The following contains explicit material. Reader discrection is advised. That's right, this is a very naughty fanfic!

            Ranma ran to school, somewhat anxious about the fact that he was wearing only his boxers. If this hadn't actually happened a few times before due to early morning martial arts attacks, he would have been convinced that this was all a really bad dream. As it was, he had taken to keeping a spare change of clothes in his locker, just in case.

At least the panda-shaped clouds passing by hadn't started laughing at him yet. When Pantyhose Tarou walked by going the opposite direction in a Furinkan uniform, however, Ranma knew something was horribly wrong.

"Hey, fag-boy. I just did your mom," Tarou taunted.

"Shut up, freak," Ranma growled. "I ain't got time for this. I'm late for school."

"Like it matters," Tarou said. "The principal did your mom, too, and now he's all passed out."

"Shut up!" Ranma shouted, throwing his book bag down and raising his fists.

"Hey, Ranma," Hiroshi said as he walked passed the two martial artists. "Your mom gives really great head."

Ranma sweatdropped.

"Yeah," Daisuke agreed. "She does this really incredible thing with her tongue. I'd never believe it! You're lucky to have a mother like that."

"You're kidding, right?" Ranma asked, still in a fighting stance.

"Somethin' like that," Tarou chuckled. "There's a long line at up the school," he explained. "You should go get in line while you still have your chance. I mean, the lady's got some endurance, but I don't think she can do *everybody* who's waiting."

As Ranma abandoned the incipient fight and ran madly for the school to put a halt to whatever insanity his mother was involved in, he couldn't help but think that this was going to be one of *those* dreams.

Hot and Cold Running Ranma

A Ranma 1/2 Wet Dream
as told to Chris Jones

By the time Ranma reached the school, the panda-shaped clouds had begun to laugh at him. Indeed, as Tarou had described, there was a long line of anxious young men trailing out the front of the school by the time Ranma arrived.

"This is nuts!" Ranma shouted angrily as he ran past the line.

"Nice boxers, Saotome," a classmate shouted out as he ran by.

"Hey, no cutting ahead in line!" another cried angrily. "We've been waiting here for hours.

Ranma made a rude gesture and flashed it at both of them. Heedless of the protests, he ran ahead. He followed the line through the foyer, past the jungle room, and into the principal's office. Eventually, he found Soun Tendou and his father at the front of the line.

"What are you two doing here?" Ranma asked irritatedly.

"Ah, we're waiting in line," Soun explained patiently.

*YES*, Genma-panda's sign read. *WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR MOTHER!*

Soun pointed helpfully in front of him, past the principal, who was passed out against the wall with his Bermuda shorts down around his ankles and a pineapple hiding his privates. In front of the principal's desk, Nodoka kneeled on the carpeting with a 'come-hither' look burning in her eyes.

"Mom! What the hell are you doing?!" Ranma demanded in shock.

Nodoka's kimono was just barely hanging on, fastened in the middle by her obi. It had been pulled down over her shoulders, exposing her breasts, and hiked up around her waist.

Behind her, Ryouga Hibiki was kneeling and pulling his own pants down.

"All these young men are showing me how manly they can be, Ranma-chan," Nodoka explained as Ryouga reached around her to fondle her breasts. She gasped and moaned as the fanged boy fought to keep from having a nosebleed behind her.

"Get the hell away from my mother, you goddamn pervert!" Ranma screamed. He leapt at Ryouga, his foot extended in a kick intended to break all of the other boy's teeth out, but the lost boy dodged easily. Ranma missed Ryouga's face by centimeters went flying past and tumbled over the principal's desk and into the pineapple crates.

"Ohhhh... OH!" Nodoka yelped as Ryouga thrust against her hips.

"Did I hurt you?" Ryouga asked, as Ranma weakly scrambled back over the desk, covered in sticky pineapple juice.

"Ohhh... oh, no, Ryouga-kun. I'm just afraid you've gotten lost again. You've found the wrong hole," Nodoka explained as she ground her hips against Ryouga.

"Oh, son-of-a-bitch!" Ranma swore.

"Fear not, Madame, for Blue Thunder is here!" Kunou announced as he marched into the room, stepping heavily on the principal's neck in the process.

"No!" Ranma protested. "This ain't happening! It's my dream, and I said it ain't happening."

"Silence, knave!" Kunou bellowed. He ripped off his hakama and dropped his bokken, but Kunou's sword was still held high.

