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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 11: The Fifth Wheel

By: Fano


Akane’s blood was rushing around inside her as Ranma pulled her to him and she felt the hardness of his body, his heat and his desire. Despite the bizarre interruption from their friends next door, she knew that sometime tonight they’d get to finish what they started, and even as he pulled away, her mind had a hard time fixing on anything else. She was feeling sexy and playful, and very distracted.

She watched Ranma negotiate his way into trying to get the armor off the girl, Kagome, and she admired the way he managed not to challenge the white haired man who looked extremely dangerous. She saw Ranma draw the girl into the center of the clearing and begin to circle her. Knowing this would be a tedious effort to trick Kagome into exposing her waist so Ranma could punch the belt buckle with his hand behind the belt, she kneeled to make a little order out of chaos from their things. Two minutes later, there was no more order, just more chaos around her backpack. She kept glancing up to watch the “fighting,” which consisted of a lot of pacing around, and she noticed the white haired man watching them carefully.

Just as she reached into her backpack to try to find the morning after pills and put them in a safe place, her hand encountered another ramen cup and the still steaming hot kettle. She realized she was starving and opened the ramen to make a bowl of soup for herself and pulled out one for Ranma, too. As she put the kettle down, careful to put the steaming soup aside to warm, she felt a moonshadow fall over her sending little tingles up her arms, and creating a little hollow in her belly. Her body was still hyper sensitive, and these feelings mixed in with her general state of arousal to speed her heart.

Looking up, her eyes first encountered the full, dusky red hakama pants of the “demon man” next door. She’d come to think of him that way ever since catching that wickedly handsome smile with the fangs. Her heart began slamming harder in her chest as she realized that she hadn’t heard him approach, yet he was standing there within inches of her. For a split second, she felt she’d been stalked and was now cornered. She was amazed at the sheer energy of his presence, and was embarrassed as her body responded to the sight of what she was pretty sure was a full erection under his pants. He and the girl had, after all, been having quite a good time. Forcing herself to be polite and not stare, even though she really wanted to, her eyes continued to travel up his shadowed form, noting the tight lines and planes of his chest. She liked the way he held himself, solidly balancing his weight on the balls of his feet with his shoulders back and his arms relaxed, but ready, by his sides.

“Akane.” He said her name unselfconsciously, breaking through the barrier of anonymity that had protected her from another kind of embarrassment and presenting her with the reality that he’d not only seen her naked, but watched her reach a level of arousal that was still new and fresh in her. She gulped. Even though his effrontery might have seemed threatening from most unknown men, she found nothing about him scary, having watched him treat his girlfriend with such tenderness all afternoon. Even so, her heart accelerated to breakneck speed as he came down in a crouch, balancing perfectly on the balls of his feet with his elbows casually on his knees, to look at her face. As soon as their eyes met, she felt his powerful aura wrap around her, embracing her with a warm strength, and she shivered with excitement.

He glanced over at Ranma and the girl, and then looked straight back at her. Though color was evened out to grey in the night, she remembered those smoldering golden eyes, hovering above the fanged smile, looking right at her as she came. Looking in them again now from a distance of two feet, she felt little goosebumps move up her arms and felt another tinge of thrilled energy zing down into her core, stirring some warmth. His funny little ears were nestled in the snowy hair that fell off his shoulders, just barely touching the ground. She almost reached out to touch it.

“Akane,” he said again, trying to get her attention, “can I have some soup?”

“Soup?” He wanted soup. She wrenched her eyes away from his beads, swinging hypnotically in front of his open legs, right where that hard-on had been trying to get out. Another little zing went straight from her heart to her sex and she almost let out an incoherent little noise.

“Yeah, I’m starving,” he took a deep breath through flared nostrils, pulling in the smell of the soup next to her pack. He closed his eyes briefly and let a euphoric expression steal over his smooth features. His eyes opened to look directly at her again and she unconsciously leaned toward him, drawn into his energy and the shimmering beauty of his hair, glowing blue-white in the moonlight. “I think Kagome has some of that Yen stuff, and we can pay you for the soup.”

That’s right. He wanted soup.

“Uh, sure,” she said, blinking to bring herself out the spell she’d fallen into. She reached into the pack to make sure she had another for Ranma. “You don’t need to pay me back.” After all, Akane thought mischievously, I owe your girlfriend for some really great ideas that I put to very good use tonight. She smiled to herself as she found some throw-away chopsticks and handed him the soup.

