A Romp in the Park
Chapter 5: Rainshowers!

By: Fano


Ranma lifted his head from where he’d been snuffling around Akane’s neck, giving her a chance to breathe and stop giggling for a minute. He hesitated, looking down at Akane underneath him, totally naked except for those impossibly skimpy panties and his red shirt, which lay open to expose her perfect little body. His excursion to her neck had had the desired effect and her nipples were completely erect and begging to him. His whole body pulsed with the sight of them.

He gently pushed the shirt back to fully expose her shoulders, and then he yanked the soft cloth down a little to reduce the mobility of her arms. If he was going to get through his whole plan, he couldn’t risk one of those tricky little hands of hers going exploring again for a little while.

As he hoped, the pinning of her arms to her sides propped her breasts up a little. It was like the anticipation of diving into a big piece of birthday cake. He felt the need for a ritualistic movement, like a prayer before eating, so he impulsively reached up with his face to plant a little kiss on her forehead. Unintentionally, but very pleasingly, this motion brought his hips into her where his hard-on found a soft and warm landing pad, sculpted perfectly to let him nestle it there for a moment. Without any instruction from him, his hips pushed into her, his stomach muscles contracting to place maximum pressure at the point of pure pleasure. He let the waves of pleasure pulse through his whole body, speeding up his heart again. Now he was really hungry.

He pulled back from her forehead, skimming her nose and lips with his thick black bangs and impulsively nuzzled into her ear with a slow exhale, “let’s do like them and save the kiss for later.” One more thing to anticipate.

She gave a little sound of assent, and he took his lips back on their journey, moving down past her neck before finding that beautiful nipple below him. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to let his tongue lap and curl around it, coaxing its erection to spur his own. Akane sucked in a startled breath and arched her back so that it all just came into his mouth. He was losing his senses again, filled by the smell of her, the feel of her breast as he sucked it gently into his mouth, the sound of her heart next to his ear. The best part was, he knew how to read her movements, knew when she was feeling the most pleasure so he could do it some more. Never did he really think that his own curse would have the upside effect of letting him give her so much pleasure.

He finally lifted his head to let it clear a little and to look at her face. She looked the happiest he’d ever seen her.

“How did you know how to do that?” she didn’t seem suspicious, but genuinely curious. He smiled broadly.

“My natural advantage,” he said, “as a pervert.” She laughed at his self-deprecating humor.

“Hm,” she said, “maybe I am at a disadvantage since I can’t turn into a guy to see how it feels?”

“No. It’s not a disadvantage,” he looked down at her body again, her knees hugging his hips ... and her flat little stomach and crotch. She’d gotten one of her arms loose and had reached back up to find him again with those curling little fingers. “Besides,” he managed to get out as he arched his back and pushed into her hand again, closing his eyes to enjoy the feeling, “you’re not doing so bad ....”

Before he could open his eyes, he felt her lips on his chest, breathing hot moisture onto his skin and inching closer to his own nipple. He kept his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling and curious about what was going to happen when she got there. This was certainly nothing he’d ever tried before on himself. Her tongue reached it first, and pressed rhythmically into the circle around the tip, which responded immediately. She sucked it a little and nipped at the hard little nub with her teeth. Ranma felt a little twang of pleasure zip from his chest to his groin. It wasn’t the same sensation as when he was a girl, but it was definitely pleasant.

Akane laid back down and licked her thumb so it could circle the little nub some more. “How was that?” she asked.

“Just fine,” he smiled and dove for the other breast. Had to keep things even, after all.


InuYasha lay under Kagome, who was plying him with kisses, to the face, the neck, the chest – all the way down to his waist line. They’d explored every inch of each other to that point. The half-demon was particularly enjoying the weight of her body on him, letting him push up into her with little rhythmic pulses to build his excitement.

He had also become aware shortly after they lay down and the fog of the jewel seemed to stabilize, or at least not threaten to drag him to oblivion anymore, that their friends next door must have decided to stay and enjoy Akane’s predicament. His smile grew even broader, and maybe they found the hole in the bushes too. His adept nose and ears were now picking up their excited moans, giggles and scents. He found it strangely contributing to his own. Kagome saw him smile.

“What?” She said. Maybe she couldn’t hear them.

“Nothin’,” he grunted as he tightened his strong stomach muscles to sit up. As she rose with him, ear to his heart, her knees naturally parted and slid up the side of his hakama pants so that she was sitting on his legs facing him. He put his hands on her soft rear and pulled her to him rather roughly. She gasped a little intake of breath, but he was glad to see she wasn’t scared, just surprised. He continued to pull her to him and rocked his hips a little, moving against her everywhere he could make contact, enjoying the feel of her breasts on his chest, and her crotch on his hard-on. “Hmmmmm.”

