Author’s Note: Who knew our favorite hanyou was hypoglycemic? After I wrote this, I found a one-shot fic by BakaInuGirl called “Lovers Under a Demon Moon.” I decided to keep this term in my story because I use the term very differently than BakaInuGirl – for whom it was a much darker concept (trust me) and this couldn’t possibly be interpreted as stealing her concept. And by the way, before anyone gets all hot and bothered that I’m trying to put Inu “in heat,” rest assured that the Demon Moon is an all-male concept, based on real-life experiments with human males. It’s also a very handy dandy little plot device. Yep – Inu & Co are all still Takahashi-san’s, through and through.


A Romp in the Park
Chapter 12: Demon Moon
By: Fano


Ranma’s heart was in his throat. Kagome’s legs were straddling his hips, pressing her into him in a way he couldn’t help but respond to. He felt the strangest, most wonderful little spurts of pressure coming from between her open legs, moving over him like little fingers. He realized it must be the armor she was wearing, since Kagome’s hands were securely pinning his arms to the ground. He saw her chest heaving and felt her warm breath on his face as she breathed deeply of the same fear he felt, wondering if he were about to get flayed by her wild-looking boyfriend.

He hoped fervently that Akane could keep the guy busy until he could figure out how to get Kagome off him. As Kagome started to grind her hips into him again, making him harder and harder with every movement, sending not-so-little shoots of sensation running everywhere through him, he couldn’t stop his body from reacting, stiffening so that he pushed back on her without even trying. He started to lose concentration, his blood abandoning his brain to head south – which that last functioning part of his cerebellum knew was a really, really bad thing. Taking a deep breath and concentrating his ki to bring a little mental ability back, he realized that while she was strong thanks to the armor, she was fairly lightweight and not as solid as Akane. Pulling his knees up against her rear end so that he could plant his feet flat on the ground, he gave in to part of his body’s wish and drove his hips up against her as hard as he could until he was in half a back bend and she was flying over his head.

Wasting no time, he jumped to his feet and retreated a bit, trying to figure out what to do. The damn armor was getting amorous! It wasn’t just a matter of getting it off her now, but getting it off her before it did something to him that would make the white haired guy rip him to shreds with those claws of his. Somehow, he had absolutely no doubt that that guy would kill him if he thought Ranma was trying to feel up his girlfriend. Kagome was coming back at him, and he continued to dodge her advances while he quickly ran through his options.

“Kagome,” he whispered as one of her punches grazed his side and he moved by her, “what does it want?” She didn’t answer right away, and Ranma took her silence for confusion. “Do you know? Is it telling you?” She kicked him, and he managed to move back so that the blow lost most of its impact.

“Yeah,” she whispered conspiratorially, “it’s telling me.” She didn’t continue.

“Well then, tell me!” his whisper sounded a little desperate in his ears.

“No!” she hissed back, sounding embarrassed. “I’m not saying those things out loud.”

He was surprised, and suddenly he imagined the kind of thing she might not want to say out loud, which made a happy little buzz move through his groin despite himself.

“Oh.” He whispered.

“Yeah.” She whispered back.

“What should we do?” He whispered again.

“Get this damn thing off me!” She whispered back again.

“I’m trying,” he whispered as he ran at her and slid his feet between hers to trip her the way he’d tripped Akane earlier in the day. She came down with a light thud, and he quickly mounted her, pinning her hands by her shoulders and putting his weight on her hips. Within a second, she’d slid her hands straight above her head, taking his arms with them and pulling his face and chest down to hers until he felt himself pressed against her body, his hard-on once again trapped between them, his bare chest against her barely-covered breasts and his face only an inch above hers. He felt a rippling sensation of tiny movements everywhere their bodies touched as the armor felt them both up and down. He saw her eyes flutter and roll up momentarily into her head as her body arched under his, clearly in some kind of rapture. His body, too, was quite happy with the situation. He stole a look at the white haired man to see him tipping a white Styrofoam bowl of ramen up into his mouth. A momentary relief washed over him, but as those frisky little ‘fingers’ moved over him, he realized his luck was running out fast.