"Oh... oooohhh MY!" Nodoka squeaked as Ryouga thrust particularly roughly against her backside. "How manly you are, Tatewaki-kun!"

"Hey!" Soun protested. "I believe that I was next!"

*WAIT YOUR TURN!* a panda sign agreed.

"Indeed, mother of the most beauteous pigtailed girl," Kunou exclaimed kneeling in front of her. "Would that I could share my noble manliness with her, although you are an exceptional beauty. Verily, I find no difficulty in rising to the challenge!"

Ryouga was still gripping her breasts tightly, so Kunou reached for her wrists. He helped her lean back against Ryouga and positioned himself before her.

"Oh, Tatewaki-kun! You say the most flattering-- OH! Ohhhhhhh!" Nodoka groaned as Kunou pressed himself into her.

"This is sick!" Ranma exclaimed, running from the room. His stomach boiled, but he couldn't help but feel his loins start to burn at the sight of Ryouga and Kunou having their way with his mother.

"You can-- Oooohhh! --be next if you wait for Ryouga-kun and Tatewaki-kun to finish, Ranma-chan!" Nodoka called after him. Her groaning and moaning was shut off as the door to the principal's office slammed shut behind him.

Ranma clenched his eyes shut, and did his best to banish the image from his mind. "Stupid dream! Stupid dream!" he muttered. "This is all just a stupid dream. I just have to wake up and--"

"Hey, Ranma," Mousse said as Ranma stomped past the Disco room. "I have a pair of boxers like that."

Ranma opened his eyes to see Mousse wearing a Furinkan uniform like Tarou had been. The hidden weapons expert was carrying a kettle in one hand and a bucket of cold water in the other. "You spend a lot of time looking at guy's underwear?" Ranma quipped.

"Someone does," Mousse noted, "or else he wouldn't be dreaming about them."

"Shut up!" Ranma yelled, having had more than enough.

"Anyway," Mousse said, lifting the items he was carrying. "Did you bring your kettle and bucket?"

"Uhh... I usually leave mine at the house," Ranma admitted. "I sometimes bring a thermos to school if it's raining."

"You don't remember?" Mousse asked in amusement. "This is for the assignment Miss Hinako gave us. Don't tell me you forgot!"

"Of *course* he forgot," The laughing panda-shaped clouds announced from outside the window.

"Shit!" Ranma exclaimed as he and Mousse walked past Furinkan's surgical theater. "I can't believe I forgot them!"

Inside the theater, Happosai was dissecting a Playboy magazine that had become sticky and matted together. He was wearing a surgical mask and scrubs, but only a small percentage of the students who were watching him were similarly dressed.

"Let me borrow yours," Ranma demanded, keeping one hand on the waistband of his boxers, which suddenly seemed to be too big for him. "You've always got spares, right?"

"I'm not wearing my robes today," Mousse admitted. "So, no, I don't have any spares. If you don't have your bucket and kettle, you'll just have to admit you lost them and hope that Miss Hinako doesn't drain your aura.

Grumbling, doing the best he could to make sure his boxers didn't fall down, Ranma stormed away from the hidden weapons expert and found his way past the Casablanca room to the shoe lockers near the school's foyer.

Sayuri and Yuka, Akane's friends, were busy licking each other's necks in front of his locker, so he shoved them out of the way. Inside his locker, however, his spare set of clothes was missing. Only his spare shoes waited inside for him.

Sighing, he reached in and pulled them out, since his other shoes seemed to have disappeared with his first set of clothes. He pulled them on, and made his way to class. On the way, he passed Lin-lin and Ran-ran. Both young amazon girls were barefoot, but Lin-lin was wearing a long, red Chinese shirt that reached down to about mid-thigh length and Ran-ran was wearing a pair of badly oversized black canvas pants that she had pulled up and was holding around her budding breasts.

"Hey, you two haven't seen my clothes, have you?"

"No we haven't, Ranma-husband, over!" Lin-lin said, adjusting her long shirt... err.. dress.

"Hey, that someone else's shtick!" Ran-ran protested, whapping her sister lightly on the head. The black pants fell down around Ran-ran's knees when she took her hands away from them.

Ranma looked politely away as she pulled them back up. After all, she wasn't the only one holding up her pants.

"Bai-bai, Ranma-husband," Ran-ran said, scampering away.

"Bai-bai, over!" Lin-lin agreed.

