Note: As I was writing Father's Day, some snippets and scenes unrelated also came to my mind (blame it on that perverted little muse I got! ^_-)
When the story was finally finished, I had this HUGE archive made of bits and pieces. As I started looking through it, a small story came out. After a little polishing here and fixing there, here it is! Hope you like it.

PS: In doing this whole story, two great sources guided me: One was a series of pics I saw at the many galleries of 'The Ranma ½ Hentai Gallery (' (Go check them out. You'll know them when you see...), the other, many fics I've read, though two in particular come to mind as 'seeds' of this one set-up: 'Playing With Water' by Kanomi, and 'Poke Her', by T.H. Tiger. Unfortunately I've been unable to contact Kanomi, but I WAS able to show my work to Tiger and get his approval on my using his setting, so yeah, it IS something of similar in some points, and yeah again, it IS intentional. Also, I unashamedly took part of the settings of a 'Tentacle Ranma' thread on Anime Addventure for the final scene, as it was JUST what I was looking for a... climax, so to speak (^_-).

Anyway, please, if you have something you didn't like, I'm open to CONSTRUCTIVE C&C, ok? ^_^! Lets spare the flames for the dragons...



Father's Day II

Based on an idea by Jaksio

By Mad Philodox


Side story 1 – A Strange Encounter


Ranma-chan slept soundly on hers and Genma room. Holding the redhead close to him, her father's burly shape snored lightly. Suddenly, a small spot of darkness seemed to flow over the open window to land soundlessly on the moonlit floor. From there, it slid towards Genma, rapidly flowing over him and seeming to enter his ears, nose and mouth, streaming in. The man stiffened some, then relaxed again.

A timeless instant later, his eyes opened, revealing totally black orbs. 'Genma' smiled to himself. All had happened as it should have. The memories of this flesh were now his to make use of. Some were actually quite... _useful_ to the tasks ahead. Now to begin...


Turning slightly to the side, he began to slowly and carefully lick his daughter's ear, then descending towards her neck. Meanwhile, his hands had began caressing the lithe shape, slowly massaging her shapely breasts, taut stomach and toned legs and stealthily pressing some pressure points that, were he truly Genma, would NEVER had used. Genma had, and very often did use pressure points to enhance his daughter's pleasure, but those (part of the Master's more darker teachings about sex) would rend Ranma-chan very fast a bundle of VERY horny female flesh, without ANY control over herself, and more, without any conscious recollection of what she did while under their influence. Which made then perfect for him.


Ranma-chan whispered a soft "hum?" when she woke to the sensations of her father nibbling and caressing her. It didn't surprised her since both had, on many an occasion, woke the other during the night for an extra bout of hot sex. What did passed fleetingly in her mind was how blindingly fast she was responding to his advances this time, her juices already dripping and an unusually stronger heat firing up her loins. "Oh, so you want some, hum old man?" she asked teasingly. His father's answering grin was everything she needed. "So come here, big boy, I'm soooo in need of this hot prick of yours pumping me full..." she replied, her face flushed with raw NEED. "But first," she whispered hotly into his ear. "we have to make sure it's well lubricated, so it can slide in reeeaaalllyy easy..." she finished with a wanton grin.

Making good on her boast, she moved down 'till she was at her father's groin. There, his already erect pulsing cock waited. Literally drooling now, she brought her lips close to the helmet, lapping around the crown as if a lollipop. As the first taste of 'Genma's singularly abundant precum hit her tongue, the heat in her became a roaring bonfire, consuming all thoughts but the primal need of rutting. She simply began sucking hard then, bobbing her head up and down the length of her dad's fat, veiny cock, slurping more and of it fiercely in down her throat, until her face rested in his pubes, to then started bobbing back up and down just as hard, bringing a loud groan of pleasure of 'Genma'. A slight side-gesture and no sound would pass through the walls anymore, leaving him free to vocalize as much as he wanted to.

"Oh yes! That's it slut! Suck my cock girl!!!! Oh yeah, that feels good!" he bucked his hips upwards, driving his rigid pole deeper into the red-haired woman's mouth and down her very talented throat. "Mmmm, I remember how good a cock sucker you are slut!!!! C'mom, keep sucking!!!"

"Mmmm!!!!" Ranma-chan moaned around the massive cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. She reached a hand down between her own legs and began to finger her pussy as she took 'Genma's cook fully into her mouth. The wet slurping sounds of her mouth around the man's shaft echoed in the room and was soon joined by the squishing sound of her fingers probing her pussy.

"Ooooooo... that's so good! Take this slut! I'm CUMMING!!!!!" Genma moaned as he came hard in Ranma-chan's mouth. The red haired girl struggled to keep her mouth clamped around her dad's dick as load after thick load of hot sticky cum filled her throat, almost bursting right into her stomach.


'Genma' looked down at her as she gulped loudly, his eyes a solid black color. And smiled. Soon the first stage would be complete after she drunk enough of his 'special' cum...


"Gah!!" Ranma-chan coughed when the streams of cum finally subsided and she lifted her mouth off of her father's cock. "Mmmmmm, that was one BIG load of cum! So warm and tasty... All that for me?" she asked, felling an warm fuzzy feeling spread from her filled belly to leave her tingling from head to toe in need, her pussy all but gushing in heat.

Genma only nodded as he recovered from the massive orgasm. "Ahh, that was great, girl. You can really suck cock! But I want more!!!" he spoke. "I still haven't ridden this hot cunt of yours girl, so scoot!"

"Thought you'd never ask..." Ranma-chan stood up off the floor and Genma's face widened in a pleased grim when he saw his cum had filled the redhead's belly so much that it had swollen slightly out. "So much cum will do this every time, not that I mind in the least." He spoke grinning naughtly.

Ranma-chan only smiled back and climbed up onto the joined futons. She again grasped Genma's dick and guided it into her pussy. "Oooooo, so biiiig..." She groaned in pleasure as she lowered herself down, feeling her dad's dick stretching her wide as it slid in ever so deeper into her hungry snatch. "Yesssss!!!" she moaned as she felt the tip of his cock reaching in deeper to spread open her cervix and penetrate into her very eager womb. "OH FUCK!!!!" Ranma-chan moaned loudly when Genma's cock finally hit the back of her womb, all of it into her.

"Oh gods! So fucking tight!" he moaned enjoying the wet silky feel of her cunt around him.

"Oooo, I'm cumming already!!" Ranma-chan moaned as she humped herself up and down Genma's pole. The thick man-meat made loud squishing sounds as it slid in and out of the girl's tight gripping tunnel. Orgasm after orgasm flooded the redhead's mind, making her cry out in utter ecstasy. At that moment, she wasn't giving a damn about who could hear her, as long as she was kept being fucked long and hard.

