A Ranma ½ Lemon
by Michael Hopcroft

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ranma ½, and if I did I could never get away with this. Ranma ½ actually belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Shokagukan Publishing,and Viz media. I’m mainly writing it for jollies, in the Great Doujin Spirit (albeit the type of doujin that usually come with black bars placed over strategic locations)

Part 1: A First Time for Everything

The last box of intact decorations was finally put away. “There,” said Ranma Saotome as he closed the closet door, “the dojo is back in working order. That was an awful mess.”

Kasumi went to another closet to put away the broom she had been using to sweep up confetti, spilled rice and various other degree. “All things considered it went rather well, don’t you agree?”

“The Nannichuan water is all gone, the debris from the battle took all day to clean up, your father is ready to crucify me in the courtyard, and Akane’s probably-very-expensive wedding dress is in total ruins. Yeah, it went great. Couldn’t ask for a better wedding. Not that I’d asked for a wedding in the first place.”

“Well, I guess that one detail does sort of put a crimp on things.”

“One detail?”

“Yeah, that you’re not actually married to my sister now. It must be disappointing.”

Ranma heaved a heavy sigh of frustration and walked out of the hall. He had learned long ago that there was absolutely no point to getting angry at Kasumi, that yelling at her would result in nothing more than a puzzled stare. Besides, anger was not really the proper term for what he was experiencing anyway. Frustration, definitely, that nobody had told him what was going to happen, and that everyone in the whole damn neighborhood had shown up trying to sabotage something he didn’t want to go off anyway.

On his way to his room he found himself passing Akane’s. She had apparently decided not to take part in the cleaning party. Neither had Nabiki, but that was to be expected - Nabiki was capable of asking for things to be done but useless when it came to actual work. Akane, on the other hand, had done all sorts of cleaning as part of her kempo training and he would have expected her to help once she had changed out of her tattered wedding dress.

God, that was a pretty dress. And she looked so good in it too.....

“Where did that come from?” Ranma smacked himself in the forehead. “She didn’t want this any more than I did!” he knocked on the door. “Akane? Are you all right? I hope you’re not crying over this or something, because that’d be....”

“Why the Hell would I be crying?!?” Akane flung the door open and gave Ranma a murderous stare. “There’s nothing to cry about, Ranma! Whack you around until you can’t stand up, yes, but not cry!”
Ranma noticed that she had not completely changed out of the dress - the outer layers were laying on a chair by the bed, but Akane was still wearing the bodice underneath. She was decent, and it didn’t look half-bad, but Ranma found himself wondering what she had been doing all that time if not changing or crying.

“Take it easy, OK?” Ranma said. “You didn’t help with the cleaning, so I thought you were too upset.”

Damn right I’m upset! I’m mad at Daddy for setting this fiasco up, I’m mad at you for ruining it, I’m just about ready to tear Kuno’s head off, and the next time I see Shampoo or Ukyo they’re going to find out what it’s like to have to eat ramen and okonomiyaki through a straw! I am upset! I am furious! I am totally enraged! Nothing short of blood being spilled is going to make me clam down!”

“That’s fine,” Ranma said, “Because I don’t want you to calm down this time! Not yet!”


“You’re mad as hell, and you have every right to be! You’ve been screwed over today more ways that can be counted! You should be upset! You should be throwing things around the room and hitting people right, left and center! You shouldn’t have to take any of this! You have every right to be excited! I mean angry” What the hell did I just say?

Then Ranma felt Akane’s hand on his shoulder, pulling him into her room. She slammed the door shut behind him.

“What was that for?”

“Because if we’re going to have a good shouting match, it’s be a lot better if Daddy and the others can’t hear it, that’s why! I feel like screaming my lungs out, and you are going to have to listen to every decibel of it, you jerk, because it’s all your fault!”

“MY fault?”

Akane then launched into a litany of complaints, going into fine detail on every single thing that had gone wrong the entire day, the week, the whole year and a half she had known Ranma. Ranma, deciding the better part of valor was to keep his mouth shut and let her vent, watched Akane’s face flush with anger, her chest heave, and he couldn’t help but notice that the way her chest was heaving was getting very interesting. Without even wanting to, he was starting to tune out what she was saying and notice the way her breasts were moving under the light bodice. Akane’s chest was not as spectacular as Ranma’s own when he was in girl form, but she wasn’t exactly flat. And they were moving very nicely. Although consciously he tried not to think about it because he knew Akane would clobber him if she even thought he did, Ranma’s subconscious was doing cartwheels.

