The following text is a lemon — that is, a work of erotic fanfiction.  In other words: it is porn, smut, litterotica, rated NC-17.  Hence, its reading is strictly forbidden to people under the legal age in their state/country/planet/galaxy/plane of existence.  If such underage kids are still around after this warning, it’s their entire responsibility and not mine.

As you can guess, the character(s) depicted below aren’t mine.  They are the creation of Takahashi Rumiko-sama and the properties of whatever editor owning the rights of Ranma ½.  No copyright infringement is meant by this.  It would be useless to sue me since I have no money.

This story is my take on the PWP (Plot? What Plot?) genre.  It’s about sex and nothing else.  It doesn’t pretend to be deep, or any more meaningful that you’ll fancy it to be.  It’s just a manifestation of my (way-too-hentai) fantasy life.  So, simply forget your worries for a while and enjoy this ride.

Thanks to T.H. Tiger for pre-reading.



a Ranma ½ Lemon Fanfiction

by St Fan, Kami of Writer’s Block


Night has fallen on the Tendō Dōjō, hideout of the Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū1, and center of mayhem in the otherwise peaceful ward of Nerima.

Nabiki Tendō lay on her bed, already clad in her pajamas.  She was abstractedly reading a manga while waiting for sleep to claim her.

A muffled moan reaching her ears, however, told the middle Tendō daughter that rest might elude her.  Frowning, she looked at the wall separating her room from her younger sister’s.  No doubt about it, the voice was coming from the not-thick-enough separation, and was only getting louder.

Damn... they’re going at it again....’ Nabiki thought, rolling her eyes in a mix of amusement and exasperation.

Along with the feminine moans, the sound of raged male breathing was also starting to leak in.

At least, this time it isn’t two girls’ voices.’ she added for herself, smirking.

How the old men could still believe those two weren’t getting along, Nabiki had no clue.  It wasn’t like they were especially quiet at night.  Her father’s bedroom wasn’t as close, nor was Saotome-Ojisan’s guest room, but still....

Not to mention how transparent was the reluctant fiancées’ routine of arguing and fighting all the time.  It was just so evident they were hopelessly in love.  A ten-years-old would probably see through this... but not their dimwitted fathers.

Nabiki sighed.  The moans and gasps were becoming really annoying.  Worst, they were accompanied by the creaking noises of a bed, and rhythmic bumps against the wall added to the aggravation.

There was no way she’d find sleep now, even by hiding her head under the pillow.  Not only the ruckus had her wide-awake, but she was also getting hot.  Her imagination was busy filling what she couldn’t see, from the clues given by the audio show.

Discarding her book, Nabiki’s hands distractedly started to roam over her chest.  Stroking her breasts through the fabric of the nightshirt, she could feel her nipples hardening.

Darn it, I really need a boyfriend...

It wasn’t that the mercenary Tendō especially missed companionship... but a steady lover had his perks.  Even if it were only for cheap sex from times to times, she wouldn’t mind.  Very few of the boys she “dated” (read: sucked up dry of their money) had been courageous enough to invite her to a love hotel.  When one did, however, she rarely said “no” as long as he’d given her a good (read: profitable) evening... and he’d paid for the room.

But until now, Nabiki rarely ever dated the same boy twice, even if he was a good spender.  It would have sent the wrong messages, as if she was actually interested in someone... since boys tended to get clingy and to think they owned her when that was the case.  She’d always easily crushed any such silly assumption, including with the guys she slept with.

Despite her mercenary reputation, Nabiki rather disliked the idea of "doing it for money", or to be accused of such.  Couldn’t people understand that whenever she had sex, it was for herself, for her fun, and not because anybody bought her?

All this was irrelevant right now, anyway, since she had no one at hand to help her deal with the horniness.  Bunching up the pajama top, she grasped the bare mound of flesh more directly.  Her thumbs and forefingers pinched lightly the erect tits, and she let out a sigh.

... or even a girlfriend.

Nabiki had no trouble admitting she found her own gender just as attractive as boys.  She had had enough experiences with girls from her school, though never in what could be called a relationship.  She was unsure one of her friends would go for it; anyway it was best to keep things discreet in order to avoid too much gossip.  That’s also why she was, in fact, more than a bit envious of Akane, who got the best of both worlds with Ranma.

Rolling on her front, Nabiki rubbed her flattened boobs against the bed covers.  Her hands reached inside her pants, seeking her moist center.  Moaning into her pillow, she squirmed as the digits caressed her yearning sex through the panties.  Those were getting wet from her arousal, and the agile fingers slipped past the hem to touch the sensitive lips of her vulva.

As an inherent part of her masturbation, Nabiki’s fantasy was getting more vivid.  She couldn’t stop herself from imagining being sandwiched between Ranma and Akane’s naked bodies.  She tried not to, but with all the noise those two were doing nearby, it was hard to avoid them creeping into her thoughts.  She knew it was simply wrong, but couldn’t help it.

Since Nabiki’s masturbation was only making her more excited, she decided to get serious.  She took off the crumpled pajama top from around her neck. Then, resting on her chin and knees and lifting up her rear, she pulled down pants and underwear in the same move.  Her round bottom sprung into view, wiggling attractively for the non-existent audience.  Kicking the annoying clothes away, she felt elated to be nude at last.

Rolling on her back, she spread her legs wantonly and stimulated again her puffy lower lips with the right hand.  The other was playing with her breasts and twirling the nipples.  She sucked on air rapidly, careful not to get too vocal — although it would probably be drowned out by the voices of the rutting couple nearby.

Nabiki then switched her hands around, with a short stop by her mouth to taste her own juices.  Satisfied that she was well lubricated, she slowly pushed two fingers inside her dripping canal.  Sleek phalanxes slid between the fleshy folds, sending delicious sensations to her nerve centers.  But it was mainly making her hungry for something bigger and longer.

Leaving her chest, the other arm reached blindly toward a drawer close from her bed.  Opening it and fumbling in for a short while, her fingers closed around the cylindrical shape they were searching for.

Taking a presumably short break from her masturbation, Nabiki held up the item close to her face, and smiled.  The thing in her hand was purplish in color for most of its penis-shaped length.  The only part betraying its organic feel was the switch on the flattened end, opposite to the bulbous one.

“Hello, Captain Cash.” she whispered.

The vibrator seemed to respond, its tip starting to shake and twist with a humming sound.  In fact she was just testing the batteries, which were fine.

Cutting the power, Nabiki held the inanimate cock at the entrance of her pussy.  Licking her upper lips, she carefully inserted the dildo between the lower ones.  She moaned throatily as the plastic shaft made his way in her slick sheath.

When it was settled inside her as far as she dared to push it, the horny teenager switched the on/off button.  She gasped and threw her head backward the very second the sex toy came to life in her love hole.  Squirming and thrashing all over the bed, she frantically squeezed her boobs for added sensation.  Her dripping vessel splashed the bed sheets with clear fluids.

Shortly thereafter, the wet and sticky vibrator landed on the floor next to the bed, its power shut off.  Nabiki lay on her back, her naked form unmoving except for the regular swelling of her chest as she breathed raggedly.  Her glazed eyes were emptily fixing the ceiling.

Fuck it, that’s no fun!’ she cursed inwardly.  She had an orgasm, yes... a small one... but it just wasn’t satisfying if she compared it with her few times with a partner, male or female.  It had only fueled her frustration, and her envy for the pleasure that her little sister was enjoying in the arms of her fiancé.