Genma moaned as the pleasure surged through his body. He thrusted his hip upwards, moving in time with Ranma-chan. His big hands reached up and grasped Ranma-chan's C-Cup tits, squeezing them tightly.

"YES, SQUEEZE MY TITS DAD!!!!" Ranma-chan cried as she came yet again from the extreme penetration.

"Oh fuck, you're such a wonderful slut Ranma-chan!!!" 'Genma' cried out. The indoctrination was going smoothly. Soon she would be perfect to fulfill his desire...

"I'm your slut dad! I'm yours to fuck whenever you wish!! Ahh, so gooooodddd!!!" Ranma-chan squealed loudly in rapture.

'Genma' looked down at his cock as it pumped into Ranma-chan's pussy, he watched as the thickness of it stretched the girl's pussy to it's limit and made an almost noticeable dent in her abdomen as it moved up into her body.

"Whenever... Hung!... I want?" he asked between moans. The girl's ready acceptance of the indoctrination brought a dark happiness to him, it seemed someone had already tamed her some, facilitating his task enormously.

Ranma-chan nodded her head, bouncing hard on his cock. "Yes, whenever you want, it's my duty to be there for you to fuck whenever and wherever you want! Ooooo!!! I'll do anything you want, I'll fuck animals, or let you fuck me with anything you want!" she replied, totally lost in the pleasure.

"Oooo! I'll... ahhh! hold you... to that, FUUUUUUCK!!!!" Genma screamed as he came deep inside Ranma-chan's womb. The extra dose of his 'special' cum would bring her along nicely.

"OH GODDDDDDDD!!!" Ranma-chan moaned in ecstasy as her stomach began to expand to contain the massive amount of cum that her dad was pumping into her womb this time. "I've missed this feeling so much!!!" the redhead cried as she rubbed her distended belly.

After a while, 'Genma' pulled his cock from the girl's pussy with a wet popping sound. A small amount of the cum that he had filled her with gushed out of her cunt, splattering on the futon. He watched as the young girl moved to lie on her back, her stomach expanded so that she looked to be pregnant.

Ranma-chan lovingly ran her hands over her distended belly, fully enjoying the feelings of fullness. "Mmmm, so much cum...! Soooo goooodd dad..."

Pretty soon, the redhead was snoring lightly, holding to her father's warmth.


'Genma' smirked to himself. All had gone well. The girl now was undergoing the first stages of change and indoctrination. Pretty soon she would be ready for the full brunt of his mission...


On the next day, about mid-morning...


The combined Tendo/Saotome group left the train station, walking towards the sea. Being a hotter than usual weekend, they had decided to a family picnic at the beach. The girls and Ranma-chan were wearing shirts over their swimsuits, while both man got trunks. Or, rather, man and Panda (who, incidentally, was wearing Panda-sized swim-trunks...).

Usually, Ranma-chan would only bring a one piece, not being too interested in sunning like the other girls, but for some not quite known reason, she did different this time. Underneath her shirt, she wore a tiny tong-like sky blue bikini. The raw lust in her lovers' eyes as they saw her proved good, even with the small altercation with Akane and Nabiki's joking. As she lay in the longing chair, watching 'her' men through slitted eyelids, their looks slowly passing over her form (alongside the lustful eyes of many other men on the sand...) brought her loins to fire once again, her crotch dampening with her juices.

Soon, the growing fire in her loins prodded her to stand a walk around a while.


'Genma' just smiled to itself as he saw her leave. The lust enhancing narcotics where doing just fine, changing her perception, behavior and body. The redheaded bitch was not only getting hornyer by the moment, but her body would be beginning to send off pheromones (and psychic signals) that would make her all but irresistible to _anything_ male nearby. Soon. Soon she would be ripe and ready for the final takedown...


The redhead wanderings brought her far from the group, and towards the end of the beach, where a small picnic woods stood. She passed by a couple of families, her mind in a pleased haze as she enjoyed the lustful looks the strangers got as they ogled her sweaty lithe body. She could feel her bikini's crotch soaked through, her smell strong enough for her to notice.

Finally getting to a more secluded spot, she sat on a bench by an empty table and began to lightly touch herself. Soon her slim fingers were sliding by the side of her bikini, dipping into her warm heat. Closing her eyes to better savor the feel, she didn't saw as a big German Shepard, its coat shinny in the sun, wandered by. Soon, it approached the softly moaning female, enticed by the heady, strong aroma of her heat.


Ranma-chan's eyes flew open as she felt the dog's raspy hot tongue lap at her partially exposed cunt. Her initial lack of reaction spurned it on, bringing a louder moan from her. Her fevered, needy sex made the final decision for her...

Her red pigtail flew from side to side as she quickly looked around her. She could stay sat where she was at the picnic table's side, facing the fireplace and away from the trails and no one could see if she pulled her bottoms down. In a second they ringed her feet, as she opened her legs wide and slouched down on the bench. The Shepard was still there, and still interested in the smell from her crotch. As a matter of fact, now having a clearer access seemed to have pleased him.

Ranma-chan was immediately glad she took the chance. The dog's raspy tongue lapping at her fevered dripping cunt was as almost good as her father's panda one. She pulled her cunny lips wide open with her fingertips, trying to entice the dog to get his tongue deeper inside her. He began licking her fiercely and she wrapped her legs around his neck and held tightly to his fur. She felt his tongue folding up inside her cunt and running up over her clit and was so excited that shocks shot through her body. She came quickly, her muscles seizing up while her legs stiffened, her body feeling on the edge of an even greater orgasm like she was caught on the edge of a waterfall.

Just as it started getting good the animal seemed to loose interest. He left her and jumped up. His front paws landed on the bench on either side of the red headed girl. His tongue licked at her face, and despite where it had just been, Ranma-chan accepted it with an open mouth.

It was kind of turn on being french-kissed by a dog. She knew it was perverted, but somehow it didn't seem important just now. Only the heat between her legs and the chance to quench it. She let him do all he wanted to, stifling a moan as he descended to lap at her raised nipples, long out of the bikini's bra. It excited her fiercely to be this anonymous animal bitch, making her even hotter. Lost in the pleasant sensations, she did not notice his front paws moving up to the tabletop, or that the big animal's hind legs had stepped closer between her still splayed thighs as if in search for something.

She did become aware of something else soon after. There was 'something'; a hot, long, pointy something, sliding over her clit, through her pubic hair, and smearing her tummy, wetly poking around her pussy lips, spreading them further. Even as the German Shepard held his soft belly to her, the 'poking thing' slipping easily into the welcoming wet warmth of her cunt, Ranma-chan was still too lost in her own world to realize the obvious.

