the ground towards her target. "It's time for that date."

The remaining students watched in fascination as Akane came over to Kuno and rubbed her head against his shoulder. The tall boy looked down at her with a confused look. He hadn't even noticed she was there. Instead, he had a certain red head on his mind.

"Go away girl, I have a better woman to think about now." He said and shook her off his arm.

Akane squawked as he brushed her off and strode away. "Kuno-chan!" She purred. "I want you."

"Away woman!" Kuno growled and stalked off. "I have no time to waste on the likes of you."

She stared after him for several seconds as she found it impossible to take her eyes off his ass. She let out an insane giggle. Something inside her lurched and Akane moaned in ecstasy. Her head rolled back as she stood there gasping for air. Why did she feel so warm all of a sudden? Stumbling forward, she didn't pay attention to where she was going as she left the school grounds.

Instead, she could feel that what she wanted wouldn't be found at school. How she knew this was a mystery, but she needed to have some relief or she was to do something drastic. Her eyes came up as she smelled something wonderful and focused in on a sight that made her grin. Standing on a wall with his back to her, was a man in a tuxedo wearing a cape.

Her grin widened as she noticed his tight ass and visible muscles. "Yeeesss." She pulled her vest off and dropped it to the ground, then shook her hair out until she was satisfied with her new look. A part of her mind took note of where she was and gave a wicked giggle.

The wall was next to an unused house that had a certain reputation around the school. A place where several girls all lost their virginity to Ranma over the last few weeks. The boy turned just as she jumped up on the wall. She gave him a look as she reached for him. Her mind didn't register as his eyes went wide beneath his opera mask, nor as she picked him, tossed him over her shoulder, and turned to the house.

She giggled. "Yes, this is going to be fun."

Tuxedo Mask sweat dropped as she picked him up with her bare hands. Then she crouched down and jumped them into the air. She was only human and she managed carry launch twenty feet into the air, land on the roof, and giggle like an insane pervert.

They landed on the ground, she slammed him against the wall, and he found himself kissed by the deranged girl. He tried to stop her, but her hands were everywhere for several seconds, then his pants fell to the ground and she had him by the balls. She gave them a squeeze and he gasped in pain.

"You will fuck me." She breathed into his ear.

Tux could feel her breasts pressing into his chest and shuddered as she started to give him a hand job. "Um, I don't think…"

"I will think for you. Now fuck me." She growled as she had an idea.

Then her leg lifted off the ground and she ran her toe up the length of his body. Once it to go his head it went to the side and she used her foot to push the window open. He noticed that there wasn't a screen on the window. His eyes were looking down at her body though. With her leg above her head, her skirt fell in such a way that he could see her panties.

Her white, dripping wet panties. They practically molded themselves to her pussy. Then he looked into her eyes and realized that she wasn't firing on all cylinders. "How now, you need help."

"And you're going to give me what I want." Her hand cupped his manhood again and she cooed. "I want you."

"But…" He tried again, but she lifted him off the ground and forced him through the window. He landed on his back and could only watch as the girl crouched down, framed by the window, looking like a mad woman. The low light of the room helped to make her look even more beautiful.

"Now we can play." Akane said as she stepped down and took a second to drop her clothing to the floor.

He sat up and decided that as a man, he couldn't turn a willing girl down. While he was Tuxedo Mask, he was magically enhanced, so the girl was about to get what she wanted. In spades. Pulled the rest of his clothing off and tossed it to the side, then turned to face her. "It's too late to stop now."

Akane pressed her hand against his chest and shoved him against the wall. She leaned up to kiss him instantly. Their hands roved over each other's body. Her body was slick with sweat and he could smell just how aroused the girl was. Then she wrapped her leg around his and used martial arts move to throw him to the floor.

She knelt down and ran her hands over his abs. Her breasts heaved as she gazed down on him like an animal in heat. That was the only way to describe what he was seeing. Her juices were dripping on his leg as she knelt there gazing at him in fascination.

Then her eyes locked onto his raging hard on and she stopped breathing for a second. Slowly, very slowly, her eyes seemed to lose their spark as the girl moved down, stuck her tongue out, and gave the head a little lick. Tux gasped and the girl seemed to like what she was doing as she started sucking him like a popsicle.

He grabbed her by the hair and guided her through the motions for giving a blowjob. It only took a few minutes for Akane to start bobbing up and down like a pro and Tux groaned. She had natural talent that had his dick getting harder. Akane swung her body around and straddled his face. She wasn't one to be ignored when she wanted something.