"Whatever," Ranma muttered under his breath. He sighed and walked to class. When he got there, he noticed that Ukyou and Akane were both missing. Doing his best not to stand out when everybody else had a kettle and bucket on their desk, Ranma sat down and leaned back. Thankful that he didn't have to hold up his shorts while sitting, Ranma let out a sigh and tried to relax.

"Did you hear?" a girl asked somewhere behind him. "They say that Ranma's mother is giving out blow-jobs in the principal's office."

"I heard she does this really incredible thing with her tongue," the panda-shaped clouds agreed from just outside the window.

"Can we all just SHUT UP about my mother?" Ranma asked in irritation.

"Stand!" the class president announced as Hinako entered the room. "Bow! Sit!"

Ranma did his best to comply while keeping his boxers from deserting him.

"Saotome-kun!" Hinako shouted, scrambling on top of the podium. Ranma couldn't help but notice how her loose cotton dress tended to ride up as she heaved her little body up on the wooden platform. "Why don't you have a kettle and bucket today?"

"I forgot," Ranma admitted, sinking down in his seat as the classroom erupted into titters of amusement.

"I made the homework assignment so simple, and you just forgot?" Hinako asked, finally righting herself on top of the podium. She staggered once and windmilled her arms as she tried to stay balanced, but eventually regained her equilibrium and smoothed out her dress.

She pointed accusingly at Ranma. "This is the third time this week you've forgotten your homework."

"But it's only Monday!" Ranma protested. "How could I have forgotten my homework three times this week?"

"Silence!" Hinako shouted. "What do you have to say for yourself?"



"But you as--"

"Silence!!" the little girl yelled at the top of her lungs. "Did I say you could speak?"

Somewhat taken aback, Ranma's mouth was tightly closed.

"Well?" Hinako demanded, her fists clenched at her sides.

"But you said--"


"Okay," Ranma quipped. "This is stupid. This is even *more* stupid than your classes *usually* are. I ain't gonna do it anymore."

"So you're not going to play by the rules, Ranma-kun?" Hinako asked, a sinister gleam in her eyes.

Ranma stood, kicking his desk aside, ready for a good fight. One hand was clenched into a fist, and the other was holding his boxers up. "I'll play by whatever rules I want to," he announced confidently.

"Okay, then," Hinako said. She looked around the room. "Buckets ready?"

Ranma looked around in panic, realizing just how much cold water he was surrounded by. One by one, the other students in the room stood and readied their buckets.

"Get her!" Hinako commanded.

Ranma did his best to dodge, but was soaked and female mere seconds later.

"At least it washed off the pineapple juice," the panda-shaped clouds noted wryly.

The redhead swore and dodged the rudely gripping hands of both her male and female classmates. She finally lost hold of her boxers, having to use both hands to defend herself. Running from grabby hands and leering faces, she tripped over them, and kicked them off from around her ankles. Naked except for her cloth shoes, Ranma did her best to keep from being pulled down as hundreds of hands clawed at her. Repeatedly she had to wrench free as hot hands gripped her shoulders, arms, side, or even her hips and breasts. Every time she was touched, it seemed like the hand left her skin on fire.

One hand reached around and grabbed roughly at her delta, roughly pulling at the tuft of red hair.

Ranma winced in pain and began to try to wrench the student's hand off her. "Get away from me!" she protested, unable to hold the crazed students at bay.

"I'll save you!" Hinako announced, leaping down off the podium. She reached into a pocket of the thin cotton dress she wore and pulled out a coin.

            "Happo-go-en-satsu!" she announced, sweeping the five yen coin in a long circular arc. Ranma could feel the lustful battle chi pouring off the students around her and into Hinako's body. For a second, she was afraid that she would be drained herself and unable to defend herself against the probing, intrusive attacks, but Hinako's draining abilities seemed to have overlooked her.

Finally, the lustful students collapsed into an exhausted heap behind her.

Ranma turned to thank her teacher, but Hinako wrapped her arms around Ranma's head and crushed the red-head's face into her ample bosom.


"You don't have to thank me in words," Ranma-kun," Hinako explained, grinding her body against Ranma's. Her hard, erect nipples dragged across Ranma's face through the thin cotton fabric of her dress. The hem of her dress slowly rode up over her hips as she ground them into Ranma's. After a few seconds, the panicked youth could feel Hinako's lightly furred mound bumping her own.

"YAAAHHH!" Ranma screamed, trying to wrench her face away, as Hinako lowered her lips to touch Ranma's.

"Don't you want to be with me?" Hinako asked in a hurt tone as she pushed Ranma back against the podium. "If this is just a dream, it should be okay, Ranma-kun."

