Trial By Fire
Section I: Melodies of Life
Chapter 13: Open Your Heart
Author: Jial Silverthorn
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[....] denotes a thought, not verbally spoken. When it involves Ranma/Ranko/Akane, the other(s) can possibly ‘hear’ it.
*....* denotes a feeling or a short action, usually before speech takes place, or a sound effect.
(....) denotes writing
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Ok, this chapter is one of the few that I need to repeat my disclaimer on. Namely, this chapter is lemon-based, but it is a piece of the plot that is needed. As such, by reading this chapter, you acknowledge that you are of a mature enough mind to understand what I am implying. You can only blame yourself, should you choose to be offended. On a lighter note, I would greatly appreciate feedback, since lemons are not an easy thing for me to write. Also, I would greatly appreciate feedback on this chapter, for obvious reasons.
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Steeling herself for what she is about to unleash, Akane gets up, her mind a chaotic mess.

Akane: [I’d better not be wrong...or this will be my biggest mistake ever...Ah, there’s one piece of this puzzle.]

Grabbing Ranma by the arm, Akane hauls Ranma into their room and shuts the door.
Akane: Listen Ranma, we’ve got a special guest coming over, and you’re gonna be stuck in your cursed form for a it?

Walking over to their closet, Akane begins sifting through the clothes, grabbing an outfit set off to the side. Throwing it at Ranma, Akane leaves the room slamming the door behind her.
Akane: [Don’t ask; just put it on, ok? I don’t have time to be answerin’ any questions right now...]

Looking the outfit over,
Ranma’s face is mixed with amusement and frustration.
Ranma: [Whoever this person is, they had better be important. I rarely wear blouses, and I’m still not crazy about bras as a rule.]

Akane: [Quit complaining, will ya? Just get changed and stay there. I’ll be back soon enough.]

Mumbling to himself, Ranma takes off his normal outfit and tosses it in the hamper. Glaring at the other outfit, he puts it on, deciding that making Akane angry was a definite health hazard.
Ranma: [She’s got something planned, and I’d better play along. Whatever it is, she’s gone through a lot of effort to set it up.]

Akane: [Hook.]
Sitting on the bed, Ranma wonders who it is that Akane would consider important enough to stuff him into one of his ‘other’ outfits for. Drawing a blank, he decides to sit and wait, as that is all he can do. Meanwhile, Akane paces nervously, leaping at the familiar petite figure as she enters the Dojo.

Akane: [And piece number two.] Hey Ranko. Thanks for cutting your visit with Shinai short. I know you’ve been worried about him, and rightfully so, but I have something important to talk to you about. Can we head to my room and talk? It’s not exactly something I want to discuss in the open.

Ranko: *shrugging* I guess I can spare some time for ya Akane.

Akane: [Line.]
Waiting for Ranko to slip ahead of her, Akane signals to Nodoka who nods. Quickly catching back up with Ranko, the two women enter Akane’s bedroom. As Ranko stares at Ranma, Akane shuts the door, the click echoing in the silence.

Ranko: *confused* Bro, is that you dressed up in that outfit?
Akane: Ranko, take a seat in the chair, since this will take a while.

Eyeing Akane carefully, Ranko takes a seat in the chair facing the bed.
Akane: *glancing at Ranma and Ranko* I know the two of you aren’t sure why the both of you are here. Well, I guess that I will not stand by and let something beautiful wither and possibly die when I can step in. I’ve sat idly by long enough, and nothing has changed.

Ranma: Acchan, you’re bein’ cryptic, so would ya cut to the chase? I do not like bein’ in this outfit much...

Ranko: I can sympathize with ya bro. I dunno how or why you’re wearin’ that, but I am not pryin’. Personally, I’d rather get back to see how Shinai is recovering from that thrashing you gave him...He’s been doin’ better lately, and he enjoys my visits, I think. That is, when he’s awake.

Akane: Well, I’m gonna burst both of your bubbles on this matter. You two are going to stay here, and you will see what I am saying soon enough. And don’t think about tryin’ to leave, since ya can’t.

Ranko: Hmph. As much as I respect you and all Akane, I don’t have time for games...I have my own things to attend to.

