Yu-Gi-Oh-Ji! (Prince of Games) 8. A Night Out


What's the deal with these "Asahi Samurai" that Kuro fears so much? Find out in this chapter! Also, a couple of lucky people get dates, Itamiou has a "night out" in which he expands his harem, a couple of consensual sex scenes, plus trouble brewing within the Momobara Castle dungeon!

OKAY, BIG TIME WARNING! This chapter has a _lot_ of lemon content, a good deal of it in bad taste and really perverted! Don't say that I didn't warn you!


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Here's part 8 of Yu-Gi-Oh-Ji!!



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YU-GI-OH-JI! (Prince of Games)

~Part 8: "A Night Out"~

A Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Lemon Mega-Crossover FanFic by Yami Goku




Just then, the door burst open, catching everyone's attention. In the doorway stood the figure of a young woman in dark-colored, well-worn clothing. Her blue eyes were narrowed, and her cape and short red hair moved a little in the breeze. She had a sword in a scabbard at her side. Her tomboyish features and small breasts gave the illusion of a daring male warrior.

The Yuuhi Ninjas didn't say anything, they just stared at the woman in shock. Kuro knew right away who she was.

"Greetings, Kuro Jigoku. My name is Kinko Himura, the leader of the Asahi Samurai," greeted the woman.

Aiko and Motoko bowed in respect. "Kinko-dono," they acknowledged.

For the first time in his life, Kuro was afraid. "Masaka...!"




The Asahi Samurai. Just the mention of them sent a chill down Kuro's spine. Koushiro was no stranger to them, either. He knew all about them, and their mission. Their goal was not only to withhold peace throughout the world, but to destroy the Yuuhi Ninjas. They were first established by Kou Himura, the son of the legendary assassin Hitokiri Battousai in 1887. Kinko was apparently the leader of the fourth generation of the Asahi Samurai.

Kinko entered the building, and walked right up to Kuro on stage, who still had a naked Honey restrained. Aiko and Motoko walked over to where Koushiro still had Tomoyo in his iron grip.

"Still up to your shocking deeds of perversion...how sad..." sighed Kinko as Kuro dropped Honey back onto the stage. Honey gave a small squeal as she hit the floor. Kuro got into a battle position. He had to at least try to defend the Yuuhi Ninjas, no matter what the cost! Koushiro also dropped Tomoyo and prepared to fight.

"Hey, you want to know what's sad?! You carrying around that worthless old hunk of metal that you call a sword! It can't even kill! The fucking blade is on backwards!" taunted Kuro.

Kinko unsheathed her sword, which was the sakabatou (reverse-blade sword) that had originally belonged to her great-great-great grandfather Kenshin Himura.

"After the tragic event that caused my great-great-great grandfather to renounce killing forever, he had a sword made with the blade facing the opposite direction on purpose. This sword can greatly injure, but not kill, de gozaru," explained Kinko.

Kuro couldn't help but chuckle at Kinko's usage of the super-polite "de gozaru" verb form. "Yeah, that's nice, but I don't _have_ a sword to go up against it! Too bad!"

Motoko leapt up onto the stage, holding out her own katana. It wasn't a sakabatou, but she rarely needed to kill with her sword anyway. She mostly used it for summoning wind-based cutting techniques to blast her perverted landlord out of her room or out of the hot springs. How her landlord was once able to stop the blade with his hands out of cowardice was well beyond her understanding. "Then you shall be defeated by us," she spoke in a solemn tone.

Even as Kuro found himself at the receiving end of two swords, he remained cool and collected. A smile suddenly spread across his face. "...But I don't _need_ a sword..."

Kuro collected a sphere of Ki in his palms. "...when I've got _this!_ SO-KI-DAN!"

"ORO?! (O_O)" exclaimed Kinko as Kuro pulled a surprise attack seemingly out of nowhere!

Kuro tossed the Ki blast, in which Kinko and Motoko instantly leapt off the stage in defense. But the target of the attack wasn't _them_...

"RRREEEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!" The So-Ki-Dan struck Felicia, who was still standing at the other side of the room! The blast struck her in the middle of her abdomen, causing her to slam hard into the wall, and the front of her outfit to tear open, revealing her large, bouncy assets to everyone!

"BULLSEYE!" exclaimed Kuro as he stared at an injured, dazed, and embaressed Felicia. Aiko immediately ran over to her, and examined her injuries. She _was_ the official doctor of the Asahi Samurai, after all. She was studying to be a real life doctor, having enrolled herself in Japan's most expensive medical school.

As Aiko examined Felicia for any signs of severe injury, she couldn't help but become wet at the sight of Felicia's exposed chest. She fought off the urge to touch Felicia's tits as she stood up and gave her report. "She'll be all right. Her physical condition is very excellent, and she withstood the full brunt of the Ki attack without sustaining injury."

"Domo arigato, Aiko-chan," said Kinko.

At that time, Yugi and company entered the club, after Solomon had ran back and told them what had happened. Kinko and the other Asahi Samurai noticed them enter.

"Oro? Who are you?" asked Kinko.

"My name is Yugi Moto," introduced Yugi.

"I'm Joey Wheeler, and this is my sister, Serenity," said Joey. Serenity nodded.

"You can call me Tristan Taylor," responded Tristan.

"I'm Bakura Ryou," said Bakura.

Miki was preoccupied by the striptease music, which was still playing. She fought back the urge to get up on stage and start stripping. She had done it every night for the past two years, so it felt like supressing a reflex. Bakura looked at her, and she remembered. "Oh, I'm Miki Daikashi."

Iris remained quiet for a few moments before introducing herself. "I-I'm Iris Chateaubriand."

Solomon couldn't introduce himself, he was too busy ogling Honey and Felicia.

Each of the Asahi Samurai then introduced themselves. Kinko then explained their origins and ultimate goal to Yugi and friends. They were surprised at how rich her family's history was!

"Wow...The legendary Battousai The Manslayer...!" said Tristan, one of the few things that had caught his interest in History class.

While everyone was marveling at Kinko's past, three more people appeared at the doorway. In walked Sakura Kinomoto, followed by Syaoran and Meiling.

"TOMOYO-CHAN!" shouted Sakura as she noticed that Tomoyo was in trouble. She struggled to not stare at Yugi, since this was no time to be thinking about him!

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Tomoyo shouted. When she realized that she was about to be rescued by her one true love, she blushed and felt her knees weaken. Sure, she had had her butt saved by Sakura before, but this time she was no longer in denial of her feelings for her.

"I'll save you, Tomoyo!" Sakura said as she ran towards her and Koushiro, readying her staff and a Clow card. Koushiro watched Sakura with interest. He was curious as to see what she was going to do with that staff and card...


Sakura had often underestimated this card, but lately she found it to be quite useful. She was able to defend herself from some horny street thugs that attempted to rape her not too long ago. Of course, she couldn't really blame them. Sakura felt a surge of power overtake her body as the Fight card took effect. She dove in, and punched Koushiro, square in the face!

"ITAAAAIIII!" screeched Koushiro as he doubled back, released Tomoyo from his grip. Sakura ran in, and continued to punch the daylights out of Koushiro!

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OWWWW! HOW THE HELL...OW!...ARE YOU DOING...OW!...THIS...?! OW!" Koushiro said as Sakura continued her assault. Fortunately, Koushiro managed to roll away from her, and leapt up a considerable distance from her. He wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth, and ran in for an attack of his own.

"YOU WANT SOME MORE, NE?!" shouted Sakura, the Fight Card starting to affect her personality somewhat. Koushiro didn't say anything as he dodged several fists from Sakura, until he was able to get in a strong punch of his own, straight to Sakura's gut!

"ITAAIII!" squealed Sakura as she recovered quickly.

As Tomoyo watched Sakura in hand-to-hand combat with Koushiro, she couldn't help but become transfixed on Sakura's chest. She got incredibly wet watching her jiggling braless D-cups, a bit of cleavage sticking out of the top, firm nipples visible through the green fabric. Since Tomoyo was no longer wearing panties, her wetness began to immediately form a small puddle on the floor.

Tomoyo was not the only one becoming aroused by Sakura's breasts. Koushiro himself had become quite erect at the sight, and so had Kuro. Solomon was also aroused, but that's something we don't want to know about. Kuro dropped Honey down onto the stage, and gave her a threatening look, prompting her to stay where she was. He dove off the stage, and joined Koushiro in the fight. Meiling then thought that Sakura was outnumbered.

"She needs my help!" Meiling said as she ran over to Sakura. She kicked off her high heels, since she knew that they would hinder her fighting abilities. The two Yuuhi Ninjas smiled as they ogled the blue-haired Amazon's huge breasts. Sakura gazed over at her bust, growling at the knowledge that Syaoran got to enjoy those delicious goodies all he wanted, when he could be having her own, slightly-smaller goodies.

"Well, well...two against two...this looks fair enough...!" said Kuro.

"That's right! Two against one is _not_ fair!" exclaimed Meiling as she assumed a fighting pose. Sakura assumed a similar pose. "Yeah! Bring it on!" she shouted.

"If you insist...!" said Koushiro, moments before he launched an attack against an unexpecting Sakura. He struck her in the abdomen once again, this time with his foot.

"AAAAAACCCKK...!" Sakura had a little more difficulty in recovering, since she almost had the wind knocked out of her. The Fight Card was proving to be a big drain on her energy, she was already exhausted and sweaty. As for Meiling, she and Kuro were engaged in intense combat, leaping from table to table, with each one of them occasionally dodging each other's attacks. Meiling seemed to be the more skilled fighter, she eventually had Kuro constantly walking backwards defending himself. As Tomoyo watched Meiling, she became twice as wet, watching her perfect tits bounce and jiggle with each movement. In addition to Sakura, Tomoyo also had some powerful feelings towards Meiling. She was already married to Syaoran, but she didn't care. She continued to ogle Sakura and Meiling as they kept sparring against the two Ninjas. She was glad that the camera hidden in her hat was still filming. She most _definitely_ didn't want to miss out on filming something as hot as _this!_ Tomoyo gave in, and starting to lightly massage her pussy.

As Yugi-tachi and the Asahi Samurai watched the battle, they decided not to interfere. It was their fight. However, Syaoran was greatly considering interfering, for fear of his wife getting injured. He still worried a little, even though Meiling could hold her own for quite some time in combat. After all, she knew very little about whom she was fighting. Kuro could end up pulling some dirty manuevers on her at any time. There was little that Syaoran could do, he didn't have his sword or spell tags with him. He felt powerless without them, second to his own spouse.

As Koushiro continued to fight against the busty brown-haired girl, he kept on becoming distracted by her huge, tempting breasts. As he dodged a few more hits from Sakura, he had the perfect plan to help him win this fight. Sakura seemed to be stronger than he was, since he was the physically weakest of the Yuuhi Ninjas. Her power seemed to have something to do with the strange card and staff that she used before the fight. It was obviously some sort of rare and powerful magic. A kind of magic that Lord Itamiou deserved to know about...and ultimately possess.

As Sakura kept up her barrage of punches and kicks, she knew that she would need a bit more strength to win this fight. She released her staff, and another Clow card.


Sakura was overcome with an incredible surge of strength! She felt like she was able to lift an entire planet! Koushiro remained motionless in surprise.

"Huh...?" was the only thing he could say before Sakura attacked him.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...!" screamed Sakura as she delivered an unbelievably strong punch straight in Koushiro's face!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHKKKKKHHH... ...!" screeched Koushiro as Sakura's Clow-boosted punch shattered his nose and a good deal of his teeth! He collapsed on the floor in immeasureable pain.

"THIS IS FOR TRYING TO KIDNAP MY BEST FRIEND!" exclaimed Sakura as she hefted Koushiro above her head, causing her breasts to strain against her tube top erotically.

"HYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...!" With all of her strength, she slammed Koushiro hard as she could into the hard floor!

"IIIIITTAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIII...!" screamed Koushiro as he felt other bones in his body break upon impact. Sakura had slammed him into the floor so hard, it actually left a crater! Sakura leapt on top of him and stomped on his seriously-injured carcass several times. Koushiro only gave a small squeak of pain with each stomp. After that, Sakura got off of Koushiro, and collapsed on the floor. As she recalled the Clow cards, she collapsed in pure exhaustion. Her skin was bathed in perspiration, and all her joints ached. She was panting harder than ever before.

"Oh, God, I'm _so_ tired...!" Sakura said, about to fall asleep. But before she did, she noticed Tomoyo looking down upon her, with a mixed look of relief, joy, and...arousal?

"Oh...domo arigato gozaimasu, Sakura-chan...! (^_^)" Tomoyo said as she gazed over the tired, sweaty body of her ultimate desire. She grew extremely wet as she saw what Koushiro had done to Sakura before he collapsed.

He had pulled down Sakura's tube top! Tomoyo almost lost control as she stared at Sakura's massive, exposed breasts. Oh, how she longed to touch them, to lick them, to squeeze them between her hands!

Sakura wondered why Tomoyo wasn't saying anything. Her eyes looked downwards, where she immediately noticed her naked breasts, her tube top pulled down!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" screamed Sakura as she blushed and sat up, pulling her tube top back over her breasts. She rose to her feet, and looked around. Meiling and Kuro were still trading blows, with Kuro on the defensive, and Meiling at full strength. Kuro was slightly grinning, as if he were planning to do something big.

"Meiling, be careful! It looks like he's thinking about doing something nasty!" warned Sakura. Meiling stopped, and looked over at Sakura. "Huh?"

Kuro stopped as well, but continued grinning. "She's right, 'Meiling'. I _am_ about to do something nasty."

Kuro backed up a little, then gathered a ball of Ki in his hands. The Asahi Samurai recognized it immediately.

"LOOK OUT!" shouted a weakened Felicia.

Before Kuro released his attack, he noticed the sheer tightness of the sexy Chinese gown that Meiling was wearing. It barely seemed to hold her enourmous breasts, as they strained against the blue fabric, her nipples visible. It seemed like her dress could split open at any minute! And that's exactly what was going to happen...


As Sakura saw the attack headed straight for Meiling, she knew that she would very much like to see her suffering in pain for stealing Syaoran from her, perhaps even being killed. But on the other hand, she was still a friend to her, even if she _did_ steal her first true love from her. She knew that Syaoran would be very grateful for saving his wife. She might even get a little something in return for saving Meiling...

Sakura decided to act, as she readied another Clow card.


A shield of energy went up in front of Meiling, intercepting the attack.

"NANI?!" exclaimed Kuro.

Meiling looked over at Sakura. "Huh?"

Unfortunately, this lapse in concentration, allowed Kuro to prepare another Ki attack.

"SO-KI-DAN!" Kuro tried another of the same technique. This time, Meiling was ready. As the attack flew towards her, she jumped out of the way with god-like speed. But she was unaware how the So-Ki-Dan worked.

"OOOOWWWWWWW!" The ball of Ki struck Meiling in her left arm! Kuro uttered a small curse, as he hoped his attack would've blown off her clothes, allowing him to admire her hot, naked body. Meiling inspected her injured arm. The blast had left very little damage, luckily.

"If you think _that_ Ki technique was bad, you probably shouldn't know that I've got _stronger_ Ki techniques!" said Kuro, still full of energy.

"*pant* *pant* Then let's see them! *pant* *pant*" panted Meiling, exhausted as Hell, but still with plenty of strength.

Kuro shrugged. "If you insist...!" Kuro then held his hands apart from each other, and began to concentrate. He, himself, possessed a little bit of Black Magic within him. His ancestor Yukiko was a master of Black Magic, and she often used it to enhance her already-strong swordswomanship. Kuro was proficient with swords and bladed weapons, though he usually left the swordfighting to Hokage. But he used his Black Magic for direct damaging spells. One of his most favorite spells was an offshoot of the Akuma-Ryuu Swordfighting Style, which was founded by Yukiko. Instead of focusing the negative energies into a sword, he formed a large sphere of it, a large bomb. He would toss it, inflicting major damage to its target. The only problem was that it couldn't track the target like the So-Ki-Dan, and it took a lot of his own Ki to execute.

By now, the sphere of dark-colored Ki was the size of a baseball, meaning it was only at one-half power. He looked up at Meiling, who was preparing to dodge the attack, and smiled. "You're going to _love_ this attack, Meiling. It's a mixture of my own Ki and the powers of darkness. Once you're hit with it, you'll either be dead, or wishing you were dead. It's _that_ powerful."

Meiling still remained in the same stance, ready for anything.

"Suit yourself," said Kuro as he noticed that the sphere was getting close to its full size.

As everyone in the room watched the sphere gradually growing larger, they wondered if Meiling would be able to survive such a blast promised by the Yuuhi Ninja. Syaoran was the most worried, of course. Yugi and his friends were still awed by the Chinese girl's endurance and stamina. Kinko and her fellow Samurai were wondering if Meiling's energy had any limits.

Finally, Kuro's attack had reached its full size and potential.

"AKUMA-RYUU-DAN!" exclaimed Kuro as he released the basketball-sized sphere of Ki straight at Meiling. As everyone's eyes widened, Meiling simply smiled. She held out her hands, which were aglow with bright Ki.

"CHI KUNG PAO!" shouted Meiling as she released two wide beams of Ki from her hands, intercepting and stopping the Akuma-Ryuu-Dan in mid-air! Kuro's attack struggled to continue forward, but Meiling's attack eventually became too much for it.

"HYYAAAAAAAAHHHH!" grunted Meiling as she thrust forward powerfully, causing her own attack and the Akuma-Ryuu-Dan to fly straight back at Kuro!

"WHAT THE...?!" exclaimed Kuro just before his own attack struck him! The full power of his strongest technique and Meiling's mystery move combined, delivered a devastating amount of damage to him!

"KYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" screamed Kuro as he was blown clear into the wall. After the smoke cleared, Kuro managed to peel himself out of the wall, severely burned, and shirt burned off.

"*cough* Itai...! This isn't over yet, Miss Meiling...I'm _not_ about to lose twice to a woman in one day!"

"I'm afraid that you're _going to_ lose, vile Ninja!" retorted Meiling, ready for anything.

"No, _you're_ going to lose, Mandarin slut!" declared Kuro as he ran in for another physical assault. He attempted several punches, but Meiling either blocked them with her hands, or dodged them completely. Kuro gave off a primitive growl as he backed up a short distance, preparing for a really strong kick.

"HOYAAHH!" exclaimed Kuro as he was about to strike down Meiling with his kick. But this was where his made his mistake, as Meiling grabbed his ankle!

"NANI...?!" shouted Kuro just before Meiling began to swing him all around by his leg!


Meiling gave a strained grunt with each swing. Finally, with all her Amazonian might, she hurled Kuro full-force into the same wall he had just hit not too long ago!

"ITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII!" screamed Kuro, in pure pain.

"YOU'RE FINISHED!" exclaimed Meiling boldly. It was time for her finishing technique. She held her arms up in the air, closed her eyes, and began to chant a strange Chinese chi spell. As a red Ki aura formed around Meiling, what appeared to be a long, red dragon made of energy went between her hands, forming into a small sphere. Soon, a burning-red flickering ball of Ki appeared between her hands. As Meiling opened her eyes and brought her hands down, the ball changed into what appeared to be a missile.

"DRAGON FIREWORKS ROCKET!" Meiling shouted at the top of her lungs. The rocket took off with a surge of flames from its rear and what sounded like the bellowing roar of an angry dragon. The rocket streaked right for Kuro, who was too weak to move out of the way. Kuro didn't utter a word as the rocket impacted with him, creating a huge and deafening explosion, followed by a dazzling fireworks show! As the light died down, everyone could hear the dragon's roar, gradually fading, then vanishing. Kuro laid there, badly burned, bones shattered. Like Koushiro, he was barely alive.

The entire room erupted in applause, mostly from Yugi and the gang. The Asahi Samurai were astonished at Meiling's performance. Meiling acknowledged the adulation as she slipped her high heels back on. Syaoran ran over to his wife, and hugged her.

"Ling-Ling..." whispered Syaoran. "Ling-Ling" was his pet name for his beloved.

"Ai ren..." Meiling whispered back, as she and Syaoran kissed each other. Sakura was visibly fuming.

Kinko, Aiko, and Motoko walked off the stage, and approached Meiling and Syaoran.

"You fought extremely well, Meiling-san, de gozaru. Perhaps you might consider joining us?" asked Kinko.

"Thanks, but no thanks," declined Meiling, "I've got _enough_ trouble trying to pry Syaoran away from my breasts!"

Syaoran now had his head resting comfortably in Meiling's ample bosom, smiling contently. Watching his own wife engage in a hot, sweaty battle never failed to make him horny. Meiling knew this, and discreetly reached down and confirmed Syaoran's hungry erection. As she squeezed his aroused love rod, Syaoran almost felt like exploding in his pants. He began to return the favor by squeezing Meiling's breasts between his hands, enjoying how round and plump they were.

"*gasp* Oh, ai ren...not here...! *pant* *pant*" Meiling gasped as Syaoran squeezed her tits. Neither lover could take it anymore. Syaoran and Meiling ran out of the club, heading back to their room.

As Sakura watched them depart, she growled with rage. But she was still drained from the effects of her fight with Koushiro, so she couldn't do much about it. Solomon and Joey watched the couple depart, with sighs of disappointment.

Kinko walked over to Sakura. "You did very well too, de gozaru. May I ask for your name?"

"I'm Sakura Kinomoto," responded Sakura.

"That was some very interesting magic you performed with that staff. I am curious to learn more about it," said Aiko, entranced by Sakura's breasts.

"Uh...Well..." Sakura didn't quite know how to summarize the powers of the Clow in as few words as possible. "...I'm...erm... ...not really sure _how_ it works! (^_^)"

Aiko face-faulted.

By that time, Honey had left the stage, and had come back in a pink bathrobe. She was still wearing her high heels. She walked off the stage, and stopped in front of Tomoyo. Tomoyo looked up at the blond bombshell and blushed.

"Oh, uh...Hi, Miss Honey...D-Do you want your clothes back...?" she asked nervously as she offered her "special bag."

Honey declined. "No...You caught them, so you can keep them! They're all yours!"

"Domo arigato!" said Tomoyo as her eyes wandered down Honey's silky legs to her feet, admiring her jet-black high heels. "Hey, can I have your high heels, too? They're...kind of part of the outfit...!"

Honey kicked her high heels off of her cute little feet. "Go ahead! They're not really mine!" Tomoyo took them, and threw them in her bag. She continued staring at Honey, blushing madly. She had gotten extremely aroused from Honey's strip show and the battle involving Sakura and Meiling. Luckily, no one had noticed that Tomoyo's crotch was now leaving a big puddle on the floor, with no panties to contain her wetness. She _had_ to do something about it.

"Um...uh...erm...heh heh...! (^_^)" Tomoyo tried to force the words out of her mouth.

"What is it?" asked Honey.

Tomoyo blurted it out. "Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Honey was taken aback by this. She blushed slightly. "Huh?"

"Do you want to go out with me? M-Maybe tomorrow night...?" repeated Tomoyo.

Honey was silent for several moments. Was this girl a lesbian? She _had_ to be. There was no other explaination. Honey was perfectly straight, but she just couldn't say no!

"So?" asked Tomoyo, a little impatient.

"Uh...sure! I...kind of a date with someone tonight. Tomorrow night'll be great!" said Honey.

Tomoyo felt ecstatic! "Okay! *tee-hee!* (^_^)"

Honey went backstage again, put her normal clothes on, then left for home to prepare for her date in an hour.

Sakura sighed. If Tomoyo had a date, she wanted a date, too! And she knew exactly whom she wanted one with...!

As Yugi and his friends exited the club to go back to the restaurant, Joey and Tristan were talking about Sakura and Meiling, and how they kicked the Yuuhi Ninjas' asses.

"I tell you, if that blue-haired girl wasn't already married, I'd go out with her in an instant!" remarked Tristan.

"And how about that girl in the green tube top? She sure was something!" said Joey, "I think she was looking at me in the restaurant!"

"No, Joey! She was looking at _me_!" insisted Tristan.

But before they could leave the club, Sakura ran in front of them.

"Hey! It's her!" said Joey. However, this time it was more obvious that Sakura was staring at Yugi.

"Uh, hello, Miss...You're...kind of in our way...!" said Yugi. Blushing profusely, Sakura began to speak to her dream boy.

"...Hi, Yugi! ...M-My name is Sakura Kinomoto! I-I'm your biggest fan! I saw you Dueling at Duelist Kingdom and Battle City...!" Sakura was sweating even more, and her pulse was racing. Her tube top was sticking to her skin, accentuating her D-cup tits and hard nipples even more. The eyes of all the men became affixed to this enticing spectacle, and they couldn't help but become greatly turned on.

"Oh...you're a Duelist, too? You must be good if you made it to those tournaments...!" said Yugi, still staring at Sakura's chest.

"Hai...I'm very good...!" said Sakura, starting to noticed everyone staring at her breasts. She wasn't too surprised, since she was aware that she was the sexual fantasy of most of the boys in her class. She stared at Yugi for several moments in silence, until Joey reached a conclusion.

"Hey, Yuge! I think she's staring at _you!_"

"Huh?" Yugi looked at Joey.

"Dude, she _wants_ you!" reiterated Tristan. "She _has the hots_ for you!"

Yugi looked back at Sakura, whose cheeks were now burning with shyness and embaressment. He didn't want to break her heart by telling her that he already had a girlfriend. And he couldn't say nothing at all, because that would make him look like an asshole.

"<She's staring at me! She wants me to say something! I have to say something!>" mentally screamed Yugi. "Sakura...?" he began.

"N-Nani...?" asked Sakura.

Yugi spoke on impulse again. "Would you like to go on a date?" Yugi caught himself just a split-second too late.

Sakura was silent for several moments. Then, with a blissful smile on her face, she fainted right into Yugi's arms.

"Ooh...Yugi, you little charmer, you...!" Tristan said slyly.

"My grandson already has two hot girlfriends! Whataboy! (^_^)" Solomon exclaimed proudly.

Yugi decided that it was best to take her back to her room to recover. Yugi and Joey carried Sakura down the road, followed by Tristan, Bakura, Miki, Serenity, Iris, and Tomoyo. Solomon tagged along after paying the bill at the restaurant. The only ones left in the strip club were the three Asahi Samurai, a still-recovering Felicia, and the unconscious bodies of the two Yuuhi Ninjas. Aiko had assured Kinko and Motoko that the Yuuhi Ninjas were going to survive. She even promised full recovery of Felicia, whom she had kindly given a blanket, pillow, and ice packs for the pain. When Felicia inquired about new clothes, Aiko blushed and said that she had no extra clothing to give to her. The smile on Aiko's face as she told her that made Felicia feel worse, and more humiliated. Aiko decided to stay behind, while Kinko and Motoko went back to their rooms. They _were_ participating in the tournament, after all. However, Felicia was insistent on being moved to a more comfortable place to rest. So all three of the Samurai had to carry Felicia all the way back to their own room. They unanimously decided to leave the Yuuhi Ninjas where they were, since they did not deserve the luxury of being kindly cared for.




Syaoran and Meiling ran down the hallway to their room, unlocked the door, and ran in. As the door slammed shut behind them, they were already on the bed, shoes already removed. Syaoran removed his own shirt, then got to work on undoing Meiling's dress. When it was undone, Meiling pulled it off, and threw it across the room. Since she was standing up, Syaoran had an awesome view of her sexy, knockout figure. Her double-D cup breasts were straining against the material of her plain white bra, and Syaoran often wondered why she even bothered to wear a bra. Her matching panties hugged her lower areas tightly, exposing the shape of her cunt and ass. As soon as Meiling undid her bra, it literally sprung off her immense breasts! Meiling giggled slightly when this happened.

After taking off his pants, Syaoran dove in and started playing with Meiling's tits. He took her diamond-hard pink nipple in his mouth, and sucked with great fervor. He squeezed both orbs in his hands as he began to suck and lick her other nipple.

"*pant* *pant* Ohhh...ai ren...! *pant* *pant*" panted Meiling. Out of all things, she enjoyed having her breasts licked, squeezed, and fondled by Syaoran the most. Her pussy was already very damp, oozing wetness through her panties. She just _had_ to be touched down there! She endured another minute of Syaoran's breastplay, after which it felt like she would cum in her panties.

"Ai ren...*pant* *pant*...please...take off my panties and lick my pussy...! *pant* *pant*" begged the horny Chinese girl.

Obediently, Syaoran removed himself from Meiling's bosom, and went down to her wet panties. He slowly pulled them down, the crotch of the panties leaving a string of wetness from Meiling's pussy. When they were down to her knees, he let them drop, and Meiling kicked them away. Syaoran smiled hungrily as he stared at her wet shaven pussy.

"Mmmmmm...!" smiled Syaoran as he spread Meiling's love petals, and began to lick at her little pink clit.

"Ohh, that's it...*moan* *gasp*...lick my pussy...*pant* *pant* *pant*...lick it more...!" moaned Meiling as she began to squeeze her own breasts and flick her own nipples. Meiling loved her breasts. She took pride in having a bigger bust than anyone else she knew. As Syaoran ate deeper into her slit, he closed his eyes and savored the taste of his wife's wetness. He often saw Meiling's sweet wetness as an appetizer for her even-sweeter girlcum. As Meiling felt Syaoran go deeper, she played with her breasts harder, jiggling them and pinching her nipples hard. She could feel her knees becoming weaker with each lick of Syaoran's tongue.

As for Syaoran, his hardened cock wanted out of his underwear more than anything. Still, he kept on eating Meiling out. The sensations soon became too much for Meiling, and her shaky knees gave out, collapsing her on the bouncy bed onto her small butt.

"Aaahh! Oohhh...! *gasp* (^_^)" cooed Meiling as she recovered from the fall, and began to play with her huge breasts again. Syaoran chuckled, and buried his face in Meiling's pussy again. As he enjoyed his sweetheart's wetjuice, he couldn't help but become distracted by Meiling fondling her own breasts. His manhood strained even more against his underpants as he saw Meiling jiggling her two globes up and down, her nipples fully hardened and being pinched and tweaked by her fingers. It made Syaoran want to attack her tits again. But he didn't, he just continued to enjoy her wet cunt, which was getting _very_ close to an orgasm. Syaoran could tell, since Meiling had her long, sexy legs wrapped around his back, drawing him as close as possible to her highly-aroused sex. It was her own special way of telling him to finish the job that he started. And it seemed that he was done when Meiling let out a loud screech of pleasure.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH! OH, AI REN! I'M CUUUUMMMIIINNGG! HYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...!" screamed Meiling as she came, her love juice spraying right into Syaoran's mouth and face. As she orgasmed, she squeezed her breasts really hard, causing Syaoran's dick to throb with great impatience. Syaoran closed his eyes, letting the sweet taste of Meiling's cum invade his senses. He just couldn't get enough of the taste of honey.

Normally, this would be the time during their usual act of intercourse that Meiling would give Syaoran oral sex. But both were so horny, that they just wanted to skip right ahead to the "main course"...!

"*pant* *pant* *pant* Please, ai ren...FUCK ME NOW! OH, SYAORAN, GIVE IT TO ME!" pleaded Meiling.

Without hesitating, Syaoran stood up, and stripped off his briefs, allowing Meiling to view his erected manhood. Although it was normal-sized, Meiling always saw it as gigantic.

"Anything you want, Ling-Ling...!" said Syaoran as he laid Meiling down on the bed, and positioned himself at her love hole.

"No, please, let me be on top!" requested Meiling. Syaoran laid down, and Meiling positioned herself over Syaoran's cock. She began to lower her tight pussy onto Syaoran's cock. Having already been penetrated for the first time by Syaoran, Meiling didn't worry as her pussy completely engulfed Syaoran's dick. As both of them let out a small moan, Meiling began to drive herself up and down Syaoran's rod.

"*moan* *gasp* *pant* *pant* Oh, ai ren! *moan* *pant* *pant* *pant*" uttered Meiling as her tight wet snatch slid up and down Syaoran's hard cock. As much as she wanted to touch and play with her breasts, she decided to let them bounce freely, as to drive Syaoran insane with lust. Syaoran was driven insane indeed, as he just couldn't take his eyes off of Meiling's breasts, bouncing with abandon. He tried to take control of the fucking, but Meiling had him pinned down completely underneath her violently thrashing figure. So he decided to just relax and enjoy the experience, occasionally bucking his hips upwards. Whenever he did this, it sent a big wave of pleasure throughout Meiling's body from her hot cunt, causing Meiling to squeal cutely.

As Syaoran watched his wife ride his hot rod up and down with vigor, he reflected on how the two of them had gotten together. Their entire marriage had been planned by their two families when they were just kids. Of course, they were technically cousins, but they didn't care. It was a very touch choice for Syaoran, deciding between listening to his family and choosing Meiling, or following his heart and choosing Sakura. His family won out in the end. Still, he couldn't help but wonder at times what his life would be like if had chosen Sakura. He'd probably miss out on the great sex from Meiling, but there was no telling how good Sakura might've been in bed. She might've been better than Meiling! Alas, that would most likely be something that he would never know. So he often did his best not to think about it.

