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Playing With Ranma
Chapter 14 – Mind Blowing
Cory D Rose
© 2006


As light started to fill the room, Ranma slowly woke up. He wasn't sure what was going on for a second and had a quick flashback to his time with the Madam. He shivered as a mature face with tiny glasses reflecting light flashed through his mind. It was bobbing up and down near his waist.

His eyes snapped open and focused instantly. A little moan caught his attention as he looked down. A head of long green hair bobbed up and down over his cock, sucking him gently. Before he could say anything he also realized that the three girls he went to bed with were also in bed with him, sleeping deeply.

"Pluto?" He groaned.

He felt, more than saw her smirk a little. Her tongue was starting to do amazing things to cock. Groaning, he lifted his hips a little and enjoyed the growing sensations. His arms were pinned under the girls, so he couldn't move them, but Pluto didn't seem to mind. Link's legs were spread open a little just a few inches away from Pluto's head, giving an interesting view of the girl's back end.

Releasing his cock for a moment, Ranma enjoyed the sight of her spit sticking to his member. "Good morning Ranma."

"W-what are you doing here?"

"Waking you up. It seems you had a busy night." She said as she licked his shaft.

"It was quite busy." He conceded.

"I saw it all." She admitted. "I haven't been this horny for a very long time."


Pluto gave an extra hard suck that lasted nearly ten seconds. It nearly sent Ranma over the edge, but he controlled himself and just sighed as she backed off and started to bob again. "The girls won't wake up for a few minutes yet."

"Did you do something to them?"

"Nope, I just know when they'll wake up." She suddenly doubled her efforts.

Gasping, Ranma had to shift his pelvis around to keep up with her. He gave in and let himself enjoy what she was doing. A rush of energy filled him as he stopped breathing for a second and came. Pluto gave a little squeak as his cock swelled more than normal and her mouth filled with cum. She swallowed as fast as she could, double stimulating Ranma with her swallowing, but his cum still managed to flow out of her mouth.

With a catlike smile, she licked the excess off her fingers without even blushing as she stood up. Her eyes were smoldering with lust as she gazed down at him. "I have to go."

"Why?" He croaked as he looked down at his dick as it lay along his leg.

"Because I was hungry." She with a naughty smirk, only to vanish before his eyes before he could ask any more questions.

One of the girls shifted her legs and partially straddled him in her sleep. Ranma smirked a little and wondered if he should wake the girls or get them out of the room. Then he froze as there was a knock on the door and Tofu suddenly looked in. His glasses were slightly fogged up as he gazed at the bed.

"Ranma…" He squeaked. "We open up in about twenty minutes, I'll need your help today."

"Sure thing Doc, let me get the girls out of here." Ranma said as he pulled his way out from among the three naked girls. They all groaned in disappointment as they started to wake up.

Zelda slowly sat up and stretched. She looked around with blurry eyes and wondered for several seconds why she felt so damn good. Then she felt the soreness between her legs. "Wha…"

"It's called sex, slut." Link muttered. "Really, really good sex that leaves you in a sweaty exhausted pile of limbs."

"Link." Zelda snarled.

Ranma's aura flared out, grabbing both girls attention. "Girls."

Link and Zelda turned towards Ranma and their eyes grew wide and slowly looked down. Zelda started to drool again. "Oh my…"

"We slept a bit late. The clinic here opens in about fifteen minutes so we need to get dressed." Ranma explained.

"What a beautiful sight to wake up to." A third voice said.

"Janine?" The other two girls asked as they spotted the girl. She had a well satisfied grin on her face as she sat up.

The white haired girl crawled her way off the bed and stood up. "Girls."

"Where did our clothes go?" Zelda asked.

"They were destroyed in the fight yesterday." Ranma explained. He tossed each of them one of his usual pants and silk shirts. The shirts were a little tight on the girls, but they fit well enough to cover everything.

"We have a hotel room nearby, we can replace our usual outfits there." Janine told him as she adjusted the shirt. The outfit she was wearing was very comfortable. She wasn't sure if she would return it though. It smelled like Ranma and brought back a memory what she did the night before.

"Ranma, what exactly did you do to me?" Zelda asked. She was rubbing her head in amazement.

"What do you mean?"

