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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 9: Teaser

By: Fano


Kagome lay under InuYasha’s warm weight and kept her arms around him. So many feelings were circulating through her; she didn’t know quite what to do. Moments before, he had licked her until she came. Just thinking about it again caused her womb to contract as it sent another thrum of pleasure through her. And the best part was, he seemed to have enjoyed it, moving up to lay on her with a smile on his face, licking his lips and revealing his fangs just before he wrapped her in a hug. She burrowed her face deeper into his shoulder and choked back tears of happiness, realizing she had never dared dream it could be like this. He stiffened a little when he heard her sob and pulled away to look into her eyes.

When he saw her smile he relaxed and smiled back. They remained silent for a few moments, listening to some interesting sounds through the hedge that made his hard-on pulse into her hip all by itself. He exhaled lightly, almost as if he were trying to excuse his body for its obvious reaction to the passion next door. She giggled, and wondered aloud the thing that had been on her mind before he went down on her.

“Should we stop?” Kagome really didn’t like the sound of those words, but they had agreed that pregnancy was not part of tonight’s plan, even if their neighbors had other ideas.

“I guess so,” he pulsed into her again, and she knew instinctively that this conversation was a case of mind overruling matter on his part. “Only a few things left to do at this point, huh?” He hadn’t moved, except to let his hard-on continue to make its opinion known.

He lowered his head to hers again and they moved back into a kiss, their mouths merging into one another, taking in and exploring the other simultaneously while picking up momentum from the exciting noises floating through the hedge. She felt a rush as he gripped her more urgently, pinning her tightly under the small movements of his hips over hers. No question, the last thing either of them wanted was to stop.

Finally, he broke the kiss breathing heavily and the only movement in the clearing was the beat of their hearts. With obvious reluctance, he moved off her, sliding his hip down to the ground and leaning his head on his elbow so he could look down at her. The noises from the other clearing did not stop. The cool night air skimmed her body where his heat had been a moment before, goose bumps jumping up in his absence. Her nipples rose high and hard, calling to his hand, which came to them and toyed with them lightly. She was suddenly overcome with a chill, which made his touch ticklish; she giggled and shivered a little, scooting over towards him and the heat radiating from his skin.

“Are you cold?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” she said. “It’s not quite summer yet.” He propped himself up a bit more and looked around the clearing to see their clothes flung about quite some distance away. With a grunt, he pushed himself up to all fours and maneuvered over her to try and reach them. As he hovered over her, she couldn’t help but reach out to touch him again.

“Ahhhh,” he said and pulled his outstretched hand back in, not moving so that he could concentrate on her touch. “Kagome,” he said after a few seconds, “you’re going to freeze to death if you keep that up.” She giggled and let him go. With a very happy sound, he stood and stepped over her to reach their heap of garments. She watched as he tried to sort out her clothes from his in the dark. Apparently, this was more difficult than he expected because his happy sound turned to one of frustration as he held up various pieces of cloth in the moonlight to find one that might warm her. He had found his pants and was moving to put them on.

Feeling the cold more intensely she stood to join him, but turned instead as her eye caught sight of a bit of cloth on the hedge next to her. The fabric was shimmery in the moonlight and looked very flimsy. When she reached out to feel it, she heard a particularly surprised young man’s voice in their friends’ clearing say urgently, “no!” A moment later, as her fingers touched the silky surface of the fabric, she heard a whooshing sound and felt a flurry of air, as though the wind were ripping around her.

Then the world went white.


Akane was thrilled with the effect her touch had on Ranma. His reaction when she touched him, stroking him slowly and then adding a slight amount of pressure, was pure disablement. When she gripped him firmly, the rest of his body stopped moving, including his tongue in her mouth; all his concentration was on her hand. She liked the feel of him, hard and soft all at the same time. His hands in her hair and on her arm were warm, holding her tightly, but not too tight.

