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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 15: Anything Goes

By: Fano


Ranma stood up as he tossed the armor to Akane, who caught it out of reflex. Her surprised face made him smile to himself, thinking ahead on what was to come. She looked at him briefly before the armor exploded in her hands. As he watched her lifted up in the air by the armor’s magic, Ranma realized he’d lost none of the momentum they’d built up earlier. If anything, his unplanned little romp with Kagome had heightened his interest in finishing the evening’s activities. Since Akane had thankfully been caught up in a conversation – obviously not nearly as arousing as his accidental chore (the responsibility of an Anything-Goes martial artist being to fight demons, after all, even if they were magical suits of armor trying to molest him) -- he realized she might need a little coaxing to get back in the mood. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation of this new task.

Ranma loved the look of Akane’s body as the Armor shone its beautiful light on her, lifting her naked form above him, knees bent, back arched and head thrown back in the sudden shock of its “attack.” She lifted up in slow motion, the armor giving him a good look at her beautiful arms and legs, toned from her morning runs and daily training routine, reminding him of how much he liked to watch her work out from his window or as he glanced up from his manga books on the porch. Her breasts were round and tight, the nipples nubbed in the cool night air and the caress of the armor as it began to slowly cover her skin, wrapping first around her shoulders and arms, then her calves and thighs, lastly slowly, very slowly, covering up her breasts and sliding down her stomach to that fuzzy little triangle between her legs. He felt himself begin to harden watching the armor shimmer over her body, remembering how it felt against his skin. As the fabric met itself between her thighs, teasing him with a final glimpse, she touched down lightly and opened her eyes.

“Oooooohhhh,” Akane said with a little real anger, “now you’re really gonna get it!” and she launched herself at him. She wasn’t coming in a fighting stance, but she did have both arms up, maybe planning to pummel him. He laughed out loud and grabbed her arms just below the wrists.

“Why are you laughing?” Akane didn’t get it yet and struggled a little against his grip. She was strong, especially compared to Kagome who he’d just been fighting a little while ago, but she couldn’t move if he didn’t want her to. As he’d hoped, the Armor wasn’t going to help her break his grip this time.

“Akane,” Ranma couldn’t wipe the silly grin off his face. He hoped it made him look rakishly handsome, but he really didn’t care, he was having so much fun. “Does the armor feel different this time?”

She stopped, looking at his bare chest as she paid attention to her body. He saw her eyes widen and her cute little mouth open in surprise.

“Oh!” She said and looked back up at him. “What’s it doing?”

“I don’t know,” his grin actually found a way to expand. “You tell me.” He loosened his grip since she’d stopped struggling, but didn’t let her go. Akane could get violent with little warning and he wanted to make sure his little plan was going to succeed before he let her get the upper hand.

“Um,” she sounded like she was blushing, but he couldn’t tell in the dark, “it’s moving.” She moved her upper body a little, like she was trying to shrug away someone’s hand tapping her shoulder. “It’s ...,” she squirmed a little bit again, “It’s controlling my body again,” one of her arms slid out of his hand and trailed lightly down his middle finger, his wrist and the inside of his arm until it reached his elbow. Her touch sent a little tickle thrill through him. It was working! He kept his arm up, waiting to see what she would do. “Um,” she said, a smile starting to come into her voice to replace the surprise, “it doesn’t want to fight you any more.”

“Is it talking to you?” He asked letting his hand fall down to the top of her shoulder, and felt the armor give them a little ripple of movement under his fingers which made her giggle.

“Talking to me?” Akane sounded puzzled. “No. But it’s not moving my body the way it used to.”

Her hand moved under his elbow and trickled her fingers slowly up under his tricep, gripping him lightly just below his shoulder and pulling him into her so that his hand slipped around her shoulder and down her back. Her other arm seemed content to let him hold it, so he took the hint and hugged her to him in a sort of a waltzing hold. He’d never danced a step in his life, but as their bodies came together, her hips swayed against his and he followed the movement. They both gasped when the armor gave them both a little ripple, encouraging them to touch everywhere they could.