The jewel still seemed to have him in its grip, and he had decided quite some time ago not to fight it. As he rocked with her to him, the spell returned and he lost himself momentarily in her neck, breathing her scent and feeling her hair tickle his ears. As he moved to her bare shoulder, they twitched and tickled her own ears, making her giggle. He barely noticed this as he lifted the camisole over her head and saw her breasts and stomach for the first time fully unadorned. She didn’t pull away, but looked at him steadily. He’d already explored her within the encumbrance of her clothing, but now he started all over again. When his hands reached her skirt, he carefully slipped his claws under the fabric and was about to rip when her hand stopped him. Wondering if she’d found a way to resist the jewel, he brought his face up to look in her eyes.

She was still entranced as well, but managed to say, “let’s not ruin this one.” With a smile, he watched as she unfastened it from behind, reaching behind her and pressing into him from the front. Once the thing was undone, he lifted it over her head to see her sitting on him wearing nothing but a small bit of cloth, from which the most intoxicating scent he had ever experienced threatened to overtake him completely. His excitement made itself plain and she said, “all’s fair, you know.”

He didn’t have the slightest idea what she was talking about, until she reached for the tie at his hakama pants and deftly undid the ancient style knot there. Before she loosened it completely, she reached into the open slots on either side of them and slipped her silky hands around to caress his flanks. This brought her to him again and he hugged her close. She then preceded to move her hands from inside his pants back around to the front where she shook free the knot, bumping him in all the right places. As the fabric pulled away, she looked down to see him, fully erect and only inches away from where he had begun to need to be. He groaned as her soft hand felt him, delicately touching the impossibly smooth skin of the head.

“Don’t be too gentle,” he said, through gritted teeth, “it doesn’t pay to be too gentle.” She gave him a curious look and proceeded to follow her instincts, letting the jewel be her guide. It was a damned good guide, the hanyou decided. She concentrated first on touching it all over, feeling the shaft with one hand and then two. As her pressure increased, her grip became firmer and her motions faster. Just about the time he thought he was going to have to stop her or risk finishing this all very unromantically, she shifted up against him and began to move the head back and forth, bumping her own thinly veiled crotch. This released little puffs of that intoxicating scent that rose to fill his nose and completely disable his consciousness. She noticed this and seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did.

He looked at her through hazy eyes, and his attention zeroed in on her breasts, bobbing gently against him. Desperately needing a distraction, he grabbed her just below the rib cage and lifted her so she was suspended in the air over him, her hands temporarily free. He dove into her, lapping at her nipples and sucking her as far into his mouth as he could manage, until his fangs pulled too tight against her skin and he had to stop before he made her bleed. She let little sounds escape her that told him she liked this. Soon, his lower half was crying for attention again, and he brought her down on him, not quite directly so as not to hurt either of them with that small piece of cloth. Her arms were around his shoulders and she arched her back to push her hips into him. He leaned her back into his arms so he could go back to his meal and pull her into his lap at the same time. Now he was bumping himself directly into that one piece of cloth, releasing the smell that was threatening to drive him mad. A growl started to rise within him as he pulled her more and more quickly into him, feeling his need grow, but keeping it at bay by not flipping her over, stripping off that silly thing and diving in completely.

Somewhat to his surprise, Kagome seemed to be enjoying this a great deal. He realized at that moment, that he knew very little about human girls and what excited them. So far, this had all been what he needed, and what he seemed to respond to. He slowed his movements and let a small bit of doubt creep into his mind. Should he ask her?

“Kagome,” he said into her hair, not quite wanting to look her in the eyes, “I don’t really know what it is you like.” He hesitated, “you’ll have to tell me.”

“So far, you’re doing great,” she said, letting her fingernails scratch lightly across his back. “But when the time comes, to explore me ... down there ...you will need to be gentle.” She giggled a little, “for girls it pays to be gentle. Especially when you have claws.”

He returned the favor of lightly scratching at her back and felt her arch away from the pressure when they became too sharp.

“Okay.” He said, “I’ll remember.”

She sat back on his thighs and put her hands on his shoulders, pushing him back to lie on his back underneath her. She moved her hips back and forth over his erection, rubbing that cloth until he was groaning to get in again. Her hair fell down around them, cocooning their faces in an early dusk and letting them breath the same air.

“Just sit tight for a little while longer,” she said teasingly, and she rose back up to pull his scrunched pants further away and take him in her hands again. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked up at her, his hands resting on her silky thighs, sometimes moving up her waist to skim the bottom of her breasts. She sat on him, holding him firmly in both hands and pulling up and back so the shaft bumped that cloth, over and over again. As he came back, she came forward in perfect time. He closed his eyes, afraid the sight of her up there was going to make him lose control. Opening his eyes a crack now and then, he saw her face, outlined by the sun lowering in the sky, and quickly closed them again.

