Welcome to A Romp in the Park: Part II

A/N: Finally back on track! I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry. It took me longer than I thought it would to bring “A Romp Through Time” (sequel/parallel story on mm.org and ff.net) up to the point where we could get back to the park. And in the meantime, you lovely readers went and voted “A Romp in the Park” a second place award for Best Lemon and Best Crossover at IYFG 3rd quarter ’06 and “A Romp Through Time” first place, Best Crossover at IYFG’s 4th quarter. You people totally spin my world. Thank you! Special thanks to Inuhanyounikkie, also, who’s done some wonderful fannart for Romp (http: //www .mediaminer .org/fa nart/vie w.p hp/19 3495 – without spaces) and for giving me the idea for the barrier around their ‘special spot’ in the park.

Disclaimer: InuYasha, Kagome, Ranma, Akane, Ryoga and Kouga are all the property of Rumiko Takahashi, may she continue to fill our lives with wonderful characters for us to play with.

Warnings: Still no plot here, but with the introduction of new characters and situations from “A Romp Through Time” I’ve taken the opportunity to get a little raunchy (uh, my friends say “really raunchy”). I’ll do my best to place warnings going forward so you can avoid things not to your taste. I hope you’re up for a wild ride, ‘cuz I’m really not sure how far we’re going. All I know is that we’re gonna have lots and lots of hentai fun.

Story Filler for those not reading “A Romp Through Time”: After our four lucky (late) teens left the park last week, Kagome and InuYasha went back to the Feudal Era and trounced Naraku, reclaiming the jewel (except for Kohaku’s shard, which is still keeping him alive in my fiction-on-fiction universe). In a drunken fit of good will, Kagome wished that all her friends – in both eras – could have a party. Next thing you know the jewel flashed and disappeared, implementing her wish and the well is now open to all so that demons can pass into modern Tokyo and visa versa. While everyone was enjoying said party in the modern era, InuYasha and Kouga spied a human version of Naraku slip out of the well and go to his girlfriends’ house – Nabiki Tendo (Akane’s conniving sister). They followed and snarled a bit with Ryoga and Ranma and soon, InuYasha and Ranma agreed to meet in the park, where they negotiated how Ranma would help them figure out what the human Naraku was up to... So, though it’s taken at least six months in the real world, we meet our lovely couples back in the park only a week after they made love under the stars, immediately following their meet up with each other. And, though they were told not to come to the Park, Kouga and Ryoga showed up anyway to spy on their friends, lamenting being third wheels to our favorite couples. The last we saw of the third wheels in “Time,” they were wrestling around in the dark trying to blow off a little steam after challenging each other to a fight. Note for those not familiar with Ranma: Ranma and his friend Ryoga are both cursed (from falling into the Cursed Springs, of course) and turn into a girl and a pig respectively when splashed with cold water. They turn back when encountering warm water. (You can read “A Romp Through Time” at: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/130233)


A Romp in the Park: Part II
Chapter 1: Foreplay

By: Fano


As he ran up the moonlit path away from Ranma and Akane at the fountain, Kagome in his arms, InuYasha’s insides roiled with frustration at Ranma for making him wait to find Naraku here in the future, but he knew the true source of his angst lay somewhere else. Ranma, Kagome and Akane had dissuaded him from bursting in on “Jaku Nakamura” to kill him, since – even though he was obviously Naraku – he was also obviously human and hadn’t appeared to have done anything really wrong here in the future – yet. InuYasha’s attention left Naraku quickly as Kagome shifted in his arms, nuzzling against his neck as he took a flying leap up the path, moving them closer to the magical spot in the park they’d left so reluctantly last week. He rubbed his chin across the top of her head in the air, enjoying the feel of her, and allowed himself to focus on his deepest source of frustration.

