Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag!

Ranma and Akane have had a hard year since they met, but it becomes evident their life is going to get ever harder.  This is an ongoing series that looks at their continued life in a somewhat comical way, but with dark undertones.

Volume 1 of The Hard Life

Ranma’s feelings for Akane have advanced to next level, but fear of her rejecting him have so far prevented him from saying anything.  The problem, though, is when Ranma goes cat, his feelings don’t change but his morals and fears do.

*WARNING* While the Neko-Ken series may have several plots in it, it is also Lemon.  Sexual acts are depicted.  The plot calls for certain scenes dealing with sex.  The sex scene are NOT what drive the plot, but are the results of the plot.

  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 1: The Cat Is Out   [text - 21 KB]
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 2: The Pain of Love (lime)  [text - 21 KB]
    Akane wished to have proof of Ranma’s feelings for her, but she really doesn’t like how she found out.  Dr. Tōfū returns to Nerima in time to help Ranma with his latest problem.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 3: A Cat in the Mountains   [text - 25 KB]
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 4: The Fist of Anger   [text - 29 KB]
    Ranma and Akane head off to help train Ranma to regain control of Neko-Ken.  Akane proves to Ranma how she feels about him.  Akane gets some serious training done.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 5: First Steps   [text - 24 KB]
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 6: No More Secrets   [text - 30 KB]
    Ranma seeks professional help for his problem with cats.  One of Ranma’s suitors and one of Akane’s finds out about the changes in their relationship.  Ryōga gets wet at a REALLY bad time (for him).  Ranma takes Akane out on an actual date and ends with him giving her a special gift.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 7: Vengeance (lime)  [text - 27 KB]
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 8: Breaking the Love Pyramid (lime)  [text - 26 KB]
    Akane and Ranma start dealing with their family and suitors.  Akane gets into a major fight with Shampoo, but otherwise they try to mend their relationships with their ‘friends.’  A secret Ranma and Akane wanted to keep becomes public knowledge.  Akane and Cologne go off and try to help Ryōga who is REALLY REALLY depressed.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 9: Planning for the Future   [text - 19 KB]
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 10: A Woman’s Needs (lime)  [text - 16 KB]
  • The Saotomes and Tendōs start planning a wedding, Ranma’s and Akane’s wedding.  Cologne offers Ranma a way out of engagement to Shampoo, and he hopes the means out of it won’t come back to haunt him.  Ranma finds out even more about girls than he ever wanted to.

  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 11: Hentai Dream   [text - 16 KB]
    Akane talks to her friends about some of the changes in her life.  Happōsai returns to have revenge on Ranma and Akane.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 12: Demonic Influences (lime)  [text - 23 KB]
    Ranma’s problems with Happōsai get worse, and a demon stops by to have some fun.
  • Neko-Ken Is out of the Bag! – 13: (Coming to) Terms (lime)  [text - 14 KB]
    Nabiki helps Akane and makes a little money.  A matter of honor is conducted with the Kunōs.

    Nekoken Future Scenes  {teaser} [text - 18 KB]
    ... are some peeks at future chapters as I figure out how I want to get to the end of this volume.  A chat with mother.  And the actual wedding of Ranma and Akane.

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