A Ranma ½ Lemon
by Michael Hopcroft

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ranma ½, and if I did I could never get away with this. Ranma ½ actually belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Shokagukan Publishing,and Viz media. I’m mainly writing it for jollies, in the Great Doujin Spirit (albeit the type of doujin that usually come with black bars placed over strategic locations)

Part 3: School IS a Place for Screwing Around

Soun Tendo woke up knowing that, as normal as things seemed in his house, they were going to be very different from now on. He also had the feelings that come with having what you wanted all along and wondering what the hell you were going to do with it now.

His simple morning preparations completed, he staggered into the living area of the dojo to the sounds of cooking. Naturally, Kasumi was up before him, and just as naturally everyone else in the house was nowhere to be seen.

In the kitchen he found that the tea dispenser was already prepared. Without waiting for Kasumi to turn away from her cooking, he poured himself a cup and drained it. “You might not have wanted to do that,” Kasumi said without looking back, “I just put it in and it isn’t finished steeping. If you drink it now it’ll be very weak.”

“That’s all right. I wonder what your mother would do if she were here and all this had happened.”

“I don’t think she would have been happy with Ranma and his father being in the house in the first place, but that’s beside the point, isn’t it? What happens next is what’s important, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Ranma and Akane have reached the next stage in their relationship, and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it. The question is, will it strengthen their bond or destroy it? If something were to go wrong now....”

Kasumi shook her head. “If something goes wrong now, it wasn’t meant to be, was it? But I think things will be all right, whatever happens.” Kasumi finished her task and went over to test the tea. “Should be fine now.” she said. “By the way, you should make other plans for feeding everyone tonight, Papa. I’m going out.”

“You’re – going out? Just like that?”

“The plans aren’t quite firm yet, but I should be gone for quite a while.”

“Not one of the boys from high school. You know I never liked them.”

Kasumi chuckled. “No, not one of the boys from high school. I had my lesson, and I’ve moved on. This guy won’t know what hit him....”

Nabiki, already in her uniform, ran into the kitchen. “Got something I can eat rally quick?” she asked.

“Aren’t you sitting down for breakfast like a civilized person?” Soun asked.

“Gotta be at school really early today. My immediate attention will be required.” Kasumi ahnded her sister a slice of toast and a sausage, which she greedily consumed.

“I see. So something important is coming up?”

“I certainly hope so. Bye!” And with that Nabiki was off.

“What was that all about?” Soun asked.

“Nabiki has plans.” Kasumi said. She then noticed Akane entering the main room. “Well, time to serve breakfast to everyone else. Out of the kitchen, Dad.”

Soun found himself wondering what he had gotten everyone into.

Twenty minutes later Nabiki walked into the section of the gym that the Kendo team used to train. As a third-year student, almost ready to graduate, the underclassmen who trained there seemed obligated to treat her with respect, so they practically parted way for her as she walked through their practice. Of course, part of it must have been a healthy fear for She Who Must Not Be Impeded, the Mistress of All Best Left Unknown About at Furinkan High School. Nabiki’s reputation was somewhat overstated she didn’t have something on everybody at the school, and although her fingers were in quite a few pies there were some things she was not involved with directly. Still, there were only a few at the school who did not fear Nabiki Tendo. And one of those few was the object of her attention this morning.

Tatewaki Kuno may have spent an inordinate amount of time nursing grudges, but he did take his captaincy duties seriously, especially during the height of the competitive kendo season. There were two of the freshmen who were showing exceptional promise, fine strapping boys who could turn into superb fighters. So he had taken them under his wing and was training them – and trying to make sure they learned something from every blow of his that got through their defenses. Of course, they weren’t learning anything much at the moment. Not for the first time, Nabiki marveled at how difficult it must be to maintain coherent thought processes while unconscious.

“You must be really frustrated today.” Nabiki said.

“And what would you know of frustration, Nabiki Tendo?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“And what cause have you to come to Kendo practice? The women’s team practices in the afternoons, and I’ve never seen you with a sword in your hand.”

“You’d be even more surprised. Anyway Kuno-baby, we need to talk. In private.”

“Oh, and what would you have to talk with me about?”


Kuno put away the shinai he had been practicing with and picked up his bokken. “Take over the practice, Amigetsu-kun. I have business.”

Kuno led Nabiki into the storage area. “Does this door lock?” Nabiki asked.

“Why does it matter whether it locks, Nabiki Tendo? But yes, it does lock.” And he briefly described how to work the lock, which Nabiki did.

“OK, now we can talk.”

“If this is about that farce of a wedding, you shall receive no apologies from me. I would still make the effort were the chance to come again.”

“Kuno baby, no you won’t. That’s why I’m here – to stop your interfering with my sister once and for all.”