Only when the dog hunched up, pushing it fiercely into her she realized it was his cock. She was mildly surprised that he got it into her without any help, even more at how deep his prick penetrated her folds! She felt him sinking deeper, and with each lunge he got ever more deeper until she felt him pounding on her cervix after just three quick thrusts!

She couldn't believe it, he was past her cervix and straight into the back wall of her cunt just like that! It hurt a bit, mostly because she wasn't expecting it. But it hurt so good it was becoming overwhelming, so she wrapped her toned legs around his furred back, holding the big dog closer to her.

Feeling the thick canine cock the full depth of her pussy, its round knot pressing for entrance as well as the Sheppard thrusted into her, Ranma-chan finally fully realized that she was being dog-fucked. And the full realization had her cumming then and there even harder. She looked around again, noticing how she was all the way off the road, and no one was around anyway (not that she really minded at that time anyway... A stray thought about being spied upon and/or another man coming there to fuck her silly crossed her pleasure-fevered mind).

The dog was determined to get his entire big warm cock into his new human playmate, and Ranma-chan saw no need --or desire-- to keep him from doing it, so she just relaxed and let it happen, spreading more her legs and even taking a hand down to do the same with her labia, to grant it better access to her warm confines. If anything, it made the dog hump her faster and deeper, punching the knot in to lock them into a pleasant full fuck.

The Sheppard was fucking her like hard, much like a man, living her in a pleasant daze, just absorbing this animal sexuality and loving every single minute of it! Then unexpectedly he licked her mouth and reflexively she sucked his tongue as if he were a lover! She slurped his saliva and rubbed her hands through his thick fur, feeling his muscles bulging with each thrust he forced inside of her. Ranma-chan was amazed at how strong he was! She never imagined it could be so strong and powerful! It was similar, but totally unlike her dad's Panda form. She was so fucking horny she started coming hard almost non-stop! She had never came like in her life before, it rippled through her like waves, spreading from head to toe. Like explosions in her womb that spread to all her appendages while her clit felt like it was going to burst!

If anyone did come by, they would only see a girl and her pet bonding. Little would they know it was not her pet, and the bonding was of such intimate nature that the two would be locked together for a delightful 15 minutes thereafter, simply enjoying the sensation of having her womb pleasantly filled up to the brim with hot cum.

Ranma-chan didn't know anything anymore but the feeling of the dog's hot long cock filling her cunt to capacity, punching deep into her womb and making her lithe body bounce some as he humped at her at lightning speed. The redhead clutched at the bench, almost snapping the wood with her strength, eyes shut in revel, and letting the animal have his way with her. She could do nothing else, having been climaxing non-stop ever since the dog's knot had locked them together. Suddenly she felt a spreading moisty heat inside her. The Sheppard lay on top of the redhead as he spurted shot after shot of hot doggy sperm into his mostly willing playmate. Ranma-chan felt her cervix's lips flaring around the thick cock, trying to suck up his sperm as if wanting to get her pregnant, his hot cum filling her to capacity, even begin to flow some out of her swollen pussy and over her ass.

Somebody did go past just then. Somebody walking by, and at least three cars or whatever. Ranma-chan didn't care though, she was latched to a deliciously hot big cock and both it and she were coming...


Ranma-chan was soaked in sweat and feeling weak when the animal's cock finally shrank enough to pull out of her. His doggie cum gushed everywhere when that happened. She stayed seated, slowly caressing her belly, enjoying the feel of her cum-filled womb, as the Shepard gave her a couple of licks along the inside of her thighs, but it did little to truly clean her up.

Not that she actually cared about it at all.


Pulling her bikini up and re-arranging her top as soon as the Shepard went back to wherever the hell it came from, the girl started back toward her beach-site on somewhat shaky legs. She went slowly, a soft lazy smile in her face as she enjoyed the feeling of having just been fucked well and good. She stopped occasionally to touch the drying animal jizz on her inner thighs, and to squeeze her still aching pussy. The crotch of her suit was positively soaked with the dog's gooey cum. She wondered if she would ever get the chance to let that dog fuck her again...

Or if she could do it with some others in Nerima. An odd stray thought about her name had her smiling wickedly. A horse... would it fit in? She thought naughtily to herself while giggling, hopping it would, some half-dreams making the red head smile wantonly to herself while her belly fired anew...


A couple of minutes later, back down the beach...


Ranma-chan slowly walked out of the cool ocean. The clear water had managed to clean her out some, so that her appearance would not attract undue attention from the girls. Even if it had done absolutely NOTHING to quench the fire in her loins... She still could feel some of the dog's cum sloshing around within her womb, and it felt sooooo good...

She was still near the end of the beach, were the sand slowly gave way to rock, raising towards the cliff where the forrested picnic area she just got out of stood. As she looked down the way she came on much earlier, the redhead noticed that the small array of gymnastic implements she passed by were now being used. Three young men, seemingly just out of their teens, practiced there, doing push-ups and some such, proudly showing off their muscles.

Where she in her male form, she'd have discounted them as irrelevant, but SHE couldn't help herself getting HOT as her eyes slowly, oh so very slowly, all but caressed their sweaty forms. All three wore tight fitting shorts that highlighted their... definition, and though none of them seemed to top her lovers, neither were also... lacking, in the 'health' department. Slowly licking her lips, she approached them.

The trio, noticing what seemed to be an interested female, instantly put on their best 'macho' posturing. As she neared them, they fast revised their opinion. Not only an interested female, a true, honest to kami BABE! All alone in the beach... They felt their members rising in salute to the gorgeous lady coming near. Something inside them was telling they would enjoy this a lot...

They were not to be disappointed.


About 10 minutes later, back in a more secluded part of the beach...


Ranma-chan was held tightly by the group's leader, a young man of 21, while their tongues spared back and forth, his hands caressing and groping the all but naked redhead, her bikini tong and bra hastily brushed aside to grant him freer access to her fevered body. Their friends, twin brothers of 19, were already naked and jacking off at the sight, preparing to screw the horny slut before them.

Ranma-chan smiled to herself. It didn't took a moment to have them drooling at her and all but ready to fuck her.

She moaned as she felt the man's fingers dipping to first caress then enter her hot moisty cunt, stocking her fires even higher. She literally dripped over his questing digits as he slowly finger fucked her. Seductively, she held his probing hand, took it from within her and began to slowly lick his cum soaked fingers, one by one. "Hhhhuuuummmmmm..." she purred, smiling sultrily. "Soooo tasty... But can't you guys find something... bigger to put in there?" she asked coyly. Her smile grew as she beheld their lust filled expressions. She felt pride mixing with her lust as she saw how she got them almost cumming before even fucking her.