Nabiki rolled lazily on her front, her body loosing its warmth and her skin tingling from the cold air brushing it.  Hugging her pillow and swinging her legs, foot dangling above her shapely rear, she was thinking hard.  How could she have as much fun as Akane-chan without making a scandal, stealing from friends or family members, or breaking some law?  And — most importantly in her view — without getting forced to tie the knot sooner or later?

She puzzled over this for a short time, her eyelids slowly closing in half-slumber.  Suddenly, her eyes popped open in epiphany.  Facing toward the side, she fixed her closet intently, remembering its precious content.  She then shook her head vigorously, trying to discard the silly idea.  But now that it crossed her mind, it just wouldn’t go away so easily.

After a few more moments of hesitation, Nabiki rose slowly from the bed and walked to the closet door.  Opening it and kneeling, she fumbled in the bottom to pick a small box hidden under other stuff in the back.  Pulling it on her lap, she looked pensively at the collection of paper sachets that filled it.

When she had first heard of Jusenkyō and its curses, Nabiki had done much ponderings on how to make some profit out of it.  She stayed very prudent, since Ranma’s various experiences showed just how dangerous dealing with magic could be.  After studying at length the various prospects, however, she settled on a by-product that should be both safe and valuable.

The Chōchuanshan Niichuan Series Onsen Mix(tm), or packets of powdered Instant Jusenkyō Water2.

Temporary, easy-to-use (as long as properly labeled), thoroughly tested (Nabiki had carefully checked the info before buying any) and with numerous and very interesting effects.

All with kinky applications, of course.

Ranma may not have realized this when bartering with Shampoo for the Instant Nanniichuan3 (and probably still hasn’t), but its primary function wasn’t to stall an existing Jusenkyō curse.  Far from it.  If Jusenkyō Commercial Goods Inc. (limited company; executive siege: Yaocaicun4) ever started to manufacture and commercialize the powders, it was because a potential market truly existed.  Sex shops.  For most varieties, the raison d’être of Jusenkyō Dekisen Onsen Mixes(tm) was to spice up your sex life.

And not just the Nanniichuan or Nyanniichuan5 mixes (although they were the most popular).  Some brands existed solely for the enjoyment of true perverts, like Instant Chanyuiniichuan6 or Xiaochiniichuan7.

Nabiki owned a few of these exotic mixes as demonstration samples.  She hadn’t yet found many potential buyers interested in them — most people, even in Nerima, were still wary of magic.  But she held good hopes the sales would start one day and grew steadily from there.  Sooner or later, some audacious thrill-seekers would try them and spread the word around.

Nabiki picked up one of such special sachets.  Weighting it between her fingers, she swung the packet mechanically as she pondered whether or not to use it.  It wasn’t a unique brand, and she could use the fact it was home-tested as an added selling argument.

One last orgasmic shriek coming from the next room decided her.  No reason Akane should be the only Tendō to have fun tonight!

Nabiki stood up, grabbed a yukata and covered herself in the bathrobe.  Exiting her room, she then determinedly walked toward the bathroom.  The Tendō Dōjō was finally quiet, and everybody else should be asleep soon, if not already.  So she wasn’t worried much about being caught despite the late hour.  She could always just tell she was feeling like taking a bath anyway.

Stepping into the furo room, she glanced one last time at the tiny packet clutched in her hand.  Then she shrugged; she already made up her mind, there was no turning back.  Nabiki noticed with satisfaction that the large tub was already full of water, and she heated it up in preparation for later.

Grabbing a wooden bucket, she filled it from the tap.  Then she opened the selected Instant Jusenkyō Water(tm) sachet, and let the powdery stuff drop.  She waited for it to dilute properly in the cold water, and shed off her yukata.  Finally, Nabiki sat on her heels, and lifted the bath implement, just as she would be doing usually for washing herself.

Except it wasn’t ordinary water.  She took a deep breath, and then sighed one last time, closing her eyes in anticipation.  Bracing herself, Nabiki emptied the bucket on her shoulder.  Feeling a strange tingling all over her body, she leveled the bucket and...


... blinked, before turning head.  Next to her, in a mirror image position and similarly holding the recipient, was a perfect look-alike of the middle Tendō daughter.  Same brown-haired pageboy cut, same pretty face, same witty eyes, same luscious, naked body glistening with droplets of cursed water.

Both Nabikis blinked and looked at their twin’s face.  Then lower.  Then up again, and smiled.

“Look like it worked....”
“Look like it worked....”

They both put a hand over their mouths, since they talked exactly at the same time.

“I hope you’re not going to do that systematically?” the left one asked (or was it the right?).

“Nope.  Apparently not.” the other answered, also relieved.  Then she rolled her eyes.  Boy, that really felt weird to hear her own voice, not to mention having a conversation with a perfect clone of herself.  At least the temporary curse hadn’t condemned them to mimic each other’s actions all along.  That would have been awkward.

One Nabiki stood up, watching appraisingly the result of her experiment with Instant Chaunshontsuniichuan8.  Smirking, she commanded her twin to “Turn around!” with both voice and gesture.

Intrigued, the other nonetheless complied, facing away as she was asking “What for?”

“Well, I practically never see that side of me... at least not under this interesting angle...”

Nabiki’s gaze lingered on the nice view, from the long legs to the shapely backside, the perfect skin with light tan marks, taut over just the right amount of baby fat.  Unable to resist, she stepped closer and slapped both hands on the smooth buttocks, which inspired her sister a shrill “EEP!”

“... and I like what I see!” the forward Nabiki concluded.

The flushed twin whirled around and brandished a finger under her molester’s nose.  “Beware, you clone....”

The only response was a wider smirk.  “Let’s not drive each other crazy by trying to find who’s the original and who’s the copy.  We both are, I think, it’s the Spring of Drowned Twins, after all.”

“Okay, okay.” conceded the ass-mauled Nabiki.  “Now, are we going to do what I planned?  I mean what we planned?  Gosh, that’s gonna get confusing very fast....”

“Don’t worry, it’s just for a short while.  Let’s get the best out of it.” Nabiki (who else?) answered, donning again her bathrobe.

“Hey!  That’s my yukata!” the other protested.

“Well, there’s only one.  Just take a towel.  Let’s go back one by one, just in case someone would see us.”

“I know.  I thought of that too!” the still naked Nabiki huffed.

Grabbing a towel, she dried herself and rolled it around her chest, while her twin had already left to return to her (their?) bedroom.

Nobody was up to catch the suspicious sight of two Nabikis walking to their room at short intervals.  Not that it would be so much stranger than the usual weirdness of this house.

The first arrived Nabiki immediately threw away the yukata and jumped on the mattress, waiting impatiently for the other to catch up.  Her towel-clad clone showed up shortly thereafter, and smirked at the sight of a naked brunette languidly stretching over the bed sheets.  Shapely curves of rosy skin were in full display, only marred by the two brown spots of erect nipples and the dark patch of pubic hair.  The seductively sprawled Nabiki, lips pouting, made a come-hither sign for her double.

Towel falling to the floor, the second Nabiki crawled on the bed to lie beside her sister.  Their flushed bodies almost rubbing together, they looked each other right into their identical eyes.

“So... what have you got in store for me?” one jokingly asked.

“As if you don’t already know.” the other answered.

And they kissed.  Hotly.  Deeply.  Lengthily.  With lots of tongue.  Sharing a familiar taste that was now doubled.  Munching and nibbling voraciously at their counterpart’s lips.  Sucking up the air of their twin in a doomed apnea contest of equal stamina.

