Akane the Dominatrix 7. Tongue tied Ranma


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Warning: Yes there is a BDSM lemon in this chapter; it should really go without saying now.

Chapter 7

The rest of the Tendo household returned later that afternoon. They were all oblivious to what had been going on in the dojo and where just glad they still had a home to return to. The only one slightly suspicious was Nabiki Tendo who sat back in the lounge watching everyone arrive cautiously.

“So you all been out on a picnic, leaving Akane and Ranma alone?” she asked her sister.

“I thought it would be best if Ranma and Akane sorted out their differences, they where fighting earlier,” Kasumi explained.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow; everything seemed relatively damage free for a Ranma and Akane fight.

“I best go put away all the empty picnic things,” Kasumi said cheerfully.

“Fine,” Nabiki sighed distracted, more interested in what her younger sibling as she watched Akane drag Ranma into the dining room.


“Okay Ranma, we’re going to talk about what to do,” Akane hissed as she slid shut the doors. ”I can’t pretend nothing has happened like the previous times.”

“Heh,” Ranma choked as he checked to see that his blindfold was fastened securely.

“So what’s your plan?”

“I think we better keep my blindfold on,” Ranma said sheepishly. ”Maybe the spell will go away after a while. We can sort out our own feelings when we’re not drugged up.”

“Hmph, back footing as always,” Akane muttered.

“See Akane it’ll be perfect,” Ranma assured her, not having heard what she muttered. ”I’ll just stay like this till the spell wears off.”

“What happened to letting the magic happen?” Akane asked.

“Um,” blushed Ranma, ”I think we’d need a weekend to ourselves to do that.”

“A weekend by yourselves?” someone butted in.

“Nabiki!” Akane yelled as she saw her sister’s sly face peering round the door. ”We had a contract you would stay out of our business.”

“A girl can’t help overhearing these things,” said Nabiki casually. ”Besides I might be able to arrange such a weekend for you.”

“How much?” Ranma huffed.

“Hmmm, nice new look for you Ranma,” smirked Nabiki not answering the question, ”very kinky.”

“Just be glad I’ve got this on,” Ranma growled. ‘Then I’d show you kinky,’ he added in his head.

“Ranma’s got a spell cast in his eyes,” explained Akane.

“Oh I see,” Nabiki said understanding the type of spell, though she didn’t know the true depth of it.

“I repeat... How much?” Ranma snapped, annoyed at Nabiki’s dirty laugh.

“1,000 Yen,” the mercenary girl said, ”Discount family price.”

“Nabiki!” Akane shouted, ”I thought we had a contract? You promised you wouldn’t exploit us again?”

“Look its either 1,000 Yen or I stay completely out of this,” Nabiki said. ”I just want to help you, but I have an oath never to do things for free.”

“So we pay up and you make the house empty for the weekend?” Akane asked.

Nabiki nodded her answer.

“Still was a dirty trick,” hissed Akane, ”I’ll go get your money.” She disappeared to go upstairs while Ranma stood trying to hide his anger. These where the times when he hated Nabiki, when she would exploit a situation. He really had thought they had sorted this one out, but it was Nabiki, she could worm her way into a loophole.

“What does this 1000 yen buy us?”

“I will help you and Akane achieve your private weekend together,” Nabiki purred. She was enjoying watching Ranma squirm. ”There will be no perverted old masters or interfering fathers. Plus I can put safe guards to make sure all your fiancée’s and suitors will not be stopping by to visit.”

“That’s impossible,” Ranma scoffed.

“Of course I can’t make any guarantee’s, there might be dojo destroyers or random mercenaries but the rest of the usual crew I can deal with.”

“Wow, really!?”

“Yes,” Nabiki sighed, ”I think I’m getting soft in my old age.”

“Here!” Akane snapped handing over the money.

“Now, now Akane don’t take that tone.” Nabiki pouted, ”I’ll only take half, and you can pay me the rest if the weekend is a success. But saying that my plans always work.”

Akane smiled and hugged her sister, ”Thanks Nabiki.”

“Definitely getting soft,” she muttered leaving the two of them alone.