"You got it babe!" he replied, dropping his shorts to let his erection free. Although his cock wasn't as big as any of her usual lovers, being about 9 inches long, it was thicker than her arm. The twins' weren't anything to sneeze also, both sporting healthy 8 ½ inches cocks, about as thick as her dad's.

Her already soaked cunt dripped anew in excitement at being ridden by them all at the same time.

As fast as she could without actually hurting him, she brought the man to lay on his back over the towel they had brought, spreading her legs to sit astride his chins. "Now big boy," she spoke softly in a lust filled voice. "you're gonna give me aaallll that nice, long cock of yours. I've need me a long cuntful of that..." as she adjusted herself over the rising pole. With one of her hands she opened her glistening cuntlips while the other held the warm meat she craved, bringing it to poise on her opening.

A jointed moan escaped their mouths as she slid him inside in a slow movement to finally rest over him, joined to the hilt. "Oh yeeeeesssssssssssssss..." she hissed, feeling his large tool spread her insides delightfully open as her hungry slit swallowed it all. Her hands almost by their own volition went to grab the twins' cocks and bring them into her salivating mouth reach. In a flash she was noisily giving head to both, slurping and licking their members, with the occasional deep throating. "Nnnn!... Uuunnnghhh! HHHhrrrr!!" she moaned around their tasty meat. Her slim hands caressed the fat fleshy tubes, craving the hot cum within.

She smiled to herself as she looked down at the man she was fiercely riding. Her cunt and ass muscles had become very well conditioned. So much that she begun to use it with her lovers, slowly squeezing their cocks at just the right moments to slow or speed their excitement and heighten their climaxes, all but milking their pumping shafts dry when they gave her their warm cum.

The poor 'kid' never got a chance. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!" he cried out when the amazing sensation of this slut's warm oiled cunt all but wringed his cum out of his dick.

His friends weren't that far behind as Ranma-chan's oral skills and trained throat brought them to orgasm, painting her face white with their come. "Huuunnngggg! Yeah, bitch, suck it! Suck it all!" Their cry sounded as they pumped their come in her face.

Ranma-chan slowly licked around, scooping the hot sticky cum from her face and lapping her fingers like a cat, all the while grinning naughtily. "Yum! Tastes good... so warm and nice..." she spoke. "But I'm FAR from satisfied boys..." she grinned. "Ready for the second round?" The renewal of their erections brought a wicked smile to her ruby lips.

"Huuummmmm" she said, raising of her laid lover. "Lets see if twins are REALLY equal in everything..." she whispered. Taking one of the brothers, she laid him down while their friend rose. A long drawn out hiss later let them know she had been speared to the hilt. Looking behind the shoulder to the other, her lust blazing eyes sent their message loud and clear. Alongside the soft: "Well big boy, what you're waiting for?" as her hands spread her smooth buttcheeks to expose her winking ass to him. She lightly trembled in pleasure when she felt his round dickhead nudging her open. "Oh, yeah!" she groaned feeling his shaft plowing deeper into her. "Fill me up! G'me that cock! G'me more!" she wailed willing herself looser for those delightful pieces of hard thick man-meat to penetrate her ever deeper.

Soon after they began a double pumping action that almost had her cumming instantly. "OOOOOOOH HHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD!!! OOOOOHHHHHH YESSSSS, THAT'S SOOOO GOOODDDD!!!!" she wailed while moving in synch with them. A hand holding her hair up and bringing her face to line to another hard cock reminded her of her third lover. "Hey you, what about me?!" he spoke annoyed at being left out.

He needn't have to.

Ranma-chan just took it purple head in her mouth and still in synch with the shafts pumping her cunt and ass wetly, slowly sucked him in, an inch at a time until resting his face on his groin. "Mmmmppphhhhhhh! Huh!" she moaned happily around his tool, licking and slurping noisily the shaft lodged deep into her stretched talented throat. Then she began moving back and forth, sliding the hard cock in and out of her mouth in time with the other two, which had yet to stop their delicious sawing of her cunt and ass.


During the next couple of minutes only wet meaty slaps, moans and groans of the four lovers echoed in counterpoint to the sound of the waves. Sounds that seemingly followed the crescendo of the sea until a great big orgasm blinded them all.


* * * * *


Late evening, back at the Dojo in Soun's bedroom...


Ranma-chan moaned happily around Soun's cockhead, slowly lapping around the crown, kissing and slurping at the pisshole. Her lover just grunted pleased at her oral skills. "Oh yeah, little slut. You've gotten good at that! Keep sucking slave, I've got me a good load for that belly of yours! You really didn't think I wouldn't noticed you shacking that fanny on the beach like a bitch in heat?" he growled. "Now I'm gonna have to teach you manners! So suck it!"

"Hai, Soun-sama!" she replied naughtily before slowly starting to suck more and more of his hard tool into the warm moistness of her talented mouth and down her stretchy throat, bringing her elfin face slowly but surely to rest against his groin. Soun moaned pleased as he caressed her hair.

Very soon she had a good pumping action going, sucking hard, then lapping noisily, sometimes even lightly biting on her lover's long shaft. She relished on the smacking sounds of his balls lapping at her chin every time she sucked him all in usually also laving those balls with her tongue.


After a short while, suddenly she heard his breathing catch as he got rigid. Right after she found herself enjoying the feel of his large manhood twitching and throbbing inside her gullet as his thick cum pulsed up through right from his balls and out in several powerful bursts. This was the part that she had particularly come to enjoy, the sensation of having inside her, it didn't matter where actually, she came to crave it equally, the feeling of their thick, tasty cum coursing through their thick lengthy poles and pulsing out deep within her. She quickly followed her Soun-sama in a small release of her own from the overwhelming sensations and the sudden flood of on her mouth.

"Ah, that's nice, little slut." groaned Soun. "Yeah, suck it all..." he said, while still pumping some serious load on his lover. It had taken all his willpower NOT to bend her over and take her on the sand like a bitch in heat before. The little minx practically oozed sex. The hard on had actually being painful for a while. Now...NOW he was going to screw the life out her holes, one at a time! He wouldn't stop until the little bitch was leaking his spunk from ALL over!

After her Soun-sama stopped flooding her hungry mouth with his delicious cum, she looked up at him, licking her lips while rubbing her filled belly. "Yum! Hot and tasty!"

"Maybe so slut, but now this little ass of your is gonna get some serious pump!" he spoke, turning her on her fours and coming behind her. He slid his hardened spit slickened cock amid those round globes of soft creamy flesh, enjoying her moans as he bumped her clit and cunt.

