A/N: XXX Warnings: The voyeuristic aspects of our little Romp are about to ratchet up with the introduction of Ryoga and Kouga to the sexual fun. And, uh... I can’t believe I did this, but this chapter is... yaoi. Yeah. Two guys... masturbation... It’s a tad kinky... but I swear it was Kouga’s idea. Blame him. I have witnesses. If you’re not into the guy on guy thing, just skip this chapter and come back to see what these crazy characters want to do in chapter 21. It may or may not be as kinky. I just never know until we get there. The chapter title refers to a chapter in “Romp Through Time”. Disclaimer: InuYasha, Kagome, Ranma, Akane, Ryoga and Kouga are all the property of Rumiko Takahashi, may she continue to fill our lives with wonderful characters for us to play with.


Boys’ Night Out – Part Deux

Kouga’s head was spinning as the scent of two females in a highly aroused state now filled him, along with the electric energy of InuYasha’s excitement and another faintly recognizable male scent which he presumed to be Ranma’s arousal as well. I can’t believe they’re doing it right after we left! No wonder they didn’t want us follow them! Despite the fact that he guessed that he took his life in his hands by trying to find InuYasha while he was mating, Kouga was drawn irresistibly by the scent, like a moth to the flame. As he maneuvered himself into the elixir on the breeze, coming from downwind to ensure InuYasha didn’t detect him, his heart began beating wildly in his ears, knowing the rules of his pack in observing such things – which was fully accepted as long as the observer remained hidden and did not the challenge the mating male – but wholly unaware of the conventions among humans in the future. And though he wasn’t sure, something told him his presence would be very unwelcome if they learned he was there.

He began to hear voices, still fairly distant, which confirmed that it was the couples they’d left only minutes ago. Akane and Kagome both laughed and their voices were like bubbles floating through the air, light and happy. Hearing how the men responded to make the girls laugh again made him jealous... and intensely curious. As he crept closer, silent and low to the ground, the voices died down, conversation becoming more sporadic just as the aromas spiked with even more evidence of sex. His Demon Moon activated fully, already having been aroused, at the first low moan from InuYasha, followed shortly by Akane. Shit! They’re not all in it together are they? Kouga’s Demon Moon became very excited by that thought and suggested to him that where there were four, perhaps five could play. Shut up! He said to himself. I really don’t want to get killed. Despite his bluster, he was not entirely confident that he would win in a death match against InuYasha, and if Ranma entered the fray, the likelihood of survival was even more remote.

He’d identified the spot where they were, behind a high hedge canopied by a large tree. Careful to stay downwind and silent, he crept up to the hedge and searched for a place to look in. The sounds of heavy breathing punctuated by soft and not-so-soft moans were beginning to drive him crazy and his cock was now pressed way too tightly against the stupid pants things that it was getting painful. He finally found a vantage point and nosed up to it. Just as he saw Kagome standing in the moonlight, her bare breasts peaked on the arch of her back as InuYasha knelt, naked, to lick at her, nuzzling himself between her legs, two things happened. Kouga’s cock got so stiff so fast that he almost yelped except that at the same time, his nose encountered a spirit barrier which sent little libido-dampening tingles through his face. He backed off, rubbing his nose, to sit on his haunches.

He still had a good view of the oblivious couple in the clearing and watched as InuYasha – his fully erect penis pressing up against Kagome’s leg as he teased her with his tongue – drove the woman of his dreams mad with desire until she had to tell him to stop, which is when he lowered her to the ground to continue what was obviously sweet torture. Kouga felt a swelling ache in his groin at the sight of her smile as she arched her back against the ground and put her hands on his head, her breath becoming ragged. The ache grew into a torment as Kouga’s cock hardened in a painful twist within his pants and he backed away to get out of the stupid cloth altogether. Finally freeing himself he moved back in, squatting with his knees splayed outside his elbows to watch. Behind InuYasha and Kagome and beyond another low hedge, he caught sight of Ranma as the boy pulled Akane into a kiss, pulsing his body against her. Knowing exactly what that tilt of his hips felt like, Kouga felt another rush of blood flood into his cock, now standing straight up between his open legs. The urge to grab himself became overwhelming but he resisted, not sure he could keep his mouth shut if he gave in to the very natural impulses now surging in his blood.