“So...” Akane sighed.


“A weekend by ourselves,” Akane blushed. ”I don’t know if you’ll survive.”

“I’ll take whatever you’ll give me,” Ranma grinned.

“Pervert,” Akane hissed, ”At least I mean..”

“Heh, who’s the bigger pervert?” Ranma laughed catching why she had gone silent.

“I guess we’ll find out this weekend,” Akane relented.


Meanwhile Cologne had escaped her bindings. ‘That fool of a boy!’ She thought angrily of Mousse as the old woman ran out of the door. ‘If anything happens to my great-granddaughter I swear I will pluck each individual feather out and stuff them back in!’ She grabbed her staff and launched herself out the window. The busy streets of Nerima never noticed the Elder pogo up onto the rooftops. The Amazon glared around as she ignored the busy noise, there seemed to be more people than normal crowded over at a square. She hopped across to examine what had caught everyone’s attention.

The old woman gasped at what she saw. Her great-granddaughter was riding upon the back of a confused Mousse.

“Pony go faster!” Shampoo commanded as she spanked his ass. ”By all the gods what kind of perversion is this?” Cologne grumbled. It was obvious the spell was starting to bend Shampoo’s normal sexual libido into something else. Something more perverted than she dared to think about.

‘Curse those dirty minded Japanese,’ she fumed. ‘If it wasn’t for her contact with Saotome and that Tendo girl she would still be a pure Amazon.’

“Xian-Pu!” She yelled, ”Mu-Tsu!”

The girl snapped out of her fantasy as the harsh voice spoke out. She jumped off Mousse’s back and went down on her knees to her Elder. Mousse stood up rubbing his sore behind still confused at what was happening.

“Shampoo sorry,” she squeaked. ”Shampoo only do what told.”

“You where told to do this?” Cologne snarled. The young Amazon nodded her head,

“Mousse say to punish, so Shampoo do what Tendo girl does.” Cologne’s face turned blue as she heard the words spoken from her.

“Mousse it is time to apply the cure before it is too late.”

“Yes Elder,” Mousse said with uncharacteristic respect for Cologne. He was worried for Shampoo and he would do anything to help cure her.

“This is not what I wanted, I would rather it had been Ranma but the boy is now lost to us.” Cologne sighed. ”Come! Back to Nekohanten we have made enough of a spectacle of the Amazons.”

The crowd that had gathered sighed in a disappointed way. They had rather liked the street performers.


Nabiki stroked off another candidate from the list. Ukyo was currently on an okonomiyaki competition in Osaka. There was no chance of her invading at the moment. Happosai had wangled his way into the female beach volleyball match going on at the beach miles away. He would be occupied for a long while. The Amazons, well Nabiki wasn’t sure but they seemed to be going through their own crisis at the moment. The restaurant was closed to the public but she had placed an old classmate there as a spy. Just to be on the safe side.

The Tendo family were easy to convince, just so long as she could keep the fathers drunk enough in the weekend lodge she’d booked they wouldn’t interfere. Kasumi was happy to help, but she had convinced her sister nothing untoward would happen. ‘Yeah right!’ There was just one problem left that she couldn’t figure out, Ryoga Hibiki. The permanently lost boy was never at his home.

The majority of his time was spent wandering and getting lost. It didn’t stop the fact that he was a loose cannon that would show up at the exact wrong moment. That was a talent that Nabiki didn’t need. She wanted control over every situation possible.

‘How am I going to get him to appear?’ she wondered. Then a brilliant idea struck her. She padded across to the dojo where Ranma was currently training.

“Hey Ranma,” she called out a smile on her face.

“I told you I ain’t paying anymore,” Ranma huffed.

“No, this is nothing to do with money,” Nabiki assured him.

“Huh?” Ranma stopped training in shock. ”Are you sick?”

“No, this is just something I need you to do to help my plan work,” Nabiki said.

“I’m not wearing any more dresses.” Ranma said still suspicious.

“Look, do you want a weekend alone with Akane or not?”

Ranma blushed and twiddled his thumbs trying not to reply.