"Please..." she moaned. "Please, Soun-sama..."

"'Please' what, slut?" he replied.

"Fuck me..." was the answer. "Fuck me, please..."

"If you want me in, slut, then you'll have to put there yourself!" he mocked. "Show me how much you want it! Fuck yourself in my cock!" he ordered.

Ranma-chan all but squealed in pleasure. She was so fucking horny she was willing to screw just about anything in her path. The blowjob had merely heightened her need for hot fresh cum, and LOTS of it! She had been so desperate for something, ANYTHING to fuck her senseless that she had taken the little wireless remote controlled vibrator her Soun-sama had given her a while ago (and sometimes made her use as part of their 'games') and taken with her to the beach, obeying some wicked instinct, and stuffed the little egg down her cunt as far as she could push it just before coming back from the threesome. The mix of men and dog cum had made an abundant enough lubing for it to slid easily deep into her. She had turned it on on the highest setting since then and hadn't taken it off so far. It had helped somewhat, allowing her to hold onto her sheer need, long enough to be all but carried to her master's bedroom when they arrived home at the dojo. After all the... er, (VERY pleasurable) exercise... her cunt and ass had been given, her muscles had become well conditioned and flexible. With a little practice, she'd learned how to move the little buzzer back and forth inside her, and even spit it out entirely hands-free. She had been putting her 'talent' to good use with her lovers, squeezing and massaging their huge cocks at just the right moments to urge them on and heighten their climax. She even once or twice managed to work herself to a minor orgasm using just her muscles (She'd didn't actually NEEDED it too much since they were always eager to satisfy her though).

None of that mattered much now. She had a big cock to ride and her ass was twitching in anticipation.

With one hand, she guided the tip of her master's big shaft against her winking ass, starting to push backwards slowly, savoring the feel of his long prick opening her insides. It felt so huge and warm inside her rear end! The stretching and slippery friction as it spread her insides hurt soooo good, she urged him to enter more in a thick voice, pushing back fiercer against him, and trying to get more of his cock in faster.

"Oooooohhhh ... Soun-sama... that feels so goooooood..." she urged him on. He kept filling her and Ranma-chan began to wonder just how much more she would take in when she suddenly felt the bulge of his balls slapping against her buttocks.

"Wow." was all Ranma-chan could say. Looking back over her shoulder, she could only see her cheeks spread widely apart by his girth. She had taken him all in already!? "That's wonderful, love! Please start fuuuhhhhhhh..." she lost what she was going to say as he pulled out slowly, withdrawing almost completely and plunging back in again.

"Why you naughty boy! Just for that..." And with that, Ranma-chan reached beside herself and turned the little vibrator back on, turning it all the way up.

Soun gave a startled yelp at the unexpected new sensation. There was an unfamiliar buzzing around his cock, but he liked it! He just loved when his little slut DID think some new kinkiness out on her own! He pulled back and lurched forward against his lover again. Ranma-chan cried out at a sudden stretching of her anus as his tool began plowing back and forth but it was quickly over, and by the sudden feeling of fullness in her rectum, Ranma-chan knew his cock had finally fit inside her.

She was now at her lover's mercy as he began to take over. He still weighed some 25 pounds more than her, and Ranma-chan was simply overpowered by his grip about her waist and the rapid, jarring pace he was now setting. As was the case when he set the pace, it was all Ranma-chan could do to keep her balance, let alone try and keep up. Her first orgasm hit like a tidal wave. She had no idea how long it last.

One violent climax after another hit her until finally Soun came in his lover's ass. His hot cum filled her bowels, and Ranma-chan's arms and legs gave out. They collapsed together and rested for a time. This was Ranma-chan's second favorite part, her Soun-sama's warm weight on top of her as they rested.

They stayed together for a couple of minutes until Soun pulled his cock out. Ranma-chan looked back at him as she saw his length regaining its hardness. "No rest now slut, I'm still hungry and there's a lot more cum from where that load came from!" he spoke looking lustfully at her.

She smiled hungrily back at him as she speedily took the vibrator off her dripping, needy cunt and pulled him to cover her sweaty body.

Soon, the only sounds on the room were those of heavy moaning and meaty smacks, as Ranma-chan could feel her mind literally drowning in pleasure as her cunt eagerly opened to her lover's massive shaft travels...


Late night, Ranma and Genma's bedroom...


Ranma-chan moaned in delight, as she felt her father's hands slowly caressing her body. The only problem though, was that, while the caresses were quite enjoyable, it seemed that they only served to rouse her inner flame more. Her loins burned with need, as her pussy all but dripped with overflowing juices...

Genma looked smiling at her lover's flushed face, her eyes closed while she enjoyed his ministrations. Now was the time. The physical and mental indoctrination, and the physical preparation were all but complete. All that remained was to confront her in her 'true' form (as it were) and finish the impregnation and enslavement.

Genma's body started to slowly grow, his skin taking on a light smooth red-purple tone from the fine snake-like scales now covering it. His form grew until he had almost 7ft tall (were he standing), while even more muscle appeared, granting him an imposing (though still burly) figure. His hand and feet became taloned and a lizard-like tail sprung from the small of his back. Finally, also on his back, along both sides of his spine, twin rows of long cock-headed tentacles sprung in the air, each about the thickness of Genma's, all waving around as if seeking from prey. His now completely black eyes were set into a face split by a sharp fanged grim.

Which was NOT that far from truth.

Some deep seated instinct Ranma told her to open her eyes, for _something_ wasn't quite right.

She looked to her now demonic looking lover. She blinked one time. Again. Pinched herself. More or less satisfied that it was indeed real, she blew: "DANMIT POPS! HOW IN HELL CAN YOU FUCK ME NOW?! YOU'VE GOT TOO FUCKING BIG TO DO IT!"

And Genma just demonstrated that big demons CAN facefault too.

As he rose once again, he grinned at his pissed lover. "Do not worry dear, its all being taken care of..." as he got the now much smaller looking redhead in his arms.

Ranma-chan just humfed and turned around, pissed her 1st lover could not satisfy her anymore.

Genma just grinned. Taking her face with one hand, he turned her back to him, getting into a deep searching kiss, while his tentacles began to slowly caress her body, leaving traces of dark mauve slime. Pretty soon, the aphrodisiacs in it and his saliva would overcome her annoyance.

Which was true, for soon Ranma-chan's mild groan of protest about the kiss turned into a pleasure filled moan. Her eyes glazed all the way, and she began to respond to the kiss, her mind completely drowned in the raw NEED that had been steadily raising within her loins. Mashing her lips against Genma's, dueling with the now much longer tongue that tickled the inside of her mouth, she unwittingly absorbed some more of his saliva, increasing the horniness effect manyfold.