Kagome gasped and InuYasha sat up, displaying his excitement – which Kouga had to admit was rather impressive – as he knelt between Kagome’s open knees. What the hell is going on? Kouga puzzled. Why doesn’t he just take her? She’s obviously in the mood. As though to prove his point, Kagome launched herself up on all fours, looked at InuYasha nose-to-nose in a way that Kouga would have found very threatening, but which the hanyou seemed to enjoy; and then she plunged her mouth down on him, extracting a loud groan from him – and from Kouga, which he managed to strangle in his throat before it made its way out. Kouga’s eyes were wide as he watched her toy with the half demon’s dick, and he couldn’t help but notice that her rear was pointed in his general direction and she was only ten steps away from him... except for that barrier... His Demon Moon was now busy actively stroking his own stiff length, even though his hands were still and he felt the muscles in his hips begin little micro tilting motions of their own accord, in perfect time with his Demon Moon’s unseen movements. Just then, Ranma and Akane stopped talking and he glanced up to see Ranma push Akane up against a tree, and kneel to tease her as InuYasha had been doing. He had a perfect angle on the silhouette of her body as she gasped and struggled to control herself. She made a little noise about the same time InuYasha moaned again...

It was too much.

Kouga grabbed himself and gave a luxurious and hard pull on his full length strangling another growl that wanted desperately to build to a howl. It felt so good that he did it again, looking at the amazing scene before him and somewhere in the back of his mind making note for the future that some teasing before the main course might be worth a try. Looking again at Kagome’s sweet rear propped up as she worked over InuYasha on all fours, he just for a moment imagined himself entering her and immediately had to bite his lip hard enough that he almost cut the skin, stopping himself because the scent of blood was very likely to alert InuYasha to his presence, even from downwind. Just then, Kagome sat up and they negotiated a new position, sitting facing each other. Kouga was a little confused until he noticed their light touches and Kagome’s reaction to something InuYasha hadn’t done with his hand. He’s using his damned Demon Moon! Kouga pulled hard again, simultaneously squeezing and pulling on himself with his fist and his Demon Moon and swallowed another howl.

Unnoticed by Kouga about fifteen yards away behind another low row of bushes, Ryoga was in a similar situation, though he remained fully clothed and hadn’t given in to pleasuring himself – yet. Though he was unaware of it, he was downwind of them all and staring at Ranma as he lowered Akane to the ground and slowly began to enter her, tensing every muscle to move in and out of her open legs, adjusting his angle as though to meet her hips as they tilted into him. Her breasts were round and firm beneath him, topped with dark little spots that Ryoga could almost pretend he could feel as excitement surged through him, coloring his cheeks and crashing down between his legs to where it gathered and built.

He felt bad sitting here watching, guilty and jealous; but as she arched her back at the slightest little motion of Ranma’s hips, and as he sighed, holding still before moving into her again, Ryoga couldn’t help but be filled with wonder. It’s so beautiful... he thought. Not like all the sordid things he’d heard his friends talk about in middle school before he left on his first training mission; not like the stories he’d heard around the campfires with other men he’d shared stories with during his travels. It’s like watching a dance, they way they respond to each other... move together... He was so moved that a small tear formed at the corner of his eye. My Akane... Seeing the joy on both their faces, and seeing the tenderness with which Ranma bent to kiss her once he was deeply inside her, watching him plant little kisses on her neck and breasts as he slowly slowly slowly slowly pulled his hips back and then pushed himself into her again, drawing a moan from her... He knew she was forever Ranma’s and the tear fell down his cheek. With irony he realized that it was both a tear of sorrow, knowing he would never have her for his own, and a tear of joy for the beauty of what he witnessed... and happiness for Akane... and even Ranma... that they could find such wonder in each other’s embrace.

Ranma moaned this time as he pulled out and in a little faster, as though giving in to what Ryoga realized must be an overwhelming desire to move more quickly, and another lusty noise came from beyond the other hedge. Ryoga tried to adjust his sight and noticed through a break in another hedge that InuYasha and Kagome were just beyond. Is everyone having sex in the park tonight except me? He could only see InuYasha, kneeling as Kagome’s dark hair moved up and down over his lap. The demon’s head faced the night sky, his long white hair falling down his back as he clearly tried to keep from howling at the moon. Ryoga felt a hearty surge of excitement twist around his balls and harden his already stiff penis up against the loose fabric of his sparring pants. Unsure what to do, but realizing he was now so aroused that he wouldn’t sleep tonight unless he did something about it, he glanced back to watch Ranma and Akane continue to move together. About three minutes of this wonderful sight was all he could take until he was so hard that it was an ache that he knew all too well would become an agony very shortly.

