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Playing With Ranma
Chapter 15 – Overwhelming Lust
Cory D Rose

© 2007

A taxi pulled up to a hotel and a tall man got out holding a coat over his arm. His dark grey suit was slightly rumpled, but he still managed to look good. He paid for the taxi and headed inside. Reaching into his coat he pulled out a card key and checked to make sure he was at the right place. His room was on the second floor overlooking the pool area.

He smiled at a pair of girls as he stepped onto the elevator. They eyed him a giggled shyly. If the elevator had been longer he might have taken advantage of the two beauties, but he didn't have time. He nodded to them as he exited the elevator and made his way over to his room.

It only took him a couple of minutes to find his room and get inside. It was empty except for a metal briefcase sitting on the bed. Shrugging off his jacket he tossed it on a chair next to the bed and sat down. He glanced out the window before opening the case and spied on the two girls from the elevator as they swam and played in the pool.

He enjoyed the view for several minutes, watching the other girls as well. He wasn't concerned about any of the men down there. They weren't a threat to him at all. Turning back to the task at hand he scooted the chair closer to the bed and opened it.

Inside he found his work clothes, two vials of clear liquid, and a wrist mounted dart gun. Grabbing the scroll sitting next to the vials he quickly read his mission goals. Two pictures fell into his hand and he glanced at them without much thought. He didn't bother to ask for better information on his assignments anymore, he just did the jobs and got the money.

"Ranma Saotome, eh, I've heard of you." He muttered and took a closer look at the red headed girl in the picture. His cock twitched at the erotic sight of a female Ranma enjoying three guys at once. He wasn't surprised to be asked to bring Madam's prize back.

Ranma was that good. The first operative sent to retrieve him never returned and now worked for him. He glanced at another picture of Suki taken just recently. He could see Ranma's control over her was more than just the typical mental alterations. Suki looked like she was having the time of her life as Ranma's slave/servant.

"Very interesting.


Sakaki walked down the street. She wasn't really looking where she was going though and didn't see the grey cat looking at her from the top of a wall. It grinned, showing rows of pointed teeth. The cat was a bit put out with her ignoring it though and started following her from the top of a wall.


She didn't hear a thing. Instead she kept glancing at the phone number that Yomi gave her earlier. It was hard to figure out what she wanted. In a way she was interested in what Yomi was offering her. On the other hand she was a little scared by it.

To know that there was a guy out there that could do that to her friends and that they wanted to 'share' him with her was amazing enough. She wandered, deep in thought, for quite a while. The little grey cat on the other hand was getting mad.

It didn't like to be ignored and the girl was easy prey. It hissed and prepared to pounce when it froze and looked over its shoulder. Right into the eyes of an orange and black striped cat that started to growl at him. It roared sending the grey cat running for its life, along with about ten other cats from nearby houses.

Maya huffed, ran after Sakaki, and jumped onto the girl's shoulder. She smiled and gave him a pat on the head. The cat purred as it got comfortable. Sakaki looked around and realized that she had wandered far from her house. She frowned a little and realized that she was near the park where Yomi met Ranma. Turning the corner, she made her way over to the park.

No one was there. She was quite surprised about that. This area of the city always had something going on. She wandered further inside and over to the trees. As she got closer she heard something coming from deep within the grove of trees.

Moving as silently as she could, she peaked around a tree and spotted a couple going at it hard. The man had a deep tan and the girl was wrapped around him like a leech. She gaped at the sight. Admiring the man's large man hood as it spread the girl wide. She could see liquid dribbling out of the girl with ever stroke.

Sex, it seemed to be everywhere these days. First Yomi, then two of her other friends all find a guy to have sex with. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the couple going at it. She wanted to experience this too. She could feel herself getting aroused by the sounds they were making, the smell in the air, the sheer sight of them was incredible. Like something out of a movie.

The girl groaned in ecstasy as she arched off the ground. The man didn't slow down, he actually increased his speed, pounding her hard. Sakaki didn't want to get caught so she quickly made her way out of the trees and over to a bench. She reached into her pocket and pulled the card out again.

Seeing those two going at it ignited a fire between her legs. Arousal was nothing new to her, but never this intense or insistent. Maybe, just maybe Yomi and Tomo had the right idea after all. She needed to meet this Ranma after all. Then it occurred to her that the guy she just saw may have been him, but she wasn't sure, this was the park where he met Yomi.

She shrugged and wandered over to a nearby public phone. She would know if he answered the phone or not. For several minutes she hesitates before dropping in some money and slowly dialing the number on the card. Her hand was shaking as she lifted the receiver to her ear and listened to it ring.

"Hello?" Answered a male voice.

Sakaki froze up for a second. "Um, is this Ranma?"

"It is."

"Ah, Yomi gave me your number and said I should call you."

She can hear the amusement in his voice the instant he starts talking. "I didn't think I'd hear anything from Yomi after the other night."

"I'm Sakaki, one of her friends."

"What can I do for you Sakaki?" Ranma asks.

That made Sakaki shiver a bit and she decided to go for broke. "I'd like what you did for Yomi."

Ranma is silent for a few seconds. "I'd like to meet you first, if that's alright."

"Of course!"

"Any ideas?"

"How about the small café just down the street from the park where you met Yomi and Tomo."

"Sure. I'm about half an hour from there at the moment. Would you like to meet tonight or tomorrow?"

"Tonight if possible." Sakaki isn't sure if she'd be able to wait until tomorrow.

"You got it. How will I recognize you?"

"I'll have an orange and black cat with me."

"I'm looking forward to meeting a friend of Yomi, Sakaki. I'll see you soon." Ranma hung up.

Replacing the phone with her shaky hand, Sakaki resisted the urge to squeal. She was feeling a lot of pent up excitement as well as being a little aroused. Licking her lips, she made her way to the entrance to the park with a skip in her step.


