Akane the Dominatrix 9. Tell Him


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Chapter 9

In the Nekohanten a Japanese girl waited to hear what she had to do. Akane was determined to gain some control over her actions when she was under the spell or at least find out how to break it. There was a chance that if she didn’t she might become too violent and kill Ranma with her perverted actions.

“Please Cologne I need to know a cure.” Akane pleaded. “Or at least some control!”

“There isn’t a cure, I told you.” Cologne snapped.

“But what was Shampoo trying to do with those passive herbs?” Akane asked. “Wasn’t that a cure?”

“Only for one person.” Cologne said.

“I don’t understand, please explain.”

“As I said there is no cure for both of you under the spell it is a lost cause.”

“No, I don’t believe that!”

“Then no more arguments.” Cologne growled. “You want to know how to gain some form of control over this lust spell?”

“Yes please.”

“Listen carefully, the only way you can gain some control is if the people under the spell are in love.” Cologne said. “Not lust or desire but true 100% love.”

“I dunno if Ranma...”

“You have to find out the truth. Though I suspect what you two have is much harder.” Cologne snapped she was angry with the girl for interrupting her. She was wanting to spy on her grandchild and Mousse down in the basement. It had gone silent for the last twenty minutes. There was a chance she may have overdosed Mousse with too much passion spice and that he had killed the girl he loved.

“Why will it be harder for Ranma and I?” Akane asked breaking Cologne from her thoughts.

“You two have repressed love, love so far in denial that it turns opposite of your true intentions.” Cologne cackled. “Repressed love is far harder to break any control over lust. When lovers with suppressed affection and feelings meet under a lust spell they give in to it. Let them control it and blame the effect of the spell, not any romantic involvement. The subjects under the spell need to recognise their love which will break the uncontrollable hold the spell has. ”

“I don’t understand.”

“Look it’s quite simple,” Cologne growled. “You and Ranma are both stupid!”


“Dense-headed, stubborn and in complete denial about any affection towards each other. In fact I believe it would be almost impossible for both of you to even admit you like each other, never mind love each other.”

“I don’t love that idiot!”

“See what I mean,” Cologne sighed. “It’s quite simple I’m sure you’ve done lots of perverted things with each other but lets clear this up now. Sex isn’t love, no matter what any songs say.”

“So that’s why we can’t kiss?” Akane gasped.

“Bing-bong, give the girl a prize. In both your minds a kiss on the lips must be a show of love.” Cologne chuckled. “I should have my own T.V. Show.”

Akane looked desperate. “Isn’t there something we can do. I don’t want to be a pervert forever.”

“Listen, you are a pervert! The spell revealed your inner desires. There is no cure for both people connected by that lust spell. If it was just one person as we planned then it could be easily broken. Unfortunately for you two there is nothing you can do to break the spell. You can only adapt and accept it.”

“Accept that I’m a pervert?”

“Yes girl accept it,” Cologne laughed. “Did you think that you and Ranma would be running around in denial forever?”

“I-I don’t know...”

“Grow a back bone, I’ve renounced the marriage between Shampoo and Ranma, he’s free to choose his own fate.”

There was a distant thump, Akane couldn’t tell where it came from. ‘Was that below us?’

“Listen, go back home and deal with it,” Cologne said hurriedly. “I have matters to attend to.”


“What’s that sound?” Akane asked.

“Rats...” Cologne lied.


“Really, really BIG rats, I’m waiting for the exterminator.”


“Whoa, I hope that works out for you... scary.” Akane said going towards the door.

“Look let me give you a hint child.” Cologne said quietly. “Just pin the idiot boy against a wall and kiss him! Tell him how you feel. It’ll make living with the spell easier.”

“Wha-What if I can’t tell him?” Akane asked.

Cologne looked up from the kitchen as she began to cut a sausage. “Hmm well then you’ll both have no control and will eventually kill each other.” She broke some eggs and place them in a bowl.

“Thank you Cologne, you’re not an evil hag as Ranma calls you.”

“You’re welcome child... I think. Now leave!” Cologne said and picked up a mallet. “Let’s see about breaking those walnuts now...”


Ryoga woke and found himself in a place of his dreams. He was still in the form of a piglet but his small body was now wedged between two oversized breasts.

“It’s so cute!” The girl chirped. “Oh it’s awake!”

“His name’s P-Chan.” Came a demon’s voice.

Ryoga glared at his torturer Nabiki Tendo. He made an angry squeal but it only made the young girl smile.

“I’m so glad the photo-shoot isn’t ruined.” Nabiki said innocently to the main photographer, Charlie.