Up close, Akane's pussy was sopping wet. He grabbed her waist and pulled her close. The instant his lips touched her lips Akane sat up and gasped as she started to shake. His mouth filled as her honey flowed freely. He noticed that her clit was also peaking out from under its little hood. It was almost the size of a grape.

After nearly ten seconds Akane finally stopped shaking as her orgasm subsided. Then she slumped forward and gasped for air. "Oh I needed that." She cooed and wiggled herself around on Tux's face.

Tux decided that if he was going to do this, he wasn't going to let the girl control everything. He took her over sized clit into his mouth and started to gum it. Akane almost had another orgasm. She moaned as her eyes rolled back as she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth again. This time she was able to think about what she was doing.

He groaned as he felt the pressure building with in his dick and let the girl work. From there he forced her to hold as still as possible as she writhed around. Her long wild hair shifting around as she let it hangs off her shoulders. Tux was impressed at how well he could make out the muscles under her skin.

Akane suddenly shifted around and straddled his stomach, letting his cock rest against her ass. "Now, lets have some real fun."

He reached up to cup her breasts and took a second to play with her nipples. Akane sighed and couldn't believe how sensitive her whole body seemed to be. Just having his hands on her was driving her crazy. Shifting around, she rose up a little and grabbed his cock. She placed it at the entrance to her pussy.

Just doing that was enough to make her head spin. It felt like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Her body seemed to know what it wanted though as she slowly lowered herself down and felt her lips spread wider and wider to embrace the head.

Tux groaned as she lowered herself on him. He could feel her juices running down the sides of his cock as the head finally went in with a little pop. They moaned together and just stayed there for a second reveling in the feeling. Then he grabbed her hips and started pushing her down. Akane slowly took him in, inch by inch, until she was sitting in his lap.

"I-incredible." She gasped as she suddenly slipped down the last few inches. Moving her hips back and forth Akane let herself go wild. Then Tux lifted her up a few inches and let her settle back down. She cried out in awe as her whole body seemed to go out of her control.

Bouncing in his lap had her crying out in ecstasy, but she could also feel her breasts swelling. It only took her a few minutes to figure out the perfect rhythm that felt the best. Parts of her went completely limp as she moved, her cries growing in volume every time she felt him deep within her body.

"Lean back and use your arms for balance, use your legs to raise and lower the hips." Tux explained.

Akane didn't even think about the instructions as she leaned back and did as he instructed. She was going crazy with pleasure. Her body was on fire and every movement felt heavenly. Crying out, she found herself moving in new and incredible ways.

Out of the blue, just as she was about to get the hang of the new position, she was touched in a spot inside her pussy that hadn't been used before now. Whatever it was, she screamed out in shock as she came for a second time. Tux almost jumped out of his skin as she collapsed and started coming her brains out.

Akane's cries rose for several seconds before her voice gave out and she could only lay there. She was aware that she had drenched the floor and that the dick was still inside her. An after orgasm hit and she shuddered. Tux pulled out and moved around to make sure she was okay.

A river of liquid was flowing from Akane making her moan softly. Her hands reached down and rubbed her pussy. The liquid wasn't just wet, it was sticky, clinging to her thighs. Her unfocused eyes took in Tux. "What was that?"

"I'm not sure."

"I want more of that."

"I think I can try." Mamoru said. "What's your name?"

She giggled, slightly high from her orgasm. "Akane."

"Call me Mamoru."

Reading out, she grabbed his cock. "I can't believe you're still hard."

"You've been having all the fun so far."

She smirked a little at that. "I'm gonna have to apologize to my sister."

With the way she kept jumping from subject to subject, he figured she still wasn't thinking straight. "Sure."

He rolled on top of her and pulled one of her legs over his shoulder. "This way I can be a little more active."

Akane's wide unfocused eyes watched as he guided his cock to her entrance, leaned forward, and pushed into her again. She gasped at the strange feeling that seemed to flow through her. He started to pump in and out, adjusting his angle, until he had her clutching his arms. His speed picked up until she cried out and wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on.

"Oh Kami! Oh Oh!" Akane cried out as she started to bounce up on the floor. Mamoru's thrusts delving clear to her womb. If anything, he felt even bigger than before. She could feel her breasts flopping back and fourth as he pounded into her.

