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Girl Pile


InuYasha thought he was going to explode. He and Kagome sat facing each other and she was in the circle of his legs with her wet sex up against his rock-hard shaft. They hardly moved their bodies as her aura and his Demon Moon explored every surface of skin, eliciting little gasps and happy moans in this game to see how far they could go without actually having sex. He kept his hands on her breasts, periodically allowing his thumbs to graze her nipples, which were hard with her excitement. They were trying to see just how far auras and Demon Moons could go and he was beginning to think maybe this was far enough as her aura swirled softly up and down his length and brushing against his lower belly, building his desire to roll over on top of her. Instead, he wrapped his Demon Moon around her back, holding her in its warm embrace and wandered a little tendril around her hip into the crease of her thigh so that is slipped down between her legs, sliding through her aura, which gripped him with it’s feather-soft hold, and continuing on down to play where he could elicit little gasps from her with the slightest twitch of his unseen energy. She arched her back so that her breasts filled his hands and her belly pushed her against him. Sliding her hands up around his neck, she drew him into an open-mouthed kiss so that the wet slip of their tongues accompanied her moan.

The pace of her aura’s attention to his own excitement increased and again he had to stop himself from rolling her over and burying himself inside her, his head becoming fuzzy as desire and restraint became tangled up, tripping over every thought he had.

“Let me try splitting my aura into separate parts, like you do with your Demon Moon,” Kagome said hazily as their mouths parted. He let his Demon Moon pet her back while continuing to stroke her slowly down below. The motions of his Demon Moon on her sent little shivers up against his shaft too, which felt nice, as her aura vibrated her excitement all through him.

A slight sensation, more than a tickle, drifted up the muscles of his stomach as she sent her aura exploring, even as its gentle motions on his hard-on continued. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her lightly on the nose in gratitude. The little touch continued on up, encircling his nipple.

“Do you like that?” She asked, her lips touching his neck as she spoke.

“Uh-huh,” he murmured. “I like the other direction too.” Happily, she followed his advice and sent yet another exploration down to wrap itself around his balls which had begun to constrict nicely and he groaned out loud in appreciation for her aura’s dexterity as she moved over all three sensitive zones with languid soft strokes.

As his Demon Moon and her aura intertwined and wrapped them in unseen touches, another small vibration began, moving out from where their hips met and spreading up to their chests until the small little feeling which had begun as a tickle on the air began to penetrate through their entire bodies. InuYasha suppressed a gasp as he felt her excitement directly, almost as though she were inside him. He sensed the blood rushing in her veins and felt her love for him washing up against giddy excitement at this new dimension of their relationship. Her body wanted more and her heart was exploding with happiness because he shared this with her. Or was it his heart that was so happy? He couldn’t tell any more and it suddenly didn’t matter as they became one, their bodies completely in each other’s embracing sphere, beginning to flow together like water, and their hearts open to each other and full of love.

Wanting to make her happier still, he sent his Demon Moon down to penetrate her even as it continued to stimulate the hard little pearl pressed against him. She gasped again and arched as his energy moved in and out of her, deeper with each stroke. Caught up with desire, he caught her ribs in his hands and cheated by lifting her ever so slightly so that he could lick at her peaking nipples, her weight pressing against his fully engorged length and eliciting a responding moan from deep in his throat as they closed over her breast. After only a few moments, she was panting in his ear, and her breath tickled the fine hairs on their tips, forcing him to flick it against her nose which made her laugh. For just a moment he considered lifting her just a little higher so he could slide her over himself... just to be in her... to feel her around him... it was all he could do to restrain himself from following all his instincts as they crashed around inside him.

As he set her down, her warm hands closed around his cock, standing up between them and she added steady squeezes to her aura’s softer, swirling motions. InuYasha briefly lost perspective on where he was as the waves of excitement moving through him amplified at her touch, amazing physical sensations beginning to pump through him even as their happiness burst inside him. He was beginning to lose control and his Demon Moon expanded out as it had the week before, reaching into the earth below them and seeking out a low vibration coming from across the hedge. Trying to distract himself and keep himself from bringing this wondrous experiment to a quick end, he followed the feeling of the new vibration as its thrum grew deeper. Kagome’s hand rubbed the skin of his chest and she leaned in to kiss and lick at his neck, following a rhythm with her tongue completely in sync with the increasingly intense tempo coming to them through his Demon Moon.

