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A Romp in the Park
Chapter 7: A Kiss

By: Fano


On the other side of the bush, things were heating up. Both InuYasha and Kagome had found Ranma and Akane’s conversation touching. They didn’t understand was going on with the boy-girl thing, but clearly these two had been working on a relationship for some time, a tough one from the sound of it. The fight InuYasha had witnessed at the beginning took on a new meaning as he watched Ranma woo Akane, with true feelings evidently. Listening to Ranma’s confession, InuYasha thought, no wonder Akane had wanted to beat him to pulp.

As Ranma moved out of the hug and back down between Akane’s legs, InuYasha watched fascinated. He’s never seen or heard of this kindof move, but as he watched the effect Ranma’s tongue had on Akane, he realized it made all the sense in the world. That smell that had been playing with his nostrils all afternoon took on new meaning, and the new hunger rose in him. His hands started moving under the haori again, gliding gently over Kagome’s whole body, sliding down her open thighs as she sat cross legged on his lap. Kagome let her hands loosen on the haori and it slid down off them. Her arms relaxed to her sides as he lightly touched her belly, her hips, her breasts and circled back down to her thighs. He encountered that little cotton slip again, and lightly touched it with his claws. He felt the goosebumps rise on Kagome’s skin and reminded himself to be careful with his claws.

His hand kept moving and he went back to laying little kisses on her neck and shoulder, closing his eyes to smell all of her. A swoon came back to him that felt somewhat the like the jewel’s effect, but was different. When under the jewel’s influence he had felt almost intoxicated, a little dulled in a hum of feeling, that seemed to have washed away with the rain. Now he was acutely aware of every sensation of his body, and to Kagome’s responses as well. As he continued to breathe deeply of her, he noticed that their breathing was almost in sync. As his breath expanded his chest, her chest rose under his hand, sending little waves of pleasure through them both. They stayed like that for a few minutes, breathing as one. This spell had the potential to go beyond even the one cast by the jewel.

Curious about what was going on through the peephole, InuYasha raised his eyes to look and saw that Akane’s eyes were half open, lost in sensation, and looking straight at – him. Or was it Kagome, naked in his lap and under his fingers that the girl saw? Could Kagome see Akane watching them? Her head lolled to one side under his touch, so he guessed she was oblivious.

Watching her watch them gave him an incredible rush of excitement, which promptly banged into Kagome and made her giggle a little. His heart pounding, he kept looking straight in Akane’s eyes, and she watched him snake his tongue in a trail along Kagome’s shoulder. Akane’s back arched, peaking those luscious breasts into the air, a vision which sent a rush through him. Another wave of excitement banged into Kagome and produced another giggle. Akane’s eyes closed and one hand scrunched at some grass under her fingers. Her breathing was quick. Her head was still tilted towards their hiding place in the bush.

As he watched, Akane’s body begin to squirm without really moving much, InuYasha was aware once again of that intoxicating smell, this time rising from the two young girls in front of him. Not the jewel at all this time, his excitement was stimulated by the sights, sounds and smells surrounding him. His hands moved lower and lower on Kagome, reaching that stupid little strip of cotton one too many times. Finally, he carefully slid a claw under the cloth at her hip, letting the smooth top of his nail skim over her delicate skin, and slowly rip away the little cloth keeping him from her.

The slight ripping sound sent its own magic spell tearing through the clearings. Akane opened her eyes again, just as InuYasha gently slid his fingers down to find slick, wet lips hiding beneath a little bush of Kagome’s sweet hair. He’d caught glimpses of it sometimes before in the hot springs, and even though he couldn’t see it now, he remembered how cute it looked, petable. He was being very careful of his claws, using the flat of his finger, which made him move so slowly that Kagome’s intake of breath took at least twenty seconds, her back arching away from him, bringing one of her breasts fully into his hand, and pushing her rear back against him. The feel of her warm wetness only inches from his hard-on, and the smell of her rising into his nostrils, drove him temporarily senseless. He tightened his abdomen to push himself against her, now getting himself all the way in between her cheeks, no longer blocked by the thin cloth obstruction. She moaned a little and his heart beat sped up so that it was pounding in his ears. Kagome was lifting her chest deeply into his hand each time she breathed, pulling away from him and into him at the same time.

InuYasha looked up just then to meet Akane’s eyes as she too arched her back. InuYasha smiled despite himself, revealing his fangs poised on Kagome’s neck. Akane definitely noticed this, her eyes opening wide before quickly closing, her mouth opening and her back bowing into a full upper back bend. At the same time, Kagome was beginning to move against him more urgently, and he was rapidly reaching a new point of stop or go. He saw Akane stiffen, and heard a little “oh!” escape her lips just as Kagome gasped. He started to lose himself in Kagome again, her scent having shifted to a new level of excitement, bringing him with her.