As he put away the phone Ranma couldn't help smirking a bit. He gave out his number here and there and this was only the second time he'd ever gotten a girl to call him. He was sitting in the back yard of the clinic, Suki kneeling nearby, she looked nervous. Beside her Yuka and Sayuri looked at the ground.

He had all three of them wearing a super revealing rose-colored gi. It consisted of a tight undershirt, skin tight shorts, and a thin wrap around tied at the waist. "So Yuka, how has your assignment been coming."

Yuka tensed. "Um, Akane is resistant to the idea.."

"She's isn't very subtle." Ranma mused. "So I need to step in?"

"No Master. I've already got an idea in mind. Kasumi has also been serving that tea of yours to everyone in the house. Akane can barely stay still after drinking the stuff for a week. I just need to approach her in the right way."

Ranma nodded. "How goes our aura control?"

"Very well, that's easy to work with." Yuka admitted.

"Excellent. How about you Sayuri?"

"I've got a friend in mind for my final test." The girl said.

Standing, Ranma walked over to Sayuri and held his hand over her. She gasped as the ground around her started to glow and tendrils of Ki started to rise up. He heard Suki gasp in recognition. "A reward for your hard work."

Sayuri didn't know what was happening, but the tendrils of Ki quickly entangled her and lifted her off the ground. They warm and smooth as they wandered under her clothing. Rubbing, caressing, and fondling her body in a way that quickly had her panting.

"This is a Master Technique that I've invented. I thought you might like a taste of what it can do." Ranma commented.

"Oh yes!"

Wrapping around her arms and legs, she lifted off the ground and as more tendrils started to wrap her from head to toe. Ranma's eyes glowed as he focused a little more and the tendrils started to ravage Sayuri's body. Writhing between her legs in a way that made Sayuri squeal and pant. Within seconds she surrendered to the tendrils completely.

"Oh My God!" Sayuri gasped.

Off to the side Yuka watched in envy. Suki hadn't moved, but she wanted to have some fun herself. This was her students time, so she would survive, but she knew that if Ranma left her wanting, then she would have to find a substitute before the night was over.

Sayuri arched back and came with a savage grunt that expressed her delight completely. Slowly the tendrils lowered the girl to the ground. As they vanished, Sayuri lay there covered in sweat and her eyes glassy from the intense orgasm. She tried to say something, but she was just too tired.

"Incredible." Yuka gasped. Her eyes were lit with desire. Ranma never failed to amaze her with his skills and abilities. "I want some of that."

"You have Akane to play with." Ranma said as he lowered his hand. "I've also got a meeting in about twenty minutes."

The girls all sighed and nodded. Suki finally stood up as Ranma bounded to the roof and headed across town. She smiled as Sayuri struggled to her feet with a giant grin on her face. "Quite a ride wasn't it?"

The girl nodded.

"He got me with that a few days ago."

"My whole body is tingling."

"Those tendrils are made out of pure Ki infused with his Lust. That energy is covering your body right now."

Yuka reached out and touched Sayuri. "I can feel it. Incredible."

Suki turned and looked to a dark part of the yard. "Nabiki, Ranma knew you were there the whole time."

The girls heard an 'eeep' and scrambling sound as someone climbed the wall, followed by running footsteps. They giggled as the sound faded and wondered what the girl would do about what she just witnessed. Yuka stretched and arched her back. "Now I'm really horny. Maybe I can catch Akane before Nabiki says anything to her."

"I don't think she will. Ranma has captured her attention at the moment and even I can see that he's done something to her Ki." Sayuri slurred. She felt sexy and satisfied.

Suki nodded. "Ranma keeps leaving me out of the fun though."

"You don't get enough sex training us?" Yuka asked innocently. Or at least looked innocent as one can with a hand pushed down the front of her panties. She crooned.

This just made Sayuri slap her friend's arm. "Stop that!"

"You're no fun." She pouted.

"Save it for later."

Yuka smirked. "Akane will be mine soon."


Wild eyed, Nabiki raced down the street. Her heart pounding in her chest. He knew she was there! He knew! She raced into the house, tossed her shoes off, and quickly raced up to her room before anyone saw her. Shutting her door, she leaned against it and shuddered.

Her body was on fire. Ranma was driving her mad with this game of his and she couldn't find a way to get him to stop. She didn't know if she wanted him to stop or not either. It didn't help that she wanted him more than anything she'd ever come across.

The girls at school were talking about him as a sex god. Two of the cheerleaders, complete lesbians, were now part of an unofficial Ranma club. It only took going to bed with him to get admitted and there was this look that 'Ranma's girls' had that every one could see at a glance. A knowing experience that went beyond a normal lay.

Nabiki shuddered. She could feel her nipples getting harder as the pressed against her shirt. Even worse, she was wet, dripping wet with need. Kasumi hadn't mentioned anything yet, but Nabiki was going through three pairs of panties a day now.

It would only be a matter of time before her older sister came up to ask why. Nabiki wasn't sure if she could explain what was going on. How was she supposed to maintain control if her body wanted her to lose that control to a man? She staggered over to her bed, yanked her soiled underwear off, and flopped onto the bed.

Her eyes wandered over to the small vase on her nightstand. A week ago it appeared out of nowhere when she was asleep. After that a flower would appear in it every night. After a week it was nearly full, but this time there was a card. Her hand shaking, she reached for it and brought it close enough to read.

'It's almost time. Are you ready?' R

She whimpered as her pussy lit up with an intense itch that ignited a fire inside her. How the hell could anyone do this to her? She flopped over on her back and stared at the ceiling. She was Nabiki Tendo, she was in control. She reached down and rubbed between her lips.

Ranma was going to turn her into a complete slut, wasn't he? A wet slapping sound filled the room as her eyes rolled back into her head. She had to come up with a way to get control back or she would be lost. Just as she was about to cum, for the fifth time today, she heard a knock at her door.


"Yes Kasumi?"

"I have some tea ready if you want it?"

"That new stuff?"


"I'll be down for it in a minute."