I’m sure I’ll get lost again before I can get back to the Tendo’s. He briefly thought about becoming a pig in the fountain and then busting in on Ranma and Akane so she’d take him home, but he realized now why Ranma was so irritated with him lately, and he reluctantly admitted that he understood the irritation, he’d be irritated with himself now too. Backing away as quietly as he could, he turned and crept away. Moving what he thought was a respectful distance away, he knelt down by a tree and loosened the tie of his pants, taking his throbbing dick in his hand and feeling the relief flood him as he gave in to his need. Reaching down to cup his balls with his other hand, he continued to pull on himself, replaying the image of Ranma moving so slowly into Akane causing her to arch and tilt against him. Thinking of her little nipples peaking just under his tongue, Ryoga gripped himself extra firmly and felt the rush of air leave his lungs as a sigh escaped him. It felt so good he did it again... and again.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large body slammed him back on the ground and he found himself pressed to the earth beneath Kouga, who had his hand over Ryoga’s mouth and his fangs up against his ear. All he could see clearly was the wolf demon’s oddly shaped ear in his line of site as a strong hand kept his head pinned to the ground. With a shock he realized that the demon’s naked length was pressed hotly up against his own, lying along side it as they stiffened into each other’s bellies, the heat and hardness of their cocks making it impossible to mistake that particular sensation. The feel of the other’s hard penis against his stomach sent a surge of adrenaline through him that mixed with his excitement and hardened him even more.

”Shut up,” Kouga snarled into his ear, sending good bumps all down Ryoga’s body as the low tone rumbled through both their chests. The rush of adrenaline that surged through Ryoga had the confusing affect of scaring him and exciting him so that he had the very unusual reaction of doing as he was told and keeping quiet and still. “Good.” Kouga said after a moment. “You don’t want InuYasha to hear you and come kill us both. Keep your goddamn mouth shut.” Ryoga noticed the wolf was breathing hard, his chest expanding to press him harder into the ground as his warm breath brushed across Ryoga’s ear. More goosebumps jumped out on his neck and Ryoga’s eyes widened as he realized that his excitement was not abating, but responding to the demon’s body over him. He felt a warm sensation, almost like some else’s touch moving lightly up and down his legs, moving up to gently stroke his balls, which were resting underneath the weight of the wolf’s very own. A shudder ran through Ryoga as the touch – from who or what he didn’t know – continued to stimulate him even though Kouga’s hands were fully accounted for up by Ryoga’s shoulders. Despite an effort to calm down, Ryoga’s cock pulsed into Kouga’s stomach as another surge of blood rushed through him, apparently responding to the danger of the situation and that strange and very stimulating unseen touch as it massaged the skin of his inner thighs; Ryoga heart thumped hard just as he pulsed into Kouga’s warm flesh once more time. Embarrassed but unable to control his body’s reactions, he closed his eyes and prayed the wolf hadn’t noticed.

Kouga had become very still and his breathing slowed, though Ryoga thought he felt the demon’s heart speed up to match the frenetic racehorse inside his own chest. Time stopped for a moment, as though waiting to see what would happen next and Ryoga held his breath, unsure frankly what he wanted to happen next. The only thing he knew for certain was that if he didn’t finish himself off soon, he was going to start moaning in pain instead of pleasure and he desperately wanted it to be the latter. He made a little sound at the back of his throat, responding to the ache that swept through him and pulsed him against the warmth of his attacker. As though in response to his noise, Kouga very deliberately tilted his hips up with a little arch of his lower back and slowly thrust himself against Ryoga. The sensation was immediate and electric as they both stiffened more. Once more, Kouga moved against his prey and was rewarded with a small noise and responding hardness.

“I’m taking my hand away,” the wolf said in a low voice. “Make a noise and I’m outta’ here.”