“That’s a yes, in shy guy talk is it?”

“I’m not shy!” Ranma yelled.

“Uh-huh,” Nabiki said not believing him. ”Now all I want you to do is to go to the kitchen and ask Akane out on a date.”

“Why the kitchen?”

“Because that’s where she is now, I want you to go now and do it!” Nabiki egged him on. ”C’mon spur of the moment type of thing!”

“Sheesh okay, I’m going,” Ranma huffed as he adjusted his blindfold. He didn’t know what good it would do asking Akane out on a date, seeing as he was already going to be spending time with her this weekend.

‘Man, Nabiki has some weird ideas.’

He felt his way along the corridor and paused as he could hear the thumps of Akane cooking. She was busy trying her best to make something edible again. She could do it. Only when she tried so hard that it turned out wrong. His stomach crumbled in objection but he gritted his teeth and entered.


“What is it Ranma can’t you tell I’m busy?” she said as she clanged some pots together, mixing up some ingredients.

“Um.. it’s just that…” he grimaced as he tried to find the words. ‘Why is it so hard? I mean just a few hours ago we were doing the most perverted things.’ What Ranma?” Akane said frustrated.

“I was wondering if… if.. you would like to go on.. on … a d-d.”

“Just spit it out Ranma!” Akane demanded, ”And why are you talking to the closet?”

“Huh?” Ranma turned round but at that moment the closet opened and Ryoga came flying out.

“SAOTOME PREPARE TO DIE!!” His umbrella crunched into the matted flooring causing Ranma to jump back to avoid the collision.

“Ryoga Habiki,” Nabiki purred as she appeared from her hiding place.

“Huh?” Ryoga was distracted as Nabiki grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away.

“You and I have some things to discuss.”

“Wait? What’s going on?” Ryoga objected but the middle Tendo sister had a strong hold on him. Ryoga couldn’t find the courage to object or even ask why. He was too dumbstruck by the fact that Nabiki was taking him away.

“Thanks Ranma,” Nabiki said. “You can stop with your stuttering attempt it was starting to get painful.” Ranma scratched his head unable to believe that it was all to trap Ryoga. ‘How did he get in the closet in the first place?’ He wondered as he heard them leave.

“C’mon Ryoga-Baby there’s something I need you to do.”

“Can you not call me that?” Ryoga hissed as he was dragged away completely confused. Ranma was still red faced from his effort at trying to ask Akane out. He twiddled with his thumbs behind his back wishing for an excuse to leave.

“Ranma are you okay?” Akane asked. “What where you going to ask me anyway?”

“Oh it doesn’t matter, I guess I’ll just go and practice some more in the dojo.” Ranma gulped. ‘Okay how come it’s still hard to talk to Akane?’

“No, my curry is finished.” Akane said noticing that Ranma was sneeking towards the door. He may have been completely blindfolded but still was trying to escape. “Are you sure you didn’t want to ask me something?” she asked as Akane blocked his escape.

“Ack… no.” Ranma choked. He didn’t realise Akane had moved so fast in front of him.

“Oh..” Akane sighed disappointed, “Well then you could always try my curry.”

“Um…” Ranma desperately tried to find an excuse.

“I made it by myself and I was extra careful,” Akane said cheerfully.

“Wasn’t Kasumi here watching?” Ranma asked hoping the older sister had been there to help give guidance.

“No!” Akane snapped. “Why does my cooking always have to be bad if Kasumi’s not here?”

“Gah, okay I’ll try it but if I get poisoned you’re taking me to hospital!”

“Fine!” Akane huffed. She served up her rice and poured the thick brown curry over the top. “I’ll take you to hospital, but I’ve tried it as well and it does taste okay.” Ranma nodded understanding but covered his mouth. He wanted to say something about her bad cooking but tried to hold any criticizing comments. “Why are you covering your mouth?” Akane asked, she was starting to get angry.

“Ist Rying nht th sahy athin’ sthu-id.” Ranma said. (Translated: ‘Just trying not to say anything stupid.’ (Try saying it with your mouth covered.)

“Er... thanks,” Akane sighed as she figured out what he was trying to say.