"Okay!" Kasumi said and headed away from the door.

Nabiki shoved three fingers into her pussy, bit her pillow, and squealed as a raging torrent of ecstasy ravaged her body. She arched off the bed and quivered for nearly a minute before collapsing back and panting for air. It only took her a second to realize that it still wasn't enough. She couldn't relax anymore, no matter how strong the orgasm.

She needed Ranma.

It only took her a second to adjust her long skirt. She didn't bother to put her underwear back on though. As she stepped out of her room Akane came out of hers and glanced at Nabiki. The middle sister gave a start. Akane didn't look like her usual self.

The girl looked tired and jumpy. Her face was a little flushed and her hair needed a good brushing. "Akane?"

"Ah! N-Nabiki, wha…you scared me."

"You look like you went three rounds with Kuno and lost."

"I'm f-fine, yes, fine." Akane mumbled as she walked by.

Nabiki narrowed her eyes. A distraction like this was good. "You don't look fine Akane."

"Lay off!"

This just made Nabiki raise an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

"S-sorry, just, I'm fine." Akane hurried away.

Kasumi quickly filled three cups with tea and passed them around. She could tell that both her sisters were quite distracted and hoped the tea would help calm them down. Nabiki practically gulped hers down while Akane nursed hers for several minutes. Both girls excused themselves and ran back to their rooms.

Kasumi sighed, thought about the large pile of panties sitting in the laundry room, and wondered how all three of them could have gone through twenty pairs of panties in less than a week.

She wiggled and pressed her thighs closer together. Maybe she should just jump Tofu and get it over with? She considered it as she sipped her tea. That and change her underwear.


Bounding over the roofs, Ranma launched off the side of a building, flipped, and landed in the middle of an alley. It didn't take him long to find the café he was looking for. He adjusted his shirt and walked inside, looking around casually. He spotted the monster from the deepest pits of hell baring its foot long fangs of meat rending death at him.


Ranma wandered over. "Sakaki?"

She noticed him the instant he walked through the door. A presence that seemed to arrive at the café several minutes before he actually came inside. Every girl in the place stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him as he stood there in all his glory.

It only took him a second to notice Maya her cat. All the girls watched as he made his way over to her and sat down across from her with a grin. Estrogen throughout the room tripled in seconds. Sakaki could only stare herself. Her friend hadn't said a thing about how pretty Ranma was. She could only blush as he looked her over.

"Yeah, hello Ranma."

Ranma smirked as he noticed all the girls staring at them. "So what did you want to do?"

Sakaki nearly fell over. "Um…"

This just made Ranma smirk. "I have a pretty good idea what you want to do. We just need to decide how you want to go about it. How about the park?"

Her eyes widened and she suddenly recalled the couple she saw earlier. "Um, it's not available."


Ranma leaned back. "That's a really popular place these days."

Sakaki giggled and nodded. She ignored the jealous wave of looks that the girls sent her way. Maya, sensing danger, raised her head and looked around. After a few seconds the cat relaxed and continued to watch Ranma, who was starting to sweat a little.

"Let's go for a walk."

They got up, paid, and headed outside. Ranma mentally noted that most of the girls around him watched them go. He had a feeling that most of them might be worth looking into. He was well on his way to completing his goal as well. Nerima was ripe with cute girls. It was one of the main reasons he came to the area in the first place, right after canceling his engagement to the Tendo girls.

"So what made you call me?"

"Does it matter." Sakaki hedged.

"Not really, I'm quite interested in what you want. I'm just curious."

"Yomi and Tomo were both raving about you. I wanted to see why."

"I see." Ranma said. "What about your cat?"

"Maya?" Sakaki muttered. "I wasn't planning on having her along, but since she's here…"

Ranma shrugged. The evil monster was still glaring at him. He led her down the street and stopped in front of a sign. Sakaki glanced at it and turned bright red as she realized it was a Love Hotel. She didn't know what to say, but didn't protest as Ranma led her inside.

A few minutes later Ranma led her into a room nearly fifteen stories up. "Why this room?" She asked. "The higher up you go the more the room costs."

He grinned. "I like the view from the higher floors and they have large open windows.

Sakaki looked over at the Jacuzzi bubbling away a few feet from the oversized bed. Even the carpet was a light grey and fluffy looking. What caught her attention was the windows though. A whole wall was made of glass. She gasped as she walked over.

"You can see almost a quarter of Tokyo from here. Those lights way out there are from Mt Fuji."

"People can see us…"

"Nope, the windows allow us to see out, but stop others from seeing what we're doing." Ranma said. He touched her shoulder and watched as Maya jumped to the floor and ran over the Jacuzzi.

Sakaki watched her for a few seconds and realized she was comfortable in Ranma's presence. Even though she knew what they were going to do in a little while. Then Ranma's hands started to kneed her shoulders. It felt wonderful and unlike anything she ever felt before.

"What are you doing?"

"Just a massage.

"This is more than a massage."

Ranma chuckled. "I'm using a special technique to stimulate the nerve endings in your spine. It'll loosen you up and feel really good."

She leaned back into his hands and sighed. Good didn't even come close to describing how good it felt. "This is wonderful."

After a few seconds Sakaki started to go weak in the knees and moaning softly as his hands wandered down her back and across her stomach. All this and she still had her clothing on. Her itch was back and she resisted the urge to rip her clothing off and toss him on the floor. He was driving her wild.

His wandering hands finally came up and cupped her breasts. Sakaki gasped as she felt how warm his hands felt through her shirt, causing her to lean back, and lay her head on his shoulder. Then she felt something odd and looked down to see Ranma holding her bra up in front of her.


"Plain white, eh?" He said into her ear.


"Just a little trick I know."

The bra flew across the room and landed on Maya, who jumped a foot into the air, and started running around in circles with the thing on its head. Then Ranma's fingers found her nipples and Sakaki moaned, losing track of Maya completely. He was playing her body with expert knowledge. Yomi was right, he was perfect for her first time. After ten minutes of this she could barely think straight.