Syaoran stopped reflecting on the past and resumed focusing on the present when he saw that Meiling was now laying on top of him, her nipples caressing his bare chest, her pussy still going up and down on his length. He found himself caught in one of the luscious Amazon's lovely kisses. He closed his eyes and fully got into it. The two enjoyed their kiss until they finally felt the early signs of orgasm.

"*gasp* Oh, Ling-Ling...I-I THINK I'M GOING TO CUM...! *moan*" screamed Syaoran as he broke off the kiss.

"*moan* AI REN, I'M GOING TO CUM, TOO! *pant* *pant* Oooh...! OOOOH...! YES! OH, _YES!_ SSSSYYYYYYAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAAANNNNN...!" screeched Meiling as she arched her back in orgasm, the sight of her tits jutting out driving Syaoran over the edge.

"LLLLLIIIIIIIIIINNNNGGG-LLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGG...! " exclaimed Syaoran as he released his cum straight into Meiling's pussy, at the same time Meiling came her honey all over his dick. Spent, the two lovers started to fall asleep.

"Syaoran...wuo ai ni...!" whispered Meiling, kissing her husband.

"Wuo ai ni, Ling-Ling..." replied Syaoran, just before they fell asleep, still "joined at the hip."




Over in the assigned room of the Asahi Samurai, Felicia was resting comfortably on the bed, almost obscured by blankets and ice packs. She knew that Aiko was exaggerating her injuries for some reason that she couldn't comprehend. Still, she enjoyed being pampered to like this. The three Samurai girls were going about their casual business: Kinko was watching T.V and stuffing her face with various goodies; Aiko was reading; and Motoko was practicing her swordswoman skills. Aiko looked over at Kinko, who was in a nearly-vegetative state watching a movie on the boob tube, eating some sort of cheese-flavored snack treat. Felicia was watching the movie, though it wasn't exactly her favorite type of movie. She smiled, as she realized that she had the power to watch whatever the Hell she wanted...

"Hey, could you please change the channel? I _hate_ this movie!" complained Felicia.

Kinko looked over he shoulder at Felicia. "Awww! But this is 'Zombire III: Sayonara To The Skin'! It's one of the best Zombire films ever!" whined Kinko. Despite her dislike of murdering other people, Kinko couldn't get enough of those violent, gory horror films!

Aiko looked up from her book. "Why do you like those dumb films, anyway? You _hate_ killing!"

"I _do_ hate killing! But this is just a movie! It's all fake! They don't really die!" chuckled Kinko. "Besides, Tristan Lancaster, that guy who replaced What's-His-Name for the third movie is a real hunk, de gozaru! (^_^)"

Aiko sweatdropped. "If only the Yuuhi Ninjas knew that you acted this way behind everybody's backs...!"

Kinko ignored her and Felicia, and went back to the movie. Aiko tried to get back to her book, but there was something on her mind that was bothering her.

"<What's wrong with me? I can't get the image of that black-haired girl out of my mind!>" Aiko thought as she tried to rid the image of Tomoyo out of her mind. But it was no use, no matter what techniques she tried. She admitted it. She desired Tomoyo. She was a lesbian, though that was something that she had been admitting to herself for quite a while. She also admitted to having a small crush on Kinko and Motoko. She kept reading, with Tomoyo still on the brain.

Felicia had regained plenty of her strength, yet she decided to act weak for a little while longer. She was starting to enjoy this humiliating treatment of her.

"Hey, can I pretty please get something to drink over here! I still feel terrible!" requested Felicia.

Aiko answered her. "Okay, Miss...What was your name again...?"

"I'm Felicia. Felicia Neko," answered Felicia.

"Felicia Neko...That's a pretty name. What would you like to drink?" Aiko asked as she went over to the refridgerator.

"Oh, I don't know...How about some Diet Pepsi? Do you have any of that?" Felicia said, lifting her head a little bit off the pillow.

Aiko checked. "No...all that's in here is regular Pepsi, and a 2-liter bottle of Coke. Man, whoever originally owned this room must be a _real_ caffeine freak!"

"*sigh* Okay, then just give me a regular Pepsi," said Felicia. Aiko took a can out, opened it, and began to pour it in a cup with ice. "Too much caffeine can lead to insomnia and hyperactivity! Plus the sugar and acids in soft drinks can cause tooth decay!" Aiko was a real health nut, which sometimes got on Kinko's nerves.

Aiko poured a full glass, and gave it to Felicia. "Domo arigato," thanked Felicia as she took a sip of the Pepsi.

"You know, a glass of water or some juice might've been healthier," suggested Aiko as she set the can down on the bedside table.

"Uh-huh..." nodded Felicia as she took another sip and set the cup down next to the can. She laid back down on the bed, not caring that her big breasts weren't covered. She was very proud of her ravishing good looks, and enjoyed flaunting them. She was still wearing what was left of her outfit, just the back portion, skirt, and crotch. In fact, she often enjoyed lounging around her apartment nude. She was glad that her roommate Yaku enjoyed doing the same.

As Aiko tried to continue reading and tried not to think about Tomoyo, she found herself with a _new_ challenge: Trying not to stare at Felicia's tits! She dropped her book on the floor, and smiled lustfully.

"<Kami-sama...those breasts are so fucking sexy...!>" thought Aiko, her pussy already damp. She desperately wanted to go over and touch them, but she just couldn't! As she stared blankly at the two massive mounds, Felicia took notice and grinned evilly. Yawning, she stretched her arms up in the air, causing her breasts to look even more tempting, and her flat belly to look sexier. Aiko almost felt like cumming in her panties!

Felicia then brought her hands down over her breasts, running over her soft pink nipples, causing them to instantly harden. "Ooooh...I'm so sexy...!" giggled Felicia. She looked over at Aiko, who was completely zoned out and shaking with lust. Her breathing was heavy, her nipples hard through her dress, and Felicia could detect her womanly scent in the air. It did not take much to get Aiko good and horny. This was one of the dirty activities that Felicia liked to perform in the women's locker room at the Community Center, which strangely had a great number of lesbian women. She'd lay down on the bench, and tease them all by playing with herself, slowly stripping off her clothes, and moaning out loud. She'd watch them strain under the pressure to masturbate, until they finally exploded in their underwear. She occasionally did this along with Yaku, although Yaku was a bit more shy about pleasuring herself in front of others. Once she even managed to sneak into the men's locker room and did the same thing without getting caught. But she decided to stick with the women's locker room afterwards, since she found out the hard way that men have less self-control than women. It took two hours in the shower to wash all the cum off of her body. This was one of the rare instances that Yaku had come along, and Yaku seemed to have the time of her life there.

Wanting to take the torture of Aiko further, Felicia pouted and looked down at her skirt. "I hate clothes!" she exclaimed. "Aiko-chan, could you please help me take off this stupid outfit?"

Aiko was silent with disbelief. A beautiful girl asked _her_ to help her remove her clothing?! She just _had_ to be dreaming!

"Uh, sure! (^_^)" Aiko stood up, her pussy flowing with juices, and walked over to Felicia. Overcome with lust, and deciding that Felicia's outfit was ruined beyond repair, Aiko grabbed Felicia's one-piece outfit by the skirt. With one powerful pull, Felicia was completely naked. Since Felicia wasn't wearing any panties, Aiko could see Felicia's hairless womanhood. Aiko nearly lost control!

"Mmmm...Arigato, Aiko-chan!" said Felicia as she ran her hand over her pussy. That did it for Aiko.

"*gasp!* Ohhhhhhhhh...! (^_^)" sighed the brown-haired girl as she collapsed on the floor, climaxing in her panties. The sound of their teammate hitting the floor caught the attention of Kinko and Motoko, who stopped their activities and ran over to her side.
"AIKO-CHAN!" shouted Motoko.

"Aiko! Wake up!" shouted Kinko as she shook Aiko, who came around after a few shakes. She looked Kinko in the eyes. "Nani...?"

"You fell over! Are you all right?" asked a concerned Kinko.

"Hai...I'm fine..." Aiko had a squishy feeling in her panties. She could also smell her own love aroma surrounding her. She blushed deeply as she realized what she had just did. "...But I think I just soiled myself."

Felicia found it hard to surpress her amusement.

"That's okay, Aiko-chan. You have nothing to be ashamed of, de gozaru," comforted Kinko, "You just go into the bathroom and wash up."

Felicia's ears perked up. She sat up, and took a big drink of Pepsi. "Hey, you know, a new bathhouse just opened a couple of weeks ago. You can go there and wash up!"

"Hey, yeah! Let's _all_ take a bath there!" beamed Kinko.

"Sure, why not?" agreed Aiko.

"Yeah, I've got all the Zombire films on DVD! I can watch them whenever I want!" said Kinko, turning off the TV.

The three female Samurai got their personal toiletry items, and headed out the door to the bathhouse. Felicia chugged down her soda straight from the can and followed them, still in the buff.




A few doors down, Sakura Kinomoto was just starting to wake up in her room. Tomoyo, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Miki, Serenity, Solomon, and Iris were waiting in the same room.

"Huh...Wha...?" a confused and dazed Sakura uttered.

"Hey, everybody! She's awake!" alerted Tomoyo, who had been watching Sakura the entire time she had been out. Everyone walked over to the bedside just as Sakura sat up.

"What happened? Why am I back in my room?" asked Sakura.

"You fainted, Sakura," said Tomoyo, "and we brought you back here to recover."

"Oh. Domo arigato..." Sakura then found herself staring at Yugi. She immediately started blushing again. "...I...guess I now have a date with my dream boy! *giggle* (^_^)"

Yugi started blushing, as well. "Yeah, about that..." Yugi briefly considered telling Sakura the truth, but he decided against it at the last second. He didn't want to break a fangirl's heart. He _had_ to go out with her. Besides, Téa wasn't there right now...!

"Do you want to go out right now?" asked Yugi. He knew that if Akira had gone out after Téa, chances were that they might return sometime soon. He had to get it over with as soon as possible. If Téa saw him with Sakura, he didn't want to think about the end result...!

Sakura was overjoyed! "Sure!" she exclaimed as she stood up. She started to consider a change of clothes, since her current outfit was filthy with dried sweat. But then she remembered that a tube top would be easier to remove during lovemaking. "Let's go, Yugi! (^_~)"

"Uh, okay...!" Yugi and Sakura walked towards the door.

"WAIT! SAKURA!" shouted Tomoyo, as she tried to run over to her. But she ended up tripping over something on the floor!
"AACCK...! Itai...!" groaned Tomoyo as she got back to her feet. She looked behind herself to see what she had tripped on.

It was Solomon Moto.

"Hello, Miss Daidouji! (^_^)" grinned Solomon. "No panties, ne...?"

"EEEEEKK!" screamed Tomoyo as she stomped the old man in the face!

"NYOOOWWWWWW...!" Solomon shouted with pain, as his nose was nearly flattened. He stood up as Tomoyo ran over to Sakura.

"What is it, Tomoyo-chan?" asked Sakura.

Tomoyo wanted to blurt out her feelings towards Sakura right away, but she just couldn't. There was something, or rather someone on her mind that prevented her from doing so. It was that brown-haired Samurai girl from the strip club, Aiko Shinyou.

"... ... ... ...Nothing, Sakura. Go ahead on your date with Yugi," sighed Tomoyo, depressed and a little angry.

"Okay. Sayonara, Tomoyo," said Sakura as she and Yugi left.

"...Sayonara, Sakura," Tomoyo said as the door slammed behind them. Of course, Sakura couldn't hear her.




At that moment in Yugi's room, Fuu had just awoken. She sat up, confused as Hell and with a throbbing headache.

"Where am I...? ...Ow, my head...!" Fuu groaned in pain, clutching her head like a certain Anime waterfowl. She looked down at her body, and noticed that she was fully clothed in her Momobara Technical sailor fuku. She had a decent memory of the time she was under mind-control, though there were considerable gaps. It all felt like a very vivid dream.

"Oh, Kami...did I _really_ do all those terrible things...?!" Fuu's eyes watered at the memory of what Itamiou and the Yuuhi Ninjas forced her to do: Have forced lesbian sex with Juri Arisugawa; Duel Yugi Moto, and masturbating in front of him the entire time; and mostly, being naked the entire time.

Fuu sighed. In order to feel clean again, she would have to apologize to Juri and Yugi. But she also needed to do something about her headache. She went into the bathroom, and found some aspirin in the medicine cabinet. She swallowed two pills, already starting to feel a little better afterwards. She then exited the room, unknowingly leaving the safety of Akira's shield.




As soon as Fuu exited the room, she saw what appeared to be Yugi coming down the hall with another girl.


Yugi and Sakura saw her, and ran up to her. "Fuu? You're awake already?" wondered Yugi.

"Hai," answered Fuu. She took a deep breath. "Yugi...Gomen nasai...I'm sorry for all that Itamiou forced me to do...I'm sorry that I masturbated in front of you...!"

"That's all right, Fuu. You were underneath Itamiou's mind control. You had no choice but to obey him," said Yugi.

"Hai...Thank you for forgiving me...*sniff*...and thank you for rescuing me...*sob*..." All the emotion involved brought tears to Fuu's eyes. She gave Yugi a small hug. Yugi's eyes went wide, and he felt another erection starting to form. Sakura wasn't angry or jealous at all, since she knew that this girl was merely apologizing for her wrongdoings. As soon as Fuu released Yugi from the hug, she pulled out her deck, and pulled out two cards from it.

"Here, Yugi. You defeated me in that Duel, and in accordance with Itamiou's rules, you're entitled to two of my rarest cards," Fuu said as she offered her Kazejin and Angelic Wind Sniper to Yugi. Her Seal of The Winds Ritual, Windom, and Midorioukoku cards were completely out of the question, since only she had the ability to use them properly.

Yugi took the cards, and looked at them. "Domo arigato," he said as he put them in his deck.

Fuu looked around. "So, where are Umi and the others?" Fuu then recovered a memory of Umi falling down the shaft, along with Téa. "...Oh, right. She's probably in the Shadow Void with Téa," Fuu said, sounding a little worried.

"She and Téa _did_ fall into the Shadow Void, but Akira said that he doubted it. He, Hokage, and Utena just went to go rescue them," said Yugi, "However, my other friends are in that room over there," Yugi pointed at Sakura's room.

"Oh. Arigato," said Fuu as she headed toward's Sakura's room. Yugi and Sakura continued walking down the hallway, towards the stairs.




On the quiet, desolate streets of Momobara, Lord Itamiou had decided to go check out the tavern/strip show himself, to see what could possibly be exciting enough as to detain the Yuuhi Ninjas. Maria, Koushiro's "pet," was be dragged around by him by her chain, which Koushiro had left back in the castle's dungeon while he Dueled. He could've checked on them via a viewing portal, but he thought that an "evening constitutional" would be a good idea. He often ran into male Duelists in which to defeat and steal cards from; and female Duelists in which to defeat, steal cards from, rape, and possibly capture.

Passing by Momobara Park, the very park in which he first ran into Utena Tenjo, he decided to take a little trek through it.




Deep within the park, on a bench, sat three young, beautiful schoolgirls. Two of the girls were from Momobara High School, whose sailor fukus were surprisingly similar to the ones used at Momobara Technical Institute. The third was a middle-schooler, with a slightly different fuku. The first girl, Tenko Amanogawa, had pitch-black hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes, glasses, and had a killer figure. The second girl, Hatoko Hanagata, was a taller, thin girl with long brown hair and green eyes. The third, Miryuu Sen, was a petite girl with curly purple hair and blue eyes. A cute, big blue bow sat in her hair. Miryuu was only thirteen, yet she already had _huge_ breasts!

"Tenko-chan, what are we doing here at this time of night?! It's _way_ too dangerous, what with those 'Yuuhi Ninjas' lurking around!" asked a nervous Hatoko.

Tenko looked up at Hatoko from her schoolbook. "This is the only place that I can do my schoolwork in peace and quiet! My younger brother Seiya always likes to play his heavy metal music whenever I'm trying to concentrate on something!"

"Well, why don't you just lay down the law? Go into his room and take away his CD player until you're done!" suggested Hatoko.

"I can't! I've tried it before, and my brother always throws a temper tantrum and tattles on Mom!" was Tenko's response. She sighed, and looked up at the partly-cloudy nighttime sky. "If only my older sisters and brother hadn't gone to college over in the Japanese mainland...!"

Hatoko remembered seeing one of Tenko's sisters on TV not too long ago. "Oh! Your sister Mikage is a news reporter in Tokyo, right?"

Tenko nodded as she went back to her schoolwork, her source of light being a streetlight. "Hai. But I haven't heard from Akari or Toushi lately..."

As the conversation ended, Hatoko and Miryuu found themselves scared of the night's darkness again.

"Tenko-chan, do we _have_ to be here?" asked a frightened Miryuu.

"Hey, I have to have _someone_ to keep me company out here!" said Tenko, causing Hatoko and Miryuu to face-fault. "And if those so-called 'Yuuhi Ninjas' appear and challenge us, we'll be evenly matched!" Tenko held up her deck, with her Dark Magician card on top. She saw Yugi Moto and Utena Tenjo as her idols, so she was overjoyed when she found a Dark Magician in a booster pack.

Miryuu held up her deck, admiring her strongest card, which she had just achieved today. "Wow, I can't believe I actually beat that stupid green-haired baka from Ohtori Academy!"

Miryuu had ran into Saionji Kyouichi on the street shortly after the _Daihana Maru_ arrived. Both Duelists had wagered their rarest card. Saionji couldn't believe that he lost to a little girl! When Saionji exclaimed that fact out loud, Miryuu kicked him in the shin, and slapped him in the face. After surrendering his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, he left the area without another word.

Miryuu hugged her deck, her new Blue-Eyes on top. "Mmm...Blue-Eyes White Dragon...!" The B.E.W.D. was Miryuu's favorite and most sought-after Duel Monster. That was mostly because her idol was Seto Kaiba.

Hatoko looked at her own deck, with her rarest card, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Since _her_ idol was Joey Wheeler, she thought that it was appropriate. She was often teased about this in school, though she often defended herself by saying that she picked realistic goals, and so did Joey Wheeler. But sometimes, they would revert to the childish "Hatoko and Joey, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G," causing Hatoko to cry. Whenever this happened, she was eventually comforted by Tenko, whom she had been best friends with since childhood. They were so close as friends, both of them were occasionally subjected to a modified version of Hatoko's taunt, "Hatoko and Tenko." That type of insult got Tenko extremely mad, since both her and Hatoko were 100% heterosexual. Once, this provoked Hatoko into asking, "Tenko-chan, if we _were_ gay, would we be in love with each other?" Tenko answered, "No, Hatoko-chan. Even if we _were_ lesbians, we'd still remain friends." Then they both hugged each other as a platonic gesture, which they often did.

As Tenko continued her schoolwork, Hatoko knew that she had already finished her assigned homework at home, making her a useful asset to Tenko. "Tenko, can I help you with your assignment? I already finished mine." Being an only child, Hatoko had no other siblings to pester her while she did her homework or other projects in her room.

"No, Hatoko," refused Tenko, "Otherwise, I'll get a good grade that I didn't deserve." Tenko saw cheating as the most dishonorable thing that a person could do.

"Oh, okay." Hatoko went back to staring at the sky. Staring at the sky always relaxed her. She suddenly felt something land against her left shoulder. It was Miryuu, fast asleep. Hatoko put her arm around her, holding her closer, keeping her warm. Hatoko was feeling almost completely at ease...




As Itamiou wandered by the same area in the park where he originally encountered Utena, he began to once again relish the thought of forcefully taking Utena, and fucking her until nothing else mattered to her. Eventually, Utena, Sakura and Téa would want nothing else, other than to be fucked by him even more.

As he paused to enjoy this thought, his eyes noticed a group of three schoolgirls sitting on a nearby bench! Itamiou could hardly believe that these girls lacked the common sense to stay out of his way like all the other girls in the kingdom! Itamiou was ecstatic!

His trademark lecherous grin on his face, Itamiou approached the girls.




As Tenko focused completely on her schoolwork, her mind a steel trap, she began to sense the presence of someone else. Hatoko could also sense the presence, and she saw the approaching figure before Tenko did.

"T-Tenko-chan...? S-Someone's coming...!" Hatoko said as she shook Tenko by the shoulder. Tenko looked up, and saw the same thing. Hatoko's feelings of ease and serenity had vanished completely.

"Wh-Who goes there...?!" shouted Tenko, putting aside her schoolwork and standing up. Miryuu awoke, and sat up.

"*yawn* What's going on...?" yawned Miryuu as she leapt off the bench. She saw the mysterious, shady figure, and began to shiver with fear.

"AAAAAAHHH!" screamed Miryuu, "Who are you...?!"

The figure walked into the streetlight. All three schoolgirls were now trembling with fright, as they knew who the mystery man was.

It was Lord Itamiou.

"Well, well, well...If it isn't three hot, young schoolgirls breaking curfew...!" Itamiou said evilly. Tenko, Hatoko, and Miryuu's faces were as white as a sheet, knees shaking. "If I may have your names...?"

"I-I'm Tenko Amanogawa," said Tenko.

"I'm Miryuu Sen," introduced Miryuu.

"I...I'm...I'm...H-Hatoko Hanagata," said Hatoko, who looked as if she were about to faint. "G-G-G-Gomen nasai, Lord Itamiou-sama...! W-W-W-We'll just be getting home now...! (^_^)" Hatoko said, as she tried to run off. But as she tried to escape, she felt someone grabbing her by the arm. She shrieked and spun around, finding Tenko restraining her!

"Hey! What are you doing, Tenko-chan?! We've got to get out of here! This man will capture us, and do God-knows-what to us!" Hatoko said as she tried to pull away.

"We're not going anywhere! This man kidnapped Utena-sama!" said Tenko as she pulled out her deck. "We must defeat him, and free her!"

Itamiou scowled, as he remembered how Utena escaped from him. "That's right! I _did_ kidnap Utena! And I'll also kidnap _you_, when _you_ lose to _me!_ WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Itamiou held up his Millenium Sword, which released a brilliant flash of light. When the light faded, the three girls found themselves at one end of a giant Dueling arena! Each of them had one consule in front of them, while Itamiou just had his one consule.

"What the...?!" exclaimed Hatoko, totally freaked out.

"I think this is supposed to be a Dueling arena...except we each have our own consule, and Itamiou just has one!" observed Tenko.

"Very observant, Little Miss Schoolgirl. This Duel shall be played three against one! You three girls, against me, Lord Itamiou! HA HA HA HA HA!" laughed Itamiou as he readied his deck. Tenko and Miryuu followed suit, then looked at Hatoko, who was still scared stiff.

"HATOKO-CHAN! Get your deck ready!" shouted Tenko.

Hatoko came around. "AAH! Oh, gomen...!" Hatoko took out her deck and shuffled it, and put it down on the consule. All four consules activated.

"As in my tournament, I shall play with 6,000 Life Points. However, since there are three of you, the 6,000 Life Points shall be divided evenly amongst you! When one of your Life Points reaches zero, you're out of the Duel!"



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 2000

Itamiou: 6000



"When all of you are out of Life Points, I'll win the Duel, and you'll all be the property of _me!_ WHA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Hey! Th-That's not fair! You get six thousand, yet we only get two thousand?!" complained Hatoko.

"It's perfectly fair, Hatoko. Together, we have a combined 6,000 Life Points," said Tenko. One of the few things about Hatoko that irritated Tenko was her tendency to whine and complain about the littlest things.

"Two thousand Life Points, six thousand Life Points, one million Life Points, I don't care! With my new Blue-Eyes White Dragon in my deck, I can't lose! (^_^)" bragged Miryuu.

The mention of one of the world's rarest cards caught Itamiou's attention. "So, you have that so-called 'fifth Blue-Eyes White Dragon', ne? Well, compared to _my_ strongest monster, the Blue-Eyes is as weak as a Kuriboh!"

After a few moments of thought, Tenko realized what Itamiou was talking about. "Y-You mean...that you're using King Kireihana's Five God Dragon...?!"

[A.N: I'll be referring to the Mythic Dragon as that from now on, since I've found out that is its real name, okay?]

Itamiou chuckled and nodded. "Hai. And not even Utena Tenjo could defeat it! And if _she_ couldn't defeat it, _you_ don't have a chance in Hell! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Yeah...Well, together, we'll find a way to bring it down! Challenging all three of us at the same time was _very_ unwise!" said Tenko.

"I think not! Challenging all of you at the same time was _indeed_ wise! This way, I'll be able to claim you all much faster! Now, let's Duel!"





Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 2000

Itamiou: 6000



Having the first move, Tenko drew.

"I play one monster face-down, and end my turn," Tenko said as she set a monster face-down on the field. Now it was Hatoko's turn. She drew, still trembling with fear.

"I summon Tiger Dragon in Defense mode, plus one other card face-down." Hatoko summoned a medium-sized orange dragon with black stripes, sharp spikes, and golden eyes.







Hatoko played a card face-down in the Spell/Trap zone. Now it was Miryuu's turn as she drew.

"I summon Hitotsu-Me Giant in Attack mode, plus another card face-down!" Miryuu played her monster in Attack position, along with another card.







Now it was finally Itamiou's turn. He drew, then assessed the situation out loud.

"Tenko, you have played your monster face-down. A good strategic move. Hatoko, your monster is defending as well, yet it is face-up. And Miryuu, your monster is in Attack mode! You must want me to attack, so you can activate that face-down card!" Itamiou held up his monster. "Well, my monster will take advantage of that in a big way! I summon Eri Mondos!"

Itamiou summoned a small silver robot with a large green electric eye, and two large arms with gripper claws at the end.







"Eri Mondos, show them your special ability!"

Eri Mondos reached out with its claws, then grabbed Hatoko's and Miryuu's face-down cards, then withdrew its arms. It then squeezed the two cards until they exploded!

"Oh-no!" cried Miryuu.

"Its special ability destroys opponent's face-down cards?" asked Tenko.

"Oh, no! It destroys all of my opponent's face-down cards, then it gains 500 Attack points for each destroyed card for the rest of the turn!"

Eri Mondos sucked up the remains of the cards, and gained ATK points.







"And now, Eri Mondos, destroy the Hitotsu-Me Giant! Cyberflash Attack!"

Eri Mondos took out Miryuu's monster with a powerful green beam.



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 6000



"And before I end my turn, I'll play two cards face-down." Itamiou did so.

Tenko drew her card, and smiled.

"<Dragon Capture Jar! This'll be useful if Itamiou gets the Five God Dragon out!>" thought Tenko as she played the card face-down. "I play this one card face-down, and end my turn."

Now that it was Hatoko's turn, she slowly drew her card, still consumed by fear.

"I...summon Swordsman of Landstar in Defense mode!" Hatoko summoned her monster face-up.







Hatoko looked at the Skull Dice Trap card in her hand. She knew that Joey Wheeler used the Skull Dice and Graceful Dice cards in his deck along with the Swordsman of Landstar.

"I also play this card face-down!" Hatoko played Skull Dice face-down on the field. She looked over at Miryuu, whom she hoped would play something that would take out Itamiou's monster. Miryuu drew, already planning a brilliant stragety.

"I summon Ruby Dragon in Attack mode!" Miryuu exclaimed as she summoned her monster.







"Ruby Dragon, destroy Eri Mondos! Ruby Flame Breath!" Miryuu gave the command to attack, and Ruby Dragon released shiny red flames at Itamiou's Eri Mondos, destroying it! Luckily for her, neither of Itamiou's two face-down cards could be used at this point.



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 5400



"I also play this card face-down!" said Miryuu as she played a card face-down in the S/T Zone.

Now it was Itamiou's turn. He looked at the card he just drew.

"I play one monster in Defense mode, and that will be all that I do," Itamiou said as he played the card in face-down Defense position.

After drawing, Tenko smiled.

"<The Stern Mystic! We can find out what Itamiou's face-down cards are!> I play another monster in Defense mode, and that will be it," Tenko played the monster face-down, and ended her turn.

Hatoko drew, shrugged, and decided to just summon a weak monster for her turn. "I summon Monster Egg in Defense mode."







As for Miryuu, she was planning to take the offensive!

"I summon Vorse Raider in Attack mode!" Miryuu declared as she summoned her monster.







Miryuu knew that if you destroyed your opponent's only monster with your weakest monster, your stronger monster could then attack your opponent's Life Points directly!

"RUBY DRAGON, DESTROY HIS FACE-DOWN MONSTER WITH RUBY FLAME BREATH!" boldly commanded Miryuu. Ruby Dragon obeyed, but Itamiou's face-down monster sprung face-up, activating a lethal Flip Effect!







As an ugly one-eyed black ghost shot out of a stone jar and took the attack, Tenko knew what it was, and what it did. "No! Miryuu-chan, you've attacked a Morphing Jar!"

Itamiou grinned. "That's right, Tenko-chan! When a Morphing Jar is flipped face-up, all players must discard their entire hands to the Graveyard, and then draw five new cards!" Itamiou discarded his hand, which had nothing that he needed, and drew five new cards. He looked at his new cards: Lord of D., High Tide Gyojin, Skull Archfiend of Lightning, Big Shield Gardna, and Chimono The Beast Soldier. He didn't have the Five God Dragon yet, but he knew that he would draw it eventually...

Itamiou flipped one of his face-down cards face-up. "I'll also activate this Trap card: 'Monster Stand-In'! Whenever one of my monsters is destroyed in battle, I can Special Summon any monster from my hand in face-up Defense mode, and increase its Defense by 500 points! I choose Big Shield Gardna from my hand, instantly protecting me with a Defense of 3,100!"

B.S.G. appeared on the field, its DEF increased.







Knowing that her Vorse Raider's ATK was too low to take on Big Shield Gardna, Miryuu sighed. "I'll play this card face-down, and end my turn." Miryuu did so.

Now that it was Itamiou's turn, he knew exactly what he wanted to play after he drew. "I sacrifice my Big Shield Gardna, and I summon...Skull Archfiend of Lightning!"

Itamiou summoned a more wicked version of Summoned Skull, which was surrounded by lethal lightning bolts.







Neither girl was fazed much. They had built up a fairly good defense already. And Miryuu had a plan to take down Itamiou's monster...

"AND NOW, MY ARCHFIEND, TAKE OUT MIRYUU'S RUBY DRAGON! ARCHFIEND LIGHTNING STRIKE!" commanded Itamiou as S.A.o.L powered up its almighty attack.

Hatoko knew that if Itamiou attacked Ruby Dragon, Miryuu would be down to only 300 Life Points! "I'M ACTIVATING MY TRAP CARD: SKULL DICE!"

Hatoko activated her Trap card, and a small demon appeared holding a red die. "Whichever number the die lands on, your Skull Archfiend's Attack power lowers by a multiple of that number!"

Itamiou chuckled. "I don't think so! Skull Archfiend of Lightning, activate your Special Ability!"

A large black die with gray dots appeared on Itamiou's field. "If I roll a 1, a 3, or a 6 on this die, any cards of yours that designate my Skull Archfiend as a target are negated and destroyed! NOW, ROLL THE DIE!"

The die sailed into the air, then started to fall.

"<If that die lands on a 2, a 4, or a 5, Hatoko's Trap card will still activate!>" thought Tenko.

The die fell to the ground, and rolled around for a short while. It rolled around until it finally came to a stop on...1!


Skull Archfiend's eyes glowed red, then Hatoko's Skull Dice vaporized! S.A.o.L. then resumed powering up its attack. However, Miryuu was ready with a Trap card of her own...

"I'LL ACTIVATE MY _OWN_ TRAP CARD: SHADOW SPELL!" exclaimed Miryuu as she activated her face-down card.

"Then I shall activate my Skull Archfiend's Special Ability once more!" responded Itamiou as the black die re-appeared. "ROLL THE DIE!"

The die shot into the air, fell, and rolled around again. But Itamiou's monster failed him, as the die finally landed on...4.


"And that means my Trap card works!" said Miryuu as Skull Archfiend of Lightning was restrained by numerous power-draining chains. "Shadow Spell stops your attack, and lowers your monster's Attack by 700 points!"







Not knowing what else to do, Itamiou ended his turn.

As Tenko drew, she hoped for something that would take out Itamiou's monster.

"<Yes! My Elegant Magician! She's a six-Star monster, but her special ability allows her to be summoned without Tributes if I control a face-up Spellcaster-Type on the field! And both of my face-down monsters are Spellcasters!>" Tenko made her move. "First, I'll flip my Stern Mystic face-up, activating its special ability!"







"The Stern Mystic's Special Ability allows me to see each face-down card in play!"

Itamiou's face-down Trap card revealed itself.

"<Oh-no...That's called 'Control Vortex'! It allows you to negate a monster's attack, and take control of the monster! Itamiou's probably waiting until we get one of our strongest monsters out to use it...I'll just have to hope that he doesn't activate it when I attack...>" thought Tenko.