For an entire week since they’d made love here in the park, he and Kagome had been fighting Naraku and then – partying of all things. A whole week of people, and talking and organizing, and getting used to the idea that he would be spending more time here in the future while Kagome went back to school, and talking more, and sitting around, and never getting to hold her in his arms except when they stole a few minutes only to be interrupted. He landed at a turn in the path and felt her slight weight settle against the waistband of his jeans, which became even tighter as her warm bottom pressed into him. Just the thought of coming to the park, and then being here with his arms around her, and her arms around him, and now they were alone, again, finally... Shit, I’m so horny!!

InuYasha left the main path, reaching the screen of bushes just outside their special spot in a single bound. He sniffed carefully as his ears swiveled on his head under the annoying hat he had to wear. Detecting no signs of anyone nearby he leapt high in the air, enjoying Kagome’s little yelp as they cleared the high hedge and landed in the clearing. Setting Kagome down, he threw his hat on the ground and walked the perimeter of the place they’d left the week before. Nothing had changed.

“Weird,” he said, falling to his hands and knees and sniffing close to the ground. “It still smells like us. Nobody’s been here in a week.”

“Really?” Kagome shuffled her feet a bit and InuYasha immediately noticed the distracted note in her voice. “Maybe I accidentally put a barrier up when I had the jewel last week. I... I can’t really tell...” InuYasha came over and lifted her chin with a clawed finger, delicately stroking the soft skin above her neck. He’d been waiting all week for this opportunity to be alone with her again.

“What do you mean, you ‘can’t tell’?” He sifted his claws through her hair and felt it skim between his fingers. “What’s wrong, Kagome?”

“I-“ She leaned her head into his palm and closed her eyes as a small smile played on her lips, shadowed in the darkness. Opening her eyes, he noticed the trace of tension return to her brow. “I mean, ever since I... uh... wished on the jewel, I haven’t been able to feel my miko powers quite as strongly.” InuYasha breathed a sigh of relief, glad her doubts didn’t seem to have anything to do with him. “So maybe there’s a barrier here and maybe there isn’t. Without the jewel I can’t really tell.”

“Well, my powers are just fine,” he reassured her. “I’ll know if anyone else comes around. Besides,” he gripped her shoulders lightly and brought her close, “if no one’s been here in a week, no one’s coming around now.” She slipped her arms around his waist and he encircled her shoulders with his; their bodies fit together so naturally that he hardly felt anything but her heat against him. Although the pants she’d bought him were fairly uncomfortable, he was beginning to like the thin “T” shirt that allowed him to feel the mild spring weather and Kagome’s warm skin. As she shifted in his arms, snuggling into his neck so that her breath tickled him and made him smile, the memories of the week before began to flood into him.

The jewel’s enchantment had been like a warm blanket settling over him as he cradled her in his arms. At least, they thought it was the jewel’s spell that had made them both drop all their guards and end up making love here in the park. What else could explain the way they’d succumbed so completely to each other? But then again, he allowed himself to think on something he’d been avoiding during this busy week, now that the jewel was gone, wouldn’t their love for each other have diminished if it had only been a spell? Feeling her soft against him, her hand rubbing gently up and down along his bare arm, he let the worry go by as he accepted another thought, waiting patiently at the periphery of his mind. Maybe we’re just meant to be together.

He dropped his hand to gently rest on the swell of her hip, stroking down the luscious curve of her bottom, indicating his interest for the rest of the evening. Kagome made a funny little noise, something between an eep and an oops. Whatever the noise meant, it wasn’t the welcome groan of excitement he was hoping to elicit.

“Now what?” he said, pulling back to look down at her. She looked worried again.

“Um. You know how last week Akane gave me that pill?” She swallowed as he began to get a bad feeling about what she was going to say next. “The one so I didn’t get pregnant?”


“I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment this week to get some more,” she pressed her forehead into his chest, not looking at him, “and Akane couldn’t get any more either.”

“WHAAAAAAT?!” he said rather more loudly than he meant to. The sound of his yell reverberated off the trees and Kagome tightened her hold on him as though he might fly away. “I mean,” he lowered his voice, “what?”

“I’m sorry, InuYasha,” she hugged him and refused to look in his eyes, even as he stared at the top of her head. “I really wanted to have them so we could make love again,”

He was silent for a minute, taking this news in and trying not to feel disappointed. He was here alone with her, holding her. Shouldn’t he be satisfied with that? Shit, no. I’m horny...