Button by button Ranma undid her shirt to reveal her breasts in full view of the window. Sakaki felt a thrill for a second as she thought of the people that may see her. She wasn't sure if what Ranma told her about the windows was true or not. Her shirt hit the floor. Now topless, Sakaki turned around and threw her arms around his neck.

The kiss lasted for an eternity and made Sakaki's toes curl. Panting for air, she broke the kiss to look at Ranma. He looked into her eyes and grabbed her butt to pull her closer. "We have all night so I plan to take my time."

Sakaki felt her knees go weak again and licked her lips. "Good."

He laughed and led her over to the bed. Gently lying her down so that she could lay back with her feet still on the floor. Reaching up she quickly took his shirt off and tossed it to the side. His muscled chest and stomach took her breath away as the muscles rippled just under his toned skin.

Ranma's hands flashed out and trailed down her stomach, pressing here, touching there, and caressing there. He admired Sakaki's skirt as it covered her muscular legs. He really liked well-toned girls best. They tended to have more energy and a lot more stamina.

Reaching out he grabbed both her breasts and started kneading them gently, focusing his aura into her hands. While this focused he could feel them swelling under his hands as his aura started to send her into the next stage of arousal. He could feel her leg wrapping itself around his waist as he worked his magic. Her eyes were already half closed.

"Oh my god…" Sakaki panted as every nerve ending in her body lit up with pleasure.

"Just enjoy yourself. I'll do everything your body wants me to."

Sakaki arched back as he ran a hand down her thigh to cup her backside. "What are you doing to me?" She slurred.

Instead of answering, Ranma placed a knee on the bed, right between her legs and leaned over her. She felt his long unbound hair touch her upper chest. He quickly took one of her nipples in his mouth. The heat building in her body suddenly turned to fire. Making her nipples harden and lengthen more than ever. Her lower lips swelled just as Ranma's hand moved down and touched her gently, through her panties.

She exploded with a cry of shock. It only lasted a few seconds, but Sakaki knew it was only the beginning of many. His hand came up and he took a second to lick his fingers before moving back to her breasts. Sakaki grabbed his head with her hands to keep him from pulling away.

Deep in her mind she made a mental note to give Yomi a present for setting this up. She shuddered in pleasure as he teased her nipples for several minutes. It was impossible to tell just how long she lay there moaning, but she noticed when he started to 'lick' his way down her stomach.

Her whole body thrummed with pleasure, making her squirm and writhe around on the bed. Through half lidded eyes she could see several sex toys sitting on stands around the room. Each one of them a weird colored plastic. With Ranma turning her to butter, she wondered if any of the toys would even be used.

The belt that held her skirt on came undone and he quickly pulled the garment off and tossed it to the floor, leaving her only in a pair of panties. Ranma kissed the skin just above her pussy, taking a few seconds to lap up the juices dribbling out of her.

Licking her lips, she tensed and wondered when he would touch her down there. She moaned in disappointment when he moved on to her inner thighs, cleaning them with his tongue. Then even that stopped and she looked up to see Ranma removing the rest of his clothing. She gaped as his dick flopped into view. She suddenly rolled around on the bed and grabbed it with both her hands.

"Well, I suppose that works too." Ranma said and touched her shoulder.

Sakaki wasn't experienced, but she had thought about how to give head more than once. Men wanted her for her large breasts and she had always wondered what would happen if she gave into one of them. Ranma was the perfect excuse to explore some of those fantasies. "Tell me what to do."

"Lick the shaft a little, then take as much into your mouth and suck. You'll get the hang of it." Ranma commanded, an odd vibration in his voice.

She did just that. Licking him from base to tip and tasting her first cock. A rosy blush formed on her cheeks as she worked, enjoying it way more than she thought she would. The taste was truly unique and she couldn't describe it accurately. She just knew that she could do this for hours on end and not get tired of it.

Once she had it glistening she took the head in her mouth and slowly lowered her lips around it. Ranma hummed his approval, making her feel even better. She quickly started bobbing up and down the shaft as he guided her. The sight was one Ranma never got tired of either.

He let himself build towards and orgasm. Flexing his abdominal muscles let him keep control of things, but not for long. "I'm about to cum…" He groaned.

"Let me taste it."

"You got it." Ranma gasped.

Sakaki felt him pulse and suddenly her mouth was full of the most interesting substance she'd ever encountered. She quickly let her cheeks fill before letting it drain into her throat. Something odd happened to her the instant she tasted him. She went light headed and tried to suck him dry. He provided her with several more shots before relaxing with a sigh.

Then she made sure to lick him clean and not to miss a drop. She noticed that some dribbling down the sides of her mouth and quickly licked it up and feeling more energized than ever before. She looked up at Ranma like a complete slut and gave him a naughty grin. "I want more."

Ranma laughed. "Do you?"

"Oh yes, you won't be getting much sleep tonight."

He just laughed. "Let's see if you can go as long as you think."

She just smirked and lay back, spreading her legs wide. "I want to experience everything."

Nodding, Ranma crawled onto the bed and grinned. "Oh, I have a few ideas we could try out."


"Akane!" Yuka called as she ran over to her friend.

Akane twitched and started looking for someplace to run, but Yuka was in front of her before she could do anything. She cursed under her breath as she turned to greet her friend. "Hi Yuka…"

The brown haired girl grinned as she suddenly hugged Akane. Pulling the girl's face to her breasts. Akane squeaked and started waving her arms up and down, trying to escape. Yuka enjoyed holding her friend there for several seconds before letting her go. "How you doing?"

This just made Akane glare at her. "Fine, just been distracted lately." She admitted.

Yuka nodded knowingly. "I know what you mean."

Akane huffed. She noticed that Yuka was dressing like a sex kitten again. A shorter than normal skirt that wrapped around her body and hugged her curves, a bare midriff, and a short, sleeveless shirt tied just below her breasts. Akane suddenly realized that she was starring at her friend in a way that wasn't right. She shuddered and tried to think clean thoughts.