Now, their bodies were more than “almost” touching.  Legs mingling, chests mashing, hands roaming all over their sides, backs and bottom, they melted into each other.  Both sweaty girls rolled and rocked in a pleasant struggle for domination amidst their sapphic lovemaking.  Finally, one Nabiki ended up on top, pinning her flushed sister underneath.

She immediately slid a knee between her downed twin’s legs and pleasurably rubbed the crotch with the smooth thigh.  The bottom Nabiki moaned in response, clutching her clone’s buttocks with both hands and kneading them purposefully.

Arching her head backward, the top Nabiki gasped in turn, and increased the tempo of her humping.  In retaliation, fingers dug deeper in the pliant flesh of her ass, pulling and pinching the sensitive butt cheeks, thumbs caressing the cleft.

Panting and puffing, Nabiki fell down on her hot double.  Their tummies and bosoms were pressing even closer when she captured the other’s wet lips.  French-kissing again, the arms of the upper one grabbed for her mirror’s and pinned them on the bed, then their fingers intertwined in soul-sharing closeness.

Sliding to and fro over Nabiki, she rubbed skin against skin in a slow body-body massage.  Their flattened breasts were mashing, the nipples fencing in a sweaty joust.  Their hips were searching for the proper joining, so their Venus mons could grind and their moist sexes could meet.

After a short while, they both were growing frustrated since they couldn’t find the perfect alignment.  Their clitoris just wouldn’t bump each other, and without stimulation to the ultra-sensitive nubs they couldn’t reach a mutual orgasm.  So, with unvoiced assent, they changed position.

Nabiki rolled from over Nabiki, then Nabiki dived on Nabiki’s boobs and sucked greedily on the erect tits.  Meanwhile, Nabiki’s fingers found Nabiki’s snatch and wiggled inside her drenched vulva.  Nabiki’s other hand reached the crack of Nabiki’s ass and a finger sneaked into the puckered hole.

The teat-sucking Nabiki whimpered, drool dripping on her twin’s round mounds.  She reciprocated by snaking her own hand toward Nabiki’s slit.  The sleek fingers found the blood-engorged labia, and parted them dexterously to reach the wet inner folds.  The thumb lingered on the uncovered clitoris, stroking the tiny penis-shaped appendage.

The two Nabikis squirmed on the bed, moaning uninterruptedly.  Their crossing arms linked them, both pleasuring each other’s sex, in a race to bring the other to climax first.  A couple digits pumped in each womanhood with sloshing sounds.  Pushing between the puffy lips, the invading fingers sensually moved inside the dark tunnels.  Both hands, perfectly mirroring the technique of their counterpart, were splashed by sticky fluids.

One Nabiki had to yield, however.  The one with a forefinger thrust knuckle-deep into her ass was the first to give in.  Eyes tight shut and mouth widely open, she shrieked in ecstatic bliss, her whole body violently tensing.  Both holes contracted around the fingers that stuffed them.  The other Nabiki, elated by her win, came shortly thereafter; her sister’s hand, reflexively clamping hard on the clit, brought her over the edge.

They both slumped, rolling on their back.  Their chests were heaving lovingly as they inhaled large lungful of air to catch their breaths.  Their gorgeous bodies were entirely covered with the sweat of hard exertion, glistening under the soft light of the bedroom.  Regaining their strength, they lay there for a while.

“I won...” Nabiki heartily sang.  “Now, it’s my turn to be on top!”

“You cheat...” Nabiki feebly answered, whipping a few locks plastered to her forehead.  She didn’t get the opportunity to add anything, though, because her face was suddenly covered by her twin’s neither regions.  “Humph!”

Having turned herself around, the “winner” Nabiki had climbed over her sister in a sixty-nine position.  Clutching at the “loser” Nabiki’s thighs to keep them open, she peered at the treasure that offered itself.  Her girlfriends had complimented Nabiki quite often for her skill at giving head, and she’s been eager to find out by herself how true it was.

Licking her chops, she lowered her face and went down on the appetizing honey pot.  Underneath her, the other Nabiki pushed the smothering crotch up in order to breath.  Seeing her twin’s snatch from as close as humanly possible, she simply stuck her tongue out and started to lap.

As flexible a girl Nabiki was, she’d never been quite supple enough to actually lick her own sex.  So, the only sample she ever got from it was by licking her fingers after masturbating (or by sucking off a guy after he’d fucked her).  Now, instead of the mingled flavor she usually got, they both could eat it directly from the source.  And they were finding they liked the taste tremendously.

Nabiki-on-top twisted her tongue inside the womanly folds, slurping eagerly the juices from the earlier orgasm.  Her mouth clamped on the bulging vaginal lips, creating a wondrous suction effect for her sister.  She lapped the delicious honey like a famished bear cub, giving from time to time a playful kiss at the erect nub.

Nabiki-on-the-bottom was far more limited in her movements.  On the other hand, she had absolutely no effort to make in order to drink the dripping juices, as the drops fell directly into her mouth.  Nonetheless, she wanted to give back the pleasure her twin was bestowing her.  Hands keeping the shapely hips from crushing her face, she was dutifully trying to keep up with the other Nabiki’s frantic cunnilingus.

Both were now giving lengthy, thorough licks from clit to cleft, tongues largely spread to better pleasure every inch of the engorged cunts.  Satiating their hunger and their lust for themselves, they feasted on the chalice of their own nectar.  Right now, Nabiki couldn’t imagine something kinkier than making love to herself in such a way.

Nabiki & Nabiki could have lasted a long time going at it, but they had to give in at some time — if only to avoid dehydration.  So, the top one decided to add two fingers to the loving ministrations of her mouth.  While still sucking on the other Nabiki’s clit, she thrust them up to the second knuckle in the pussy of her sister.  Hooking the digits inside the drenched, fleshy folds, she managed to reach the G-spot.

Her twin instantly started cumming her brain out, her whole body shaking then crashing down with the intense orgasm.  Despite the pleasure, she was nevertheless a bit upset to have been upped a second time at this game.  So, she retaliated in the only way that she could: she instinctively nibbled on the above Nabiki’s clit, pinching it with her teeth.

The cluster of erogenous nerves immediately sent an overload of sensation to the girl’s mind.  Yelping, the top Nabiki arched her spine and threw her head backward as she climaxed wildly.  Then she slumped limply over her twin.  Panting, the two sweaty girls laid entangled for a while, before slowly rolling from each other.

“Woah... now, THAT was fun....” Nabiki said with a contented sigh.  Whipping her sticky chin and mouth from the vaginal secretions, she licked the palm of her hand.

“Yup... a lot more than all alone with your fingers.” Nabiki replied, languorously stretching on the bed next to her lover.

“Beat any other kind of auto-eroticism....”

“I was about to say it.”

They giggled.  Both then lovingly embraced and lazily caressed each other for a while, resting from the exertion.  Finally, one asked:

“You’re tired?”

“Moi?  No more than you.”

“Ready for more?”

“What haven’t we done yet?”

“Mmmh... what about a little tribadism?”

“I’m cool with it.”

“I could have bet.”

Smirking, the proposing Nabiki lifted herself while her twin turned on her back.  The sitting one positioned herself between the legs of her sister and gently forced the thighs open.  Extending her own, she scissored Nabiki’s body, pressing sexes together and grabbing a long, smooth leg.

Nabiki did the same, catching the foot that was idly caressing her tummy and chest.  Bringing it close to her face, she lewdly licked the toes and sole, inspiring a ticklish giggle from her sister.

