The Big Break-Up: Chapter 8

Null Factor

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The Big Break-Up
Chapter 8

That Night, 10:30 pm

Man! She really is good!! Ranma thought as he relaxed in the bath after another intense training practice with Ranko. He just couldn’t get over how perfectly they were matched for one another in sparring and how helpful practicing with her was. Every time he fought with her he found himself pushed to his utmost and he knew that Ranko was just as excited as he was by it. The contrast with Akane couldn’t be any stronger. Still thinking about his new sparring partner, he splashed some water from the bath up over his face to wash away the sweat that was beading on it. Despite the hot weather the young martial artist still enjoyed taking steamingly hot baths before turning in for the night.

“I hope you ain’t used up all the hot water!” Ranma turned his head to see Ranko come in, completely naked as she had already shed her clothes in the outer room of the bath and put them in the clothesbasket to be washed.

“Hey, Ranko,” he greeted the redhead casually, having gotten fairly used to her naked presence during their time on the spaceship. “Nah, there’s still plenty left.”

“Great! I can’t wait to get cleaned up. We really worked up a sweat tonight, huh?”

“Mmm,” Ranma murmured, his eyes glued on her beautiful body as she knelt and began washing herself. He found himself almost mesmerized by the way the water glistened on her smooth skin as she rinsed herself off and then began soaping up. After a few minutes Ranma realized what he was doing and tore his eyes off of her. Geez, maybe Akane’s right and I really am a pervert! The thought of that particular fiancée made him frown. “Uh, Ranko? Maybe it ain’t such a good idea if we bathe together here.” Seeing the other teenager’s questioning frown, he tried to explain. “Well, you know what would happen if someone came in on us together. It just wouldn’t look good. And if it was Akane…” He trailed off suggestively.

His arguments had no effect on Ranko, though. “Who cares? I ain’t gonna wait around for half-an-hour in sweaty clothes while you finish your bath. And as for that stupid tomboy,” The redhead tossed her head defiantly as she began to wash off the soap from her body with the flexible shower head. “She can go fuck herself!”

Ranma found himself unable to argue against Ranko as she stood up, exposing her wonderful body to him proudly and unashamedly. Even after a long, tough training session she seemed to be almost glowing with vitality. Seeing that the other martial artist wasn’t going to say anything, the redhead smiled and entered the bath across from him with a grateful groan. Forgetting any possible dangers of exposure, the two teenagers started talking together about the day’s events and particularly the practice session they had just finished. Once again they found themselves completing one another’s thoughts and sentences, but it in no way freaked them out as it once had. Actually, it was an aid to their conversation as they often implicitly understood what the other was feeling and thinking.

This chatting went on for about ten minutes, when Ranko suddenly interrupted the flow of conversation to ask, “You too, huh?”

“Wha…?” Ranma blinked, uncertain what the other teenager was referring to. Then he saw where her bright blue eyes were staring, and looked down himself to see that unbeknownst to him he had become fully erect while talking with Ranko! And given the clarity of the water, not to mention his impressive size, which was a fact that was clearly visible to anyone who cared to see. And Ranko obviously did care to do so. Ranma blushed bright red at her ogling of him and his hands moved to try and cover himself. Before he could do so, however, Ranko spoke up.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Ranma. It ain’t like I’ve never seen it before, ya know! Besides,” The redhead indicated her own gorgeous nakedness. “I ain’t hidin’ nuthin’ from ya.”

Ranma reluctantly let his hands remain where they were on the sides of the bath, even as his eyes drank in Ranko’s beauty. Despite his embarrassment and his thoughts that he really shouldn’t, he simply couldn’t help himself.

“So…You’ve been getting’ these…urges, too?” Ranko asked, picking up from her first question.

Normally this was the type of question Ranma wouldn’t have answered for all the food in the world, but…It wasn’t like he had anything to hide from Ranko. She knew all of his thoughts, feelings and experiences, anyway, so…His face still burning red, Ranma replied, “Uh, yeah. I don’t know what it is…I ain’t never really felt like this before…”

“Never?” Ranko asked archly. “I seem to remember a couple of times when Shampoo jumped on you…And how about when Ucchan came to stay here and you found her waitin’ in your room? I seem to recall a certain feeling…”

“All right, all right!” Ranma admitted quickly as Ranko laughed. “But still… This is different. For the last week or so I’ve been gettin’…hard at the drop of a hat,” Ranma explained. At first embarrassed, now that he had started talking about it he found the words pouring out of him. It really was a relief to have someone he could open up to and speak so honestly with, something he had never had before in his life. “And the feeling is much…stronger and…more intense, I guess. I mean, four of five times a day I’m so hard it’s painful!! Ida know what I should do!”