Ranko stands up, and walks over to the door. Opening it, a glint of light catches her eyes and she freezes. Glancing down she sees an all too familiar blade is pressed against her throat.

Nodoka: Forgive me daughter. I know not why Akane asked this of me. She only said that it would extremely beneficial to you and your brother. In this I feel I should trust her judgment on this matter.

Akane: Ranko, I suggest that you close the door and sit back in the chair.

Wordlessly, Ranko closes the door, and sits back in the chair, a sore expression on her face.
Akane: [Sinker.] Listen, Ranko. I know this doesn’t look good, but I only mean the best for the both of you.

Ranma: Were it anybody else, I wouldn’t even listen. Acchan, you are the only person I could trust this easily with what little I’m bein’ told. Besides, I’m not crazy enough to argue with Mom. If you’ve convinced her that this is a good idea, then I’m in agreement too.

Akane: Thanks ‘Ma-chan. Don’t worry about your mother, since she’s only standing guard, and it’s not like she can hear us. Now, you both know that something special and unique exists between the two of you. I almost ruined that once, Ranko. However I managed to stop that before things went horribly wrong.

Ranko: Yeah, I remember that. At first I thought I had lost bro for good. That’s when you told me that I was welcome in your lives, no matter what. In some ways, that made my life easier to deal with.

Akane: You are right, and that offer still stands. Now though, it seems that I have to preserve that bond again.

Ranma: Ah, what exactly do ya mean, Acchan?

Akane: Well, as wrong as this will sound, Ranko is the source of the problem this time. Don’t think that you’re much better though ‘Ma-chan. Ranko, the problem is you are still holding your feelings in. We both told you that you can share your burden with us, yet you still refuse to tell us about your biggest problem.

Ranko: Akane, THAT problem isn’t exactly normal, even for you two...

Akane: That’s where you are wrong, Ranko. You think things are one way, and you refuse to ask for help. I for one would help you with any problem, no matter how odd it may be.

Ranko: Still...

Akane: Ranko, I honestly do not mind helping you out with your troubles. You have done so much for your brother that I can never repay you. Now, back to the issue at hand; whether you realize it or not, you have been distancing yourself from everybody. I have noticed that it is most obvious with Ranma. I think the only reason that I have been able to see this is that I am a third party in this.

Ranma: Ok, so what you’re sayin’ is that sis and I are becomin’ distant? Just how would that affect, let alone destroy the bond between us?

Ranko: Yeah, I don’t see how this bond could die. After all, Colognesaid that it transcended death itself...

Akane: Be that as it may, I know that which is created can be destroyed. And whoever the creator is has the best chance of destroying the very thing they created, whether it is through neglect...or ignorance.

Ranma: Acchan, now I am thoroughly confused. You’re makin’ it sound like we’re doin this on purpose.

Akane: That’s just it, you are doin’ this intentionally. This was far from easy for me to accept, but after careful thought and consideration, I know that I am right. What the two of you are ignoring and denying is your love for each other.

Ranko: Wait a sec....Who do you think you’re kiddin’? Bro is the only reason I am alive right now. How could anybody not love him for that?

Shaking her head, Akane walks over to where Ranko is sitting. Grabbing her hand, she leads Ranko over to the bed and sits her down next to Ranma. Stepping back, Akane smiles as she looks at the twins perched on the edge of her bed.
Akane: Listen very carefully you two. I’m goin’ ta say somethin’ that’ll disturb you, and at the same time, make you wonder. I for one know that you both love each other more than you realize, or care to let on. What you think you feel is only the tip of the emotional iceberg. See, I have been talking with Cologne lately. And she told me that while some emotional feedback from the rings was to be expected, the level and intensity shows that there had to be a basis for those feelings to grab on to.

Ranko: *flushed* Just a minute....I love bro dearly.

Akane: *interrupting* Ranko, it goes beyond what you are saying right now. Your eyes and voice are in disagreement. You both need to open your hearts. Examine your feelings carefully and try to say that I am wrong. After all Ranko, you take a little more than a normal interest in your brother. It seemed odd that you didn’t hook up with anybody at first, but now I understand why. Your true interest is in Ranma, and nobody else.

Akane pauses as Ranko’s face turns an even deeper shade of crimson, while Ranma is awestruck and shocked.