He grunted and she could see that he was really moving. Arching her back proved the move she was looking for. Mamoru's cock rubbed that spot again and her world turned into a swirling mass of light as she surrendered to the feelings that overwhelmed her.

Then her orgasm started cascading turning her cries into a kind of grunting scream. She rode the dragon for several minutes before Mamoru gasped, buried himself into her as deeply as he could, and came. Akane cried out as something foreign entered her body. Deep pulses of super hot liquid filled her world sending her through yet another orgasm that set her clit on fire.

She arched back, completely lost to the world, before collapsing in a heap under Mamoru. He slowly came back to himself and relaxed enough to pull out of her. Feeling drained, he sat back enough to let Akane grab onto him and sigh. Covered in sweat, her hair sticking to her forehead, she still looked up at him just before she went to sleep.

She started to snore.


Yuka used her note pad like a fan. School just let out and she hadn't been able to find Akane anywhere. She was pretty sure one of the girls mentioned that Akane did arrive this morning, but Yuka hadn't heard the whole conversation. Overhearing it while she was busy with Sayuri in one of the unused closets on the second floor.

For the last couple of weeks the two of them met a couple times a day to relieve the growing pressure in their bodies. Their lust seemed to be an almost living thing now that they had managed to contain and control it to a degree. Nothing on Ranma's level of course, but enough to drive them mad as their bodies demanded sex, morning, noon, and night.

Their parents suspected something was going on though, so they had to meet in random places as often as they needed each other. This didn't stop them from checking out anyone else that might catch her eye. Yuka grinned as she recalled her meeting with Takaha just the day before. The girl was known as a girl lover from clear back in junior high, so Yuka had been a little surprised when she ended up using a strap on to satisfy the girl.

She shuddered just thinking about that half hour on the roof of the school. Takaha was a complete slut and she went wild when the strap on was used. Listening to the girl trying to moan Ranma Sama's name had nearly sent Yuka into a fit of giggles. Her Master seemed to be irresistible to anyone that came along. Of course, screwing Taka-chan once hadn't been enough for the poor girl. They ended up doing it almost a dozen times and would have done even more if the bell hadn't rang when it did.

Yuka was still a little sore. Of course, she should have realized that the school's most famous lesbian would know things about the female body that could turn her to Jell-O. She hadn't been able to move after that little get together. Takaha had kissed her, felt her up, and skipped off as if everything in the world was perfect and they hadn't just fucked each other's brains out.

Taking a few seconds, Yuka continued to fan her chest as she relived that whole scene. She was wearing her shirt in such a way that it hung off her and showed a lot of cleavage. The teachers were to numb to anything happening in the school that they didn't say a thing about it. She even wondered if they noticed anything anymore.

Stopping at her locker, she took a minute to change into her street shoes. As always, as she stepped outside her thoughts turned to Akane again. She had a bad feeling about that girl. Yuka wondered if she missed her opportunity to take Akane's virginity. Ranma had ordered her to seduce Akane after all, but if someone else got to her, she didn't know how Ranma would react.

He might not have sex with her anymore! Nooooooooooooo! Shaking her head, she berated herself for even thinking that Ranma would abandon her. He was teaching her after all. He was to laid back to punisher her like that. Giggling to herself, she made her way outside.

A lot of Ranma's training dealt with the proper way to focus her Ki to perform certain actions. She already knew eight different ways to meditate in order to achieve different results. A naughty smirk graced her lips as her aura flared around and she scanned the area.

Akane's scent was still in the air and she could ‘see' it just floating there. It was thick too. That meant that Akane was super aroused. She relaxed her aura a little and started following Akane's trail. Yuka ignored the several men that turned to look at her as she sauntered on by, slightly bent over, following the trail.

It only led a couple of blocks down, but already the school wasn't even in sight. She stopped in front of a wall where she found a large amount of Akane's pheromones hovering in the air. The scent was very noticeable as well. Yuka glanced around to make sure no was around just as she jumped to the top of the wall.

The smell was even stronger here. She hopped to the ground and made her way over to the house. Akane was here, she was sure of it. Moving around the side of the house, she found and open window and moved a little closer to it. It was the sounds that tipped her off first.

Akane's voice could make a high range of sounds and Yuka would admit that she might have heard just about every one of them. What was coming from the window was almost animal like. If it weren't for the loud moaning, she wouldn't have recognized Akane at all.

