A Romp in the Park
Chapter 2: Oswari!

By: Fano


“What d’ya mean, ‘what’s this’?” Akane sounded a little nervous and struggled to get her hands out from under Ranma’s fist, which was pinning them to the ground above her head. “It’s my gi, you pervert!” Ranma looked at her with a scowl and they both breathed heavily, their faces inches from each other.

“Stop calling me that,” Ranma looked annoyed, another ritual between then, guessed InuYasha who was still looking through the bushes in the one available peephole, which happened to be right above Kagome’s sleeping body.

Ranma reached down with his free hand and pulled the fabric of Akane’s fighting costume further away so that InuYasha could see a strange shimmery fabric clinging to her breasts, exposing no sign of undergarment at all. Akane and Ranma, both their shirts open now, were beginning to look a little disheveled.

“You’re wearing the armor, aren’t you!?” Ranma sounded angry, with a note of betrayal in his voice, and his hand went up to hold her other wrist again, as though he were afraid her burst of strength would come back. “You are using magic, you little ...” he seemed at a loss for words, or just thought better of whatever words he had originally planned.

“Heh. Heh. You finally caught on,” Akane had a very mischievous grin on her face now. “I need to study your moves more closely, it was the only way I could get you to fight me for real. Now fight!” Akane bucked her hips up under Ranma, tossing him lightly into the air where he had nothing but his hands on her wrists to use for leverage. As he swung his legs around trying to regain his balance, very agilely actually, she caught his hip with her foot and threw him over her head into a tree behind her. In a second, she was back on her feet, ready for him.

Ranma stood up, leaves hanging in his hair and a scratch on his neck from some random twig. “You! I can’t believe you did that!” He moved away from the tree, circling her, his eyes darting around looking for something he could use, his shirt tails out.

“Now that I know you’ll cheat,” Akane said with satisfaction, “I’ll be ready for that too. Ranma, you’re gonna have to fight me for real.” She lunged at him and landed a glancing punch at his arm which he barely managed to avoid, pivoting around her and pushed her without much force into the same tree from which he had just extricated himself.

“Well, maybe if you took those clothes off, I would!” Ranma said, using the momentum of the push to move back into the center of the clearing.

“Ha!” Akane laughed, “Not on your life! You’re not going to get me to take off Armie that easily!”

“Not all your clothes, dummy,” Ranma was stalling for time. InuYasha was too experience a fighter not to see his ploy, “the gi.” Still stalling, “I like to see my opponent straight on.”

“Why would I do that?” Akane rushed him again. “My armor gives me the power to beat you!” Ranma was ready and managed to spring over her, twisting in the air to grab her outfit by the neck and holding onto it as he landed behind her. He managed to jerk the gi jacket down as hard as he could around her shoulders so that it pinned her arms to her sides. Just then her foot caught him right in the side as she swiveled. InuYasha didn’t think a human girl could move with such speed and flexibility, but Akane had managed it. Ranma stumbled to the side, but caught himself before falling. Immediately he sprung back at her – a little recklessly InuYasah thought. Lucky for him, or as he planned, Akane was still wriggling to get out of the constraining gi, but even without her arms, she managed to kick up and catch Ranama in the chin as he dove under her and grabbed her pant legs – well, one of them -- to pull it down around her knees. He rolled quickly out of stomping distance and crouched with a hand to his face where her foot had landed, ready to spring away if she came after him.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” Akane said sarcastically as she wriggled to get her gi off. “Very cute, Ranma. Happy now?” She threw the outfit into the bushes on the other side of the clearing from where InuYasha knelt over Kagome (close one, he thought, imagining what might happen if that thing had landed on him).

As Akane stood there fuming at Ranma, her body looked incredibly powerful, the hanyou thought. The “armor” Ranma had exposed earlier looked nothing like any protective garment InuYasha had ever seen. It was very thin and skin tight, hugging every curve of her body with a shimmer, its modest flowing “skirt” barely covering anything between her legs. He found it quite attractive, and momentarily found himself wondering how it would look on Kagome.

The thought was surprisingly arousing, and as he watched Akane’s sinuous movements around the clearing in the skin tight outfit, almost stalking Ranma, InuYasha became aware that his arousal would soon become hard to stop – especially if Akane lost any more clothing in the fight. Maybe he should back away. Ranma was quite a skilled fighter, but he didn’t really seem likely to hurt Akane. Watching him take another punch from Akane, InuYasha began to wonder if he shouldn’t be ready to jump in and save the boy instead.

