Akane the Dominatrix 8. Wanting Control


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Warning: This chapter contains a lemon.

Chapter 8

Akane closed her door with a click and breathed a sigh of relief. She had made it to her room without anyone noticing her. She looked like she’d been rolling in a field with a boy. The fact that she had actually been rolling in the closet made her feel ten times worse. She was a pervert. She had hurt Ranma, what she had done was dangerous. If Ranma had panicked he could have choked on his own tongue. Akane shook herself from that thought, there had to be something she could do to make herself feel more in control.

She pulled off her dress and reached for a new clean pair of panties. Akane didn’t want Ranma to die because of her being under some stupid spell. She got dressed and decided what she had to do. If she was serious about going all out this weekend on with her fiancée she wanted to find a way that she could stop herself if she went too far.

She heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?”

“Eh... me.” Ranma answered.

“Are you blindfolded?” Akane asked before she opened the door.


She let the boy in and he shut it quickly, his face was still red from the exercise from earlier.

“How’s your tongue?”

“Bit sore, but then it’s not as bad as the rope burns from earlier.” Ranma chuckled unaware of the concerned face from Akane.

“Let me see.” Akane pleaded.

Ranma opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Akane winced as she saw a cut on his tongue from the elastic band. She then pulled at his hand and rolled up his sleeves. He could see the marks she had caused from the rope. Ranma pulled his arm away, unsure why Akane was being so concerned.

“Um... I’m okay Akane really,” Ranma said. “I’ve had worse.”

“Even so if anything had gone wrong...”

“But it didn’t, I know you had fun...ah!” Akane axe kicked Ranma and he fell onto the ground.

“Um.. sorry gut reaction.” Akane apologised. “I’m not going to deny anything but understand Ranma I’m responsible if anything happens to you.”

“I think it’ll be OK.” Ranma grinned.

“I wish I hadn’t taken those eyedrops.” Akane spat ignoring Ranma’s confidence in her. “If we hadn’t then everything would be back to normal.”

“Oh, so we’d have Shampoo running after me and you hitting me because she jumped me.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Akane cried.

“But it’s what everything was before, we couldn’t even kiss each other before now look at us.”

“But we haven’t...”

“Haven’t what?”

“Kissed...” Akane whispered. “We’ve been so close to each other yet we haven’t....kissed.”

Ranma gulped turning red. “So what are you saying?”

“I dunno,” Akane blushed, “I felt it was important having the first kiss before any sex...”

“We haven’t had sex really...” Ranma coughed the ache in his unsatisfied groin reminding him.

“We did something sexual!” Akane squeaked. “More than once!”

“Eh...” Ranma’s mind was brought back to those occasions.

“So why is it so hard?”

“Hmm?” Ranma covered his crotch.

“It’s so hard for us to kiss.”

“Oh!” Ranma said realising his mistake.

“Ranma...” Akane said quietly. “...could you try and kiss me?”

“Gee I dunno Akane, I mean what if my blindfold flies off and we end up on the bed doing more than kissing?”

“I want to take the chance, just shut up idiot and kiss me!” She snapped grabbing him close.

Ranma choked and held his hand up to cup her chin. He was shaking slightly and still using his other hand to cover his now hardened penis. He could feel her soft skin brushing against his cheek and smell Akane’s unique scent. It always had a faint odour of her favourite soap and chocolate. It wasn’t the most beautiful smell but now Ranma was blinded it was one of the sensations he could enjoy further. He could feel Akane tremble as well, she grabbed his shoulders and steaded herself.

Akane sighed, she liked how broad his shoulders were. She leaned on him and moved in towards his lips. She hovered over his mouth, his breath was so warm. Ranma could feel Akane’s breath too. He knew from that where her mouth was, she was just in his reach. He could finally know what her lips tasted like. He knew what everything else tasted like, the last few days sexual adventures had let him know that.

It was those lips of hers that he couldn’t have. No matter how much they seemed out of bounds when they were under the spell. This time he was going to do it, nothing was going to stop him!

“Daddy what are you doing?”

Ranma was pushed roughly on the ground and Akane stormed past them.