Her hips moved into his with more pressure and he felt himself stiffen against her, the micro movements of the armor teasing him up with virtually no effort at all. After a moment while they moved back and forth, smiling into each others’ eyes, he let her other arm go and moved his hands down behind her waist, letting her arms come around the back of his neck. Her breasts pressed up against his lower chest, the armor over them caressing him with soft strokes. Her hips hadn’t stopped their slow rhythm against him, but his were in the mood to pick up some speed. He pushed a little harder into her and felt the soft press against her stomach excite him. Hmmmmmmm. He bent his head to kiss her, but she pulled away.

“Hey! How did you know it would do this?” Akane was looking suspicious, “And why did you ask if it was talking to me?”

Shit. “Well,” he blushed and was glad she couldn’t see his face well in the dark, “Kagome has that jewel ... uh ... and it gives her spiritual power.” He cleared his throat at the memory and tried not to smile again, “She said the armor talked to her and told her that it talked to you too, but without the jewel you couldn’t hear it.”

“And?” Akane was listening, but still suspicious.

“Kagome used the jewel to escape from it when I distracted it,” well, it’s true, I did distract it, “but she told me that since you ... uh ... lost your heart to me earlier tonight,” now he did smile at the memory of Akane suddenly naked on top of him, “uh ... it didn’t want to fight me anymore,” true ..., “when you wear it,” Okay. A little white lie. Everything turned out all right, didn’t it? His smile deepened and he kissed her forehead while pressing himself into her again, “you told me that yourself just now, didn’t you? That it didn’t want to fight me any more?”

“Yeah,” she seemed to be thinking again, “that makes sense.” Her hips pressed back into him and he hummed a little noise in his throat when the pressure sharpened the feel of the little sweeps and strokes of the armor against him, skimming over the fabric of his pants as he pressed against it from the inside. She looked down at their bodies pressed together, “it certainly does seem to want me to touch you.” She looked back up at him with a mischievous look in her eye. Her hand came up to the base of his pigtail and trailed down it until she had a light grasp on it, pulling it gently so that his chin lifted, exposing his neck to her. Ranma felt her breath against his collar bone and it moved up to just under his ear as she said, “but armie doesn’t want to touch you as badly as I do.”

A little thrill went through him at her words and he felt her tongue flick his earlobe and move down his neck, leaving a cool trail from which goosebumps trickled down his back. His arms around her waist tightened and he took a deep breath, expanding his chest against her breasts. As her lips moved into the action, planting little wet kisses on his neck, he felt her nipples through the silky fabric. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but she still had a grip on his pigtail so he just continued to breathe and relax into the feel of her tongue on his skin, continuing down to move out along his collarbone. She took the hand that wasn’t holding his pigtail and moved it down his arm to pull his hand from behind her waist. She looked down, her soft hair brushed against the increasingly sensitive skin of his chest, sending more goosebumps skittering over his skin. His hand came around of its own accord to cup her breast and add his own soft movements over her nipple to the armor’s caress of his hand as it touched her. He felt her nipple harden to their dual touch and then he felt her bend her head down, extending her tongue to take his finger into her mouth, even as his hand stayed on her breast.

As her tongue moved over the sensitive pad of his finger, her hips picked up the pressure against his lower body and he felt his heart speed up. She let go of his pigtail and he bent his face down to take in the sweet smell of her hair, feeling it against his cheek even as her tongue drew his finger fully into her mouth, wrapping her wet lips around it. He’d never felt anything so sensual and a direct connection was quickly established between his finger, with her slick lips and nimble tongue moving over it, and his hard-on pressing into her hip. He was beginning to strain against the loose fabric covering him and separating him from that armor and her skin. The armor under his hand and over her breast rippled more quickly and he felt a vibration in his hand as she moaned and her breast swelled into his fingers, filling all but that very happy finger. She moved her tongue down between his fingers and sucked on his thumb for a minute, before looking up at him.