Tenko's own face-down card revealed itself to Itamiou. "<A Dragon Capture Jar...She must be planning to use it against my Five God Dragon. But once I get Lord of D. out, that card will be useless!>"

Both cards went face-down again, and Tenko resumed her turn.

"And now that I have a face-up Spellcaster, I can summon _this_ high-Level monster without a Tribute! ELEGANT MAGICIAN!" Tenko said as she summoned her monster.







Elegant Magician was a beautiful, slender woman with long, green hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a revealing red outfit with a red cape and tall high-heeled boots. She was also holding a tall, golden scepter with a heart at the end. This card was one of Tenko's favorites, since it looked a lot like herself, except for the hair. She sometimes liked to fantasize about her actually _being_ the Elegant Magician. She also liked to combine this fantasy with another dirty little fantasy of hers...!

"ELEGANT MAGICIAN, DESTROY SKULL ARCHFIEND OF LIGHTNING! ELEGANT MAGIC ATTACK!" ordered Tenko. Elegant Magician tossed her scepter in the air, where it twirled like a baton. It then landed back in her grasp, where she pointed it at Skull Archfiend, destroying it with pink heart-shaped blasts of Magic Energy!



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 4900




Stern Mystic struck Itamiou directly with a wave of magic!



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 2000

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 3400



"To end my turn, I'll play one card face-down," said Tenko as she did just that.

Now it was Hatoko's turn. She drew. She had gotten her Red-Eyes Black Dragon when she drew five new cards with Itamiou's Morphing Jar. She had just drawn Graceful Dice, but she doubted that she needed it, since she had enough strength to finish Itamiou off.

"I now sacrifice Swordsman of Landstar and Monster Egg, to summon my best monster, Red-Eyes Black Dragon!"







As Hatoko's two weaker monsters vanished and her ultimate monster appeared, Tenko looked at Hatoko in shock.


"But Tenko-chan! Now I can take out the rest of Itamiou's Life Points! Now, I shall switch my Tiger Dragon to Attack mode!" Hatoko did so. "NOW, RED-EYES BLACK DRAGON, ATTACK HIS LIFE POINTS! INFERNO FIRE BLAST!"

"HATOKO-CHAN! DON'T!" Tenko tried to stop Hatoko from launching her attack.

But it was too late.


Just before attacking, Hatoko's Red-Eyes was sucked into a brightly-glowing portal of light, emerging on Itamiou's side!

"And another effect of the Trap card is letting me instantly attack one of _your_ monsters! RED-EYES, ATTACK YOUR FORMER MASTER'S TIGER DRAGON!"

R.E.B.D. released its wicked attack upon Tiger Dragon, destroying it.



Tenko: 2000

Hatoko: 950

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 3400



Not knowing what to do now, Hatoko simply placed her Graceful Dice card face-down on the field. "I play one card face-down, and that's all I can do."

After Miryuu drew, she was disappointed that she didn't draw something that would help her, particularly her Blue-Eyes. "*sigh* I switch my two monsters to Defense mode, and that's all I can do!" Miryuu switched Ruby Dragon and Vorse Raider to Defense mode, and ended her turn.

Itamiou drew, then made his move. "I summon Chimono The Beast Soldier!"

Itamiou summoned his Chimono, this one no more real than the one he created with his Millenium Sword's magic.







"Red-Eyes Black Dragon, destroy Tenko's Elegant Magician! INFERNO FIRE BLAST!"

R.E.B.D. took out Elegant Magician.

"Chimono, destroy her Stern Mystic! FIST OF BEASTLY MIGHT!"

Chimono roared, then eraticated Stern Mystic with one awesome blow.



Tenko: 1450

Hatoko: 950

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 3400



"To end my turn, I'll play this one card face-down." Itamiou set down a card, then it was Tenko's turn again.

"<YES! I _knew_ that I would have a use for this Trap card eventually!>" thought Tenko as she looked at the card she had face-down on the field. "REMOVE BRAINWASHING!"

Red-Eyes vanished, then re-materialized back on Hatoko's side. "Red-Eyes Black Dragon is now back under Hatoko's control!"

"Domo arigato!" thanked Hatoko. Tenko ended her turn, there was nothing else that she could do.

Hatoko drew, then looked at her card.

"<The Five-Star Mage...I _love_ this card!>" thought Hatoko as she smiled. Although Five-Star Mage looked like a Fairy-Type, it was actually a Spellcaster-Type. It showed a young woman in a blue bodysuit with a gold star on the chest, with a dark-blue skirt and high-heeled boots. Her hair was a lovely medium blue, with gold glittery hightlights. Her big, bright eyes were a shiny green, and two large butterfly wings sprouted from her back, each of which had five golden stars on them. Five-Star Mage had a strong Special Effect, plus Hatoko thought that it looked somewhat like herself. She set it face-down on the field, next to her R.E.B.D.. "I set one monster in Defense mode. And now, my Red-Eyes attacks your Chimono! INFERNO FIRE BLAST!"

Hatoko's Red-Eyes destroyed Itamiou's Chimono.



Tenko: 1450

Hatoko: 950

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 2850



Itamiou activated his face-down card. "Now I shall activate my Trap card: 'Rope of Life'! By discarding my entire hand, I can bring Chimono back from the Graveyard with an 800-point increase in Attack! HA HA HA!"

Itamiou discarded his hand, and Chimono re-appeared on the field, its ATK power greatly increased.







After Hatoko ended her turn, Miryuu drew, and smiled in the same was that Hatoko did when she drew.

"<It's my Lady of D.! Otou-san made this card just for me!>" Since her father, Genso Sen, was the president of the Kyoko Youkai Company, he had based this card on Lord of D. and his own daughter. He knew how much Miryuu loved dragons, and that she was still mad at him for giving the only Blue-Eyes White Dragon he ever made to Saionji, so he made this card for her to make up for it.

Miryuu knew that its Special Effect was of no use to her right now, so she held onto it. "I pass!"

Itamiou drew, now only having one card in his hand. "<HA HA! Perfect!> I play the Spell card: The Coveting Goddess! I get to draw _six_ new cards, while all of you have to discard five off the top of your decks!" Itamiou gleefully drew six cards, while the three girls looked at the five cards that they had just lost, and discarded them. They were lucky that nothing valuable was in those five cards.

Itamiou growled as he noticed that he had yet to draw the Five God Dragon. But he had a bunch of other powerful cards at his disposal...

"I play Monster Reborn! And I revive my Skull Archfiend of Lightning!" Itamiou said as he revived his monster with the Spell card.







"And that's not all! If I have a face-up Fiend-Type on the field, I can Normal Summon _this_ six-Star monster without a Tribute! Tentacled Swampland Terror! HA HA HA HA!" Itamiou laughed as he summoned one of his most favorite monsters.







"And now, this one card face-down!" Itamiou set a card in the S/T zone.

His grin widened. He now had the power to take out either one of the girls! He did a run-through of his potential targets. Tenko was the one he desired the most, what with her cute face, C-cup breasts, and perfect hips, legs, and ass. She had the face-down monster she played on her first turn, Remove Brainwashing, plus another face-down card which he knew to be Dragon Capture Jar. Hatoko was pretty hot herself, with her slim figure, beautiful auburn hair that went down to her ass, and average B-cup breasts. She had her Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Attack mode, plus a face-down monster, and she also had a card face-down in the S/T Zone. And Miryuu...Itamiou just _had_ to have Miryuu! He didn't care how old she was! He just _had_ to get his hands on those enourmous D-cup tits! She just had Ruby Dragon and Vorse Raider in Defense mode, no other cards. He was about to decide on Tenko, since she had only one monster and a useless Trap, until he remembered that Hatoko seemed pretty scared at the beginning of the Duel. And what better way to renew the fear in her soul than to defeat her first! She had a face-down card, but Itamiou didn't see it as much of a threat.


"NOW I'LL ACTIVATE GRACEFUL DICE!" exclaimed Hatoko as she flipped up her card in the S/T Zone. But as soon as the little tuxedoed angel appeared with the blue die, Itamiou activated a Quick-Play Spell card from his field.

"I counter your Graceful Dice with Mystical Space Typhoon!" Graceful Dice was instantly destroyed with a powerful cyclone. Chimono then destroyed Hatoko's pride and joy with one punch.

"NO! MY RED-EYES!" cried Hatoko.



Tenko: 1450

Hatoko: 700

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 2850




Skull Archfiend of Lightning struck Hatoko's face-down monster.







Although she knew that she was screwed, Hatoko began to explain Five-Star Mage's Special Ability. "When it's attacked by a monster with five Stars or more, Five-Star Mage's Special Ability lets me automatically destroy the attacking monster."

Itamiou chuckled. "All right, let's see if it works! Skull Archfiend, use your Special Ability once more!"

The black die appeared once again, shot up into the air, landed, and rolled around. After a few seconds of rolling, it stopped on...a 6.

"HA! YOUR SPECIAL ABILITY FAILED!" S.A.o.L. destroyed Five-Star Mage. Itamiou grinned pervertedly, as he prepared to finish Hatoko off with the monster that had raped Yaku for several long hours. "TENTACLED SWAMPLAND TERROR, ATTACK HATOKO DIRECTLY AND FINISH HER OFF! TENTACLED SWAMPLAND CURSE! WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Itamiou laughed with glee as T.S.T. gathered up the demonic energies for its attack, and released them in the form of a Hellfire-crimson beam from its mouth, straight at Hatoko. Hatoko let out a bloodcurdling scream as she actually felt the Satanic powers aligned with Lord Itamiou and Tentacled Swampland Terror bombarding her body! Hatoko keeled over as soon as the attack ended.



Tenko: 1450

Hatoko: 0

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 2850



"HATOKO-CHAN!" cried Tenko and Miryuu as they knelt down, tending to Hatoko, who was sobbing loudly.

"Hatoko-chan! Are you all right?!" shouted Tenko. Hatoko looked up at her two friends with tear-stained bright green eyes, her expression also conveying a feeling of intense fear.

"*sob* No...I'm _not_ all right, Tenko-chan...! *sob* *choke*...Tenko-chan...?" Hatoko had something that she needed to get off her chest.

"Hai? What is it?" asked Tenko.

"*sniff*...I've got something to tell you...!"
"Nani? What is it?!" Tenko and Miryuu leaned in closer. Hatoko was silent for a few moments, having second thoughts about divulging her secret. She was aware that Tenko and Miryuu knew that Lord Itamiou was a kidnapper, yet they had no idea that he was also a cruel rapist!

"...*sob* S-S-Someone told me...*sob*...th-th-th-th-that L-L-Lord Itamiou...h-h-he's a...a... ...! *sob*" blubbered Hatoko, tears now streaming down her red cheeks.

"...A _what?!_" shouted Tenko, desperate to know.

"... ...*sob* *cry*...A-A-A-A-A RAPIST!" cried Hatoko, breaking into loud sobs again. "H-He kidnaps young, innocent girls, a-and he locks them in a dark, cold dungeon, a-and th-then he RAPES THEM! *wail* *cry* HE RAPES THEM, AND HE SEXUALLY TORTURES THEM! *wail* *cry* *choke*"

Hatoko had one of the purest hearts and minds Tenko had ever known, so she imagined that Hatoko's clean, innocent mind must've been contaminated with those frightening, unwanted images and thoughts. She began to comfort her wailing friend.

"There, there...Hatoko-chan...I'm sure that it's all a nasty rumor...!" Tenko sat Hatoko up and gave her one of her patented "comfort hugs," which she used whenever she saw Hatoko looking low, or whenever Hatoko came running to her crying her eyes out. Miryuu joined in the hug, too, since she considered Hatoko a bigger friend to her than Tenko was.

As Itamiou watched the three best friends, he smiled at what Tenko had just said. "Gomen, Miss Tenkawa, but I'm afraid that the rumors are true!"

Tenko looked at Itamiou: "Nani...?!"

Itamiou chuckled. "Oh, don't tell me that you didn't see what my Yuuhi Ninjas did to the famous News Reporter Yaku Tanaka last night on the Eight O'Clock News?"

Tenko usually watched the News at that time, but she was so tired from staying up too late the previous night studying, she fell asleep on the couch shortly after the News started. "...I fell asleep. So you _kidnapped_ and _raped_ Yaku Tanaka?!"

Itamiou nodded. "Hai, I did! And I also kidnapped, _and deflowered_ the Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya!"

Tenko was shocked! Now Anthy would no longer be able to be the Rose Bride! And if Itamiou got her, then that could only mean...! "Y-Y-YOU RAPED UTENA, DIDN'T YOU...?!"

Itamiou laughed. "No, I didn't rape Utena. She was merely my prisoner, and she _will_ be once again once she's defeated in my tournament!"

Tenko became confused. "'_Was_ your prisoner'...? 'Will be once again'...?"

Itamiou then explained everything, from Utena's defeat and capture one week ago, to her escape earlier that morning. He also told Tenko of all the helpless females that he abducted from the kingdom and Domino City, plus his achievment of the legendary and beautiful girls of the Hanagumi, and the two lovely Magic Knights Hikaru and Fuu. He took great pride in listing every girl that he now possessed, and everything that he and the Yuuhi Ninjas had done to them. Tenko, Hatoko, and Miryuu were appalled!

"Oh, Kami-sama...Hatoko was right...You _are_ a rapist...A sick, twisted, perverted rapist...!" Tenko's eyes began to water in rage. She looked over at the naked blond girl that Itamiou had chained to a lamppost. The girl was in a crouching position, making no attempt to hide her breasts or pussy. Koushiro didn't approve of her doing that. Itamiou looked over at her. "Her? She's Maria Tachibana. She _was_ one of the Hanagumi, or the 'Teikoku Kagekidan'. Now she's the faithful and obediant canine companion to Koushiro Inazumano, the chairman of Inazumano Academy! Speak, Maria!"

Maria looked up at Itamiou with tear-soaked blue eyes. "*sniff* W-Woof...! *sob*"

Itamiou walked over to Maria, pulled her to the ground, and spanked her hard several times on her ass. She had been spanked on about seven different occasions since she was captured, so her rear end was all sore and pink.

"NO CRYING!" bellowed Itamiou, right in Maria's face. He gave her leash another sharp yank.

"AAAAACCCKKKKGGGHHH...! *sob*" Maria rolled over on her backside, her ass stinging like Hell.

"NO MORE CRYING, OR I'LL _REALLY_ GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!" shouted Itamiou. Although he was greatly tempted by Maria's tits and pussy, he knew that he still had a Duel to win.

Tenko and Miryuu were so shocked at what Itamiou just did to that poor women, they were speechless!

"Now, Hatoko, go sit over there with Maria. And _don't even think_ about running or calling for help! If you try _either of those_, I'll make sure that your rape is the most _painful one yet!_" ordered Itamiou. Hatoko stood up, walked over to the lamppost, and sat down.

"Now, I believe that we have a Duel to finish," said Itamiou to Tenko and Miryuu as he took his position behind the consule again. "Tenko, it's your move, I believe."

Tenko nodded, then drew a card.

"<Dark Magic Curtain...This card will let me Special Summon my Dark Magician from my deck at a cost of half of my Life Points. I can destroy his Tentacled Swampland Terror, but Dark Magician will still be vulnerable to an attack by Chimono The Beast Soldier...I'll just have to hope that Miryuu draws her Blue-Eyes very soon...!>" thought Tenko. "I play Dark Magic Curtain! I now summon my Dark Magician directly from my deck, paying half of my Life Points to do so!"



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 2850



A black curtain appeared on the field, from which the Dark Magician emerged from behind it!







"And now, my Dark Magician shall destroy your Tentacled Swampland Terror! DARK MAGICIAN, DARK MAGIC ATTACK!"

T.S.T. was eliminated by the Dark Magician.



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 2450



Since Hatoko was out of the Duel, it was now Miryuu's turn. Tenko looked at Miryuu, trusting her to draw something that would turn things around. She had a good chance of doing so, since being the daughter of the Kyoko Youkai Company's President, she had free access to all the best Duel Monster cards.

After drawing, Miryuu jumped for joy! "ALL RIGHT! MY BEST CARD! (^_^)" Since she was _literally_ jumping for joy, Itamiou found himself staring at Miryuu's oversized breasts jiggling. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of circumstances led to this thirteen-year-old girl having breasts that humongous! His dick throbbed as he envisioned what Miryuu's chest would look like in several years.

Now that Miryuu had what she needed, she could now play her favorite card and use its special effect! "Now I summon Lady of D.!" Miryuu summoned her monster, then smiled as she saw it out on the field. Her monster indeed looked like Lord of D. and an older version of her. Lady of D. was very tall and curvaceous, with the same D-cup breasts that Miryuu had. She was wearing Lord of D.'s skull-like mask over her face, her straight purple hair hanging out behind it. Her blue eyes were narrow, as opposed to Miryuu's big, bright eyes. Her dark costume left very little to the imagination, it was very skimpy, showing a generous portion of cleavage. She also wore a long black cape and high-heeled boots.







"And now for my monster's special ability! But to use it, I must offer one of my monsters as a Tribute! So, bye-bye, Vorse Raider!" Vorse Raider vanished from the field.

"Lady of D.'s Special Ability let's me automatically summon one Dragon from my hand, then she increases the Attack and Defense of all Dragons in play by 500 points! And the monster from my hand I'm summoning is..." Miryuu held up the card. "...the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

Miryuu's prized monster materialized on the field, its immense shadow looming over all the other monsters.







"And now, its Attack and Defense rises by 500 points, along with my Ruby Dragon!"


--- ---

3500 2200

3000 1800

--- ---


"And that's not all she does! She also negates any card effects that target my Dragons, just as long as I discard one card from my hand during my Standby Phase!" Miryuu knew she had to attack ASAP. "BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON, DESTROY CHIMONO! WHITE LIGHTNING!" It felt good to Miryuu, being able to say that!

The mighty lightning blast made short work of Chimono, who roared loudly as it was defeated.



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 1600



"After I attack your last monster on my next turn with my Blue-Eyes, then attack you directly with another monster, your Life Points will be zero!" said Miryuu.

Itamiou drew his card. "In order to keep Skull Archfiend in play, I must pay 500 Life Points on each of my Standby Phases."



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 1100



Itamiou noted something else. "The same goes for you, as well, Miryuu-chan! _Your_ Life Points will be zero on _your_ next turn!"

"What do you mean by that?" asked Miryuu.

"Just look at our monster's Attacks! My Skull Archfiend is 1,100 points stronger than your Dragon Lady! And that's the same number of Life Points that you have remaining!"

Miryuu compared the two ATK values. "OH-NOOOOO!"


Skull Archfiend gathered power from the heavens, and prepared to attack Lady of D.! It was then that Tenko looked at her hand, and suddenly remembered the Special Effects of one of the monsters in her hand! "<I remember what this card does! I can save Miryuu with it!>"

Skull Archfiend released its attack, and Tenko acted right away. "I activate the Special Ability of one of the monsters in my hand! SHIELD OF HEAVEN!"

Tenko immediately summoned a giant, golden, round shield decorated with a big Sun!







Skull Archfiend of Lightning's attack was drawn to Tenko's new monster, where it was absorbed completely!

"NANI?!" exclaimed Itamiou. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

"When Shield of Heaven is in my hand when my opponent attacks, I can Special Summon it in Defense mode and re-direct my opponent's attack to it!" explained Tenko. "And since its Defense is higher than your monster's Attack, you lose Life Points!"



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 700



"*Grrrr!*" growled Itamiou. He set a monster face-down, plus a card in the Spell/Trap Zone. "I'll play these cards face-down, and end my turn."

Tenko drew her card. "At each of my Standby Phases, the Defense of my Shield of Heaven decreases by 1,000 points."







She then began to analyze the situation. "<I could attack his Skull Archfiend with my Dark Magician and take them both out, and have my defending monster attack his other monster, but there's no telling what his other face-down card is, or even if his defending monster has a Flip Effect. But we _can't_ let Itamiou get enough monsters out to sacrifice for the Five God Dragon...!> Dark Magician, attack his face-down monster! DARK MAGIC ATTACK!"

The card flipped up, revealing a round clay jar with a tooth-filled maw for an opening. Two red eyes were below the maw.







Before Dark Magician could attack, the monster shot out a blue beam from its maw, striking the Dark Magician and stopping its attack! The blue beam absorbed the Dark Magician whole, coverting it into energy and swallowing it!

"AAHH! My Dark Magician!" cried Tenko.

"I see you've attacked my Inshoku Mimic Jar, Tenko. When attacked face-down, it cancels your attack, and destroys your monster! Not only that, it takes on the Defense points of the destroyed monster!" explained Itamiou.







WIth nothing else that she could do, Tenko sighed and ended her turn.

As Miryuu drew, she wasn't worried at all, since she had her next move all figured out: Her Blue-Eyes would destroy Skull Archfiend of Lightning, taking Itamiou's Life Points to zero! She didn't need to discard a card from her hand to maintain Lady of D.'s special ability, since the Duel was already over to her! With a cheerful, victorious air, she gave the attack order to her B.E.W.D.. "BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON! FINISH OFF LORD ITAMIOU BY DESTROYING HIS SKULL ARCHFIEND! WHITE LIGHTNING!"

But Itamiou had other ideas. "HA HA HA! YOU'VE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP, MIRYUU-CHAN!" He activated his face-down card. "INSHOKU ERUPTION!"

Inshoku Mimic Jar shot into the air, glowing bright rainbow colors. Without warning, it spewed out a surge of strong energy all over Tenko and Miryuu's field!

"My Trap card automatically destroys all my opponent's face-up monsters that have a Defense lower than that of the monster that it just absorbed!" Shield of Heaven, Lady of D., and Ruby Dragon were wiped out instantaneously!

"No! My Lady of D.!" cried Miryuu.

"And not only that, it completely cancels your Battle Phase!" Itamiou added.

After drawing his card, Itamiou smiled yet again. "First, I pay another 500 Life Points to keep Skull Archfiend in play."



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 1100

Itamiou: 200



He then played his newly-drawn card. "I play Covet, allowing me to draw four new cards, and discard three cards off the top of your decks!"

The two girls discarded three more cards off the top of their decks, still glad to have lost nothing useful. Itamiou drew his four cards, and looked at them: Disarmament, Nekome, Gorgeous Witch, and...

...The Five God Dragon.

Itamiou found it hard to surpress his joy. He cracked a wide grin, and cast a stare that seemed to spell doom for the two schoolgirls. Tenko and Miryuu felt their hearts sink in their chests.

Itamiou regained himself as he made his move. "First, I summon Gorgeous Witch!"

A sexy black-haired witch with purple eyes, black tight-fitting clothing, and a witches' hat and broomstick was summoned.







"When Gorgeous Witch is summoned, it can automatically destroy one face-down Spell or Trap card on the field! So say good-bye to your Dragon Capture Jar, Tenko!"

Tenko's Trap card sprung up, and was destroyed.

"NO!" exclaimed Tenko.

"But that was not the main reason why I summoned that monster. Another one of its special effects allows its summoning to be treated as a Special Summon! That means that I can summon _another_ monster on this turn!" Itamiou began to laugh insanely. "WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! NOW, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION! I SACRIFICE SKULL ARCHFIEND OF LIGHTNING..."

S.A.o.L. was sacrificed.


I.M.J. was also sacrificed.


Gorgeous Witch was sacrificed, as well.

"...TO SUMMON...THE UNQUESTIONABLE GOD OF DRAGONS...THE MIGHTY...FIVE GOD DRAGON! WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" laughed Itamiou as the Five God Dragon materialized in a beam of light and a cascade of lava.







Both girls were frozen stiff with fear. They couldn't say or do anything.

"Unfortunately, Inshoku Eruption also cancels _my_ Battle Phase, so you're both safe until my next turn. I shall play this face-down card, and end my turn." Itamiou played a card face-down in the S/T Zone.

Everything seemed hopeless for Tenko as she began to softly cry.

"No...*sob*...Nothing in my deck can beat that monster...! *sob*"

But then, Tenko remember that there was _one_ monster that could win the Duel for her and both of her friends. But the odds of drawing it on her next turn were slim to none. But Tenko knew that the Heart of The Cards would come through for her. It had done so in numerous past Duels. Though, in those Duels, there was very little at stake. In this Duel, the stakes were the lives, the freedom, and quite possibly the innocence of her and her friends. In all her life, Tenko had never thought that there would be _anyone_ as cruel or corrupt as Lord Itamiou would be. _Nothing_ was more cruel than denying someone their dreams, or robbing virgins of their purity. Tenko wanted to finish high school and go to Momobara Technical Institute, take classes in various subjects, and become a college professor when she graduated. It was also a policy of hers (and of both her friends) to wait until they were married to lose their virginity. She looked over at Miryuu, and knew that Miryuu was destined to inherit the Kyoko Youkai Company from her father, and that was what she wanted. She then looked over at Hatoko, knowing that her career goal was to become a famous actress.

"<Hatoko-chan...Miryuu-chan..._NO ONE_ is going to take our dreams away! Not Lord Itamiou, not anybody! We _will_ win this Duel and free all the girls that Itamiou has captured!>" exclaimed Tenko in her mind. She drew, and looked at the card.

It wasn't what she wanted. It was of no use to her.

"No...!" sobbed Tenko as she set it face-down on the field, without announcing her move. Miryuu looked over at a distraught Tenko, and knew that it was all up to her. She also had one card in her deck that would help win the Duel. Also putting her faith in the Heart of The Cards, she drew.

"<This is it! It's all over for Itamiou!>" thought Miryuu. "So, Itamiou, you think that your Five God Dragon is so tough, ne? Well, I have just drawn a card that'll defeat you _without even touching_ your Dragon!" Miryuu said. "I summon Restless Dragon Spirit!"

Miryuu summoned a ghostly blueish dragon, which floated in the air. Its eyes glowed blood-red.







"The special ability of Restless Dragon Spirit can possess one of my Dragon-Type monsters, allowing it to attack Life Points directly for a cost of just 500 of my Life Points! Restless Dragon Spirit, possess my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

R.D.S. entered the body of B.E.W.D., causing its eyes to turn from blue to blood-red, and its body to faintly glow blue. Miryuu paid the 500 Life Points necessary to execute the manuever.



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 600

Itamiou: 200



"NOW, MY BLUE-EYES, TAKE OUT THE REST OF HIS LIFE POINTS! WHITE LIGHTNING!" Miryuu gave the order in her most bold voice. Whenever she did that bold voice, it almost always came out as sounding very cute.

But Miryuu had forgotten about Itamiou's face-down card...


Miryuu's Blue-Eyes' body was exited by Restless Dragon Spirit, which was destroyed!

"Disarmament destroys all cards that are equipped to monsters! Since Restless Dragon Spirit's Special Ability was to become an Equip Spell card, it was vulnerable to this sort of card!"

Now that she couldn't attack or switch to Defense mode, Miryuu knew that she was done for. There was nothing she could do, except watch Itamiou deliver the final blow. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sob* *cry* I've never lost a Duel before...Why'd I have to lose _now?!_ *sob*"


F.G.D.'s middle head unleashed its unstoppable attack upon Blue-Eyes White Dragon, reducing it to nothing, along with Miryuu's Life Points.



Tenko: 725

Miryuu: 0

Itamiou: 200



Like Hatoko, Miryuu gave off a terrified scream when the attack reached her after blasting through her B.E.W.D..




Some distance away, Yugi and Sakura were walking down the road when they could hear the high-pitched screech of a young girl screaming. This was the second time that they heard it, and Yugi was very concerned that something bad might be happening.

"I heard another scream! Someone must be in trouble!" said Yugi. He thought that it might've been the Yuuhi Ninjas again, but then he remembered that Sakura and Meiling "layethed the smackdown" on them.

"It sounds like it's coming from _that_ direction!" said Sakura, pointing straight ahead. She considered using the Fly Card to get there faster, but she didn't want to abandon Yugi, nor try to carry him while in flight. So both of them ran towards the park on foot.




The Asahi Samurai and a still-naked Felicia were on their way to the Furoya no Momobara [Bathhouse of Momobara]. Felicia had been following them in silence, until the Pepsi she had drunk very quickly resulted in a loud, yet cute burp. Suddenly, they heard a girl scream for the second time.

"Okay, something just _has_ to be up!" said Kinko as she ran towards the source. Aiko, Motoko, and Felicia followed close behind.





Tenko: 725

Itamiou: 200



As Tenko found herself staring into the ten eyes of imminent defeat, she started seeing surrender as the best option. With Miryuu and Hatoko eliminated, victory seemed nearly hopeless. But it wasn't _completely_ hopeless. She still had the card that could win the Duel, for her and for her friends. Taking a deep breath, she drew.

...It _still_ wasn't what she needed. Sobbing, Tenko set the card face-down on the field. She looked over at Miryuu, who had joined Hatoko and Maria by the lamppost. All thee girls were watching Tenko, in hopes that she could defeat this maniac.

As Itamiou drew his card, he chuckled. "You know, Tenko-chan, it would be _much_ easier for you just to give up and surrender. Just a thought."

Even though she fully embraced the thought, Tenko reguarded Itamiou with the classic "I'll _never_ give up!" look.

"FIVE GOD DRAGON, ATTACK HER FIRST FACE-DOWN MONSTER! HOLY HELLFIRE BREATH! HA HA HA!" The Five God Dragon obeyed Itamiou as he incinerated Tenko's first face-down monster, Aqua Madoor.







"I'll place this card face-down, and end my turn." Itamiou set a card face-down in the S/T Zone.

Now more determined than ever to draw the one necessary card, Tenko drew her card without hesitation.

...It was it. She had drawn what she needed! Her blue eyes began to tear up with joy.








"The special effect of Dragon Seeker lets me destroy any Dragon-Type on the field upon summoning! DRAGON SEEKER, ELIMINATE HIS FIVE-GOD DRAGON!"

Itamiou smiled, as he wasn't going to let his strongest monster go down so easily...!


A powerful cyclone of wind and energy surrounded Five God Dragon, stopping Dragon Seeker's beam, and cancelling it out!

"Dragon's Barrier can protect a Dragon from attacks _and_ card effects! And now you have a monster in Attack mode, making it totally vulnerable to my Five Dragon's full attack! WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


Itamiou continued his insane laughter as the attack completely devestated Tenko.



Tenko: 0

Itamiou: 200



As soon as she lost, Tenko simply collapsed, without even screaming like her two friends. She just laid on the ground, sobbing so hard she had trouble breathing, face bright red. Itamiou gathered up his and the three girls' decks from the consule, which then vanished. Itamiou walked over to Tenko. "Well, well...All three of you lost...That means that you, Hatoko, and Miryuu all belong to _me_ now! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Itamiou then unchained Maria from the lamppost, then forcefully led the three schoolgirls out of the park, his dangerous threats and the awe of his superior Dueling skills acting as a leash.




A short time later, Yugi, Sakura, the Asahi Samurai and Felicia arrived at the scene, only to find no one and nothing there.

"There's no one here!" stated Motoko.

"I _know_ that I heard two screams come from here!" said Yugi.

"Aww, shoot! We came all the way out here for _nothing?_ I could be soaking my hot, nude body in warm, relaxing bathwater right now instead of in the middle of this creepy park!" whined Felicia.

"Could they have come from somewhere else?" suggested Aiko, aroused by Felicia's statement.

"Good idea. Me, Aiko, and Motoko shall check the rest of the park, while you, Sakura, and Felicia check the areas around the park. Then we'll meet back here." said Kinko.

"Good idea," acknowledged Yugi.

The two groups split up, in order to find who or what had caused the disturbance.




The one who had caused the disturbance was actually a considerable distance from the park. Itamiou now had the three schoolgirls restrained by shackles around their neck, similar to the ones Maria had on. He had managed to obtain the chains and shackles from the abandoned police station. He could've just as easily transported the girls to the dungeon with his magic, but dragging them around the kingdom gave him a bigger sense of authority. He looked behind himself, once again admiring his prey. Oh, the things that Itamiou could do with these lovely schoolgirls! He had been fully erect ever since he first saw them! Since he met them in almost the same area where he first ran into Utena, he felt that it was appropriate to assign them the class of "Fucktoy." All girls that he and the Yuuhi Ninjas captured were divided into three classes: Relief Girl (the lowest); Fucktoy (the middle class); and finally, Prize (girls young and beautiful enough the be a prize for his tournament). Girls nabbed from off the streets often were instantly given Relief Girl status.

As Itamiou approached the strip club where he assumed Kuro and Koushiro would most likely be, he wondered if any of the performers were worthy of becoming a Relief Girl or Fucktoy. Itamiou always savored the thought of collecting more women for his harem.

Itamiou entered the club, and looked around. His eyes widened when he saw his two Ninjas lying on the floor, severely beaten up!

"NAAAAAANNNIIIII...?! WHO THE HELL _DID_ THIS?!" bellowed Itamiou. His loud voice hurt the ears of the three captured schoolgirls. Whoever was able to defeat the Yuuhi Ninjas must've been _really_ strong! Itamiou growled as he began to initiate his healing spell. Releasing waves of Black Magic at Kuro and Koushiro, Itamiou had all their injuries healed within ten seconds. The two Ninjas sat up, and looked around the room, empty except for Lord Itamiou with Maria Tachibana and three sexy schoolgirls!