Ranko nodded sympathetically. “Yeah, I know what ya mean. It’s the same with me, actually.”

“Really?! Maybe it’s-”

“-the separation. Yeah, that’s my only guess, too. Geez!” Ranko tossed her head in frustration. “Lately I’ve been getting so wet down here!” Ranma’s gaze involuntarily fell down to where the redhead was indicating. His blue eyes widened at the sight of the other teenager lightly rubbing on top of her pussy. “Damn it! I’m so horny, I just gotta do somethin’!!!”

“Wha-, Wha-, What are ya doin’?!?!” Ranma stammered out, his eyes bulging even more as Ranko stood up and sat on the edge of the tub, her feet dangling in the hot water. She didn’t answer immediately as she was too busy finding a comfortable position on the tub, parting her legs and lightly pressing on her cunt. She started by stroking her slit slowly up and down, paying particular attention to the nubbin of her clitoris. After several minutes of that she gently parted her vaginal lips apart and slowly began to insert her middle finger into herself, sighing slightly as she did.

Ranma felt like his head was going to explode in disbelief as he continued to stare at Ranko’s fingering of her own pussy, only inches away from his face. The small part of his mind that was still functioning noted that Ranko’s cunt was almost completely bare of hair, the teen only possessing a small, neat, lightly furred rectangle of fiery red pubic hairs right above her lower lips. He licked his lips and watched in rapt fascination to the other teenager pleasuring herself so openly.

“Remember what Ma said?” Ranko finally replied to Ranma’s question, slight tremors in her voice as she continued to masturbate herself even as she spoke. “It ain’t good to let it build up…Ah!” She let out a light cry as she hit a particularly nice spot, her talk stilling for a few moments as she continued her manipulation of the area. “Our b-…Our b-b-b…Our b-b-b-bodies need release she said…Oh! Uhn!”

“B-But in the bathroom?” Ranma rejected weakly even as he continued to watch the gorgeous, naked teenager before him play with herself. Without realizing it his own right hand fell to his groin and began lightly stroking his throbbing erection. Unbeknownst to him, the pace of his hand mirrored Ranko’s plunging of her fingers into her seeping cunt. The sound of their panting was loud in the bathroom as was the sound of sloshing water from Ranma’s movements.

“It’s…It’s the safest place,” Ranko panted. “No one should come in with… Ooooo!...with the sign on the…Uh!...door. And if they do…Uuhmmm!!!” Ranko’s left hand drifted up to her chest and began squeezing one of her large breasts, her right hand remaining busy down below. “With my back to the…to the…Aaahh! the door, they can’t see nuthin’…Mmm!...You should sit next to me…Uuaahh!!” She suddenly clenched her blue eyes shut as a shiver ran through her body.

Dazedly Ranma did as she requested, but his eyes never left her flushed, trembling body as he did so. Seated shoulder-to-shoulder with Ranko, the martial artist found that his new position gave him an extremely good view of her heaving breasts, although they somewhat blocked his sight of her cunt. That is, until the redhead leaned back slightly, allowing him to see all points of her incredible body. His blue eyes traveling back and forth between her squelching pussy and her bouncing breasts, Ranma’s hand picked up speed as it stroked his large cock. “They…They’re bigger than I remember,” he murmured unconsciously at one point in regarding Ranko’s big, firm tits.

“Yeah, you too,” he heard the other teenager respond. Ranko’s eyes were just as busy as Ranma’s, she mostly concentrating on his manipulation of his mighty prick. She also took pleasure in gazing on his muscular, yet still slim, athletic build, loving the smooth interplay of muscles beneath his skin as he jerked himself off right next to her. The sounds coming from her pussy redoubled in sound as she frigged herself and ogled the handsome hunk of beefcake sitting beside her. A sheen of pre-cum was glistening on the swelling head of Ranma’s dick, a sign of his own arousal and lust.