"But I don't want to... to... do *this* with you!" Ranma protested. Wriggling, she managed to slide out from under Hinako's grip and crawled in between the larger women's legs to freedom.

"Don't run, Ranma-kun!" Hinako shouted. Since Ranma was already well on her way to the door, Hinako pulled a larger coin out of her pocket and pointed it towards the collapsed students. "Happo-go-hyaku-satsu-up-and-attem-attack!"

The students all lurched to their feet and began to stagger towards Ranma. Most of them were undressed now, somehow having lost their clothes in the pile. The boys were all visibly aroused. Ranma struggled with the door and suppressed a scream of terror as one erect young man began to come dangerously close to her.

"I've had enough of this!" She yelled, simply kicking the door off its hinges. Scrambling over the wreckage, still clad in only her cloth shoes, Ranma didn't look back as the rest of the horny students tried to capture her.

She barreled down the hallway, past a long row of chalkboards that all had "All martial arts and no sex makes Ranma a dull girl," written on them one hundred and fifty times.

The horny, naked students chased after her. Now quite nude herself, Hinako rode on the shoulders of the most endowed young man, leading the parade of lust.

"AAAAAAAHHH!" Ranma screamed as she ran past the dinosaur exhibit and around the corner. She almost ran into Soun and Genma, who were standing by another long row of blackboards. Soun was chewing thoughtfully on a corndog while Genma held a half-eaten banana.

"I just did your mother, Ranma!" Genma exclaimed as the naked redhead ran past.

"Shut up, Pop!" Ranma screamed.

"He went this way!" the panda-shaped clouds announced, having formally invaded the hallway.

The horde of naked, horny people turned the corner and simply stampeded over the top of the two older martial artists.

Panicked, breathless and terrified, Ranma ducked into a classroom and slammed the door shut behind her. Her chest heaving, Ranma held the door closed and listened to the growing cacophony as the horde ran by. After a few seconds, the din lessened and then disappeared altogether. Ranma exhaled noisily and slumped against the door.

After a few seconds, she became aware of a rhythmic thumping sound. A horrified expression etched on her face, she turned toward the sound.

Ukyou and Shampoo stared back at her, large grins on their faces. That wouldn't have been so bad, Ranma thought, but they were also mostly naked and having sex.

"Oh, shit," Ranma swore.

Shampoo was wearing one of her customary short Chinese mini-dresses, but it had been pushed up around her armpits. Her large, pert bosoms bounced interminably as she rocked back and forth. Her long, shapely legs were pulled up and braced against Ukyou's shoulders. Ukyou was completely naked except for her spatula. She had her hands on Shampoo's hips and was thrusting powerfully against Shampoo, moving her engorged cock in and out of Shampoo's sex in long, smooth--

"Wait a second," Ranma said to herself. "Ukyou's a girl."

"And Ranma's a guy," the okonomiyaki chef noted mischievously. "That doesn't mean anything in this place," she said, causing Ranma to glance down at her own body. "What do think of the new equipment, Ran-chan?"

"Shampoo like just fine! Oh!" the lavender haired girl exclaimed, tossing her head back and groaning with the sensation. She arched her back and twisted against Ukyou's long member. "Spatula girl can do this anytime she want!"

"This... This is just a Freudian manifestation of my latent anxiety of losing my manhood," Ranma protested, a burning, tingling sensation growing between her legs and deep in her chest as she watched the other two pleasure each other.

"Airen know what-- Oooohhh, harder!-- all those words mean?"

"Not really," Ranma admitted, her knees rubbing together as she tried to deny the sensations flooding her body. "I looked it up in one of Kasumi's medical books the last time I dreamed that Ukyou had a penis."

Ukyou slowed her thrusting to a stop and slowly slid her cock out of Shampoo's wet, glistening mound. It bounced dramatically, terrifying Ranma with its sheer size.

"No!" Ranma protested. "This is impossible! Ukyou's a girl! She can't have a penis no matter how long I thought she was a guy!"

Ukyou's penis disappeared, replaced by a less threatening mound and swollen lips. Ranma sighed in relief.

"Hey! I was using that!" Ukyou protested. She glanced down in irritation. Somewhat sheepishly, the incredibly huge dick reappeared, larger than before and pointing straight at Ranma.