"Yeah, Baldy, what are you talking about." Link snapped at her rival.

Zelda didn't even respond to the insult, proving just how shocked she was at the moment. She just looked at Ranma for an explanation, but didn't stop rubbing her head.

Ranma coughed as he pulled his pants on. "Well, I noticed that the Ki pathways in all three of you were out of place. I was amazed you were even walking around, to be honest."

"Just what does that mean?"

"Well, this clinic uses old world pressure points to help people heal quicker and easier." Ranma explained. "I basically healed you."

"Zelda, what is the problem."

"Hair." She stated.

"What of it Baldy?"

"The hair on my head is starting to grow out." Zelda said in a daze. "I've been hairless for the last several years. Ever since Peewee's body enhancement a few years back."

Ranma glanced at Zelda and reached out with his aura to scan her body again. "Your body knows what it needs to do and is correcting the changes done to you by this Peewee. It's strengthening your muscles, and making you more energetic."

This just made Link and Janine nod as they examined themselves. "I do feel rather energized." Link muttered.

All three girls figured it was because of what Ranma did to them in bed and not his healing. They were all sore in places that proved that he was very good at what he did. Ranma pulled his shirt on and tied his hair back away from his face.

"Well ladies, I have to get to work so I'd better get you to your hotel." Ranma said.

Link and Zelda were in front of him in an instant and they noticed for the first time that they were actually taller than Ranma. He blinked as they suddenly pulled him forward and pressed his face between their breasts and grinned. Link reached around and grabbed his butt. "I might want to play some more."

This just made Zelda feel him up. Ranma smirked a little as he reached around them and goosed both of them. They screamed and jumped away from him as he started to laugh a little. "Normally I wouldn't mind playing some more, but I have to get to work. So we can play again later."

All three girls nodded as they slowly made their way out of the room and headed out of the clinic. Each of them gave Ranma a kiss and told him they would come back to see him again, preferably alone. Feeling quite good, Ranma headed back into the clinic, but before he got to far, hear heard his name being called.

Turning around, he spotted Nabiki Tendo heading his way. "Nabiki."

"So Ranma, are you ready to give in yet." She said with a smirk.

"Not in the least. We haven't had time to play just yet."

"You haven't earned anything."

Ranma smirked as he looked her over. "Oh I don't know, I sense that you are quite interested in my offer."

"No way." She snapped. Acting just like her Ice Queen reputation described her.

Stepping almost chest to chest with her, Ranma looked into her eyes and bent down to get even closer. Her facial expression didn't change, but he could see something in her eyes that wasn't there they day before. Bringing his hands up, he pulled her waist forward and brought their groins together. "I can feel your heat."

Nabiki started to panic as his fingers caressed her butt. She just couldn't figure out how Ranma could smash through her determination every time they met. There was no way she could let him control the situation, but he kept distracting her with his hand, his eyes, or even his dick. Her panties were soaking through just looking up into his eyes as her heart tried to leap out of her chest.

"Ranma." Tofu said out of the blue. This broke the mood completely and Ranma sighed as Nabiki backed away and ran off towards school. She stopped to stare at him about a block away, but then ran off again. Shrugging, Ranma turned towards Doctor Tofu, who looked quite amused. "Doc?"

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have a patient coming over in about an hour that will require both of us."

"Sounds interesting, what exactly do we have to do?"

As they headed inside, Ranma listened to the Doc as he explained what was going on and knew that the early morning healing would take several hours. Ranma wondered what else the day would bring as he started studying the pressure points sequence he would have to use. He had a feeling that things would heat up again before the sun went down.


"Are you going to go?" The girl asked, her glasses gleaming as the early morning sun gleamed off her glasses.

"I…don't know." The other girl muttered. She ran a hand through her long black hair. Two days ago all her friends had changed in subtle ways, moving with more confidence, more assured, and other things she really couldn't put her finger on.

Only Chiyo-chan and Osaka seemed to be unaffected. The biggest change seemed to be Yomi. Even now as they talked, her glasses were starting fog up a little as she started to daydream again. Yomi was normally quite studious, but now she seemed distracted and antsy. Of course Kagura and Tomo seemed to be acting like Yomi.