The latter retaliated by giving a playful bite to the foot she was similarly holding prisoner.  Pulling on Nabiki’s leg, she increased the close contact between their pussies.  Moans followed as the wet vaginal lips met in a very intimate kiss, each puffy folds rubbing equally sensitive flesh.

They began rocking against each other, their shaking moves messily mingling their labia.  The pleasure was mounting steadily, with sudden peaks whenever the erect nubs of their clitoris clashed.  Their throaty moans deepened in pitch as a lustful heat rose in their bellies.

The twins, like mixed mirror images, enjoyed their sapphic embrace with intensifying fervor.  Identical faces pouted in bliss.  Identical voices sang the song of ecstasy.  Identical, interlocked bodies rocked together, as if trying to fuse back into one.  They both humped like that for an eternity.  Hips thrusting, pubis grinding, breasts waving, legs shaking under white-knuckled grips, their feverish skin was covered in hot sweat.

Nabiki commonly found it hard to bring such lesbian gymnastics to fruition.  Mostly because it was difficult — for any girlfriend she’d tried this with — to move with satisfying synchronicity.  But here, instead of the usual clumsy fumbling, the twins were working perfectly in concert thanks to their similar minds.  Even though both girls already experienced two orgasms, they were quickly racing toward a third.  They accelerated the rhythmic thrusts of their hips.  Their gasps and sighs became frantic as they neared the end.  Finally, the two lovers tensed and arched their back in unison, yelping in climax.  Their cunts were so tightly imbedded that they could have broken a walnut under the pressure.

Nabiki & Nabiki slumped down, thighs intertwined, vaginal fluids leaking on the bed.  Soft, panting breaths heaved their chests as they dozed off for a well-earned rest.

After a while, one Nabiki disentangled herself from the other.  Turning around, she lay on her side, snuggling against her sister.  Breasts mashed together, hugging and sharing warmth, they both purred in contentment, eyes closed.

“Mmmh... that was so good...” one murmured.

“Oh yeah...” her double lazily answered.

Still pressing their nude, luscious bodies together, they exchanged a tender kiss.  Then they continued whispering in each other’s ear.

“Don’t forget we have to get back to the bathroom to reverse the instant curse before someone see us.”

“Mmmmh... not so soon... a little longer....”

One instinctively rolled her hips against her twin’s.  The other rocked her bottom in response.  But after all the homosexual fun they already had, same-sex rubbing wasn’t as satisfying.  It only inspired frustrated moans from both.

“Now, all we are missing would be a thick, hard cock....”

This time, the Nabikis opened their eyes and gazed at their identical faces.

“Are you thinking the same thing I’m thinking?”

“I’d say there’s a very good chance of it.”

“You’re sure you’re willing to try it?”

“As much as you, I’d say.”

“Okay.  But... hu... who’s going to do it?”

“Well... you?”

“And why not you?”

“You proposed it!”

“Did not.  We thought of it exactly at the same time!”

They glared at each other with the same stubborn frown.  Then, they turned head in perfect unison toward the box of Instant Jusenkyō Water(tm).

Unlocking their legs fast, both Nabikis jumped from the bed exactly at the same time, and rushed in direction of the closet, each with a hand shooting forward.  Their fingers closed over a packet... simultaneously.

They glared anew in each other’s eyes, tugging a little on the paper sachet, but not daring to pull too hard in case it would open and spill on the floor.

“Gimme that!”
“Gimme that!”

“How could you try pulling a fast one on me, Tendō?”

“That’s my line!”

“Doing that to your own twin... aren’t you ashamed?”

“You can talk!”

“I don’t think we could bargain this out...”

“With what?  Everything you own, I own!”

“Okay, okay...” one muttered as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“I’m sure we can settle this peacefully...” the other said as they both calmed down.  On an invisible signal, they let drop the packet back in its box

“Jan Ken Pon, then?” one finally suggested.

“All right, good idea.”

The two nude girls kneeled and sat on their haunches, facing each other.  Both hid a hand behind her back.

“One, two, three...”


Huffing, they tried again.



One Nabiki watched quizzically at her hand with two fingers extended.

“This is not going to work....”

“Yep.  Not such a great idea, finally.”

“Let’s toss a coin instead.” she concluded, standing up and walking toward her night table to find some yen change.  “I take heads, you take tails.”

“Hey!  Why not the reverse?”

“Because we’re going to drive each other crazy before we’d agree.  So I take heads, you take tails, and no discussion.”

“Humph.  Okay.”

Nabiki tossed the coin in the air, caught it and slapped it on the back of her hand.  Uncovering the round piece of metal, she cursed: “Heads.  Shit!”

The other Nabiki smirked, and pointed toward the door.  “Bathroom’s this way.”

“Wait, wait!  What I meant was you win with tails, I win with heads...” the loser protested.

The winner crossed her arms and frowned.  “Don’t try to swindle ME of all people, Tendō.  You chose, you tossed, you lost.  Now go get wet!”

“Pfft... alright, alright.” Nabiki grumbled.  Her twin took the desired Instant Jusenkyō Water(tm) sample from the box and tossed it to the loser of the bet.  The latter had picked the discarded bathrobe on the floor and donned it.  She caught the packet and said “We should have thought of it sooner and brought a bucket in advance.”

“To drench the floor?  No thanks.  Just go and come back quick, and don’t let anybody catch you.”

“I know, I know.” the yukata-clad Nabiki grumbled while pocketing the sachet.  Then she walked out of the bedroom.

The remaining Nabiki lay back on the bed, crossing her legs, and waited.

And waited more, her fingers drumming on the cover.

Her sweaty body was cooling down now that she was alone, so she slipped between the sheets to keep warm.

Finally, the door opened, and a tall figure appeared in the entrance.

“Took you long enough.” Nabiki lectured.

“Try walking with that thing between your legs,” a male voice answered, “it’s totally screwing up my balance.”

Nabiki blinked at the sound of it; it was like hearing a strange distortion of her own voice box.

She then appraised the nice specimen of the opposite sex standing in front of her.  He had opened the too-short yukata to show her his package, and she liked what she saw.  The young man was tall, almost as tall as their father.  Neither muscle-packed nor lanky, he has a finely toned body; the result of regular stretching, gymnastic exercises and tennis practice applied to a male form.

The sole thing marring the masculine look was the pageboy cut, of course.  The middle Tendō daughter’s usual hairdo wasn’t flattering on an otherwise handsome hunk.  But they weren’t going to complain; for the temporary result of Instant Nanniichuan, it was rather satisfactory.

Nabiki-chan’s eyes settled on Nabiki-kun’s crotch, and she licked her lips.  Very satisfactory.  “I do hope it’s going to screw something else.” she joked, enticingly keeping the sheet over her chest.

“If male hormones are anything like they’re reputed to, I don’t think it will be a problem.”

The boy stepped closer to the bed, letting the bathrobe fall and leaving no inch of his nude form unexposed.  The female Nabiki’s gaze roamed all over this statuesque frame, lingering on the nice pecs, the flat belly, the strong hips and cute butt, but finally focusing back on his phallus.

“You’re not getting hard.” she pouted.

“You’re not showing off.” he responded.  Grabbing the hem of the bed cover, he unceremoniously pulled it off of Nabiki-chan, exposing her naked body to his leering eyes.  “Why don’t you work on it?” he then suggested, lifting his flaccid manhood with a finger and presenting it to her.

“A man for a only a few minutes, and already acting macho?”

“Why not?  You never liked wimps.”

“Mmmmh... you know me too well.” Nabiki mocked.