Peaking in the window, her eyes widened just a little, as she spotted Akane riding a rather large cock. The girl's back was to her and she was doing most of the work, rising up, then slamming down so hard it was a wonder that the floor didn't give out. Surprisingly the man, whoever he was, appeared to be able to take Akane's inhuman strength without complaint.

Akane's whole body shone with sweat as she moved, her back arch, and her hips wiggled back and forth with ever more powerful downward thrusts. Yuka creamed her panties in an instant. Her friend never looked this good. From her vantage point Yuka could see everything.

It was obvious that Akane was in a completely new realm of pleasure. Her eyes were open but she wasn't really seeing anything. Her body was overwhelming her regular senses and the man's cock was spreading the girl wide. Yuka could even see that Akane's juices were frothing out with ever move of her body.

Reaching out with her senses Yuka took a second to experience what was happening in the room and almost collapsed to her knees. As it was, she leaned back against the wall and pressed her hand into her crotch. Akane wasn't just aroused, she was on some kind of aphrodisiac.

She could sense traces of it throughout the girl's body. Ranma's lust aura worked like this to a certain degree, but on an easier to control level. Girls could say if they didn't want any, but it just felt so good that who would want to. Yuka's knees went weak as Akane leaned back and came with such force that the girl nearly passed out.

That didn't even describe what Yuka felt through her aura. No wonder Akane was acting like an animal. No one could resist that much ecstasy and say no to anyone. Grinning, Yuka used her new skills to slip into the room and watched as the couple took a few moments to catch their breath.

The man was still hard as stone as well. She could see his cock pulsating as she took a closer look. It wasn't Ranma's work of art, but it would come in a very close second place. Akane ended up on her back as the man moved her legs to his shoulders and started really banging Akane.

All Akane could do was grunt, moan, and beg for more as he slammed into her. Yuka could see experience here, as if the guy had quite a bit of practice with this particular move. His hard muscles strained as he slammed into Akane at a high rate of speed.

Akane howled and clutched at him. This made Yuka even hornier from her position a few feet away. They were so far gone that wouldn't have noticed if a car crashed into the building and a wall fell on them. Yuka decided right there that she was going to have some of this if Akane would let her.

Her eyes gleamed as she leaned forward to get a better look at the couple. Then, much to her shock, the man's leg moved and suddenly caught her foot. With squawk, Yuka crashed down on the couple and sent them all tumbling. Groaning, Yuka closed her eyes and wondered if opening them would be a bad idea.

"Who are you?" The man asked and Yuka felt something brush her thigh.

She opened one eye and found him and Akane sitting next to her. Akane didn't look mad or happy, just confused. "Yuka?"

"Hey Akane, guess what I found you doing?" She leered.

Akane blushed, even her breasts suddenly turned red. She twitched. "Um, well you see…"

"I understand perfectly Akane." She glanced at the man, who was still hard and naked. "Boy do I understand."

The man just smirked.

Akane shivered. "You won't tell…"

"Only if I get to join in." Yuka said. "Ranma showed me a few things that can make this even more fun."

"No." Akane said instantly.

"Now Akane." Yuka said as she rolled to her feet and knelt before Akane.

"You won't be telling anyone about this. You don't do things like that." Akane reasoned.

Yuka just shrugged and tossed her long hair over her shoulder and arched just enough to make her breasts strain against her thin shirt. "But I do like to play and I now you've been checking me out."

"I have not!" She yelled.

Yuka smirked as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the side. "I've wanted to play with you for a while and this gentleman won't mind at all."

Tux grunted, one girl, two girls, he was a man and would take up that challenge anytime. His cock twitched and Yuka reached out to give it a pat. He rather enjoyed what it felt like.

"See, even he agrees."

She leaned forward and crawled over to Akane, letting her breasts hang down so that Akane could get a good look at them. She let her aura practically fill the room. Akane's eyes seemed to go blank as Yuka got closer. It was obvious that being disturbed in the middle of a good lay hadn't cooled Akane down any. Her nipples were still standing straight and Yuka could tell the girl must have been on the verge of a big orgasm.

Pressing her hand against Akane's shoulder let Yuka push the girl onto her back and allow her to crawl over Akane's body. "I'm going to enjoy this."

Akane just watched in shock as Yuka leaned down and kissed her. The tiny bit of resistance vanished in the wave of lust that filled her body in that instant. She let out a primal moan that nearly sent Yuka over the edge. She glanced back at the guy, her eyes giving him permission to do what he wanted with her.