Seeing her face, he had to have her lips on his and he bent to kiss her, bringing his hand up behind her neck to guide her mouth to his. Their tongues came together first, wrapping into each other as their lips met in open-mouthed hunger. Her arms went back behind his neck and pulled his head down to her more strongly; his arm behind her waist dropped so his hand cupped her bottom and pulled it up into a little push he sent against her. His body wanted into her everywhere, and he felt her tongue pushing into him with the same urgency. Her breath on his cheek was coming more quickly and the sound of it quickening was matched by the caressing motions of the armor trembling between them, teasing her nipples to press into his chest. He knew these movements, knew them to be titillating, but he knew he needed more.

As if reading his mind, he felt her hands break, bringing her fingers down along his neck and move lightly over the muscles of his shoulders. He felt her nails lightly scratch over his shoulder blades, encouraging him to push his hips into her again as his lats pressed out against her hands. The skin on his back responded, awaking to her motions. She kept her fingers moving lightly, skimming the contours of his biceps and coming around to his chest where his own nipples were erect and happy. She circled them with her fingers. He kissed her harder, continuing to press his hand into her hair so she couldn’t get away. She didn’t want to leave the kiss, but he felt her move her body away. At first, he was sorry to lose the little caresses of the armor as they parted, but then he felt her fingers moving down from his chest to spread out across his abs, almost tickling, but not quite.

“Mrph,” he breathed into her cheek as her fingers slid under the waist band of his pants and skimmed him lightly. His erection was pressing to get out and would have untied his pants for him if it could have. It didn’t need to because she was going to do it for him. He smiled into her mouth and she smiled back, never breaking the contact with his tongue. Her hands felt the knot holding his pants up and started to explore it, but then, moved down to grip him through the thin fabric, pressing her fingers down either side of his shaft until they reached his balls where her fingers spread out to lightly cup them as her wrist pressed into the length of him. The little zing from his balls feeling the release of gravity was unexpected and wonderful. He pushed into the kiss by way of thanks.

Come on, Akane, get me out of there! He thought to himself as he moved his hips into her arm and pulled her bottom into the press. The armor skimmed his hand on her rear, in clear agreement. She giggled into his kiss and complied with everyone’s wish, moving her hands back up the work at the knot constraining him. Soon, she had it free and used both her hands to push the waistband down over his hips and rear. As they dropped to the ground, he sucked his breath in at the momentary wisp of cool air that hit him, fully naked in the darkened Tokyo park. Then her body pressed against him again and he could feel the armor’s sweeping motions move over his skin everywhere, starting along the front of his thighs, up over his hard-on and moving up his stomach to his chest.

This time, as he began his own little micro thrusting motions into its stroking, he felt no guilt whatsoever. All three of them wanted this now. Akane seemed to like the motion too since her breath had continued to quicken and her hands had moved up behind his head, bringing him down into her mouth with more excitement.

As his desire grew, he realized he wasn’t sure how to get the armor off this time. He just assumed it was going to want to come off at some point, and – much as he enjoyed it – he did need to get under it pretty soon. Time to see if he could tempt it off her. Still in the kiss, he bowed his back and reached both hands down under her bottom, pulling her thighs apart, his hands supporting her rear, and he lifted her up. Her legs moved obligingly around behind him and he positioned her so his hard-on was right up against her open legs, only the rippling fabric between them, continuing to tease them both. She began rhythmically pumping into him, breaking the kiss to arch her back and letting out excited little moans. If the fabric was doing to her what it was doing to him, it was no wonder she was moaning. He was breathing heavily.

“Akane,” he said as she brought herself back up to hug into him where she nosed his ear, breathing hot air against it and sending a little shiver through him, “I’m not exactly sure how to get this thing off you this time.” She kissed his neck again and he felt her legs squeeze her against him. She pulled back to look at him.

