A/N: “A Romp in the Park” [NC-17] is a silly little story I started to keep myself entertained on Saturday nights imagining what might happen if my two favorite Takahashi couples got together and finally just let themselves be in love like we know they wanna be. Then some wonderful people nominated it and it actually won First Place in IYFG’s ‘Best Crossover’ category in Q1’06 and Second Place in Best Lemon and Best Crossover, in Q3’06. I am honored that some readers thought it was that good. This story is the very definition of “PWP” although I try to work in some interesting character development. When I finished A Romp in the Park: Part I (Chapters 0-17) and finally managed to get our couples to go all the way after 14 chapters of foreplay, I needed an actual storyline to continue it. So, I started a parallel story called “A Romp Through Time” [rated R], which is a romantic comedy that diverges off “Park” at Chapter 17 and is an attempt at an actual plot. You can read “A Romp Through Time” on mediaminer.org and fanfiction.net. I’ve now started A Romp in the Park: Part II (Chapters 18-?), and the introduction of some plot lines and new characters from “A Romp Through Time” will provide me the opportunity for a bit of a... uh... Raunchier Romp. So, while Part I is sweet and sexy, Part II will be sweet, and sexy and raunchy. And yes, I’ll warn you throughout so you can skip some of the raunch if it isn’t quite to your taste. Sorry to make this so complicated, but it’s all the interest of sexy fun (mine, mostly).

Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story are mine, all characters, are copyright of Rumiko Takahashi (goddess incarnate).
Warning – Definite Lemon content, particularly in later chapters.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful reviews! I love getting them and it encourages me to keep writing!


A Romp In The Park


The first night of Spring came upon Tokyo and windows all over the city were thrown open, doors left ajar and inhabitant’s sleep deepened by the soft breezes of April. The Tendo and Higurashi households were no different. Young and old alike enjoyed the gentle caress of Spring as they slept.

To these homes, however, an additional magic rode on the winds, for in these homes, there were young people in love. Of course, the young people were not fully aware of this fact, and the Spring breeze saw this as a challenge.

Looping around the cheeks and noses of the Tendo and Saotome pair as they slept in their separate rooms, the new season sewed dreams of throwing the fight to win the prize. Neither youth understood this upon waking, but the seeds were planted, to be nurtured through the next day in daydreams and by the wind itself as it blew through the park, leading them to their special clearing.

To the hanyou and his lady in the Higurashi household, the breezes tickled ears and whispered dreams of soft touches and magic light. Both the hanyou, sleeping on the roof in the full light of the moon, and the young girl below him in her bed, had smiles on their lips as they woke, and fuzzy memories of happy embraces stayed with them all through the day, coming alive that magical afternoon in the park.

End Prologue


Crossover Info for those not familiar with InuYasha or Ranma 1/2:


My goal is to make this story enjoyable even if readers are only familiar with one of the manga series (though both are highly worth reading). For those folks, though, this might help clarify things a bit, but for more, look up Ranma and InuYasha on Wikipedia and you’ll find all you need to know.

Key Plot Devices –
Ranma’s other half:
Ranma (‘normally’ a boy) fell into the Jusenkyo cursed springs in China, and now he turns into a girl when splashed with cold water. She turns back into a boy when splashed with warm/hot water.
InuYasha’s Oswari Beads: The magical beads pull him mercilessly to the ground when Kagome says “sit!.”
InuYasha’s Demon Moon: All my own invention, though I will admit to picking up some ideas from other fanfics, biology text books and my own personal experience with human males.
Akane’s “Armor”: (From Manga Viz Vol 30) Akane’s armor, a beautiful outfit for fighting, makes her invincible in a fight, even against Ranma. And to make matters worse, the armor has a personality and is jealous of Ranma, so goes out of its way to whack him. The only way to get the armor off it’s chosen wearer are 1) punch the belt buckle, in which case you sock the wearer silly or 2) if the wearer “loses her or her heart to another ... the armor will abandon the wearer forever.” In the Manga, Ranma managed to use the belt technique. Here, we see what happens if the other option is chosen. By the way, when the Armor abandons its wearer, it tends to leave rather abruptly, or so I imagine.