A/N: For those who might have forgotten InuYasha (and Kouga) are blessed with Demon Moons, which are basically sexually charged energies they can control to ‘touch’ themselves and others to provide sexual stimulation. For a full refresher, revisit Chapter 12-13.TM – Yes. This is purely escapist. Folks looking for a plot must have left long ago. Enjoy! Ranuel – don’t know if I can pull off a triple in this chapter, guess you’ll have to hang on for the next one, or two... what’s Park without some teases? Disclaimer: InuYasha, Kagome, Ranma, Akane, Ryoga and Kouga are all the property of Rumiko Takahashi, may she continue to fill our lives with wonderful characters for us to play with (mercilessly).


A Romp in the Park: Part II
Chapter 2: Self-Discipline

By: Fano


Kagome’s heart beat loudly in her ears as she stood up, InuYasha standing before her wearing only a T-shirt and gripping her shoulders tightly as he moaned under his breath while she grasped him, pulled and released him, over and over again. They’d played around a lot last week, but there was still quite a bit she didn’t really know about how to please him, and she was about to let him do some experimentation on her. She felt a nervous flutter in her chest and the excitement of it made her smile at nothing.

“You’re turn,” she said brightly and stopped moving her hand. His whole body relaxed as the stimulation ceased. She couldn’t bring herself not to touch him at all and let her fingers pet the soft skin on the inside curve of his length as he pressed it up against her hip gently, allowing himself a little thrust against the rough fabric of her jeans.

“My turn,” his voice was thick as his hands came up her neck underneath her hair and moved slowly back down her body, first down the length of her back and then up and back down her front, skimming her clothes. “You cheated... Didn’t really use your aura very much, did you? So that means I get to have a little of the same fun?” His Demon Moon twitched as it gently caressed her lower calf and curled a little around the inside of her knee, practically begging to be allowed to move up into the darkness above.

“Uh,” Kagome blinked, realizing fair was fair. “Sure.”

His fingers curled under the hem of her shirt and he began pulling it off her. She raised her arms to let him take it off over her head and it disappeared somewhere into the darkness. She watched as his eyes and hands met to explore, touching lightly around the edges where the fabric of her bra scalloped over the tops of her breasts. She felt his Demon Moon slide warmly up beneath the fabric to encircle her nipples with unseen touches. She sucked in her breath and he smiled.

“Someday I’ll figure out how to get you out of this thing,” his fingers traced the strap around her back, “but not tonight. Take it off?”

She complied and once she’d released the clasp, he let the tips of his claws pull at the thin straps on her shoulders, pulling them down her arms until her bra, too, disappeared and she felt the light touch of his Demon Moon flick over her nipples more aggressively while his hands gently lifted her breasts and his fingers moved lightly, testing their firmness. The dual stimulation was unexpected and very nice and she instinctively reached out with her aura to take over caressing his length with a gentle energy as it continued to press against her thigh. He smiled as he felt her touch, never taking his eyes from her breasts, and she felt his answering press into her. This silent communication made her feel close to him suddenly and she reached up to his face on impulse, slipping her fingers behind his neck and gently tugging him to her. He came without hesitation and their lips met in light kisses above his hands as they began a more thorough investigation of her upper body, moving up and down her sides, following the outside curve of her breasts up to skim her shoulders, all the while his Demon Moon staying focused on its sensuous and unseen motions over her breasts. Their tongues played lightly and she found her hands skimming the smooth firm skin of his buttocks, remembering how hard the muscles beneath could become.

Suddenly she wanted to see and feel all his muscles and so she repeated his action of curling her hands under the edge of his T-shirt and tugging. He moved back to let her pull it off him, his long white hair floating down around his face and capturing what little moonlight drifted about him in a light halo, topped by the adorable points of his ears. Before she could admire him very long his mouth was back on hers with more force this time as his hands slid down her back, finding the waistband of her jeans and following it over the little bumps of her hipbones around to the front.