Tuxedo Mask didn't waste any time reaching to pull the girl's panties off. They were already soaked, but he didn't care about that. Yuka was dripping wet from just watching him plow into Akane. She groaned as his fingers started to play with her lower lips.

He was a little rough, but she tended to compare everything to Ranma and he was simply the best. The man knew how to play a girl's body like finely tuned instrument. She went back to making Akane feel good. It wouldn't take much to send the girl over the edge either.

Akane couldn't have stopped Yuka if she wanted to. Her friend's hands seemed to be everywhere, but when they went between her legs, Akane gasped at the wave of pleasure. Just touching a girl made her feel something completely new. Even the boy, whoever he was, just didn't make her feel like this. Then she felt her lips spread open and Akane arched her back.

Taking Akane's grape sized clit into her mouth made Akane lean back and moan loudly. Akane shuddered as a she felt every move of Yuka's tongue working her over. Crooning, she flexed her stomach to make Yuka touch her in just the right way. It only took a few seconds of this send her over the edge.

With a loud gasp, the longhaired girl froze up for a second before sending a geyser of cum all over Yuka's head and back. It didn't end there though. Yuka just slurped up the gooey mess and continued to work, slipping more fingers into Akane. Off to the side Mamoru watched in shock as the girl sent Akane into orgasm that didn't seem to end.

His dick was so hard that he couldn't think beyond using it. The new girl's ass was waving back and forth in front of him, her skirt flared around her waist, showing off her dripping pussy. The red color seemed to be calling to him as he took her hips and guided his cock right into her. Yuka gave him a soggy grin as he entered her.

Giving a loud moan, Yuka pushed back to let him know that he could do as much as he wanted. Remembering what Suki taught her about men, she focused her Ki so that he would feel something unique. Akane was oblivious to this as she was writhing in ecstasy.

Before today, she would never have done anything like this but she couldn't ignore how good it felt. She was lost in a sea of lust and pleasure impossible to ignore. Wrapping her legs around Yuka's head gave her friend complete access to her. Every lick of Yuka's tongue sent Akane into a mini explosion of pleasure that seemed to spread through her body like an ocean tide.

Yuka had to hold Akane's waist to keep her from thrashing around. Even though she knew about Akane's strength, feeling that power wrapped around her head was hard to describe. Akane's pussy wouldn't let either, her juices were flowing out of her like a faucet.

As stars danced in front of Akane's eyes and she lost her self in the Pleasure, Yuka was slowly starting to lose it herself. Tux was holding her hips and plowing into her almost as fast as Ranma could move. She could only moan and gasp as she slammed into her repeatedly, almost pushing the three of them across the floor.

She could feel his Ki building up inside of him, ready to explode outward, to fill her with his essence. Right when he was at the verge of his orgasm and unable to stop moving, she flexed her Ki again and sent it flowing into him as she let her own orgasm hit. She could only cry out as she felt him fill her with his seed.

Kind of like a vampire, she absorbed his energy, and she leaned back to let her body shudder against his chest. Akane moaned as the source of her pleasure vanished. Mask held Yuka by her breasts and let the girl ride her orgasm. Several drops of milk came out of Yuka's breasts as she lay there gasping. Then he fired one last time into her and she collapsed to the floor twitching.

Her eyes were open, but she couldn't see anything, absorbing Tux's energy was sending her into a whole new realm of ecstasy. Mask groaned as she fell over and went to sleep, completely drained from the experience. Yuka continued to twitch for almost five minutes. Every inch of her body felt like it was aroused and in the midst of an orgasm.

As all three of them drifted off to sleep, Yuka wondered if absorbing energy from Akane and the boy might have been a little much. She could only moan as she lay there at the mercy of her body. Of course, she was also wondering where Akane found this guy and she suddenly wanted a bowl of ice cream.


Ranma was sitting down at a small outdoor café when Nabiki walked over and sat down across from him. She wasn't wearing her school uniform either. Instead, she had on a pair of leg hugging jeans and a light blue belly shirt that showed off her tight stomach. She even had a hair band in that held her hair back enough to give her a rather unique look.

"Hello again Ranma." She said.

He eyed her for a few seconds before responding. "Would you like something to drink?"

"I'd love something. How about some hot chocolate?"

"Sure." He said with a grin. She wasn't wearing a bra either as her chest moved around jiggling freely.