InuYasha wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head as she flicked her tongue over his skin, concentrating on the fact that the mysterious throbbing from the other side of the foliage had now matched the sound of their heartbeats in his ears and together the deep booming cadence began to beat his heart against his ribs like a huge drum. The regular pulsing rhythm became louder in his ears and began to pound him as though he were an instrument played by an unseen musician. From her small movements, in perfect time with the throbbing beat, he knew Kagome was caught up in it as well. She looked up at him and their eyes came together in the dark, full of wonder and excitement.

Suddenly, they heard Akane release a low moan at the same time the booming vibrations sped up and a shot of heat ran through them both, shivering his Demon Moon against her aura. The pulsing expanded from their hearts down lower and InuYasha and Kagome both gasped as they felt bodies come together in slow, measured motions, sliding in and out of each other... breasts touching... breath hot... lips hungering...

“It’s Ranma and Akane,” Kagome whispered in amazement.

“Their heartbeats...” InuYasha said. And more...

The sensation of Ranma and Akane making love was incredibly real to both of them and InuYasha felt the skin on his penis stretch as he hardened against the sensation of slick hot skin, even while he felt Kagome’s hands still on him. Kagome’s muscles tightened into the stimulating thrill of bodies undulating together and she surged against InuYasha in response, rubbing her breasts against his chest and kissing him on the collarbone, coaxing him to lower his mouth to hers where he thrust his tongue hungrily into her open lips. As they kissed, they sensed Ranma slow and then speed following some pattern only he understood; they knew Akane was having trouble controlling her excitement as it began to build and Kagome began to breathe heavily in response and in time with Akane’s more and more urgent whimpers from nearby.

“Gods,” InuYasha whispered thickly, “I thought it was hard to control when there were only two of us.” As if to prove his point Kagome moaned longingly against his neck and scraped her teeth on him lightly as her mouth closed against his skin, her tongue lapping against his throat and then she began sucking hard. He thought for one second what it would feel like if she were sucking that hard elsewhere and immediately lost control of his heartbeat as it sped, rippling through his Demon Moon into everyone else, quickening their hearts until they became even more helplessly captive to the booming beat shuddering through them all with echoes of their shared desire. The deep thrumming increased its tempo and Kagome whined slightly and began to work her hands over him more and more urgently as her hips began small squirming motions and her aura flushed hot against his chest.

Akane released an excited moan and they heard and felt Ranma slow inside her, whispering something.


“Wow,” Ranma whispered as Akane pulled him into a deep and sensual kiss. He was completely buried inside her and enjoying the feel of her hot wet skin encasing him. He’d learned how to control his ki in a new way these past few minutes, directing it past the large muscle groups he used to fight and concentrating on smaller, but much more interesting bundles of muscles and nerves. He could now harden himself at will, speed his heart or slow it and – most importantly – adjust his level of sexual excitement as it grew in intensity, all by concentrating on his breath. Moving his breath and his body’s energy against each other in a delicate interplay, he could enjoy the rising excitement his body felt while concentrating his mind on the regular whispering surge of his breath, in and out, calming him at the same time his muscles tightened and rushed with blood until he achieved a perfect balance of intense stimulation and quiet harmony. Akane seemed to be having a more difficult time achieving the same balance and her little noises tempted him to experiment. How high can I take her?

For fun, he decided to release a slight amount of control over his physical excitement, allowing it to build and began moving more quickly into her open legs as he kissed her harder. Akane reacted instantly clenching against him while her hands brushed down his back to grip his butt and pull him more deeply inside her with each thrust. She moaned softly into his open mouth and lifted her head when he broke the kiss to try and control his breathing again, continuing to kiss his neck and shoulder. Ranma took a deep breath and tried to slow himself down. Just as he thought he was beginning to bring his pumping hips back into easy time with his inhales, a new sensation overwhelmed him, like a gentle hot wind rising up from the earth beneath them, wrapping them in warmth at the same time it brushed over his skin sensually. The warm feeling seemed to wrap them in a cocoon because his heartbeat began to thump more loudly in his ears, several small echoes of it thudding along with its deep cadence, syncing up with it in time until all the throbbing beats came together and grew more intense.

Without intending it, Ranma’s breathing and regular plunges into Akane began to follow this intense rhythm until he felt like his body was nothing but an extension of his heart beat. Akane, too, seemed caught in his motions as her breath began to match his and her kisses up his neck became more and more intense. Ranma began to concentrate on slowing them down again when he had the strangest sensation of fingers moving over his shaft, a complete impossibility since he was deep inside Akane. Akane gasped softly underneath him.

“InuYasha’s Demon Moon...” she whispered as the mysterious fingers gripped him more urgently and squeezed. “We’re feeling them....”

