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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 14: Not-so-Guilty Pleasures

By: Fano


Ranma was in quite a state. So confused. The moment he had fallen and been pulled by Kagome into a kiss, a flash of desperate fear had shot through him, sure he was going to be flayed. Despite his best efforts, though, he couldn’t get off her, and when the expected attack hadn’t come and all his useless energy had been spent, he’d felt himself weaken a little bit, like a muscle that’s been over-flexed.

As he began to relax, the girl and the armor under him started a slow, sensuous movement that pressed against him. After the day’s constant play and teasing, his body was so hair-triggered, so in need of release, that he found himself moving against her, distracted by the sensation, succumbing to the heat and movement that pressed into him. He lost awareness of the fact that it was even a girl he lay on top of and, for a split second he thought, let himself enjoy the tactile pleasure of the moment. A small amount of guilt crept in and was starting to take hold.

“Get off!” she whispered through the kiss-that-wasn’t, between their lips.

Blinking, Ranma became aware that her arms had loosened and he could move. The fear returned and shot through him like a firework. He was off her immediately, shaking his head and trying to remember what exactly he’d done in the last minute or so. Glancing over to Akane and the white-haired guy, he noticed that they were still deep in conversation. What the hell was so fascinating? Just as he thought to move over there and try to listen in, Kagome took a swipe at him and there seemed to be real anger in her body’s movements.

“What? I’m sorry!” he said as he unsuccessfully tried to dodge her punch.

“It’s not me, it’s the armor,” she said in clear irritation, but not at him, “it’s pissed at me ‘cuz I’ve figured out how to get out of it.” They continued to circle each other, auras still pushing and pulling at each other. He was off her, but his desire was still running around crazy in his body. He glanced at Akane and reminded himself that they still had unfinished business this night. His attention returned to Kagome.

“Good. How?” he asked. Maybe he’d get lucky and she could do it all by herself.

“Um, you have to distract it.” She seemed embarrassed.

“What more can I do to distract it that I’m already doing?” Now Ranma was pissed.

“Um, you have to make it think you really like it,” she sounded as though she knew he’d be confused. And he was.


“When you started to, uh, respond to it just now, it, uh, got distracted and I could reach the jewel.” She threw another punch at him which he managed to dodge this time. “If you do it again, I think I can use the jewel to get it off.

“Do what again?” He was still confused.

“Um, you know, respond to it. Make it think you like it.”

“But I don’t like it!” Some of Ranma’s guilt came back to nibble at him, and he realized that no matter what he did or said on this subject, he’d be burying a little white lie in there somewhere.

“Just act like it, okay?” Kagome was annoyed for real this time, and Ranma could tell that she was clearly no fun when she got angry. Just like Akane. Well, not just like Akane, actually. He liked to make Akane angry, but Kagome just plain scared him. He developed a renewed interest in going for the belt and lunged to try to punch it. She moved easily away.

“I don’t get it,” he said, still trying to understand what to do. “Are you saying I need to make love to that thing you’re wearing?”

“Something like that,” Kagome said, sending a kick his way. “Before, the wearer needed to lose their heart to you, now – because it’s powered by the jewel – it can do more than that. Now it wants to lose its heart, and it’s decided on you.”

“Shit!” Ranma really wasn’t interested in this game much longer, he was getting to the point where something had to give or he was going to explode, and he wanted it to be with Akane! “I can’t do that!”

“Just pretend!” Kagome hissed in a whisper. “I’ll do the rest.” She came at him and tripped him up, just like he’d done to both her and Akane earlier. Being distracted by this new challenge, trying to think through how to act like he was in love with that stupid armor clinging to her body, he came down hard. She was on top of him in seconds, pinning his arms. He felt her hips begin that slow, sensual wave motion over him again, the little motions of the armor between her legs skimming the surface of his pants and what struggled to get out underneath. He glanced over at Akane to find that she and the guy had stopped talking and were just staring at each other. He only had a moment to wonder at this before Kagome’s voice commanded him, “look at me!”

He did as he was told and looked at her. He saw that she had an intent look on her face that softened when their eyes met. Like before, but in reverse, she slid his hands up above his head so he had no leverage, his body stretched out under her as she lowered herself onto his chest. The little armor fingers began to move over him again and he closed his eyes, automatically stiffening his whole body and trying to withstand the temptation to succumb.