Why did her friend have to turn into a pervert? Sayuri was getting to be just as bad. Her eyes kept straying to Yuka's stomach, toned from hours on the gymnastics floor. Akane felt a stirring inside her that was hard to ignore. Over the last several days her body just didn't seem to be acting right. She was horny and knew it. Constantly horny and she wanted to get home and relief the building need inside her.

Yuka was delaying that and Akane whimpered. It didn't help that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She didn't have any left. Her breath hitched as Yuka leaned a little closer and accidentally let her look between her breasts. Akane used all her will power to resist the urge to grab her friend and rip her clothes off.

"Akane, you look a little flushed." Yuka said, moving a little closer.

The youngest Tendo twitched. She had to get away before her body forced her to do something perverted. Clenching her fists, Akane took a few deep breaths as she scanned the streets around her. She didn't notice Yuka grinning a little wider and looking down at Akane's hard nipples.

"I'm…alright, I just need to get…home." She said, trying to catch her breath, panting slightly. She wiggled her hips as the itch turned to a raging inferno of need. She moaned and bent forward a little, but didn't notice. Three nearby guys were instantly hard as they heard the sound.

Yuka just grinned and kept flaring her aura around Akane. She couldn't maintain it for very long, not like Ranma, but she could 'feel' what it was doing to Akane. "You look tense."


Stepping behind her friend, she grabbed the girl's shoulders and started to rub them gently. Akane almost melted in pleasure. Panting, she sighed as she gave into the pleasure and let her friend work. The guys watching the scene nearly jumped both of the girls right there. Then Yuka gave Akane a little push towards her house.

"Let's get you home. You're tense and need to relax."

Akane nodded dreamily. She felt a little strange and didn't quite know how to deal with it. "Why are you still wearing those clothes?"

"They're cute!"

"They make you look like a slut!"

Yuka grinned.

"They do!"

The brown haired girl ran her fingers along Akane's back, just brushing the cloth of her shirt. Akane stiffened, but didn't move away. She was feeling a little weird now, as if there was a pressure building inside her. They continued moving towards Akane's house.

Yuka wanted to do one of those evil villain laughs just for pulling this off, but knew that Akane was still in denial. Ever since Ranma gave her this project to aid in her training. Yuka considered it a lot of fun, especially after running into those other girls the other day.

When it came to Akane, Yuka admitted that she had to be really careful. The girl would explode into violence at the drop of a hat. The last couple of years were just one fight after another. Now that Ranma was around things were calming down finally.

"Now Akane, I like these clothes."


Giggling, Yuka just touched Akane's arm. "I'll change when we get to your house. I think I left an outfit or two over there at some point. We've stayed at each others houses enough times." Yuka gave another flare of her aura and touched Akane's wrist lightly.

Akane jolted a burst of pleasure rushed through her body. She nearly moaned out loud at it's intensity. Shaking her head, she found herself leaning on Yuka for support. "Wha…"

"You alright?"

She nodded. "I think so, I feel weird."

"You skipped lunch again didn't you?"

"I was busy."

Yuka nodded. She was following Akane at lunch when she spotted the girl going into the bathroom after class. She didn't leave for almost half an hour either. Yuka's burgeoning senses had let her detect the beautiful smell wafting off of Akane's half hour masturbation session. She nearly jumped her right there at school, but held off.

"You'll have to show me what you were doing." Yuka said innocent.

This just made Akane blush. "Humph!"

"What were you doing anyway?"

"Just taking care of a problem." Akane muttered.

Yuka smirked and nodded. "Here we are."

"Huh?" The girl waved her hand over Akane's head and the girl turned around to look up at the Tendo's main gate. "Oh."

They quickly headed inside and Yuka tried not to laugh at her friend. She could sense Akane's arousal. Akane kept smoothing her skirt over her hips as she walked and it was revealing more than the girl thought it would. Yuka glanced down at Akane's backside, where the skirt was riding up her back side a little. Like a pair of tight shorts would.

Yuka wanted to reach out and run her hands over it. There was something a out a firm ass that just turned her on. Of course Yuka found that pretty much anything turned her on these days, but that didn't matter. So she just smiled, rubbed her thighs together as she walked, and followed Akane.

"I'm home." Akane muttered as she entered the house.

Kasumi was at the table drinking some tea and Yuka had to take a second look at the girl. At first nothing was any different than usual, but then she noticed some things that were hard to miss. Kasumi's hair was a little more uncombed than usual, she wasn't wearing a bra either, and her nipples were standing straight and proud.

"Hello Akane, welcome home." Kasumi said and grinned.

Yuka nearly tripped over her own feet. She could sense that the girl was horny, very horny. Her movements as she drank tea were controlled and smooth, as if she was consciously controlling her ever action. She would have to tell Ranma about this.

"Hello Yuka! Would you like some tea?" Kasumi asked and grinned pleasantly.

"C-can I have some too, sis?" Akane asked.

"Of course, would you like me to bring some cups up to your room?"

"Yes please." Akane said.

"Well Sayuri be stopping by as well?" Kasumi asked as she stood up.

Yuka shook her head. "She said she had to meet up with someone after school."


Akane raced up the stairs and headed for her room. She was about to change her clothes, even had her shirt unbuttoned, when Yuka stepped into the room and smirked. "Don't let me stop you. I've seen you change clothes a few times after all."

"Well, yeah, but…"


Blushing, Akane took her shirt off, and was about to take her skirt off when she remembered that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She froze trying to think of some way to finish changing clothes with Yuka standing there. "Um, could you see if Kasumi is coming with that tea?" She asked and smiled.

Shrugging, Yuka hid her smirk as she stepped out of the room. The door shut the second she stepped into the hall and she could hear Akane shucking her clothes. The relieved sigh nearly sent Yuka into a giggling fit. Reaching out she placed her hand on the door and focused on Akane as she flared her aura for several seconds.