Leaning back, She crossed her legs as he ordered her drink. "You nearly had me this morning."

"I know." He said confidently.

"That won't work again. What are you going to try now?" She smirked.

"Got it all figured out do you?"

"Of course."

He smirked. "I've got several ideas I haven't tried yet."

"Oh, like what?"

Ranma held up a finger, slowly reached out, and tapped the back of her hand. With a quick burst of his Lust Aura, he watched as Nabiki's eyes went wide and she gasped in shock. She leaned back and tried to catch her breath. "Tapping the Well, a technique used by many professionals around the world."

"I see…" She breathed, eyes slightly glazed, watching him.

"I have a place nearby that we can use."

"You'll have to work harder than that."

Ranma just smirked and whispered just loud enough for her to hear. "Your nipples are rock hard and straining to get out of that shirt."

Blushing, Nabiki stretched and let her breasts strain against her shirt. She kept calm as she unconsciously rubbed her legs together. Why did he have to fascinate her so much? She mentally undressed him with her eyes and just couldn't get up and leave. Taking a shuddering breath helped stop her from jumping across the table and ripping his clothes off.

"So what? We girls get to show off a little after all. Gotta have a little fun."

Chuckling, Ranma motioned for one of the waitresses to refill their drinks. He stared into Nabiki's eyes and tried to read the girl. He could see her lust bubbling just below the surface, but she was too stubborn to give in. Most girls would have jumped him by now. "Impressive."

"Thank you." She purred and suddenly had a rather interesting idea.

"You want this as much as I do."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Oh yeah, she would have to work this carefully, but if it worked she would come out on top of the game. She almost started cackling right there at the table. Then she calmed down and gave him her most devastating look. The one that had Hiroshi following her around for days and buying her little trinkets.

Ranma almost missed the flicker of her eyes the girl finally came to a decision. If he hadn't been looking for it he would have missed it completely. He saw her shift a little and felt her foot suddenly touch his leg and caress him. Then she smirked at him and let her foot trail upwards until she was touching his thigh. He was impressed as she did this. They were in a very public place, outside, and had dozens of people surrounding them.

"Naughty little girl." He grinned and grabbed her ankle to place it right on his crotch. His confidence surrounded him like a cloak so he didn't care who saw them. Nabiki was a little surprised by the move though.

She gave a little gasp as she felt him stir under her foot. "Want to play that way, huh?"

Ranma just stared, as her foot didn't move and slowly started to grin at her. "Those jeans are pretty tight and I didn't spot any panty lines when you came over. Decide not to wear any?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She mocked and wiggled her toes just to get his attention where she wanted it.

Picking up her foot again, he channeled more Ki into her and watched as her eyes went wide and rolled upward a little. She thrust her breasts out as her back arched just a tiny bit. Beads of sweat broke out all over her chest and stomach as everything seemed to get warm. "Oh my." She breathed. Why did he do things that sent her completely over the edge?

He could have continued for hours, but instead he stopped and let her foot drop to the floor. Nabiki practically collapsed down as she managed to hide what he just did to her. She glanced up at him gasping for air and horny enough to fuck anything right at that moment.

"God's Caress." Ranma explained. "It can be used on any portion of the body. One of the variations on the first technique I used on you."

"You certainly know your stuff."

Ranma nodded. "I'm the best."

"I'm wondering if that just might be true." Nabiki gasped as she finally started to calm down. She was afraid to stand up as she realized that she was incredibly aroused. Dripping wet in fact and couldn't know about it if she was going to win this. She needed to distract him. It wasn't the best plan, but she was running out of ideas.

"Just name the place and I'll show you things you've never seen before." Ranma smirked.

Shaking her head, Nabiki slowly regained control of her body. "Maybe someday, bur right now I've got other ideas."

"Like what?"

"How about I provide you with willing girls?"

Ranma nearly laughed. "I've got willing girls and they always want to come back for more."

"A large number of the girls at school seem to want to know about you. After what you did to Akane they haven't been able to stop talking about you. Then you got Yuka and Sayuri and things got even more interesting."

Shrugging, Ranma wondered where she was going with all this. "I'm not interested in them right now. Just you."

Nabiki shrugged. "Now, how about you look at Akira here." She pulled out a photo of a pink haired girl wearing oversized clothes.

He glanced at the photo. "She looks twelve."

"She's nineteen and in the cosplay club."


"How about you visit her? I know for a fact that she wouldn't turn you down."