“I played right into its little trap, didn’t I?” he asked Kagome as he looked back at her and their eyes met.

“Yeah,” she breathed the word dreamily and her eyes became unfocused. Despite the strangeness of their situation, Ranma couldn’t help but take a moment to notice that her face was really very lovely.

“Crap.” He said, carefully trying not to let his hips make the micro tilt-and-thrusts they were trying to make against the fluxuating fabric on her belly.

“Yeah,” she said again without much conviction and her eyes closed softly, lost to some view only she could see. Her body began to move under him, rocking to a rhythmic beat only she could hear. Her hips rose against him, and she rounded her back so that her face rose to brush his. Then she arched her back, undulating her belly to trap his hard-on between their stomachs – the little fingers working him over at the touch. Her movement continued and she brought herself up against him, pressing her breasts softly against his chest. He found himself unconsciously beginning to lower himself on her, trying to maintain contact with those moving little fabric fingers and her warmth. Realizing he’d better move off her or else he wouldn’t be able to stop his hips from doing exactly what they wanted, he took both her hands in one of his and tried to reach for the belt. Even though her eyes were still peacefully closed, her hips bucked up under him, throwing him over her, just like Akane had done a few hours earlier. ”I played into its trap, alright,” he chastised himself softly as he flew over her head to land in a heap.

Glancing at the white haired guy to see that he was back to watching the fight, Ranma couldn’t help but notice Akane staring at the guy – and NOT at the fight. Hey! He thought to himself, I’m about to get myself sexually molested and skinned alive over here, and all she can do is moon at him? Before he knew what hit him, Kagome had run at him, slamming her shoulder into his chest and knocking him to the ground again. Looking up to see her flying at him, trying to pin him to the ground again, he quickly rolled out of the way and she landed with a little “oof!” Mind on the fight, Ranma, he reminded himself. He’d deal with Akane later.

Looking at the white haired guy had reminded him of the move he’d made on Kagome when she’d been beating up on him earlier. He figured maybe he’d give it a try and see if he could get to the belt that way. Moving in closer, he let her punch at his shoulder and moved to let her fist graze past him, accelerating and bending his knees so he could come down to scoop her up with his arms wrapped around her waist. She let out a little “eep!” as he lifted her off the ground, and found his face buried between the swells of her breasts. Whoops! He thought to himself, didn’t really think this through. But part of him was not unhappy at all, and as he felt her warm skin through the softly moving fabric, he had to fight to stay on his feet instead of getting lost in the feel of her. God! His body had a mind of its own! Maybe it’s a good thing if Akane can distract the guy until I can get myself out of this mess.

“Idiot!” Kagome hissed as her legs wrapped around his chest and squeezed the air out of his lungs with more strength than he thought she had all by herself. He started to get a little lightheaded as the oxygen left him and his grip on her loosened until she slid down his body, her legs tightening up again as they got to his waist. Her arms were around his neck, and he remembered belatedly what she’d done to the white haired guy when this happened to him. Ranma gulped loudly, feeling the ‘little fingers’ of the armor between her legs working over his still-very-stiff-self at waist level.

“No pumping,” he tried to warn Kagome in a mild scolding tone, just as he felt her legs tighten to pull herself against him, a clear pump if he’d ever felt one. Thinking quickly, he started spinning slowly around, hoping that the extra motion would make it hard for her boyfriend to see what she was doing to him. His heart began beating harder, pumping in rhythm with the squeezes of her legs and his slow rotations. He thought he could feel the white haired guy’s eyes boring into him.

“Don’t you think I wouldn’t pump you if I could help it?” Kagome sounded frightened too, fueling his own anxiety that the white haired guy would indeed kill him if he figured out what was going on.