When they finally separated, long trail of drool still linking them, Genma asked: "So? That's not so terrible, ne, Ranma-chan?"

"Why... you... that..." weakly answered Ranma-chan, her cute face pouting in bliss.

'Genma' laughed heartily. Seizing her still undone pigtail between his fingers, he cut the string holding the hair together with one slash of a talon. He had come to enjoy her looks with her hair loose. It somehow made him more eager to screw her. The red mane now freely flew to her shoulders, as he held her away with his tentacles, licking his lips while appreciating the sight of her beautiful form. Indeed, she would bear lot of strong spawns to him. He might even keep this one as a personal pet once all were done...

Two tentacles circled her breasts, lightly squeezing them; their tips shaping into suckers to latch on her ruby red, hard nipples, making the girl gasp and moan in delight.

Another tentacle presented itself at her face. Her eyes crossed somewhat from watching the bulbous cock shaped head, with a droplet of pre-cum oozing from the pee-hole. Her nostrils got filled by a musky scent, many times more enticing than ANY of her previous encounters. Her cunt all but overflowed with her juices.

"Why don't you try licking it, Ranma-chan?"

"What?! I'm not going to suck on some tentacle!" she rebelled, sticking to the last remnants of her stubbornness.

"That's not fair, I'm pleasuring you, but you don't want to give anything in return? I'm just asking you to give it a lick, it's too big to fit in your mouth anyway..."

The last part was a lie and they both knew. With her habit to cram large quantity of food in her mouth, and the training in French Martial Art Dining to boot, she could probably swallow it. She HAD swallowed more than one time this body's cock and that of her other lovers. Yet, Genma didn't remind her of the fact for now.

A bit hesitantly first, Ranma-chan held the snake-like dick in her tiny hands, the other tentacles having freed her arms just enough for that. Sticking out her small tongue, she first poked the purplish head with the tip, avoiding the pre-cum. Then she licked around the crown, and lower on the shaft. The taste was indefinable but she liked it more and more with each lick. It was even better than her dad and Soun's! Adding her lips to the job, she started slurping larger parts of the slick coil. Feeling strangely heady, she finally clamped her mouth around the top, and opened her jaw to accept more of.

The part of her mind that was still freaked by all that (VERY small but still there) was quickly and finally silenced for good by her lust and arousal. Nothing mattered anymore, just the fact that her lover had many more ways of screwing her blind and she would be dammed if she would stop now! Until the raging bonfire in her loins was sated she would fuck ANYTHING and ANYONE!

Now sucking enthusiastically on the mushroom head and twirling her tongue against the small hole, she noisily gave head to the prick. A smile spread to her eyes at she caught sight of the effects of the blow job on Genma's face... his silly look only was worth it.

Then her eyes bulged in shock as the tentacle stiffened and suddenly erupted into her mouth, filling it with creamy stuff. A bit spooked, she tried to spit but ended up reflexively swallowing most of it. She pulled out the twitching coil, which continued spurting, and coated her face with white goo.

"Gah! You creep, you could have warned..." She trailed off, though, and licked her lips. In an awed voice, she muttered: "Hey... it tastes good... VERY good."

Scooping the globs of hot come from her cheeks and chin, she sucked her fingers greedily. Even her usual crave for cum had not prepared her for the taste that hit her. It was beyond ANYTHING she had taken before. "It's good... so good... TOO GOOD! I want more! GIVE ME MORE!!!"

Grabbing back the spent tentacle, she bit on the head and sucked hard, trying to squeeze out its last few drops. Genma felt no pain whatsoever from it, only pleasure, the tentacles were sturdy enough to resist girls with sharp teeth. He offered her another one, which she grasped with her free hand and hungrily devoured in turn.

"Always thinking with your stomach, I see..." he smirked.

Ranma-chan logically didn't answer (since she had a full mouth), just rolled her eyes. Then, they almost sprang out of their orbits when she felt something long and slippery touch her very wet and very aroused sex. Stopping the fellatio, she gasped hastily:

"NO! DON'T-!"

"Well, if you're afraid it could hurt when the tip enter, Ranma-chan, why don't you open the folds yourself? You want it, just admit it, I can feel you're ready for it, you're so wet..."

Ranma-chan glared at the sex fiend, then gazed down at her lower body and spread her legs. The fleshy, warm meat of a tentacle was rubbing its length against her slit. And it felt good. VERY very good. As good as any of the cocks she had, and it wasn't even pocking in yet! Burning in mixed desire and shame, she couldn't stop her hands from lowering to her crotch. The fingers delicately pulling apart the puffy lips of her pussy, she offered Genma a perfect view of her rosy interior, coated with dripping female secretions. Crying in self-loathing, she managed a few last prideful words: "You...You fucking monster!"

"That's entirely the point, my sweetie." He replied. This one had a fire it had never found before. Oh yes, it would DEFINITELY be worth keeping her around...

The needy tentacle didn't wait any longer for claiming its prize. Aiming between the girl's shaking fingers, it forcefully rammed into her well oiled, yet still so tight, pussy. Sheathed between the fleshy warm folds that that were hugging it from all sides, the meaty invader stretched her love hole as in reached in ever deeper.


Ranma-chan was not only yowling, she was bucking and trashing in the grasp of the other tentacles, arching her back and stiffening every muscle of her body, giving Genma a hard time to keep his hold. Yet, not only he didn't relent pumping the cock-like appendage in and out of her twat but added a second one! Feeling the second tentacle suddenly popping into her already full cunt and sliding wetly inside pumping in synch with the other caused even more violent spasms in the redhead, her breasts bouncing nicely in every direction under the pleased eyes of the creature.


Ranma-chan's yelps were turning more and more breathy and excited as the slippery coils kept ravishing her, snaking, twirling and worming into her tunnel like no ordinary cock could (and she DID have some experience to make comparison), wrecking total havoc to her nerve centers. Speeding up its thrusts, they were now reaching deep into her core, penetrating her womb and occasionally bumping at the back of it. Sloshing sounds were heard as they were generously bathed by a mix of her dripping juices and their natural slime as they pumped in. Ranma-chan's long moans were changing into short gasps as she came closer and closer to the edge.

"You like it, slut?" asked Genma, bringing her closer to his main body and pawing her waving boobs.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screeched, mind-wracking pleasure rolling all over her. Time for fear (or denial) was long past as she experienced her most powerful climax ever. She grasped Genma's neck and hugged him fiercely as her body was still shaken by ecstatic spasms, before slumping against his large frame.

"Good." simply commented Genma, smiling tenderly. Enlacing back the panting redhead in his arms, he French-kissed her again, and she returned it without hesitation.