"And yet you are?"

"There's nothing in it for me." Nabiki lied and rubbed her legs together. She was starting to get warm again just negotiating with him. Why, oh why did he have to be so perfect. Even her foot was tingling where she felt his crotch.

"I wouldn't say that. I can make your body writhe and twist with need until you explode all over the furniture." Ranma gave her naughty grin.

She snorted. If she wasn't' careful she was going to come right there in front of everyone. She could feel her pussy about to boil over with lust. "I don't think so. I need more than that."

"What did you have in mind?"

Nabiki couldn't stop herself from blushing as she looked him in the eye. "I want to know how do what you do?"

He gave her a look. "It's possible, but you will need to work hard and it is a martial art based around sex and you still want it?"

"I've seen what you do with it and it fascinates me.": Her eyes gleamed. "Yuka wasn't a martial artist and look what she's doing now. And Sayuri as well."

"To learn it, you have to experience it first." Ranma explained. "That should be clear enough."

She shrugged. "I have several girls for you to meet first. Once you do them, then I'll decide if I want to go that rout."

"Alright, lets meet some of these girls."

They nodded and shook hands while they thought the same thing. 'I got you now.'


Across town while all of this was going on, a third situation was brewing that had a group of girls rather flustered. The Sailor Scouts were having their usual meeting and study session at the shrine where they all had a little room to move around. As usual Ami was helping everyone cram as much into their heads as possible. Makoto was trying, Minako kept trying to sneak out and do something interesting, Rei already knew most of it and was just going through the motions, and of course Usagi was asleep and snoring.

Now this is how things would have stayed for most of the afternoon, along with a couple of arguments, a plate of cookies quickly vanishing, and Usagi reading Rei's manga after her nap. When something changed, Usagi's eyes snapped open, and nearly tripled in size. Her sudden movement startled the rest of the girls. "Oh my GOD!"

"Usagi?" Ami asked.

"Mamoru?" Usagi whispered as she saw something only she could see.

"What about your boyfriend?" Minako asked with a smirk. "Have a naughty dream? Give me details!"

Instead of answering Usagi suddenly flushed and started to sweat. "Mamoru stop it!"

Rei looked confused and glanced at Ami. The genius pulled her computer out and scanned her friend for a few seconds. The readings were a little odd. "Hmm…"

"What is it?" Rei demanded. "Some of us would like to get back to studying."

"Usagi seems to be experiencing some kind of synaptic crossover episode of some kind. Her heart rate is up and her temperature has jumped four degrees."

"Huh?" Makoto said.

Minako gasped and jumped to her feet. "I can feel something odd in the air. Something naughty?" She whispered to herself. "What the…"

"Wha?" Usagi started to twitch and blink when she suddenly threw her head back and moaned from the depths of her soul. Rei and Ami practically vaulted away from the table from the unexpected noise. As she stopped moaning Usagi's eyes seemed to stare through them just as Minako reached out and touched the girl's shoulder.

"MAMO-CHAN!" Usagi yelled and arched back with a loud gasp. The Silver crystal burst into reality in front of Usagi's breasts and its light filled the whole room. This sent Makoto and Minako away from the table to join Rei and Ami.

Computer out, Ami continued to scan Usagi and noted that this was unlike her last reaction. This one wasn't a dream, this was happening right in front of them. "Fascinating."

"Well?" She yelled.

Ami opened her mouth to answer when she felt something stir within her body. She looked down in confusion as she suddenly transformed into Sailor Mercury. The other girls quickly followed suit and just as they were about to find out what was wrong, Usagi seemed to undergo some kind of mental shift. None of them could explain just how they knew this happened either. They would only recall what happened next in exacting detail.

It was her eyes that caused the girls to sweat drop. They were blank, as if Usagi's mind wasn't in her body anymore. Jupiter recognized the look almost instantly. She wouldn't ever forget Motoki's sister when she lost her heart crystal to that vacuum Youma. Or what the girl tried to do to her a few minutes later. She backed up a step to run away, but Usagi seemed to teleport across the room and tackle her to the floor. "No!"

"So beautiful." Usagi mumbled as she held onto Jupiter's thighs and rubbed her head against the girl's backside.

"I knew it!" Jupiter tried to toss her off. "Why do all the pervs go for me?"

"Usagi!" Mars yelled and tried to pull the girl off. A spark of something seemed to jump from Usagi the instant Mars touched her.