A low moan wafted through the door. Yuka left it at that. Her aura wasn't as powerful as Ranma's so she figured that Akane would take a little while longer to seduce. She headed downstairs and made her way into the kitchen where Kasumi was leaning against the counter with her eyes closed, breathing heavily. "Kasumi?"

Her eyes opened slowly. "Hello Yuka."

"Akane asked me to bring the tea up while she changed."

"Sure, let me gather everything up."

Yuka watched the girl for several seconds before she realized that she could smell Kasumi throughout the kitchen. The eldest Tendo handed her a tray to take up to Akane's room a few seconds later. As she was climbing the stairs again Yuka realized that she hadn't ever drank any of Ranma's tea. She wondered if it would even work on her as she was now.

As she was about to knock on the door she heard Akane moan in pleasure. Grinning, Yuka knocked. "I have the tea Akane!"

Thump! Thud! Thump!


The door flung open and Akane stood there in a basic t-shirt, no bra, and a pair of loose white shorts. Yuka smiled as she entered the room and sat the tea on Akane's dresser. "You're looking a little flushed Akane."

The girl flinched.

"I think you need this tea pretty bad."

"I'm fine!" She growled, already downing a cup of tea.

Yuka took a second to pour herself some tea and gave it a taste. "Mmm, not bad. Where did you get this stuff?"

Akane shrugged, making her breasts jiggle under her shirt, but she didn't seem to notice as her eyes glazed over a little. "I'm not…sure, Kasumi brought it home the other day."

She nodded. "Well I'll have to ask her. This stuff is pretty good."

Akane shrugged as she sat down on her bed and lay back. "I feel weird." She mumbled.

"Roll over." Yuka said and crawled onto the bed.


"Roll over, I'll rub your shoulders."

Akane's eyes narrowed. "That sounds perverted."

"A massage is not perverted. It feels good and relaxes you."

She reluctantly rolled over and rested her head on her arms. "I'm not taking my shirt off or moving it."

Yuka shrugged. "That's fine."

She leaned over Akane and started rubbing the girl's shoulders again. "I was right. You're really tense today. You need to relax."

Akane felt Yuka move her long hair off her shoulders and start rubbing her shoulders. She nearly groaned, but bit her tongue to keep the sound in. It felt way to good to have her friend's hands on her back. She knew that her body was trying to give in to the feelings building with in her, but she could resist this. She was a martial artist.

The knots in Akane's shoulders were hard to work out, but Yuka was careful to move slowly as she straddled Akane's leg to get in a better position. She touched several of the spots that Suki taught her to use in the training sessions. Akane gave a low rumble of pleasure with every spot that was touched.

Her hands moved a little lower down Akane's back working out quite a few knotted muscles. Yuka kept this up for over an hour, working her way around Akane's back and shoulders. Every now and then she would let her forearm brush against Akane's butt, just a light caress.

Akane was feeling way to good to tell Yuka to stop though. Her whole body was relaxed and feeling good. Her conscious mind didn't even register where Yuka was touching her anymore. She only knew that the massage was the most incredible thing she ever encountered.

"Oh that feels so good…" Akane mumbled.

Yuka glanced down at her hands moving under Akane's shirt, just touching her lower back. Akane's writhing managed to get her pants to move down a little. Giving Yuka a good luck at the crack of her ass. Her fingers trailed just along the very surface of the skin, coasting over places that Akane wouldn't let anyone ever touch.

It made Akane arch back with a groan and spread her legs a tiny bit more. Yuka calmly moved her hands up just a little and continued the massage. Looking down she could see the wet spot growing between Akane's legs. Even now Akane wasn't wearing any panties, it stood out quite a bit. Yuka didn't mind though. She was having fun.

Akane would be hers tonight. The shirt moved up just a little and still Akane didn't notice. Yuka was pretty sure she would have to force things a little though. There was no way Akane would just roll over and give herself to her. So Yuka reached down and formed a bit of Ki around the tip of her finger and placed it on Akane's inner thigh.

This lasted for thirty seconds, but Akane was too blitzed to notice. Yuka was getting a little frustrated now. She was sure Akane would respond better than this, but the girl was so stubborn. Yuka felt that things were going wrong a couple of seconds before Akane through her off and jumped off the bed.

"I have to go to the bathroom!" The girl yelled and ran out of the room.

Splayed out on the floor with one leg on the bed, Yuka groaned and slowly crawled to her feet. She took a second to adjust her clothes and stepped out into the hall again. With a sigh she figured that all her work was done for the day. She would have to try again later.

As she was about to head down the stairs a hand reached out of Nabiki's room and yanked her inside. The door was shut and locked before she could do anything. Yuka slammed against the wall as Nabiki leaned in close. "What are you trying to do to my sister?"

"Loosen her up." Yuka admitted.

"How dare you…eep!"

With a twist, Yuka had Nabiki pinned to the floor. She took a second to look the girl over. "Well, Nabiki, I didn't expect to talk to you so soon. I didn't even think you were home."

"I came in a few minutes after Akane did." Nabiki growled. "You won't hurt me."

Yuka leaned down and licked the edge of Nabiki's ear. The girl stiffened in shock, but Yuka didn't stop there, as licked her way down the back of the neck. Nabiki started to struggle as Yuka held her down quite firmly. "I'm not going to hurt you Nabiki. Ranma wants you. That makes you off limits for now."

"I won't let that jerk do anything to me!" Nabiki growled.

Reaching down, Yuka ran her hand along one of Nabiki's legs. She noticed the hair standing on end and the little goose bumps. "Oh I don't know." Yuka giggled. She flared her aura and let it flow to her fingertips.

Nabiki flushed as she suddenly felt her itch start up again. "What are you doing…" She could feel Yuka's fingers moving across her inner thighs.

"You're soaking wet down here." Yuka said into her ear. "Very wet."

"Let me go."