Still, she stretched sexily and sat on her heels on the bed.  Her face now level with the offered genitals, she breathed the musky scent of maleness.  Her delicate hand reached out and started to caress the limp penis.  Fingers gently stroked the shaft while her thumb rubbed against the pee hole.  Blood began to pour in the spongy tissues of the recently-created prick.  A muted moan escaped Nabiki-kun’s lips, startled by the newness of the feeling.

Nabiki-chan was pleased by the effects her manual stimulation has on the manly rod.  A deft tongue slipped out of her sensual mouth and flicked against the tip of the bulbous head.  Her male counterpart gasped, amazed by the sensitivity of his new organ.  His sister’s wet muscle shortly toyed with the prepuce, then slithered down, following the big blue vein.  The erection process was running its course, more blood pumping in the hardening cock.

The girl took a pause in licking her brother’s dick.  Smiling, she appraised the size of the manhood throbbing under her touch.  Quite respectable, neither too small not too big.  It was long, straight, warm and a healthy purplish-red tone.  And it tasted yummy.  She sure was going to enjoy this one.  Impishly, she cupped his balls, getting a feel of their weight and hairy texture.

She then opened her hot lips and engulfed the mushroom cap in her oral cavity.  The boy almost fell to the floor as his shaky legs betrayed him.  The sensation was indescribable.  No wonder men had a hard time thinking with something else.  Panting, Nabiki-kun watched down as more of his mast was disappearing inside his sister’s hungry mouth.  Her tongue pressed the glans against her palate, twirling like a constrictor snake around its prey.  Warm saliva bathed the tender flesh, Nabiki-chan slurping and sucking noisily on her favorite popsicle.  Her face started bobbing up and down, stimulating more and more of the exposed shaft.  Pre-cum seeped on her taste buds, giving her a sample of what awaited deep in his balls. 

“Oh fuck!  Yeah...” he muttered, his hands going instinctively on top of her head.

The girl took more and more of the venous shaft in her mouth.  She was getting ready to deep-throat him, when the male meat suddenly bulged.  A spasm ran through it, and the glans swelled before releasing a gush of thick cream.  Nabiki-chan blinked when she felt it splash against her tonsils.  Several more spurts of salty, creamy stuff showered the back of her throat.  She gulped all the sperm she could, greedily milking her brother for his semen.

Nabiki-kun, flushing and panting, shoved more of his dick in his sister’s face as the grip on her head clenched.  Overwhelmed by the sensation, the boy whimpered in bliss as he discovered the suddenness of the male orgasm.  The wonderful ejaculation was so short, and at the same time it seemed to last hours.  This left him breathless and almost floored, as his prick delivered its last drops of seed.

The twitching asoko, glistening from drool and cum, exited Nabiki-chan’s mouth as her brother stumbled backward.  She wantonly licked her lips, a small trail of spunk running down her chin.  She whipped it with her thumb, which she lewdly sucked, looking at her flustered twin.

“A little premature, are we?”

“Hey!  It’s the first time I ever do that.  You wouldn’t do any better!”

“Probably.  But I do hope you can get it hard again soon.” the female Nabiki wished.  She leaned on her side, extending her legs and supporting her head with an arm resting on the elbow.  Her other hand caressed her curvy profile, offering a nice cheesecake view.  “I’m getting cold, here...” she seductively whispered.

Nabiki-kun smirked, and kneeled on the bed next to his nude sister.  “We’ll see about that.  Mmmh... never noticed I could be that sexy!”

Nabiki-chan giggled.  “You realize how self-centered that sound?”

“Well, there’s that saying, ‘Love thyself...’” he trailed off as he leaned over her.

His hungry mouth captured hers, and they shared a mind-blowing kiss.  He could taste the flavor of his own sperm on her lips, but didn’t care a bit about that.  Tongues struggling, they tried to suck the air out of each other’s lungs.

At the same time, their bodies met in a warm embrace.  His hard muscles mashed her soft flesh.  Her full breasts flattened against his solid pectorals.  Her shapely legs wrapped around his strong hips.  Hands roamed all over their respective shapes.  Big, masculine ones stroked the smooth skin of her sides, to finally squeeze the round globes of her derrière.  Small, feminine ones clawed on his back, then similarly migrated south and unashamedly groped the boy’s arse, feeling the taut buttocks.

The lovers had moved from kissing to licking and nibbling their faces and necks.  The male Nabiki was now on top of her, crushing the squirming girl under his virile weight.  He rose to a sitting position, knees on either side of Nabiki-chan, to have access to her boobs.  His hands closed on the ripe melons, twisting them in every direction.  Fingers kneaded the supple flesh like dough and pinched the engorged nipples, eliciting female moans and gasps.

Nabiki-chan retaliated by blindly reaching for the manly piece of meat resting on her tummy.  Her grasp closed around the fleshy cylinder, encircling it with dexterous digits.  Still slick from her saliva, she had no problem wanking him.  Her hand rubbed the length up and down, with the thumb massaging the underside from prepuce to base with each motion.  The handjob was soon bringing results; blood pumping into the thick shaft, its erection was quickly renewed.

Fingers still clamped on the throbbing penis, Nabiki smiled in delighted expectation.  With her free arm, she slapped the man’s hands resting on her mounds to get his attention.

“Enough fooling around, big brother.  Time to fuck me!” she commanded.

“Are you sure?  I thought women were supposed to like foreplay....” he teased in response.

“And I thought men couldn’t wait to stick it in!  Do you even know how to use it properly, Virgin Boy?”

Even though male pride was something entirely new for Nabiki-kun, he certainly huffed at the insinuation.  “Grumpf!  I sure as hell know the basics, it couldn’t be that hard...!”

“Poo... every inexperienced geek says that.  Poor me, having to deal with a clueless, clumsy virgin who doesn’t know the first thing about pleasuring a girl....”

“I’ll show you clueless!”

Otoko-Nabiki jumped off his sister and seized her ankles, unceremoniously pulling her feet high and spreading her legs in a V.  “Hey!” she protested, but that didn’t stop the horny teenager.  He knew pretty exactly how far he could manhandle the flexible girl.  Keeping her thighs open, he pushed with a hand under each knee, which put Onna-Nabiki in a folded-up position, her bottom lifting from the bed.  This brought her box level with the kneeling boy’s turgid manhood.  Now that he had complete access to her treasure, he rested his aching prick on her puffy twat, the head on the clitoris and the shaft warming her outer lips.

Despite her uncomfortable posture, Nabiki-chan couldn’t resist being sarcastic.  “You want help to find the hole?”

“Shut up!”

The temporary Nyanniichuan-created man proved he needed no help, Nabiki’s desire for control just as strong in this male body.  Not even guiding himself with a hand, he wedged the tip of his cock in the wet snatch with a careful move of his hips.  This elicited a startled gasp from the girl, which turned into a moan as more of the brotherly organ popped in.

Pushing apart her labia minor and major, the manly sword slipped smoothly in her sheath.  Stretching her well-lubricated hole with its girth, the hard rod flattened the tender folds of her fleshy walls.  Filling her vessel with male sausage, Nabiki-kun had soon impaled his sister to the core.  The feeling of warm tightness around his member amazed him.  The sensations were unlike anything he’d experienced or could have imagined.

She sighed in pleasure in spite of the almost-painful fold her brother imposed to her body.  Most of her weight — and his — was on her shoulders, the man spearing her diagonally and pushing her deeply in the mattress.  When his pubis came in contact with her Venus mons, her upper thighs were crushed between his hips and her belly.  The rest of her legs was blocked by his armpits, feet above his shoulders, since he supported his torso with an arm on each side of her head.