“Who knew a piglet jammed in a woman’s breasts would be so cute!” Charlie cried. “You’re a genius Ms Nabiki!”

“Oh you flatterer.” Nabiki laughed falsely.

The girls all dressed in their wet, white t-shirts giggled and surrounded the small black pig. The clicking and flashing stunned the piglet into silence and Nabiki grinned widely behind the scenes.

‘Who knew Ryoga was cursed?’ she thought while trying to calculate a plan. ‘I guess I can’t leave him with the photograph crew as I planned. He could easily escape.’

“That’s it for today girls!” Charlie called. “Go change into some dry clothes!”

“Charlie, have your people finished developing the first film?” Nabiki asked as she grabbed the small pig from the model.

“Sure, they’re in the dark room.” Charlie said. “You interested in becoming a photographer? I’ve seen your work it is top rate stuff.”

“Oh that’s just my hobby,” Nabiki blushed. “What really interests me is money.”

“Plenty of money in photography.”

“Maybe so, but I get more enjoyment from blackmail,” Nabiki grinned.

Charlie laughed. “Oh I love your jokes Ms Nabiki!”

“Maybe I’ll become a comedienne,” Nabiki laughed as she walked away to the black room.

Ryoga squealed and tried to bite her, but Nabiki kept a close hold and held the piglet up to her face.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you little P-Chan,” Nabiki said quietly. “I have something I want to show you.”

The large black revolving door opened and Nabiki entered the dark room. The red light was switched on and the girl and pig could see the photographs from the first film. Nabiki scanned them all, she was looking for a particular one.

“Found it!” She set Ryoga down on a stool and sat down next to him.

“I know your little secret Ryoga,” Nabiki said. “I wonder what my little sister would think if she found out her pet pig was really a boy? A boy she thought was a friend?”

Ryoga made a low snorting noise.

“Yes, she’d be upset, hurt I’d imagine.” Nabiki said in a low voice. “I have here an interesting photo. Would you like to see?”

Ryoga shook his head, he wanted to run away but there was no way he could operate the large black doors to the dark room. There was a button up high but his small body could never reach it.

The photo was thrust into Ryoga’s face. He stared wide eyed and made an alarmed ‘bwee’.

“Interesting, even with Ranma I’ve never caught the moment of the change on camera. Those expensive camera models really do have good frame rate.” Nabiki sighed in envy. “This is a work of art, a boy changing into a pig. It would be worth thousands.”

The photograph indeed had Ryoga in the middle of his change. His body was shrinking and turning black. Two small ears were on his head and his nose was changing. It was like an image from a horror movie but instead of a werewolf it was a weird looking were-pig.

“So you understand, my sister may be really dense about the obvious things like Ranma’s affection, and now I see she was oblivious to your curse as well.” Nabiki said. “Let me make this clear, you are my little slave from now on. Your life is meaningless. I have complete command over your pig-hide.”

Ryoga shook his head and jumped off the stool. A foot slammed him down, pinning his small body to the floor.

“You think you could destroy the photograph?” Nabiki asked. “That won’t be the case, I’ve asked Charlie if I can have any photograph I want, plus the negative. The negative film is not in this room and you will never find it. Also I could always be extra cruel and when you’re P-Chan I could throw hot water as you are pinned against my sister’s chest. Imagine Akane’s face as her pet pig transforms into a boy she thought was a friend?”

Ryoga squirmed and tried to escape. It was hopeless, he looked up and saw a red halo of light surround Nabiki as she stood in front of the red light. She wasn’t just any demon girl, she was the devil herself!

He stayed still and let out a sigh. It was no use fighting her, she had won this round. ‘But...’ he thought desperately. ‘I must find a way out, no matter what. I still have Akari!’

“I see you understand,” Nabiki said and let go of her crushing foot. She picked up a cup and filled it with hot water from the canister that was in the room. “Though I don’t think our little photo-shoot is over.”

The water splashed over the pig and an angry Ryoga stood up.

“You’re evil...” Ryoga hissed as he covered his man-hood. “What am I suppose to do as your slave? Are you going to use me as some cheap sex toy?”

“Oh please, it’s all for profit.” Nabiki laughed. “I don’t intend for you to do anything sexual... I wouldn’t dream of it P-Chan. All you have to do is everything I tell you to.” She waved the photo in front of the naked boy. He tried to grab it but it cold water splashed over him and he reverted back to being a pig. Nabiki calmly picked up the struggling pig and held him in her arms. For a small moment Ryoga thought it felt similar to Akane but then he was suddenly placed into a box.