“I was going to take a picture of your first kiss!” Soun explained to his daughter waving the camera at her.

“How long have you been here?”

“I just got here honest!”

“Get out!”

“You make me so proud, but why do you take so long to blossom my daughter!”

The door slammed and Ranma felt Akane’s trembling hand on his shoulder.

“Sorry, I guess we’ll have to try this again when the house is empty.” Akane sighed. “It’s best if you go out the window, you can do that with your blindfold on right?”

Hey! I’m Ranma Saotome!” The boy proclaimed. “I can do anything!” He leapt up and out the window, there was a splash as he fell into the pond below. A high pitched gasp and a wet female Ranma emerged carefully holding onto the blindfold. “Till the weekend!”

‘Idiot...’ Akane thought as she heard the red head shouting their secret out so loud. ‘Ranma Satome can do anything can he? Then why can’t he kiss me?’

Akane decided she had to do something, maybe Cologne had been lying when she said there was nothing she could do. Akane knew she had to find out. A future of continually being perverted with Ranma or living a semi-normal life rode on it. She ran down the stairs and out the door, not waving to Ranma who had started sparing with his father. This was something Akane had to do, she was the one with the power. That meant she was the one that had to gain the control.


At the Nekohanten the Chinese Amazons were busy. The sign on the door said ‘closed, on holiday’, people went past disappointed but moved on quickly to the next good restaurant. Inside the shop itself seemed empty, the three of them were downstairs in the basement.

Cologne stood over her charges. Shampoo was bowing deeply to her and Mousse was gagged and tied up. It made things easier if he was quiet for now.

“Shampoo sit up,”

“Yes Elder.” Shampoo obeyed.

Cologne hissed, this was what she hated. “Where’s your pride?” She snapped.


Mousse jerked from his bonds to try to defend the girl.

Cologne held up her hand to stop him.

“This passive behaviour is an effect of those herbs.” Cologne growled. “I knew that lust spell was too dangerous, oh well seems I have no option.”

It was such a waste of a good Amazon, Cologne thought, that her granddaughter was now following an order from a Japanese girl. Mousse was obviously not someone she respected enough to make the herbs work at full effect. Though she planned to use that as her way in returning her granddaughter into her old self. The old woman tapped her chin, this was regrettable. What she was going to do would stop all hopes she had of making that strong warrior Ranma into her son-in-law. That was her old plan scrapped. The eyedrops had shown the truth of Ranma’s sexual desires, or at least one of them.

“Shampoo, your marriage with Ranma is nulled,” Cologne said. “This however is not acceptable by our rules.”

“Yes, Elder.”

Cologne gritted her teeth. “We need to find you a new husband and I’m sorry child but this is the only way to break the submissive spell.”

Shampoo sat up confused and watched as her Great Grandmother untied Mousse.

“You two are not coming out till it is settled.” Cologne explained. She shook something over Mousse and made a strange mumbling. “There, settle this dispute like Amazons.”

The old woman leapt up to the hidden door. The stairs had been retracted and the basement was now like a pit.

“Shampoo not understand Elder!” Shampoo cried. “Settle what? Tell me what Shampoo must do!”

“It’ll become clear soon,” Cologne sighed and closed the far away door.

“Great-Grandmother don’t leave me!”

“Shampoo...” Mousse gasped.

“Mousse..?” Shampoo looked at him, her great-grandmother had done something to him.

“I love you.”

“Shampoo don’t love you,” she whined.

Mousse felt a pang in his chest as his mind run riot, this was not how his beloved should sound. She was independent and forceful. Not this weak willed being that was before him. He felt his emotions become stronger than ever. Whatever Cologne had done to him had made him see one goal, Shampoo.

“Shampoo I LOVE you!” Mousse cried. “I will be your husband!”

The girl squeaked and tried to hide. “GO AWAY!”

Mousse grabbed her and forcefully kissed her on the lips. Shampoo reacted and slapped him across the face. His glasses fell off and Shampoo could see the glazed look he had. He was under a spell. It had to be some sort of passion spice.

“Why did you do that?” Shampoo gasped.