Akane heard soft talking behind the bushes where the strange, but beautiful, white haired man had been receiving the attentions of the dark haired girl, Kagome. Thinking of them, how the girl had practically incapacitated him with her mouth, gave Akane a little thrill – and an idea. She didn’t want Ranma incapacitated; she wanted him hungry; she wanted him practically attacking her. But first, she wanted to attack and incapacitate him. Knowing she could never overpower him, she came up with a plan to achieve her desire. She felt a heat run through her as though she were preparing for a fight, but a little different than a fight. This was a fight they would both win. She laughed a bit to herself, because she had a secret Ranma didn’t know about. This would be an interesting test of his character. It might not be totally fair, but if she played it right, it would be a whole lot of fun. Just to get his blood moving, she gripped him harder.

Akane pulled away from Ranma’s mouth, moving her head back into his elbow as it curled around her head so his fingers were entwined in her hair. She looked into his eyes as they opened, unfocused at first and then coming to rest on hers. In the dark, they were black, but she saw the deep blue gray in them that she knew was there.

“Ranma,” she said. “I have something important to tell you.” She gripped him again, beginning to move her hand more quickly. She heard his quick intake of breath and saw his eyes close briefly before fluttering open to try and focus on her again.

“Wh-, what is it, Akane?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute.” She almost giggled, her plan was so devious. She rose onto her elbow, letting his hand fall from her hair, and pushed him down so he was lying on his back. Climbing on top of his legs so that her weight rested over his knees, she began to nuzzle him with her face, enjoying the surprised gasps she heard above. Trying to emulate her new friend, Kagome, from whom she had learned a lot tonight, she played with her tongue a bit before going all the way over him with her lips. She couldn’t believe how wonderful the affect was. Ranma made a wide variety of happy noises -grunts, gasps, moans, groans, grumbles and laughs. She felt like she was playing an instrument that kept discovering new sounds it could make.

Pretty soon, the noises became deeper and more intense and she could feel his muscles tightening up and staying that way. His legs were pushing up under her and her head bumping against his belly was encountering more and more resistance. Her hands on his hips felt his rock-hard muscles and she felt a little thrill move through her; he was strung tight as a guitar string. She realized that the more aroused he became, the more aroused she became. This might be harder than she thought to get the timing right ... if they didn’t have enough self control. He made a particularly guttural groan, followed by some very heavy breathing and she thought it was time to try her little trick.

She pulled her mouth off him and slithered up his body until she was hovering just above him, looking down at his face. His eyes were closed, almost as though he were listening for something. His hands were holding her ribs and she felt him hovering between her open legs, just brushing her hair. His hands tightened on her sides and she realized he could push her down on him in a second. The thought produced a rush of excitement through her and she heard her heart beating loudly in her ears. She lowered herself on him just enough so he could tell where he was. As soon as her lower lips took his tip into her very slightly, his eyes flew open and his body became still. She had his attention, time to see if her trick would work.

“Ranma,” her heart beat for more reasons now, “I want to have your baby.” She heard him suck in his breath and his grip became almost painful on her sides.

“What?!” His voice cracked with the effort of containing all the conflicting reactions going on in him. “Akane! Are you nuts?” He picked her up off him and sat up in one fluid movement. Boy, he was strong.

“Come on, Ranma,” she gripped the grass as soon as she touched down on it, making ready to spring. “We’re practically married as it is,” she hoped he couldn’t see her smile, which would’ve given her away completely. She’d never be able to get away with this in the daylight.

Ranma hiked his knees up so he could scoot away from her. She came on all fours towards him, and he scooted faster backwards. It was actually pretty comical until he slammed into a tree, but now she had him. He was momentarily disoriented, his head having led the charge. His knees relaxed, and she climbed right up on him, her knees between his open legs, her hands on the tree next to his ears and her breasts bobbing softly in front of his face. She could feel his hard-on against her thighs. Before he could fully focus, she reached down with one hand and wrapped her fingers around him. He made a new noise, but managed to grab her arm to still it.