“Don’t wanna deal with this one tonight either,” me mumbled against her lips and she smiled, opening wider to take his tongue in with hers as she grabbed the top button of her pants and opened it, unzipping them immediately thereafter. He pressed himself against her again and she felt the back of his clawtip slip between her panties so that it played lightly in the top of her curls. She felt him pull the fabric away slightly and then felt a cool stream of air swish past her check as he took a deep inhale. His lips left hers as he planted a warm and slow kiss on her cheek, taking another inhale.

“You have no idea what your scent does to me,” he said as she felt him stiffen even more and felt his Demon Moon spread out to envelop her entire body, as though giant warm hands were caressing her everywhere.

“I have an idea,” she said as she cupped his rear and pulled him against her.

“No,” he sounded playful as he followed her lead and ground himself against her hipbone before kissing her cheek again, a little closer to her ear, “You don’t.”

“Yes.” she sounded equally playful as she raised a hand up to skim the silky fur of his ear and then scratch his scalp lightly in the soft spot below it that automatically made him lean his head into her hand. “Yes, it think I do.”

He was silent for a moment as he pushed his ear into her hand, tilting his head more and then beginning to kiss her neck, moving down her throat slowly to the little ridge of her collar bone, where he sent his tongue out to flick against her skin and blow lightly on it, raising a little scatter of goosebumps across her chest. He took one more deep inhale and then his ear flicked past her nose as he twisted slightly, moving an arm behind her back to pull her into his bare chest while his other hand came up underneath her breast, lifting it to his lips as he took it into his mouth, sucking on her hard at the same time his Demon Moon moved in a strong sweep down her back, underneath the cloth of her jeans to caress the backs of her legs and move up the insides of her thighs into the sensitive flesh in between. Warmth spread out from her core moistening her panties and she gasped as his tongue swept around the hard peak of her nipple before he sucked on it again. A low moan escaped her and her ears were buzzing as he straightened back up with a satisfied smirk and kissed her nose.

“Now, maybe you understand just a little bit.”

“You...” her smile almost prevented her from giving him the deep kiss she intended, but as his hand moved up behind her neck and he hugged her more closely against his strong body, she wrapped her arms just under the width of his shoulder blades, hugging him back and trying to pull them together as tightly as possible, probing his open mouth to play with the slick teases of his tongue. She felt another sweep of his Demon Moon move up the insides of her thighs, just skimming her wetness with a tease as it swept up her rear, around the outer curve of her hips and dove back down between her legs to hover, petting her lightly at the inner crease of her thighs, only inches from her increasing dampness. Her hips automatically tilted into him, pressing his rigid length more firmly at the base and wringing a little noise from his throat.

“Time to get you out of these things,” he pulled away and dropped his hands to her jeans.

“Want me to take them off?” She started to push her thumbs down to sweep them offer her hips, but he stilled her hands with a light grip on her wrists.

“This part I can do.” He kissed her forehead, her nose and then each breast lightly, which made her giggle and then he knelt, skimming her belly button with his lips as he lowered himself to the ground. She held her breath, looking down at the wash of his white hair cascading down his back, and then she gasped as he gently inserted his claws between her panties and skin, pulling her pants down at the same time as his Demon Moon swept warmly up the flat of her stomach to sweep around and around her breasts again. He inhaled again as her panties rolled off the little triangle of fluff between her legs and he bunched her pants around her knees. She started to lift a knee to step out of them, but he tightened his grip on her leg, ensuring she couldn’t move it. “Wait,” he said simply.

She waited, closing her eyes and tilting her head up to enjoy the smooth warm caresses of his Demon Moon over her breasts as they peaked into the night, and then she felt little tickles as his tongue began to taste the delicate skin of her thighs, his hands petting the backs of her legs and moving up to hold her bottom as he licked closer and closer to that moisture she felt near the ache beginning to pulse only centimeters away from his mouth. He hadn’t done anything but open his mouth to let his warm breath penetrate her curls and she moaned involuntarily when his lips skimmed the hair just over the place where she ached to open for him. Her knees were trembling, begging her to drop to the ground and spread out for him and she arched her back into the warm sweeps of his Demon Moon over her chest and stomach, her knees straining against the prison of her jeans, trying to open for him anyway. She dropped her hands from where they hovered in middair to rest on either side of his ears and lightly tugged his head closer to where she could feel her nub harden at the mere thought of his tongue finding it.