"Domo arigato gozaimasu, Itamiou-sama...I see that you've captured even _more_ girls for us to rape!" beamed Kuro, feeling better over his two losses of the evening.

"So, did they have any rare cards that we can use?" asked Koushiro, his curiousity cancelling out his feelings of dishonor.

Itamiou's face contorted into an evil grin as he held up several cards. "Oh, did they ever...!"

"Hey! Those are ours! Give those back!" shouted Tenko, struggling against her leash with great energy. The Yuuhi Ninjas eyed the cards in Itamiou's hand.

"A Dark Magician, an Elegant Magician, a Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a Five-Star Mage, a Restless Dragon Spirit..." identified Koushiro. His and Kuro's eyes bugged out when they saw the sixth card Itamiou held. "...A BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON?!"

Itamiou smiled. "Hai. It is the fabled fifth Blue-Eyes White Dragon that was made by the Kyoko Youkai Company. This little girl here had it." Itamiou gestured at Miryuu. "Her name is Miryuu Sen."

"Miryuu Sen? Hey, isn't she the daughter of the President of Kyoko Youkai, Genso Sen?" wondered Kuro.

Miryuu lightly nodded. Kuro went over to her, already aroused by Miryuu's gigantic assets.

"Wow...! Get a load of these tits! How old are you, Miryuu?"

"I-I'm thirteen..." squeaked out Miryuu, blushing.

Kuro was surprised! D-cup breasts on a _thirteen-year-old?!_ Kuro wasn't really attracted to girls twelve or under. He may have been the leader of the über-perverse Yuuhi Ninjas, and a convicted rapist of over 800 women, but he was most definitely no pedophile. A girl of thirteen usually made Kuro feel a little uncomfortable. He had raped a couple of underaged girls before, but he felt a little guilty after each raping. But the two irresistable orbs made Kuro feel otherwise. He reached out and began to squeeze and fondle them through Miryuu's fuku. Miryuu's blue eyes released tears of humiliation and lost innocence, and she began to whimper. Despite being considered the envy of all the pre-teen girls at Momobara Junior High School, and being considered a goddess by all the pre-teen boys at the same school, Miryuu had never been touched this way by anyone before.

Kuro had already found himself addicted to this sweet, young girl's breasts. He desperately wanted to tear her fuku open, but he wanted to wait until they got back to the dungeon to attack her. Kuro liked raping girls in that dungeon, it made the whole experience more enjoyable and seem more like non-consensual sex. He removed himself from Miryuu's breasts and stood back up, the bulge in his pants pointing right at Miryuu's face.

"So, what are you doing out here capturing girls? Aren't you supposed to be presiding over the tournament?" asked Koushiro.

"I had to cancel the rest of tonight's Duels, since when Yugi Moto played his Egyptian God card against Fuu, it overloaded the arena. The Duels shall resume at 7 A.M. tomorrow morning, once I've repaired the arena," answered Itamiou. He looked around the empty room. "Where did everybody go? I assumed that this place would be bustling with activity!"

"Well..." began Kuro, "We had a little run-in with...these hot girls!"

"One of them cast some really peculiar magic utilizing a pink staff and these strange cards!" Koushiro said.

This got Itamiou's full attention and curiousity. "Cards? Are you referring to Duel Monster cards?"

"No, they were a different sort of card. They were bigger, and she held them at the end of her staff to cast her spells!" explained Koushiro.

"What kind of spells did she cast?" asked Itamiou, knowing now that Koushiro was obviously a victim of this girls' magic.

"She cast something called 'Fight', which made her really skilled at physical combat. Then she used another spell called 'Power', to increase her strength greatly! She defeated me in no time at all!"

"And I think she also used something called 'Shield'. She used it to protect another one of her friends from my Ki attack!"

Itamiou just _had_ to find out more about her magic! "So, did you get their names?"

"Well...I think the one that fought Koushiro was named 'Sakura', or something..." was Kuro's answer.

Itamiou's eye raised. If he managed to capture this girl, he would have two girls under his control with the same name!

"If we don't run into her tonight, I'll sent Chimono out to search for her. He can sense high levels of Magic Energy," said Itamiou. He then offered Maria's chain to Koushiro. "Here, Koushiro-san. I believe she is yours."

"Hai, arigato," thanked Koushiro as he once again took possession of Maria's "leash." He looked down at Maria. "How are you doing, Maria-chan?"

"Woof woof...!" answered Maria, not wanting to be spanked or choked again.

"Good girl!" praised Koushiro.

As the Yuuhi Ninjas followed Itamiou and the girls out of the club, Itamiou turned to the Ninjas and asked, "So I assume that the 'main attraction' fled along with the crowd?"

"If by 'main attraction', you mean 'the stripper', hai!" said Kuro. "I tried to grab her, and Koushiro tried to capture this other cute chick named 'Tomoyo', or something, but..." Kuro cut off.

"But what?" asked Itamiou.
"...*sigh* The Asahi Samurai showed up," Kuro finished.

"Huh?" a confused Itamiou wondered. Koushiro then related the entire story of the Asahi Samurai and how they were created to oppose the Yuuhi Ninjas. He also told Itamiou of everything that had occurred in the strip club. Afterwards, Itamiou just _had_ to get his hands on the Asahi Samurai girls! He would relieve his Yuuhi Ninjas of their 130-year-old enemy, _and_ add to his collection! And the "Felicia" girl that Koushiro also mentioned made the promise even more sweet! And lastly, the prospect of adding the stripper Honey to his harem made things so sweet, they were bittersweet!

As they continued walking, Kuro turned to Koushiro. "Hey, where do you suppose Honey got to?"

Koushiro paused. "I have no idea...!"




In a quaint little residence on the far Western side of Momobara Kingdom, Honey was just about to leave for her date. She was clad in a pink T-shirt with a red jacket, along with blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Even though she possessed the power to lay waste to the Yuuhi Ninjas, she was still careful to avoid any darkened areas as she walked down the street. She and her boyfriend had first met when she were nine, when his family took him on a vacation to the kingdom. He was only six at the time, but the two of them became friends very quickly, and it seemed that the boy had first experienced his first childhood crush. Over the years, they had communicated by letters and by E-mail, and she watched as the boy's writing skills gradually improved. They shared each others stories, and also each others feelings and problems. And now, they were finally going to meet each other in person after ten long years.

As soon as she entered Momobara Park, the agreed meeting place, she remembered the very place in this park where they said their good-byes when he had to go back home. Excited, she ran to the children's playground, and stood under a lamppost to wait. While waiting, she pulled out a piece of paper from her jeans pocket, and unfolded it. It was a print-out of his most recent E-mail message...


"To: tri_horned_dragon_girl2004@momobara.net

From: wild_horse38@nabikitendo.com

Dear Honey-chan,

I have been invited as a Duelist to the tournament in your home kingdom of Momobara. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in person again after ten whole years. Let's meet by that old swingset in Momobara Park, where we last saw each other. How about 9 o'clock? (^_^)






As Ranma Saotome discreetly exited his room for his rendezvous in the park, he knew he had everything flawlessly figured out. Everyone in his room was busy with one thing or another, so he was safely able to go out for his meeting with Honey. He walked down the hall, down the stairs, down another hall and out the building.

"Made it..." he softly said to himself as he started walking down the road towards the park.




As Honey waited for Ranma, she decided to relive some childhood memories by playing on the playground equipment. She climbed up the ladder to the slide, sat at the top for a while, then slid down.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee...! *giggle* (^_^)" squealed Honey as she slid down, holding her arms up in the air. She then ran over to the monkey bars on the big plaything, and used her perfect athletic abilities to cross them in under five seconds. She then made full use of the big plaything, going up every ladder, across every bar, through every chute, and down every slide. She then ran over to the swingset, and decided to swing for a while. As she swung back and forth, the wind blowing in her face and through her long, blonde hair made her feel ecstatic. She continued to laugh and giggle mindlessly, eyes watering. Nothing else in the world mattered to her, except for meeting Ranma.




The three Asahi Samurai had already checked the majority of the park, finding no signs of trouble.

"Well, if there _was_ trouble, it definitely wasn't in this park!" stated Kinko.

"I wonder if Felicia, Yugi, or Sakura found anything?" wondered Aiko.

"Let's go back to where we agreed to meet them. If they didn't find anything, then nothing happened," said Motoko.

"Good idea!" said Kinko, getting desperate for a nice, relaxing bath. Aiko also wanted a bath, since she was still messy from her ordeal with Felicia.

The Asahi Samurai headed towards where they ran into Yugi and Sakura. On the way, they passed by the children's playground, where they noticed a blond woman playing on the swingset.

"That's that girl from the strip club, isn't it?" asked Kinko.

"Yeah, that's Honey!" said Aiko, remembering how horny Honey's strip show made her. She got so turned on by Honey dancing around undressing, she had to run into the bathroom and masturbate, so she didn't ruin her underwear.

The three girls approached Honey. "Excuse me, but it's too dangerous out here at this time of night, de gozaru!" warned Kinko.

Honey looked at them. "I'm waiting for my boyfriend! He said that he'd meet me here at this time!"

"Are you aware of the sort of people that dwell in parks at night? You could get hurt, raped, or even killed!" said Motoko.

"I can fend for myself! If anyone tried to attack me, they'll get a taste of their own medicine!" Honey stood up, and struck a pose.

"Um...okay...!" Kinko said as she and her friends kept on moving. Honey sat back down on the swing and continued waiting for her beloved.




Yugi, Sakura, and Felicia were returning to the agreed location in the park after finding nothing out of the ordinary. Felicia was peppered with a variety of questions, mostly ones concerning her nudity. Felicia explained to them that she was always a nudist at heart. If she _had_ to wear clothes, she wore really tight, thin, revealing clothes that came off easily. She was also asked what she was doing in the strip club along with the Asahi Samurai. She said that she wasn't presently at liberty to divulge that information, since telling someone would greatly compromise her mission.

When they got back to the agreed location, the Asahi Samurai were already there, waiting for them.

"We didn't find anything," reported Sakura.

"That's okay. We didn't find anything either. I guess it just must've been some pranksters," sighed Kinko. "Say, do you want to go relax in the bathhouse with us? (^_^)"

Sakura blushed deeply at the thought. Even though public bathhouses had separate baths for men and women, there was still a good chance of her seeing Yugi naked.

"Ummm...sure!" said Yugi, not being able to think of anything else to do for his and Sakura's "date."

Yugi and Sakura followed the Asahi Samurai and Felicia to the bathhouse.




Back at the Furoya no Momobara, Joey, Tristan, Solomon, Bakura, Miki, Serenity, Iris, Tomoyo, and Fuu had unanimously decided to go try out the public bathhouse. They were in the lobby, taking their locker keys. They then proceeded to the locker room of their gender.




Down at the Furoya no Momobara, Mai Valentine was already there, taking advantage of being the only one there. While a lot of women who came to the bathhouse wore towels in the bath, she chose to bathe completely naked. She wasn't as afraid of those "Yuuhi Ninjas" as much as the other women participating in the tournament. She saw her Harpie Lady deck as "the ultimate in womanly power." In fact, the only thing she was afraid of was the possibility of going up against Marik Ishtar in the tournament. There had been quite a few nights when she had awoken, screaming and in a cold sweat, after reliving her torture at the hands of the Millenium Item-wielding wacko. She might've had a better chance of winning that Duel against Marik, had she not tried to control the Winged Dragon of Ra when she didn't have to power to do so. But then she remembered that Marik had since been relieved of his Egyptian God card and freed from his Yami by Yugi, making him virtually harmless. Mai gave a deep, relaxed sigh as she submersed her body deeper into the hot bath. Getting her zig-zagged blond hair wet, she pulled her entire head underwater for an instant, then quickly pulled it out, her hair damp and more straight as it hung down her back. She then started to think about what would happen when she won the tournament. What would she do with the prize? It _would_ be nice to have a roommate to keep her company in her lonely apartment room. And it would _most definitely_ be nice to have her own personal servant!

After sitting in the warm, relaxing bath for ten minutes, Mai decided that it was time to actually start washing up. She stood up, the illumination from the sun-simulating lamps hitting her wet, naked body, giving the illusion of a goddess eminating light. She walked over to where the soap, shampoo, and washcloths sat on a small shelf, and grabbed them. As she dampened the washcloth in the water and started soaping it up, she started to think about where Rex was. It was not that she cared, she was just curious.

"<He's probably just getting his ass kicked by another Duelist somewhere,>" Mai thought as she got the washcloth all nice and soapy. She knew that Rex liked to stay in one place and wait for a challenge, since he didn't like sneaking around. He only changed his venue whenever he finally became bored out of his skull, desperate for a Duel. And whenever he _did_ find a Duel, he would act all macho and over-confident the entire time. This behavior often lead to his defeat at the end. That, and his rampaging hormones played a major role. In fact, during his Duel with Mai on the boat to Duelist Kingdom, he had lost when he became distracted by Mai's cleavage, not just because Mai had better cards.

Mai got the cloth all good and soaped-up, and began to wash her arm with it. She just _loved_ taking baths...




While the boys went into the men's locker room to change, the girls went into their own locker room to change. As soon as Serenity, Miki, Iris, Tomoyo, and Fuu found lockers, they immediately began to strip. Iris, unfamiliar with the advanced technology of the locker, needed assistance from Serenity to open it. Tomoyo undressed the fastest, having no undergarments to remove, and watched the other four girls undress. She had seen Fuu naked while she was Dueling under Itamiou's control, yet she still took great excitement in seeing her cute, young body. As she watched Miki and Serenity undress, she got even more hot when she saw how gorgeous both of them were underneath their clothing. What had really caught Tomoyo's interest was that Miki had chosen to forgo the traditional breast bindings, and had decided to wear a bra underneath her kimono. Iris seemed to be too little shy to undress in front of others at first, but she eventually managed to get naked, as well. When all five girls were wrapped in the complimentary pink towels, they headed for the bath.

At the same time, the four men were clad in dark blue towels, and were heading for the men's bath.




Mai was still washing herself in the woman's bath, now busy washing her tits. She enjoyed washing this part of her body, second only to her pussy. She shuddered in ecstacy each time the cool washcloth brushed over her hard nipples. She ran the washcloth over one nipple, while pinching the other between her fingers. Her breathing became labored, and her virgin pussy started to run with wetness.

Totally absorbed in washing herself, Mai did not see nor hear five other girls enter the woman's bath.

"Mai...?" said Serenity. Mai didn't hear her.

As soon as Tomoyo saw that the blond woman was washing _and_ giving herself pleasure at the same time, she became wetter.
"MAI!" shouted Serenity.

Mai came around. "H-Huh...?! ...Oh, it's you Serenity! You and your friends can lose the towels and come on in!"

Reluctantly, the girls dropped their towels, and went over to the bath, submersing themselves in it. Mai sat back down, deciding to converse instead of washing herself.

"Serenity, if you're here, I assume that your brother Joey is here, too?" said Mai.

"Hai," nodded Serenity, "He's taking a bath over there." She gestured towards the wooden wall dividing the two baths.

"Oh..." Mai looked behind her at the wall, wondering if Joey was bathing naked, too. Miki was also staring at the same wall, sitting across from Mai, wondering the same about Bakura.

"So, Serenity, why haven't you introduced me to your friends?" asked Mai.

"Oh...Well, she's Miki Daikashi..." Serenity looked at Miki, who acknowledged by standing up and bowing.

"Pleased to meet you, Madam," said Miki.

Serenity gazed at Fuu. "...She's Fuu Hououji..."

Fuu stood up, nervous. "Hai..."

"...She's Tomoyo Daidouji..." Serenity looked at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo stood up, blushing. "Hai, th-that's me..." She had become very wet from being nude in front of four other girls.

"...And Iris Chateaubriand." Serenity finished with the youngest girl.

"Hello..." Iris remained sitting.

Mai was staring at Fuu strangely. "Weren't you that girl that Itamiou kidnapped? The one that Dueled Yugi naked?"

Fuu blushed, then sunk her body beneath the water, embaressed. "I don't want to talk about it..." She didn't want to recall any more unpleasent memories of her enslavement under Lord Itamiou.

"Okay, okay! Don't be embaressed! We're _all_ women here!" said Mai.

Fuu sat up, still somewhat embaressed.

Tomoyo scooted closer to Fuu, also blushing, and very shy. "I saw you naked, too...! (^_^)"

Fuu looked at Tomoyo, who was so close to her, it made her uncomfortable. "Uh-huh..."

Tomoyo stared at Fuu with the same shy grin, silent for several moments. "You've got a very pretty body...! (^_^)" Tomoyo got even closer to Fuu, so she was practically snuggling with her.

"T-T-Tomoyo...?" stuttered Fuu, wondering what the Hell Tomoyo was doing.

Her libido taking over, Tomoyo embraced Fuu. Tomoyo's skin was in full contact with Fuu's, Fuu could feel Tomoyo's soft skin and hardened nipples, making her cheeks cherry-red.

"T-Tomoyo...please let go of me...!" squeaked Fuu.

Tomoyo squeezed Fuu's tit, pinching her nipple roughly. "*pant* *pant* Fuu-chan...I want you...! *pant* *pant* You're making me soooo wet...! *moan*"

Mai, Serenity, Miki, and Iris were staring at Tomoyo in shock. Mai was the most shocked. First, she had seen this girl masturbate in front of an entire audience. Now she was openly seducing another girl, or worse, possibly trying to rape her!

Tomoyo gave Fuu a small lick on the earlobe. "*pant* *pant* *pant* Fuu-chan...don't try to deny it... *pant* *pant* *pant* ...onegai...give in to me! *gasp* OH, FUU! MAKE LOVE TO ME _NOW!_" exclaimed Tomoyo, wanted to get laid more than anything else in the world! She reached down, and began to softly caress Fuu's pussy.

"*sob* Onegai! Tomoyo! *sob* *gasp* Don't...!" gasped Fuu, sobbing as she felt her cunt growing hot and aroused from Tomoyo's touch.

Mai looked at Iris, who was covering her eyes with fear. Serenity and Miki were still staring in shock, faces blank. Mai couldn't _stand_ seeing another female getting raped!

"TOMOYO! STOP IT _NOW!_" screamed Mai in her loudest voice. Tomoyo came to her senses, realized what she was doing, and removed herself from the very frightened Fuu.

"AAAAAHHHH! Oh, Kami-sama! Gomen nasai, Fuu! Heh heh...I don't know what came over me...! Again, gomen nasai! (^_^)" an embaressed Tomoyo apologized as she sat back down a decent distance from Fuu. Iris uncovered her eyes, and Serenity and Miki sighed with relief. Mai didn't need to ask any questions, it was obvious that this girl was a lesbian. She scooted further away from where she was sitting, as did Serenity, Miki, and even Iris.




Yugi, Sakura, Felicia and the Asahi Samurai entered the bathhouse, took a key, and went to their locker rooms. Yugi was the only one going into the men's locker room, but he didn't mind. As soon as the women got into the woman's changing room, they immediately began stripping off their clothes. Motoko was a little uncomfortable undressing in front of other people, so she went behind a row of lockers to undress. Since she was already nude, Felicia grabbed her towel and went right ahead into the woman's bath area. Aiko got so absorbed in watching Sakura strip down, she almost forgot to undress, herself. When everyone had a towel on, they headed into their respective baths.




When Yugi got into the men's bath, he was surprised to find all of his friends there.

"Joey? Tristan? Bakura? Grandpa? You're here, too?"

Everyone looked at Yugi. "Hi, Yuge!" greeted Joey. "How goes the date with Sakura?"

"Uh...fine," answered Yugi, getting into the water. He looked over at his own grandfather, who was busy combing the dividing wall, looking for a knothole in the wood.

"Grandpa...?" said Yugi.

"I _know_ that there's a hole here _somewhere!_" Solomon said, still searching.




As Felicia walked into the woman's bath, she gave a wicked smile, as she prepared to yell the one word that struck terror in the hearts of bathhouse-attendees everywhere...




That did it.

"NOOOOOO!" everyone shouted, finding themselves facing a laughing, naked, busty blue-haired girl. The girl calmed down.

"Gotcha! I wasn't really going to jump in! I just wanted to get your attention! (^_^)" chuckled Felicia.

Mai sweatdropped. "You know, there _are_ better ways to announce yourself...!"

"I know! But I _love_ yelling that! It's fun! (^_^)" said Felicia, still chuckling.

Felicia's outburst had caused the Asahi Samurai and Sakura to come running into the woman's bath.

"Oro? I didn't hear any splash, and there's no water on the floor!" observed Kinko.

"Don't worry! I didn't really jump in! I was just playing around! (^_^)" said Felicia, starting to submerse herself in the bathwater.

As soon as Aiko noticed the bath now filled with five lovely ladies, she became wet once again. She then noticed who one of the girls was, and once again felt like cumming on the spot!

"*pant* *pant* <Ohhhhhh...! It's her! It's that cute black-haired girl! And she's naked and wet! Mmmmm...those tits look _so_ yummy...Her nipples are so hard...!> *pant* *pant*" was the perverted thought going through Aiko's dirty mind.

Tomoyo had noticed the arrival of Sakura, her dream goddess, and became even wetter than she already was. But she also noticed the skinny chocolate-brown-haired chick was with her, the same chick that had clouded her mind, preventing her from stopping Sakura from going out with Yugi. She couldn't say anything, she just hoped that Sakura and Aiko would sit near her.

"Tomoyo-chan!" exclaimed Sakura. "You're taking a bath, too?"

"Hai..." nodded Tomoyo.

"Hey! Lose those towels, and get in!" shouted Mai.

"Okay!" Kinko dropped her towel, then looked over at Aiko, Motoko, and Sakura. Aiko nervously dropped hers, while Motoko opted to keep hers on. Sakura had no qualms about being in a public bath nude, so she dropped hers, too.

Tomoyo's heart almost stopped, and she began panting with lust. She had seen Sakura topless a few times before, but that was before she became this developed!

"*pant* *pant* <Sakura-chan...you're so beautiful...I just want to bury my head between your breasts, and never remove myself...!>" thought Tomoyo, eyeing every nook and cranny of Sakura's teenage body. Her eyes started at Sakura's sexy D-cup breasts topped off with pink nipples, then moved down to her pussy, with its soft auburn curls of hair. She then started eyeing Aiko's naked form. As soon as Aiko felt Tomoyo's brown eyes probing her naked body, she felt dizzy.

Kinko and Motoko got into the bath and sat down next to Miki, across from Mai and Felicia. Aiko and Sakura sat near Tomoyo, on both sides of her. As Tomoyo realized that she was sitting between the two most beautiful women in the world to her, who were completely naked, she almost felt like giving in to her desires. She couldn't be any more happier if she tried!

"<Someone please pinch me, I'm dreaming...!> (^_^)" thought a blissful Tomoyo.

Mai had decided against washing herself, and decided to just converse with the four women that had just joined her. "So, who are you. I'm Mai Valentine."

"I'm Felicia Neko," introduced Felicia, standing up, tormenting poor Aiko again.

Kinko stood up. "I'm Kinko Himura, leader of the Asahi Samurai."

"The _What_ Samurai?" asked Mai.

"The Asahi Samurai. We're a small group of female warriors dedicated to upholding truth, peace, and justice throughout the world, de gozaru," explained Kinko as she signaled for Aiko to introduce herself.

Blushing deeply and cunt totally wet, Aiko stood up. "I-I'm Aiko Shinyou. I-It's nice to meet you."

Reluctantly, Motoko stood up. "And I am Motoko Aoyama. Felicia is _not_ one of us."

"That's right! I'm _not_ one of them!" said Felicia.

Mai was now fully interested. She stood back up, and sat on the floor closest to the wall, leaning against it. Her feet still rested in the water. Felicia looked over at Aiko, whose eyes were starting to water with unwanted arousal, and her pussy was oozing wetness. She smiled as she joined Mai in sitting bathside, assuming the same position Mai was in: Resting with her hands behind her head, feet soaking in the warm water. Aiko couldn't have been more miserably horny in her entire life!

"So, tell me more," requested Mai.

Kinko sat back down. "Well...we were formed in 1887 by my ancestor Kou Himura, son of the legendary assassin Kenshin Himura. When Kou heard about the nasty run-in my father and his friends had with the Yuuhi Ninjas, he decided to form the Asahi Samurai, who would be worthy opposers to the Yuuhi Ninjas. We are the fifth generation of Asahi Samurai, de gozaru."

Aiko sat back down, mostly to hide her damp crotch. "Uh...M-My earliest ancestor in the Asahi Samurai was Kotori Shinyou."

Motoko sat back down. "My grandfather Shun Aoyama didn't join the Asahi Samurai until the third generation."

Mai looked over at Felicia. "What's _your_ story?"

Felicia took a deep breath. "Well..."

As Felicia began to divulge her life story, Motoko suddenly felt a chill in the air. She had a feeling that something not very good was about to happen...!




A couple blocks from the Furoya no Momobara, 23-year-old landlord Keitaro Urashima was following his girlfriend Naru Narusegawa to the bathhouse. Also following him were his other tenants at the Hinata Lodge: Mitsune Konno, A.K.A. "Kitsune"; Shinobu Maehara; and Kaolla Su. Keitaro had no choice to come, he had been chosen to accompany Kaolla to this Duel Monsters tournament. Of course, Naru also wanted to come along with him, so she dressed up like a nerd, threw together a deck and came along, posing as a Duelist. Unfortunately, she lacked the skill to be a true Duelist, in both stragety and deck-constructing skills. This made Keitaro worry. He wasn't a Duelist either, so he couldn't help her at all. Since Keitaro and Naru were posing as Duelists, Kitsune and Shinobu snuck along as the two guests that each participant was allowed. This made Keitaro wonder who else might've snuck along...

Everyone entered the bathhouse, took a key, and headed into the woman's locker room.

But alas, one of them had forgotten that he was a man...








With the unmatched force of Naru's fist, Keitaro was propelled back out into the street, and into the next door building! Keitaro came to, being looked down upon by a very angry French shopkeep.

"Sacre bleu! Les marchandises! Les cartes! Le porno! Vous âne maladroit!" ["Sacre bleu! The merchandise! The cards! The porno! You clumsy jackass!"] screamed the shopkeep.

"Gomen nasai...uhhh..." Keitaro looked at the man's nametag. "...Robert!"

"Non non non! It's 'Row-bear'! Robert Jean-Marie Chateaubriand! Now, erm..."

"Keitaro. Keitaro Urashima," said Keitaro.

"Monsieur Urashima, you're going to have to work here to pay for the damages!" said Robert.

"*sigh* All right. What is this place? What am I going to be selling?" sighed Keitaro.

Robert held up several Duel Monster cards and a copy of _Hot Hentai Monthly_. "Duel Monsters and porno."

Keitaro looked at the cards, which were all sexy female monsters. He then looked at the magazine, which depicted a naked short-haired schoolgirl with glasses embaressed and hiding her crotch. He then looked around at the merchandise, cards for Duel Monsters, dice for Dungeon Dice Monsters, and about twenty vending machines for Capsule Monster Chess. Various types of pornographic materials also caught Keitaro's eye, such as adult magazines, dirty manga, and X-rated Hentai VHS tapes and DVDs. What really shocked the former ronin was a large, framed poster behind Robert, which depicted a complex orgy between the Dark Magician Girl, Harpie Lady, Blue-Eyes White Dragon Girl, Elegant Magician, Dark Elf, Witch's Apprentice, Dark Witch, Thunder Nyan Nyan, plus several new monsters that Keitaro didn't recognize. Keitaro was speechless as his trousers sprouted a bulge.

Robert looked at the poster behind him. "Oh, that's my pride and joy! I jack off to it every night!"

"... ... ... ... (*_*)" Keitaro made a bewildered face just before passing out again.




Back at the Furoya no Momobara, Naru-tachi had just changed, and were on their way into the women's bath. When they entered the bath, everyone noticed them immediately.

"Konban wa!" greeted Mai. "Drop the towels and get in!"

Tomoyo and Aiko's eyes widened as they saw the four girls drop their towels and enter the bath. Shinobu was still a little shy, even at 15, but she dis-toweled, anyway. Kaolla, now developing into quite an exotic young woman at 16, removed her towel before the others did. After getting into the water and introducing themselves to the other women and vice-versa, they noticed that someone across from them had her head submerged in the water. Kitsune looked underwater.

"Well, well! If it isn't Motoko! (^_^)" exclaimed Kitsune, still with her face underwater. Naru pulled her head back up.

Motoko re-surfaced, gasping for air. "*gaasssp!* *pant* *pant* *pant* All right... *pant* *pant* You've found me, so I guess I might as well tell the truth... *pant* *pant*" Motoko paused for a few moments, to fully catch her breath. "I'm a member of an elite group called the Asahi Samurai. I've been one even before I came to the Hinata Lodge. We're a group dedicated to upholding the peace and safety of the young, weak, and innocent."

Kinko then retold the entire story of the formation of the Asahi Samurai to the newcomers.

"Kinko, why can't you ever give that story a rest? (-_-)" sighed Aiko.

As Tomoyo and Aiko sat in each others' presence longer, they felt the supressed emotions strain inside of themselves. Both of their hot virgin pussies were leaking wetness into the clean bathwater as they fought to keep themselves from jumping each other's bones. To the still-watching Mai, it was obvious that there was strong emotions going on inside the two young girls, since they were both blushing heavily and trying not to look at each other directly. She had nothing against lesbianism, she just thought that the public display of sexuality was very crude and indecent.

Kitsune was eyeing the two lovely girls with interest. Her face cast a wide grin as she hatched a devious plan involving Tomoyo and Aiko...!




Back at Robert's Game & Porn, Keitaro was being given an "employee's tour" of the business. Robert had shown him just about every single item in the inventory, which included many different games other than Duel Monsters. Keitaro felt a little uneasy, being in the midst of truckloads of adult content. His last adult purchase was a simple, cheap Japanese Hentai publication called "Hot Asian Schoolgirl Sluts" when he was 14. He had decided to stick with cleaner magazines featuring beautiful girls in bikinis when the dirty magazine was found hidden in his bedroom.

As Robert lead Keitaro into his private backroom, he saw numerous other Hentai posters featuring female Duel Monsters, mostly ones of the Dark Magician Girl. He saw a poster of the D.M.G. being fucked by several long, slimy tentacles. Her cute outfit was torn completely off, her cap being the only thing she was wearing. Another one had the D.M.G. riding the Dark Magician's long cock up and down, playing with her own huge breasts. Keitaro paused, to look at Robert's humongous gallery. There was one that showed Red Archery Girl sitting in her shell, completely topless and smiling lustfully. There was a really distasteful, yet really creative poster that depicted The Unfriendly Amazon in revealing leather S&M gear, who had the Amazon Blowpiper stripped naked and restrained to a stone slab, with the Amazoness Swordswoman right next to her. The Amazon Blowpiper was crying with pain as she was struck with the Unfriendly Amazon's whip. On the left side of the poster, the Amazoness Paladin was naked and being taken from behind by the Amazoness Tiger. The Paladin seemed to be enjoying it. On the far right side, Amazoness Fighter and Amazon Archer had apparently been stripped and bound and gagged by the Unfriendly Amazon. A third picture showed all three Harpie Lady Sisters in the nude.

Keitaro couldn't tear himself away from the vulgar images, yet he still found them repulsive. Robert walked over, also admiring them. "Like 'em? While you're paying off your debt, I'll let you jack off to any one piece of my porno each day as part of your pay!"

Keitaro almost felt like jacking off right there and then! But Robert resumed the tour as he dragged Keitaro further into his private abode. Keitaro saw numerous other posters of girl Duel Monsters, plus a good number of posters featuring normal girls. He saw tall shelves loaded with the store's inventory, mainly cards and porn. Robert eventually led Keitaro into what appeared to be his bedroom amongst the clutter. The aroma of booze, rotten food, and semen hung heavy in the air, and here the walls were almost wallpapered with Hentai posters! Robert had a computer, a very expensive-looking one, with several hard drives. His screen saver was apparently one that was programmed to play the rape scenes from tentacle Hentai films over and over again, along with audio. Along one wall was a tall shelf containing a plethora of videotapes. Keitaro shuddered at the thought of what sort of material was on those videotapes.

Robert sat down at his computer and nudged the mouse, revealing his Windows Desktop. The background picture that Robert had chosen was a particularly vile screenshot from "Urotsukidoji."

"Heh heh heh...Get a load of what actually aired last night on the 8 O'Clock News! I videotaped it last night, then transferred it to my computer and uploaded it to the Internet!" Robert snickered fiendishly, a snicker that sent an ominous chill coursing down Keitaro's spine. Robert opened the "My Documents" folder, and double-clicked on an MPEG icon. As the file opened, Robert clicked "Play." Immediately, Keitaro was treated to the image of a young woman, possibly in her mid-to-late twenties. Her long, beautiful hair was green and well-kept, her big eyes were bright blue. But the most prominent feature about her was her bust. Keitaro had never _seen_ such huge breasts on a woman! They _had_ to be at least a triple-D to an E-cup! She was wearing a white blouse with a long black skirt, though Keitaro had a feeling in the back of his head that she wouldn't be wearing them for very long...

