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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 8: Another Kiss (or more)

By: Fano


Kagome was a little amazed at herself, her body writhing over his, moving to a rhythm it seemed to understand better than she did. She was aware that her body was rushing with new feelings, new needs. As her tongue dipped deep into his mouth again, her whole body leaned into him, her heart beating with desire against his chest. He pushed back into her, moving his hand up her back to pull her to him. Soon she pulled away to kiss his lips and cheek in time with the motion her hand had begun on him again down below. Her leg wrapped around his and pulled his hip into her.

As her hand picked up the pace, remembering his earlier caution not to go too easy, InuYasha lay back, his eyes closed and his body rigid with the effort not to interrupt her. His breath was short in her ear as she kissed his neck. His hand behind her back gripped her gently but firmly. His free hand hovered a little helplessly, elbow bent, hand pawing with little unconscious motions at the air. Her body recognized his desire growing and responded with a new rush of heat and moisture. It was if a new force in her had come alive, urging her to bring him completely into her and consume him. She kissed him again, hard. He responded and moved his helpless hand to hold her head, forcing her mouth to his so she couldn’t pull away if she wanted to. Of course, she didn’t. She wanted to, and then some.

As her hand moved, his body began to growl. She pulled gently away from his lips to look at his face, passive with great effort as he concentrated on the pleasure rocking him. His face was so beautiful, framed in feathered white, so old and so young. He was everything to her at that moment; he was all she needed to be happy, fulfilled, complete. Her heart let go a thunderous beat in her chest and she was overcome by the need to please him. Somehow she knew that she could take him higher, until he had to have her as much as she needed him. Continuing to surprise herself, she reached her face up to his twitchy ears and whispered words she’d never thought before, much less imagined, saying as suggestively as she could muster, “let me know if you like this.”

He responded by pressing his face into her neck and kissing it, moving his free hand to her breast. His hot breath on her neck, the warm touch of his fingers, almost derailed her plan and she relaxed down to take his mouth in hers again, pushing, probing, groaning ... or was that him? A little part of her brain was still shocked that she was in this position, naked in a darkened Tokyo park; doing things to her best friend and protector she’d only barely dreamed of. But the rest of her wasn’t surprised at all. She’d felt this coming for some time, they had grown so close over the years. She kissed him again, opening her eyes to see his eyes closed, concentrating on the feel of her, she could feel her body telling her brain to shut up. I know what to do, it insisted, and with this thought its rising tide of heat washed all her thoughts and doubts away.

She moved away from his lips, trailing her tongue down his body. Her hand moved lightly now, concentrating on moving slowly. She found that the slightest pressure would elicit a response in him, his body pulling in a barely controlled tension, little grunts sounding out from his throat. She realized rather unexpectedly that she had a lot of control over him right now. He responded to her every little movement as though she had jerked a chain. An evil little grin spread across her face and she thought lets see how far I can take this.

She moved on until her mouth hovered over him, breathing heat on him as she held him in her hand. She tightened her fingers around his stiff shaft and he pulsed, bringing it up into her mouth, where she encircled it with her tongue. So very soft. Who knew a man could be so soft? His whole body stiffened and he sucked in his breath, his hands unconsciously finding her and entwining gently into her hair. She let her tongue play gently around the head, noting how much he started to squirm. Thinking about what this organ in her mouth was built to do, she thought she’d try another experiment, and wrapped her lips tightly around it, pushing it up into her mouth as far as she could, careful of her teeth. It worked like a charm and he arched his back and moaned so loudly, Kagome was sure their friends next door had heard him.

Now that she had the basic vocabulary of him down, she started moving rhythmically through playing her tongue across him and then taking him fully and tightly into her mouth. She let her hand loose to move lightly over his stomach and thighs, playing a little with the fuzz that kept tickling her nose. InuYasha was clearly enjoying this. His body was still tight with his effort to keep still, but it wasn’t working, he was beginning to breathe heavily and his hands moved in slightly spasmodic movements in her hair. She smiled to herself. Never in her life would she have imagined that he would let her – or anyone else – exercise this much power over him. This excited her even more and she quickened her pace.