"Oooh!" Shampoo cooed at the sight of the organ. She leaned over and took the shaft in one hand, beginning to gently stroke and down up its length. Her full breasts swinging beneath her, Shampoo leaned over and touched her lips to the engorged purple head. She began to lick in a rather feline manner, working Ukyou's shaft with both hands.

Ukyou shuddered, gently grasping Shampoo's long violet lochs. She groaned once, and her cock began to spray long, thick arcs of sticky white fluid. Ranma gasped in shock as on splattered against her chin. Shampoo quickly moved her mouth to cover Shampoo's head and audibly swallowed. A generous amount of Ukyou's semen dribbled over Shampoo's lips and down her chin as well.

In shock, Ranma pawed furiously at her own chin, trying to wipe the sticky, viscous fluid away. In her horror at being splattered, she didn't notice that Shampoo and Ukyou had backed her up against the door.

"What?!" Ranma exclaimed as Shampoo roughly grasped her by the head. She wrapped one shapely leg around Ranma's, and used it to force the redhead's legs to bend. Before she knew it, Ranma was on her knees while Shampoo and Ukyou forced her mouth open. "No!" Ranma screamed. "Not this! Guys aren't suppose to suck on other guys!"

"But you're not a guy right now, are you, sugar?" Ukyou asked. "Neither am I for that matter!"

Shampoo reached down to guide Ukyou's long shaft into Ranma's mouth. "Girl supposed to like sucking big dick. Is 3000 year-old amazon tradition. You like, yes? Too-too good!"

Ranma clenched her eyes shut and grit her teeth even though Shampoo was doing her best to pry the girl's jaws apart.

"I heard your mom does this really incredible thing with her tongue," Ukyou said expectantly. Ranma felt the end of her shaft press up against her lips. "Could you do that for me?"

"You two are going too fast," the panda-shaped clouds commented. "She still has nightmares about being forced to have sex with men, you know. She especially fears oral sex."

"I ain't afraid of anything!" Ranma protested, but then thought better of it when Ukyou tried to thrust her cock into Ranma's open mouth. She firmly shut her mouth and tried to turn her face away from Ukyou's member. She cringed at the sticky smear it left on her cheek.

"Hmmm... The clouds may be right, Shampoo-chan," Ukyou noted. "We need to go more slowly."

"Spatula-girl may be right. Airen mother like it when in backside. Maybe Airen like that way too?" "No!" Ranma screamed, struggling to get away. "No! Not that! Stay away from my ass, damn it!"

"This way more gentle," Shampoo assured her, holding the struggling girl's arms.

"More gentle than what?" Ranma screamed. "Beating me in the head with a rock?"

Chuckling at her distress, Ukyou and Shampoo forced her from her kneeling position onto her back. Ukyou grabbed the girl's ankles and lifted them into the air, spreading Ranma's legs apart.

"Quit moving around so much, Ran-chan. If you just relax, this will feel great!"

Ranma screamed as she felt the head of Ukyou's member brush against her sensitive buttocks. She twisted, feeling Ukyou's cock rub the inside of her thigh. Seeing no results from her struggles, she opted for wrenching her foot free and kicking Ukyou in the jaw. The chef flew back, dazed.

Ranma took advantage of the situation and hefted Shampoo over her by the grip the Chinese girl had on her arms. Shampoo crashed into Ukyou, who was just getting up. Ranma scrambled to her feet and pulled the door to the classroom open, letting both herself and the panda-shaped clouds out into the hallway.

She slammed the door behind her, and realized she had gone from the frying-pan and into the pressure cooker. Hinako and her legion of horny naked teens were right there waiting for her.

Ranma eeped and tried to run away, but Gosunkugi leapt out of the horde and tackled her around the ankles.

"Don't make me hurt you, Gos!" Ranma threatened, doing her best not to look at the spooky boy's small package.

In way of reply, Gosunkugi held up a black wig and a blue and white girl's uniform. "I don't mean to be picky," he said, "but could you put these on before we... you know?"

"AAAGGGHHH!" Ranma simply pummeled the boy bloody and ran away.

She was about to turn another corner when the panda-shaped clouds gave her a cautioning gesture.

"I'd think carefully before I went down that way," they said.

Cautiously, Ranma peeked around the corner.

Kodachi Kunou was waiting a few yards down the hall with several of her rhythmic gymnastics team members. Kodachi was wearing a leather bustiere and thigh-high vinyl boots. She cracked a leather flail against her vinyl-clad thigh and let out a roaring, insane laugh. With the exception of diamond-studded collars and leashes, all the other gymnasts were naked and groveling at Kodachi's feet. Two of the girls were even licking her boots.

"OOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! Ranma-sama! Where are you, darling? Kodachi-chan has to *punish* you for misbehaving so badly with those other women!

Ranma gulped loudly, hoping the gymnast didn't notice her.

"Look, mistress," one of the gymnasts pointed out. "It's the pigtailed wench you hate so much."

"You hussy!" Kodachi bellowed. "You stealer of men! Come here so I can torment you!"

"Yipe!" Ranma squeaked. "Thanks for the warning," she said to the panda-shaped clouds as she sprinted down the hallway.

"No prob."

"Ranma-kun!" Hinako and Gosunkuji yelled after him.

"Ranma-sama!" Kodachi yelled.

"You love Shampoo, yes, Airen?"

"Come back here and suck my dick, Ran-chan!"

"AGHGHGHGH!" Ranma screamed, running three shades to the wind in her panic.

"Nice shoes, boy," Soun stated as Ranma ran past him and Genma again. They were standing in front of Furinkan's live penguin display, both munching on long dill pickles. Behind them, the penguins dove off their icy platforms and into the chilled water, changing from male to female as they did so. No one noticed, since penguin parts are hidden under a thick layer of feathers.

"I don't have time for this!" Ranma yelled. "I gotta find a kettle so I can get rid of this stupid dream."

"There are kettles in the teacher's lounge," Genma said just before he licked his pickle and grimaced at the sour taste.

"That's right," Ranma remembered.

"Come back here, Ranma-kun!"


"Airen come play with Shampoo and sexy spatula girl!"

"Look, Ran-chan! I've got extra-large 'Magnum' condoms. They're 'spermicidally lubricated for your protection'!"

"You know, Ranma," the panda-shaped clouds said, roiling in front of her and merging into one large, steamy panda, "if you would give into them, you would probably really like it. This is just a dream after all. Nothing can hurt you here."

"I don't care if it is just a dream!" Ranma screamed, barreling through the smoky apparition. Not bothering to look behind her at the reforming panda-shaped clouds as they began to fill the hallway behind her with their playful shapes, Ranma ran past the row of naughty arcade machines and into the teacher's lounge.

"They can't get me here, can they?"

            "Oh, who's chasing you, Ranma-kun?" Kasumi asked, a tone of concern in her voice.

"Oh man," Ranma whimpered.

"So you don't like being forced into anything," Nabiki said, noting Ranma's discomfort. "We won't force you. I'd bet you'd like to watch, though."

"Nobody's making you do anything, baka!" Akane said. "But if you don't do anything, you'll never get anywhere!"

Ranma's eyes bugged out. Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane were all in the middle of the Teacher's lounge. All three girls were dressed as 'bunny girls' that one might find in a classy gentleman's club or in ecchi manga. All three had on the silken collar and cuffs along with the requisite bunny ears, thigh-high stockings and strapless leotards.

Akane, in the red leotard, was kneeling on the carpet, turned towards Kasumi, who was lovingly embracing her youngest sister. Ranma gulped as he saw his fiancee waggle her bottom slightly, sending the little puffball 'tail' attached to her costume jiggling.

"She just wants to watch," Nabiki said again, stepping forward and placing one hand on Akane's bare shoulder.

Akane shivered at the contact and gazed lovingly up at the older girl.

"I-I-I-Ai-yai-yai..." Ranma mumbled as Kasumi began to plant gentle kisses against Akane's neck.

"Mmmm... That feels good," Akane said, lovingly caressing her oldest sister's face with one hand.

Nabiki took the other and began to suck on Akane's fingers.

Akane giggled as Nabiki knelt next to her and began to run her hands up and down her sides.

"But... But... you're SISTERS!" Ranma protested.

"So," Akane noted with a hint of reproach in her voice. "This feels good. Why should it matter who we are?"

Nabiki reached around her sister's waist and gently drew her hands up Akane's thighs and stomach. She cupped Akane's pert breasts and began to knead them gently through the fabric of the girl's leotard.

Kasumi leaned in and began to suck on Akane's lower lip as the younger girl's head arched back.

"Don't you think this must feel good, Ranma?" Nabiki asked, as she slid her hands down the front of Akane's leotard.

As the continued to kiss, Akane's hands reached out and began to caress Kasumi's body, gently running up and down the long-haired girl's sides. She firmly cupped Kasumi's ample breasts and began to squeeze.