“It’s okay, Kagome,” he lied. “You can get them soon, right?”

“Yeah,” she said slowly. “But I have an idea of what we can do tonight...” He felt her fingernail glide up the curve of his spine and she lifted her lips to nibble on the soft skin at the bottom of his neck. A tremor moved through him as his Demon Moon came fully to life and wrapped them both in its warmth, the gentle energy beginning to move around them. Her hand slid up his side, slipping between them to skim his neck until she could cup his cheek and pull his lips down to hers where they met softly. He felt her press into his hips and he began to stiffen against her thigh. He breathed out a sigh as he closed his mouth over hers and brought his hand behind her head, kissing her harder as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her soft breasts into his chest.

Vaguely, somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered about her idea, but at that moment only the feel of her lips parting against his tongue mattered and his whole body responded to the slick taste of her. They played their tongues delicately together inside the space of their lightly touching lips until a wave of heat ignited in his groin and sent his Demon Moon moving up the back of her legs as he pulled her against him so hard she exhaled as he drove his mouth down on hers, pinching his lip between their teeth. The twinge of pain sparked a hunger in him and he briefly abandoned himself to the hungry motions of their mouths pushing and probing to be together. Blood pulsed him against her and the tight restraints of the jeans until it became uncomfortable and he pulled away, breathing more heavily and seeing that he’d mussed her hair.

“These jeans suck,” he said as his hips pressed his growing hardness against the bone of her hip, trying to increase the stimulation even as his brain thought that might not be such a good idea.

She laughed. “Well, maybe we should get you out of them.”

“What?” That woke him up and he blinked at her. “I thought you said-“

“I said we couldn’t go all the way. No babies, remember?” She pressed her hip back against him again and his response was immediate. “But I want to experiment and see what’s left of my miko powers, see if I can touch you with my aura again. And-“ She seemed embarrassed and he almost thought he could see her blush in the pale moonlight, “and I want you to practice using your Demon Moon on me again, too.”

“You liked that, did you?” He couldn’t help the smirking grin that tugged his lips.

“Yeah,” she bumped him again and kissed his cheek, whispering warm breath between his face and hair, “lots.”

“And what happens if my Demon Moon and your aura just aren’t enough?” He slipped a hand under the back of her shirt, feeling the soft warm skin along the edge of her bra strap.

“Well, we managed to have a lot of fun last week,” she kissed his jaw, working her way back to his lips. “I wouldn’t mind a replay of the first part, would you?”

“No,” He muttered as their mouths came together again and his fingers struggled with the tight material, trying to release it. To himself he thought, Though I’m so horny, I might just explode.

“Wait,” she said as her hand caught the inside of his elbow and she pushed down, forcing his hand away from her undergarments. “I think you’re more uncomfortable than I am.” She smiled up at him and he got a little worried at the gleam in her eye. “You first.” He gulped as her fingers began tugging at the loose material of his shirt jammed into the waistband of the incredibly tight pants, pulling it out so she could slip the cool fingers of both hands in between the tight blue fabric and his warm skin. She hitched the waistband tighter, almost wringing a surprised yelp out of him so she could unbutton and then unzip them in two quick movements. The flat of her hand was against his stomach as she moved down lower until her fingers slipped underneath the cloth to smooth around his hip bone and press his pants down as she swept them over the muscle of his rear. His breathing was shallow when he looked down between them, his hands on her shoulders, and watched as she worked the thin white cotton underneath his jeans down too, exposing him fully to the night air.

“Whoa!” He exhaled. “That was fast!”

She made a low sound and brought her hand up under the curve of his shaft so that as she pressed her body against him it was happily sandwiched between them, calling him to flex his hips up and press into her.

“I have an idea about how to do this,” she said as she hugged him and pressed her hips forward, bringing a slight moan out of him. “You okay so far?”

“Sure,” he said, not really understanding her question but in no mood to argue either.

