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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 17: Weird, But Good

By: Fano


InuYasha had never felt such pleasure. He’d been so excited all day, allowing himself to succumb to the sensual views, smells, touches – and now his Demon Moon as it became fully aroused and he used it to excite Kagome even as she learned how to use it to excite him in return. As she had pulled him into her for the first time, he’d felt his Demon Moon take over his body, letting him feel her excitement as his own and driving them both to heights he’d never even dreamed existed. And when he came it was as though everything in the world disappeared for a moment in the flash of their muscles as they contracted into an explosion of pleasure.

Even when the flash had gone, the little lights from the explosion within them twinkling into darkness, his desire for her was still strong. The energy of his Demon Moon bathed them both in warm surges, caressing them and stimulating them and when she took his face in her hands, bringing him up to kiss her again, he felt her desire and the hunger in him responded to her tongue on his lips, the clench of her muscles around his shaft and the feel of her body beneath him. With his hands, he could touch her and knew her skin was warm and soft, but his Demon Moon did not recognize the difference between her skin and his. Through it he felt her excitement increase with his own, felt the beat of her heart under him and felt her breath begin to quicken under its strokes as he moved inside her again, groaning a little at the pleasure of the motion.

And then, the magic he’d sensed earlier in the evening, when he’d accidentally set his Demon Moon on Akane, came back as he felt Kagome’s love for him flowing from her heart into his soul through his Demon Moon, bringing out his own feelings for her in return. She gasped as she felt the love flow from him and he pulled back to look into her eyes as they moved together. Even in the dark, he felt the pull of her gaze and knew she felt it too. He saw her tears brim and fall as little sparkles in the moonlight, and he kissed them away. As the love flowed into and out of them, it pulled their bodies more urgently into each other, needing to be together until they were one, calling all the energy they had to give this great act of love.

The jewel shone its magical light on their naked bodies moving together in the grip of the Demon Moon and InuYasha realized as the tension in him built that his Demon Moon was now powered by the jewel and it had only been getting started the first time around, letting them both play with it and learn to use it. And now that the love was unlocked within and between them, something had changed and its power was growing and expanding. Through it, their need for each other had increased to the point where their own bodies could not fully satisfy their hunger. He rocked his hips into her, bending to kiss her neck as she arched against his movements, and began to feel the energy of the earth underneath them fuel his motions as his Demon Moon reached into it for power. But that wasn’t enough either and it reached next to the trees and bushes until he could feel the breeze in the branches over their heads and hear the slow humming life force of the maple whose leaves had shaded them in the afternoon. Kagome’s excitement increased as she felt the new force flow into them and used it to move more strongly against him until he was panting against her neck.

Just when he began to wonder if it could get any better, becoming lost in the waves of physical excitement and emotional happiness that washed through them, InuYasha felt something even more wonderful as his Demon Moon pushed out into the clearing next to them and came upon the warm and pulsing excitement of Ranma and Akane as they made love to each other for a second time as well. Kagome felt it too and he sensed her smile as she reached up to lick at his ear, automatically causing him to tighten against her. If he’d stopped to think about it, InuYasha might have found it uncomfortable to be feeling the arousal of the others, but he was beyond thinking. They all were. There was no room for judgment in the currents of pleasure coursing through the cool evening to fill them with greater need. They felt only joy as it moved them, intensifying with the love the two couples felt and the understanding they now shared with each other as it flowed in and out of them through the Demon Moon.

Now it was four hearts that beat in their ears, and four hungers that needed to be fed and four bodies that writhed in ecstasy as the Demon Moon stroked and caressed them all into panting coils of flesh that required release, strained for it, needed it, demanded it.

Akane went first, her body gripping Ranma’s in a vise hold that drove the breath from his lungs and a strong push from his hips deep into her so that he cried out her name as she arched against him and she whispered his name back to him with each little shudder and tremble that followed. The ripples of their orgasm ricocheted back into InuYasha and from him to Kagome, pulling him down onto her as he gave himself to the surges of the Demon Moon pushing him into her, calling him to fill her and take her into him until they were one motion and one breath. The love pouring into him from Kagome’s heart was unbearably beautiful and wrung tears from him as he moaned into her and she into him.


Silence filled both clearings for some time as the Demon Moon softly said goodbye with soft touches and warm embraces before it withdrew back into InuYasha where it lived, bubbling happily away until the next time he brought it out.

Both couples enjoyed the feeling of their own hearts becoming distinct from the other three and then the other two and the other one, and looking into the eyes of the one before them to see the special things there that they now knew they loved.


