A Ranma ½ Lemon
by Michael Hopcroft

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ranma ½, and if I did I could never get away with this. Ranma ½ actually belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Shokagukan Publishing,and Viz media. I’m mainly writing it for jollies, in the Great Doujin Spirit (albeit the type of doujin that usually come with black bars placed over strategic locations)

Part 2: How the Other Type Does It

At 12:30 am, Ranma realized that is was damned awkward to have a panda sleeping next to him at a time like this.

Eight and a half hours earlier, he had taken the unexpected and life-changing step of finally having sex with Akane Tendo. It would have been easier on him if they’d been able to keep it at least a little bit quiet, but somehow the whole household had found out immediately, resulting in what had become the single most awkward evening of a life that seemed to have been made up entirely of awkward and embarrassing moments. In between Nabiki’s constant smirking and prodding Akane for details, Soun lecturing him about responsibility, and his own father’s incessant and pointless bragging about it, not only had Ranma not been able to get a word in edgewise but he had been unable to get a word in edgewise with Akane herself.

And Akane had told him to come to her room again that night. Not asked, told. Part of him didn’t want to do it because it would be so very awkward. Part of it didn’t want to face Akane’s inevitable wrath when she realized the full implications of what they’d done. But most of his mind was working overtime trying to figure out a way to sneak out of the room without waking up the 400-pound, seven-foot panda snoring peacefully but, Ranma feared, incredibly lightly next to him.

Rendering Genma unconscious without waking him up would be nearly impossible - Ranma had far surpassed his father in martial prowess a long time before, but the old bastard wasn’t a pushover. All he could do was be as sneaky as he possibly could. Worse, the panda was between him and the door, and opening the door would surely wake him up. Ranma pulled himself to his feet and crept as silent as he could towards the only exit left - the window, left open to cool the room. He took one look back, saw the panda turn and softly growl, and pulled himself out the window.

It only took a moment for Ranma to scramble to the roof. Long practice was paying off. A few steps took him to the area above Akane’s room. He gulped - this was going to be harder than he thought. He dropped himself onto Akane’s balcony and silently opened the screen door. Satisfied that nobody had heard him, he crept in.

Akane was fast asleep, but the scene did not look at all peaceful Her arms and legs were a blur of constant motion, seeming to punch and kick phantom enemies. Even though she was asleep, Ranma could tell that if one of those blows were to land it would hurt. He noticed that Akane was wearing pajamas, much as he was, and that she had changed her sheets. A quick glance told him the sheet she had been using the day before was in the hamper, waiting to be taken to the laundry, along with the cloth he had used to clean her up after taking her virginity. He began to think.

I can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking? OK, I know what I was thinking, but how am I going to live this down? What’s gonna happen at school tomorrow? How am I going to get Shampoo off my back? How am I gonna stop Kuno from going to war? God, Akane’s hot. I wonder if she’s ready for another go?

Ranma approached the bed with some trepidation. Not waking up Genma was a cakewalk compared to figuring out how to wake up Akane and live.

Ranma heard Akane mumble in her sleep. “I did it. I beat you, Shampoo. I got Ranma and you didn’t.” Then he saw that what she was doing in her sleep was changing. Her arms were moving still, but they started looking more like caresses than blows, and her mouth had opened and her head was bobbing up and down.

Oh my God, Ranma thought, she’s gone from fighting in her sleep to - to sucking my cock in her sleep! This is incredible! She really does dream about me!

Akane’s position shifted again. Although she was still covered in a blanket, he could tell that she was spreading her legs and grinding her hips. “Ranma,” she moaned in her sleep, “So big! So big! Yes, give it all to me! Give it all to Akane!”

OK, this is so weird and yet so hot at the same time. When other girls sleep-walk, Akane sleep-screws. I don’t want to wake her up now - if I interrupt her before she sleep-comes I’ll never live to see the rising sun! And the worst part is that this is making me so damn hot and I don’t dare jerk off. If she does wake up and sees me with my cock in my hand, I’m unbelievably dead!

Akane’s dream continued for several more minutes before she finally slumped back to a horizontal position and actually looked serene and quiet. Ranma wondered if it would actually be safe to wake her up now. He crept over to the bed and, as lightly as he could possibly manage, touched her on the shoulder.

Akane’s eyes flew open as she grabbed his arm and hurled him across the room. As he landed on his head against the far wall, Ranma found himself grudgingly admitting it was a good move.

Akane shook her head, looked around the room, and then fixed her eyes on Ranma. Oddly enough, instead of blazing fury here eyes conveyed shock. “Ranma? Did I do that?”