The woman was standing in front of what Keitaro indentified as Ohtori Academy. He had read about it, but since he had little desire to become a Duelist, he decided to stick with Tokyo University. He listened as the woman began to speak...

"This is Yaku Tanaka, reporting live from outside of Inazumano Academy, where Chairperson Koushiro Inazumano is currently planning to temporarily turn the Academy into a place for the Duelists of Lord Itamiou-sama's Momobara Tournament to stay for its duration. He is doing this, because he feels that the current housing for the students isn't enough to hold all the Duelists that have been invited."

As Yaku paused, Robert turned to Keitaro with a lecherous grin. "Get a load of those huge boobs, Monsieur Urashima!" Keitaro nodded, his eyes glued to the monitor.

Yaku continued speaking. "...Uh...A-And now, I shall enter Inazumano Academy...in order to get an...exclusive interview with Chairperson Inazumano to see just what he has in store for the Duelists..." Yaku entered the building, the cameraman following her. The two men watched the shadows of the empty hallway envelop Yaku as she walked. Keitaro's heart was pounding with frightened anticipation. After about fifteen seconds of Yaku walking through the dark, Robert looked at Keitaro again. "Hee hee...Here it comes...!"

Sure enough, a figure from the shadows leapt seemingly out of nowhere, startling the daylights out of Yaku _and_ Keitaro!

"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" was Yaku's reaction.

"You dare trespass on the Academy grounds while Koushiro-san is busy?! You shall pay _dearly_ for your misdeed!" spoke the strange figure, his features still obscured by darkness.

Keitaro became twice as frightened when he heard a loud, agonized scream from off camera as two double-bladed shuriken struck the boom boy right in the face! The microphone boom fell to the floor, making a loud squeal of feedback.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! AAH! AAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! GET THEM OUT! GET THEM OUT! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...!" was the boom boy's reaction as he fell to the floor in front of the camera, screaming in pain as his face gushed blood all over the floor. Robert chuckled as he watched the unfortunate boom boy suffer.

Keitaro was startled again as another figure emerged from the shadows.

"AAAHH! Wh-Who are you...?" asked Yaku, totally frightened.

"I'm Hokage Michikawa, Yuuhi Ninja and Master of Fire Monsters. You sure picked the wrong night to trespass on Koushiro-san's turf...!" said the red-haired man.

"I'm Kuro Jigoku, Leader of the Yuuhi Ninjas and the Master of Dark Monsters," spoke the black-haired Ninja, who then noticed the television camera pointed at him. "Ah, so we're being broadcast throughout the Kingdom, ne?"

Yaku nodded as Kuro took her microphone. "Well, then...Attention, people of Momobara Kingdom! As I speak, the Momobara vessel _Daihana Maru_ in en route to the Kingdom, carrying with it the world's top Duelists! When they arrive tomorrow afternoon, they shall be housed in nowhere else than the bunks here at Inazumano Academy! And if there's not enough room, they shall be housed in _your_ own private abode! _That's_ what Koushiro-san has planned!"

"Domo arigato! Now, if I could have my microphone back, I'll be on my way..." requested Yaku.

"Ohhhh-no! You're not getting off _that_ easily! You must be punished, swiftly and severely!" said Kuro as he grabbed Yaku by the arm and started to drag her down the hallway.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed the busty newsgirl as she futilely struggled against her captor's grip, kicking, screaming, and wildly flailing about. Robert and Keitaro's eyes widened as they watched Yaku's breasts jiggle within the tight confines of her blouse as she struggled. As Robert saw Yaku accidentally kick her high heels off of her feet, he began to rub his erection through his pants. "Oooohh...There goes her high heels...!"

Keitaro looked at Robert strangely. He got excited over a woman loosing her footwear? How perverted _was_ he, anyway?!

As the cameraman attempted to follow Yaku and Kuro, he ended up having a large sword driven through his head, driving through his skull and completely through his brain!

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhhhhhh...!" screamed the cameraman as he collapsed on the floor, dropping the still-recording camera. As the cameraman died, Hokage retrieved his Ninja-tou, picked up the camera and followed Kuro and Yaku. The picture then cut back to the studio, where the severely-frightened anchorman was unable to control his fear.

"ONEGAI! LORD ITAMIOU-SAMA, HAVE MERCY ON DEAR YAKU'S SOUL! I'LL DO ANYTHING! JUST DON'T HURT HER OR RAPE HER...! *sob* My dear Yaku-chan...!" the anchorman cried directly into the camera lens.

Keitaro was stunned. "Th-Th-This...is...This is...!" Keitaro somehow couldn't express his feelings towards the recording.

Robert smiled. "Oh, this part is very cool...!"

"Huh...?" Keitaro turned back to the screen. He watched for another minute as the anchorman sat back down at his desk, still sobbing loudly, face buried in his hands.

Then it happened. There was a loud explosion as a black bolt of lightning blasted through the roof of the studio, striking the anchorman with millions of volts of Black Magic all at once! The anchorman screamed in bone-chilling agony as his body was deep-fried from the inside-out, his major organs either imploding or carbonizing, his skin flaking off in large burnt chunks. Major bodily fluids oozed all over the desk. After about twenty seconds, there was one last scream from the anchorman as his body exploded forcefully, sending burnt blood and entrails flying all over the set. There was nothing left of him sitting at the desk. The sounds of several screams could be heard from off the set, then the broadcast cut out, leaving a test pattern on the screen.

Keitaro was completely speechless. He couldn't even sputter. Robert, however, was howling like a hyena. "Merci, Lord Itamiou! That news reporter was a big asshole!" said Robert, in between laughs. Robert calmed down as the recording kept on going. The screen still showed Yaku being dragged down the hall on her butt by Kuro. Hokage was obviously threatening Yaku with his sword, planning to kill her if she tried to escape any more. A short time later, Kuro entered what was apparently the Chairperson's Office, with Hokage still following. Sitting at the desk was a man with short blonde hair, whom Keitaro took as "Chairperson Inazumano." The person sitting at the desk seemed to be moaning, as if someone was underneath the desk giving him pleasure. Keitaro could also make out the faint sound of sobbing.

"Keep going...! *pant* *pant*" shuddered the man in pleasure. "Oh, konbanwa, Kuro-san...Hokage-san!" he spoke as he noticed his fellow Ninjas enter his office.

"Koushiro-san, what are you hiding below your desk?" asked Kuro.

Koushiro pulled a young woman out from underneath his desk. "Say hello to who I found trying to disobey me! Tell them your name, little girl."

The orange-haired, blue-green-eyed girl spoke. "M-My name is Juri Arisugawa. I-I'm...I...I _was_ a member of the Ohtori Student Council..."

"That's _INAZUMANO_ STUDENT COUNCIL!" corrected Koushiro.

"AAH! ...I mean, _Inazumano_ Student Council! P-Please don't hurt me! I just messed up a little...!" cried Juri as she stood up. As she stood up, Robert squeezed his erection through his pants as he eyed her exposed private areas through her torn clothes.

"Mmmm...Just look at that girl's hot little body! I'd do her _anyday!_" said Robert as he unzipped his pants.

"Wow! What a babe! Did you take her yet?!" asked Hokage, obviously ogling Juri.

"Not yet. I'm waiting for when us and Itamiou-sama wipe out everyone at the tournament. _Then_ when I take her, it'll be ten times as sweet!" answered Koushiro.

"Well, take a look at who _we_ found trespassing!" said Kuro, pointing at a struggling Yaku.

Koushiro smiled lecherously. "Itamiou-sama would _definitely_ like _this_ girl as a prize for our 'tournament'!"

"Well, let's see if she's the right material...!" Kuro dropped Yaku, who immediately flipped up to a standing position! Kuro had no time to react, as Yaku kicked him square in the gut!

"ITAI! YOU'LL _PAY_ FOR THAT!" reacted Kuro. He leapt into the air, delivering an even more powerful kick to Yaku's own gut!

"AAAAAACCCKK...!" screeched Yaku as she fell over again, back down to the floor.

Robert now seemed to be really excited, as he pulled his gigantic eight-inch boner out of his pants, and started lightly stroking it. "Oh boyyy...Here it comes...!"

Keitaro felt his own manhood start to rise as Kuro knelt down next to Yaku. As Kuro tore open Yaku's white blouse, Robert started to stroke his dick faster as he saw her E-cup tits straining inside a white bra.

"Ohhhhh, yeeaahh...!" moaned Robert as Kuro reduced Yaku's blouse to tatters, revealing more white flesh.

"AAAAAAHHH...!" screamed Yaku as her blouse was torn away. As soon as Kuro tore off her bra, Robert began to jack off even harder as he saw the two irresistable watermelons jiggle erotically.

"*pant* *pant* Ahh...mon Dieu...*pant* *pant* They're so goddamn huge...I just want to squeeze those huge titties hard, while sucking on those tasty pink nipples...! *pant* *pant*" panted the perverted Frenchman. Keitaro was aroused by the sight as well, but there was something about the situation that still repulsed him, and he knew exactly what it was. But he was still to stunned to speak up.

As Robert watched Kuro stimuate Yaku's soft nipples into hardening by flicking them and sucking on them, he started masurbating at his top speed as he noticed signs of Yaku becoming excited. "Oui...you _like_ that, _don't you_, Mademoiselle Tanaka?! *pant* *pant* *pant* You're getting all wet and horny...!"

As it became obvious that Hokage had set the camera down on the floor, Keitaro started to wonder what _he_ was going to do to Yaku! Hokage walked over to Yaku, knelt down, and immediately tore off Yaku's long, black skirt! Robert was now getting seriously excited as he saw Yaku's skimpy white thong, barely concealing her pussy and ass. "*pant* *pant* *pant* Oooohh...*pant* *pant* Your little thong is all wet! *pant* *pant* You'd better take it off...!*pant* *pant*"

Hokage did take Yaku's thong off. Robert went berserk at the sight of Yaku's pussy.

"Ooohh...Naughty girl...!" cooed Hokage as he eyed Yaku's shaved cunt. Robert said the words along with Hokage as he focused on Yaku's delicious, tight, wet pussy. Yaku started to blush and cry. Hokage stuck his finger up Yaku's love hole, his expression changing to a negative one as he found no cherry.

"What the fuck...?! ...Hey! She's not a virgin! Someone's already gotten to her cherry before _we_ did! Chikusho!" cursed Hokage as he stood back up. "You two can have that slutty bitch to yourself for all I care! All I know is, pure and innocent virgin girls are the right girls for me to fuck!"

As Hokage left, Robert started to fully focus on Yaku getting her breasts molested by Kuro. On the left side of the screen, Koushiro could be seen playing with Juri's B-cup breasts and hard nipples, and fingering her tight tangerine-tressed twat. Juri was whimpering, almost distracted Robert and Keitaro from Yaku's tit-rape. Robert was deriving pleasure from both spectacles, while Keitaro was still speechless with shock and arousal.

Kuro removed himself from Yaku's breast, acknowledged Hokage's absence, and looked up at Koushiro. "Looks like we've got this ho' all to ourselves, Koushiro-san!"

"Very well. Juri, you may go and sleep now. I'll wake you if this little whore doesn't satisfy me," said Koushiro as he pointed towards the corner of the office.

"H-H-Hai, Master Koushiro...!" nodded Juri as she went into the corner to sleep.

"I just _love_ being called 'Master Koushiro'," Koushiro said as he went over to join Kuro. Robert got even hotter as Koushiro forced his cock into Yaku's unexpecting mouth.

"*pant* *pant* That's it...*pant* *pant* Suck the long, hard cock...*pant* *moan* Suck it like the little slut you are...! *pant* *pant* *pant*" panted Robert. Since he had masturbated to this video last night, Robert knew that Yaku wasn't going to suck Koushiro's cock. He knew exactly what was going to happen next...

"KURO-SAN! KOUSHIRO-SAN!" Itamiou's voice blasted through the air. Kuro and Koushiro ran off camera, leaving Yaku's prone body laying on the floor.

"Hai, Itamiou-sama?" came Kuro and Koushiro's voices from off screen as they communicated with Lord Itamiou. Robert was getting even closer to orgasm as he stared at Yaku laying naked on the floor, wearing nothing but her sexy black stockings. Her huge breasts with erect nipples were heaving with Yaku's breathing, her wet, hairless cunny running with wetness.

"*pant* *pant* *moan* Yaku-chan...you're so fucking hot! *moan* OH, GOD! HOW I WANT TO SUCK ON YOUR TITS AND FUCK YOUR CUNT!" shouted Robert.

"Bring that girl to me. I wish to have my _own_ way with her before I allow _you_ to," ordered Itamiou.

"Hai! Right away, Itamiou-sama!" said Kuro. There was a short pause. "Kuso! Hokage is the one who usually carries the chains and shackles!" Another short pause. "What is your name, Miss?"

Yaku looked up at Kuro. "*sob* I-It's Yaku...Yaku Tanaka...!"

"YAKU! Get up! We are bringing you to Lord Itamiou-sama!" ordered Kuro.

"B-B-B-But my clothes...!"

"You shall walk naked! You most likely won't be needed clothes ever again where _you're_ going...!" said Kuro. Yaku stood up.

"Now, _WALK!_" barked Kuro. As soon as Yaku exited the screen, the video ended. Robert groaned, as he had not yet achieved orgasm. He closed the file. Keitaro started to sputter a little, as his speech ability returned somewhat.

"Th-Th-Th-Th-That...is...s-so...so... ...!" was all Keitaro was able to manage at the time being.

"Did you like that, Monsieur Urashima? I've got even _more_ of Yaku on here! Seven whole gigabytes of her!" boasted Robert. He was proud to admit to anyone that he was totally obsessed with Yaku Tanaka. She was his ultimate sexual fantasy, and his ultimate goal in life. He clicked on another MPEG icon, and started to watch another...revealing video of Yaku.




As soon as Ranma entered Momobara Park, he headed straight for the place where he last saw Honey all those years ago. He considered himself _very_ fortunate that he didn't run into Akane out here, since she was absent from the room when he left. Since Shampoo had also come along, he considered her a threat, as well. Having his nose flattened by a bicycle would put a damper on his plans.

Nervously keeping an eye out for the two girls, Ranma made his way over to the playground. Sure enough, when he got there, there was Honey, waiting patiently for him on the swingset!

"H-Honey-chan...?" Ranma spoke.

Honey gazed over her shoulder. "*gasp* RAN-CHAN!"

Honey got up and ran over to Ranma. The two embraced each other in a strong hug.

"It's been a long time, Honey..." said Ranma, noting how much Honey had filled out in ten years.

"It sure has, Ranma..." replied Honey, admiring how tall Ranma had gotten in the same amount of time.

The two of them hugged for several moments longer.




Not too far away, Akane Tendo was walking down the street, looking for Duelists to practice on. If she was to win this tournament, she would need all the experience and skill she could get. She couldn't afford to lose at all, since she didn't want to become _anyone's_ slave. The only slave that she wanted to be was a slave to Ranma's love.

She had been wandering the dark streets of Momobara ever since Itamiou cancelled the rest of the night's Duels. She had not found anyone willing to take her on in a Duel, and she was starting to get pissed off. She was about to explode, when she heard a sound coming from a nearby alley.

"Huh...?" Akane said as she went into the alley to see what was causing the noise. Now that she was in the alley, she could tell that the noise was actually a woman crying. She looked around, and saw a young woman with beautiful lavender hair sitting on the filthy ground, bawling. Akane recognized her right away. Normally, Akane would've wanted to punch her lights out for getting to close to Ranma, but since Ranma wasn't there, she felt that she should help.

"Shampoo...?" said Akane.

Shampoo looked up and Akane, tears running down her cheeks. "*sob* A-Akane...?"

"What's wrong, Shampoo?" asked Akane. "Why are you sitting here crying?"

"*sniff* I-I-It was...*sob*...Happosai...! *sob*" sobbed Shampoo.

Every time Akane heard the name "Happosai," she wanted to blast the little old hentai clear into LEO. "What did he do?"

"*sob* I lost to him in a Duel...*sob*...and he said if I lost, I'd have to give him my bra and panties...! *sniff*" explained Shampoo.

Akane's eyes narrowed.

"...A-A-And I had to...*sob*...take off my dress before taking them off...! *sob*" finished Shampoo.

"Which way did he go?! I'll teach that little lecher a lesson!" declared Akane.

"I think he went that way, towards the park..." said Shampoo, standing up and pointing towards the East.

"Domo arigato!" said Akane as she grabbed Shampoo by the wrist. "Come on, Shampoo! We're going to get your underwear back!"

Akane dragged Shampoo along with her.




Back in the park, Ranma and Honey had just finished their hug, and were now sitting down on the swings. There wasn't much to say, since they had already told each other most of everything that had happened to them over the past ten years. Ranma wanted to ask Honey if he could see her "special powers," but he had yet to work up the courage to do so. It was during a pause in their conversation in which Ranma was working up the guts to inquire about Honey's powers, when Honey asked him a very sensitive question...

"Ran-chan...Can I see it?"

Ranma looked at Honey. "Huh? See what?!" He started to blush, thinking that she might want to see...it.

"Can I see your curse? Your girl form?" reiterated Honey.

Ranma blushed harder, knowing that he had rarely shown off his curse to a curious person. "Well...all right...for a little bit...!" Ranma looked around for a source of water, and stood up when he noticed the park fountain not too far away. "Follow me."

Honey stood up, and followed Ranma over to the gushing fountain. Ranma stopped before the fountain, and took a deep breath before submersing himself.

"<Here it goes...!>" Ranma thought to himself just before dousing himself in the cold water of the fountain. As soon as she felt the change take place, she slowly removed her head from the fountain. When he faced Honey, Honey appeared shocked at first, but soon smiled. She started to giggle as she saw Ranma-chan's voluptuous female form.

"You look very nice, Ran-chan!" complimented Honey as she approached Ranma-chan.

"Domo arigato...!" thanked Ranma-chan. Now that she had shown off his curse, she felt the courage necessary to ask Honey to show off her gift. "Honey-chan...Now can you show me _your_ powers...?" she asked.

Honey blushed. Initiating her own special powers would require something that she didn't quite feel like doing in front of Ranma yet, though she had done it hundreds of times in front of strangers. "Ranma...I don't really feel like showing you my powers...!"

Ranma-chan smiled. She wasn't in any hurry to see them. "That's okay, Honey. You can show me when you're good and ready. This tournament sounds like it'll be going on for quite a while."

Ranma-chan and Honey then started to take a stroll around the park. Ranma-chan didn't care that she was still in her female form, it seemed to her that Honey wasn't interested in sex, much less romance tonight.




As Happosai skipped down the path in the park singing a song, he took a moment to reflect on tonight's Duels. He had defeated several young women tonight, and had taken their undergarments as prizes. Not only that, he had been treated to a little strip show from each woman. Just recent, he had achived him dream of defeating the lovely Amazon Shampoo, and had won her bra and panties, and the rare privilege of seeing her naked.

Happosai looked in his special sack, and took a moment savoring the feel and scent of each set of lingerie. He especially enjoyed the one he had gotten from the cute black-haired schoolgirl Tomoyo Daidouji. He had given up Honey's bra and panties to get these, but Tomoyo's panties smelled _so_ sweet, he had almost forgotten about Honey! The other girls that he defeated tonight all had interesting and intoxicating scents, but Shampoo's...Happosai didn't quite know how to describe Shampoo's wonderful scent!

As Happosai started skipped down the path again, he resumed singing.

"This old lech/He stole five/He stole panties while doing a jive/With a P-chan, Ranma-chan, an Amazon named Foam/This old lech came running home...!" sang the old perverted geezer.

"This old lech/He stole six/He stole panties from..." Happosai stopped singing when he noticed two familiar girls headed in his direction!

"Ranma-chan and Honey! HOO-YEAH! (^_^)" Happosai jumped for joy, as he realized that he could still get Honey's bra and panties!

The two girls saw and heard him. "Oh-no! It's Happosai!" said Ranma-chan.

"Who?" asked Honey.

"A hentai martial artist that likes to steal woman's bras and panties! He can be trouble if he's not dealt with properly!" answered Ranma-chan.

"That's right, Ranma-chan! I'm trouble! Trouble if you don't let me challenge your girlfriend for her undergarments!" said Happosai.

Honey's eyes widened, and she blushed. "Girlfriend...?!"

"That's what they _all_ say! Now, Miss Honey, I challenge you to a Duel! If I win, you have to give me your bra and panties, and you have to take off all your other clothes before you take them off! If _you_ win, I'll give you the entire contents of this sack, plus my rarest card!" Happosai said as he held up his special sack.

"I accept!" replied Honey.

"Good!" Happosai pulled two portable Dueling Units, the latest designed by KaibaCorp., out of a knapsack on his back. He tossed one to Honey, who caught it and put it on, its systems immediately activating. Both Duelists put their decks in the units, which then released the holographic emitters.

"Okay! Are you ready to lose?" asked Happosai.

"No! I'm ready to _win_, though!" answered Honey.

"DUEL!" shouted both of them.





Happosai: 6000

Honey: 6000



"I'll play _this_ monster face-down, and that's all I'll do!" said Happosai as he set his monster face-down and ended his turn.

Honey drew. "I'll summon Fairy Guardian!"

Honey summoned a small fairy wielding a large scythe and a mace.







"Fairy Guardian, attack his face-down monster!"

Fairy Guardian attacked, revealing and destroying Happosai's monster.







"Thank you for attacking my Cyber Jar, Miss Honey! Your Fairy Guardian is destroyed, and each of us must draw five cards, and Special Summon any low-Level monsters that we get!" said Happosai as he drew five cards. Honey did the same.

"<Hoo-hoo! What a sweet line-up!>" thought Happosai as he summoned three monsters from his hand.

"The monsters I've summoned are White Magical Hat, a face-down monster, and Koga The Magical Summoner!"

Happosai Special Summoned W.M.H., plus a being with silver fur and a dogs head, wearing a red cloak and holding a glowing blue sphere.


--- ---

1000 800

700 300

--- ---


Honey summoned three monsters, as well. "I summon Rhaimundos of The Red Sword, Roboyarou, and Ladybug Girl!"

The two monsters were summoned, plus a new female monster. This monster had wings like a ladybug, and was wearing a red dress that showed off a decent amount of cleavage and leg. Her hair was long and black, her eyes ruby-red, and two cute antennae sprouted from her head.


--- --- ---

1200 900 1600

1300 450 1600

--- --- ---


Happosai was staring at Ladybug Girl with lust. "OOOOH! Can I have that card when I beat you, too?! (H_H)"

Honey ignored him, knowing that she _would_ win this Duel! "Rhaimundos, destroy his White Magical Hat! Red Sword Attack!"

Rhaimundos took out Happosai's monster.



Happosai: 5800

Honey: 6000



"Ladybug Girl, destroy his Magical Summoner! Swarm Bomb!"

Ladybug Girl took down Koga with a blast of green energy.



Happosai: 5000

Honey: 6000



Happosai laughed. "HA HA! Domo arigato! Now I can use Koga's Special Ability! When it's sent to the Graveyard, I can add any monster I please from my deck to my hand!"

Happosai went through his deck, took out a monster, and re-shuffled his deck. He grinned as he admired his most powerful monster, which he had chosen from his deck. Before he found this card, he had always gotten his ass kicked by Ranma and others. Now, with this monster, things were going to be different...!

Honey decided to take her chances with Happosai's face-down monster. "Roboyarou, attack his face-down monster!"

Roboyarou attacked Happosai's defending monster, revealing it to be a frightening ape monster with red fur and glowing blood-red eyes.







Happosai laughed again. "HA HA HA! That was my Akazaru you just destroyed! Its Flip Effect allows me to destroy one of your face-up Warrior-Type monsters! So say 'sayonara' to your Rhaimundos of The Red Sword!"

Akazaru's eyes flashed, and it screeched loudly before it was destroyed. A few seconds later, Rhaimundos glowed bright red, then vaporized!

"I'll play this card face-down, and that will be the end of my turn!" said Honey as she did so.

Happosai drew. "This monster will take care of your monsters! I summon Master Kyonshee!"

Happosai summoned a faceless Zombie-Type warrior.







"Master Kyonshee, destroy her Roboyarou!"

Master Kyonshee destroyed Roboyarou.



Happosai: 5000

Honey: 5150



"To end my turn, I think I'll play _three_ cards face-down! Hoo hoo...! (^_^)"

Happosai placed three cards face-down in the Spell/Trap zone.

As she drew, Honey became a little nervous. Happosai had a monster with high ATK, and three face-down cards, possibly all Trap cards. There was nothing that she could do, except take a chance...

"First, I'll play this card in Defense mode." Honey set a monster face-down on the field. "Then, I'll Equip my Ladybug Girl with Laser Cannon Armor, increasing its Attack and Defense by 300 points, more than the Attack of your Master Kyonshee!"

Ladybug Girl was now equipped with a big laser cannon on its back.







"Ladybug Girl, destroy Master Kyonshee! LADYBUG LASER!" Honey gave the command, and Ladybug Girl destroyed Master Kyonshee with a powerful laser blast.



Happosai: 4850

Honey: 5150



None of Happosai's face-down cards had activated, so Honey felt a little more confident.

Happosai drew, then immediately made his move. "I'll play this monster face-down! And that's all! (^_^)"

Honey drew. "I summon Science Soldier in Attack mode!" Honey summoned a warrior armed with high-tech weaponry.







"And I'll switch my face-down monster, Robolady, into Attack mode, too!" Honey flipped Robolady face-up.







"Ladybug Girl, attack his defending monster! LADYBUG LASER!"

Ladybug Girl struck Happosai's face-down monster, but it had too high a DEF!







Happosai grinned. "That was my Mystical Elf you just attacked! She's hot, ne? (^_^)"



Happosai: 4850

Honey: 5050



Happosai continued to grin. "Sometimes, I wonder if she's completely naked underneath that green dress...! (^_^)"

Honey couldn't think of anything else to do. "I'll just end my turn..."

Happosai drew, and grinned yet again. "I summon Gemini Elf in Attack mode!"

Happosai summoned Gemini Elf.







"They're hot too, ne? Just look at those big hooters! (^_^)" A good deal of Happosai's deck was comprised of female monsters. "Gemini Elf, destroy her Robolady with Gemini Twin-Beam!"

Gemini Elf eliminated Robolady with a double beam of magic and a storm of rose petals.



Happosai: 4850

Honey: 3600



"And that will end my turn!" said Happosai as Honey drew.

"<Common Warrior? This card won't help me!>" thought Honey as she set the card face-down on the field. "I set this monster in Defense mode, and switch my Ladybug Girl and Science Soldier to Defense, too!" Ladybug Girl and Science Soldier got into parrying positions.

Happosai drew. "I'll sacrifice Mystical Elf, and I'll summon a stronger monster! Ushi Oni!"

Mystical Elf disappeared, and was replaced with an evil bull monster sprouting from a jar.







"My Ushi Oni destroys your sexy Ladybug Girl!"

Ladybug Girl was destroyed with a blast of Black Magic.

"And my Gemini Elf destroys your Science Soldier! Gemini Twin-Beam!"

Science Soldier was destroyed.

"And I'll also play _another_ face-down card!"

Happosai set another card face-down in the S/T Zone.

Honey drew.

"<M-Warrior #2? I can't do anything with this, either!>" Honey said as she set the monster on the field. "I'll just play this monster face-down, and end my turn."

Happosai drew his card, and looked at it.

"<Hee hee...When I summon this, I can summon my best monster on my next turn...!> (^_^) I summon Kabazauls in Attack mode!"

Happosai summoned a purple hippopotamus monster.







"And now, my Kabazauls will attack your first face-down monster! Hurricane Breath!"

Kabazauls destroyed Honey's defending Common Warrior.







"And my Gemini Elf will destroy your other defending monster! Gemini Twin-Beam!"

Gemini Elf destroyed Honey's M-Warrior #2.








Ushi Oni prepared to attack Honey directly. But Honey was ready with a big surprise...


Honey activated her face-down card, and the energy from Ushi Oni's attack was stopped by a red beam of magic from the heavens, and the two forced began to coagulate!

"This rare Trap card is also what is known as a 'Trap Monster'! If I'm attacked directly, it negates your attack and summons a monster to the field with the same Attack as your attacking monster!"

The power from the Trap card and Ushi Oni's attack were now coalescing into a gigantic, beast-like form! Soon, the mixing red and black light faded, revealing a large beast with firey-crimson fur, immense build, sharp fangs, blood-red eyes, and sharp Devil-like horns.








Happosai wasn't that impressed. "Oh, so you got a monster that's as strong as my Ushi Oni! I've got a stronger monster in my hand, and I'm going to summon it on my next turn!"

Honey smiled, making Ranma-chan's heart skip. "But that's not its _only_ ability...!"

"Huh...?" said Happosai.

"I can offer Bakuhatsu Beast as a Tribute at any time to inflict _double_ its Attack power directly to your Life Points! So, once I command my monster to self-destruct, it'll take out a huge chunk of your Life Points!"

Happosai's eyes widened. None of his face-down cards could protect him from something like that! "OH-NO! YOU WOULDN'T! (O_O)"

"HAI, I WOULD! AND SINCE YOUR TURN IS OVER DUE TO MY TRAP CARD, I'M FREE TO USE MY MONSTER'S ABILITY!" Honey drew, and prepared to unleash the full fury of her monster. She looked at her new card, and smiled wider.


Bakuhatsu Beast roared loudly, then began to glow brightly with red light and strong flames. It then gave one last mighty roar as its body exploded violently, bathing both Duelists and all the monsters in bright red light! Happosai was blown back by the awesome force!




Happosai: 550

Honey: 3600



"THAT'S SHOWING HIM, HONEY-CHAN!" cheered Ranma-chan.

Happosai stood back up. "Oooogghh...heh heh heh...heh heh heh heh heh...! That was a very dumb move, Miss Honey! Now you have nothing standing in the way of my monsters and your Life Points! And I doubt that you can summon anything that can stand up to any of my monsters!"

Honey help up the card she had just drawn. "Oh...I think that I _do!_ *tee-hee!* (^_^)"

Happosai's eyes went wide again. "OHHHHH! DIMENSIONAL AID?! NOT _THAT_ CARD!"

Honey played the card. "This Quick-Play Spell card lets me Special Summon two monsters from my deck whenever one of mine is sent to the Graveyard!"

Honey went through her deck, selected two monster cards, and Special Summoned them. "And I've selected Tri-Horned Dragon...and Gaia The Fierce Knight!"


--- ---

2850 2300

2350 2100

--- ---


Honey looked at Ranma-chan and smiled cutely, since she had just gotten her strongest monster out, and was about to clean Happosai's clock with it.


As soon as Tri-Horned Dragon launched its attack, Happosai laughed. He had been pretending to be scared of losing the Duel, in order to falsely boost his opponent's confidence...


Happosai activated his fourth face-down card, and Kabazauls' ATK rose by 700 points before it was annihilated by Tri-Horned Dragon's attack!







"That Spell card increased my Kabazauls' Attack power up to 2,400, meaning I only lose 450 Life Points, leaving me with 100 remaining!" explained Happosai.



Happosai: 100

Honey: 3600




Gaia charged directly at Gemini Elf.

Happosai laughed again. "HA HA HA! You think I'm _that_ dumb?! I activate _another_ face-down card! AKAZARU AMBUSH!"

Happosai activated the card, and another Akazaru appeared on the field!







"Akazaru Ambush automatically summons an Akazaru to the field whenever one of your Warrior-Type monsters attacks! And I'm sure that you remember what Akazaru does to Warrior-Types...! (^_^)" Happosai grinned.

"Oh-no!" cried Honey.

"That's right! It _destroys_ them!" said Happosai as Akazaru screeched, and Gaia The Fierce Knight vaporized in evil crimson light!

With nothing else that she could do, Honey ended her turn.

At that moment, Akane and Shampoo had arrived on the scene, after hearing the sound of Happosai screaming.

"AAAHH! AKANE! Wh-What a pleasant surprise...! Seeing you out here at this time of night...! (^_^;)" said a nervous Ranma-chan.

Akane simply raised an eye of mild suspicion upon seeing the female version of Ranma. Shampoo, however, was a different story.

"NIHAO, AI REN! (^_^)" Shampoo leapt over to Ranma-chan's side, and glomped her with great ferocity.

"Uh...It's...nice to see you, Shampoo...!" said Ranma-chan. If he were in his male form, he would currently be fighting the urge to spring an erection. Making her even more glad that she was in her female form was the fact that she could tell that Shampoo didn't have any undergarments on.

Shampoo removed herself from Ranma-chan, and stood back.

Happosai looked at the two girls. "AHA! Akane-chan and Shampoo-chan! You two are just in time to see me defeat this helpless maiden, and steal her bra and panties!"