Akane: Just so the two of you know, I am very serious about this. You both feel varying degrees of physical attraction towards each other. Ranko, you are hurting yourself each day by holding this much raw emotion in. This has been going on over a year and a half now, ‘Ko-chan. How much longer do you think you can hold in that much pressure before you buckle? As to you Ranma, you have the same feelings; you just have me distracting you. Somebody once said that ‘Eyes are the mirror into the soul.’ Well, they are right, as your eyes give you both away.

Ranko: *quietly* Why did ya have to find out about this? I didn’t want to cause trouble for either of ya...

Akane: *giggling* Well, if it’s any consolation, I had to accept this idea first. Now, unless I tell your mother otherwise, leaving is impossible.

Ranko: *looking up at Akane* Is this ok with you though? It sounds like you want me to act on my feelings, but wouldn’t that bother you? If you really know what my problem is...

Akane: Would I set this up if I didn’t accept it or what may happen? I’m not your concern though...the two of you have these feelings, and you need to sort them out, here and now. Most people would ridicule you and say that you are freaks. I know differently though, since I’ve been watching you two. You both mean no harm to the other, and you both genuinely love each other, and would rather continue tearing yourselves apart than risk hurting the other.

Ranma: *whispering* Sis, is she right? Do ya actually feel that way about me?

Ranko: She’s more than right. I can see why Cologne said that I would have a hard time accepting anybody except you into my heart, since it already belongs to you...

Ranma: Uh, I’m at a loss for say the least.

Akane: [Words aren’t necessary at this time. Between the two of you, the emotional levels are off the charts at this second. Your actions will speak louder and clearer than any words ever could.]

Ranko: [She’s right, bro. Just...let yourself go. Let the feelings come naturally. Don’t fight it...]

Turning to her left, Ranko stares her mirror image in the face, sapphire eyes locking with ice blue. Leaning over, she kisses Ranma lightly on the lips.
Walking over to the chair, Akane has to suppress a giggle as she catches the stunned look on her husband’s face.

Akane: [Priceless, Ranma...Just priceless. You need to trust each other now, more than ever. You each need this, and that is final.]

Waving a hand in front of Ranma’s face, Ranko grins as she realizes that he is still out of it. Leaning in for a second kiss, Ranko’s tongue dances across Ranma’s lips a split second before their lips meet. As Ranma’s system finally begins recuperating his face pales, and then flushes a deep tomato red in the space of two heartbeats.

Ranko: *glancing at Akane* [Ya set this up; and this is your last chance to stop me. As you said, I’ve been holding this in for a long time, and even I’m not sure of what’s gonna happen. Are you sure ya want me to do this?]

Akane: [I said it once already, ‘Ko. Just do whatever your feelings tell you to do. This is your time together, and nothing is gonna stop it, least of all me.]

Ranko nods, and begins slowly letting down emotional walls that are frayed, and barely holding together due to the extreme stress and length of time they had been left up. As the barriers around her heart begin to fall, a flame begins to burn brightly in her soul. When she is done, her spirit feels like it is burning alive, her blood seemingly converted into raw passion.

Akane: *whispering* Gods...the emotion. I expected her to have held in a lot, but she’s damn near glowing. Ranma, you’re going to have an unforgettable time, for sure.
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Ranma gulps as he looks at his sister’s closed eyes. Watching them open slowly, his heart begins to beat faster as he takes in the living flame present within her eyes, the gentle face now filled with a high level of raw emotion. Watching the soft face move in for another kiss, Ranma hisses as his sister trails kisses down his neck, a pathway of heat passing through him. Looking at the cute face filling his vision again, Ranma can only stare in wonder, confusion...and curiosity.

Ranko: *huskily* So much for subtlety, time for the direct approach.
Methodically, Ranko begins unbuttoning Ranma’s sky blue blouse, her fingers dancing over the exposed skin. Peeling it off, she laughs as she throws it to the floor.

Ranko: Hmm, you even managed to get him into a bra. You must have had this planned for a while, Akane.