Instead of getting free, Nabiki felt a hand move between her legs and brush against her shorts, right above her throbbing pussy. She gasped, moaning as Yuka licked the edge of her other ear. "I think you want this more."

"No." She closed her eyes and shuddered. She didn't notice as Yuka got off her and walked across the room. It was only as the door opened and closed that she realized that she was free, and really, really horny. Sucking in some air she slumped and started to pound her head against the floor.

She couldn't resist as her hand moved down her body, into her shorts, to touch her self. Her fingers started to rub of their own accord. Groaning I pleasure, her eyes rolled up into her head as a very familiar feeling quickly built. She didn't even try and hide her moans of pleasure filling the room. Her orgasm came quick and hard.


It just wasn't enough.


Back at the love hotel, Ranma looked down at the girl laying on the bed and admired her beauty. He even smirked at the sight of his cum on her chin and neck from the blowjob she just finished giving him. He could see the excitement in her eyes as she looked up at him. "Ready for the next bit?"

"Yes." She nodded. "What's next?"

Ranma just grinned as he leaned over and started kissing his way down her stomach. She grabbed his head, knowing what he had in mind and spread her legs to give him better access. Once he got down to her inner thighs he took a second to run his fingers through her bush.

"You're quite wet."

"Don't tease me." Sakaki growled.

Laughing, Ranma kissed his way down her inner thigh, licking her skin gently as he went. His senses allowed him to tell that Sakaki had quite a bit of Ki building up in her body. She was only the third one he ever encountered that had the ability naturally.

Licking along the edge of he outer mons, he held her down as her back arched back and she let out a little squeal. Juices started dribbling out a few seconds later. Ranma didn't waste any time as he licked her pussy, plunging his tongue in as deep as it would go.

Sakaki arched back and let out a loud sigh of pleasure. She marveled in the feel of a warm object touching her innermost spaces. Crooning, she wiggled her hips to get a better angle, forcing Ranma to hold her in place. Moaning she enjoyed every second of it.

"F-faster…" She groaned.

He increased his pace and took a second to pinch her clitoris, making her give a little squeak. She writhed under his touch. Ranma could see her orgasm building with his Ki sight. He couldn't do this with a regular girl, but Sakaki was special.

With a cry, Sakaki came, making her twitch and groan in ecstasy. Ranma didn't stop there though, he wanted this to last a little while. Once she started to calm down a little, he dove back in, this time pushing a finger into her. It only took him a few seconds to find the little bumps he was looking for.

Sakaki twitched the instant he touched them. "Wha…"

Her glazed eyes met his for a second. "You'll see."

He brought his mouth up to her clitoris and started sucking it gently. Sakaki shuddered as she forgot her name and let him work his magic. She had to clutch at his hair when his fingers touched that spot again and started rubbing. Her pussy started to boil over, making her writhe and squirm.

Within minutes her cries filled the room like music. Ranma kept up the pace for close to half an hour, building her up until she was about to cum, then backing off for a few minutes. From his view he could see her stomach clenching and unclenching a couple times a second. Her muscles standing out as she slowly lost control.

His fingers brushed across a certain spot and impeded her ability to cum for a little longer. Sakaki's skin took on a rosy glow of pure arousal as she started to beg him under her breath to let her cum. Her unfocused eyes staring at the ceiling and not seeing a thing. She even had a strange grin on her face that widened a little more every time her orgasm was about to start.

Her breasts wobbled all over her chest, the nipples standing out more than ever. Now he had her right where he wanted her. His Ki sight told him that the build up of energy was almost to the breaking point. Standing up, he licked up her stomach, and used his hand to pinch her clitoris and his mouth to bite one of her nipples.

She didn't scream, she exploded as all the built up energy in her body rushed out of her body. A stream of female cum shot out of her pussy in a spray that went everywhere. Her cries filled the room and echoed off the ceiling and through the walls. His fingers plunged back into her and found the little bumps again and started to rub.

Sakaki's orgasm went multiple, making her lose all control as her body came and came. At some point Ranma stopped, but she didn't notice, as her body continued to have one orgasm after another. Eventually she calmed down and opened her eyes just in time to see Ranma climbing up on the bed and mounting her.

Her eyes went wide as she realized that the night wasn't even close to being over. He smirked at her as he pressed against her entrance and sheathed himself easily. She could only groan as something awoke inside her, something feral, and horny.

She reached out and sank her fingertips into Ranma's ass. "YESSSS!"

"We're just getting started." He growled, and leaned forward to force her to change the way her his lay on the bed. Maya looked up from where she was sleeping and cocked an ear as Sakaki gasped and the bed started squeak.

Ranma used all his muscle control to slam Sakaki into the bedsprings, almost making them bounce. They started at each other as he pounded her into the bed. He could see that she was enjoying ever second of the harder than normal sex. He had found that most athletes tended to like rougher sex.

He also liked the fact that while she wasn't experienced, she learned what she liked quickly. They clutched at each other as he brought her closer and closer to another orgasm. He could feel the juices building up inside her as their hips slapped into each other.

He kept up the speed for close to twenty minutes, almost mesmerized by her swaying breasts. Then Sakaki grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts and had him rest his weight there as he worked. Forcing him to press his palms into her nipples. She groaned in delight as lights were flashing behind her eyes.

"This is…incredible." She gasped and arched again.

Ranma just picked up the pace and the bed started to squeak faster and faster. He felt her pussy constrict around him as she came, her fingers scratching his back. He held himself back though, he didn't want to end this too quickly, and he could tell that she wanted more as well. Drool started to drip off her chin as her orgasm made her whole body writhe.

He suddenly stopped, hugged her, and rolled them to the side. Sakaki found herself sitting on his cock, buried clear to her core. She arched back and came again. This time her juices leaked out around his cock and all over his legs. It took several seconds for her to regain her wits enough to move again.