As he angled down into her again, Akane groaned and Ranma shifted his weight to palm her breast as the beat urged him to move faster, which he did even though he hadn’t intended to. When his fingers brushed her peaked nipple she arched against him, her thighs tightening around him and her body writhing, thrusting her breast into his hand where the little bud of its tip hardened against his fingers. Her breathing quickened and small noises of distress blew into his ear with each urgent exhale.

Crap! She’s losing it! Ranma had been proud of himself so far in containing his extreme arousal, but the mere thought of Akane having an orgasm underneath him while he was inside her... and that mysterious sensation of hands squeezing him... almost ripped away his increasingly more tenuous control to send him into orgasmic ecstasy right along with her. No.... no.... I’ve got to master this... but Akane’s little pleading sounds were quickly taking him right to the edge and he felt a little spasmodic jerk of his hips warn him that control was dangerously close to gone.

“Yes. Yes,” she mumbled into the skin of his neck. “God, that’s it! Just like that, Ranma.” Heat flushed through him as her fingernails dug into his back and the thrumming beat in his ears became deafening. “Harder... harder!”

No! I’ve got to get control...

“Shhhhhh,” he managed to slow his movements into her with great effort, trying to ignore the throbbing beat pulsing through him and concentrating on regular... deep... slow... regular... deep... slow... breathing. “Not so fast, Akane.” He leaned in to whisper soothingly into her ear. “Remember to control your ki...”

“Nooooooo.....” she whined and writhed under him as his movements slowed even more. “Faster....” Her fingers grabbed his butt again and she tried to pull him deeply into her.

Ranma started to get angry that she wasn’t trying hard enough to control herself, and then it dawned on him that he was the one with the control here and that maybe he could use this to his advantage. Maybe if he could make her come on purpose... but control only himself...

“You want me to go faster?” A sly tone slipped into his voice as he licked the outside of her ear and pulled out slowly, only to snap his hips into her hard and quick.

“Yes!” She gripped him with her arms and legs and he felt her shake. The thumping beat seemed to time itself to his breathing and so he concentrated on steadying his breath and ki while speeding and then slowing his hips to work her into a frenzy and then back off, making her snuffle in frustration and squirm beneath him. Soon he began to realize it wasn’t just her he seemed to be affecting, each time Akane fell back in frustration, he heard an equally frustrated moan from Kagome, and then InuYasha, and then InuYasha and Kagome. Each time he drove them closer to the edge, he felt more and more in control, though he was not so foolish to think that if he let his concentration break for even a moment, he wouldn’t take them all off the cliff of orgasmic glory with him.

Just as he began to consider succumbing, giving in to the temptation, a loud animal howl filled the park, from not far away, a howl of pain and anger. Every hair on his body rose in an uncomfortably spiky ripple as adrenaline ran through him, sending his heart into the tap-dance urgency of survival mode.

“Wha?” Akane said muzzily when he stopped moving.

His whole body tensed as the feral sound peaked, and he knew enough to trust his instincts. Quickly, he pulled out and sat back on his heels, balanced on Akane’s bent knees and looking regretfully at what he’d just left. The throbbing beat had sped up along with the beat of their hearts and before Ranma could answer Akane’s question, they heard and saw InuYasha struggling with his jeans next door.

“How the hell do you get in these things?” the demon grunted.

“Do you have to go?” Kagome said unhappily and Ranma could swear he felt her disappointment as a shadow of the mystery touch on his dick from a few minutes ago.

“That was Kouga,” InuYasha replied a little shakily. “Anything that could do that to him I gotta check out. Besides, I smell...” His voice trailed off and in the next moment he jumped into the clearing and landed a few feet from Ranma, a wave of sensation preceding him so that the moment his feet touched the ground, Ranma heard InuYasha’s heartbeat and breath loud in his ears, now in discordant timing with his own and Akane’s. The demon had managed to get his jeans back on but had given up trying to fasten them around the large bulge Ranma could just barely make out in the dark light.

“Stay here and protect ‘em!” InuYasha said, irritation rolling off him as Ranma stood and grabbed for his own pants. ”I’ll be back in a minute.”

“No way I’m stayin’ here!” Ranma really didn’t know why he was arguing, his eye catching Akane on the ground, her hands clamped between her legs, clearly wishing they could continue. His head was swimming and the drumming sounds of their non-rhythmic heart beats made him feel dizzy, but his natural competitive urge to be the hero just propelled him to want to precede InuYasha into the woods; except that he was too late and InuYasha was gone already. He tied his pants off. “Stay with Kagome!” he said to Akane, who rolled to her side, still writhing. He stopped for just a moment to watch her move her hand around in little circles just as Kagome stepped through the hedge holding her shirt up so that it barely covered her nakedness. As she came closer, Ranma felt a warm wave touch him and his skin prickled. Kagome stared down at Akane who breathed heavily, lost in her own world.