“I have an idea what it wants,” she kissed him again, hugging him equally hard with her arms and legs. He felt her entire body moving against his, caught up in its own pleasure. It felt pretty good and he pulsed into her, just enjoying her movements against him until she pulled back. “But before we get to that,” she smiled, “try kissing the fabric somewhere.”

“Huh?” This wasn’t really what he expected.

“Just try it,” she giggled again and pulled his head against her neck, arching her back so that she pressed into him.

He followed her instructions and bent his lips to her ear, repaying the favor with a little suck on her earlobe, which elicited the most delightful sound through her intake of breath. He moved his lips down her neck. When they met the fabric, the silky stuff moved against his lips; it was kissing him back! This was different. His neck bent as far as it could, he hiked her up a little more, until her legs were wrapped around his stomach and his hard-on was enjoying another cooling breeze, just an inch or so below her rear. His lips parted to trail his tongue down towards her breast. He could sense the armor rippling all over her body and he got a thrill out of Akane’s excited little sounds as she arched her back again. Just before he reached her breast, he felt the armor part as it let him in to taste her. She gasped as his tongue lapped directly around her nipple, taking it all in. he sucked hard and felt a new level of excitement as he realized the armor could let him in anywhere it wanted to. He moved to the other breast and the armor opened to expose her skin wherever he went.

He wondered what would happen if he lowered her just a bit. Before he could try, she spoke.

“Put me down,” she said. He complied, and was very happy he did. She began moving her hands over him again and moved them down to take his stiff erection in one hand and his balls in the other, kneading the one hard and the other softly. This armor was very smart stuff. He stood stock still in the middle of the clearing, all the feeling in his whole body concentrated on her hands as his breath came in and out in little puffs. His hands began to move over her too, unconsciously following the armor’s little touch trail to roam her curves and softness. At one point, he glanced across the hedge to see if their friends had gone home after all. They had clearly decided against leaving, staying around to have as much fun as he and Akane. He closed his eyes again, taking with him the shadowy image of Kagome naked and prone under the white-haired guy’s mouth on her breast. That picture in his mind contributed to the feeling of heat and warmth building in him as his hands moved to hold the swells of Akane’s breasts, moving his thumbs lightly over her nipples once again.

She picked up the pace of her movements over him until he ached with desire. He raised his hands to cup her face, a groan of pure pleasure growing in him and coming out of him as he pulled her lips to his again. As he took her mouth in, a fresh wave of heat built up below and he felt a little moisture leak out just under her thumb. She rubbed her thumb over his head, spreading the thick liquid around with a nice steady pressure. The slick friction of her movement was driving him mad and he began unconsciously thrusting himself into her hands with little gasps. It felt so good, but standing up, he couldn’t get much friction going so it was just an extended tease. She pulled away from the kiss and giggled.

“Want the armor off?” She had that mischievous look again.

“Uh-huh.” Was all he could manage in response.

She raised her hands to his shoulders and pushed him to his knees, his hands trailing down her back until they came to rest on her bottom, his arms wrapped around her thighs and he pressed his face up against that rippley fabric right where her legs came together. He smelled it again then, her sweet, musky scent that made him crazy. As he nosed into the armor at the crease of her thigh, it parted for him, letting his tongue in to lick her skin right where it met her curls. He heard her gasp as the opening in the silky softness moved down, leading his eager mouth to the other place where the hair ended and her moist, swollen, tasty lips parted to let him kiss and lick at her. The armor created a nice big opening for him to explore and he slid his tongue in between her wet lips, sliding it up and down lightly over the little pleasure nub hiding inside. Each time he licked at it, he heard her gasp and his hard-on got harder, throbbing into space beneath her. He reached down to give himself a few hard strokes and had to stop before he got so dizzy he couldn’t pay attention to what he was doing.