Carefully removing the delicate lace bra, Ranko tosses it to the general area where the blouse landed. Leaning over, Ranko begins to gently nurse on Ranma’s soft breast, a peculiar wave of contentment passing through her. Feeling the nipple slowly harden between her lips, she lightly bites it, eliciting a purr from Ranma. Feeling a gentle hand lift her chin up, Ranko reluctantly releases the nipple, feeling it pop loose from her mouth.

Ranma: So you are serious about this. Fine then...two can play at this game, dear sister.
Tilting her head to the side, Ranko is surprised as Ranma flips her onto her stomach, her shirt vanishing in the transition. Two gentle, probing hands begin softening up the muscles in her neck, slowly working their way down her back. Shifting his fingers slightly, Ranma hits a couple of pressure points designed for pleasure along the way, Ranko squirming under his gentle ministrations. Sitting up for a moment, Ranma is thrown onto his back as Ranko twists her body around, her lips locking with his as her tongue invades his mouth.

Ranko: [Seems like you are warming up to this idea, bro.]

Ranma: [Warming up? I’m...we’re only getting started, little one.]

Forcing Ranko onto her back, Ranma growls as he works her gi pants off, as he adds them to the pile on the floor. Looking at the soft white panties left on her body, Ranma chuckles as he runs his fingers around the wet spot. Slowly sliding them off, he takes in the sight of the flaming red hair beaded with drops of excitement. Adding the panties to the pile, Ranma takes notice of the beautiful fragrance filling the air, his eyes locking with his sisters.

Ranma: Mmm, you look like a beautiful rose, complete with a beautiful scent and sharp thorns.

Tilting his head down again, Ranma begins kissing the familiar line from Ranko’s breasts to her moist delta. Gently, Ranma begins to slowly runs his tongue along the upper edge of her tender folds, running along the sensitive nub, causing Ranko to moan lightly.

Ranma: [Hmm, just as noisy as I am. Let’s just see how much more we are alike, little one.]

Continuing the gentle torture, Ranma carefully holds Ranko’s hips as her squirming intensifies, along with her moans. Dipping his tongue into her soft folds, his senses overload slightly as the exquisite taste of her juice reaches him.

Ranko: [Little sister too full of sugar, or is there too much spice for ya bro?]

Ranma: [I dunno, but whatever it is, it tastes good, and I want more.]
Lifting his head up, Ranma gazes into his sister’s eyes, catching him off guard. Ranko’s smoky blue eyes are alive with passion and desire, small flames flickering in her irises.

Ranko: [So you have finally accepted your feelings bro?]

Ranma: [What can I say, I was set up. It was a little strange at first but now...I sure as hell have no intentions on stoppin’.]

Humming to herself, Akane watches as Ranma’s aura settles down, matching his words. Looking at Ranko, Akane has to blink as she looks over her aura, some of the holes being patched up with bits of blue.

Akane: *whispering* You two need this...and each other. There is no other way around this.

Turning her focus back to the couple on the bed, Akane shakes her head as a slight wave of déjà vu kicks in, as it takes her a minute to separate Ranma from Ranko, the two nearly indistinguishable on the bed. Shifting her mood and smile from neutral voyeur to predatory lover, she stands up. Slipping out of her clothes quietly, Akane walks directly behind Ranma. Pressing against his back, she feels his petite body shiver as her familiar form settles in perfectly with his.

Akane: *sultry voice* I can’t let the two of you have all of the fun, now can I? Besides, I said I love you both, and that extends to here as well.

Ranko: [’re kiddin’, right? I mean, ya did set this; and us up tonight, but are you serious? This isn’t a game Acchan, or at least one you should think twice about playin’.]

Akane: [Ranko, I am quite serious about this. You mean nearly as much ta me as Ranma does, in every way possible. That includes how much I care for you; love you, and how far I am willing to take this. Why else would I set you up like this if I didn’t have a small interest in you at the very least?]

Ranma: [Ah, I guess I agree. I guess my last concern is that you are my sister, but that seems ta be a moot point. I mean, how can somethin’ that feels so right, be so wrong? All in all, I trust Acchan, even if her plans were not clear from the start.]

Ranko: [Sorry ta be rude, but I do hope the two of you are not all talk. And if you are not, I would suggest that we find a better use for me...and this time. Besides, isn’t someone here kinda overdressed?]

