Author’s Note: Great reviews, thanks! As you expected from the ending of the last chapter, time for some yuri. However, I was somewhat surprised to hear that some of you thought there was a plot in here. I’ll see if I can find one, but don’t hold you’re your breath. If you want a plot, look for my other story, “Lost Souls Found”, which is a real serious, but lemony, Inu/Kag romance. Anyway, as for the four of them getting it on, I haven’t decided. Part of me is concerned that it would be stretching the characterization too far, on the other hand ... haven’t I already done that? I’m trying not to, but it’s tough. We’ll see. Keep reading ...


A Romp in the Park
Chapter 6: Confessions

By: Fano

In the light Spring rain, InuYasha and Kagome sat spellbound behind the bushes under his red haori, watching the redheaded “Ranma” girl work over Akane’s beautiful pink breasts, slowly and seductively, alternating licking with sucking and nipping. She moved up Akane’s neck until her own ample breasts were gently lapping up against the girl underneath her. Both of them seemed to really enjoy this, allowing their eyes to close, their heads tip back and little smiles creep across their faces. It was like watching a dance danced to an unheard string. Finally, Ranma turned her face back to look at Akane.

“I’ve imagined this so many times,” the redhead said a little muzzily, “but never as a girl.” She laughed a little, “I don’t know why not. This is great.”

“Ah,” said Akane, barely listening. “Never occurred to me either.”

Ranma dipped her head back down to nibble Akane’s ear and work her way back down, only stopping for a brief moment to nip a nipple before heading on down. Akane’s eyes flew open as she realized what the girl had in mind. The rain had started to lighten up, and Akane raised a hand to wipe some of the water from her face; maybe to clear her head a little. She reached up to pull the shirt more closely around her obviously chilly chest.

“No you don’t,” she said to Ranma, who raised a surprised face to look at her quizzically. Akane sat smoothly into a sitting position and coaxed Ranma up to face her with gentle hands under her shoulders. “My turn.” Rising to her knees so that both girls knelt in front of each other, Akane reached down to untie the bow on Ranma’s pants, Ranma looked kind of scared.

“Akane,” she said hesitantly, “what are you doing?”

“Duh,” Akane said, struggling with the fabric, “I have no idea what to do when you’re a guy, but this I understand. She laughed a little as the pants fell away to reveal some comical boys boxer shorts with little “R’s” on them. “Now don’t move. I want to try something.”

Akane crawled up a little closer to Ranma, reaching her hands inside her shorts and smashing her still-wet breasts up against Ranma’s. Whatever she was doing under those shorts seemed to be working pretty well. Ranma’s head fell back and Akane had to keep her other arm around her back so she didn’t wilt right over. Ranma’s breath was a little ragged, and Akane pulled away to lean down and lick at her friend’s nipples teasingly, eliciting some quick gasps from above. Akane pulled away, and gently pushed a suddenly foggy-eyed redhead down on her back.

“Ranma,” Akane said, “haven’t you ever done this ... you know ... to yourself?”

Ranma took a second to absorb the question and then sheepishly shrugged. “Well, yeah, a little. But not much,” she laughed, “I sleep with a panda, remember?”

“Well, then,” Akane smiled an evil grin, “based on my limited experience, and a few magazines I found at Kuno’s house one day, I think you’re in for a treat.”

As Akane moved to take off Ranma’s pants and shorts, leaving her fully naked in the late breaking sunlight, InuYasha’s stomach growled. He’d been hungry before all this started. Between the rain and the hunger, the effect of the jewel on his libido seemed to have faded, re-releasing his hunger. Fortunately, his libido itself hadn’t faded a bit. Kagome flinched in his lap at the sound from his distressed digestive tract, and as she turned to give him half a withering glance, her backside pushed into his hard-on, which was still at full attention. His hunger both dissipated and came over him in a wave. Both hungers combining to guide his hands up to move her hair aside and gently kiss her neck while his hands caressed her breasts from behind. She clearly enjoyed this and he remembered to be careful of his claws as his hands explored her and his tongue tasted her.

Kagome leaned back into him, relaxing against his chest and letting her weight dip more fully into his lap, pressing back on him with the perfect pressure. He kept his hands moving carefully over her front, and while he kissed her neck, he glanced back through the bushes to take in a scene that just about made him stop, except that it didn’t.