Akane saw the whole world flash with colored light as her body heaved under Ranma’s tongue. It was the vision of that swooning girl with the demon’s fangs on her neck that was the catalyst as much as the hot blooded boy between her legs, his warm weight on her thigh and his hair brushing her stomach. Her body’s rushing sensations were sharpened by the element of danger she’d seen in those golden eyes. Those fangs. He had looked so lustfully at her, although she wasn’t even sure he saw her, his eyes were so distant. The little bit of adrenaline that rushed her heart when she thought those eyes rested on her was all her lower regions needed to go off completely. As her whole body contracted and she involuntarily exclaimed, “oh!,” a wave of energy rose through her, passing her ears with an audible whoosh.

Her heart pounding, she pulled Ranma up to her and wrapped her legs around him, pushing herself up against him until he groaned and pressed himself into her again. Her body convulsed inside and she held him so tightly she heard him gasp for breath. He was so close to slipping in. But she wasn’t ready for that yet.

”Ranma,” she breathed out his name, “can you hold on a bit longer? I want to try something.”

“Uh,” she could feel his heart beating against her chest. She released her legs, realizing that pulling him down on her probably wasn’t going to help him cool off. “Maybe. Hang on a second.” He straightened his arms at the elbows, hovering over her with eyes closed, their hips still smashed together, she felt him take some deep breaths. He’s using his ki to control himself, she thought with a certain amount of admiration since that had never occurred to her, how cool. He really was pretty amazing, when she thought about it.

“God, Akane,” she heard him gulp and his hair brushed her chin, “you are so sexy when you cum.”

She felt herself blush. He had called her sexy!


The jewel’s charm had receded and it no longer shone around her neck, looking for all the world like a regular crystal.

But Kagome was still completely helpless, swimming in a sea of heightened physical excitement. InuYasha’s hands kept playing over her like a musical instrument, one hand playing in the wet wash down below, while his other hand roamed her whole body, plucking little unseen strings here and there. She didn’t think he really knew what he was doing, but he was doing just fine anyway. She particularly liked the feeling of him pressing harder and harder into her rear, telling her unmistakably about the new levels of desire he was reaching. Each little bump and push made her feel sexy, which contributed to her own excitement and the little muscle contractions inside told her she was beginning to want him in her. Her breath was becoming deep and rhythmic, helping her stay in this new spell.

Through cracked eyelids she saw the other couple as the boy – who was a girl, but was a boy again whatever the hell that was all about, Ranma was his name? – moved to position himself more comfortably on his elbows and knee so he could get the best angle on the girl Akane’s muff. Kagome could see that as Akane’s excitement grew, Ranma’s did too. His body contracted and his hard-on seemed to reach for her the more she moaned and squirmed. Kagome thought her own excitement might be moving a little too fast, so she shut her eyes. This seemed to have been a mistake, too. The sight of the couple stayed with her, and the feeling of InuYasha’s growing need behind her, along with a particularly slow movement of his hand down below, combined to bring her to a little peak faster than she expected. She gasped in her breath, just as she heard a little sound from the other clearing.

She looked up to see Akane pull Ranma up on top of her, and at the same time, InuYasha lifted her off his lap and laid her down on the haori again, kicking out of his pants and moving over her so that his knees pressed her knees together, his hair falling down to shield their faces. The growing dusk made it hard to see deeply into his eyes, but his whole body told her what was on his mind. Every muscle in his predator’s body was tensed, containing something wild and strong that wanted out. He pressed himself on her thigh and she saw a small smile play at his lips. She knew what might be next, and wondered if she was really ready for it, a nagging thought trying and failing to take hold.

Then, she knew what had to come first.

“InuYasha,” she said softly, raising her hands to his face and feeling the smooth skin of his jaw line.

“Hmmmm?” He was barely paying attention to her words, his eyes looking down from where he pressed into her and back up, stopping at her breasts.

“Kiss me,” she commanded in her best Oswari! voice, slipping her hands around his neck and bringing him to her. At first he resisted a little, and then she saw him look at her and their eyes met, communicating perfectly. She lost herself in them as he came to her.

His body came down on her gently, covering her completely with his warm weight. Their hips met and he slipped into the little space between her legs, the head of his shaft pressing into the hair of her mound. His flat stomach relaxed into hers, softly. His muscled chest met her breasts and crushed them gently to him, trapping the cool Oswari! beads between them. She felt his arms against the soft skin of her sides as he hugged her with his elbows and tucked his hands behind her shoulder blades. His face was only an inch above her and she felt his hot breath on her mouth. He was still looking in her eyes and they both knew how important this moment was.

He didn’t move to kiss her yet, content for the moment just to look in her eyes. She had a rush of memories, from the moment she laid eyes on his peacefully resting face, when he was cruelly bound to the O-Shinboku tree, to his scowls at just about everything, and his panicked looks when he thought she was injured. She remembered seeing his body nearly torn apart in battle and how he let her heal him. Those memories were so far away, like an anime of someone elses’ life. This memory, their bodies mushed together, the excitement moving between them in an easy flow, this was real.

He slowly closed his eyes and lowered his face only slightly, letting his tongue slip out to touch her lips lightly. She opened her mouth and let him slip into her, amazed at how gentle he could be. His tongue caught hers and they felt each other, their lips barely touching. He tasted sweet, smelled musky. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears and she felt a new heat rising up from her chest into her neck and face. She felt his breathing deepen. Their tongues continued to explore each other gently, holding back the rising tide through the rest of their bodies. He pulled away a bit.