Deciding they could handle themselves, InuYasha looked down at his knees, which were now snuggled up to Kagome’s hips, and realized that if unless he moved very slowly, she was likely to feel him shift and wake up. Just as he was preparing to lift a leg quietly and roll to the side, she shifted and turned her head – placing her cheek right on his left hand! He held his breath in case the warmth of his hand roused her, but she slept on. Now what was he supposed to do? There was no way he could move now without waking her up.

Ranma growled a little, drawing InuYasha’s attention back to the fighting couple. The boy then chuckled and said with a teasing note in his voice, “Akane, have you forgotten that I know how to disable your stupid armor?” He didn’t relax his defensive stance, but reached up to take off his red shirt and toss it to the side by their bags. His thin black undershirt was damp with sweat and his shoulder muscles were strung tight with exertion. Akane looked a little nervous as she saw him move back into full fight stance. But her attitude didn’t change a bit.

“Yeah, right. Like taking your shirt off is going to distract me,” Akane seemed very happy. Had she been plotting this whole thing? InuYasha was having a hard time reading these two.

“I’m not trying to distract you, dumb head,” Ranma was yelling. “I’m getting serious. Just like you want.” He came at her again, and again she dodged, giving his pig tail a playful little yank just so he knew she had been there. Before he could come after her again, she rushed at him and feigned to the left. As he moved to block her, she veered with inhuman speed back to the right and landed a solid punch on his shoulder, knocking him off balance. As Ranma fell to the side, he tried to grab for her belt. Jeez this guy was really something. Was he going to try to strip her bare? An increasingly awake part of InuYasha hoped so.

Akane was apparently waiting for this move, she blocked his hand with one arm and grabbed his wrist with the other, holding onto it as she turned to jam her butt into his face as he fell, letting go just in time for him to tumble into a bush, she sprang back out to the center point, laughing with delight.

“Ha! I’ve been practicing stomach blocks!” She almost squealed, she was so happy. “I’m not going to let you get to the belt this time, Ranma!”

“Akane,” Ranma rose more slowly this time, looking down to stick a finger in a new tear in his undershirt,”you realize this kind of workout isn’t helping you practice for your tournament.” He walked back into fighting range without taking a fighting stance. He was watching her carefully and obviously trying to think really fast. Looking at his face, InuYasha could tell that the boy had concluded that whatever secret weakness the belt represented was not going to work.

InuYasha smiled. This was fun. Obviously, this guy needed to be knocked down a peg or two. And Akane – magic armor or not – was doing a good job of it. InuYasha wondered whether he could fight a girl like that or not. Demons who looked like girls didn’t count. He knew he could do that because they smelled different. As if on cue, Kagome’s gentle scent reached up to him and pulled his eyes down to look at her again, blissfully asleep under him, he knew he could never try to hurt her, in jest or for real. He carefully moved his hair back, as it had begun to drape over his left shoulder, so that it wouldn’t tickle her and wake her up. Looking at her closely again, her face pillowed on his hand, he noticed that his arousal had not calmed down, was in fact stimulated by her scent. This was not good, but she seemed to be sleeping soundly, so he figured he still had time to pull away and go cool off somewhere once she turned her head the other direction to free his hand. At the sound of more fighting, he looked up again.

“I don’t care about the tournament anymore,” Akane said as she flitted about the clearing, circling her prey. Being the pray that he was, Ranma made sure not to expose his back to her. “This is the most fun I’ve had in ages,” she said, happily.

“Yeah,” said Ranma unhappily, “ever since the last time you put that stupid outfit on and trounced me.”

“Come to mama!” was her only reply. These words came out rather raw as she ran at Ranma yet again. He took it in the chest this time and as her feet broke through his block he made a loud “Ah!” of expelled air. Then he was down flat on his back and didn’t move, about six feet from InuYasha behind the bush. Was he hurt?

“Ranma?” Akane said his name tentatively. She stepped closer to his still form, careful to stay out of range of his hands. No movement. She crept closer and closer until soon she was straddling him, calling his name and lightly tapping his cheek. Her position was very much like InuYasha’s over Kagome right now, and at this thought, InuYasha realized again very clearly that Kagome’s wonderful smell had not stopped caressing his nostrils. Her face was still lightly resting on his hand and her hips were still nestled into his knees.