“Don’t worry. I had it coming - like always.” Ranma leaped to his feet. “Even when I come in on invitation, I get clobbered. You do remember inviting me, don’t you?”

Akane paused. “Yes, yes I did. Sorry.”

“Reflexive moves. Happens to the best of us, and if this had been some other circumstance that throw might have saved your life. Don’t worry about it.”

“And what gives you the right to be so forgiving?”

“You letting me screw you today. A man can forgive a lot after a girl he likes lets him fuck her.”

Akane couldn’t help but smirk. “For the record, Ranma, I didn’t let you fuck me. I dragged you in here kicking and screaming and made you fuck me.”

“Look, we could argue here all night if we want to play “who blinked first”. The point is it happened, you asked me to come back to your room tonight, and I’m here. Do you need something - I mean want something - I mean want to talk to me about - I mean....”

Akane giggled. “Baka. Even a dummy like you ought to know why I wanted you to come to my room tonight. I wanted to give something back to you.” As she was saying this, Akane unbuttoned the top button, and only the top button, of her pajamas. Ranma could see a little bit of cleavage through it. She then got out of bed and took a glass off the nightstand, picked up a pitcher, and filled it with....

“Wait a minute? Where did that pitcher of water come from?” Ranma asked.

“The kitchen, dummy. I got tired of going to the kitchen if I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night.”

Ranma huffed. “I don’t believe that for a second, you know. That isn’t cold water, is it?”

“Why would I drink it hot?”

Sudden realization stuck Ranma. Akane was toying with him, playing a game - a very, very cruel game. “No. You wouldn’t. You couldn’t possibly. You wouldn’t dare!

“Dare do this?” And with a casual flick of the wrist, Akane sent the contents of the water glass flying onto Ranma. Needless to say, it had the usual effect.

“Dammit, Akane, it’s not funny! I’m a girl now!”

“Yes, and your wet top clings so nicely. And are those what I think they are.”

“I was just splashed with cold water, what do you think? Don’t you have anything to change me back? A hot pot, a kettle, anything?”

Akane walked up to him - or, as Ranma was now, her - with a wicked smirk on her face that filled Ranma with dread. “You can’t change back, Ranma, until I get what I want.”

“Looks to me like you can’t get what you want unless I change back.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll have your cock again many, many times, Ranma-chan. But not tonight. I’m still a bit sore from you taking my cherry. I’ll be fine in the morning. But you have something else I want. Something right between your legs, something hot and wet and wonderful.”

Ranma didn’t want to admit it, but she was beginning to feel a little wet down there. “You mean - you want --”

“That’s right, Ranma. I had your cock this afternoon, and it was fantastic. Now I want to complete the set by taking the girl side. I want your pussy, Ranma.”

“You’re a girl, Akane!”

“Remember the day you showed up on our doorstep, soaking wet with that outfit clinging to you curves the way it did? Remember when we sparred that first time? I think about it all the time - how strong and beautiful and exciting you were. When Kasumi and Nabiki handed you over to me, remember what they said?”

Ranma found herself gulping involuntarily. “What did they say?”

“You’re in luck - Ranma’s half-girl. I was all tomboy and combative and feisty, and somehow Kasumi got the idea that I might actually be bisexual, or even an outright lesbian. She didn’t say anything, but she treated me differently that she treated Nabiki, and she was sure Nabiki was straight.”

“You mean she....?”

“No, she didn’t treat me badly, just differently. And in a way, she was right. I have the best of both worlds now, Ranma. A manly, hardcore stud and a sweet, gorgeous lover girl - and lucky me, they’re the same person! How could I go wrong?”

Ranma gulped. She realized Akane could tell she was getting excited, but she didn’t really want to get excited. “This isn’t what I had in mind when I came over here, Akane. Are you really sure you want to?”

“I’ll make you a deal. I do you like this, right now, and you see if you like it. If you don’t we’ll never do it with you as a girl again. And if you let me do this, tomorrow morning at school we’ll sneak out of class and I’ll bring you off real good in boy form. I’ll be recovered enough that we could fuck again, or I might just suck you off. I may even let you come on my face! You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you freak?”

“I really have no idea what to say to that.”

“How about “It’s a deal”? That always works.”

Ranma gulped, unsure of the implications of what was happening, but nodded. Akane threw her arms around her neck and kissed her. They stood there, kissing hungrily, for a few moments.