Gasping she leaned forward and rested her hands on his chest and just took large gulps of air. Ranma cupped her breasts and gave them a squeeze. He clenched his dick muscles and made her gasp as she moved forward against her will. She gaped at him for a second before giggling and used her pussy to squeeze him back.

"Now you got it." Ranma said, resting his hands on he hips.

"My whole body is tingling."

"That's the way it should feel." Ranma said. "Now move your feet around so

that you're ankles are on my legs. You'll be able to move yourself around better for the next bit."

Nodding, Sakaki did just that and found that his cock pressed against parts of her insides that didn't get touched much. She could also feel more lubricant building up inside her. Licking her lips she flexed her stomach muscles and made Ranma groan.

"Like that?"

"Exactly like that." He said and moved his waist up, nearly lifting her off the bed.

She found that with her ankles on his thighs gave her a better sense of balance and rocked her hips. A burst of indescribably pleasure made her gasp. This was a suddenly familiar feeling. "What…"

"I'm touching that spot that I used to give you that orgasm earlier." Ranma explained.

Crooning, she lifted herself up a few inches and slammed down. She gasped in shock. It felt so good."

Ranma push up ward again and quickly started to send her over the edge. Her moaning started to fill the room again, only this time she could slam herself down as hard as she wanted. She lost track of everything around as a sudden heat built within her once more.

She cried out and exploded, convulsing uncontrollably. This made Ranma shove himself up into her and let himself cum as well. Jets of cum fired deep within her body. This sent her into level of bliss that froze her in place for several seconds as she felt him filling her. Barely conscious, she milked him dry and slowly came down from her intense orgasm.

With a lustful sigh she fell forward onto his chest and gasped for air. Seconds alter she snuggled up to him and fell asleep. She barely felt him pull out and roll her off him and let her sleep. Ranma watched her sleep for about twenty minutes before he rolled off the bed.

He wasn't tired at all. It only took a few minutes to figure out that he absorbed a great deal of her Ki with every one of her orgasms. Glancing back at Sakaki he noticed that she had that 'well fucked' look that a lot of girls tried to fake. Slightly mussed up hair, a rosy glow to her skin, and a naughty but content smile on her face.

Something stepped on his foot. Maya had her paws on his foot and looked up at him with a strange look in her eye. Ranma still didn't like cats and for a second considered kicking the thing across the room. He decided against it as the cat narrowed its eyes at him. "Feh."

He leaned back and Sakaki reached out to snuggle against him again. They did have the room for the whole night, so he wasn't worried about getting kicked out. Unlike some love hotels. So he relaxed and waited for her to wake up. He more he wanted to do to her. One good orgasm just wasn't enough as far as he was concerned.

Then Maya climbed up onto the bed and rolled into a ball right between the two of them and started to purr, loudly. Sakaki wrapped her arms around the cat and started to smile. It was a very interesting sight since she was naked and still glistening with sweat.


Akane stood in the shower and shivered as the cold water ran down her body. Ever since that Ranma guy had pulled that perverted attack on her things hadn't been the same. She noticed changes in everyone in the school now. How nervous Nabiki was acting, always watching over her shoulder.

How Sayuri and Yuka were turning into sluts. She sighed. Why did things like this have to happen to her. If that wasn't bad enough her own body was betraying her, making her want perverted things. It got so bad that she could barely think straight at times.

She shuddered as she felt the itch again, the need to have an orgasm. Kasumi had explained sex to her a few years ago, the good and the bad. She just didn't trust boys anymore and knew that it gave her a certain reputation at

school. She didn't care what anyone thought at first, but then Ranma pulled that attack and everything changed.

Now she was feeling things she didn't want to feel. Noticing things that shouldn't draw her eye. Just half an hour ago she came within a heartbeat of grabbing Yuka, her friend, and ripping the girl's clothes off to expose those barely contained breasts.

Shuddering, Akane could picture every inch of Yuka's body without trying to hard. That was all it took for her pussy to warm up and start dribbling. The same thing that soiled all her underwear in less than a week. She rubbed between her legs and groaned at the wonderful feeling.

Why did this have to happen to her? She was good and tried to keep things normal, but it never seemed to work. Her fingers, with a mind of their own, started to plunge into her pussy at high speed. She moaned, thinking of Yuka's sexy body.

Ignoring the need inside her was almost impossible. Squelching and splashing sounds filled the small shower as she leaned against the wall and moaned. Her hips moved against her will and a little orgasm ran through her. She thought back to when she did this at lunch and how she was barely able to make herself stop in time to go back to class.

She arched back an gasped, making her fingers move faster than normally possible. Who knew learning a fast moving martial arts attack would help her masturbate better? She crooned, leaned forward, and squealed in orgasm. She gasped over and over for several seconds and slowly slipped to the floor on her knees.

"What the hell is going on with me?" She muttered. The cold shower still wasn't working either. Licking her fingers, she turned the water off and made her way out to the changing room to dry off.


To Be Continued…

Notes: Are things getting to repetitive? I hope not, but let me know if it is. I'm trying to give each scene something unique. Sakaki licking her lips, Takaha and her manic grin, and other things like that. The Tendo girls are really taking things in a really different direction. When I do get around to them I'm hoping the scenes aren't to generic. All three will get more scene time in the next couple of chapters to keep an eye out.


Regarding Nabiki, her reactions have been a bit off lately due to her attraction to Ranma, the tea, and Ranma flaring his aura round her every time they meet. She doesn't understand why her body is reacting the way it is, so she's jumpy. She isn't in control of the situation and that bothers her. It's driving her mad.

Ranma used one new move in this chapter.

Lusty Caress: While it's nothing exciting it has a lot of uses. In this case Ranma was able to use this technique to send Sakaki to whole new level of pleasure by letting her orgasm build up for quite a while. The Ki involved in the orgasm went to every inch of Sakaki's body, almost like a caress of pleasure. Only those who can store more Ki than a normal human can experience this technique. Even Suki can't pull this off because she's never encountered it before.