She opened her eyes to see him looking at her, something new in his eyes. As soon as their eyes met, she knew. There was a wild hunger looking back at her, not a demon passion but a human one. He smiled when he knew she’d seen it. Maybe he saw it too?

He kept his eyes on her as he came down on her mouth again, harder this time, his tongue pushing into her, matching the new passion she felt reverberating through her body and his. He made little grunts and groans as his body pressed into her and he felt her arms wrap his neck to pull him into her. He lifted her to pull his arms around her back and cradle her head in one hand, turning his head to move more fully into her mouth. His fangs were pressed against her lips and even though it hurt a little bit, the sharp pain pinged new sensations in her and she pulled his mouth harder into hers. He let her pull him into her, making clear his desire with every muscle, moan and movement. This, in turn, sped her heart and the heat it circulated through her body, matching his quickened breath and small sounds of pleasure.

Their breath was heavy, their bodies twisted and curled around each other, his hip slid down to the ground leaving his thigh over hers, bending his knee to pin her legs together, his elbow taking some of the weight off her. This freed up his hand to slide over her breast and kiss it with his fingers as his mouth continued to come into hers. She felt the hard press against her thigh and tried to reach her hand up to touch him, but it was trapped. She was trapped. He seemed to realize this and pressed himself against her again, the hand behind her head pulling her so fully into his mouth that for a moment, she couldn’t breathe.

He pulled his head back just enough to slip his tongue away and trail it down her chin, moving to her neck and on down. She felt his little puppy ears softly brush her jaw as his mouth found her breast. Her whole body moved under him as he kissed her, pushing her into him. A new burst of excitement came at her thigh, and she suddenly wanted at it. Lifting her one free hand, she pushed at his shoulder until he pulled back. She kept pushing on him, trying to roll him over on his back.

At first, he resisted until he realized that she wasn’t pushing him away. Then he rolled easily and used the arm under her neck and head to pull her on top of him and bring her head down to his. Now she was the one pushing her tongue hungrily into his mouth, squirming her body to wrap around his. She made sure to leave room for her hand to find him and take him in her fingers, softly at first. As she squeezed harder, his breath came faster on her cheek and his hand behind her neck pulled her mouth into his with increased pressure. He groaned and made a helpless little motion with his free arm. She smiled a little to herself, enjoying this new power over him.


Both of Ranma’s heads had almost exploded when Akane pulled him down on top of her and squeezed her strong thighs around his waist, putting great pressure where only a little was needed to send him into ecstasy. His breath caught in his throat when he realized he was pressing into her mound and that with only the slightest arch in his back, he could be in her. The thought of those wet lips only inches away, their scent still on his tongue, was almost enough by itself. She was saying something ... something about waiting. His head couldn’t clear enough to make it make sense, but he did understand how quickly this would be over if he didn’t do something quick. And he really didn’t want this to be over just yet.

Taking deep breaths, he tried to move himself into that quiet space where everything was in balance, all awareness of things inside and out centered, the space where he could feel his own ki energy and control it completely. This was a practiced battle technique he’d been working on since before he could remember anything else. He was extremely good at it, except for right now. Akane released some of the pressure from her thighs and he felt her hips fall away from him. He followed her down, still struggling with his ki. It was as excited as he was, running around inside him like a little kid out of control. This was a new technique he’d have to perfect, because he knew how vulnerable it made him right now – if he was in a battle, which he wasn’t. He looked at Akane and remembered the smell and sound of her cum just moments before. This memory completely addled his ki and he had to breath deeply again, but he also had to tell her how sexy she was. She really liked hearing that from him. Why had it taken him so long to learn how much a few kind words, if they were true, could give you everything you wanted?

She was saying something again, but he didn’t really hear her, there was a buzzing in his ears as he looked down at their naked bodies pushed together, his head sticking up a little between her muff to press into his stomach. Breathe. Breathe. Suddenly, they both heard the girl in the other clearing say with a commanding voice, “Kiss me.”

Ranma and Akane locked eyes and the same smile spread their lips. “Let’s look,” Akane said, releasing her legs from around Ranma’s back so he could pull away. He so didn’t want to do that, so he pressed himself back down on her for a moment and wrapped himself around her until he felt her smile. Then they moved apart and over to the hedge. Akane pushed him down first and then moved to sit in his lap the way she’d seen Kagome in the demon man’s lap. As she nestled up against Ranma’s little friend, she giggled to hear him expel some air and squeeze her around the waist, pulling her rear into him.

Through the hedge, they saw their friends, now both totally naked, as the man complied with the girl’s wish. His long white hair obscured the details, but they could tell from the angle of his head that he was just toying with her. Not for long, though. Soon, they were writhing around, caught up in such obvious passion that Ranma’s heart started thumping harder in his chest just from watching them. When the girl pushed the man over, practically leaping on top of him, Akane squirmed a little, bringing new energy into his lap. Not good, thought Ranma as he tried again to bring his ki under control. Breathe. Breathe.


To be continued ...