Remembering what it was like to be a girl, how the sensations built upon each other, he brought one of his arms around to slide between her knees and hike her leg up on his shoulder, opening her wider for him. Her breathing was wonderfully ragged and he hadn’t really even gotten to the good stuff yet. He felt her hands on his shoulders and her raised leg gripped around his back to help her keep her balance. Now that he could get to more of her, he was careful to keep his tongue moving lightly around the little nub, careful not to desensitize it, but tease it instead. Once or twice, he went down to push it up inside her, and then moved back up to lap and tickle the little spot that he knew gave so much pleasure.

Continuing the slow, circular movements of his tongue, he heard her breathing quicken, and that’s when he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, placing two fingers teasingly at her entrance, just barely poking into her. She sucked her breath in as he pushed them in slowly, just as far as the first knuckle, and then rotated his hand to massage her entrance, expanding it unevenly as his fingers turned. She moaned and contracted her body over him, putting more of her weight on his shoulders. He reached up with his other hand to cup her breast as it came into range and he felt her whole body begin to shiver a little, the nub under his tongue swelling and her nipple in his hand reaching pebble hardness. He felt himself growing harder still as his erection tried to reach for her.

He chose that moment to press his fingers in more deeply, only to the second knuckle, but that was all she needed. Her back arched taking her breast away from him so his hand could hold her rear – didn’t want her getting away or falling over -- and he sucked on her nub until her whole body stiffened and her fingers dug into his shoulders. A deep moan of pleasure came from her and it excited him more than he expected, wanting that moaning, squirming body under him. Her warm sex against his mouth was thick and strong and sweet and he needed it. He wasn’t sure if she was done so he stilled his lips and tongue for a moment to see what she would do. She shuddered and let out the sexiest little pants.

“Finish it!” she hissed and he put his tongue out for one last, slow luxurious lap at her. Her whole body writhed against him, causing a new throb down below – a throb not just of desire, but of need now. She let out a cry just as a burst of light filled the clearing and she was lifted from his grasp by the magical light of the armor flying off her. Looking up, he saw her again, naked and beautiful. Her legs were parted and her hands thrown back in a position of pure ecstasy. Much as he had enjoyed the armor – once it had gotten over trying to kill him – he much preferred her warm skin against his own. He smiled at the sight of her beginning to descend, and found his hand once again giving himself some hard pulls, just for the fun of it.

As her feet came towards the earth, he reached out and gently guided her into his lap, bringing her legs down to wrap themselves around him, her open legs up against his hard-on. She squeezed herself against him with a little sigh that turned into a growl as she squirmed her hips around, pressing him into her wet lips, skin on skin for the first time. He pulsed against her, not quite at the right angle to slide inside, but pretty damn close.

He took her head in one hand again and pressed his wet mouth against hers as her body wrapped around him with little shudders. She lapped and licked at the taste of her that still clung to him, which turned him on even more down below. Little micro tilts of his hips was all he could manage at this angle, but they gave him the slippery, hot feel of her against the entire length of his shaft and he momentarily stopped breathing. Then her mouth opened and she kissed him so hard he couldn’t breathe even if he’d wanted to, her body continuing to squirm and press against him, their skin touching now everywhere – without the armor in between. Her body was so warm, and soft and he needed – desperately needed – to get inside of it. His heart beat loudly in his ears. The heat of her, the teasing little movements of her opening against his sex, her tongue in his mouth, her breasts under his hands – it was building and building to a point he’d reached several times tonight, but this time she was his. He was just about to roll over on top of her when she pulled away and gave him that look again.

“Uh-oh,” he heard the words come out of his mouth before he’d even thought them. He was right. She gathered herself around him, eliciting another moan as she pulled briefly away to get on her knees. He moved one hand to her breast and the other down to stroke her hair, not wanting to let her get away. Then he noticed she was applying pressure to his shoulders again, pushing him back to lie on the grass. Wait, wasn’t she supposed to be the one lying back? He resisted a little bit, pulling her in to kiss him again.

“I gotta get you back for that, you know.” she said, teasing again.

“Uh,” he realized he hadn’t uttered a full word in a long time.

“Trust me,” she said as he yielded to her pressure, keeping his hands on her breasts, beautiful and round under his touch.