“OOoooooh... that’s what I needed!” the screwed girl cooed.

“You like that, you slut!” the boy slurred, taken over by the role.

“Mmmmmh... talking dirty now?  How boring... AAAAAH!”

Her rebuttal was lost to a yelp of surprise, as Nabiki-kun suddenly lifted his hips before ramming her again.  The angle was optimal for full penetration, stuffing her completely with each forward thrust.  Which he now was doing at a steadily increasing pace, moving his hips to and fro.  Sloshing sounds of a hard, male meat sliding inside a wet, female void was heard among the groans, gasps, moans, grunts, sighs and other sounds of heavy breathing filling the room.

With a rear view, one could see the curvy, upturned ass of Nabiki-chan between the legs of the boy.  From closer, the purplish skin of the thick shaft was disappearing rhythmically between the reddish, engorged flesh of the vulva.  The wrinkled balls were regularly slapping against the pink buttocks of the girl.  Clear lubricant fluids were squeezed out of her plowed pussy by the meaty invader, dripping along her cleft and pooling at her rosebud.

Nabiki-kun rocked his lower body with gleeful excitement.  He no longer regretted having loss the coin toss; this new carnal experience was quite engrossing.  The vise-like grip of the hot, snug snatch all around that incredibly sensitive, brand-new sexual organ felt heavenly.  Copying the hips motion he’d otherwise only witnessed from the other end proven not too difficult, almost instinctual.  Sweat pouring on his forehead, he was grunting and panting like any respectful, horny teenage boy.

Nabiki-chan was enjoying herself just as much.  Thanks to the Instant Jusenkyō Water(tm) packets, she had the rare privilege of a male lover created just for the moment: her once identical, but now fraternal twin.  This added another, forbidden thrill to the already high kinkiness level of the sex.  Her pretty face screwed in ecstasy, she shook her head left and right.  She moaned and squeaked, heartily encouraging him, her cute mouth lewdly sucking air.  Each thrust piercing her core was shaking her feverish body from hair-tips to toenails.  Her flushed breasts wildly gainaxed from the tremors, mesmerizing the sole onlooker.  Her hands stroked the pillars of his arms, reaching up to finally settle on his shoulders and neck in a loving hug.

The boy’s arousal was reaching a peak, and despite the newness of the signal his brain was receiving, he recognized what it was thanks to the earlier fellatio.  He didn’t know exactly how to bring himself over the edge, although he could guess... taking some hints from the guys that had fucked the complete Nabiki.  He remembered that, once seriously worked up, they had pushed deep in her pussy, and stayed tense for a few seconds. And if it hadn’t worked the first time, they would do it again.  However, Nabiki-kun had no intention to stop this soon, so he decided instead to change position.

Deeply imbedded in Nabiki-chan’s vessel, but not moving anymore, he grabbed her ankles to disentangle her legs from his arms, splitting them even more.  The freed legs instinctively circled his waist and crossed around his ass.  The girl whimpered in protest from the hard stimulation of her cunt having stopped, but then she yelped in surprise as he seized her bottom and suddenly lifted her.  Back arched and head dangling, the female Nabiki clutched frantically at his neck to not fall backward.  The boy pushed on his knees to finally sit on the bed with his skewered sister over his crossing legs.

The female Nabiki squealed, arms wrapped around her brother’s head and smothering him in her bosom.  The sudden move had twisted the iron-hard rod in her sheath, striking a deep spot and inducing her first coital orgasm.  Hot, fleshy folds clenched around the manly shaft, but without making it yield.  Pleasure juices bathed his erection and oozed from her cunt on his lap.  Nabiki-kun didn’t seem to mind as the mammary flesh of the thrashing girl threatened to suffocate him.  No, he just wiggled his face around until his mouth captured an engorged nipple and greedily inhaled it.  Tongue flicked over the erect tip and teeth nibbled the areola.  The taller boy had to stay hunched to keep sucking on her tits, but didn’t pay any heed to the strain on his back and neck.  His hot twin simply refused to let go of her bear hug, cooing in pleasure all the way.

Strong, male hands squeezed soft, female butt cheeks, fingers digging into the luscious flesh.  Nabiki-kun moved his sister’s bottom up and down, pumping his needy cock in and out of her hot twat.  His burning prick impaled her like a mad piston, plunging into her gushing depths with furious determination.  Every inch of the thick dong was engulfed by the stuffed pussy, from the base surrounded by quivering lower lips, to the bulging head meeting her cervix.  Pre-cum squirted from the pee hole and added lubrication to the already drenched tunnel.

Nabiki(s) didn’t care about being silent anymore.  If they happened to woke up the two horndogs next room, that would only be sweet revenge.  And if other people heard the ruckus, she’d just put the blame on the sneaky fiancés.  They had it coming anyway.  So, it was with rather high-pitched cries from Nabiki-chan and loud grunts from Nabiki-kun that they raced toward bliss.

With a last, finishing thrust, the mighty oak rammed the ultimate barrier, sending both over the edge.  Her mind awash by the mind-blowing climax, the girl tensed in a full-body spasm.  The boy gasped for air, unprepared for the intensity of the male orgasm.  It felt like his throbbing prick was going to explode from the pressure of the liquid fire rushing in the narrow canal of the urethra.  His wang erupted like a fire hose, shooting bursts after bursts of whitish sperm in his sister’s womb.  The ejaculation seemed to last an eternity, filling her to the brink with creamy, sticky man juices.

Thankfully, Nabiki had no worry about getting herself pregnant.  That was the handy thing about men created through Instant Nanniichuan.  Just after the transformation, their sperm count was too low for any risk of impregnation.  Although the powdered Spring of Drowned Boy could still be used with procreation in mind... all it took was at least a full day in the cursed form for the testicles to start producing enough fertile seed.  A fact Nabiki made sure to double-check beforehand.  It made for a great selling argument, whether the magical product was purchased solely for recreation purposes, or as procreative aid for lesbian couples.

Both narcissistic lovers then slumped on the bed, softly panting after the heavy exertion.  Still joined at the hips, they basked in each other’s heat.  They rolled lazily until Nabiki-chan was on top, where she snuggled with her brother.  Their intertwined bodies, slick from the sweat of their lovemaking, heaved regularly from their breathing.

Basking in the afterglow, they rested like this for a good while.  The boy’s organ had deflated, and was slipping out from Nabiki’s cum-filled cunt.  The girl purred and finally said “Mmmmh... that was fun.”

Getting no immediate answer from her lover, she opened her eyes and looked at his face.  He was immobile, unblinking, and even started to snore lightly.  Obviously, he had drifted into slumber.  Nabiki-chan rolled her eyes and huffed.  “Oh yeah... boys... always first to take a nap after the deed.”

She lay on his front, pondering for a short while if she should join him in Morpheus’s Realm.  But she realized it could be awkward if they both fall asleep and were found in the morning.  So, she slapped his flat chest to wake him up.  “Yo.  Wakey wakey.  We can’t stay like this.  We should go back to the bathroom to become one again.”

“Humpff...” Nabiki-kun grumbled and rubbed his eyes.  “I thought we’d already done a good job of it...”

“Don’t joke,” scolded Nabiki-chan, slapping his pectorals again, “we gotta move.”

The boy’s response was to roam his hands over his sister’s bare back, caressing the smooth skin and squeezing her shapely buttocks in passing.  “But the night is still young.” he whispered, before planting a kiss on her lips.