The two former halves of a single person continued their mutual masturbation session while feasting their eyes on one another for nearly ten minutes before they both felt their bodies jerk in simultaneous orgasms. Flashing sparks seemed to ignite in their groins, and then travel up their spines until they exploded at the base of their skulls. Along with those explosions came the teenagers’ climaxes, Ranma and Ranko each forced to bite into their lips to stifle their cries of pleasure.

Through her barely open eyes, Ranko felt her orgasm increase in strength as she watched the other teen’s cock blast streamer after streamer of cum with such force that they splashed against the wall on the opposite side of the tub. Such was the quantity of sperm Ranma was ejecting, that it nearly seemed like he was trying to paint the wall white! Similarly, as he came, Ranma’s eyes were fixed on Ranko’s beautiful face and form. The sight of her body quaking in rapture increased his own pleasure, as did the view of her glistening juices streaming out of her vagina to coat her thighs and still stroking hand. Ranma felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to lean over and claim her plump, pouting lips, but he managed to hold himself back. Barely.

When the two teenagers finally felt their orgasm subside, they could only slump up against one another, slight quivers continuing to shake their bodies. The physical contact felt good to them both after such a strong erotic experience. The two were silent for several minutes, giving themselves time for their minds to stop whirling and to recover their breaths. Ranma was the first to speak.

“Wow!” The martial artist’s voice was still slightly breathless, but his enthusiasm and sincerity were clear. “That was incredible!! Why-?”

“-didn’t we do that before?” Ranko finished with him. She shook her head, “Beats me. I guess-”

“-we never knew. Yeah,” Ranma agreed. “That’s true. But-”

“-now we do.” The two were quiet again until Ranko suddenly started chuckling. Ranma’s raised eyebrows asked the unspoken question of the redhead leaning against his shoulder. She gestured at the far wall with her chin, “You really came a lot, didn’t ya?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Ranma chuckled. He stumbled to his feet and leaned over to slosh some bath water onto the wall, washing the evidence of their activities into the tub where it quickly dissolved. His posture as he did so gave Ranko an extremely good view of his well-toned ass and she took full advantage of her opportunity, unconsciously licking her lips as she stared at him.

Finished with his cleaning job, Ranma settled down next to his red-haired counterpart. Again they were silent for a time before Ranma suddenly observed, “Ya know. If Mom was right about this, then maybe-”

“-maybe she ain’t so crazy after all. Yeah, I know what ya mean.” Ranko glanced over at the other teenager before slowly suggesting, “Ya know…Maybe we oughtta-”

“-oughtta pay more attention to those classes of hers.” Ranma sighed at the though of his mother’s lessons. “Yeah, maybe. But they’re so…strange.”

“Actually, I talked with Ma and-”

“-she said she’d take it slower,” Ranma blinked in surprise as he realized what he had just said. “Geez! It’s like with the bank card! I know I wasn’t there, but I can remember everything!”

“Cool!” Ranko was enthused by this further evidence of her and Ranma’s mental link. Then she shook herself and stood up. “C’mon Ranma. We’d better get outta here before we turn into prunes or somethin’.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Ranma also stood up and took a single step out of the tub. “With our luck, someone’ll come in-!”


“Ranma!! Where’s my-!!”

Ranma and Ranko turned to see an enraged Akane Tendo standing in the entrance of the bath, still leaning against the door she had just slammed open. The youngest Tendo daughter’s anger was for a moment subsumed under the surprise she felt at seeing the two of them together, naked in the same bathtub. But it quickly flared up anew and in fact began growing exponentially until red waves of her battle aura were surrounding her. She opened her mouth to scream her fury at her customary target…

“What the HELL are ya doin’ in here, ya dumb bitch!?!?!?!” Akane’s mouth snapped shut in shock as she was cut off by Ranko’s angry assault. Even as she yelled at the other girl, the redhead stormed out of the tub and over towards the black-haired Tendo daughter. “Can’t ya read the ‘Occupied’ sign or are ya blind as well as stupid?!?!?!” Ranko ignored Akane’s spluttered attempts to respond, grabbing a hold of the teenager’s shirt, lifting her slightly off the floor and tossing her across the outer part of the bathroom and out into the hallway. “And stay the Hell out, ya dumbass!!” Ranko slammed the bathroom door shut right in front of the astonished girl, then walked calmly over to Ranma who was just starting to feel the blood flow in his limbs again after his brain shutdown when he realized Akane had discovered them.