“Okay.” She released her arms from behind his back. “Let’s get you out of these pants so you don’t fall over.” And then she began to sink, very slowly, down his body. She kissed his neck and when she got to his collarbone, he felt her lifting his shirt up so that she began kissing his chest, moving over to give each nipple a little swirl with her tongue before moving back to center and continuing down. He was almost hyperventilating, beginning to ache as he hardened even more, when she played with the fine hairs below his waist with her nose, breathing moist hot breath into the thatch of soft black and white hair there and bumping the tip of his erection with her chin.

Remembering the previous week, and the feel of her wet lips on his tip, he let a little whine escape into his throat, clamping down on it before it got free. His whole body was tense with building need and he desperately wanted her to reach her tongue out for just a little taste... He felt her lips then, softly kissing the skin below his navel, descending – still excruciatingly slowly – as her dark hair fell down around his shaft, tickling it with little tendrils of sensation. He let his fingers rest on her head as her kisses moved around its base and then up it’s length.

“Use your tongue?” he suggested, barely aware that he has spoken at all.

“We’ll get to that,” she said and he groaned as her fingers wrapped around him, squeezing hard while her lips kept the little kisses moving over the sensitive skin of his head, just above her hand. As she continued to tease him, he felt her hand come up to cup his balls, releasing them from gravity and rolling them warmly in her palm to send a wave of tense relaxation through him. He began panting as his whole body began a luscious tightening behind the extreme excitement in his groin, and was just about ready to tell her to stop or get on with it when she took her hands to his pants, which were still bunched at his knees, and pushed them down to his ankles. He almost stepped out of them, except that she was holding him in her hand and kissing him agian, beginning to nibble into the crease of his thigh and then down the inside of one leg and up the other, her hair brushing the underside of his balls and shaft. He just stood there and let her kiss him, his heart beating faster as the blood ran through him, mad with excitement. He briefly looked up at the stars and wondered what he’s done to deserve this when he heard a noise from the next clearing over and scented Ranma and Akane.

He’d noticed them coming closer for several minutes, but now Akane’s scent spiked and mingling with Kagome’s arousal which had been becoming more wonderful these last few minutes as well. He peeped an eye open to see Ranma push Akane up against a large tree, pressing himself into her as he kissed her intensely. He wondered why sharing this intimate experience in their company didn’t weird him out, but it felt like looking in the mirror and when Kagome gave him another little lick and flick with her tongue he forgot all about the other couple, who seemed pretty oblivious to them as well.

Kagome urged his foot up out of his pants and he refocused enough to step out of them without falling down. She stood back up and stroked her soft hands over his rigid length, still teasing and building a small growl in his throat.

“Your turn,” she said brightly.


Ranma let Akane drag him back up the path to their special spot. He was still a little annoyed at InuYasha for so cavalierly brushing aside his and Ryoga’s martial arts skill, and a small part of his brain was beginning to plot how to trounce the overconfident half demon tomorrow at the dojo, but it was an increasingly small part of his brain. Most of his brain was being drained of blood as it rushed pell-mell through his veins on the way to his crotch as he felt Akane’s soft hands on his wrist and watched her softer curves walk just ahead of him on the path. Of course, all that blood had to negotiate past the slight annoyance at Akane for springing her inability to obtain birth control on him a few minutes ago. And yet another small part of his brain chided himself for not just picking up a condom somewhere along the way, too. Note to self, come prepared. Akane had hinted at a plan, however, and even though he was a little nervous about any plan of hers, the desire for her that had been building in him all week overcame any hesitation about hearing her plan. And, at least they could get in some good hot kissing for a change instead of being interrupted all the time. He could always take care of other things when he got home if he had to.

They reached the clearing and began to duck under the hedge by the large tree that Akane had smashed him into last week as she fought him and teased him. He got a little rush just remembering those moments as he followed her through the bushes. Reaching out a hand, he touched her bottom as she began to straighten, but she didn’t step forward and he had to push her a little to move her out of his way. As he stood up behind her, she remained still and he immediately saw why.