Finally Akane’s voice died down, replaced by pants as she gasped for air. “Feeling better?” Ranma asked. “It helps to get things like that off your chest, you know.”

“Yes,” Akane replied, panting, “Thanks, it did, and - wait a minute, what did you say? Were you talking about my chest?”

“It’s an expression, Akane! What makes you think....”
“What makes me think? Look down, you pervert!”

“Down?” Ranma wondered for a moment what he was supposed to be looking down at, then he consciously noticed was his subconscious had been saying for the last ten minutes - that his pants suddenly felt very tight. Sure enough, there was a very large bulge on his crotch. He wasn’t sure how, but watching Akane had given him a substantial erection. He thought about covering it with his hands, but realized that would only draw her attention to it even more strongly.

“I don’t believe you!” Akane cried out. “Here I am, pouring my heart and soul out over what a horrible day this has been, and you! You’re getting turned on! This is making you hot!”

“Yeah, and what about you? It’s not cold at all in here, you know.”

“Cold? What are you talking about?” then Akane looked down at her chest and saw that poking through the bodice were the outlines of two visibly erect nipples. At the same time, she noticed that her panties had become somehow damp. “I don’t believe this!”

“This is turning you on too, isn’t it? Embarrassing as this is, I’m relieved that we both have libidos.”

“What’s happening to us, Ranma? I want to punch your face in, but it’s....”

“A good fight can be exciting. Well, I guess I’ll be going now. I have to do something about this.”

“Do something? Like what?”

“Get some relief. And I know you’re not going to give me any, so I’ll have to take care of it myself. And you should think about doing the same. It’s not good for you to keep it pent up, you know.”

Akane grabbed Ranma by the shoulders. “RELIEF? You’re going to touch yourself and such thinking about.....”

“About you? Yeah, who else would I be thinking about? I know that’s gonna make you mad, but there’s no need for me to lie about it. I’d better....”

“Don’t you dare leave, Ranma Saotome! You’re responsible for this, you know! And I don’t know what I can do to make you....”

Suddenly Ranma put his hand on Akane’s chin, leaned in, and kissed her hard on the lips. Akane felt shocked, but rather than back away she leaned into the kiss herself and pulled Ranma closer. Their chests were touching through their clothes. The kiss involuntarily deepened, and Akane found herself beginning to get very, very excited.

Finally they broke the kiss. Akane, with fire in her eyes, said “What now, Ranma?”

“You’ve never done it, have you?”

“No, if you’re asking what I think you’re asking.”

“That’s OK, neither have I.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You know what? I don’t care. All I want is to make you feel as good as I possibly can make you. Wait, did I say that out loud?”

“Yes you did, baka. And since Daddy’s gonna kill you, have you brought back from the dead and kill you again when he finds out, you’d better mean it!”

“Aren’t you going to ask me to be gentle?”

“Gentle? YOU? Who are you kidding?”

Ranma smiled wickedly. “Fine! First, let’s get out of these!” Ranma pulled off his shirt. Akane noticed how strongly muscled he was, and how hard and firm his chest was. She also noticed the scars all over his chest and sides, and wondered how many of them he had gotten from fighting over her.

“Two can play at that game, you know!” Akane said, pulling off the bodice. Ranma followed suit by unbuckling his belt and letting the jeans he had worn for the cleaning fall to the floor. They were now standing in their underwear, a pair of white boxers for Ranma and a set of lace bra and panties for Akane. Akane reached back to undo her bra, but Ranma shook his head. “Huh?”

“Let me do it. I’ll take off the rest of your....”

“Fine, then I’ll take off your shorts!”

Ranma stepped closer to Akane and reached behind her back for the fastenings of her bra. With a slight pull, the fastenings came undone. Ranma pulled the bra off and tossed it aside. Akane’s breasts were firm, and her nipples hard. Without even thinking, he took one in his hand and began to gently squeeze and massage it.

Akane’s breathing was once more quickened. “What are you doing?” she said.