“Cut it out!” She was getting pissed again. “Don’t resist it. Look into my eyes.” He looked again. Their eyes met in close proximity, he felt her warm breath on his cheek. Looking at her pretty face and deep dark eyes, intent on his, he instinctively knew he could trust her. He relaxed a little bit.

“Good,” she said as her body, too, began to soften and caress him with that incredibly tempting undulation over him. “Now, this is the hard part.” He felt her hips pick up the pace a little and a rush went through his heart. “Act like you enjoy it.”

Ranma gulped. The problem was that he did enjoy it. But he didn’t want to enjoy it, and he certainly didn’t want Kagome to think he enjoyed it, but he needed the armor to think he enjoyed it. Shit! He was in a no-win situation. His body started to stiffen again and felt Kagome shake him gently by the hands to get his attention.

“Ranma, trust me,” she said with a comforting tone. “I’m not going to believe you want to do this any more than I do. Keep looking at me.” He did.

He saw in her eyes that she meant the words she’d said. She wasn’t trying to make him compromise his desire for Akane. She did care about him. And that caring is what he latched onto. As he let himself begin to relax into the large movements of her hips and the smaller movements of the armor shifting over the sensitive skin of his stomach, chest and biceps, he kept looking in her eyes.

“Good boy,” she said with a hint of humor in her smile. He smiled back, appreciating her attempt to acknowledge the total stupidity of the situation.

At that moment, when they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and she smiled and he smiled, something magical happened to which his body and his soul responded. Even in the darkness of the clearing, he could feel himself get lost in the even deeper darkness of her eyes and he knew again, in an even more complete way, that he could trust her. For a split second, he knew this woman and she knew him. The knowing went beyond the needs and desires of the body, or words like love and friendship. In the simple act of trust, they had forged a bond that would never be taken from either of them, even as their lives were bound to take them willingly from each other forever more. A wave of emotion moved through his whole being, completely bypassing his excited loins, and in a desire to honor this new bond, he pulled his arms from her loosening grasp and hugged her to him.

The light was blinding as it lifted them, clutching each other closely, into the air and the armor exploded into a thousand pieces.

As they floated to the ground, Kagome naked in his arms, he looked at her and realized he’d just been given a gift that he never could have received in the act of pure physical lust. Seeing her smile up at him, he felt no guilt whatsoever.



InuYasha found himself completely caught up in rapture as his felt the effects of his demon moon’s give-and-take interplay with a woman’s aura for the first time in his long life. A small part of him knew this was a potentially dangerous experiment, but the draw to explore this unknown part of himself was hugely strong, pulling at him and sucking at him. Before he knew it, in the space of a heartbeat, he had succumbed to the irresistible temptation to explore its power and capabilities. Eyes closed, body still, barely breathing, he tipped his face skyward and quietly allowed the demon moon to respond to Akane’s unseen and probably unconscious advances. When his demon moon touched her, it was as if the feeling of her came from inside him, creating a direct connection between her body’s movements and reactions and his own. This delicate interplay of sensation was exquisitely sensual and lit a fuse deep within him.

At the moment this new level of desire began to course through him, he felt her aura reach out to stroke him and he was not prepared for the full power of need that surged into him with its awakening. Akin to the feeling he had just before his real demon self came forth in its destructive force, this feeling boiled up from his groin, muscling through his reservations and self-control, bursting from him in hungry pursuit of the source of its arousal. No coherent thoughts accompanied its fervent search and he felt its ‘touch’ glide down the curves of a woman’s body, hunting some unknowable scent. Momentarily he saw the image of Kagome as she’d looked earlier, curves shadowed in light, and a new surge of desire welled up into the first. Answering some ancient call, his whole being was absorbed in the feelings and the images, instinctively pulled down by a force greater than gravity towards a primal source of pleasure and need. Suddenly the extent of his disorientation became clear as he felt the woman’s aura reach the source of his own excitement, just as he reached hers. His eyes flew open and he saw the image of a dark haired woman before him.