“Keep hold of my neck,” he breathed hard with the excitement, exertion and trepidation coursing through him. “I’m going for the belt.” He felt her round out her back, trying to give his hand room to reach the belt buckle at her waist, but this had the unfortunate effect of tightening her legs to pump against him again with all those nimble and rippley little armor-finger motions. He momentarily lost all the blood in his brain again, and before he knew it, his balance tilted to one side and he had stumbled and fallen to his knees, pitching forward so that Kagome landed on her back, arms and legs still wrapped around him. He felt her tighten them, drawing him down towards her frightened face and pulling his hips into a pumping squeeze.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, trying to stop himself from falling onto her.

“Idiot,” she whispered as his lips met hers and her arms came up around his ears to pull him into a kiss, crushing him into her.


InuYasha watched as Kagome sidled after Ranma into the center of the clearing. He found the playful expression on her face a little puzzling, but as his lower half pulsed in response to the shadow of her smile in the dim evening light, he figured she was just teasing him some more. He smiled, enjoying the hungry feeling buzzing through him, both sharpening and dulling his senses at the same time. As he thought back on the afternoon’s magic, be began anticipating the next day after Kagome had gotten her hands on whatever it was she was going to get so they could get on with what they’d gotten into.

He heard them introduce themselves, which he thought was rather strange, given that he felt like he knew both Ranma and Akane very well, having watched them make love to each other all afternoon. The memories of their lovemaking mixed in with his own feelings of longing as he watched the sway of Kagome’s hips in that skimpy ‘armor.’ The outfit barely covering her body’s luscious curves and he remembered the feel of it between her breast and his cheek – silky soft and warm with her body’s heat. All of it together warmed him from the inside out, sending happy excitement in to wash away the last remnants of adrenaline that had rushed through him as he followed Kagome into the clearing. As his body relaxed, the memories kept him hard and pushing out against his hakama pants. He sighed a little, exasperated at his inability to stay down sometimes. Thank the gods for these pants. How many times had they saved him from an embarrassing situation, hiding his excitement from Kagome and Sango? At least he hoped they hadn’t noticed.

“Shit!” He heard Ranma swear as Kagome expertly pushed him into a tree. That’s my girl, he thought to proudly to himself. He knew it was the armor giving her this extra strength and ability to beat up on guys, but he could still be proud of her. He smiled to himself at what a good mood he was in all of a sudden, and his whole body thrummed in response to his happy thoughts. He heard a strange buzzing in his ears and realized suddenly that he wasn’t feeling quite right.

Now that he thought about it, the afternoon and evening of passionate play had set something loose in him he hadn’t recognized at first, as he let it come into him so rarely. He had a vague memory of when he was much younger, listening to some demons from the branches of a tree as they laughed and talked about the “demon moon.” Since there had been no moon in the sky that night he had been confused about this term at first – confused and afraid for his life since he’d been a weak human at the time he’d overheard this conversation. However, he’d come to understand after listening to their raunchy talk for a while that the demon moon was just a slang term for referring to the uncontrollable lust that came upon male demons when they were aroused by a female and ready to mate. Kind of like a bloodlust, but without the blood. The demon moon was different from human lust too. It had a magical quality that not only muddled the brain of the demon himself, but reached out to captivate any female around him as well. They had said that a strong demon moon could trap a female and make her fall in love with the demon. Apparently, according to the stories he’d overheard, human females were especially susceptible to it.

InuYasha didn’t necessarily believe that story, but he’d never taken the chance to find out. He’d lived in fear during those times that if he dropped his guard around a full demon, even a female, he’d be dead in a matter of moments, whether she was in love with him or not and at the time, he’d never considered mating with a human female. A few times, it had come upon him unexpectedly back then, and he’d quickly run away so that he didn’t end up getting himself killed. He’d found ways to manage his sexual need on his own, but he’d never let his demon moon come fully upon him in the presence of a female. Because he’d been so careful to control its onset, he believed that as a hanyou, he had mastry over his demon moon, and was able to keep it in check most of the time.