“Your P.J.s are all wet, Ranma-chan. I have to do something about that.” Akane began to unbutton Ranma’s top, going down undoing each button deftly and gently. Then she pulled the top open to reveal Ranma-chan’s breasts. They were large but firm, and the nipples were little peaks. Ranma allowed Akane to slip the top off completely, and stood exposed. “Hmm, good, good. I wonder how it feels when I do this?” And with that Akane took one of the tits in her hand and squeezed it gently, with her thumb resting on the nipple. Ranma let out a sweet little moan. “Oh, that does feel good, doesn’t it? Your tits are sensitive, aren’t they, Ranma? That means you’re really going to like it when this happens.” Akane then began use her lips, lounge and hands to play with Ranma’s tits, squeezing and caressing them and licking, sucking and nibbling on the nipples.

Ranma could no longer deny she was getting turned on. “Oooh, Akane. Nice. Don’t stop. What you’re doing feels so good.”

Gradually, Akane maneuvered them over to the bed and pushed Ranma down onto it. She unbuttoned and tossed aside her own top, then put herself down over Ranma and resumed working on her tits. Ranma found herself holding Akane’s head, caressing it and running her fingers through her hair, as Akane kissed and licked every inch of her breasts. Finally Ranma pushed her head away and then reached for Akane’s tits. Akane sighed appreciatively, but still used her own hands on Ranma. soon the two girls were pinching, stroking and squeezing each other’s chests eagerly, panting and cooing all the while.

“See?’ Akane said. “I knew you’d like it. Anyway, I think you know what comes next.”

Ranma sighed, as she did know. She let Akane reach for the elastic lining of her pajama bottoms and pull them down, felt Akane’s hand gently caressing her thighs, and almost-involuntarily found herself opening her legs to give Akane access to the one thing she was sure no other living being on Earth would ever see, much less touch.

And the moment Akane did touch her pussy, Ranma’s head began to swim. It felt good, really good. And Akane was stroking the lips, running her finger up and down the slit, and lightly brushing the clit with her thumb with the assurance of someone who’d been playing with other women’s pussies all her life.

“Akane, I don’t know what I can....”

“Shh. This is your time, Ranma-chan. Your night. I am going to pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before. I’m going to make you come in a way you could never have imagined, and then I’ll do it again. I am going to satisfy your pussy, Ranma, and before I’m done you’ll be thanking every God in the Universe that you took that dip in the cursed spring!”

“Then do it, Akane. My pussy is in your hands.”

“Oh, much more than my hands, Ranma. You see, when you ate my pussy today and made me come so hard, I wanted so much to get the chance to do it to you in return. Now both our dreams come true. I’m going to go down on you now.”

Akane got off the bed, knelt down, and pulled Ranma to the edge. Gently she stroked her thighs to make Ranma open up wider. When Ranma was open enough, Akane brought her head down and lightly kissed Ranma’s pussy. Then she began to lick up and down, tasting Ranma’s juices as she got wetter and wetter. Ranma’s hips began to grind into her face as she worked, and then, as she lightly touched the clit with her lounge, Ranma jumped involuntarily.

“Ooh, sensitive clit, eh?” Akane said.

“Yeah. I guess - ah!” Akane had gone back to work, and Ranma was becoming awash in pleasure. “Oh yes, Akane. That’s it. I can’t believe you’ve never done this before!” Akane said nothing, but continued to lick Ranma’s pussy lips, probe inside with her lounge, and gently caress the tip of her clit with just the tip of her lounge. Ranma willed herself to relax, to enjoy it, to relish this incredible moment. “Ooh, yes, Akane, eat it. Eat my sweet pussy, your little pussy-eating tomboy. Give it to me like a first-class dyke.” At the sound of the word, Akane intensified her efforts. “Oh you like that? You like it when I call you a randy little bull dyke? You really love eating a girl’s pussy, don’t you, Akane-kun?” Akane didn’t say anything, but kept on doing incredible things to Ranma’s pussy. “Ah! Well, that’s great, Akane. I’m glad, you hear me? Glad my fiancée is a pussy-craving horndog! Now give it to me! I wanna come and grind my pussy into your face while I do it so you can get off on the taste and the smell of hot, wet, steaming pussy!” Akane seemed even more excited to hear that, and once again redoubled her efforts. Ranma began to feel herself losing control, that she was on the edge. She had hands on her own breasts, and was kneading them roughly. Akane’s hands were now on Ranma’s hips, pulling them even closer to her face. “Ah! Ah! Ah! It’s coming, Akane! I can feel it! You’re gonna make me come, you wonderful bitch! Almost there! Almost! God! I love you, Akane Tendo! There! There! There! EEEAYH!” and with that Ranma was taken by a truly explosive orgasm, one that shook her entire body and caused her to clench Akane’s head with her thighs and push her pussy into her face. Ranma shrieked and cried for what seemed like an eternity before the throes subsided and she relaxed her grip.