The grass was soft under his back and he looked up at the stars that took the place of her shadow as she moved down his body, taking her breast from his hand eventually. As she moved away, he heard something next door that made him smile. Kagome was having as good a time as Akane had been. Her noises crept into his brain and found their way right to his groin, shooting hot little urges into him, lifting him towards Akane’s heat as she lowered herself over him. He sucked in his breath as he felt Akane’s fingers begin to play with his own curls, and her moist breath blushed against him right before she took him into her mouth. His body arched all by itself as little electric charges reached out from his groin to pull blood from everywhere and pool it between his legs, where it built and stewed, creating a pressure that pushed him up into her mouth and tongue. Her tongue rolled around him inside the little pressure circle of her lips until the stars overhead fused together. He felt that little bit of moisture leak out again and strained all his muscles, bunching them and holding them to try to keep from moving. One little tiny stroke and he’d lose it now.

She sucked on him hard and took her mouth away to move up his body as he groaned and tried to follow her. He grabbed her waist as she came over the top of him.

“Akane, it’s gotta be soon,” he’d said a full sentence!

“Almost,” she had a sly expression on her face, “but you gotta let me do this part, okay?”

“Okay,” the word escaped his lips in a huff.

Like she had before, when she truly was teasing him, she positioned herself over him, lowering her open crotch down towards him. He let one hand stroke the inside of her thigh, lightly moving up to brush her lips again. Just for fun, he stuck his finger in her quickly and enjoyed the gasp and feeling of her nipple harden even more under the hand on her breast. He snickered.

“Just for that, I’m going to go really slow,” she teased as she kept coming down towards him. He arched his back and reached his hand down to hold himself at the angle she could slide over him. When she finally got there, she came down just enough so that his head poked into her. He felt her opening close around his tip and he couldn’t help a little push and pull to move her wetness around it, sending another wave of pleasure and anticipation through him. She gasped a little and he knew he was the biggest thing she’d ever felt right there. Suddenly, the thought of how close he was to being all the way inside tried to send that wave crashing back through him, to take his hands to her hips and slam her down on him, all of him. He stopped himself, realizing it would hurt her. So he tried to convince his body that this little play at the tip was necessary to get to that point. To distract himself, he brought his hands down to her sides, crunching his abs and reached up with his mouth to play with a breast, even as he kept up that little, tiny in-and-out pushing into her.

Akane had started to move and little gasps were escaping her lips. After a few moments, she pulled her breast away from him and began to sit back, very slowly bringing her weight down on him. Ranma laid back down, anticipation building to a crescendo in him as he held perfectly still, feeling the tight squeeze of her body as it took him in, bit by bit. The urge to move was strong, but he resisted, letting himself feel every centimeter of pleasure as it came over him. Her gentle, slick ridges caressed his aching need and his hips begged and begged him to pump into her. Somehow, he held himself back. Soon he felt some resistance, a pressure against his tip, before he was all the way inside. Opening his eyes, which had closed somewhere along the way, he saw a look of discomfort on her shadowed features. He wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, and bent down to kiss him, pulling him out a little bit, which excited him. Her mouth began to move more quickly against his, her tongue pushing into him hard and her body began to rock over him, up and down, each time going just deep enough to encounter that resistance. His body responded and pushed himself gently into her as the rhythm increased. She pulled her mouth away for a moment to say, “let me do it,” and he stilled his hips with great effort, letting her slide up and down over him in small movements. She was building up momentum, he realized, and after a few more rocking motions, she sat down on him all the way. He heard a gasp from her just as he heard his own groan roll out of his mouth, and he slid into her fully for the first time. It was better than he’d imagined; solid, even pressure around every inch of him, holding him, squeezing him with wet warmth and a pulsing rhythm he didn’t even think she was aware of. He felt a tiny movement over him as her muscles contracted and relaxed. It was thrilling and his body pleaded to move against her. She was huddled over him and still. His arms were around her and he kept himself quiet, wanting to make sure she wasn’t in pain before moving again.