"I think you should go." Yomi insisted, handing Sakaki a card.

She glanced at it. "What could this Ranma do to help me with kitties."

"He's got the most amazing techniques."

Kagura and Tomo started giggling and blushed a little as they nodded.

"No thank you."

"He's something else, trust me on this." Yomi explained.

"You'll need to tell me more." Sakaki insisted.

Yomi opened her mouth, but Kagura quickly covered it as she appeared by Yomi. "We can't say anything while we're at school Sakaki. We just think you would like him. He's the most amazing man we've ever come across." She said blushing to her toes.

"A man…" Sakaki could hear Kagura's tone of voice change a few octaves as she said the word.

"He gave me a whole new appreciation of what a man can do." Tomo piped up.

Sakaki was starting to understand a little and she was glad that Chiyo-chan wasn't there to hear this conversation. The little genius would be a little freaked out by how her friends were acting. Sakaki was old enough understand though.

"You've had sex." She hissed in shock.

All three girls turned bright red, started day dreaming, and nodded lustfully. "It was incredible." They chorused.

Sakaki could only stare at them. "And you want me to 'do it' as well?" She gasped.

They nodded in unison.

"But…but…" She stuttered.

Tomo leaned in and whispered in her ear. "A girl dreams about finding a man that can make her feel like a real woman. Ranma is an expert."

"I wouldn't steer you wrong." Kagura said, grinning like a cat.

Yomi nodded. "Sakaki you should go for it. He's something else and there are no strings attached. Just orgasm after orgasm, he's such an animal in the sack."

At the word animal Sakaki perked up a little. "I don't know."

All three girls sighed.

"I've dreamt about what he did three nights running." Kagura said. "I keep drenching my sheets. That's how good he was Sakaki, I can't stop thinking about it at all."

Sakaki looked down at the card. She was more than a little intrigued by this offer. "Just go to this clinic?"

"Or call him." Yomi explained. "I ran into him at the park."

"We did it by the pool." Kagura gushed.

Tomo just gave Sakaki a nudge to the shoulder and winked.

"What about the others?"

"Osaka knows Ranma, but she didn't understand what Ranma was offering at the time. She still thinks he just came by to play with us in the normal way." Yomi told her. "I'm not going to tell Chiyo anything because she's too young."

That was something Sakaki could agree with. "What was all that about my cat problem?"

"He's a master of Pressure points. I've lost five pounds since he helped me out."

"You do look thinner today." Sakaki offered after she looked Yomi over.

Yomi beamed as her glasses fogged up. Though a part of her wondered if it was her three-hour masturbation sessions might be causing her to lose weight. She didn't care though. Her whole body started to tingle every time she thought of Ranma and his amazing talents. She shivered.

Nodding her head, Sakaki decided to at least meet the guy before she made a decision. "All right then, I'll meet up with him later on today or tomorrow if I can get a hold of him."

"You won't regret it Sakaki."


When he originally started learning under Tofu, Ranma had been pretty impressed with the man's skill and knowledge. Their morning project taught Ranma just how good Tofu really was at his job. Ranma considered himself talented at the art, but Tofu was truly a Master.

"Thanks for your help Ranma." Tofu said as they relaxed in a pair of chairs behind the clinic.

"No problem." Ranma said. "My skills are kind of specialized though. I was surprised I was able to help as much as I did."

"You did good and I'm pretty sure you learned quite a bit."

Ranma nodded. "I did, I wasn't even aware that you could alter the flow of Ki pathways along the spine."

"It's delicate work." Tofu said modestly.

"I'll have to look over your scrolls a little better. I don't recall seeing those techniques in your library."

"Their not."


"I keep certain things in my private collection because they're dangerous in the wrong hands. What you witnessed was a Master Technique."

"Ah, I suspected it might be something like that. Still, for you to cure a guy paralyzed from the waist down was something else."

"My own teachers only showed me the knowledge a couple years ago. I had to prove myself all over again."

"Aren't you afraid I'll do something bad with the techniques?"

Tofu laughed a little. "Not really, you know what you can and can't do before you even attempt anything. This is no different and you learned several other things as well. I saw how closely you watched as I performed those other techniques."

"True." Ranma admitted.

Tofu coughed. "About those girls this morning."