“Does it feel bad?””

“No, I’m just surprised.”

“I thought that was the point of getting the bra off.” Akane felt Ranma’s thumb lightly brush across her nipple, again and again. Akane backed away, walked over to her bed, sat down, and patted the space beside her.

“You’d better not make me regret this.” she said.

Ranma quickly took the offered seat. They kissed again, urgently, over and over. Ranma’s hands roamed over Akane’s back, Akane’s caressed his, and as they pulled closer Akane’s breasts rubbed delightfully against Ranma’s chest. Ranma pulled away, reached for the breasts again, and started playing with them more purposefully. Soon he was handling both, squeezing gently but firmly, and then he bent his head down and began to kiss and suck on the nipples. After a moment, he pulled away and said, “You know what, Akane? These are great. Firm, supple, sensitive, and they taste good.” He took a nipple into his mouth to reinforce the last point.

“What - ooh - what are you saying?” Akane found that she was really responding to what Ranma was doing, that she was actually enjoying it.

“That you may not be cute, but you sure are sexy. And I can’t think of anyone else whose tits I’d rather play with than you.”

Tits? We’re using that kind of language?”

“We are in bed, and I do have every intention of - how shall I put this ---”

“You’re saying you’re going to fuck me, is that it?”

“Yep. I’m gonna fuck you, Akane. I want to fuck you. And I don’t want to fuck anybody else.”

Akane, excited as she was, was still startled. “What?”

“That’s right. Not Shampoo, Not Ukyo. You. Akane Tendo. You are the one I want. You are the one whose pussy was made for my cock. And my cock was made for your pussy.”

“You know that? You wanna see that pussy, smart guy?”

Ranma pinched a nipple and pushed Akane down. “Yeah. I wanna see it right now.”

“OK, but don’t you dare complain about it!” Akane got herself into a comfortable position reclined on the mattress. She tried to make it a little easier as Ranma reached for her panties and pulled them down her leg. He finally pulled them all the way off and tossed them aside, and gently but firmly guided her legs open. “You like that?” Akane asked.

“That is really cool.” Ranma said. “You have a damn pretty pussy, Akane. Let me touch it.”

“After all this trouble, you damn well better touch it!”

Taking that as his cue, Ranma brushed his hand against Akane’s pussy. He knew she expected him to make her feel good, and started to think about the ways he, in girl form, had touched himself to make himself feel good. Ranma preferred to masturbate as a guy, but there were times when being a guy wasn’t possible, and with his active imagination sometimes he had had no choice. He began to caress the labia and move his finger up and down the slit, hoping that what he enjoyed as a girl would also please Akane.

It seemed to, as Akane’s hips started to move and her breath got shallower. “Yeah, that’s right.” she said. “Stick a finger in, please.” Ranma did, and Akane squealed. “that’s right, finger my pussy, Ranma! AH!” An electric feeling struck Akane as Ranma’s thumb and knuckle gently brushed against her clitoris. ‘That’s right, Ranma. Give me a damn good finger-fuck, you sex maniac you!” Ranma responded by pushing the finger in and out, keeping as fast and steady a pace as his concentration would allow. Akane’s hands were squeezing her breasts, pinching the nipples, and she was moaning excitedly.

“You know, I think I can do better than the finger,” Ranma said. He guided Akane into a position where he could comfortably place her head between her thighs. “Damn, Akane! The closer I get to this pussy the better it looks! And it’s so wet already!” he pulled out the finger and put it in his own mouth. “And damn if it doesn’t taste good too!”

“What the hell did you take your finger out for?” Akane asked.

“Because I’m hungry, and I’ve got a tasty dish right in front of me. Problem is I’m not as sure how to eat it as I am how to use my fingers on it.”

“Well, think of something! I’m too hot for it for you to stop now!”

