Dedicated to my husband, who taught me the joys of anticipation ....


A Romp in the Park
Chapter 4: Tears and Giggles

By: Fano


Kagome was staring at the jewel on her chest, shining its beautiful pink and white light on InuYasha’s hand carefully holding her breast through the silk camisole and absentmindedly moving his thumb over her rather alert nipple. The crafty half demon was even using his claw to delicately tickle and tease it up to poke through the thin fabric where the softer part of him could caress it. He was watching this, as she was, with rapt fascination, as though this part of his body was moving of its own accord, as hers was.

She couldn’t move or say anything. It was like she was in a dream. Her body was held by some strange, but gentle force – not InuYasha, who let her rest in his arms, totally still except for that blasted thumb of his. Her muscles were unable to move. But the feel of his hand, his musky scent (had she ever smelled this from him before?), his beating heart next to her shoulder where he hugged her to him, his ... oh, geez! Her muscles couldn’t move, but everything else inside her seemed to be speeding at a hundred miles an hour. Her heart pounding, her blood boiling in her ear drums, and a lot of moisture squirming to get out, in direct correlation to the roaming of his thumb. With each stroke, the jewel shone more brightly, she got warmer and he ... he got harder.

“InuYasha! Her voice managed to mumble, thanks to a major effort and her struggle showed in the strain of her tone. His eyes, rather blank, were locked on his hand and what lay beneath it. Also with effort, he moved his eyes to hers. She’d only seen him look so trance-like once, she realized with a blush, when he was in Kikyo’s arms all those years ago, letting her drag him into the earth. “It’s the jewel,” she managed to whisper. She wasn’t’ sure he’d heard her. His eyes stayed locked on hers. She was falling into them and their wonderful golden light, flecks of orange and brown swimming into view.

For the first time since that horrible day she’d almost lost him in Kikyo’s embrace, Kagome understood how helpless he must have been to her spell. She, now, felt helpless to resist the magic of his touch, his eyes, his body. She thought that if she really wanted to, she could have resisted enough to talk to him again, but she really didn’t want to do that. She didn’t want to risk breaking the spell that had gripped them both. Maybe it was just the jewel’s spell, but maybe it wasn’t.

How many times had she dreamed of this? Of him relaxing from their quest and his constant angst to hold her as gently as he always did when she was hurt. To hold her that way when she was healthy and able to hold him back. This thought seemed to suggest something to her arm, which raised of its own accord to the side of his face, letting her fingers slowly slide up into his hair and lightly scratch his scalp right behind his ear. He leaned into her hand with a smile, completely unaware of the canine-ness of the motion. Kagome smiled and ran her hands through that wonderful mane of silver-white hair. It smelled clean, since she always made him take a bath once back in her home, not that it ever seemed to get very dirty. It was a strange combination of thick but silky smooth and felt luscious in her hand. So many times she’d touched his hair, to move it out of the way mostly, but this was the first time she was really just feeling it. How beautiful it was, and how lucky she was to be allowed to touch it so intimately. This was InuYasha, the great half demon after all, who never let anyone into his emotional or physical personal zone, even her. No, she didn’t want this spell to break.

Her hand slipped down to briefly cup his chin and brush her thumb over his lipsand then down to the beads at his neck. They were in the way of her fingers, so she moved under them and she pulled his shirt back, which the rest of him seemed to like, and slip her hand underneath its thin cotton where her fingers could feel his warm skin. Covered in the thick cloak and pants, his armor from the death that constantly stalked him, she almost never got to see his actual skin, much less touch it. His hands and feet were heavily muscled and calloused since he went running around the feudal era shoeless, climbing trees and otherwise moving like an animal half the time. But the skin under his shirt was smooth and soft, like his face. She marveled at how soft he felt, when his muscles looked so hard, cutting into his chest with ridges of strength.

Her hand moved slowly, hovering above his skin, sensing his great warm energy more than the skin itself. As her finger brushed his hard nipple, she heard him growl completely unmenacingly. The sound turned into a soft moan, which was accompanied by his entire body as it contracted around her, adding his desire to the spell’s enchantment. She thought she heard an answering groan come from behind the bush they’d been laying next to a moment ago. But the buzzing in her ears was confusing all her senses, so she ignored it.

As her hand continued to explore him, moving slowly over the healed wounds and private places she’d only seen and touched when tending his wounds, two things occurred to her more objective mind, the one that wasn’t yet totally pulled into the spell. First, it occurred to her that, as far as she knew, and certainly in several years she’d known him, InuYasha had never let himself be like this with a woman. The way he was reacting – almost with amazement, just letting her touch him – to every stroke of her hand, made it seem as though he was discovering this kind of pleasure along with her. She liked that idea. Second, and following on the first, Kagome realized she had no idea what she was doing. Other than a few overheard conversations at school and a class that taught the mechanics of it all, she knew nothing about what was happening. She looked up at InuYasha again. Did he know?