“Thanks,” he said as he came forward on his knees to kneel in a contained sitting position and shift to more easily look at her and watch Ranma at the same time. He hmmmed a contented little sound as he inhaled the soup; it was almost like a growl rumbling up from his chest to mix with the slurps. She was only on her second bite when he smiled happily and set the container aside, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

He was watching the fight intently, hands on his thighs as though ready to jump up at the slightest sign that Ranma was getting overzealous. Remembering the speed with which he came into the clearing, and the panther stance in which he had landed, Akane felt a little rush of danger from his aura, still sloshing all around her in the night, and thought to herself, be careful, Ranma.

As she ate, she watched the demon man watch Ranma’s effort to disrobe Kagome. She knew Ranma would manage to rid the girl of the troublesome armor eventually, so she let herself look closely at the man before her, and enjoy the feel of his powerful aura. She looked closely at his ears, and remembered his fangs. He was definitely not normal, and the power moving around him was equally unusual. Her senses aroused by the afternoon’s fun, she closed her eyes and let the heat and power of him swirl around her in the dark. It was like a battle ki, but it was more than a battle ki. He was so relaxed, and yet she knew he was alert enough to spring into action in an instant. She sensed that he was like this all the time, and despite knowing so many martial artists, she’d never experienced anything like it.

Basking in this new sensation, she felt it heighten her own energy, coaxing it to expand beyond her body, much like she would do in a fight. But unlike a fight, her energy was not trying to sense where the other intended to move, but to sense the other himself. She felt their auras touch. She opened her eyes and saw his ear twitch, but he showed no other indication that he might have felt it.

His energy was very different than Ranma’s or anyone else she’d ever met. It had a vibrancy and electricity to it that sped her up, intensified what she was feeling. Her heart continued to beat quickly and she closed her eyes to allow a vision to come to her from earlier in the afternoon. She saw him again, gently stroking the girl’s breasts with the light of that pretty crystal glowing on his face, a look of utter amazement in his eyes. The memory made her smile and brought on another vision of him later, laying the most luscious kiss on the girl underneath him, pumping himself against her hip until both of them – and Ranma and Akane on the other side of the hedge – were breathing hard and rushing with excitement. The memory alone caused a little involuntary squeeze of her inner muscles and she felt a warm wetness gush between her legs. Her heart thumped up into her throat.

She heard a distinct sniff, sniff and opened her eyes to see the demon man staring at her intently, ears twitching again and nostrils flared. As their eyes met in the dark, she became aware of a distinct shift in his energy, as if he’d just become aware of the fact that the half-naked woman sitting next to him was daydreaming about his body in a highly excited state. She felt a flush of embarrassment and arousal as she looked into his eyes. There was a pause in which she was sure neither one of them breathed.

“What?” She asked, not sure she should break the silence. He did not answer right away, but took deep breath that expanded his chest, creating little hollows at the base of his neck and raising the beaded necklace he wore. His eyes closed, and as it had when he inhaled the aroma of the soup, a peaceful expression stole over his features. He let out a deep sigh, and Akane watched his body relax.

“Nothing,” he shook his head as though trying to clear it, and looked back at the fight.

Despite the fact that he looked away, she was very aware that his aura was now pushing at hers, probing and pulsing at her. She saw him blink several times as though trying to focus his eyes, and she realized that she couldn’t take her eyes off him even if she wanted to.

She really wanted to touch those twitchy little ears.


Kagome followed the boy into the clearing. For no reason she could put a finger on except maybe the glowing jewel at her neck, her heart was speeding up and she felt a giddy, happy energy coursing through her. Almost like déjà vu, with no actual memory to back it up, her body took on a springy step and she felt light and playful. The memory of the last kiss with InuYasha still fresh on her lips, she focused now on the boy before her, noting that just as with InuYasha, she was now feeling his aura pulsing in the space between them. His energy was different than InuYasha’s, lighter and fresher, but equally strong and exciting. He was about an inch shorter than InuYasha but was more muscularly built. Broad shoulders and a trim waist gave him a fine physique. His dark hair mopped over his brow, and made him look a little like InuYasha on the night of the new moon. The pigtail in the back was very unique though, bobbing out to the side when he turned his head. He was really very cute.

Unbidden, a happy little voice of agreement popped into her head, he is beautiful, isn’t he?

She shook her head and whipped around, looking for someone else who might have spoken. It was only the four of them in the clearing. InuYasha was still watching them carefully, undoubtedly waiting for the boy to punch the belt. She felt a little disoriented, and wondered if she was hearing things.

Your white-haired one is nice to look at too, and he kisses really well, but this is the only one I want. Just relax and let me do all the work. If you want your body back, you’re going to have to let me have him.

Sure now that she was hearing things, she said aloud, “What?”

The boy moved into a crouch and looked at her quizzically. “I didn’t say anything,” his voice was young, but deep and a little ripple of pleasure skittered across her skin at the sound of it. What the heck was going on?

