Author’s Note: Hey, I got this idea from President Carter – we all lust in our hearts, don’t we? Would that they were mine...but they’re not.


A Romp in the Park
Chapter 13: The Point of No Return

By: Fano


Akane couldn’t stop herself from giggling. The conversation with InuYasha was amazing. As they talked, his aura had become practically tangible and she’d found herself starting to play her own aura against it, pushing and then pulling back to let his play against hers, secretly enjoying the feeling of him. She’d experimented with using her ki in martial arts training sessions before, but she was nowhere as accomplished as Ranma at it and so she’d never really taken it seriously. But somehow, tonight she could not only feel it, but use it. It had begun when she and Ranma had been getting serious, and when InuYasha showed up asking for soup, she’d noticed it more and more. Before she knew it, she was caught in the spell of it. Then she’d touched his hand and as he pulled away from her thumb as it smoothed against the surface of his clawed finger nails, she was surprised to find that her aura could still sense his body. She became fascinated with the feeling of touching him without touching him.

She enjoyed the fact that her aura could reach out and feel the smoothness of his skin, skim the surface of his chest and feel his body’s movements bounce back into her. When she brushed him with it gently, she could feel his intake of breath push his strong muscles under his beads up to press her aura back at her, tickling her nipples under the fabric of Ranma’s shirt. The sensation was so enticing, caressing her lightly, she had to try it again, and again. She sent it up and down his arms, around his back, down his legs and onto his inner thighs. Each brush she gave him elicited a response which caressed her body as well. The more she did it, the more she wanted it until she realized she was not paying any attention to the conversation.

“Ranma and I watched you and Kagome earlier, you know,” she heard her voice lower and realized she was looking deeply into his eyes. “You’re really sexy, too.” She couldn’t believe she’d just said that out loud, what was wrong with her? She blushed and looked down, away from his enchanting eyes. Her glance lighted on a very clear sign that he was feeling their auras’ gentle dance in and around the words that passed between them. Her eyes widened as she realized she wasn’t the only one fully aware of the little touches and tickles.

“We watched you too,” he said. With his words, the visions flashed back of his dangerous smile, fangs poised on Kagome’s neck and his tongue tip tickling her skin; his amber eyes staring at her as she came; his kiss that slowly built to a luscious tangle of him and his girl; his body rigid under the girl’s tongue as he contained a frenzy inside him ... all these images sent a rush of heat through her like a shock. Her eyes met his, and the fact that they were complete strangers became irrelevant in the intimacy of such truth.

Before she knew it, the feel of his excitement as it passed from his aura to hers, and the remembered visions of his arousal at Kagome’s hands and mouth earlier had released a fiery gush of hunger from inside her. To her surprise, it attacked him, and she felt the whole of his body under her assault, his warmth, his hunger, his desire. Not surprisingly, his aura responded to hers, pushing and plunging back at her to envelop her in sensation, like it was trying to consume her. She giggled and the sound seemed to send little sparkles into the storm, igniting pockets of fire everywhere in her. More moisture escaped her open legs and she felt his heady enjoyment as its scent reached him.

“Ahhhhh,” he said as though words failed him. She giggled, realizing that words had failed her too and they were both enveloped in some kind of heated maelstrom as their auras pushed in and out of each other, each stimulating the other in some unseen way, threatening to continue increasing the intensity of their interaction.

Her breathing became heavy as she realized she’d somehow gotten herself caught, his aura was so strong that it was pressing on her more and more, sweeping over every inch of her body and she couldn’t escape. She felt trapped, but did not want to move and break the spell. She looked at him and saw that his eyes were closed, his face tipped at the moon. He was caught in it too. The moonlight shown down on him, bathing him in its blues and silvers, sculpting his body out of shadow. She felt his aura slow, begin to move with more purpose across her skin. Just as she had done earlier, he seemed to be experimenting with it, using it to feel her without touching.