Finally, she tasted a little saltiness on her tongue and took it as a signal to slow down a bit. Even InuYasha probably had a limit beyond which he couldn’t be pushed. She was satisfied for the moment that she’d increased his desire -- made him want her. She moved back up his body, carefully ensuring her breasts touched him all along the way, and her hand kept a light rhythm below, keeping his desire bubbling under her touch.

She came up to his mouth again and he kissed her harder than before, shifting his body to the side and entwining her completely, pulling her to him until she could hardly move. Her hand, still holding him, was smashed between them as he pulled his hips up to shove himself into her hip. He did this a few times, his shoulder muscles under her hand cording tightly against her fingers, his smooth skin sending off heat she could feel searing into her. Oh, it had worked. He wanted her alright.

He pulled his head back and looked into her eyes, his hair was a bit mussed and she reached up to smooth it down behind his ears. He looked a little muzzy, his eyes unfocused, but he was still in there.

“Kagome,” he said very huskily. Whatever he was going to say next he seemed to have forgotten because he just kept looking into her eyes until he shoved himself against her again, humming with pleasure, and they both smiled. Then he remembered what was on his mind. “I liked that.” He kissed her again, carefully, but with force, gently controlling the pressure in her mouth and around her body as his hands touched her everywhere. He was concentrating on feeling all of her, letting the feel of her fuel his excitement. She felt like a starving animal that was presented with a banquet she couldn’t eat all at once, forced to carefully chew each bite and absorb the taste of one dish before moving on to the next. This kiss was a particularly delicious bite. She melted into the kiss and moved her hand up to wrap both arms around his neck. She pulled her leg up, moving it across his thigh and hip until it wrapped around his waist and let it drape across his rear. Tightening its grip on him, she pulled her pelvis into him, helping his effort to press into her. She could feel his hardness, pulsing against her lower stomach with regular movements. It excited her. Only inches away.

At that moment, she became conscious of nagging little feeling that had been vaguely bumping around in her brain since this all started, at first blurred out by the jewel and then later by sheer excitement and wonder. It started to grow into a little worry she couldn’t ignore. Damn.

“InuYasha,” she said reluctantly.

“Hm?” The noise was essentially a question, but a rather distracted one.

“Um, you know we can’t go through with this?” She winced, knowing how much she hated the thought and imagining his reaction. As she had suspected ...

“Huh?” He stopped moving and opened his eyes with a blink. “What?”

“Um,” She felt herself blush in the growing darkness. “We can’t really be dragging a baby hanyou around in our fight with Naraku, can we?” He blinked again, maybe he wasn’t understanding. “You’re not ready to be a father, are you? I’m certainly not ready for motherhood.” There was a long pause.

“Right,” the tension went out of his body and he felt defeated in her arms. Well, at least above the waist he was rather quiet, but not below. Nothing had changed down there. She felt terrible and realized he probably didn’t realize the modern options available to them, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it at all. I just need to get some – a thing -- tomorrow. We can -- finish – then.”

He perked up a little, but not quite all the way. She watched him blink, taking this in. “Tomorrow?” He was struggling with the concept, no doubt wondering how he was going to live another 24 hours in this state. He seemed to be integrating this new information. Kagome was ready for him to get angry, like he usually did when things didn’t quite go his way, but his face looked a little blank. This was a new side of him she’d never seen before. “You’re sure?” He was still trying to process their situation, she thought.

“Yep,” she inwardly thanked her mom for making her stay home from their Naraku hunt one weekend to attend the ‘health’ class at school where she’d learned about condoms. Someday, she’d tell InuYasha so he could forgive her mom, too.

“Huh,” he hiked himself up on his elbow, looking down at her. His body was tensing up again. Uh-oh, her subconscious said before she even recognized the impish grin spreading onto his features. “Well, then I guess you better stop working me over and let me torture you for a while.” Whoops!