After a few moments, a shadowed chill fell over them and he opened his eyes to see rain clouds gathering above. She noticed too and slowed her rocking, just in time to let some blood return to his brain.

“Are you cold?” he managed to ask, reaching up over her arms where they continued to slowly work on him, keeping him hard and excited. He cupped her breasts in his hands and played his thumbs gently over those wonderful chilly tips.

“Maybe a bit,” she confessed.

He reached over to where his shirt lay abandoned to the side, and flipped it around her shoulders. She squiggled into it, and he brought her down to his chest to hold her against him, her knees on either side of his hips. Pushing his heels into the ground, he drove himself selfishly against her again, hitting a bone covered by a small mound of softness. He liked this immensely and kept it up until she was giggling again.

They stopped for a moment, her ear against his heart and his hands roving under his shirt around her lower back and beautifully rounded rear end. As his fingers reached the gap in her cheeks where it dove under her panties, he lightly followed their contours around under her thighs, careful to keep his claws clear of the mysteries of the cloth. Both knew that this was a turning point of sorts. Everything left was intimate beyond anything either had experienced before. For the moment, they were content to contemplate it at the brink.

A rumble above and a few little splashes of rain on his face brought him out of his thoughts and he realized they were about to get drenched. Though he didn’t really mind, he knew that Kagome was already cold and was likely to break out of the mood completely if they didn’t get a little more protection. He hugged her quickly and rocked up to sitting, holding her to him, “wrap your legs around me,” he breathed into her hair. She obeyed and he scooched over so he could pull his red haori out from under them and shake it out. She was getting wet already and trying to keep his shirt from falling off her shoulders. Too late, the break was upon them.

He held her face to his and almost kissed her on the lips, but remembering their agreement, moved to her cheek and pressed his lips to her skin, making sure she had no doubt about his motives for breaking away. Pulling back to look into her eyes, he said, “turn around and sit in my lap.”

She had to stand up to comply and as that small strip of cloth came up only inches from his nose, he swooned and almost pounced on her again. Managing to keep it together, he put his hands on her hips and guided her slowly down into his lap, except for the last few inches, when his hands on her hipbones brought her down hard again, pushing all her weight to press on him. He felt the warmth of her skin through the cloth as he pulsed against it.

The rain was coming harder now, and as he reached to pull the haiori over their heads, they heard a strangled cry from the other side of the bushes. It came from a girl who was not Akane, and although it wasn’t completely frightened, there was a clear note of distress in the voice.

InuYasha was curious, and whispered into Kagome’s ear, “let’s go look.”

“Look at what?” she asked suspiciously.

“The couple on the other side of the bush,” he said quietly. “I was watching them before, remember? And I think they’ve been watching us.”

“What?” Now Kagome sounded distressed. She obviously had not believed him earlier when he told her why he’s been pinning her down.

“Come on,” He said and lifted them together to scoot a few feet to the left. “Hold on to the haori so you don’t get wet.”

They arrived awkwardly at the peephole in the bush and InuYasha was surprised to se that, while Akane was still there, flat on her back and wearing Ranma’s shirt, above her, dressed very much as Ranma had been, was a red-haired girl, dripping with rain water. Except this girl had no shirt on, her breasts almost touching Akane’s as she crouched over her.

Akane was laughing, much to the girl’s consternation.

“Laugh it up, Akane,” the girl said. She seemed mildly angry and more than a little unsure what to do. Where had she come from?

“Oh, Ranma,” Akane stopped laughing and reached up to wrap her arms around the girl. Ranma!? But he had been a guy! Akane kept the hug going until she’d pulled the girl to her in a full embrace, wrapping both her arms and her legs around the new Ranma who let Akane take her in, their skin meeting and sliding a little with the wet of the rainwater.

“Ranma,” Akane said again into the girl’s hair. “Do you really think I care which way you are?” Ranma’s face, turned slightly so that InuYasha and Kagome could see her expression. She looked surprised, and then immensely relived.

“Really?” She said, without looking at Akane, maybe afraid it was just a joke.

“Really.” Akane said.

Ranma was still for a moment, taking this in. Her face was very cute. A slow grin crept up her face, along with a little blush. Maybe she saw the flash of red haiori behind the bushes?

“Ok, she said, lifting up a little to take one of Akane’s breasts into her mouth for a moment, enjoying Akane’s reaction. “If you say so. I’ll just go back to what I was doing.”

As the girl Ranma ‘went back to what she was doing,’ InuYasha wrapped his arms around Kagome, whose attention was riveted to the unfolding scene.

What a magical day this was.


To be continued ...