“Because I love you.” Mousse proclaimed.

“No, Shampoo not love stupid Mousse!”

“But I love you!” Mousse cried. “I’ve loved you ever since I was a small boy and I will make you mine!”

A chain whipped out from Mousse’s sleeve and wrapped around Shampoo’s wrist.

“You will be my wife!”

“NEVER!” Shampoo yelled her fire returning. She could feel herself getting angry with her childhood friend. “Mousse missed chance of being husband!”

“But Shampoo, we men can continue to try for your marriage until we die!” He said pulling the chain and dragging Shampoo back towards him. She kicked him as she got closer and landed on her feet.

“Maybe so, but Shampoo don’t want Mousse.” she said angrily. “I will fight!”

“That’s it my love, you are fighting the spell!” Mousse said happily. “Keep fighting, return to your true self!”

“Not spell, Shampoo fight you idiot!” She swung her foot round in a low sweep trying to trip Mousse up. He jumped over her low kick and pulled the chain again knocking her off balance. He leapt to pin her but because he couldn’t see very well he only pinned a cushion.

Shampoo took the advantage and slammed her foot into the side of his head. Mousse rolled with the kick and grabbed the leg that had hit him, following the force of her kick and throwing her across the room. Shampoo landed with a loud thump. She picked herself up groaning with pain from her side.

Shampoo was confused at what was happening. Mousse had never fought her so seriously before. Whatever spell her grandmother had cast on her friend was making him crazier than usual.

“I will defeat you and make you mine!” Mousse yelled. “I will be your husband!”

“No, idiot it’s a spell from Elder. She make you act like this!”

“Then I won’t fight the spell, it’s letting me do what I should have done a long time ago!” He released another chain from his sleeve hitting Shampoo on the chest. She grabbed the chain and let Mousse drag her back to him. She swung her foot out to kick him but he caught her again and slammed her on the floor.

Shampoo groaned with pain, how had Mousse become so strong. ‘Was he always this strong?’

“Admit defeat!” said Mousse leaning over the girl.

“No!” Shampoo cried and pushed with both legs throwing Mousse upwards. He bounced off the ceiling and fell back down aiming for Shampoo. He hit a statue and quickly realizing his mistake threw it towards the panting noise of the girl. Shampoo blocked it with her arms and the statue crumbled into pieces. She could hear the tearing of her clothes and she ran gasping for breath.

Mousse pulled the chain still connected to her wrist and grappled hold of the struggling female. He kissed Shampoo again and she pulled back kicking his groin.

“Stay back weakling!” Shampoo gasped, exhausted.

“I see I have no choice...” Mousse winced. Something flew out of his sleeve and exploded in a cloud of dust on Shampoo. She coughed and moaned.

“What is this?” She choked.


“Huh...” Shampoo groaned, she was feeling very fuzzy.

“I noticed a while ago ever since your curse that you’ve become more cat like.” Mousse explained. “I thought there was a small chance this would work but I see it is.”

“Cheater...” Shampoo puffed. She felt dizzy as the cat drug took effect.

“I’ve defeated you Shampoo, I’m your husband now.”

“You cheated, doesn’t count.” Shampoo moaned and she wriggled underneath Mousse.

Mousse leaned down and kissed her again. Shampoo didn’t react she stayed still.

“You should kiss me back.” Mousse explained.

“If you’re going to rape me get it over with.” Shampoo huffed. “This is what happens when Amazon woman is defeated by man like this.”

“I don’t want to...” Mousse whispered. “I told you a thousand times I love you Shampoo.”

“When said a thousand times it looses meaning,” Shampoo mumbled.

“Then I’ll never say it again, darling wife.”

“Shut up idiot husband and make me feel better.” Shampoo growled her face flushed. She in her small way accepted the truth. Mousse was now her husband.


“Kiss better!” Shampoo demanded as she pointed to her chest.

“Yes darling wife!” He grasped her chest and let his lips run over them.

“Take off my dress idiot husband it feels better skin to skin!” Shampoo yelled, she could feel her power returning. This was what she truly wanted. A husband that was strong and did everything she demanded.