Across the lower hedge, just like the week before, they could see into the clearing where InuYasha and Kagome held each other, the dim moonlight just barely outlining them enough to see that Kagome lay soft kisses on InuYasha, whose pants were peeled back away from a straining erection as he rested a hand on her head and craned his neck to the sky. The heat that flooded Ranma as he took in the sight seemed to lift his hands automatically to Akane’s waist and then up to cup her breasts from behind and he drew her against him, enjoying the soft pressure of her rear against his own growing excitement. For a moment, he unconsciously ran his fingers over her nipples as they became more pronounced beneath the fabric of her blouse and he almost gasped out loud when she arched her breasts into his hands at the same time as she drove her rear harder into his groin, leaning her head back on his shoulder so that her soft hair tickled his neck. He ran his hands down her stomach and gripped her hips, pulling her against his growing hardness. Lowering his mouth to her neck, he closed his eyes and kissed her everywhere he could reach, moving up her cheek and reaching for her lips as she turned her head to his. Their mouths met awkwardly as he ground himself against her, and he began to notice how his hips had fallen into a little pumping rhythm all their own. Damn he thought again as he realized he might not get in any pumping at all tonight.

But he forgot about this and everything else as she turned inside his embrace, her back still arched, and their mouths met and opened against each other while she pressed herself into him, encircling his waist and hugging him to her. His body responded to hers with a hot wave and suddenly he couldn’t get enough of her, opening his lips wide to taste every bit of her tongue and mouth, emitting a little groaning growl. He tried to bring them closer by holding her to him, but could only feel her hips lightly and he wanted more. Remembering the tree nearby he walked her backwards as their tongues continued exploring in between increasingly heavy breaths. Quickly her back was against the rough bark and Ranma leaned himself against her, feeling the swells of her breasts against his chest and the hard edge of her hipbone providing resistance to the growing need below his waist. Her hands rested on his hips and he grabbed them, pinning them back by her shoulders so she couldn’t move beneath the more urgent sweeps of his tongue against her teeth and lips. He let her mouth go and pulled away, keeping their lower bodies tight together, and looked at her trapped beneath him against the tree. Her smiling lips glistened in the dim light with his taste and his eyes fell down to the open collar at her neck, wanting to see, touch and taste every bit of her.

Without releasing her hands he reluctantly backed his hips away to kiss down her jaw line, snuffling his nose into her hair as she stretched her neck to give him greater access and soon he found himself at the slight depression where her collarbones met and he moved into the softer warmer skin of her cleavage, slipping his tongue out to see how deeply it would reach. She sucked in her breath and he released her hands to hold her breasts, pushing them gently together and deepening the crevice for him to probe. He felt the little nubs under his fingers harden as he breathed warm air against her skin, fighting the urge to grab the cloth under his hands and rip it off in one quick movement. The thought of getting beneath her shirt to lick those firm swells in his hands sent a new surge of energy through him and he kissed back up her neck as his fingers began working the buttons just above his prize. They were small, however, and he became quickly frustrated, considering that ripping strategy more seriously this time. She giggled and brought her hands to lay softly on his.

“Don’t you want to hear my plan?” she said, her breath warming his ear as she spoke seductively and moved his fingers out of the way to begin releasing the buttons herself as his fingers hovered below hers, holding the weight of her breasts in the curve of his thumb and forefinger of each hand.

“Plan,” he said dumbly, trying to remember what ‘plan’ she might be referring to.

“Yeah,” she laughed quietly again and kissed his cheek which made him smile. “Remember I told you that even though we couldn’t go all the way tonight I have a plan that is right up your alley.”

“Vaguely...” Ranma made the mistake of looking down at the progress her fingers had made revealing herself and found himself looking at her full breasts held firmly in the straps of a lacy white bra. He tried not to remember that he owned one just like it, stashed away in the bottom of his trunk for those necessarily evil times he had to live as a girl – usually to get something he wanted very badly. He shook himself mentally to remove that thought because it was about to kill his horny and he wanted very much to stay horny. Instead he ran his thumbs up under her breasts from below and concentrated on the exciting surge of blood into his very manly penis.