“Oh yeah?” the girl impishly retorted, before smooching him back, this time with lot of tongue.  Their raspberries messily wrestled inside their mouths, as they once again struggled for dominance.

Finally, they broke the kiss and Nabiki-chan rolled on her brother’s side.  Her small hand reached for his softened prick, slick from their mixed juices, and started to stroke the male meat.  “Big Boy really think he can get it up again for another round?” the girl teased.

“I’m sure of it... especially if you go on like this...” Nabiki-kun groaned.

“Men are all words...” Nabiki-chan mocked.  Under her dainty fingers, however, the thick shaft was pulsing with blood and regaining its hardness, slowly but steadily.  The rougher skin of her palm, against the baby-soft skin of the hood and shaft, was bringing enough delicious friction despite the lubricant.  Her hand was now pumping up and down on an upright mast, proudly rising toward the sky in promise of more pleasure to come.

“We’ll see about that!” Nabiki-kun exclaimed.  He gave a slap on his sister’s bottom, startling her into stopping the handjob.  The fully aroused boy then rose to a sitting position, leaned over the side of the bed and began to fumble in the nearby drawer of Nabiki’s night table.

“What are you hatching?” Nabiki-chan asked with a frown.

“Something both you and I know you’re enjoying,” he answered while picking up a small jar of Vaseline, “so, no need to deny it.”

“Oh pooo...” sighed the girl, crossing her eyes.  “Why do every guy has to be after my ass?” she grumbled.  ‘Even when said boy is myself...’ she added inwardly.

“Get on all four.” was the leering boy’s sole answer.  He was busy coating his own manhood with the greasy stuff.  His hand roamed over the engorged shaft, covering it with the specialized lubricant.  The cock was twitching in anticipation, eager for a smooth penetration.

“Okay, okay...” Onna-Nabiki agreed somewhat fatalistically.  Shrugging, she turned around and settled on her hands and knees.  Presenting him her beautifully round backside, she waved her buns to tempt him while looking behind her, above her shoulder.  It was true she could get off pretty hard from having her butt plugged, provided the man knew what he was doing.  She dared to hope that Otoko-Nabiki, knowing every of her soft spots, would qualify.

The boy smirked, kneeling before his sister’s upturned fanny.  With his Vaseline-slick thumb, he rubbed the length of Nabiki-chan’s cleft, making the girl shiver.  Then, gently forcing apart the taunt butt cheeks, he revealed the puckered rosebud.  His greasy index finger immediately began knocking at the backdoor, slipping the tip within the tight ring of the anus.

“Hey!  Watch out!  Not so fast!” Nabiki-chan protested.  “You’re not the one that will be sore down there tomorrow.”

“Actually, I probably will...” Nabiki-kun countered.  “But I’m ready to take the risk.” he concluded with a snicker.

The girl harrumphed in annoyance... then she bit her lips to stifle the gasp that almost came out.  Her brother’s digit was inching its way deeper in her tiny hole, oiling it with Vaseline by twisting inside.

More lubricant was added by the insertion of the middle finger, and Nabiki-chan’s breathing increased in pace.  The boy was now scooping a large blob of the goop, and generously coating the walls of his sister’s narrow tunnel by thrusting the two aforementioned fingers in and out.

The female Nabiki whimpered while her male counterpart was thoroughly fingering her smallest opening.  She was gradually relaxing her sphincter as she got used to the anal intrusion.  The hard knuckles, rubbing against the compact bundle of nerves all around her quivering anus, were sending jolts of confusing sensations through the girl’s body.  She clutched the bed sheets with both hands and lowered her panting face, almost biting in the cover.

Once he estimated having stretched and greased her asshole enough to allow something bigger in, Nabiki-kun prepared for the next step.  Lifting a bit his hips, he took his painfully hard penis in hand and aimed the glans toward its target.  The large mushroom cap met the small rosebud, and they mashed against each other while tab A tried to fit into slot B.  The pressure increasing, the shaft began to bend as the tiny hiney resisted the advance.  Then, lubrication helping, the ring began to enlarge as more of the bulbous head slipped past the fleshy barrier.

Nabiki-chan grit her teeth, a low groan of mixed pain and pleasure escaping her throat despite her efforts to stay silent.  She didn’t want to betray to the boy how much the sodomy was affecting her — although he probably already knew.  But even her pride wouldn’t be standing very long in the way of her raging hormones.  She was already feeling control slipping out of her feverish body... as more phallus was slipping in.

A pair of strong, male hand landed on the womanly hips... firmly squeezing her pert bottom on either sides.  The handhold was all that Nabiki-kun needed to push further his throbbing asoko in her warm and tight passage.  The initial resistance conquered, it was a (grown) child’s play to stuff the girl’s sweet buns with sausage.  Sliding easily within the Vaseline-coated sheath, it wasn’t long before the manly sword was buried to the hilt.

“AAAAAaaaaaoooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAAAaaaaaaa....” Nabiki-chan wailed, her restraint evaporating like a wisp of smoke.

“Oh FUCK!  That’s what I call tight!” the boy muttered, a silly grin of bliss on his face.  His ass was clenching and his whole body shivering from the wondrous feeling of a vise-like clamp on his cock.  He stayed in this position for a good while, his pelvis pressed against his sister’s full buttocks, his prick imbedded to the root in her rear entrance, near the base of her spine, to bask in the amazing sensation.

Nabiki-chan panted from the terrific sensation of her stretched anal opening, so full of male meat.  This turned into a startled gasp when things began getting serious.  She bit on a finger in an effort to keep her mouth occupied, but it barely stifled her moans.  Her tense body was shaking in rhythm with the rocking of the boy’s hips.  Every time, his aching rod withdrew along most of its length, almost emptying the girl’s snug, warm hole.  Then, he thrust back in, fully stuffing his quivering twin’s backside.  The bulbous glans, followed by the long, thick shaft of the penis, plunged again and again.  Deep within the tender folds, it was parting the greased walls of the rear tunnel under the pressure of its erect flesh.

Nabiki-kun leaned forward, still pounding her hiney, but now also molding his muscular front against her back.  The girl sighed in bliss from the contact of so much maleness.  His weight was pinning her underneath, pressing her in the bed.  The body of the female twin was flattened under the male one, her asshole still speared by his hard manhood.  The hands of the boy snaked around his sister’s chest, grasping her boobs and lifting her a bit.  He mercilessly squeezed the breasts, groped the soft mounds, pinched the nipples... all the while pursuing his slow, methodical ass-fucking.

Nabiki-chan cooed non-stop in delight, which inspired a grin from her brother.  “You like that, do you?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeessssss...” was the heartfelt answer.

Between grunts, Nabiki-kun added “Too bad... —huf!— there’s not... —han!— another guy... —urk!— to screw you... —woah—”

“AAh... ooh... haaa... yes...”

“You’d like that, right?  A man in every hole... both fucking you like mad...”


Double penetration was something, admittedly, that Nabiki never had the opportunity to try.  Finding a pair of men willing to share a hot babe wasn’t that easy.  But it sure was one of her secret fetishes, as the response given by the female half betrayed.

This talk, though, gave Otoko-Nabiki an idea.  Remembering something, he stopped his taking of Onna-Nabiki’s bottom — to the great distress of the latter.  Before she could protest, though, the boy scooped her in his arms, holding her firmly around the belly.  He sat upright on his knees, bringing his twin, still skewered by his penis, with him.  With the shifting of their position, the girl’s weight was now pushing her down on his impaling shaft.  This suddenly brought more length of hard cock deep in her bowels, which elicited a startled cry from Nabiki-chan.