“Go on,” Kagome said distractedly. “I’ll stay with her.” Ranma was confused by the strange clash of energies around them but his feet were already taking him after InuYasha and he turned his attentions to following the demon into the trees, instinctively sensing the other’s heartbeat in the darkness before him.


Akane was barely aware of what was happening. She’d heard the howling noise that had so disturbed Ranma and InuYasha, but somehow once it stopped she forgot all about it as waves of sensation continued to move through her, her blood pumping to the rhythm of the deep beating drums coming through the earth and into her. Even when Ranma had left and the beats began to diminish, her body continued to pulse by itself, wanting... needing something deep within her, calling to muscles in her core she hadn’t even known existed as they clenched and squeezed inside her. She whined and didn’t even realize it was her own voice sounding so desperate to continue the sensations which had begun to wane as InuYasha and Ranma ran farther away. Her hand moved down between her legs and began to explore the abandoned territory hiding beneath the soft folds of skin there and she groaned out loud and rolled to her side.

She was aware of a warm presence that had been at the edges of the heavy beating rhythm earlier and now it was moving into the emptiness growing at Ranma’s departure, filling the space around her, enveloped her, filling the diminished beating in her ear with it’s own muted thrumming, lower frequency but equally strong. It was soft and she gasped as it slid smoothly against her skin – like a hint of silk moving over her naked shoulders. Still in a haze, Akane opened her eyes and saw Kagome beginning to kneel down next to her and just as her knee touched the earth next to Akane’s head, Akane felt a softer-than-silk sensation cascade down over her naked skin as though Kagome had brought with her a lighter-than-air shawl and draped it across her body. It felt so good, so delicate, like feathers floating over her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the wonderful sensation.

“Akane?” Kagome whispered. “Are you okay?”

She couldn’t answer, didn’t want to interrupt the new sensation fluttering over her, sending little bolts of excitement into the wetness underneath her fingers as her own motions became the pulse within the rhythm now moving through her. A new wave of excitement rose inside her, centering on the little bead beneath her fingers and she heard a quick intake of breath from Kagome, followed by a shaky sigh. The light touch across her body rippled and Akane somehow knew that Kagome had felt the wave beneath her fingers, that the soft touch across her skin was Kagome’s... that somehow they were connected. She looked up and saw Kagome’s dark eyes staring down at her, unfathomable but open... curious. Akane knew she didn’t have a Demon Moon or whatever this mysterious power of Kagome’s was... even her ki was pretty impossible to control, but she knew instinctively that none of this mattered because her body had now established the rhythm both she and Kagome felt moving through them as her hips began to rock against her finger and her back arched underneath the light but deliberate caresses of Kagome’s soft, unseen touch.

“What...” Akane needed to ask, but it was so hard to form thoughts as the waves of sensation from between her legs began to surge as they met the light touch Kagome had brought with her. “You’re doing...” Akane managed.

“Just...” Kagome sounded flustered and Akane felt the little touch withdraw slightly. “Experimenting,” Kagome said quietly.

“Don’t...” Akane’s eyes were closed now, concentrating on the small tendril of feeling which was all that was left of Kagome’s unseen touch, “...stop. Please?” She opened her eyes, looking up at Kagome’s shadowed face, which she found beautiful – kind and pretty.

There was a slight pause during which nothing changed and Akane tried to hold on to the strong sensations rocking her lower half even as Kagome’s more delicate stroking touch began, tentatively, to move in small flowing motions, skimming across Akane’s collarbones and neck as though petting her. Akane closed her eyes and let the tiny feelings play over her, wishing Kagome would move lower, down to her breasts. Unable to contain her desire, Akane lifted one hand to her cup breast, the fingers of her other hand moving more urgently now; her body quivering and beginning to vibrate. She smiled a little to herself as Kagome’s light touch inched down her chest, as though still curious, and slowly swept under the curve of Akane’s other breast, experimentally swirling her hard nipple before spreading warmly back down the skin over her ribs. Akane involuntarily, but happily, responded by groaning loudly and arching herself off the ground, trying to push in vain into the impossible touch Kagome had just given her, but the touch was gone and Akane felt its loss, moaning sadly until she stopped, aware that the touch had come back, soothingly slinking down her belly.

She wanted to encourage Kagome not to stop again and whispered, “Not like InuYasha’s Demon Moon...,” rolling her head to the side as the little feelings moved past her navel.