“Stupid tomboy,” Ranko muttered. She sighed. “Well, let’s get changed and get this over with. I’m sure it ain’t over with.”

“Yeah,” Ranma agreed catching the towel the redhead threw to him. “You ain’t kiddin’…”

Drying off quickly the two changed into the clothes they had brought for after their bath; tank tops and shorts for them both. Then they silently went to the living room and found exactly what they had expected to see: their father and the entire Tendo family grouped around the table staring at them expectantly. The two fathers were obviously not too sure how they should be feeling so they had decided to go with their default mode when Akane was angry and thus threatening to cause them problems: whatever was wrong was Ranma’s fault and he should immediately apologize for it. Kasumi was unflappable as always, merely setting out cups of tea for everyone with her usual calm smile on her face. Nabiki’s face, on the other hand, was perfectly closed and neutral, her brown eyes shifting from person to person, calculating all of the odds.

Akane, meanwhile, had taken advantage of the break while Ranma and Ranko dried off and got dressed to recover her mental balance, as well as her anger. She wasn’t used to people standing up to her and she most definitely was not used to someone dressing her down and then manhandling her as the redheaded martial artist had just done. All of these factors meant that the rage welling up within her was beginning to reach new record levels, a point that was shown by the way her hand immediately crushed the tea cup she was given into powder, not even noticing as the hot tea spilled onto her hand and the table. Instead her eyes bored into Ranma and Ranko as they entered the room, causing Ranma to hesitate a step, but seemingly not phasing Ranko one iota.

“Look,” Ranko began, speaking before anyone else could. “I know we’re guests, but that doesn’t give ya the right to come bargin’ in on someone in the middle of a bath!”

Akane returned the red-haired girl’s glare with one just as fierce. “Well, what were you two perverts doing bathing together anyway?!!?” The revelation of what exactly had occurred to make Akane so mad caused all the other people in the room to sit up and take notice, but Ranko was in no way abashed.

“Come on, dummy,” she laughed. “Ranma’s like my brother or somethin’ and we already know each other inside and out, so what’s the big deal in takin’ a bath with each other? It’s just like you and Nabiki or Kasumi doin’ it or when you take a shower in school with other girls after gym class. It don’t make you a dyke, does it?”

“But you’re a boy and a girl!! It’s different when-!!”

“No, it ain’t!” Ranko interrupted. “It don’t make one bit of difference since Ranma and I used to be one person anyway!!”

“She’s got a point, Sis,” Nabiki agreed, making her younger sister whirl to face her angrily. “It’s not exactly like they have anything to hide from one another, is it?”

“Normally I wouldn’t approve of such young people bathing together,” Kasumi observed before Akane could reply to the middle Tendo daughter. “But this is a rather…unusual situation now, isn’t it?”

“See? Even your sisters know I’m right!” Ranko’s smile suddenly grew a little cruel as she added, “Besides you’re one to talk about us bein’ perverts. Ain’t you the one who’s always comin’ in on us while we’re taking a bath or shower? Like the time when you thought we were that stupid Furinkan Stalker guy, or when that dumb Frog Hermit was bothering us, or that time…” Ranko overrode Akane’s feeble attempts to explain herself by continuing to list all of the occasions Akane had interrupted Ranma’s baths. By the time she was finished Akane could only stare down, red-faced at her lap.

“I guess the only question is whether you were wantin’ to get a look at Ranma when you came in on us,” Ranko finally summed up. “Or was it me?”

“I didn’t want to look at either of you two freaks!” Akane growled, her anger flashing back to life at this second insinuation that she might in some way prefer girls over boys. This, of course, was nonsense. Right?

“Then why did ya come in on us?”

“P-chan’s been missing since last night and I just knew Ranma had been bullying him again! You have, haven’t you?!” The youngest Tendo daughter swung her angry attention to Ranma, but again it was Ranko who replied.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!” She started laughing uproariously. “You really are stupid, ain’t ya?! Haven’t ya figured out by now that P-chan’s-”

“P-chan’s, P-chan’s, P-chan’s outta town right now!” Ranma interrupted lamely, Ranko snorting at his protection of Ryouga’s secret identity.