InuYasha decided not to be distracted by these details and continued to watch Ranma’s body closely, noting that his limbs were not relaxed as they would be if he were knocked out. The kid was not moving, but he wasn’t unconscious either. InuYasha almost warned Akane, but then thought better of it, imagining about what might happen on his side of the bush if he did.

Akane was growing increasingly agitated when Ranma failed to respond to her prodding. Maybe she really did care about the guy, though she had a funny was of showing it, thought the hanyou watching carefully. Suddenly, Ranma took a deep breath, as though the air knocked out of him had come rushing back, he opened his eyes and looked straight at Akane, her face hovering above his. She didn’t move.

He raised a hand to her cheek, very tenderly for someone who had just been fighting with fists and feet moments before.

“Akane,” he said, his voice having shifted into a soft timber, she started to jerk away, but he caught her by the back of the head so she couldn’t stand up. Her hands flew to her belt, helping Ranma bring her head down closer so that he could look directly into her eyes. He moved his other hand, and she tensed, but he only raised it to her cheek to brush her lips, an inch from his.

“Don’t, Akane. You don’t need to fight me any more.” He paused, waiting for his words to sink in. “I’m not going to pull any more dirty tricks.” He kept looking into her eyes and said earnestly. “Ever.”

He seemed incredibly sincere. InuYasha thought that either Ranma was the most accomplished actor he’d ever seen, or that he had just fallen madly in love with the girl that had been trying to kill him only moments before. Akane seemed to be struggling with the same improbability.

“Ranma! What’re you doing?” She said a little breathlessly.

“Akane,” Ranma broke into a wide and very happy looking grin. With a look of total and complete joy on his face, he cupped her face in his hands and said, “Akane. I mean it. You win.”

Akane didn’t move for at least fifteen seconds. Ranma didn’t move either, but stayed holding her and beaming at her like she was he most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. InuYasha became uncomfortably aware of the possibility that they might pounce on each other right there in front of him and he’d have to risk waking Kagome to get himself out of range of their flying hormones.

Akane let out a little sound. “Ranma. Do you really mean that?” her look of total shock was beginning to melt into something more sentimental.

“Yep,” He said happily.

She caught a little sound in her throat -- a sob? -- and without any warning at all, a slight popping sound came from her belt and her “armor” exploded off her body as though ripped from a hundred unseen threads. As the armor reassembled itself in mid air and floated down on the bushes not far from where InuYasha hid, the half demon held his breath and watched the two surprised kids in front of him become aware that, though neither of them had moved – Ranma still holding Akane’s face close to his -- she was now completely naked except for a small bit of cotton around her privates.

Nothing in the whole park moved for at least a minute, including InuYasha.

Akane blushed the most beautiful crimson shade, as Ranma’s smile widened. It wasn’t a cruel smile of victory though, it was if his joy was spreading from his smile into his eyes and every bit of his being. Watching Akane from his vantage point, InuYasha knew his joy was spreading.

“You win, Akane.” Ranma brought her head down to his shoulder and hugged her against his chest. Then he started to chuckle. “You win the fight, but I get the booby prize.”

With that, they both burst out laughing, tears streaming down their cheeks. Akane’s body completely relaxed and she sank into his embrace. Ranma raised his knees to move her rear up into his lap and spread her legs across his stomach. As they laughed uncontrollably, InuYasha noticed Ranma’s hands slip down from Akane’s back and press her hipbones so that her rear moved gently into his thighs. Although both young men in this section of the park were fully clothed, both felt the luscious pressure of that motion in a rush of warmth and excitement.

InuYasha was surprised at how much he was enjoying watching the young couple in front of him as their laughter continued, and their slow rocking became more rhythmic. It was almost as if their whole bodies were laughing. He knew he should find a way to untangle himself from Kagome and leave the two in peace, but he could not take his eyes off the lovely scene before him -- until he felt a small puff of air, just the amount of air that might come from a delicate little nose -- on his left wrist.

With a goofy grin on his face, and terror growing in his heart, he slowly looked down to see some of his long white hair being brushed away from that delicate little nose. Kagome, sleepy confusion transforming itself into anger on her face, was rapidly waking up to the fact that her half demon protector was huddled over her, pinning her beneath him. She opened her mouth, just as he began to comprehend what she was going to say.

“No!” he said huskily the grin disappearing rapidly from his face. He tried to bring his hand to her mouth before she could say it, but his weight was distributed wrongly and her head was still on his free hand. He didn’t make it in time.

“Oswari!” Kagome yelled.


To be continued ...