“Let’s go home P-Chan,” Nabiki said holding the photo and negative. “I don’t think Charlie needs to see this one.”

Ryoga gazed upwards and swore that if he ever found a way out he would make this woman pay!


At the Tendo house dinnertime was a quiet ordeal. Akane wasn’t wanting company and so left to eat in her room. This made Ranma concentrate on the food and the fathers were not distracted by trying to pick up any signs of chemistry between their perspective children. Nabiki for some reason was also quiet while eating. Kasumi watched her family calmly, tomorrow they were going for a sudden trip to a hot spring. By Nabiki’s treat, a very strange occurrence at best. The only condition was that Akane and Ranma were to spend the time at the house together. Kasumi, though she seemed innocent wasn’t unaware of what could be happening when they were gone. She preferred to act naïve in front of her father so as not to worry him. She watched Ranma eating, waiting for the right moment.

Soun and Genma soon finished their food and disappeared to play Go and drink saki. Ranma quickly got up to leave as well all the good food was gone.

“Ranma, wait can I ask you something?” Kasumi asked, she had been thinking about this all through dinner.

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Tomorrow, you are going to stop this blindfold training you’re doing?”

“That’s true.” Nabiki butted in. “Tell us, what is with the blindfold?”

“Uh... nothing just special training, that’s all!” Ranma laughed turning red.

“Hmm, interesting reaction.” Nabiki said. “Well, it’s none of my business anymore, quite literally. So I won’t ask anything about it.” Nabiki sat up and patted Ranma on the back and whispered. “Just remember that you’re going to be all alone with my little sister. I hope you’ve got a strong stomach.”

Ranma turned green, he knew Nabiki was talking about Akane’s cooking.

“Nabiki!” Kasumi scolded. “Don’t worry about a thing, I’m leaving enough easy to cook food for the weekend and you’ve both got some pocket money to treat yourselves to a good Chinese take away or something.”

“Here, I’ll also throw in these condoms as a bonus. We don’t want any pregnancies before you get married now do we?”

Ranma choked unable to speak as the small packets were placed in front of him.

“Nabiki!” Kasumi said annoyed at her sister. “Do you have to tease the boy so? Here Ranma, don’t worry about it. Just take this book instead. I was going to give it as a wedding present.”

Ranma lifted the corner of his blindfold and peered at the title, ‘The Guide to Sex.‘ He dropped the book on his toe and stood up still unable to speak.

“Oh good one Kasumi.” Nabiki praised. “I should get the Karma Sutra as a back up when they’re through with that one.”

“It was meant to help them when they get married.” Kasumi explained blushing. “But if you’re having a weekend alone you should get to know each other better.”

“You think it’s a more advanced couple if they can have sex first before they kiss?” Nabiki asked confused.

“I never said that.” Kasumi gasped.

“It’s what you implied, those two haven’t kissed yet you know.” Nabiki sighed. “I guess it’s too much to expect them to have sex first.”

“Yeah... “ Ranma stuttered. “W-What kinda perverts do that...”

Kasumi and Nabiki looked at Ranma’s reaction and smiled. Ranma readjusted his mask and ran out the door escaping from the awkward conversation.

“Very interesting reaction.” Nabiki said. “I think we may need to leave more condoms.”

“Will it really be alright, leaving them here?” Kasumi asked her sister.

“Look they’re almost 18 they should just hurry up and sort out their relationship.” Nabiki sighed. “Being 16 and in denial about an arranged marriage is fine but Ranma has stayed her for over a year now and not run off. It says more than he thinks.”

“True, they just need to realize that.” Kasumi nodded and poured the tea. “I wonder if this time it will work.”

“Who knows,” Nabiki huffed, grabbing her cup. “I honestly have given up on them till I saw what they were up to a few days ago.”

“You weren’t spying on them having sex?” Kasumi asked appalled.

“No sis, you do have a dirty mind.” Nabiki giggled. “I just meant,they were talking about getting some alone time together. I only arranged for this trip so that they could have that.”

“Truly!” Soun appeared at the door, “My daughter has decided to spend time with Ranma!”

“Father!” Kasumi shouted.

“Only if we don’t do anything to interfere, no matter how interesting it may seem or how good a photo opportunity. We have to resist.”

“I think your talking about yourself there,” Kasumi said to Nabiki.

Nabiki hit her father on the head and began the very long talk to make him remember why he was going to the weekend vacation. Kasumi nodded adding her own point but she was happy, ‘soon’, she thought, ‘Ranma and Akane will become a real couple.’