Mousse fumbled at the dress and revealed the chest he had imagined for a long time. He cautiously touched the bare flesh his lips slowly kissing the freshly bruised skin. He heard his new wife sigh in contentment and he continued.

“Lower Mousse,” she hissed.

He obeyed touching her carefully her arms encircled him and her fingers wound into his hair. He brought his face up to hers and kissed her again. This time she kissed back her nails digging into his back.

“Ooh Shampoo...” He mumbled.

Her legs wrapped round him and she could say nothing as the girl was caught in the moment. The cat-nip was making her feel very amorous and she doubted she would do this otherwise but Mousse’s touch was nice. It made her feel loved unlike her forced kisses to Ranma, this was affection returned. She ripped his loose pants off and rolled him onto his back.

“Mousse do anything for wife?” Shampoo asked.

“Yes...” Mouse gulped, “I l-...”

Shampoo clamped her mouth over his and mumbled, “Shampoo told you not to say that again, I know.”

“Yes my darling,” He pushed her back so he was on top again. “Do you feel less submissive now?”

“Maybe...” Shampoo purred. “Though I want my first time like this...” She could feel Mousse’s erection against her. The hot lump was pulsing and all Shampoo could think was what she wanted to happen next. “I want it from behind... take me like a cat.”


Shampoo elbowed him and turned her back to Mousse. “Take Shampoo like this.”

The boy’s vision was blurred but he could feel Shampoo’s bottom close to his face. He felt her smooth skin her panties were slightly torn from the fight. He moved to hug her but Shampoo forced his head back with her hand.

“Shampoo told you enter me from behind!”

“But Shampoo!” Mousse replied in Chinese. He couldn’t stand her bad Japanese any longer.

“If speaking in Chinese will make it clearer very well.” Shampoo sighed, she was starting to feel the cat-nip wear off but her pride had accepted Mousse as her husband now. Ranma was an abandoned plan as her great-grandmother had said. “Have sex with me now idiot husband or you will never get any sex ever in your entire life!”

The threat was clear and Mousse was shocked at the harshness of Shampoo’s words. He embraced her from behind his swollen penis pushing against her. His Shampoo was back! Her anger and fiery nature were all restored. He caressed her body and felt her respond, bending her back to mould with his. Mousse moved his hands down to remove her panties. His hand exploring the flesh he had revealed and he carefully pushed his finger inside. Shampoo gasped and jerked, her muscles pulling at Mousse’s finger. He slipped in another finger and found her labia stretching to accept it. She was already wet and ready.

Mousse wasn’t certain but he knew this had to be a good thing. His first time was with the woman he loved. He felt his hand being grabbed and he saw Shampoo glaring back at him.

“Take me...” She threatened.

Mousse retracted his fingers and pulled his own underwear down. His penis was almost ready to burst but he held it in. He didn’t want to think of the consequences if he didn’t have sex with Shampoo now. His member was producing it’s own fluid from the tip and was moist from the excitement. Mousse tried to angle it in holding his wife’s hips to help guide him in.

Shampoo’s hole was so tight and the position didn’t help. He nestled against the opening and tentatively brushed against her. Shampoo moaned and pushed her hips back against him, sliding him inside her. Her hands reached out and held onto a chair for balance.

With a forceful thrust Mousse entered completely and found himself lost in ecstasy. It was so hot and tight as he moved he heard Shampoo gasp. Partly in pain and he slowed down. This made Shampoo shove back hard and hissed.

“Faster and harder idiot husband!”

Mousse obeyed and felt his heart swell with joy. This was going to be his life from now on. He was going to be hen-pecked and nagged, called an idiot but he was going to be with his love.

“Shampoo...” He gasped and speeded up his action.

Shampoo smiled and leaned back in rhythm with him. This wasn’t what she expected her life to turn out like but she had to admit having a man completely hers was enjoyable.

“Mousse...” She whispered under her breath. “I love you...”


Ryoga stared red faced at the woman that had kidnapped him. This was his first time in such a situation. He was a little nervous.

“Don’t worry Ryoga it’s easy,” Nabiki soothed.