“’Vaguely’ what?” she said as she arched gently against him causing him to thicken more against her, as his fingers curled under the bra straps so he could carefully stretch them down over her shoulders until they fell loosely against her arms, and the pretty lace relaxed against the weight of her breasts. He slipped the tip of his index finger between her skin and the now-loose lace and began to slowly peel it back. “Ramma,” she said again, “what ‘vaguely’?”

“”Vaguely’ I remember something about a plan,” he murmured as he pressed his stiff length against her stomach and watched as her nipple emerged from the lace, dark, round and soft under the light touch of his long fingers as they circled it slowly, feeling its incredible softness. Unable to take his eyes off the wonder of its shape and the feel of its silken texture he missed her next words as he felt the slight release of saliva in the back of his mouth, anticipating her taste. When he lowered his head and extended his tongue, she biffed him in the ear. “What the- ?”

“I said, we have to talk about the plan.” She really didn’t sound all that annoyed, more ‘amused.’

“Fine,” he said, resuming his descent, not about to be deterred, “you talk and I’ll lick you.” She laughed and then gasped above his head as his warm wet tongue lapped up underneath the peak of her nipple and flicked across its tip. She was silent, raising a hand to hold the back of his head lightly as he continued to sweep his tongue gently around and around the stiffening little nub, slicking her skin with his saliva and then sucking her into his mouth and enjoying the warm feeling it gave him everywhere. Akane didn’t speak as he released that breast and moved to the other, rolling the stretchy lace down to expose the mirror image of the one he’d just left. As he took this one in his mouth, grazing his teeth lightly on her as he twisted his head a bit, he pulled her shirt down more firmly off her shoulders so that it pinned her arms at her sides, and he held her waist, pressing her against the tree. Glorious moments went by as he kissed and licked her, and her breath came in short panting puffs above his ear, each one building his excitement until he was straining against the loose black fabric of his trousers.

“M-” She tried to speak and failed. “My- my plan...” A small moan came out next and Ranma smiled, happy in the knowledge that he affected her so. “Ranma, I sw- swear you’ll like this.”

“Hmm.” He pushed her shirt down further and gripped her ribs as he went back to the first breast.

“Ranma!” Akane never did like being ignored.

“Okay,” Ranma said, rising reluctantly to press his now fully-engaged and totally manly penis into her thigh. “Tell me about your plan.” She smiled, even though her arms were still pinned at her sides she managed to put her hands on his hips and pull him into her slightly, eliciting a happy noise deep in his chest.

“Ever heard of sexual martial arts?” She asked slyly.

“Yeah.” He kissed her. “I told you last week. The Anything Goes School of Lovin’ I’ve been practicing on you for the last seven days.” He kissed her again. “Remember?”

“No.” She laughed lightly against his lips. “I’m talking about a real school. An ancient school.”

Anything Goes is a real school...” Ranma pouted a little and started to wonder where she was going with this.

“Okay,” she said quickly and then under her breath whispered, “whatever.” Pulling her arms out of her shirt so that her bare upper body lay in his grasp, she continued. “It’s called Tantric Sex.

“Tantric Sex?” He blinked.


“How is that a martial arts school?” Ranma was confused, but decided to keep his hands busy anyway and skimmed one up to cup her breast while holding his other arm around her back to keep her close to him.

“Well, I guess it’s not technically ‘martial arts’,” Akane admitted, “because as I understand it, when you do it right, everybody wins. But it involves learning to control your ki and channel your energy so you become more powerful.”

“Powerful, how?” Ranma said, unsure whether ‘power’ what he was looking for in his sex life.

“Powerful in everything,” she said, lifting her hands to the ties at his shirt and beginning to unclasp them.

“Hmm.” Her cool fingers at his neck sent a little thrill down his body.

“So what does this have to do with my being unable to do everything to you I want to do tonight,” he leaned down to kiss her neck and enjoy her giggle as his tongue touched a sensitive spot.

“Well, the secret for the man in Tantric Sex is to not- uh-“ she stammered a bit.