Shampoo looked angrily at Happosai. "If you lose, you have to give me back _my_ bra and panties!"

"Yeah! And you also have to give back _all_ of the underwear that you've stolen from all the woman you've beaten!" added Akane.

"Oh, and I suppose that I'll have to give back all their rarest cards, as well?!" said Happosai.

Akane looked at Shampoo. "*sigh* That's right. He won my rarest card, too...!" sighed Shampoo.

"Hai, you'll have to do that, too!" said Akane.

"Okay, deal! But I'm not going to lose! Honey's underwear is as good as mine!" Happosai exclaimed as he drew his card. He grinned as he saw the card he had just drawn. "First, I'll play the Spell card Upstart Goblin, which allows me to draw one card, and you to recover 1,000 Life Points!"

Happosai drew a card, and Honey's Life Points increased.



Happosai: 100

Honey: 4600



"PREPARE TO FACE ONE OF THE MOST UNSTOPPABLE MONSTERS THAT YOU'LL EVER SEE! Since this monster has nine Stars, I must sacrifice _three_ of my monsters! So, I'll sacrifice Ushi Oni, Gemini Elf, and Akazaru!"

The three monsters vanished in pillars of light, and another pillar of light, this one wider and purple-colored, shone down. Happosai slapped down his monster card, and the monster took form.








The monster was a hulking, muscular man, about the height of Honey's Tri-Horned Dragon. Its muscles were large and covered in throbbing veins. Its eyes shone dark purple through its veil, hanging from a black, spiked kabuto. Its costume was completely black, and was comprised of a sleeveless top, with black pants.

Honey smirked. "That may be a high-Level monster, but my Tri-Horned Dragon has more Attack power! You've just lost the Duel!"

Happosai smirked back. "No, _you've_ lost the Duel! Now Arbo's Special Effect kicks in! Its Attack increases by half the combined Attack power of all the Warrior and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters that my opponent has played! You've played five Warrior-Types, and now half of their combined strength go to power up my monster!"







"That's _still_ not enough to take out my Life Points!" pointed out Honey.

"I'm not finished! For now, I reveal another one of my face-down cards: Foolish Burial! It allows me to put one of the monsters in my hand into _your_ Graveyard! And I'm sending one of my _own_ Warrior-Types to your Graveyard!" Happosai said as he held up the card.

Shampoo looked at the card with shock. "AAAHH! That Shampoo's Xian-Pu The Battle Goddess!"

"That's right, Shampoo! It's the card I won from you, along with your pretty purple lingerie! (^_^)" smiled Happosai as he held up Shampoo's frilly lavender bra and panties from his sack. Shampoo blushed and looked embaressed.

"And now, Honey, I send Xian-Pu to your Graveyard! With an Attack of 2,200, Arbo The Undefeated gets another 1,100 Attack points!"







"What's that, you say? It's _still_ not enough to defeat you? Well, let's just see what happens when I have Arbo attack your Tri-Horned Dragon!"

Arbo The Undefeated held up its fist, which began to glow with extraordianary amounts of purple energy!

The last of Happosai's face-down cards sprung up. "Now I activate one of my favorite Trap cards: 'Dai Karin'!"

Arbo was now holding a giant fireworks ball in his opposite hand. "After Arbo attacks, he'll inflict another 1,000 points of damage to you, finishing you off!"

Happosai leapt into the air as he declared his attack. "NOW, ARBO THE UNDEFEATED, GALACTIC FIST ATTACK!"

Arbo The Undefeated released a huge purple blast at Tri-Horned Dragon, destroying it with a huge explosion!



Happosai: 100

Honey: 650



"NOOOO!" screamed Honey.

Happosai made a throwing motion with his arm. "NOW, THROW YOUR DAI KARIN!"

Arbo heaved the bomb directly at Honey, which exploded upon impact!



Happosai: 100

Honey: 0



"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sob* *cry*" Honey broke down, and started crying loudly. Ranma-chan ran over to her, and started to comfort her.

"It's all right, Honey...It's all right...!" Ranma-chan said as he hugged Honey.

"WOO-HOO! I WIN! I GET YOUR BRA AND PANTIES! (^_^)" exclaimed a very happy Happosai. "Oh, and I get your rarest cards, too!" Happosai put away his Dueling Unit. Honey removed her Dueling Unit, took out her cards, and threw it to Happosai, who also put it away.

"Now...TAKE IT OFF! (^_^)" commanded Happosai.

Honey stood up straight, looked at Ranma-chan. "Please don't watch me...! *sob*"

"Okay, Honey-chan. I won't watch," said Ranma-chan, even though she was incapable of being aroused by a naked woman in female form. She turned around.

Slowly, Honey unzipped her red jacket and threw it to the ground, revealing her pink shirt. Still sobbing, she slowly began to lift her shirt. At that moment, Akane felt sorry for Honey's loss. She, after all, had the guts to accept Happosai's challenge. And now that she just lost, she had to obey Happosai's whim. _No girl_ should have to do that! Even though she might've been some floozy trying to seduce her true love Ranma, she was a fellow woman! Akane just _had_ to help her!

"No, Honey! Yamete...!" Akane ran over to Honey, who stopped lifting her shirt up.

"Nani?" said Honey.

"Hurry up, Honey! I'm getting tired of looking at your belly button! Let's see that bra and those big tits! (^_^)" said Happosai.

Akane stood in front of Honey, and looked at Happosai. "No, Happosai. You're not getting this woman's bra and panties!"

"Oh? Why not?" asked Happosai, grinning.

Without warning, Akane stripped off her purple shirt, exposing her white bra to Happosai. "Because you're going to get _my_ bra and panties instead!"

Happosai got seriously excited staring at Akane's cute A-cup breasts behind her white cotton bra. Ranma-chan turned back around, and her eyes bugged out of her head. "<NANI?! What the Hell is Akane _thinking?!_>" thought the confused cherry-red-haired girl. She was now starting to curse herself for transforming into her female form. Whenever he saw or thought about Akane with no clothes on, he always got hard as a rock. Making her kick herself more was the fact that Akane was blushing deeply, something that also excited him greatly. It was _so cute_ whenever she blushed!


"No, you're just getting mine!" said Akane as she began to unfasten her bra.

"You misunderstand, Akane-chan! Honey _still_ has to fulfill her end of the bargain, and now since you've just offered yours, _you_ have to give me your underwear, too!" Happosai explained.

Honey started sobbing again, as she pulled off her shirt, too. Ranma-chan further cursed herself. Both girls removed their bras at the same time, and threw them to Happosai.
"Sweet-o...!" Happosai said quietly as he stuffed them in his sack. He then started to admire both pairs of breasts before him. Actually, Akane had her breasts covered by her hands, her shirt still in one of her hands. Akane looked over at a topless Honey, who wasn't making any attempt at all to hide her C-cup breasts with erect nipples.

"You didn't have to listen to him, Honey!" said Akane.

"No. I lost to him, and a deal's a deal... *sob*" replied Honey.

"Hey! Move your hands, Akane! I want to see them!" shouted Happosai.

Akane moved her hands down, allowing everyone to see her small breasts with hard, dark nipples. Ranma-chan now wanted to transform back more than anything!

Shampoo giggled as she saw Akane's tits. "Mine are bigger...! (^_^)" she said to herself.

"OOHH! Nice ones, girls! Now, take off your pants, as so I can have your panties! (^_^)" ordered Happosai.

Honey undid her blue jeans and dropped them, while Akane pulled down her pink shorts. Honey had to take off her shoes to get her jeans off, while Akane managed to keep her shoes on.

Happosai smiled with interest. Akane's panties were a bright pink! They almost distracted him from Honey's plain white panties, even though Honey's hugged her crotch more! As both girls simultaneously lowered their panties, Ranma-chan knew that when she transformed back tonight, she would have a _lot_ of jacking off to do!

Akane and Honey slid off their panties, and threw them to Happosai, who caught them in his sack.

"Domo arigato, girls! And just look at those yummy pussies! (^_^)" complimented Happosai.

There was a long pause, in which Akane and Honey blushed harder, and shivered due to their nudity. They figured that Happosai must've been enjoying the sight of them naked.

Suddenly, Happosai moved. "Well, Sayonara, ladies! Gotta go! So many bras and panties to steal, so little time! (^_^)"

In the blink of an eye, Happosai flew a circle around the two naked teens, then sped off into the night sky! When he had vanished, Akane and Honey looked around themselves, and screamed.


"HAPPOSAI MUST'VE STOLEN THEM! THAT FUCKING LITTLE HENTAI!" Akane exploded in her most angry voice. She then covered her personal areas with her hands, blushed, and started to cry. Honey did the same.

"*sob* I'm in the middle of the park, without any clothes...! *sob*" sobbed Honey, huddled in a ball on the grass. "He even took my jacket...*sob* This is my worst nightmare...! *sob*"

"I don't have any clothes to wear back to the room... *sob* *cry* ...And my deck was in my shorts pocket...! *wail*" wailed Akane, more embaressed than at any previous point in her lifetime.

"It'll be okay, Akane. Let's just get you inside somewhere..." Ranma-chan looked around for a building. She noticed a lavatory building a short distance away.

"There! Let's go in there!" Ranma-chan pointed at the building.

"Okay..." Akane stood back up, and started to follow Ranma-chan to the lavatory, covering up her privates with her hands. Honey stood up, put her shoes back on, and began to follow Shampoo.

"Shampoo has plan for you!" Shampoo told Honey.

As Ranma-chan and Akane ran into the men's lavatory, Shampoo led Honey into the woman's room. While the door slammed shut behind Ranma-chan and Akane, Shampoo ran out before slamming the door and locking it!

"HEY! WHAT THE...?!" yelled Honey.

"You stay in there tonight, and I'll bring you clothes in the morning!" Shampoo yelled back. Shampoo then ran off, back to her assigned room. Honey didn't complain any more, since she started to think that Shampoo's idea was a good one.

Honey turned on the bathroom light, and looked around. The only window in the bathroom was a small one, high up on the wall opposite to the stalls, covered by a screen. The floor was made of concrete, and didn't look very clean. There was only one sink, to the right of the doorway, which had a full dispenser of pink soap, and a nearly-complete roll of paper towels. There were three toilet stalls, one of them designed for a handicapped person, all painted a mustard yellow. The occasional scribble of graffito decorated each stall. A tall wastebasket meant for used paper towels sat next to the sink.

"*Brrrrrr...!*" Honey shivered. The nighttime breeze blew threw the window, which was very cold due to the kingdom being near the ocean. She held her arms across her chest, acknowledging how rock-hard her nipples were from the cold. Her only clothes being her shoes and socks, Honey just _had_ to figure out how to stay warm all night...!




In the lavatory across from Honey, Ranma-chan and Akane were sitting on the cold, filthy floor of the men's room. Ranma-chan was still fully clothed in her red shirt and cargo shorts, while Akane had nothing but her shoes and socks. Ranma-chan could tell that Akane was shivering, freezing her little ass off.

"*sob* R-Ranma...*sob*...I-I'm...c-c-c-cold...! *sob*" cried Akane, shivering even harder, drawing her legs closer to her body for warmth.

Ranma-chan looked at her, and felt pangs of sympathy course throughout her body. There was only one thing that she could do to help Akane. Standing up, Ranma-chan took off her shirt, and threw it to Akane.

"Huh...?" Akane looked upwards, being treated to the sight of a topless Ranma-chan.

"Put it on, Akane. You need it more than I do," said Ranma-chan, now starting to shiver, her arms folded across her tits.

"N-No, Ranma. _Y-You_ need it m-more than I d-do...!" refused Akane, throwing the shirt back to Ranma-chan, and continuing to huddle in a ball.

"Well, if neither of us wants it..." Ranma-chan threw the shirt away. She then bent down, and removed her shorts and underwear, kicking them away, as well. "...We'll freeze to death together!"

Completely nude, Ranma-chan sat down close to Akane. The floor was three times as cold without pants or underwear on. Ranma-chan looked over at Akane again, and once again wished that she was in her male form. Then her eye wandered up to the sink.

"<I can use the hot water from the sink to transform myself back!>" thought Ranma-chan. She stood up, and went over to the sink, hoping to Hell that this sink actually produced hot water. The sinks in most public restrooms did not, they had dummy "H" knobs, or the sinks were so old, hot water was no longer available.

Ranma-chan turned the knob to her left, and felt the water. To her surprise, it was hot! She filled the sink up halfway, and doused her head in it, reversing the curse!

Ranma brought his head up out of the sink, and looked down at his chest and crotch, confirming that he was again a male.

But then he remembered that there was a girl in the same room as he.



Ranma then felt his cock starting to rise at the sight of an unclad Akane. Soon, it became difficult to hide it with his hands.

Akane's eyes went wide. Ranma was getting aroused right before her very eyes! Knowing very well that it was being caused by her nakedness, she smiled lustfully as she stood up, baring all. Ranma gave up, and put his hands at his side, giving Akane a full view of his hardened male pride. Akane's virgin cunt moistened greatly as she stared at Ranma's 7 1/2-inch cock. Making her even wetter was the fact that Ranma was physically stronger than her, which meant that he had the potential to be very rough with her.

Ranma's eyes were traveling all over Akane's naked body. This wasn't the first time that he had seen her naked, though it _was_ the first time that he could enjoy the sight without getting punched or pummeled with an Anime Mallet(tm). His eyes finally rested on Akane's breasts. He stared at them for several moments, each passing moment increasing his desire to touch them. He remembered all the past times that he had called Akane "kawaiikune" (uncute), or "tomboy." Most of the insults that he aimed at her were references to her small, unattractive bust. The truth was, he never really saw them as small. He saw them as "cute."

After awhile, Akane followed Ranma's eyes down to her own assets. She then looked up at Ranma, who seemed to be mesmerized by them.

"Wh-What's wrong, Ranma? Are they too small? That's it, right?! You think that they're 'small', right?! *sob* WELL, RANMA, _I CAN'T HELP IT!_ *sob*" Akane broke into tears.

Ranma never knew that Akane was this sensitive about her breasts! It was a side of her that he had never seen before! He walked up to Akane, and put his hand on her shoulder.

"No no no, Akane. They're not small..." He put his other hand on Akane's left breast, and lightly caressed it, causing Akane to shudder. "...They're cute."

Akane's face brightened. "R-Really...? You like my breasts, Ranma...?!"

"Hai..." said Ranma as he caressed Akane's right tit. As he caressed and massaged Akane's breasts, Akane felt her nipples grow even more hard.

"*pant* *pant* Ohhh, Ranmaaaaa...!" Akane moaned as Ranma stimulated her breasts and nipples.

Desperately wanting to taste them, Ranma brought his head down, and took Akane's right nipple in his mouth. He began to suck her nipple like an infant at his mother's teat.

"*gasp* *moan* Ranma...Oh, Ranma...!" gasped Akane as Ranma feverishly sucked on her hard, dark nipple. Ranma began to squeeze Akane's other breast, giving more pleasure to Akane.

"RANMA! RAAANNMMAAA!" screamed Akane with ecstacy. As she felt the shockwaves of pleasure eminating from her cute little melons, Akane could feel her virgin cunny tingle as it produced more wetness.

Ranma alternated to sucking on Akane's left breast, while he squeezed and played around with Akane's right breast. Akane started shaking with pleasure as she ended up backing into the wall, the coldness of the stone wall sending chills down her spine and causing her to squeal. Ranma still remained attached to Akane's tits, sucking, squeezing, and fondling them mercilessly.

Akane didn't know how much more breastplay she could take! Her pussy was already dripping with wetness!

"*pant* *pant* Ranma, yamete!" panted Akane. Ranma stopped. "What is it, Akane? Is something wrong?" he asked.

"No, nothing's wrong, Ranma," said Akane as she gestured down towards her wet crotch, "I just want you to...move on down...! *giggle* (^_^)" Akane giggled at her own pun.

"Oh...! Heh heh...!" Ranma laughed lightly at the joke. It certainly was a lame pun, but it was most refreshing to hear one come from Akane. He knelt down, and found himself facing Akane's pussy. Still a little nervous, Ranma reached up and caressed Akane's purple muff. It was his first time touching a girl's vagina. Ranma spread Akane's pussy-lips, and moved his head in. He stuck out his tongue, and gave Akane's pink clit a small lick.

"*gasp* Ranma...D-Do that again...!" said the highly-aroused purple-haired girl.

Ranma licked Akane's clit again, this time, harder.

"YAAAAHHH! OH, RANMA! MORE! LICK ME MORE!" screamed Akane, shaking harder. Ranma, without another thought, dug in.




In the next door bathroom, Honey was just entering the stall to take a pee, when she heard the sound of yelling coming from the men's room. She put her ear to the wall, and listened.




Honey's green eyes widened. Was her sweetheart Ranma giving oral sex to that girl that ran into the restroom with him?! If so, that meant that they would eventually starting fucking each other! Honey sat down on the toilet, and tried not to think about it. She couldn't do anything about it if she was trapped in this restroom.

As the yellow liquid started to flow from her cunt, she started listening again.


"...*mooaann* ONEGAI, KEEP GOING! *pant* *pant* *pant* Ooohh...OHHHHH! RANMA, KEEP GOING...! *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*..."


Honey started to blush as she formed a mental picture of Ranma and Akane going at it, his face buried deep in Akane's pussy, Akane moaning with pure ecstacy...

In an instant, the image of Akane was replaced with herself. It was now her that Ranma was eating out. She laid naked on the restroom floor, Ranma's mouth and tongue bringing pleasure to her wet, tight, hot virgin pussy...

Honey finished leaking, and stood up. She took a piece of toilet paper, and wiped the remaining piss off of her slit, and flushed the wad down the toilet. She could still hear the sounds of Akane locked in the throes of Ranma's pussy-licking, so her own pussy was now running with her own juices. She sat back down, and kept on listening...




Akane cries got Honey really horny! She closed her eyes, brought back the image of her being pleasured by Ranma, and inserted her fingers into her snatch...




In the adjacent restroom, Akane was pinned to the wall by Ranma, having her pussy being eaten out fervently. Her entire virgin body was almost paralyzed with pleasure, her knees starting to give out. Her vocal chords sure weren't paralyzed, since she could scream loudly in total rapture. It really caught Ranma by surprise when he heard Akane start to cuss! It was _another_ side of her that he hadn't seen! It turned him on even more!

Licking very deeply into his sweetheart's sex, he was thrown back when Akane screamed very loudly.

"YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS! OHHHHHHHHHHH, RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!" The cute tomboy thrust her hips forward as she climaxed, blasting her love juice at the young martial artist. Akane collapsed to the ground, happy to have first experienced oral sex from her beloved Ranma.

"*pant* *pant* *pant* Ohhh...*whew* That felt so good, Ranma...! *pant* *pant* Domo arigato...! *pant* *pant* *pant*" thanked Akane, catching her breath.

Ranma was just finishing tasting Akane's cum. It was very sweet and tangy, like berries. He closed his eyes, enjoying the flavor. He was so into the flavor, he didn't see Akane getting up, and pushing him over!

"Huh...? Akane...!" was all Ranma could say before he felt Akane's mouth attach itself to his penis, and immediately start sucking on it!

"Ohhh... *gasp* Ohhh...Akane...! *moan*..." uttered Ranma as Akane's lips and tongue excited his cock. Akane emitted the occasional small moan as she moved her head up and down Ranma's average-sized dick. She never expected a man's cock to taste and feel so...smooth!

"...Mmmmm...mmmmm...Ranma...!" moaned Akane, sucking harder as her lips squeezed Ranma's member tighter. As she sucked, she was holding herself up by her arms, and was now doing push-up motions to suck instead of bobbing her head up and down. She enjoyed her daily work-out routines, it kept her in shape, and also gave her some decent physical strength.

Underneath her, Ranma was twitching on the floor, speechless. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his mouth hung open, breathing heavily. His expression bore a double meaning: The incredible sensations coming from his lower areas, and the realization that he was receiving head from the one girl that he cared about the most. Out of all the girls in his crazy, wild life, he desired his tomboyish fiancée Akane Tendo the most. He wanted her, even more than the sexy Amazon warrior Shampoo, or the kawaii, irresistable Okonomiyaki chef Ukyou Kuonji. A whole _lot_ more.




Next door, Honey was still listening in on the couple, still sitting on the toilet seat with her legs spread, and masturbating like wildfire! Judging from the moans and cries, she was almost sure that Ranma was having his dick sucked! Her strong lust for Ranma slowly built itself over the past four years, after noticing how handsome he was becoming at thirteen years old. In fact, it was just last year that she received a rather...pleasing E-mail from Ranma. She was almost shocked at what her Ranma had sent her! It was a photograph of him jacking off! She didn't reply to the E-mail, since she was told not to reply or tell anyone else of the photograph. She printed out the picture, and fingered herself to it every chance she got. She still didn't know why Ranma sent that picture, but she didn't care. She probably would've pulled out the picture to give herself more pleasure as she masturbated, but the picture was in her jeans pocket, and Happosai had her jeans.

Honey kept on listening...


"*pant* *pant* Akaneeeee...! *pant* *pant* Ohhh...! Feels so good...! *moan*..."


Picturing herself in Akane's place, her mouth engulfing Ranma's long manhood, Honey thrust two fingers in and out of her wet, blonde-bushed sex, while at the same time, squeezing her left breast and hard nipple.

"Raaannnmmmaaaa...! *pant* *pant* Oh, Ranma, fuck me...! *moan* *pant* *pant*..."




Back in the men's room, Akane still had her mouth latched onto Ranma's cock like a leech, and was sucking it violently as she performed a very fast push-up routine. Akane was now grunting in addition to moaning, since she was starting to get exhausted. She didn't want to tire out before she got to be fucked by Ranma! She had been sucking for quite some time now, and her arms were starting to give out, and she was already sweating. She started to think if sucking off Ranma like this was a bad idea. But she just couldn't stop! Ranma's cock was so tasty! Hopefully, he would cum soon...!

...And he did.

"YAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAKAAAAAAANNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... ...!" screamed Ranma as he experienced a mind-blowing orgasm, cumming for the first time into a girl's mouth. Akane's eyes widened when she realized her mouth was full of male semen, some of it dribbling out of her mouth. She swallowed it all, but not before tasting it. It was pretty salty, but still delicious.

As soon as Ranma caught his breath, he sat up. He and Akane looked each other in the eyes, both with a passionate fire burning in their eyes. They both wanted each other.

"Akane...do you want to...?" asked Ranma, nervous and a little scared.

Akane knew what Ranma wanted, and she wanted it, too. "Hai, Ranma! I want to do it! Onegai! Take me! Do what you want with me! I'm your little love slave!" begged Akane, leaning in closer to Ranma.

Ranma just couldn't refuse a plea from his one true love! Especially a plea as exciting as _that!_

"Whatever you say, Akane-chan...!" said Ranma as he laid Akane down on the cold floor. As soon as he saw Akane shivering, he knew that Akane should be totally comfortable during her first time. He sat Akane up, and laid his shirt beneath her, then laid her back down.

Positioning himself above her entrance, he took a deep breath, and prepared himself for what laid ahead.

"Are you ready, Akane?" asked Ranma, trembling a little.

Akane lightly nodded. "Hai, I'm ready. Please be gentle...!"

"Don't worry. I will," said Ranma as he slowly began to insert his dick into Akane's slit. He kept pushing inward, until he felt something break, and heard Akane scream.

"Owwwww...*sob* Ranma, that hurt...! *sob*" cried Akane.

"Gomen nasai, Akane. It won't hurt anymore. I promise," comforted Ranma, looking downward. Wanting to finish what he just started, he slowly began to thrust in and out, then picked up a little more speed as he heard Akane's cries die down. Her cries didn't exactly die down, they turned slowly into moans of pleasure.

"*moan* *pant* *pant* R-R-Ranmaaaa...Oh, Ranma...*pant* *pant* *pant* Fuck me...!" moaned Akane, lost in the new sensation of being fucked. She shut her eyes, feeling Ranma's cock driving in and out of her tight cunny.

Ranma smiled. Only a short time after being taken, Akane was already talking dirty! Feeling more excited than ever, Ranma picked up the pace, his rock-hard cock pumping in and out of Akane's wet womanhood even faster. Each powerful thrust made Akane's A-cup breasts bounce enticingly. Ranma's eyes found themselved focused on Akane's bouncing assets, and he immediately became entranced by them. He lowered his head, and began to suck on Akane's erect right nipple. After a little while he switched to her left nipple, then started to alternate between them.

"Ohhhh...! Ranma! OH, RANMA! *pant* *pant* YESSS! SUCK ON MY CUTE LITTLE BREASTS! *pant* *pant* KEEP FUCKING MY PUSSY!" screamed Akane, her breathing labored.

Akane's dirty mouth drove Ranma to fuck her even harder! It was just so thrilling to hear those kinds of words coming from such an innocent girl as Akane! His manhood pistoned in and out even harder, while he alternated between Akane's tits at quicker intervals, sucking and licking them with more fervor.




Next door, Honey was still masturbating to the sound of her ten-year-crush getting it on with another girl. It usually took her quite a while to cum whenever she masturbated, despite being quite sensitive, and she also had the tendency to squirm around a lot when doing so. Whenever she masturbated (which was quite frequently), she squirmed and danced all about the room, dizzy with the overwhelming sensations of sexual stimulation. She liked to think of it as "rehearsing for tonight's 'act'." At the moment, she was now standing on top of the toilet seat, leaning up against the cold wall, three fingers pleasuring her sopping pussy. Her opposite hand was gripping her tit and squeezing it hard, pinching her pink nipple between her fingers. Her eyes were shut tight, the image of Ranma fucking her cunt the only thing in her mind.

"*moan* *pant* *pant* Oh, God, Ranma! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEE! *pant* *pant*" panted Honey, starting to squirm around again. Her white tennis shoes were starting to slip on the toilet seat, leaving small skid marks.




Not too far away, Shampoo was still wandering the park. She enjoyed "prowling around" at night. She often found it very exciting to act like a cat while in human form. There was barely any wind, though she was still afraid of being suddenly "exposed" by a sudden gust of wind. Despite that, without the confinement of a bra or panties, she felt very...free!

Shampoo stopped moving when she felt a sudden urge to...release.

"Oops! Shampoo has to go pee-pee! (^_^)" Shampoo smiled, then ran back to the restroom building.




Back in the men's lavatory, Ranma and Akane were still going strong! Ranma was putting large amounts of his strength into each thrust, causing his body to softly glow with his Ki. The excessive amount of strength Ranma put forth, combined with the warmth of his Ki aura made him perspire. Akane could feel this excess Ki with every thrust into her wet vagina, and she could feel it making her cunt wetter, and her skin more sensitive. The caress of Ranma's silk shirt against her bare back made Akane scream with lust, and the feel of Ranma's tongue and lips stimulating her hard nipples drove Akane over the edge.

"AAAAAAHHHH! *pant* *pant* *gasp* *moan* RAANNMMAAA! FUCK ME! OH, PLEASE FUCK ME MORE! MAKE ME INTO YOUR LITTLE SLUT! *moan* *pant* *pant* *pant*" screamed Akane, right into Ranma's face. Each time Akane yelled dirty words at him, it brought him even closer to orgasm!

"*pant* *pant* Hai...! *pant* *pant* ...You _are_ my little slut...! *moan* *pant* *pant*" responded Ranma. He removed himself from Akane's breasts, and noticed Akane's erotic position. She was now spread-eagled on the floor, her legs fully spread, her arms stretched out at her sides. The entire surface of her skin was shiny with sweat. Her mouth hung open from her heavy breathing. Her small breasts jiggled each time his cock thrust into her tight love hole. Seeing his once-innocent 16-year-old fiancée in this condition drove Ranma crazy. He bent back down, and engulfed Akane in a passionate French kiss.

"*gasp* Mmm, Ranma...! Mmm...!" Akane managed to speak, her tongue starting to wrestle with Ranma's.

As Ranma felt Akane's breasts and nipples rubbing against his chest, he felt his cock entering the throes of early orgasm.

"*pant* *pant* *moan* AaaaaaaaAAAAHHHH...! AKANE, I THINK I'M GOING TO CUUUMM...!" exclaimed Ranma as he slowed down.

Akane could sense that her pussy was about to erupt! "*moooaann* RANMA, I'M GOING TO CUM, TOO...! *gasp* *pant* *pant* Ohhhhh...!"




At that very crucial moment, Shampoo came bolting for the lavatories. Remembering at the last possible second that Honey was spending the night locked safely in the ladies' room, Shampoo ran up to them men's room door and tried to open it, only to find it locked!

"Oh-no!" exclaimed the Amazon girl. "I have to pee-pee! HURRY UP IN THERE! SHAMPOO HAS TO GO!" Shampoo yelled, banging on the door several times. Very quickly, her patience expired. "OKAY, THAT IT! HOY-YAAAHHH...!"

With a strong, yet delicate Amazon kick, Shampoo got the door open, totally breaking the lock! Taking a few steps into the men's room, Shampoo received the shock of her life when she saw her future husband Ranma screwing Akane right there on the floor, with both of them just about to climax!

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! AI REN!" screamed Shampoo.

Neither Ranma nor Akane heard her, they were too caught up in the moment of a simultaneous orgasm.

"AAAAAAAAAAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...!" screamed Ranma as he blasted Akane's cunt full of his seed.

"RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA...!" cried Akane as her pussy tightened around Ranma's cock, releasing her girlcum all over.

The two lovebirds remained still for a few moments, then separated. Ranma slid his cock out of Akane's tunnel, and collapsed on the floor.

Unfortunately for Shampoo, she had gotten quite turned on watching Ranma fuck Akane. And she had a rather nasty habit kick in whenever she got turned on while her bladder was full...

"AIYA...! (O_O)" squealed Shampoo as she lost control, releasing a stream of yellow water onto the floor!

Unfortunately for Ranma, that happened to be the place where he was laying...

"GYYYAAAAAAAAAAGGGGAAAAAAGGGGHHHH...! WHAT THE FUCK...?!" gagged Ranma as he realized that he just got a mouthful of urine!


"EEEEEEEEEK!" shrieked Akane, blushing and covering her shame. "WHAT ARE _YOU_ DOING IN HERE?! GET OUT!"

"No, _you_ tell _Shampoo_ what you doing fucking Ranma-husband!" demanded an angry Shampoo, pointing at Akane.

Ranma was now at the sink, spitting out Shampoo's pee. He then turned on the cold water for a drink, momentarily forgetting what cold water did to him...

"AACCKKPTH...!" spat Ranma-chan as her head emerged from the sink. Since she was now a woman in the presence of two other women, Ranma-chan wasn't that embarrassed to be in female form.

Suddenly, everyone's attention was turned to the wall between the two restrooms, where a loud scream caught their attention.




Deriving great pleasure from listening in on Ranma get it on in the adjoining restroom, Honey finally came.

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS...! RRAAAAAAAAAAAANNNMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...! OH, FUCK, YEEEESSSS...! YES YES YES...!" screamed Honey as she gushed out, spraying honey (heh heh) from her hot pussy, all over her hand, and landing in the toilet. Her tennis shoes slipped, as she squeaked as her feet slid into the toilet water, which was now contaminated with her cum!

As Honey stood in the cold, filthy toilet water, she brought her hand up to her lips, and licked up all of her sweet girl honey (ha ha ha).

"Yummers! (^_^)" she exclaimed. She looked downwards, and noticed that she was now standing ankle-deep in the toilet bowl!

"OHHHH! Oh, my! My shoes and socks are ruined!" Honey dove out of the toilet bowl, and out of the stall. She sat down on the cold, cold floor, and quickly untied her wet shoes. She pulled them off, and smelt them.

"Ugh...!" The cum-contaminated toilet water combined with the scent of the tennis shoe's material produced a not-too-pleasent aroma. She threw them aside, and pulled off her wet socks. They, too, reeked of girlcum and toilet water. She threw them with her shoes. Now that she was sitting on the floor completely nude, she shivered harder. She _had_ to do _something_ to keep warm all night! And in addition to that, she just _had_ to do _something_ to keep herself occupied until she got tired enough to fall asleep!

Spreading her legs out, Honey looked at her bare feet. She blushed as she suddenly remembered how ticklish she was...!




Back in the men's room, Shampoo was still fuming.

"YOU FUCK RANMA-HUSBAND! NOW, SHAMPOO _KILL!_" declared an irate Shampoo.

Akane couldn't accept Shampoo's challenge, she didn't want to get up with no clothes on when the door was still open.

However, Ranma-chan still had the guts to fight naked. "BRING IT ON!" Ranma-chan assumed a fighting pose.

Shampoo assumed a similar pose. "If I beat you, you have to marry me!"

"Uh...okay...!" agreed Ranma-chan, feeling a little uncomfortable talking about such a matter when in female form.

The fight began, with both warriors showing great prowess...




Back at the Furoya no Momobara, everyone had been bathing for half an hour already. All of the girls unanimously decided that they had relaxed quit enough for tonight, and they went to get dressed again. On the men's side, they heard the women departing, and they decided to leave, too.