InuYasha moved to gather Kagome’s clothes and wrap her in them before she got cold. Next he stood to find his own clothes and as he pulled on his hakama pants, he felt the cool air skim his body, cooling it and returning him to himself. He looked around the clearing and remembered his trepidation at touching her leg. Had it been only hours ago that he’d been so tentative? So much had changed in that short space of time. So many barriers had come down.

Hearing a noise behind him, he turned to see Ranma and Akane dressed and coming out of an embrace. Those same short hours had moved them from a physical fight to intense lovemaking. InuYasha blushed a little remembering the force of their passion through his Demon Moon. He made a mental note to be extra careful in the future of letting himself get too aroused when in the proximity of others. I guess I got lucky this time and no one but me noticed...

“InuYasha!” Akane saw him and came over to the hedge, pulling Ranma along by one hand behind her as he buttoned his shirt with the other. “You’re still here.” Akane seemed to glow in the moonlight as Ranma stepped behind her to wrap his arms around her waist.

“Uh-“ InuYasha stammered. “Yeah – uh – we decided to stay for a little while.”

“You know...” Akane sounded a little embarrassed, “that part of your curse-“

“My curse?” InuYasha was confused. Kagome came up to him and threw her sandals on the ground to step into them, steadying herself with a hand on his shoulder.

“Jusenkyo Springs in China, remember?” Ranma sounded a little suspicious. “Where you turned into dog boy...”

“Oh, right.” InuYasha tried to deflect his apparent ignorance of Chinese cursed springs and he shrugged on his shirt and then his haori, “that curse.” He heard Kagome giggle beside him.

“Well,” Akane sounded happy, “that’s the best curse yet. I think if you ever find a way to reverse it, you shouldn’t. It’s way too much fun!”

“You mean-?” Ranma now sounded confused as he looked down on Akane and then back up at InuYasha. “You mean – that was him?”

Shit. InuYasha blushed and hoped they couldn’t tell in the dark.

“Whoa!” Ranma laughed now. “Tell me where you found that spring! I’ll fall into that one any day – right after I push Akane in.” Akane laughed as though he was tickling her, and maybe he was.

Kagome laughed now too, deepening InuYasha’s blush into the darkness. But then she helped him out.

“Whatever spring InuYasha fell into dried up a long time ago.” She hugged him and he put his arm around her shoulder, grateful for her effort to get him off the hook; but then she went and blew it as she added, “but InuYasha’s never been to China.”

“Huh?” Ranma sounded suspicious again and cocked his head to the side.

“It’s a mystery!” Kagome laughed and started dragging InuYasha away from the hedge. He came willingly, not really wanting to follow this conversation.

“Alright,” Akane smiled. “But maybe we’ll get lucky and meet you here again in the park.”

“Feh!” InuYasha said, still embarrassed. “I wouldn’t count on it.”

“Well,” Akane said, “we can hope.”

“See ya,” Ranma said and dragged Akane away as she waved. Kagome waved back and InuYasha stopped letting her pull at his arm so he could tuck in his haori, tying the knot to his hakama pants tight at his waist.

“That was one weird day,” he said as he smashed his ears under his hat, wincing a little, threw Kagome’s backpack on his shoulder and caught her hand in his.

“What does that mean?” Kagome asked, falling into step next to him as they walked out on the path to head towards home.

“I mean, what are the odds that we managed to get through all that – uh – all that we got through without anyone in the park seeing us?” He sounded perplexed.

“Not good odds,” Kagome agreed.

“And what are the chances that the only two people who did see us not only were weirder than we were, but equally caught up in – uh...” he struggled for the words.

“Their first time?” Kagome helped him out again.

“Yeah,” InuYasha agreed.

“Not good odds,” Kagome agreed again.

“Then, it’s weird, right?” InuYasha asked.

“Weird.” Kagome agreed.

“Weird, but good.” InuYasha said as he squeezed her hand.

“Very good.” Kagome agreed.


Part IEnd Note: Well, this story was so much fun to write that I’ve started a sequel called “A Romp Through Time” ( “Time” is a bit different. It actually has a plot and brings in all the other characters in both series. It’s rated R because it’s a romantic comedy and enjoyable even to people who don’t like the explicit stuff. But now that our favorite couples have had so much fun with each other, I can guarantee they’re going to find their way back to the park every once in a while for a little (or big) lemon Romp. So, if you’re just in it for the sex, stay tuned to “A Romp in the Park: Part II” for the steamier chapters... and if you want to vary your reading pleasure with some attempts at sexy comedy and very trivial plot lines, check out “A Romp through Time” on both and As long as we’re Romping, it’s all good.


To be continued in Part II...


Meet ‘cha on the other side of the Hedge... Warning: A Romp In the Park, Part II gets a little raunchier. I’ll warn you along the way so you know what you’re getting into, but we’re in for a wild ride...