“What?” Ranma kissed her neck on the other side now.

“Not, uh...”Akane was really having trouble and since by this point he was slightly curious, Ranma straightened up and tried to help.

“Out with it, Akane,” he said impatiently.

“Um. The guy doesn’t come....” She breathed out a sign of relief. “There, I said it.”

“Said what?” Ranma was confused. She didn’t mean...

“They guy – that’s you – doesn’t come during sex.” Her fingers had reached his belly button now.

“Why the hell not?” Ranma felt himself pale. What fun is that?

“Um... I’ve only read a little bit on the Internet, but it seems that if you uh- come, ahem, it diminishes your sexual ki.” She seemed to wince in the dark, perhaps noticing that his hands had stopped moving over her.

“Well, isn’t that the point?” He began to feel belligerent. “Can you hold back an explosion once the fuse is lit?”

“Well, no, but then I haven’t tried.” She said quietly, beginning to pull his shirt out of his waistband. “And the Internet says that it’s more important for the man to not- uh- come.”

“Not, uh- co-” Now it was Ranma’s turn to stammer. “Akane, I don’t know a whole lot about it, but based on a few year’s practice on myself, I’m willing to bet that if I don’t ‘diminish’ my power, I’ll blow up.”

“But think about how strong you’d be in a real fight if you had all that extra energy?”

“Maybe.” He was trying to get used to the idea and failing. “I’m eighteen, Akane. Do you have any idea what an eighteen year old guy thinks about all the time?”



“What?” She looked surprised, obviously believing her friends at school had been lying to her all these years.


“Oh.” She got his shirt free and slipped her hands into his waistband, wriggling her fingers down beneath his underwear to grasp his muscled rear and pull him into her, earning herself a replay of his earlier groan. “Apparently, the longer the guy holds out the more fun it is for the girl.”

“Apparently?” Ranma tried to absorb this news but was having difficulty. “Can’t I just hold out, make sure you’re happy and finish things with a bang?” Like I always do?

“Not if you want to build your power,” she teased him with a little grind against his hips. “You’ve learned to channel your ki in almost every other way, Ranma.” She rocked her hips back and forth over him, which had the delightful effect of rolling his stiff length from side to side until he was seriously tempted to push her to her knees and ask for an InuYasha reprisal, but glancing up to see InuYasha now undressing Kagome, her body beginning to gleam in the darklit clearing, he thought better of it.

He was silent, watching Kagome writhe a little under the half demon’s tongue and trying to think without much luck because he was getting an idea. Akane took this as a refusal and became combative.

“Are you telling me you don’t think you can handle this new martial art form?” Her tone irritated him at the same time that it turned him on.

“No...” he retorted, returning his attention to her. “I haven’t met a martial art I couldn’t master.” Taking his shirt off and tossing it aside, he let a cocky grin play across his face, watching Akane pull her shirt up to unbutton the last few buttons and let it drop to the ground. “But if I’m going to master this, I need lots of practice.”

“Good.” She was satisfied and brought her arms up to wrap around his neck. “Then let’s get started.”


Quite some distance away, behind a low hedge, Kouga yelped as the air was driven out of his lungs by Ryoga’s shoulder to his gut, his armor useless to protect him as he had abandoned it at Kagome’s house in favor of these supremely tight clothes. How’s this guy so fast? Kouga wondered for the umpteenth time since they’d begun this scuffle after spying on their friends became boring.

Unwilling to let Ryoga claim the upper hand with that move, the wolf demon grabbed a handful of Ryoga’s shirt and yanked as hard as he could as he went down, trying to throw the annoying pig-boy off of him – again. His stomach being uselessly stunned, however, this has the effect of pulling Ryoga farther onto him as he rolled backwards in the dirt. Before he knew it, Ryoga was lying on top of him as he tried to get his breath back, little wheezy noises coming out of his mouth. Ryoga took advantage of the situation with his usual speed, placing his hands on either side of the wolf’s shoulders and spreading his knees on either side of Kouga’s thighs to pin him to the ground and anchoring himself so that he could not be easily thrown off. Puzzled at his opponent’s complacency, he stared at the suddenly subdued wolf and cocked his head to the side.