The physical reaction each of them had to this intimate and unplanned meeting was electric and both felt the echoed reaction of the other in the space where their unseen bodies touched. As sensation reverberated between them in the night, InuYasha felt his demon moon beginning to gather inside him with a new intensity, building up a pressure, desperate for release, desperate to break free of the restraints he barely had on it, desperate to attack the girl, penetrate her and trap her until his need was met. He knew instinctively that if it connected completely with his physical excitement, he would not be able to control himself. The temptation was enormous, needing, wanting, demanding something he now knew his body had craved and needed always, something that had been denied him, something he had denied himself.

The girl did not move and he blinked, seeing something in her eyes through the fog of his desire. He saw a hint of fear, and then he felt it through his demon moon. Fear of him. He blinked again and realized that it was Akane in front of him, the nice girl who’d given him soup. The girl he’d now made afraid with his inability to control his demon moon. He swizzled his ear to the side and heard Kagome’s voice. Suddenly, the full realization of his transgression came upon him and he was horrorstruck. He looked away from Akane, ashamed, and struggled to bring his demon moon back under control. He didn’t succeed completely and still felt the girl’s breathing as though she were pressed against him in the dark.

Almost like the awareness of waking from his demon possessions, feeling rationality and reason return to take in the devastation he’d caused while under its influence, he began to come back to this reality as he felt himself breathing again and managed to pull his demon moon away from the delicate precipice it had found. As powerful as the desire to free his demon moon had been, the feelings of self-loathing and disgust washing inside him now were even greater. The guilt and remorse pouring into the void left by his withdrawal began to brew into anger and he felt a growl growing in his heart. And underneath all these reflexive feelings was the same wrenching base of instinctual fear he always felt when on the brink of losing himself to his demon. His claws flexed in a desire to strike at himself in hatred. He heard the growl growing, seeking relief and he knew that no matter how much of this experience she’d been aware of, he had to acknowledge his shame to Akane.

“I’m sorry,” his tone was low.

To his surprise, now that the surging sensations of his demon moon had begun to quiet, he began to feel something else through the veil where their unseen bodies still brushed against each other. He felt her fear turn to surprise and then concern, concern for him. Just as before, her feelings came into him as though they were borne out of his own heart. It was disconcerting, but powerful. Did she feel it the same way? Could she feel the dread and sickness brewing in him now? He felt more shame, thinking she must want to lash out at him, push him away, and this added to his growing self-hatred.

“You’ve never had this happen to you before, have you?” her words were gentle, soft. He shook his head. “It’s part of your curse, isn’t it?”

He looked at her now, knowing that somehow, without words, she had understood. As their eyes met this time, he felt a new sensation come upon him, traveling on her aura as it delicately mingled at the fringes of his demon moon and pushing gently back into him from where she had pulled away. He felt her unseen arms embrace him across the space that separated them, encircling his shoulders with their warmth, holding his pain. He felt a new sensation of compassion from her, leaking into his heart, tempering the hatred there. It was a comforting feeling and he smiled a little, inside and out. At his response, she smiled too and then, to his utter and complete amazement, he felt the release of something wholly unexpected flow into his heart, directly from hers – forgiveness. Like a cooling rain, it flowed into him, washing away the heat of his self-hatred and shame. As he gradually came to the realization that his anguish was melting, dissipating, leaving him at her heart’s touch, he sent a spontaneous burst of gratitude flowing back at her, and for just a moment, they were bathed in love.

Just as his horrible feelings subsided completely, and InuYasha let himself relax fully into her untouchable embrace, letting it calm him, accepting it as she was accepting him, a beautiful white light burst from the center of the clearing. Akane and InuYasha both looked up to see Ranma and Kagome, hovering at least six feet off the ground, holding each other as the light glowed from between them. Just as it had on Akane earlier that afternoon, the armor burst into pieces and flew off Kagome, reassembling itself as it fell to the ground. Kagome’s naked body glowed with the light that surrounded them and shined up on Ranma’s face, which looked like InuYasha felt, bemused and happy. As they slowly floated down to the ground, held by some unknown force, Ranma took her gently in his arms and smiled at her.

InuYasha was a little confused, his demon moon still held softly by Akane, but he saw the look of happiness on both Ranma and Kagome’s faces, which mixed with the joy he felt in Akane’s embrace, and he decided confusion was a small price to pay.