A satisfied snuffle that might have been a laugh rose up from where he knelt and she almost bopped him on the head but stopped that impulse when the tip of his tongue slipped down the curve of her upper leg, following the line of dark hair until it reached the fine skin on her inner thigh and left altogether to press gently into her hair, already moist with need for him. Her body vibrated in anticipation when his tongue probed harder, successfully penetrating through the curly barrier to add his wetness to hers, and she groaned loudly as he tilted his head to slide his tongue sideways between her wet lips, opening a path for himself to slip more slowly back up, finally finding that hard and wanting little pearl of flesh that needed his touch so badly. She panted little breaths out as he flicked and played with it, sweeping his Demon Moon back up and over her breasts, and she felt unsteady on her feet again, wobbly and distracted by the playful little circles of his tongue, the caresses of his Demon Moon and her efforts not to fall over even as her legs strained to open. A sweet tightness started to build below her stomach as he mercilessly followed the rhythm of her panting with the small movements of his tongue, rubbing it across the top of her nub until she just knew she was going to fall over.

“Stop,” she said breathlessly, wobbling again and leaning on his head for balance. He did laugh this time and reached up to take her waist in his strong hands and lower her gently to the ground. His Demon Moon swept over her like warm waves now and she lay surrounded by its gentle motions as the waves inside her pulsed in time with them and begged for more. She kept her eyes closed as she felt him tug the denim off her ankles, pulling it off her until it disappeared and she lay naked beneath the stars; she bent her knees as he knelt between them and shouldered his way in so that she opened her legs to him and felt the return of his tongue to the slick sides of her opening. The tightening built up quickly again as his tongue followed the encouragement of her moans until she felt like a spring ready to snap. As though he could tell when she’d reached that point, he stopped.

“Wha-?” She said hazily and her inner muscles clenched around a deep aching contraction that brought a squirm to her hips as he rose up off her.

“You wanted me to use my Demon Moon, remember?” He said smugly, sitting up on his knees and smoothing his hands up and down her calves.

“I was kidding.” She blinked, trying to focus on the luscious sight she saw between her peaked nipples, him.

“No.” He laughed. “I don’t think you were.”

“Oh?” The intensity of the ache between her legs had lessened and a fiery wave of deviousness came into her as she sat up and got on her knees in one swift motion, poking her nose against his.” He ulped as their eyes crossed to look at each other. “We’ll see who’s begging here in a minute.” And before he could say or do anything, she lowered her mouth to plant a firm kiss on the soft tip of his penis as it poked out into the air below her breasts.

“Ah...” He sounded less confident suddenly as she opened her lips to breathe hot air over the velvety skin and let her tongue sneak out to trace the little ridge at the base of its head. “I’m a little hair triggered...”

“Good, then we’re almost even,” she let her lips touch him as she spoke and then braced her hands on the earth next to his hips as she let her tongue explore more fully the erect flesh against her mouth, sweeping her saliva around the tip and taking satisfaction as it hardened against the insides of her lips when she lowered herself down and tightened around him, drawing her head up with a sucking motion that wrung a breathy moan from him. As she moved back down and up on him again, his palms touched her back, stroking her shoulder blades and following the lines of her ribs down to flick her nipples lightly. Encouraged by more rumbling noises from him, she sucked harder on him until he was breathing heavily and she could feel the tension in his legs, as he fought the instinct to move. She slowed a little and he sounded relieved, his breathing becoming quieter.