“You’ve felt his Demon Moon?” Kagome sounded surprised and Akane remembered that Kagome and Ranma had been, thankfully, distracted the first time she’d felt InuYasha’s unseen touch at any level of intimacy.

“Felt it before... when we were all-” Akane lost her words as the memory of the first time she and Ranma made love swept back through her, making her gasp with a little spike of excitement. “He... he kind of...” Akane breathed hard trying to maintain control, “lost control of it there at the end.” There was a silence in which Akane knew Kagome remembered when they had all felt each other’s ecstasy and it was as if a small barrier came down, as if Akane and Kagome remembering that time together established a new bond, not one with the strength of the Demon Moon, but more subtle and tender. Somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind Akane knew she should be embarrassed at this connection, except that the feelings now between them was so intimate, so gentle, so... beautiful.

“How is it,” Kagome stopped, perhaps to swallow, “different?”

“Softer, lighter,” she whispered, focusing on the little sense of silken fingers just above her fuzzy triangle and struggled for words, anticipation of where the tantalizingly soft caress might go next. “Just on the surface, instead of inside.” She tried to stay focused. “Do you have a Demon Moon too?”

“No,” there was a soft movement up and over her belly again, which Akane particularly enjoyed with a soft sigh. “It’s just my aura.”

“I like it,” Akane surprised herself at her honesty, at the strange situation she found herself in – without Ranma and in an extreme state of arousal. But the feelings were now overwhelming and Kagome’s presence nearby was comforting... and exciting.


Kagome was riveted, watching Akane react to her aura as it stroked her skin playfully. The thrum of their two heartbeats was faint in her ears, but deep and it had kept the blood rushing warmly through her veins elevating her heart rate. Part of her said to stop, that InuYasha and Ranma would be back any minute and that this was just crazy, but an image flashed across her mind as she watched Akane move sinuously underneath her aura’s caress, an image of Akane as she had lain underneath girl-Ranma only a week before, wet with the rain and gasping into the red headed girls mouth over her nipple. The image was vivid and strong and Kagome blushed to realize she’d seen it more than once this past week, wondering what that would feel like – to touch and to be touched like that.

“I like it,” Akane said huskily, bringing Kagome’s attention back to the waves of desire rolling off her into Kagome’s aura and stimulating a deep sensual flush of warmth that spawned a surprised tension in her throat, strangling a question she suddenly needed to know the answer to. She took a deep breath to relax and the question almost asked itself.

“What was it like?” She said, her heart thudding in her ears, nervous about what Akane might think if she finished her question. But Akane was only partly focused, her hand still moving between her legs as her hips rolled and moved under the stimulation of Kagome’s aura and her own hands. “What was it like when Ranma was a girl? When he.. she... kissed you?”

“Ohhhh,” Akane whispered, clearly distracted. “What? When?”

Kagome thought her heart would burst out of her chest as she dropped the shirt she was holding, her eyes now fixed on the hard little nub atop Akane’s untouched breast, the one girl-Ranma had kissed. It looked so beautiful in the pale starlight and Kagome’s own breasts tingled at the thought of touching them and tasting them and before she knew it, she had lowered her mouth, her aura still rubbing softly across Akane’s belly as she tenderly placed her warm lips on Akane’s nipple in a soft but firm kiss. Akane groaned deeply, her head falling to the side, and arched her back so that her nipple pushed up against Kagome’s mouth. Closing her eyes to better concentrate on the sensations now coursing through them both simultaneously, Kagome kissed carefully in a small circle around the little bud and then slipped her tongue out to follow a similar pattern, licking in circles as Akane turned her head to the other side, her breath rapid.

Kagome was so focused on the feel of soft rounded curves beneath her tongue, her mouth opening to suck Akane’s breast into her mouth in a long languid motion, that she was surprised to feel a small hand up under her own breast. Akane held its weight in her palm and slid her skin against it until Kagome realized she’d lost concentration on her aura, which had slipped down around Akane’s fingers as they played. Focusing a bit, she started to get control of the situation, sweeping her tongue over Akane’s incredibly soft breast as the same time that her aura dipped down below Akane’s finger as it toyed over her even more sensitive nub. And just when Kagome had begun to think she could bring Akane to an orgasm, she felt the other girl’s hand leave her breast and down to slip her fingers between Kagome’s legs, releasing a shuddering sigh from Kagome, who inadvertently relaxed her mouth so that it simply hovered over Akane’s nipple, breathing hot air until Kagome tilted her head back, concentrating on using her aura to stroke down Akane’s wet folds and barely penetrate her, teasing and tempting Akane’s fingers to follow a similar pattern on Kagome. Testing again, Kagome’s aura stroked back up to play with Akane’s clit, wringing small noises from the girl, whose fingers followed suite. Kagome moaned and spread her knees wider, balancing on all fours over Akane as they continued to explore one another.