Glaring at Ranma who is sitting there in slacks, Akane nods. Putting on a slight burst of speed, she relieves Ranma of the offending article of clothing, the pile on the floor growing even larger. Gesturing to Ranko, Akane pulls Ranma onto his back and smiles wickedly.

Akane: [All yours, little one.]

Ranko: [Time ta finish this little issue my]

Laying her head on Ranma’s stomach, Ranko listens to his slightly ragged breathing for a few moments. Sighing, she looks at the lace panties as a feral glint crosses her blazing eyes. Carefully gripping the waistband in her teeth, Ranko begins to drag them down slowly. With each passing centimeter, Ranma’s excitement continues to go up, and is reflected into Ranko. As she reaches the midway point, Ranko’s nose is filled with Ranma’s scent and the tip is damp with his juices. Feeling the final vestiges of control slip away, as the last of her emotional and ethical barriers fall, Ranko tears away the panties with a light growl.

Akane: *smirking* [Looks like you two are having a great time and then some. Don’t worry ‘Ko, you are free ta do anything you want tonight.]

Focusing on Akane’s voice, Ranko reaches over and flips her into the bed, landing next to Ranma. Letting her gaze wander over Akane’s body, her vision stops as she looks at Akane’s bare, glistening petals. Audibly licking her lips, Ranko chuckles.

Ranko: *seductively* If I can do anything I want tonight, then I want you too tonight, Acchan.

Spreading Akane’s legs, Ranko leans in and begins gathering up the stray beads of juice that are covering Akane’s thighs. Hearing Akane whimper and moan, Ranko sends her tongue to the source, her tongue gently pressing into her lover’s nether lips. Drinking in her sweet nectar, Ranko continues to explore every little area within Akane’s tender folds. As Ranko continues her gentle assault, Akane’s moans increase in volume and intensity as her new lover’s tongue continues to seek out the source of her excitement. Feeling that Akane is about to burst from the pleasure, Ranma bends his head down and begins lovingly nibbling on Akane’s left nipple. With that last bit of stimulation forcing away her control, Akane’s scream of delight fills Ranko’s ears moments before Akane’s thighs clamp shut around Ranko’s head. As her orgasm crashes through her, the continuing pleasure wracking her system, Ranko tries to keep up with the flow of juices streaming into her eager mouth, some of it dripping down her body. As Akane slowly comes out of her euphoric state, Ranko kisses her deeply, her tongue swirling some of Akane’s juice into her mouth. Breaking the kiss, Ranko smiles as she looks into Akane’s slightly glazed eyes.

Akane: [Mmm, that was delicious...and very pleasurable ta boot. Still it seems that someone has been fairly neglected throughout all of this.]

Gently grabbing Ranma by the back of his head, Akane brings him in for a quick kiss, some of her juices still on her lips. Breaking the kiss, Akane quickly flips Ranma onto his back and settles between his legs. Drawing on over a year of practical experience, Ranma soon finds himself at the tender mercy of Akane’s tongue, his girlish squeals filling the room. Keeping Ranma locked in a cycle where he nearly hits his peak and them comes slowly back down, Akane slowly increases the pressure. Feeling flustered by the feedback coming from the two people next to her, Ranko scoots near Ranma’s head. Gently parting her inner lips, she maneuvers herself over Ranma’s face, and smiles, some of her juices falling into his mouth.

Ranko: [You have a job ta finish, dear brother of mine.]

Focusing on the prize hovering above him, Ranma mentally shifts gears as he focuses on the tender pink lips, normally hidden by a fine wall of fire. Grasping Ranko’s hips, Ranma settles her into a careful position, his tongue tentatively darting into her slick folds. Feeling the soft invader inside of her, Ranko leans back slightly, as the waves of pleasure emanating from Ranma collide and combine with her own. As her mind struggles to work past the continual feedback, a tasty idea crosses hr mind. Reaching down, Ranko grabs onto Akane’s legs, and lifts her up, spinning her around to face away from Ranko. Locking Akane’s legs around her neck, Ranko hungrily renews her search for Akane’s love juices as Akane continues her work on Ranma’s needs. Probing her tongue in deeply, Ranko feels a new spike of pleasure pass through the link as Akane’s efforts on Ranma increase. As the three women continue this little bout of acrobatic sex, a small white glow begins to surround them. As their pleasure continues to rise, the ball increases in size, a ruby hue along the outer edge of it. As the three of them hit their orgasm at the same time the glow settles into all three, locking them into a familiar state for two of the participants as their orgasms continue to loop into each other, the raw pleasure searing their nerves. Over an hour later, Akane and Ranko collapse on top of Ranma, all three coated with a mix of their combined sweat, cum, and tears of joy, which quickly begins soaking through the sheets on the bed.
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
After about another hour and a half, three naked, tired, sweat-soaked, and tear-stained women slowly wake up, each with a visible glow surrounding them. As Ranko sits up, she spies the small puddle on Ranma’s stomach and begins licking it up, the mixture of the three lovers filling her mouth. Exhausting the nectar there, she moves up to Ranma’s breasts and begins slowly cleaning them off with her tongue.