Akane got up off her knees and looked into Ranma’s face. It was flushed with pleasure, surprise and something else. Then Ranma surprised her by leaning in and kissing her on the lips, again and again. “Ranma! You know my lips still taste like pussy!”

“And what makes you think I wouldn’t like the taste of my own pussy?” and Ranma kissed her again, and again, and again. “You did it, Akane. You made me come! You are the most amazing woman in the whole damn world, you know that?” Then Ranma had an unpleasant thought and backed away. ‘Akane, and what I was saying, those names I called you. I’m...”

“I’m glad you called me all those things. Kasumi keeps telling me “Sex is in the head”, and those things you put in my head turned me on so much. Besides, you’re sort of a dyke yourself, you know. And there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“There’s a difference between being a guy in a girl’s body and being a dyke, isn’t there?” Ranma sighed. “Anyway, I’m glad you did it.”

“You are Ranma Saotome, in whatever form you are. You’re going to be my partner. And whether you’re sticking a cock up my cunt or I’m sticking a dildo up yours, we’re the same people. We make love together. We screw. We are two people who screw each other, Ranma, and I couldn’t wish for more from the deal.”

“I know what you could wish for right now. Why don’t you get your sweet ass on this bed and I’ll give it to you?”

Akane nodded and got on the bed. Ranma pulled down Akane’s pajama bottoms and began to stroke her thighs.

“Now I’m gonna pay back what you gave me, Akane.”

“Wait a sec.” Akane moved over so she was on her side, and held up her leg for access. “Come on, Ranma, let’s sixty-nine!”


“Sure, you do me while I do you again. I still haven’t paid you back for today, remember?”

Ranma nodded. “OK, Akane. It’s your bed. Tell me where you want me.”

“With your head between my legs and mine between yours, baka!”

Ranma got up on her side and into a position she thought would be comfortable for the task at hand. After being satisfied that her pussy was at Akane’s eye level, she went in and began to lick and suck on Akane’s sex. A few moments later she was rewarded with the feeling of Akane doing the same to her.

Much as Ranma wanted to talk dirty and moan and cry, she found herself very busy. Akane’s pussy tasted just as good as it did when Ranma was a boy, and Ranma found herself really getting into playing with it with her lips, lounge and fingers, and really turned on by the fact that Akane was doing the exact same thing to her. We’ll have to try this when I’m a guy, Ranma thought, me eating out Akane’s delicious cunt while she gulps on my hard-on. I bet that’ll be great.

Although they couldn’t hear more than sub-vocalizations from each other, both Ranma and Akane knew the other were getting very excited, that the other was really enjoying this. They also knew each was completely at the other’s mercy. So Ranma was surprised when she felt one of Akane’s fingers penetrate her - but not in the pussy. My God, Ranma thought, what gave her that idea? Not only is she chewing on my pussy, but the little dyke is finger-fucking me in the ass! When she realized that it was actually feeling good, that she was enjoying the slight penetration there, Ranma inwardly smiled. All right then, Akane, you think you’re so depraved? Well, two can play this little game! I’m taking that ass! Stopping a moment to lubricate her middle finger with saliva, Ranma then gently put firmly pushed it into Akane’s anus, then kept it there while she resumed working on her pussy. The grinding and jerking of Akane’s hips told Ranma that this was working, that Akane was really enjoying this. A few moments later, Ranma realized that Akane was ready to come, and that she was on the brink again herself. She stuck the finger a little bit deeper Akane’s ass and buried her face in her pussy, and was rewarded by Akane jerking, rolling and shaking with her orgasm. Then Ranma toppled over the edge herself and shook and rolled as she came hard. Ranma rolled aside to rest from their very tiring but rewarding exercise....

And fell to the floor with a thud.

Dreamily, Akane looked over the edge down at her. “What happened?”

“Ow!” Ranma rubbed her head as she sat up.

“Sorry. I guess this bed wasn’t made for two after all.”

Ranma shook her head. “I guess not. Say, what gave you the big idea to poke your finger in my ass?”

“Inspiration, I guess. I see you picked up on it too, Ranma. Did you like it?”

“Would I have done it back to you if I hadn’t liked it, Akane?”