As soon as their eyes met, the answer to the question seemed rather irrelevant. He was even more deeply under the spell than before and she decided to stop worrying about it. She knew at some point she’d have to put a stop to it, if he didn’t, but not now. She did manage to look away from his eyes, though, to keep some kind of perspective. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen if they kept staring at each other like that. Careful not to disturb her hand as it continued to roam his chest, from his shoulders and neck to the top of his belly where her hips met his now-open shirt and she released the tie that held his shirt, InuYasha’s hand began a similar movement over Kagome.

He finished the job, more gently this time, of ripping open her shirt and let his hand explore the entire camisole before gently slipping underneath. His hands weren’t soft exactly, and he had to be very careful of his long sharp claws, but they moved with the same sensitivity hers did, not always even touching the skin, to visit every inch of her. When he got to her breasts under the camisole, Kagome sucked in her breath and involuntarily arched her back a little, which brought them further into his hand, which felt even better. This seemed to please InuYasha who smiled above her and used his elbow resting on her belly to press her hips gently down a little into his lap, giving him even more pleasure, which brought a bigger smile to his face, which pleased Kagome, appreciating how seldom she saw him smile.

They sat together, touching each other quietly – like a slow dance of hands, Kagome thought -- for she didn’t know how long. Soon she thought it was time to look back into his eyes. As her eyes moved up his body, she found the little hollow of his throat fascinating. Her eyes stopped there, and then her fingers. He lifted his chin a little to give her access, a very trusting movement she knew. That unseen force seemed to encourage her, so she reached her arm around his back under his shirt, her hand resting on his shoulder blade, and moved to kiss his neck. She was in a full embrace with him now, and his hand moved out of her camisole and came around to meet his other in a wrap around her waist. He hummed a happy sound as she let her lips softly lay one kiss on the soft skin where his neck muscles disappeared into his chest.

She would have relaxed back into his arms, when he held her to him tightly.

“Kagome,” he said with great effort, his voice unusually low and husky in her ear. “Is this really just the jewel?”

Just the jewel? Did she want to know the answer to his question? She hugged him, feeling the warmth of him, feeling his vulnerability and recognizing it for the honor and the responsibility that it was. She eased her grip around his neck and he let her head back down, cradled in his hand. They looked into each other’s eyes, both seeking a truth, first unspoken. Somewhere in the space where their eyes met, they saw into each other’s hearts and were comforted.

“No,” InuYasha said, almost as if to himself. “This is more than the jewel.” Kagome felt a small tear brim up. InuYasha watched it fall down her cheek and then moved his free hand to brush at it. He said, “it just took the jewel to set it free.” More tears.

He looked back into her eyes. She was losing herself in them, losing all thoughts, melting into the wave of his heartbeat. She saw him look at her lips and back at her eyes. He moved closer, until she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. Her heart sped up to where she thought he must be able to hear it.

Unexpectedly, his lips brushed her cheek and he pulled her to him again, holding her tight and breathing into her ear. He held completely still. Something was wrong.

“Not yet,” he said with some effort.

Kagome was a little confused about why he didn’t want to kiss her. She knew instinctively that the moment they kissed, their lives would become impossibly and irrevocably bonded beyond even the bounds of time they had already traversed. Most of her wanted this more than anything, but maybe he didn’t, or thought that such a bonding kiss should be more carefully approached, less spell bound.

“We should wait,” Kagome whispered into the place his human ear would be if it were the night of the new moon, “until we feel the same way without the jewel.”

“Wait?” InuYasha pulled away to give her a quizzical look with those beautiful golden eyes, he seemed confused by his own words to her. His excitement below had not abated a bit, and the strength with which he was holding her made her realize he didn’t plan to stop everything they were doing, that he was still enjoying the foggy trance of excitement.

“Wait to kiss,” Kagome clarified, with a smile and she reached to cradle his face again in her hand and arched her back, driving down deeper into his lap.

He let a slight moan escape his lips, obviously enjoying the feel of her body moving against his own, and smiled back. With a mischievous look, he parted his lips to let his tongue tip out and curl around her finger still at his lips. He kept his eyes on hers as his tongue pulled her fingertip into his mouth. She was surprised at how wonderful this felt, his tongue and the slippery inside of his lips sucking with mild pressure on her finger, drawing her into him, letting her finger feel the sharp little tips of his fangs. She’d never realized how sexy his fangs were, and she giggled a little at the rush of warmth between her legs at this thought.

He opened his mouth to let her slip her finger out, and to see those sexy little fangs, but she kept it there to slowly rub his lips. “How about that?” he asked with mock innocence, “is that ok?”

“Yes,” she giggled a little.

He looked pleased and kissed her finger again before moving it aside gently with a nuzzle of his cheek, bent his head down while lifting her back up, so that his lips found her excited nipple under the camisole. He toyed gently with it through the silky fabric for a minute, breathing out hot dampness to warm her and inhaling a cool rush of air, which elicited a few gasps and giggles from her. He slowly lowered her back down, looking back into her eyes.