"Not too hard," Kasumi cautioned, breaking their kiss for a second. She dove back into the kiss, turning her head slightly against Akane's open mouth. Ranma saw just a flash of pink tongue before their lips closed together.

Nabiki's hands continued to play underneath Akane's leotard. Kasumi's hands started to rove up and down Akane's stocking-clad thighs.

Ranma had fallen to her knees as was staring open-mouthed at the spectacle.

"But you're sisters!" she said again, weakly.

"The lady doth protest too much," Nabiki noted with a wink, gently withdrawing her hands from Akane's leotard.

"Maybe she's nervous," Kasumi guessed, breaking her deep kiss with Akane.

Akane moaned in pleasure, brushing her short hair over her ear after Kasumi let go of her. "Nervous? Jealous is more like it. But then Ranma would never ask for this sort of thing. Let's just ignore her."

"Do you want us to ignore you, Ranma-kun?" Kasumi asked, advancing on the redhead.

"It doesn't look like she wants us to ignore her," Nabiki said, noting the small puddle of moisture that had accumulated under Ranma while she was watching the three girl.

Ranma looked down in shock. "I don't know how that got there! Honest!" she protested.

"Maybe you just need some encouragement," Akane said as she stood up and leaned over Ranma. "Here!"

"Hey! Akane, what are you--"

Akane kneeled in front of Ranma and placed her lips on Ranma's belly, just above her navel. Ranma blinked at the gesture, unsure of how to react.

"Just a minute now," Ranma protested. "What do you think--"

"Shh, Ranma-kun," Kasumi whispered in her ear, just before she began to nibble at Ranma's sensitive earlobe.

Ranma closed her eyes, unsure of how to deal with the situation. As Kasumi continued to lick her ear, Akane began to place a series of gentle kisses all over Ranma's abdomen, never quite daring as high as her breasts or as low as her moistened delta. She felt the odd sensation of flesh and sheer silk against her sides as Nabiki worked her way in behind her, gently holding Ranma between her legs.

"Please," Ranma protested.

"Please what?" Nabiki asked, turning Ranma's head to the side so that she could kiss the shorter girl. Silenced, Ranma could do little more than feel as the girls ministered to her.

"If you want us to stop," Kasumi said right next to Ranma's ear in a tone so quiet that it was hard to hear, "all you have to do is ask."

"Think before you act," Nabiki warned as she reached down over Ranma's shoulders to cup and squeeze her breasts. "When are you going to get this chance again?"

"The baka doesn't know what's good for him," Akane noted as she began to softly comb her fingers through Ranma's thin red delta.


"You're enjoying this very much, aren't you?" Nabiki said, pinching Ranma's erect nipples slightly. Ranma shuddered as the sensations began to course through her body.

"This can't be happening," Ranma protested weakly.

"Well it is a dream, stupid," Akane said before she leaned over and began to nibble at Ranma's red-furred lips.

Ranma gasped at the sensation and tried to wiggle free, but Kasumi and Nabiki held her firmly.

"Don't leave just yet, Ranma-kun," Kasumi said, just before she leaned over and began to lick Ranma's nipple. Her fingers continued to gently caress Ranma's face and ear as she worked over the firm flesh of Ranma's breast.

Nabiki chuckled and started to lick Ranma's other ear, running her slender fingers up and down Ranma's neck.

"Spread your legs a little more," she prompted.


Smirking wickedly, Akane reached for Ranma's ankles and pushed them to either side. With more room to work, she leaned down and ran her fingers in between Ranma's wet nether lips. Ranma gasped at the situation, but found that she could not summon the will to struggle any longer. Akane leaned down licked gently, causing a lightning bolt of sensation to race up Ranma's body.

"Akane?" she cried out in shock.

"Mmmmmm..." Akane murmured, working her tongue back and forth over Ranma's sensitive nub.

"She's quite responsive," Nabiki noted as she gently rolled Ranma's nipple between her thumb and forefinger. "You can be a little more aggressive, Akane."

Ranma jerked as she felt Akane's fingers begin to play against her moist vulva along with her lips and tongue. Ranma realized what was coming and braced herself.

Firmly, Akane pushed her fingers into Ranma's opening. Ranma gasped in shock and surprise. She could feel her muscles clenching on Akane's digits as the bunny suit-clad girl began to work them in and out of her.

"Wasn't that supposed to hurt?" Ranma asked Nabiki

"Apparently not," Nabiki noted with some amusement. She placed a tiny kiss on the end of Ranma's nose. "This is just a dream, though."