“Thought so. Thanks for returning it, by the way. I’m learning something new every time we screw, and one of the things I just learned is that I like having a finger up my ass. In fact, I’m thinking that sometime I might like to try a cock.” Akane glanced around the room, and then noticed the clock. “Shit! It’s three o’clock! We have school in the morning, Ranma! You’d better get back to your room before your dad wakes up!”

“Damn! Where does the time go when you’re getting your muff munched on?” Ranma scrambled around and put her pajamas back on, while Akane did the same. Ranma stopped. “Wait a minute - do you hear something?”


“Listen!” On either side of the room, through the walls, Ranma could hear noises. Although they were different tones, they were the same sorts of noises - cries of pleasure.

From one side she could hear “Oh, Tofu-sensei! I never realized. Ah! Ah! So good! Oh, you’re so good, Tofu-sensei! You fill me up so good!”

From the other she heard “Oh yeah, Kuno-baby, what I’m gonna do to you! Pig-tailed girl my ass, I’m gonna show you there’s only one woman you really need! Yeah, that’s right, Kuno-baby, Nabiki Tendo has everything you want, and she’s gonna give it all to you, ready or not! Oh, yeah! You’ll see, Kuno-baby, when I swallow everything you’ve got and come back for seconds, oh yeah!”

Akane gave Ranma an odd look. “OK, I guess that’s what’s called too much information. Now that we’ve started screwing, it looks like the whole house is going crazy for cock.”

“Kasumi I can understand, but Nabiki getting her kicks fantasizing about Kuno? I was hoping she’d have better taste in men than that.” She noticed that Akane was giving her a murderous stare. “No fair! I am not going to screw around with Nabiki, or anybody else!”

“Really? Not even once?”

“Cheating on you isn’t worth my life, Akane! It’s you, OK? Just you! Boy-type, girl-type, you have exclusive rights to everything!”


“Really. Even if you weren’t my fiancée, and I’m still not so sure about that, I would still want you as my one and only fuck-buddy.”

Akane kissed her. “Thanks, Ranma. You’d better go.”

“See you in the morning.”

“I’ll keep my promise, Ranma. This morning at school! You are so gonna come on my face!”

“Good night, Akane. Love you!” Ranma went back to the window and climbed away.

“I wonder if you really do love me,” Akane asked herself, “or whether you’re just excited that now we get to fuck? Then again, does it matter for now?” She climbed back into bed and started to drift off to sleep.

When Ranma climbed back into the room, she gulped at what she saw. Genma, now human, was standing in the middle of the room with a kettle of hot water at his side and an expression on his face that could strip paint at thirty paces.

:”Come on, Pops, what’s the deal? I thought you approved of me and Akane, and it’s not like you couldn’t guess what we were doing....”

Are you my son?

“Well, at the moment you probably wouldn’t believe it from looking at me, but yes.”

“Then how could you do it? How could you do it the way you are now?”

“Pops, this is Akane we’re talking about! Last I checked Akane was not a guy! And since I last checked about two minutes ago, I’m pretty sure that’s still the case. So don’t get on my case about this! If that little dip in Jusenkyo - which was your fault, by the way - forced me to get in touch with my feminine side the hard way, I am still a man inside and out - regardless of whether I happen to have a pair of boobs at that particular moment.”

“But you shouldn’t do it that way! That body....”

“I don’t want to give you the details, but....”

“You’d better, son! If Akane is abusing you like that....:”

Abusing? Pops, if that’s abuse sign me up for a lot more of it! You really want to know how it went? All right I’ll tell you. This “cursed” body of mine seems to really respond to Akane. We ended up spending nearly an hour screwing around, and we both had a wonderful time! You think I’m not really a man because when I get splashed I lose my cock and grow a pussy? Well, let me tell you something, Pops - Akane can’t get enough of my goddamn pussy! The only reason we’re not still in her room right now sixty-nining each other till dawn is that the human body still needs sleep!”

Genma stood silent, tears streaming down his face. Ranma took the opportunity to pick up the kettle and douse herself with it, becoming a guy again.

“Do you really think you can go back to her as a man now after this?” Genma asked.

“It’s not an either-or thing, Pops. And I am through giving you play-by-plays. You are not going to ask me about this again.”

“I am your --”

You are not going to ask me about this again! I don’t need your advice or your help as far as my sex skills! I do not need you to tell me what to do and not to do with Akane when we are in the sack!”

“You don’t want to listen to me, do you? Well, then, don’t come crying to me if - GROWF GROWF GROWF GROWF!”

Ranma set down the empty water glass under the withering glare of a gigantic panda. “See, Pops, I can learn from anything.”