InuYasha’s body was alive with feeling, still rushing with energy from Kagome’s touch, adrenaline crashing with extreme excitement and prickles of danger-response as he sped through the trees following Kouga’s scent... and the pig boy’s... and something else...

That can’t be what I think it is... Without realizing it, he grimaced into the blackness and considered slowing down – maybe stopping and just not investigating. But, Kouga had sounded really hurt, and this was a strange time with strange people... He slowed his pace anyway as he drew nearer that peculiar scent, part of him just not wanting to know if he was right. A moment later, Ranma crashed into him from behind.

“What the-?” Ranma blurted as the hanyou whirled around and threw him against a tree.

“Shut up!” InuYasha hissed, dropping into a crouch and listening to discern if they’d been overheard. Only silence made its way into his perked ears as they swiveled on his head. The frustrated and angry sounds of Ranma righting himself from his sprawl soon overcame the silence and then stopped as he, too, listening.

“What was that howling sound?” Ranma said rather loudly.

“Shut up!” InuYasha repeated. “I can hear you just fine if you whisper.”

“I am whispering!” Ranma whispered heatedly. “Who yelled?”

“Ko- InuYasha stopped, trying to remember if Ranma knew the wolf youkai’s name. “The wolf. And he was here with pig-boy.”

“Ryoga?” Ranma sounded surprised.

“Yeah...” InuYasha rose and advanced another step towards a small clearing behind some bushy screen. “They were here.” He stepped into the clearing and looked around at dirt and bushes.

“Ok,” Ranma looked at InuYasha as though sizing up whether he really could tell they’d been there, since he himself saw nothing to indicate the empty clearing had been recently populated. “You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” InuYasha was irritated, but more by the smell he couldn’t get out of his nose than by Ranma. That smell, he had now confirmed, was definitely a male scent. The kind of scent that could only be produced under an extreme state of arousal. And there were two of them.

“What were they doing here?” Ranma walked around the clearing, his bare chest and back muscles accentuated by the dark shadowed night, nothing like the smaller, rounder, softer version of himself in girl form. InuYasha looked away, the scents and thoughts of girl-Ranma suddenly and uncomfortably mingling in the still active energy of his Demon Moon and arousing him again.

“Nothing we really want to know about,” he said.

“Is the wolf hurt?” Ranma turned, clearly not trying to hide a satisfied smirk at the possibility that Ryoga might have been the cause behind the wolf’s cry.

“I don’t think so,” InuYasha said, ignoring the gloating insinuation. “No blood scent. Just....”



Akane’s high pitched cry pierced the night around them and they stiffened, giving each other only the briefest glance before heading back to where they’d left the girls. InuYasha was faster, pulling three full paces ahead of the human when his Demon Moon caught a strong surge of energy that almost brought him to his knees as the blood rushed into his penis, hardening him in an instant as he felt Akane’s orgasm ripple through him as she cried out again, waves of aftershock following as she tightened and shuddered. But what surprised him even more was Kagome’s excitement, not as intense as Akane’s... yet... but strong and powerful, building.

As he stumbled to the edge of the clearing, he caught a flash of bare skin and picked up a surprised little gasp which caused him to stop completely, if awkwardly, catching a quick view of Akane rising up from below Kagome, taking her by the shoulders to lay her down and then moving over her on all fours.

Ranma slammed into him from behind again and they both grunted.

“Gah! Would you stop doing that!” InuYasha instinctively turned and grabbed Ranma’s muscular arms, pushing him up against a tree trunk. His surprise and slight confusion at what he felt through his Demon Moon kept him just off-balance and his weight fell against Ranma, who must have felt InuYasha’s hard shaft against his hip because he instantly punched InuYasha in the ribs. Ranma’s range of motion was limited and so the punch landed shallow; the youkai just grunted and glared at the boy, whose eyes were only inches away from his own. “What the hell was that for?”

“Get off me!” Ranma was flustered, both because he was fighting poorly and because a demon with a hard-on was pressed into him. His heart slammed into his chest and he began to gather his ki for a fight.

“Shut up!” InuYasha repeated in a harsh whisper and rolled his eyes toward the clearing, turning his head slightly as though he wanted Ranma to follow his gaze.