“OK, then, here goes!” Ranma burrowed down as best he could and began to lick Akane’s pussy. He moved his lounge up and down the slit, took one of the labia between his lips, then resumed using the lounge. Soon Akane’s hips were jerking and grinding her pussy into his face. He kept on licking, alternating between the lips and gently stroking her clitoris with his lounge. Soon he had more than Akane’s body reactions to go by, because she was moaning and panting and giving sharp little cries of pleasure.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Yes, Ranma, eat it! Eat my fucking pussy! Damn, that’s good. Yes, right there. Oh, yes, that’s the spot! I don’t care that you’ve never done this before, you’re doing great! Even when I do myself it doesn’t feel this good. .Ranma, baka, why didn’t you just ask? I would have let you if you’d only asked nicely. Oh, Ranma, you have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed about you, how many fantasies I’ve had, how many times I’ve stuck my finger in my hot, wet pussy wishing it was your big, hard cock! And now - now --” Akane felt herself building, getting more and more excited, and realizing what it meant. “Ranma, I’m gonna - I’m gonna come! You’re making me come, Ranma! I don’t believe this is happening! I’m finally gonna come with you!” As if in response, Akane felt Ranma’s finger inside her again just as his lounge continued to dance around her clit. “Ah! Ah! Yes! I’m nearly there! Keep doing what you’re doing right now! Yes! Yes! Damn, Ranma, this is too fucking good! Almost - Almost - YEAH!” Akane’s orgasm struck like lightning, causing her whole body to shake and sending her mind into a free fall. “Ah! Ah!” After a moment the shaking subsided and Akane began to calm down. “Damn, Ranma, that was, that was....”

Ranma pulled himself up. “I know. You came really good, Akane. I could feel you clamp down on my finger. It was damn hard, too. Good thing I got it right.”

“Yeah, but why? You only needed to get me wet so you could stick in your cock, so why did you take me all the way until I came like that?”

“Because I read in one of Pop’s books that it’s nearly impossible to make a girl come just by fucking her. Besides, this is gonna be your first screwing, so there’s no way it’s not gonna hurt. I owed you a good come if I was gonna put you through that, and it was either that or lick up blood after we fuck. Assuming, of course, you still wanna.”

“Still wanna?”

“You came. You don’t owe me anything for that.”

Akane laughed. “Baka! Of course I still wanna! And of course I owe you! Now get your ass up! I want you kneeling on the mattress, standing up straight.”

Ranma saw no reason to argue. He got up on his knees, and Akane scooted herself over to face him. “I told you I was gonna get these off!” she said and pulled the boxers down. And then she saw something she had never seen - Ranma Saotome’s cock, almost fully erect, was in front of her. “Wow!” she said. “That’s amazing!” Akane began to stroke it gently, not quite sure how or where to touch it but excited just to be holding it in her hand and feel it grow, ever so slightly under her ministrations.

“You know, some men measure their cocks. I never bothered.” Ranma said.

“Doesn’t matter. This is a damn good cock you’ve got, Ranma Saotome, you know that? This big bastard is gonna make me feel good - damn good.” She continued to caress it as they talked, feeling its weight in her hand and appreciating the firmness it was developing.

“Those are good hands, Akane. But I did something you won’t, I bet.”

“Jerk! I read those books too, you know. I know you want me to suck your cock.”

“So are you gonna?”

“Watch me!” Akane leaned in and traced her lounge along the length of Ranma’s shaft, starting from the base and lingering on the head. She then saw a little drop of clear liquid form at the hole in the head, and quickly licked it off, eliciting an appreciative groan from Ranma. Then she decided she was going to go all out and took the head in her mouth, resting it against her lounge, gently suckling on it and moving her mouth up and down the shaft. Ranma’s fresh groans made it clear to her that she was doing the job well.

“Damn, Akane! That feels so good, you sucking my cock! How did you learn to do that while you’re still a virgin?”

Akane pulled her mouth off and smiled up at him. “Easy. Kasumi taught Nabiki and me. We practiced on bananas. Of course, you don’t taste anything like a banana, but that’s good. You won’t spoil.” Then Akane got back to work, taking Ranma deeper into her mouth. Ranma knew Akane was making him feel really, really good.

“Akane! You’ve been waiting for this? What about me? What about all the times I’ve dreamed about you handling, and licking, and sucking my cock? All the times I’ve fantasized about rubbing it between those amazing tits until I come all over them? All the times I’ve imagined you riding me to Nirvana, and looking into your eyes as I fill your pussy with my cum? The times I’ve dreamed of you taking my load in that sweet little mouth of yours and you swallowing every damn drop? If only there’d been some sort of sign that you wanted me, I could have fucked you so good, Akane!”