“Oh, that was-“ he started to speak but she swept her tongue over him and plunged him back down her throat, surprising herself with how deeply she took him in. His fingers had curled around the back of her upper arms as though he would prevent her from leaving if she tried. She moved up and down a few times until she didn’t think he was breathing at all and then she eased up, opening her mouth to lick up the wet skin and gently caress the little opening at his tip with her tongue. When he relaxed slightly, his Demon Moon swept over her back and she startled a little to feel it caress the cheeks of her buttocks as it slid down her thighs and back up into her opening, like unseen fingers penetrating her from behind. She moaned and got him back with a little suck and swirl. Before she knew it, his Demon Moon was teasing her nub again and his fingers were cupping and moving lightly over her breasts. She decided to see who would break first and concentrated on moving her tongue over him as she took him deeply into her mouth again, squeezing her lips as tightly as she could. It worked and all his motions stilled as he concentrated on the building pressure between his legs, soon panting above her again. Score one for me!

She released him with a kiss that sent a shudder through his entire body and then rose to her knees, resting her hands on his shoulders and looking down on his face, his eyes just fluttering open from his deep concentration. His hazy gaze made her smile and he smiled in return. Leaning into her, he kissed one of her breasts, lightly, almost reverently, and then kissed it again, giving it a little lick.

“So? Now what?” He asked, moving to the other breast and giving it the same grateful attention. She pet his hair where it lay under her fingers and thought for a minute.

“Sitting,” she said confidently.

“Sitting,” he repeated, and looked up at her with an eyebrow cocked.

“Like this.” She sat down with her knees up under her chin. “Now you sit down and put your legs on either side of me. He untucked his legs and put one on either side of her hips, looking at her quizzically when he’d gotten into position. “Okay,” she whispered to herself as she rolled backwards and then forwards again, unwinding her crossed ankles and wrapping her legs around him. She lifted herself up to scoot forward until his hard shaft was sandwiched right up against the wet skin between her open legs. He pulsed into her when they made contact and his legs tightened around behind her too.

Without a word, she felt his Demon Moon slide like a light fingertip up her spine and she straightened up, unconsciously arching her back so that her breasts came forward into his waiting hands.

“No fair,” she giggled. “Let me concentrate and see if I can get my aura anywhere close to your Demon Moon in it’s friskiness.”

“Won’t it help if my Demon Moon is roaming all over your body while you do that?” She felt it slip over the top of her shoulder and pass over the top of her breast at the same time as he leaned in and kissed her lips, extending his tongue to trail her bottom lip as though taking a taste.

“In a minute.” She smiled against his kiss and then kissed him back before pulling away. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, tried to ignore the gentle sweeps of his Demon Moon over her back and his thumbs moving slowly back and forth over her nipples as she concentrated on the heat she felt between them, identifying the warm energy swirling over her and asking it reach out to him, to form a point like her finger and trace it down the skin of his chest. She heard him gasp and felt him straighten, pressing himself a little closer to her in the dark. As she focused harder on tracing her aura against his chest, she began to feel it slip against a contour of muscle and then the little bone ridge of a rib. She decided to try a little experiment and crept it along under the soft angle of his pectoral until she reached the little ridges of the ribs under his arm. He stifled a laugh and she knew it was working. Moving back to his nipple, she circled it and could almost feel the silken skin as if she were touching it for real.

As though reading her mind, she felt his finger match her movements on her own nipple, teasing it.

“You’re supposed to use your Demon Moon,” she whispered, trying not to lose her concentration.

“I am,” he said in a low voice just as she felt the feather light touch of his Demon Moon break away from where his finger moved, beginning to trace its way down the curve of her breast, poke briefly into her navel to stimulate another giggle and then continue its descent down between her legs.

“Two can play...” she murmered, lifting her hands to touch his chest lightly as her aura followed a little valley of warm skin down the hard surface of his stomach to wind around the base of his shaft, eliciting a deep sigh.

“Then let’s play,” he leaned in to kiss her and their tongues completed the circuit of energy beginning to course over them and through them.


“Okay,” Ranma said, facing Akane; they were both shirtless. “Tell me how you win at Tantric Sex again?”