"What about them?"

"You explained why you are doing that with so many girls, but I would appreciate it if you didn't bring them back to the clinic." Tofu sounded a little embarrassed.

Ranma laughed and nodded. "I normally try not to bring them back to the clinic, this was and unexpected situation."

The Doc shrugged. "I personally don't mind naked girls running around the clinic, but patients come by at odd times during emergencies and if they saw the girls…" He trailed off.

"I understand."

"Good, anyway, what exactly happened with those girls? You said something unexpected happened?"

"Their Ki was messed up pretty badly. One of them didn't even have the ability to grow hair. She was bald from head to toe. I gave each of them a Ki infusion along the proper pathways."

"That can be dangerous."

"I prepped them before giving the infusion."

"Oh? How did you do that?"

"Ah, I aroused them to the point of orgasm and then gave them the infusion right when their Ki pathways flared in orgasm." Ranma admitted as he scratched his chin and blushed a little.

Tofu gaped at him.

"It's a technique I learned about during my travels. It's got dozens of other uses as well, though most of those are rather dodgy."

"A lot of techniques can be used in nasty ways. I know of one on the chest that makes the human body super sensitive. Sometimes it used for punishment, but a long time ago it was used to make prostitutes more willing. Being extra sensitive made sex a lot more fun even when they couldn't take a hot bath."

"I think I've read about that one." Ranma admitted.

"You've got one of the largest collections of techniques for 'that' than anyone I've ever met."

Ranma just shrugged. "You gave me several scrolls as well."

Blushing, Tofu nodded. "I figure you will have a better chance of using them than me."

"You'll get a chance to use them someday."

Tofu looked away.

"Won't you?"

"I've got a girl I like, but I go nuts when she's around. You saw that yesterday when she came by."

Ranma had actually forgotten about that. "What was that about anyway?"

"It's something that runs in my family." Tofu admitted. "My father had the problem, as did the last several generations of the family. You should have seen my cousin. He'd fall to pieces just thinking about the girl he likes."

"Sounds easy enough to cure." Ranma admitted.

"I've tried everything I can think of it, but I still go insane around Kasumi."

Ranma froze for a second. She was one of the girls he had his eye on. "I've met her a couple of times."

"Was she mad at me yesterday?"

He shrugged. "Not really, I'd say she was frustrated because you didn't stick around to talk to her."

Tofu shuddered. "J-just thinking about it is hard."

"I'll give the problem some thought."

"None of my Masters have been able to come up with anything other than temporary cures as well."

Ranma shrugged as he stood up. "Well don't worry about it for now. I've got to head out for the afternoon, but I'll be back later tonight."

"Well have fun."

Ranma smirked as he walked away. "Girl hunting is hard work."

Tofu just laughed.


"That's him." Urd said as she pointed at Ranma.

She and her sister Belldandy were watching as Ranma strolled out of the clinic, his long black hair trailing behind him. Belldandy didn't blink as she studied him for several seconds. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, he's already started to achieve the first level."

"His aura is pure chaos." Belldandy observed. "He'll start attracting all kinds of problems eventually."

Urd nodded. "I've been trying to find a way to nudge him in the right direction, but Father told me to back off."

"Father must have something special in mind for him."

"That's what I was thinking, but consider where his talents lie. There are only a few positions he could fill."

"He's still mortal, so there is still plenty of time."

"Maybe, but Father has locked his file."

"You don't think he might be the next Demon do you?"

At this Urd just shrugged. "His talents seem to lead in that direction, but so far he doesn't seem to have crossed the line."

"How nice." Belldandy said with a smile.

"You have to be kidding."

"Sister, there is one spot in Heaven that isn't taken by anybody. He might be perfect for it if he can learn better control."

"He'd have to increase his power nearly a thousand times before he could even be considered for that position. He isn't even close to the worst of the potentials for that position."

"He's quite beautiful."

"True, but still…that's a bit far fetched don't you think?"

"Not at all, after all ascended mortals do pop up from time to time."

"It's been centuries." Urd, Goddess of the Past knew that for sure.

Bell just smiled. "He sounds perfect."

"I think he needs to be guided."

"Father said no, so we will just watch him for now."

Urd sighed. "I want to play with him."