On the other side of the greenery, Ranma was mesmerized by the vision of the girl’s mouth on the demon man, her tongue and hand working together to completely entrance both young men. As the sunset had faded, the details of the scene had become harder to see, but the increasingly excited sounds had filled in the blanks, helping enhance his night vision with imagination. Each move the girl made pumped more blood into Ranma’s own nether-region, which was pressing harder and harder into Akane in his lap. It was getting a little painful. He’d never enjoyed pain so much. Akane seemed to be finding it a little uncomfortable too, since she kept squirming around, and that only made his “pain” worse. He was keeping his hands busy on her, but before long, he couldn’t take it any longer and he grabbed Akane by the waist, pulling her against him tightly, and rolled backwards, eliciting a little “eep!” of surprise.

He rolled over gently to lay her on her back, lying on his side by her and bumping his knees – along with the rest of him -- up under her legs. She had a smile on her face, having enjoyed the ride. He enjoyed the feel of her soft bottom as he rubbed himself against it. So so close .... He closed his eyes briefly to enjoy the feelings rushing around in him, and opened his eyes to see her looking at him.

“Who knew a kiss could be so exciting?” She had a cute grin on her face in the rising moonlight. Was she daring him? A little teasing smile spread over her lips. She was daring him!

“Ah,” he tried to sound serious, but couldn’t stop his own smile from creeping in, “You don’t think I can do better? You know how much I hate to lose a competition.”

“Well, I’m kinda counting on you winning this one,” she giggled again.

“Hmmmmm,” pressure was on, he had to get creative here, “first of all, just like a punch isn’t only about a fist, a kiss isn’t only about a mouth you know,” he skimmed his free hand along her tummy, enjoying the feel of her skin until she sucked it in. He let his hand follow the slope of her down to that wonderful little hairline again. His fingers crept lightly into the fuzzy forest, gently exploring. He felt drawn to her breasts again, “to do it right, you’ve got to get your whole body involved.”

He kept his fingers exploring below as he dipped his head to lightly kiss her breast. She hummed happily. Imagining, fairly accurately, how this must feel to her, he let his tongue move with more and more purpose across each nipple in turn, moving his fingers deeper below until he found those wet lips again. He gently pushed her legs apart so that her knees were open and draped over his thighs as he brought them up under her from behind. So, so, so very, very close ...

Just as he heard little moans escaping her lips felt, but before she got too high, he left her breast with a particularly sensuous lick, slowed his fingers and moved his mouth up to hers. She turned her head to face him, opening her eyes. They looked at each other for a moment, appreciating something unspoken, and then she reached up to take his head in her hands and pull his mouth down on hers with gentle force. Their lips met for a moment, before parting to intertwine tongues, moving into each other. Ranma was surprised at how much energy this generated throughout his body. It wasn’t the same as he imagined would happen when the rest of him managed to get inside her, but it was pretty amazing all by itself. The smooth feel of her inner lips, her strong tongue inviting him in, swimming with his and pushing back into him caused the hunger growing in him all afternoon to quicken. He was finding it hard to concentrate on his finger below in this new excitement of the kiss, so he moved his hand to her breast and gave himself to the kiss. Now he more fully understood what he’d seen through the bushes. The kiss had a life of its own, pulling their bodies into its vortex, making him hungrier for her, and her hungrier for him. Its rhythm gripped them both and soon they were breathing hard, and sharing little grunts of pleasure.

Akane shifted a bit to move her legs parallel to him, pushing his knees down. He kind of stuck out between them and she had to reach down with a little giggle to move him out of the way. The second she touched him, he had to break the kiss to suck his breath in. Wow! That felt good! Akane couldn’t help but notice.

“Hm,” she said slyly, “you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” he managed, and pulled her face back to his, back into the kiss, pillowing her head on the muscle of his bent arm. Both on their sides now, her hand on him, gently feeling him up and down, he couldn’t imagine it getting much better – but somehow he knew it would.