“Interfering? I am the knight in shining armor, rescuing the fair damsel from the evil sorcerer. Why should I not interfere?”

“Because it’s over, Kuno. The game is finished. Ranma has won, for good and all. And I’m telling you now to save my sister the embarrassment of having to explain things herself.”

“Impossible! Akane, the pure and virtuous.....”

“...Is significantly less pure and virtuous than she was this time yesterday. Or perhaps more so, depending on how you look at it. At least now things are a little more honest between them. Not perfect, but a start. And you will not interfere! You are going to leave my sister alone, let her sort things out for herself.”

“Sort things out? What makes you think you can prevent me from....”

“You know me, Kuno. I’m not a martial artist like the rest of you. If I were to strike you with all the force I could muster, you wouldn’t even notice. I don’t have a weapon or a talent to fight with, only my wits and my mastery of the Art of the Deal. And that’s what’ll stop you, Kuno – The Deal.”

“Deal?” Kuno raised an eyebrow. “What sort of deal could you possibly.....”

“Your intentions towards Akane, and the Pig-Tailed Girl for that matter, are quite simple. Oh, you may cloak your desires in flowery prose and noble rhetoric, but the bottom line is that you want to screw my sister. You are just as hormonal and just as horny as every other boy at this school, and you really want to screw Akane Tendo, to make her squeal with delight as she rides your favorite weapon. That’s what you want, when all is said and done, and it’s what you’ll never have.”

Kuno advanced on her angrily. “ENOUGH! If you have taken all this trouble to mock me, Nabiki Tendo, thinking that it will dissuade me from my aims, then you are....”

In the fact of Kuno’s fury, Nabiki didn’t even flinch. “I am not finished. You will hear me out, Kuno.” Kuno began to back down. “That’s better. You can’t have Akane, but what if I told you there was someone who was willing to meet the needs that have gone unmet all this time while you vainly pursued my sister, someone who is very interested in getting what she needs from you, and that she would be more than happy to fulfill your needs if an understanding could be reached? What would you say?” Nabiki met Kuno’s gaze, with a little twinkle in her eye that said “Gotcha!”

“You mean you can – you can bring me the Pig-Tailed Girl?

“She’s otherwise occupied.”

“Who is it, then?”

“One more guess.”

Kuno studied Nabiki intently, and realization began to dawn. “What are you offering me, Nabiki Tendo?”

“You will no longer exercise any claim on my sister, and in exchange I will become everything you would have wished my sister to be and ever so much more. You will receive the satisfaction you need, but it will be dependent on your good behavior. If you treat me right and leave my sister to her own devices, everything will be fine. If you don’t – well, you don’t want to know. Trust me, you don’t.”

“So you are offering yourself to me in exchange, like a prostitute? In the end, Nabiki Tendo, is that what you really are?”

“You can think whatever you like. But that is the Deal. I’m not just doing this for my sister, Kuno baby, it’s something I want too. And you will not refuse me, Kuno baby, because if you do what will happen will make running off to the monastery look like a very, very good idea. And now, Kuno baby, those come down.”

“Are you suggesting that I – that I drop my trousers for you now?” Kuno was gulping, and Nabiki could see that he had gotten suddenly very nervous. She walked up to him, slowly and calculatedly and put her arms around his neck.

“Kuno baby, I have to see what I’m getting, don’t I?” She pulled Kuno’s head down to meet her own and kissed him on the lips. “Now I promise that you won’t be sorry you cooperated with me. This will work. Trust me.”

“Trust you? Those are dangerous words, Nabiki Tendo.”

“Yeah, they are, aren’t they.” Nabiki withdrew from the embrace and went down on her knees. Kuno was wearing his training suit, and Nabiki deftly undid the knot that held the pants up. She pulled them down and saw, to her great relief, that Kuno was not only partially erect but somewhat larger than she thought he would be. “Wow. It’s obvious you didn’t take up swordsmanship as compensation. Why don’t you already have a girlfriend or two, anyway?”

Kuno gulped. “They – they fear me.”

“Same reason I didn’t have a boyfriend. Well, since I don’t fear you and you don’t fear me, we’ve always got each other, right?” She then turned her attention to the cock in front of her. “Damn, that’s a nice cock, Kuno baby.”

“You can touch it.” Kuno said, in a resigned yet breathless tone.

“Oh, I’m gonna do more than just touch.” Nabiki placed her hand on the shaft and began to stroke it up and down, watching it grow and jerk in her hand. “Very nice. This is gonna feel so good, Kuno baby. All the frustrations I’ve had to cope with.... Anyway, you don’t want me to talk anymore, do you? I think I know what you want. You want me to suck this big boy, don’t you?”

