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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 16: Sating the Hunger

By: Fano


Kagome’s body was on fire. That little “battle” with Ranma had sent jolts of power and energy through her like she’d never experienced before. First the armor had magically controlled her, moving over her body like velvet gloves and pushing her into Ranma’s hard embrace. When she’d managed to reach the jewel’s energy, the jolt of power that had flowed into her – freeing her from the strange material and leaving her naked in his arms – sent little vibrations through her limbs and down into her core. Those magical vibrations were still coursing through her... Of course, there might have been more to it than that...

InuYasha was wrapped around her, pressing down on her lips with a heated kiss, his arms moving under Akane’s borrowed gi to brush her rear and move up her sides. Her bare skin under the short jacket pressed into his chest and she felt him hardening underneath his hakama, sending more jolts of energy and anticipation into her. She still held the little Morning After pill Akane had given her and tried to remember that she had to put it somewhere safe, but thinking just now was really tough.

“You’re not cold anymore, are you?” InuYasha pulled away enough to murmur against her cheek. “We’ve got to give this thing back to Akane...” He moved his hands up under the fabric along her sides and swept them slowly around to hold her breasts. She felt a burst of warmth between her legs as he bent down to take one in his mouth while his fingers played lightly with the other. A flush of heat ran through her, almost feeling as though it was pumping itself out of the jewel and into her flesh.

“No,” Kagome said, somewhat muddled, “I don’t seem to be cold at all anymore.” She felt her knees weaken as he smiled around her nipple and she felt his fangs poke lightly against her skin.

“Good,” he said softly and rose back up to press his lips against her mouth, “’cuz I have plans for you, and they don’t include this thing.” His hands moved up from her breasts and under the shoulders of the gi. Much like she’d done in removing his shirt a minute ago, he slipped his hands down her bare arms, pushing the fabric away until it fell to the ground and she was standing naked in his arms.

“Plans for me?” Kagome liked the sound of that. She still found it hard to believe this was her InuYasha, the shy one, speaking. But then, as she reached her hand around to tug at the tie in his pants, she still found it hard to believe she was really here, doing this, either. The whole day had just passed as if they were under a magic spell, uninterrupted in a busy Tokyo park. This was one spell she didn’t want to be broken.

“Yes, plans,” he kissed her again and took her hand in his, moving it away from his waistline. “We’ll get to that, don’t worry.”

He bent down to get the gi, keeping his hand on her rear and he was so close to her that she felt his hair brush the curls below her belly button. Coming back up, he inhaled audibly when he passed by that same spot and issued a great sigh of satisfaction as he stood. The smile on his face was hungry and she felt that little push of his aura she’d sensed before, when he looked at her wearing the armor. Another little gush of warmth below brought a blush to her face in the dark.

He pecked her on the nose with a tiny kiss that made her giggle and moved over to their pile of clothes. She came with him and found a safe little pocket in her backpack to tuck the pill into. Don’t want to lose that! He found his red haori and stood to unfurl it and let it settle on the ground at their feet.

“Sit,” he said, with a small trace of irony, which they both appreciated. She moved onto the haori.

“You’re coming with me down here, right?” Her voice was playful in her ears. “You’re not going to make me S-, you know, do that to you, are you?”

“Soon enough.” He said, apparently still thinking of his plan. “You just wait there.” He still had the gi in his hand and moved silently over to the hedge. He stood for a moment, looking over at where Ranma and Akane must still be. Based on the little noises coming out of Akane, he had an interesting sight. He shook himself a little and dropped the gi over the side of the hedge and then turned and took a step towards her before stopping.

Kagome sat on her knees, but as he stood before her, his hair glimmering in the moonlight, those little ears perking up into his shadow, she got another rush and slid off her knees onto her hip so that her legs were stretched out with a little bend in her knees. She felt very exposed to the night air, aware of the coolness of it flowing lightly around her breasts and back. The moonlight shone fully on her and she was sure that InuYasha saw all of her in its shine. This thought excited her and sent a little quiver through her. Leaning on one hand, she patted the haori by her side, inviting him to join her. He didn’t move.

Suddenly, she couldn’t move. It was the same feeling she’d had earlier in the afternoon, when she’d felt held by a great force, keeping her immobile so that he could touch her. But now he wasn’t touching her, he was just looking at her. Slowly, he lowered himself into a squat, his arms crossed over his knees, and rested his chin on his arms. His golden eyes seemed to glow in the night, flashing with some new happiness. She didn’t feel afraid, but she did wonder what was going on. Trying to move, she could only turn her head.

“InuYasha?” She made his name a question.