“Cut it out, Akane,” she tightened her fingers, “uh- I’m serious,” he said very unseriously.

“Are you really?” She bent down to kiss him, pushing his head back into the tree again, a little more gently than last time. He let her kiss him and touch him, clearly enjoying it. She knew he wasn’t worried that she could overpower him, so she teased him some more, pulling away from his lips and taking him in her mouth again. Soon he was back to being incapacitated, huffing little gasps and leaning into the tree, his neck arched. His hands rested in her hair and one slipped down to palm her breast. She felt a burst of warmth between her legs at his touch. Sitting up like this, he stayed even harder and she was getting really excited.

She quickened her pace until he was hardly breathing. Then using one of her best karate moves, she straightened up, grabbed him behind the shoulders and heaved him over her, falling back on the ground with him on top of her so he was on all fours. She opened her knees and said, “Now! Do it!”

He was still breathing hard and had let her pull him over on her. Akane wasn’t so overconfident as to think Ranma would let himself get thrown if he didn’t want to. She reached up to stroke him, taking her excitement out on him.

“Geez, you’re even more aggressive in love than war,” he said, obviously trying to decide what to do. There was a pause, and she felt something in him change. The tone of his voice dropped into a thrilling dangerous zone, “and I really like it.” He came down on her mouth and kissed her hard, until she could hardly breathe. The harder he kissed her, and the harder she stroked him, the more her body screamed at her to have him. He came down on her completely, grinding himself into her pelvic bone until she was sure she’d have a bruise in the morning. She didn’t care, though, because the urgency with which he pulled her to him stirred something below her belly she’d never felt before and she had to have more. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled him to her as hard as she could. Finally he pulled away, their hips still smashed together, to look at her again. She heard her own heart slamming against her ribcage and she looked at him, wondering what he was going to do.

Ranma didn’t move a muscle, looking down at her, and she could feel his desire like waves coming off him in the dark. It made her heart put out spurts of adrenaline, increasing her excitement. “But, Akane,” he rose to all fours and started to pull away, “I don’t want any kids yet – and neither do you.”

She kept her grip on him and let her giggle come out of her mouth this time. “Of course not, silly.” He stopped his retreat, “I’m kidding.”

“You’re what?” anger, relief and happiness mixed in his voice, and she giggled some more. “Then why are you making me crazy like this?” He shifted his weight back over her. “Do you realize what I could have done to you a minute ago?”

She giggled harder, “and why didn’t you?” She reached out to grip him again.

“Uh-, stop that,” he stammered, “because, uh, I have some self-control, you know.”

“Yes, you do,” she smiled and rose to kiss his neck, “I just wanted to see what you would do.”

He made a funny little sound in his throat, which corresponded to the tightening of her fingers, “you’re a terrible tease, Akane.”

“Really?” She laughed, “what are you going to do about it?” He was quiet, but she felt that desire radiating from him again, almost like a battle aura, but better. His muscles tensed, shooting little spurts of excitement through her again.

“Well, if I’d come prepared today,” he almost growled, “I’d be fucking you silly right about now,” the word itself increased the heat between them.

“And what would you do if I told you that I did come prepared today?” Akane had been waiting for the opportunity to drop this little gem on him.


“I said, I came prepared.” She lifted a hand to send her fingers through his hair, lightly swinging his pigtail down over his shoulder. She took the tip of it and brushed his cheek with it playfully. He wasn’t paying any attention to it, but looking at her intently. Dropping the other shoe, she said teasingly, “I’m Nabiki’s courier to Kuno, and today the package was – Morning After pills.”

“Morning After pills?” Was he so into martial arts that he didn’t know about modern medicine?

“Yeah, you know,” she said, “the take-them-right-after-sex-and-you-won’t-get-pregnant pills.”

“You mean ...?”