Ranma turned to look, confused. “Waaaaaaaaaa..........” His jaw dropped and his body relaxed in InuYasha’s hold as he took in the sight of Kagome on her back in the pale starlight, and Akane on all fours over her, her mouth open and lowering over one lovely breast as her hand stroked slowly up the side of the other. Kagome chose that moment to gasp and roll her shoulders, clearly enjoying the sensations of Akane’s tongue and fingertips. He might have been annoyed at the pulse against his hip that indicated InuYasha was watching the same amazing display of female lust except that his own sex had hardened again involuntarily at the sight and was pressing into InuYasha’s thigh. He blushed furiously but decided to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t move either and soon felt the demon’s grip on his arms relax.

Without turning his head from where Kagome’s hands had begun to stroke Akane’s back and shoulders, moving down under her breasts and back up, InuYasha hissed, “Can you keep your trap shut now?” Ranma nodded, still dumbfounded, and InuYasha pushed back off him so that they stood side by side, both tenting their pants as they watched the girls.

As he watched Akane’s lips kiss down the underside of Kagome’s breast and then move over to the other one, opening wide to take her in, sucking and then kissing and then sucking again, Ranma experienced a surge of heat in his loins that nearly wrung a moan out of him and he instinctively put a hand to his pants and pressed. A low moan did break out just to his side as InuYasha bent forward slightly, his hands rising to cover his groin.

“Would you be careful!” the demon whispered, irritated. “I can feel that... and them...” InuYasha involuntarily pressed on the rise in his pants and released another soft sound just as Ranma felt compelled to say something equally unintelligible but stifled the sound as the sensation of soft pressure on his own shaft almost made his eyes cross. Some little part of his brain reasoned that InuYasha’s touching himself had somehow reverberated through the other’s Demon Moon and stimulated Ranma. He began to understand what a precarious situation they had landed themselves in and took a deep breath, centering his ki as he turned back to watch the girls, just in time to see Akane slip through Kagome’s arms as they tried to wrap around her shoulders, moving with little kisses down the reclining girl’s body and nuzzling the little patch of darkness between her thighs.

“Oh gods,” Ranma heard InuYasha sigh and felt another press between his legs, sending little adrenaline shots all through him and hardening him as he saw out of the corner of his eyes that InuYasha had practically doubled over and was panting rapidly.

“Why don’t you just leave if you can’t take it?” Ranma hissed, half annoyed and half amused “I’ll make sure nothing happens to the girls...” He glanced back to see Kagome’s back arch as she gasped, Akane’s dark hair obscuring the little movements of her tongue and lips between Kagome’s thighs. “Uh... I mean nothing bad...” He squirmed and marshaled his ki for what was sure to come. And it did.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” InuYasha fell to his knees, clearly struggling now. “Cu... could y-“ Ranma was horrified to see the demon slip a hand into his pants and Ranma felt the reverberation through the Demon Moon of InuYasha’s strong fingers grabbing his full length and stroking with a firm grip as he heard the demon struggle with the rest of his sentence. “Could you... look away from that?” The demon moaned and his head fell back, his eyes slit to watch the girls as Kagome’s breathing became audibly labored and Ranma saw her grab the grass beside her clearly trying not to thrash herself out from under Akane’s apparently talented ministrations. A little voice in the back of his head answered InuYasha’s question with a resounding no! and Ranma gave into the sweet sensation of strong fingers on his shaft and the beautiful sight of Kagome rising to orgasm under Akane’s touch, her hands now stroking up the outside of Kagome’s thighs, and one slipping up to hold her breast. Ranma’s eyelids started to close of their own accord as the blood surged into his erection and as his hips spasmed uncontrollably, urging him to jerk himself against the unseen touch, he stumbled back against the tree and watched Kagome’s mouth open in a silent scream through unfocused eyes just as InuYasha collapsed down on one hand, the other working furiously in his pants.

Ranma found the Demon Moon’s touch hugely arousing but it wasn’t going to be enough and just as InuYasha began to growl and strain, Ranma reached in and grabbed himself, pumping his fist in a blur and tightly around the full length of his shaft, spreading the wetness at his tip up and down until he was gasping and found himself on his knees next to InuYasha, both jerking themselves off furiously as though in a competition to see who would come first. Ranma was breathing hard and unable to believe how good it felt, his own excitement and InuYasha’s blending into some rapidly upwardly spiraling vortex of pleasure until the two of them were stifling moans together, their hips jerking uncontrollably into their hands as Ranma felt his pants became quickly soaked but he didn’t care as he quickly came to a stop, every muscle rigid as a shiver from the tip of his penis all he way up to his head, his whole body jiggling as he released the last bit of pent up energy and relaxed, taking his hand out to wipe it on the grass beneath him. Still unsteady, he sat back on his haunches only to see InuYasha already standing next to him, arms crossed with a shadowed smile on his lips, his pants magically dry.