“I don’t know about this...” He gulped and tried to look for an exit, anything but staying here with the piranha of a girl.

“But you’re so handsome and rugged,” Nabiki flattered him. “Don’t you want to be a man?”

“I don’t see what this has to do with being a man!” Ryoga snapped.

“It has everything to do with it!”

“You’re evil!”

“Sweet talking me?” Nabiki simpered.

“Just stop talking like that, okay I’ll do it!” Ryoga cried.

“Good!” Nabiki said. “Okay guys, the star is ready for his close up!”

A camera crew appeared with female models in bikini’s. “You sure chose a handsome one, Ms Tendo.”

“Oh please, you’re doing me a favour by photographing the boy.” Nabiki smiled though Ryoga swore he could see a gleam of evil.

Ryoga looked daggers at her. At first he didn’t understand why she had a sudden interest in him. He thought she wanted a date, but it became clear as she dragged him to a seedy part of town that she had other plans. Being made by the make-up team to dress in a thong and nothing else, he was powerless to stop it. Nabiki Tendo had kidnapped him to star in some sort of soft porn photo-shoot.

“Nabiki, how much are you getting for this?” He growled.

“That’s a secret.” Nabiki laughed. “Okay girls, come meet the wild boy!”

A group of girls in bikini bottoms and white t-shirts came through the camera crew laughing and chattering. Ryoga could feel his nose starting to swell with blood. He thought he was going to die.

“He’s SO cute!” One girl squealed.

“Can we hug him?” Another asked excitedly.

“Do what ever you like with him,” Nabiki said smiling.

“This is great!” The main photographer, Charlie said. “Okay guys, switch on the lights and get a close up of this before the boy faints.”

The girls kept giggling and pressed their oversized breasts against Ryoga who made a slight choking noise.

“Wow, such an innocent boy, surrounded by woman and on a brink of a nose bleed.” Charlie continued. “Our readers will love this!”

The clicking and flashing of the pictures dazed Ryoga and he could only wish that it couldn’t get any worse. ‘Akane, Akari I’m sorry. I may die here...’

“Let’s bring out the hoses, wet t-shirt time!” Charlie yelled and before Ryoga could object the hose was switched on and the girls and boy were sprayed by cold water.

“That’s it girls jiggle and get your nipples nice and pert... hey were did the boy go?”

“BWEE!” The small piglet cried and fainted dripping blood from his nose.

“Now that is a great photograph!” Nabiki grinned another plan forming. “Sorry guys seems he’s done a runner. I’ll have to give you half the money I got as compensation.”

“I just don’t get it.” Charlie muttered. “Where did he disappear to?”

Nabiki picked up the small black piglet that was out cold. “I have a good idea where.”


Outside the Nekohanten Akane arrived, she needed to speak to the Elder Amazon. There had to be a way to break the spell or at least work round it to some compromise that would lead to some sort of normality.

“Hello?” She called out the restaurant seemed empty. “Excuse me, anybody here?”

“What is it girl I thought I told you never to come here again.” Cologne said from the kitchen.

“Sorry, it’s just I want more information about the spell.” Akane said. “I think it’s getting out of control.” She blushed and looked meekly at the old woman.

Cologne sighed and motioned the girl to sit down.

“I’m a little bit busy just now so let’s make it quick Dominant girl.”

“I-I’m not dominant...” Akane squeaked.

“Yes you are. Part of you wants control does it not. It wants to hurt Ranma and punish him so badly that it hurts sometimes.”

Akane was bright red but she nodded.

Cologne sat in front of her and motioned for Akane to sit.

“Then just this once I will tell you,” Cologne said. “But you must promise never to ask again, this is a one time offer.”

“I understand,” Akane said as she sat down and waited for what she feared was the worst. That there would be no way to control the spell.


Author’s Note: Whoo a faster update this time! I call it faster because it didn’t have a gap of a year...

Hope you enjoyed the red herring of Nabiki x Ryoga. I don’t have any plans to set them up just to let Nabiki take advantage of the boy.

Next chapter Akane gets some advice about the spell from Cologne and we finally get the weekend for Akane and Ranma to enjoy.