Kasumi stepped up her sucking, drawing as much of Ranma's breast into her mouth as she could at once. One of her hands continued to run through Ranma's hair and play over her ear, while the other squeezed and kneaded the bottom of Ranma's breast.

Nabiki began to suck on Ranma's neck, placing tiny bites as far down as Ranma's shoulder. One hand held the girl's head up, but the other began to snake down toward her buttocks.

"What are you doing?" Ranma asked nervously, beginning to buck and writhe at the sensations Akane was giving her.

"Something naughty," Nabiki said, sliding her fingers in between Ranma's cheeks.

Ranma's eyes widened momentarily, but Nabiki kept her from protesting by putting her tongue deep inside Ranma's mouth. Her fingers found her target, just below where Akane was sliding her own fingers in and out of Ranma's slick, wet tunnel. Without actually penetrating, Nabiki began to softly knead Ranma's tight anus. Ranma squeaked as she felt the girl's long fingernails dig into her flesh.

She looked down, and was surprised to see Akane looking back up at her. The black-haired girl's mouth and fingers were still at work over Ranma's sensitive areas, but her eyes were firmly locked on Ranma's. Her expression was full of desire and love, as well as a healthy dose of mischief.

"Nnnnn...." Ranma groaned as she felt the tension build deep in her abdomen.

"This is going to be good," Nabiki noted as she poked the tip of one finger inside Ranma's anus. Akane picked up her thrusting pace and began to lash her tongue madly against Ranma's sensitive clitoris.

"Ranma-kun really needs this, I think," Kasumi said just before switching nipples.

Ranma's back arched. She could feel her muscles start to contract. Looking down into Akane's eyes, she screamed--


The powerful contractions jolted Ranma awake.

Blinking, he stared around about him, and immediately wished he hadn't. At the front of the classroom, Ranma's economics teacher looked at him with a mixture of surprise and dread.

For the first time, Ranma noticed a wet, squishy feeling in the front of his pants. He hoped that all the other students staring at him didn't notice.

Akane, who was sitting next to him and staring in horror and anger was the first to speak.

"What the hell was that?!" she demanded.

"What?" Ranma asked, praying it wasn't what he thought it was.

"You were screaming my name just now! What the hell is going on here? Are you *trying* to humiliate me?"

"I was... s-screaming?" Ranma asked in a timid voice.

"Yeah, Ran-chan!" Ukyou asked jealously from her seat directly behind his. "What's up with that?"

"Ah, man!" Ranma wriggled, trying to alleviate the sticky sensation in his pants. "I'm *never* gonna be able to explain this one."

Author's Notes:

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

And sometimes I conform to type by writing another #7 story. (A 'Semi-talented Eroticist' lemon.) Still, it was fun to write this. I'd do it again in a second. I probably will, since the image that inspired this story is currently residing as my 'wallpaper' background. Its been driving me nuts, but insane people are typically more creative. (Read to the end for a link to the image...)

Ranma: 'Author's Notes'? Am I still dreaming?

Jones: No, Ranma. This is just the part of the story where all my readers bitch at me because this is neither a chapter of 'THE CLAN' or Ranma's Apartment.

Ranma: So what's up with the clan, anyway. Am I going to get to sleep with the red-headed hottie before the Ravener Queen kills her, or what?

Jones: Uhh... now, don't go giving away secrets, Ranma-kun. It isn't nice.

Now, as I was saying before Saotome-san so kindly broke us into script format, I've been trying to stay as creative as possible. For me, this involves regular excercise of both my mental and physical capacity. I've been regularly pumping iron for a bit now, and stretching my mental muscles by doing at least one or two creative activities every day. Some days, it's a detailed drawing or a raytracing.

You can see a raytracing of Heart Heart High's Cyber-Bobo I did at over Improfanfic headquarters:

Other days, I write. Boy, do I write. I have hundreds of #1's (First Chapters) sitting on my hard drive. Some of them even swow promise of having Second Chapters.

Okay, I'm almost done. Yes, this story was inspired by an image. I've heard of it happening before and people who write for sci-fi magazines regularly start with just an image. This is the first time I've ever been driven to write just based on an picture I've seen. I beleive it's fan-art rather than a page from a doujinshi, but I don't know who the original artist is or where it comes from. (The signature looks like 'A. Jaga', but web searches reveal nothing!)

Here's a link:

If you know who the artist is, or if you actually *are* the artist, please email me so that I can give proper credit.

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