“I wonder what Nabiki is going to do to Ryoga.” Ranma wondered.

“I try not to imagine.” Akane said. “Open up now, try a little bit please.” Akane had put some of her curry on the spoon for Ranma to try.

He shook his head but she grabbed his chin and spoon fed him the taster. Ranma chewed and tried to think pleasant thoughts. He waited for the explosion in his mouth or the lurch in his stomach. It didn’t come, the curry tasted good!

He pulled up his blindfold to look at the curry, “Wow Akane that was actually tasty!” He took the spoon from her hands and was going to finish the meal when he noticed. He wasn’t blindfolded anymore. His hand trembled and Akane coughed nervously. Ranma kept his eyes to the curry.

“Um...” He mumbled unsure what to say.

“Don’t just stutter like an idiot!” Akane shouted grabbing his face. “Put the blindfold back on!” She pulled at the cloth trying to cover his eyes but it was too late. It was only a quick glance between them but the spark of the spell occurred and Akane’s concerned face changed to that of a cruel smile. She squeezed his chin and made him stare at her eyes. A glint of evil seemed to pass across her usually softer kinder eyes.

“We have got to do something about that naughty tongue of yours,” she purred.

Ranma gulped, “Yes Mistress.”

“You say such cruel things about my cooking.”

“But its usually bad,” Ranma tried to explain but that was obviously the wrong thing to say.

Akane’s eyes widened and she threw Ranma back. He landed beside the open closet door.

“Anything more to say slave?” Akane demanded. “The more you talk like that the worse your punishment will be!”

“Your cooking...” Ranma choked, “Is the worst I’ve ever tasted, it makes cats yowl, dogs howl and mothers give birth to three headed children.”

Akane slammed her foot straight to his groin and hissed. “The way you talk it looks like you want to be punished!”

“Yes mistress,” Ranma grinned.

Akane pulled him by the pigtail into the closet and closed the door. It was small and cramped inside and Ranma’s head was up against a large bag of rice. He watched his spell possessed fiancee nervously, had he gone too far? She was looking around the room and picked up some large elastic bands.

“Do you know what I want to do to you Ranma?”

“No Mistress, please tell me.”

“I want to insert large objects into your backside.”

Ranma shuddered, Akane was pretty blunt when she was like this.

“But I’m not, not yet anyway...” she giggled. “I want to do something to that bad, naughty tongue of yours.” She showed him the elastic band and Ranma gulped. He tried not to move as Akane grabbed his chin again and opened his mouth. “Hold still...” Ranma did as he was ordered, he felt his tongue being pulled out and Akane attached the elastic band to his tongue.

Ranma squealed as he was aware of the pain the pressure was causing his tongue. It was going numb and tears appeared in his eyes. This time it really hurt, it was worst than being hit or crushed. He whimpered in distress and started to feel a cold panic in his chest.

“Shhh... it’s okay Ranma, look at me.”

He gazed up at the torturing girl and his eyes were fixed for a few seconds. His heartbeat began to slow down and he wished he could say the words that he’d always wanted to say to Akane. Though it was impossible with the combination of the elastic band and the spell. He was powerless, he’d never felt so lost. He could only look at the one solid object in his world, Akane.

“That tongue needed punished.” Akane hushed, “But it can make up for it’s misdeeds.” She pulled down her pants and stood over Ranma. He had a clear view up her dress and he experienced that tingling in his pants that Akane always caused. He was getting hard, seeing Akane from this worms eye view was a first for him. He had never really seen what the pink flesh looked like. He had never dared looked into a mirror at his own. It was too shameful.

Now here he was on his knees examining Akane’s folds as she towered over him.

“I see you like what you see Ranma.” Her foot poked his erection and Ranma winced it was still tender from the kick she’d just given him.

“That thing isn’t going inside me.” Akane said. “I don’t want it inside till I’m ready... till you’re ready.” She placed her feet at either side of Ranma’s face and he stared straight up.

“What you’re going to do is make that tongue worship me.” Akane explained. “I want it to explore me, caress me, say it’s sorry in the most physical way it can. Do you understand Ranma?”