Ranko: Mmm, now that is something I could believe is ambrosia. Acchan, are ya always that sweet, or is it just me?

Akane: *blushing* I believe you brought out something new in me there, ‘Ko.
Grumbling lightly, Ranma sits up, moving his matted and soaked hair out of his face. Looking at the naked minx on either side of him, he smiles weakly.

Ranma: That was say the least. I am very grateful ya insisted I stay this way Acchan. Any guy would’ve had a hard time gettin’ through that...
Smiling wickedly, Akane looks at Ranko who nods weakly.

Akane: *innocently* Maybe; we can test that theory ‘Ma-chan. This is certainly worth repeating as it seems that someone else has an innovative, seductive, and insatiable appetite.

Ranko: Hmm...I dunno. Maybe if I didn’t think it was goin’ a bit too far with this experiment. Nah, I think that I had better keep an experiment like that for another day. I can see your point though Acchan, as we both know exactly what bro’s capabilities are...hehe.

Ranma: *URK* Acchan, we’re gonna have ta talk about that some more another time. Anyway, how are we getting’ out of here?
Glancing at the clock, Akane laughs.

Akane: Don’t worry...I told her to leave after a certain amount of time. And we have more than passed that time, so you need not worry. Now, I do believe that we could all use a bath, especially after something like that.

Ranko: I am inclined ta agree, but I’m takin’ mine alone. Not that I wouldn’t mind the company, but I think I actually need a bath, not more distractions. Any other day, I may be open to that, seeing as how well tonight turned out.

Akane: Fine by me, little one. If you ever feel lonely, I’m usually available to talk, among other things, provided that school isn’t keeping me too busy. I can’t speak for my husband over there, so you two will have to work that out. But, unless he has any immediate objections, my side of the bed is open to you, Ranko.

Stunned, Ranko shakes her head to make sure that she heard Akane’s...offer clearly.

Ranko: Uh, bro? Is she always like this? I thought that I was the only one that could consider being

Ranma: Hmph. You dunno the half of it, sis. And what you do know, it pales in comparison to the real thing. So long as she does not let it go too far out of hand, I see nothin’ wrong with her offer. As to me...I’ll need to seriously think about it some more.

Standing up, Ranko walks over to the large pile of clothing and kneels down next to it. Picking through the various pieces of apparel, Ranko grabs her shirt and bra, Akane’s panties, and Ranma’s slacks. Heading over to the closet, she grabs a bathrobe and throws it on, loosely tying the belt.

Ranko: You guys can come get this stuff back later, after things settle down a bit. Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of this stuff for ya.

Walking over to Ranko, Akane licks Ranko’s face clean of the mixed juices, quickly moving down her body. As she reaches the nest of fire, Akane buries her face inside, quickly taking a final taste of her new lover.

Akane: [We need to talk about that little bush you have down there. Beautiful it may be, but it should go...I’ll help you take care of it, all ya have ta do is ask.]

Ranko: *closing and tying the robe tightly* I’ll consider that Acchan, along with your other offer. I’ll leave you two to your devices. I have a bath calling me; not that I need it as much now. Tomorrow, I will need to speak with the Elder...among other things.

Blowing a kiss to Ranma, Ranko tosses her hair behind her and walks out of the room, leaving a stunned Ranma laying on the bed, and a very happy, and satisfied Akane standing near the doorway, moments before it clicks shut.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
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