She felt him trace the slope of her neck, glide down over the back of her shoulder to curve around her ribs and come up under her breast, delicately slipping up around its curve to drift down and circle her nipple. Her eyes still open, she saw a small smile play at the corner of his mouth as she inhaled sharply at his ‘touch’.

Without really knowing what she was doing, following the natural pulse of her heartbeat and the seduction of sensation, she responded, sending her aura out to stroke his chest, as though both her hands, hanging quietly in her lap, were actually grazing lightly against the curves and planes of his skin, bumping smoothly along his contours as they slid down the length of his body. Both their auras moved down, lured to the primal source of their excitement. Hers moving in concert with his, following curiosity as much as temptation, her aura swept around the base of his shaft as his slipped between her folds, hovering just outside the path that led inside her. A very real physical jolt electrified them both as their bodies erupted in flurries of silent exhilaration.

The jarring pleasure surprised them both, signaling the end of a game and the beginning of something much more serious. InuYasha opened his eyes suddenly to meet hers. Their auras did not move, but hovered in that most intimate embrace, their eyes remained locked, trapped in the sight of the other. An understanding moved between them, born on moonlight itself; whatever had happened up until this point may have been innocent, playful and excusable – but nothing from this point on would be anything but conscious choice. For the space of several breaths they did not breathe and she felt herself suspended, wrapped in his powerful spirit. She did not try to move her body or her aura. As her heart beat into the silence, reason returned to her and she realized that earlier tonight she’d gained rights to the man she’d fought so hard to win, and she wasn’t ready to forfeit those rights – even for this beautiful being delighting her with his unseen caress.

Looking into his eyes, she was not sure he felt the same way


“No pumping,” Ranma said just as Kagome felt her legs tighten to pull herself against him in a pumping motion. She was beyond blushing at this point, having felt her body rub, grind and pump against him every chance the armor had to bring them together. A couple of times, the armor has so expertly felt her up when they touched, adding images of lovemaking that played across her mind like a sexy movie, that she’d lost herself to it and succumbed to the pleasure. When the armor managed to get them into tight proximity, their bodies pressed together in a lock or a takedown position, the little touches and tickles worked them both over simultaneously, and their bodies – being only human – had reacted to the armor and each other, despite whatever their minds thought about the situation.

“Don’t you think I wouldn’t pump you if I could help it?” She said this as she felt herself pulling Ranma’s excitement into her open legs as he twirled her around, for what reason she wasn’t sure. The armor was intent on making him as hard as it could, and it seemed to be succeeding.

‘Stop it!’ She thought to the armor, ‘you have no idea what InuYasha will do to him if he sees what’s going on!’

I’m not worried about your white-haired boyfriend, the armor sneered, we can take him on. The armor replayed the image of her kneeing InuYasha when he set her down earlier.

That’s unfair. I don’t want to take him on! You have no idea how violent he can be!’ Kagome was getting seriously worried that InuYasha would figure out what was going on. Knowing how jealous he got over Kouga’s simple advances, she didn’t even want to think about what he would do to Ranma, who really was trying to help her out.

She was getting a little dizzy as he twirled her around, her legs pumping her against him. She tried to look at InuYasha and could only see that he was in some kind of serious discussion with the girl, Akane. Just as she felt some relief that he wasn’t focused on them, Ranma told her to hold onto him while he went for the belt. As she rounded her back to pull away so he could reach her waist, she pulled herself to him again, feeling a particularly strong pulse up between her legs. Suddenly, she felt them begin to tip and found herself heading for the ground. He’d lost his balance! Idiot!

Oh, yeah! The armor was excited. Bring him down and kiss him for me!

‘No!’ She screamed in her head, glancing to see InuYasha still in deep conversation.


His knees hit the ground, followed by her butt and before she knew it, Ranma was on top of her and her arms were pulling him down and her legs were clenching him. The armor went crazy as they came together, vibrating up and down them with excited little bursts everywhere their bodies touched.