But then there was Kagome. He’d felt the demon moon creep up on him many times over the last few years, usually when he was watching her sleep, or run, or laugh.... It would always creep quietly into his loins and try to make him scoop her up and run away with her. Always, as soon as he felt even a hint of it, he’d run off into the forest to let it die down before it got hold of him. His duty was to protect her, protect all of them, and see them safely through their quest to complete the jewel. In order to protect her, he hadn’t let himself succumb to the demon moon in all that time, until today, when there was nothing to protect her from. He laughed at himself a little bit now, realizing that it was the demon moon that had come upon him earlier today, maybe fueled by the jewel, or maybe not. He’d been so overwhelmed with the magic of it all, and her reaction to him, that he hadn’t even recognized it for what it was. Keh! He laughed at himself. It sure does make me stupid.

At that moment, his stomach growled again just as the mouthwatering scent of ramen stole into his nostrils and released a load of saliva into his mouth, wrenching his attention away from the warm bubbling of his blood and the sparing pair in the clearing. He realized he was lightheaded from lack of food, and the demon moon wasn’t helping. He followed his nose over to where Akane was pouring hot water from a kettle. The sounds of Kagome and Ranma fighting mixed into the buzzing backdrop of noise in his ears. His motion woke him up the fact that his balance was a little off and he was dangerously close to keeling over between hunger, the heavenly scent of soup and the over-stimulation of the demon moon.

“Akane,” he said the girl’s name and watched as her eyes trailed up his body, pausing briefly in front of his bulging hakama pants – please let them cover up his excitement! – and moving up to his face. He asked for the soup, but she didn’t respond, looking at him almost transfixed. His stomach clenched and the buzzing in his ears became intense. He felt a little tilting dizziness and, recognizing the signs of dangerous hunger, he crouched down on his haunches and tried again to get her attention.

Looking into her eyes seemed to work and she made him some soup. Watching her raise up to get the soup from her pack, and then lean over to find some chopsticks, he realized that although she had fastened Ranma’s shirt across her breasts, leaving an open view of her cleavage for him to enjoy, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His demon moon swelled, remembering her milky skin and luscious curves from the afternoon’s sneak peeks. The images from the day added to the dizziness and the noise in his ears, fueling his demon moon. He twitched his ears, trying to flick out the noise as he unsuccessfully focused on the fight in front of him. His body was becoming a little numb, dulling his senses, as it surrendered to a confused mix of happy and desperate signals from his groin and his stomach. He noted that Kagome had Ranma pinned to the ground at one point and thought again proudly that he really didn’t need to worry about her.

Akane handed him the soup and he managed to toss it down his throat before his hands shook so hard that he spilled it on himself. Immediately, he began to feel better. As he watched the movements of the fighting pair in a blurred and unfocused way, the noise in his ears began to subside and the warm liquid spread nourishment throughout his system. He let out a contented sigh and tried very hard to focus on the fight, knitting his eyebrows together in concentration. It was no use, he wasn’t feeling dizzy anymore, but he couldn’t concentrate either.

His hunger was abating, but his demon moon was not. Quite the opposite. It, too, was becoming fueled by the warm soup in his belly. He realized that Akane was watching him very closely. As he became aware of her attention, feeling her aura begin to brush tentatively against his demon moon, he caught her scent again; the one that had so enthralled him that afternoon as it mixed with the scent of Kagome while she writhed in his lap. He sniffed carefully to make sure his befuddled senses had got it right, widening his eyes as the smell caressed him and he recognized it as arousal; he twisted to look at Akane.

Her eyes were big and deep, she seemed to be entranced. Idiot! He chastised himself, even as his eyes noticed the rounding of her breasts and hips under the shirt she wore. Now what am I going to do?