"Don't touch there!" Jupiter yelled. This only made Mercury blush as she realized that Usagi's hands were wandering under Jupiter's skirt.

"Oh yessssssssssss!" The blonde breathed and started to hump Jupiter's ankle.

"Getheroffgetheroffgetheroff!" Jupiter started to panic. "No, not again!"

"Her whole body is fluctuating all over the place." Mercury said, still scanning her friend. "These readings don't make any sense."

Venus moved into grab Usagi after Mars gasped and backed off shaking her head. "Are you alright?"

"I think so…" Mars said. Her voice sounded a little strange.

The instant Venus touched Usagi, the girl's head whipped around and she grinned. Usagi was off the floor and wrapped around Venus in the blink of an eye. "Mamo-chan." She crooned.

Stumbling back, she found herself holding Usagi as they fell back onto the couch. She could only stare in shock as her friend leaned down and started kissing her. On the mouth, and why were her hands roving around down there? Since when did small innocent Usagi know how to kiss better than most boys?

"Mmmmph!" Venus started to kiss back. She could feel something stirring inside that needed to get out as soon as possible. Whatever it was she could feel it building up little by little. The kiss didn't' seem like was going to end any time soon either. All the while the silver crystal continued to shine brightly.

"Usagi stop this." Mars yelled, stood up, and found Usagi staring into her eyes. She dropped to her knees and barely held herself up with her hands. All she could do was gasp for air as she suddenly felt warm and naughty all over. She didn't know what the feeling was, but it was amazing. She shuddered and started to blush to the roots of her hair.

"U-Usagi, what is this?" She gasped for air. Why was so warm all of a sudden?

Venus gasped as her body tried to go from normal to mind blowing orgasm in one point three six seconds. She moaned and arched back to let the greatest thing to ever happen to her take its course. Seconds later Mercury squeaked, dropped her computer, and braced against the wall. Her legs spread open and she moaned loudly.

Jupiter watched all of this in shock. She didn't know what to do and was about to go look for help when her world turned into an earth shattering orgasm that seemed to go off explosively, then a second, and a third, and she lost count as her whole body ripped itself from her control. Crying out and gasping, all she could do was ride it out. Soon the sounds of moaning girls filled the room as they all experienced the same thing.

The moaning of all the girls as they writhed on the floor filled the room for several minutes. None of them could fight what was happening. Usagi seemed to be the most affected as she screamed Mamoru's name several more times as she clutched at Venus and humped the girl's thigh. She couldn't see her friends, instead she watched and felt everything happening to Mamoru.

A wave of energy seemed to explode from the Silver Crystal as the girls finally started to calm down. All the girls sighed in relief as they collapsed to the floor and fell asleep. Ami's noted two things as she lay there drifting off. The first was that her computer was still scanning and that every inch of her body was tingling in satisfaction. With a tiny snore she drifted off to sleep with her hands between her legs.

Sometime later Rei, no longer Mars, opened her eyes and slowly looked around the room. According to the clock it was over an hour later. She slowly crawled to her feet. Ami was in a heap next to the wall. Rei couldn't help noticing that the blue haired genius looked quite different with mussed up hair and her hand down her panties. It didn't take her long to notice the smell either.

"Meatball Head better have a really good explanation for whatever just happened or she's going to get a Flame Bird right up her ass." Rei complained to herself.

The two blondes appeared to be tangled around each other. They still had their clothes on, but that was the only thing that kept them from looking like lovers sleeping together. Minako's breasts were almost spilling out of her shirt. Rei shook her head. She shouldn't feel this good after what just happened, but she felt drained, yet satisfied.

At her feet, Makoto looked as if someone had tortured her. She was contorted into a ball and shivering. Rei couldn't help noticing the rather obvious wet spot in the back of the girl's jeans that ran half way down her leg. Yesterday she might have teased the girl, but after what she just went through, she was would have to go and change her panties as well.

The others were going to be out for a while, she could tell. "Great, now we need to mop up the mess all over the floor." Rei muttered. "Joy, just what I wanted to do."


To Be Continued…



Tapping the Well: A focused Aura attack. Instead of enveloping your partner in Lust Ki, you send a wave of Ki through the Ki pathways in the target body. It can be used to cause various types of reactions. It was developed to cause pain, but eventually became a seduction technique. Ranma stimulated Nabiki's pleasure centers directly. The pressure point that sent Ranma into an orgasm in chapter one is an example of this.