Gasping for air after the intense sensation, it took her a moment to get back her bearings.  But by then, she realized her lover wasn’t making her bounce on his mast, like she’d rightfully expect.  Instead, he was leaning on the side, his arm extended, searching from something at the foot of the bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked in mild annoyance.

“Got it!”  This wasn’t exactly an answer, but what followed sure was.  Nabiki-kun showed her, right under the nose, what he was searching for.  Nabiki-chan’s eyes crossed at the sight of her favorite sex toy, that she (they?...) discarded earlier, after her frustrating attempt at masturbation — before self-eroticism took an entirely different meaning.

“Naa... wait...” the girl weakly mumbled.  The elongated, purple, penis-mimicking shape of the dildo was mesmerizing her like a snake.  But her brother seemed very intent on keeping the initiative.  Securing her on his lap, he spread her legs and kept them open with one hand on her thigh.  The other slowly guided “Captain Cash” toward her snatch.  Her womanly vessel was still perfectly lubricated thanks to all the previous action.  The entrance of her sex offered no resistance to the inactive vibrator.  The bulbous plastic head slipped past her labia and soon nested within the moist folds.

Nabiki-chan gasped from the incredible feeling of being double-stuffed.  This was nothing, however, compared to the moment Nabiki-kun resumed thrusting his dick in her asshole... and switched the sex toy on.


She really went wild at this point.  Her body tensing like a bow, she arched her back and threw her head backward, almost head-butting her twin.  He grabbed her arms and kept them firmly in place to prevent her from thrashing around.  Using this handhold, he drove the squirming girl up and down on his mighty oak, the friction heating her tightest tunnel.  The vibrations transmitted by her cunt through the small barrier of flesh were adding to the boy’s pleasure, his blood-throbbing erection swelling even more.

The vibrator was humming and twisting inside Nabiki-chan’s fuckhole, stroking every little nook and cranny of her inflamed sheath.  Womanly fluids were splashing the dildo and squirting all around it, out of the plugged slit.  The female twin was cumming like crazy, voicing her explosive orgasms so loudly that it finally started to worry her brother.  Clamping a hand on her mouth to shut her up, the boy nonetheless pursued his shafting.  He was getting very close from the edge; it would be a shame to have someone bother them right now.

The girl kept moaning between the silencing fingers, her whole body shuddering in ecstasy.  She was shaking mightily every time the thick boner slid inside her rear end.  The anal walls clamped on the invading penis, increasing the already great sensations on the overwhelmed male organ.  Nabiki-kun could hardly take it any longer.  With an ultimate groan, he hugged his sister’s hot shape against his own, flushed frame.  His turgid phallus rammed deep in her fleshy tunnel, before erupting like a hose.  A long gout of whitish cream fired in her bowels, painting the sinuous pipe with gooey cum.  The warm, sterile sperm showered inside Nabiki-chan’s full bottom, while her juices equally flooded from her vibrator-filled pussy.

Spent, the male Nabiki slowly slumped on his back, bringing down the other with him.  Panting in exhaustion, their skin glistening with sweat, their chests heaved frantically.  It took some time for the female Nabiki to get back her breath, and to stop “Captain Cash” from buzzing in her vagina.  Then, she finally pulled it out, producing a sucking sound.  She nested the sex toy between her breasts, idly licking it for her own nectar.  She couldn’t help but think — and it was echoed by her masculine clone — that it was a fuck to remember for ages.



The inner door to the bathroom opened, revealing a tall boy clad in a yukata, with a smaller girl wrapped in a towel in his arms.  She was smiling contentedly while carried like a bride, nuzzling her check against his pectoral.  Otoko-Nabiki grunted when he kneeled to deposit his precious burden on a stool.

“Maybe you... we should go on a diet.” he mumbled.

This earned him a bop on top of the head, as Onna-Nabiki swapped her grin for a frown.  “Arh, arh.  Very funny.  For this, you’re going to wash me.”

“Humph, don’t dream,” he huffed, “as soon as I’m back to my true gender, no more gentlemanly stuff.  I much prefer being the pampered girl.”

True to his words, Nabiki-kun filled a bucket with warm water and upended it over his head.  This immediately reversed the effects of the Instant Nanniichuan, the hunk changing back into a naked girl.

The other Nabiki watched this with a disdainful smirk.  “I should have guessed... lazy sod.”

“Spoiled brat.” was the playful response.

“Selfish girl.”

“No worse than you.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

The duo suppressed their giggles and stopped the teasing.  They started to lather up, scrubbing the sweat and cum from their respective bodies.  They didn’t give in to the temptation of making this anymore sexual — both were too tired already from their wild night of twincest.

Soon, the Nabikis were standing next to the furo and glanced at each other.

“Ready?” they asked simultaneously.

With a last nod, they took a deep breath and hopped in the Japanese bathtub.  There was a sudden splash, a displacement sensation...

... and a lone Nabiki gasped, struck with dizziness.  She fell on her rump in the hot water, eyes clenched shut.  The two sets of memory crashing on in her mind were more than a bit disorienting.  But it took her only a short while to start making sense of it.  She remembered living through both parts, sharing both viewpoints, but to her it was as if it didn’t happen at the same time.

“Wow...” she whispered, relaxing in the hot water.  ‘Now that was a fun product testing.

She certainly didn’t regret having tried this out.  That has been very interesting.  Never before had she experienced a lover that so thoroughly understood her... moved in harmony with her... and inversely.  She sure wouldn’t mind trying it again.

Maybe I should sell both a sachet of Twin Water and one of Boy or Girl Water as a set...’ pondered the mercantile-minded girl.  ‘No need any more for a partner... just add water and create an instant lover.  Let’s see, I could call it... the Self-Love Pack...?  Nah... err... the Narcissism Pack!  Oh yeah, I’m gonna make a killing with that.  As for the slogan...

Nabiki pondered about this a bit longer, before finding the adequate line:

“Yin and Yang were never so much fun!”





  1. Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū: Martial Art School of Indiscriminate Grappling, or Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.

  2. Jusenkyō Dekisen/Chōchuanshan Niichuan Series Onsen Mix:
    Packets of instant, “dehydrated” cursed springs.  When mixed with water, the powder of a sachet creates a one-shot dose of Jusenkyō water, from one of the various existing springs.  Unlike the true cursed water, the effects of the instant version are only temporary.

  3. Instant Nanniichuan: The “Spring of Drowned Boy” version from the Chouchuanshan Niichuan Series Onsen Mix.

  4. Yaocaicun: Chinese village of the herbalists, from where Pink and Link are originating.  Note that it is nowhere stated in canon the Onsen Mixes, or other Jusenkyō Commercial Goods (like the Waterproof Soap) are coming from there; but they have to be from some place not too far of the cursed springs, and Yaocaicun fits like a T.

  5. Nyanniichuan: Spring of Drowned Girl.

  6. Chanyuiniichuan: Spring of Drowned Octopus.

  7. Xiaochiniichuan: Spring of Drowned Young Boy.

  8. Chaunshontsuniichuan: Spring of Drowned Twins.



Omake (suggested by T.H. Tiger):

“Now, all we are missing would be a thick, hard cock....”

This time, the Nabikis opened their eyes and gazed at their identical faces.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?”

“Yes, but where are we going to get a donkey at this time of night, Brain?”


Author: Kami of Writer’s Block