Kuno nodded. “P-p-please.”

Nabiki liked the sound of that. Cupping her lips over the head, she began to lick and suck on the cock that she had secretly wanted for a very long time. The low moan she heard told her it was having the effect she wanted, so she began to take it in a little deeper, to moisten as much of it as she could, to gently but firmly stoke his buttocks and balls. After a few moments she stopped, looked up at him, and smiled. “You like that, don’t you?” she said.


“So do I.” she punctuated the remark by stroking the cock a little more and then pulling it in and out of her mouth again a few times. “So, what do you want to seal our bargain? Do you want me to keep this up until you’re off, or do you have something for me?”

’Nabiki, I....”

“You’re going to have to tell me what you want, Kuno baby.” As she spoke Nabiki continued to stroke his cock. “And I’ll do it. You can say “suck me off”, or you can say “let me fuck you”. You can even say “let me fuck your ass” if you want. But say something.”

Kuno gulps. “Nabiki.... Let me fuck you.” I can’t believe I said that, Kuno thought.

Nabiki smiled. “That’s what I hoped you’d say. Thanks. Sit on that stool over there.” Kuno did as he was told, and Nabiki walked over to his and lifted her skirt. “We don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll have to show you my admittedly magnificent naked body some other time.”

“Aren’t you going to – at least – take off....”

“My panties? What panties? I came prepared – and now you’re gonna simply come!” Taking Kuno’s cock in one hand, she lowered herself down to straddle him. “Can you help me guide it in?”she asked, and Kuno, without saying a word, held his cock up and, as soon as she was low enough, rubbed it against her until he had found her pussy lips. “That’s it,” Nabiki said, and lowered herself onto it, reveling in the feeling of having him inside her at last. “Ah! That’s good. Good job, Kuno baby. How does that feel?”

“Good. It feels good, Nabiki.” And, almost involuntarily, Kuno found himself thrusting upwards into her.

“Yeah! I like this, Kuno-baby! I like this!” Nabiki threw her arms around his neck and began to bounce up and down, setting a quick and steady pace that Kuno soon started matching. As she relaxed she closed her eyes and let the rhythm carry her. “Damn, that’s good. You’re a real fucker, you know that Kuno? You fuck me damn good!”

“You’re good too, Nabiki Tendo.” Kuno said through his own heavy breathing. “Keep it up.”

“Oh, yeah, you bet I will! Damn!” Their pace quickened and they continued, no longer speaking, until after a couple of minutes Nabiki noticed a change in Kuno’s expression. “You had enough, big boy? You ready to come for me?”

“Nabiki.... Nabiki....”

“Go ahead and come inside me, Kuno baby. Come on and shoot! Come, dammit! COME!” Nabiki’s entreaty was rewarded with a sharp moan, and she felt Kuno’s semen shoot into her. She remained astride him until the last of it had spurted into her, and then gave him a kiss. “Good boy, Kuno. You came for me.” She kissed him again and smiled. “I bet you’re thinking I’d make a damn good whore, aren’t you?”

“But you did not come yourself, Nabiki Tendo. That is not right.”

“It’s OK, I expected that. Besides, we have to go to class in a few minutes. Why don’t you take me home after school? We can study for the entrance exams – I know you need the help – and we can fuck around some more and you can make me come as many times as you want.”

“I’d like that.” Kuno said as Nabiki pulled herself up and used a handkerchief to clean herself up. “Wait a minute – what am I saying?”

“The smartest thing you’ve ever said, Kuno baby. We are going to be a great team, you and I, and together we are going to have the best sex you can imagine. With any luck, you’ll never want to give it up. Or me. I know I won’t want to give that blade of yours up in a hurry – or the man it’s attached to. Face it, Kuno, you’re mine now, for good and all.”

Kuno breathed a heavy sigh as he put his clothes back into some semblance of order. For once, he knew when he was beat – or, more to the point, whipped.

A few moments later Ranma and Akane, running at a brisk pace arrived at the school. When they got there, they both noticed that they were getting odd looks from the student body. “What are you guys starting at?” Ranma asked.

“You did not meet the conditions,” one of the braver boys said, “and so you must be....”

“He did meet the conditions!” Akane cried. “Ranma beat me in fair combat, to which I challenged him! That means he did meet the conditions and is free to date me! Don’t you know anything? Boys!”

The crowd backed off but Ranma looked at Akane rather crossly. “What do you mean fair combat? And how did I beat you?”

“I came first, jerk! Remember?”

“And how exactly is that losing?”

Akane shrugged. “Let’s just get to class. I have plans for lunch.”

“Do I want to know?” Ranma asked himself.

“Oh yes, yes you do Ranma.”