“You okay?” he asked, his breath short in her ear.

“I think so,” she breathed into his neck, sending him those little goosebumps again. “Let’s see,” she sat up so he could see all of her above him. His hands moved up her body and then back down to rest on her hips. She moved forward a bit and then sat back on him, pressing him up into her until his fingers dug into her a little. “How’s that?” She asked.”

“Uh-huh,” he was back to monosyllables.

“Felt okay to me too,” she said and rocked farther forward this time, sitting all the way back down. “How about that?”

“Uhhhhh.” His body arched despite his attempts to remain motionless.

“Hey, I said to stay still,” she had a serious expression on her face.

“I’ll stay still if you’ll stop talking. At least, I’ll try.”

“Deal,” she said and then, gratefully, stopped talking and just kept rocking. The feeling was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Her body wrapped completely around him with heated, slick pressure and as she moved up and down on him his skin became more and more sensitive. But it wasn’t his skin that was building a great desire to move, it was something more basic, something within him that had a great need to be even deeper inside her, though he didn’t really think that was possible as she sat back on him with all her weight and he felt himself pushed all the way in. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be finding her own pace, moving slowly back and forth, up and down and moving him on a wave that rode them both for a few minutes. He really tried not to move, like she told him to, but it was hard and the harder she came down on him, the harder it was for him not to move. His hands were on her hips, rising with her and falling with her. Soon he began to use his hands to press her down when she lowered herself and help lift her up as she came forward. She opened her eyes enough to look at him and waggle a finger, coming all the way forward so he was just barely inside her again. No! don’t leave!

She bent down and took his open mouth in hers, driving her tongue into him just as she brought her hips down on him all the way. He groaned into her everywhere and felt a wave crest that he couldn’t stop. Suddenly, his hips were moving against hers, picking up a speed she couldn’t match. His hands were grasping her ribcage to hold her there so he could push and thrust into her, his arms flexed trying to hold her immobile. She was beginning to moan again and he thought maybe he felt an extra squeeze around him each time he pushed into her. It didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that he pump into her again, and again and again. She began to pant and he opened his eyes to see her breasts just above him. He wanted them too, but couldn’t reach them. The pleasure and the frustration were at odds and his body knew what it wanted.

He slowed long enough to pull her into him and roll them over on his arm so that his weight was on one elbow and his other hand was holding her breast. Somehow he didn’t think his hips had stopped their pulsing beat and now that his knees had some leverage and her body couldn’t go anywhere against the hard earth, he felt his strength begin to drive him all the way in, slamming himself against her delicate puffs of air as they burst upon his chest. He tried to listen to make sure she wasn’t hurt by his increasingly rapid tempo, but his own heartbeat in his chest and breath in his ears was drowning everything out, everything but that little fuse of pleasure, the one that needed this so badly, wanted her so badly, demanded her ... with a guttural grunt he thrust into her and felt it, her clench against him that set him off, lighting the fuse that pulled everything he had out of him to surge into her, turning up the heat as it spread through that tiny space where they came together inside her, increasing the viscous friction that infinitesimal amount needed to gush the wave of pleasure back into him, stiffening his legs into a final thrust as the pleasure flowed through him, one wave crashing on the other, until it leaked out his toes and his breath left him in a moaning exhale.

Her arms and legs were wrapped around him and he felt her muscles continue to flex and tighten against him, her body arched under him, calling those last few pumps from him as she let out a groan and shuddered, pulling him down onto her again. The aftershocks continued to careen around inside her, sending little squeezes over him and giving him his own little aftershocks. His muscles were tensed and he had to will himself to relax them so they didn’t begin to cramp. As he felt his body soften, his breath deepen, he noticed that Akane was nuzzling into his chest. Looking down he saw a smile on her face and she snuggled against him, her hips continuing little micro movements that were not slowing down ...

Oh my god! She’s not done!


To be continued.....