"Maybe someday, but not right now, just stay invisible and watch him."

"Yeah, yeah." Urd muttered as her sister used a nearby reflective window as a mirror and headed back home. She followed after Ranma as he headed down the street. She couldn't get over how cute this mortal was or how he seemed to just draw her in like a moth to a flame. An assignment hadn't affected her this much in some time.

Then an idea occurred to her. She just wasn't sure if Father would approve of it or not. It was interference from a certain point of view. Crossing her arms below her breasts, she hovered above Ranma for several more minutes as he stopped to talk to the female servant ninja.

Ranma's ability to leave a satisfied woman in his wake amazed Urd on a number of levels. She knew that mortal men had some skill sexually, but only her fellow gods could really satisfy her, no matter how many mortals she came across. A part of her seriously wondered if Ranma could pull it off.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and a peal of thunder echoed over the Nerima ward. Urd landed where the lightning bolt hit the ground and found a little message and a small ball of energy floating in the air. She read the message and gasped. 'You may give this to Ranma.'

She smirked as the crackling energy moved to hover above her hand. It didn't take her long to find Ranma again, his aura stood out quite a bit. Now all she had to do was wait and find the perfect moment. Ranma wouldn't even realize anything either.


Getting away from the clinic for a while confirmed what Ranma suspected. Someone had been watching him all day. "Suki."

"Lord Ranma." She said, appearing instantly.

"Have Nabiki's girls been watching me today?"

"Yes, though they aren't dangerous. They just seem to be observing."

Ranma leaned against the wall. "I don't mind that much, but I'd like them to know that I'm aware they are there. What do you think should be done?"

"Lord Ranma, you should send Yuka and Sayuri after them. They have both completed their basic lessons, Yuka has moved to the next level and Sayuri will be equal with her in two days."

"Yuka got caught by those girls from America rather easily."

"She was trying to seduce one of them for herself. Her lust is driving her distraction, it'll calm down by the end of the week."

Ranma nodded, mastering the Lust Aura was a rather tricky process. He gazed down at Suki for a few seconds, admiring her body in the skintight ninja clothing. Reaching out he cupped her chin and lifted her head until he could see her eyes. Using his bond, his aura reached out and enveloped her body. She gasped as every erogenous zone on her body started to hump with pleasure.

She started to blush after several seconds.

"What are your true thoughts?"

Even as her skin started to sweat and gave her the rosy glow of arousal she wasn't sure what Ranma was doing. "Lord Ranma?"

"Why haven't you fought what I did to you? It has been nearly two weeks since I bonded you."


"No matter, I can see the answer in your trembling body." He smirked. "You like it when I do this to you."

She started to pant, the pleasure filling her body kicked up a notch as Ranma's aura broke into the visible spectrum and caressed her body. It reached deep into her body and started building up an orgasm. This made her close her eyes and moan.

"You like to be dominated." Ranma observed.

Her pussy twitched as she gasped, her voice turning husky with desire.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked.

"Lord Ranma…" Opening her eyes, she gave herself to his power. With a gasp, her orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed to her side twitching as every muscle in her body contracted in time with her orgasm.

He knelt down and touched her shoulder as she panted for air. "Good girl, please me and I'll do something new to you tomorrow."

Suki could only lay there and sigh as Ranma walked off. She hadn't felt this good in a long time. Although, she fondly remembered those tentacles that took her in the alley, not that was a fun morning. So she was a bit taken aback when a pair of white boots appeared before her head.

Not stepped up, or even stepped over, but appeared next to her head and she looked up the skirt of a dark skinned girl holding a weird looking staff. The woman lifted the staff a little tapped Suki's stomach. "You awake?"


"Where's Ranma, he was here a minute or so ago?"

"He just left."


Pluto dashed down the block and around the corner where she spotted Ranma talking to a blushing girl. "Ranma!"

The girl gave Pluto the evil eye as she approached, not that Ranma noticed. Ranma nodded. "Pluto, what can I do for you?"

Holding up a small manual, Pluto smirked a little. "After several days of research, I managed to find this for you."

He took it and glanced at the cover. "A manual?"