InuYasha was fighting a new force at work in him. All his senses, so sensitive to begin with, were operating at maximum efficiency. He felt every breeze on his skin and every brush of her hand; smelled every waft of earth and scent of her; heard every moan next door and breath she breathed. His heart beat in a rhythm timed with her heart and the very earth underneath them. He had to fight it or succumb to it completely. If he succumbed, he wasn’t sure what would happen. He was a little afraid of it, unsure whether he could control himself with Kagome or even be able to respond if something threatening happened. His mind was actually a little glad that she had the presence to remind them of the natural consequences of this little game they’d let themselves get caught up in. But his body was not at all happy about it. Not one little bit. It kept interrupting his thoughts to try and convince him that tomorrow was way too far off. He told it to just get in line and enjoy what was happening, but it wasn’t so sure it wanted to play along and he had to keep fighting his natural urges, tamping them down under a mental blanket of reason.

His body was resisting changing the focus to making her happy, urging him to move that extra six inches ... which was all he needed. It was sending irresistible images into his mind, imagining him rolling up on all fours, forcing her knees apart, plunging inside – These images were threatening to take him over when he got a whiff of her again, that wonderful scent drifting up from between her legs. As the afternoon had grown into evening, her scent had deepened. He put an exploratory finger down there again and felt even more wetness than before. The smell of her, combined with the feel of her called to his more rational instincts, telling him there was more to explore before he gave in to his urge, which was a good thing. Catching another whiff, his body now came along happily, producing a little purr in his chest. Conveniently, if only briefly, his body and mind were back on the same track.

He moved up on his elbow, looking down at her and continuing to move his finger, careful to use the flat of it again, keeping his claws away from her delicate skin. Her legs relaxed open by themselves, and the scent of her was intoxicating. He laid her slowly back, curling up against her on his side, one hand under her neck and the other moving slowly around below. He looked at her in the rising moonlight. She always looked beautiful to him, but tonight she was absolutely magical. Her hair was spread out over his hand, and he felt its silk with his thumb, rubbing gently behind her ear. She leaned into his touch and smiled. He laughed when he realized she was mimicking how he pushed into her fingers whenever she scratched behind his ears. Her smile was so real, her happiness palpable. He just looked at her in amazement for a moment. The idea of going back to fighting anything – even that bastard Naraku – seemed like the stupidest idea in the world. Why would he want to be anywhere – or any time -- in the world but right here?

He caught that wonderful scent again and knew he had to be there very soon. Letting the jewel’s effect embrace him earlier, and then watching their friends through the bushes had introduced him to a whole new concept of sex, one he’d never dreamed existed. Short of watching some animals, listening to human males tell jokes of a sort and his own personal experience on himself, he’d really had no idea what possibilities existed. And then Kagome, brave little soul, had picked up on what they’d seen through the bushes and experimented on him. He could be at least as brave, couldn’t he? That scent was calling to him, giving him confidence his bravery would be rewarded. First, he wanted to feel that smile of hers again, though.

He lowered his head, remembering how luscious her mouth felt when he moved slowly, and kissed her softly, letting his mouth relax into hers, parting his lips very slightly, but not all the way. He felt his hair shift down off his shoulder and fall on her bare breasts. She responded, her mouth taking in his and her hand moving up into his hair to pet it. He moved his hand under her neck to guide her head as he deepened the kiss, letting the wave of pleasure from it flow down through his whole body, which responded by pushed himself into her again. His free hand went around her shoulder and pulled her to him until he felt her whole body up against his. The warmth of her skin pressed into him, her arms around his neck. For just a moment, he let the wave move on its own, thrusting his tongue deeply into her in time with his lower thrusts against her hip, enjoying the resistance of the hard bone under her soft skin. This elicited a groan from them both. His fangs pinched his lip between their teeth and a little growl escaped his throat. He felt his heart speed up and realized it was time to move on or go back to fighting his urges to succumb to ... whatever it was his body would do if it let it.