He began to move to the left. Her body automatically mirrored his movement to the right, she suddenly felt his aura gently push at hers. Her body was giving way to it while she took in the feel of it, letting it nip at her, testing it, teasing it, playing with it. She gasped, realizing that she hadn’t even thought about moving, much less told her body to do so in such a sophisticated and stealthy manner. Her body was leading him into a trap! Feeling very uneasy, she tried to assert some control over the situation.

“My name is Kagome,” she swallowed, “you’re going to try to punch me in the stomach, right?” She felt a little anxiety, imagining this strong guy in front of her punching her as hard as he could. She hadn’t really worried about InuYasha punching her, but she didn’t know this guy. Maybe he would find a way to do it.

“I know your na-,” he stopped himself with an embarrassed little effort to clear his throat. She blushed as she realized that while she and InuYasha had watched him and the girl, maybe they had been watched as well. “I mean, my name is Ranma.” He didn’t stop moving and neither did she. “I’m going to punch the belt, but not you.”

“Oh,” Kagome was confused, “what should I do?”

“Let me try something,” before the words were even out of his mouth, he’d sprung at her, and before he’d even left the ground, she’d thrown a block, leaving them facing each other. Just as with InuYasha, her body moved whether she wanted it to or not. But this time, she felt a thrill running through her as she felt Ranma’s arm pressing against hers. She swore she could feel the pulse in his wrist through the thin fabric of the armor. For a moment, they stood where they landed, punching arm warmly nestled against blocking arm, their faces a foot apart. She became very aware that he was well within her personal space and was a little embarrassed to be looking so deeply into his eyes. A quick image of him between the girl’s legs, licking hungrily, came to her and she felt herself blush again.

Oh, that’s good. She heard the voice say, think about that again! Akane just thought about beating him up, but you’ve got much better pictures in your head. She felt a stab of fright, wondering if she was going crazy.

“That’s what I thought,” Ranma said with some weariness in his voice, but his eyes did not leave hers and the tension in his body did not change. “You’re not a fighter, but it doesn’t matter. That damn armor is in charge, isn’t it?”

The armor! Kagome watched as her other arm reached up to grab his blocked wrist and twist around him with more speed than she’d ever moved in her life. In a heartbeat, she had him turned around, arm pinned. She thrust him away and heard a laugh ring in her head. Yes! This is so much fun! It was the damn armor talking in her head! You got it, girl! We’re a team, you and me. Just relax and come along for the ride.

“Shit!” She heard the boy swear as he stopped his momentum against a tree.

“Sorry,” Kagome said, embarrassed again. “You’re right. It is the armor. I’ll try to stop it if I can.”

“Good luck with that,” Ranma said, moving back into fight stance.

Tell him that I know all his tricks now, the voice in her head was jubilant. Tell him he’s not getting away from me this time.

“Um,” Kagome found her self crouching again, mirroring his movements, “it says to tell you it knows your tricks and you won’t get away this time.”

“Really?” Ranma sounded surprised. “That’s weird. It’s never talked to me before.”

I’ve always talked to Akane, but she never hears me. You’re a miko, and you have the power stone. She gasped, realizing fully that the armor was a cursed object, and that it had possessed her body. She felt a little stab of fear and tried to reach out to the jewel. She didn’t feel any taint to it, just a forceful personality blocking her access to it. Come on, miko, you don’t have to be afraid of me, I can’t force you to do anything you really don’t want to do, but you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do either – like stop fighting this beautiful specimen, Show me more pictures of him. Show me what he looks like naked.

“No!” She blurted out, flustered, and then she stepped forward and kicked Ranma in the stomach with her foot. “Sorry!” She said again.

“Wha- oof!” Ranma took the punch pretty well, leaving the ground just as her foot made contact so that she pushed him back, reducing the impact to his organs.

Ooooo. Nice move. He’s getting better at anticipating our moves. I think he likes you. Before she realized it, Kagome remembered again that he had probably seen her and InuYasha – and then she remembered what they’d been doing and flushed again. Whoa! That was nice, too! No wonder he likes you. Oh, I am so looking forward to this! She felt more ripples running along her skin, like the fabric itself was shivering. Come on. Tell him he’s sexy. Tell him I want to capture him and make him do that thing you just showed me. The thing flashed her own memory back at her, but from a different point of view, an image of his dark hair bobbing between her open legs, his hands on the insides of her thighs and the rest of him hard and stiff against her shin.

“No!” Kagome said quietly under her breath. “I’m not playing your little game.” Ranma came back towards her warily, probably wondering why she was talking to herself. He took a defensive stance, but didn’t come at her.