“I learned something tonight,” he said and she could just catch the outline of a smile on his face, the suggestion of a fang poking out from under his lip. “Let’s see if I’m any better at controlling it this time.”

“What are you talk-“ Kagome felt something warm and soft move up from over her stomach and wrap itself softly around her breast, eliciting a little gulp of surprise from her. She looked down with her eyes and saw nothing there. Looking back at InuYasha, she saw a full smile on his face. “Is that – you?”

By way of answer, she felt the unseen ‘hand’ continue to skim her breast, even as another one touched her at the back of her neck and slid slowly down her spine to take in the curve of her rear and glide gently down the back of her thigh. She sucked her breath in at the sensation.

“How are you doing this?” The amazement in her voice was full of both surprise and appreciation for how good it felt.

“I’ve always been able to do it,” InuYasha sounded happy, “but I never let myself.” He shifted a little, moving his face into shadow. “Until today.”

“What?” Kagome was confused but the touches moving across her belly and breasts were making it hard to concentrate. She closed her eyes, focusing now on these new feelings.

“Nevermind,” he whispered, “just enjoy for now and let me watch you.”

These were not difficult instructions to follow. The ‘touches’ were a bit like the armor she’d been wearing, but more like actual hands, though they did not apply pressure, just tickled and stroked. They swept over her skin, warming her and caressing her. As they moved to her breasts again, she felt herself rise with their movement, trying to maintain contact, which was silly because they never left her, flowing up over her shoulders, down her back and across her belly again. She felt herself begin to breathe more heavily.

She opened her eyes to look at him, saw his grin broaden and felt the lust in it, as though their auras were touching, and maybe they were. Her body pulsed with a responding need, her own hunger. As though he could feel it, she felt new ‘hands’ join the ones moving across her breasts and belly but these were sliding down her outer thighs and then back up the insides of her legs. Even where her legs were pressed together, she could feel the touches, slowing as they approached the place where her legs met and her sex laid. Awash in sensation, she felt the unseen hands push her back to lie down and then continue to move into the wet folds between her legs. Soon, it felt as though there were four, six, eight... she couldn’t tell how many ‘hands’ moving over her. He was touching her everywhere at once and teasing her into excitement in some places and calming her with soothing motions in others. It was like he was everywhere on her at once and yet she could still see him several feet away. As her blood began rushing with excitement, she was aware of one ‘touch’ that had moved from between her legs to push up into her, stroking her inside in response to the need she felt there. She gasped as the pleasure covered her and as the little pushes continued, sliding up into her to tickle and tease; she found herself making little moaning noises, wanting more than an ‘unseen’ touch.

Rolling her head to the side, she saw InuYasha stand. She wanted to experiment with trying to ‘touch’ him in the same way, but at the moment she couldn’t concentrate on anything, just the sensations brushing her softly, exploring. And she wanted to look at him.

He took a step closer to her and the moon hung over his shoulder, shining on the slope of his arm, which guided its light into a cascade down the hard swells of his muscles and played in the tendrils of his white hair. His face and chest in moonshadow, he glowed in a silver aura that pulsed with the desire she felt radiating off him.

Watching him come to stand over her, she was aware of how he moved, weight forward on the balls of his feet, back straight and in perfect balance, always ready to spring or run; or in this case, prowl to his target with an animal grace. She tried to reach an arm to him but could not move her hand, instead, she felt her aural energy reach up to where he stood and brush the rippled shadows of his stomach, up to where the beads hung darkly on his chest. She enjoyed watching him pull in his taunt skin against her ‘touch,’ enjoyed how his reflexive movement shifted the soft light of the night that fell on him, highlighting the ridges of his ribs, barely visible under his pale, perfect skin.

Reading her ‘touch’ and the growing need behind it, he lifted his hands to the sash at his waist and untied it, letting the red fabric of his hakama fall away slowly, first to reveal the small, carved ridges of muscle barely brimming above the tight skin of his hips. Then they fell all the way to the ground, exposing his full desire, rising from the soft nest of black hair tinged with white. Tall and firm, his sex reached up towards his navel, following the thinning trail of black and white fur that gave him a primal, untamed look in the shadowed light. He stepped out of the cloth as it bunched at his feet, and walked around her, continuing the teasing sweeps of his ‘touch’ moving over and inside of her as he moved fully into the moonlight where she could see the hunger full upon him, erect and swelling with need, need she could feel throbbing between and in them both as his unseen ‘touch’ kept teasing her.

He continued to walk around her, letting his eyes slide along her body following the soft warm movements he sent over her in this mysterious new way. She watched his muscles glide in supple motions underneath his skin, enjoying the tension she felt building in him as it echoed her own. Her eyes slid along the angular planes of his shoulder blades, down the smooth expanse of his back and over the tight muscles of his rear.