Akane was over Ranma, their breasts sliding over each other again, and her hand working rhythmically between Ranma’s open thighs. Akane rocked her body back and forth to make her hand move in time with her breasts. Ranma seemed as electrified by this as InuYasha, because she gasped and pushed her hips up into Akane’s hand, emitted a couple of yelps and shuddered.

“Whoa!” She reached up to stop Akane’s hand.

“Already?” Akane said, sounding maybe a little disappointed.

“Sorry,” Ranma sounded sheepish again. “Wasn’t really ready for that.” She laughed softly and sounded a little surprised at herself. “I’ll have to try this as a girl more often. Give me a minute and I’ll be able to go again.”

“Oh, well. Maybe later,” Akane chuckled evilly and reached up to grab a large steaming kettle of water from somewhere unknown. How had they kept it hot all this time?

“What are you doing?” Ranma sounded a little distressed. “I just said that I should try this as a girl more often.”

“Yeah, you did,” Akane said as she started to pour the steaming water on the red hair. “But personally, I find you sexier as a boy.”

To InuYasha’s surprise, the red headed girl started to change before their eyes, into a black haired guy! InuYasha recognized him as the same Ranma that had been fighting Akane earlier in the afternoon. These two were weird. Kagome was apparently surprised by this too, since she involuntarily started and InuYasha unconsciously put his arm protectively around her. She was so warm, her bare skin pressing into his chest. He hugged her to him and wrapped the haori around them more tightly. The rain had stopped, but there was still a chill in the air. She reached up hold the haori closed and he put his hands over hers.


Ranma sputtered the hot water out of his eyes and felt his body transform, at least he thought he was transforming, but something felt decidedly different today. Usually, it just felt kind of like he walked through a wall of water or from a warm room to a snowy yard. The change was typically like going from dry to wet or warm to cold. You changed and then your body just adjusted to being different. This was not like that. He went from being excited in a girl’s body to being excited in a boy’s body. The sensations of change were themselves exciting and his whole body jerked with an extra burst of energy he’d never felt in the transformation before. Heat spread through him as his stronger male heart and muscles filled out. His breasts got less sensitive and all the blood that had been pounding around inside the lower half of his body rushed to the outside of his body, his hard-on rising from zero to nothing in the space of two breaths.

“Geez, Akane!” He gasped, somewhere between anger and delight.

“Whoa!” Akane squealed with delight watching him rise to the occasion. “Ha-ha!”

Ranma looked at her kneeling in front of him and saw that she was truly delighted with the sight of him before her. This gave him another rush, of testosterone this time, and he decided to take advantage of his little spurt of anger. He let his face screw up, he raised up to his elbows and bent his knees, getting ready to pounce.

“You little -“ Ranma quickly sat up, pulling his feet under him. Before she could blink, he had Akane under him, his hard shaft pressed into her stomach and his hands pinning her wrists next to her shoulders. “Sexier as a boy, huh?” He let a little danger slip into his tone.

“Y-yeah,” Akane sounded uncertain now, looking at him with a little trepidation that hadn’t been there before, Uh-oh, Ranma thought to himself, here I go being a jerk again, and this really is NOT the time to scare her. He let a little humor show in his eyes as he thought to himself, no; I don’t want it to go back to the way it was before. I like the way this relationship is going. Be a nice boy, Ranma.

“Ok,” he smiled a little, “you want a boy, you got him,” he said and pressed himself into her stomach again. She smiled uncertainly. He kept her hands pinned, dipping his head and scooting himself down to hunker over her, licking her breasts as his hard-on pressed down on her fuzzy little mound. The thought of it, and the feel of it, surged through him and he groaned involuntarily. Her breast under his tongue responded too. He could feel her breath speeding up. Man, he thought as she pressed her hips into him, if I thought I went off fast as a girl, this is going to be way harder to keep under control. He slowed his tongue a little, for his sake more than for hers.

He glanced up to see that she wasn’t looking scared at all, her eyes were closed and a small smile was on her lips. Yeah, he thought, that’s more like it.

He worked his way down her body, every inch of her exciting him more. Finally, he reached that little mound with his lips. He’d only heard stories at school about what happened down here, but his own girl experience told him exactly what to do. As he rolled off her to gently push her legs apart, she took her newly freed hand and brought it down to his cheek. She cupped his chin and gently pulled it up, along with the rest of him, so that she was looking directly into his eyes. She seemed to be looking for something there.