“Had enough?” Ryoga asked smugly, hearing Kouga’s breath laboring to return.

“No,” Kouga squeaked out and started to tense in readiness to toss the kid off him – and then he froze, his nose twitching. “Hey...” he wheezed to himself as his nose caught the seductive scent of female arousal and his lower regions responded naturally.

“Whoa!” Ryoga hoisted his hips up at the first twitch below. “What do you think you’re doing!”

Kouga spotted an advantage and kneed Ryoga between the legs in order to throw him off and to the side. Ryoga saw what was coming and almost managed to slam his knees together to protect himself... almost. “Owwwwww,” he moaned painfully as he tried to roll off his opponent and managed an ungraceful thump on his side. “That’s not fair. It’s against the rules.”

“Rules?” Kouga managed to get up to sitting and then to all fours, enjoying breathing heavily to get air back into his lungs. “What rules?”

“There’s rules for fighting, you moron,” Ryoga moaned as he bent over and put his forehead on the ground, grimacing into the earth as the waves of pain throbbing through his groin began to diminish.

Kouga recognized that he had a perfect opening to take the kid down once and for all, but he felt an unusual twinge of guilt at the thought of hitting pig-boy just now. This experience of fighting just for the purpose of showing strength instead of out-and-out survival was... fun? And if he killed the kid, how could have more fun later? He briefly noted that this sensation was a bit how he felt after his last fight with InuYasha and shook himself, unwilling to accept that anything with dog-face could be fun.

Just as Ryoga managed to roll to sitting, still holding his crotch, Kouga caught that alluring scent again, faintly wafting on the soft evening breeze just under his nose. It was familiar and yet not, reminiscent of Kagome’s warm excitement when she was near mutt-butt lately, but slightly different, slightly muskier; and as he took a deep breath to fill himself, savoring the provocative little sensations of saliva releasing at the back of his mouth. Kouga felt a warm flush move through his entire body and the muscles of his hips tightened in an unconscious thrust as be felt himself begin to thicken in the too-tight jeans he wore. Holy crap! His eyes flew open to see Ryoga watching him curiously. I’m getting turned on.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Ryoga asked, perplexed at the demon’s stillness, concentration and... was that a smile?

“Nothing,” Kouga sat back on his haunches, trying to hide his sudden hard on. “Uh...” he stammered thinking hard on what to do. “Why don’t you tell me about these ‘rules’ some other time. I, uh... want to go check something out.”

“What?” Ryoga said suspiciously.

“Nothing. I told you.”

“And I don’t believe you.” The pig was stubborn.

“Look,” Kouga was getting angry again, but he’d now identified the direction of that wonderful temptation and was determined to hunt it down, “just go back where you came from, okay? Don’t make me haul you into that fountain to get you off my back.”

“You wouldn’t!” Ryoga blanched visibly in the dim night light. “That’s against the rules, too!”

“Do I look like I care about your stupid rules?” Kouga snarled, trying to sound dangerous.

“Fine,” Ryoga didn’t sound all that intimidated, but he appeared to back down anyway. “Next time we meet, I’m going to teach you some rules. I’m betting you can’t come close to beating me if you’re playing by the rules.”

“Right.” Kouga said distractedly as he felt another pulse push him against his unforgiving pants. “But first you promised to tell me where to get some of those pants like you’re wearing.”

“Whatever.” Ryoga pushed himself to his feet, knocking his knees together somewhat gingerly to readjust the cloth between his legs. “I’ll see if I can remember before you show up at the dojo next time.”

“’K,” Kouga swiveled his head to zero in on the wafting enticement and his heart spiked a beat when he scented the unmistakable rush of demon pheromones blending seamlessly into that heady aroma. Without another word, he launched himself into the bushes on all fours and was gone.

Ryoga stood looking at the bushes tremble briefly and turned to go... where?

“Damn,” he said to nobody. “I’m lost!”


To be continued...