“Have fun?” the demon smirked.

“At least as much as you did,” Ranma stood shakily, glancing up to see that Akane was laying on top of Kagome now, her knees on the ground between Kagome’s open thighs and their breasts softly pressed together. They were happily kissing. He groaned slightly as he felt a little wave of desire from InuYasha again, matching his own. “Oh no you don’t,” Ranma warned. “We’re getting them out of here now.

“I guess,” InuYasha said smugly. “It’ll take me at least five minutes to reload.”

Five minutes? Ranma almost exclaimed in disbelief but he caught the taunting expression on InuYasha’s face and decided to play it cool.

“Me too, and it’s getting late.”

They turned to face the girls again who were giggling and nuzzling each other. Neither guy moved, enjoying the sight thoroughly.

“Uh,” Ranma stammered a little. “Are we going to break ‘em up?”

“What?” InuYasha turned his body as though responding to the question, but his eyes never left the girls. “And let them know we saw them? I’d hate it if they never did this again, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah...” Ranma felt himself blush. “I guess it’d be a shame if we never got to see that again.”

“Besides,” InuYasha’s grin had a playfully evil twist to it now, “maybe I’ll get lucky and get to watch a three-way girl pile.”

Ranma’s blush became hot even as his manhood surged at the thought. Gah! Gotta get out of here fast. He was immediately relived to see Akane get up and drop a white cloth on Kagome as she moved over to get her own clothing.

“Ok,” InuYasha’s tone had returned to business. “ready?”

“Give ‘em a minute,” Ranma said, actually thinking he needed a minute himself to calm down again. They waited until both girls were covered on the top and walked past the trees and into the clearing. The sound of female laughter was delightful and happy around them as they came up.

“Hi there,” Akane threw herself into Ranma’s arms and he found himself immediately relieved, unaware that part of him had been tense, wondering if she would be glad to see him. “So did you find out what made that noise?”

“What have you guys been up to?” Ranma asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Just playing,” Kagome said knowingly as she looked up at InuYasha and they shared a smile.

“You knew!” Ranma burst out, looking at Kagome.

“Knew what?” Akane said sweetly, her hand stroking Ranma’s chest.

“Nothing,” InuYasha said, staring daggers at Ranma and Ranma took a deep breath to relax, reminding himself that he fervently hoped to see that spectacle again sometime and wasn’t sure how Akane would react if she knew they’d been watched. “Nothing,” he repeated, focusing back on the girl in his arms. “Let’s go home, okay?”

“Okay,” she said happily and her hips pressed against his wet pants. “Ahhhh, she looked up at him teasingly. “Did you lose control of your ki?”

“Me? No,” he lied. “There was a stream...”

“Yeah,” InuYasha said, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he crossed into the nearby clearing to grab his shirt. “Ranma’s such a klutz he fell in the water.”

“Let’s go,” Ranma ground out, sending hot magma through his gaze at the demon as he put on his own shirt and turned to grab Akane’s hand in his. She handed him his shoes, which he dropped and slipped on before following her down the hill. The others weren’t far behind them, the two couples walking wrapped in each other quietly whispering until they reached the edge of the park where InuYasha and Kagome started to peel off to the left.

“See you tomorrow morning at the dojo?” Akane called out to Kagome.

“Sure!” Kagome waved and fell back into step alongside InuYasha.

“What was that all about?” InuYasha asked, glancing over his shoulder for a final glimpse of Akane’s rear end swinging happily under her skirt. His hand slipped down over Kagome’s equally luscious curves as they talked.

“We’re going to meet at the dojo tomorrow before we go to the Cat Café,” InuYasha cocked an eyebrow. “I promised Akane I’d show her how to make really good ramen before we go over to the Café. Apparently, there’s a girl there who really likes Ranma and is always trying to steal him away with ramen. So Akane wants to fight back and I said I’d help her.”

“Okay...” InuYasha decided to just play along since the plan held the promise of ramen. “So we’ll have Akane’s ramen and then go get some more?” He hugged her to him.

“Yep.” Kagome said happily. “That’s the plan.”

“Ack! You’re going to feed us whaaaaaat?!?!” They heard Ranma’s distressed cry from at least five blocks away.

“Ranma doesn’t quite as interested in this plan...” InuYasha said suspiciously.

“Maybe he doesn’t like Ramen,” Kagome whispered as she lifted her chin to plant a little kiss on his jaw.

“Idiot,” InuYasha mumbled, looking down and capturing her lips in his.


To be continued...