“Ranma,” she said, sounding suddenly serious, “you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Her whole demeanor had changed. The playfulness was gone.

“What are you talking about, Akane?” He was genuinely confused. There was nothing more in the whole world he wanted at that moment than her. He was surprised she couldn’t tell this by the pulsing pressure against her thigh that was completely out of his control and threatening to drive him crazy. “Believe me, I want to do this.” He smiled so she knew he was serious.

“Um. Okay.” She didn’t sound convinced, “I think it’s probably a little gross down there,” she blushed a deep pink. “And ... I know you think my body is kind of ugly.” Ah, the truth was out. Shit! All his insecure, mean, nasty words came back to him. Oh, God! If I’m not careful, she’s going to think I just need to get my rocks off on her. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Akane,” he looked into her eyes, trying to let her see how he really felt, which was really hard because he had never done this with her before without totally fucking it up. He reached his hand up to cup hers, still on his face. “I have been a total and complete jerk with you ever since our parents shoved us together. You have got to believe me, though,” Shit. I’m really saying it. “I totally lost my heart to you about two weeks after

Pop and I moved in.” She looked surprised, but he could tell it was working, she was listening so he decided to just keep going.

“I can’t believe I said those things.” He moved her hand over his lips and stuck his tongue out to flick between her fingers where he thought it might tickle. It did, and she giggled. “When I said your hair was cute,” he nuzzled her ear under her short hair, “I meant it.” He moved his lips to her breast and her hand slipped around his shoulder, “When I said your ‘tatas’ were tiny,” he gently kissed her nipple and let his mouth wander around for a bit, “I was telling a big fat lie.” He took one into his mouth as much as he could, “thee?” he said keeping his mouth full of her, “I caaaaant eben et it llll,” he kept taking as much of her into him as he could, and she giggled again

He looked up to see her smile. He smiled back and scooched down to plant little kisses around her belly button. He moved his free hand to her waist, so small, he was amazed she could eat a full meal. “And when I said you were thick-waisted,” he breathed hot air onto her adorably flat little tummy, “I was positively insane.” He softly nibbled the skin from her belly button out to her more sensitive sides. He kept kissing her all the way down to her hair line where he stopped, hoping she’d let him know if it was okay to keep going.

She was quiet and he lifted his face, afraid he’s screwed up. She propped herself up on an elbow and was looking at him seriously again. “You mean that, don’t you?”

“With all my heart,” he said, hoping she could see his sincerity. “I’m sorry I can be such a jerk, Akane.” He inched up again to put his head on her chest and wrap her in a hug, pulling himself over on her. She lay back and let him hold her. Listening to her heart beat, he thought, please let her believe me. They stayed like that for a minute, and then she began to run her fingers through his hair, lightly massaging his scalp. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“I can be pretty mean, too,” she said quietly. Taking a deep breath, she said, “I’m sorry, too, Ranma.”

He was so happy, his heart almost burst. He held her another minute, until the rest of him reminded him that he still had work to do. He lifted his head to suck at her nipple again.

“Does that mean I can get back to what I was doing?” He sucked and licked, letting the feel of her in his mouth excite the rest of his body too.

“Okay,” she sounded a little uncertain again, “if you really want to.”

The thought of it was hardening him up even more, if that was possible. “Oh, I do.” He smiled at her again and moved back down her body. He put his hand on her thigh and stroked it gently, applying a little pressure so she knew he wanted her to open it out. She wasn’t taking the hint, so he pushed a little harder. He took a deep breath and got a little dizzy with the scent that bloomed out from between her legs. “Hmmmmm. You’ll have to let me know how this feels.”

“Hehe,” she sounded nervous again, “Okay. Who knows, if you’re really good at it, maybe I’ll try it on you sometime.”

To his surprise, this thought excited him greatly, bringing to mind confused images of girl parts and boy parts all having a good time together. Who knew this stupid curse was going to be so interesting? He followed his nose down, parting her very wet lips with his tongue. The clear, sweet taste electrified the smell in his nose and a jolt of pleasure went straight from his nose to his crotch, firing everything up all at once. The dizziness was moving inside him now, but didn’t let that stop his exploration, moving around and around, coming closer to the center, where he knew her pleasure lay. How many guys really did understand how much pressure to apply? This was way too much fun.


To be continued ...