While they were smooching, the members in her sex had stopped moving, but were still here. Now, Genma was focusing on another tentacle, sending it to circle her bottom and... to knock on her backdoor.

This startled Ranma-chan out of her post-orgasmic bliss. Feeling another cockhead pressing her ass certainly revived her stubborn streak. Pushing away from Genma's face to glare daggers at him, she yelled menacingly: "OH NO YOU DON'T!" It wasn't that she hadn't had anything there... Quite the opposite, and she DID enjoy being fucked in the ass. But still... Those tentacles were a LITTLE too much for her.

"Spread your butt." simply commanded her demonic lover.

Ranma-chan growled, but couldn't hold her murderous gaze against his amused one. Feeling her will crumble, she finally said: "Ooooooh... I hate you so much."

Relenting, she palmed her shapely rear with both hands, and parted the cheeks to reveal the small, puckered hole, grumbling all the time.

This tentacle didn't rush in this time. Instead, it poked gently her cleft a few times, smearing it generously with a special slime for lubrication. Then, the tip pushed oh so slowly against her anus, wiggling like an eel trying to enter a narrow passage.

Ranma-chan gasped, clawing against Genma's chest, as the pressure increased. She jerked her head backward, breathing a sharp intake of air as the bulbous head made its way through the tight ring of flesh. She literally hiccupped in shock with each fraction of inch of progress, until her asshole was stretched enough to allow the full girth of the tentacle. It was fatter than any previous cock she had there, and she could practically feel every single vein of it as it wiggled this and that way.

Her incoherent cries of mixed pleasure and pain were sweet music to Genma's ears. Lifting her anew with his elongated appendages, he started thrusting eagerly into her ass with the concerned tentacle. The ones in her snatch also resumed its humping, bringing the girl to a whole new world of white-hot pleasure. The fleshy pistons were entering and exiting her with out-of-synch rhythm, sometimes alternating between her flower and rosebud, sometimes stuffing both at the same time.

The maddening multiple-penetration continued on, Ranma-chan now hanging almost horizontally among the restraining tentacles that roamed slimily over her whole body, covering her in its mucus. Her dangling feet instinctively searched for a foothold, and found one. It was big, warm, round and very very hard, but she didn't care any as it was giving her the needed leverage for pushing or pulling in response to the cocks ramming her holes. Not pushing or pulling away from them, of course... but driving herself deeper onto the invading members.

Her ecstasy was brutally cut short, though, when the tentacles suddenly withdrew. Yelping at the loss, she couldn't believe how disappointed she felt. She'd been so close to her second orgasm, one that promised to be even greater than the first... Shivering in need, she loudly voiced her disapproval.

"WHY DID YOU STOP?! I was almost there, you bastard, why did you...?"

Genma didn't answer verbally. Instead, he just point down with a finger. Puzzled, the slime and sweat-coated Ranma-chan looked down...

... and discovered she had her feet clamped around the creature's main shaft, the one that stood proudly from between his legs. It looked, at the very least, to be 2 ½ ft long and almost 5 inches thick! It was a lot wider than any of his tentacles, and seemed almost as long as some of them! It felt tense, hot and harder than steel under the sole of her dainty feet. She could swear she could feel her 'dad's heartbeat pulsing through its length.

"Err..." Ranma-chan sweatdropped.

From the look on her inhuman lover's face, he was enjoying this. "You wanna try it?" he asked smirking.

The redhead felt a wave of fresh fear coming over her.

"UH! Are you outta your mind?! It's way too big, it's gonna rip me in two!"

"Many others did take it with no problem..."

"I'm not 'any other'! I'm way too small!"

"Are you chickening out?" he replied smiling. From this body's memories he knew how to goad her. It seemed so more interesting that simply rapping her to submission. No, he would make her ASK for it! Comply and BEG for more!

"I'm not! I'm just saying it's impossible!"

"Poor little girl is afraid of the big bad beast?" he replied mockingly.

"I'm not!"

"Chicken, chicken, chicken!"

"Shut up!"

"Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken..."

"SHUT UP! Listen, asshole, Ranma Saotome ain't afraid of nothing!"

"That's 'Slut Saotome', now."


"If you're not afraid, prove it. Put your mouth where your cunt is... or rather the reverse."

Ranma-chan's mouth curled in doubt. Tentatively, she pushed the big mast with her bare foot, before realizing what she's doing. It swung back immediately to its starting position, proof that it couldn't get any more erect. Flushing a deep red (well, redder than the heavy exercise she's partaken in already made her) she bent back her legs to stop touching it.

"It's...It's really big..." she mumbled shyly.

Smirking, Genma seized one ankle and licked her foot.

"I'm sure you can do it. You didn't think you could take the smaller ones, yet they slid easily in, right?"

At her complying nod he set her upright, bringing her back to the ground, and letting go. All his tentacles retracted, leaving the girl unbound. Next, he sat cross-legged, his straight rod proudly pointing to the ceiling.

Ranma-chan took a deep breath. She was free! She could flee the room, or she could attack him while he's not expecting it...

...or she could walk to him, stand above him with a foot on each side of his legs, rub her small hand along the huge penis beneath...

She chose the latter. She was too horny, too needy to consider not finishing the task.

She had to stand on her tiptoes for the top of the towering manhood to lodge between her legs. She had the impression it was bigger than her leg. It was wrong, though, yet she just felt tiny compared to Genma's form. Even sitting, he was as tall as her.

Opening her puffy, dripping labia with one hand, she guided the thick organ to her crotch with the other. She seemed hesitant, yet focused.

"I'm...I'm not sure it's going to go past the entrance..."

"Why, you're gonna give it up?"

She glared at him, irked. Ranma Saotome never backed down from a challenge! She would show him!

A look of determination on her face, she lowered herself on the creature's prick. The mushroom head pushed past her parted lips, and a rivulet of juices flowed on its side, providing aid to its entry. At first, the bulbous tip wouldn't go farther than its widest part.

"Oh fuck..." muttered Ranma-chan, biting her lips. Then she started to panic, because her slippery feet were loosing their hold, and this could meant her full weight being supported alone by Genma's dick in her pussy.

"Don't rush yourself..." he advised, while grabbing her by the buttocks and stopping her fall.

She gasped, and held his shoulders, feeling quite grateful. Then, legs arched, she slowly began to apply more pressure. Lips trembling and eyes shut, she breathed raggedly as her sex began spreading wider around the massive invader.

Secured by Genma's firm hands on her ass, the feeling of being ripped in two was strangely receding. Ignoring that she should be thankful for the special properties of his lover's slime properties, she exhaled lengthily and threw her head backward, her whole body tensing.