“What is it doing to you?” She heard genuine concern in his voice, and appreciated it. But she still didn’t want to explain what exactly was going on in her head.

“Um, nothing,” she said as her body began to creep to the left, causing him to move in the opposite direction, their auras once again slipping and sliding against each other in gentle, playful thrusts.

Oh, come off it, miko. You know you liked what you saw. You can’t fool me, I know what you felt. To her surprise, she suddenly had the sensation of fingers moving over her body, like one hand moving up her stomach to cup her breast which the other moved down to caress her hip and stroke the inside of her thigh. The motion moved up the inside of her leg as far as the fabric could go and she was both pleased and sorry that it couldn’t go farther. She sucked her breath in as both pleasure and fear gripped her.

I told you, miko, I’m not going to do anything you don’t really want. But your body remembered this feeling when you showed me those pictures in your head. She threw a punch at Ranma, which he managed to dodge. I’ll make you a deal, you show me more of those pictures and I’ll make sure you don’t get punched in the stomach.

“Ranma,” she said as he dodged another of her blows, “if it’s a choice between punching me or not to get this thing off, go ahead and punch.” She felt a funny little squick in her stomach, not really wanting to get punched.

You don’t mean that, the voice cooed as Ranma tried to punch her and she skipped lightly aside, show me a picture and I’ll protect you.

It was like when someone says ‘don’t think of Shippo turning into a big, fat pink blob’ and an image of exactly that pops into your head despite every effort not to let it. There was the picture in her head again – the red-haired girl transforming into the boy before her as the steaming water ran in rivulets down his body (she’d have to ask him about that girl thing); the boy’s erection poking up to Akane’s delight and then him jumping on her, pinning her under the urgent thrusts of his hips; him saying ‘you want a boy, you got him’ in a low, slightly dangerous tone; his tongue hungrily licking at Akane’s breasts as his hips kept moving ... Oh, yeah. That’s good too. Let’s get us some of that. The armor sent more shivering fingers over her skin, caressing her buttocks at the same time that it pressed against her chest as though someone were pulling her into him. She sucked in her breath through clenched teeth.

“Uh,” Ranma seemed aware that something strange was happening to her, “I’m pretty sure I won’t have to punch you.” He came at her to one side and then switched to the other. She parried his punch with ease. “Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure,” Kagome was barely aware of the movements her body made in the fight, succumbing to the movement of a thousand fingers caressing her as she moved. “The armor seems to have a mind of its own.”

“Yeah,” Ranma tried a new move, letting her block one hand while he reached for the belt with the other. “It always wants me dead.”

Not this time, boy-o, Akane lost her heart to you, but now I get some! The voice in her head was lusty. This time, there’s only one way I’m coming off!!

Her knee came up to meet his hand but at the last minute, her body jumped up and thrust itself forward so his hand came right between her legs. “What the hell?” He said in surprise as his fingers grabbed her crotch and his thumb, which had been grabbing for the belt, gently squeezed up into her as far as the fabric would allow, causing the armor to tremble all over her body and sending waves of excitement through her. She felt like she was being lightly shaken all over and was all stirred up inside.

“Ah!” Kagome sucked in her breath in surprise and embarrassment. She landed in a fighting stance in front of a very surprised and frozen Ranma, obviously not understanding why Kagome had just shoved his hand between her legs. She was equally surprised, but the armor took advantage of his obvious shock to throw a punch he didn’t even try to block, sending him sprawling onto his back. Before she knew it, she was on all fours over him, pinning his hands by his shoulders and planting her hips on his, feeling the pulse of blood as it rushed into him under her weight. Oh, yeah! That’s it! The armor was very happy with this position. Blushing, she couldn’t stop her hips from grinding into him, sending waves of pleasure through them both. He didn’t move a muscle, except for the ones he apparently couldn’t help moving, as he looked at her in utter disbelief.

“Kagome,” he said seriously, with a low note of fear in his voice, “are you trying to get me killed?”

“Oh,” she felt a stab of fear, taking her mind off the armor’s advances and remembering that InuYasha was only feet away from them. Both their faces turned to look at the hanyou, only to see that he’d moved over to Akane and was crouched down and staring intently at her as they talked about something. “Sorry,” she whispered. “It doesn’t want you dead this time. It, uh-” she looked down, embarrassed, “it wants something else.”

A look of comprehension came over his features and then she felt real fear in the boy beneath her.

He gulped. “This isn’t good,” he said, and she felt another push up against her open legs. The armor had stopped her grinding, and was now moving itself in little pulses as was pressed between them, sending those little finger-touches over him and under her, trapped between their bodies and loving it.

“Not good at all,” she agreed.


To be continued.....