“Um,” Akane said, looking him up and down and realizing she wanted nothing more than to launch herself at him. “From what I read on the Internet, the longer you hold out and the more ki you build up, the more you can control your ki when you... heh... uh... orgasm. So the longer and better your orgasm is, the more you’ve won.”

“Ah!” He sounded happy; ki was something he understood. “So you do get to come after all.”


“How long are you supposed to hold out?” His faced fell a little bit.

“I’m not sure.”

“Fifteen minutes?”

“Uh, longer I think.”

“Fifteen hours?”

She shook her head.

“Tell me you don’t mean fifteen days.”

“Some go even longer.”

“If I make it a couple of hours the first time, I’ll call it a successful first training session.”

“Good!” She brightened. “That’s the spirit, Ranma.

“Uh, What about you? Does it work the same for girls?”

“I think so. But most of the stuff I read was about guys.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Ranma reached out to touch her breast, petting the flat of his finger over it lightly, his eyes having become fixated there. She moved closer so he didn’t have to reach. “Guys do seem to have a problem keepin’ it in.” She giggled at his joke. “So... uh... what? We just tease each other all night?”

“Yes, but you do have a choice in how...” Akane reached up to begin untying his Chinese Kung Fu pants while he brought his other hand to her other breast and watched her fingers move nimbly over the complicated knot. “I did manage to snag a little birth control at the drug store.”

“A condom?” He blushed, thinking how stupid he’d been not to think of it but beginning to be hopeful she was that much smarter.

“No,” she giggled. “That’s so embarrassing! I got, uh, a sponge.”

“A sponge?”

“Yeah, It comes in a box that looks like toothpaste so it wasn’t too embarrassing.” She got the knot undone.

“A box that looks like toothpaste?” He skimmed the skin of her sides to the waistband of her skirt and began looking for the clasp, first in the back and then in the front.

“Yeah, It’s not the best birth control by itself, only about 80% effective.” She saw his sour look, “But that’s only if you actually... uh... lose it in me.” She blushed. “Don’t you get it? That’s the whole point of Tantric Sex... Well, not the whole point. But it gives us the choice so we can ‘do’ it as long as you don’t...” I can’t believe we’re talking about this.

His fingers had discovered no clasp on her clothing and frustration was beginning to build. “You mean I can actually get inside you and just can’t... How the hell do you get this skirt off?”

“Here,” she brought her fingers up under his and pushed it down over her hips. “It’s elastic.”

He growled a little and she giggled again.

“Or,” she continued as she stepped out of her skirt to stand naked before him, “we can just tease if you think doing-it-but-not-doing-it would be too hard.” As she finished speaking she stood to open the loosened tie at his waist and insert her fingers under the elastic of his boxers’ waistband, stretching it out away from his erection, poking into the top of the cloth. Pulling the material away, she slipped a hand down the side of his length so that it skimmed her wrist as she curled her fingers gingerly underneath his balls. He sucked in a breath.

“No,” he said, pulling her against his chest and briefly resting his cheek on the top of her head as she continued to roll his balls in her hand, “I think I can handle it.” She released the soft flesh to circle her hand around the harder flesh and give a gentle pull and he sucked in another breath as the blood began to fill it, firming him even more in her grasp. “So where’s this sponge thing? How does it work?”

“Already taken care of.” She allowed her voice to take on a sultry quality as she moved her lips against his neck, nibbling and then kissing him as she pulled harder to coax a little groan. He brought his hands up to pull his own pants down his hips until they fell to the ground, leaving him free to fill her hand as she pulled harder, remembering some of what she’d learned the previous week. His hands began to roam her back, and she noticed that as he leaned into her so that he could reach the lower part of her bottom with gentle rubs, he unconsciously crunched his stomach muscles which thrust him up into her hand. His hands continued to move slowly over her skin, but there was an intensity about the way he touched her that sent a little thrill through her and she felt a warm surge of excitement between her legs. Giving him an extra hard squeeze she brought the fingers of her other hand up to circle the silky soft tip popping out of her grip and he moaned, hugging her to him impulsively so that her hands were trapped. He nosed her ear.