Ranma’s feet touched down gracefully and his eyes locked with InuYasha’s. Some understanding InuYasha could not put into words passed between them. Ranma walked up to InuYasha and carefully lowered Kagome into his arms.


Ranma settled down by Akane and put an arm around her. InuYasha felt a shift in his demon moon as Akane’s aura left and Kagome’s settled into his lap along with her lovely form. For a few breaths, all four of them were very aware of the realignment of auras and demon moons as each sought its level again after the turbulence of the last bit of time. No one spoke, but everyone was happy.

Finally, Ranma’s stomach growled into the silence. He laughed and said, “Akane, you promised me soup hours ago if I got that armor off you. I’ve gotten it off both you now. Can I have some soup?” She laughed back, reached into her backpack and brought out four cups of instant soup and the still-steaming kettle. Ranma looked at Kagome and the white haired guy – what had Kagome called him? InuYasha? – and found them staring into each other’s eyes. Kagome’s jewel was glowing again around her neck. He had a feeling they wouldn’t be here long.

Ranma suddenly focused on the fact that Kagome was still totally naked and he reached behind Akane to grab her gi and hand it to InuYasha, who draped it lightly over her. Kagome’s eyes twinkled like starlight as she smiled at both of them.

“So you fell in the springs too, huh?” Ranma was looking closely at the guy’s ears now, “which one?”

“Dog,” Akane said with confidence as she handed a cup of soup to Ranma with a pair of throw-away chopsticks. “Not wolf.” She smiled at InuYasha and Ranma became aware that their in-depth conversation, for which he was very thankful, must have been interesting.

Akane handed out the rest of the soup and Kagome sat up off InuYasha’s lap, next to the backpack, to put the gi on. They ate in silence for a moment.

“I have a backpack like that,” Kagome said as she peeped into it, “there’s absolutely nothing that won’t fit in it.”

“Yeah,” Akane said, “I take mine everywhere!” The girls began to talk, delicately raising a few noodles at a time to their mouths. InuYasha and Ranma crammed large mouthfuls of the stuff down their throats, eyeing each other. It did occur to InuYasha to wonder why Kagome had smiled at Ranma while lying comfortably naked in his arms. But he sensed no deceit from the boy and no discomfort from Kagome, so he decided to let it go, not really wanting to have to revisit the last half hour or so with this guy.

“Thanks for getting that thing off her,” InuYasha said after a particularly large swallow.

“No problem,” Ranma almost smiled but thought better of it. He still didn’t understand why this guy hadn’t killed him a while ago, but he didn’t want to give him any reason to think about it now. “That thing is a pain.”

“Good thing it’s yours, then,” InuYasha said matter-of-factly and looked into his soup cup and scowled. “Man, I can’t get enough of this stuff!” He chugged the rest of it in one gulp. “Do you think she has any more of it in there?”

InuYasha and Ranma looked over at the girls, who were now huddled over the back pack giggling. Akane caught them staring and quickly stuffed something into Kagome’s hand. Kagome snickered a little and they both sat up with big smiles on their faces.

“Hm,” Ranma looked from the girls to InuYasha and back, “I don’t know if I like the looks of this.”

Akane laughed at this remark. “You’re not the one in trouble, Ranma,” Akane finished the sentence and both girls broke into giggles again, looking at InuYasha. Akane stopped laughing long enough to say, “well, not any more than you already were.” They broke up again.

The guys looked at each other and saw their shoulders rise together in a mutual shrug.

“Come on, Kagome,” InuYasha stood up, “let’s go home. I’m still hungry.” Kagome stood and grabbed his arm.

“Um, wait a sec,” she pulled him over to where Akane stood and backed away, standing next to Ranma. “Okay, Akane, he’s all yours.”

“Wha-?” InuYasha didn’t understand what Kagome could possibly mean giving him to Akane. He blushed a little. Akane came to stand next to him. He felt her warmth again and a very light brush against his demon moon, which was happily bubbling away on the soup he’d just fueled it with. He smiled despite himself as he felt her close. She reached up on her tip toes, actually brushing her real body against his crossed arms, and he felt the light touch of her fingers as she tweaked his ears. She giggled and stroked them softly. His blush grew very deep in the dark.