“What?” She asked innocently, absolutely unaware of the mess he’d just gotten her into by following his stomach. His body automatically inhaled a deep breath, filling his lungs completely and closing his eyes, all of him recognized the smell of her excitement. She was caught in the spell alright. And so was he.

“Nothing,” he said and forced his eyes back to not watching the fight.

He thought briefly about trying to run away and let it all just die down. That didn’t feel quite right, though, leaving Kagome alone. Besides, he was pretty sure he could control his demon moon now that he had some sustenance, and just sitting next to a sexy and enthralled girl with a lusty aura felt pretty nice. He became intrigued with the idea of testing his demon moon with a real female, basking in the mellow glow of her excitement until he could get to Kagome again. The thought of Kagome vibrated through him like the slam of a large gong and he smiled a little, blinking to try to focus on her. Ranma had tried the trick of picking her up but was failing as miserably as he had. He saw them start to spin, the boy apparently trying to whirl her off him – not a bad idea, actually. Just as it looked like he might lose his balance and fall over, he heard Akane shift next to him, putting her soup down. He felt the heat of her body as she moved closer.

“Excuse me,” she said politely. He turned to look at her just as he saw Kagome take Ranma down again. Poor guy, he thought, good luck getting that stupid armor off! “What’s your name?” Akane said and he thought he felt her blush in the dark, a small breeze of heat brushing past his cheek.

“Huh?” He was surprised she would ask, assuming he and Kagome had been peeped on in return. Suddenly, he felt very embarrassed, having used her name so casually a few moments ago. Maybe they hadn’t been peeped on and she was now wondering how he knew her name! But no, he knew she’d seen him looking at her right when she came. His spine shimmered a little with the memory, like it was trying to throw off water droplets. “InuYasha,” he said, hoping the embarrassment didn’t ring out in his voice.

“InuYasha?” Akane seemed puzzled. “Doesn’t that mean ‘dog demon’?” She looked up at his ears, which twitched self-consciously, despite himself. She smiled, sending a little spark of energy bouncing into his demon moon.

“It’s a nickname,” he said lamely, his demon moon absorbed the spark, letting it twinkle inside him.

“I like it,” she said, and he felt her aura push against his in a probing sort of way. Uh-oh.

“Uh, thanks,” he couldn’t take his eyes off her suddenly. Her smell reached out to him and shoved itself up his nose until he could hardly think.

“Um,” she seemed embarrassed, but went on, “your ears. Did you fall into the Jusenkyo Springs in China too?” He felt her blush grow as the heat of her body radiated into his demon moon, amplifying it’s warmth on his skin.

“Ju-what?” This inability to think was not making him the most scintillating conversationalist. She shifted to sit cross-legged in front of him, her hands hanging in her lap over the dark shadowed triangle created by the shirt tail as it stretching across her open thighs. He remembered that she wore nothing in that darkness as her scent bloomed out over him, making him dizzy again.

“Jusenkyo,” she said with a smile in her voice, sending more sparks, “the cursed springs on the mainland where, if you fall into the pool, you turn into whatever beast or person last drowned in it.” She licked her lips and he felt her aura brush over his demon moon in time with the slow movement.

“Oh, that.” He did not have a clue what she was talking about, but thought it best to just go along.

“That’s why Ranma turns into a girl when he gets cold water on him.” She giggled. “It pisses him off, but sometimes I kind of like it.” Warmth and her excited scent glowed onto him again, bathing his demon moon in happiness.

Images of Akane and the red-haired girl-turned-Ranma from earlier in the day came back to him; their breasts sliding against each other in the light rain. The dizziness increased until he felt like the twist he was in to look at her was going to make him fall over. He shifted so that he was facing her directly. He still felt like he was going to fall over.

“I wondered about the girl thing,” he said, hoping he sounded intelligent. Without meaning to, he felt his demon moon press against her aura, which gave a little beneath his gentle pressure.