He pulled away enough to kiss her lips again and move to the closest of her breasts. He took a moment to look at them again, feeling a lusty appreciation move through him and poke into her smooth thigh this time. He heard her giggle again and looked up to see her looking at him look at her. She looked a little embarrassed, but happy too. Could just appreciating her silently make her that happy? That was pretty cool. He would have to remember that. He tweaked an eyebrow at her and slid his eyes, then his chin, then his tongue down to take a breast fully into his mouth. Her reaction was lovely, moving her into him and pulling him to press against her again. He stayed there for a moment, but caught that scent one more time. It wouldn’t stop calling to him. He simply had to know what could elicit such a hunger in him as that scent. Squeezing her nipple one last time between his lips, flicking the tip with his tongue for fun, he moved down, making sure to breathe hot breath on her all the way.

He let his nose lead him across her smooth stomach, the heat of her burning into his cheek, his hair trailing after him. He felt her suck her breath in, trying to get away from the tickle. As he descended further, her hair tickled his nose, which was now completely full of the scent. He could smell no earth, no water, no wind. Only her. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to find down there. His finger had felt wet, slippery skin, but thanks to his claws he really hadn’t gotten much of a feel for what was making her so happy. Time to find out. He gently pushed her knee open and breathed deeply, his eyes rolling up into his head enjoying her in him in a whole new way.

Like the seductive smell of a well-cooked meal, her scent coaxed his tongue out to experience her fully. He probed around a bit until her lips parted and he slipped in to skim the smooth wet folds of her gently with his tongue. She sucked in her breath and clutched his hair in her hand, clearly telling him to keep it slow and gentle. Following her hand’s advice, responding to her reactions under him, he continued to explore, finding a little nub that seemed to make her very happy. Her reactions, heavier breathing, stronger heartbeat reverberating through her whole body, and little moans, were exciting him again. He pressed himself up against her leg, letting the pressure build in them both.

As she became more and more excited under his tongue, he was getting worried once again about his ability to keep himself at bay. Her groans were reaching out to his nerves, plucking them like strings. As she squiggled her hips under his tongue, his own breathing became short. Her hips began to buck a little bit and he had to put his arm across her legs so as not to lose his place. He wasn’t sure if he should keep going or not, but some instinct told him he’d know when to stop.

Sure enough, she let out a deep moan and her whole body shuddered under him. His next lick shook her so completely that her back arched up, pulled by an invisible string inside her. He stopped, wondering what to do. Her hand came up under his chin and lifted his face, pulling him up to her. The taste of her stayed on his lips, and as he lay down over her, his body screamed at him to succumb. Do it, now! His heart was pounding with the effort to hold himself still over her. Somehow he found the strength to overrule himself again. He gently closed her knees between his and put his hips down on hers, propping himself on his elbows to look at her. The pressure of his weight on her sent wonderful bursts of excitement through him. Her eyes were closed and he felt her shudder when his weight came down on her.

God, he wanted her so badly he couldn’t stand it. He knew if he kissed her at that moment, his urges would take over and he would have to have her. Thinking fast, he did the closest thing he could to what his body screamed at him to do; he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and hugged her to him, heart to heart. She did the same and lifted her head into the space by his neck, kissing him there and – did he hear a little sob?

Worried he’d hurt her, he relaxed the hug to look into her eyes. They were moist and happy. Maybe he’d been hearing things...


To be continued ...


Author’s other notes: who knew our little Kagome was so gutsy? She’s gutsy in every other way, why should sex be any different? And by the way, the lemons aren’t over for InuYasha and Kagome – I guarantee they’ll find a way to finish this off ‘tonight.’ I know I used this same excuse to drag things out in my other story (“Lost Souls Found*”), but I feel irresponsible not introducing the reality of the situation – and besides, it makes a good plot device. Buys me a few more chapters. Gotta save the best for last....

*I should get back to this one, but its plot is more complicated (it actually has one)...but “Romp” is just pure pleasure to write ...