Akane responded by letting him out of her mouth and stroking him to spread the lubricating saliva all over the shaft and head. “I want to, Ranma. I want to do all those nasty, filthy, heavenly things and so many more besides. But now come to the hard part.”

Ranma gulped. “The hard part?”

“That’s right, Ranma. I’ve still got a cherry, and you’re going to have to take it. I know it’s gonna hurt, and I know it’s gonna be messy, but I’m ready. I want to lose it, and most of all I want to lose it to you.”

Ranma bent down and kissed Akane one more time on the lips, the lips that seconds ago had been wrapped around his manhood, “All right then, Akane, I’m gonna fuck you. How do you want me to go in?”

Akane thought for a moment.”Hmm, I read about these too. Missionary, I think. I want to see your face.”

“Me too. It’ll be the only way I can tell if I’m hurting you too bad.”

“Why should you care? I sure don’t!”

“Hey, this isn’t some meaningless quickie, you know! This is your first time. It has to be good!”

Our first time, you mean. Now let’s do this before you start to wilt.” Akane laid herself down with her head on the pillow, spreading her legs and casing her hips. “OK, Ranma, you come over here and stretch over me.” Akane marveled at the swiftness and agility with which Ranma complied. She noticed that he was holding himself up in this “push-up” with one hand. E other was on his cock as he guided his body into a good position. Very soon he had brought the head of his cock to her pussy and guided it barely within the folds.

“Your last chance to back out.” he said. “You want this? You ready?”

“Do it!” Akane said. At that, Akane felt Ranma push hard into her with a smack, and a sharp pain inside. She didn’t want to, but she cried out. A few seconds later she realized that Ranma was still inside her, not moving, and that he was looking at her face with what looked like genuine concern. “What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you came already.”

“No, I just didn’t want to do anything else until I was sure you were OK, that it didn’t hurt anymore.”

Akane smiled. “That’s sweet, Ranma. That’s really sweet. But I’m fine. You have my cherry. Go ahead and fuck me as hard as you want and fill me to the brim with your cum. I’ll be fine.”

“All right then. Just so you know, it feels great in there. Not only is your pussy pretty and sweet, but it’s also really tight. It feels fantastic just lying inside you like this.”

“But you won’t get off this way, so start screwing you moron!”

Ranma took that as his cue and began to thrust. He tried to keep it slow at first, using the control over his body he had learned in his years of training to restrain his impulses and keep Akane comfortable As he saw Akane relax and accept him, he quickened the pace, jamming it into her again and again. Akane too was responding, meeting his thrusts, reaching her arms around his neck and pulling him down to her. Ranma caught himself, pulling Akane into a tight hug. They kissed hungrily as he continued to pound into her her.

“Still hurt?” Ranma asked when they broke the kiss.

“The pleasure is stronger, and even the pain feels good now.”

Ranma continued to thrust, ever more quickly, ever harder, In between the pain and the pleasure, Akane found she could no longer form coherent thoughts. The moment was all, the universe was her bed and the man in her arms. Ranma was grunting and pushing, feeling the tight grip of Akane’s no-longer-virgin pussy and lost in the moment as well. They continued, going at it on a purely animal level, until Ranma felt himself building up to a climax.

He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t think. All he could do was drive himself as deep into Akane as he could before his world exploded before his eyes and he felt his hot cum shoot hard into her.

It took Ranma a few moments to recover his wits. He pulled out and Akane relaxed onto the mattress. She smiled, raised her hand like a pistol, and mock-shot. “Gotcha, Ranma. I win.”

“No, I win. You came first.”

“That was foreplay.”

“Foreplay counts!”

“Fine, it’s a draw.”

“In this game, a draw is the best result, don’t you think?” Ranma pulled himself up and looked down at Akane. “We’ve got a problem, Akane. Your pussy and thighs are bloody, and some of it’s spilled onto the sheets.”

“Anything else?”

“A little trickle of cum coming out of your pussy, but that’s it. Kasumi’s gonna have kittens when she sees these sheets.”

Akane smirked. “Not afraid of a little mess, are you?”

“No, of course I’m not. I can’t do anything about the sheets, but I can wipe you clean. Where do you keep your towels?”

“Top drawer, next to the panties.”