“Yeah,” Akane sighed. “It can be a pain sometimes.” She looked up at his ears and then reached to take his hand in hers, stroking her thumb over the long claw on his thumb. “You look like you fell half way into the Spring of the Drowned White Wolf.” Her fingers began to move over this other claws, carefully keeping a light pressure so as not to draw her own blood. His heart started pounding at her touch, so light and soft. He drew his hand back gently, not wanting to cut her by accident and thinking it would help him maintain his hanyou control over his demon moon. He was so wrong.

“Not wolf,” some disdain crept into his voice. “Dog.”

Even though she was no longer holding his hand, he could almost feel her touch still on him, moving up his arm and across his chest. By touching him that one time, she’d somehow gained a new level of access to his demon moon and was using it to move her aura over him. Its pressure was light, but he had the distinct impression that when she touched him with it, if he tried, he could touch her back. His heart skipped a beat.

“Oh, right,” she smiled, looking at his ears again. “Inu.” She brought her eyes down to his again, still somewhat spellbound, but with a hungry look that moved through her aura, sending a little shockwave of adrenaline through his demon moon and straight into him. She reached for the kettle. “Do you want some hot water so you can turn back again?”

“Uh, turn back into what?” He pulled away from the steaming kettle, wondering how the hell she kept it so hot all the time. He was still reeling from the shockwave of her hungry eyes.

“A human, of course, silly,” Akane laughed behind her hand, a very cute and feminine gesture, which he found at odds with her earlier fighting style. Her aura tickled his demon moon with the sound.

“Uh, no thank you.” He breathed a sigh of relief as she put the kettle away. “What’d you call this place? Juicy-co?” The tickling continued as her aura giddily skipped over the surface of his demon moon and she giggled again, sending little pulsing waves over his skin.

“Jusenkyo.” She eyed him. “You’re very good looking for a half-dog.” Her aura was coming at him again, moving across his skin with some urgency, if no more pressure. Her words were innocuous enough, but he was beginning to feel uncomfortably aroused at the sensation of her aura touching him.

“Uh, thanks.” He winced at his own stupidity, belatedly wondering if he was leading her on somehow.

“Ranma and I watched you and Kagome earlier, you know,” her eyes were shining in the moonlight, a little unfocused as though seeing images in her mind. She brought them back to look into his eyes and he felt a crash of lustful energy wash against him with her next words, “you’re not just good looking, you know.” Her voice lowered, “You’re really sexy, too.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said again even more lamely, still reeling from the wash of lust assaulting his demon moon from this girl. He was pretty sure his hakama pants weren’t hiding anything anymore, and then he was sure of it as the girl’s eyes slid self-consciously down his chest to widen as they lighted upon his waistline. Trying to think of something to draw her attention away from his swelling desire, he said the only thing he could think of, “we watched you too.” Wincing again, he knew he’d let something loose between them, some shared secret was now out and couldn’t be put back in. Sure enough, he could almost see the images of the afternoon passing between them. After the fact, he realized this probably wasn’t going to cool things down.

She smiled very brightly. “Yeah, I remember.”

Apparently, she did, because her hungry aura came straight at him again, crashing into his lap, just as another waft of her scent snuck over to tickle his nose, sending him into a stiffening swoon. Suddenly the vision of Akane looking at him as she came, as he bared his fangs to her, came back to him with a rush. The feeling of Kagome in his lap, squirming back against him as he watched Akane succumb to total pleasure, her splayed open legs pinned to the earth by Ranma’s tongue probing deeply in and around her pink folds and his hands pressing down on her inner thighs; the arch of her back as her breasts rose up in a sinuous motion mapping the course of the excitement that moved through her ... the images kept coming to him, riding the wave of Akane’s current desire, thumping on him with the rhythm of her heartbeat ... a rush of blood left his brain ... very dizzy ...

“Ahhh,” was about all he could say.

Akane was delighted.

Her giggles played with them both.


To be continued.....