"The head went through..." mentioned Genma. "Ready for the rest?" he asked.

"What?" whispered Ranma-chan, not exactly thinking straight.

So, tenth of inch by tenth of inch, he pushed her down, the petite redhead's hole stretching wider than she ever thought possible. She panted and yelped irregularly during the descent, having a hard time bringing air to her lungs.

"Oooooh... you're so tight, sweetheart..." commented Genma.

"S-STOP! It's too deep, it'll never..." begged Ranma-chan.

"Don't worry about that. I'm sure you can take the whole length."

"WHAT?!" she barked, this time having perfectly understood, but hoping she hadn't.

A large bulge, starting at her venus mons, started rising inside her tummy. She couldn't believe the sensations. It was like her internal organs where moving away from the path of the huge cock. And in fact they were, commanded to do so by very convincing organic messages sent by the impaling rod.


Genma kissed her to soothe away her fears. He figured she was more afraid of feeling the pain than reacting to the pain itself, since he was now connected to her nervous system and knew for sure that only pleasure awaited her. Still, he slowed the progression since he had already reached past her cervix and deep into her womb.

"Relax. Think about it, when women give birth, they're stretched a lot more..."

"Please don't talk about that..." she pleaded, sobbing into his chest. At least not right now... a part of her replied, to her surprise.

Genma rolled his eyes. Obviously, she was still nervous about this kind of stuff. But soon enough she would relish caring his spawn. It was just a matter of time.

"Well then... consider it training... stretching training, yeah!" he replied grinning.

"Stretching training my ASS!" she growled.

"Oh yeah... I almost forgot about that."

Producing a tentacle, he started to probe her very tense behind.


Ranma-chan squealed louder as she was sodomized again, louder still when she felt a _second_ tentacle cramming alongside the first up her ass, widening her bottom as she never felt possible and even though she could have sworn there was no place left in her bowels with the huge spear stabbing her they managed to probe oh so deep within her...

Genma smirked, since it was distracting her from further progression of his main cock. Slowly it conquered space inside her warm wet confines, dragging ever so deeper.

When she finally sat on his lap, she let out a new gasp, more of surprise than anything else. She should be dead by now, ripped by the amazing length of the demonic phallus fully inside her, reaching up to her diaphragm and totally distorting her lower body. Yet, she wasn't in pain. She was feeling more stuffed than humanly possible, but it felt GOOD! Good beyond description.

"All right slut!" triumphantly exulted Genma. "Now, let's do some real FUCKING!!!"

His strong hands grasping her buttocks more firmly, he started sliding her up and down on the humongous mast, ever so slowly speeding it up. Ranma-chan screamed, yelped, bucked, cried, clawed, drooled... but none because she was disapproving. She was getting fucked her brain out by a demon who's also her father's former body... and she was enjoying every single hundredth of second of it!

'Genma' used her like a tight and warm sheath around his cock, just punching the tentacles in her ass in tandem just for an extra kick... and she was the more marvelous little sex toy he could have dreamt off in many centuries. Her full breasts bounced fabulously, mesmerizing his gaze, her wild mane of red hair waved like a fire, her kawaii face displayed every possible expression of ultimate bliss.


Ranma-chan had no idea how long it lasted... hours for her overwhelmed mind, probably a few minutes in reality. She was lost in the throws of many incredible orgasms... or maybe it was a unique, and very long one... each pump of her demonic dad's main cock like a small eternity, without beginning or end, only the sheer ecstasy the enormous member gave as it reamed her. She stopped gasping and mewling only when a tentacle, quickly followed by another, invaded her mouth, and she started deep-throating them instinctively, as they fought for space, squirming and sliding in and out of her talented throat. The ones in her ass were squeezed mercilessly, soon followed by yet another, they stretching her delightfully sore ass in their deep pumping action. Soon enough they began spurting their load of hot cum into her. Novas burst behind Ranma-chan's eyes at the feeling of being stuffed full of come like never before. At that point the only thing in her mind was that she'd do ANYTHING so that it wouldn't NEVER end! All she wanted from life hereon was to be kept pumped full of her demon master's hot come!

Genma's main shaft took a bit longer to be triggered, but it couldn't resist eternally to Ranma-chan's energetic trashing. Finally, with a deafening roar, Genma came and held on Ranma-chan tightly – because he erupted like a volcano, and the power of his ejaculation could very well have sent her into orbit if he hadn't been clinging to her.

The redhead howled the loudest (or as loud as she could around the ones in her mouth) one last time in orgasm as she felt his cock spasming, then spewed burning hot jism flooding her insides, a bit of the excess bursting through her tight fit in her cunt but the majority of filling her womb to capacity and making her look as if ready to give birth. The ones in her mouth feed her with the hot tasty cream she now had an eternal craving for, and she swallowed hungrily, her mind already begging for more. Other tentacles were similarly coating her on the outside. Inside her womb, the flood sloshed around, seeking the next phase of her enslavement. Soon it found its target, drowning the lonely egg in a sea of demon cum. A few instants later, it began dividing...

"Oh yeah... that was intense..." marveled Genma. And now you're all mine... he thought grinning.

He slumped on his back, the cum-covered redhead on top of him. He could hardly believe it, but the actual fuck had almost fully sated his sexual needs for the time being. And that was without counting on the fact that his little slave was now caring his spawn. He could count in one hand the times one of her sluts actually managed to do that in its millennial long life. She was such a hot little number... or maybe it was because she's just a powerful martial artist. He'd have to delve deeper into it as he made her bear more of his kind... Heh, she might even become my harem mistress at that pace... he though grinning to himself.

Sprawled over her lover, Ranma-chan could just moan lightly, as she could feel within her cum-bloated belly something begin. Something starting to grow. And she couldn't be more happier for it. And when she felt her master's tentacles and main cock recovering its delightful hardness and start pumping deep within her body again, in obvious preparation for impregnating her once again she couldn't contain herself, begging loudly her master to knock her up again.

And again...

And again...


* * * * *


With a start, Ranma-chan rose, awakening from her slumber. Looking around she saw everything ok. "Man, I gotta stop those night lunches, they're making me have some really weird dreams..." she muttered to herself. Turning to her sleeping father, she tried to snuggle back and fall asleep, but whether she liked or not that dream had her dripping with need.

"Oh well, I guess I'll have ta find something ta do so I can get back to sleep..." she whispered naughtily to herself before crawling under the sheet to... rouse her dad (in more than one way.).

Had she did it more openly, she would have seen Genma's eyes opening at the feel of her moisty warmth around his tool. Under the low hanging moonlight, they seemed to be completely black...


The End(?)








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