Ranma got up and opened the drawer. “I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore whether I see your panties.” A second later he came back. “I found a nice soft washcloth.” With a gentleness that belied the fury of their coupling, Ranma wiped Akane clean. “The bleeding stopped. Does it still hurt?”

Akane smiled. “I’m a little sore, but I’m fine. Thanks for giving a damn.”

“I always gave a damn, I just had no idea how to show it. Should I go now? Give you a chance to rest and recover?”

“Stay with me?” Akane asked plaintively.

Ranma smiled. “Sure. As long as you want.” He curled up beside her and kissed her lips and forehead. “You seem really calm now.”

“Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, blood was spilled.” And the thought caused them both to start laughing.

After the laughter, Ranma looked into Akane’s eyes and asked “What now?”

“You meant what you said about not screwing around with Shampoo and Ukyo?”

“Damn straight. Believe me, one hot-tempered borderline-psychotic girl in my arms is enough.”

“Or Ryouga or Kuno?”

“You nuts? Just because I change into a girl doesn’t mean I start wanting to fuck with men. Especially those men!”

Akane snuggled up closer. “Good. Of course, Kuno’s a jerk so he’s not getting anywhere near my pussy. And Ryouga’s a sweet guy, but I don’t wanna screw him.”

“I guess that means we’ve settled on each other.”

“I guess it does. But you’re still a jerk.”

“And you’re still uncute.”

.”And you’re a total pervert - but that seems to be one of your better qualities.”

“I thought your father was gonna be mad at me before. I hate to think what he’s gonna do to me now.”

They lay together for a little while longer, enjoying being close to each other. Eventually, of course, Ranma had to leave the room. Akane helped him gather his clothes and he dressed quickly but methodically. “What about you?” Ranma asked.

“I was eventually gonna change anyway. See you at dinner.”

“We didn’t have a wedding, but it looks like we had a wedding night after all. Funny how that worked out.”

“Come back once everyone else is asleep, OK? If you’re up to it, of course.”

“I’ll sneak in and you can pretend to be surprised. Or maybe you’ll really be surprised and clock me a good one.”

Akane laughed heartily at that before sending Ranma on his way.

An hour later the Tendos and Genma were sitting down to dinner. When Ranma got into the dining room, he noticed that everyone was looking at him with a strange benevolence except Akane, who wasn’t looking at him at all. Suddenly the sound of celebratory poppers filled the air and confetti and streamers were flying everywhere.

Ranma jumped at the sounds. “Hey! What gives?”

Nabiki smiled a smile that was at once congratulatory and downright predatory. “You really didn’t think you could keep it a secret, did you, Ranma? The walls in the dojo are really thin. I heard everything in my room, and so did Kasumi through the door.”

“Heard what?”

Nabiki whipped out a small tape recorder and pressed the “play” button. Ranma was startled to hear his own voice. “Akane! You’ve been waiting for this? What about me? What about all the times I’ve dreamed about you handling, and licking, and sucking my cock? All the times I’ve fantasized about rubbing it between those amazing tits until I come all over them? All the times I’ve imagined you riding me to Nirvana, and looking into your eyes as I fill your pussy with my cum? The times I’ve dreamed of you taking my load in that sweet little mouth of yours and you swallowing every damn drop? If only there’d been some sort of sign that you wanted me, I could have fucked you so good, Akane!”

“If I were to hazard a guess,” Nabiki smirked, “I’d say my little sister was probably giving you a nice little blowjob at that particular moment. Tell me, how deep could she take it in?”

Akane was blushing, but still angry. “It’s none of your business, Nabiki. How I do Ranma is my concern, not yours.” Akane’s blush suddenly deepened as she realized what she had just said.

Soun stood up and clapped his hand on Ranma’s shoulder, very firmly and very hard. “Son, I don’t mind you showing some intitiaive - she is your fiancée after all - but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you two believe that what you’ve done won’t have consequences. If you run away, Ranma, if you go after someone else, if you make my little Akane have any regrets over what she’s done, I’ll make you pay, boy. I’ll hunt you down to the ends of the Earth if I have to, and I’ll make you pay. You burn that into your memory, Ranma Saotome.”

Ranma gulped. As welcomes into the family went, this was not what he had really had in mind.