"A Cat-Fist manual, or Neko-ken, that's a first edition manual too. Therefore, it's not as hacked up as the later versions. You can take care of that cat problem of yours with that. It details the final level of training that will give you full control of the Neko-ken."

Intrigued, Ranma opened the book and started flipping through it. What it described was far different than the pit of cats style of training he experienced a few years before. Instead it listed step-by-step instructions on how to control every level of training and what it was supposed to do to the trainee.

"This is amazing, where did you find it?"

"China, at an old friend's temple."

"These are Egyptian Hieroglyphs though."

"That's the last of six remaining copies on the planet. All the rest are hidden away in private collections around the world."


"Ranma, what is that?" The girl asked, looking at it curiously.

"Something that may help me conquer a problem, if I can master it."

"Oh, a martial arts technique."

"Yep, and quite a bit different than what I've been learning lately."

Ranma grabbed Pluto, dipped her, and gave her a kiss that had the woman swooning after several seconds. Pulling her back up, he released her and she stumbled around for several seconds on weak knees, before regaining control. The girl was giving her a dirty look again.

"W-Well I'd better get back to the gate. I'll contact you again Ranma."

"Sure." Ranma said absently as he gave the book another look. Once Pluto was gone Ranma put the book inside his shirt and looked at the girl. "So you said your name was Takaha?"

The brown haired girl nodded. "We met the other day."

Ranma remembered her from the alley, the girl that worked for Nabiki. "I've still got your panties."

She instantly blushed. "I w-w-wanted to get to know you better."

Her voice was quite low, even below a whisper, but Ranma still heard her and grinned. "Do you now? Well I don't know…"

Throwing her arms around his neck, she pressed herself against him. "I haven't felt like myself since you took my underwear and I want to know why."

Ranma could hear the lust in her voice. His aura could have a strange effect on some girls. Sometimes they reacted instantly, while at other times the effect took several hours to take effect. She had reacted quite strongly and he left her with no way to get relief.

"Well…you work for Nabiki, I don't know…"

"Anything, please, I can't stand it any longer!" She moaned, rubbing her breasts against his chest.

"I see you're determined to get me."

"I'll do anything."

"That's what I like to hear." Ranma said as he grabbed her butt and gave a squeeze.

Takaha moaned and shuddered. "Even that feels sooo good."

Ranma grinned as he kneaded her butt and enjoyed himself as she writhed and moaned. "You know you should get to school, I'll bet that that Nabiki is waiting for you."

She grabbed his long hair and gave a small yank. "I want you now!"

Looking into her eyes, Ranma let his aura loose and enveloped them in pure lust. He watched as her eyes unfocused and her head rolled back. She shuddered and let out a loud moan. Ranma glanced down and saw that her juices were flowing down her legs and dripping on the ground.

"Oh kami…" She gasped. "More…"

"Right out here in the middle of the street." Ranma chuckled. "I'm going to develop a reputation."

She giggled. "I don't care, I just want to be able to think straight again. I'm so wet…" Takaha groaned.

"Such a selfish woman."

"Shut up and fuck me." She ordered.

Chuckling, Ranma picked her up in his arms and launched himself to the nearest roof. "Well, let's find a better place then here."

She kissed him, ignoring his roof hopping as the raced away. Minutes later Ranma landed on the grass in the park and raced into the trees. Takaha was babbling now and Ranma toned down his aura a little, but she was beyond coherent thought by now. She was running on pure uninhibited lust and it filled her body with a need that couldn't be ignored.

Once they were deeper into the trees he found a spot covered in leaves and sat her down on the ground. Her shirt flew to the side as she whipped it off. She had small perky breasts that were beginning to swell from arousal. Her nipples were standing up straight and hard and he reached down to cup them, sending a shudder through the girl.


"You naughty girl, you have to tell me what you want done. I can't decide." Ranma teased her as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

"Ah! No man has e-ever made me feel this hot." Takaha gasped.

Ranma could see the sweat starting to cover her body as she got hotter and hotter. His hands wandered around her and reached down to cup her ass. She squirmed sexily in his arms. Her head fell back as his fingers danced under her skirt and touched her soaking panties. A calmer part of her mind wondered if he would take these as well and giggled.