“Hmmm,” he was beginning to sound dangerous and she was beginning to get really, really excited. “Hey, wait a minute,” he said suddenly, “what the hell does Kuno need with those?”

“What? You getting jealous?”

“No way! I mean I always thought he was just a bunch of bluster. Creeps me out to think ...,” Ranma actually shuddered a little bit. His shudder turned into a laugh, with a bit of an edge to it, “hey, maybe they’re for you after all, Akane,” referring to Kuno’s ongoing obsession with Akane.

“Ew,” she tickled him under the arm and his elbow bent reflexively to pin her hand, “that’s gross. Did it ever occur to you they might be for the Pig Tailed Girl?” Akane decided two could play this particular game, referring to Kuno’s equally ongoing obsession with Ranma’s girl half.

“Yuck,” Ranma choked on his laugh, “okay, enough of Kuno.”

“Yeah, I think he’s not helping us out here,” Akane said, grasping his slightly softer hard-on with a gentle squeeze.

“Hey, no fair. You have these pills at home?” Ranma was starting to harden up again.

“Nope.” Akane pulled gently on his pig-tail, bringing his face down to hers, “right here in my backpack.”

“In that case,” Ranma’s voice dropped an octave, “you, my dear Akane, are in big trouble.” She giggled as his mouth came into hers forcefully and his hand moved to her breast. She kept her hand on him too and for a moment they just let the excitement build, their bodies rocking together in rhythm.

This kiss was even better than the other ones. Ranma was letting it move into him until his body was on fire. She could feel his ki rising just like when they fought, but this time it was reaching out to hers, wrapping her in his heat and energy. She recognized that his intensity was rising and that he wasn’t holding it back any more. He pulled away, breathing hard and moved his tongue to her breast while his hand moved down to press a finger gently into her. She gasped and pushed herself into him everywhere she could, at the same time reaching to try to keep a hand on him. She felt herself start to cum again, and didn’t want to. No way was she going to be the first one to go. She wanted to keep this building until she had complete power over him. Then he could have her.

Using her considerable strength, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him up to his knees, sitting up under him. In one smooth motion, she was sitting on the ground with him straddling her lap. She looked up at him, seeing his strong chest and arms, contours shadowed in the moonlight. It gave her a rush, which she used to lay into him again, her tongue working him over with new urgency and her arms wrapping around his waist to help pull him all the way into her mouth.

His groans were coming one on top of another, keeping up with her heart beat, and she didn’t think it would be much longer at the rate they were going. She was going to have to pull him down on her in about thirty seconds.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the girl, Kagome, standing up behind the little hedge, completely naked, and beginning to turn towards them. She knew Ranma had seen her, which might have explained the extra little bit of moisture in her mouth just now. Akane found herself surprisingly stimulated by the thought that Kagome was about to see them. Suddenly, she felt Ranma start to pull away.

“No!” he exclaimed with a note of concern in his voice. Was he getting squeamish all of a sudden, or had he seen something? Akane stopped and turned to look, wanting to understand what he had seen. Ranma stood and pulled Akane to her feet.

Without warning, the clearing next to them burst upon itself with a blinding white light. Ranma and Akane both looked up to see Kagome completely framed by the light, every inch of her naked body illuminated as she flung her arm across her eyes. The light levitated her over the hedge and suddenly a flurry of fabric whipped up from the bushes to entwine her form. The light faded and Kagome floated down on Ranma and Akane’s side of the hedge, clothed in – Akane’s armor!

An animal growl sounded on the other side of the bushes and a chill went down Akane’s spine like ice water as she remembered the white haired man’s ears and claws. In a matter of seconds, he was there, standing between Kagome and the two surprised lovers.


To be continued ...Next Chapter: “Foursome?”


Author’s Note to reviewers in the “to foursome or not” debate – in the next chapter I attempt to make both sides happy....

Author’s other note: I have no idea if Morning After Pills are legal in Japan. For Nabiki’s sake, I hope so.