As everyone exited the bathhouse, they all went in the same direction, towards their dormitory building. The main exceptions were Yugi and Sakura, who decided to continue their night on the town. As everyone entered the building, Naru started to wonder where Keitaro was.

"Hey, have any of you seen where Keitaro went?" asked a worried Naru.

Each member of the Hinata Lodge gave an answer that implied "No."

Naru began to think. "Hmmm...I punched him for trying to enter the women's bath, and..."

Naru then figured that Keitaro must've been hurled a great distance away, since her punches had a tendency to do so.

"I'll be right back," said Naru as she ran out of the building.




When she got back to the Furoya no Momobara, Naru just then noticed the slight damage to the building across the street. She went over to the building, and read the large sign above the broken-in entrance:




It sent a chill down her spine. She took several cautious steps into the doorway.

"...H-Hello? ...I-Is anyone here? ...Keitaro... ...?" Naru nervously called out as she looked around at the shop's wares. She saw Duel Monster cards, and various pornographic materials. She noticed the damaged merchandise and display tables, plus the Keitaro-shaped dent in the cashier's counter where her boyfriend had landed. Her eyes then darted to the poster hanging behind the empty counter. As she stared at the multi-girl-monster orgy, she knew that this store was definitely no place for her, much less Keitaro.

"K-K-Keitaro... ...?"




In the store's enormous back room, Keitaro was still being given a "tour" of the store by Robert. He was now being shown the security surveillance system. Keitaro looked at each of the color monitors, and time seemed to stop for him when he saw the woman featured on several of the monitors.

"AAAAAAAAAHHH! IT'S NARU! Oh, man! If she sees me here...!" panicked Keitaro.

Robert looked at the woman. He smiled at how drop-dead gorgeous she was. "AH, MON DIEU! CETTE FILLE EST SI CHAUDE!" ["OH, MY GOD! THAT GIRL IS SO HOT!"] he exclaimed as he ogled her body.

Keitaro had no idea what Robert had just said, but he knew that he was obviously having lecherous thoughts about Naru!

"Do you know her?" asked Robert.

Keitaro nodded. "Hai, I do! She's my girlfriend Naru!"
"I can honestly say that you have a _very_ excellent choice in women, Monsieur Urashima!" Robert walked out of the surveillance room, towards the counter. "You just stay back here, where she can't see you. I'll go tend to her," said Robert. Keitaro wasn't too sure, but he thought that he heard an evil chuckle coming from Robert as he left the room...




As Naru saw the store's manager approach the counter, she walked over to him.

"Uh, excuse me...Have you seen anyone...fly into here lately?" asked the pretty Tokyo U. student.

Robert grinned as he eyeballed Naru's form. She was a fairly tall girl, with long, brownish-blond hair that sported two strange antennae in front. She was clad in a yellow sweater, with a short red skirt. Her breasts had to have been at least in the upper-C to lower-D-cup area. Robert's grin widened as he began to mentally undress this girl.

"Oh, you mean Keitaro Urashima? Since he damaged my stuff, he has to work here for two weeks to pay for my stuff!" Robert pointed towards the back room.

"Oh...I see..." said Naru, a little depressed. She was hoping that she and Keitaro could engage in some "extracurricular activities" that night. She and Keitaro had only made love a couple times before, but she was feeling rather horny lately, ever since she got off of her period.

Robert continued to grin. "Hey...If you want, you could help him out! He might get done a little faster!"

Naru thought about the manager's offer for a bit. "Uh...sure!"

"Good! My name is Robert Jean-Marie Chateaubriand! Welcome to Robert's Game & Porno Emporium! May I have your name, s'il vous plait?"

"It's Naru Narusegawa," replied Naru.

"Merci, Mademoiselle Narusegawa! Keitaro is in the back room!" Robert pointed towards a door marked with an "Employees Only" sign.

"Okay, arigato!" Naru said as she walked towards the back door. Robert chuckled as he headed back into the back room.




Back within the dungeon of Momobara Castle, Nekome was guarding the dungeon, which contained Lord Itamiou's most valuable asset: The young Japanese beauty Sakura Sanguuchi. If all went as Itamiou planned, he would be adding the sexy Utena Tenjo and the delectable Téa Gardner to his harem. Of course, Itamiou had locked Téa, along with the gorgeous Umi Ryuuzaki, in the Shadow Void. Nekome did not have the permission nor the ability to open up the Shadow Void.

Guarding the dungeon with him were Chimono The Beast Soldier and Tentacled Swampland Terror, the other two Duel Monsters that Itamiou had used the Millenium Sword to bestow life upon. Chimono was still "equipped" with the Axe of Despair, making its ATK 1,000 points higher than usual. On the floor a few feet away, Hikaru Shidou, the Magic Knight of Fire, slept on the floor. She had been commanded to go to sleep when the night's Duels had ended. And, of course, standing behind Nekome was his mind slave, Yaku Tanaka. She technically wasn't his property, but since she was underneath his Cat's-Eye Hypnosis, she was as good as his.

Entering the dungeon cell, Nekome looked around at Itamiou's "collection." Sakura was sitting upright in the hayloft, with Kohran leaning against her shoulder, asleep. Sakura had already told her friends about what she saw during the "Duels" earlier that night. She wasn't at all that scared of the monsters, with the exception of the monster called "Slifer The Sky Dragon," which got a little too close to her balcony for comfort. Kanna and Sumire were sitting side-by-side against the wall, extremely close to each other. They had promised each other that once they were freed from Itamiou's clutches, they would make sweet love. Nekome then looked over at the girl shackled to the wall, Anthy Himemiya. Itamiou had torn off her clothes and fucked her again before leaving for the tournament. Like Kohran, Anthy was fast asleep. Nekome felt hungry as he admired Anthy's delicious tits and pussy. He desperately wanted her, but there were three other girls in the entire Momobara Castle Dungeon that he desired just as much, and one of them was right there in the cell with him. He looked over at the four Hanagumi girls. Sakura was absolutely verboten to him, so it wasn't her. Neither were Sumire or Kanna. They were attractive, but Nekome could easily tell that they were both gay.

"Meow...!" Nekome looked at the sleeping Chinese girl, and meowed lustfully. _She_ was who he desired. Kohran Ri. She was so fucking hot, Nekome just _had_ to have her!

Knowing that Kohran would be unable to understand his language, Nekome activated a portion of his true dormant power...

Walking over to Kohran, Nekome and Yaku both looked at Kohran in the eyes. Kohran awoke, and noticed a black cat in a sorceror's cloak, and a busty, green-haired hottie staring at her.

"AAAAH! Wh-What is it...?!" stuttered Kohran.

"Wh-What do you want with her...?!" asked Sakura, not wanting to expose Kohran to any more pain or danger.

Nekome's eyes and forehead shone bright gold, and Yaku began to speak in a low, demonic voice. "I want you, Kohran Ri...!"

Kohran was frightened, embarressed, and confused all at the same time! "N-N-N-Nani...?! B-B-But I don't want _you_...! *sob* *cry* You're another woman!" Kohran started to cry. She didn't want to make love to another one of her fellow women! She still felt pained by the fact that she actually had hot, wet Yuri sex with Sakura!

"Let me clarify: I am actually Nekome. I am using my mind slave Yaku Tanaka as a conduit with which to verbally communicate with you," explained Nekome/Yaku, "I assure you that Yaku has no sexual feelings towards you whatsoever."

"I...I didn't know that you monsters could talk...!" an amazed Sakura said.

"We _can_ talk. We _always were_ able to talk. Us Spellcaster-Type Duel Monsters possess a myriad of abilities that are unknown to humans and other monsters. This variety of communication is one of our secret abilities," said Nekome/Yaku, "Now, stand up."

Kohran obeyed, her heart pounding in fear of what Nekome wanted from her.

"Now, if you do whatever I say, I won't hypnotize or hurt you." Nekome gazed at Kohran's 15-year-old body, still covered by a cute red Chinese outfit. He grew hard at the thought of what she looked like underneath it. "First, take off your clothes."

Very nervous and shaky, Kohran reached behind her back, attempting to undo her dress. "Sakura...please help me..."

Nekome looked up at Yaku. "Meow, meow meow meow meow." ["Yaku, help her remove her dress."]

"Hai, sir," replied Yaku, in her normal voice. She pushed Sakura out of the way, and undid every hook on the back of Kohran's dress. Kohran pulled it off, letting it fall to the ground. Kohran then removed her bra and panties, followed by her shoes and socks.

As Kohran stood there, awaiting further orders, Nekome examined every nuance of her virgin body. Starting from her cute face, Nekome moved down to her round little breasts. His gold eyes then went down her flat stomach, down to her soft pussy, then down her smooth legs. He stopped when he got to her little feet.

"Domo arigato. Now, come with me," commanded Nekome/Yaku. Kohran followed him out of the cell, and into the hallway. Nekome walked over to the cell that contained most of the "relief girls," and opened it. This was where the other two girls that Nekome liked were kept. As Nekome entered with Yaku, Kohran, Chimono, and Tentacled Swampland Terror behind him, he looked around the cell. Sixteen beautiful women, ages ranging from 14 to 38, were imprisoned in here. Some were from Domino City, some were from Momobara Kingdom. Some were shackled to the wall, some sat on the floor, a couple girls laid in a loft of hay. Some of the girls had been stripped nude, some still had strips of cloth hanging from their bodies, some had clothes that were torn as to reveal only their breasts and pussies. Torn and shredded clothing covered the cell floor like carpeting, and much like the "Main Cell," the air in the cell was alive with a mélange of the scent of both male and female cum.

At the moment that Nekome entered, most of the girls started to whimper or cry, and they whimpered and cried harder when they saw T.S.T. enter their cell. They all knew what monster with tentacles liked to do to women like them!

Nekome looked over at one of the girls that he desired. She was a hot 18-year old girl, with long light brown hair, which was dyed with streaks of blue all the way down her back. Her schoolgirl fuku from Momobara High School was almost gone, reduced to a few tatters hanging from her shoulders, and her shoes and socks. She was sitting unrestrained on the floor, obviously shivering her ass off. She noticed Nekome walking towards her followed by a green-haired girl, a purple-haired girl, and two Duel Monsters. Her frightful big blue eyes teared up.

"*sob* What do you want from me...?! *sob*" sobbed the young woman, expecting to be raped again. She had been fucked at least 2-3 times per day over the past week.

Nekome began to speak through Yaku. "Your name is Miao Watanabe, correct?"

"Hai..." nodded Miao.

"Yet everyone calls you 'Kitty', ne?"

"*sniff* H-Hai..." Miao said. Everyone called her "Kitty" at school, since her first name sounded just like "meow." She especially enjoyed it whenever her boyfriend called her that. Her boyfriend was terrible in bed, but she loved him nonetheless, whereever he was.

"Stand up. You're coming with me," said Nekome/Yaku.

Miao stood up, allowing Nekome to view her naked body fully. She had a pair of decent-sized 36-B breasts that bounced whenever she walked, each topped off with a tasty peach-colored nipple. Her pussy was nice and tight, with small wisps of light-brown pubic hair. Her ass was so round and perfect, men just couldn't help but fantasize about fucking it. Nekome just couldn't wait to fuck her, and he was sure that Itamiou and the Yuuhi Ninjas enjoyed fucking her very much.

Miao followed Nekome-tachi over to the darker end of the cell. The third girl of Nekome's desire was one that, strangely, seemed untouched by Itamiou and the Yuuhi Ninjas! It was obvious that she was still fresh, since her clothes were still intact, and she seemed unusually calm and collected. The 17-year-old girl sat on the floor, clad in a blue shirt with a hot pink sleeveless jacket, with white jean shorts that showed off her long legs. Her short hair was colored a gorgeous reddish-pink-violet, and her big eyes were a very sweet pink. One of the main things that caught Nekome's attention was her bust. Comparing it to his mind slave's breasts, it was obvious that this girl was an E-cup, as well! What a small world!

The girl looked up at everyone else. "Hai? What is it, Nekome?"

"Akiko Kouyou, I presume?" asked Nekome/Yaku.

"Hai, that's my name, all right," confirmed Akiko.

"A student of Domino High School, ne?" questioned Nekome/Yaku.

"Hai," answered Akiko, "I lost to the Yuuhi Ninja Hokage Michikawa at the Domino Duelists' Club, and he captured me. He said that he planned to leave me virginal and untouched until Lord Itamiou's false 'tournament' was completed."

"That is correct. And since Hokage has defected from the Yuuhi Ninjas earlier today, you are now completely open to be raped by Itamiou, Kuro, or Koushiro," said Nekome/Yaku.

A chill ran down Akiko's spine, but she maintained her stoic demeanor. "Hai, that is true."

Nekome felt a rush of sexual desire course through his little body as he envisioned a naked Akiko under his control. "If you wish to avoid such a fate, you shall join with me. I shall protect you, as long as you _everything_ that I say without question. Don't worry, I won't fuck you, or anything like that."

Akiko stood up. "Okay, then..."

Actually, Nekome _desperately_ wanted to fuck her. He just wanted her to feel safe following him around, until he felt like fucking her or desired a "meal" from her. "All I ask of you now is for you take off your clothes."

Even thought Akiko was a very calm, cool, intelligent girl, she was also very shy. She had never gotten undressed in front of anyone else other than the other girls in the high school locker room. And even then, she got all shy and giggly. She remembered how embarrassed her best friend Téa Gardner was when she had to strip down in the girls' locker room. To help each other conquer their fear, they retreated into the privacy of the empty shower room, where they removed each other's school uniforms, still laughing and giggling. To their misfortune, one of their hormone-controlled classmates with a gargantuan sense of humor switched all of the showers on, full blast, coldest temperature. When they emerged from the shower room, soaked, half-naked, and totally pissed off, they were bombarded with peals of laughter. Most of the laughter came from the perpetrator of the act. Akiko did formulate a plan to get back at the young comedienne, but the girl had already been transferred to another high school. Neither Akiko nor Téa had to get back at the troublemaker, since she eventually got her just desserts not too long ago. And Akiko actually got to watch the perp get hers when she got stripped, deflowered, and brutally raped by Lord Itamiou and the Yuuhi Ninjas.

"All right..." Blushing and surpressing a giggle, Akiko began to strip off her outfit. She slid her hot pink vest off of her shoulders, letting it fall on the floor. As Nekome stared at her monstrously-large tits, Akiko pulled her blue shirt off over her head, throwing it to the ground. Nekome's dick throbbed as he found himself staring at Akiko's E-cup watermelons straining within the confines of her silky black bra. The busty schoolgirl had to wear a DDD-cup bra, since that was all that she could obtain in her town.

Akiko bent down, pulling down her shorts, and stepping out of them and her shoes. She stood up, her black panties now visible to Nekome. The cold heart of the Spellcaster-Type feline started to beat faster as he watched Akiko reach behind her back, removing her bra. When the undergarment was undone, Akiko let it fall to the floor. Nekome's cock throbbed as Akiko's firm, unyielding breasts came into view. They were indeed as big as Yaku's, bouncy and perfect, each with a hardened, firm nipple that matched the girl's hair perfectly. Nekome couldn't _wait_ to drink Akiko's milk!

Nekome's heart raced faster and felt his loins burning as he saw Akiko's panties come off. Akiko bent over, stepped out of them, and left them on the floor. Standing up straight, Akiko's virgin pussy was greatly admired by Nekome. Nekome salivated at the thought of drinking the juices of this innocent chick, then fucking her in her yummy, tight slit. The thick bush of reddish-pink-violet hair around Akiko's snatch made her look twice as irresistable to Nekome. Nekome looked forward to drinking Akiko's love honey.

Akiko then removed her knee-high pink socks by pulling them off by the toe, slowly revealing each inch of her feet. Dropping her socks, Akiko stood at full height, completely naked.

"All right. I've taken my clothes off. Now what do you want me to do?" asked Akiko, her face red and burning up.

Nekome put a little thought into his response. He very quickly got a very fiendish idea.

"Follow me," ordered Nekome, through Yaku.

Nekome led everyone back into the main cell, where Sakura, Kanna, Sumire, and Anthy dwelled. Nekome also awoke Hikaru, in order for her to "join" them. Nekome had Yaku grab the extra set of keys hanging just outside the cell entrance.

"Meow, meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow." ["Yaku, undo Anthy's shackles, and lay her down on the floor."]

"Hai, sir," said Yaku as she began to free Anthy from her shackles.

"What are you going to do to me...?!" asked Anthy, her voice low and trembling.

Yaku undid all of Anthy's shackles, then grabbed her before she fell to the floor. She laid Anthy down on the floor, the sudden chill against her exposed backside causing Anthy to shriek.

Nekome, Chimono, and T.S.T. smiled with lust as they anticipated what they were going to do to Anthy. Anthy didn't say anything, she was too scared. Was she about to get gang-banged by all three Duel Monsters?! The three Hanagumi girls were wondering the same thing.

Nekome was indeed planning to fuck Anthy. But he also knew that the higher a Duel Monster's statistics were, the better a lover it was. And if its high stats increased its abilities as a lover, surely they would increase its abilities as a rapist, as well! Nekome's ATK was a measly 600, which would only guarantee him a very crappy performance. He would need to increase his offensive power, and he had just the tools and hidden magical abilities to do so...!

Nekome held up a pair of monster cards from the deck he had constructed not too long ago, and grinned fiendishly, much like Itamiou often did during a Duel. Since he was a Spellcaster given life by the Millenium Sword, he had inherited a couple of the Millenium Item's magical powers. And in addition, Nekome knew that each Duel Monster had its own unique special powers, even those who didn't have any special powers in the actual game.

Holding one of the cards between his paws, Nekome activated his strongest hidden power.




In a light show that perfectly mimicked the one performed by the actual Millenium Sword, Dark Elf appeared before Nekome.







As Nekome's eyes traveled over Dark Elf, he couldn't help but feel a little weak. She was just so beautiful! One of the reasons that Nekome fell for Anthy was that she looked a lot like Dark Elf, with her mocha-dark skin and gorgeous purple hair. Nekome's erection throbbed with joy.

"Meow meow...meow meow meow meow...!" ["Dark Elf-chan...It's been a long time...!"]

Dark Elf looked down at him, and smiled. "It certainly has, Nekome-chan...!" Since she was a humanoid monster, she was able to speak normally.

Back in ancient Egypt, Dark Elf was Nekome's master. He was merely a pet to one of the strongest Elf Magi. But now, Nekome wished for things to be different...

"Meow meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow, meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow." ["Dark Elf-chan, times have changed. I wish to be in control now. Onegai, increase my Attack power, and protect me from deadly magic."]

"Whatever you want, that is my command, Nekome-chan. I shall be happy to obey you," said Dark Elf, in her commanding, yet very sweet voice.

In the card game, Dark Elf usually had to pay 1,000 Life Points for it to attack. But it also had the hidden ability to increase the ATK of all Nekome by 500 points, and to protect it from the opponent's Spell and Trap cards.

Dark Elf closed her eyes, and began a dark chant. She started to glow with an aura of Black Magic as she chanted.


"Sorgu...Namamamana...Quazaxu...Tahij! Kam Nekomemirin Toli Haa!"


Dark Elf finished her chant, then transformed her Black Magic aura into a wave, which she released at Nekome. The energies from the wave caused Nekome's power to increase!







"Domo arigato gozaimasu, Dark Elf. I shall reward you later on," thanked Nekome, feeling the rush of his newfound strength.

"Dou itashimashite, Nekome," replied Dark Elf, bowing in respect.

Nekome held up the second card he selected from his deck. It would also give him a power-up in Attack...




Witch's Apprentice was summoned by Nekome.







Nekome felt his erection throb again as he gazed upon Witch's Apprentice's beauty. He especially loved her burning, Devil-red long hair underneath her blue hat, her narrow charcoal-black eyes, and her long blue dress that hid two firm breasts. Two large wings sprouted from her back, and she held her broomstick at her left side.

"Ah...Konban wa, Majo-san. It's a pleasure to see you again," greeted Nekome. "Majo" was Witch's Apprentice's name from 5,000 years ago.

"The pleasure's always mine, Nekome-kun. Now, what do you want of me?" asked Majo.

Nekome wanted a _lot_ more than just being powered-up. A _whole lot_ more. "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow." ]"I wish for you to use your magic to increase the Attack of all of us DARK-based monsters. I wish to increase my Attack strength."]

Majo looked down at Anthy laying helpless on the floor. "What the Hell is up with this?! Who is she?!"

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow." ["Her name is Anthy Himemiya. I wish to increase my power, as so I can fuck her more brutally."]

"Why would you want to do _that?!_" asked Majo, a little disgusted.

So, Nekome explained everything to her. About himself, about Lord Itamiou, everything. Even Dark Elf listened with interest. When he was done, Majo understood fully, and she wasn't disgusted at all.

"I see. Very well, Nekome. I shall increase your Attack strength. But Dark Elf and myself will be powered up, as well," said Majo.

Majo focused her power, and a thick, open spellbook appeared floating in front of Majo. She began to glow with Black Magic as she held her broomstick in the air with one hand and began to chant...


"Cedea...Ro...Pochira Pochira...Vajusen Nekomemirin...Fanza Yasanamirin...Majomirin...Gox Io Gentok...Uppuririzok!"


The entire dungeon seemed to fill with dark light as the spell of Witch's Apprentice was released. Nekome's, Dark Elf's, and Witch's Apprentice's ATK power increased by 500 points as the dark light faded.


--- --- ---

1600 2500 1050

500 800 500

--- --- ---


Nekome held up a Spell card. "Meow meow, meow meow meow meow! MEOW MEOW MEOW!" ["And now, to increase my Attack even more! MALEVOLENT NUZZLER!"]

Nekome released the Spell card, and a sexy, green-skinned ghost woman appeared behind him. Nekome felt a surge of excitement course through him as his Attack increased even further.







Nekome felt that his ATK was high enough for him to be quite effective while fucking Anthy, so he decided not to increase it any more. However, Tentacled Swampland Terror felt left out of being made stronger.

"RRrraahhAAArrrRRAa! Gggyyaaaagghhh RRgh GGYYYAAAaaaa! AaagghhAAA!" ["Nekome! I want to be stronger, too, dammit! No fair!"]

Tentacled Swampland Terror, being a Fiend-Type of the WATER Attribute, would be very tricky for Nekome to power up with the cards he had on hand.

"Meoooww..." ["Hmmmm..."] Nekome went through his deck, and found a card that would help T.S.T. power up. "Meow _meow_ meow! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW!" [Perhaps _this_ will work! SCROLL OF BEWITCHMENT!"]

Nekome activated the Spell card. "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!" ["Scroll of Bewitchment allows me to change your Attribute! I'll just change your WATER-based Attribute into a DARK-based one, and then you'll get the power-up from Majo!"]

A magical dark circle with strange sigil around the circumference appeared around T.S.T., who began to glow an aquatic blue, then was engulfed in black and purple energy. When the energy died down, T.S.T. was eminating copious amounts of evil energy, his red eyes glowing brighter.

"GRAAARRrrgggghh! GyaaGAAAGGHH!" ["Domo arigato! That's _much_ better!"]







Now that the Attacks of all three male Duel Monsters were 2,000+, they felt super-energized, and ready to fuck! All three of them towered over Anthy's frightened, naked form.

"And now, dear Anthy-chan...I shall have you!" exclaimed Nekome/Yaku.

"NANI?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO MORE! *sob* ONEGAI! *cry* WAAAAAAAAAHHH!" pleaded Anthy. Nekome didn't listen to her, as he removed his sorceror's cloak, revealing his long, sturdy 7-inch cock. Grabbing a hold of her thighs, Nekome forced his big cathood into Anthy's tight, unwilling snatch, making the young black girl scream.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! *wail* PLEEEEEEZE DON'T FUCK ME! I DON'T WANT TO BE FUCKED BY A MONSTER! *sob* *cry*" Anthy cried, her deep green eyes flowing with tears.

Nekome was only empowered by Anthy's agony, as he initiated an awesome pumping rhythm, going in and out of Anthy's cunt, which wasn't quite wet yet.

"AAAHH! AAAHH! AAAHH! AAA-AA-AHH...! *sob* *cry* AAAHH! AAHH! *choke* *sob* AAAAAHH! AAAAAAHH-HH-H...! *gasp* *cough*" Anthy was crying so hard, she started coughing.

Nekome put great power into each thrust, bucking his hips forward, causing Anthy's breasts to shake. Nekome gazed longly at the two tempting mounds, wishing that he could reach them to take a drink. But there wasn't much that he could do about it, since he just couldn't stop fucking Anthy's pussy!

While Nekome was occupied with Anthy, Chimono decided to go back to enjoying his favorite red-headed fucktoy!

"*GROOAAARR!*" roared Chimono as he walked over to where Kanna sat, cuddling with her newfound lover Sumire Kanzaki. Kanna cuddled Sumire harder as she saw Chimono approach her.

"*sob* Onegai...St-Stay away from me...! *sob* *sniff* I-I'm a lesbian! I-I-I don't like penises! *sob* *cry* ONEGAI! STAY AWAY! *wail*" Kanna broke into tears, which surprised Sumire! Seeing tears run from Kanna's eyes made Sumire feel closer to her girlfriend. It showed her than Kanna had fragile feelings underneath her strong personality. But then again, the same went for herself.

Chimono stopped in front of a trembling and crying Kanna, and roared loudly. His thick, monsterous length was fully erect and hanging out of his sheath, scaring the wits out of the two girls.

"*RAAAAAAAAARRRRR!*" Chimono was unaffected by Kanna's bawling, as he picked her up by the waist, and shoved her against the hard wall!

"AAACCK...!" screamed Kanna as her back hit the wall.

"*ROOOOAARRR! GRRRRAAAAAGGGHHHAA!*" Chimono gave a mighty bellow as he tore off Kanna's black tank top with one hand! With no bra underneath, Kanna's breasts were in clear view. Kanna cried softly as Chimono once again lowered his head to them. Chimono grabbed Kanna's right tit in his rough, hairy palm, and began to squeeze it hard. Kanna gave a small cry of pain, which also came out sounding like a cry of pleasure. Chimono squeezed a little harder, tightly pinching Kanna's hard nipple between his strong fingers.

"Itai! *sob* Let go...!" begged Kanna.

Chimono continued squeezing Kanna's melon as he started to nuzzle his head against Kanna's other breast. His coarse, brown hair stimulated her hard, pink nipple. Kanna started to sob and pant at the same time as Chimono decided to start tasting her two breasts, slurping his super-rough tongue over her sensitive breasts and nipples.

"*sob* Aaah...! Oh-nooo...! *sob*" Kanna sobbed harder as she felt a strange, but not unfamiliar sensation welling up inside of her bosom, triggered by Chimono's rough-textured tongue brushing mercilessly across her nipples.

Chimono gave a couple more strong licks to each breast, then was treated to being sprayed in the face by two warm blasts of milk!

"Raarrr!* (^_^)" reacted Chimono as he dove in, and starting drinking the sweet milk coming from Kanna's tits. He drank a mouthful from the left breast, then one from the right breast.

"Rooooaarr! (^_^)" growled a contented Chimono after savoring and swallowing.

As Sumire watched Kanna's torment, she could help but feel a little bit aroused staring at Kanna's lactating jugs. She started feeling thirsty for a tall glass of milk...from her lover's breasts. Her mouth watered, and her cunt ran with juice.

As Nekome kept on brutally raping Anthy in her now-damp pussy, Tentacled Swampland Terror watched Anthy being sodomized, getting nice and horny. He had been staring at the potential targets that he had: Yaku, Hikaru, Miao, Akiko, Kohran, and Sumire. Anthy still had two orifices open for fucking, plus her bouncing chocolatey breasts with aroused dark nipples seem to cry out for touch. Yaku's mammoth tits drove T.S.T. wild, her pussy was surprisingly tight, and she had the perfect hips, legs, ass, and face. But he would probably have to ask Nekome's permission to rape her. Hikaru was also under Nekome's Cat's-Eye Hypnosis, though he still had his scruples about her. Miao was very tempting, with very supple breasts, soft, inviting pussy, and a cascade of light brunette hair streaked with azure blue. Akiko brought about really incredible feelings deep within T.S.T., as her proportions rivaled those of Yaku's, except she was younger and had a much cuter, innocent face. He knew that she was still a virgin, which made the prospect even more desirable. Kohran, the Chinese girl, was also a virgin, and T.S.T. just _loved_ taking virgins! And then there was Sumire, the obvious lesbian. Using his long, slimy, phallic tentacles to fuck her cunt, defile her behind, and play with her assets would more than likely give the little dyke much pain, agony, and tearshed.

Tentacled Swampland Terror couldn't make up his mind! But fortunately, with over a hundred tentacles, he _didn't have to_ make up his mind...!

Deciding to start with screwing Anthy's remaining holes, T.S.T. looked at Nekome, who was still fucking away.

"RRrraahhAAArrrRRAa, GAAAHHHggrraaagghh aaggghhhaaGYAAHH?" ["Nekome, can I fuck Anthy's mouth and ass?"]

Nekome looked up at T.S.T., and nodded. "Meow meow!" ["Go ahead!"]

Tentacled Swampland Terror lifted Nekome and Anthy in the air with two tentacles, being careful as not to disturb Nekome's fucking rhythm. Taking another tentacle, T.S.T. shoved one deep into Anthy's throat, making her gag and choke! He immediately began a deep-throated mouth-fucking, making sure Anthy's tongue got a good taste of the slimy, disgusting phallus. Now that Anthy's crying was impaired, T.S.T. swiftly shoved another tentacle up Anthy's ass! Anthy gave a muted sob and choked harshly as the vile Fiend-Type gave her a deep, painful ass-fucking.

Tentacled Swampland Terror then decided on a girl that he would give a full, three-holed raping to. He decided on Miao, since he enjoyed the look of her two-colored hair, and he would enjoy it more when her hair contained two different shades of blue...

"GYAARRrrrggh GAAHH GAArrrAAAggghh?" ["Can I fuck Kitty?"] asked T.S.T.

"Meow meow!" ["She's all yours!"] replied Nekome.

Before digging in, T.S.T. looked at Yaku, then at Hikaru. Like most Fiend-Types, Tentacled Swampland Terror was capable of minor telepathic abilities. Establishing a mental link with Hikaru, T.S.T. began to speak to Miao, via the red-headed Magic Knight.

"Miao-chan...I am Tentacled Swampland Terror, speaking to you through Hikaru. I'm going to rape you now!" spoke T.S.T./Hikaru.

"EEEEEEEEKK!" screamed Miao. "NO, ONEGAI! *sob* I'VE BEEN RAPED ENOUGH! *sob*"

Miao didn't even try to run, she knew that it was most likely futile.


T.S.T. extended a tentacle towards Miao, and established a tight grip on her slender waist. He lifted her up in the air, reeling her in closer to his body.

"NOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO! *cry* PLEEEEEZE! DON'T RAPE ME ANY MORE! *sob* I'M BEGGING YOU! *sob* *cry* *choke*" was Miao's desperate plea.

The teenage girl's plea had no effect on Tentacled Swampland Terror as he prepared to penetrate all of Miao's holes! T.S.T. loved the sight of girls with torn and tattered clothing. One of his favorite aspects about raping girls was shredding their clothes to ribbons. Schoolgirl sailor fukus were his favorite. Since Kitty was wearing the torn remains of a schoolgirl fuku around her neck and shoulders, plus her black saddle shoes and white socks, T.S.T. couldn't be more excited! He actually wished that he could've been the one to have torn off her uniform, but it was too late for that.

Tentacled Swampland Terror extended another pair of tentacles towards Miao, and moved one up towards her mouth from her slim belly, and the other one straight towards her pussy. As the first tentacle moved upwards, it prodded her innie navel, then slowly moved up to her tits. The tentacle then ran itself over Miao's breasts, then fondling both of them simultaniously, causing Miao's nipples to seem even more sensitive than they already were. The other tentacle was massaging Miao's slit, constantly brushing against her clit, making Miao gasp and moan. She couldn't help it! Although she didn't like this experience, she couldn't help but enjoy it!

As for Kanna, Chimono had just torn away her jeans, and was patting her pussy through her black panties. He then ripped Kanna's panties away, wanting to see his fucktoy's special "soft area." Kanna was now whimpering and sobbing at the same time, not wanting to be fucked again by such a filthy creature!

Once Kanna's pussy was exposed, Chimono growled happily as he bent down and nuzzled Kanna's soft, red muff. He just _loved_ how this human girl's pussy felt. And he enjoyed it even more when he was fucking it.

"*GRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRR!*" roared Chimono as he lifted Kanna high into the air.

"AAAAAHH! NO NO NO! DON'T DON'T DON'T! *sob* ONEGAI!" screamed Kanna, flailing her arms and legs around.

Excited even more by Kanna's crying, Chimono swiftly impaled Kanna onto his stiff, thick, 8-inch cock!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! *wail* NOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! *sob* DON'T FUCK MEEEEeeee...!" begged Kanna as she felt the unwelcome presence of a male organ in her female-craving pussy. Chimono forced her up against the wall again, still holding her by the hips, and began to fuck her brains out!