Ryoga nodded his understanding and took a deep breath when rough fingers came off his mouth. Kouga put both hands on either side of Ryoga’s shoulders and raised his chest up enough to reposition his hips so that his swollen cock thrust down directly on Ryoga’s. Ryoga stifled a gasp as his hips automatically answered, flooding him with a desire to begin frenetically pumping himself against the wolf’s hard length. Holy crap! Ryoga thought as his torso crunched into the movement. I can’t believe how good that feels! The wolf did it again, sliding himself over the top and then down the left side of Ryoga’s equally hard cock, and then down the right. The ache was building in him again and Ryoga almost moaned out loud at a particularly well-aimed thrust, remembering at the last moment that he risked the end of this new feeling if he uttered a single sound. He tried not to care about how totally wrong this was and just enjoy the wonderful sensations coming from the fact that someone other than him was touching his dick, for the first time ever.

The experiment continued for another minute until it became a little frustrating, the teasing touches reaching their limit in their ability to deliver satisfaction. Ryoga felt his fingers twitch, wanting to grab one of them and try to finish this off... but unsure who he should grab. Curiosity about what the other felt like nagged at him even as he was partially convinced he might get himself killed for such a move. He was in a rather disadvantageous position after all... Before he could think on this dilemma for any length of time, he felt that warm touch from before slide up between where their thighs pressed together and wrap itself around his cock, still cradling his balls as though with warm fingers at the same time as it ran little sensations up and down his length. Ryoga’s eyes flew open to see Kouga, his hands still planted firmly on the ground, lift his chin with a smile just as the warm touch all over him was joined by the very firm weight of the wolf’s cock driving down on him again, the hot silk of their dicks sliding against each other. Ryoga bit his lip hard to keep from gasping out loud.

Rolling his eyes back in his head Ryoga didn’t manage to completely silence himself, producing a squeaky little noise at the back of his throat. Kouga looked down at him warningly but didn’t rush off. That was the moment that Ryoga realized that Kouga needed to get off as much as he did. Without really thinking, perhaps in gratitude for the surprising turn of events which had taken them from fighting to... whatever they were doing... Ryoga reached up and wrapped his fingers around the demon’s large cock, squeezing gently at first and then harder as the wolf granted him permission by remaining still. Ryoga closed his eyes and felt the pressure of the wolf’s weight pressing into the base of his hard-on. He pulled and then pulled harder, recognizing the increased size in his hand as a sign of pleasure. He almost started when Kouga shifted his weight on top of him, wiping the dirt off his hand and then grabbing Ryoga return the favor. Kouga shifted again, raising to all fours and putting his knees on either side of Ryoga’s hips so each could easily reach the other.

Their breathing was hard, though not a moan or groan escaped them, and soon both of them had nary a muscle left in their bodies to tense as they had tightened every one. Ryoga tried not to think about what he was doing, but think of that beautiful image of Ranma pushing himself deeply into Akane as she arched under him and before he knew it his hips had begun their spastic little jerks that foretold the sweet relief he’d needed now for so long. Kouga’s hand on him had the wrong rhythm and rather that put up with another wait, he let go of the wolf and knocked his hand out of the way as he fisted himself, timing his hand and his hips as they jerked and twisted against the prison of the wolf’s strong thighs, still above him.

Kouga watched the pig-boy beneath him strain into his orgasm, the veins on his neck popping as his cock became fully extended and began spurting thick clear-white come onto the boy’s shirt. The pounding of their hearts in his ears and the heavy breathing below him, along with the speeding of his own fist on himself, tightening and increasing the friction until it burned outside and inside, pulling his balls into the twisting coil that demanded release... all this built to such a point that the minute he went back in his mind to the fantasy of having Kagome on her knees before him... entering her so that her wet hot skin covered him... he lost it, finally drawing blood from his lip as he bit down on the cries that struggled to come out with each jerky thrust of his hips into his hand and each pulse of hot liquid that sprayed out below him onto Ryoga.

When it was over and Kouga blinked his eyes to see Ryoga looking at him, annoyed and subdued, the wolf felt a wave of satisfaction and embarrassment, but the satisfaction of a good jerk-off session overcame his embarrassment. Remembering that he really didn’t know what was “normal” in this time period, and therefore having no idea what Ryoga might be thinking, he thought it best to leave. But he couldn’t resist one more little jab, just to show who had the upper hand.

Leaning down to whisper again into Ryoga’s ear he said, “Looks like you have a mess to clean up.” Unfortunately, this prevented him from seeing the telltale signs of Ryoga’s next move, which was to bring his knees up sharply and into the wolf’s open crotch. The resulting howl of pain was heard all through the park.


To be continued....