The rest of her body was overflowing with need. She moaned loudly as Ranma started to suck on her nipples, sending waves of pleasure right to her clitoris. Ranma pushed her onto her side and grabbed her ankles. He spread her legs, bent down, and moved his head under skirt. For a second she thought about removing it, but then he found her soaking wet panties and started to suck her through the fabric.

Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back off the ground, grinding her pussy into his face. Little stars danced before her eyes at first, but that quickly changes as the material was moved to the side and she felt her pussy spread apart. She cried out as her first orgasm ripped through her. Then Ranma started to nibble on her folds and suddenly felt like she was melting into a puddle of ecstasy.

"Oh GOD!" She gasped, wrapped her legs around his head, and grabbed him by the hair to keep him from stopping. Seconds later she came three times in rapid order. All she could do was lay there and ride out the storm of pleasure.

Just as Ranma was about to pull his head out from under her skirt, his body rippled with a silver energy that he was too busy to notice. Above him Urd grinned at a job well done, and floated over to a tree to finish watching the show from the branch of a nearby tree. It didn't take long for her hand to snake down between her own legs and start rubbing.

As Ranma sat back and wiped her juices off his chin he quickly pulled his clothes off and sat them to the side. Takaha could only gape at him as his cock sprang up in the open air. Her whole body filled with a need to get him inside her body. "Bring it on."

"Ah, I see you like my friend."

"I do, he looks like a lot of fun."

"Everyone seems to think so." Ranma said with a smirk. "What would you like first?"

Takaha whimpered. "Fuck me, hard and fast."

Ranma just nodded as he spread her legs wide and got into position. It only took a second to press forward and enter her in one smooth motion. She cried out with a loud gasp as it happened so fast. Ranma just sat there for a few seconds and let her adjust.

When she started to flex her inner muscles he knew it was time to start doing her. Rising up he used his hands to tilt her hips up a little. Her eyes were glued to her crotch as she watched his movements in confusion. Then Ranma rose up several inches and thrust downward.

Her eyes seemed to dance as a silly grin appeared on her face. Ranma quickly stated to pound into her. Moving so fast that she started to froth around his cock and dribble juices down onto her stomach. The silly grin and blank eyes caught his attention though as she started to babble at him.

"More, mmmmoooorrreeeee!"

Then he felt her body twitch and she came with a scream and arched back. The silly grin didn't leave her face though. Ranma picked up the pace, rolling he onto her side, which sent her into a rolling tide of orgasms. Every few seconds she would squeak and arch back.

"Oh goooooooood, moooooreee! Give meeee moooooreee!" Takaha couldn't even remember her name as a line of drool dripped off her chin, her blank eyes filled with pleasure.

Ranma watched her aura and realized that he may have overdone it a bit. He had counted at least fifty powerful orgasms so far and she didn't seem to want him to ever stop. Shrugging mentally, he decided that he needed to end this before she was hurt. His fingers quickly danced across her stomach, setting off a series of screams that had to carry for some distance.

She arched back and shuddered for several minutes, her grin never faltering in the slightest. With a long contented sigh she collapsed to the ground and fell asleep instantly. Ranma winced a little as he pulled out of her. Juices started to spill out instantly, covering the ground around her.

He quickly did a quick examination and noted her dilated eyes. He realized that he'd seen the grin before too. On the girls that The Madam drugged from time to time. Picking Takaha up, Ranma moved her deeper into the trees and quickly dressed her.

Once that was done he tapped several points and quickly moved away so that she wouldn't be able to spot him. Her eyes snapped open, she sat up, and she looked around in confusion. Then she looked down and suddenly realized what she had done.

She giggled and staggered to her feet. It didn't take her long to lift her skirt and find out she didn't have anything on underneath. Ranma frowned as she did that silly grin as she wandered off. He had a bad feeling about this one, but he really couldn't say way. Something at the back of his mind was trying gain his attention, but he couldn't focus on it.

Instead he looked down at his still hard cock. "I really should have finished myself."


To Be Continued…

Notes: Finally managed to get this chapter finished. I was going to add two or three more scenes to it, but decided that it was time to post what I have. I also have a general idea on where the next few chapters will go so I hope to get them out soon.

We'll see more of Takaha in future chapters. Ranma really made an impression on her. As if you couldn't tell.