"AAAH! AAAH! AAAAAHHH! *sob* AAAAHH! *sob* YAMETE! YAMETE! *cry* ITAI! AAAHH! ITAAIII...! *sob*" Kanna did not at all enjoy being fucked by a cock. But what she hated the most was being fucked by the cock of something that wasn't human! Making her cry harder was the fact that this hideous Neanderthal was the one that she had lost her virginity to earlier today.
"*RAAAAARR! RRRRRRGGHH! RAAAGGHH!*" exclaimed Chimono as he cherished the tightness of his fucktoy's cunt, which was starting to dampen.

Anthy was still having her pussy being pounded into by Nekome, and her mouth and ass being messily and painfully raped by Tentacled Swampland Terror's ugly tentacles. Her tasty chocolate tits were still bouncing freely, but both Nekome and T.S.T. had their eyes on them. While Nekome could only fantasize about taking them in his mouth, T.S.T. actually had the ability to enjoy them. Taking two more tentacles, T.S.T. wrapped them around Anthy's orbs, squeezing them really hard! Anthy could only give small mumfeled cries of pain, what with the tentacle currently molesting her mouth. The grotesque tentacled Duel Monster flicked her erect dark purple nipples with the ends of his tentacles.

"Mmmm...Your breasts are so young and soft...!" complimented T.S.T., once again communicating through a hypnotized Hikaru.

While tormenting poor Anthy's breasts, Tentacled Swampland Terror still continued to sexually torture Miao, one of his tentacles now lodged up her wet snatch and fucking her deep and hard. Her breasts were also being squeezed by tentacles, though not as tightly. T.S.T. had just recently inserted a tentacle into her ass, raping Miao's smallest hole with vigor.

"OWWWW! ITAAIII! *sob* PLEASE! OWWW! *sob* NOT MY ASS!" cried Miao as T.S.T. drove in and out of her back door, synchronizing with the tentacle screwing her pussy. The tentacles squeezing her breasts exerted more pressure, sending waves of pleasure and pain throughout Kitty's body. T.S.T. formed mouth-like openings at the ends of the tentacles around Miao's breasts, and he used them to engulf Miao's stiff nipples. He did the same with the tentacles around Anthy's breasts, and began to suck the nipples of both girls.

Tentacled Swampland Terror then looked at the remaining five girls, wondering which one to rape next. Of course, it wouldn't really be rape if he chose Yaku or Hikaru, since they were underneath mind control. Looking over the girls, T.S.T. decided on Yaku, since he so wanted to enjoy her breasts and pussy again.

"AAAGGHH GGRRrgghh GAAgghh, GYAAGGgrrrgggh," ["I wish to fuck you now, Yaku."] said Tentacled Swampland Terror.

"Hai, sir," said Yaku, taking a few steps forward towards T.S.T. Before picking her up, T.S.T. looked at Hikaru, and suddenly felt a strong desire to fuck his "voice conduit."

"GyyAAAGGHHaaa, GYYAAGGHH GAAGHHAAaaaa!" ["Hikaru, I wish to fuck you, too!"] spoke T.S.T.

"Hai, sir," said Hikaru, stepping forward.

T.S.T. snatched up both hypnotized girls with tentacles around their hips, and lifted them high up into the air. With two more tentacles, he plunged them straight into their love holes, which had already become wet and moist. Yaku and Hikaru both let out small moans as T.S.T. began to fuck them hard.

Nekome, still fucking Anthy's cunny, looked up at Yaku and Hikaru, and started drooling at the sight of the two girls' breasts jiggling with abandon. He developed an instant craving for milk.

"Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow," [Tentacled Swampland Terror, lower Yaku down to me. I wish to drink her milk."] ordered Nekome.

"Graaarrr," ["Hai."] complied T.S.T. as he lowered Yaku downward, his tentacle still screwing her cunt. With Yaku's big milkshakes bouncing right in front of his face, Nekome grabbed Yaku's left breast, and began to lightly nibble her diamond-hard pink nipple, causing Yaku to gasp. He continued to nibble at her nipple while massaging Yaku's breast between his paws. A short time later, Nekome felt a spray of warm mother's milk squirt into his mouth. Nekome started to guzzle down Yaku's moo juice, while squeezing and massaging her tit, stimulating it to produce more milk. As Nekome engorged himself on Yaku's milk, he gazed over at her right breast, where he noticed that Yaku was squeezing it all on her own! He wasn't that surprised, he knew that Yaku must be experiencing pleasure that was so great, the pleasure center of her brain must've been overpowering the Cat's-Eye Hypnosis. Watching Yaku play with her own breast while he sucked milk from the opposite breast made him even more excited, and he began to fuck Anthy at an even faster speed.

As Tentacled Swampland Terror watched Nekome suckle at Yaku's teat, he suddenly felt twice as hot! He just _had_ to fuck Yaku not with a tentacle, but with his actual genitalia!

Moving Yaku closer to his lower body, T.S.T. moved Nekome and Anthy closer, so Nekome could keep drinking from Yaku. T.S.T. gave a small grunt as his true cock emerged from his sheath with a slimy, sickening sound. Miao's, Kohran's, Akiko's, and Sumire's eyes widened with fear as they gazed upon T.S.T.'s hideous monsterhood. It was nearly two feet in length, six inches in diameter, and disgustingly green and slimy! Yaku wasn't scared, she couldn't be while hypnotized.

Tentacled Swampland Terror removed the tentacle in Yaku's pussy, and slowly inserted his supersized dick into Yaku's hot, hairless love tunnel. Still holding her by the waist, T.S.T. pistoned Yaku up and down his horridly-long shaft, making her moan with delight, despite being underneath Nekome's spell.

"*pant* *pant* *pant* Ohhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhh! *moan* *gasp* *moan* Onegai...more! *moan* *pant* *pant* *pant*" was what escaped from Yaku's lips as T.S.T. fucked her deep with his slick organ. T.S.T.'s monster penis rapped against the top of Yaku's womb with each thrust. Nekome then switched to drinking mommy juice from Yaku's right milkjug, while Yaku fondled her left breast, which was still dribbling a little milk.

Tentacled Swampland Terror then shoved a tentacle up Yaku's butt, and started to give her ass just as powerful a fucking as he was giving her pussy. T.S.T. had to move Nekome and Anthy back and forth with each thrust. It was very tricky, but T.S.T. was able to pull it off and still enjoy the fucking. Shoving another tentacle in Yaku's mouth, and holding her legs apart with another two tentacles, Tentacled Swampland Terror roared with lust as he experienced the feel of a tight, hot cunt being fucked by his long, thick, slimy, disgustingly green cock. He grinned as he watched Hikaru being fucked by his tentacle in her extremely-tight, soaked pussy, her breasts bouncing around in circles. It was such an exciting spectacle, T.S.T. rammed Hikaru's virgin ass full with a tentacle, just to see her bounce harder. Hikaru gave a small shriek as her ass was penetrated for the first time ever. Hikaru began to moan as T.S.T. began to fuck her hard in both orifices, making her breasts bounce harder than ever!

Tentacled Swampland Terror was now raping Miao in her mouth with a tentacle, and now had her legs spread, as so he could fuck her pussy harder. He now had two tentacles lodged up her cunt, which gladly accepted the two icky phalluses, and was fucking Kitty with both. Miao's ass was starting to become sore from the tentacle fucking it. T.S.T. was still squeezing Miao's breasts and sucking fervently at her stiff nipples, and doing the same to Anthy, but he wasn't interested in extracting Miao's milk, nor Anthy's.

T.S.T. looked at the remaining three girls, at felt that it was time to rape another one of them! Kohran and Akiko were still virgins, which would give T.S.T. great pleasure in deflowering. On the other hand, he still had Sumire open. She was a lesbian, which would give T.S.T. great pleasure in tormenting. Plus, she was still dressed, in which T.S.T. could enjoy shredding her clothes to ribbons.

His mind was made up. He looked at Sumire, who was already tortured by the sight of her lesbian lover being fucked by Chimono. Tentacled Swampland Terror watched Chimono in action for a little bit, enjoying Kanna's screaming and crying, and the sight of her jiggling tits.

"Sumire Kanzaki, I'm going to rape _you_ now!" declared T.S.T., through a moaning and panting Hikaru.

"*gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cry* DON'T FUCK ME! I'M A LESBIAN! *cry* *wail*" cried Sumire, running back into the wall.

"And that's one of the reasons why I'm going to rape you!" said T.S.T./Hikaru. "Another reason why I'm raping you is that you're just so damn sexy!"

T.S.T. reached out with four tentacles, and caught Sumire by her arms and legs! He reeled her in, his prey crying for mercy.

"*cry* NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOO! *sob* PLEASE DON'T RAPE ME! ONEGAI! *cry* I DON'T WANT TO BE RAPED BY TENTACLES! *sob* *choke* *blubber*" Sumire cried as Tentacled Swampland Terror began to probe her body.

T.S.T. reached underneath Sumire's shirt with a tentacle, going between the cups of her red bra. The tentacle emerged from the neck of Sumire's shirt, then grabbed the neck and sharply pulled outward. Sumire screamed as her shirt and bra were torn away from her body, leaving her topless in the clutches of a tentacle demon. T.S.T.'s disgusting, slime-filled mouth salivated at the sight of Sumire's irresistable tits.

"*sob* *cry* NOOOOO! STAY AWAY FROM MY BREASTS! *sob* ONLY KANNA-CHAN CAN TOUCH THEM!" protested Sumire, crying and blushing hard.

"I'm afraid that 'Kanna-chan' is indisposed right now! That leaves you all to me!" said T.S.T./Hikaru as two more tentacles started to probe and fondle Sumire's assets. They wrapped themselves around the two spheres, and began to squeeze them.

"ITAAIII! DON'T SQUEEZE THEM!" cried Sumire as T.S.T. squeezed them harder, making her breasts bulge, and her nipples stick out. Tentacled Swampland Terror flicked Sumire's stiff dark red nipples as he continued squeezing her B-cup breasts. T.S.T. enthusiastically tortured Sumire's breasts as he received additional pleasure from all the other girls that he was raping. He was still sullying Anthy Himemiya's ass and mouth, while Nekome was still driving his massive Duel Monster-hood deeply into Anthy's sheath. T.S.T. still had two tentacles squeezing and sucking, but not necessarily milking Anthy's breasts. Miao "Kitty" Watanabe was being given "the full shikima treatment," each doable hole stuffed with and being fucked by a tentacle (her pussy still had two tentacles inside of it), her breasts being squeezed and sucked by long, mouthed tentacles. He had Hikaru Shidou bouncing up and down vertically on two tentacles, one in her pussy, and one in her ass. Her tits were still bouncing freely, giving T.S.T. so much visual pleasure, it would seem like a crime to touch them or interfere with her fucking. He left her mouth empty, in case he wanted to speak to one of the girls. And, of course, he could not ignore Yaku Tanaka, who was being fucked in her tight cunt by his own gigantic, thick cock, a tentacle in her mouth and asshole, and Nekome guzzling mommy juice from her bouncy E-cup tits. T.S.T. looked over at Chimono, who was fucking Kanna Kirishima with all of his strength. Kanna was crying like a baby as she was raped by a monster of the opposite gender, when she preferred the same gender. She was normally a very strong woman, but she became a total weakling whenever she got raped. Kanna was pinned to the dungeon wall by her arms, screaming as a muscular, hairy perverted beast screwed her soft, wet lesbian pussy showing no mercy or signs of stopping. Muffling her screams somewhat was Chimono's rough tongue French-kissing Kanna's entire face, dampening it with monster saliva. Kanna's A-cup breasts bounced and jiggled around madly wih each thrust of the Beast Soldier's prick, her nipples occasionally releasing a drop of milk.

Tentacled Swampland Terror went back to concentrating on Sumire. He stopped flicking her nipples, and began to suck on them, using mouths that had just opened up at the ends of the two tentacles. He squeezed them even harder, making Sumire screech with pain and pleasure!

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OWWWWWWWW! *sob*" cried Sumire as she endured her tit-torture. She couldn't help but become sexually aroused by her melons being greatly stimulated by slimy tentacles! Her vagina became nice and moist very quickly. T.S.T. deduced this from Sumire's rapid pulse and breathing, plus her girlish scent eminating from her crotch. T.S.T. chuckled as another tentacle snaked down Sumire's pants.

"*sob* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! NOT DOWN THERE! NOT DOWN THERE! ONEGAAAAIIII! *cry*" pleaded Sumire as T.S.T.'s tentacle broke the button and zipper of her jeans, and crept into her panties. Sumire felt the disgusting tentacle slide over the folds of her wet cunny, making her unwillingly wetter. Another tentacle wandered down the back of Sumire's pants and underwear, and caressed Sumire's buttcrack. Sumire continued flailing around and screaming as T.S.T. moved two more tentacles down her pant legs. With incredible force, Sumire's black jeans and red panties were destroyed in a loud explosion of fabric.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" screamed the crimson-haired former Hanagumi girl as she realized she was now naked except for her red socks. Tentacled Swampland Terror then rammed tentacles into Sumire's pussy and ass, and immediately started fucking the two holes! Since it was her first time being butt-fucked, Sumire cried with pain.

Deciding to rape another girl, T.S.T. looked at his two remaining options: Kohran Ri, or Akiko Kouyou. Both girls were 100% chaste and innocent, and were downright hot! Kohran was very young and cute, yet Akiko was very curvy and endowed! T.S.T. decided to save the best for last, and reached for Kohran with several tentacles!

"Kohran, I have decided to rape _you_ next!" stated T.S.T./Hikaru.

"WAAAAAAAAHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOO! *cry* *wail* PLEEEEEZE! DOOONNN'T! *sob* *cry* STAY AWAY!" screamed Kohran as she attempted to run away, which was futile. Tentacled Swampland Terror caught Kohran by her forearms and ankles, and lifted her up into the air, spread-eagled. Since she was already naked, T.S.T. was free to go right for the good stuff!

Tentacled Swampland Terror chuckled as he began to probe Kohran's young body with several tentacles.

"AAAAAAAHHH! WAAAAAAAHH! *sob* ONEGAI! *sob* *cry* PLEEEEZE DON'T RAPE ME WITH ALL OF THOSE TENTACLES!" begged Kohran as T.S.T.'s long, slimy tentacles molested every nook and cranny of her body. Two tentacles managed to wrap themselves around Kohran's B-cup fruits, and squeezed them hard, making Kohran's sandy brown nipples stick out. T.S.T. began to flicker and suck at Kohran's tasty nipples as he explored her nether regions. He ran a tentacle over Kohran's virgin snatch, exciting her clit and making it stick out. Feeling the Chinese cutie's cunt start to manufacture warm girljuice, Tentacled Swampland Terror extended a tongue from the mouth at the end of his tentacle, and began to slurp the wetness all up.

"*cry* YAMETE! YAMETE! *gasp* *sob* That feels...so good...! *pant* *pant*" panted Kohran, slowly starting to give in. More tentacles started to caress Kohran's white flesh, over her ass, back, under her armpits, and across the soles of her feet. It all felt terrifyingly erotic to Kohran.

On the ground, Sakura was the only human girl left clothed and untouched. She had to watch her friends Sumire, Kanna, and Kohran being raped by inhuman beings, plus several other girls being defiled by tentacles. Sitting upright in the hayloft, frozen with shock and fear, she had no option but to watch her teammates being fucked against their wills. Also watching the act of ultra-perversion were the two gorgeous female Duel Monsters, Dark Elf and Witch's Apprentice. Most of Dark Elf's attention was focused on Nekome fucking Anthy. She had noticed that the spirit of Malevolent Nuzzler was visible behind Nekome, and was kissing him fervently on the cheek. The sexy Spell card also appeared to be masturbating itself, with a hand at its breasts, and another rubbing her pussy. Dark Elf watched Nekome's long dick rape Anthy's now-soaked pussy, and also Nekome sucking Yaku's huge breasts dry. She watched T.S.T.'s tentacles squeeze and suck on Anthy's tits and nipples, and the tentacle penetrating her back door. She followed the tentacle in Anthy's ass back to T.S.T., then back to Yaku, her lovely pussy filled to the brim with T.S.T.'s oversized, thick fuckmeat. Her ass was also being screwed by another tentacle. Dark Elf followed another tentacle up to Miao, who had her twat stuffed with two raping tentacles at the same time. Two more tentacles defiled her small mouth and tight butt. Dark Elf moved over to Hikaru, who simply had a tentacle in her pussy and in her ass, bouncing up and down, her breasts jiggling insanely. Moving over to Sumire, Dark Elf watch the dark-red-haired girl have her tight, hairless pussy be plunged into, and her ass and mouth the same. Her breasts were completely binded in two tentacles, her hard nipples being sucked on. Dark Elf then watched Kanna suffer at the hands of Chimono The Beast Soldier for a while, watching Chimono's big beastly shaft beat into Kanna's damp, red-furred cunt. Chimono was poorly attempting a French kiss with Kanna, drenching her entire face in gooey, gross saliva. Kanna's small breasts were still bouncing with each thrust, still dribbling milk.

As Dark Elf watched all of this, she felt a feeling that she had not felt in over five millenia: Sexual arousal. The elfin Spellcaster cooed and blushed as she felt a warm, wet feeling underneath her dress.

"*gasp* Oh, my Ra...!" gasped Dark Elf as she reached underneath her green dress. She massaged her pantiless pussy for a few moments, then began to undress. She couldn't take it! She just _had_ to masturbate! But before she could drop her gown, she received very strange looks from Majo and Sakura.

"Dark Elf-san, what the Hell are you doing?!" asked a shocked Majo.

Dark Elf blushed again. "Gomen nasai, Majo-san...I-It's just been so fucking long since I felt like this...!"

"Well..." Majo looked at Dark Elf, then down at Sakura, who was confused and scared. She then looked over at Tentacled Swampland Terror, and all the helpless females being raped by him, then over at Chimono pounding Kanna against the wall. She gazed over at Akiko, who was hiding her private areas with her arms and hands, shivering and whimpering. She looked back at Dark Elf. "Go right ahead!"

"Domo arigato!" said Dark Elf as she began to remove the yellow crown on her head. When it was off, the similar crown on the top of her gown dropped to Dark Elf's feet like a brick, taking down her gown with it. Dark Elf smiled as she stepped out of her gown and admired her nude body, wearing nothing but her green high heels.

"Mmmmm...!" sighed Dark Elf as she held her huge tanned breasts in her hands and massaged them, her maroon-colored nipples hardening as she touched them for the first time in ages. She moved her hand down to her pussy, a very sensitive area devoid of any pubic hair. She ran her hand over her cunt, causing it to become wet and aroused. She felt her little clit poke out, and she pinched it as she inserted her other hand's fingers into her gushing love tunnel.

"Ahhhhhh! OHHHHHH! *moan* *gasp* Oh, Winged Dragon of Ra-sama... *pant* *pant* I've forgotten how fucking sensitive my pussy is! *pant* *pant* Mmmmmmm! *moan* Oh, fuck, that feels good...!" Dark Elf moaned loudly as she watched Tentacled Swampland Terror plunge his long, thick, slimy phallic tentacles into the orifices of several young girls. She moved four of her fingers deep into her tight sex, not worrying about breaking her barrier, since she had already lost it long ago. She four-finger fucked herself as she flicked her clitoris with her thumb. Her other hand squeezed her plump tit and pinched her stiff nipple harshly. She looked up at Kohran, who had yet to be penetrated by Tentacled Swampland Terror. T.S.T. currently had tentacles tightly binding Kohran's small breasts, with small little suckers tormenting her hard little nipples. Another tentacle molested her mouth with its length and horrid flavor, and a whole ganglia of tentacles traveled all over the purple-haired girl's youthful body, brushing over each square inch of flesh. One last tentacle stood ready to enter Kohran, tickling her clit and slurping up her wetness like a beverage through a straw. Kohran was gazing down upon the tentacle so close to her vaginal opening, and was crying and pleading the best she could with a tentacle deep-throating her. Dark Elf decided to watch Kohran until she got taken. Dark Elf's breathing got very labored as four of her fingers pistoned in and out of her sumptious wet love hole, and her other hand's fingers pleasured her attractive C-cup breasts and hard nipples.

As Dark Elf masturbated, Majo was engrossed in staring at her body from behind. She smiled as she compared the hot, curvy elf's proportions to her own. Dark Elf's breasts, hips, legs, and ass were of slightly greater proportions than those of Witch's Apprentice. In spite of that, Majo felt very little envy towards her Spellcaster friend. She was already happy with the way she looked, though she still wouldn't have minded a little "enhancement."

T.S.T. had grown bored with simply licking up Kohran's wetness, and now felt that it was finally time to take the virginal 15-year-old girl!

"Kohran, I'm going to take you now! Say 'sayonara' to your virginity! HA HA HA HA HA!" laughed T.S.T./Hikaru, removing the phallus from Kohran's mouth, just to hear her reaction.

Kohran's eyes widened, and she sobbed loudly. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sob* *choke* *cry* DON'T DO THAT! *sob* *gag* DON'T DO THAT! *gag* I PROMISED THAT I'D SAVE MY HYMEN FOR--!"

Tentacled Swampland Terror was only driven forward by the sound of Kohran's begging and crying, and he rammed his way into Kohran's pussy, tearing through her hymen in one painful movement!

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *wail* OWWWWWWW! *sob* OW OW OW! *cry* *gag* *gag* *choke* *sob* Noooooo...!" was Kohran's ear-splitting reaction to the loss of her valuable innocence, which was followed by a few moments of lamenting in Mandarin.

T.S.T. watched Kohran's maiden's blood drip down his tentacle and her leg, then began to fuck her harder than a jackhammer on maximum power. T.S.T. forced his tentacle back into Kohran's crying mouth, and began to fuck it again.

As the slimy tentacle screwed the Chinese genius' tight, wet, no-longer-virgin pussy, T.S.T. watched with excitement as his prey's tiny tits bounced and jiggled as if they were of a larger size. He still had them binded with tentacles, though he was no longer squeezing them, just letting them shake cutely.

Dark Elf felt a surge of pleasure surge from her pussy when T.S.T.'s tentacle penetrated Kohran. She fingered her womanhood more harshly, causing her hand to become coated in horny juice. She switched her oppostie hand to her other breast, squeezing it, and flickering her nipple. She was still kind of in disbelief that any Duel Monster's genitalia could be as sensitive as hers. Panting heavily, Dark Elf looked at the other girls that T.S.T. was raping. Her master Nekome was still fucking Anthy in her pussy, which had already climaxed twice, soaking Nekome's cloak with girlcum. Tentacled Swampland Terror had tentacles in Anthy's mouth and ass that had came twice as well, filling Anthy's stomach and rectum with blue monster ejaculate. The tentacles at Anthy's breasts were still wrapped around the orbs tightly, sucking the hard nipples, yet not expressing milk. Next up was Yaku, who was riding T.S.T. thick, meaty primary monsterhood, sweating heavily and having already came three times, coating T.S.T.'s dick in cum. Neither Nekome nor Tentacled Swampland Terror had came yet, it took Nekome about ten minutes to cum, and T.S.T. upwards of about half an hour! Nekome had grown tired of drinking from Yaku's udders, yet they still had little more milk to give. He simply derived visual excitement from their hypnotic undulation as T.S.T. started to squeeze them. T.S.T. also had tentacles in Yaku's mouth and ass, which were cumming at that moment, releasing blue spooge into Yaku's mouth and behind, some of it dribbling out of both holes. Dark Elf's purple eyes went from Yaku to Kitty, who was still being raped with two tentacles in her cunt. Like most of T.S.T.'s other tentacles, the ones in Miao's love hole had climaxed twice, the two dual ejaculations almost filling Miao's womb to the brim with demonic sperm. Miao had also came twice, her cum mixing with T.S.T.'s at it dribbled out of her vagina. The tentacles in Miao's ass and mouth had came at least twice, making Miao feel as if the 70% water content of her body had been replaced with Tentacled Swampland Terror's evil essence. Tentacled still embraced Kitty's 36-B-cup breasts, squeezing them as they bounced, small suckers still sucking on and tasting her stiff pink nipples. T.S.T. had gotten really perverted, and had torn away the remaining tatters of what once was Miao's school uniform, simply because the sound of tearing fabric drove him wild. He had also pulled off Miao's black shoes and torn off her white socks, and was also raping her feet. He was tickling the soles of her small feet, and fucking her between her toes with tiny little tendrils. Kitty's entire body was drenched in perspiration. Giggling a little, Dark Elf moved over to Hikaru. Hikaru was still underneath Nekome's Cat's-Eye Hypnosis, yet watching her being raped by tentacles was still a very exciting spectacle. As the hot and sweaty hypnotized Hikaru rode the tentacle in her pussy, her long legs wrapped around it, her pussy having already came three times. The tentacle in her butt, plus another tentacle that had been raping her mouth, had twice came explosively along with the tentacle in Hikaru's cunt, causing Hikaru to become a slimy blue mess. The 17-year-old red-head's breasts were covered in T.S.T.'s spooge, and were still jiggling as if in an earthquake. Moving upwards to Sumire, Dark Elf masturbated herself harder as she witnessed Sumire being subjected to the horrors of having her pussy, ass, mouth, and tits being defiled by a tentacled shikima Duel Monster. Along with a layer of sweat, Sumire's body was drenched in Tentacled Swampland Terror's cum, making her shine a deep blue when the light from the torches on the wall hit her skin. Dark Elf found that very erotic, and she increased the speed of her self-pleasure even more as she moved her eyes back to Kohran. Dark Elf got a lot of visual enjoyment from watching Kohran being raped by Tentacled Swampland Terror. Kohran's pussy was still filled all the way with T.S.T.'s long tentacle, which was eagerly fucking her tight and wet snatch, the end of the dark, slimy phallus occasionally rapping against the top of her baby house. The beautiful Mandarin teen was being fed another one of T.S.T.'s disgusting tentacles in her small mouth, being forced to give it a crude blow job. Another tentacle had just been inserted into her untainted asshole, and was rapidly and painfully fucking her there. Tentacles were still wrapped around Kohran's round, bouncing breasts, with little gooey mouths sucking on and enjoying the flavor of her delicious nipples. A ganglia of ecchi tentacles was still teasing every square inch of her sensitive skin, tickling her navel, feet, and armpits. What really confused Dark Elf and Tentacled Swampland Terror was the look of pleasure on Kohran's face, and the loud moaning escaping from her tentacle-filled mouth. Kohran couldn't believe it! She was actually _enjoying_ being raped by this ugly, hentai monster! Figuring that being underneath Itamiou's Dark Eros Curse earlier had greatly increased her sex drive, Kohran surrendered herself, letting T.S.T. do his dirty, sinful work.

Finally, Dark Elf looked over at Kanna. Chimono had already shot his seed into Kanna's cunt, some of it splashing back out due to Chimono's orgasm having the force of a garden hose on maximum power. Chimono kept on fucking Kanna, still going strong as he drove his beasthood in and out of Kanna's hairy pussy. Oddly enough, Kanna had actually came once, despite her strong dislike of male sex organs. Her breasts were still shaking with each thurst, still releasing occasional droplets of mother's milk.

Her legs totally weakened from the pleasure, Dark Elf fell over, landing in the soft hayloft. She squirmed and thrashed around in rapture as she felt the soft hay against her nude body. She fingered her sensitive, oozing sex deeper, flicking her clit around like crazy. She jiggled her mocha-colored breasts with her other hand, alternating between them, pinching each dark nipple as hard as she could. She was in so much ecstacy, her vision started to blur, and she had to rely on the memory of what she saw T.S.T. do to the group of hot girls for pleasure.

"*pant* *pant* *pant* Ohhhhh...! OHHHHHHH! So...fucking...good...! *pant* *moan* *pant* *pant* *moan* Oh, Ra-sama, please never let me cum! *moan*" Dark Elf moaned out loud as she laid in the hayloft, flopping around, bucking her hips up in the air. Dark Elf was so trapped in her own little world of masturbation, she did not remember that there was originally someone else that was sitting in the hayloft...

Sakura had stood up, noticing that there was literally no one watching her. She looked over at Witch's Apprentice, who was snoozing like a Baby Dragon against the wall, wrapped up in her own soft wings. While she didn't want to leave her friends behind to suffer, she just _had_ to take this rare opportunity to escape! She looked over at Akiko, who appeared faint as she watched the melée of sexual depravity take place before her eyes.

Sakura walked over to Akiko, and grabbed her by the wrist.

"Hey! What are you...?!" was all Akiko could say as Sakura dragged her out into the hallway.

"Everyone in there's distracted! We can escape!" exclaimed an excited Sakura.

"You're right! We can get out of here!" Akiko felt so relieved that she didn't have to be raped by Tentacled Swampland Terror! "Uhh...Can I go and get my clothes first...?" asked a blushing Akiko.

"Okay, but hurry!" replied an impatient Sakura.
"Domo arigato!" Akiko ran back into the dungeon cell that had served as her home for the past week, and came back a short time later with every article of clothing that she had been wearing. "I got them! Let's go!"

"Right! You can put them on later!" said Sakura as they ran up the stairs, and out the dungeon door, which, strangely, was unlocked. Sakura and Akiko ran down the hall, Akiko managing to dress herself as she ran.

The depraved orgy in the dungeon cell continued for another couple of minutes. During that time, all of T.S.T.'s tentacles and each of the girls came again, including Kohran, which was the second orgasm of her life. T.S.T. guzzled up all of the sweet cum from all the girls, excluding Yaku, and gave a satisfied groan. After the couple of minutes elapsed, Nekome felt as if his loins were about to explode!

"MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW... ...!" screeched Nekome as he climaxed, releasing a wave of hot white monster seed into Anthy's sore pussy. Exhausted, he collapsed to the floor, slipping out of T.S.T.'s tentacled grip. As soon as his tentacle was free of Nekome, T.S.T. knew that Anthy's pussy was open for fucking! As soon as Nekome fell to the floor, Tentacled Swampland Terror plunged the tentacle that had been holding up Nekome straight into the African-Japanese queen's amythest-haired pussy, and started fucking her!

"AAAAAAAAAAAHH! *sob* ONEGAI! DON'T FUCK ME ANY MORE!" cried Anthy as her sore cunt was filled once again with a long phallic object. As soon as Anthy spoke, T.S.T. withdrew the tentacle from her mouth, and came again, blasting Anthy's face full of steamy blue spunk!

"WAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH...! *gack* *choke* *cough* EWWWWW...!" reacted Anthy, registering the cum that had gotten in her eyes, temporarily blinding her. T.S.T. stuffed his tentacle back between Anthy's lips, and began to orally rape her again.

On the floor, Nekome stood up, only to find himself facing Dark Elf laying nude on the hayloft, self-serving the Hell out of herself! Nekome felt his softening dick grow hard again at this sight. Nekome had picked the right time to finish fucking Anthy and fall to the floor, since his master-turned-servant was very close to cumming!


The purple-haired elf babe stretched her body and clutched her tits as her cunny released a geyser of girl-honey up into the air, raining down upon an unexpecting and surprised Nekome!

"REEEOOOOWW...?! (O_O)" Nekome squealed and doubled back, soaked in Dark Elf's cum. Dark Elf sat up, feeling a little disoriented. She noticed Nekome standing in front of her, drenched with her own sweet essence.

"Oh, Ra-sama! Gomen nasai, Nekome!" apologized Dark Elf, embarassed. She stood up, and picked up her crown. She stood over her gown, and put her crown back on her head, causing her gown to rise back up over her body.

It was then that Nekome and Dark Elf noticed the absence of the two unspoiled girls, Sakura and Akiko.

"MEEOOOOWW?! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW?!" ["NANI?! WHERE THE HELL DID SAKURA AND AKIKO GO?!"] exclaimed Nekome, his loud, high-pitched voice awakening Witch's Apprentice. Majo bolted to her feet, and looked around, also noticed the absence of the two prisoners.
"Chikusho! Sakura and Akiko got away!" cursed Majo.

"Meow meow meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!" ["I know that! We've got to go find them before Lord Itamiou returns!"] said Nekome, exiting the cell. Dark Elf followed behind Nekome, with Majo following behind her. Dark Elf and Majo felt deeply guilty for "dropping their guards."

Leaving T.S.T. and Chimono alone with the girls, Nekome-tachi exited the dungeon in pursuit. Nekome originally planned to leave the castle anyway. He didn't want to be cooped up in the dungeon during the entire tournament! After all, Itamiou's "tournament" would play a crucial role in his "master plan"...!






I hope these episodes don't keep growing at the rate that they are currently growing, otherwise, they'll soon get _too_ long! Anyway, don't think that I've forgotten about our friends still wandering the Momobara Castle's labyrinth! And no, I haven't forgotten about Chu-Chu and Utena's mystery card, either! I'll probably get back to them in the next installment. In the next chapter, Lord Itamiou's "night out" continues, plus some more surprises and crossovers! Cya! (^_^)


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