Finally, he stopped his prowling and stood at her feet, making no effort to hide the excitement on his face or in his thick, stiff shaft aching upward, hungering for her, lying helpless below him. Kagome felt new waves of excitement break upon her and within her as he knelt in a fluid, natural movement and touched her with his hands for the first time, letting his palms graze the heat emanating from her legs as he moved up them, pressing her knees lightly apart to spread her open to his advance. As he did this, moving closer to that warm liquid center she felt pulsing within her, she felt his unseen ‘hands’ caressing her breasts and belly even as his very real, very warm hands moved slowly up the insides of her thighs. The sensations were overwhelming and she closed her eyes, riding the waves of pleasure that lapped against her, beginning to build in anticipation of his body coming into full contact with hers.

She felt him move his weight forward over her so his chest put a slight pressure on her stomach just under her breasts and the length of him settled against her legs. She smelled his familiar scent, now tinged with a spike of something wilder, as though he were fresh from a forest hunt. Suddenly he released her from her immobility and her fingers followed the sides of his arms, up into his hair, one finding his face as it tipped up to hers and the other filtering through his long hair, up to gently massage him under his ear, which swiveled in appreciation as he leaned into her caress. She looked down at his face in her hands, her thumb stroking his lips as they smiled at her.

“Are you going to tell me about this new power of yours?” Kagome wanted to let him know how much she liked it.

“You like it?” His grin became cocky, more of a smirk really, and it made her laugh. “It’s called a Demon Moon, and from what I’ve heard it can be pretty powerful when it really gets going. Wanna’ help me test it out?”

“Uh, duh!” she said with an exaggerated roll of her eyes.

“I think it goes both ways,” his smirk looked hopeful suddenly and evoked a mischievous little grin on her face.

“I was wondering...” Now that she was released and he’d slowed his movements all over her so she could concentrate, she laid her head back and closed her eyes to focus on the feel of his ‘touch’ as it lingered lightly on the backs of her thighs while his real hands gently traced the outsides of her breasts under his warm breath. She tried to reach out to him, moving her own unseen hands down his back and gently up over the rise of his rear. The jewel glowed in the little hollow of her neck where it rested, bathing them both in its soft pink light, and she suddenly ‘felt’ the heat of him and his quick inhale told her he felt it too. She couldn’t see him smile, but the beginnings of a rumbling growl that grew across her body were enough to tell her he enjoyed it as much as she did.

For a few moments, they laid in each others arms and let the unseen touches explore each other as their real hands stroked breasts, ears and shoulders. Kagome felt him shift to look down at her breasts and her hand descended with his head as he lowered his mouth to her, adding a warm wet swirl to the soft caress of his hand and the strokes of his Demon Moon as it moved up her inner thigh again, going back to teasing her with the little rubs and strokes against her nub and up inside her. She moaned and arched against him, moving her own ‘touch’ down the crease between his legs and coming up under the soft spot under his balls, stroking down to caress them softly. His rumble became a throaty growl and he hitched himself higher on her, moving himself to the edge of her wetness and taking her mouth in a deep, moaning kiss. She raised her legs around his hips and moved her unseen touch up to stroke around the thickness of him, swirling her aura against his hardness, telling him she wanted him.

The intensity of the kiss built to a peak and she felt the muscles inside her contract with a craving for him to be fully insider her, a want that pulled her towards him, an urgency she pressed into his mouth letting him know how she needed him. She added her own aura’s motions to her body’s flexes against him, stroking him until his kiss became breathy and needful. Soon he broke away, panting heavily into her neck. The tickle of his lips gave her goosebumps and she pulled him against her reflexively while continuing her unseen strokes and caresses. He groaned in response, bowing his back to bring himself slightly into her, beginning to feed her hunger with his own.

“This is too good,” he said, almost to himself suddenly, and started to slide back down her body. As his muscles glided against her curves, and his hair trailed against her sensitive skin, she felt his breath steam against the skin just below her navel, and his tongue slipped out to seek the moisture beneath the curls between her legs. As she began a gasp, his Demon Moon flowed up her ribs to cup her breasts again and she momentarily felt her whole body bow itself up into him and then relax into a sensuous arching curve. Breathing shallowly as his tongue replaced the teasing strokes of his Demon Moon with sliding wet motions against her nub, she tried to focus on giving him similar pleasures, sliding her aura’s motions up and down around his shaft and pulling the little pulses of his desire into her energy where it mixed and brewed in her simmering pleasure. She felt him smile into her sex and she giggled. The little energy sparks that glittered in their combined aura were magical and she felt the jewel respond, glowing more brightly against her bare skin and intensifying the tingling sensations of his ‘hands’ as they swept around her nipples, hardening them and peaking them in the night air.