“He’s out of town?!” Akane yelled, clueless as always to the byplay around her. “Then where exactly is he?!”

“Probably Hokkaido knowing that idiot,” Ranma muttered in response.

“Ha ha ha! Yeah, or maybe even Korea considering how he has no sense of direction!” Ranko added.

“I’m betting on New Zealand,” Nabiki contributed, her smile as cool as ever as she showed that she too knew P-chan and Ryouga were truly one and the same.

“Oh, dear!” Kasumi noted. “Then I do hope he has some warm clothes with him! It’s winter in New Zealand right now, you know.” All of the others in the living room turned to stare with surprise at the eldest Tendo daughter. Except for Akane everyone was staring at this revelation that Kasumi was also in on the secret. Akane, of course, was simply confused about what everyone was talking about.

Meanwhile, high up on one of the slopes of Mount Cook in New Zealand, in an avalanche winter hut a little black pig wearing a yellow bandanna was in the midst of a series of explosive sneezes that made him knock a tea kettle off of a portable stove just as it was starting to heat up. Seeing the water spill all over the wooden floor, P-chan/Ryouga squealed shrilly. Then, having no other choice, he wearily grabbed the kettle’s handle with his teeth and dragged it to the shack’s door, on his way to refill the kettle with snow that he could then melt into warm water.

Back in Nerima Akane was asking, “What are you all talking about?! I want to know about P-chan, not Ryouga!!” This comment caused the two fathers to quickly sip their tea and stare up at the ceiling, nervous sweat drops trickling down their faces. Kasumi showed no change of expression at all, but Nabiki smiled slightly cattily at her sister and bit down hard on a cookie, its crunching sounding particularly loud in the silent living room.

Only one person opened their mouth to reply to Akane’s question, but Ranma kicked Ranko in the leg before she could say anything. “Fine!” She sighed and put up her arms behind her head and stretching, unconsciously emphasizing and showing off her outstanding figure. “This is boring and we gotta practice at Mom’s tomorrow. I’m goin’ to bed. G’night everyone, g’night, Ranma,” she turned and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek as had become their custom.

“Goodnight, Ranko,” Ranma replied, at the same time returning her kiss.


Everyone in the living room reacted in complete shock to this casual display of affection between Ranma and Ranko, never thinking the generally abnormally shy teenager would ever be capable of it. The event was so unbelievable that even the ever-calm and placid Kasumi reacted strongly, spraying a mouthful of tea across the table to hit her father in the face. Luckily for her nobody noticed this slip in the perfect homemaker’s façade as they were all equally stunned and could only stare in disbelief at Ranma and Ranko. For their part, the two young martial artists were equally surprised by the other people’s seemingly bizarre behavior.

“You, You, YOU PERVERTS!!!” Akane jumped to her feet, the first person able to articulate her feelings about what had just happened. And, as was typical for her, those feelings almost entirely involved fury. “HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!!!”

Ranko, her surprise quickly switching to anger herself, tried to step forward to respond, but Ranma beat her to the punch. “Shut up!” He said forcefully, his face wrathful. “Ain’t we already covered this once tonight?! Get it through your thick head, stupid! Ranko’s like my sister! Kissin’ your sister on the cheek don’t mean nuthin’! Besides,” He added with a snide look at the growling Akane. “It ain’t like it’s any of your damn business, anyway! We ain’t engaged and I ain’t never gonna marry some dumb, pathetic tomboy like you!! C’mon, Ranko!” Ranma grabbed the redhead’s arm and started pulling her out of the living room, although she quickly complied when she realized what he wanted. “Let’s go to bed. I don’t wanna stay in here no more.”

The last sight Akane had of the two was Ranko flashing her a triumphant smile before she was pulled into the hallway by Ranma as he stormed out. That in no way improved her attitude after getting bitched out for the third time in one evening when it had rarely happened to her at all in her entire lifetime. While she sat down with a thump and began to grow angrier and angrier as she thought over the night’s events, the other people in the room were also doing some deep and surprised thinking. Nabiki and Kasumi exchanged looks punctuated by raised eyebrows and shrugs of incomprehension about what was happening with Ranma. Soun and Genma’s silent communications meanwhile were emphasized more by frowns of concern and worry.