“Sorry,” he muttered. To his credit, Ranma did try to brace himself so that he did not crush her. But for the second time that day, despite the genuine efforts of a very strong man on top of her, something magical pulled him down on her anyway.

“Idiot,” she whispered, but without much conviction, since she knew Ranma had really tried to prevent this. The armor on her arms expertly guided his face to hers and their lips met.

Despite the fact that his whole body went stiff and he tried to pull away, no doubt fearing for his life, Kagome couldn’t help but notice that his lips were very soft.

Come on, girl! Open your mouth! Let me at him!

‘No!’ she clamped her mouth shut. ‘You can’t make me!’ The armor did not respond, but kept her arms tightly around his neck so that he couldn’t move his head. It also began a particularly slow and pressured sweep of their bodies where the fabric came up against them both, like a hand sweeping across their chests, their stomachs, their legs and hips as they pressed against each other. It also treated her to an image created from her earlier memories, his tongue wrapping slowly around her breast. She suppressed a moan.

After a few seconds of this, and a decided lack of reaction from InuYasha – what was he up to? – Ranma’s body relaxed just slightly, sinking a little into hers. Both of them obviously beginning to respond to the stimulation of that mysterious hand moving between them as it rippled the fabric touching them both. He wasn’t exactly kissing her, and she wasn’t exactly kissing him, but a new heat began to rise in her as she felt his arms press into her shoulders more closely and his breath blow across her cheek more slowly.

Ahhhhhhh. That’s it. The armor began to move more sensuously, the three of them coming together in a wave-like motion as the armor moved them together. She felt Ranma’s body soften more and begin to make small micro movements against her, building up a rhythm all his own, and a slight panic hit her. What if he really gave in to it? Then what would she do? InuYasha would kill him before she had a chance to explain.

The armor was flashing more and more intense pictures at her, all created from her earlier memories of Ranma in various states of sexual pleasure and position. It had stopped talking to her and was moving more and more urgently across her body, making it hard for her to concentrate. Ranma, too, was struggling less and she thought she heard a slight groan come through his lips, still pressed to hers. As she felt his excitement grow, she felt the armor’s arousal move through her in response.

Just as Kagome began to lose hope that they could find a way out of this without someone getting killed, she noticed a little sparkle, like a glimmer of a feeling, and realized that the armor was so distracted that the jewel was calling to her and she could feel it again!

Feeling a surge of strength from the jewel, Kagome took a deep breath and managed to get her arms to loosen from around Ranma’s neck enough so he could pull his head out. He didn’t move, but remained pressed down on her, the micro movements from his hips continued to build.

“Idiot!” She whispered between clenched teeth, their lips still smashed together. “Get out!”

His eyes fluttered open and he seemed to become aware that her arms had released him. In a heartbeat, he was off her and she had to admire his ability to move when motivated.

What did you do, you little brat? The armor was also out of its stupor and jumped her body up to a fighting stance. You let him get away!

‘Ha!’ she said, trying again to reach for the jewel. ‘I found your weakness! If he succumbs to your advances, I can get to the jewel!’ Her efforts to reach the jewel were blocked again, the armor having regained its hold.

It’s not my weakness anymore, now that I’m on to you! Kagome thought she felt a little bit of doubt creep into the armor’s ‘voice.’ Besides, you let yourself get pretty distracted too! Another motion of little fingers slithered across her body, causing her nipples to tighten up, despite herself, and more pictures of Ranma’s naked, excited body flashed before her eyes.

‘It’s not going to work that way anymore,’ she said with something less than full confidence, but her resolve stayed strong. Now she knew what to do.

As she and Ranma continued to circle each other, waiting for the other to make the next move, she glanced over at InuYasha, still amazed that he hadn’t clued into what had been going on. He was deep in conversation with Akane. What the heck were they talking about?


To be continued ...