He nodded unable to speak.

Akane smiled and slowly lowered herself onto his face. She lifted her skirt so she could see his eyes and nose. Ranma opened his mouth and tried to reach for her using his tongue. He could taste her excitement, her fluid dribbled onto his chin. He moved his tongue over the warm flesh, it was so soft and sweet. He shuddered in pain as his tongue tried to stretch it caused the elastic band to rub against it. He mumbled in discomfort and continued with his work. Akane moaned as she experienced Ranma licking her clit. His movements were hampered by the elastic that was wrapped round his tongue and he could feel all the blood being trapped. It was making his tongue feel paralysed he could no longer tell what he was touching.

Akane looked down, his tongue was getting slower and she was loosing pleasure, it wasn’t as satisfying. She sat up and pulled at his tongue, it was turning blue! Akane carefully undid the elastic band and threw it onto the ground.

“Keep going and don’t stop till I come.” Akane said.

Ranma gasped, his tongue was free and could taste blood in his mouth. It was still frozen but he pulled on Akane’s hips and dragged her back down onto his face. He wanted to eat her, she tasted so sweet and salty. It wasn’t anything he had tasted before and now with his freedom he could enjoy the sensation of Akane’s flesh. He heard her moan in pleasure, whatever he was doing it was working. He was making Akane happy.

He sucked on the nub of her vagina, the groan from Akane encouraged him to continue. To lick and suck on her wonderful pink flesh. He wondered if this was what Akane tasted when she went down on him in her girl form. If he tasted just as good. He shook himself from the perversion he needed his full attention on Akane. She was the goddess he had to worship. He slipped his tongue inside and rolled it round. The hole was so small and tight. He could sense Akane’s muscles twitching and contracting against his tongue. He pushed further inside. She needed to come, she deserved to feel good.

“Oh... that’s it my little bitch!” Akane squeaked. “Lick me harder, go further in!”

Ranma grunted and pushed himself onto Akane,she fell backwards and he was on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his head and he kept sucking on her and pushing his tongue into her hole. Her thighs squeezed and his head was locked in the position but he didn’t want to move. He wanted so badly to stick his penis into Akane. He could feel his erection screaming for release, to go inside the same way his tongue was. His hips moved on their own as he imagined himself thrusting into her. His tongue stretched to as far as it could, he moaned in frustration and Akane screamed in delight.

She was coming, she could feel the orgasm. She threw her head back and cried out in pleasure. The waves of emotion overcame her and she pushed her hips back thrusting onto Ranma’s face. She released her hold of his head and screamed out. “Ranmaaaaa....”

All fell silent and Akane’s dress covered the exhausted Ranma. She heard him cough and she tried to move but Ranma held her skirt over her face.

“Ranma you per...vert!” Akane said in a hushed tone. She had returned to normal. “Ranma?”

“Eh, I think I need to change my underwear...” Ranma said.

Akane moved to kick him but stopped.

“Ah, could you find some cloth for me to use as a blindfold?” He asked. “Your skirt is keeping me from being under the spell.”

“Sorry, guess we’ll have to be more careful.” Akane said her face flushed. She pulled at her top and handed it to Ranma’s outstretched hand. “Take my T-shirt, I’ve got my dress covering my bra. We’ll have to make a run for our rooms to freshen up.”

“Guess we have to try our best this coming weekend to work out this magic.” Ranma choked. He could still taste Akane in his mouth.

“Yeah, I guess. I just hope I don’t kill you.” Akane sighed as she looked at the elastic band.


Author’s Note: Well here I am with an update, rejoice! This story isn’t abandoned! I just have to find free time (especially alone time) to write this story. I’m working full time now and whatever free time I have is filled up with other stuff. I miss being a student... *sniff*

Next chapter (which may take just as long so please be patient): Ranma and Akane are building up to their kinky weekend alone and Shampoo needs some corrective spell treatment. Not to mention we’ll find out Nabiki’s plan for Ryoga.

P.S. The elastic band trick, don’t try that at home. It is very dangerous. The other stuff, yeah feel free.