“What’s this all about?” He couldn’t help but smile, knowing Akane would see his fangs glint in the moonlight.

“I just made a little trade,” Akane said as she smoothed the hair on the tips, tickling him and making his ears twitch. Akane giggled again and he accepted the little sparks into his demon moon.

Kagome watched them and smiled, clutching the little pill in her hand. Ranma leaned down beside her and picked something up off the ground.

“Kagome,” he whispered conspiratorially into the nape of her neck, “does this thing still want me?” She turned her head a little to see that he held the shimmery armor in his hand. She could feel the residual lust leaking out of the fabric.

“What do you think?” She was watching the fabric shimmer more quickly in the dim light.

“Um,” Ranma felt the “little fingers” moving in his hand, “yeah. I think so.” He smiled and gathered the material together gingerly. “Cool.”

“Have fun tonight,” Kagome said with a wink.

“You too,” Ranma smiled back.

“Kagome,” InuYasha came up to them and put his arm around her, “let’s go.” She hugged his waist and gave Ranma one last smile as they turned to walk to the hedge.

“Wait!” Akane said as she came up to stand with Ranma, “how can we find you again?”

InuYasha turned to give her a sly smile with another glint of fang. Raising his hand to his nose, he said “I’ve got your scent.” He picked up Kagome and in a second they were on the other side of the hedge.


InuYasha hugged Kagome close as he leapt over the hedge. The jewel was still glowing brightly at her neck. It shone a beautiful, soft light on her face, and looking down at her, he realized he was still pretty excited. His demon moon, having awakened, was not interested in going back into hiding. He noticed as he held her to him that it was beginning to reach out and touch her, stroking her lightly under the shirt she wore. He wasn’t sure if she’d noticed it yet, and he tried to bring it back under control. But as soon as he set her down and saw her pick up her ripped shirt and camisole from the afternoon, he imagined her again as she was when he pushed the soft pink fabric up over her breasts for the first time earlier. His demon moon jumped at the memory, and he took a deep breath, trying to tamp it down as it started stirring in him again.

“Kagome, we better get home,” he moved to pull on his shirt, but he felt her hands come up over his shoulders, pushing the shirt sleeves back down his bare arms. She didn’t say anything, but kissed his neck softly, pressing against him, as she gently pinned his wrists behind him. He felt her aura this time much more clearly, and knew what was coming.

“Kagome,” he tried to pull away, only to find her holding him more tightly, “this really isn’t a good idea. I, uh, don’t think I can do this any more until we take care of that – thing.”

“It’s not a problem anymore,” she said with a dangerous tone in her voice. He felt her aura reach out and very deliberately flick his demon moon. “Akane and I made a trade, remember? She gave me something to take care of it with.”

His ears perked forward with interest. “Really?”


“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”

They looked at each for a moment and a mutual smile spread across their faces. She kissed him again, and he kissed her back, with all of him -- his lips, tongue, body and demon moon.


Ranma sat down on the ground and took a deep breath. He looked up at Akane and a mischievous grin broke out on his face. She looked at him, trying to understand what he was so happy about.

“Hey, Akane,” “can I have my shirt back?”

“Why?” she asked.

“I’m – uh – cold.”

“Sure, I guess,” she sounded a little bewildered, but unbuttoned the Chinese clasps and shrugged out of the shirt, revealing her beautiful body to him in the moonlight. “Hey!” She seemed a little annoyed as he snatched the fabric from her fingers, “now what am I going to wear? You gave Kagome my gi shirt!” She rounded on him with that familiar flame in her eye.

“You can wear this,” he said as he tossed the soft fabric of the armor into her hands. Before she could say anything, there was a brilliant flash of light and Akane was lifted in the center of a starburst, the armor wrapping her in its silky strands.

“Oooooohhhh,” Akane said as her feet touched the ground, “now you’re really gonna get it!” And she launched herself at his smiling face.


To be continued ...


Author’s Other Note: lest you think it’s impossible to forge a soul-bond with someone you’ve just met – try looking deeply into their eyes for two minutes without talking – anyone’s.

To those that wanted a foursome – I apologize for being a tease, but I just can’t do it. However, the fun ain’t over yet...magically powered lemons ahead.