“Kiss me,” he said thickly and she lifted her chin to find his mouth waiting for hers, hungry. The contained strength in his kiss sent another thrill through her as his arms held her tight against him and his hips flexed and tilted him against her. Another wave of warmth moved through her lower region, higher this time, deeper. He kept tilting his hips against her, pushing himself into her hands and against her stomach and she felt the little puffs of his breathing become increasingly urgent against her cheek as his tongue drove into her open mouth more needfully. He was so strong... she realized he wasn’t using a tenth of his strength and yet she was caught in a vise grip from which she would only escape if he let her go. But he did not seem to want to let her go, which thrilled her and made her smile into his kiss.

After a few moments, he relaxed and his kiss became more gentle; withdrawing his tongue he kissed her lips and then the corner of her mouth, trailing off a few more along her cheek. “This is going to be harder than I thought,” he said when he reached her ear.

“Oh?” She said playfully squeezing him with her hands again. “How’s that?”

“Well.” He straightened and cupped her faced in his hands, kissing her forehead and then letting his hands follow the contour of her neck, shoulders and down her waist until they rested on her hips. She tugged on him again and he smiled. “Normally I control my ki like I control my muscles, almost like it was another muscle.” He rubbed his hands around her bottom again and then up her hip, moving up across her stomach to trace his fingers along the underside of her breasts. “But uh... let’s just say this uses other muscles than the ones I’m used to fighting with. And I’m going to have train these muscles in some self discipline.”

“Self discipline?” She laughed.

“Yeah,” He hummed a satisfied sound as she squeezed him again and he took her breasts more fully into his palms. “My ki has a lot of work to do on them since I don’t think self discipline is something they come wired with.”

“Okay,” she said, kissing his collarbone because it looked so nice. “How can I help?”

“Oh, that’s easy.” She heard a little deviousness enter his voice. “We start with you.”

“Eep!” She squeaked as he grasped her hips firmly and backed her up against the tree again. The rough bark scratched her back as he lowered himself, licking each breast once or twice before descending to his knees. Her hands followed as far as they could until she had to let him go. Just as she was about to ask him what he was doing, she felt his tongue probing the hair protecting her opening and her heart thumped in her ear. Wait! Is this how this is supposed to go? As she felt the wet tip of it begin to explore, pushing into the wiry black strands, she realized her little plan had assumed it was going to be all about controlling his ki... and as her eyelids fluttered against the sensation of him breaking through to flick the top of her already-erect little nub she realized that she’d better get a handle on her own ki pretty quickly or she was going to lose this battle before it had even begun.

Taking a deep breath and trying to center herself like she did before a sparring session, Akane found that center core of energy, the eternal one that always remained balanced, even when she didn’t. And she clung to it like an anchor against the wind as his hand moved up the inside of her thigh and his finger lightly traced the curve of her lower lips as he let it become moist with her juices so that he slid it back and forth more easily. Again, she felt the flick of his tongue over her nub and his finger penetrated a little more deeply, sliding in between the folds of her firming flesh. How is he so good at this? She almost laughed when she remembered just why he was so good at it, spending a few nights with himself as a girl no doubt. His elbow came up under her knee then, bumping it open so she knew to shift her weight to her other foot. He placed a hand under the back of her thigh and lifted it onto his shoulder, opening her up so that his tongue had more room to swirl and circle the little pebble, moving the skin around it and over it to stimulate her in as many ways as possible. Then she felt his fingers tracing the back of her thigh on his shoulder, moving closer and beginning to pet her slick entrance again, teasing her with little pokes up inside... not too deep... just enough to make her want more. She let out a sighing moan when his finger went a little farther in and she heard him chuckle.