As his unseen hands swept her breasts, his real hands cupped her rear and his tongue played in and around her opening, she felt his Demon Moon hands once again sliding up inside her legs, slowing to brush gently against the soft skin at the top of her thighs, her skin there became extremely sensitive to the meaty swells of his chest as he flexed them against her, rocking in little motions on his elbows over her. As he continued all his motions and movements, real and unreal, Kagome started to feel the tension in her body building on itself, notching a little tighter with each breath and movement. Somehow sensing this, InuYasha moved his Demon Moon ‘touch’ in to trace the edges of her entrance, even as his tongue continued to swirl her faster, catching her into a vortex of bliss.

As her breath began to heave her against him, and her unseen hands picked up speed around him as he pressed against her leg, she heard him groan, the deep vibrations tumbling down from his throat to his chest and echoing into another, deeper growl that lifted him up onto her again, back to where his mouth could suck at her hard nipples, back to where his very real hardness was pulsating against her slick opening. Even more than before, they were both flooded with ravenous desire.

His hunger swept into her, fueling her own and she panted against his chest, raising her knees to open herself fully to him. He moved his Demon Moon up to continue the little strokes of her nub his tongue has left in search of her breast and now her lips. As their open mouths found each other, gasping into a starving kiss, they continued their unseen strokes and caresses as he slid very carefully into her, calling her legs to wrap around him and her arms to grip his back, pulling him to her. He made little half-grunting half-groaning noises and his arms, holding himself over her, trembled a little with the effort to control his excitement. She needed him in her, wanted him in her and felt his own yearning fuel hers as he began little pumping motions moving him deeper and deeper into where she needed him to be. His Demon Moon continued to move against her hardened nub, pulling little tremors from her hips as she began to move against him. He moved only slightly, letting her tight muscles adjust to his size, and her body picked up a rhythm that was soon completely out of her control. She felt a slight twinge of pain that was washed away in the surges and trembles as she moved over him and he slowly penetrated more deeply into her.

She began to moan into him, feeling the tension reaching a peak as his Demon Moon caressed her and she tightened around him. Her body began to buck against him, moving her against all his hardness, gripping him with all of her, pulling him in until she shuddered against him and around him... and then he began to move, rhythmically pulling in and out of her, pumping the tension built up in her and adding his moans and yearning noises to hers.

She looked up to see his eyes closed, a smile on his lips and the muscles of his shoulders and neck tight and tense; the moonlight glowed off a fine sheen of sweat on his skin. For all the times she’d felt his strength, holding her, carrying her, never had she felt his entire body so coiled and tight with effort. The power of his muscles under her fingers sent little adrenaline pumps into her, adding to the excitement and tension in her own body. As the motion of his hips quickened, she could no longer move with him, but had to stop and let him thrust into her. The sweeps of his Demon Moon continued to tease her, building up her tension point again and again, even as she felt him building bigger and stronger in her.

Suddenly, her whole body contracted against him, moving to its own exploding rhythm and she cried out with a sound of pure joy. He slowed for a moment as she writhed under him with a little purring noise, succumbing to the clenching muscles in her core. Then he wrapped one of his arms under her, holding her up off the ground and to his chest, balancing them with his other arm. He began to moan into her neck, driving and pushing with such strength and bursting exhalations against her that she had no choice but to completely give her body to him, relaxing into his building power and letting him have all of her. Soon, he pulled her to him so tightly that she couldn’t breathe. With a growl that started in his belly and pushed up out of his throat in guttural pleasure, he came into her with a roar of exhilaration, straining against her open hips as though he couldn’t be deep enough. As he shuddered over her she clung to him, pulling at him, enjoying the aftershocks of joy flowing over them and into them as he lowered them back to the ground.

They laid together, in each other, with each other, breathing the same breath. The Demon Moon was no longer his or hers, but theirs, flowing over their bodies with warm caresses and soft touches, melting into them and blurring the boundaries of their bodies. Even as they relaxed, Kagome felt a little twinge of her muscles, a desire to tighten again, to build up the hunger and to sate it once more. She felt him hard in her still, felt him move very slightly and heard the little noise of pleasure from him at the motion.

Taking his face in her hands, she guided him from her neck, where his tongue played lazily with the jewel’s chain, bringing him up into a kiss.

The kiss began sweetly, in gratitude for joy, but soon became hungry again...


To be continued ...