Akane was curled up on her bed, everything Cologne had told her about the spell was whirling round in her head. There was no cure, only more control. She would always know what Ranma wanted sexually and he would know what she wanted. What was really scaring her was that they were so well matched. That their libido’s were only reacting to each other because they had similar desires. One to hurt and the other to be hurt. Only she wasn’t sure if Ranma loved her. A doubting part of her mind thought he was only reacting to the spell. He was just like any other man, only thinking of sex.

She hugged her pillow and held back the tears. She would tell him tomorrow, when her family left and they were finally alone. If he really was in love with her too then she would stay if not... ‘If Ranma doesn’t love me I’ll leave.’ She promised herself. ‘I can’t stay and be an out of control Dominatrix. I’ll run away and find a normal life, maybe a normal husband.’

The last part of her promise turned her heart cold and her chest twinged in pain. She didn’t want to find a new husband, she shook her head and deleted the last part. She would only run away to lead a normal life if Ranma rejected her. It was childish and stupid but she didn’t want to keep having sexual relations with a boy that didn’t love her.

‘Tell him,’ the words Cologne had said repeated in her head.

“Tomorrow,” Akane whispered and picked up a book to try and not think about it. She huddled under her covers and read, the whole while unaware she was being watched.

Ranma was outside, his blindfold on top of his head. He wanted to go in and let Akane look at him. To let the spell take control and for just a moment to imagine that Akane loved him. He wanted Akane to touch him, make him feel nice again. It was addictive, the feeling that orgasmic sensation. He wanted it more and more each time they had touched. He had missed her at dinner, even her closeness was enough to still that desire.

Ranma heard her whisper ‘tomorrow’ and wondered what she meant. ‘Is she going to tell me after this weekend it’s over?’ he wondered. He didn’t want the spell to end, even if there was an antidote. This gave Akane a connection to him. Ranma knew secretly how he felt for Akane, he just didn’t trust how Akane felt. She was always criticising him, looking out for him and hitting him. He didn’t understand how she felt, she was so contradicting in her attentions. In a way he didn’t want to know, he didn’t want any type of rejection especially from Akane. It would destroy him.

He saw her turn the page of her book and felt his heart leap in his mouth. He longed to be beside her, to even lie at her feet. He shook his head trying to rid himself of that thought. In truth Ranma didn’t want a one sided relationship, he wanted a real partnership. Even if one of them stood on his back with heels on occasion.

Ranma smiled at that thought and leaned back in the tree. It made the tree creak and alerted Akane to him.

“Who’s there?”

Ranma struggled with the blindfold and placed it over his eyes just in time.


“Eh.. Evening.”

“What are you doing in that tree?” Akane asked.

Ranma shrugged, “Sitting, thinking and stuff.”

“Stuff?” Akane huffed. “Look, quit being a stalker and go back to training or whatever you’re doing. Tomorrow, is going to be a busy day.”

“Busy huh?” Ranma chuckled. “You got plans already?”

“Look I don’t plan anything perverted, it just happens!” Akane covered her mouth and hoped no-one had heard her. “Either come in or go away, but you’re keeping that blindfold on.”

Ranma leapt off the tree and landed perfectly on Akane’s window sill. She gasped and pulled him in, even blinded Ranma could surprise her with his athleticism.

“I’m reading,” she explained, “I don’t want to talk just now.”

“Me neither,” Ranma yawned. “I was just watching.”

“You took the blindfold off didn’t you?” Akane snapped. She sat angrily back in her bed and reopened her book. “That was really stupid, we might have ended up outside doing something perverted. What do you want anyway?”

“Is it okay if I just sit, I don’t want to train just now.” Ranma sat down on the edge of the bed.

Akane looked at him, he seemed to mean it.

“No tricks, I want a night without any sexual contact if you don’t mind.” Akane said, “They’ll be plenty of that tomorrow.”


Akane smiled and watched him relax at the end of her bed. He didn’t make any sense, she couldn’t understand how Ranma thought. She tried to hide her thoughts and concentrated on her book. Every now and then she looked up to see a resting Ranma, he was starting to fall asleep.

‘Tomorrow, I will tell him.’

She leaned back on her pillow and felt sleep taking over as well. Her eyes blurred as they closed while watching an equally sleepy Ranma.

‘Can I tell him?’ her last thoughts as slept finally took hold.


Author’s Note: Nabiki is truly evil, as I like her. If you’ve only watched the anime you’ll think she’s OOC but in the manga she is evil. She’s too soft in the cartoon version in my opinion. I prefer her manipulating and blackmailing for profit. She’s fun to write like that.

So next chapter will build to the conclusion as I try to draw in some plot threads. May not be next chapter, I’ll see how long the next big lemon lasts.