“Cruel,” she complained happily. His only response was to do it again and she had to remember to find that center once more and hang on before things got out of control. As he continued teasing her, and she continued trying to breathe regularly and remember that centered feeling and the regular, steady pulse of the ki she felt moving through her, trying not to get distracted by the frenetically excited bursts of sensation from his tongue and finger which were desperately trying to shatter her concentration... Where was I going with this? She realized her thoughts had entered a kind of nonlinear state where there really was little place for thought at all, only sensation and the gentle thrumming of energy moving through her. He pushed his finger up more deeply inside her as his tongue became a little more aggressive and without thinking about it consciously, she felt her energy respond, sending relaxing thrums down to calm the exited jostling of nerves under his tongue until a deep warm muscle contraction resulted from the two coming together and she moaned loudly as it moved through her, not peaking but washing through every muscle in her body like a great warm wave, exciting her body and relaxing it all at the same time.

This seemed to satisfy him because he stopped and grabbed her hips, using the strength of his upper body to lower her to the ground, the cool grass pricking her back as he laid her down on it. She was still in a little bit of a daze as she felt him separate her knees and press himself against her, his length hard as it bumped solidly into bone. She blinked a few times, seeing his face come into view as he looked down where their bodies met and reached down with one hand to guide himself into her. The wave crashed into her again as he began to barely penetrate her, moving slowly but steadily, pulling in and out a little bit at a time, moistening himself with her juices so that he slid just a little deeper inside with each motion but did not yet fill her. His small movements teased her opening with the ridge of his swollen head and in no time, Akane desperately wanted him inside her, needed him filling her and so she spread her legs farther to make room for his hips and her inner muscles began to relax and then tighten around his thickness. She placed her hands on his arms as they strained to keep his angle and she watched his face, his eyes screwed shut and his neck, chest and arms tightly corded with effort. As he moved in slightly more deeply, she felt the wave begin to move with a force all its own and before she realized it, it was pulling her hips with it, tilting them with his movements so that as he penetrated more fully into her she pushed herself up to try to take him completely inside. But he resisted thrusting all the way in and each time he pulled out and pushed partway in, he moved that wave with him, like the tide rushing up and back against the shore, gently but with irresistible force so that her body could only lie beneath it, feeling the surge of him within her and letting it swirl and loop around inside her, beginning to build a new level of tension. When she moved herself against him, she watched his muscles tense even more and helpless little pants burst from his lips.

Ranma stopped for a moment, relaxing enough to blink his eyes open and look at her. She could feel his heart beating with excitement and she smiled up at him, running her fingers farther up his arms to filter through his hair and the smile that broke on his face was like the sun against the night sky. He winked at her and then his face softened as he closed his eyes and began to gather his ki, centering it and concentrating it within him. Akane knew the expression on his face, having watched him pull himself together a thousand times at the low point of a fight. And she knew that as much as she had gained some control over her own energies, he has mastered his a hundred times more. Though he hardly moved a muscle, she felt him harden inside her and sensed an almost perceptible vibration a moment before he began to move again. This time he didn’t just go back and forth through her slick entrance, but angled himself up further over her until he was pressing down in different directions, sending new sensations through her even though he was barely inside her. The edge of the wave frothed a little, wanting to speed up, but he kept his pace slow and steady before going in a little deeper and the sensation made her gasp. Her nipples hardened and peaked all on their own and again her hips began trying to meet his, rocking against his motions. He finally began to move more quickly within her she arched against him with a slight moan, feeling herself tighten inside. Her legs wrapped up around his back so that she could move more freely with him, curling her hips up to try to bring him all the way in. He resisted a little at first and then followed her desires to go more deeply, filling that place she had never known was empty, slowing again and pulling out and moving back in with the rhythm of that ebb and flow which was like the ocean. Finally, after what seemed the longest and most wonderful expanse of time, he pulled all the way out of her, so that she felt only his tip on the wetness of her lips and in one long slow thrust he pushed himself completely up inside her so that she was filled with him and they were fully joined. He stopped and settled his weight on her, their bodies pulsing together. She opened her eyes to find him looking at her, smiling again.

“Wow,” he whispered and lowered his mouth to kiss her gently.


To be continued....