“Was that ok?” he asked, again with a surprisingly wondrous expression.

“Uh-huh,” she managed to get out between heavy breaths. He smiled and went for the other breast, the ticklish part of her neck under her ear, her ear, her finger again, her belly ... each time asking her if it was ok, after-the-fact of course. He finally stopped, and they held each other, feeling their hearts beat together. Kagome was so lost in him, she wondered vaguely if she could ever stand up and walk around like a normal person again.

“It’s ...,” InuYasha whispered as though he were reading her thoughts, “it’s like time has slowed down and we’re ... swimming ...,” he ran out of words, so she finished the sentence for him, “we’re swimming in life itself.”

He looked down at her and she saw a small glisten at the corner of his eye.

On the other side of the bushes, Ranma’s hand slowed his exploration of Akane’s body as they both became aware that something special was taking place in the neighboring clearing. Having slowed, it did not stop entirely, continuing to rove her curves and ticklish places. Poor girl was having a hard time stifling her giggles sometimes. How had the other two not heard it?

Both still on all fours, Akane tucked tightly to Ranma, they watched as the strange man with the long white hair pulled the red cloth on the ground closer to them and lifted his girl, Kagome, setting her down on it. She started to sit up, but he put one of those curiously clawed hands, the ones that looked as though they could kill as easily as caress, on her chest and slowly pushed her down. She reached up, playfully grabbing the long strands of hair that fell from his temples and pulling him down to lie along side her. This seemed something of a private joke, because they both laughed softly as she yanked on the hair a few times.

Ranma was inspired, watching the couple who moved slowly and carefully to explore each other. He watched the InuYasha guy give himself pleasure pressing against his girl’s leg while also gently moving her camisole up to expose the breasts he’d been playing with through the fabric. Ranma had to admit that they were beautiful breasts. Almost as beautiful as the ones under his fingers.

It occurred to him, that like he and Akane, these two were very familiar with each other, but had apparently never taken it this far. He hadn’t quite planned this either, but here he was, cradling Akane to him, feeling things he’d only imagined might be possible. And she was letting him do this, without hitting back. Maybe he’d finally broken through her walls of insecurity, or she through his.

Akane pushed her rear back into his lap again, as she’d been doing ever since she discovered how much he enjoyed it, and Ranma realized that he only had two options. The first was to follow his body’s own natural instincts, in which case this would all be over in about two minutes, or to follow the InuYasha guy’s lead and concentrate on Akane. A slow smile crept over his face as he realized his natural advantage in this department. Heh. Heh. Here was one Akane couldn’t win.

Ranma carefully rose and guided Akane with his hands on her shoulders to lie on her back beneath him. She had a curious expression, trusting, but ready to become suspicious at the slightest provocation. He didn’t blame her. He hadn’t always given her good reasons to trust him. Well, this was his big chance.

Akane had never looked so beautiful to him, and as he moved back on all fours over her, he looked down on her trim hips, the thin panties barely covering his ultimate destination, her small belly – had he really ever called her ‘thick waisted’? – and her perfectly proportioned round breasts. Just looking at her, his hard-on pulsed again. “Hmm,” he mumbled unconsciously, maybe it wouldn’t even take two minutes. Best to distract himself, there was always time for that later.

For her part, Akane had lifted her hands to yank his tshirt out of his pants and was pulling it over his head. He let her take it off, and she examined his chest. Watching her face, he realized almost with shock, that just looking at him was having an affect on her, her expression was full of appreciation for the sight of him. Her hands moved to explore his skin and lightly rub the muscles of his neck, shoulders and chest. He paused in his plans to let her touch him, as her hands moved down to his pants again, the pulsing got a little stronger and his breath got a little shorter. He glanced through the bushes again to see that the other two had switched positions and the girl was now laying little kisses on the man’s chest. His hand caressed her .... Ranma’s attention was brought back to his own clearing when Akane briefly tugged at the bow tying his pants, but left it to press her hand down over the loose fabric and push up into him gently, allowing her fingers to curl around him and squeeze lightly. As she did this, she had to arch her back a bit, bringing her breasts into range. Unfortunately, he was too distracted to do anything about it at that exact moment.

“Oh God,” escaped his lips as his heart almost burst from his chest. He pushed into her hand and briefly lost all sense of the fact that he was on planet earth. It was one thing to stimulate yourself, it was completely different for another to touch you there. This realization excited him even more, and he rocked back and forth on his knees a few times, pushing into her hand as it kept that gentle pressure around him.

Momentarily, his head cleared enough to look down at her face, which had a joyous expression on it. She liked to see him happy. She always did, and he was usually just too pigheaded to appreciate that. Well, now he would show his appreciation. He got one of those now-your-going-to-get-it expressions on his face, intentionally campy, and plowed through her giggles to start on his little plan.


To be continued ...